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moneo – simply made for you! Software to assist your industrial evolution - Nothing more. Nothing less. One platform for all digitization requirements Experience the ease of IT-supported process optimization with moneo. moneo is the all-in-one platform for everyone who wants to interact with their system in a predictive manner, evaluate information and adjust parameters. All in one software. Take the next step in digitization. Without detours, without technical hurdles, very simple and straightforward. Are you ready for industrial evolution? It's already happening, with moneo.

Simply done. VARIO-X is the decisive step towards the future! Agile manufacturing, sustainability or Industry 4.0 – thanks to 100 percent automation without control cabinets. Modular, flexible and future-proof, Vario-X brings your machines and systems into the future with decentralized installation technology. future. It‘s that simple.


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Forerunner Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow. The Sensor People have been setting technological standards in industrial automation for more than 50 years. In the field of safety at work, we convince right from the start with trend-setting inventions, such as the development of the first protective sensor ever, to our latest safety innovation, “Smart Process Gating” – the space-saving solution for access guarding on conveyor lines. This is how we ensure the success of our customers in an industry that is ever evolving. Automation Update - 3

Securing the Smart Factory with a DMZ The Smart Factory trend is growing, and why not? Sending your plant data to the IT department or putting it on the cloud opens possibilities for realtime analysis, AI, predictive maintenance, and more. Of course, your plant network must remain secure.


critical key for industrial network security is using a DMZ (Demilitarized Zone). High-level agencies from the European Commission to the White House are specifying guidelines published by NIST, whose SP-800-82 document says, “The most secure, manageable, and scalable control network and corporate network segregation architectures are typically based on a system with at least three zones, incorporating one or more DMZs.” These three zones are the control zone (OT), the corporate zone (IT),

4 - Automation Update

and the DMZ itself. Firewalls are used to separate these zones, to ensure that only the correct data passes from one to the other. Using a DMZ eliminates any direct link between corporate networks and control networks and allows only known and authenticated users to enter the system at all. How to best implement these guidelines? It's not enough to simply use OPC UA in the plant and MQTT to connect to the IT department or cloud. Neither of these protocols was designed for passing data through a DMZ.

VPNs are inadequate for the task as well. There is a solution. You can use secure, real-time middleware to make outbound connections from the plant to the DMZ, and then from the DMZ to the IT department or cloud. Data gets pushed to the DMZ, and then passed along to its proper destination, all in real time. It is even possible to send control commands from IT back to OT. Find out more in our free webinar: Secure Networking:OT to IT and the Cloud.

Features Include:        

PLC Web Browser OPC UA Server WebView In Excess of 300 Communication Drivers Event Bar Chart Database Server SQL Query Energy Demand Display/Setting +44 (0)20 3026 2670

Lamonde Automation Limited Quality Products: Expert Advice

Kardex: Robotics Deliver Fast order picking Yesterday’s intralogistics solutions are simply not sophisticated enough to match today’s demands.


he smartest and latest technology will move companies from good to great if they utilise the features to their ultimate potential. By leveraging warehouse automation to its limits, order fulfillment will see significant cost savings and enhanced performance. As a result, companies can stay ahead of competition by meeting market requirements, such as same-day delivery and buy online, pick up in store. To achieve this, they should consider replacing manual order picking and replenishment with modern technologies while working with an intralogistics partner that understands their market. An experienced partner who delivers transparent, fast and scalable intralogistics. In association with Robomotive, Kardex provides customers with a substantial advantage by integrating robots that pick, process and place single items and full cases to and from any picking stations and storage systems. The Kardex Vertical Lift Module (VLM) Shuttle XP maintains an outstanding track record and reputation in the retail and e-commerce market. It is designed to meet increasing order expectations, high product availability and optimise order fulfillment processes. A Shuttle XP features an enclosed shelf-based storage system designed to increase storage capacity in a more compact footprint. Operating on the ‘goods-toperson’ principle, the VLM increases productivity by delivering required goods directly to the operator during order fulfillment. These systems are modular and flexible in design, which enables future adjustments for your business needs. 6 - Automation Update

Taking the Kardex Shuttle a step further, Robomotive pick and place robots manage the stress often felt in retail and e-commerce warehouses. Many companies face significant challenges with order picking due to the increasing complexity of market requirements. In some instances, workers first separate products visually and then pick and place them. In other cases, workers pick single pieces from the storage system and then bring them to another source (e.g., packing machine or sorting system). Both applications are characterized by high demands on workforce accompanied by corresponding monotony. By working flawlessly 24/7, Robomotive pick and place robots take over manual processes like order picking, replenishing, (de)palletising, and more, relieving existing workforce and enabling accelerated speed and accuracy in order fulfillment. With nine years of experience working with

rapid image processing and by using a one-of-a-kind, internally developed 3D-Vision software, the pick and place robots replicate the exact precision and synchronisation of a person’s hand-eye coordination to create a multi-functional, versatile and agile work performance. Robomotive’s technology combines software and hardware mechanisms by using 3D cameras, grippers and smart software algorithms. The technology allows the robots to recognize, grip and locate objects precisely. They provide safe, high-performance picking and placing for various items commonly seen in e-commerce such as cubes, tubes, cylinders and various other shapes. Kardex are hosting a webinar on how you can revolutionise your order picking with robotics: click here to register for the webinar or go to: w w w. k a r d ex . c o m /e n / w e b i n a r robotics-2022

Vario-X: The days of the control cabinet are numbered Murrelektronik is expanding its business model and, with Vario-X, offers the first completely decentralized automation platform that brings devices into the field without control cabinets. Vario-X combined with a Digital twin saves time and money in all project phases: planning, installation, operation, and service. Growing digitalization, shorter development cycles, increasing customer requirements and a shortage of skilled workers – the world of automation is changing at breakneck speed. Murrelektronik has the answer to all these requirements. Presenting Vario-X - a modular, highly flexible automation platform that allows all automation functions to be implemented completely decentrally (i.e. without a control cabinet) for the first time. Vario-X brings sensors and actuators directly into the control environment and ensures reliable 8 - Automation Update

voltage, signal, data management and the seamless integration of decentralized servo drives. At the heart of Vario-X are robust, IP65 rated waterproof and dustproof modules, which include power supplies, controls, disconnect switches, safety technology and I/O connections. They can be easily assembled side by side on a rugged backplane with integrated mechanical mounting profiles. Once assembled, the Vario-X solution can be easily attached to all common mounting systems without further protection and, in extreme cases, is rugged enough to be

stepped on without damage. Equipped with a multicore CPU, Vario-X can meet all control requirements and be easily integrated into all higher-level Industrial Ethernet networks as an open control platform. 100% cabinet-free automation – 40% faster installation The installation and cabling of devices is plug-and-play with standard M12 and MQ15 connectors, eliminating wiring errors and reducing assembly time. This also eliminates expensive

and relatively expensive pneumatics in his machine, the production planner who can focus on one physical energy source – electricity, the employees who can finally operate in a noticeably quieter work environment and, by reducing energy use to help our planet. Digital twin for planning, installation, operation and service Vario-X is not only a collection of backplanes, modules, cables and I/O. A system automated with Vario-X has a digital twin right from the start: a portable 1:1 image of the virtual system that contains all the functions and parameters of the physical system – even in the design phase, before even the first mechanical component has been ordered or assembled. For this purpose, Murrelektronik creates a kinematic of machines and systems in a unique software, where movements and processes can be simulated. With the digital twin, the same virtual kinematic is then run to control the real machine. The digital system can also be “placed” directly into the manufacturing process with augmented reality (AR) on a mobile phone or tablet, so that all movement sequences and functions can be viewed virtually while assembling the machine or in production.

and time-consuming installation work in the control cabinet like populating components, stripping and landing wires, labeling and grounding individual components. To extend the modular concept for your machine control, additional stations can easily be distributed around the machine and connected to each other, like adding an additional power supply to support localized servo motors. Likewise, remote IO modules can be connected directly to Vario-X to process and control sensors and actuators without a backplane or cabinet I/O. This limits control hardware variants and vastly streamlines the cable architecture. “Vario-X offers 100% decentralized, cabinet-free automation,” says Olaf Prein, Head of Global Business Unit Automation at Murrelektronik. “Our automation platform ensures modular and transparent processes, higher added

value in all areas of your company and consequently more competitiveness and profitability in machine and plant engineering. Thanks to the integrated installation concept alone, Vario-X shortens a machine installation by around 40%.” Turning off the air in production Vario-X is driving forward the electrification of manufacturing processes and offers a much more efficient alternative to pneumatics. With an efficiency of only ten to twenty percent, far too much energy is wasted by using compressed air as an energy source due to countless leaks in the system and inefficient actuators. Replacing pneumatics with electrics – swapping an air cylinder with a servo motor – brings advantages to all those involved: the engineer who can reduce the inefficient, low resolution

“All this reduces the assembly and commissioning time many times over, because many problems that are discovered during assembly do not even occur,” Prein summarizes the advantages of the digital twin. In addition, assemblers can use the digital twin as a ‘3D blueprint’, for example via augmented reality app or virtual reality glasses. This often works much faster than understanding a plan drawn in 2D. “With Vario-X, we are providing the answer to the pressing questions and challenges of production, plant and installation planning in automation technology,” concludes Prein. “Vario-X helps to avoid ‘silo-driven’ planning and to break up static planning processes. In addition to the agile development processes, this consistent focus on customer needs has made a decisive contribution to the development of Vario-X.” Find out more: highlights/vario-x/ Automation Update - 9

Be Inspired by Innovation at Advanced Engineering Book your stand today to avoid disappointment


he 13th edition of Advanced Engineering will celebrate innovation, development and growth within the UK’s manufacturing industry. There 18/02/2022 06:30:08 will be seven show zones this year — aerospace, composites, automotive, advanced metals, connected manufacturing, space and satellite and a new product testing and quality control zone. In the space and satellite zone, the ExoMars Rover, Bruno will return following huge interest at the 2021 exhibition. This year, Advanced Engineering will once again be colocated with sister show, Lab Innovations, giving visitors and exhibitors more opportunities to collaborate across sectors. It is also offering more networking opportunities with a new composites networking area and drinks reception, which will be sponsored by PRF Composites. “Over the last two years, our whole industry has learned the value of in-person interaction, both personally and professionally,” explained Alison Willis, Director at Easyfairs, the organiser of Advanced Engineering and Lab Innovations. “At last year’s event, we found that more visitors and exhibitors were attending with a purpose — whether that was to connect with a new supplier or purchase a particular piece of equipment. AE Connect, our digital platform that helps exhibitors and visitors connect and arrange meetings in advance of the show, really helped facilitate this.”

The UK’s largest gathering of OEMs and engineering and manufacturing supply chain professionals, Advanced Engineering, will return to the NEC, Birmingham on November 2 and 3, 2022. The event is shaping up to be a huge success, with 80 per cent of exhibitor space already sold. Last year saw over 7,000 people attend across the two days, including representatives from Airbus, Jaguar Land Rover, Alpine F1, Ford, BAE Systems, RollsRoyce, and the Ministry of Defence. “Our industry is always innovating and releasing new technologies that are even more impressive when you see them in person. Take Advanced Engineering’s Enabling Innovation competition as an example — inperson events give start-ups like those involved in this the chance to showcase their ground-breaking products to the rest of the engineering community.” In 2022, Advanced Engineering’s smart badge system will return, meaning that attendees scan a personalised badge to receive digital literature and exchange virtual business cards with suppliers. As well as reducing the amount of paper being used, the smart badge technology also helps decrease the spread of COVID-19. Over 75 per cent of last year’s exhibitors rebooked for 2022, including Qimtek, a business that helps industry buyers and designers find new subcontract manufacturing partners. At the exhibition, marketing manager, Dean Munkley said, “The show’s been really good — far busier than I expected. We’ve probably taken more leads than we have at any show over the last three years. There was a lovely mix of people and it was great speaking to anyone from students to directors. There’s such a good variety of suppliers here too — we’ll definitely be returning.”

Exhibitor space is selling out fast. To book your stand, visit and make an enquiry. Alternatively, you can contact our Head of Sales, Ali Farr on +44 (0)20 3196 4244. 10 - Automation Update

2 & 3 November 2022 | NEC Birmingham

The UK’s LEADING annual gathering of OEMs and engineering and manufacturing supply chain professionals An absolutely outstanding event! We’ve met many great people who we will be looking to work with in the future, and overall it has been a very successful couple of days. Matt Travis, Engineering Manager, JCB

Scan the QR code to discover the event

Association partners Composites


Trade Association | +44 (0)20 3196 4300

Co-located with

NEW ifm TEMPERATURE SENSOR CHECKS ITSELF For processes where accurate temperature control is essential and deviations could have costly implications, the new TCC self-checking temperature sensor from ifm electronic provides an invaluable added level of assurance. The sensor continually monitors its own performance and, if an internal failure occurs or excessive drift is detected in measurement accuracy, it gives a visual warning and sends an alert message to the plant control system so that immediate action can then be taken to minimise the impact of the problem.


he TCC temperature sensor maintains an accuracy of ± 0.2 K across its whole measuring range of -25 to +160 degrees C and offers exceptional measuring stability between calibrations. It also uses IO-Link technology to ensure that the measured results are delivered accurately to the control system, even with long connecting leads and in noisy electrical environments. These features, together with the selfchecking functionality, make the new sensor an excellent choice for use in even the most demanding and critical applications. The TCC sensor has a translucent end cap that is illuminated green in normal operation. The sensor continually checks its own performance against an internal reference, and if deviation outside a pre-set tolerance range (which can be adjusted from 0.5 to 3 K) is detected, the end cap illumination changes to red, giving the user an instant and highly visible warning of the malfunction. Simultaneously, an alert signal is issued via the IO-Link connection. The same actions occur if the sensor detects a serious internal malfunction. TCC self-checking temperature sensors from ifm electronic have stainless steel bodies and an IP69K ingress protection rating. They can be used at pressures up to 160 bar, and are available in versions with installation depths from 30 to 550 mm.

12 - Automation Update

moneo – simply made for you! Software to assist your industrial evolution - Nothing more. Nothing less. One platform for all digitization requirements Experience the ease of IT-supported process optimization with moneo. moneo is the all-in-one platform for everyone who wants to interact with their system in a predictive manner, evaluate information and adjust parameters. All in one software. Take the next step in digitization. Without detours, without technical hurdles, very simple and straightforward. Are you ready for industrial evolution? It's already happening, with moneo.

moneo|configure SA (SA: Stand-Alone) supports you with the parameterization of your IO-Link devices and ifm IO-Link masters. The visualized representation in the cockpit simplifies setup and error diagnosis. The simple management of parameter data sets accelerates the integration of new sensors and is supplemented by the integrated online connection to the IODD finder. Ready for more? Then start your digital evolution now with moneo, the new, open and industry-independent IIoT platform from ifm.

e v a s ' s d o m ' Sleaford e s u o h r e t l fi n i costs

Sleaford Renewable Energy Plant (REP) is a multi-million pound investment in the local economy and in carbon-neutral energy production. The 38MW plant created nearly 300 jobs during construction; and now - while saving around 50,000 tones of CO2 per annum - the REP supports employment for over 80 locals: including 30 on-site operatives, and more than 50 people in the supply-chain.


nd it’s not only jobs that the plant provides to the local surroundings. The REP generates electricity for 65,00 homes in the area, with surplus heat being harnessed and provided free of charge for district heating in local buildings: like Sleaford’s public swimming pool, a bowling centre, football club, primary school, and the council offices. The plant uses proven technology aimed at the clean and efficient combustion of straw, the by-product of wheat production. The majority of this fuel is secured from farms within a 30-50 mile radius, though it can also burn woodchip biomass as an alternative. All waste ash produced by the plant is recycled as crop fertiliser.

The process of heat and power generation Agricultural waste products, in the form of straw bales and woodchip, are delivered to the power plant. There, a specialised fuel feeding system transports the biomass fuel to the boiler’s grate where it is combusted at about 14 - Automation Update

Each of the banks of 12 solenoids operate off 8 common accumulator manifold cylinder. The pressure in this cylinder supplies the air to the bank of bagcleaning solenoids, each of which are triggered in sequence. Any failures cause a deviation in pressure, indicating a potential bag problem or valve failure. Originally, these were fitted with very simple pressure switches, which would give an alarm output if low or high pressure thresholds were exceeded. Faults and failures are not an uncommon situation across 96 continually operating valve sets. In the event of an issue, engineers on the plant would have to closely check each pressure switch to see their status and faultfind. It was time consuming and caused delays, reducing throughput and increasing downtime for the plant.

1,400°C. Water circulates through the boiler’s evaporator system turning it to steam, while internal superheaters raise the steam temperature up to 540°C. The resulting steam drives a turbine to produce electricity for the grid, and any surplus heat is harvested. VEGA products are used across the site for applications like level in woodchip silos, chute and conveyor blockage detection, and pointlevel switching.

Cleaning the waste gases After any excess heat is recovered, the flue-gas is cleaned via a grid of bag filters. This process involves the cooled combustion gasses passing through banks of hanging bags, leaving the ash residue on their surface. The system consists of 8 banks of cylinders, each bank has a row of 8 vertical bag filters, each approximately 3m long. Each row is connected to a solenoid-actuated pneumatic cylinder, which agitates the row with a short blast of air, causing the dust to fall into the hoppers below. These hoppers are then emptied into adjacent ash silos via a screw feeder.

A visible benefit Engineers on site had the idea to modify the existing pressure switches and replace them with a new pressure sensor they had seen from VEGA, which seemed perfect for these dimly-lit and less Read more on

WHAT’S MORE IMPORTANT THAN A MILLION RADAR SENSORS? ONE MILLION SATISFIED CUSTOMERS. After 30 very successful years in radar measurement technology and 1 million sensors sold, an exciting new chapter is about to begin. Watch this space, so you don’t miss out as we write the next pages in this best-selling story.

SICK’S Monitoring Box Opens a Window to Better Machine Performance SICK has launched The Monitoring Box, a simple system that enables plug-and-play condition monitoring and preventative maintenance of sensors, machines, processes and plants. storage on a customer premises or via secure connection to the SICK cloud.

Simple and Adaptable


he SICK Monitoring Box can be adapted for diverse individual operating requirements to provide live status feedback and historical analysis, supporting more effective maintenance and optimised efficiency. With the SICK Monitoring Box, all kinds of industrial operations from manufacturing and logistics to ports, transport systems or 16 - Automation Update

waste management facilities, can begin to digitalise their processes on the road to Industry 4.0. Enabled by pre-configured Apps on a wide range of SICK sensors, the Monitoring Box provides transparent data monitoring through an intuitive, browserbased dashboard for desktop or mobile devices. Device data is processed via powerful IoT gateways to enable local data

“The SICK Monitoring Box is so simple and adaptable that the opportunities for condition monitoring are limited only by your imagination,” says Neil Sandhu, SICK UK Product Manager for measurement and systems. “Bolt on the SICK Monitoring Box and transparent information about the health of your machines is just a few short steps away. Depending on your requirements, information such as operating hours, wear, temperature, energy usage or level of contamination, turns into a valuable resource. “As a result, your machines and systems become more available and efficient. Unplanned maintenance time is reduced and operating staff can be deployed more efficiently to respond to any issues that occur. You will extend the operating life of machines through a better understanding of historical trends and patterns.”

Data at a Glance To get started, a SICK service employee installs and activates the gateway, your devices are connected and data transmission begins. If preferred, customers can then choose to hand over their entire device monitoring to SICK service, not only of SICK sensors, but also of third-party devices where appropriate. Simply log in and view all your devices at a glance with the AssetBrowser, search by device status using the AssetFilter, view incidents and graphical representations to identify historical patterns and trends. Use the Data Explorer and Event Log to review a record of alarms and notifications. Email alerts can be set up, e.g. to notify

operators when values go under or over pre-determined limits, enabling a more speedy response to maintenance and servicing needs. Thanks to the pre-defined m o n i t o r i n g S e n s o rA p p s , additional sensors can be integrated into the SICK Monitoring Box without any programming knowledge. O n ce ins t alle d , g reater transparency enables sensors and machines to be monitored remotely. Operating and process parameters can be easily visualised.

Robust Security

password-protected access rights. SICK provides the corresponding IoT gateways for network-capable sensors and machines to ensure encrypted transmission of data, either to on-premises data storage, or off-premises on a secure server hosted by SICK in Germany. For customers choosing the SICK cloud solution, an encrypted connection between the SICK TDC-E gateway and SICK cloud is made via https. This secure connection is audited according to IEC 62443-4-2 (SL2). For more information about the SICK Monitoring Box, please contact Andrea Hornby on 01727 831121 or email

The SICK Monitoring Box offers a reliable system architecture, robust data security and Automation Update - 17

Efficient material flow thanks to Kanban components The Kanban principle is usually used to optimise material supply in assembly and production processes. Workpieces and assembly material are supplied to the individual process stations via flow racks with roller tracks or roller conveyors. This ensures fast and efficient provision of material in accordance with production control. By avoiding unnecessary lifting tasks, there is also less strain on the employees. Roller tracks are used in flow racks or Kanban racks to ensure that the handling cases and cardboard boxes are transported safely. They are available in lengths of up to 4500 mm. The roller spacing is either

33 mm or 49.5 mm. In the case of longer roller tracks or higher loads, it is advisable to place profiles underneath for support. The rollers are mounted on steel axles and are available with and without flanges. This application uses mk’s RBS-P 2065/2066 gravity roller conveyor which is ideal for use as a roller carrier transporting material flows between picking stations. Depending on the total load and the required spacing, rollers with dimensions from 20 to 50 mm can be selected. An inclination of 1–2° usually ensures a reliable component feed. Over longer lines and steep inclines, it is possible to reach high speeds. In this case, the kinetic energy requires a damped deceleration.

The mk roller conveyor system with gravity drive (RBS) is typically used in industrial applications for semi-automatic interlinking at picking stations or kanban shelves. An extensive selection of different roller types makes the system extremely flexible and suitable for a wide range of applications. The conveyors are available in both straight and curved configurations. The roller diameters of 20, 40 or 50 mm ensure that both large and small workpieces can be transported reliably and without interruption. The longitudinal slots in the profile beams can be used to attach side rails, stands, sensors and other accessories. Products can be transported along a decline either by hand or using gravitational force. A slope of 1 to 2° is usually sufficient for transporting products with gravitational force. Please note that high speeds can be reached with long lines and/or steeper slopes. This kinetic energy will require dampened deceleration.

To find out more about the complete mk conveyor range please visit, call (01949) 823751 or email 18 - Automation Update

Timing Belt Conveyor ZRF-P 2040

Cycled transport of piece goods Conveying, feeding and positioning up to 250 kg Available as a single, dual or multiple line conveyor

mk Profile Systems Limited a company of the mk Technology Group

Experience Rittal live! There are only weeks to go until the 2022 Drives & Controls exhibition which is held at the NEC Birmingham from the 5th-7th April. With a wide and diverse range of over 400 companies exhibiting , the show provides a unique opportunity for engineers to experience latest technologies in Automation, Power Transmission, Motion Control Equipment and Systems.


s a global leader in mechanical and electrical infrastructure, you would naturally expect Rittal to have a strong presence at the show, this year we are on stand E100. For our total presence, also exhibiting is our sister company, EPLAN a leader in electrical design software on the same stand. Rittal and EPLAN provide a partnership that delivers a unique approach to the industrial automation process from design to deployment and all points in between. Discover at this year’s Drives & Controls how Rittal and EPLAN bring together a modular engineering philosophy, precise and automated Rittal Automation Systems machines, and powerful, databasedriven electrical engineering.

Rittal – The System” on show at Drives and Controls 2022 Visitors to Rittal’s Stand E100 will be able to see Rittal’s renowned infrastructure solution - widely specified as the No.1 choice for protecting critical equipment.

With a range of innovative enclosures for internal and external applications, climate control heating and cooling systems, power distribution switchboard and motor control products on display – plus some exciting new product innovations. We’re taking the opportunity to take not only our VX25 baying system but also our AX and KX range of small enclosures. These innovative ranges demonstrate how Rittal can offer time saving cost effective solutions for a wide range of industries. In addition, we’ll be show casing our new VX 25 Ri4power system, the modular based switchgear system ideally suited for both Power Distribution Systems and Motor Control Centre’s. Cooling solutions are key to effective and efficient enclosure solutions, at this year’s Drives and controls be sure to check out the new IIoT Interface. This allows Blue e+ cooling units to be networked with customer-specific monitoring and energy management systems. This in turn makes it possible to add new applications such as predictive maintenance and data analytics.

The Blue e+ range has become the industries leading enclosure cooling solution, with energy savings of up to 75% its difficult to see how Rittal could improve the range. Be sure to check out our stand for a sneak peek at our latest ground-breaking development to the Blue e+ range The Rittal team will be on-hand to discuss key issues: Our experts will be available at the show to answer some of the key issues facing the industry in today’s challenging and ever-changing environment. • How can systems and people be reliably protected against danger? • How can power consumption be made transparent and significantly reduced? • How can maintenance scenarios for cooling devices be planned in advance? • How can enclosures in the food industry be hygienically climate controlled?


18 - Automation Update



• How can controller and switchgear manufacturers implement Industry 4.0 solutions, automate production processes and set up data centres quickly and easily? • How can Smart Production facilities face the change of creating IT infrastructure in harsh environments So let our teams guide and assist you with any current applications or requirements you have for protecting critical equipment and delivering game-changing industrial automation. The digitalisation of Smart Production - Shielding your IT equipment in harsh environments The development of Smart production facilities creates challenges when creating the IT infrastructure to support the latest technologies such as IOT devices, robotics and the collation of industrial analytics. Frequently these new technologies require IT to get closer to Smart production equipment to improve the speed and reliability of data communication. This means that increasingly IT has to move out of its secure computer room and be located on the factory or shop floor. Rittal will be using the event to exhibit quick and easy IT solutions for all applications. IT product highlights on display at the show will include the NEW VXIT Rack and IT cooling units.

Smart Engineering at Eplan Thanks to the synergies between EPLAN systems and Rittal products, almost all aspects of control panel manufacture can be automated, which shortens processing times, minimises the risk of errors, optimises the use of materials and increases productivity. At this year’s Drives and Controls 2022 EPLAN will be showcasing innovative solutions for enhanced engineering efficiency and the use of the digital twin.

So, If you’re attending the show be sure to visit Rittal & EPLAN on E100 to Discover how Rittal & EPLAN can deliver major productivity enhancements in your business and see how both companies provide the winning combination that will help improve efficiencies for your business. For further information on the entire Rittal range visit or check out our linkedin page @rittal-ltd-uk

VX25. SYSTEM PERFECTION. More options, more efficiency, less effort: This is thanks in particular to a frame profile with a 25 mm pitch pattern that is symmetrical across all levels. The VX25 is also infinitely extendable and accessible from all sides – even from the outside.



Automation Update - 19

Anritsu and dSPACE Accelerate Simulation and Testing of 5G Automotive Applications - Joint Showcase for Enhanced Safety at Mobile World Congress 2022 -


nritsu Corporation and dSPACE, two leading companies in the fields of test and measurement as well as simulation and validation, will jointly demonstrate the integration of PC-based simulation systems with sensor-realistic simulation in a 5G network emulator at the Mobile World Congress 2022 (MWC). The joint showcase will demonstrate how to avoid collisions between vehicles and objects or people in intersections with limited visibility. The example application used in the demonstration is the advanced intersection collision warning (AICW). For this purpose, sensor-based information is exchanged between the vehicles and the infrastructure in the intersection area through the use of 5G communication technology. In the demonstration, V2X data 22 - Automation Update

and video data collected by camera sensors is provided and analyzed to warn of people or objects such as vulnerable road users (VRUs) located in blind spots, commonly found at intersections. The demonstration uses 5G network slicing technology to establish a separate URLLC link to provide V2X hazard warning data and an eMBB link to share HD video. Gregor Hordys, responsible for connectivity topics at dSPACE, explains: “This solution adds a stateof-the-art sensor-realistic and vehicle simulation to the radio communication test system to enable testing of advanced applications for connected and cooperative automated driving, based on 5G and edge computing in the lab.” “This joint integration and the power of such a solution is a significant step forward for 5G V2X testing and emulation. This industry-leading

demonstration is an exciting example of the development of 5G V2X applications,” says Jonathan Borrill, Head of Global Market Technology at Anritsu. To provide a 5G network slicing test environment for automotive V2X use cases, the showcase uses an Anritsu MT8000A radio communication test station and dSPACE VEOS (a PC-based simulation platform) with the dSPACE AURELION solution for sensorrealistic simulation. The joint showcase will be on display at the Anritsu booth (Hall 5, D41) at the Mobile World Congress 2022, which will be held in Barcelona from February 28 to March 3. It will also be showcased at Anritsu’s Virtual MWC22—Wireless Technology Showroom which will be launched on February 28. Register here to enter the showroom:

Independent Pump Training from E-learning Classroom based “Live” webinars On-site courses Tailored options For more information call

0121 601 6691

or scan code for the training guide

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Systems Integrators Play an Important Role in Edge Computing Innovation While automation is accelerating business intelligence across industries, many industrial operators lack the staff and experience to pilot new automation projects, relying instead on systems integrators. By developing core competencies in emerging technologies like edge computing, systems integrators can position themselves as trusted partners and drivers of edge computing innovation. System Integrators are trusted advisers Automated plants vary greatly in terms of complexity. Even the most advanced and technically adept operators need help pioneering emerging technologies. Extremely rapid advancements in machine learning, edge computing, data management and cybersecurity have created new opportunities for systems integrators to add value by serving as trusted advisors on new technology deployments, driving edge computing innovation. Plant managers are the genesis of innovation. They must choose their new initiatives carefully to balance increased risk with increased productivity. While operators face distinct challenges in different markets, the overall risk of poorly implemented automation projects remains the same: limited operational efficiency. Ensuring reliability in emerging IIoT subfields allows systems integrators to demonstrate value and earn the trust that underpins strong, lasting business relationships.

Stratus ztC Edge Supports Edge Computing Implementations Stratus solutions have evolved alongside the changing needs of various industries in the midst of digital transformation. Systems Integrators can count on Stratus’ deep expertise in designing remotely-managed, continuously available hardware for manufacturers. Our ztC Edge solution actively monitors automated machinery and provides predictive analytics to forecast expected maintenance and repairs. Stratus provides systems integrator partners with the infrastructure needed to safely and seamlessly integrate new devices into automated production environments. This allows for notable upgrades in edge analytics capabilities.

Stratus’ ztC Edge platform is easy-to-install, tamper proof, self-monitoring and self-protecting, ensuring that applications keep running, minimising data loss in any environment, no matter how rugged and challenging.

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Rotech Motion Sensor’s can be used whenever information or monitoring of shaft rotation, position, direction, speed, slip etc is required! Rotech Motion Sensor’s can be used for indication, control, interlocking, protection, sequencing, alarm initiations and many more functions! Rotech Motion Sensor’s can be used wherever materials are transported or processed By conveyors, elevators, screws, mixers, etc!






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