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CBI Series Input 90-305 V AC Output 12/24/48 V DC upto 20 A MODbus / CANbus Comms Remote Monitoring via ethernet Status Relay

Battery Chargers CB Series Input 90-305 V AC Output 12/24/48 V DC upto 20 A MODbus / CANbus Comms Remote Monitoring via ethernet Status Relay

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FLEX Series Input 90-500 V AC Output 12/24/48 V DC upto 25 A Single / Dual or 3 Phase inputs


h r A

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Forerunner Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow. The Sensor People have been setting technological standards in industrial automation for more than 50 years. In the field of safety at work, we convince right from the start with trend-setting inventions, such as the development of the first protective sensor ever, to our latest safety innovation, “Smart Process Gating” – the space-saving solution for access guarding on conveyor lines. This is how we ensure the success of our customers in an industry that is ever evolving. Automation Update - 3

Forresters: Working with businesses that are improving our world


very day we hear news about many issues, ranging from global warming and melting ice caps to plastic pollution and deforestation. What we often don’t hear much about though, are the companies that are working hard to make changes that will have a direct impact on these difficult issues.

At Forresters we are in the privileged position of working with some of the world’s most innovative individuals and businesses. One of these is Aquifer, our client who has developed a unique apparatus that recycles and filters waste water. Sean Ashwell and Phil Hunt from Aquifer said: “This is a game changing piece of equipment that conserves 99% of the water we use and reduces turbidity (NTU) from 300 to <1.0. Forresters made the process of securing patents very smooth and got us the results we wanted.” Another company we work with is Atlantic Lionshare Ltd. The team developed a remotely operated vehicle called The Reef Sweeper that has removed thousands of destructive lionfish from the ocean. Elizabeth Martin from Atlantic Lionshare said: “The invasion of lionfish in the western Atlantic Ocean is putting marine ecosystems at risk of ecological damage. Our technology will continuously evolve and we look forward to our long term relationship with Forresters.”

Another business that has been inspired by the ocean is Biomason, which has created a type of cement that is cutting down on the concrete industry’s carbon emissions. Ginger Krieg Dosier, co-founder and CEO of Biomason said: “The idea for growing cement came from examining how coral grows in the ocean, which uses carbon as a building block to create strong, cementitious materials rather than emitting it, as is the case with traditional cement production. Biomason biocement® will eliminate 25% of the concrete industry’s global carbon emissions by 2030.” Plastic in our oceans, and waste in landfills, are problems we hear about regularly. By recycling and reusing we can all make an important contributions. One UK company that’s helping to change this is LiveCoco, which creates products that are 100% recyclable or compostable. The founder, Mohsin said: “It’s mind boggling when you ask yourself - How can we have driverless electric cars, and yet we still can’t recycle 91% of our plastic? We decided to develop recyclable brush heads and get rid of products that weren’t, at the very least, recyclable.” At Forresters we are proud to work with people that are having a real impact on some of these environmental challenges. By securing intellectual property protection for their groundbreaking inventions we can provide them with the confidence they need to continue putting the health of the planet first. For more information on how to secure protection for your intellectual property visit or email

4 - Automation Update

The ‘Easy’ truth behind e-commerce returns With e-commerce returns just as explosive as online shopping, many e-retailers are discovering their returns management processes aren’t efficient. Returns management is one of the most often overlooked processes of the warehouse. An unmanaged, uncontrolled returns process can put tremendous strain on a facility’s available space, labour and costs.


hen returns are put in a corner waiting to be processed, that’s putting valuable revenue generating inventory aside. If processes are not properly managed and systems become overwhelmed, items will have to be sold at a discount to get them out of the system before eating into profits. Returns are a significant cost and put an enormous impact on the bottom line. 2020 returns were estimated to cost retailers $550 billion. When it comes to returns, the top challenge facing retailers is cost containment. As retailers expand return policies to meet customer demands (free shipping and no restocking fees), their internal returns costs increase.

But its more than just monetary issues, a returns policy can impact customer loyalty with 68% of shoppers viewing return policies before making a purchase. For example, how many of you shop using to make purchases? I bet it’s many of us. Why? Because they have made shopping online an ‘Art in Ease’ the whole process is painless with a nice and easy returns process. But savvy companies such as ‘Cygnia’ a UK 3PL have turned to automation solutions to deliver logistics fulfilment for their customers. Through an automated put-away and returns process they are currently experiencing not only a 200% increase in picking performance, but they are delivering 15% improvements across the whole operation and are a great example of Omni-channel growth using automation.

6 - Automation Update

To get the lowdown read Kardex latest white paper on Automate returns management

or contact Kardex direct at

Leaders in temperature measurement

Hand Held Instrumentation Heading 3

A selection of hand held instruments for many applications including a large range of digital thermometers, light level meter and a range of great value handheld sensors.

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Automation: The Opportunity for UK Manufacturing


UK productivity has not improved since the financial crisis of 2008 and to be competitive this must be addressed. Increased investment in the latest manufacturing technologies, including robot automation, is required. While this presents a challenge, there are reasons to be optimistic as we now have the best opportunity to successfully apply robot automation.

obots are not the answer to all problems, but there are many applications where robots could be deployed to improve productivity, provide consistent quality, and undertake arduous, mundane, or dangerous tasks. It is not about replacing jobs, but providing the UK workforce with the tools it needs to be productive. The rising minimum wage, coupled with labour shortages as a result of Brexit, are driving increased interest. The pandemic has also led to the challenges of social distancing and problems with extended supply chains. Manufacturing must improve its resilience and automation has a role to play in achieving this. The cost of finance is currently very low, improving the economics of investment. The Government’s recent announcements of an extension of the Annual Investment Allowance and the Super-Deduction allowance for

investments in plant and machinery also assist the financial case. There are also leasing options available which can result in a financial return from the day the robot system starts work. However, it is important to recognise there is a learning curve associated with the introduction of robot automation. This is not just the operation of the system once it is commissioned, but also the informed procurement of the solution in the first place. This procurement can seem daunting to companies, particularly as there are many equipment vendors and system integrators offering solutions. The Manufacturing Technology Centre is uniquely placed to help any business that is considering investment in automation, particularly those who are taking these steps for the first time. We are able to provide independent guidance on the most appropriate

8 - Automation Update

applications to automate and the most suitable equipment. We can prepare the business case, develop user requirement specifications, recommend supplier selection from our comprehensive knowledge of all the UK’s robot vendors and system integrators, and advise on training requirements. We are not driven by the need to make a sale, but purely by the needs of the client. Now is the time for businesses to seriously consider automation. The MTC can help you navigate this journey to achieve successful automation adoption. Working together we should look forward optimistically to a renaissance of UK manufacturing driven by robot automation. Mike Wilson Chief Automation Officer – MTC

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Abacus Flooring Solutions Ltd Celebrate first successful year in business

Just one of many recent installs from Abacus.


o many Abacus Flooring Solutions Ltd are now a household name within the industrial and commercial flooring industry here in UK. It’s hard to believe due to the number of highprofile projects and their already wellestablished brand that Nick and Amanda Megson have just recently celebrated their first year in business. Although 2020 had many challenges for all sectors Abacus Flooring Solutions surpassed their anticipated yearly revenue and have seen month on month growth in all aspects of their company. Whether it’s the employment of staff in various areas of the country, a continuously growing pipeline of work and current plans to move into to a new warehouse and office space things have gone superbly in year one. This is the product of long hours, unmatched quality or work and many miles on the motorway. Abacus currently have a major project taking place in Darlington, 7 completed jobs in Wales and have covered every corner of the UK working with multiple industry leading clients. 10 - Automation Update

To coincide with this, Abacus have also been nominated for a Leicestershire business award for “environmental impact”. Nick and the team at Abacus have designed a resin floor screed made of a variety of recycled plastics and most notably, toilet seats. This has grabbed the attention of many organisations in the sustainability industry. With over 30 years’ experience it is of no surprise that Abacus are thriving. Managing Director Nick Megson had this to say about their first year in operation “Completing our first year has brought only one challenge and that is the staffing. Our projected turnover increased by 300%. We managed everything including our cash flow without any borrowing. Now having moved to a new warehouse with offices, we must look at expanding our workforce. We will continue to look for our own work and manage it the way we have, by using a network of specialist sub-contractors. We will continue with our commitment to the environment and our 5-year plan is to have electric vehicles. I will continue to grow the business, but

this can only work with the support of our Customer Base, our Suppliers, SubContractors. We will continue to provide the highest standards of Customer Service.” Abacus Flooring Solutions are changing the industry with the latest innovations, sustainable materials and customer service which is reflective in award nominations, business retention and the continuous flow of outstanding testimonials from their clients. If you’re looking to renew your industrial work environments flooring with a sustainable, hassle-free and the trusted expertise possessed by Abacus call today on 07904 396962 or email You can count on their experience.

Tel: 01296 611660 Email: 26 Faraday Road, Aylesbury Buckinghamshire HP19 8RU

What all Engineers should know about Inverter Repairs I’m sure we can all agree Variable Speed Drives are expensive pieces of equipment that require regular maintenance to minimize premature failure and maximize the life span of your asset.

percentage of IGBT drive repairs simply failing again as soon as they are fitted to the original application when load is introduced, leading to another repair cost and more costly downtime for your process.

However, all makes of Drives do fail and one of the most common faults is IGBT (Insulated-gate bipolar transistor) failure. An insulated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) is a three-terminal power semiconductor device primarily used as an electronic switch in Variable Speed Drives.

In summary all engineers should only send their valuable variable speed drive assets to drive repair facilities that have fully qualified Drive Engineers who have attended the relevant manufacturers courses. But also insist that the repairer have load test facilities and carry out a full load test on your drive which you can attend to witness test or at the very least request a video of the final test.

When a drive suffers an IGBT failure the best practice is to replace all three devices, even if only has actually failed as the fault condition more often than not weakens the remaining devices which will inevitably lead to a further premature failure and more costly downtime for the user. So far, I’m sure I’ve not told you anything you don’t already know, but the real issue with drive repairs is this…it is imperative that each repair is fully load tested This is important because each IGBT has a freewheeling diode which you can only accurately be tested with a full inductive load test. Most companies that offer Drive Repair do not have the required load test facilities and hence they simply carry out a resistive load test which actually does not show if the IGBT’s are fully functioning as a power device which leads to a very high 12 - Automation Update

Insisting on these simple steps for all your drive repairs ensures 100% that your drive is repaired correctly and fully functioning before you put back into service on your plant, thus ensuring minimum repair cost and minimises expensive lost production costs. Quantum Controls have an 10,000 square foot Drive Repair Facility near Newcastle with full load testing facilities and are Official Drive Service Partners for all major Brands of Drives. When you next have a Drive failure get in touch with our expert team for repair estimate. Tel :01661 835566

Automation Update - 13

READY FOR BUSINESS: PPMA SHOW 2021 Countdown begins to first UK live event for the processing and packaging industry. In a few weeks’ time, PPMA Show 2021 will return to the NEC Exhibition Centre in Birmingham, from September 28th- 30th. As the first major PPMA live event since September 2019, following the postponement of all live events in 2020 and early 2021 due to the COVID pandemic, exhibitors and visitors are getting ready to do face-to-face business. With a focus on supporting the processing and packaging communities with sustained business recovery following the challenges of the last year, PPMA Show 2021 will bring together over 250 exhibiting companies, offering businesses a longoverdue opportunity to see emerging technologies and explore the latest trends in the industry. Recent research conducted among PPMA’ audiences reveals a strong appetite for the live event, with 70% of respondents seeing trade shows as an essential platform for reviewing and making future product purchases. Leading exhibitors at the show include: Winkworth, Ulma, AVE, Evolution Bottling and Packaging, Mettler-Toledo, Ilpra, Holmach, Stellar-Technik, Endoline and Brillopak. Richard Little, Show Director of PPMA Show 2021 comments: “Although online platforms help people to gather information about products, our research shows that visitors want to move on from virtual product launches and events to get closer to the technology- hands-on and to speak face-to-face with product and application experts. The appetite for investment is definitely there, as well as the enthusiasm to resume business as usual. We’re setting out to support our community’s business recovery.”

Renowned by the industry as a platform for launching new products, the 2021 show will be no exception, with multiple exhibitors announcing plans ahead of the show: • AVE UK (Stand B40) will showcase two innovative solutions for the food and beverage sector with the launch of the OMNIA B cross flow filtration system for brewers and a mozzarella ball processing line for processing and dairy visitors. The OMNIA B system delivers beer clarification, product recovery and microbiological stability. With the mozzarella ball processing line due for delivery to London-based mozzarella manufacturers, Fratelli Amodio, this will be the only opportunity to see the line. • Fortress Technology (Europe) Ltd (Stand BO1) will debut its new zerocontaminant pandemic-recovery Raptor Series including X-Ray first. • Carlo Gavazzi (Stand G80), a leading manufacturer in industrial automation and energy management will be on hand to discuss the latest technological innovations and advantages in IO- Link Sensors, solid state relays, motor soft starters and energy management.

• Responding to manufacturers’ endof-line labour challenges including staff shortages, social distancing measures and self-isolation, OMRON UK (Stand B34) will show the RB1200 cobot palletiser. Developed in partnership with OMRON’s automation partner Reeco, the systems offer a 50% cost saving, rapid delivery within weeks, as well as modular plug-and-play system architecture. The RB1200 has a maximum payload of 10kg and a cycle time of 12 picks per minute. It requires no system integration and has a 60% smaller footprint than conventional robot palletisers. • Digital coding innovator Clearmark (Stand D72) is celebrating its 20th anniversary with the launch of the ICE Vector Pallet Labelling System. The system includes unique engineering differentiators such as a climate-controlled cabin to ensure consistent print quality, a robust long-reach cartesian-style arm, guaranteeing GS1 specification label placement in all pallet configurations and a dual operator interface and intelligent I/O system.

• Dustcontrol UK (Stand E30) will be showcasing its upgraded GFF (Good For Food) range of food and pharma grade dust extraction equipment. The range is designed to offer efficient dust extraction and cleaning of food contact areas while opening up new recycling possibilities. • Olympus Technologies (Stand A94) is launching an upgraded Universal Robot Palletising System. • Launched in 2020, Ehcolo (Stand F102) is giving visitors the opportunity to see its stretch hooder. • Rollon (Stand J36) has expanded its seventh axis range with an offering aimed at the light and collaborative robotics market, as well as an enhancement of the range intended for larger robots. The new range of axes - 3 single-axis and 2 double-axis – introduces the belt drive with zerobacklash pulleys, simplified handling and overall efficiencies by positioning the motor on board the machine, reducing the overall weight and avoiding the need to manage cable handling. • Yamato Scale Dataweigh (Stand B14), a global manufacturer of product inspection equipment is excited to unveil its new Epsilon range of Multihead weigher, dubbed the new ‘Stick’ machine, as well as its x-ray inspection machine, the TSDN-3. On show will also be a new range of hygienic checkweighers. • Secondary packaging company, TrakRap (Stand B26) believes it has solved one of the biggest barriers to fully recyclable secondary packaging for the food and drink sector with the launch of the Trakcoder, a low carbon alternative to ITF labels.

• Brillopak (Stand H26) will showcase its new UniPAKer robotic crate packing platform, its most compact and energyefficient system to date. • Showcasing its entry level, ‘Plug & Play’ robotic palletising system, Endoline Robotics (Stand D 50) is set to demonstrate the benefits of automation, and the quick return on investment which can be achieved. • Lifting equipment specialist Lift Safe (Stand F74) is showcasing one of its new ranges of mobile access platforms. The self-propelled MA50 is designed for use by one person, providing a maximum working height of five metres • UK barcode labelling automation manufacturer, Cobalt Systems (Stand B64) will showcase its industrial automation solutions. • Engilico™ (Stand H52), a pioneer in non-destructive in-line seal inspection for flexible packaging, presents a new tray inspection solution. The inspection solution uses hyperspectral imaging (HSI) technology to detect contamination in the seal of trays with a much higher contrast than standard vision cameras. • Travtec (Stand J40) is introducing new additions to their conveyor accessories range • Piab (Stand G12) are thrilled to present a wide selection of new products developed to complement their existing range of solutions.

• Ishida Europe Ltd (Stand D40) has introduced a holistic complete product offering across its entire X-ray portfolio that provides customers with peace of mind and delivers a guaranteed Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of less than 3% per annum over a 5-year period. COVID precautions Participants can rely on all the necessary health and safety precautions relating to COVID and, to reassure visitors with regards to cleanliness and safety, the NEC has introduced advanced cleaning measures and hand sanitising stations are located at all entrances of the NEC and at numerous locations around the venue. Physical touchpoints will be reduced throughout the show and there is also ample outdoor space at the NEC for visitors wanting to get some fresh air and to take a break from the exhibition floor during their visit. There will, of course, be differences in the way the 2021 event runs compared to previous years. For example, on-site catering provisions have been modified and we’re also advising visitors travelling to the show to limit what they bring. Pre-registration will be compulsory for all visitors this year register and visitors should follow the latest local guidance at the time of the show with regards to face masks, isolating and symptoms to ensure the safety of themselves and others in attendance.

Registration for the PPMA Show 2021 is now open.

To register for your FREE visitor badge, visit the PPMA Show website at:

Industry Expert Casella Launches Most Technologically Advanced High Flow Pump in the Air Sampling Market Asbestos-related diseases take the lives of 20 tradespeople every week1. Despite being banned in the UK, asbestos can still be found in older homes and industrial properties built between the 1950s and 70s, posing a threat to anyone who disturbs the dangerous material.


lobal occupational hygiene and workplace hazard monitoring expert Casella has launched the Vortex3, the most innovative high flow pump on the market, designed to simplify asbestos and air sampling.

This remote access facility makes monitoring and data collection easier and faster, while providing additional traceability. “Casella has a long history of manufacturing air sampling pumps and the Vortex3 completes the family,” says Tim Turney, Casella Global Marketing Manager. “The Vortex3 brings genuine innovation in terms of new technology and ease of use, designed to save time for those working on-site with air sampling pumps.”

Continuing to fulfil its mission to improve health in the workplace and community with life-changing monitoring technology, the high flow pump offers a flow accuracy better than +/-5%, ensuring consultants, contractors and specialists have confidence in results. Using Casella’s patent-pending, interlocking design, the Vortex3 has an ergonomically comfortable handle and weighs just 2.17kg, allowing users to carry multiple units in one hand with ease. The Vortex3 has an IP65 rating, providing protection from dust and water ingress. Casella’s ergonomic design has ensured the high flow pump’s smooth body finish is free from small crevices that could hold fine airborne asbestos fibres, allowing for safer decontamination and cleaning. Built to impeccable standards, the Vortex3’s two and a half hour at 12L/min with a typical filter ensures continuous performance. Available in two versions, the Vortex3 Pro model is compatible with Casella’s innovative Airwave App and Bluetooth connectivity, enabling users to remotely start, pause or stop a measurement run, monitor battery life and memory capacity and check measurement progress direct from a mobile device. Data can be emailed alongside photos and site details, adding context to the sampling and further simplifying the reporting process. 16 - Automation Update

1) 20%20tradesman,may%20need%20to%20be%20notified.

     

4 Comm ports, inc Ethernet Built-in data logging to microSD Free no-limit programming Slim stackable design Multiple i/o wiring options Starter kit available +44 (0)20 3026 2670

Lamonde Automation Limited Quality Products: Expert Advice

Weidmüller TTB series measuring transformer terminal blocks – safe current and voltage transformer wiring with a single modular terminal block system Automatic short-circuiting of the transformer before the measuring circuit is disconnected – approved according to IEC 60947-7-1 Annex D – safety-relevant components captively connected to the modular terminal block In power transmission and distribution, current and voltage transformers are used primarily for protection and measurement functions. Weidmüller has developed the new Klippon® Connect measuring transformer terminals of the TTB series for this application, for particularly simple and safe wiring – even within complex circuits. Avoiding operating errors during operation is a top priority here, as they can have serious consequences for personnel and equipment. For this purpose, the Klippon® Connect measuring transformer terminals of the TTB series feature a unique disconnect lever mechanism, the "close-before-open" contact. It increases system availability and extends the life cycle of the entire switchgear. An IEC 60947-7-1 Annex D approval underlines the quality claim.

New forced short-circuit functionality The measuring transformer terminals of the TTB series have been specially developed for use in secondary circuits of measuring transformers. For safe application when disconnecting or isolating protection and measuring devices, the terminal short-circuits the current transformer and thus prevents high voltages from occurring in the secondary winding. One of the most important advantages of the new transformer terminal is the "close-beforeopen" contact for up to four connections. It ensures that the current transformer within the terminal is short-circuited before it is disconnected from the rest of the transformer circuit. This prevents the voltage at the current transformer from running up and protects it from damage or even destruction. After shortWire current and voltage transformers simply, quickly and safely with the Klippon® Connect measuring transformer terminal blocks of the TTB series

18 - Automation Update

circuiting the CT side and simultaneously disconnecting the primary side, the meter can be easily and safely replaced or a protective relay test can be performed. The combination of disconnecting lever, short-circuit bridge and lever connection in a single system, i.e. the forced short-circuit functionality, guarantees particularly simple and safe wiring.

Safe comparison measurement It is just as easy, for example, to connect a reference measuring device for a comparative measurement. Thanks to the patent-pending CM (Comparative Measurement) lever connection, two terminal blocks can be selectively disconnected in order to interconnect a calibrated measuring device. After the measurement, the captive lever is reset to the original position, leaving the "closebefore-open" contact active. A unique feature of the TTB series that guarantees the highest safety for personnel and equipment. The switching state of the TTB series instrument transformer terminals is easily visible in all lighting conditions. The disconnect lever can be operated by hand or with a standard screwdriver. It also facilitates the realisation of multipole actuations. All other features of the compact clamp are also designed for maximum safety, ease of operation and convenience, as required by such demanding measurement applications. All functional and safety-relevant components are captively connected to the terminal block. A switching lock blocks the disconnect lever in the respective position, thus preventing the unintentional opening and closing of circuits. Cross-connection channels upstream and downstream of the disconnect point ensure maximum flexibility. This means that even more complex circuit requirements can be implemented with standardised accessories such as short-circuit bridges, lever connectors and test sockets. To The combination of disconnect lever, shortcircuit bridge and lever connection in a single system guarantees that the secondary wiring of a current transformer is short-circuited before the longitudinal disconnection takes place.

complement this, Weidmüller also offers a PE terminal with the same contour, which can be used to install a star point very quickly and easily. Generous marking areas and an extensive colour palette for coding terminals and accessories provide a clear overview during installation and service work. The measuring transformer terminal blocks of the TTB series also adapt flexibly to different customer specifications. The integrated combination foot allows mounting on the two common mounting rail profiles G 32 and TH 35. In addition, the terminal blocks are available with either PUSH IN or screw connection. A transparent protective cover system is available for particularly sensitive applications. Its cover can only be fixed when all connection components are in their initial position. In this way, the assembly is comprehensively protected against incorrect operation, unauthorised access and contamination without impairing visual inspection.

Data-supported product configuration and accessory selection In the planning phase of plants and systems, intelligent interaction between digital article data and interlinked engineering tools is essential. The Weidmüller Configurator (WMC) provides all data sets in full for simple preparation and article selection in the planning phase. The simple assistance function guarantees a reliable configuration of the strip, even if the user knows neither the product name nor the article number. The WMC is additionally characterised by a particularly rational product configuration as well as the simple selection of safety-critical accessory items. The extensive database of the measuring transformer terminals of the TTB series is already integrated into the WMC.

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3 & 4 November 2021, NEC Birmingham The UK’s leading annual gathering of engineering supply chain professionals

SAVE THE DATE I found the event a great networking opportunity to meet industrial professionals from different backgrounds with different products. Kat Clarke, Wing Manufacturing Engineer, Airbus

10,000+ engineering professionals in attendance


exhibitors showcasing their products/services


hours of free-to-attend industry content

Benefit from co-location with: AERO ENGINEERING







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Snap-on’s Level 5™ asset management system is network ready As engineering managers cope with relentless pressure to deliver improved productivity, often with fewer skilled hands and tighter budgets, the benefits of professional tool storage and management become stronger than ever.


nap-on Industrial’s Level 5™ automated total asset management system brings order to any workplace, enabling engineers and technicians to know exactly where to find every tool they need, when they need it, saving time and easing stress.

How useful would it be if all your workshop’s valuable tools could be tracked from one central point? Snapon’s Level 5™ system makes that possible. It provides complete reports on everything managers or supervisors need to keep an eye on. They are even informed when a tool needs to be refilled or ordered. And then there’s FOD. The threat of foreign object damage is a real and present danger in many engineering workplaces. Using Snap-on Level 5™ minimises the risk of human error, as automated tool control constantly tracks every tool and detects which tools have been removed or returned, ensuring greater protection against FOD. Engineered to track individual tools by user, without bar codes, scanners, RFID tags or other add-ons, the system works at the speed its users demand. Other systems require additional steps to scan or log activity. The Snapon system does this automatically so users save time and don’t have to depend on other steps to ensure accurate results. Snap-on’s Level 5™ ATC boxes are network ready, using either Ethernet or wireless connection. That enables users to review activity at all Level 5 boxes in their location from one central computer, avoiding the time consuming need to inspect each box.

Major benefits of the system include: • No individual tool scanning required; • No RFID tags to install or replace; • No limitations on tool size: from ¼” screwdriver bit to just less than the size of the drawer; • Intuitive interface, with an easy to use touchscreen • Audible voice confirmation of tool removal and replacement • Automatic locking for maximum security • Errors announced and displayed to indicate incorrect tool position or advise when a drawer is not closed. Says Richard Packham, Director UK & Europe for Snap-on Industrial: “Snap-on’s automated system takes asset management to an entirely new level. The ability to monitor several boxes from one central computer offers a huge advantage to engineering managers.”

For technical details visit:, call (01536) 413904 or e-mail: 20 - Automation Update



ORGANISATION Implementing proper tool control can improve productivity, control inventory, reduce losses and standardise work.


Fast Flag: Add Status Display Lights to Visually let you know from a distance if your box is full or has any status alerts such as Calibration Requirements

Our Level 5 ATC Storage Units have Keyless Access Control, which means your teams have access to just the tools they need.

ASSET MANAGEMENT AUTOMATION With advanced digital imaging technology and proprietary software, Level 5 Automated Tool Control System® (ATC) scans thea tool drawer and records which tools are removed and replaced in real time.

Take asset management to a whole new level of speed, control, accuracy and cost effectiveness with Level 5 proprietary software. Can also be linked with True-Crib & True-Site software.


Tel: 01536 413 904

Protecting Your Plant Before

Rotech Motion Sensor’s can be used whenever information or monitoring of shaft rotation, position, direction, speed, slip etc is required! Rotech Motion Sensor’s can be used for indication, control, interlocking, protection, sequencing, alarm initiations and many more functions! Rotech Motion Sensor’s can be used wherever materials are transported or processed By conveyors, elevators, screws, mixers, etc!






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