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eat.drink.sleep November 2020

VIVA Flavoured Milk No Added Sugar has landed!

The taste preferred by 3 in 4 kids!* *Three in four kids preferred the taste of new VIVA milk drink – No Added Sugar versus another leading brand of no added sugar flavoured milk in blind tests (independent research, Feb 2020)

Find out how long life dairy is supporting the Covid fight back See pages 2-3 to find out more

The no 1# flavoured milk in schools now with No Added Sugar Lakeland Dairies Foodservice, the specialist business division of leading farmerowned Irish dairy co-operative, has launched a no added sugar version of its bestselling VIVA flavoured milks. VIVA flavoured milk is the No 1# choice in schools and from September will be refreshed with the no added sugar range. In blind taste tests (February 2020) 3 out of 4 kids preferred the taste of VIVA No Added Sugar. Independently tasted by 10-16-year-olds across the country, it wowed the crowds with its stronger taste and smother texture. From

Birmingham to Glasgow the chocolate flavour was hailed as “More like Chocolate” and “A Better Chocolate Taste” versus another leading brand of no added sugar flavoured milk. The reformulated range features three incredible flavours, a strawberry flavoured milk bursting with flavour, a creamy banana, and a best-selling delicious rich chocolate flavour.

Made with semi-skimmed milk from 100% family farms, the milk is low in fat and suitable for vegetarians. The best-ever tasting flavoured milk is smooth, creamy and with just the right thickness, making it a firm favourite with kids. The innovative packaging is 100% recyclable thanks to it being the first flavoured milk provider to use paper straws – saving an equivalent of 6.5 tonnes of plastic every year. Paul Chmielewski, Head of Marketing and International at Lakeland Dairies said: “Milk is great source of calcium for growing bodies, and we know a lot of children really enjoy flavoured milk. We wanted to produce the best tasting no added sugar flavoured milk on the market and we were simply not prepared to compromise on taste. We are

Environmentally friendly packaging • • •

Fully traceable milk from Lakeland Dairies farmer owned dairy co-operative Innovative paper straw saves 6.5 tonnes of plastic every year Carton and straw use material from FSC certified sources

Nutritional benefits • • • • • • • •

School compliant Low in fat Semi-skimmed milk and under 100 calories per 200ml carton No artificial flavours, colours or preservatives or sweeteners Each carton provides 30% of an adults RDI of Calcium and 40% of an adults RDI of Vitamin D Contains added Vitamin D A natural source of Protein, Iodine and Vitamin B12 Suitable for vegetarians

Convenient • •

Single serve cartons make them easy to drink and serve Long-life milk with long shelf life and convenient storage

delighted that children agree - with a whopping 74% of kids choosing VIVA No Added Sugar milk as their favourite.” School compliant, VIVA No Added Sugar is the ultimate convenient product. With easy to handle back-of-house features such as long shelf life, the individual packaging is also ideal to support healthy school lunches under new Covid restrictions. VIVA Flavoured Milks No Added Sugar, more of the good stuff, less of the other stuff. -

Hospitality Lite

Out of the box software, for quick set-up and go!

Everything you need to manage your business Get superior multi-product functionality, from an established supplier, at an affordable cost. If you’re running between one and three sites, we understand the pressures and the need for technology that makes your job easier. With Access Hospitality Lite, you have access to all this:

Access Collins Lite

Access Tonic

Access EPoS Manager Lite

Access TNA Wizard Lite

Access SODA

Access Learning Lite

Easily manage reservations

Set your business up to take transactions

Sell e-gift vouchers to your customers

Quickly organise events

Manage employee schedules and absenteeism

Give your employees access to training

Find out more 0845 340 4542

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EAT. DRINK. SLEEP November 2020

Industry News

How luxury hospitality designers are adapting to the ‘new normal’ To cut through the noise, Hotel Designs has teamed up with J Public Relations to ask how designers Rosendale Design, Nicola Harding, Goddard Littlefair and David Collins Studio are adapting to meet new demands from travellers.


From the number of panel discussions I have hosted recently, I have learned that designers, architects and hoteliers are adapting daily to new developments in the Covid-19 crisis, which is somewhat impossible when designing hotels that will open years from now. In one discussion that took place during lockdown, Michael Bonsor, Managing Director of Rosewood London, said: “The concept of hospitality, which is third largest employer in the UK, has stopped. We are now questioning how long this will last for.” In another more recent discussion, Mark Bruce, Director at EPR, gave a raw reflection of the international hotel design landscape. He said: “The truthful answer to that is that our clients are all trying to figure that [the impact of Covid-19] out themselves, which is why this discussion is very timely,” he said. “On the luxury end, customers want things to be the same but with more space. On the more lifestyle and budget end of the scale, travellers want confidence.” While we can predict that the pandemic will change consumers views on health and wellness, there is not one solution that fits all. One conclusion that is fixed however is that it will be more of a challenge to implement social distancing in luxury hotels than it will be to adapt lifestyle hotels for the new demands of modern travellers. Ahead of putting many of these questions forward at Hotel Designs LIVE, we asked a handful of hospitality luxury designers how the pandemic will impact the industry from a design perspective. “Terraces and outdoor spaces are now highly requested,” said Dale Atkinson, Founding Director of Rosendale Design. “This was once a ‘nice to have’ due to the unreliable weather in the UK, but now people feel safer eating and drinking outdoors.

“One material that will see a resurgence is copper, this is due to its anti-bacterial properties; it has a very warm appearance and used correctly can look quite refined, so can be easily detailed into various spaces. “Internally, we must look to divide group of tables into their own ‘pods’ whilst still maintaining the buzz that people want to be a part of. Booth seating works well.” “Now, I’m even more determined to create somewhere intoxicating, a place that will transport people from the stress and sadness of the last few months,” said designer Nicole Harding. “I’m thinking about more mini-bar provisions, more comprehensive room service offerings – e.g. we are designing little hampers for cocktails/breakfast/movie nights. “We may consider planning of spaces more,” says Jo Littlefair, Co-Founder of Goddard Littefair. “For example, so that pendants are positioned at heights that then don’t dictate where a table should sit, giving operators more flexibility to reposition furniture without looking out of place. “Spa within a spa is a whole conversation around whether a spa is hygienic — whether people will want to embrace them,” adds Martin Goddard, Co-Founder of Goddard Littlefair. “I think we feel that health is something people are going to really concentrate on, and therefore wellness, and spas, and the facilities that they can offer, all strengthen that appeal.” “I think that we are going to see social and cultural attitudes and behaviours changing, rather than changes to the physicality of restaurants,” explains Simon Rawlings, Creative Director at David Collins Studio. “The times and places that people visit restaurants will change, for example, if people are working from home, perhaps they will clock off earlier for an early-evening dinner to fall in line with local curfews. “They will likely stay local, meaning that neighbourhood restaurants will flourish whereas city centre restaurants may not garner the footfall they need – which I think very sadly is what we are seeing happen at the moment here in London.”



One thing that has become apparent as we stand in the eye of the pandemic storm is that no one yet has all the answers.

November 2020

Industry News

Industry news

SAINT-GOBAIN GLASS LAUNCHES VISIOSUN PRIVACY GLASS A new privacy glass featuring parallel lines to create a reeded effect has been launched by Saint-Gobain Glass. Ideal for both interior design and external architectural projects Visiosun provides high levels of privacy whilst also allowing large amounts of natural light to flood into a room.

creative scope. Light refractions on the subtle looking structure creates an interesting dynamic while flawless textures and tones capture the industrial flair of loft living.”

Visiosun is ideal for interior Jenni Young, Market Manager design projects such as doors and partitions, showers - Premium Residential and Design & Deco at Saint-Gobain and bath screens, display cases, shelves, tabletops and Glass said: “Visiosun features countertops, as well as external a directional pattern which can architecture including canopies, be used in both vertical and parapets and facades. horizontal orientation for vast


Jenni added: “This really is a versatile and stylish privacy glass product that will help to create dynamic interior spaces and architecturally interesting buildings. It is a welcome addition to our existing range of high-quality textured glass designs.” Visiosun is easy to process, cut and handle and is available in a wide range of thicknesses and dimensions.

industry news

Download a brochure and order glass samples here: •7•

Why a greener future makes commercial sense post-covid As businesses are beginning to reopen following the recent pandemic, many hospitality businesses have been hit hard. But could the recent pandemic have handed the hospitality industry an opportunity to become more sustainable and see more guests as a result? David Lawrenson, Sales Director of Hospitality at Silentnight Group believes that it could be the push that businesses in the hospitality industry needs to choose sustainable options.

“Sustainability promotes a healthier environment, both inside and outside of a hotel property, and given the recent pandemic, this has never been more relevant.” Combined with the increased awareness of global environmental crises, sustainability has nudged from a niche concern to a mainstream opportunity. There has been a big shift in the way brands in other industries are responding to sustainability, and it could be time for the hospitality industry to follow suit. Becoming carbon neutral could soon be the minimum for hospitality suppliers, and there will be movement towards businesses becoming carbon negative.

Silentnight Group are a perfect example of how sustainability makes commercial sense. Through their eco-friendly product development, progressive work practices and their partnership with the Marine Conservation Society, Silentnight are determined to make the world a greener place, maintaining their position as a trusted mainstream brand at the same time.

As innovative brands begin to find clever ways to incorporate sustainable solutions into their products without sacrificing performance, guests will begin to expect this as standard and hold other brands and industries to account.

“Circular economy thinking makes perfect sense for any business because ultimately it’s about being a resource efficient business. In nature there is no waste as everything is recycled. We’re taking another industry’s waste product and converting it into new comfort fibres, therefore adding value by making new consumer goods which can then be deconstructed and recycled again at the end of their life.” Angela Moran, Product Strategy Director at Silentnight.

What’s next for Sustainability in hospitality? David Lawrenson, Hospitality Sales Director at Silentnight believes that the shift towards sustainability in the hospitality industry is being driven by younger people harnessing their spending power.

encourage younger clientele to take note. By not focusing on sustainability, businesses could be driving away the socially conscious guests of the future. If sustainable practices can encourage guests to consider staycations and visits to hospitality businesses at a time where international travel is fuelled with uncertainty, this will bring a much-needed boost to the UK hospitality industry.

We know that eco-friendly options are a big factor in the purchasing decisions of millennials. For a business in hospitality, this could mean that choosing greener products and harnessing sustainable practices may

our promise to you Proud to be the home of the UK’s most trusted bed brand

Traditional bed making handcrafted here in the UK

Every mattress is tried and tested to the highest of UK standards

Committed to sustainability and protecting the environment

For more information about Silentnight Group Hospitality visit

Successful restaurants, like all effective businesses, rely on sustained innovation.

November 2020


Innovations in food and air

An excellent example of this can be found at Sketch, a myriad of restaurants, bars, contemporary art gallery and a three-star Michelin restaurant in London’s Conduit Street, Mayfair. Founded and owned by Mourad Mazouz, a Parisien restaurateur who has lived in the capital for more than 23 years, Sketch has become a pioneer in the battle against coronavirus as the first restaurant to be retrofitted with an innovative air purifying system available from leading air conditioning supplier Klima-Therm. The ground-breaking bipolar ionising air units protect staff and customers at the restaurant by purifying the restaurant’s airflow and, thus, decreasing the number of viruses and bacteria suspended in the air by a whopping 95%. In fact, Mazouz is so pleased with the installation that he is rolling it out to his restaurants in Heddon Street in London as well as in Paris The range of bipolar ionizing air cleaners available from Klima-Therm offers a host of features and benefits to restaurant businesses and their customers. For example, they are:


• • • • • • •

Safe. Fast and easy to install, avoiding costly and time-consuming disruption. Inexpensive. Exceptionally energy efficient. Highly effective at removing the COVID-19 virus as well as other pathogens and larger particulates. Easily adapted to fit existing HVAC equipment. Low-maintenance and therefore economical to operate in the longterm.

Much like sunlight does in the atmosphere, bipolar ionization produces a natural bio-climate rich in positive and negative oxygen ions. The negative ions contain an extra electron while the positive ions are missing an electron, resulting in an unstable condition. In an effort to restabilize, these bipolar ions seek out atoms and molecules in the air to trade electrons with, effectively neutralizing particulate matter, bacteria and virus cells, odorous gases and aerosols, and volatile organic compounds. In practice, airborne particles – including viruses such as novel coronavirus – are charged by the ions, causing them to cluster and be caught

in filters. As they divide to reproduce, bacteria and virus cells bond with oxygen ions and are destroyed. Odorous gases and aerosols oxidize on contact with oxygen ions and are neutralised. Bipolar ionization technology is superior to other air purification because it proactively treats the air in the occupied space at the source of contamination. Klima-Therm is one of the first companies to introduce air purification technology into the UK to protect against COVID-19 and other potentially dangerous airborne particles. The company has more than 40 years’ experience in the HVAC sector with a reputation for supplying high quality, ultra-high efficiency building services equipment such as chillers, heat pumps, air handing units, fan coil units and chilled beams. Klima-Therm can supply an air purification solution that is tailormade for each client, taking into account its specific requirements and circumstances. It can also offer valuable advice on the complete HVAC system and how to maximise its efficiency and cost-effectiveness. For more information, contact Tim Boxall, technical manager, KlimaTherm (telephone: 020 8947 0886; e-mail:


New YOUNG bath screen collection from Novellini. Designed and manufactured in Italy. All Young bath screens are fitted with rise and fall metal hinges, double seals and chrome optional anti-splash trim for a secondary seal. Available in black, white, silver and chrome finishes. No more damaged bath panels and flooded bathrooms


adv-NOVELLINI-young-bathsceen-Luxury B&B bed breakfast-0320-2.indd 1

09/03/20 09:41









NE ! W

Just alcohol, sparkling water & natural flavours Full flavour with no compromise Bringing purity & transparency to the Hard Seltzer category. Sparkling water, a dash of vodka and natural flavours – so simple! Unique dual flavours celebrate the desire to try something new.



5% VOL

If you would like to stock Sol Duc, contact your Aston Manor National Account Manager: or visit:

EAT. DRINK. SLEEP November 2020

Goodbody Eyes Rapid Growth with Personalised Sanitiser Brand for Hospitality Sector Goodbody, part of Sativa Wellness Group Plc, has doubled month on month sales since the successful launch of a premium, personalised sanitiser solution for the hospitality industry. Where brand perception and customer experience is as important as providing a safe environment for customers, leading hospitality businesses including The Ivy Collection, Gordon Ramsay Restaurants, Blenheim Palace, Daylesford and Crazy Bear Group have chosen Goodbody’s customised range of sanitisation products. The range includes pump dispensers, wall mounted or floor standing touch-free sanitiser stations, individual 50ml or 100ml sprays and single use sachets. All products can be personalised with a logo or a fully customisable label, ensuring the brand is always front of mind. The WHO approved formula is natural, made in the UK and kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, including COVID19. The formulation has a pleasant, zesty smell derived from Brazilian orange and lime and contains aloe vera to keep hands soft and moisturised. Branded, touch-free, sanitiser stations at the entrance set the scene for a safe, slick experience from start to finish. Individual 50ml or 100ml spray bottles which can be given to each customer provide a perfect branding opportunity. A personal supply of sanitiser also gives customers peace of mind throughout their stay by allowing them to safely clean their hands without the need to interact with general use products, or leave their table. According to Emily Hirons, Head of Operations at Blenheim Palace, “At Blenheim Palace, a consistent brand offering and streamlined visitor experience was of paramount importance. We have eight customised sanitiser stands throughout the venue, from the main entrance to the café, shop and palace entrance. Our branding is consistent throughout the visitor journey from the website, to the arrival signage and hand sanitiser stations, giving visitors complete confidence that we are operating safely and that they can have the best day out possible. The quality of the product inside the dispensers was as important to us as the aesthetics and reaffirms the quality experience visitors expect at Blenheim Palace”. George Thomas, MD of Goodbody, said “We’ve found that there is a significant market for a more bespoke take on sanitiser solutions – where brand and experience is paramount, our customers have responded very positively to the attention to detail in our personalised products – from the quality of our formulation through to aesthetics and personalisation. Our sanitiser range has helped premium hospitality businesses ensure their service is seamless and their brand is never compromised”. For more information visit or phone 01373 486650.


Don’t pack your guests in like sardines, Event Profs! With nearly 60 years’ experience and more than 30,000 pieces of kit there ain’t nothing fishy about our event furniture hire advice! Europa International – delivering the stock you need that will give your delegates room to breathe. Call us today on 03454 303015 or visit us online at

hire happy @Europa_Int #HireHappy

EAT. DRINK. SLEEP November 2020

In light of Hard Seltzer now being one of the fastest growing drinks categories in the UK, the latest Hard Seltzer has hit our shores Having first launched in NYC it has taken the Big Apple by storm and is now available here in the UK nationwide via their website, and will also be sold on Amazon at the end of this month. Aside from online sales, Fountain has its sights set on several major supermarkets and are also breaking into the restaurant and bar space.

Craft Hard Seltzer which is very pleasing to drink and free from any nasties. In fact Fountain has just three ingredients – sparkling water (from the Adirondacks Mountains ), a gluten free fermented alcohol base and a premium natural flavouring. A flexible drinker it can be enjoyed anywhere, anyhow and is available in three refreshing flavours; blueberry, passionfruit and lime. At only 100 calories per can any ‘lockdown pounds’ can remain at bay!

Currently fuelling people through their Bottomless Branch at all by CHLOE restaurants, there are conversations happening with several other high street names. FOUNTAIN has just added three new flavours to their collection, Unlike most Hard Seltzers, these include Pineapple, Fountain is brewed in the mango, watermelon and tart traditional way meaning it’s a cherry.


Lavazza Professional is delighted to announce the arrival of a range of Lavazza Bean to Cup machines designed to bring the coffee shop experience to workplaces in the UK. The company has joined forces with industry leading machine manufacturer Coffetek to harness the potential of combining premium drinks technology, class-leading design and highperformance engineering with Lavazza coffee. Renowned for quality and innovation since it was founded in Turin in 1895, Lavazza is one of the most recognisable brand names in the world. The new Lavazza Professional Bean to Cup offer is available in both table-top or free-standing machines, ensuring that customers large and small can avail themselves of the opportunity to provide the best-possible coffee experience to visitors, customers and staff members.


On the menu are up to fifteen drinks options. For popular coffee choices produced to the highest standards, the machines are equipped with integrated grinders, nine atmospheres of pressure and a milk frothing system.

November 2020

Lavazza Professional Brings The Ultimate Bean-To-Cup Coffee Service To The UK’s Workplaces

Lovers of tea and hot chocolate are equally well catered for in the Lavazza Professional Bean to Cup offer. Birchall Great Rift Tea is a unique loose-leaf English Breakfast blend, deliciously strong and bursting with full flavour; whilst Cocoa Fantasy is manufactured from carefully selected, high quality, cocoa beans that are roasted and ground by skilled master craftsmen, for an exceptional hot chocolate drink. The machines are intuitive to use and feature innovative Distance Selection Technology, enabling drinks to be selected without the customer having to touch the screen. ‘With hygiene being more important than ever, the touchless operation of the Coffetek range promises to be a popular feature as businesses return to work’, Jamie Brown, UK Sales Director at Lavazza said. ‘The safety of those in the workplace is paramount and we’re pleased to be able to help them return to work with confidence.’ ‘I’m delighted to add Bean to Cup to our range of workplace beverage solutions’, said Lavazza Professional’s UK Market Director, Ashley Weller. ‘Complete dedication to the workplace

is fundamental to the solutions we offer and the unbeatable service we deliver. ‘The addition of our Bean to Cup range gives our customers more choice than ever before, backed up by the reliable service that we’re so proud to offer. ‘The global reputation of Lavazza for coffee quality and prestige has now combined with the expertise garnered by Lavazza Professional from over 40 years at the forefront of vending to ensure every detail has been considered to provide the nation’s workplaces with the ultimate Bean to Cup coffee service’, Ashley said. The new Bean to Cup offer will sit alongside Lavazza Professional’s everpopular KLIX® and FLAVIA® brands.


EAT. DRINK. SLEEP November 2020


When the Melaphone® Speech Unit was designed 50 years ago for the booking offices at British Rail stations, nobody could have predicted that half a century later it would suddenly be in such high demand.

The current Corona Virus Pandemic had created an urgent need for all protective equipment – both for personal use and in the working environment. This is the reason the Melaphone® has come into its own again. Its unique design, with its resonating membrane and air-sealed construction, make it the ideal device to install in any situation where face-to-face communication occurs. It not only offers protection from air-borne viruses and pathogens, it also enhances and clarifies the frequently muffled sound when people speak through a screen. Its protective credentials have been certified to ISO 16555 Class 5 – indeed, it has often been specified by architects and designers for use in hospitals, laboratories and cleanrooms or


anywhere hygiene is of paramount importance. It is a simple but really ingenious invention which requires no servicing, wiring or electrical supply. And it is very easy to keep clean and safe with an antiseptic wipe. The Melaphone® has now been built into the new Defender Virus Screens produced by the company and numerous doctors’ surgeries, medical centres, clinics and pharmacies in the UK have had these screens installedthe considerable success and approval. The screens are individually made and every component is of the highest quality, giving a clean, sleek and professional appearance in any healthcare environment. The Melaphone® is still available as a stand-alone unit for installation into

walls, glass or plastic screens, windows or doors. It can easily be retro-fitted into existing structures and requires no special skill to install. The range has also been expanded to meet the growing demand for the units. In addition to the original brushed aluminium model there is a stainless steel model, a white powdercoated aluminium model and the newest and highly successful Himacs acrylic-resin model, which is at a very popular price. All of these models are available from stock and can be purchased from Melaphone VisAudio. Even after 50 years, we’re proud to still be able to say ‘MADE IN THE UK’ at our London production facility.


LES FILLES launches second cafe in Paddington alongside 50% DISCOUNT on selected items throughout the week The LES FILLES sisters are at it again! After the popularity of the Lancaster Gate kitchen & café they have added another location to their mini LES FILLES London empire.

November 2020

The Paddington kitchen embraces what the French sisters do best: delicious food and drinks made with love and a brilliant team ready to look after you. Their ethos has always been ‘eat no evil’ with the menu focusing on fresh, locally sourced ingredients. They believe that food should be deliciously healthy, ethically produced and chemical free with the final result being a menu that is homemade and wholesome with a cornucopia of flavour. LES FILLES dishes are inspired from the sisters’ upbringing in France alongside their Moroccan heritage. One of the newest dishes on the menu is the popular (and very Instagram worthy!) Moroccan eggs created by their mother which is her upgraded version of Shakshuka: a combination of baked eggs on a bed of slow cooked tomatoes and onions, served with sourdough toast. Both the LES FILLES Norfolk Place and Lancaster Gate kitchens offer eat-in and take-away options, with delivery also conveniently available on Deliveroo. Now you can treat yourself to your favourite juices and shots, freshly made cakes and even a food shop from the daily stocked deli! And if you fancy some fresh air then a 50% discount on selected items two hours before the café closes should entice you. The 50% discount is available in both Lancaster Gate and Norfolk Place cafes for eat-in and takeaway. So, what are you waiting for? Pop in for a coffee and a smile today! LES FILLES 6 Norfolk Place Paddington W2 1QN LES FILLES 27 Craven Terrace Lancaster Gate W2 3EL Website - Instagram - @lesfillesldn




November 2020

Introducing the HW5, a Qi wireless charging Bluetooth audio bedside stereo alarm clock with speakerphone. With two high-powered USB ports and a wireless charging pad, guests can charge up to three devices at once. Alarms are easy to set and the Single Day Alarm feature means they won’t be disturbed by the previous guests’ settings.

HBN22: The iHome HBN22 Bluetooth clock radio is the ultimate hotel bedside amenity. Featuring a 10W USB port for a rapid charge and 5W USB port, guests can charge two devices at once. They may stream their music wirelessly and with NFC technology, connecting to Bluetooth is a tap away. Set an alarm, listen to FM radio, and take phone calls all from this space-saving clock radio. For more information, contact: Jacob Betesh at, 888-74HOTEL, ext.235,


Space Saving Size! 5.5"W x 2.3"H x 5.4"D

STAY FULLY CHARGED… WIRELESSLY. Introducing the iHome HW2 fast wireless charging compact bedside alarm clock. With dual fast-charging USB ports and a wireless charging pad, guests can rapidly charge up to three devices at once. Alarms are easy to set and the Single Day Alarm feature means they won’t be disturbed by the previous guest’s settings. The HW2 also features a security tether and a 6-foot power cable with a right-angle plug. For more information, contact Jacob Betesh at, 888-74HOTEL, ext. 235,



Charge multiple devices via Qi Charging Pad or two USB ports



© Hotel Technologies, LLC. iHome is a registered trademark of SDI Technologies, Inc. iPhone is a trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. All other marks are trademarks of their respective owners.

Richard McKee grew up in Northern Ireland, arriving in the Falkland 22 years ago.

November 2020


Bottled Essence of the Falklands: Setting up the Falklands Islands Distillers for Success with Square

Originally he wanted to set up a business distilling whiskey, but was soon drawn to local botanicals that lent themselves to gin, and started making small batches in 2016. To create his gin, Richard infuses a base spirit with juniper berries and adds hand-picked botanicals t-berries and scurvy grass, using techniques like maceration and vapour infusion to blend each flavour. The vapour created by the distilling process is then condensed back into liquid. Richard’s gins are for locals and tourists alike. During the winter, his customers are friends and neighbours, while the distillery receives international customers once cruise ships arrive in summer. Every aspect of the business is run by Richard and it’s a true one-man passion project and whilst liberating, it also comes with its challenges. As the distillery grows so too does the need for better efficiencies and in particular for an effective payment system. Richard just didn’t have the time to analyse accounts or track each sale and expense individually. After the first few months he was amazed at how much his working environment has transformed since using Square. ‘It’s helped me evolve the business but not lose any of that focus on the product’, said Richard. ‘I hadn’t


realised just how much of an impact something as simple as card payments would have on my business and time’. He is now ready to make the most local trade until tourism returns to the island, giving him the flexibility to focus on crafting his product – and perhaps even finally trying his hand at whiskey. One day, perhaps with Richard’s ambition and the right tools, the spirit of the Falklands will be available on UK high streets. To learn more about Richard’s story and how Square has helped businesses on the Islands, visit Connecting the Falklands.


EAT. DRINK. SLEEP November 2020

Taking combi steamer productivity to the max Rational’s iProductionManager delivers flexibility and lowers running costs One of the stars of Rational’s new iCombi Pro combi steamer is an advanced feature called iProductionManager which, the company says, not only increases productivity but also adds enormous flexibility to production schedules. At the same time it reduces running costs. The option of cooking different products at the same time in a combi steamer isn’t new, but iProductionManager takes the whole concept to a higher level. As well as telling you what products can be cooked together, it allows chefs to select whether they want all the food to be ready at the same time, or if they want it all to be cooked as quickly as possible, or if they want it cooked as energy efficiently as possible. Depending on the choice, iProductionManager then automatically prepares the optimum schedule. For example, suppose a full breakfast is being cooked where everything is wanted at the same time. The system will inform the chef when to load the eggs, the bacon, the tomatoes, and so on, staggering the start times so that the hash browns are perfectly cooked at exactly the same moment as the mushrooms – and all the other breakfast components. On the other hand, chefs may want each food cooked as quickly as possible. In this case, food is loaded onto the different shelves and iProductionManager simply lets staff know when each shelf’s load is ready. As one shelf’s food is being taken out, iProductionManager automatically compensates for the loss of temperature due to the door opening, and recalculates the cooking times for food on all the other shelves. Energy efficiency is increasingly important and iProductionManager can help here, too, by creating the most


energy efficient schedule for multiple different foods. The iCombi control panel makes everything simple. Once the chefs have selected what type of schedule they want – synchronised, speedy or efficient – they simply drag the relevant icon, such as sausages, onto the appropriate shelf on the panel, so the system knows which food is where and can monitor it accordingly. With iProductionManager chefs can even split shelves, so that two different foods can be cooked on the same shelf, with the system monitoring each to ensure they are perfectly cooked. “The new normal is already creating new challenges for chefs,” says Simon Lohse, managing director of Rational UK. “Consumers want more flexibility in terms of when they eat – all day eateries are going to be more common; many kitchens may have fewer staff; and every operator will have the overriding need

to reduce running costs. More efficient management of the production process will provide solutions in all these areas – and iProductionManager delivers the most advanced, easy to use and practical technology available.” iProductionManager is one of a suite of new, advanced intelligent features on Rational’s iCombi Pro combi steamer. RATIONAL is the leading provider in hot food preparation equipment and, with the iVario multifunctional cooking system and the iCombi Pro combi steamer, the company delivers all a commercial kitchen’s thermal cooking requirements. Together, the two appliances offer the best cooking solutions. For information and brochures, or to find out about free Rational Live online demonstrations and webinars, call +44 (0)1582 480388, freephone 0800 389 2944 or visit


On The Go: A New Breakfast Solution

For many, the traditional buffet breakfast has been dropped in favour of individual portions and food to go, introducing the hotel sector to a whole new category which was already on the rise pre-COVID. Food on the go was worth an estimated £21.2 billion in 20191 and coronavirus closures only fuelled stronger demand for takeaway purchases, with a 13 per cent rise in take-home hot beverages in the 12 weeks to 12 July2. St Pierre’s new foodservice range of individually wrapped bakery goods supports the trend for food on the move, giving hotels a choice of breakfast options that residents can enjoy in the room, from a COVID-secure buffet and even on their way out of

November 2020

COVID-19 has changed the face of hotel breakfasts.

the hotel. Choose from six tempting breakfast bakery treats - Butter Croissant, Chocolate Filled Croissant, Pain au Chocolat, Caramel Waffles, Millionaires Waffle and Brioche Waffle.

coffee shop experience to work or home since the outbreak of COVID-19 and these products are the perfect way for hotels to bring that trend into their breakfast service.

Each of the 45g products (RRP £1 each) are sold through retail and foodservice channels, reinforcing the strength of the St. Pierre consumer brand, which remains the UK’s number one European bakery brand3.

“This range combines the ultimate in convenience with the quality that consumers have come to expect from St. Pierre’s bakery range – all with the hygiene standards that consumers demand in the current climate.”

Scott Oakes, Commercial Manager for St. Pierre said: “By offering these wrapped bakery goods into the foodservice sector for the first time, we’re giving hotels a hygienic choice to help tap into the growing trend for takeaways.

St Pierre offers a range of bread and bakery products for hotels, including brioche burger buns, hot dog rolls, sliced loaf and baguettes, breakfast pastries, waffles and brioche swirls. For more information email: or visit

“Consumers are increasingly taking the




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A World Without Wires... Ever since their first introduction, smartphones have been accompanied by traditional wired chargers, with a cable connected to a mains adapter. They’re simple and efficient, if at times a little impractical. But many new phones also include wireless charging options. Devices from Apple, Google, Huawei, LG, Motorola, Samsung, Sony and Xiaomi all adhere to the Qi standard. Developed by the Wireless Power Consortium, Qi (based on the Chinese word for material energy or energy flow, and pronounced ‘chee’) uses inductive charging, a system whereby an electric current creates a fluctuating magnetic field in the charging pad. This field induces an electrical current in any compatible device placed on the pad, which is then used to charge the battery. It’s a wonderfully convenient system: there are no exposed electrical connections to wear out or suffer

damage, and there are no cables strung across the room, waiting for people to walk into them. The process of charging is slightly slower – by around 15% – but this is outweighed by the general practicality and ease-of-use. Although still in its relative infancy, Qi wireless charging is rapidly growing in popularity. A recent survey by the Wireless Power Consortium saw a distinct increase in interest for wireless charging while people are out and about – most notably in airports, hotels and restaurants, where wired charging can be problematic. Wireless charging systems are perfect for hotel rooms. They are inconspicuous, easy to install and secure, and need practically zero maintenance. And as Qi is a global standard, a single pad will work with a wide range of devices, irrespective of make or brand. Google, LG and Sony adopted wireless charging in 2012; it’s been in Samsung phones since 2015; in Apple phones and smartwatches since 2017; and both Huawei and Xiaomi intro-


duced wireless charging in 2018. Indeed, 2018 proved a watershed year for the technology, when the market grew by 77%, with more than 366 million devices shipped, around 270 million of those being smartphones. There are currently more than 245 phones on the market that have Qi built in, as well as a number of phone cases that add Qi wireless charging to older models. Adding Qi wireless charging to a hotel or entertainment venue couldn’t be easier. The Brandstand CubieDot, CubiePoint and CubieSpot tabletop chargers offer a neat and elegant pad onto which guests simply place their device. The CubieDot and CubiePoint can be located anywhere near a mains outlet. For guest convenience, the CubiePoint also includes 2 USB charging ports for dual charging functionality. For the ultimate in secure, discreet charging, the CubieSpot can be flush-fitted into a desk, community (lobby) or bedside table. The Brandstand CubieDuo and CubieTrio bedside clocks, meanwhile, deliver useful multifunctionality in a stylish form

factor. Both devices provide Qi wireless pads and USB charging ports, plus an easy-to-use alarm clock with snooze and dimmer operations. The CubieTrio goes one better, boasting a pair of mains power sockets (110V) embedded in its top surface, making it ideal for any gadget-loving guest. CubieTrio+ and CubieDuo+ have the added functionality of a Bluetooth® speaker offering the hotel guest the ability to stream their own music. Brandstand manufactures a successful line of power and charging products for the hospitality industry. See our full line of wireless charging products, designed for Qi compliance on our website. Qi Wireless Charging is the wireless standard adopted by most mobile devices including Samsung & Apple. Brandstand is a member of the Qi Wireless Power Consortium.


Don’t pack your guests in like sardines, Event Profs! With nearly 60 years’ experience and more than 30,000 pieces of kit there ain’t nothing fishy about our event furniture hire advice! Europa International – delivering the stock you need that will give your delegates room to breathe. Call us today on 03454 303015 or visit us online at

hire happy @Europa_Int #HireHappy


Learnings from the island hotel that’s solidly booked until November

November 2020

By James Bishop, Senior Director, Global Demand Partnerships at SiteMinder

While the global pandemic continues to bring hardship to many in the UK hospitality industry, some have thankfully recovered from its impact. Sentry Mead is one such example. Set 100 metres from the sea in a peaceful corner of the Isle of Wight, the ninebedroom Victorian guesthouse is solidly booked until November, despite having only reservations from local English travellers on its books. For Sarah and Jean-Pierre, who have been personally running Sentry Mead for over 15 years, March was the first time that the business had been forced to close, although that didn’t eliminate their need for technology to help manage bookings.

learnings worth considering by other independent UK operators: 1.


Being more flexible pays off. As a response to COVID-19, Sarah has implemented a number of new options for guests, from remote room servicing to room only rates, both of which have been greatly appreciated. In particular, by introducing room-only rates, she’s noticed a slight demographic shift taking place, with more younger guests looking to make a saving by not including breakfast as part of their stay.


Build the reputation of your business with a long-term view in mind. Sarah proudly states that

“I think a lot of people think that when you close, you close and there’s nothing to do, but people cancel, people book, people make enquiries. So, our systems needed to stay updated,” says Sarah, a long-time user of SiteMinder. Since reopening, the bookings have been non-stop, and the property’s success provides a number of

Open dialogue is vital. It always has been vital for Sarah, however, since July, the importance of clear and regular communication pre-stay has greatly intensified. By knowing the exact safety protocols that the business has in place, Sarah notes that guests are far more at ease on arrival, regardless of their age.

she currently does zero advertising outside of social media, her hotel website and the third-party distribution channels she manages through SiteMinder, yet is heavily booked. And, as a small business, knowing the power of word of mouth has proven invaluable. As a side note to that, educating her guests on the impact of negative social media reviews, and taking special care of the locals certainly hasn’t hurt, however. As mentioned by Sarah, “We’ve had people from all over coming to stay, however a lot are from very close by here on the island, who of course we offer a special rate to.” Well done, Sarah and Jean-Pierre. It’s a pleasure to share your story!


Sky Sports continues to bring a schedule of quality sports content to keep hotel guests entertained throughout September including the new Premier League 20/21 season, the Formula 1 World Championship and the return of the NFL.

It’s now more important than ever for guests to experience a true homefrom-home experience when they stay in a hotel, and they can catch up on all of the Premier League action as reigning champions, Liverpool, look to hold onto their title. Sky Sports remains the home of the Premier League, with the 20/21 season showing more live Premier League games than any other broadcaster. And with the first pick every matchday weekend, hotels can rely on Sky Sports to bring their guests the games that matter. Live football action on Sky Sports continues with 130 live Sky Bet EFL league matches throughout the

20/21 season; Carabao Cup Round 2 and 3 are set to take place at the end of September; and with Sky Sports being the only place to see Scottish Premiership action means Sky Sports breadth and quality of football coverage in hotels will continue to appeal to sports fans across the country. And it’s not just football… With every Formula 1 race weekend exclusively live on Sky Sports, hotel guests can keep up to date with all the latest action. The 2020 World Championship continues in Sochi for the Russian Grand Prix from 25 to 27 September – where Hamilton will

look to continue his winning streak after winning there for the past two years. Plus, in October guests can enjoy a trio of historic Formula 1 races celebrating the 70th anniversary of the championship – heading back to events that have not been held in a long time. In cricket, the women’s England team will host West Indies in a five-match T20 series from Monday 21 September, with live coverage on Sky Sports. The series will be the first international cricket in the women’s game since the T20 Women’s World Cup in March, where England previously beat their upcoming opponents.

With live golf on Sky Sports, hotels can make sure their guests won’t miss out on any of the action from the PGA, LPGA and European Tours. In October, the top tier of European golf arrives at Wentworth for the flagship event of the tour, the BMW PGA Championship. England’s own Danny Willett took the trophy in front of a home crowd last year, and golf fans will want to see who will step up this time. Plus, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of live NFL coverage on Sky Sports, hotel guests can watch the 2020 season on ‘Sky Sports NFL’ – a dedicated channel to the sport. The brand new in-season channel will be the round-the-clock home of the NFL on television in the UK and Republic of Ireland from the regular season through to the playoffs; including the

first-pick exclusive game in the 6pm and 9pm slot every Sunday. In addition to lots of sporting highlights, Sky’s in-room entertainment channels will keep your guests entertained all year round. According to research, 80% of guests are more satisfied with their stay if their hotel offers Sky TV in room and 84% of hotel guests believe that the TV service in a hotel room should be as good as they have at home . With guest experience and satisfaction at the top of the list for hoteliers, Sky can help to play a big part in connecting their customers to the content they know and love while away from home. For more information on how to become a Sky customer, please contact

Research Now – Hotel Guest Research April 2018

Reducing Bacteria & Viruses on Land at Sea or in the Air GermXit® Gel Kills –Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) - Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) Escherichia Coli - Human Coronavirus - Influenza A Virus - A1 H1N1 - Legionella - Hospital Acquired Infection For the complete list of Bacteria & Viruses GermXit® Eradicates please look on website

1. It will eliminate the potential threat from bacteria and viruses. 2. GermXit® is an organic, biodegradable and environmentally friendly air purifier. 3. Once GermXit® is vaporised and in the air, any surface or objects it lands on it will protect. 4. GermXit® controls microbes far better than any mechanical filter system, HEPA / ULPA or otherwise.

Contact Details

Tel: +44 (0) 7464 727 015 – Email: – Web:

GermXit® Single Black Electric Fan Ideal: Perfect for larger offices, bedrooms, hotel suites, small apartments Coverage: Up to 100 square meters / 1,000 square feet. GermXit Gel: Lemon or regular scent. Gel Size: Uses a 500 gram or 1kg pack How Long Does GermXit Gel Last: On Average 30 – 45 days Black Fan & 500 gram GermXit Gel Cost £157.18

GermXit® Twin White Electric Fan Ideal: Excellent for small homes up to 3 or 4 bedrooms or small office suites. Coverage: Up to 200 square meters / 2,000 square feet. GermXit Gel: Lemon or regular scent. Gel Size: Uses a 1kg or 1.8 kg pack How Long Does GermXit Gel Last: On Average 30 – 45 days White Fan & 1 kg GermXit Gel Cost £227.21

GermXit® AHU Dispenser (4kg) Ideal: Our commercial AHU dispenser box for placement inside large air handling units in ducted ventilation systems. May be used in multiples to cover the largest areas. Suitable For: Commercial / Industrial / Hospitals / Hotels / Ships / Factories etc GermXit Gel: Lemon or regular scent. Gel Size: Uses 4 kg Gel How Long Does GermXit Gel Last: On Average 30 – 45 days Blue AHU Dispenser & 4 kg GermXit Gel Cost £228.46

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