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Forerunner Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow. The Sensor People have been setting technological standards in industrial automation for more than 50 years. In the field of safety at work, we convince right from the start with trend-setting inventions, such as the development of the first protective sensor ever, to our latest safety innovation, “Smart Process Gating” – the space-saving solution for access guarding on conveyor lines. This is how we ensure the success of our customers in an industry that is ever evolving. Automation Update - 3

Siemens Virtual Commissioning tools via Connected Curriculum comes to Middlesex University’s Mechatronics students’ rescue in completing their onsite project remotely

Siemens technology helped postgraduate MSc Mechatronic Systems Engineering students to complete a vital academic project after Covid-19 closed the campus and stopped them accessing any physical equipment in their labs. specific plans yet. We believe the bespoke layer that the prototype has given us will certainly open up new possibilities across sectors.” The students, who were initially concerned about their ability to complete their project, were impressed by the versatility of the solution.

A challenge common to many in industry because of the pandemic, the students’ only option was to design, develop, and test a solution in the virtual world before deploying and commissioning it remotely. In this case to go from physical to virtual commissioning of their assessment task “prototype a conveyor belt system that acts as a segue between a robot arm and a Festo CP Factory”. To prepare students for a future where digital and advanced manufacturing technologies were combined, Siemens introduced its innovative Connected Curriculum initiative in 2019 in partnership with Festo, a global leader in automation and technical training. Connected Curriculum bundles Industrial hardware and software with simulation environments, data, curriculum examples, case studies, and reallife problem-solving tutorials. The Initative was created because the rapid pace of

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technology development means the only way academia can keepup is by partnering more closely with industry.

using Mindsphere. We can also use this as a vehicle to train undergraduates in terms of being able to model digital twins.”

Steve Jones, the lead for Connected Curriculum program at Siemens, commented: “It was a challenging assignment, but one that these students will actually face in industry. In Siemens we see these challenges every day and Connected Curriculum is our way of helping the next generation of graduates have a head start by working on real world problems with real world tools”.

According to Bennett, the main challenge was access to hardware, a key requirement for any student.

Luke Bennett, Associate Lecturer in Design Engineering at Middlesex University, said: “This is the first time we applied the remote solution. The main advantage was its phenomenal connectivity. The system allowed connectivity to different technologies and hardware and software. We can use these digital techniques again for giving access to a much wider number of students to be able to get access to a system like this, particularly

But thanks to Connected Curriculum, they could get access to hardware remotely. The students chose to use Siemens NX Mechatonrics Concept Designer with TIA Portal and PLCSim advanced to produce a ‘digital twin’ of their solution, which mirrored exactly the physical hardware in the inaccessible labs. Professor Mehmet Karamanoglu, Head of Department of Design Engineering and Mathematics, said: “It’s been a rewarding learning curve for all parties involved. I was delighted by the results, especially since the students benefitted greatly. I imagine the prototype will be used for other ongoing projects, but no

Chung Hing Woo, a 43-yearold Malaysian student of the Mechatronics course, said: “It was amazing that we got to be familiar with hardware and software using solutions from Siemens and Festo. We could build our confidence in handling mechatronicsrelated prototyping and system integration involving different systems packages.” Naresh Bandlamudi from India said: “I gained a lot under the mentorship of our tutor, Luke Bennett. Our group project was a huge success. I was impressed by the Siemens NX Simulation software that made our work easy. I am sure that the knowledge I have gained will empower me to achieve great heights in my career.” Shumaila Ansari from India who aims to be a design engineer in automobile and aircraft industries, said: “The project we completed with the help of Siemens and Festo solutions is a remarkable achievement, especially during Covid-19 restrictions. The Siemens solution made concept designing and product designing simpler.” Connected Curriculum is a solution that is available to all universities and is part of a package of support from Siemens to help bring industrial insight and experience to all learners.

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Power Supplies

FLEX Series Input 90-500 V AC Output 12/24/48 V DC upto 25 A Single / Dual or 3 Phase inputs


h r A

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Virtual and real world united

Digital engineering offers enormous potential for efficiency in mechanical engineering - all the more so, the earlier the right course is set More flexible, more powerful machines and plants not only require more elaborate control programs, but the development process is also becoming increasingly complex. Digital engineering already provides relief here today, and the positive effects will be even greater in the future. Lenze offers integrated tools and services across the entire lifecycle to simplify processes, reduce costs and minimize the use of time and resources in engineering. The automation specialist will present what is possible in speeches and roundtable discussions at SPS Connect from 24 to 26 November 2020. Modularization has proven its worth in the development of machines: because tried and tested functional units can be reused and do not have to be redesigned again and again. Machine manufacturers and users benefit over the entire life cycle: from system design, programming, and commissioning to warehousing

and spare parts logistics. The most important prerequisite for being able to fall back on information from previous projects is, that this information is available in a standardized form. This is exactly where the digital twin, also known as the administration shell, comes into play. It digitally maps physical components and machines and acts as a collection point for all relevant information. Modern design tools With its apps and tools, Lenze is already making this concept applicable and making a significant contribution to consistent data use. One of the central tools for digital engineering is the EASY System Designer, which covers the first engineering steps such as idea, design, and concrete development. With this web-based tool, all persons involved in the planning process from the various disciplines can carry out the complete planning of automation solutions,

from the controller to the drive technology, including the necessary application software. Based on integrated intelligence, the tool checks the developed system solution regarding its feasibility and documents everything necessary for the people involved in the engineering process. This saves valuable planning time, shortens the decision-making process, and reduces the risks in the project. It is then possible to prepare a PLC program based on the planned system solution. The machine structure, selected hardware components and software modules as well as the application parameters and other relevant project data are available to the programmer in his engineering environment. This enables him to finalize the PLC program more efficiently and to get the machine running much faster. The information that is generated and collected in the digital twin is available in the following lifecycle phases. Suitable interfaces ensure that third-party tools for simulation and virtual commissioning can also access it. With these options, errors in the development process can be detected and corrected more quickly, and the time required for delivery and commissioning is significantly reduced. Central mosaic stone of digitalization The digital twin has arrived in reality and offers real support in industrial automation. With its single point of information approach, standardized data model and data access, it is also the basis for the use of cloud services, which contribute to the optimization of production processes, through to the intelligent evaluation of operating data from the drives, which makes additional sensors unnecessary. And finally, it increases the flexibility of plants in which entire production modules can be easily exchanged via Plug & Produce.

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Leaders in temperature measurement

Rare Metal Thermocouples (+1700°C) (UK Manufactured) Heading 3

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Rare metal thermocouples are made from conductors containing platinum and rhodium alloys and are suited for measuring high temperatures up to 1700°C. These sensors are made to order and are designed specifically for your application and environment. We offer R/S or B type thermocouples with a choice of terminal heads. Main Features • High temperature platinum temperature sensor • Designed specifically for your application/environment • Will withstand tough industrial use Bognor Regis tel: +44 (0)1243 871280 Sheffield tel: +44 (0)1909 569446

Telsonic’s HandyStar Energy

Flexible ultrasonic technology for prototypes and production The benefits that ultrasonic technology brings to a broad spectrum of joining and cutting applications, is leading many manufacturers to transition from other methods to the ultrasonic process. In many cases Telsonic’s ultrasonic technology is integrated as part of a comprehensive manufacturing system. However, there are other instances where perhaps production volumes do not require an automated solution, or where prototype or development work is being undertaken. The solution in these circumstances is the compact, yet powerful, HandyStar Energy system, which can be used for a variety of applications. Equally suited for use within a manual workstation or as an entry-level device, the HandyStar is a great introduction to the ultrasonic process. Typical applications for this lightweight handheld system include spot welding, inserting, riveting and cutting. The MAG ultrasonic generator, integrated at the heart of the HandyStar Energy unit, is designed for maximum process stability and maximum flexibility. Thanks to the comprehensive range of configuration options, the HandyStar Energy is capable of being used on even the most sophisticated of applications, providing a reliable, cost effective and high quality solution. Functional design was a key part of the development process of the MAG generator, resulting in clearly arranged LED displays which indicate at a glance, the status of the device.

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The capability to precisely fine-tune the amplitude between 10% and 100% ensures flexible application solutions and optimum results each time. Other features, in addition to the standard manual mode, include time only and energy. Also, the integrated compressed air cooling for the converter is switched on automatically, if required, minimising consumption and keeping operating costs low. The standard handheld device can be further enhanced through the addition of an alternative hand grip, if required by the ergonomics of the application. Telsonic offers a comprehensive range of ultrasonic modules and systems for

a variety of plastic welding, cutting, sealing, cut’n’seal, metal welding, packaging, sieving, food cutting and cleaning applications within a wide range of industries.

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The next generation of frequency inverters with on-board PLC, positioning software and seemless connectivity to industrial ethernet-based bus systems.


We‘ll talk to anyone... Integrated multi-comms ethernet interface, parameter selectable, with no hardware changes.

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The Original Push-Pull Connector Push-Pull Connector The Original The LEMO B-Series ranges from 00

The LEMO B Series offers a modular, ergonomic, rugged and reliable circular multipole connector for applications

to 5B size, and features the LEMO

needing quick and secure Push-Pull latching. Making it an

"chocolate design" pattern.

ideal choice for test and measurement, instrumentation, medical devices, research and audio/video applications.

LEMO’s keying system allows for a higher contact density

The modular insert configurations include a wide

while preventing mismating.

range of high-density multi-pole or hybrid electrical contacts. Contacts can be of solder type, crimp, PCB

These high quality LEMO

straight or PCB elbow, fiber, coaxial, thermocouple,

connectors are UL listed and cable

pneumatic, fluidic or even high voltage type of contact.

assembly can be provided.

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We bring colour into view! Compact pressure sensors and switches with 360° custom-colour status display

256 colours Individually selectable: Measurement in progress Sensor switching Process malfunction

15 cm

Compact design

Hygienic adapter system

Adjustment via smartphone

£262 VEGABAR 39 G½"

FULL STEAM AHEAD FOR REICH COUPLINGS IN THE MARINE SECTOR As for many industries in recent months, there have been significant challenges for those operating within the marine sector. However, unlike some areas of business such as hospitality and retail, where the impact of the pandemic has hit hard across the board, there are sub-sectors of the marine industry which remain positive. Many marine and shipbuilding projects, by their very nature are long term and although impacted by the restrictions brought about by the pandemic, remain in place if delayed somewhat. There are however sub-sectors where, for example, the availability of attractive finance rates has encouraged investment in the commissioning of support vessels for marine renewables projects. Also, the large leisure marine sector, which includes Superyachts, remains largely unaffected by current events. Marine & Industrial Transmissions’ Sales Manager Tom Binns, Reich’s partner within this sector commented: “ We have definitely seen some positive trends in a number of the subsectors within marine. In addition to the investments in support vessel’s for renewables, we have also seen an increase in activity with military and defence related projects. Currently we are also bidding for a new project which will represent an investment of over £9 million in nine new vessels for port operations within the UK” Reich’s TOK coupling range, renowned for its robust design and reliability, is at the heart of many of the coupling and driveline projects undertaken by MIT. Success for MIT with the new multi vessel project, will see a requirement for a total of 18 Reich TOK units, representing a significant project for both parties. (Reich’s TOK Coupling has been at the heart of many MIT projects so far in 2020)

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Fluid Carrying

Flexibility Articulated Torsion Pipework In Hoses Rotating Cylinders

Swivel Joints Swivel joints allow pipework to pressure 1/4” to 40” and beyond. Vacuum to over 20,000psi. Stock and bespoke production. Unique bearing/seal design for longer life. ISO 9001 CE marked where applicable.


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Automation Update - 13

Automation Update – End of Year Review TF Automation have over 40 years’ experience in the design, engineering and manufacturing of process automation solutions, supporting a wide range of manufacturing industries and have just completed another successful year. It has been an interesting and challenging year for all and at TF Automation, we are no exception. We remained fully open during lockdown to support our varied customer base working in critical industries, both with bespoke machine build projects and the supply of pneumatics and industrial components. Our testing and manual workstation projects have continued at a pace this year, supporting our Tier 1 and 2 suppliers to the automotive industry. We have also engineered machines for clients in the textile, aerospace, motor sport and industrial sectors, with laser marking, pick-and-place, product testing, hot air welding and plasma treatment machines. Plasma treatment is new technology for TF Automation and we were commissioned by Kostal, with whom we have a very long-standing partnership, to design and build two plasma treat machines to address the increase in demand for cleaning new automotive switch products. The company has also made some significant investment this year taking delivery of a new 3- Axis CNC Milling Machine to add additional capacity to production and enable the 3-dimensional machining increasingly required by its customer base. The new machine ensures that our machining capabilities are more innovative,

versatile and flexible, enabling us to support customers with their ongoing requirements. TF Automation plays a vital role in supporting its local student community in Bradford and took part in Bradford Manufacturing Weeks again this year. This innovative initiative was set up by the Chamber of Commerce to engage local schools with local manufacturers to showcase both manufacturing and engineering as valid careers. We are also w o r kin g cl o s el y w it h T h e University of Bradford supporting MSc Marketing Communication students for the second year with a live project to create a marketing campaign. We were delighted to receive the “Highly Commended” Award for Outstanding Business Contribution in the Careers and Technical Education (CTE) Partnership Awards 2020, having been nominated by Hanson School, Bradford. CTE is a pioneering way in which young people can gain skills and experiences planned around the requirements of local employers. The need to improve process and productivity is a constant challenge for all our customers and our focus is on providing solutions to reduce the risk of human error in tasks that are constant, predictable and repetitive.

To find out more or to discuss your next automation project with our design team, contact us on 01274 308005 or or visit our website 14 - Automation Update


Specialists in the engineering and manufacture of process automation solutions to improve efficiencies, output and support continuous improvement programs.


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to discuss your next automation project, please get In touch with our design team

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SAFEGUARDING FOOD WITH REAL-TIME REPORTING In most westernised economies, food processors document all potential product risks, including naturally occurring hazards. To facilitate this automated reporting, Fortress Technology’s metal detectors offer secure, flexible logging of data capture, as well as a range of Industry 4:0 solutions to support track and trace.

As food legislation suggests, traceability is, and will continue to be, a key priority. In the wake of the pandemic, food safety concerns will be further heightened, likely resulting in greater regulatory pressure.

From a Quality Assurance perspective, this level of surveillance provides valuable peace of mind, especially for food processors sourcing ingredients from multiple suppliers. And from an operational viewpoint, production efficiency within factories is enhanced.

Digitising processes that have largely been paper based is a fundamental step change in building sturdier suppler chains.

Contact Reporter is a robust automated record keeper developed by Fortress to help processors keep track of and record logs for all metal detector events, such as rejects, faults, quality performance verifications and more. Available on all Fortress digital Stealth and Interceptor metal detectors, and compliant with Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) food safety management systems and principles, each event is automatically time stamped. The data output provides a fully traceable and auditable QA report documenting what happened and when. 16 - Automation Update

In many European countries, BRC Global Standards drive the adoption of food and beverage track-and-trace technologies. Deployment of these digital solutions will be even more imperative for building supply chain resilience. Being able to zoom in on production bottlenecks, reconfigure supply chains and swiftly identify and respond to issues with agility can be expedited. Checking that metal detection systems are failsafe forms part of this agenda. Frequently, data from a production line is fed back to a common collection system. However, it is critical to ensure the data that being sent is readable and compatible by whatever the plant

is using. Here, food processors can benefit from having equipment adapted to common OPC standards. Doing so means that they can then collect and export data, which can be used to inform future and sensible production decisions. Included as standard on all Stealth and Interceptor metal detectors, Contact Reporter Software from Fortress uses a powerful back-end SQL database to monitor activity and generate reports in either PDF or Excel format. Auditor-approved, reports can be selected for a specific production line and/or time period. For record keeping, event and performance information is stored securely for a minimum of 10 years, with the option to extend storage capacity to 20+ years. For simplicity and ease of use, data can be transferred from the detector to a centralised computer via USB or an optional secure Ethernet connection.

The demand for stainless steel clamps is especially high for the bottling, packaging and processing technology as well as for outdoor appliances and equipment bearing thermal loads. We work constantly and with great dedication on innovative products and solutions for our customers. The range of linear, lifting column, profile and connecting technology products include catalogue as well as tailor-made products, system solutions such as platforms, work stations and special projects. We are happy to advise you in choosing a product or to develop a tailor-made system solution with you from our extensive modular product range. RK Rose+Krieger 26 Faraday Road Aylesbury Buckinghamshire HP19 8RY 01296 611660

Forerunner Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow. The Sensor People have been setting technological standards in industrial automation for more than 50 years. In the field of safety at work, we convince right from the start with trend-setting inventions, such as the development of the first protective sensor ever, to our latest safety innovation, “Smart Process Gating” – the space-saving solution for access guarding on conveyor lines. This is how we ensure the success of our customers in an industry that is ever evolving.

Automation Update - 17

Quantum supports refit of $300m Superyacht with Conversion of Shore Mains We received a request from a European company specialising in Superyacht Refits, they had a 140 meter Superyacht, worth $300 million, coming into dock to undertake important required works and needed to convert shore supply to be able to carry out the project.

They needed to convert shore supply at 400V, 50 Hz to 440V, 60 Hz with a total demand of 1200Amps continuous during full load periods. Furthermore, this had to be built, tested and shipped to site (in France) within a 4-week lead time to accommodate the vessel coming into dry dock for its required works. Converting shore mains instead of using Diesel Generators have several benefits, including; more cost effective, greener and cleaner (no air pollution), quieter (no diesel engine noise), no fuel storage required and a more stable and reliable solution for the work required. Quantum Controls were the only company worldwide that could carry out the request in the proposed time scale. We were able to supply all the equipment required from our own extensive hire fleet (largest known in Europe) utilising our 1200KW VSD and sine filter solution, combined with step up transformer to convert the shore supply to ship demand. The 40ft container housing the system was designed and built by our own 18 - Automation Update

engineers offering a full Turnkey in house solution, this included a housing container to make it not only weather proof, but shore / dock proof, also with our unique forced cooling and ingress protected design to suit the further potential harsh sea salt conditions. The unit was designed, built, tested and ready for its journey (in excess of 1000 miles) within the lead time requested, finally reaching site in time for the vessel requiring mains power in the dry dock. During the 7 month hire period, Quantum Control continue to offer 24/7 emergency support and planned site visits to offer maintenance of the system whilst on hire, giving the customer not only peace of mind but a robust and professional service required for such prestigious projects. Quantum Controls have an extensive range of hire equipment, not only Weatherproof Variable Speed Drives up to 4.5MW power rating, we have a fleet of; electric motors, mains cables, data loggers, flow meters, transformers, generators and harmonic filters. Our

hire fleet are available 24/7 through our Quantum Prime service. One call to 0330 900 247, day or night, and we will have any piece of equipment in transit within 30 minutes of your call. 0330 9000 247 - your 24/7 Emergency Support Number.

ALL OF YOUR TEMPORARY RENTAL NEEDS COVERED 24/7 IN ONE PLACE Our hire services give you fast access to our broad range of wellmaintained, market leading ABB & Schneider Electric Drives and application engineering expertise. You get solid engineering advice and hire equipment for emergency, temporary bypass or semi-permanent application within hours. Services include round the clock access to over 1500 Weatherproof VSDs up to 4.5MW power rating ensuring a first time fix for any drive failure. Our engineers can deliver and install a suitable temporary drive to your site anywhere in UK within hours. As well as Weatherproof Variable Speed Drives, we have a range of Ancillary Products to support your full temporary solution Electric Motors

Switchgear Panels

Sine & Harmonic Filters

Harmonic Data Loggers

Mains Cable

Call our UK 24/7 Emergency Support Line to access our Rental Services or email us at:

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A clean connection for the food and beverage industry The newest addition to the HARTING Han® portfolio is the Han® F+B, a range of connectors which have been specially designed for the requirements of the food processing, bottling and packaging industries. Within these sectors, hygiene and safety are key considerations, meaning machines and equipment must be both easy to clean and designed so dirt pockets and bacteria cannot accumulate. The Han® F+B has been specifically developed as a suitable product for the food zone and splash zone and there are several innovations which make it the ideal solution. Firstly, all hoods, housings and seals are IP69K rated, so the connections are fully protected and resistant to the water jets used to clean equipment. They also have large nooks and surfaces in accordance with the guidelines of the European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG), which allows cleaning and disinfecting agents to flow unhindered. The range is Ecolab approved, so it is resistant to the highly aggressive cleaning agents used in the food and splash zones. As the housings are constructed from polypropylene, they conform to the directives of FDA 21. All surfaces also have a smooth finish, which prevents impurities and bacteria from accumulating, whilst the portfolio can function in a wide temperature range from -40 to +125° C. As well as hygiene and safety concerns, HARTING have also considered the impact of machine downtimes, designing in features which keep disruptions on the production line down to a minimum. With the Han® F+B, operators do not need to open any cable glands on the control cabinet in order to decouple field devices, eliminating the complex disconnecting and reconfiguring of fixed wiring. This solution also allows for fast replacement of defective components and a more efficient configuration when changing components, allowing businesses to shorten set-up times and reduce production stoppages. The housings can be used with hybrid contact inserts for all types of industrial 20 - Automation Update

transmission, including data, signal and power, a versatile connector concept which makes it possible to configure future-proof machine design for processing units, including Ethernet. With the use of an adapter, the user can integrate a selection of Han® 3A inserts, including RJ45 interfaces, signal inserts with up to 21 poles as well as power contacts for currents up to 40 A.

To learn more about the Han® F+B and download our FREE whitepaper, which gives more detailed information about using connectors in food and beverage facilities, please visit connectors-food-industry or email .

Hygiene and safety are top priorities.

Han® F+B - Hygienic and robust.

Connectors for the food industry ■ ■ ■ ■

Easy-to-clean design especially for the spray zone Reliable connections ensured, even with daily cleaning Protection against water jets and aggressive cleaning agents IP69K rated, Ecolab approved and complies with EHEDG guidelines

One Range. No Limits:

Protecting Your Plant Before

Rotech Motion Sensor’s can be used whenever information or monitoring of shaft rotation, position, direction, speed, slip etc is required! Rotech Motion Sensor’s can be used for indication, control, interlocking, protection, sequencing, alarm initiations and many more functions! Rotech Motion Sensor’s can be used wherever materials are transported or processed By conveyors, elevators, screws, mixers, etc!






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