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Professional Development # 1 Art Therapy with Neurological Conditions Edited by Sally Weston and Marian Liebmann Foreword by Jackie Ashley MAY 2015 // pb // 368pp // p-9781849053488 // e-9780857009128 // $39.95 // ÂŁ24.99

How art therapy can transform rehabilitation after brain injury or life with a neurological condition.

By creating a therapeutic outlet for self-expression and processing trauma, art therapy can play a powerful role in assisting people with a brain injury or neurological condition to adjust to living with altered abilities and ways of thinking. Bringing together a wealth of expertise from specialists working with a range of conditions including epilepsy, dementia, acquired brain injury, motor neurone disease and multiple sclerosis, this book describes both the effects of the conditions and the ways in which art therapy has helped in the rehabilitation process. The book includes work with groups and individuals and with a wide range of settings and age groups, from children to older adults, and discusses the implications of research from neuroscience and neuropsychology. This will be essential reading for art therapists and students working with neurological conditions. Other professionals working with people with neurological conditions such as psychotherapists and counsellors, doctors, nurses and complementary therapists will also find it of interest.

Art Therapy with Physical Conditions Edited by Marian Liebmann and Sally Weston Foreword by Trevor Thompson MAY 2015 // pb // 320pp // p-9781849053495 // e-9780857009111 // $39.95 // ÂŁ24.99

How art therapy can support adults with chronic or terminal illness and life-limiting conditions.

As the emotional components of physical illnesses become more recognised, there is a renewed interest in the potential of art therapy to help patients come to terms with injury, pain and terminal and life-long conditions. A wide range of experienced art therapists describe their work and its benefits to a variety of groups including those with cancer, debilitating conditions such as myalgic encephalopathy (M.E.) and ulcerative colitis. Physical conditions in combination with other factors such as homelessness or learning disabilities, and children with life-long and chronic conditions are also covered. The book includes discussion of spiritual and philosophical issues when mortality is faced, life change and adjustment issues, practical considerations and which models of practice art therapists find most helpful with various groups. This will be essential reading for arts therapists and students, as well as for professionals with an interest in psychological issues and wellbeing for patients with physical illness or long term conditions, such as psychotherapists and counsellors, complementary therapists, doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals.


A very broad ranging discussion of the subject and, as promised in the preface, going far beyond the known areas that art therapy is usually associated with.


Hilary Curwen, Retired Art Psychotherapist

2 # Professional Development Mindful Art Therapy A Foundation for Practice Barbara Jean Davis JUN 2015 // pb // 176pp // p-9781849054263 // e-9780857007919 // $32.95 // £19.99

Innovative approaches demonstrate how traditional Eastern wisdom can be integrated into modern art therapy and psychotherapeutic practice.

This book bridges Eastern and Western traditions to present mindful approaches to art therapy. It clarifies theories, methodologies and practical skills of mindful art therapy and features case study examples and client artworks to illustrate the clinical application. A guided meditation script is available to download.

I congratulate Barbara Jean Davis on her excellent book, which makes suitable reading for all health professionals and the public. It provides health professionals who work closely with patients suffering mental illness, a safe therapeutic tool for healing as part of their overall management plan. Barbara takes art therapy to a new level, by empowering patients to create art from a state of mindfulness and tap deeply into their deep felt emotions that may be difficult to express, their own inner wisdom and cultivate creativity! Associate Professor Dr Vicki Kotsirilos, Medical Practitioner, Department of Rehabilitation, Nutrition and Sport, La Trobe University and General Practitioner

Integrating Art Therapy and Yoga Therapy Yoga, Art, and the Use of Intention Karen Gibbons MAY 2015 // pb // 176pp // p-9781849057820 // e-9781784500238 // $29.95 // £18.99

A practical guide to integrating art therapy-based and yoga therapy-based techniques in clinical practice to enhance therapeutic outcomes.

This dynamic approach to therapy combines yoga and art to heal the whole person - body, mind and spirit - through the use of intention. In this practical guide art therapists will learn how to incorporate yoga poses, mudras and meditation, and yoga therapists to introduce art directives, into individual and group clinical work for a more holistic healing process. Readers will discover the parallels that exist between the two modalities, and how to use a specific intention as a framework for structuring sessions, with the aim of reaching a deeper level of healing in their clinical work. Guidelines for staying within each modality’s scope of practice and working ethically are included, as well as an extensive Practice Chart, which shows how to match treatment concerns with an intention, mudra meditation, yoga poses and art activity. Ideal for art therapists looking to expand and enhance their practice, this book will also appeal to yoga therapists and teachers with an interest in art-based techniques. Although primarily meant for therapists, it is also accessible for individuals looking for self-improvement.

Karen Gibbons skilfully navigates the complex blending of art therapy and yoga with professionalism, ethical clarity and reflective deliberation. For all art therapists wishing to complement their art therapy practice, this book is a practical and invaluable guide to aid in enhancing the mind body connection found in both yoga and the creative art process. Lisa R. Furman, Adjunct Faculty Member, Graduate Art Therapy Program, School of Visual Arts, New York City, Associate Professor, Albertus Magnus College, New Haven

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Professional Development # 3 Integrative Art Therapy and Depression A Transformative Approach Vibeke Skov Foreword by Arthur Robbins FEB 2015 // pb // 360pp // p-9781849055772 // e-9781784500207 // $49.95 // £29.99

New approach to treating depression combining art therapy and Jungian psychology.

Laying out a new integrative approach to the treatment of depression, this book looks at the biological, psychological, social and spiritual dimensions of clinical art therapy. Skov presents the theoretical foundation for a Jungian approach to art therapy and depression together with its clinical methodology and framework, outlining a procedure for working with people with mild to moderate depression. Integrative art therapy in clinical practice is introduced alongside case studies from the author’s research and practice to show how transformative processes operate in the field between the conscious and the unconscious part of the psyche. Finally the author lays out her research methodology and discusses the possible implications of the integrative art therapy approach. This revolutionary approach, which places equal importance on both art therapy and psychology in the treatment of depression, will be a valuable resource for all art therapists and students working with clients and patients who suffer from depression. Psychologists, psychotherapists, counsellors and other mental health professionals will also find it of interest.

Play and Art in Child Psychotherapy An Expressive Arts Therapy Approach Ellen G. Levine DEC 2014 // pb // 288pp // p-9781849055048 // e-9780857009197 // $39.95 // £24.99

A look at how art-making and imaginary play can provide a space for children to metabolize their experiences in clinical settings.

Ellen G. Levine draws on her extensive experience in clinical settings to present a series of case studies that demonstrate how art-making and imaginary play can provide a space for children to metabolize their experiences. Each study is followed by an arts-based research discussion of the themes that emerged in the clinical sessions and the basic principles that were followed in the work with the child or family. The model of expressive arts therapy is used to explore the questions that arise from the cases, which range from issues of war trauma, to anger, grief, and the impact of mental illness in the family. This comprehensive guide to the use of play and art in working with children and parents will be of interest to students and practitioners in the fields of expressive arts therapy and psychotherapy, in addition to anyone working with children in disciplines such as psychology, social work and psychiatry.

This superbly crafted book is a gem! It is Levine’s gift to the profession, culled from her many years of experience as a therapist, artist, educator, and researcher. Through her engaging, accessible style of writing, she brings to life an aesthetic approach to therapy and research that is profoundly respectful of children and families, and that honors the potential of the arts to access individual and collective resilience. Cathy Moon, Professor and Chair, Art Therapy Department, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, author of Studio Art Therapy and editor of Materials and Media in Art Therapy


4 # Professional Development Challenging Stress, Burnout and Rust-Out Finding Balance in Busy Lives Teena J. Clouston JUL 2015 // pb // 208pp // p-9781849054065 // e-9780857007865 // $27.95 // £16.99

Practical tools and techniques to find life balance and wellbeing at individual, family and community levels.

A balanced lifestyle enhances health, happiness and wellbeing. With practical techniques and strategies, this book explores how this balance can be found and how stress and anxiety, which are linked to being overworked and over busy, may be alleviated. It begins by examining the state of work-life imbalance in our everyday lives and discussing real life examples from a group of professionals working in health and social care. Their stories and experiences illustrate the problems caused by our modern, work-driven society and resonate with how many of us are living today. The author then provides practical tools and techniques to address this overwork culture and achieve a more balanced lifestyle. These simple, yet effective, strategies can be implemented quickly in everyday life.

In this brilliantly written book, Dr Clouston presents a thought-provoking reconceptualization of the notion of occupational balance. She argues that living a balanced life means resisting the neoliberal capitalistic pressure to value “doing” over other aspects of life, and instead pursuing personally meaningful occupations that enable “doing, being, becoming, and belonging”. This is a must-read textbook for anyone who is interested in ideas about meaningful living through focused engagement in valued occupations. Moses N. Ikiugu, PhD, OTR/L, Professor and Director of Research, Occupational Therapy, University of South Dakota

Video Enhanced Reflective Practice Professional Development through Attuned Interactions Edited by Hilary Kennedy, Miriam Landor and Liz Todd APR 2015 // pb // 336pp // p-9781849054102 // e-9780857007872 // $49.95 // £24.99

The first book on Video Enhanced Reflective Practice.

Video Enhanced Reflective Practice (VERP), an application of Video Interaction Guidance, supports individuals or groups to reflect on and develop their professional communication, teaching or therapeutic skills with their clients through shared review of moments of attuned interaction in video clips of their day-to-day practice. This book brings together international researchers and practitioners from a range of professions to define VERP, present its theoretical basis and review the current research evidence. Increasing in popularity, VERP is used as a reflective professional development tool for a wide range of professionals and employees, supporting them to analyse and reflect on moments of their effective interaction on video, in situ in the professional environment. The VERP approach is optimistic and empowering, focusing on strength and potential rather than problems or weaknesses.

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Professional Development # 5 Counselling Skills for Working with Shame Christiane Sanderson AUG 2015 // pb // 320pp // p-9781849055628 // e-9781784500016 // $39.95 // £22.99

Helps practitioners to identify and manage shame in the client and themselves.

Providing the skills counsellors need to identify and manage shame, in the client and themselves, this book aims to enable the counsellor to release shame and to build shame resilience. Full of practical techniques, it is a skills-led handbook for practitioners who have little formal training in working with shame.

Sanderson provides a myriad of tips to help us all navigate the mortifying and isolating effects of toxic shame. And in doing so, will help us move towards a more compassionate way of being, both to ourselves, and to others. Dr Rebecca Gray, University of New South Wales, Australia

Self-Care for the Mental Health Practitioner The Theory, Research, and Practice of Preventing and Addressing the Occupational Hazards of the Profession Alfred J. Malinowski SEP 2014 // pb // 208pp // p-9781849059923 // e-9780857009319 // $36.95 // £22.99

A comprehensive resource on self-care for those working in the field of psychotherapy.

Dr. Alfred J. Malinowski’s book provides a comprehensive resource on self-care for those working in the field of psychotherapy. Beginning with an exploration of the role and duties of the mental health practitioner, Dr. Malinowski describes how the demands of practice can lead therapists to diminished psychological well-being. He explores the impact this can have and, through an examination of the latest research, reiterates the importance of the self-care of the practitioner. He presents a number of self-care techniques and strategies and explains how they can be applied to maintain psychological, spiritual, physical and social well-being. A final section explores the need for additional training for psychotherapists in the area of the hazards and self-care, both in graduate courses for future clinicians and to help experienced therapists continue learning and practicing self-care principles in their daily lives.

This is a wonderful supplementary text for ethics, practicum, and internship courses in mental health fields. It discusses many of the problems our professions face and some good potential solutions. As a practicing Counseling Psychologist for over 30 years, I have learned many of these lessons through the school of hard knocks. I wish I had had a book like this when I was in school. As a professor teaching counseling and psychology courses over the last 30 years, I wish I had had a book like this for my students. David P. Sarnoff, Ph.D., ABPP licensed psychologist in private practice in Charleston, SC, Adjunct Full Professor of Counseling at Webster University, and full time Psychology core faculty at Capella University, US


6 # Practical Resources Raising Self-Esteem in Adults An Eclectic Approach with Art Therapy, CBT and DBT Based Techniques Susan I. Buchalter DEC 2014 // pb // 288pp // p-9781849059664 // e-9780857008213 // $29.95 // £17.99

284 individual exercises specifically designed to build self-esteem are laid out in this practical resource for arts therapists and other professionals

Self-esteem is the building block of therapy and wellness and is crucial in overcoming depression and anxiety and in leading a fulfilling, functional life. Filled with hundreds of practical activities to help clients build their selfesteem as they become increasingly mindful and self-aware, this book contains a rich assortment of approaches from art therapy, dialectical behavioral and cognitive behavioral therapy. The innovative and established methods examined in the book are based on sound, evidence-based techniques, illustrated with real client experiences, to help therapists gain a greater understanding of how the approaches take effect. This is an essential resource of activities for all art therapists, as well as counsellors, psychologists, other mental health professionals and social workers interested in using art therapy techniques in their work. It is appropriate for use with a wide variety of clients and patients, including those suffering from depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.

Susan Buchalter’s book offers art therapists a broad range of practical exercises and techniques for enhancing self-esteem in adults. Practitioners may find this book a useful resource, particularly when applied alongside more directive approaches such as CBT and DBT. Debbie Michaels, HCPC Registered Art Psychotherapist and Associate Lecturer, Art Therapy Northern Programme

Yoga Girls’ Club Do Yoga, Make Art, Be You Tiffani Bryant FEB 2015 // pb // 192pp // p-9781848192591 // e-9780857012067 // $19.95 // £12.99

A yoga and art workbook to inspire self-expression, encourage body confidence and promote self-esteem in girls and young women.

A fun, interactive workbook for girls aged 11-17 containing 43 easy-to-follow yoga postures, guidance on yogic breathing and meditation, opportunities for self-reflection and fun art activities. Designed to help girls feel more confident in body and mind and better equipped to handle the everyday pressures of the challenging teenage years.

I am pleased to recommend Yoga Girls’ Club, it is a wonderful and comprehensive guide for adolescent girls to explore their individuality through yoga practice and art making. Tiffani Bryant’s voice is inspiring and playful and she honors the intelligence and strength of her audience at all times. Karen Gibbons, art therapist, yoga therapist, founder of Yoga and Art NYC, therapist with the Art Therapy Outreach Center, New York City and author of Integrating Art Therapy and Yoga Therapy

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Practical Resources # 7 A Journey in the Moon Balloon When Images Speak Louder than Words Joan Drescher Joan Drescher Foreword by Joan Borysenko MAR 2015 // hb // 72pp // p-9781849057301 // e-9781784501006 // $19.95 // ÂŁ12.99

An illustrated interactive resource with stories and activities to help children cope with anxiety and other difficult feelings.

Take a journey in a hot air balloon to see the world differently. Open your heart, drop your fears, relax and get in touch with your feelings. This colorfully illustrated interactive journal with a delightful story line has been used to help children of all ages express their emotions and feel better about themselves and the world through writing, drawing, and symbols. This fully updated and expanded edition is overflowing with new stories and activities to unleash creative expression and allow images to do the talking.


A Journey In The Moon Balloon: When Images Speak Louder Than Words offers an uplifting way of making art with children, families, and caregivers, all the more effective in its grounded embrace of the full spectrum of emotions experienced by those facing health challenges and crises. Joan Drescher, a skilled illustrator and pioneer Artist in Residence at the Massachusetts General Hospital, brings considerable credibility to the emerging use of the arts in comprehensive healthcare. In addition to suggestions for initiating artistic expression, the book offers insightful psychological guidance on the creative process and how to help others become engaged in their unique ways. Art therapists and students who are increasingly interested in the process of interactive art making will find this book inspirational. Shaun McNiff, University Professor, Lesley University, author of Art Heals, Integrating the Arts in Therapy, Art-Based Research and Imagination in Action: Secrets for Unleashing Creative Expression


8 # Practical Resources The CBT Art Activity Book 100 illustrated handouts for creative therapeutic work Jennifer Guest SEP 2015 // pb // 136pp // p-9781849056656 // e-9781784501686 // $29.95 // £17.99

Photocopiable therapeutic worksheets based on CBT principles to aid clients exploring thoughts and feelings

Explore complex emotions and enhance self-awareness with these 100 readyto-use creative activities. The intricate, attractive designs are illustrated in the popular zentangle style and are suitable for adults and young people, in individual or group work. The worksheets use cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and art therapy techniques to address outcomes including improved self-esteem, emotional wellbeing, anger management, coping with change and loss, problem solving and future planning. The colouring pages are designed for relaxing stress management and feature a complete illustrated alphabet and series of striking mandala designs.

The Big Book of EVEN MORE Therapeutic Activity Ideas for Children and Teens Inspiring Arts-Based Activities and Character Education Curricula Lindsey Joiner NOV 2015 // pb // 256pp // p-9781849057493 // e-9781784501969 // $29.95 // £19.99

A resource bursting with creative and fun activities to teach social skills, self-expression, conflict resolution and more to challenging children and teens aged 5+

Full of activity ideas and projects to teach children and teens aged 5+ social skills, anger-control strategies, conflict resolution, positive thinking, and more, this book follows on from The Big Book of Therapeutic Activity Ideas for Children and Teens. It includes over 90 activities that are adaptable for use with individuals and groups. The Big Book of Therapeutic Activity Ideas for Children and Teens Inspiring Arts-Based Activities and Character Education Curricula Lindsey Joiner pb // 256pp // p-9781849058650 // e-9780857004475 // $29.95

// £19.99

Over 100 creative activities to have fun with challenging children and teenagers in school and therapeutic settings.

Packed with creative activity ideas to use with children and teenagers aged 5 and above, this resource builds therapeutic skills such as self-esteem, positive thinking, conflict resolution and anger control. The fun activities use art, music, stories, and films and will provide all those working with children and teenagers with a wealth of ideas.

Many kinds of reader would benefit from reading this book. It is well written and, although it is specifically targeted at therapists and teachers seeking to develop young people’s emotional intelligence, it is full of practical applications designed for use by special needs teachers as well as teachers and instructors responsible for promoting wellbeing. Special Children

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Multidisciplinary # 9 Arts Therapists in Multidisciplinary Settings Edited by Caroline Miller DEC 2015 // pb // 224pp // p-9781849056113 // e-9781784500757 // $32.95 // ÂŁ19.99

An edited collection examining the place of arts therapies in multidisciplinary settings and advocating for the benefits of drama, art, music, play and dance therapies in collaboration with other approaches.

In a multidisciplinary setting, arts therapists can feel under pressure to justify their work and its outcomes to colleagues from other disciplines. This edited collection will assist arts therapists in promoting their profession to co-workers and clients. Each chapter of this book provides a unique perspective on the issues faced by arts therapists working in multidisciplinary settings. Drawing on their diverse experiences, art, music, drama, play and dance therapists emphasise the valuable results that their respective disciplines can produce when applied in settings ranging from schools to hospices, in collaboration with behaviour therapists, teachers, psychologists and other practitioners.

Creative Arts Therapies and Clients with Eating Disorders Edited by Annie Heiderscheit NOV 2015 // pb // 384pp // p-9781849059114 // e-9780857006950 // $39.95 // ÂŁ24.99

Exploring the role of the creative arts in the treatment of eating disorders (EDs)

The book explores how art, dance and movement, drama, music, and poetry therapies have fostered insights, growth, and recovery for patients across ED diagnoses (anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder and compulsive overeating disorder), and comorbid diagnoses. It illustrates how each creative arts modality is implemented in the ED treatment process and covers a variety of treatment levels (residential, inpatient, intensive outpatient and outpatient). Each chapter is enriched with case illustrations to provide a greater depth of understanding of how the methods are used in clinical practice. This book is an incomparable overview of the value and diverse uses of the creative arts in the treatment of EDs, and it will be of interest to all arts therapists, psychodrama therapists, family therapists, as well as students of these disciplines.

Multifaith Care for Sick and Dying Children and their Families A Multidisciplinary Guide Paul Nash, Madeleine Parkes and Zamir Hussain APR 2015 // pb // 224pp // p-9781849056069 // e-9781784500726 // $27.95 // ÂŁ16.99

A comprehensive resource handbook for multifaith care of sick and dying children and their families

A practical guide to improve care for sick and dying children of different faiths and their families. Drawing on evidence-based research and practice, it discusses multi-faith daily, palliative, end of life and bereavement care in a variety of settings, including hospitals, hospices, schools and at home. The book also contains case studies.


10 # Related Interest Deep Play - Exploring the Use of Depth in Psychotherapy with Children Edited by Dennis McCarthy Foreword by Shaun McNiff APR 2015 // pb // 192pp // p-9781849057776 // e-9781784501044 // $36.95 // £22.99

Offering theoretical grounding and practical techniques that demonstrate the profound therapeutic impact deep play can produce in work with children

Therapeutic deep play has the capacity for children to express deep emotions, overcome seemingly insurmountable issues and resolve serious problems. Working with children in this profound way, therapists are able to not only eliminate symptoms, but to change the very structure of how children live with themselves, their defense and belief systems. The contributors to this book all work deeply, allowing children to take risks in a safe environment, and become fully absorbed in physical play. Chapters include play with deep sandboxes, clay, water, and various objects, and look at a range of pertinent case studies to demonstrate the therapeutic techniques in practice, alongside the theoretical concepts in which they are grounded. A new theoretical approach is established that takes from psychoanalysis as well as neuroscience and behaviourism, and offers a depth psychology approach in the treatment of children. This will be a valuable resource for anyone working therapeutically with children through play, including play therapists, psychotherapists, psychologists, arts therapists, counsellors, social workers and family therapists.

Butoh Dance Training Secrets of Japanese Dance through the Alishina Method Juju Alishina JUL 2015 // pb // 304pp // p-9781848192768 // e-9780857012265 // $39.95 // £24.99

A practical guide to training the body for Butoh dance - techniques, movements, principles and exercises all fully explained and illustrated.

This book is a complete guide to the Alishina Method which draws on classical and avant-garde Japanese dance traditions to offer a systemized approach to Butoh dance training. It provides practical instruction and fully illustrated exercises, including instruction on basic body training and exercises for cultivating Qi and refining the senses.

Juju Alishina is an important and bold cultural innovator and searing performer. This writing captures the grace and power of Juju’s teaching through clear exercises that offer students and teachers alike entrée into a form of Butoh infused with traditional Japanese movement practices. Rich with imagery, these lessons are layered with the wisdom, experience, and deep research of a master Andrew Belser, Professor, MFA program, and Director, Arts & Design Research Incubator, Penn State University

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Related Interest # 11 The Forgiveness Project Stories for a Vengeful Age Marina Cantacuzino. Forewords by Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu and Alexander McCall Smith. Foreword by Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu,Alexander McCall Smith MAR 2015 // hb // 208pp // p-9781849055666 // e-9781784500061 // $25.00 // £16.99

Challenging our ideas about forgiveness.

Examining themes of forgiveness, reconciliation and conflict transformation, this book brings together the personal testimonies of both survivors and perpetrators of crime and violence and asks the question whether forgiveness may have more currency than revenge in an age which seems locked into the cycle of conflict. The powerful real life stories collected by The Forgiveness Project come from ordinary people around the world in a diverse range of situations, including those who have transformed aggression into a driving force for peace. Raising the possibility of alternatives to resentment, retaliation and revenge, each story shows the very real impact of forgiveness (or lack of forgiveness) within a particular context, provoking questions such as ‘what is forgiveness?’, ‘how can you respond to the unforgivable?’ and ‘can you move on without forgiveness?’ Marina Cantacuzino’s challenging, reflective introductory essay sets the stories in the larger context of approaches to forgiveness, from both religious and secular viewpoints, concluding that in the reality of lived experience forgiveness has a quality `as mysterious as love’. Using real stories of victims and perpetrators, the charity sets out to explore concepts of forgiveness and conflict resolution in order to humanise the ‘other’, foster resilient relationships and help to dissolve tension. All royalties from the sale of this book will go to The Forgiveness Project.

This reassuring and uplifting book testifies to the truth of forgiveness - freestanding, not dependent upon faith, but upon humanity. It is both provocative and full of hope. Jon Snow, journalist and presenter

Take It As A Compliment Maria Stoian NOV 2015 // hb // 96pp // p-9781849056977 // e-978085701245 // $24.95 // £14.99

A collective graphic memoir telling real life stories of sexual abuse, violence and harassment and exploring what needs to change.

”I was fifteen.” ”I never saw him again.” Bringing together the voices of males and females of all ages, the stories in this collective graphic memoir reflect real life experiences of sexual abuse, violence and harassment. Each experience is brought to life by Maria Stoian’s exceptional artwork. Her unique and varied styles powerfully reflect the tone and mood of the different stories and in just a few pages express the complex emotions felt by victims of sexual abuse. Covering acts such as sexual violence, public sexual harassment, domestic abuse and child abuse, this is a reminder for survivors that they are not alone and a call for all of us to take action. The stories clearly show that assault of any type is not an honour bestowed on anyone. It is not a compliment.


12 # Related Interest Pain is Really Strange Steve Haines. Art by Sophie Standing. JUN 2015 // pb // 36pp // p-9781848192645 // e-9780857012128 // $12.95 // £7.99

A scientifically-based, detailed, and gently humorous graphic book on pain and pain management.

Answering questions such as ‘how can I change my pain experience?’, ‘what is pain?’, and ‘how do nerves work?’, this short research-based graphic book reveals just how strange pain is and explains how understanding it is often the key to relieving its effects. Studies show that understanding how pain is created and maintained by the nervous system can significantly lessen the pain you experience. The narrator in this original, gently humorous book explains pain in an easy-to-understand, engaging graphic format and reveals how to change the mind’s habits to transform pain.

Steve and Sophie have done an extraordinary thing: they have managed to make pain beautiful and interesting. If you want to really understand your relationship with pain and be thoroughly entertained at the same time then this is the book for you. Fred Deakin, Professor of Interactive Digital Arts at University of the Arts London, half of the band Lemon Jelly, and founder and director of Airside design agency

Trauma is Really Strange Steve Haines. Art by Sophie Standing. NOV 2015 // pb // 32pp // p-9781848192935 // // $12.95

// £7.99

A fun science-based comic to understand trauma and its strange effects on our psychology and physiology.

Revealing the strange nature of trauma and exploring how trauma resolution involves changing the body’s physiology, this engaging comic explains the science of trauma in easy-to-understand terms. With a positive emphasis on human resilience, it encourages better understanding of trauma and describes some simple Trauma Releasing Exercises.

Cartooning Teen Stories Using comics to explore key life issues with young people Jenny Drew FEB 2016 // pb // 176pp // p-9781849056311 // e-9781754501068 // $29.95 // £19.99

Engage young people aged 12+ with comics designed to open up discussion about relationships, identity, emotions, and other teen issues.

Comics are perfect for working with young people. More than just sci-fi and superheroes, they can help young people to explore the issues affecting them and to express their own ideas. Introducing the comic participation model, this practical resource explains why comics are so relatable and engaging for young people. It looks at the different applications of comics, from simple doodle games to communicate one-on-one, to panel comics that relay entire stories. Five 12-page sample comics created in collaboration with young people are included, showing the wide range of issues that can be covered, such as those relating to mental health, sexuality, domestic violence and being in care.

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Related Interest # 13 Creative, Successful, Dyslexic 23 High Achievers Share Their Stories Margaret Rooke, Foreword by Mollie King of The Saturdays SEP 2015 // hb // 224pp // p-9781849056533 // e-978178450163 // $25.00 // £16.99

Well known media people and entrepreneurs with dyslexia talk about the challenges of dyslexia in childhood, and how the strengths of dyslexia have helped them to achieve later success

First-person stories from well-known, successful people who also happen to have dyslexia. The stories prove that, although life with dyslexia can have its challenges, it is possible to achieve your goals and find success. The book includes contributions from Richard Branson, Eddie Izzard, Benjamin Zephaniah and David Bailey CBE, among others.

THE BUSKER’S GUIDES The Busker’s Guide to Risk, Second Edition Shelly Newstead SEP 2015 // pb // 72pp // p-9781849056823 // e-9781784501914 // $15.95

// £8.99

A bite-size introduction to understanding risk and play-friendly risk assessments.

Boiling down theory into an easy-to-digest guide, this is a must-have introduction to the role of risk in children’s play. Informative, concise, and light-hearted, this book explains why we need to let children take risks in play, how to keep them as safe as possible at the same time, and how to use risk assessments to help with this. The Busker’s Guide to Playwork

The Busker’s Guide to Playing Out

Shelly Newstead

The Busker’s Guide to AntiDiscriminatory Practice

Chris Bennett

Shelly Newstead

Chris Bennett

pb // 72pp // p-9781904792284 // $15.95

Chris Bennett

pb // 72pp // p-9781904792161 // $15.95

// £8.99

An introduction to playwork, what it is, why it works and why it is so important for child development.

pb // 72pp // p-9781904792239 // $15.95

// £8.99

Dispels myths and suggests ways to avoid common pitfalls and non-constructive reactions to discrimination.

The Busker’s Guide to Behaviour Shelly Newstead

Chris Bennett pb // 72pp // p-9781904792147 // $15.95

// £8.99


Philip Waters

// £8.99

A look at why outdoor play is so important, and guidance on how to support that play.

The Busker’s Guide to Inclusion Philip Douch

Chris Bennett pb // 72pp // p-9781904792154 // $15.95

// £8.99

A down-to-earth look at what inclusion really means for children, pitfalls and principles for good practice.

14 # working with children Luna’s Red Hat An Illustrated Storybook to Help Children Cope with Loss and Suicide Emmi Smid APR 2015 // hb // 34pp // p-9781849056298 // e-9781784501112 // $19.95 // £11.99

A heart-breaking but ultimately uplifting storybook to help children aged 6+ come to terms with loss by suicide.

It is a beautiful spring day, and Luna is having a picnic in the park with her family, wearing her Mum’s red hat. Luna’s Mum died one year ago and she still finds it difficult to understand why. She feels that it may have been her fault and worries that her Dad might leave her in the same way. Her Dad talks to her to explain what happened and together they think about all the happy memories they have of Mum. This beautifully-illustrated storybook is designed as a tool to be read with children aged 6+ who have experienced the loss of a loved one by suicide. Suicide always causes shock, not just for the family members but for everyone around them, and children also have to deal with these feelings. The book approaches the subject sensitively and includes a guide for parents and professionals by bereavement expert, Dr Riet Fiddelaers-Jaspers.

Seeds of Hope Bereavement and Loss Activity Book Helping Children and Young People Cope with Change Through Nature Caroline Jay Unity-Joy Dale OCT 2014 // pb // 84pp // p-9781849055468 // e-9780857009708 // $22.95 // £14.99

A creative and practical workbook which uses nature to help children understand death, loss and change in a gentle and honest way, and looks at how to cope with and express feelings of sadness and grief.

.…gives a wide variety of ideas to help the child explore, recognise and accept their feelings in a concrete, thoughtful and healing way. I would highly recommend it to all those in education, to empower you when needed or as a way of teaching about death and renewal on a regular basis. Yvonne Cameron, Teacher

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working with children # 15 The Princess and the Fog A Story for Children with Depression Lloyd Jones, With a contribution by Melinda Edwards MBE and Dr Linda Bayliss Lloyd Jones JUN 2015 // hb // 48pp // p-9781849056557 // e-9781784501518 // $17.95 // £10.99

A vibrantly illustrated story to help children learn about and cope with depression

Once upon a time there was a Princess. She had everything a little girl could ever want, and she was happy. That is, until the fog came... The Princess and the Fog is picture book to help sufferers of depression aged 5-7 cope with their difficult feelings. It uses vibrant illustrations, a sense of humour and metaphor to create a relatable, enjoyable story that describes the symptoms of childhood depression while also providing hope that things can get better with a little help and support. The story is also a great starting point for explaining depression to all children, especially those who may have a parent or close family member with depression.

Depression is fortunately rare in young children but sadly all too common in those around them. This picture book with its simple but accurate text and amusing illustrations is an invaluable aid to talking about depression with children. If your child, or someone important in their life, is affected by depression then this book will help you discuss the causes and treatments of depression in age appropriate language. Lloyd Jones is an “evidencebased author”, he has done a very good job of accurately summarising what is known about childhood depression in a way that will amuse as well as inform a young child. David Cottrell, Professor of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, University of Leeds, and co-author of NICE, Depression in Children & Young People, Clinical Guideline


16 # working with children NEW FROM MICHAEL CHISSICK Seahorse’s Magical Sun Sequences How all children (and sea creatures) can use yoga to feel positive, confident and completely included Michael Chissick Illustrated by Sarah Peacock NOV 2015 // hb // 48pp // p-9780857012302 // e-9780857012302 // $19.95 // £12.99

Seahorse teaches the sun salutation sequence to children and sea creatures of all abilities.

The Starfish Brothers, Eel, Crab and Octopus are having a horrid time. The Starfish Brothers’ backs are stiff as planks, Eel is in a wheelchair and feels excluded, Crab finds it hard to play with others, and highly-competitive Octopus is on crutches after a pole-vaulting accident. Luckily, Seahorse adapts her Magical Yoga Sun Sequence to suit their individual needs, helping them to be active, included, and much happier! This beautiful picture book teaches four Yoga Sun Sequences in a fun and interactive way. The simple sequences benefit all children, while ensuring that anyone with inflexibility, autism, disability or injury can join in the fun. With specific advice for individual needs, this is an excellent resource for educators, yoga instructors and parents hoping to promote inclusion, positivity and confidence in all children aged 3-11. Frog’s Breathtaking Speech

Ladybird’s Remarkable Relaxation

How children (and frogs) can use yoga breathing to deal with anxiety, anger and tension Michael Chissick

How children (and frogs, dogs, flamingos and dragons) can use yoga relaxation to help deal with stress, grief, bullying and lack of confidence Michael Chissick

Illustrated by Sarah Peacock hb // 48pp // p-9781848190917 // e-9780857010742 // $19.95



Illustrated by Sarah Peacock

Frog and his friends demonstrate yoga breathing techniques to combat anxiety in children.

hb // 48pp // p-9781848191464 // e-9780857011121 // $19.95



Little Ladybird explains how to do a special yoga relaxation technique that helps stress, grief, and

BESTSELLING SERIES other problems.

All Cats Have Asperger Syndrome Kathy Hoopmann hb // 72pp // p-9781843104810 // $14.95

// £9.99

All Dogs Have ADHD Kathy Hoopmann hb // 72pp // p-9781843106517 // e-9781846428401 // $14.95 // £9.99

A dog-filled celebration of what it means to be considered ‘different’.

Witty, charming picture book full of cats with Asperger Syndrome!

In a heartwarming, playful and endearing way, the author has created a wonderful book that promotes understanding of difference, is positive and hopeful for all. Connected

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Practical Resources # 17 Working Therapeutically with Families

Mandala Symbolism and Techniques

Creative Activities for Diverse Family Structures Tonia Caselman and Kimberly Hill

Innovative Approaches for Professionals Susan I. Buchalter

MAR 2014 // pb // 216pp // p-9781849059626 // e-9780857008220 // $32.95 // £19.99

A wealth of activities to use in therapeutic work with families, tailored to meet the particular needs of different types of family.

This very accessible book provides a myriad of examples of specific activities that can be utilized when working therapeutically with families. Even ‘seasoned’ practitioners will find the descriptions of ‘at risk families’ and the appropriately linked intervention extremely helpful. Jenny Harvey, family therapist and author of Dramatherapy and Family Therapy in Education

The Book of Games and Warm Ups for Group Leaders 2nd Edition Leo Rutherford OCT 2014 // pb // 168pp // p-9781848192355 // e-9780857011848 // $19.95 // £12.99

Tried and tested activities to bring people together, an inspiring and practical resource for anyone running a group.

Full of activities for use with groups of all ages, this book draws on the author’s extensive experience and includes everything from warm-ups to warm-downs and provides tips on how to be a good facilitator and run a successful group. Art Therapy Techniques and Applications Susan I. Buchalter pb // 224pp // p-9781849058063 // e-9781846429613 // $29.95 // £18.99

Improve focus, develop problemsolving skills, and add creativity to group work with these easy therapeutic ideas and exercises.

This book is filled with innovative suggestions that are easily implemented: from brief warm-ups to stretch the imagination, and collage and mask creations to assist the expression of mood, to guidance on combining modalities such as art, metaphors and movement, mindfulness exercises, and using computer programs to enhance art therapy projects.


pb // 288pp // p-9781849058896 // e-9780857005939 // $29.95 // £16.99

Nearly two hundred techniques for designing mandalas for therapeutic goals.

Buchalter offers a rich resource bursting with ideas for mandala making with clients. The simple, easy to use themes and media techniques for group and individual work are practical and varied. With sensitivity to the centering and insight achievable through mandala making she suggests directives that embrace the archetypal dynamics of art making in a circle. This book will be a dependable guide for art therapists and mental health professionals alike.” Joanna Clyde Findlay, Art Therapist and Psychotherapist in private practice

Art Therapy Exercises Inspirational and Practical Ideas to Stimulate the Imagination Liesl Silverstone Foreword by Brian Thorne pb // 112pp // p-9781843106951 // e-9781846426933 // $27.95 // £16.99

A collection of 80 tried-andtested exercises, with guidelines for applying them and advice for devising new ones.

This accessible book comprises a collection of 80 tried-and-tested exercises, with guidelines for applying them and advice for devising new ones. Liesl Silverstone offers a variety of exercises for a diverse and multicultural client base and some examples of working with adults with learning difficulties and children. A Practical Art Therapy Susan I. Buchalter pb // 160pp // p-9781843107699 // e-9781846420047 // $26.95 // £16.99

A broad range of creative and inspiring ideas for art therapy sessions.

A Practical Art Therapy is wri-tten in an easy-to-read format that is filled with practical creative experiences for therapists to use with individuals and groups. Chapters cover various media and methods, including murals, collages, sculpture and drawing, making it easily accessible for even the busiest therapist.

18 # Practical Resources Therapeutic Art Directives and Resources

Anger Management Games for Children

Activities and Initiatives for Individuals and Groups Susan R. Makin

Deborah M. Plummer

Foreword by Cathy A Malchiodi

Bestselling collection of easy, fun games for ages 5-12, to help them understand and manage their anger.

pb // 160pp // p-9781843106289 // e-9781846427756 // $29.95 // £16.99

pb // 144pp // p-9781853028243 // e-9781846422263 // $39.95 // £22.99

Offers a structured framework for working with clients who find spontaneous creating daunting.

This is an incredibly useful and practical resource for those setting out to successfully use games in anger management work with children.

Creating Children’s Art Games for Emotional Support


Focusing and Calming Games for Children

Vicky Barber pb // 144pp // p-9781849051637 // e-9780857004093 // $24.95 // £14.99

Mindfulness Strategies and Activities to Help Children to Relax, Concentrate and Take Control Deborah M. Plummer

An abundance of fun games that help children to confront personal problems and issues in a light-hearted yet meaningful way.

Illustrated by Jane Serrurier

The Healing Forest in Post-Crisis Work with Children

// // 152pp // p-9780857003447 // // $27.95 // £15.99

Using mindfulness play to help children focus and stay calm.

A Nature Therapy and Expressive Arts Program for Groups Ronen Berger and Mooli Lahad

Helping Children to Build Self-Esteem

pb // 152pp // p-9781849054058 // e-9780857008367 // $29.95 // £19.99

A Photocopiable Activities Book Second Edition Deborah M. Plummer

A flexible 12-session programme using nature, storytelling and expressive arts to build resilience in children.

pb // 288pp // p-9781843104889 // e-9781846426094 // $32.95 // £19.99

Fun and effective activities to build self-esteem in children.

How to Get Kids Offline, Outdoors, and Connecting with Nature

This activities book will support teaching staff, therapists and carers in encouraging feelings of competence and self-worth in children and their families. It is primarily designed for use with individuals and groups of children aged 7-11, but the ideas can easily be adapted for older and younger children and children with learning difficulties.

200+ Creative activities to encourage self-esteem, mindfulness, and wellbeing Bonnie Thomas MAR 2014 // pb // 272pp // p-9781849059688 // e-9780857008534 // $24.95 // £15.99

For parents, teachers, counsellors and any professional who works with young people and wants to get them playing outdoors and not just on screen!

Enjoying natural surroundings is an effective way to boost creativity, play and wellbeing in children aged 4-13. Full of ideas, activities and exercises, this book provides imaginative ways to inspire young people to cut down their screen time and reboot their connection with nature.

The Adventures of the Little Tin Tortoise A Self-Esteem Story with Activities for Teachers, Parents and Carers Deborah Plummer pb // 144pp // p-9781843104063 // e-9781846424656 // $32.95 // £17.99

Interactive storybook for building and maintaining self-esteem in children aged seven to nine.

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Professional Development # 19 Mindfulness and the Arts Therapies

Assessment and Outcomes in the Arts Therapies

Theory and Practice Edited by Laury Rappaport, Ph.D.

A Person-Centred Approach Edited by Caroline Miller

pb // 352pp // p-9781849059091 // e-9780857006882 // $29.95 // £19.99

pb // 264pp // p-9781849054140 // e-9780857007889 // $36.95 // £22.99

This ground-breaking book explores the theoretical, clinical and training application of integrating mindfulness with all of the arts therapies, and includes cutting-edge contributions from neuroscience.

An accessible introduction to assessment and outcomes for arts therapies.

This ground-breaking book explores the theoretical, clinical and training application of integrating mindfulness with all of the arts therapies, and includes cutting-edge contributions from neuroscience, with 6 sections that examine mindfulness and the arts therapies from different perspectives written by pioneers and leaders in their fields. Ethics in Art Therapy Challenging Topics for a Complex Modality Lisa R. Furman Foreword by Deborah Farber pb // 128pp // p-9781849059381 // e-9780857007575 // $26.95 // £17.99

Valuable ethical guidelines covering complex and challenging topics, for new and experienced art therapists

Presence and Process in Expressive Arts Work At the Edge of Wonder Herbert Eberhart and Sally Atkins Foreword by Paolo Knill APR 2014 // pb // 184pp // p-9781849059572 // e-9780857008114 // $28.95 // £17.99

Exploring attitudes, values and practices essential for effective work with expressive arts.

The book is a foundational guide for all therapists who use the expressive arts as a way of facilitating learning, healing, and change. Grounding expressive arts work within the helping relationship, it focuses on two fundamental aspects to effective practice; ‘presence’ and ‘process’, explains these concepts, their roots, and applications.


There is increasing pressure on therapists to provide details of structured assessments and to report therapy outcomes. This edited volume provides a series of case studies, with varied client groups, giving arts therapists an accessible introduction to assessment and outcome measures that can be easily incorporated into their regular practice. The Compassionate Practitioner How to create a successful and rewarding practice Jane Wood AUG 2014 // pb // 208pp // p-9781848192225 // e-9780857011701 // $24.95 // £15.99

This handbook explains how to turn new clients into regulars and make your practice flourish.

This handbook for alternative practitioners is full of practical advice about creating a thriving practice. It explores the practitioner-patient relationship at every stage of the consultation process to demonstrate how to establish trust and loyalty and meet patients’ emotional needs so they continue to return. A Guide to Evaluation for Arts Therapists and Arts & Health Practitioners Giorgos Tsiris, Mercédès Pavlicevic and Camilla Farrant Foreword by Mike White FEB 2014 // pb // 176pp // p-9781849054188 // e-9780857008008 // $24.95 // £15.99

Practical guidance for designing, planning and implementing bespoke evaluation projects.

Evaluation has become a crucial tool in the development of arts therapy professions. This guide provides foundational frameworks for designing and implementing bespoke evaluation protocols, based on the authors’ substantial experience of designing and realising evaluation projects, and running training workshops for arts and health practitioners.

20 # Professional Development A Guide to Research Ethics for Arts Therapists and Arts & Health Practitioners

Art-Based Research

Camilla Farrant, Mercédès Pavlicevic and Giorgos Tsiris

Shaun McNiff pb // 224pp // p-9781853026218 // e-9781846428951 // $32.95 // £19.99

Foreword by Gary Ansdell

Defining and inspiring art-based research.

FEB 2014 // pb // 160pp // p-9781849054195 // e-9780857007995 // $24.95 // £15.99

This practical guide aims to inspire ethically-aware practitioners to become ethically-aware researchers, evaluators and participants.

This guide draws from legislation and research ethics committee procedures, to provide guidance for practitioners who are considering undertaking research projects. Embedded in ‘real-life’ experiences, it aims to inspire practitioners to become ethicallyaware researchers, evaluators and participants.

Creative Supervision Across Modalities

Empowering Therapeutic Practice

pb // 224pp // p-9781849053167 // e-9780857006967 // $34.95 // £19.99

Integrating Psychodrama into other Therapies Edited by Paul Holmes, Mark Farrall and Kate Kirk

Offers a understanding of supervision theory and how to use creative methods to bring new depth to the supervision process.

AUG 2014 // pb // 288pp // p-9781849054584 // e-9780857008343 // $39.95 // £24.99

This book explores the exciting areas of overlap between psychodrama and other therapeutic schools and presents opportunities for their creative interaction and integration.

This book considers the potential areas for creative interaction between psychodrama and other therapeutic schools with the aim of elaborating and enriching the therapist’s professional practice. Each chapter presents a different model of integration, alongside a case study to illustrate its successful application in practice.

Theory and applications for therapists, counsellors and other helping professionals Edited by Anna Chesner and Lia Zografou

This much-needed cross-disciplinary book adds to the current literature on supervision. It will be indispensable to practitioners and students from a range of modalities. Each chapter thoughtfully illustrates a suggested model, resulting in a tightly structured volume. Creative practice fits into a common theory whilst inviting key topics in supervision to be considered. Professor Helen Payne, University of Hertfordshire, UK

Inspiring Creative Supervision Caroline Schuck and Jane Wood Illustrated by Illustrated by Jane Wood

The Art of Business

pb // 192pp // p-9781849050791 // e-9780857002716 // $28.95 // £17.99

A Guide for Creative Arts Therapists Starting on a Path to Self-Employment Emery Hurst Mikel

Techniques and materials to go beyond the formal demands of a supervision role and feel inspired!

Foreword by Emery H. Mikel pb // 200pp // p-9781849059503 // e-9780857007728 // $24.95 // £15.99

Guidance on talking control of your career and making a successful and rewarding practice.

This book is relevant to anyone who wants to get the most out of supervision, as supervisor or supervisee... The clear, informative style draws on a wealth of experience. It gives a reader-friendly overview of theory while offering an enthusiastic and lively resource bursting with practical frameworks, ideas, activities and strategies for group and one-to-one supervision. Speech & Language Therapy in Practice

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Professional Development # 21 Little Windows into Art Therapy

Spirituality and Art Therapy Living the Connection Edited by Mimi Farrelly-Hansen

Small Openings for Beginning Therapists Deborah Schroder

pb // 272pp // p-9781853029523 // e-9781846422195 // $36.95 // £22.99

Christian, Jewish, Buddhist and other perspectives on how central spirituality is to the process of healing.

pb // 112pp // p-9781843107781 // e-9781846420634 // $26.95 // £16.99

An honest and encouraging book for new art therapists, on how to develop therapeutic relationships and safe spaces with clients.

…I will keep this book in my tool bag, to dip into when working with young people, as it offers a new way of working that is appropriate, inclusive and manageable in the normal counselling process. Relate

Art Therapy and Clinical Neuroscience Edited by Noah Hass-Cohen and Richard Carr Foreword by Frances Kaplan pb // 336pp // p-9781843108689 // e-9781846428395 // $49.95 // £27.99

Authoritative introductory account of recent developments in clinical neuroscience and its impact on art therapy theory and practice.

This book offers an authoritative introductory account of recent developments in clinical neuroscience and its impact on art therapy theory and practice. It deciphers neuroscientific language and theory and contributes innovative concrete applications and interventions useful in art therapy. Art Therapy in Practice Edited by Marian Liebmann pb // 192pp // p-9781853020582 // e-9781846429859 // $34.95 // £21.99

What actually happens in art therapy in a variety of contexts, as practised by particular art therapists.

Gender Issues in Art Therapy Edited by Susan Hogan pb // 240pp // p-9781853027987 // e-9781846423727 // $42.95 // £25.00

Papers on theory and practice, including homophobia, pregnancy, feminist art and gender stereotypes.


The book has obvious relevance for art therapists, whether for classroom or personal use, as well as for teachers and artists. Religious Studies Review

Art as Therapy Collected Papers Edith Kramer Foreword by Lani Gerity pb // 272pp // p-9781853029028 // e-9781846429828 // $36.95 // £22.99

A collection of papers from Edith Kramer, addressing a wide spectrum of issues around therapeutic art.

Healing Arts The History of Art Therapy Susan Hogan pb // 336pp // p-9781853027994 // e-9781846421860 // $47.95 // £29.99

An entertaining and authoritative history of art therapy, including attitudes and uses.

The Revealing Image Analytical Art Psychotherapy in Theory and Practice Joy Schaverien pb // 240pp // p-9781853028212 // // $39.95 // £25.00

Bridging the gap between practical art therapy and analytical psychotherapy.

This is a book about an analytical approach within art therapy, which may be of interest in itself. The material also raises issues of interest to analysts and psychotherapists, whether or not they work with art in the clinical setting. The book clarifies areas of similarity between the disciplines, and also makes areas of difference apparent.

22 # Professional Development Art Therapy in Asia

Art, Science and Art Therapy

To the Bone or Wrapped in Silk Edited by Debra Kalmanowitz, Jordan S. Potash and Siu Mei Chan

Repainting the Picture Frances Kaplan 176pp // pb-9781853026980 // hb9781853026973 // e-9781846421617 // $29.95 // £18.99

Foreword by William Fan,Shaun McNiff pb // 390pp // p-9781849052108 // e-9780857004499 // $39.95 // £24.99

How art therapists in Asia are assimilating Western models and adapting them to create unique home-grown practices.

Art Therapy and Social Action Treating the World’s Wounds Edited by Frances Kaplan pb // 272pp // p-9781843107989 // e-9781846425516 // $31.95 // £19.99

How to address social problems using art therapy techniques and approaches.

The Changing Shape of Art Therapy New Developments in Theory and Practice Edited by Andrea Gilroy and Gerry McNeilly pb // 208pp // p-9781853029394 // e-9780857005816 // $39.95 // £25.00

The key issues around theory and practice of art therapy and the fundamental significance of art in practice.

Tapestry of Cultural Issues in Art Therapy Edited by Anna R. Hiscox and Abby C. Calisch pb // 384pp // p-9781853025761 // e-9781846428968 // $44.95 // £27.99

Professionals engaged in art therapy discuss aspects of practice which are affected by increasing cultural diversity.

A Multi-Modal Approach to Creative Art Therapy Arthur Robbins pb // 386pp // p-9781853022623 // e-9780857000293 // $55.00 // £34.99

Recasting Arthur Robbins’ early work within the framework of modern psychodynamic theory.

A look at biology, evolution, and brain science, in relation to theories about the creation and interpretation of art.

The Artist as Therapist Arthur Robbins pb // 228pp // p-9781853029073 // e-9780857001580 // $36.95 // £22.99

In this classic text Art Robbins explores the role of the art therapist in integrating aesthetics and psychodynamics into the therapeutic process.

Psychological Aesthetics Painting, Feeling and Making Sense David Maclagan pb // 144pp // p-9781853028342 // e-9781846422126 // $39.95 // £25.00

Re-evaluating the conventional philosophical and psychoanalytic approaches to aesthetic qualities.

Reflections of Body Image in Art Therapy Exploring Self through Metaphor and Multi-Media Margaret R. Hunter Foreword by Richard Carolan pb // 208pp // p-9781849058926 // e-9780857006103 // $32.95 // £19.99

Art activities to engage with body image, creatively and openly.

Art Therapy and Postmodernism Creative Healing Through a Prism Edited by Helene Burt Foreword by Joy Schaverien pb // 392pp // p-9781849052535 // e-9780857005366 // $49.95 // £29.99

Looking at art therapy as a collaborative healing process between the therapist and the client.

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New Skills # 23 Improving Memory through Creativity

Foundation and Form in Jungian Sandplay

A Professional’s Guide to Culturally Sensitive Cognitive Training with Older Adults Amanda Alders Pike

Lenore Steinhardt

FEB 2014 // pb // 192pp // p-9781849059534 // e-9780857008091 // $29.95 // £17.99

Research based, culturallysensitive strategies for improving memory through creativity.

Art therapy is a culturally sensitive method of enhancing cognitive performance. With online accompaniments and materials for use in sessions and workshops, this book combines research and practical resources to enable professionals to improve memory, mood and socialization in the ethnically diverse older population though therapeutic creativity.

This is the book I’ve been waiting for. With one fell swoop Dr Amanda Pike has answered all the questions I’ve been asking for over 20 years while developing art programs for older people and observing the remarkable improvement in quality of life as they become absorbed in creative expression. Nancy Tingey, Founder and Coordinator of Painting with Parkinson’s, Churchill Fellowship project, 1996 - Art as a Therapy for Parkinson’s

Focusing-Oriented Art Therapy Accessing the Body’s Wisdom and Creative Intelligence Laury Rappaport pb // 256pp // p-9781843107606 // e-9781846428524 // $29.95 // £18.99

Helping clients befriend their inner experience and heal though art and body wisdom.

Written for readers to be able to learn the application of this innovative approach, the book provides indepth examples and descriptions of how to adapt Focusing-Oriented Art Therapy to a wide variety of clinical populations including people with severe psychiatric illness, trauma, depression and more as well as applications to private practice.

pb // 224pp // p-9781853028410 // e-9780857001474 // $39.95 // £24.99

For art therapists wishing to work with sandplay, the history and connection of art therapy and psychiatry.

Art Therapy - The PersonCentred Way Art and the Development of the Person Second Edition Liesl Silverstone pb // 272pp // p-9781853024818 // e-9781846429866 // $39.95 // £19.99

Exercises, ideas and examples of using person-centred art therapy for healing and growth at every level of development.

Art Therapy - The Person-Centred Way is an enlarged edition of the first book published on person-centred art therapy, and includes many more exercises and ideas. It demonstrates that by bringing the personcentred facilitative approach to images expressed in art form, healing and growth can occur at every level of development. Studio Art Therapy Cultivating the Artist Identity in the Art Therapist Catherine Hyland Moon pb // 366pp // p-9781853028144 // e-9781846423017 // $39.95 // £25.00

Putting art at the centre of art therapy.

This book presents a model of art therapy where the processes of art constitute the core of the model. It addresses how an arts-based approach can inform the therapist in all aspects of practice, from the conception of the work and the attempt to understand client needs to interacting with clients and communicating with others about art therapy. Group Analytic Art Therapy Gerry McNeilly pb // 232pp // p-9781843103011 // e-9781846424571 // $39.95 // £23.99

A practical and theoretical framework for using group art therapy in a range of settings.


24 # New Skills Creativity and the Dissociative Patient

Group Filial Therapy The Complete Guide to Teaching Parents to Play Therapeutically with their Children Louise Guerney and Virginia Ryan

Puppets, Narrative and Art in the Treatment of Survivors of Childhood Trauma Lani Alaine Gerity Foreword by Edith Kramer

pb // 448pp // p-9781843109112 // e-9780857005168 // $49.95 // £29.99

pb // 160pp // p-9781853027222 // e-9780857001139 // $39.95 // £25.00

The application of puppetmaking and narrative in therapy, with emphasis on dissociative individuals and groups.

Play Therapy Dimensions Model A Decision-Making Guide for Integrative Play Therapists Lorri Yasenik and Ken Gardner Foreword by Joyce C. Mills,Athena A. Drewes // £29.99

Practical and effective tools to tailor approaches to the specific needs of the child.

Theory and Practice Edited by Aideen Taylor de Faoite

In Group Filial Therapy (GFT), therapists train parents to conduct play sessions with their children. This book provides an accessible guide to the theory and practice of GFT, and for the first time offers step-bystep guidelines for implementing the GFT program developed by Dr Guerney, the co-creator of Filial Therapy. Printmaking as Therapy

pb // 256pp // p-9781849052962 // $49.95

Narrative Play Therapy

A guide for therapists to train parents in conducting therapeutic play sessions with their own children.

Frameworks for Freedom Lucy Mueller White pb // 256pp // p-9781843107088 // e-9781846423352 // $36.95 // £23.99

The therapeutic and practical advantages of printmaking as therapy.

pb // 240pp // p-9781849051422 // e-9780857003331 // $36.95 // £21.99

The definitive guide to the narrative play therapy, including the theory, history and various client situations.

Strengthening Emotional Ties through Parent-ChildDyad Art Therapy Interventions with Infants and Preschoolers Lucille Proulx pb // 208pp // p-9781843107132 // e-9781846423628 // $31.95 // £19.99

Reinforcing or re-establishing parent-child bonds through the creation of art together.

What Do You See? Phenomenology of Therapeutic Art Expression Mala Betensky

Clayworks in Art Therapy Plying the Sacred Circle David Henley pb // 224pp // p-9781843107064 // e-9781846423185 // $36.95 // £22.99

The history, theory and techniques of claywork in eliciting therapeutic outcomes.

Sand, Water, Silence - The Embodiment of Spirit Explorations in Matter and Psyche Mary Jane Markell pb // 272pp // p-9781843100782 // e-9781846423376 // $39.95 // £22.99

Focusing on the theoretical aspects of sandplay therapy, drawing out insights, with clinical examples.

pb // 280pp // p-9781853022616 // e-9780857000033 // $39.95 // £22.99

Integrating art, phenomenology and gestalt psychology, describing specific techniques and findings.

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Working with Client Groups # 25 Art Therapy and Anger Edited by Marian Liebmann

The Creative Arts in Palliative Care

pb // 272pp // p-9781843104254 // e-9781846428104 // $39.95 // £19.99

Edited by Nigel Hartley and Malcolm Payne

The benefits of non-verbal therapies when dealing with anger, positive, practical essays.

pb // 208pp // p-9781843105916 // e-9781846428029 // $36.95 // £19.99

This book demonstrates how the non-verbal medium of art therapy provides an ideal outlet for the expression of thoughts and feelings that are too complex and painful to put into words, presenting a new and practical approach to dealing with this area of need. Marian Liebmann argues that clients of all ages will benefit from the artmaking process. Using Art Therapy with Diverse Populations Crossing Cultures and Abilities Paula Howie, Sangeeta Prasad, and Jennie Kristel Foreword by Mercedes B. ter Maat and Gaelynn P. Wolf Bordonaro Foreword by Mercedes B. ter Maat,Gaelynn P. Wolf Bordonaro pb // 424pp // p-9781849059169 // e-9780857006943 // $39.95

// £24.99

How to practice sensitively across a diverse range of populations, including prisoners and asylum seekers.

With contributions from experienced art therapists who have worked in diverse environments around the world, this book provides readers with a better understanding of how to adapt art therapy training and approaches to suit the settings and meet the needs of distinct populations. Art Therapy, Race and Culture Edited by Jean Campbell, Marian Liebmann, Frederica Brooks, Jenny Jones and Cathy Ward Foreword by Suman Fernando pb // 328pp // p-9781853025785 // e-9780857002341 // $42.95 // £24.99

Helpful guidance on working with different cultural and racial needs doe meaningful art therapy.


Guidance on successful application of the creative arts in palliative care.

End of Life Care A Guide for Therapists, Artists and Arts Therapists Nigel Hartley pb // 272pp // p-9781849051330 // e-9780857003362 // $39.95 // £25.00

Introducing end of life care models that address all aspects of a patient’s wellbeing, with an emphasis on the integration of therapy and arts therapies.

This comprehensive guide for practitioners working in end of life care covers everything from the different roles in the multi-disciplinary care team, the stages that a patient at the end of their life experiences and the professional help needed at each stage and gives a complete grounding of the current climate and philosophy in end of life care. Dying, Bereavement and the Healing Arts Edited by Gillie Bolton pb // 216pp // p-9781843105169 // e-9781846426803 // $34.95 // £19.99

A range of successful programmes pioneered by artists, nurses, musicians, therapists... to reflect, explore and heal.

26 # Working with Client Groups Art Therapy and Creative Coping Techniques for Older Adults

Play Therapy with Abused Children

Susan I. Buchalter

Second Edition Ann Cattanach

pb // 328pp // p-9781849058308 // e-9780857003096 // $34.95 // £20.99

pb // 192pp // p-9781843105879 // e-9781846427824 // $32.95 // £19.99

Innovative creative projects and exercises to help older adults express themselves creatively and better cope with major life changes.

Practical ways of starting play therapy with abused children and explains how the child can use this process for healing.

Art and the therapeutic uses of art provide older people with valuable ways in which to express their feelings, needs and fears, and with a resource for coping with life’s major changes. This practical book is filled with step-by-step activities for art therapists and professionals to use in work with older people either individually or in groups.

This second edition explores the use of play therapy with abused children as a way of helping them heal their distress and make sense of their experiences through expanding their own creativity in play. The book provides practical ways of starting play therapy with abused children and explains how the child can use this process for healing. ”If You Turned into a Monster”

Self-Healing Through Visual and Verbal Art Therapy

Transformation through Play: A Body-Centred Approach to Play Therapy Dennis McCarthy

R.M. Simon pb // 80pp // p-9781843103448 // e-9781846421310 // $29.95 // £17.99

Exploring the therapeutic properties of visual and verbal creativity and its capacity to act as a natural means of self-healing.

pb // 160pp // p-9781843105299 // e-9781846426285 // $31.95 // £19.99

A look at meaningful selfexpression in children who have experienced trauma. Playing, moving and drawing impulsively.

Speaking about the Unspeakable Non-Verbal Methods and Experiences in Therapy with Children Edited by Dennis McCarthy

Contemporary Art Therapy with Adolescents

pb // 160pp // p-9781843108795 // e-9781846427961 // $29.95 // £17.99

pb // 288pp // p-9781853026379 // e-9781846429101 // $36.95 // £22.99

Experienced child therapists, describe a wide variety of nonverbal therapeutic techniques, including clay, sand, movement and nature therapy, illustrated with moving case studies.

Practical and imaginative solutions to the multifaceted challenges that clinicians face when treating young people.

Shirley Riley Foreword by Cathy A Malchiodi

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Working with Client Groups # 27 Art Therapy with Children on the Autistic Spectrum

Medical Art Therapy with Children

Beyond Words Kathy Evans and Janek Dubowski

Edited by Cathy Malchiodi

pb // 112pp // p-9781853028250 // e-9781846421600 // $29.95 // £18.99

How art can be used with children with AS. Includes process and case studies.

Art Therapy with Children on the Autistic Spectrum presents a new model of practice, which primarily focuses on communication difficulties. The authors describe how negative behaviours and subsequent tension may be alleviated when the autistic child is involved in interactive art making with the therapist. Psychological Processes in Deaf Children with Complex Needs An Evidence-Based Practical Guide Lindsey Edwards and Susan Crocker Foreword by Marschark pb // 208pp // p-9781849857185 // e-9781846420849 // $34.95 // £19.99

Explaining the impact of hearing impairment, includes case studies to focus on the key issues for assessment and intervention.

This book is a concise and authoritative guide for professionals working with deaf children and their families. It draws on the latest evidence to explain the impact of hearing impairment and uses case studies to focus on the key issues for assessment and intervention. It also suggests practical strategies for treatment and development. Drawing from Within Using Art to Treat Eating Disorders Lisa D. Hinz pb // 192pp // p-9781843108221 // e-9781846425431 // $36.95 // £22.99

An introductory guide for those wanting to explore the use of art with clients with eating disorders.

An innovative approach describing how art therapists can design and implement effective treatment programmes for eating disorders. Of particular value where service users find it difficult to explain their thoughts and feelings verbally. BILD Current Awareness Service


pb // 208pp // p-9781853026775 // e-9781846429071 // $39.95 // £24.99

Helping children in medical settings express themselves though art.

Medical Art Therapy with Adults Edited by Cathy Malchiodi pb // 272pp // p-9781853026799 // e-9781846429095 // $44.95 // £27.99

A look at using art therapy with people with serious illnesses, in this wide-ranging collection.

Art Therapy with Offenders Edited by Marian Liebmann pb // 320pp // p-9781853021718 // e-9781846429873 // $39.95 // £22.99

How art therapy can contribute to understanding offenders, and to their own understanding of themselves.

Self-Mutilation and Art Therapy Violent Creation Diana Milia pb // 224pp // p-9781853026836 // e-9780857001498 // $39.95 // £25.00

Examining the effects of art therapy interventions with clients who harm their bodies.

Grief Unseen Healing Pregnancy Loss through the Arts Laura Seftel pb // 192pp // p-9781843108054 // e-9781846424793 // $29.95 // £19.99

Explores childbearing loss and processes of healing.

28 # Related Arts Therapies Art Therapy and AD/HD

The Creative Arts in Dementia Care

Diagnostic and Therapeutic Approaches Diane Stein Safran

Practical Person-Centred Approaches and Ideas Jill Hayes with Sarah Povey

pb // 224pp // p-9781843107095 // e-9781846421594 // $36.95 // £22.99

Foreword by Shaun McNiff

How art therapy can improve concentration and focus, and boost self-esteem in people of all ages diagnosed with AD/HD.

pb // 160pp // p-9781849050562 // e-9780857002518 // $29.95 // £18.99

Something to Draw On

Improve emotional and social well-being for people with dementia using this creative map of care; including easy-to-follow examples and detailed case studies.

Activities and Interventions using an Art Therapy Approach Carol Ross

The authors discuss meditation, singing, movement and storytelling, describing their therapeutic benefits and how they can be used.

pb // 150pp // p-9781853023637 // e-9781846426124 // $32.95 // £17.99

Reading and Expressive Writing with Traumatised Children, Young Refugees and Asylum Seekers

Art therapy approaches that can be used by non-art therapists to address behavioural difficulties in children

Unpack My Heart with Words Marion Baraitser

Exploring the Self through Photography

Foreword by Sheila Melzak

Activities for Use in Group Work Claire Craig

JUL 2014 // pb // 288pp // p-9781849053846 // e-9780857007476 // $39.95 // £22.99

pb // 208pp // p-9781843106661 // e-9780857001917 // $29.95 // £18.99

Using literature to help young victims cope with their experiences of trauma.

How to use photography in therapeutic contexts to promote self-exploration and positive change.

Claire Craig explores how professionals working with groups can use photography to promote selfexploration and positive change..

Drawing on the author’s work with young asylum seekers and refugees, this book explores how literature can be used to help children and young people who have been victims of violence overcome their experiences and regain self-worth. It covers all aspects of implementing the therapy, including the theory behind it and practical advice.

Creativity and Communication in Persons with Dementia

Transformation through Journal Writing

A Practical Guide John Killick and Claire Craig

The Art of Self-Reflection for the Helping Professions Jane Wood

pb // 216pp // p-9781849051132 // e-9780857003010 // $36.95 // £19.99

pb // 240pp // p-9781849053471 // e-9780857006905 // $24.95 // £15.99

Exploring how creativity can be crucial in maintaining communication in dementia care; including suggestions for a range of settings, and covering all the practical considerations.

A grounded guide to self reflection through journaling for those in the helping professions.

This book describes how to develop a creative approach to the day-to-day care of people with dementia, and provides rich and varied ideas for creative activities for use with individuals or groups.

Inner Journeying Through Art-Journaling Learning to See and Record your Life as a Work of Art Marianne Hieb pb // 176pp // p-9781843107941 // e-9781846422409 // $25.95 // £15.99

How to get the most of out creative journalling.

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Related Arts Therapies # 29 Writing in Bereavement A Creative Handbook Jane Moss pb // 264pp // p-9781849052122 // e-9780857004505 // $32.95 // £19.99

Therapeutic tools to help those who are bereaved write and adjust after loss.

This practical creative handbook provides imaginative writing exercises for counsellors, volunteers and others working with the bereaved, and offers advice on how to plan and run effective group workshops and individual sessions. Through writing, clients are helped to communicate their experiences of grief and adjust to life after their loss. The Writer’s Key Introducing Creative Solutions for Life Gillie Bolton pb // 168pp // p-9781849054751 // e-9780857008541 // $24.95 // £14.99

A complete beginner’s guide to writing for self-reflection and personal development.

The Writer’s Key introduces creative writing as a tool for self-reflection and personal and professional development. It provides strategies and inspiration for getting started, continuing despite hesitations and for getting the most out of writing, and includes success stories from personal and professional writers. Write Yourself Creative Writing and Personal Development Gillie Bolton Foreword by Penelope Shuttle pb // 288pp // p-9781849051101 // e-9780857003089 // $32.95 // £19.99

Complete introduction to facilitating creative writing for individuals or groups.

Write Yourself is the ideal introduction to how to facilitate groups and individuals in finding inspiration for their creative personal writing voices. This book explains how and why writing is such an illuminative and cathartic process, and provides many practical exercises that encourage the exploration of emotions, memories and experiences.


Play Therapy in the Outdoors Taking Play Therapy out of the Playroom and into Natural Environments Alison Chown Foreword by Sara Knight JUN 2014 // pb // 208pp // p-9781849054089 // e-9780857008053 // $29.95 // £18.99

How practice can be moved outdoors in a safe and ethical way.

A therapist’s guide to the theory and practice of incorporating the outdoors and natural world into play therapy. The frameworks for practice are grounded in research and include adaptations for children with profound and multiple learning difficulties, complex social, emotional and behavioural problems, and parent child attachment work. Play for Sick Children Play Specialists in Hospitals and Beyond Catherine Hubbuck pb // 272pp // p-9781843106548 // e-9781846429637 // $39.95 // £22.99

Covers all aspects of play in hospitals, from its importance to its challenges.

Play for Sick Children offers a unique insight into the crucial work of the play specialist. It examines the repercussions of being ill and receiving treatment experienced by children and their families, and highlights the importance of receiving quality play opportunities to counter these negative effects. A Manual of Dynamic Play Therapy Helping Things Fall Apart, the Paradox of Play Dennis McCarthy Foreword by David Crenshaw pb // 176pp // p-9781849058797 // e-9780857006448 // $29.95 // £18.99

Harnessing the power of play to elicit profound change in children with social, neurological, developmental and family issues.

Jessica Kingsley Publishers 73 Collier Street, London, N1 9BE United Kingdom

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