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Missing seals, incorrectly engaged connections, the wrong type of screw: none of this escapes the PMD Profiler. With a measuring accuracy of 500 μm, the photoelectronic line scanner reliably detects even the smallest deviations. As precisely as the PMD Profiler does its work, it is tolerant when it comes to its working environment: immunity to ambient light and independence from distance enable flexible positioning. Thanks to the intuitive button operation and colour display, the sensor is ready for use within minutes, even without software . ifm - close to you.

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CBI Series Input 90-305 V AC Output 12/24/48 V DC upto 20 A MODbus / CANbus Comms Remote Monitoring via ethernet Status Relay

Battery Chargers CB Series Input 90-305 V AC Output 12/24/48 V DC upto 20 A MODbus / CANbus Comms Remote Monitoring via ethernet Status Relay

Power Supplies

FLEX Series Input 90-500 V AC Output 12/24/48 V DC upto 25 A Single / Dual or 3 Phase inputs


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Automation Update is an engaging, editorially led publication & directory giving the reader news and updates on new products and services to our ever Progressing industry.

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Forerunner Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow. The Sensor People have been setting technological standards in industrial automation for more than 50 years. In the field of safety at work, we convince right from the start with trend-setting inventions, such as the development of the first protective sensor ever, to our latest safety innovation, “Smart Process Gating” – the space-saving solution for access guarding on conveyor lines. This is how we ensure the success of our customers in an industry that is ever evolving. Automation Update - 3

Automated Parcel Consolidation Saves 80% Storage Space The automation of the process from good to person picking and buffer storage consolidation is making it easier to meet customer demand. Kardex customer Hella is a logistics service provider with long-standing experience in the automotive industry. They ship more than 2,000 orders to global customers every day and found that storing these orders until it was time to ship the stock out took up a lot of space. Traditionally they used a manual processes of loading cartons onto pallets and storing them until needed, but optimisation for leaner processes was required so they investigated ways to increase ergonomics, reduce sort and search times, and minimise walking distances. They made the decision to purchase a six-meter high Kardex Vertical Buffer Module LR 35 as it was the most efficient and economical solution to meet all their requirements now, whilst enabling future growth. The LR35 is utilised as a consolidation buffer for customer orders awaiting shipment and uses conveyor technology, so they are now able to transport various sized cartons automatically. Once a truck has arrived, a complete retrieval list for the relevant cartons starts. The cartons are pre-sorted by size and weight and ordered and are delivered via two access openings. Employees scan the cartons and move them onto a pallet. “With the LR 35, we were able to save 80% of storage space and no longer face any capacity restrictions,“ says Raphael Heimann, Project Manager Intralogistics, Hella Distribution GmbH. 4 - Automation Update

To learn more about how the LR35 can manage your order picking and consolidation requirements click here. Or contact Kardex on 01992 557237, email:

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4 Comm ports, inc Ethernet Built-in data logging to microSD Free no-limit programming Slim stackable design Multiple i/o wiring options Starter kit available +44 (0)20 3026 2670

Lamonde Automation Limited Quality Products: Expert Advice

December 2021 ENGINEERING


4Sight – take a different view on print, packaging & product inspection Vision solutions for industrial code printing have always been particularly difficult, especially with continuous inkjet. Similarly, automatically inspecting for packaging accuracy or for product quality is challenging in real world situations. Historically, therefore, these types of inspections have been carried out manually utilising valuable Operator and QC resource and time. AutoCoding Systems launched 4Sight initially to inspect printed codes to ensure all products leaving the factory were printed with legible codes in the correct location. However, the application has recently been extended to include additional types of inspection to tackle the challenges of packaging and product inspection. The 4Sight solution has already received global interest, particularly from customers looking for an alternative to expensive OCR/OCV products. 4Sight uses a different, focussed approach to inline print quality inspection which does not follow the usual OCR/OCV route of teaching fonts. By using our detailed understanding of coding equipment and the characteristics of what they print, AutoCoding Systems has been able to develop a product which is adaptable to differing requirements, putting the user at the core of what they deem to be acceptable print quality – considering factors such as printing technology, speed of line and processing time. For code inspection, the unique feature of 4Sight is Inspection Depth which gives users the choice to define the level of quality required for their inspection. The objective is to determine, with a high level of confidence, that the print is of adequate quality for the specific application. The user can decide on the print

6 - Automation Update

quality tolerance thresholds to define what is considered a good read, bad read and poor read on a per product basis. The deeper the inspection depth, the greater the processing time, but even at the highest inspection depth with the lowest tolerances, delivering exceptional results both in terms of quality and accuracy, the speed of inspection is faster and more reliable than conventional OCR. The latest version of 4Sight delivers even more flexibility and functionality than its predecessor. Additional inspection types include Barcode Inspection, Packaging Verification, 3D Dimensioning and Classify. 4Sight is capable of reading both 1D and 2D codes; barcode inspections can be combined with print inspection and packaging verification. With packaging verification, artwork comparisons can be carried out against a reference image to verify that the product packaging is correct. This type of inspection can also be configured with permitted rotation simplifying the process of inspecting circular products such as pots, bottles and tins. 3D Dimensioning uses the SICK Trispector P 3D camera to inspect product size, checking against reference dimensions and, therefore, volume. The quality and consistency of the top surface of the packaging can also be checked for issues such as damaged seals or open flaps. Classify allows users to compare image histograms against reference images and selects the best match. This type of inspection can be used for checking the quality of actual products, for example, toppings on biscuits or evenness of bake on crumpets, bread, biscuits etc. For increased versatility, multiple inspections can take place simultaneously combining up to 8

different inspections across a range of up to 4 cameras. This allows users to set up multiple inspections in one configuration, looking at different objects in a specific field of view, each with their own region of interest. With three different set-up options; standalone, printer-led or integrated into a code deployment solution; even greater flexibility is offered. The newly enhanced HMI offers users easy-to-navigate, clear drop-down menus, with explanatory descriptions where relevant. The step-by-step Wizards ensure that new users, with the relevant permissions, can create new inspection configurations or load existing inspection configurations with ease. Managing Director, Mike Hughes, stated, “The 4Sight product is a game-changer when it comes to automatic print inspection. Many companies veer away from automatic print inspection because historically it’s been expensive, unreliable and complicated to set-up. 4Sight alleviates these fears by offering a viable alternative to OCR/OCV methodology.”

Leaders in temperature measurement

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A selection of hand held instruments for many applications including a large range of digital thermometers, light level meter and a range of great value handheld sensors.

IR Industrial IR Medical Infrared Thermometers Thermometers

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Temperature & Wood Moisture Meter Humidity Meter

Grain Moisture Meter Bognor Regis tel: +44 (0)1243 871280 Sheffield tel: +44 (0)1909 569446

Energy Saving with Variable Speed Drives Made Easy Why are Energy prices going up? Demand for gas has spiked, which has caused energy costs within the UK to rise. Britain is becoming more reliant on burning expensive gas to generate electricity. This gloomy forecast requires an action to help you reducing your winter energy costs!

This is how we can help: Electric motor driven systems comprise a massive 40% of the world’s total electricity consumption, and 75% here in the UK. But many businesses are unaware of the technologies available to them. These very high running costs can be mitigated using Variable Speed Drives (VSD) to control individual motors. The saving is especially large when using VSDs on centrifugal pump and fan applications – this action reduces the speed of the motor by 20% (reducing electricity usage by half), which means a saving of up to 50% of the running costs. Quantum Controls have won 3 national awards for delivery energy savings to UK Industry by focusing on a process that guarantee’s the saving that will be achieved before the client spends a penny. It is quite simple! The issue is the large investment of purchasing a new VSD, permanent installation and commissioning costs. Here Quantum offers the perfect solution for you:

Quantum offer Drives from 1.1kW up to 4.5 Mega Watt, available for long term lease. This can be to cover the 6-month winter period, the installation on drives on long term lease will: 1. PProduce instant and significant savings 2. No need for any initial capital outlay 3. Pre site survey to identify all applications on your site that meet the criteria 4. Savings will be predicated and identified in detailed report 5. Drives are suitable for indoor and outdoor 6. All power cables are also provided 7. Installation and commissioning services available 8. Unlimited 24/7 engineer support technical support available on all leased drives 9. ABB and Schneider Brands available 10. Electricity cost savings GUARANTEED to be significantly greater than lease costst savings GUARANTEED to be significantly greater than lease costs

Quantum Controls Energy Saving Report

Take Action Today If you’re serious about reducing your winter energy costs or if you want your company to have a competitive advantage, then contact us today to arrange your no obligation site survey. Normally site survey and full report cost is £997 (excl. VAT), but should you proceed with the energy pack and lease proposal this amount will be fully refunded.

Contact us on or 01661 835566

8 - Automation Update

Quantum Controls hire services is the one-stop-shop towards fast access to a broad range of wellmaintained, market-leading ABB & Schneider Electric Drives and application engineering expertise. Customers gain solid engineering advice and hire equipment for emergency, temporary bypass, or semi-permanent application within hours. Benefiting from round-the-clock access to over 1500 Weatherproof VSDs up to 4.5MW power rating, our customers will gain peace of mind for a first-time fix for any drive failure. Within hours our engineers will be at your UK site delivering and installing a suitable temporary drive ensuring you're back up and running! As well as Weatherproof Hire Drives, we have a range of Ancillary Products to support your full temporary solution: Electric Motors

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How the Smart Factory becomes reality According to the latest Global Smart Factory Market Report and Forecast, 2021 – 2027 the worldwide Smart Factory market is expected to reach $138 billion by 2027, rising 10% each year.

SCIO’s cutting-edge solutions for autonomous material handling in intra-logistics and production.

In fact, it is rapidly becoming clear that successful adoption of smart factory practices and strategies may be the determining factor between the winners and losers in tomorrow’s world of manufacturing industries. Smart, integrated, highly-automated plants will be a requirement to stay competitive, because without secure, efficient and flexible intra-logistics and production, you might end up pricing yourself out of the market due to higher production costs than your competitors. In the end, companies which are fastest to implement these processes will have significant advantages. Barriers, and how to get over them Managers often see obstacles to the Smart Factory, perhaps based on previous disappointing experiences when they tried isolated single solutions instead of aiming to integrate all production and intra-logistics in an overall system. As an example, a hundred robots may run perfectly on their own, but if you want to gain the cost benefits you are seeking they all need to be seamlessly integrated and coordinated as a complete continuous process. 10 - Automation Update

Only then, can they work smoothly together as part of a real Smart Factory. Putting it all together A true Smart Factory is a completely integrated, highly-automated, manufacturing area that connects all intra-logistics and production steps using hardware and software that accesses a real time data base. This is only possible if you connect and integrate everything in one overall system covering parts & raw materials, logistics, machines and sub-processes. In this way, logistics and production are one unit, allowing you to see at one glance and in real-time where every single part and every single step in your production is. Real-time data and advanced automation make the factory an integrated unit of connected, digital, flexible and safe processes. This is vastly different from the traditional series of discrete, disconnected steps that most manufacturing plants are operating upon today. Making sense of the complexity Our company SCIO Automation has long experience as a strong and reliable partner supporting Smart Factory

implementations all over the world. Based on our deep experience we look at the client’s process landscape and make specific, targeted suggestions for automation solutions – both from our portfolio as well as third-party products. And if there isn’t a solution on the market, we are most likely able to innovate and develop customized products like our AGV-conversion kit for any commercially available tugger train on the market. The key is for managers to switch from a ‘hardware-only’ mindset to imagining overall integration of digitally-enabled process environments using software which connects everything in one system, based on real-time data. Employing this approach, which we’ve refined and proven widely, we are making the Smart Factory of the future a reality today. For more information visit

Tel: 01296 611660 Email: 26 Faraday Road, Aylesbury Buckinghamshire HP19 8RU

VITAL POWER PROVIDES BESPOKE POWER UPGRADE FOR ROAD SURFACING PLANT IN GLOUCESTERSHIRE Vital Power are critical power specialists, providing expert solutions for industrial diesel generators and UPS systems nationwide. On this power upgrade project, Vital Power supplied, installed, and commissioned a brand-new Atlas Copco QIS 335 industrial diesel generator at BituChem, road surfacing specialists in Gloucestershire. and commissioned an Atlas Copco QIS 335 on site to ensure reliable power can be supplied for the foreseeable future. The QIS 335 comes complete with a robust Volvo TAD1341GE engine, Mecc Alte alternator & DSE 7320 control panel. This machine was also specified with a long run fuel tank to allow more time between fuel fills. BituChem is now on a tailored 5-year service & maintenance plan with Vital Power, complete with 24/7/365 call out facility to further protect site moving forward. A spokesperson from BituChem explained how “everyone at Vital Power is very professional. We couldn’t be happier with the result, and I couldn’t fault the work at all, we’re really pleased”.

BituChem are reliant on power supplied from a generator to run a certain plant on site. The site’s existing generator was a 25-year-old, 300kVA diesel generator, which whilst still running, had started to show serious signs of old age. BituChem decided to look into replacing the generator for more reliable power on site, whilst future proofing their operations at the same time. Long-term trusted supply partner of BituChem, HFT Forklifts were asked to source an industrial diesel generator for the plant in Gloucestershire, in which Vital Power was approached to provide expert advice and assistance with the application. The main project goals were to find a solution that offered increased fuel efficiency, more power delivery and provided a long-term solution to powering the plant on site. Issues such as motor starts & low loading were key factors that BituChem wanted to consider, so choosing the correct power node was a critical element in this upgrade. 12 - Automation Update

Following a period of load monitoring on site and considering the various motor starts involved during plant start up, Vital Power determined that a QIS 335 (300kVA prime/ 330kVA standby) was the appropriate generator for the task. As official UK dealers of the Atlas Copco QIS industrial diesel generator range, Vital Power then supplied, electrically installed,

With UK nationwide coverage, 24/7/365 support, and highly trained in-house engineers, Vital Power is the UKs leading power solutions partner. Contact Vital Power to find out more: Tel: +44 (0)3339 960 886 Email: Web: Your Power Solutions Partner

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Flexible modular solutions from mk! Compatible standard modules from mk simplify your production and maximise efficiency. Technology from mk provides the ideal solution for plant and special machinery engineering. mk Profile Systems Limited a company of the mk Technology Group Phone +44 (0)1949 823751·


Here, Mark Cattle, Director at Prima Tooling, provides an update on what the company delivers as part of the production process for all of the tooling it manufactures. 'Precision has always been, and continues to be, one of the factors that drive our manufacturing process'.


utting tool manufacturing demands ever increasing quality, and more than ever Prima Tooling continues to deliver the detail as Mark Cattle explains: “We have invested heavily over the past nine years in FeatureCAM software so that the precision of our tooling starts right from the beginning. “FeatureCAM is renowned in the milling world. However, we ensure that by having the latest version for more 5-axis functionality, as well as added control and simulation capabilities, means our tool designs enable us to produce consistently accurate tool bodies, that are balanced by design.” Measuring with precision and using state-of-the-art measuring equipment from both Walter and Zoller, Prima Tooling's process for accurate production continues. Operated in a climate-controlled environment the data retrieved from its measuring machines feeds back directly into the grinding and erosion processes. “Pre-grinding, we have the best 'teammate' a Zoller Venturion presetting and measuring machine. And, by using both 'through light' and 'light' measuring the Walter Helicheck scans both newly manufactured and reserviced tools; capturing them in all of their geometry allowing us to quality control every tool through its entire length and all of its angles. By measuring complex tools with the highest precision, down to the μm, our optimally set tools, achieve a longer tool life. One of the key performance factors on the tool design according to Prima is, in addition to the tool and the tool holding, is the balancing. Understanding its tooling application in 'the real world' the company appreciates the improvements required to enhance the customers manufacturing capability. With this in mind, and in line with its 'Defining the detail' ethos Heat Shrink Fit tooling is offered, fitting either new tools or for serviced contracts where the tool can removed before and refitted after servicing. Paul Wiggins, Director, explains: “We have a lot of customers reach out to us, as they are experiencing manufacturing problems and are looking for a different solution to their current tooling. One of the common issues we come across is tooling that isn't balanced correctly.” Ensuring that every tool is correctly balanced on the company’s Haimer machine means that all tooling, be it new or tooling that has come in for servicing, is returned to the customers in the 'most productive state possible'. “We invested in Haimer as the company understands the spindle speed of modern machine tools, which have increased on a continuous basis in the last few years in order to achieve higher cutting volumes and machine in a profitable manner,” Paul Wiggins 14 - Automation Update

continues. “The increases have also raised the demands for the tools and holders used, because the higher spindle speeds make the effects of imbalance increasingly more noticeable. The consequences are vibrations, bad surface finish and shorter tool life. “Only the high-precision balancing of tools and tool holders can provide access to the complete capability of modern machine tools with regards to speed, cutting volume and the surface finish achieved. Balancing results in reduced vibrations, it reduces wear of the spindle and tool, as well as downtime. Resulting in a more robust process.” Mark Cattle concludes: “We have been manufacturing cutting tools for over 40 years, it would be easy to be stagnant in our manufacturing. However, we understand the need to develop our tooling to match the everchanging demands of the industries we work with, such as aerospace, automation, and general precision engineering. As well as the challenges of new materials such as composites and non ferrous metals.”

StocExpo Find out more >

Place yourself at the heart of the leading bulk liquid storage event

8 - 10 March 2022 Ahoy, Rotterdam

The Future of Tank Storage Here, Rikki Bhachu, StocExpo’s Head of Marketing, puts a spotlight on some of the mantras shared by the event’s Forty Under 40 and identifies some common themes and opinions shared by the rising young stars of the industry.

A Changing Industry Like all industries, the tank storage sector has been impacted by COVID-19 and Brexit. It has also had to adapt to megatrends such as globalisation, changing demographics, disruptive technologies, sustainability drives and geopolitical developments. It’s safe to say that the tank storage industry is going through an interesting time and it’s crucial that all those involved are equipped to take note and respond in order to be set up for success. Where better to seek advice for the future than with the current crop of tank storage rising stars? Let’s hear what they have to say. Hear From the Forty

Riza Altunergil, V.P. Business Development, Aager GmbH

Josefien Groot, Co-founder and CEO, Qlayers B.V.

“Love what you do, yourself and others."

“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I'm possible.”

Praneel Lal, Marketing Manager, FUELCHIEF “The path to personal achievement is different for everyone, no path is straight and no path is without its cracks.” Luke Robbins, Commercial Director, North West Europe, CLH Group “Say yes to and get involved in as many different opportunities as you can.” Kartik Gala, CEO, Woodfield Systems International “Dream big, think fast and act on it.”

Syed Daniyal Hasan, Assistant Operational Planner, HTL-vtti "Every problem has a solution. One just needs to be creative enough to find it." 16 - Automation Update

Caitlin Geisinger, Business Development Manager, Burns & McDonnell Engineering “Innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity not a threat.”

A Final Word It is the next generation of tank storage professionals that will drive the industry forward to bigger and better things. We can’t rely on old ways of thinking. The industry is at its best when teams work hard together to change things for the better. StocExpo’s Forty under 40 will be celebrated at the event running from 8 – 10 March and they’re invited, as guests of honour, to a special Next Gen debate taking place during the show. For more information about the event and to register to attend, visit

8 - 10 March 2022 Ahoy, Rotterdam

Place yourself at the heart of the leading bulk liquid storage event

Register for free today using code > 1026

And that’s nearly a wrap – DK Holdings reflects on a successful 2021 2021 has been another successful year for DK Holdings Limited, a global market leader in Diamond Tooling solutions, manufacturing innovative tools and accessories for the Engineering industry from their modern ISO accredited production facilities in the heart of Kent since 1959. DK Holdings is now very much looking ahead to 2022, with their first trade show of the year being JEC WORLD in Paris from the 8th – 10th March. If you are heading to France, visit the dedicated team of sales engineers at stand F70 in hall 5! A Diamond Tooling solution for your organisation could be closer than you think! Contact details: DK Holdings Limited Station Approach Staplehurst TN12 0QN Telephone: 01580 891662 Email: Web: Twitter: @DK_Holdings

18 - Automation Update

John Emptage, Sales & Marketing Manager “It was great to exhibit at trade shows again in 2021 including the Advanced Engineering show, held in November at the NEC, which was hugely successful for us". “We had a large number of leads across the two days and it was good to see so many people face-to-face and connect with our customers old and new again”. “We continuously strive to support our customers in reducing the environmental impact of their manufacturing processes. So it was a great opportunity for us to tell visitors about our Strip and Replate service, something we have offered for decades. By using this service, our customers are able to reuse and recycle their tooling which not only reduces the overall cost but also minimises waste.” “Another highlight for us was the relaunch of the DK website. The marketing team developed our new look online presence ( for the past year and we went live just prior to Advanced Engineering in November and have had very positive feedback so far. Not only can customers find details of our products and services but also the latest news. Online versions of our handy product guides are available. In addition, we have aligned our branding across our social media channels. Make sure you have a peruse and let us know what you think”

ADVANCED SERVO MOTORS TRANSFORMING 3D METAL PRINTING The combination of the latest Servo Motor designs, extremely flexible robots and an eclectic mix of other advanced technologies are the key factors driving the rapid growth of new fabrication processes in manufacturing. Specifically, servo motors and robots are transforming additive applications and revolutionising the way prototypes, parts and products are made. Additive and subtractive manufacturing techniques are two prime examples which have provided fabricators with the efficiency and cost-savings helping them to remain competitive. Referred to as 3D printing, additive manufacturing (AM) is a non-traditional method that utilises digital design data to create solid three-dimensional objects by fusing materials, layer by layer, from the bottom up. Often making near-net-shape (NNS) parts with no waste, the use of AM for both basic and complex product designs continues to accelerate in industrial applications, such as automotive, aerospace, energy, medical, transportation and consumer products. On the contrary, the subtractive process entails removing sections from a block of material using high-precision cutting or machining to create a 3D product. Despite key differences, additive and subtractive processes are not always mutually exclusive because they can both be used to complement various stages of product development. For example, an early concept model or prototype is often created by the additive process and once that product is finalised larger batches may be required which opens the door to subtractive manufacturing. In time sensitive applications hybrid additive / subtractive techniques are being applied to repairing damaged or worn parts, or even creating quality parts with less lead time. The benefits of advanced Servo Motors is an important factor in the transformation of 3D printing applications, where dimensional precision and finish quality is key and it’s why end-users are turning to 3D printers with servo systems (as opposed to stepper motors) to ensure optimal motion control. Motion control specialist YASKAWA has developed its range of servo motors which includes the SIGMA-7 series which are proving to be transformative in helping fabricators overcome the common issues via printer boosting capabilities. For example, these robust motors incorporate vibration suppression filters as well as anti-resonance and notch filters which together ensure extremely smooth motion that can eliminate visually unpleasant stepped lines caused by stepper motor torque ripple. Also, the latest speed enhancements mean print speeds of 350mm/sec are possible, more than doubling the average speed of a 3D

printer using a stepper motor. Similarly, a travel speed of up to 1500 mm/sec can be achieved using rotary or up to 5 metres/sec using linear servo technology. This extremely fast acceleration capability enables 3D print heads to be moved into their correct positions more rapidly removing the need to slow down the entire system to reach the desired finish quality. This means users can fabricate more parts per hour, without sacrificing quality. Automatic tuning on servo systems means users can independently perform their own custom-tuning so they can adapt to changes in the mechanics of a printer or variances in the process. Stepper motors don’t utilise position feedback, so it’s impossible to compensate for process changes or discrepancies in mechanics. Additional benefits of servo systems include absolute encoder feedback so users only need to perform a homing routine once resulting in increased uptime and cost savings. Systems with stepper motors lack this feature as they need to be ‘homed’ every time they are poweredup. Servo systems also incorporate feedback sensing whereas stepper motor systems do not. The extruder of a 3D printer can cause bottlenecks and jams in the printing process which if undetected, can ruin an entire batch. With over 22 million servo systems in the field Yaskawa has the experience and technical know-how in motion and control. The result: excellent performance and outstanding reliability. +44 (0) 1295 272755 Automation Update - 19

December 2021 ENGINEERING

We have had another interesting, varied and busy year with a wide variety of projects successfully delivered to customers across a wide range of manufacturing industries. We have many years of working with suppliers to the automotive industry as well as with the permanent marking of components and parts for traceability and tracking purposes. One such project this year was to design and build a machine to laser mark tamper-proof labels for part identification of components for a client in the automotive racing industry. In support of critical industries, we engineered a machine for a new client to automate the production of straps for face masks. We are now working on new projects with this client focusing on process automation, increasing productivity, improving standardisation and ensuring consistency. A second project requirement due to the COVID pandemic was the build of a repeat machine of one produced some 15 years ago for Intersurgical’s plant in Lithuania. Intersurgical is a global designer, manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of highquality medical devices for respiratory support. TF Automation revisited the original design and have basically produced the same machine to support the existing one, using the latest technology to laser mark the manufacturer’s logo and product reference on their Hydroguard Mini medical oxygen filters. We were delighted this year to launch our newly updated website, focusing on the engineering and manufacturing of bespoke special purpose machinery. The revamped site focusses on the company’s capabilities and expertise in a wide range of disciplines from process automation, robotics, laser marking and assembly and testing. An important new area on the site, highlighting TF’s vast experience, is Industries, which identifies the main sectors the company has supplied to for many years, including Automotive, Aerospace, Medical and Industrial. To find out more or to discuss your next automation project with our design team, contact us on 01274 308005 or or visit our website 20 - Automation Update


Tebis 4.1 Intelligent Manufacturing Offers Automation, User-Friendliness and Practical Implementation Tebis 4.1 is a complete CAD/CAM system that’s designed for intelligent manufacturing. It enables CAD/CAM users to perform tasks in design, manufacturing preparation and NC programming in a single system with a high degree of automation. Tebis presented the most important new developments in CAD and CAM at the EMO in Milan (4th – 9th of October). Tebis is consistently moving forward with greater automation, userfriendliness and practical implementation. It has clearly demonstrated the many advantages of rule-based procedures by drawing on its proven internal expertise with both CAD and CAM applications. Major innovations Faster preparation for manufacturing: Highly automated, flexible preparation of CAM programming with parametric CAD templates Every imported data set has to go through a design process to be prepared for CAM programming. This usually takes many individual work steps: Bores for clamping systems must be placed, tilt axis systems defined, fill surfaces designed, blanks created, connection points for setups generated, clamping devices positioned and retract planes defined. These many individual steps can be automated in Tebis using parametric CAD templates. These templates can be extended as needed and modified to meet customerspecific requirements. Users can remain flexible: changes like the selection of a different clamping system can now be controlled directly and conveniently with the user parameters in the object tree.

Tebis automatically generates NC code for any machine and supports all control-specific program structures. Easily machine surfaces with 5-axis barrel cutters Tebis also introduced a function that simplifies programming of multi-axis toolpaths for pre-finishing and finishing with circle-segment cutters, also known as “barrel cutters.” It automatically determines the best setting for manufacturing the machining area totally free of collisions. The function simultaneously calculates the optimal contact point at the surface boundary to ensure material removal over the largest possible area. Machining is indexed or 5-axis simultaneous: the user can independently specify the preferred variant or can leave the decision up to the system.

Optimal cutting conditions for roughing rotationally symmetrical parts A real plus for combined turning/milling operations: In addition to cylindrical parts, now tapered parts like screw conveyors can also be machined with high efficiency. The tool first roughs the part to the maximum possible depth with a low stepover and large downfeed in a single pass, then it machines the residual stock from bottom to top with a smaller cutting depth – precisely to the stock allowance. This procedure reduces tool wear and ensures a high material removal rate on the machine. Improved support for multi-channel machine tools This innovation is beneficial for manufacturing companies that rely on combined turning/milling operations, especially if the components to be machined have a high milling fraction: Tebis can now be used to program toolpaths for sequential processing on machines with multiple tool and component holders. The individual steps – like milling with a milling head or turret, stabilizing with a centering tip or clamping with a sub spindle – can be combined in any way. All tool and component holders are stored in the virtual Tebis process libraries, which can be interchanged quickly and flexibly during programming. As always in Tebis, all system components are fully accounted for in collision checking and simulation. Programming is incredibly easy.

Tebis (UK) Ltd Tel: 02476 158178 Email: Automation Update - 21


ess space, more output is not surprisingly high on the ‘wish list’ for any forward thinking manufacturer and the ArcWorld standard systems available from YASKAWA are ideal for replacing, or supplementing manual welding required in metal manufacturing applications. These fully integrated systems offer the distinct advantage of being selfcontained, so it’s a bit like buying any machine tool, you choose the size of machine you need and a location to install it and away you go. The YASKAWA ArcWorld HS Micro and RS Mini systems are easy to install, operate and relocate in a small footprint of either 2.3 sq. metres for the Mini, or as little as 1.4 sq. metres for the Micro. Both systems offer the possibility for operators to double their output with up to half the preparation time, compared to manual welding. The Micro system is supplied complete with robot and controller and its hinged door opening provides lots of options even though it’s a very small, compact system. The Mini system has a revolving door and table, which again means maximum flexibility within a compact system. The systems are designed to allow quick changes of jigs, which is crucial in helping to reduce the all-important set-up time and improving production output compared to conventional manual welding practices. Furthermore, improved operational consistency by never missing a weld and ensuring the same quality of weld at the end of the shift as at the start, also means reduced ‘spatter’ which improves the capacity for fettling. Both systems incorporate a MOTOMANAR900 robot with YRC1000 controller, a start / stop button panel and fume extraction hood. They also feature a platform and casing with dark green polycarbonate glare shield protection and CE-marking. The Yaskawa Motoman ArcWorld Micro and Mini robotic welding systems are preengineered, pre-assembled and shipped ready to weld and represent the latest generation of cost-effective automated solutions for welding applications. They can be configured with your choice of welding power source and are ready to mount your component tooling.

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ULTRA COMPACT, SELF CONTAINED ROBOT WELDING SYSTEMS Exploring the benefits of using robotic systems across a wider range of manufacturing applications has accelerated recently where investment in the most up-to-date systems is making a significant contribution to maximising efficiency. Welding applications are a good example and the availability of new, highly flexible, space-saving systems is helping manufacturers to integrate robotics into their welding and fabrication processes.

10 MILLION MATING CYCLES With GAME-CHANGING QUICK-CHANGE HEAD Save time and money! In areas with a high degree of automation and short cycle times, speed is of the essence. With maximum failure protection and numerous transmission variants, the ODU-MAC® Silver-Line is specifially designed for automatic docking.

This extends the potential service life of the connector and the quick-change head – from a minimum of 100,000 mating cycles to a maximum of 10 million mating cycles.

Thanks to the ODU SPRINGTAC® contact technology, the Silver-Line also offers excellent vibration resistance Now, with the addition of a quick-change head, this and the modular connectors are characterized by a connector range also becomes a potential game- compact and sturdy universal design. changer. Depending on your requirements, you can choose from With the ODU-MAC® quick-change head, you can seven different docking frames and adjust the length as save valuable time and simultaneously extend your needed. Then, simply assemble these with the desired connector’s service life. With just two screws, the modules – our configurator makes this easy – for more interchangeable part of the connector can be easily information click here replaced, making it ready for use again in a matter of seconds. ODU UK Ltd. Phone: 0330 002 0640 The cable assembly on the base part remains e-mail: unchanged as the exchanged part is removed from the front.

HARTING unveil multifunctional connector solution HARTING has responded to the trend towards miniaturisation across industries and sectors with the Han® 1A, which has been designed to take up less installation space. Thanks to the easy ‘click and mate’ design, the connector can be assembled in seconds without the need for any tools. Only two components are required to quickly assemble an IP20 solution, while additional housing elements or single wire seals can easily extend the degree of protection to IP65. The adaptable connection technology offers a secure solution whether you require rapid onsite installations using screw contacts or the pre-assembly of separate units with crimp contacts. Thanks to this flexible approach, it’s easy to create simple and efficient interfaces for use in automation, robotics, transportation, traffic engineering and the energy sector. In mechanical engineering, it provides an efficient solution for connecting tools and smaller machine modules such as heating and cooling units, fans, control terminals, lighting systems, drives and vibration conveyors. Constructed from lightweight yet durable polyamide plastic, the Han® 1A is extremely adaptable because it employs a modular system of inserts. This means it can integrate contacts for the delivery of data, signal and power. Modules for Cat. 5 or Cat. 6A are available for data transmission and up to 12 D-Sub contacts can be constructed for signal interfaces. For power applications, it can transmit a maximum of 16 amps and 400 volts. A shielded version is also available for areas which are particularly susceptible to interference. What’s more, as the entire Han® 1A connector system is based on just a few components, material supply is greatly simplified as a plug-in connection consists of a maximum of twelve different contacts. To learn more about the Han® 1A, please visit or email

Often the little things provide the greatest benefits.

Han® 1A - Compact, robust and versatile.

The new standard for small, universal industrial connectors ■ Uses up to 30% less space: Compact connector for power that can be installed in the field ■ Flexible in use: Transmits data, signals and power with up to twelve contacts ■ Highly versatile: Modular system of inserts and accessories for indoor and outdoor applications (IP20 / IP65)

One Range. No Limits:

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Rotech Motion Sensor’s can be used whenever information or monitoring of shaft rotation, position, direction, speed, slip etc is required! Rotech Motion Sensor’s can be used for indication, control, interlocking, protection, sequencing, alarm initiations and many more functions! Rotech Motion Sensor’s can be used wherever materials are transported or processed By conveyors, elevators, screws, mixers, etc!






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