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August 2020

Eco Green Roofs Ltd Supplies Sustainable Roof Systems For a Landmark Olympic Park Development Specialist contractor Eco Green Roofs Ltd (EGR) has delivered a range of green roof systems for Chobham Manor, a housing scheme in the heart of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in East London.


hobham Manor is the first of five new developments built within Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, which will create a total of 10,000 new homes by 2030. Chobham Manor’s 880 new homes comprise a range of different units including apartments, maisonettes townhouses and mews styled properties, with three quarters aimed at families and over one third of the total being affordable housing. Homes at Chobham Manor are being built by Chobham Manor LLP, a joint venture between national housebuilder Taylor Wimpey and L&Q, a regulated charitable housing association, selected for the project by the London Legacy Development Corporation.

The design of Chobham Manor and its surrounding area is focused on creating a high quality environment for residents. Green spaces are fully integrated into the plan of the scheme and furthermore, as part of the Olympic Legacy program, the new developments were registered to meet specific Biodiversity Action Plan targets. As such, the green roofs were an important part of the design of the new development and a condition of planning consent. EGR supplied and installed a range of green roof finishes to provide variation in the look of the buildings, and crucially, ensure a diverse habitat for birds, insects and animals. This included areas of sedum plants, wildflowers

and seasonal meadow habitat as well as a range of other flowering plants. Sections of the roofs also featured log piles, pebble mounds, ephemeral pools and sand to enhance biodiversity. All plants and materials were specially chosen to suit the environment and meet the needs for specific habitats. Keith Hills, Managing Director at Eco Green Roofs explained: “With green roofs still a relatively new feature of building design, generic specifications are common and it is up to the specialists involved to provide guidance. For this project, it was important that the choice of materials was driven by the findings of the ecology report compiled for the project. We initially produced a preliminary design based on our experience with similar schemes, and were then able to make adjustments

August 2020

throughout the project based on ecological findings from the site.” Due to the size and complexity of the project, the installation of the green roofs also required extensive planning and collaboration. A number of different trades working at roof level demanded that EGR coordinated its operations with waterproofing, metal work specialists and solar panel installation teams. The different requirements for each type of roof also had to be considered. For example, the biodiverse and wildflower blankets require different depths of substrate and so these variations had to be factored in. A further challenge was coordinating the program schedule with the optimum planting times

of the living roof areas. As the roof installation needed to be scheduled for the summer months, the substrate and all nonperishable parts were installed, with the plants added in several phases later in the year for the optimum environment to allow the living roofs to thrive. Kieran Quinn, Senior Project Manager at Taylor Wimpey said: “Supporting biodiversity and complementing the fantastic green spaces on Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park was a key aim for the Chobham Manor team. Working with Eco Green Roofs really helped us to achieve this aim and it was useful to be able to go through the plans in detail before the work commenced. This was a collaborative project and we were kept fully informed and updated throughout the installation.”

Keith Hills concluded: “This project is a great example of the transition we are seeing in the green roof industry, from a commodity product to a specialist element of the building that needs to be embraced both at design and execution stage. We are also seeing a move away from a standard sedum roof specification to more bespoke designs that can better support biodiversity and enhance the local environment, as demonstrated with Chobham Manor. For further details on the design, supply, installation and maintenance of a range of sustainable roof options, including green/brown/ biodiverse, blue and solar roof solutions, please visit

Construction Update August 2020

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26 August 2020

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Industry News August 2020 The total value of construction contract awards in June 2020 was £2.2bn based on a three-month rolling average. Compared to May, this is a decrease of 9.2% and is also 57.3% lower than June 2019. However, contract award numbers in June increased by 81.4% to 477, signalling an improvement in conditions.

Construction contract awards increase by 81.4% in June

The latest edition of the Economic & Construction Market Review from industry analysts Barbour ABI, highlights levels of construction contract values awarded across Great Britain.

Analysis shows that London has had the largest share of contracts awarded in June at 26.1%. This is followed by the South East at 16.4% and then the North West at 13.6%. Wales was again the smallest region with only 1.4% of awards.

The residential sector again dominated the share of contract awards with a total of 33.9%. Despite this, the largest project awarded for June was the in the Infrastructure sector with the Gatwick Airport railway station refurbishment, valuing in at £150 million.

Commenting on the figures, Tom Hall, Chief Economist at Barbour ABI and AMA Research said: “The UK economy plateaued in May as the easing of some lockdown restrictions mid-way

through the month failed to significantly increase output. In-month GDP growth was 1.8% after the 20% contraction in April. With the outcome underwhelming compared to city economists’ expectations of 5.5% growth, output remains 25% down compared to February. June’s figures published next month will give a better understanding of how quickly lost output can be regained as larger parts of the economy resumed activity.”

Spencer to restore world’s oldest working suspension bridge The 200-year-old Union Chain Bridge links England and Scotland and was the longest wrought iron suspension bridge in the world when it opened in 1820. It is credited with being a catalyst for bridge innovation, influencing the design of other famous structures such as the Clifton Suspension Bridge. Spencer Group will dismantle much of the 137m span bridge and carry out a complete refurbishment and rebuild to mark its bicentenary. A key element of the project will be to ensure all modifications are in keeping with the historical significance of the Grade I listed bridge. This will include restoring, rather than replacing, the existing suspension chains and using the same type of stone to repair masonry work on the bridge’s two towers. Spencer Group managing director Gary Thornton said: “We’re delighted and honoured to have been selected to carry out such an important project.


“We will be bringing many years of accumulated knowledge and expertise

to this project, from working on iconic bridges across the UK and Europe.” The project is expected to take 16 months to complete, with the bridge inaccessible for around a year. Removing the entire timber bridge deck and laying a new deck, using timber sustainably sourced from managed woodland.

Restoring the chains to their original strength, with links repaired instead of replaced wherever possible. Every link and chain that can be repaired will go back in its original place. Refurbishing the towers using sandstone from the same nearby quarry as used originally to match the colour and geological characteristics, along with the same type of mortar.

August 2020 Industry News

NEW VISUSAFE WORKPLACE PRODUCTS ADD TO BEAVERSWOOD ANTI-COVID-19 ARMOURY New levels of protection against the ongoing threat of COVID-19 in the workplace are provided with the latest additions to the Visusafe range from industrial visual communication solutions specialist Beaverswood. Manufactured from robust foam plastics and incorporating tough and impact resistant clear PVC film, the new free-standing tabletop screen dividers are designed specifically to segregate tables to ensure the highest levels of personal; health and safety protection. Quick and easy to wipe down and clean, product is 610mm high and comes in three width options to suit most applications: 990mm; 1100mm and 1380mm. New 1mm thickness white plastic urinal distance markers have also been designed and manufactured by Beaverswood to help people maintain social distancing measures in public toilets and restrooms while providing greater levels of personal protection and hygiene. Quick and easy to locate and reposition, the 160mm diameter markers can be suspended from the pipework or urinal units to indicate clearly to people which units should not to be used. Also newly available is a PVC high visibility waterproof gaffer floor marking tape. Offering improved levels of durability and scuff resistance, the yellow and black tape offers longer lasting adherence to carpet, stone, cement, wood, plastic and other surfaces, providing a rapid and effective solutions for workplace social distancing and floor safety marking requirements. The tape, suitable for interior or exterior applications, is 50mm wide and comes in a 33-metre length roll.

which ensure materials are as robust as possible and cleanable, providing maximum protection.

Visusafe products are manufactured from good quality, high performance materials, helping businesses to comply with Public Health England guidelines,

Jim Roberts, product manager at Beaverswood, said: “As people continue to return to the workplace, it’s critical they remain safe and fully protected

against the COVID-19 threat. These latest additions to our personal protection range ensure we are providing end-users with a top quality, flexible and cost-effective solution.” More at or tel; 0118 979 6096 or


Industry News August 2020

The Parchment Works House Will Gamble Architects

The existing property consisted of a Grade 2 listed double fronted Victorian house. Connected to the house was a disused cattle shed and beyond that a ruin, which was a former parchment factory and a scheduled monument. The client’s initial brief was to convert the cattle shed and demolish the ruin to make way for a new extension. From the beginning of the design process, it was clear that the client viewed the ruin as a constraint as opposed to a positive asset that could in fact be celebrated through a sensitive but well-conceived intervention.


nstead of demolishing the ruin, Will Gamble Architects proposed “a building within a building” - where two lightweight volumes could be delicately inserted within the masonry walls in order to preserve and celebrate it. A palette of honest materials was chosen both internally and externally which references the site’s history and the surrounding rural context. Externally, corten steel, oak, and reclaimed brick have been used. The extension was built out of up-cycled materials predominantly found on site which was both cost-effective and sustainable, whilst allowing the proposal to sensitively blend into its surroundings.


Internally the structural beams of the existing cattle shed were exposed as well as the steelwork to the new parts - the stone walls were re-pointed and washed in lime to create a mottled effect and a concrete plinth was cast along the base to create a monolithic “skirting”. A contemporary kitchen (also designed by the practice) juxtaposes the uneven and disordered nature of the ruin and continues the theme of a modern intervention set within a historic context.

SBES Space-Bit

August 2020 Industry News

the Social Distancing Wrist Band Introducing the SBES Space-Bit, the wristband which alerts and traces if workers get in each other’s safe-space. It is perfect for all work environments. Should two wearers become closer than 2 metres the SBES Space-Bit will vibrate and has an LED to alert the users to separate. Each SBES Space-Bit will automatically store the ID and contact dates of each alert. It has a rechargeable lithium battery and a full charge lasts up to 72 hours. The SBES Space-Bit is IP67 Waterproof and dust resistant plus CE, FCC and FDA Certified. Contact Tracking • Each wristband has a unique MAC address • It records every person wearing an SBES Space-Bit who comes into close contact • Up to 20,000 Contact records stored • Transfer contact records storage to APP via Bluetooth® BLE 5.0

For more information, simply visit or call us on +44 (0) 1737 226622


August 2020

Maggie’s Centre Leeds Maggie’s centres are places where people with cancer, and their friends and families, can go to find free practical and emotional support. They follow the approach to care set out by Maggie Keswick Jencks – a belief that people should not “lose the joy of living in the fear of dying”.


eatherwick Studio was commissioned to design a new centre at St James’s University Hospital in Leeds. Jimmy’s, as it is known locally, is Europe’s largest teaching hospital and home to the Leeds Cancer Centre, which serves a diverse community across Yorkshire. The hospital staff had been working to improve the experience for patients; bringing a piano into the Bexley Wing, for example, and hanging paintings from the city gallery. The studio wanted to support this by providing further respite from the clinical environment. The brief was to


create “a home that people wouldn’t dare build for themselves”. The site chosen for the new centre was the last patch of greenery at the hospital – a grassy hill next to the car park, bounded by roads on two sides and surrounded by large buildings. At the highest point, visitors would have views of the Yorkshire Dales, and a connection with the world beyond the hospital. Externally, the building has a different character from every angle. The roof is composed of three overlapping gardens which step down and overhang to shelter communal areas. In this way, the hospital does not lose its last green space – it is lifted up, filled with woodland plants and made more accessible and inviting. The road running along the site presented a challenge for the building’s construction – as the main ambulance route, it could not be disrupted by months of heavy vehicles. The team designed a structure that could be built off-site and assembled

quickly on a concrete slab and retaining wall with minimal disruption. The entire building superstructure was manufactured in Switzerland and fixed together on site in just eight weeks. The studio worked with landscape designers, Balston Agius to develop the gardens. Given the shade cast on the site from adjacent buildings, the high winds and local weather, the planting is based on the British woodland. The garden will be deliberately lush – Maggie herself was a gardener, and understood how calming and restorative it could be to pick up one of the tools left for visitors and get to work.

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November 2019

Luxury 2m Artificial Bespoke Olive Tree on a Natural Coffee Stem.

Artificial Plants & Trees for Businesses At Just Artificial, we work with interior designers, decorators, set dressers, architects and more to set your premises apart from the rest. Our artificial plants, flowers, and trees are highly realistic to look and touch, as well as being durable and attractive.


stablished in 2004, we have many years’ experience as one of the UK’s leading suppliers of high quality artificial plants, trees, silk flowers and related accessories, which we offer at competitive prices. We have a range of fantastic options which will set your space apart from the rest, allowing you to create an indoor Eden. Our products are highly realistic, durable, and designed with particular care and attention by master craftsmen, all of whom are experts in their field. We’re able to provide a product which is exceptional in its rendering, offering bespoke designs to suit the needs of your space, your business, and your tastes.

What Do We Sell? Our range is always growing, supporting current modern trends as well as traditional needs, for indoor and outdoor use, tailored to complement any house, home office, or business. We offer a complete product range for both domestic and business solutions silk flowers and display arrangements, artificial plants, replica trees, topiary, plant and tree displays in a planter ready to go, hedges, fruit & veg, hanging baskets, Ivy trails and garlands, synthetic lawn grass and AstroTurf, planters & troughs, Christmas Trees and decorations etc. There’s no minimum order so you can buy as much or as little as you need.

We pride ourselves on how lifelike our products are and you can view close-ups on many of our products to see for yourself – we’ve taken full advantage of the amazing advances in manufacture and realism that have been made over the years. Whatever your choice, we have the design experience and the tools to make your space stand out. We can make your design look incredible, wherever you choose to site it.

Sourcing and Manufacturing We can usually source what you need even if we don’t already list it. If you require a large enough quantity and your project timescale and budget fit (4-6 months or so) we can even get products manufactured to your specifications from scratch.

Who Do We Sell To? Practically anyone anywhere? We handle large, bespoke bulk orders for refurbishments and refits on behalf of specification buyers, p ro c u re m e n t m a n a ge m e n t , architects, interior designers, and garden landscapers but we also handle small one-off orders from the general public. Whatever the case, we have the perfect solution for your décor – one which will transform your space into something extraordinary.

Who Have We Supplied? Major companies in many industries including IT V, BBC, Channels 4 and 5, Mulberry, Innocent Drinks, Monsoon, Bella Italia, Tescos, Big Brother, The Only Way is Essex, Coronation Street, Dancing on Ice, Park Resorts, Volkswagen, and more. We’ve also sold to house builders, zoos, hotels, restaurants, shopping centres, theme parks, colleges and schools, cruise ships, theatres… the list goes on! We have tens of thousands of satisfied customers in the UK, in Europe, and across the World. For procurement managers and corporate buyers we can provide quotes and advice for bulk orders and trade, to help bring your design to life - contact Just Artificial today! View our Huge Fire Retardant and UV Protected Range in our webstore.

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Our new Click & Collect service goes that little bit further. We now deliver to your local shops, making your life that little bit easier. Simply order using Click & Collect and your order will be delivered within a 10 minute drive from your house or next job. Exclusions apply. See website for details.

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A FULLY VENTILATED ROOF SYSTEM ENGINEERED TO A GREATER STANDARD PROVIDING EVEN BETTER VALUE A new and improved solid roof system retaining the same great U-value capability of 0.15 at even better value. Ventilation gives a clean flow of air through the system and there’s an improved structure for increased rigidity. Suitable for all conservatory roof types including lean-to’s down to a 5 degrees pitch.


Innovation that opens up even more opportunity Natural light is a welcome guest in every home. So Eurocell engineers have developed an innovative new way for homeowners to invite the maximum light levels in. Equinox Vega takes the system to a whole new level in terms of size, strength, efficiency and illumination. More light


To find out more about equinox please call us on 0800 988 7304 or visit

Equinox Vega features large glazed areas up to 1000mm wide of natural light for brighter, sunlit conservatories that give an impression of even more space.

Doors & Windows August 2020

VICAIMA LAUNCHES NEW WEBSITE STRENGTHENING THE USER’S EXPERIENCE Always aiming to build the perfect online experience for its customers and partners, Vicaima, one of the largest European players in the production of sophisticated solutions for interior doors, wardrobes and panels, has just launched a new website, which aims to improve the ease of navigation for its users, providing spontaneous and differentiating interaction with all features and tools. Yet another innovation, from a company which is continuously investing in a close, modern and intuitive digital footprint. Among the new features, Vicaima highlights the speed of the platform and the contemporary, functional and responsive redesign, strategically created to facilitate the search process for users, in line with their intentions, needs and desires. Thus, the new website is characterized by dynamism, accompanied by carefully selected content, as well as a wide range of products, performance and solutions, with a view to boosting the digital presence of the brand in the national and international arena. This redesign includes aesthetic improvements allowing for more immersive experimentation and improved navigation, which allows visitors to easily find the information they need.


“After many months of work and dedication by our entire team, we are very pleased with the launch of the new Vicaima website. This latest step

reflects the company’s ability to anticipate trends, innovate, propose complete and exciting proposals to the market. With the new website, the user can easily and intuitively access the commercialized products, news, catalogues, technical information, projects and news, as well as request the download of BIM solutions from Vicaima, quickly and effectively. We believe that we will strengthen our position as one of the dominant players in the market. With the new design, we expect an increase in the number of visitors and consumption of content on our page. We look forward to feedback and the new and exciting developments to come“, stresses Antonio Moutinho, Director at Vicaima Group. The new Vicaima page thus highlights the company’s willingness to invest in a digital sphere that provides the best user experience for its customer. The renewal follows, precisely, the thought provoking attitude of the brand towards the different markets in which it operates. This is also related to an integrated multichannel strategy, which reconciles the company’s multiple digital tools, placing it, once again, at the forefront of the sector.

Vicaima is currently one of the biggest European players in the design and production of sophisticated solutions for interior doors, technical doors, frames, wardrobes, panels and furniture parts. Its positioning is based on the ability to develop integrated and customized solutions, oriented to different sectors, namely housing, hotel, health, education and commercial. Innovative and trendsetter, Vicaima has a constant concern for sustainability, being the first Portuguese company in the sector to obtain FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) certification. Founded in Portugal, it has a direct presence in countries such as the United Kingdom and Spain and exports 95% of its production to markets ranging from Europe to the African continent, passing through the United Arab Emirates and the American continent.

Visit the Vicaima website for further information.

Doors & Windows August 2020

Westbury achieves Investors in People Gold Award

Westbury has today announced that is has achieved an Investors in People Gold Award, improving on the Silver Award it has held since 2009. The company manufactures timber and glazed extensions through its Westbury Garden Rooms brand, and windows and doors The assessment via its Westbury Windows & Joinery business, Between May and June 2019, Westbury underwent a thorough assessment which and has long-established roots in Essex - the involved an anonymous online survey showroom and factory being based in South completed by all employees; face-to-face Woodham Ferrers near Chelmsford. interviews with selected employees, and the


ounder of Westbury Garden Rooms, Jonathan Hey commented: “This is a very proud moment for me personally and for us as a company. We strongly believe that our people define who we are and what we do, and we are dedicated to developing their unique skills and ensuring that every employee feels valued and cared for.” Investors in People is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to improving people’s working lives. The organisation operates globally alongside businesses in a wide range of sectors, reviewing their processes and making sure that they demonstrate modern workplace practices and that they go above and beyond their duty of care for all of their staff. Since its first Investors in People assessment 12 years ago and the most recent review in 2016, Westbury has rolled out a number of effective changes using the feedback to implement new practices that establish positive working principles across the organisation.

company as a whole was observed to determine how teams interact with each other. According to this year’s assessment, it was noted that references to individual contributions are frequently made, helping staff to see the difference they are making and the potential that they have. Hey concluded: “Ultimately, our success is owed to the way we design and build exceptional products of high quality, and we can’t do this without our teams of experts working together effectively to meet our goals. We want to attract talented people and what’s more, we want them to stay. Understanding everyone’s needs and creating an excellent working environment for them is essential to a trusting, reliable culture. “Our Gold Award proves that our employees believe in our values and are invested in the company’s success, resulting in teams that work hard, trust each other and individuals who take responsibility for their own important roles. “We’re absolutely thrilled but we’re not going to rest on our laurels. We’ve already set our sights on the ultimate level - the Platinum Award - for the near future.”

For more information please visit or call 01245 326500.


Exhibits thoughtful, well-executed design and luxury

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August 2020

Covid-19 has impacted some plumbers and installers businesses more than others… The current UK government advice is for everyone in the UK to practice social distancing - limiting face-toface contact with people who are not in your household and maintaining a two-metre distance between one another. Where this is not possible - such as on public transport etc. you need to wear a face mask. The governments of Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland have issued their own guidance. Plumbers and installers will, of course, be concerned about the impact that lockdown has had on their businesses. The government has outlined several ways of supporting businesses during this challenging time including but not limited to business interruption loans, the job retention scheme and income support for the self-employed. As the easing of lock down continues and we make tentative steps to determine our way forward, where does this leave plumbers and installers re their prospect of working?


Given the present climate, many homeowners may be confused and anxious about what work can be done and how they can keep safe with tradespeople coming into or even outside of their homes.

For tradespeople who are working, there are ways to reassure and protect customers (and themselves) - such as limiting their time in a house, disinfecting door handles they’ve touched, taking drinks so as not to use the homeowners mugs and of course wearing a mask and washing their hands regularly with soap and water/hand sanitiser – or wear gloves. Recently, The IPG ran a Facebook competition, asking plumbers and installers to answer three simple questions, with the aim of understanding; what they thought of the Government schemes to help self-employed workers, if they were still working and how Covid19 has impacted their business.

The findings are telling (results compiled June 1, 2020), the Government support packages are working for some plumbers and installers but not for others. 56% felt that the schemes were positive and very helpful during these difficult times, one installer said that “they were a good solution to an impossible situation”. 38% felt that they were not much help, it took too long to get any payment and they needed to be better. 3% had no opinion. We also shed some light on the percentage of plumbers and installers who were still working and those who were not. 58% had stopped working, with one participant stating, “It has


January 2020 SECTION Industry NewsNAME

completely shut down my business, as a domestic plumber/bathroom fitter I had to completely stop working for the safety of myself and customers”. Another said: “We have closed down as we are domestic, no one wanted us to do house calls, jobs haven’t really been coming in, I’ve only had 2 emergencies to go to in this time”. In contrast, 42% revealed that they were still working, stating various reasons for this, one plumber commented: “As a self-employed contractor, the initial lockdown resulted in me being out of work for a while - until the building site I was on implemented Covid safety measures”. Another remarked: “We are working but more aware of sanitising and

customer interaction, we just have to adjust to suit the current situation keep 2 meters apart, wear masks and gloves and wash regularly, making customers aware of procedures.” David Cairns, Head of Supplier and Commercial Strategy at The IPG supports the safe working code stating: “In the UK, heating installers and plumbers primarily work alone or in small teams in private properties, changing location on a regular basis. Now, more than ever, safe working arrangements and practices are an important area to focus on. “The public will become increasingly aware of the importance of not only using a tradesperson who is

qualified, but one who is also fully aware of Covid-19 health and safety measures.” He went on to say: “IPG members are all implementing Covid-19 health and safety measures in the workplace, making their stores a safe environment to shop in or click and collect. Never has buying from an independent business been more relevant. It is a significant contributing factor in supporting local employment, boosting UK innovation, as well as increasing environmental benefits. Support your local independent!” For more information please visit:


Heating & Ventilation August 2020

UK pubs reopening intensifies Covid-19 ventilation concerns Specialists warn there is no longer room to neglect ventilation maintenance and best practice guidelines as the government pushes on with plans to restart the UK economy during the pandemic Effective and well-maintained ventilation systems should be considered vital to ensuring public confidence in the gradual reopening of businesses properties, industry experts have said.

Industry bodies, suppliers and maintenance groups have all told H&V News that the practicalities of limiting the infection risks of Covid-19 in a range of commercial buildings means moving beyond narrowly ensuring minimum standards are met – if at all. Best practice guidance at present has focused on maximising the flow of external air into buildings and enclosed areas.

The calls to rethink best practice and basic requirements of ventilation are increasingly pertinent after the World Health Organisation this month issued a statement saying that “evidence was emerging” of a risk that Covid-19 may spread through the air in enclosed spaces. Dr Hywel Davies, technical director of the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE), said ahead of the WHO announcement that ventilation needed to be carefully considered in light of emerging evidence about the potential for the virus to spread through the air.

Energy infrastructure of the future NIBE Energy Systems has published a new policy paper which includes a scheme to support the installation of Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP) infrastructure to enable greater uptake in the UK. It has been shared with BEIS and industry representatives. The paper proposes a radical new policy solution to fund 100 years of GSHP infrastructure. This would help finance the ground works for GSHPs, making their cost comparable to gas boilers through a fee paid regularly by the household. This will pay back the initial capex for the ground works and create warmer, low-carbon new build homes, generating benefits for all parties.


GSHPs work by extracting warmth from underground by pumping water through a network of large pipes buried in a property’s garden, via boreholes that can reach several kilometres. They

represent a stable method of heating and cooling all year round and are as effective in summer as they are in winter. The ability to install a renewable heating system without the requirement for additional space is an attraction for developers with space at a premium on new build sites. Concerns have been raised about the predicted uptake and the suitability of the flat £4,000 grant for GSHPs. It is the cost of the groundworks which makes GSHPs more expensive than their air source counterparts but both technologies have a role to play in delivering the net zero aspirations. Just 11,000 GSHPs were installed under the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) in March 2020 compared to over 46,000 air source heat pumps, despite applications for domestic RHI reaching a fouryear high. Conducting the ground works necessary for GSHPs is very cost-effective when servicing multiple homes at one time. This

is because the machinery that is used to drill the boreholes, known as rigs, can simply be moved between properties in the same development at a very low cost. If homes are serviced on an individual basis instead, the cost associated with the borehole drilling can be a substantial proportion of the overall cost. NIBE believes that the groundworks needed for GSHPs should be seen as a long-term infrastructure investment and policy should be designed to encourage deployment. Incentivising energy infrastructure investments such as boreholes should help to deliver increased uptake of this low-carbon technology.

No.1 Choice Electric Radiator Collection EHC offer a comprehensive Range of Electric Products that are all controlled by our DSR Smart Technology which enables you to select different Heaters and mix and match them as a Hybrid Heating System for the various rooms within your property to suit your design style and budget – the choice is yours.

Hybrid Heating for the modern home Available for Android & Apple devices

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Control your heating anywhere and anytime

Adjust each room temperature separately

Geolocation Feature

Monitor electricity consumption.

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The renewable heating alternative

Serious about sustainability The Ultra Quiet Ecodan range of air source heat pumps from Mitsubishi Electric are some of the most advanced heating systems available. Designed specifically for UK conditions, Ecodan provides renewable, low carbon alternatives to traditional fossil fuel-burning heating systems. With an A++ ErP Rating label across the range, homes can be heated for less while cutting CO2 emissions.

August 2020 Heating & Ventilation

Radiator trade body launch consumer campaign to stamp out poor quality The Manufacturers Association of Radiators and Convectors (MARC), is committed to product satisfaction and consumer assurance. Members pledge to raise standards and compliance, through a series of initiatives the first one being a targeted consumer campaign. Launching today, 2nd July 2020, the ‘You are what you Heat’ campaign represents that it is important to have quality, *CE marked radiators, in order for heating systems and homes to be fit and healthy, which applies to all products sold into the construction industry, including those purchased online. Isaac Occhipinti, Head of external affairs, MARC said; “MARC members are committed to driving change. Members are proud of their brand and what it stands for. The ‘You are what you Heat’ campaign has been created to ensure that consumers are aware of the importance of having quality, radiators that conform to current standards, installed in their home. Installing radiators that do not conform could result in cold, expensive and inefficient homes.” “MARC wants to protect consumers and ensure industry wide compliance with the Construction Products Regulations, which applies to all products sold into the industry, including those purchased online.” “For us, that means working across the whole industry to ensure that all companies comply with the regulations, and that their marketing materials

and product performance data are correct. Inflated heat outputs on product packaging defraud consumers. False claims leave consumers cold, out of pocket, and with a bitter taste which reflects badly throughout the industry.” “It’s not just the consumer who is affected. The environmental effects are considerable. “Poor quality radiators simply don’t last long, and lead to bigger carbon costs as they need replacing more often. In addition, a radiator that has overstated its heat output will lead to a boiler that can’t condense properly.” “It will, therefore, burn more fossil fuels and cause higher amounts of carbon to be released into the atmosphere.” “Unfortunately, many consumers are not aware of what they need to be looking for when purchasing a radiator. Which is why we have

produced a ‘Consumer guide to Buying the right Radiator’. One guaranteed way that consumers can have product assurance is to look out for MARC membership!” “All members of MARC must provide proof of product performance (CE marking), together with test certificates.” For more information about MARC please visit

Members of MARC are; • Castrads • DQ Heating • Irsap • Kudox • Purmo • SBH Radiators • Stelrad Radiator Group • Terma • Towelrads • Zehnder Group You can download the consumer guide to buying the right radiators for your home here.

*CE marking is a certification mark that indicates conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area. The CE marking is also found on products sold outside the EEA that have been manufactured to EEA standards.


Heating & Ventilation August 2020

Worcester Bosch launch Safe in Your Home Installer Commitment to ensure installer and customer safety Leading UK boiler manufacturer, Worcester Bosch, has launched a new initiative to support installers and homeowners for work undertaken in the home. The ‘Safe in your Home Installer Commitment’ is a pledge for installers to sign-up for, enabling them to receive a pack of digital and physical tools to help them undertake work in customers’ homes safely and securely. The Commitment intends to do two things: •

Give installers clarity on the correct social distancing and hygiene guidelines they need to be following when entering customers’ homes Give customers reassurance that any visiting installer who signs up to the commitment will have the knowledge and tools to take the right precautionary measures

Every installer who signs up to the Safe in your Home Installer Commitment receives a digital pack of assets, with the first 5,000 also being sent a physical package of free goods. This consists of:


Digital stamp for use on social pages and website, a clear indicator to show they have signed up to the initiative

An email checklist for customers and installer to fill out pre-visit

Guidance documents for installers and homeowners, an essential reminder of the precautions to follow

Email footers, to work as a signature in customer comms

Removable van vinyl of the Installer Commitment logo [First 5,000 only]

‘Installer at work’ sign, showing the

precautionary measures being taken [First 5,000 only], to be displayed in company vehicles during call outs The new tools have been designed by Worcester Bosch to help installers, who carry out work in people’s homes, demonstrate that safety is the main focus for any boiler installation and home heating maintenance, particularly during these uncertain times. Victoria Billings, Director of Marketing at Worcester Bosch said; “As the UK Government starts to ease its lockdown measures, industries like ours are beginning to return to work. With this comes a constant need to adapt to the ever-changing climate. “We feel it is important to support installers at this time, enabling them to reassure customers about how they are safe working in their homes. This initiative intends to do just that and ensure that homeowners and installers are reassured and clear regarding safety considerations for an at-home visit, with a variety of digital and physical reminders putting safety front and centre of every visit.” Installers can pledge to be a part of the commitment here.

Industry News August 2020

The Schöck Isokorb modular unit used on the project


August 2020 Industry News

Schöck maintains strong presence in Wembley regeneration

The Quintain Wembley Park regeneration, one of London’s largest housing delivery schemes, is still scheduled for completion in 2027, despite current world events. The latest residential development nearing finalisation is Beton, also known as site W06. With the stadium directly behind and its frontage on Wembley Park Boulevard, it will provide 150 dwellings over 11 storeys. The project utilises a variety of concrete frame techniques, including slipform concrete cores and a skeletal concrete frame installation. The building exterior features hand-set brick, a punched window façade – and elegant slide-on balconies – an aesthetic and appealing addition to the new development. As with many of the other projects at Wembley Park, Schöck Isokorb load-bearing thermal insulation elements are critical to the balconies structural and long– term insulation performance. The modular design of the Isokorb type used on Beton means it can be adapted to all profile sizes and load bearing capacity requirements. On this occasion the units were fixed to a cast-in plate, rebars and a stub bracket. The balcony cantilever support arm was then attached to the stub and the fully pre-assembled balcony chassis slid on to the cantilever arm and locked into position.

Thermal bridging is a serious issue Ineffective insulation at cantlever connectivity points will result in local heat loss and this major consequence of thermal bridging means that more energy is required to maintain the internal temperature of the building. In additiion, low internal surface temperatures in the area of the thermal bridge can cause condensation, leading not only to structural integrity problems with absorbent materials such as insulation products or plasterboard, but also mould growth. This can have serious health implications for residents in the form of asthma and allergies. So for any project involving balcony connectivity the prevention of thermal bridging is a critical issue.

Construction dependability and freedom of design As the leading international supplier of structural thermal breaks, Schöck has almost limitless variants available in its main Isokorb range, offering planners complete construction dependability and enormous freedom of design. The comprehensive Schöck Isokorb range offers solutions for concreteto-concrete, concrete-to-steel, steel-to-steel, a thermally insulating connection for reinforced concrete walls – and even a maintenance free alternative to wrapped parapets. All products meet full compliance with the relevant UK building regulations; have NHBC approval; offer LABC Registration and independent BBA Certification. The temperature factor used to indicate condensation risk (fRSI) which must be greater than, or equal to, 0.75 for residential buildings, is also easily met by incorporating the Isokorb.

For a free copy of the Schöck Thermal Bridging Guide; the Schöck Specifiers Guide or to view the range of downloadable software, contact Schöck on 01865 290 890 or visit the website at


External Works & Landscaping August 2020

Bidding begins for Scape’s £13bn public sector frameworks Public sector procurement specialist Scape has announced that it is searching for contractors from across the UK construction sector to work on two, fouryear frameworks valued at £13bn. As part of this search, Scape will create a new £11bn construction framework for England, Wales and Northern Ireland and a further £2bn framework for Scotland. The four-year framework for England, Wales and Northern Ireland has the option to be extended until 2027. The £13bn construction framework has been designed to provide direct support to the local economy and promote the government’s ‘green recovery’ plans across the UK. All contracts within the frameworks aim to accelerate the delivery of innovative and high-quality construction projects across all sectors.


Mark Robinson, Scape Group chief executive, said: “The construction industry has a clear mandate from the Prime Minister to build back better. The entire sector has experienced a shock to the system over recent months. As a public sector organisation, we have a duty to play our part in accelerating project delivery and to ensure that the right mix of contractors is available to support the sector with a real commitment to innovation and local delivery.

“Importantly, we need to ensure that the wide range of adjacent social, economic and environmental objectives are uncovered upfront; that they are planned in and treated with the same rigour as time, cost and quality.

successful delivery, we believe that our new construction frameworks will not only nurture those partnerships and deliver great buildings but that they will ensure each and every project plays its part in driving the economic recovery.”

“Our role is to broker the right relationships and conversations between the private and public sector. Underpinned by a delivery model that has a proven track record of

Prospective bidders can register their interest in attending online market awareness events on the Scape website.

August 2020 External Works & Landscaping

The High Strength, Fire Rated subframe system for peace of mind SAiGE have launched a brand-new aluminium subframe system. SAiGE’s aluminium subframe has a simple, sturdy and high strength design, the aluminium joists along with adjustable pedestals and cradles is quick to install and perfect for any complexity of project. SAiGE’s subframe is available in FR and non-FR options.

For a fireresistant subframe system that conforms to EN13501-1 B ratings and still offers high strength, look no further than the SAiGE aluminium subframe system. This system has been developed with fire safety in mind following the recent change in legislations on the use of combustible materials in high rise buildings. The fire-resistant cradles and pedestals conform to EN135011 B fire testing making them suitable for commercial projects such as roof terraces, balconies and podiums. Made up of 30% glass filled nylon, they are also lightweight making it easier to work with during construction. The structure of the joists means they are not only durable but can also work on a much longer span compared to similar systems, reducing the quantity of pedestals and cradles needed and in turn reducing the

Key benefits of the aluminium decking frame include: • •

cost and labour time on side. Supports can be placed every 800mm on a 50mm joist and still offer maximum strength. For a complete Fire-resistant solution the SAiGE Aluminium Subframe can be used in conjunction with the SAiGE Fire Resistant decking boards.

• • • • • • • • • •

Fire resistant and non- fire resistant options available Fire resistant to EN13501-1 B High Strength Long spans – up to 800mm High Impact resistance High Flexural strength – 199 mpa Non-combustible Rapid installation Powder coated to RAL 9005 (black) Does not warp, rot or twist Complete wood free solution Cradles can go as low as 18mm


External Works & Landscaping August 2020

Supreme Concrete launches new stockist guide for 2020 As part of its commitment to supporting the built environment, Supreme Concrete, the UK’s leading manufacturer of precast concrete products and fencing systems, has released its new stockist guide for 2020.


The easy to use brochure has been updated to incorporate the latest changes to its extensive product offering following the addition of Anderton Concrete’s building and fencing products into its portfolio. In addition to its updated product offering, the newly refreshed guide provides customers with a simple pricelist to help streamline the planning and specification stages.

selecting specific products for each project they are working on. This can be easily done through the guide’s simple breakdown of the products’ attributes, including colours, textures and pricing.

Mark Swift, Director of Sales for Supreme Concrete, said: “Our latest stockist guide provides a handy catalogue for customers to refer to when

For further information on Supreme’s market leading offering, visit: or call 0333 999 2220

“2019 has seen a fantastic increase to our product range, including the inclusion of pre-blended packs of high quality Shearstone Walling Stone, all of which can be found in our new stockist guide.”

August 2020 External Works & Landscaping

Sustainable decking manufacturer Composite Prime expands landscaping offering with the launch of HD Deck Pro

SUSTAINABLE decking manufacturer Composite Prime has added new luxury decking system HD Deck Pro to its ever-increasing line-up of landscaping products. The extra-wide decking board offers an opulent alternative to traditional timber decking. In addition to looking as effortlessly stylish as its timber equivalent, it has all the feel of a wooden board, but with the benefits of a composite.

Composite Prime Managing Director Domenic Harrison said: “When we launched Composite Prime we did so with a determination to offer customers a sustainable alternative to traditional timber landscaping products.

The 200mm composite board is manufactured from a mix of FSC-certified hardwood flour and recycled plastics offering a lowmaintenance and long-lasting alternative to traditional timber decking.

“As our product line has expanded, we wanted to ensure we delivered for every aspect of the market and with HD Deck Pro we wanted to create the most luxurious decking product on the market. From its extra-wide boards to its realistic finish, we are confident there is nothing else like this in the decking industry right now.”

HD Deck Pro is available in two shades, Champagne (a pearl cream) and Oyster (soft grey). Matching fascia and bullnose boards are available, and the system installs using Composite Prime’s hidden clip system.

Composite Prime is renowned for its range of sustainable landscaping products, which are all made from FSC-sourced oak flour and recycled plastic, and are free from hazardous materials and longlasting.

Each square metre of HD Deck Pro is made from a mix of sustainably sourced wood flour and at least 280 recycled milk bottle tops, which otherwise would have ended in landfill. Charles Taylor, Sales Director at Composite Prime said: “We are constantly reviewing our product range, listening to feedback from our network of stockists to ensure we can deliver the landscaping products our customers are asking for.” For consumers, HD Deck Pro decking board offers a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty, with extra protection against staining and weathering. Trade enquiries should be made through the Composite Prime website or via


August 2020

It is one of engineering’s most impressive double acts - a father and son from Britain’s best-known construction family have joined forces to create the world’s first hydrogen digger.


chairman Lord Bamford and his son Jo, who runs Ryse Hydrogen and Wrightbus, have spent two years working on the construction industry’s first ever hydrogen-powered excavator and a further year testing the prototype. This ‘world-first’ will enable JCB to continue leading the sector on zero and low-carbon technologies and continue Ryse Hydrogen’s push to kickstart the UK’s hydrogen economy. The 20-tonne 220X excavator powered by a hydrogen fuel cell has been undergoing rigorous testing at JCB’s quarry proving grounds. The exciting development means JCB is the first construction equipment company in the world to unveil a working prototype of an excavator powered by hydrogen.


JCB Chairman Lord Bamford said: “The development of the first hydrogenfuelled excavator is very exciting as we strive towards a zero carbon world. “In the coming months JCB will continue to develop and refine this technology with advanced testing of our prototype machine and we will continue to be at the forefront of technologies designed to build a zero carbon future.”

August 2020

Jo Bamford said it was a game-changing addition to JCB’s fleet and a strong message for Britain’s green economy. “I grew up on the shop floor at JCB and have spent many years working on a prototype to help take our companies into the future,” he explained. “I truly believe hydrogen is the UK’s best opportunity to build a world-leading industry which creates UK jobs, cuts emissions and is the envy of the globe.” Power for JCB’s prototype excavator is generated by reacting hydrogen with oxygen in a fuel cell to create the energy needed to run electric motors. The only emission from the exhaust is water. The development comes after JCB made manufacturing history last year by going into full production with the construction industry’s first fully electric mini excavator, the 19C-1E. JCB has also extended electric technology to its innovative Teletruk telescopic forklift range with the launch of an electric model, the JCB 30-19E. Through constant innovation and design improvements, JCB has also been leading the way on clean diesel technology to meet Stage V EU emissions regulations and has almost eradicated the most harmful emissions from its latest range of diesel engines. Nitrous Oxide (NOx) is down 97%, soot particulates down by 98% and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions down by almost half.


August 2020 Tools & Equipment

Snickers Workwear - Cool and Smart this Summer Lightweight Shirts, Shorts and Trousers make working on site a breeze this summer. Everyone needs to be cool, dry and safe at work this summer - to maintain wellbeing and working efficiency on site. That’s why Snickers’ new Topwear will make work this summer a real breeze! There’s also brand new LITEWork Trousers and Shorts, plus special offer ‘Two-pack’ 100% Cotton T-shirts. Choose from three different easy-care colour and design options to compliment whatever you’re wearing - at work or play. There’s also new Hoodies, Sweatshirts and Hi-vis ProtecWork protective wear in a range of styles and colours that are super-light and quick drying with advanced ventilation to keep you cool when it’s warm. They’ve all got superb, body-mapping designs for an amazing fit, outstanding functionality and long-lasting comfort – all day, every day. Getting information on the Snickers’ Summer Workwear range is easy. You can call the Hultafors Group Helpline on 01484 854788. You can check out the website and download a digital catalogue at or email


Tools & Equipment August 2020


August 2020 Tools & Equipment

Hellberg Safety – Advanced Personal Protective Equipment Specialist PPE for highly advanced hearing protection, face protection and communication solutions. Using high quality materials, all Hellberg Safety products are developed and independently tested in “real-life” situations for optimal performance to deliver products that are comfortable and reliable in any risk environment. The SECURE series features everything from standard passive ear defenders available in 3 protection levels to advanced electronic communication solutions. SECURE ACTIVE allows you to communicate with your colleagues, hear warning signals and other important information while protected from hazardous noise. SECURE RELAX protects your hearing while you enjoy listening to your favourite radio station, while SECURE REACT allows you to listen to AM/FM radio and communicate with your colleagues while still being protected from harmful noise. The SAFE face protection range offers customised visors solutions for protection against a variety of hazards. The visors and carriers are ergonomically designed to be practical and effective and are fully compatible with the SECURE system. Getting information on the new Hellberg Safety product range is easy - call the Hultafors Group UK Helpline on 01484 854788, checkout the website www.hellbergsafety.comoremail


Tools & Equipment August 2020

APPRENTICE FROM GLASGOW WINS NATIONAL SCREWFIX TRADE APPRENTICE COMPETITION! • Chris Keel has been crowned this year’s champion in the Screwfix Trade Apprentice Competition • He was awarded the title after a national final with nine other apprentices • He will receive the ultimate prize to kick-start his career – a trade bundle worth £10,000 A joinery and carpentry apprentice from Glasgow has been named this year’s winner of the Screwfix Trade Apprentice 2020 competition. Christopher Keel, 21, took part in the first ever digital final (25 June) alongside nine other finalists. He impressed a panel of industry experts including representatives from the NICEIC, CIPHE, FMB and Screwfix Britain’s Top Tradesperson 2019, Darren McGhee to win the accolade. His outstanding confidence and positive approach, the way he has overcome adversity and his ambition for the future, stood him apart in the eyes of the judges to be awarded the title and the ultimate trade bundle worth £10,000. This includes everything a future tradesperson may need to kick-start their career, including £5,000 of tools, a £3,000 training budget and £2,000 worth of technology.


Chris, who is studying towards his joinery and carpentry qualification at Queenslie Training Centre, says: “I was

absolutely speechless when I found out that I’d won. The other finalists were all so talented so it’s such an honour to be given this title. I want to use this success as a platform to encourage more individuals into the trade – it’s such a worthwhile career and an apprenticeship can change your life for the better!” Danielle Sweet, Screwfix spokesperson, said: “We have such a worthy winner in Chris. He demonstrates everything we look for in this competition – professionalism, ambition and a desire to raise awareness amongst others about the benefits of apprenticeships and a future career in the trade. “This year we received over 1400 entries, and Chris impressed us with the way he has picked himself up after several knock backs, his drive to build his own business and run his own Ltd company, as well as his future ambitions. Chris has a promising career ahead of him, along with our other worthy finalists.” To find out more on the Trade Apprentice competition, please visit

July 2020 Tools, Equipment & PPE


CONSTRUCTION UPDATE Recommended Suppliers

We design and supply bags and cradles globally that secure nonstandard loads ready for lifting to height using winches and cranes. PafBag Limited Unit C14, Alison Business Centre, Alison Crescent, Sheffield, S2 1AS, United Kingdom 0114 3241224

Pool lock safety pool cover you will no longer have to worry about your loved ones.

PoolLock UK Ltd. Gatwick Business Park, Unit 2B, Kennel Lane, Hookwood, RH6 0AH, Horley, United Kingdom +44 1293 77 44 14 +44 1293 77 44 33

SAiGE Longlife Decking Ltd are proud of the high quality composite products that we supply to the UK, Irish and European Markets. SAiGE Longlife Decking Ltd Vicarage Barns, Lower Quinton, Stratford-uponAvon, Warwickshire, United Kingdom, CV37 8SG +44 (0) 1789 721 576