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Intelligent Drivesystems, Worldwide Services


Intelligent Drivesystems, Worldwide Services

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS the global company with a flexible product

range that can provide a solution for virtually any drive application. NORD DRIVESYSTEMS the global company with a flexible product From a simple standalone geared motor requirement to a multi-axis range that can provide a solution for virtually any drive application. closed loop system with local intelligence via the integrated NORDAC From a simple geared motor requirement to a multi-axis IEC61131 PLC,standalone communicating over an industry standard BUS or closed loop system with local intelligence via the integrated Ethernet network, we have the products and the support thatNORDAC you can IEC61131 rely on. PLC, communicating over an industry standard BUS or Ethernet network, we have the products and the support that you can NORDon. Gear Limited | Tel +44 1235 534404 | rely









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Forerunner. Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow. The Sensor People have been setting technological standards in industrial automation for more than 50 years. This is how we ensure the success of our customers in an industry that is ever evolving. We have been a forerunner from the start, and we are working on standardizing industrial communication. Among other things, we make sensors that are capable of transmitting data to control systems and the cloud via IO-Link and OPC-UA.

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INCREDIBLE SERVO PERFORMANCE Not only does the mighty Twitter pack an incredible 5.5KW of qualitative power in a match boxed sized package of just 35 x 30 x 15.3mm weighting a mere 26 grams, but it’s crammed full of unbelievable technology including FSoE (functional safety over EtherCAT) plus an amazing array of class beating motion technology to allow automation developers to truly make smart machines, smarter.


he Platinum series was designed to meet the evolving needs of OEM designers for smarter, smaller, faster servo, with higher functionality and ease-of-use. Platinum drives aim to assist machine and robotic manufacturers in creating better machines through both superior motion control and utmost safety Elmo Motion Control are a global manufacturer with R&D based in Israel along with production plants both in Israel and in Europe and subsidiaries in all major markets from US, through Europe to Fast East Elmo Motion UK, based in the midlands, provides local sales and application expertise to the UK market. Call us to discuss your motion requirements now T: 03303 327 983 E: W:

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Platinum Twitter Highlights • World’s Smallest Most Powerful Servo Drive • Up to 80A/80V, 70A/100V, 30A/200V • Qualitative Power up to 5500W • Innovative Platinum line core • Ultra-Fast EtherCAT Networking • Functional Safety IEC 61800-5-2 (SIL-3, Cat4 PL-e) & FSoE

Platinum Series Highlights • Best-In-Class servo performance • World’s smallest servo technology to feature functional safety and safety over EtherCAT (FSoE) • Higher bandwidth, faster response, enhanced linearity and highest control resolutions • Ultra-efficient EtherCAT with cycling down to 100us, high synchronization with negligible jitters and near zero latency • Added feedback support: up to three simultaneously, or two absolute feedbacks • High processing power with large memory resources for better control, enhanced processing, and real time recording

Power Security & Back-Up

Instruments Ltd


CBI Series Input 90-305 V AC Output 12/24/48 V DC upto 20 A MODbus / CANbus Comms Remote Monitoring via ethernet Status Relay

Battery Chargers CB Series Input 90-305 V AC Output 12/24/48 V DC upto 20 A MODbus / CANbus Comms Remote Monitoring via ethernet Status Relay

Power Supplies

FLEX Series Input 90-500 V AC Output 12/24/48 V DC upto 25 A Single / Dual or 3 Phase inputs


h r A

Multifunction Meters | CTs, VTs and Shunts | Transducers | Energy Meters - MID Bargraphs | Earth Leakage Relays | Protection Relays | Battery Chargers | Power Supplies DC UPS | Generator Controllers | Remote Monitoring | Ventilation Control


Instruments Ltd

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Fast-track machine installation helps Eastleigh subcontractor deliver demanding project An Eastleigh-based precision manufacturer has turned to Yamazaki Mazak to install new, stateof-the-art machinery in a challenging four-week time window following a project win. The swift installation and commissioning of a new Mazak HQR200MSY CNC turning centre has enabled GW Martin & Co. (GW Martin) to expand their machining capacity and fulfil their exceptionally strong order book. Established in 1959, GW Martin supplies a complete CNC machining service, providing components to the automotive, medical, electrical, vacuum and defence sectors. While the company has traditionally specialised in the production of high-volume, precision parts, it has been driving a strategy to reduce costs and increase capacity over the last five years, with investment in automated production being central to this. This was demonstrated when they purchased their first Mazak MULTIPLEX W-200Y Multi-Tasking CNC turning centre with an automatic gantry loading system in October 2019. After winning a tender to machine a specific high-precision component in large volumes, GW Martin needed to further increase its machining capacity to complete the order in time. Having been impressed by Mazak’s work adapting the MULTIPLEX to fit their bespoke component manufacturing processes, GW Martin turned to the machine tool manufacturer to supply an HQR-200MSY. The new unit’s highly efficient twoturret, two-spindle set-up enables reduced cycle times, and, when combined with the long Y-axis stroke, high-accuracy milling required for precision manufacturing. The machine can perform highaccuracy turning and milling, and crucially for GW Martin, is compatible with a variety of automation equipment, including bar feeders, workpieces unloaders and robots. Following the machine’s order at the end of February 2020, Mazak’s 6 - Automation Update

Application Engineering team was able to quickly engineer the HQR200MSY off-site to fit into GW Martin’s machining line. This entire process, from order to installation, took only four weeks and enabled the company to manufacture the volume of bespoke parts in line with the project’s demanding schedule. “Having worked with Mazak in the past, we were aware of their reputation for supplying quality turning centres,” says Richard Blake, Business Development Manager at GW Martin. “So, when we required an automation-capable solution at short notice that could machine high-quality components in large volumes, we knew where to turn. “Our previous experience with the MULTIPLEX W-200Y meant we were fully confident that Mazak could adapt the HQR-200MSY to suit our existing processes. Bearing in mind the time pressures of this project, this was absolutely vital. Yet as we expected, even in such a short timeframe, the installation was completely seamless and risk free. “While this all sounds very simple and easy to do, it really isn’t – Mazak’s adaptability and applications engineering proficiency was already well known to us. We really appreciate how they were able to help us react quickly to this project win, and

following this success, we ordered another new MULTIPLEX W-200Y for installation in August.” Alan Mucklow, Managing Director UK & Ireland Sales & Service Division at Yamazaki Mazak, adds: “General subcontracting is a fast-moving industry, and companies working for customers across a variety of market sectors often require increased machining quality and volume at short notice in order to complete project work. “The installation of GW Martin’s HQR-200MSY is a perfect example of how Mazak can assist organisations working in this demanding sector. We are thrilled that the quick and effective installation of this machining centre enabled GW Martin to complete their project order, and look forward to working with the company again in the future.” For more information on GW Martin & Co., please visit: For more information on Yamazaki Mazak’s HQR-200MSY CNC turning centre, please visit:

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Tempmaster PRO Precision Thermometer The Tempmaster PRO from Labfacility provides very high precision temperature measurement with Pt100 sensors.

L300 8 Zone Temperature Alarm / Controller with Pt or TC inputs The Labfacility L300 Pt100 and TC temperature alarm / on-off controller can be used in conjunction with a PC to provide accurate monitoring and alarm or on-off control of up to 8- zones simultaneously

L60 Thermocouple & Fine Wire Welder The Thermocouple Welder, manufactured by Labfacility, is a compact, simple-to-use instrument designed for thermocouple and fine wire welding.

Labcal PRO Precision Thermometer The Labcal PRO from Labfacility is fully characterised for Pt100 sensors and all major thermocouples.

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TF Automation design New Plasma Treat Machines for Automotive Client TF Automation were commissioned by Kostal to design and build two plasma treat machines to address the increase in demand for cleaning new automotive switch products. Kostal commissioned TF Automation to design two identical plasma treat machines to clean the surfaces of a switch assembly. Under the touch sensitive switch or button there is a capacitive foil and to ensure good performance the bonding between the switch and foil is critical with no moisture or air bubbles. To prepare the switch for capacitive foil bonding, the plastic elements required to be plasmacleaned to remove any moisture and impurities. Plasma pre-treatment is the key enabler technology for microfine cleaning, surface activation and plasma coating of nearly all kinds of materials. Conventional industrial pre-treatment methods are being replaced by plasma technology to make processes more effective and environmentally friendly. TF Automation manufactured the two Plasma Treat Machines to automatically clean and prepare the inner surfaces of the automotive switches. Both machines accept 6 variants; however, they are programmed to accommodate many more variants, if required. The operator places two component parts into nests

on a sliding drawer which is then closed. The drawer is automatically locked which seals the plasma cleaning area and protects the operator. The plasma cleaning of both switches is carried out, allowing the operator to perform other tasks, as required. Once cleaning is complete, the operator then removes the switches and repeats the operation. The change-over from one variant to another is simple with quick change nests selected from the menu on the HMI screen. The nests are fully pokayoked sensed if variants are selected in error, the machine prompts the operator. The plasma head is mounted on to a 3-axis servo cartesian gantry and when the operator chooses a variant on the HMI, the correct plasma path is automatically selected. The plasma jet is guided with a defined speed and distance over the surface of the component prior to bonding. As the jet rotates, the plasma provides uniform treatment over a wider area than a non-rotational jet. The treatment is made by a potential-free plasma flume that exits the nozzle at an angle

Tony Hubbert, MD at TF Automation, comments, “TF Automation have worked with Kostal for nearly ten years now and built numerous process automation an testing machines, however this was the first plasm treat machine requirement.” He adds, “We see growth in general in the market for plasma treat machines as the technology can be applied across numerous industries.”

To find out more about plasma treatment or to discuss your next automation project with our design team, contact us on 01274 308005, email us at or visit our website

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Intelligent Drivesystems, Worldwide Services



The next generation of frequency inverters with on-board PLC, positioning software and seemless connectivity to industrial ethernet-based bus systems.


We‘ll talk to anyone... Integrated multi-comms ethernet interface, parameter selectable, with no hardware changes.

NORD Gear Limited | Tel +44 1235 534404 |

Intelligent Drivesystems, Worldwide Services









with a flexible product solution for virtually an The most efficient drive package available today, IE5+ motor, high efficiency 2 stage bevel gearbox and a frequency inverter specifically made with functions required for logistics applications.

NORD Gear Limited | Tel +44 1235 534404 |

From a simple standal requirement to a multiwith local intelligence v NORDAC IEC61131 P an industry standard B we have the products a can rely on.






EMS the global company

range that can provide a ny drive application.

lone geared motor -axis closed loop system via the integrated PLC, communicating over BUS or Ethernet network, and the support that you

MAXXDRIVE SAFOMI The compact combination of MAXXDRIVETM industrial gear units with dry well bearing design, the SAFOMI-IEC adapter and NORDAC FLEX is optimally suited for mixers.


Preassembled Power Connectors Bringing power to your installation has never been easier!


utomation and equipment need a lot of power. As installation concepts become more sophisticated, the number of field devices is increasing, and components such as IO modules, sensors, drives, cameras & lighting are being used everywhere. The influences of Industry 4.0 and IIoT are leading to increased demand for process control and feedback. Even mechanics are evolving from pneumatic to electric propulsion increasing demand for power in the field. Simple solutions are needed to bring energy to power hungry applications, an easy achievement with Murrelektronik’s standardized power connectors. Power connectors from Murrelektronik allow you easily feed the required power into the field.

M12 Power Connectors TIGHTLY SEALED – 63 V/16 A OR 630 V/12 A Murrelektronik’s M12 Power connectors are compact yet have high capacity to transmit energy. They are a safe, pluggable connection for linear drives, stepper motors and for supplying power to fieldbus modules. They are the solution when you need high power density in a compact space. M12 Power is a compact alternative to 7/8” connectors in applications that require high power density. The connectors are molded with highly-resistant, halogen-free PUR material, which makes them suitable for harsh industrial applications. The integrated anti-vibration lock ensures safe connections, even when exposed to shock or vibration.

MQ15 Power Connectors The MQ15 has a practical quick connection system. A quarter turn is all that is needed to create an IP67 rated connection. This saves time (up to 80 %) during installation. The MQ15 is suitable for asynchronous and three-phase motors up to 12 - Automation Update

7.5 kW and is ideal for power distribution. Receptacles are available so you can install MQ15 connections on existing asynchronous and three-phase motors.

Mini (7/8”) connectors Mini (7/8”) cables have been the established choice for power and signal control. These c(UL)us listed cables are an industry standard in the North American and have been used worldwide for decades powering components and devices. The robust cables are suitable for connecting sensors, actuators and many other components.

M23 connectors are a proven solution for connecting servo motors. Connect your servo-controllers with drives with our overmolded M23 connectors that are available in a wide variety of contact assignments. For the servo- controller connection, you can choose between double or single ended power cables that are designed to meet the Siemens Sinamics specifications.

Did you know…? All Murrelektronik cables offer superb and verified quality. Our know-how on power cables is based on many years of experience in manufacturing M8 and M12 cordsets for the sensor/actuator level. Download the White Paper and receive a M12 Power Connector Sample highlights/power-connectors/ Murrelektronik UK 0161 728 3133

Top Marks! Because our efficient labelling is top of the class.

Industrial labelling systems from Murrplastik. In 1986, history was made: Murrplastik developed the first computerised labelling system, including CAD/CAE data integration for single wires, terminals, control and signalling equipment, as well as conduits and systems. Today Murrplastik is one of the world’s leading suppliers of labelling and engraving equipment. Our labelling software will help you produce individual labels with the aid of plotters, engraving machines, printers and laser machines. We offer labelling as a special service aswell. With an extensive range of high-quality labelling materials, Murrplastik can improve your labelling - so you achieve top marks too!

Cable drag chains

Cable protection conduits and fittings

Cable entry systems and holders

Labelling Murrplastik is represented in the UK by Murrelektronik • phone: 0161 728 3133 •

Colour picking

– can it improve Order Fulfillment?


fficient and modern order processing is more important today than ever before. Internal processes must be put to the test as new challenges are to be met. For many sectors “on demand” orders with shorter delivery times are becoming the norm. Its no secret that demand fluctuation is also a big challenge for manufacturers and distributors, but this problem has become even more apparent. In fact, many fast-moving consumer goods manufacturers and distributors are experiencing their highest spikes ever. They are facing an unprecedented (and likely unexpected) predicament right now! How to produce an overwhelming demand for essential (e.g. prepared food, cleaning products, nonprescription medicines, toiletries) while facing a surge in e-commerce sales. As the world slowly recovers from COVID-19, consumer demand for some of these products might slow down, but experts predict the undistributed shift to e-commerce as a main shopping outlet will remain steady. With a potential second wave on the horizon, we’re finding warehouse managers are searching for ways to manage future demand spikes. The answer starts with an underlying foundation and Kardex is experiencing a surge of requests for a well-organised and efficient production and order fulfillment process. A few years ago, Kardex developed a new solution, based on the principles of pick-tolight technology, Colour Picking guides multiple operators through the picking process using colour as pick-lights. This allows warehouse managers to add or reduce staff based on order demands. It has a proven track record to increase picking throughput, improve performance and optimise labour costs.

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Thomas Lampinen who is the supply chain manager for KICKS cosmetics had this to say, “Before we were ten people picking in one area and we reduced it to four people and they were actually picking faster than what ten people did before and also the stock quality was really improving and the picking quality, because we reduced the amount of mispicks.” An example of a common Colour Picking work zone includes eight vertical carousel modules (VCM) RS – four on each side facing each other with a pick lane between them. Orders are transferred via a software interface from the host system (ERP/PPS) to the warehouse management software (WMS), Power Pick Global. Power Pick Global dynamically creates batches of orders based on customer criteria (e.g., required delivery date, priority, shipping method, line of business). When the batch starts, the system automatically assigns a colour to the cart and all units with order lines for that batch show the matching colour and move to retrieve the stored items required. All picking carts consecutively pass through each area. They do not overtake or pass batch carts. The same cart is assigned a different colour in another storage area or in a new batch. The operator follows the pick-to-light colours on the pick locations and batch carts during the entire picking process, picking and putting goods easily and quickly with the correct order (box or compartment in the picking cart). Kardex has prepared a white paper on the benefits of usage of colour picking with customer user examples as well as an educational ondemand webinar. To learn more, download our free white paper on the benefits of colour picking or contact us at

Positivity in Plastic

As a business everyone has targets, goals, processes, developments, projects, the list goes on.


he main purpose for any business is to be profitable and utilise all aspects of investment.

together to enable a complete in-house project from design to creation, with R and D and recycled polymer as a focus.

When you hear investment, instantly your mind is drawn to large pieces of machinery, revolutionary technology, and property, these are factors, however I am taking us back to the basics of the plastics business. The plastic polymer.

This business uses what others deem as waste, or simply sweep away.

Each polymer has been on a journey, these tiny pellets are created from natural resources, and have a long life. (Plastics are made from natural materials such as cellulose, coal, natural gas, salt and crude oil through a polymerisation or polycondensation process.) Each pellet is a form of investment. If you think about every product that is created from plastic, it has travelled many miles, has been through hours of processing and production, and then for many it’s life is cut short and has historically been shipped on a journey to China, to landfill, or simply stacked up “as it will have a use.” Millions of plastic pellets have entered our oceans, through sewer systems, polymer creation and simple misuse. I have worked within the plastics industry, and seen the mistakes made, however credit has to be given to the industry I work with, they are making changes, and creating what many deem a new way of doing business. Plastic is not evil, it is lifesaving which has been more than proven, within the times of the recent worldwide pandemic. Plastics have simply been dealt a bad hand, and due to some abusing the processes, plastic had ended up in places, that it was never meant to have seen, let alone entering the food stream, or ocean bed. An example of a business utilising every polymer and plastic off cut is Coral Products PLC, a company that has had to diversify and adapt to change since its days as a supplier of packaging for the entertainment, music, and film industry. The group supply extrusion, blow moulding and injection moulding products into a wide range of industries, including telecoms, automotive, household, food, and beauty. This business of over 30 years has an experienced CEO, with an eye for detail, which brings onboard projects and innovations that others may overlook or deem irrelevant. Bringing staff and teams

16 - Automation Update

An example of this was highlighted by Operation Clean Sweep, a project supported by the British Plastics Federation. Why are plastic polymers entering the rivers and oceans at this start of its journey if manufacturers are seeing each pellet as a resource and profit for the business? At Coral Products PLC, every top and tail from blow moulding, every pellet from extrusion and injection moulding, has a place. If it ends up on the floor, it is a waste a loss of profit for the business and does not support their circular economic business strategy. Education is the key to success. Staff need educating, and to be included within your business, in decisions, in processes, in investments, in expenditure, if staff are not part of the business, and are not aware of costs or polymer, how are they expected to respect the cost of that pile of plastic on the floor! Or why it should not be on the floor. Investment is of course key, the group have invested heavily in processes and structures that can utilise the “waste resource,” a state of the art recycling facility onsite in the North East, has enabled the group to create a circular economic strategy and offer this process to customers, collection and gathering of waste plastics, whilst delivering new product and a cost effective pricing plan, has reduced costs for many LA’s and Councils and has provided an in house resource for development of new innovative products. There are many misconceptions with regards to what can be recycled and reused as a secondary life plastic, the fable of black plastic not being recyclable, (when it’s usually down to cost,) that recycled plastic can’t be used in food products (when in-fact it can,) and plastic being the most destructive form of packaging in process, (when as it is proven, paper uses many more resources and energy, as do many other alternative polymers.)

Thinking outside of the box, (pardon the pun as Coral Products PLC create many bins, boxes, and caddy’s!) Is what Mick Wood and his team are particularly good at. Using plastic on site keeping polymer in production, using automation and cobots to enable the up skilling of staff, innovative ideas and a fresh approach to supporting other business, all of these ways of doing business can be implemented in any business. What do you have? Do you have a tool that is lying dormant, that could be used to create a different product? If you made that product in a different colour could it be used in another industry? Is there a pile of plastic, waiting for collection that you are paying to be removed, as it simply is no use? Why can’t your machine run another tool, be adapted, support a different industry? Is it because change is not discussed, is the focus on the government guidelines, restrictions, boundaries being implemented? Or is it simply due to a mindset that needs changing? Plastic is not a dirty word, it is not a product that has no use, it is part of our everyday life, and has its place in society (although many disagree.) We should always see our best in everything, find and use what we have to the best of our advantage, and do the best by others. I believe the plastics industry are endeavouring to do this, it is time to show support, change minds and educate. (Oh, and market your business, I am here to help with that! - Emma Varney - Long


For monitors, control panels and touch screens up to 25KG

Screens can be turned, tilted, swivelled and height adjusted

Can be connected to tube or aluminium profile

Control centres and workstations

Plants and machines

Profile Technology

Linear Technology

Connecting Technology

01296 611 660

Modular Technology

Industrial Machine Vision cameras At ALRAD IMAGING we know selecting the correct camera for a Machine Vision application can be a daunting task. In this article we feature just a few of our extensive range of cameras that can be used for industrial applications. The Imaging Source range of cameras offer users many different types of area scan cameras for Machine Vision with either colour or monochrome sensors and a variety of resolutions ranging from VGA to 42 MegaPixels. Camera outputs on offer are USB2, USB3, USB3.1, and GigE. Most models use Sony CMOS sensors: Starvis with rolling shutter, and Pregius or Pregius S with global shutter, offering frame rates of up to 539 fps (using an 0.4 Mega Pixel sensor). The cameras with GigE interface allow for cable lengths up to 100m and multi-camera set ups, while maintaining data rates of up to 100MB/s; the GigE Vision standard ensures rapid integration of hardware and image processing software, making the cameras ideal for applications in production, inspection and quality assurance. A variety of input, output, strobe and trigger options are available via the Hirose port. The newest "38 Series"

18 - Automation Update

cameras feature the ix Industrial® Ethernet interface which uses an integrated locking system to deliver high shock and vibration resistance in industrial environments. Details of all the cameras in this series can be found at by clicking here In addition to cased cameras, there is also available a selection of OEM board cameras with USB2, USB3 and GigE interfaces. These are ideal for customers who want to build a high quality machine vision camera into their own equipment. OMRON Sentech offer a truly extensive range of products for Machine Vision applications. In addition to cameras with outputs similar to The Imaging Source, they also offer industrial cameras with CameraLink, CoaXPress and DVI/ SDI, as well as analogue outputs. Resolutions range from 0.3 to 25 MegaPixels. High output speeds can range from 520 fps for a 0.3 MegaPixel camera and up to 180 fps for a 4 MegaPixel camera. CameraLink and GigE Linescan

cameras are also available. With such a comprehensive range of cameras, Alrad can cover a wide variety of applications by offering a suitable sensor, interface, optic and lighting solution for your particular machine vision application. Alrad has available frame grabbers and cabling to interface to any of the cameras mentioned above but there is no substitute to discussing your exact requirements with one of are experienced sales staff. Turnpike Road Industrial Estate, Newbury, Berkshire RG14 2NS, Tel 01635 30345, Email Web

IF ONLY AMAZON COULD DELIVER MOTORS... Quantum Controls have partnered with OSE Logisitcs Company to provide you with 24/7 instant access to ABB & WEG Motors. You get access to UK's largest stock of 2 and 4 pole motors, foot and flange mounted up to 250kW.

No Order Numbers needed 24/7 Direct Telephone access to expert motor engineers Order placed direct with logistics company Motor will be in transit within 30 mins, guaranteed


A clean connection for the food and beverage industry The newest addition to the HARTING Han® portfolio is the Han® F+B, a range of connectors which have been specially designed for the requirements of the food processing, bottling and packaging industries. Within these sectors, hygiene and safety are key considerations, meaning machines and equipment must be both easy to clean and designed so dirt pockets and bacteria cannot accumulate. The Han® F+B has been specifically developed as a suitable product for the food zone and splash zone and there are several innovations which make it the ideal solution. Firstly, all hoods, housings and seals are IP69K rated, so the connections are fully protected and resistant to the water jets used to clean equipment. They also have large nooks and surfaces in accordance with the guidelines of the European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG), which allows cleaning and disinfecting agents to flow unhindered. The range is Ecolab approved, so it is resistant to the highly aggressive cleaning agents used in the food and splash zones. As the housings are constructed from polypropylene, they conform to the directives of FDA 21. All surfaces also have a smooth finish, which prevents impurities and bacteria from accumulating, whilst the portfolio can function in a wide temperature range from -40 to +125° C. As well as hygiene and safety concerns, HARTING have also considered the impact of machine downtimes, designing in features which keep disruptions on the production line down to a minimum. With the Han® F+B, operators do not need to open any cable glands on the control cabinet in order to decouple field devices, eliminating the complex disconnecting and reconfiguring of fixed wiring. This solution also allows for fast replacement of defective components and a more efficient configuration when changing components, allowing businesses to shorten set-up times and reduce production stoppages. The housings can be used with hybrid contact inserts for all types of industrial transmission, including data, signal and power, a versatile connector concept which makes it possible to configure future-proof machine design for processing units, including Ethernet. With the use of an adapter, the user can integrate a selection of Han® 3A inserts, including RJ45 interfaces, signal inserts with up to 21 poles as well as power contacts for currents up to 40 A. To learn more about the Han® F+B and download our FREE whitepaper, which gives more detailed information about using connectors in food and beverage facilities, please visit or email

Hygiene and safety are top priorities.

Han® F+B - Hygienic and robust.

Connectors for the food industry ■ ■ ■ ■

Easy-to-clean design especially for the spray zone Reliable connections ensured, even with daily cleaning Protection against water jets and aggressive cleaning agents IP69K rated, Ecolab approved and complies with EHEDG guidelines

One Range. No Limits:

Protecting Your Plant Before

Rotech Motion Sensor’s can be used whenever information or monitoring of shaft rotation, position, direction, speed, slip etc is required! Rotech Motion Sensor’s can be used for indication, control, interlocking, protection, sequencing, alarm initiations and many more functions! Rotech Motion Sensor’s can be used wherever materials are transported or processed By conveyors, elevators, screws, mixers, etc!






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Monitoring the world