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Automation Update is an engaging, editorially led publication & directory giving the reader news and updates on new products and services to our ever Progressing industry. Publishing House Jet Digital Media Ltd The Forge, Spratling Court Offices, Manston, Kent CT12 5AN

Forerunner. Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow. The Sensor People have been setting technological standards in industrial automation for more than 50 years. This is how we ensure the success of our customers in an industry that is ever evolving. We have been a forerunner from the start, and we are working on standardizing industrial communication. Among other things, we make sensors that are capable of transmitting data to control systems and the cloud via IO-Link and OPC-UA.

Visit us at Drives and Controls 2020 21 – 23 April NEC Birmingham Stand D116

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LEMO NOW SHOWCASES ITS PRODUCT LINE ON EPLAN DATA PORTAL EPLAN Data Portal is a web-based platform that gives engineers instant access to electrical schematics from numerous component manufacturers, including, from now on, LEMO connectors. The EPLAN Data Portal is an integral part of the EPLAN drawing platform, which enables users to significantly reduce effort & engineering time, and also to easily generate the detailed and accurate documentation that is required by today’s end users of automation systems. EPLAN Data Portal contains a wide library of CAD components: over 900’000 data sets from more than 290 manufacturers. The data sets are classified in 4 categories, namely, electrical engineering, fluid power, mechanics and process engineering. Specifically, LEMO’s product line can be found under Electrical Engineering> Plugs. Advance search criteria include pin count, electrical current and more…. Moreover, the EPLAN Data Portal includes ordering information, logical symbols, product pictures and macros. “We first met the EPLAN team during the Electronica show in Munich 2018. It’s been a long-haul project, but thanks to my colleagues and the help of EPLAN in Germany, today we are happy to generate more than 20’000 datasets available online for LEMO products. In the future, we plan to enhance this library working on the 2D and 3D macros and adding items to complete the M and F series product line”, says Serge Buechli, Business Development Manager at LEMO SA.

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Power Security & Back-Up

Instruments Ltd


CBI Series Input 90-305 V AC Output 12/24/48 V DC upto 20 A MODbus / CANbus Comms Remote Monitoring via ethernet Status Relay

Battery Chargers CB Series Input 90-305 V AC Output 12/24/48 V DC upto 20 A MODbus / CANbus Comms Remote Monitoring via ethernet Status Relay

Power Supplies

FLEX Series Input 90-500 V AC Output 12/24/48 V DC upto 25 A Single / Dual or 3 Phase inputs


h r A

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Mike Hughes, explained how 4Sight was the ideal solution for most print inspection applications, offering three different set-up options: •

Standalone – the SICK camera is presented with a good quality of print of the code to be inspected Printer-led – the SICK camera communicates directly with the printer and understands the message to be printed Integrated – the AutoCoding system sets up and controls the printing device and the SICK camera automatically

Mike went on to explain how 4Sight uses a concept referred to as “Inspection Depth” to determine the level of inspection required. Users can select one of five levels of inspection ranging from basic presence detection through to full OCR; although it was stressed that full OCR required considerably more processing time and it is thought unnecessary when using the 4Sight solution.

4Sight – Take a Different View of Vision The recent Technology Days held by AutoCoding Systems and SICK UK demonstrated the versatility of 4Sight, their new automatic print inspection solution. Visitors attending the events held in Runcorn and St Albans, heard how 4Sight was able to deal with varying qualities of code and check for presence, legibility and location of print, rejecting any products falling below specific user-defined parameters. A short presentation was delivered by Mike Hughes, Managing Director of AutoCoding Systems followed by demonstrations of the 4Sight software conducted by AutoCoding’s Technical Director, Robin Eatch.

Neil Sandhu, Market Product Manager from SICK UK explained how the global partnership between SICK AG and AutoCoding Systems had enabled the two companies to work collaboratively on the new automatic print inspection solution, 4Sight, utilising the SICK AppSpace development platform. The 4Sight solution uses the SICK Inspector P range of cameras and, as the software resides on the camera, it can communicate directly with the coding equipment.

The demonstrations, which were supported by hardware supplied by OEM partners, Domino and Markem-Imaje, showed how the 4Sight software differentiated between “good” reads, “poor” reads and “bad” reads using parameters set by the user. Robin explained how users could select specific tolerances according to their own criteria and configure the system to accept print qualities that fell within these specified tolerances. The software can also identify degradation of the print quality, with users deciding what quality of “poor” prints are deemed acceptable. Once tolerances are reached, the print quality is deemed as “bad” at which stage the product is rejected. The event concluded with a Q & A session which covered various features of the solution and how it differed from conventional vision solutions; no time consuming set-up, no teaching of fonts and what are considered good/bad images, avoidance of “nuisance” stops due to false rejection of acceptable print quality and, most significantly, the ability to have the camera inspection system automatically adjust when the printer needs to print a different message. For more information, contact Janet Harrison – Tel +44 (0)1928 790444 Email : janet / Web :

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VI SI th T - 2 HV US Ex 2n AC AT c d ST el, Ap AN Lo ril D ndo 20 C6 n 2 0 0

20 Leaders in temperature measurement

Temperature Measurement Specialists

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Industrial Machine Vision cameras Selecting the correct camera for a Machine Vision application can be a daunting task. In this article we feature just a few of our extensive range of cameras that can be used for industrial applications. The Imaging Source range of cameras offer users many different types of area scan cameras for Machine Vision with either colour or monochrome sensors and a variety of resolutions ranging from VGA to 42 MegaPixels. Camera outputs on offer are USB2, USB3, USB3.1, and GigE. Most models use Sony CMOS sensors: Starvis with rolling shutter, and Pregius or Pregius S with global shutter, offering frame rates of up to 539 fps (using an 0.4 Mega Pixel sensor). The cameras with GigE interface allow for cable lengths up to 100m and multi-camera set ups, while maintaining data rates of up to 100MB/s; the GigE Vision standard ensures rapid integration of hardware and image processing software, making the cameras ideal for applications in production, inspection and quality assurance. A variety of input, output, strobe and trigger options are available via the Hirose port. The newest “38 Series”

cameras feature the ix Industrial® Ethernet interface which uses an integrated locking system to deliver high shock and vibration resistance in industrial environments. Details of all the cameras in this series can be found at https:// a 4 MegaPixel camera. sub-types?type=IndustrialCameraLink and GigE cameras. Linescan cameras are also In addition to cased cameras, available. there is also available a With such a comprehensive selection of OEM board cameras with USB2, USB3 and range of cameras, Alrad can cover a wide variety of GigE interfaces. These are ideal for customers who want applications by offering a to build a high quality machine suitable sensor, interface, optic and lighting solution for vision camera into their own your particular machine vision equipment. application. OMRON Sentech offer a Alrad has available frame truly extensive range of grabbers and cabling to products for Machine Vision interface to any of the applications. In addition to cameras mentioned above cameras with outputs similar but there is no substitute to The Imaging Source, they to discussing your exact also offer industrial cameras requirements with one of are with CameraLink, CoaXPress experienced sales staff. and DVI/SDI, as well as analogue outputs. Turnpike Road Industrial Estate, Newbury, Berkshire Resolutions range from RG14 2NS, 0.3 to 25 MegaPixels. High output speeds can range from Tel 01635 30345, Email 520 fps for a 0.3 MegaPixel Web camera and up to 180 fps


We bring colour into view! Compact pressure sensors and switches with 360° custom-colour status display

256 colours Individually selectable: Measurement in progress Sensor switching Process malfunction

15 cm

Compact design

Hygienic adapter system

Adjustment via smartphone

£262 VEGABAR 39 G½"

Güdel TrackMotion Modules Helping Robots Reach Out


he ever-expanding range of industrial robot applications means that today robots are being tasked with increasingly varied and more complex operations. In addition, many manufacturers are seeking to capitalise on the flexibility offered by robots, especially the 6 axis variety, and this in turn has led in many cases to a demand for larger working envelopes. With such a broad range of different robot makes and models available, there are options for horizontal reach exceeding 3,500mm. However, robots with this reach tend to be physically large and capable of high payloads, characteristics which may not be required for the majority applications. Güdel’s TrackMotion range of robot linear tracks, brings a new dimension to the requirement to extend robot reach. In this article Will Bourn, Sales Manager for Güdel UK, explains the benefits which can be realised by integrating a standard robot to one of the company’s TMF Linear Tracks. There can be a variety of reasons why extending the reach of a particular robot is preferable to either purchasing a larger model, or indeed additional robots. The 6 axis robots available from all of the major manufacturers do offer a good working range when compared to the physical size of the arm, however in instances where for example, process or machining cycles allow, a single robot can be capable of servicing more than one machine or workstation. It is in applications such as these that robot linear tracks bring significant benefits by adding both working range and flexibility. Güdel is dedicated to rack and pinion-driven auxiliary linear slides for robots and overhead gantry robots, with a comprehensive range of TrackMotion modules suitable for robots ranging from smaller variants, typically 1,500mm reach and 6kg payload, right up to the latest heavy duty versions now being brought to market by some of the leading Robot manufacturers. Güdel offers a range of 6 variants of TMF (TrackMotion Floor) linear track: TMF-1 to TMF-6. In all cases these modules offer the same robust and reliable method of extending the work envelope of robot systems for which the company has become renowned.

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Indeed, many of the world’s leading robot integrators turn to Güdel when they need to enhance the working range of their systems, and the flexibility of the Güdel TrackMotion range is therefore at the heart of some truly innovative concepts. As an example, the company’s TMF-6 is currently the only standard module of its type available on the market that can move an articulated robot weighing over six tonnes, with a payload of 1300Kg, and sustain a static payload of over ten tonnes. Working as a fully integrated seventh axis for robots, the TMF-6 opens up new possibilities in a number of production processes. A range of adaptor plates, designed to suit the increasing number of heavy-duty robots now available, maximises the potential for integration with different manufacturers and their respective robot models. The modular design of the TMF range makes it possible to have tracks ranging from 3 metres up to 100 metres in length, in 1 metre increments, allowing users and integrators to specify the optimum track length for any given application. Another feature of the TMF track range is that the length can be extended, should this be required to increase flexibility or to future-proof existing installations. With the capability to accommodate independently driven carriages, depending upon variant, multiple robots are able to share the same track if required, delivering the highest levels of utilisation and flexibility. Güdel’s reputation for quality and engineering excellence is clearly evident in the design, the materials used and build standard of the TMF range, ensuring high uptimes and a long service life. From a maintenance perspective, the ability to adjust the guide-way rollers from the outside of the units and the availability of an automatic lubrication system for the rack & pinion, will keep planned maintenance times to a minimum. Güdel not only provides sophisticated automation solutions but is a manufacturer of high-precision machine components including linear guide-ways, racks, pinions and drives. These high quality components are at the heart of all Güdel linear axes and gantry robots


Precision comes as standard. Photocells with Industry 4.0 built in

OGD Precision • Distinguish 1mm objects at 300mm • Measure the distance





years if m pr od


OGD LongRange • Detect and measure over 1500mm range • Even dark objects against a light background Both with M18 thread in stainless steel with IO-Link //uk/ogd uk/ ogd ifm Telephone (020) 8213 1111


Your innovative partner for a successful 3D-experience Since 1995 DOSCH DESIGN has been a fixture in quality CG products by staying on the cutting edge in 3D-design, animation, architectural visualizations, print publishing, motion design, etc. With its well-diversified product range DOSCH DESIGN supports CG artists in various fields in their daily work.


specially in the field of Automation, Mechanical Engineering, tool making or the automotive industry, 3D-Design has become an indispensable element. Photography can afford incredible, but it also has its limits. This is not least known in mechanical engineering, where custom-made products and often also very large objects are commonplace. In addition, machines are usually moved in assembly halls, which are not suitable as an environment for good photographs. That’s why many companies choose 3D-Design to perfectly showcase their products and services.

Innovative, “ready to use” 3D-scenes for automation, manufacturing or automotive design The company introduced a new product line – 3D scenes which is a significant work relief and time and money saver for designers. Currently the following, completely textured 3D-scenes are released: Different versions of Car Scenes, Factories, Exhibition Halls, Lofts and Office Scenes. Each of these product is available in two versions. The “light version” contains the pure environment, the “extended version” also contains people or vehicles.

Individual Services by DOSCH DESIGN Beside the large product range the company offers extensive individual services in the field of 3D-design: • Creation of individual 3D-models and 3D-scenes • Creation of individual textures and materials • 3D-data format conversion / 3D-data optimization / 3D-data reduction • 3D-renderings and 3D-visualizations Curious to know more? Then download our free samples at:

Helpful visualization tools for designers

DOSCH DESIGN has developed a lot of helpful visualization tools that make life easier for designers and have become an integral part of many users’ creative arsenal. The company places great importance on depicting 3D models realistically no matter whether these relate to automation, manufacturing, engineering, vehicles, buildings, industry, medicine, nature or garden, to name but just a few. High-quality 3D models - directly importable in OBJ and FBX formats - are a great enrichment. Virtual packaging designs, showrooms and product stages in photorealistic quality offer completely new possibilities - and save expensive and elaborate photo shootings.

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Quantum's Unique Rental Drive Solution Any Time | Any Place | Any Weather


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Manufacturing and Machine Building Solutions from Foremost Electronics Foremost Electronics, the engineering-led Essex based importer and specialist distributor of electromechanical components offers a wide range of manufacturing and machine building solutions for industrial systems.


mergency stop switches are required in many industrial and process control applications including alarms, emergency equipment and mchine shutdown and exit access. Foremost supply a wide range of rugged, high reliability emergency stop switches from the IDEC e-stop series. Using patented 3rd generation safety technology with reverse energy structure they provide optimal safety by conforming to international approvals: UL, TUV, ATEX, CE, and CCC. Many versions are fitted with “safe brake action technology” ensuring fail-safe operation even if the switch actuator is not properly positioned, has been damaged or is detached. Estop XW Series feature a smooth button design for applications requiring a clean environment where dust build up isn’t permitted i.e. food processing machines, medical equipment etc. and illuminated versions are available. The LD6A Signalight Towers are ergonomically designed for instant visual and audible recognition and combine the latest LED illumination with safety technology. This new concept features an innovative striped design Improving visibility. LD6A light towers are ideal for factory automation, may be mounted on machines and are sealed up to IP65. The lens shape offers visibility in all directions and can include an alarm which can be heard in noisy areas The icotek IMAS-CONNECT ™ adapter system is a hybrid modular grommet system for mounting connectors, keystone couplers, hose fittings, pressure compensation elements and much more. Pre-terminated and standard cables or hoses can be routed, and it is possible integrate various types of connectivity ports into the frame system. Additional knock-outs are no longer required. The elastomer-made grommets of the adapter system have a body made of polyamide or nickel-plated brass, meet IP54 or IP65 protection levels and fit existing icotek cable entry frames, such as KEL-U, KEL-ER, KEL-FG EMC protection of cable entries may be achieved using icotek EMC-KEL-U 24 EMC cable entry frames. They are designed with a conductive surface allowing disturbances in the cable shields on a control cabinet to be easily dissipated, while field bound disturbances are derived by the metallisation. A conductive flat gasket (included) is mounted between the EMC-KEL-U 24 and the metal wall to ensure correct operation. 14 - Automation Update

Neutrik powerCON environmentally sealed connectors feature the proprietary TRUE OUTDOOR PROTECTION (TOP) for demanding outdoor and harsh environment applications. The range includes lockable plugs, sockets, power and extension cords. These ruggedised sealed connectors feature not only IP protection but also UV resistance approved according to UL50E. Applications include the heavy-duty requirements of industrial systems, signs and LED screens or lighting. The Foremost range of USB connected, hall effect joysticks suit a variety of markets including machine control, manufacturing operations, instrumentation and inspection. IP Joysticks are cost effective and simple to use. They may also be used in a wide variety of security camera applications including premises monitoring CCTV. Foremost also supply PTZ controllers with USB HID interface. call +44 (0)1371 811171 or email

4Most Electronics Importer and specialist distributor of E-MECH products

E-Stop Switch XW Series


The incorporation of greater automation in manufacturing, logistics and process control has increased the demand for associated parts to enhance the automation hardware in achieving ever increasing duties.


Foremost Electronics Ltd provides a dedicated team of experienced technical specialists, to advise customers of the products best suited to support their automation requirements.

Industrial Control Switch

Signal Light Tower LD6A Series


CW Series

For further details of our extensive product range please call or email us on: T +44 (0) 1371 811171


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AUTOMATED STORAGE AND CUTTING OF MATERIAL Storage of raw material after it has been delivered and subsequent sawing of the stock into manageable sizes for handling and deployment onto machine tools are often the first two processes in a factory.

The efficiency of both functions can be dramatically increased if they are automated. KASTO’s presence on stand 610 in hall 19 at the forthcoming MACH 2020 show in Birmingham (NEC, 20th - 24th April) will provide an ideal opportunity for stockholders, OEMs and subcontractors to quiz the company on what it can offer and the competitive advantages that can be obtained. One of the company’s recent product introductions for streamlining storage is the KASTOecostore tower, a standardised solution for automated, 3D storage and retrieval of sheet material and pallets. There is another, similar system for storing bar and other long stock. Advantages include low space requirement, high storage density, short material access times, energy savings and value for money. 16 - Automation Update

KASTO will also be able to explain the widening choice of automation systems on offer to minimise labour costs and increase production output from the company’s circular sawing and bandsawing machines. Industrial robots make production more flexible and efficient, from batch sizes of one to large volumes. They also improve working conditions for operators and can significantly reduce costs in stockholding and manufacturing operations. Sawing systems are increasingly being automated by robots, as they are fast, reliable, precise and if necessary can work 24/7 without human intervention. Robotic systems are also taking over numerous process steps following sawing, from removal of the cut pieces through deburring, chamfering, measuring and marking and on to weighing, sorting and stacking on pallets or in containers.

Stock to be cut can be supplied to a machine by means of a roller conveyor or magazine, for example, sparing workers the effort of lifting and reducing the risk of injuries. Depending on how it is equipped, the sawing machine can run attended, with the control system holding all parameters of a job including material diameter, blade speed, rate of downfeed, cut length and number of parts. KASTO can implement combined storage and sawing systems in which all processes are automated, from storage of the raw material to retrieval of the cut parts. The control software can be linked to an ERP system for transparency and efficiency. Other processes like turning or milling can be integrated within a fully digitised, Industry 4.0 production environment.

New: R+K height adjustable floor stand RK Rose+Krieger (part of the international Phoenix Mecano group of companies) have been manufacturing components for automation and machine building for over 40 years. Our extensive range of products in the fields of linear adjustment, profile technology, connecting and module technology are renowned and respected for their reliability and performance. As a company we are always striving to look for new ways to advance our products. For example, we have recently expanded our range of monitor mounting components even further introducing our new RK height adjustable monitor floor stand. With the new height adjustable monitor floor stand, RK Rose+Krieger is expanding its monitor mounting product range to include a robust ergonomic standing workstation for industry which can be set up quickly and is much more economical than complex workstations. The work surface and monitor mounting are supported by a stable triple column system on a black powder coated base frame. The position can be easily adjusted by hand and has an adjustment stroke of 400mm. The standard version of the stand has feet (steering rollers optional) and a rotary flange connecting plate. Pre-assembled modules are supplied for quick and easy set-up. The stand can also be combined with all available RK monitor holding components. The monitor is moved up or down synchronously with the work surface but the height can also be adjusted independently. The user can thus adjust the distance between the work surface and the monitor precisely to their requirements.

The rear column is equipped with a cable channel and elastic bands and cables can be simply pushed in and held in place making for a tidy appearance. Please contact R+K to discuss this or any of other range or products including aluminium profile, connecting technology and linear components. Automation Update - 17

mk’s Accumulating Pallet Recirculation System used by Leading German Appliance Manufacturer

Although the SPU is available as both a single and dual lane solution, due to the size of the dishwasher housing (approximately 800 x 600 x 400mm) a double lane solution was provided in this instance. Additionally the carriers consist of two parts, to ensure navigation around the return roller.

The accumulating pallet recirculation system SPU 2040 enables cost-effective and dynamic feeding, buffering, positioning and separating of workpiece pallets (WT). In this application the SPU provided the perfect solution for transporting the housing of dishwashers for a leading German white goods manufacturer.


hen linking multiple cycle or changeover times the SPU 2040 allows a countercyclical operation with automatic recirculation of the workpiece. A flat top chain carries the workpieces on the WT to the assembly plant. After removal of the workpieces the empty pallets are safely carried over the return roller and then conveyed back on the underside of the conveyor. They are then once again available at the starting point of the conveyor waiting to be loaded with new workpieces. A second conveying level and devices for lifting and lowering with complex control elements are no longer required. No additional manual or automated loading of pallets in necessary either. In this particular application the SPU will equalise and buffer each dishwasher housing carrier between two machines through the process 18 - Automation Update

of becoming a welded unit and a fully assembled unit. There is also a requirement to stop the carriers for optical inspections via image processing and for mounting further components.

The SPU 2040 is very compact in comparison with other systems on the market so meant low space requirements for this appliance manufacturer. It also offers the benefit of good ergonomic properties for workers who place or remove the dishwasher housing from the system. Due to the proven mk modular design the SPU 2040 is adjustable so can be further enhanced or adapted as the white goods manufacturer’s production requirements grow or need adapting. To find out more please visit, call (01949) 823751 or email

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SPU 2040 Accumulating Pallet Recirculation Systems with automatic return of pallets

mk Profile systems limited a company of the mk Technology Group Unit 2·Wolds Farm Business Park Kinoulton Lane·Kinoulton·Nottinghamshire, NG12 3EQ Phone +44 (0)1949 823751·Fax +44 (0)1949 81270·

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Benefit from our expertise in decentralized automation We are the experts for decentralized automation. Our global network of Application Engineers will help you future-proof your machine or plant installations. Flexible and economical solutions to connect sensors and actuators to the controller or the cloud. Call 0161 728 3133 to speak to the UK Applications Engineer.

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