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Stakrak Limited, Unit 19 Pelham Court, Crawley, West Sussex RH11 9SH T: 01293 538822 E: W:





January 2020

Henry Howard Finance enters new decade as Propel UK finance success story changes name as it drives a 40,000 strong customer base and attracts significant equipment suppliers to its platform. Henry Howard Finance Group has announced a change of name to Propel in support of the company’s strategic positioning as SME funder of choice and the name behind hundreds of UK equipment suppliers, including those across the construction sector. ‘’Our Propel Promise, being small enough to care and deliver a brilliant personal service to our customers, and big enough to have the expertise and technology to be a leader in SME finance, is a commitment to all our existing and future customers. “The change to Propel came from the team who wanted a bold, contemporary and distinctive brand reflective of the company today and our aspirations for the future’’, says Anne Williams, Chief Operating Officer. Propel heralds several important developments for the business. It will be opening new offices in Manchester to help support its growth and is developing several new supplier programmes to help SMEs access the finance they need to invest and grow their own businesses. It will also be launching new versions of its market leading technology in 2020, including a seamless technology suite designed to accelerate the online acceptance process and enhance customer experience. Mark Catton, Chief Executive Officer of Propel Finance Plc says: “Our new name ‘Propel’ embodies our passion for the business and our ambitions for our customers in one simple name. Propel means to drive forward. It is a powerful word that sums up what we strive to achieve for the SMEs and vendors that we support across the UK, and our own business.” “Our aim is to push the boundaries of what’s possible in finance for our customers’ benefit. Our new brand and technology are essential elements of our strategic platform for future growth and expansion.” To find out more about Propel please call 01633 415222 or visit





















THE RIGHT DECISION COMES WITH A 25-YEAR-GUARANTEE A Jacksons perimeter fence offers no-nonsense security with a 25-year-guarantee. No umming, no ahhing, just decisive protection that keeps what matters to you safe.

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Construction Update January 2020

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Editor’s Choice January 2020

Hybrid Heating for the modern home – the choice is yours EHC offer a comprehensive Range of Electric Products that are all controlled by the wellestablished DSR Technology Control System. It enables you to select a Hybrid Heating Solution from the range for the various rooms within your property to suit your design style and budget – the choice is yours. All DSR Controlled Heaters are manually operated using the “easy to use” Controller located on the Heater. They also have Wi-Fi capability that can be activated when you purchase the optional DSR Smart Gateway which will allow you to control your Heaters Anytime, Anywhere 24/7 up to a maximum of 30 Heaters using our free bespoke APP.

be set to a radius around your home from 150 to 1000 metres. The DSR Range of Heaters all offer partial heat retention via the internal storage tiles. They are designed to provide an even heat across the surface area of the Heaters and in turn provide a combination of Convected and Radiant Heat. The comprehensive range of Heaters which are available in various Outputs are: •

When used with the EHC Smart Gateway you can take advantage of the in-built Wi-Fi ready capability and are able to program your heaters individually or in groups. The DSR Control APP has many features designed to enhance your comfort levels and provide essential information regarding your heating system. There is also an optional Power Meter Clamp available for Load Shedding Control. Popular features within the APP • • • • • •


Setting Times to suit lifestyle Adjust each room temperature to suit using the manual boost Limit electricity consumption to avoid exceeding maximum power available Monitor your electricity consumption history View the Temperature history by room Alexa and Google Home commands

The Geolocation feature is also popular as the user can define a perimeter at a set range around their property. When the smart phone enters or leaves the perimeter, the Geo-location feature is triggered and automatically increases or decreases the room temperatures. From within the APP the Geo-fence zone can

EHC Combination Heaters – An award winning product in the domestic market which offers smart control with highly efficient partial heat storage technology. Using patented Magmatic tablets, the Combination Radiator is able to retain warmth for longer than a traditional convector heater. Combined with its increased surface area – up to 6 times greater than other models – the Electric Combination Radiator is German engineering at it’s best. Edge - This traditional Convector Heater has been designed with a gentle curved profile on each side

of the Heater. It is manufactured using high grade 100% recyclable Aluminium. It produces heat on demand and with the modular construction of the Heater it cycles airflow and emits heat throughout the room. Solaris - A modern, slim, stylish and carefully sized Convector Heater which has been designed with a distinctive curved front that will enhance any room within the home whilst providing a quick and responsive heating experience. Visage – This contemporary Panel Heater is available in all RAL Colours and utilises the perfect balance of convection and radiant heat which in turn warms both you and the room. The aluminium heating element located within the Heater provides fast-acting heat, before warming the Magmatic Ceramic Tablets inside the Heater.

For further information or a free Brochure contact 01698 820533 or visit

No.1 Choice Electric Radiator Collection EHC offer a comprehensive Range of Electric Products that are all controlled by our DSR Smart Technology which enables you to select different Heaters and mix and match them as a Hybrid Heating System for the various rooms within your property to suit your design style and budget – the choice is yours.

Hybrid Heating for the modern home

Available for Android & Apple devices

Call us on

01698 820533

Editor’s Choice January 2020


Speaking about the partnership, Philip Hines, Chair of the FPS said: “The decision to support ‘Mates in Mind’ is in complete alignment with the FPS’s remit to promote and address issues surrounding occupational health and wellbeing. Mates in Mind tackles one of the still taboo subjects of mental health within the workplace, helping to not only lift the legacy stigma that surrounds the issue, but put in place solutions that can contribute to good mental health.

Becomes ‘Mates in Mind’ Charity Supporter for 2020 The Federation of Piling Specialists (FPS) is pleased to announce that it has chosen ‘Mates in Mind’ as its Charity Partner for 2020. As the FPS Charity Partner, ‘Mates in Mind’ will benefit from funds raised through sponsorship and the many social and Association events it runs through the course of the year, as well as benefiting from individual FPS members who choose to align with the FPS in offering their own support for the charity.


‘Mates in Mind’ is a registered charity dedicated to both raising awareness and addressing the stigma of poor mental health, whilst also promoting positive mental wellbeing across workplaces. Working across industries, but focusing on construction, the charity helps to make sense of available options and support employers to address mental health within their workplace.

“As now a Supporter of Mates in Mind, we can demonstrate leadership that we are committed to improving the health and wellbeing of our members, the piling sector and the wider construction community. “ Speaking about the partnership, Recheal Valderama, Support Manager, Mates in Mind said “We’re delighted the Federation of Piling Specialists has chosen Mates in Mind as its charity partner for 2020. The support of the FPS will not only help us continue the work we undertake as acharity, but will also help us reach more people within the specialist construction sector with our vital message.”

For more information about the charity Mates in Mind, and the work that it undertakes for the construction sector visit:

January 2020 Excavator Forklift / Construction Unit advert Jan 2020 9.2w x 13.0 dp

Load / unload 1.5 ton pallets with a 1.5 ton mini excavator Patent Pending (PCT/EP2018/071930)

See the 8 videos at

Attached or removed in 30 seconds Made to fit to any make of mini excavator Tel: + 44 7715 32 42 54



Ventilation, Emissions & Recycling January 2020

Incorporated in April 2007, GenAir UK is an independently owned specialist rental company operating from three strategically placed depots; Motherwell, Slough and in the West Midlands. Their safety and quality is reinforced by their registration to ISO 9001 standards. The GenAir management team has a collective 140 years’ experience in the compressed air markets. In an acknowledgement of the stricter emission regulations in London and in other major towns and cities, GenAir has brought to market noise and carbon free air compressors. The company is also keen to assert their own environmental aspirations, recognising the need to supply more fuel efficient machinery. GenAir have invested over £1m from its own development funds to design a fleet of electric mobile compressors, each ideally suited to deliver clean, sound reduced compressed air in a range between 7 to 13 Bar. The project was initiated by GenAir’s managing director and fully supported by his technical director and project manager. These individually designed compressors have a working pressure of 190psi with a maximum free air delivery of up to 393cfm. With a whisper quiet noise level of just 67dB (A) and protected in a fully weatherproof canopy, these brand new units are perfect for use in all situations and particularly in areas governed by emission and noise rules.


The compressors boast compact dimensions of 2400 (Length) x 1330 (Width) x 1660mm (Height) and weigh just 1600kg. They will continue to operate in extreme temperatures from minus 25º to plus 50Cº and their built-in after

GenAir Emission Free Air Compressors

cooler and water separator will eliminate up to 70% of moisture. This will help with delivering superior air quality for improved performance, which helps to lower C02 emissions. For effective operation, the GenAir sets require electricity power at 125 amps to work at 7–10 Bar and a slight increase to 150 amps for 10-13 Bar. The controls have been designed to be completely user friendly. There are many advantages for using an electric compressor as

opposed to a diesel powered set. Because most diesel sets can only run for about 12 hours before they need refuelling, their fuel levels will require constant monitoring, which distracts an operator away from more important tasks. As GenAir’s electric compressors run entirely free from fuel, the environmental damage from diesel spillage is completely eliminated. To learn more about the GenAir range of air compressors call 08447750890, visit or

GenAir has a complete range of ‘Low Emission Zone’ (LEZ) diesel and electric powered sets, which meet with the stringent emission regulations now being enforced in London and elsewhere. Air Compressors fitted with ChAlwyn VAlVes And spArk Arrestors for contractors requiring compressed air in sensitive environments, such as an oil refinery, GenAir have sets fitted with Chalwyn Valves and spark Arrestors making them completely acceptable in these situations.

After Cooler And wAter sepArAtors After coolers and water separators will eliminate up to 70% of moisture. this will help with delivering superior air quality for improved performance.

desiCCAnt dryers GenAir also has a fleet of desiccant dryers. desiccant air dryers adsorb moisture from the compressed air flow and through desiccant material in a reversible process, which makes them just right for use in subfreezing conditions or where processes require extremely dry air.


Genair UK Ltd

Head Office: Unit 28 & 29 Prothero Works, Bilport Lane, Wednesbury, West Midlands, WS10 0NT UK Tel: 0844 775 0890 • • Email: [Depots in Slough and Motherwell]

ISO 9001 Certified

Ventilation, Emissions & Recycling January 2020

RINNAI AIMS FOR DOUBLE GROWTH IN LESS THAN 10 YEARS Rinnai, a UK leader in the manufacture and supply of heating & continuous flow hot water delivery systems and units for residential and commercial sites, has announced that it is planning on doubling its size within 10 years. The announcement, made by Managing Director Tony Gittings at a major event held at Skinners Hall in the City of London before a large audience of contractors, installers, consultants, estates managers and end-user organisation, detailed the company’s plans in a series of new product developments, marketing initiatives and service launches.


In the 2019 the company has completed the following: •

Launch of service division offering total offering customers Service Plans for peace of mind in knowing that, in the unlikely event of a problem, they have an instant answer to the problem. All

inspections and all remedial works are carried out by Gas Safe registered engineers. It is a legal requirement for the obvious safety reasons that all works carried out to a gas fired appliance or system must be done by a fully qualified and registered gas engineer.

January 2020 Ventilation, Emissions & Recycling •

Launch of the new N series of hot water heating units - The Rinnai SENSEI water heater range offers a new, more compact and enhanced combustion design that allows for easier installation and enhanced operational performance and importantly increased levels of serviceability. All the components within the Sensei are designed and manufactured by Rinnai. This ensures maximum quality and reliability from the industry leader in commercial continuous flow water. Launch of the A series of domestic hot water heating units

Launch of the Zen and Zen Plus home hot water & heating system which marries established and proven manufacture durability with new technologies to offer great energy efficiencies, user control and, importantly, unparalleled level of comfort. The Rinnai Zen and Zen Plus system will increase comfort and reduce energy usage whilst also providing a highly economically solution for today’s changing marketplace.

commitment to customer service excellence is the industry standard.

Launch of the Trust Partnership with the formation of an installer network specifically for its domestic product range, the Zen & Zen Plus. The installer domestic partnership network includes all bona fide, Gas Safe registered, installers of residential heating and hot water units and systems. The launch is complementary to the recent introduction of the Rinnai Zen and Zen Plus domestic heating hot water system.

Backed with extensive warranties and fully qualified service teams, Rinnai is the first choice for continuous flow hot water, providing the most energy and economically efficient solution by using individual or multiple manifolded appliances.

The Rinnai range of hot water heating products are manufactured to the highest possible quality standards which ensures a long working life. Our reliability and

Rinnai is the UK leader in ErP ‘A’ rated continuous flow hot water heating units. The company makes and sells over 12 million gas appliances every year, which are distributed globally to all parts of the world and are all ISO 9001 and ISO 1400I certified (International standard for environmental management systems).

“Rinnai employ innovative manufacturing and testing techniques to deliver unparalleled levels of safety, comfort and efficiency. With the Rinnai Continuous Flow Hot Water System, you will never run out of hot water,” adds Chris Goggin for the company. FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT WWW.RINNAIUK.COM


Ventilation, Emissions & Recycling January 2020

Models from Air Vent Technology’s extensive range of heat recovery units are suited for installation into residential/commercial premises, ie schools, student accommodation, hospitals, hotels, factories, sports and leisure facilities etc. Ensuring that buildings are properly ventilated and keeping heat loss to a minimum during winter months, the new range of Infinity® low profile heat recovery units (HRPSL/EC) are available in 10 standard sizes with airflow up to 4.33 m3 / sec. They combine low energy with very high efficiency (incorporating an EC motor). Internal models with side access are standard, but they can be manufactured with bottom access, or for a stacked arrangement, and for external installation (HRRSL/EC). EHB or LPHW heater batteries are available pre-wired to speed controllers and isolators for straightforward electrical connections. These units are manufactured in AVT’s Andover factory to ISO9001 Standard, using the latest technology for the ultimate in energy saving and low specific fan powers. All conform to ErP Directive requirements. Air Vent Technology Ltd has helped in the design of a sophisticated ventilation system to suit the requirements of the kiln room area of a fish processing plant in Plymouth. The system needed to be able to cope with the all the special demands likely to be encountered during operation. The air handling units chosen and installed have separate extract fans specifically to serve the kiln room area. The units were fully treated inside and out to give protection against the high salt content of the air at this coastal location. Additionally, a high level of filtration was required to comply with food audit regulations. The extract unit was supplied with “motor-outof-airstream” to offer additional protection and longer life against the harsh extract conditions and high ambient temperatures. The units were installed in a stacked configuration with the extract AHU unit above the supply AHU unit. AVT’s team can design suitable ventilation for a huge variety of locations. The Company has had one of its custom-built units installed in the plantroom of a biogas operation, and with the facility of being able to protect units against sea air, is able to provide ventilation units for use on oil rigs!


AVT can design ventilation schemes from small to large, providing a total, compatible package, thus guaranteeing a quality ventilation solution. AND with its Site Engineering Services Department can install, maintain, service, refurbish and repair ALL types of air handling units.

Ventilation, Emissions & Recycling January 2020

New packaging improves handling for Ravatherm XPS X insulation Ravago Building Solutions has introduced new packaging which makes light work of offloading and unpacking.


t the same time as unveiling the new name for its market-leading insulation products – Ravatherm XPS X – Ravago Building Solutions has invested heavily in developing the new packaging. “We listened to our customers, and as Ravago we implemented the changes,” says Richard Powell, Roofing Sales Manager, Ravago Building Solutions. “After studying how our customers were handling our products, we made some changes to the packaging so it is simpler to unload our deliveries and break them down into smaller sizes.”

“It’s a true success in customer relations, where listening to our customers is the key,” says Richard Powell. “We had been in discussions for some time and were delighted that Ravago installed the new packaging equipment so quickly after acquiring Dow Building Solutions European XPS business in December 2018. It demonstrates the company’s commitment to providing high quality services as well as products.” Ravago acquired Dow Building Solutions European XPS business in December 2018

The new packaging places the Ravatherm XPS X products into 15 m3 bulk units, each containing eight prewrapped units, all bound with a thick outer wrap for protection during transportation. Once the unit is offloaded from the flatbed truck using a fork lift, it can be easily divided into two units by slitting the outer layer horizontally along the mid-point bearers, which have been placed so that the top one can be lifted off and set down. Each unit can then be separated vertically until there are eight packs, ready for handling with a forklift truck. “This makes handling much easier and more convenient” says Tony Lawther, Operations Director at major roofing company Briggs Amasco, one of the companies consulted by Ravago Building Solutions. “We’re pleased that Ravago has listened to customers like us and come up with this solution.” To make the changes, Ravago Building Solutions has invested heavily in a new packaging line at its manufacturing centre in King’s Lynn.


New name Ravago Building Solutions, Europe’s largest extruded polystyrene insulation (XPS) manufacturer, relaunched its market-leading range of XPS in November 2019. Ravatherm XPS X is the new name for the UK’s bestperforming range of grey boards for roofs and floors, all with exceptional lambda values.

Ravatherm XPS X from Ravago Building Solutions, Europe’s largest extruded polystyrene insulation manufacturer, offers architects and building specifiers market-leading XPS insulation for roofs and floors.

For technical support and to learn more about our products please contact:

SO QUIET WE HAD TO SHOUT ABOUT IT Ultra Quiet Ecodan The NEW LOW NOISE Air Source Heat Pump • An 8 dB(A) drop in sound output • Virtually eliminates the need for planning permission • Allows installation under Permitted Development

Heat Pump Product of the Year (Ultra Quiet Ecodan)

Domestic HVAC Product of the Year – Heating Units

Search #ultraquietecodan

January 2020 Ventilation, Emissions & Recycling

The UK’s new generation of affordable luxury passive houses launched Rising energy costs and concerns about global warming are pushing many environmentally-conscious home buyers to look for solutions to reduce their carbon footprint. Now an award-winning new development of passive homes in Kent promises luxurious, ultra-eco-friendly living at competitive prices, in a move that developer Vilasana Homes hopes will signal a step-change in housing design. Heating homes accounts for more than 15% of the UK’s total greenhouse gas emissions. Built to stringent passive housing standards, Vilasana Homes prioritise reductions in energy consumption utilising the latest technology and innovations in insultation and ventilation. The new homes reduce energy consumption by up to 80%, while all electricity is supplied by partners using 100% renewable sources.

Charlie Vavasour, a spokesman for Vilasana Homes, said: “For too long, eco-living with high specifications meant prices that were unaffordable to all but the superrich. By reducing profit margins and using intelligent design and development practises, Vilasana has managed to develop top-specification, fully featured and highquality passive homes at prices that many more people can afford”.

Passive homes, which reduce energy consumption by dramatically improving insulation to reduce heat loss, have featured on programmes such as Grand Designs for many years, but have been unattainable for most home buyers due to high costs.

“The development at Scocles Court represents the future of house construction and our aim is to show that ecoliving, smart homes and value for money are not mutually exclusive. We have validated this ambitious homebuilding vision and shown that it is possible, and this bodes well for the future of sustainable house building in the country.”

However, the 15-home development at Scocles Court, near Minister on Sea in Kent, approximately one hour from London, proves that a shift to low-energy living, with an additional emphasis on the health and personal wellbeing of residents, can be achievable at comparable prices to standard housing developments. Vilasana Homes has placed environmental and human wellbeing above profit margins and cost control, and launched Scocles Court with large, luxuriously appointed family passive houses starting at just £550,000. The development is based on an English hamlet concept, using traditional Kent barn-style homes, giving a contemporary feel shrouded in traditional design.

All of the homes at Scocles Court have been built using long-lasting hyper-insulated cores and specialised triple glazing. The building core ensures the durability and longevity of the homes is far superior to many other forms of passive house construction. The hyperinsulated core also results in electricity bills being reduced by up to 80%. A further innovation by Vilasana Homes is to use the air purification system to induce heating via one single, low-energy consumption heating element, rather than add underfloor heating to some rooms. Unlike underfloor heating, this immediately provides heat to the whole house, in every room, using hot (and purified) air, but with less energy consumption than the underfloor heating required for just one room. The Scocles Court development is part of a three-year, £20 million programme of sustainable home-building in the country.


Home Improvements January 2020

Fresh ideas for Interior Doors in 2020 As a new decade commences, professionals everywhere are seeking fresh inspiration for interiors, whether for commercial spaces or residential living. This desire for innovative performance and trend-setting designs is most notable when it comes to interior doors, whose influence upon a room can have a marked effect on the surrounding décor, lifting and invigorating adjacent space. Bringing clarity to this process is Vicaima, who have just launched their 2020 Interior Door Selector. Packed with ideas this brochure is an essential tool for every specifier.



ow an annual and eagerly anticipated event, the 2020 edition of the Vicaima Interior Door Selector has over 100 pages filled with doors and doorsets that suit a multitude of applications, tastes and budgets. Its simple to navigate layout has been designed to make the selection process straightforward, with at a glance guides to form, function and fire, or indeed other desired performance criteria. Every range also shows a simply Price Indicator, allowing easy comparison between potential options for that perfect specification.

New for 2020, Vicaima have introduced some pioneering products that are certain to gain wide appeal. These include: Primed 2 Go, a revolutionary, polymer faced door for painting that requires no surface sanding or priming, saving time and money on site. Deep Textured Finish, creating the authentic touch of an open grain in a matt finish that can be applied to a selection of veneered and stained veneered doors An extension to the Visual Sensation foil door range, introducing 4 new matt finishes and new horizontal grain

options in both the Naturdor Stained and Dekordor SD Foil ranges. Naturally, at Vicaima it’s not just about great design and trend setting aesthetics. As specialists in performance products, Vicaima set the benchmark for fire certification, coupled with security and acoustic solutions. With a growing market awareness of the needs of providing peace of mind when it comes to fire safety, specifiers gain confidence from a supplier like Vicaima, who achieved 54 minutes during recent MHCLG testing of their 30-minute door assemblies. This coupled with Secure By Design approval and FSC environmental certification, makes Vicaima the obvious choice for demanding locations.

January 2020 Home Improvements

Vicaima Visual Sensations in New Valley finish, horizontal.

Vicaima EX71 door in Warm Umber and with Jet Black grooves.

Download a copy of the 2020 Interior Door Selector today by visiting the Vicaima website Alternatively call 01793 532333 for further inspiration.


Home Improvements January 2020

Rooflight Manufacturers, First Glass Roofs Ltd, have reported vast growth since the start of their trading 5 years ago. The successful company is one of the only Rooflight manufacturers in the UK with a minimalist frameless design across the whole of their product range.


irst Glass Roofs provides quality, bespoke, made to order Rooflight products from 12 – 14 working day lead time, as well as offering full technical and marketing support to their customers. With a variety of distributors across the UK, getting your hands on one of their products couldn’t be any easier. Due to the demand in certain areas of the frameless glazing industry, the company has brought to market 1-2 new products on average per year

and will be launching yet another new product in January 2020. With your bespoke requirements in mind, First Glass Roofs are able to tailor their products to suit your exact requirements. Being a systems company, we are able to cater for all needs. As well as being able to purchase your product ‘Fully Bonded’ from us, we also offer some of our profiles as a ‘manufactured frame only’ option for those who already have connections with glass suppliers.

Flat Rooflight Our Flat Rooflight system was the first system designed by First Glass Roofs, boasting large thermal breaks for unrivalled truly tested U-Values. Keeping a minimalist aluminium structure is always key to our designs, while also being very versatile in its design construction allowing triple glazed and quadruple glazed to be achieved yet remain flush with the frame, making this system one preferred by installers across the UK. Our Flat Rooflights should be pitched at a minimum of 5 degrees as an industry standard to ensure minimal pooling on the Rooflight, and will suit roof pitches of up to 45 degrees. We only use top specification glass in the manufacture of the flat rooflight for product safety and longevity.

Roof Lantern The ultra-modern Roof Pyramid / Lantern is one of the slimmest designs on the market today, providing more light transmittance than most. Traditionally, other companies use bars which makes them bulky and obtrusive and U values are also affected, making ours more efficient and aesthetically pleasing. Consisting of glass to glass joins both internally & externally, with thermal foam barrier and using a glass of just 1.0 U value, this product will keep you warm even in the harshest of conditions. Along with Solar reflective toughened glass, it keeps the suns UV rays down to a minimum.

Integrated Glass Balustrade


This is a revolutionary new design of fully integrated

January 2020 Home Improvements frameless glass balustrade system which is thermally broken and is fully integrated to fit Bi-fold, Dliding, French Doors and Tilt and Turn window systems. It has been designed by First Glass Roofs and has been tested to BS6180 and surpassed current regulations. This will be a choice for architects and for people who have specific design requirements.

Glass Box Our Frameless Glass Box incorporates the latest in glass bonding and structural glass incorporated into a seamless glass box structure, fully integrated into the building making a feature of any location its situated in. Blending high quality components into a remarkable ultra slim edge design, this product also benefits from polyamide thermal breaks and maximising glass for better U values.

Opening Rooflight Our Opening Rooflight is available in both Electric or Manually operated versions, boasting market leading U-values along with industry leading water tightness using our own triple seal system. A first of its kind which is fully frameless internally, allowing more sky and less frame, and externally keeping framework to a minimum to achieve the slimline appearance which aesthetically compliments the range of our fixed Rooflights. This, together with our Flat Rooflight, boasts only the best in high end components for safe working and product longevity. As usual, our Opening Rooflight comes with Solar Reflective Self-Cleaning Glass as standard on all our Rooflights. With a glass U-value of just 1.0, this is unrivalled in its design and performance.

Fixed Window Our latest product launched is our Frameless Fixed Window. This will be another great preforming system with larger thermal breaks than most, to achieve unrivalled U-values. Mainly used for larger applications of fixed window, it will be document Q tested for safety. Not to mention its ultra slim frame of only a 35mm sight line, we think this will be a hit for architects and for people with specific design requirements. We have a great network of distributors and installers and, as we continue to grow, we are always looking for new partners who share our high-quality vision. If you are ready to provide some of the best glazing solutions to your customers, get in touch and talk to our team. We’d love to work with you! 01420 520580


Exhibits thoughtful, well-executed design and luxury


• 26 Wadsworth Road, Perivale, UB6 7JZ | 141 Hook Road, KT6 5AR • • T: 0208 997 2448 | F: 0208 997 0611

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01296 481220


POLYX® -OIL RAW: Retains the wood’s natural light colour











Home Improvements January 2020

Adek - Class A Fire Rated British manufacturer Ecodek consistently strive to provide products and services incorporating the very latest technology and developments within the Construction Materials sector. The company have a dedicated Research and Development resource tasked with ensuring the products supplied measure up against current rules and regulations.

The modern, sleek lines of Adek are preserved as a result of hidden screw-fix system, Adek boards are screwed directly into the substructure - no clips are involved at all. The revolutionary new Adek system has been specifically designed for the balcony and terrace market, rather than being an adaptation of an existing commercial product re-purposed in order to meet the new Building Regulations. The unique Adek board has a surface finish that is both slip resistant and friendly underfoot.


hen considering fire events in high-rise buildings and subsequent changes within section B4 of Schedule 1 to the Building Regulations, Ecodek have designed and developed a brand new, purpose made noncombustible outdoor flooring solution for the balcony and terrace market – the Adek system. In line with the core environmental principals of the Ecodek business, Adek is manufactured from 100% recycled aluminium and is completely recyclable. Adek carries an A2 fire-rating of A2-s1, d0. This is in accordance with the new legislation for materials incorporated into the envelope of high-rise buildings to be classed as non-combustible. A2-s1, d0 means that for smoke emissions and release of droplets, Adek has the highest rating for an A2 classed product. Aluminium is an ideal material for decking. It is lightweight and strong, highly resistant to corrosion, durable and aesthetically appealing.


With in-depth knowledge of the market, Ecodek have designed the Adek boards to be extra-wide (295mm) and can be supplied in bespoke lengths, allowing installers a much faster fixing time. The boards are available in two thicknesses (20mm and 30mm) that allow spans up to 600mm and 1200mm respectively. With the ability to ‘rip’ the boards lengthwise with the addition of a support leg, the Adek system will give greater flexibility to balcony and terrace design.

Adek – the new era in highrise balconies and terraces: • • • • • •

Non-combustible: Class A2-s1, d0 100% Recycled Aluminium: Fully recyclable Anti-slip coating: Friendly underfoot Long-span, extra-wide panels: Fast fix Concealed fixings: No clips Lightweight, robust and durable system, available in a range of profiles and colours.

01978 667 840


Cantifix create Europe’s largest piece of glass

The UK’s leading innovative architectural glazing specialists, Cantifix, have created an impressive vision by using ground-breaking glass technology to install the largest single pane of glass Europe has seen, stretching an incredible 13.6m wide and weighing over 3.5t, at The Newt in Somerset.

creating.the.extraordinary t. 020 8203 6203 | e. |


January 2020 Home Improvements

BDG Architecture + Design wins UK project of the year at the International FX Awards 2019

BDG architecture + design has won Project of the Year by a UK based studio for Amsteldok, a new Amsterdam campus for WPP


n the largest agency move in Dutch advertising history, Amsteldok brings together 15 WPP agencies from 11 offices into a single location. The completed project is a world-class example of WPP’s global co-location strategy to bring together its people and agencies into one location, encouraging greater collaboration and giving clients seamless access to all of WPP’s talent and expertise.

international submissions, if you win at the FX Awards you really are World Class. Congratulations to BDG for this fantastic WPP project.”

The judges commented: “Amsteldok is a good combination of old and new with subtle, carefully executed details throughout. Rarely seen”

On the banks of the Amstel river, the 19,000 sq m building, designed by architect Hugh Maaskant in 1973, was originally Europe’s largest office building. It was, however, deeply unpopular, and the renovation aimed to revalue and reintroduce the building to the surrounding community.

Theresa Dowling Group Editorial Director said: “The FX awards are a great accolade because they are truly international. With so many

The previously vacant Rivierstaete building (as it was formerly known) has been transformed from a large traditional office building into a 19,000m2, innovative and creative workplace to support the 1,500 people that work from it.

inside, and green roof terraces encourage creativity. The new feature staircase takes clients from reception to the shared business hub on level one. Shared facilities occupy 40 per cent of WPP’s spaces, while cafes, restaurants and bars are designed to increase staff wellbeing as well as encourage movement, creating opportunities for chance encounters. Aiming to inject a lease of life into the building, a ninth floor, 352 sq m roof terrace offers incredible views over the Amstel river and the city.

Preserving the concrete structure has allowed the building’s character to remain while reducing environmental impact. The entire building meets BREEAM Very Good certification standards – an exceptional score for a renovation project. It has rainwater buffering and retention, green roofs, advanced daylight system control, advanced climate system control, energy-efficient daylight control, a thermal storage system and a class A energy rating. Careful renovation gives office floors maximum heights, with large, open floorplates allowing for flexibility now and in the future. The floor-to-ceiling glass allows natural light to illuminate


January 2020

Why your construction fleet needs an integrated dashcam solution Dashcams are increasingly cited as the best way to improve safety for any commercial fleet of vehicles. The very presence of a dashboard camera reduces the likelihood of an accident, improves driving styles and encourages better habits among your fleet. Drivers are automatically more conscious of their behaviour when it is being filmed, but there are other benefits to adopting dashcams as part of your construction business’ telematics solution - for your drivers, your business and everyone else. Giving context to accidents Installing an integrated dashcam to support your construction company’s vehicle tracking system is a wise move, especially if it integrates seamlessly with your existing fleet information. In the unfortunate event of an accident, footage from the precise moment of the collision can be retrieved to give context and clarity to what exactly transpired. Whilst you may already be able to confirm the location, speed, braking and acceleration details at the time of a collision, supporting video footage can provide further insight to the vehicle’s movements. Dashcams can provide valuable and unique information for the journey in question, such as: • other vehicle’s movements • the exact moment of a collision • driver behaviour around the time of the event • the weather conditions on the road/on site • any developing hazards that may have affected the drivers

Protecting drivers from false claims


Businesses often face unfair claims against their drivers and having dashcam footage to defend them can be invaluable. Footage can prove which driver was at fault, leaving very little room for speculation. This safety net can reduce stress for drivers and give them peace of mind that footage can easily be supplied as evidence for any specific section of the journeys they make.

An integrated dashcam solution that is linked with your vehicle tracking system will successfully support your drivers in the event of false accusations from the public, customers or other businesses. Some vehicle tracking systems allow businesses to access dashcam recordings directly from the fleet’s journey logs or route maps, making the retrieval of the video footage very simple. In events such as these, the dashcam is not only protecting your staff, but also your company reputation and future construction work. The device can save your business from incurring costly insurance payouts, insurance premium hikes and can help to recover any vehicle repair costs that stem from accidents.

Driving style coaching A vehicle tracking system’s driving style analysis feature can be a fantastic tool for driving style coaching - scoring systems can be utilised to track progress and highlight where improvements can be made amongst a company’s fleet. This process is enhanced when dashcams are in the mix, as relevant footage will provide examples and give context when managers are discussing low driving style scores with drivers and help to explain why they are seeing these scores. It’s hard to justify dangerous actions, such as braking harshly due to not leaving enough space ahead of the vehicle, when the unique situations are available to play back. Therefore, drivers become more accountable for their behaviour, in the knowledge that their employer will be able to see if they had reason to put stress on the vehicle or respond in a certain way.

January 2020

Many vehicle tracking systems will integrate with the dashcam to automatically flag highspeed or significant G-Force events, making this even easier for companies to manage. With this system in place, a driver’s progress can be monitored more closely and it’s a lot clearer when improvements are being made.

• HD footage will provide a clearer account of what was going on around the vehicle and show crucial vehicle registration plate details

The use of dashcams sends a positive, safetyconscious message not only to a company’s employees, but also to the public.

• Lastly, it’s important that you can request footage for a specific time or location, for example following a collision or insurance claim

What to look for in a dashcam solution • Look for a dashcam that integrates with your telematics system – this way it will work as an extension to your valuable vehicle tracking data • It’s beneficial to opt for a solution with cloud-based storage, rather than keeping the data on the camera itself. In the latter scenario, if the camera is lost - so is your data

• Usability is key – look for devices with in-built event triggers to alert you, such as high-speed/significant G-force events

For more information about Quartix vehicle tracking for construction businesses and dashcam integration head over to or contact The Quartix representatives will be happy to help you decide which option is best for your business – call us on 01686 806 663.


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January 2020

ALUCOBOND® Announces Two CPDs on the Specification & Fire Safety Aspects of Aluminium Composite Material The first CPD, ‘How to Specify Aluminium Composite Material’, takes the architect through the complete process of specifying aluminium composite material, outlining the key technical considerations in its specification, analysis of the key considerations, as well as opening the discussion about the benefits of its use. In addition to presenting the principal of rainscreen and systems available for use with aluminium composite material it also explains about the sustainability of ALUCOBOND® products (BREEAM) and what can be expected from manufacturers in terms of design assistance. The second CPD, ‘Fire Safety for Aluminium

Composite Material’, starts with a detailed explanation of what fire development is, before moving on to explain the difference between fire resistance and reaction to fire. Understanding EN ISO 13501 classification and the various tests that contribute to it, are explained and the fire classifications of common materials. The importance of each component to large scale fire tests is also discussed and the current UK fire regulation for rainscreen cladding is explained. The CPDs, each 1 hour in duration, are available together or separately and can be presented at the architect’s practice, usually over lunch, which is provided.

ALUCOBOND®, from 3A Composites GmbH, is pleased to announce the availability of two new CPDs; ‘How to Specify Aluminium Composite Material’ and ‘Fire Safety for Aluminium Composite Material’. For more information, or to book one or both CPD seminars please contact Mark Winstanley on +44 (0) 75 84 68 02 63 or by email:

For details about ALUCOBOND®, and its products and services, visit the company’s website at or call + 44 (0) 75 84 68 02 62.


January 2020

Hill and Goram Homes to create £55 million new waterside destination in the heart of Bristol • Joint venture agreed to deliver 165 new waterside homes • Located on iconic ‘Floating Harbour’, just one mile from historic city centre • Combined Gross Development Value of £55 million Hill, the award-winning top 20 UK housebuilder, and Goram Homes, a housing company founded by Bristol City Council, have announced their first joint venture that will see the delivery of a 165unit development in Bristol. The scheme, located on Bristol’s iconic Floating Harbour, will have a Gross Development Value (GDV) of over £55 million and represents Hill’s first development in Bristol and the South West of England. The site is currently the location of the Baltic Wharf Caravan Club. Once complete, the development will comprise a range of one, two and three bedroom homes of which approximately 100 will be for private sale and will include a selection of exclusive waterfront penthouses. There will also be 66 affordable homes delivered, over 75% of which will be affordable rented accommodation. Many of these apartments will boast stunning views of the harbourside and the hills of Clifton. In addition, more than 3,000 square feet of commercial space will also be provided. The new scheme will transform this underutilised parcel of land, creating a new destination in Bristol that integrates seamlessly with the area’s historic centre and distinctly urban harbourside. Designed by architects, JTP Studios, the development has been inspired by the city’s former industrial dockland, with designs paying particular homage to the heritage of Underfall Yard – the former timber yard – by replicating the historic grain and roof scape. Surrounding iconic vistas of the Floating Harbour and River Avon will be a focal point for many of the new homes, and a new public route will connect residents with the beautiful

river frontage and harbour. Residents will also have access to The Yard, which includes a new public square with retail space, a listed pub and a sailing school. Each of the homes feature openplan living spaces and private outdoor areas either in the form of a garden, terrace or balcony. Some of the apartment buildings will benefit from green roofs and landscaped podium gardens, and, to increase biodiversity and encourage wildlife habitats, bat, bird and insect boxes will also be incorporated into the communal green space. Construction is set to start on site in late 2020. The development hoardings will feature street art from renowned Bristol street artist, Mr Penfold, whose work can be seen in locations across the world. Andy Hill, Chief Executive of Hill, comments: “We’re delighted to be working on our first joint venture

with Goram Homes in Bristol. Together, we’re creating an exciting new community that is inspired by the surrounding streetscape and harbourside history. The scheme will see the area transformed into a fantastic new waterside location, with a new public square, wildlife-friendly green spaces and commercial units that will add significant value to Baltic Wharf. “We’re very excited to also be expanding our geography into the South West of England, building further on the successes we’ve had in the South East as a leading provider of distinctive, quality homes. It’s a very exciting time for our business and we’re looking forward to bringing many more homes to the region.” Sales are expected to launch at the Baltic Wharf development in late 2021, with the first homes expected to be complete in Autumn 2022.


January 2020

Building back trust from the construction sector As we enter a new year, it’s more important than ever to work on building bridges between the construction and insurance sector. It’s an uncertain time within the construction insurance market, with the ongoing construction cover crisis leaving many contractors struggling to find adequate protection. It’s thought the 2010 recession was the initial trigger for higher premiums and a hesitancy to insure construction professionals in a high-risk sector. However, in recent times, the Grenfell fire has also had a large impact on the industry. Many policies now include restrictions and exclusions related to cladding and fire safety. This, in effect, is leaving some contractors and inspectors underinsured. For over a year it has been difficult for building inspectors and contractors to get the comprehensive insurance they needed. Increased premiums meant some companies were being hit with annual increases of over 150%. According to the Enquirer, some subcontractors have even experienced more than a 400% rise in their Professional Indemnity premium during New Year renewals. It was also reported last year that many insurers were not underwriting professional indemnity for construction sector professionals at all.


Professional Indemnity cover protects specialists and subcontractors if they face claims of negligence relating to any errors made in their work. Major contractors often demand specialists have cover of £5m, where in some cases it’s only possible for them to get cover for £2m. With such a high level of risk attached, insurers are reluctant to offer up such high sums. This means some contractors and industry specialists are turning down work – a huge disruption for individuals and the industry alike. What is the impact of the construction cover crisis? It’s a potentially devastating chain of events. A new building needs to be approved by an inspector. The inspector needs to have professional indemnity and public liability insurance. The insurer needs to provide this. And the insurance needs to be comprehensive and yet still affordable. A lack of insurance cover, inevitably, leads to a lack of people available to work on projects. The potential shortage of building inspectors is particularly worrying. Buildings could face project sign-off delays

and, worse, end up being built with dangerous defects due to the inspection changing hands halfway through a project. How an insurance broker can help you Insurance brokers have strong relationships with some of the best insurers in the UK. Where other insurers have failed to secure cover, brokers have wider visibility of the market and know the right conversations to have. They can negotiate an affordable yet fully comprehensive premium and offer additional advice on other cover you may need, but haven’t thought to consider. Romero Insurance has worked closely with customers from the construction industry to make sure they have the best policy. To find out more about how they could help you, call 0113 281 8110, or visit

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January 2020


ith more than 4.2 million vehicles and 20 million passengers travelling under the Channel each year, the Eurotunnel is recognized as the world’s busiest rolling motorway. It takes almost 400 trains a day to transport these numbers and traffic is forecast to increase significantly within the next few years. To meet this level of demand, Eurotunnel needs to substantially increase the power and stability of its network to ensure a constant flow of electricity. This is especially pertinent during peak demand times when up to eight trains can be running simultaneously inside the Tunnel. As a result, Eurotunnel has awarded GE Grid Solutions a contract to supply a Static Synchronous Compensator (STATCOM), to improve the stabilisation of power supply on the catenary traction system of the Channel Tunnel. Used on alternating current electricity transmission networks, this regulating device provides grid operators with reactive power compensation and an improved range of operational voltage. World’s largest for a railway traction system

The new Converter Station will be sited at Folkestone in Kent; and when completed will be the world’s largest load balanced STATCOM technology connected to a railway traction system. It is claimed that the solution will reliably power almost double the Eurotunnel traffic capability. Michel Boudoussier, Chief Corporate Officer at Getlink (formerly Groupe Eurotunnel, the public company that manages and operates the Channel Tunnel) commented: “Our choice to go with GE’s STATCOM will put Eurotunnel at the forefront of electrical regulation technology for the new generation Velaro trains. It will also enable us to continue to purchase electricity where it is least expensive“.

Schöck Combar reinforcement for Eurotunnel power delivery Already running almost 400 trains a day, Eurotunnel is forecasting a significant increase in traffic. But increasing the power of its network to ensure a constant flow of electricity is critical. A new Converter Station is being constructed – and it requires substantial concrete groundbearing base units. Traditionally steel rebar has been used as standard reinforcement – but here Combar is the preferred material.

Steel is not the ideal solution for reinforcement


The STATCOM utilises highly dynamic voltage source compensators and along with the reactor and transformers, the Folkestone Converter Station

Already running up to 400 trains a day through the Eurotunnel

January 2020

The GRP reinforcement cages incorporated a combination of prefabricated bent bars, straight bars, tubes and spacers. All installed within the concrete ground-bearing base unit slabs. A total area of around 416 square metres.

requires substantial multiple concrete ground-bearing base unit slabs. Traditionally steel rebar has been used as the standard reinforcement in constructions like this, but despite its inherent strength, steel is not the ideal solution for reinforcement – especially in electromagnetically sensitive environments. Where high electric currents are concerned, inductive currents are generated within the reinforcing steel. If located too close to these coils there will be a loss of strength as the steel rebar heats up. There are seven base units at the Folkestone site and all have Schöck Combar reinforcement specified, with a

minimum design value tensile strength of 445N/mm2. The elements involved on the project are all part of the Schöck Combar range of ribbed reinforcing bars, made of corrosion resistant glass fibre bound by a vinyl ester resin. The reinforcement cages incorporate a combination of prefabricated bent bars, straight bars, tubes and spacers – all installed within the concrete ground-bearing base unit slabs – a total area of around 416 square metres. A special two-part manufacturing process It is the two-part manufacturing process which enables the ribbed

Static Synchronous Compensator (STATCOM), to improve the power supply


(Image courtesy of GE’s Grid Solutions business)

GRP bars to meet the requirements of reinforcing bars. First, in the pultrusion process, high-strength glass fibres, bundled as densly as possible, are pulled through a closed chamber where they are impregnated with a synthetic resin. The parallel alignment of the fibres results in maximum strength of the material. The profiling process then sees the ribs cut into hardened bars and given a final coating. As the vinyl ester resin is diffusion tight and every glass fibre is completely surrounded by resin, the result is a durability in concrete of up to 100 years. Because the product is so highly durable, much stronger than steel, corrosion resistant and not electrically conductive, Schöck Combar reinforced foundations can be built near transformer coils and reactors. The enclosures can be much smaller, without hindering the units performance, which significantly reduces construction and operating costs. Combar is therefore also ideally suited for installations in switchyards; steel mills; aluminium smelters; research and industrial facilities. Wider application examples include its easy machinability in tunnel construction and complete corrosion resistance when building bridge parapets and barrier walls.


January 2020

Full support from redbacks cushioning Redbacks Cushioning Limited was formed by Chairman Cliff Lockyer in 2011 in order to develop a new cushioning technology designed to help protect knees and body from injury whilst kneeling. Despite the wide availability of kneepads over many years, there were still high numbers of people working on their knees suffering pain and damage. Clearly there was a need for something new and more effective. Having thoroughly researched the protective clothing market, it confirmed Cliff Lockyer’s belief that existing knee pads did little to cushion, comfort or protect the user’s knees or the body from long term damage. Says Lockyer, “We discovered then that statistics were even worse than they are now with the NHS carrying out over 106,000 knee replacements per year and 9.6 million adults in the UK suffering from muscoloskeletal (MSK) conditions affecting joints, bones and muscles. We knew that for our knee pads to be really effective they needed to be made with soft, flexible material and not foam or gel, as pressure from kneeling causes them to eventually flatten or disintegrate. The secret to our own science therefore lies in the use of a special moulded leaf-spring suspended in an arch by a flexible honeycomb matrix. When pressure is applied directly above the spring it bends, dispersing pressure and distributing weight evenly. The matrix provides a holding mechanism for the spring to control its bend and stabilise the entire structure, allowing pressure to be distributed evenly time after time. The honeycomb matrix and the leaf-spring are made from the same thermoplastic injection-moulded material, ensuring a high compression rate which unlike foam or gel ensures a 100% recovery to its original shape; the combination gives the unique controlled distribution and deceleration of pressure thus protecting the rest of the body from the impact forces whilst kneeling giving the wearer unrivalled, all-day comfort and long-term knee protection, with the added benefit of helping to prevent back and neck pain”.


Using precisely the same technology the company produces two versions of kneepads, one which is curved to fit comfortably around the knee and slide easily into work trouser pockets and a strapped alternative which is offered with a choice of Neoprene


Redbacks pocket kneepad

Cross-section of Redbacks kneepad showing the red leaf-spring

Redbacks strapped knee pads

Loop & Hook

January 2020

strap fastenings - buckled, for use in dusty conditions and ‘loop & hook’; they have a water resistant cover and are designed to be worn on bare skin without chafing, or over trousers, whilst ensuring that they stay in the correct position when kneeling, walking or sitting. Both the Redbacks pocket and strapped kneepads have a soft, breathable, inner fabric that wicks away sweat whilst providing thermal protection from warm or cold surfaces. The company has also introduced a Kneeler pad which has multiple applications in and around the home and office as well as being a practical, every-day ‘tool’ for many trades and professions. The ‘Redbacks Kneeler’ features 28 multi-directional leaf-springs giving all-round pressure-distribution and knee and body support; comfortable to kneel, sit and even stand on for short or long periods it is non-slip, waterproof, penetration resistant, easy to carry and as with all Redbacks products, washable at 30c and 100% recyclable.

’Redbacks Kneeler’ pad with 28 multi-directional leaf springs

Redbacks Cushioning Limited is a member of the BSIF and has won a number of awards for its kneepad design, one of the most significant being the prestigious SATRA Best Innovation Occupational PPE Award in 2012; professional tradespeople who are readers of some of the UK’s leading trade publications have also voted in nationwide polls for Redbacks as award winning products. All Redbacks Cushioning products are patented worldwide. For more information or to become a supplier – Contact: Visit: or telephone + 44 (0) 1327 702104 + see Redbacks Cushioning on Instagram @redbacks_cushioning


January 2020

Mapei completes FRP structural strengthening at London office space Mapei products have been used as part of internal renovation works at the Local Government Association’s Layden House office situated in Farringdon, London. The 1970’s building underwent significant work, whereby Specialist Contractor Gunite (Eastern) Ltd requested a feasible solution using Mapei’s composite materials for structural strengthening work.


The project required new openings to be created through the reinforced concrete slab to provide space for services and a new lift. Before cutting the openings, the slabs needed to be strengthened to redistribute the loads around the hole which meant designing for increased flexural loads and, where the holes were close to columns, also designing for punching shear. A feasible solution was proposed by Mapei, which included the use of Mapewrap C Fiocco carbon fibre cord and Carboplate, a pultruded carbon fibre plate pre-impregnated with epoxy-based resin.

The proposed design was accepted by the client as a cost-effective solution. The solution was approved and adopted by the engineers, and it was implemented by Gunite (Eastern) Ltd after they were instructed to undertake the work by the Main Contractor GilbertAsh. The design, where the service holes were cut near to columns, involved bonding Mapei Carboplate E170 plates to the top of the slab, with the plates on top of the slab connected into the column with the Mapewrap

January 2020

C Fiocco. This increased the ultimate slab deflection and improved the punching shear capacity of the slab. Where the new lift was to be later installed, the design required a larger section of the slab to be cut out, which involved bonding Carboplate E170 plates around the location of the new lift and would therefore control the distribution of bending moments around the hole. After the surface preparation of all the areas to receive Mapei Carboplate, holes were drilled into the junction of the column and the slab for the

application of Mapewrap C Fiocco. Once the holes were drilled, Mapewrap C Fiocco carbon fibre connectors – previously prepared by cutting the cord to the designed length and impregnating half the cut length in Mapewrap 31 adhesive and allowing them to dry – were inserted into the holes leaving half the cut length protruding from the hole. Carboplate E170 was then applied to the prepared concrete slab using Mapewrap Primer 1 and Adesilex PG1 adhesive, as per the design. First, the surface was primed with Mapewrap Primer 1 to ensure a good adhesion to the structural concrete. With the primer still tacky, Adesilex PG1 was applied to the primed substrate, and the cut length of Carboplate E170 was then offered up to the adhesive on the slab and pushed together. A hard rubber roller was then used to apply pressure ensuring that a full bond was achieved between the concrete substrate and the plate, and ensuring that any excess adhesive was removed. The Mapewrap C Fiocco that was previously left protruding from the hole had the protective sheath removed, and was then bonded onto the Carboplate E170 using Mapewrap 31 adhesive.


January 2020

World’s First EMC Cable Gland with Two Grommets now available from Foremost Electronics Foremost Electronics, the engineering-led Essex based importer and specialist distributor of electromechanical components, announces the availability of the icotek EMC-KVT-DS, the world’s first split EMC cable gland for preassembled cables of thread size M32 which also provides IP54 protection for use in extreme outdoor conditions. The new EMC-KVT-DS Split EMC cable gland is based on the standard icotek KVT product with the addition of a galvanised coating to create a conductive surface. Uniquely featuring two cable grommets, the KT (small) is used for strain relief and ingress protection up to IP54 on the cable jacket while the second EMC-KT (small) makes contact with the cable shield over a full 360 degrees reliably diverting EMC disturbances via earthing achieved by an EMC locknut. Key features of the icotek EMC-KVT-DS include use with pre-terminated cables as connector does not have to be removed for assembly, integrated strain relief, 360° contact to the cable shield ensures both conducted and field-bound EMC disturbances can be reliably diverted, EMC grommets made entirely from conductive elastomer, very good dissipation values, excellent shielding effect with regard to EMC tightness, very attractive and scratch-resistant surface. Alan Vincent, Sales Director of Foremost Electronics, comments; ”icotek offer a very wide range of innovative cable access and EMC shielding products which greatly simplify system assembly for panel builders and integrators.”




January 2020

Self-Healing Cutting Mats Now Available from First Mats Birmingham-based matting experts, First Mats Ltd, has launched a new range of self-healing cutting mats. The mats are designed to protect workbenches and other surfaces from cutting marks caused by knives, rotary cutters, and similar tools.


he new range will include a variety of different grades and styles; such as the traditional Green cutting mats complete with grid marking, and transparent cutting mats designed for flat-bed laminators and graphics applications. Heavy-Duty white cutting mats have also been introduced which are ideally suited to industrial and commercial facilities such as packaging areas. The hard-wearing nature of white cutting mats ensures many years of use, even in the most demanding of industrial environments. Unlike traditional work surface protectors, the self-healing cutting mats quickly ‘heal up’ to maintain a smooth surface. This helps the user to consistently cut straight without creating grooves in the material surface, and also vastly improve the lifespan of cutting implements. Richard O’Connor, Strategic Marketing Director of First Mats, said: “This new range of self-healing cutting mats provides a fantastic addition to our already established range of Anti-Fatigue Mats, where First Mats is regarded as one of the market leaders. By extending our range of products, we continue our impressive growth in both the commercial and domestic marketplace.” Since it was formed in 2017, First Mats has become established as a leading supplier of industrial and commercial floor mats. These include anti-fatigue mats, entrance mats, logo mats, and specialist matting for different industries. The company places great emphasis on safety and supplies matting from only ISO accredited manufacturers.


To find out more about First Mats, visit the website

January 2020

OZ Lifting Manual Brake Winches for Kayak Launch Stainless steel manual brake winches from OZ Lifting Products LLC are an integral component of a patented kayak launch from Golden Boat Lifts.

company and we were looking for a stainless steel hand crank winch to replace the painted steel model we were using. The OZ Lifting winch has proved a reliable solution.” The winches are suited to a variety of applications with an automatic weatherproof Weston-style brake enhancing their appeal in marine environments. An ergonomic rubber handle and fully enclosed gearing are other standout features. Steve Napieralski, president at Winona, Minnesotabased OZ Lifting, also highlighted the compactness of the winch design.


he Ft. Myers, Florida-based marine products manufacturer installs the winches to control up and down movement as kayaks weighing up to 250 lbs. are lowered and raised from water. The 1,000-lb. capacity OZ1000BWSS winches, featuring 3/16 in. wire rope, are installed on both five- and seven-step versions, which give end users 48 in. and 72 in. of travel respectively. Ken Felty, vice president of sales at Golden Boat Lifts, said: “The stainless [steel] winch from OZ adds to the value of our kayak launch in many ways. It allows Golden to sell a complete stainless and aluminum product that can withstand the harshest of weather conditions, and provide a long service life to our customers.” The launch, which comes with optional roller assembly, allows the user to slide a kayak onto a platform above the water level. Safety catches are then released before the winch is hand operated until the kayak is on top of the water. The user then climbs down the steps and into the boat, completing the launch in less than 90 seconds. Upon return to the dock, the kayak is positioned above the platform and the paddle placed on a jetty. Once the person has ascended the steps and operated the winch, the kayak can be removed for storage or transportation. Tommy Fryer, assistant sales manager at Golden Boat Lifts, said: “We have sold over 500 units since 2017. At the time I was in purchasing here at the

He added: “Golden Boat Lifts should be commended for leveraging the benefits of the winches in their innovative kayak launching product. However, there are many uses for the range, in this capacity and the heavier 1,500-lb. and 2,000-lb. safe working load versions. Different wire rope diameters suit some applications more than others.” Fryer said: “It’s often about tailoring the features of a product to the specifics of an application. The kayak launch— and the winch— addressed users’ concerns about getting into kayaks when the dock might previously have been too high or a ladder was insecure. The launch provides a safe solution, making the joys of the water more accessible than ever before, all while taking up very little space at the dock.” For more information on OZ Lifting Products visit Golden Boat Lifts offers many marine products, including floating docks. Visit


January 2020

The Future Homes Standard - ATNA George Clarke rails against the government’s slow timetable on future homes. The chancellor of the exchequer announced the Future Homes Standard in March 2019, but what is it? Well, it’s a standard that is expected to set us on a course to reduce carbon emissions to NET-ZERO by 2050 and the government now sees housing as being a key part in that – which it should as some claim that homes account for a third of all greenhouse gas emissions in the UK. The government intends to introduce in 2020 ‘a meaningful but achievable uplift to energy efficiency standards as a stepping-stone to the future homes standard’ with the intention ‘to make new homes more energy efficient and to future-proof them in readiness for low carbon heating systems’ in readiness for the introduction of a further uplift in standards in 2025.


So, a lifting of standards next year and then again in 2025 when the full Future Homes Standard is implemented.

Ambitious Now, this standard is very ambitious. The government claims it will achieve a 75-80% reduction in carbon emissions compared to a home built to the current building regulations. This will be done through very high fabric standards and low carbon heating systems, so a combination of higher levels of insulation, triple glazing in all windows (both of which we should be doing anyway!),heat pumps, heat recovery ventilation, etc, etc. Their initial consultation seeks views on a number of things like this: Two options to increase Part L of the building regulations. 1. One is a 20% reduction in emissions delivered by very high fabric standards only (ie, insulation and triple glazing) 2. The other is a 31% reduction due to a combination of carbon-saving technology (ie. solar PV panels, etc) combined with better fabric standards, but not as high as option 1 so using double glazing rather then triple glazing.

January 2020

We don’t have time for 5 years of chit chat to do what we all know is the right thing to do! George Clarke - Architect and TV Presenter

Now call me stupid, but I thought we already had to install double-glazing under the current building regs! Surely we should be doing both at maximum ecological capacity. Improving the building fabric (triple glazing should have been introduced as standard 10 years ago!) AND installing heat pumps and panels!

Talking shop And then there is this. The government ‘envisage research into the Future Homes Standard to commence from 2021, alongside the establishment of an industry Taskforce, with research continuing into 2023 . . . with the intention of consulting on the implementation of the Future Homes Standard in 2024.’ REALLY? Consulting on the implementation in 2024? It could all be too late by then!

It was urgent a year ago! Didn’t the government listen to David Attenborough’s People’s Seat address at COP24 in Poland in December 2018?

our gas boilers with low carbon air-source heat pumps? It’s too little and taking too much time.

A complete joke And you may forgive my negativity when I tell you this. A ZERO-CARBON HOMES POLICY was first announced by Gordon Brown in 2006. Every single new build home built in the UK by 2016 was to be zero-carbon! That policy was completely scrapped by the Conservative party in 2015 when they won a majority government in the general election! The policy of zero-carbon was scrapped “to reduce net regulations on housebuilders”! Rubbish! It is 13 years since that policy was first announced by Labour. And now, 4 years after the Tories scrapped it, they announce the ‘Future Homes Standard’ as if it is something amazingly new. Oh, but they need 5 or 6 years to think about it. WHAT A COMPLETE JOKE!

I actually can’t believe that speech was nearly a year ago when he said:

I support the idea of the Future Home Standard, just as I supported the zero-carbon homes policy that Gordon Brown announced in 2006.

“Right now (and he really meant RIGHT NOW!), we are facing a man-made disaster of a global scale… If we don’t take action the collapse of our civilisations and the extinctions of much of the natural world is on the horizon.”

But, government is far too slow and far too incompetent when it comes to doing the right thing in making the changes the home building industry and the environment desperately needs to see.

We don’t have time for 5 years of chit chat and consultation to do what we all know is easy and is the right thing to do!

We need big change and action right now.

This ATNA government I hate being so negative. Believe me I’m one of the most positive and enthusiastic people in the world.

But instead, in the politically turbulent times, we’ll just continue with ATNA! George Clarke is an architect, writer, lecturer and TV presenter, a founder of TV production company Amazing Productions, and creative director of George Clarke + Partners.

But, for far too long, when it comes to raising building regulation standards, this government (and many before it!) have been what I’m now going to abbreviate as ATNA… ALL TALK NO ACTION! Are we really going to spend 5 years talking about whether to install more insulation, install triple-glazing and replace


January 2020

New Head of Supplier and Commercial Strategy plunges into action at The IPG The IPG, the largest and fastest-growing membership group for independent plumbing, heating and bathroom specialists, has today announced the appointment of its new Head of Supplier and Commercial Strategy, David Cairns. David joins the senior management team and will take responsibility for synchronizing supply with demand and developing The IPG’s supply chain strategies to make them as effective and efficient as possible. With over 20 years’ experience in sales, sales management, trade marketing and business development, David brings a wealth of experience to the role with a successful track record in Director level roles in well-known appliance brands, such as LG Electronics, Kitchen Aid, Whirlpool and Indesit. During David’s career, he has been instrumental in developing key projects such as launching the first Kitchen Aid branded flagship store in London Mayfair and implementing premium appliance strategies, which greatly increased display share and the number of new clients. The father of two also brings a broad network of contacts across many business sectors and trade channels. David’s greatest strengths are his commercial experience, creativity, drive and leadership. He lives in Rustington with his wife Helen and has two grown up daughters. In his free time, when he’s not strumming his guitar or following surfing, David can often be found keeping fit on his allotment. The appointment follows a phenomenal year for the growing membership group, with the announcement coming hot on the heels of the opening of not one, but three flagship stores with members namely; Plumb Inn (Enfield), Gas & Plumb Bits (New Milton) and Newline Plumbing and Heating (Dudley), as well as it’s biennial conference. Robin Beal Founder and Chairman at The IPG, said: “We are thrilled to welcome David to The IPG family. David brings a wealth of experience and an impressive level of knowledge from household brand names. I am confident that David’s experience and hardworking nature will be invaluable in helping us to drive forward our strategy for 2020.”


New Head of Supplier and Commercial Strategy, David Cairns

For more information please visit:

January 2020

ENGINEERS SPECIFIED FOR NATIONAL 5G MOBILE PHONE WORK A firm of engineers is dialling up new national telecoms work, supporting the UK’s rollout of next generation mobile phone technology.


Associates, which is based in Newcastle upon Tyne, has won the undisclosed work to provide specialist structural engineering services, which will involve the design and installation of masts to support new high tech 5G transmitters. These are being designed for installation at strategic sites across the UK over the next 12 months as new 5G mobile phone services come on stream. The move will see the company working for Cell:cm, a Newcastle based specialist in land and site management surveying services for telecom industries. The government is planning to speed up the roll out of 5G networks and improve mobile coverage across the UK, which will require a new generation of transmitter masts to replace the existing 4G ones, providing internet speeds several times faster than currently available. The work for RWO Associates will involve reviewing proposed

installation sites and providing specialist structural advice and services around positioning heavy equipment on masts located on the outside of buildings. Work on the first phase of 10 sites, which includes several installations in Glasgow, is currently underway and will feature specialist working-atheight and radio frequency training for the engineering team. Eventually, RWO is expected to be involved in supporting more than 300 5G sites across the UK as the new network goes live over the next two years. The contract is the latest success for RWO, which currently employs 17 people and is targeting the £1.5m turnover target in 2020 as it continues to invest in resources to support growth and customer services. Two engineering roles are expected to be created in the structures team as work on the 5G mobile phone mast rollout programme rampsup, in addition to an already strong orderbook in other core sectors.

RWO’s director Martin Heddon, said: “This is a high-profile contract win for a north east company, reflecting the skills and expertise available in the region to support national multi-million pound infrastructure projects. “It takes RWO into a new area of opportunity and we expect to see further work in the coming years in a growth sector.” Steven Knight, head of building services at Cell:CM said: “We will be working in close partnership with the RWO team on this current project. Martin and his team have the skills and experience to deliver the highest standards of service and quality.” RWO Associates specialises in a range of work including flood risk assessments, residential, commercial, industrial and leisure structural engineering. Civil engineering services cover road design, drainage, external works and SuDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage). The company operates from modern offices in Newcastle upon Tyne, and Leeds, Yorkshire. More at


January 2020

Global Stone: New Products 2020 Since 2003, Global Stone has provided fresh, on trend and original paving products and accessories. As a leader in product innovation, we have developed the widest choice of natural stone paving products and quality porcelain tiles for the exterior paving market.


ow heading towards our third decade, we continue to provide bestselling natural stone and porcelain paving, each year adding new colours and sizes to meet demand and stay on trend. Transform your housing developments hard landscaping with our ever-growing choice of Global Stone’s natural stone and porcelain collection.

We have also extended our Artisan Mirage sandstone paving, which has a beautifully honed finish, reflecting the stone’s natural mica, with a smooth surface. New for 2020 is a beautiful Mandana Blend, with hues of brown and cream.

Natural Stone Natural stone is one of the oldest building materials known to man, with its wide variation of colour, textures and shade. Global Stone provides a wide variety of natural stone paving and accessories, from granite through to clay pavers, limestone, slate and, our largest range, sandstone. There is a solution for every garden landscape to complete your housing development. We currently have ten ranges within the natural stone collection, with four ranges dedicated to sandstone: Old Rectory, Artisan, Premium Sandstone and Gardenstone. They all have unique features, which is why they have remained firm favourites and bestsellers with our customers.

Artisan Mirage Mandana Blend

Due to demand, we increased our ever-popular Premium Sandstone Collection, introducing a new colour Ravenna, plus a 600 series size, which consists of both project packs and single sizes. Ravenna is a vibrant sandstone, consisting of bold pinks, browns and golds. Our Premium Sandstone is carefully cut by hand, to give it its natural look. This results in surfaces that are riven, unique and undulating in appearance.

For 2020, we have continued to grow our natural stone collection.

Premium Sandstone Ravenna

Gardenstone is designed with quality and value in mind. Our Gardenstone Collection now includes a tumbled version of Raj Blend, which has a smoother surface and edges that have a naturally aged look. Raj Blend Tumbled has a stunning blend of pink, green and yellow tones. Mixed Colour Setts are a new addition to the Pathway Setts range. These small, hand cut pieces add detail that welcomes and draws the eye towards the home and garden. Artisan Serenity Dunmore cream


We have expanded our sandblasted stippled effect Artisan Serenity Paving Range, with two new colours: Dunmore Cream, a gentle blend of creams and pinks, and Allendale Grey, both available in large 600 x 900mm.

Our very popular Clay Pavers now include two new colours; Rustic Flame and Cherry Blend. Rustic Flame consists of a buff blend of browns and reds. Cherry Blend clay pavers have a bolder blended red appearance. Ideal for courtyard and smaller spaces, clay pavers can be used to landscape an entire area, or as borders.

January 2020 We have added to our Limestone Collection with two new colours; Imperial Blue; a fantastic blend of blues and greys and Kurnool Grey. Limestone is an ageless material with natural texture, suiting both contemporary and traditional settings; a firm favourite of designers and architects for generations. Along with Midnight, which fades from black to grey over time (with new single sizes), Honey Blend; a yellow, grey and copper blend, and Cathedral (which concludes the choice of grey Limestone paving) are also now available in 15.3m2 project packs.

features to complement paved areas. Available in two sizes 200 x 200mm and 200 x 300mm and five colours, they are an ideal creative, yet functional addition to a variety of bespoke projects and designs.

We are expanding our natural stone accessories in the Artisan Serenity Range, introducing new copings and steps in Dunmore Cream and Allendale Grey, rounded sandstone stepping stones in Buff Brown and Raj Blend and walling to the Gardenstone Collection. Exquisite Coral

Porcelain Our porcelain collection boasts seventeen ranges within its portfolio. Porcelain paving is manmade from natural materials, including highly refined and purified clay and finely ground sand. The products are created by pressing and firing at very high temperatures, to remove virtually all the moisture, resulting in a highly durable strong product. A major benefit of porcelain paving is that it allows for a seamless transition from outside from inside living spaces, which have grown more popular in housing developments in recent years. Internal porcelain has some different features to external: it is thinner than external porcelain at 10-11mm thick making it easier to accommodate specifications of the home. It is also smoother in texture, while maintaining anti-slip qualities, for a pleasant feel underfoot. Stepping into the garden (onto external porcelain at 20mm thick) the texture of the paving changes to provide anti-slip qualities more in line with outside factors. We are delighted to introduce four new ranges to our porcelain collection in 2020. Small Size Series, Exquisite Range, Station Range and Position Range. The Small Size Series lives up to its name; combining all the benefits of porcelain, with a small format flexibility and versatility, it enables the creation of driveways, pathways, courtyards or decorative edgings and

Exquisite Range is new and bang on trend for 2020, featuring a textured fossilised effect throughout the porcelain. The Exquisite Range is available in a range of different colours: Coral, Cocoa, Olive and Silver. The dark, yet warm colours are on trend for 2020.

Station Iron

The Station Range is the porcelain solution to slate. Available in three colourways and formats of 600 x 600mm and 600 x 1200mm: Pearl, Black and Iron. The Station Range has natural looking veins, finished by a riven appearance. The Position Range is the bold new range to include project packs 17.55m2 as well as the more traditional single size paving. It is available in three new colours, Pose Beige, Outlook Grey and Stance Dark. Finally, Porcelain Cladding is becoming increasingly popular in landscape projects and we are delighted to include in our cladding range a new design in three colours; Charcoal, Pebble and Lady Grey. Our Cladding Range is available in a variety of colours and three different designs. Proving popular it can be used both externally and internally and is great for a wide range of applications. Easy and quick to use, it is the low maintenance cladding option.

Download the 2020 brochure on our website Small Size Series Texture Beige


January 2020

Constructing efficiency from above With six billion people estimated to be living in cities by 2050, how can ceilings help accommodate such growth? Ian Clarke, commercial technical manager for Armstrong Ceiling Solutions, discusses. The construction industry is at a critical juncture. Headcounts worldwide are growing, and growing fast - and the projected numbers are staggering. It’s predicted there will be nine billion people worldwide by 2050, with two out of every three living in cities by the same date. For those tasked with designing and building our cities, the challenges of such accelerated growth quickly add up. From skills shortages and needlessly complicated supply chains to a fear of embracing BIM, it’s never been more important to face the challenge head on. But what can be done today to help counter the increased building demand of tomorrow? Simply put, a drive towards greater construction efficiency. To this end, any opportunity for increased simplicity and proficiency should be welcomed. While the building envelope is an obvious focus for building faster and more effectively, the internal space should not be overlooked. Start how you mean to go on While the outside of a building goes a long way to define architectural appeal, it’s the interior space which creates comfort and usability. By enhancing light and acoustics, ceilings are a critical aspect of this process, and they are an area where architects, specifiers and installers all stand to benefit from enhanced methodologies. Involving ceiling manufacturers at the beginning of the design and specification stage is critical. In doing so, a more collaborative, transparent working environment is established where questions from all parties are openly asked and existing conventions are challenged. The result is that key concerns are raised earlier, leading to less rework down the line. A team that’s working together clearly and cohesively also works more efficiently, which will become increasingly important as demand and population figures continue to rise. On call with one call In our always-on world, everyone expects to be able to get what they want with a single tap, click or call. The ceiling industry is no different. It’s why, at Armstrong Ceiling Solutions, we provide everything from industryleading products and expert support right through to training. For example, in the UK 90% of Armstrong products are available next day, while a 24-hour callto-site service is also available. This approach aids


efficiency by greatly simplifying supply chains and, in turn, minimising exposure to unforeseen delays. Working the right way, right away Increasingly, contractors are being asked to take on greater responsibility and become jacks of all construction trades. This is leading to increased levels of superficial knowledge and a move to hiring generalists over specialists. While some short-term benefits may exist, the long-term inefficiencies in moving away from specialist expertise are likely to cause serious issues in terms of meeting demand and maintaining quality standards. By realising this, we’ve made it a clear mission at Armstrong Ceiling Solutions to maintain specialisation and in-depth knowledge in contractors’ skillsets, combining comprehensive training at the renowned Armstrong Installation School, technical support from our ceiling specialists and - in the UK - the Omega Contractor programme of Armstrong recognised specialist ceiling installers. As a result, contractors are able to draw on both their experience and comprehensive, targeted expertise in order to deliver best practice in terms of cost and construction efficiencies.

January 2020

Win with BIM The digital age is playing an ever-increasing role in all aspects of construction, meaning a meticulous attention to data is no longer a need, but a must. And Building Information Modelling (BIM) is set to play an ever more prominent role in terms of delivering ceiling construction efficiency. The benefits of BIM are manifold, not least in terms of improving collaboration and enhancing decisionmaking. It also greatly reduces rework and eliminates costly duplication of drawings, freeing up talent and capital to be used elsewhere. Yet many within the industry are still not yet fully equipped to deal with BIM, preferring instead to rely on time-proven methodologies. But with just 30 years before we reach the estimated worldwide populace of nine billion, it’s way past time for the industry at large to embrace future-facing technologies and techniques; to look proactively at methods that will enable all of us to construct a more efficient future for all.

installation and environmental sustainability. In both cases, Armstrong Ceiling Solutions builds efficiency into its portfolio. To complement our world-leading range of tiles, we’ve developed a range of highly engineered products - including grids and canopy kits - which simplify installation and maintenance, helping minimise time on site and accelerating project completion.

Building efficiency into products

Last but not least, there’s the efficiency in the products themselves. Currently, some 60% of all materials are used in creating and maintaining our built environment - with a significant amount enduing their service life in landfill. Products which can be recycled and re-used therefore add value to the process as well as to our planet. Among Armstrong Ceiling Solution’s range are a number of products certified as ‘Cradle to Cradle’ (C2C), which means they’re responsibly manufactured and endlessly re-usable. Already a requirement for certain projects in the United States and Europe, C2C is sure to become more widespread, helping contractors provide transparency and protecting our environment for future generations.

While service and support help increase project efficiency, it’s important also to consider the role of the products themselves - in terms of both ease of

To learn more about how Armstrong Ceiling Solutions can help you construct a more efficient future, visit


January 2020

Constructing a healthy environment for future generations It’s time we designed our buildings with health top of mind. By 2050, the UK’s current housing stock will make up 80% of the entire nation’s supply of houses , so it’s crucial we future-proof our homes – ensuring they’re sustainable, durable and healthy.

Adrian Judd, operations director, Steico UK, explores the myriad benefits of healthy building and how the construction industry can work together to create a more sustainable world.


Globally, our buildings account for around 40% of all carbon emissions, consume approximately 35% of the world’s resources and 40% of its energy . By moving to adopt healthy building as the norm across the construction sector, we have the potential to significantly reduce these percentages.

There are many benefits to building healthy buildings, including: 1. Indoor air quality is enhanced When building a healthy home or workplace, careful thought is given to the air quality its internal environment creates. Healthy buildings are constructed using natural materials which, due to their vapour-permeability, facilitate air-exchange between a building’s internal and external environments.

January 2020

also about the future architects, designers, specifiers and builders who are currently in training. By educating the benefits of healthy building to those just starting out, we’ll be future-proofing a sustainable environment for years to come. Where do you start? Before you build a healthy building, you may wish to consider:

This process enables water to escape a building’s fibres, mitigating the risk of mould, rot or condensation. Natural materials also won’t offgas pollutants which many of their synthetic alternatives do. That reduces the levels of toxins within the internal environment of a healthy building made of natural materials. 2.

Improved energy efficiency

Certain natural materials – such as woodfibre – have the benefit of high thermal efficiency and create ‘thermal mass’ within a building. This means they absorb warmth from the sun throughout the day, releasing it into a home as external temperatures decrease. This helps to create a more comfortable internal environment while reducing the need for artificial heat when temperatures drop. Healthy buildings are specifically designed to make the most out of our natural light. This is proven to increase productivity, boost focus and regulate sleep patterns. It also reduces the need for artificial lighting, further decreasing energy consumption within a building. By decreasing the reliance on artificial energy sources, healthy buildings also have much lower carbon emissions.

Sustainable materials – maximise the use of sustainable materials as these have little impact on the environment. Sustainable materials such as wood can be used throughout a home, eg for its structure, flooring and roofing

Recycled materials – where possible, prioritise the use of recycled or reclaimed materials. For wood materials, this will prolong the process of carbon sequestration

Natural insulation – natural insulation not only improves energy efficiency, indoor air quality and carbon capture potential but its production also has minimal impact on the environment.

3. Carbon capture and storage (CSS) properties Materials made from natural wood have the potential to sequester CO2. The trees they’re made from, capture and store carbon in their trunks, branches and leaves. In timber buildings, this stored CO2 is kept within the building’s structure and will only be re-released through decomposition or burning when the materials reach the end of their lifecycle. Regular use of recycled or reclaimed wood acts to prolong the carbon sequestration. Laying the foundations for a healthy building On average, we spend 80% of our time indoors , so it’s important we’re thinking more about the impact our buildings have on both our physical and mental health and that of our environment. However, UK Building Regulations currently do not contain a legal standard which stipulates how a building should perform in line with improving occupant health. There are optional standards, such as the WELL Building Standard , which outline some of the key things you should consider when building a healthy building. Making healthy building mainstream isn’t just about today’s construction industry, it’s

Securing a healthy future The construction industry needs an overhaul if we’re to meet the 2020 global targets of the EU and further government and industry targets. The responsibility lies with the whole sector – from architects, designers and specifiers through to builders and developers. We need to work together to minimise the negative impact that our buildings have on our health as well as the health of our environment. Are you interested in learning more about healthy building? Sign up to the Supporting Healthy Buildings newsletter or find out more by visiting




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