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Think differently. Live differently.

Do you remember your first visit to Northland?

We’re here, and even better.

Our programs set national standards. • Sierra Magazine “2011 Cool Schools” Schools are featured for their efforts to stop global warming and operate sustainably. Northland placed 7th on the list. The magazine spotlights the schools that are making a true difference for the planet, and marks Sierra’s fourth annual listing of America’s greenest universities and colleges. • 2011 Princeton Review: Green Honor Roll Northland College received a perfect score in this survey of environmentally friendly schools. Criteria used by the Princeton Review includes the percentage of food expenditures that goes toward local, organic or otherwise environmentally preferable food, whether new buildings are required to be LEED certified for environmental friendliness, and whether the school employs a full-time sustainability officer. • US News & World Report: Best Liberal Arts Colleges 2001 Northland College ranked in the national’s top tier among the most competitive and prestigious institutions. To qualify, each liberal arts institution must emphasize undergraduate education and award at least 50 percent of their degrees in the liberal arts. • 2011 Princeton Review: Best in the Midwest Northland College is one of the 152 nationally recommended “Best in the Midwest” colleges by The Princeton Review. LEED Gold Standard The MELLC, an environmentally conscious residence hall, was built with a variety of recycled products and energy efficient materials, and was a prototype in the development of the U.S. Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) green building rating system. The newly renovated Dexter Library, which is now one of four buildings in Wisconsin to achieve LEED Gold ranking, is our first certified building with the completion of a photovoltaic array.

Our new curriculum inspires. Our new curriculum is built on a foundation that emphasizes connections. It is distinctive for its integrated, multi-disciplinary approach to general education, environmental sustainability and its innovative academic majors. Our experienced faculty, immerse students in real-world complexities that develop the habits of mind and heart required to negotiate these complexities with success. They prepare students for a rewarding future in whatever path they choose.

“Being a professor at Northland means teaching is the most important part of your professional life; helping students learn is paramount. At Northland you have the latitude to do this in a variety of ways. You can structure your class so that it is lecture, discussion, labintensive, includes lots of field experiences, etc. You can teach inside, outdoors, or even while you are paddling or fishing with students. I can’t imagine a better place to teach geosciences. Northern Wisconsin has a variety of landscapes and a rich, geologic history to draw on.” Bruce Goetz Professor of Geoscience At Northland since 1969

Our students are problem solvers and innovators. Our graduates are prepared to solve the complex problems of the world and have hands-on experience to do just that. A Northland education gives students the tools and knowledge to become world leaders. Many of our alumni are leaders in their fields of public policy, sustainable business practice, and environmental education. The liberal arts experience at Northland gives students a well-rounded, diverse education. Students gain knowledge and experience in the arts and sciences. Northland prepares graduates to be leaders and problem solvers in whatever career path they choose.

They are involved inside and outside the classroom. Whether it be through athletics, co-curriculars, academics or volunteering, our students go above and beyond the ordinary. They are leaders with new ideas, strategies and outcomes. They think outside of the box. Our students are the type of people employers and graduate schools are looking for, and the type we are proud of.

80% of Northland students ranked in the upper half of their high school class.

They become leaders in their careers. From social justice to environmental research, our alumni face the world’s problems head-on. They are prepared to make a difference and leap at the chance to make a change. Take Linda Anderson-Carnahan for example. She is currently the Deputy Assistant Regional Administrator and Associate Director of the U.S. EPA’s Region 10 Office of Management Programs. She had provided expertise on the EPA’s Clean Air Act provisions, maintained responsibility for grants and budgets, and managed an environmental laboratory. She also serves as a mentor for disabled and minority employees. Shortly after completing her degree, Linda embarked on a career as an employee of the United States Environmental Protection Agency. She began at the agency developing a water quality-based toxics control program and reviewing toxicity tests, earning recognition as an expert on toxics and water quality. Later on, she became involved in Superfund site testing, in measuring the effect of agricultural chemicals on rivers, and in developing programs to abate hazardous air pollutants.

Linda Anderson-Carnahan `81

B.S., Chemistry, Northland College M.S., Public Health, University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill

Our future is bright.

And our mission is to enable those we serve to address the challenges of the future.

We know where we’re going. Please take a moment to think about Northland’s future. Northland has earned recent national awards and distinctions as one of the very best colleges in the nation. Northland’s strong academic programs and active environmental mission are equally recognized by national educational, business, and environmental organizations seeking leaders in these areas. Northland’s dedication to education of young leaders, its commitment to actualize the values of environmental sustainability, and its steady voice in a wilderness of global economic and environmental challenge, make Northland a prominent leader to turn to. Northland abides by its promise to students to provide a uniquely strong preparation for living a purposeful life, and to provide the opportunity and passion for leadership. Our graduates are well prepared to address unknown challenges of the future. Think of the world and the challenges we all face in the coming years. Since its inception, Northland has prepared the community to address emerging issues through education and stewardship. Please join us as we move forward. Anything is possible.

Michael A. Miller President

Together, anything is possible.

Let’s go.


Think differently. Live differently. Do you remember your first visit to Northland? We’re here, and even better. •USNews&WorldReport:Bes...