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CBI Series Input 90-305 V AC Output 12/24/48 V DC upto 20 A MODbus / CANbus Comms Remote Monitoring via ethernet Status Relay

Battery Chargers CB Series Input 90-305 V AC Output 12/24/48 V DC upto 20 A MODbus / CANbus Comms Remote Monitoring via ethernet Status Relay

Power Supplies

FLEX Series Input 90-500 V AC Output 12/24/48 V DC upto 25 A Single / Dual or 3 Phase inputs


h r A

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Forerunner Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow. The Sensor People have been setting technological standards in industrial automation for more than 50 years. In the field of safety at work, we convince right from the start with trend-setting inventions, such as the development of the first protective sensor ever, to our latest safety innovation, “Smart Process Gating” – the space-saving solution for access guarding on conveyor lines. This is how we ensure the success of our customers in an industry that is ever evolving. Automation Update - 3

NEW ELECTRIC HEATING RANGE FROM ECOLEC alongside TYDOM smart home app from Delta Dore ECOLEC has launched its new electric heating range of wall-mounted and ceiling radiators linked to the latest smart building and home technology the new TYDOM smart home app from Delta Dore. This is the gateway to the Smart Home in every sense of the word with the facility to manage every controllable function in the home direct from the app with the additional benefits of reliability, simplicity and economy. Wall Mounted Heater

With its multi-solution approach, TYDOM allows you in ECOLEC’s case to control ECO 2000D/IP44/PC/RZ/6630/70 heating through the gateway with the smartphone. Other services can be added Gateway TYDOM 1.0 Delta Dore such as lighting, gates, garage doors, shutters, curtains and blinds, security alarm systems, cameras and services like hot water, underfloor heating systems, electric cast iron radiators, your boiler or a renewable heat pump can be integrated too. You could even control the pool heating, your aquarium and equipment in your home gym… 4 - Automation Update

Ceiling Mounted Heater

The ECOLEC/TYDOM solution offers both local and remote control and programming of electric heating zones with the thermostats. It offers automatic activation of the heating frost protection mode when a window is opened using window contacts. In office environments you can control up to 16 radiators from ECO 500/80/FF/RP/PC/RZ-6630 one thermostat, if required, and in domestic settings the real TO FIT T5 CEILING GRID SYSTEM strength of the system is having zonal control over each room and due to the scalable nature of the Delta Dore ecosystem, you can add solutions that make your smart home uniquely yours. ECOLEC’s partnership with Delta Dore TYDOM app brings true Smart Home opportunities to your home and the option to upgrade and evolve as and when you wish. Simplicity at the touch of your screen, intuitive control of every function in your home. It’s time to learn more about Ecolec heating and control from the TYDOM app.



4.3”, 7” & 10.1” Models | Ethernet & Serial Ports | Entry Level, yet feature-packed Support for in-excess of 300 industrial protocols | Free EasyBuilder Pro Software Great for cost-sensitive applications

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Dyneo+ from Nidec Leroy-Somer is a new range of super premium efficiency permanent magnetassisted synchronous reluctance motors which incorporate alone all the benefits of induction and synchronous permanent magnet technologies. Dyneo+ offers in addition significant advances in terms of smart drive solutions.

DYNEO+, THE NEW RANGE OF CONNECTED MOTORS WITH VERY HIGH EFFICIENCY LEVELS With an IE5 energy efficiency level, Dyneo+ makes it possible to achieve substantial energy savings in real use on cycle at variable speed and load. As a consequence, the range achieves the lowest Total Cost of Ownership on the market. The range has been developed alongside the Nidec Leroy-Somer speed drives to optimize the motor performance for operation with or without position feedback. Thanks to the new Systemiz interactive application, Dyneo+ benefits from a variety of digitalized services to facilitate the exchange of information between the systems and trigger the subsequent action. Offering accurate speed and torque control, the Dyneo+ drive and motor assembly guarantees constant torque over extended speed ranges, with no derating or forced ventilation. This is also an easy-to-implement solution, highly-effective for applications requiring high torque at high speed. High starting performance in sensorless mode avoid the need for an encoder. Nidec Leroy-Somer has developed the Dyneo+ range based on the mechanical platform of its IMfinity® induction motors, known for their robustness and reliability. The use of proven components provides these new motors a great strength of design and an extended service life. Dyneo+ was designed to ensure fast installation, simple parameter setting and easy maintenance. Equipped with a large terminal box for easier wiring, the motor can be assembled or dismantled as simply as an induction motor. Through the technology using rotor low losses, Dyneo+ reduces maintenance costs particularly in increasing greasing intervals. 6 - Automation Update

Ranging from 11 to 500 kW for speeds up to 6000 rpm, Dyneo+ is available in a compact version to address any of space and weight constraints, or in an interchangeable version with an IEC standard motor for the upgrade of equipment with high-performance solutions. With the widest range of aluminium-housing motors on the market, Dyneo+ is also characterised by its great adaptability to different environments, thanks to its cast iron version. These advantages make Dyneo+ an extremely versatile range in full compliance with the requirements of markets in the industrial refrigeration, compression, pumping, ventilation, extrusion, grinding, etc. Dyneo+ adapts to process applications, combining energy imperatives and productivity needs.

Altec Reinforces Focus On Automation and Engineering Capabilities in 2021 County Durham base Altec Engineering begins 2021 with a strengthened focus on the company’s automation and engineering capabilities following the sale of its CNC division in the latter part of 2020. Altec Engineering’s heritage spans four decades and the company’s reputation for high levels of quality and customer service over the years were the catalysts for diversification and growth. As the company developed, two distinct business units emerged – Engineering: covering special purpose automation, integration, tooling and fixtures, and CNC: responsible for the production of high quality and high complexity machined components. The recent sale of the CNC division now enables Altec Engineering to maintain a distinct focus on their core business areas, as explained by Lee Kerswell, Head of Business Development: “Now as a separate business Altec Engineering can forge ahead and implement our strategy of building upon our existing customer base and market sectors. The renewed focus within the UK on manufacturing and re-shoring brings with it an increase demand for

automation and technology based solutions, to allow manufacturers to achieve the productivity, quality and cost structure needed to remain competitive in a global market.” With an already strong team, the company is also currently recruiting additional resource within a number of areas of the business to facilitate the growth planned in 2021. Altec Engineering has established itself as a trusted partner to many different UK manufacturers, supplying a wide range of services and solutions including; automation, special purpose equipment, system integration, engineering support and toolmaking. The company is also recognised as integration partners for a number of the major industrial robot suppliers and many of the systems designed and manufactured for customers incorporate robots alongside a wide range of other proprietary technologies. The success of the business lies in its ability to design and build innovative and bespoke production automation systems, tailored to meet the demanding specifications of customers within multiple marketing sectors. The example shown here is typical of the systems designed and built by Altec, where multiple technologies are integrated to provide a fully automated production solution. Here a SCARA robot, together with a rotary indexing system, machine vision system and welding system are used to produce a range of different component parts at the rate of one every 6 seconds. A combination of quick change tooling and part variant selection via the machine HMI, makes for simple and intuitive operation whilst minimising the time required to change between part types. Altec also provide full system documentation and operator training for each system as part of a turnkey solution, including ongoing service and support. Altec’s Lee Kerswell concludes:” With an increasing number of UK companies now seeking to adopt greater levels of automation to mitigate the effects of skills and labour shortages, Altec, with our new focus is ideally positioned to support the drive to automate UK manufacturing.”

Automation Specialists & Precision Engineers

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Assembly workstations – ergonomic, flexible and efficient

RK Rose+Krieger supplies assembly workstations which are tailored to specific demands and ergonomic considerations and can also be integrated into digital production environments as required. The RK Easywork worktable is characterised by its customisability. It can be converted flexibly and is available as both a standard worktable and a special solution ideally adapted to the working/manufacturing process. Not every production process can be automated in a practical manner. This applies above all to the manufacturing of complex products in small quantities with a high variability and working sequences and special solutions which cannot be automated in a practical manner. In order to be able to manufacture these kinds of products and perform these kinds of sequences efficiently, special assembly workstations which can be integrated into the digital working environment, are required. The demands made of such workstations are high, they not only have to relieve the employee of physically demanding or monotonous tasks, but also have to help to ensure that the working sequences in question are implemented safely and flawlessly. Moreover, the reliability of assembly also has to be guaranteed in the event of an employee change – a particularly critical factor when it comes to quality assurance. The cost-efficiency of these workstations is ensured because they adapt variably to the respective tasks and can be converted in a straightforward manner for new purposes. When combined with (partially) automated removal and loading devices, such as the SETAGO pick to light system or the poka-yoke system, they also guarantee reliable, flawless production processes. These kinds of assembly workstations can of course be designed to be suitable for ESD and/or cleanrooms, and be combined with collaborative robots.

Their configuration is as sophisticated as the requirements for digitalised, ergonomic manual workstations. It can therefore prove more time- and cost-efficient to turn to an expert like RK Rose+Krieger when it comes to designing a suitable workstation, rather than attempting to put together all the elements yourself. After all, it requires comprehensive knowledge in the fields of mechanics, electronics and software solutions in order to realise an assembly workstation for safe and reliable processes and machines. Furthermore, an experienced supplier like RK Rose+Krieger not only supplies a workstation produced for the specific demands, but also provides comprehensive documentation and guarantees assured quality. Please contact R+K to discuss this or any of other range or products including aluminium profile, connecting technology and linear components. 10 - Automation Update

Automation security enhanced with PROFINET’s additional protection measures From the very beginning, in parallel with the first PROFINET specifications, PI published an extensive security concept, which was further refined and adapted in multiple steps. It was not sufficient simply to protect plant networks and automation components, but more importantly, the used protective mechanisms and concepts should not interfere with the running of production operations. Moreover, protection concepts had to be easy to implement and remain affordable. But even more important is that the concepts must be able to be adapted time and again to suit current developments. With these factors in mind, PI has now expanded its IT security concept.

Defense-in-depth The IT security concept used for PROFINET employs a defense-in-depth approach. With this method, the production plant is protected against attacks – particularly from the outside – by means of a multi-layer perimeter (including, among other things, firewalls). In addition, further safeguarding within the plant is possible by dividing into zones through the use of firewalls. Furthermore, a security component test ensures the ability of the PROFINET components to withstand overloading in a defined scope. This concept is supported by organizational measures in the production plant within the framework of a security management system. A never-ending task Security is, however, a topic that must be continuously adapted to the current development and, as a result, is never finished. This applies in particular with respect to the increasing networking of production plants. The use of PROFINET components with added value, e.g., web or OPC communication, thereby ensures increased, direct communication with higher-level systems outside of the security zone. At the same time, it is becoming increasingly difficult to separate PROFINET networks. Moreover, the networks are becoming larger, meaning that more and more components are connected together to form a network and interact with one another. A successful

attack on a single (PC) system within such a cell therefore bypasses upfront security measures. Widely distributed plants also hinder the physical protection of networks and access points. Unauthorized persons could possibly gain access to the PROFINET network. Additional measures for end-to-end security For this reason, previous concepts, which rely primarily on isolating the production plants, must be supplemented with new concepts that enable protection within the cell. PI, therefore, expanded the previous measures with furtherreaching protective measures. This includes a credential management system, e.g., for authentication of the devices and an end-to-end security expansion for PROFINET communication as a configuration option. As not every application has the same security requirements, three security classes were defined for PROFINET. More Information Further technical details and practical examples can be found in the Industry 4.0 Highlight "Security" at In this section on the PI website, current topics, issues and trends from Industry 4.0 applications are addressed so that the user can easily implement and realize them in practical work. Click here to view PROFINET Security video Automation Update - 11

Industrial Energy Management: A Short Guide for Engineering Managers

A key challenge facing many Engineering Managers in the product development life-cycle is the introduction of new corporate sustainability goals. Having a comprehensive understanding of energy consumption and usage across the plant enables managers to balance the corporate sustainability goals as well as prioritising product development.


good starting point is having standardized meters. These will ensure consistent data collection that can feed into a central platform for end-toend visibility and accurate analysis. Ideally, the platform should be capable of automatic data capture, in real time, regardless of utility source or data. If meters are unavailable in certain areas (or not all of the same type) understanding how much energy is being used, by what and when, will be far more difficult than it needs to be. Industrial energy management is about efficient energy monitoring and reallocating resource at the right time to support production initiatives. Implementing an Energy Management System (EMS) will streamline data integration and reporting, allowing business units and functions to be compared in context, as well as providing the means to compile accurate data. The EMS can also correct issues, identify patterns and address anomalies.

With data standardized and an EMS in place, you now have a complete overview of energy consumption and can devise realistic energy targets and a strategy to achieve them. Targets can be set in the EMS based on aggregated data (ensuring no skewed reporting), meaning everyone in the business can see the progress towards the goals. It’ll also be far more consistent and less error-prone than manual reporting. 12 - Automation Update

New reporting and data visibility will lay the groundwork for a successful change management program and ensure continuous improvement. Employees at all levels will understand the energy key performance indicators (KPIs) and can access the detailed data they need to report on energy saving targets, address problems, use the EMS without issue, and support corporate sustainability goals. In both the short and long-term, the Energy Management System will help to reduce operational costs and improve performance. As critical components in the production lifecycle are further bolstered by resource from nonessential plant functions, it becomes possible for Engineering Managers to balance conflicting priorities: deal with industrial energy management and get the product out the door. To find out more about industrial energy management and achieving corporate sustainability goals, download our free eBook: 'Balancing Conflicting Priorities: The Key to Achieving Corporate Sustainability Goals'. To see the eSight Energy Management System in action, book a demo with the team.

High Performance Laser Processing Technology That Won’t Break The Bank

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Laser power from 1,000W to 40kW Up to 6.0m x 2.0m work envelope - up to 6.5m in tube processing systems High accuracy and repeatability Linear speeds up to 140m/min

Carbon Steels | Stainless Steel | Alloys | Aluminium | Copper

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thernet switches build a network connection, allowing

devices to talk to each other. Switches are essential tools in the networking structure; enabling swift and efficient delivery of data packets between devices, whether they’re at opposite ends of a factory or on different sides of the world. Unlike Ethernet hubs that transmit incoming data packets to all ports, unmanaged Ethernet switches are able to work within addressing schemes and limit data collisions by only sending specific data packets to their destination ports. Unmanaged switches automatically detect the network speed of each device, identifying and remembering network devices through the MAC Address function. This intelligence allows the switch to sort all messages by their specific identification code and send to the correct port, vastly improving transmission performance. • Establish network connections between multiple devices • Traffic between connected devices won’t interfere with other devices on the same network • Control and monitor access to various parts of the network • Allow usage monitoring • High speed communication within your network

Fast Ethernet Switches Fast Ethernet enhances the speed of Ethernet with a transfer rate from 10 Megabits per second (10 Mbps) to 100 Megabits per second (100 Mbps). The industry standard for Ethernet Switches is the RJ45 port also known as a network port. With 8 positions and 8 conductors (or contacts) formed into 4 twisted pairs; a type of wiring that twists two conductors of a single circuit together to improve electromagnetic compatibility, the Fast Ethernet switch works over Cat5 cables to connect devices.

14 - Automation Update

Discover Industrial Ethernet Switches Whilst Gigabit switches offer obvious advantages of speed and performance; not every application requires that speed. In automation and monitoring projects that don’t require Gigabit speeds, such as train ticketing machines, lighting controls, and control panel expansions, Fast Ethernet switches offer reliable remote functionality and can reduce the number of service call outs.

Product Spotlight: Fast Ethernet Brainboxes SW-005 10/100 5 Port Light Industrial Ethernet Switch One of the biggest names in the UK for electric vehicle charging solutions; BP Chargemaster utilise Brainboxes SW005 Fast Ethernet switches in their Ultracharge 5kW free standing chargers. The data transfer rate afforded by 10/100 Ethernet is sufficient for purpose, and the compact design of the Ethernet switches means they integrate neatly into the innovatively designed rapid vehicle chargers.

G​igabit Ethernet Switches With data transmission at 1000Mbs per second; the Gigabit standard provides simultaneous sending and receiving of data at a speed 10 times faster than Fast Ethernet (100Mbs). Designed for network intensive applications where rapid data transmission is key, Gigabit Ethernet switches boast increased speed, efficiency and performance, making it easier to configure and support highspeed data transfer between devices and/or the central controls.

Backwards compatible; Gigabit switches can plug into older networks, and are able to connect to devices that are 10Mbs, Fast Ethernet (100Mbs) or Gigabit, whilst detecting the highest common speed between both ends of the connection. Product Spotlight: Industrial Gigabit Ethernet Switch Brainboxes SW-515 Compact Industrial 5 Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch Designed to withstand extreme conditions, industrial Ethernet switches have a more rugged spec than commercial switches. Industrial power considerations and a wide operating temperature range make industrial switches suitable for a multitude of environments including factories, HVAC, oil and gas fields, military applications, and security/surveillance control. The Gigabit standard is targeted for mission-critical applications where speed is essential, without compromising on reliability, quality, or safety. Recognised throughout the world as a leading Designer and Manufacturer of intrinsically safe and explosion proof equipment, Don Electronics use Brainboxes industrial Gigabit Ethernet switches in bespoke hazard monitoring systems. Used in Zone 21 approved systems (flammable or explosive areas) for critical safety monitoring, the switches are rugged and reliable enough to detect particles in mines, and withstand cement dust in construction.

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The demand for stainless steel clamps is especially high for the bottling, packaging and processing technology as well as for outdoor appliances and equipment bearing thermal loads. We work constantly and with great dedication on innovative products and solutions for our customers. The range of linear, lifting column, profile and connecting technology products include catalogue as well as tailor-made products, system solutions such as platforms, work stations and special projects. We are happy to advise you in choosing a product or to develop a tailor-made system solution with you from our extensive modular product range. RK Rose+Krieger 26 Faraday Road Aylesbury Buckinghamshire HP19 8RY 01296 611660

Forerunner Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow. The Sensor People have been setting technological standards in industrial automation for more than 50 years. In the field of safety at work, we convince right from the start with trend-setting inventions, such as the development of the first protective sensor ever, to our latest safety innovation, “Smart Process Gating” – the space-saving solution for access guarding on conveyor lines. This is how we ensure the success of our customers in an industry that is ever evolving.

Automation Update - 15

MVK PRO AND IMPACT67 PRO IP67 rated fieldbus modules are an important component in decentralized installations. They replace complexly wired and expensive terminal boxes. MVK Pro and IMPACT67 Pro, Murrelektronik‘s compact IO-Link master modules with eight multifunctional master ports, are the most intelligent way to connect IO-Link devices. Combine these modules with our selection of IO-Link hubs and analog converters to increase your flexibility while minimizing hardware costs. In addition to pure process data (I/Os), the new Pro modules also provide secondary extended diagnostic data (voltage, current and temperature values) for both the respective ports and the entire module. This allows anomalies to be detected and the actual process to be optimized via data analysis. With the help of OPC UA, this can be done completely without a controller using a standard protocol.

The most flexible port ever – IO-Link lass A/B master port

8x multifunctional IO-Link Class A/B master ports with true DIO functionality – one module for everything: 16 DI, 16 DIO, 16 DO, 8I OL or any combination. Intelligent supply voltage switching at pin 2 and 4. Up to 4 A per port (up to 2 A each at pin 2 and 4).

Handle maximum performance

2x M12 L-coded for daisy-chainable installations. 4* and 5 pole options for any installation concept. Up to 2x 16 A. * 4-pole option only available for ProfiNet

MVK Pro and IMPACT67 Pro – The IO-Link system by Murrelektronik

Rugged housing

Robust, fully potted (plastic – IMPACT67 Pro, metal – MVK Pro) housings. IP65 (IMPACT67 Pro), IP67 (MVK Pro) ratings. Made for harsh industrial environments.


Global deployment – guaranteed

2x M12 D-coded, 100 Mbps. ProfiNet, EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT. Rotary coding switch (for configuration). Automated, network-wide firmware updates via Murrelektronik‘s AutoUpdateX tool. IO-Link master with OPC UA server – from the sensor to the cloud.

The new user-friendly standard

Real time power and data monitoring: current, voltage, temperature and min/max values, etc. Quick and easy configuration with the integrated Murrelektronik webserver. IODD on board from Murrelektronik and extended channel diagnostics. * UL in progress

MVK Pro and IMPACT67 Pro – The IO-Link system by Murrelektronik Murrelektronik Ltd | Tel: 0161 728 3133 | Email: |

Wave Spring or Coil Spring? ~ A comparison of Crest-to-Crest™ wave springs and round wire coil springs ~


rest-to-Crest™ wave springs can offer similar loads and deflection to traditional coil springs, but at around half the height. They can reduce axial space by up to 50 per cent, leading to an overall decrease in assembly size, weight and cost. For design engineers looking to utilise these benefits and discover if a Crest-to-Crest™ wave spring can replace a coil spring in their application, Simon Ward, technical manager at TFC, European partner of Smalley, answers some common questions about wave springs.

What are the key differences? Wave springs and coil springs are both types of compression spring, primarily used to provide an axial force in either a static or dynamic application. However, there are differences. Coil springs are typically made of round wire, whereas wave springs are made from flat wire. This provides an opportunity to significantly reduce working heights within any assembly. Space-saving is key in medical applications, such as handheld instruments like dental tools and insulin pens, which must be lightweight and compact. A wave spring, true to its name, utilises a sinusoidal waveform to generate the required axial force. A Crest-to-Crest™ wave spring has multiple turns to build up the free height of the spring to achieve the required deflection characteristics. Another difference is the way that wave and coil springs store and release energy. A coil spring has a pitch angle and is torsional so it can twist as it compresses, meaning not all force is necessarily aligned with the axis. On the other hand, wave springs rely on bending — as load is applied, the waves begin to flatten, providing an upward force, allowing for complete axial load transmission. 18 - Automation Update

How do I swap from using a coil spring to a Crest-to-Crest™ spring? For design engineers currently using coil springs, switching to a Crest-toCrest™ wave spring needs careful consideration. There is an extensive range of standard sizes that may suit but in 70-80 per cent of cases we will develop a bespoke design to maximise the benefits. Before designing any wave spring, it helps for TFC to understand the space constraints and the spring performance characteristics. The final design is then achieved by modifying the number of waves and turns, adjusting material cross section and wave heights. Choice of material also affects the design and will normally be dictated by the operating temperature and environment where the spring must function. If a Crest-to-Crest™ spring does not suit the application, then we have several other options including single turn and nested springs. To identify the correct wave spring for your application, the best thing to do is work with a specialist. An experienced TFC engineer can help you find the ideal wave spring, to help you achieve design breakthroughs. For more information, visit

ALL OF YOUR TEMPORARY RENTAL NEEDS COVERED 24/7 IN ONE PLACE Our hire services give you fast access to our broad range of wellmaintained, market leading ABB & Schneider Electric Drives and application engineering expertise. You get solid engineering advice and hire equipment for emergency, temporary bypass or semi-permanent application within hours. Services include round the clock access to over 1500 Weatherproof VSDs up to 4.5MW power rating ensuring a first time fix for any drive failure. Our engineers can deliver and install a suitable temporary drive to your site anywhere in UK within hours. As well as Weatherproof Variable Speed Drives, we have a range of Ancillary Products to support your full temporary solution Electric Motors

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Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 8GB Starter Kit from OKdo now available through RS Components and OKdo Exclusive starter kit provides high-level experience at entry-level price RS Components (RS) and OKdo, trading brands of Electrocomponents plc (LSE: ECM), a global omni-channel solutions partner for industrial customers and suppliers, have announced the exclusive availability of a starter kit based on the 8GB version of the latest Raspberry Pi single-board computer (SBC). The Raspberry Pi 4 Model B with 8GB of RAM is the most powerful version of the Raspberry Pi SBC produced to date and the kit provides everything needed to take full advantage of tWhat performance. This includes a 32GB MicroSD card pre-loaded with Linux (NOOBS 3.1.1), a 5V power supply, HDMI and USB cables, an SD card reader, and an aluminium case with fan and heatsinks, along with OKdo’s ‘get started’ guide and ‘get inspired’ project handbook. As stated, in addition to an aluminium case and cooling fan, the kit also includes three heatsinks that can be attached directly to the board’s processor, the RAM and the USB controller. These hardware features enable users to make full use of the processor’s maximum operating speed of 1.5GHz. With 8GB of LPDDR4 RAM memory, the Raspberry Pi 4 Model B supplied in the kit can outperform many desktop PCs. The Raspberry Pi 4 Model B also features two micro-HDMI ports, meaning it can drive two external displays at the same time at up to 4Kp60 resolution. The two micro-HDMI to HDMI leads supplied in the kit allow users to make use of this new feature for even easier connection. The processor on the Raspberry Pi 4 Model B is the most capable ever to be used in a Raspberry Pi; the Broadcom BCM2711 is a quad-core processor featuring four Arm® Cortex®-A72 64-bit cores based on the Armv8 architecture. Furthermore, the Raspberry Pi 4 Model B extends its interface options and now offers two USB 3.0 ports alongside the two USB 2.0 ports. This is complemented by 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz IEEE 802.11b/g/n/ac and Bluetooth 5.0 BLE wireless connectivity, as well as Gigabit Ethernet. The Raspberry Pi 4 Model B development kit with 8GB RAM, developed by OKdo and available exclusively through OKdo and RS globally, really does give makers and engineers easy access to the most powerful SBC available today. It can form the basis for the latest and most demanding applications in the fields of AI, robotics and Industry 4.0. Despite this high performance, it still provides easy access for educators and students a way to explore the highest level of processing performance at an entry-level price. 20 - Automation Update

Protecting Your Plant Before

Rotech Motion Sensor’s can be used whenever information or monitoring of shaft rotation, position, direction, speed, slip etc is required! Rotech Motion Sensor’s can be used for indication, control, interlocking, protection, sequencing, alarm initiations and many more functions! Rotech Motion Sensor’s can be used wherever materials are transported or processed By conveyors, elevators, screws, mixers, etc!






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