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10/20/11 2:34 PM

T:18 IN T:8.5 IN T:8.5 IN


i nagt h B a ta F te sC o r a dteiCvoe raaCtCi ve es saoCrC ieesss o r i e s F u r n i tFuurren i t uBre ed d i nBge d d B C trhy s t aClr y s C h li n a C h si ni lav e r s i l vgei Frt s g i d WvaelrliCnogv e r Fi nl g lv o eorriCnogv e r W i nign d o W i h na dr od WWhaarre d W al r i g h tP i nagi n t P a i n t F a B r i CF a B trri C i m m itnrgi m s m i nWgasl l C o o o r CFo i geh t i nl g

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Introducing Ralph Lauren Home Introducing Ralph Lauren Home 300 WORTH AVENUE PA LM BEACH 561.651.3900 3 0 0 WORTH AVENUE PA LM BEACH 561.651.3900

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10/17/11 10:45 AM

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9/29/11 1:18 PM

Restaurants R estau ants aatt V Via ia M Mizner... izner. .

Via Mizner.indd 3

Renato’ s Private Party Room 9/23/11 9:39 AM 9/29/11 1:19 PM

Worth Avenue’s Oldest Shop K

assatly’s Inc., a Palm Beach tradition




celebrating 85 years in business. Brothers Edward and Robert Kassatly joined their father Sam, who founded the business, in the late 1950s and have been working together ever since to serve the needs of its discriminating clientele. The store is based on a tradition of personal service, unique merchandising and an uncompromising commitment to quality and customer service— qualities that undoubtedly contributed to the Kassatly brothers being honored as business leaders of the year for 1993 by the Palm Beach Daily News and awarded the prestigious Worth Avenue One and Only Award for 1997. The shop’s specialties include the finest collections of custom designed Madeira linens for the table, bed and bath, as well as a large selection of hand-embroidered ladies and men’s handkerchiefs




Kassatly’s. In addition to imported linens, Kassatly’s also carries a very fine line of domestic linens, American and European designer lingerie, men’s sleepwear, cashmere sweaters and a few select items in men’s sportswear. Special themes such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, polo and golf endow the store’s linens with a whimsical charm—and a personal touch. Kassatly’s has something for everyone—tennis players, golfers, horsemen, fishermen, boaters and bridge players—and if it doesn’t, just ask; Edward and Robert will have it made especially for you.

Kassatly’s, Inc. 250 Worth Avenue • Palm Beach (561) 655-5655

Kassatlys-WorthAve0809.indd 1 Kassalty's.indd 1 kassatlys_worth1112.indd 1

10/13/08 3:48:14 PM 10/6/10 10/17/11 10:59 3:57 AM PM

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10/17/11 3:19 PM

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10/20/11 3:23 PM

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10/20/11 2:03 PM

PALM BEACH 237A Worth Avenue 561.802.4410 NEW YORK



Schepps.indd 1 SSchepps_WorthAve_ad_2011.indd 1

9/21/11 9:41 AM 9/20/2011 2:50:58 PM


PALM BEACH – 150 Worth Avenue – T 561-835-0170

20111004_TRB_Worth_Avenue.indd 1 vilebrequin_worth12.indd 1


13.10.11 18:56 10/17/11 8:59 AM

Hermès, contemporar y artisan since 1837.

Palm Beach 240 Worth Avenue (561) 655-6655

03_228,6x276,2_WorthAvMag_US.indd 1 Hermes.indd 1

17/10/11 10:54 10/17/11 10:13 AM


Ma ida




[ c o n t e n t s ]

cia so


Be cust st puBl om ica 2011tion


F ea tu res


Insider’s Guide to Palm Beach

Crack the mystique of this charmed island with our sly guide to scoring the best tables, attending the best balls and blending in like the Palm Beach local that you are, darling. By l a urel B aker


Weekend at The Ritz

If God is in the details, then these accessories have a power all their own. See how they look against the glamorous backdrop of The Ritz-Carlton, Palm Beach. pho t ography By Bridges a derhold


Island in the Sun

Suit up in chic resort fashion from Worth Avenue’s finest shops and designers; it’s weekend dressing at its best, whether enjoying drinks at the Colony Hotel or kicking back at the beach. pho t ography By Beth s tuden Berg


Precious Cargo

The exotic meets the sublime in this dazzling annual preview of Worth Avenue’s most exquisite jewelry. pho t ography By Bridges a derhold


Portraits of Palm Beach

These men and women built a jungle resort into an international community that is synonymous with elegance and privilege. WORTH AVENUE

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10/19/11 5:49 PM

[ c o n t e n t s ]


D e pa r tme n t s


President’s Letter

Welcome to the incomparable Worth Avenue—a hallmark of quality, service and tropical charm. By s herr y Frankel


Worth Avenue Association

Membership roster


Island Notes

This roundup of fun facts and don’t-miss events will give you a glimpse into the Worth Avenue experience.



Body & Soul

Beauty, spa pampering—and even the occasional boot camp— is integral to living the Palm Beach lifestyle. By m elissa m alamut


For Men Only

A polo star shares some tips on the ponies, and we show you a few other ways to enjoy the island’s sporting life. By m elissa m alamut

ON THE COVER pho tographer: Beth Studenberg s tylist : David Arthur Fittin/Artist Management mo Del : Cary Poole/Next Management a rt Direct or: Lori Pierino, Kathleen Ross makeup: Daphney Antoine


using Chanel Lips by Yves Saint Laurent

h air: Daphney at URunway Salon, using Kenra winter

Suit, from Chanel; handbag, from Jimmy Choo; scarf, from Salvatore Ferragamo; necklace, from Mariko; bangle, from Hermès; Dior sunglasses, from Saks Fifth Avenue (all stores on Worth Avenue)


Valentino dress and cardigan and Ray-Ban sunglasses, all from Saks Fifth Avenue; flower pin and bangles, from Off Worth; bracelet, from Mariko; handbag, from Michael Kors (all stores on Worth Avenue) Shot on location at the Colony Hotel


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10/26/11 11:13 AM

PhotograPhed by NaN goldiN to beNefit the Jimmy Choo fouNdatioN for more iNformatioN visit JimmyChoo.Com palm beach 244 worth avenue | coral gables village of merrick park | bal harbour 9700 collins avenue | orlando mall at millenia

worth.indd 1 Jimmy Choo.indd 1

10/17/11 10:33 PM 10/18/11 8:39 AM

[ c o n t e n t s ]


d e p a r Tme n Ts

94 The Architects

of Paradise

eet the designing men who helped give Palm M Beach its enduring grace and beauty.

By John Thomason

98 Palm Beach Hotels

& Dining

orth Avenue member resorts and restaurants offer W the finest in accommodations and dining.


108 Visitor’s Guide

ere’s how to get the most from your H South Florida vacation.

120 All Year Long

Worth Avenue offers residents and guests a full calendar of events and diversions.




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10/12/11 2:02 PM

[ p r e s i d e n t ’ s

l e t t e r


welcome to worth avenue In a world that seems consumed by big-box stores, shopping malls and chain stores, a place like Worth Avenue is as rare as it is magical. Imagine a graceful tree-lined avenue with the Atlantic Ocean at one end and the Intracoastal at the other. Bougainvillea covers romantic Mediterranean buildings, European courtyards are tucked away in intimate vias, ocean breezes ruffle palm trees. For more than 100 years, Worth Avenue has been a byword for graceful ambience, the epitome of the good life, island mystique and the best shopping in the world. It has attracted royalty, celebrities, politicians, personalities and captains of industry. If the shops on Worth Avenue could talk, they’d tell fascinating stories of romance, intrigue, scandal and opulence. And this year, the recently completed streetscape renovation has made this historic shopping district even more beautiful—and more attractive to strolling visitors and shoppers. At the very heart of Palm Beach, Worth Avenue always has been synonymous with international standards of superior quality. Elegant couture houses, art and antiques, jewelry and leather goods, fine gifts, spa services, home furnishings, great restaurants and cafés dot both sides of Worth Avenue’s enchanting three blocks. Even more impressive than the Avenue’s great beauty is its historic reputation for impeccable customer service, from the moment you step into one of our shops to our global shipping options. And you won’t want to miss our famous doggie bars for our four-legged guests. Our annual Worth Avenue magazine circulates nationwide to celebrate the enduring historic ambience of this very special Avenue. Within this magazine is a helpful locator map with editorial references to Worth Avenue Association member establishments, including Worth Avenue parking areas and several Palm Beach hotels. The Worth Avenue Association is comprised of more than 250 business members who serve the community with numerous social and charitable functions throughout the year. (See our calendar of events on page 120). We all look forward to welcoming you to our favorite destination. We know there is only one Worth Avenue. We hope you will discover its magic for yourself by visiting us soon!

Sherry Frankel President, Worth Avenue Association Owner, Sherry Frankel’s Melangerie

Parking is Plentiful. Historic Worth Avenue is a street of dreams, and parking is a breeze. Valet parking is available at the Apollo parking lot, just north of Worth Avenue, off Hibiscus Avenue, as well as at the parking garage, at 150 Worth Ave., just across from the beach. Plentiful two-hour parking spaces (a new feature this year) are available on Worth Avenue itself, and twohour metered parking can be found on Peruvian Avenue (one block north of Worth Avenue). But there’s still another way we try to make shopping on the Avenue easy for our guests: When making a purchase at one of the Worth Avenue Association member stores, ask about your parking validation stamp. It’s just another way of saying, “Thank you for shopping with us.” Please visit our website,, for our calendar of events, merchandise and news!


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10/19/11 5:13 PM

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10/12/11 8:48 AM

[ 2 0 1 2

b o a r d

o f

d i r e c t o r s


d irectors

Sherry Frankel 655-1996*

Gregg Beletsky 651-3900

s herr y Frankel ’s Melangerie

ral Ph lauren

Vice President

Rebecca Jobo 833-2551

Stefan Richter 655-0774

John Maus 655-1141 Maus & h o FFMan

Beth Pine 805-6125 n eiMan Marcus

saks FiFth a Venue

r ichters o F Pa l M Beach

Gay Cinque 835-0383

t reasurer

Nancy Mizelle 568-0448

Bob Saffran 833-3777 150 Wor th

oFF Wor th

Franklyn deMarco Jr. 835-3500

secret ar y

Marley Herring 712-1022 Marley’s


Eliza Tizabgar 307-4007 d ouglas

h annant

t a- Boó

Amy Figueroa 655-6955

Pal M Beach

Stacy Lee 655-7740 the Brazilian cour


g ucci

Wor th A venue Magazine

Vanessa Henry 655-6850

Carey McKearnan 997-8683


Jes Pu Blishing

Edward Kassatly 655-5655 k assa tl y’s

Tod Kirik 659-4979 aP ollo P arking

George Lydon 655-3635

Wor th aV enue associa


P.O. Box 2126 256 Worth Ave., Suite 312 Palm Beach, FL 33480 659-6909 Robin Miller

JiMMy c hoo

*All telephone numbers have a 561 area code

worthaven 18

11.indd 18


10/18/11 4:44 PM

Hamilton Jewelers.indd 1

10/14/11 11:24 AM

JES PubliShing

5455 n . f ederal Highway, Suite M Boca Raton, f L 33487 561/997-8683


a Rt DIREcto RS

Margaret Mary Shuff

Lori Pierino Kathleen Ross


Carey McKearnan

a Rt DIREcto R/SPEc Ia L PRoj Ect S

Denise Goris Jocson g Ro UP EDIto R In c HIEf

PRo DUct Ion coo RDIna to R

Marie Speed

Ashlee Zeller


acco Unt Manag ERS

Kevin Kaminski

Gail Eagle Georgette Evans Bruce Klein Jr. Kim Kadel

a SSISt ant EDIto R

John Thomason cont RIBUto RS

Laurel Baker Kumiko Numazaki Melissa Malamut

c ont Ro LLER

Jeanne Greenberg c IRc ULat Ion DIREcto R

David Brooks


Bridges Aderhold Cassie Pierino Beth Studenberg Tya Tiempetch


David Shuff


Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Mizner’s Dream, Worth Avenue, Greater Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce Annual, Salt Lake, Utah Bride and Groom, Utah Style & Design

visit us on the web Take a walk along Worth Avenue at and enjoy all the wonderful amenities available on America’s most beautiful shopping street—we’re only a few keystrokes away! 20

masthead 11-12.indd 20


10/18/11 11:36 AM

224 Worth Avenue, Palm Beach 561-655-0774 ATLANTA, BEVERLY HILLS, NASHVILLE

224 Worth Avenue, Palm Beach 561-655-0774 BEVERLY HILLS, NASHVILLE Important Platinum and ATLANTA, Diamond Chandelier Earrings Signed Oscar Heyman & Bros. Important Platinum and Diamond Chandelier Earrings Signed Oscar Heyman & Bros.


richters.indd Untitled-2 1 1

10/19/10 11:11 AM AM 9/12/11 11:45

[ w o r

t h

a v e n u e

a s s o c i a

t i o n ]

2012 members 205 Worth Avenue 281-1693 Individual & couples counseling

Charlotte Kellogg 256 Worth Avenue, #314 820-2407 Women’s apparel

The Brazilian Court Hotel and Beach Club 301 Australian Avenue 655-7740 Hotel/condos

The Chesterfield Hotel 363 Cocoanut Row 659-5800 Hotel

The Breakers 1 South County Road 655-6611 Resort Bridges Marsh & Associates 18 Via Mi zner 832-1533 Architects

cassie Pierino

Brooks Brothers 225-C Worth Avenue 659-6464 Men’s & women’s apparel

150 Worth 150 Worth Avenue 833-3777* Real estate

Anna de Rossi 256 Worth Ave. 802-3665 Women’s apparel

Bellissimo 250 Worth Avenue 655-5063 Jewelry

A.B. Levy 209/211 Worth Avenue 835-9139 Art/antiques

Apollo Parking 405 Hibiscus Avenue 659-4979 Parking

Betteridge 236 Worth Avenue 655-5850 Jewelry

Acento 313 1/2 Worth Avenue (Via Bice) 832-4035 Jewelry

A.R.T. 249 Worth Avenue 420-8866 Jewelry

Alex and Ani 150 Worth Avenue, Suite 119 837-6497 Jewelry

Ashley John Gallery 410 South County Road 429-8454 Art Gallery

Biba N.Y. – The Hot Hamptons Boutique 323 Worth Avenue (Via De Mario) 833-8107 Women’s apparel

Altona 150 Worth Avenue, Suite 118 832-0303 Women’s apparel

Badgley Mischka 251 Worth Avenue 655-0721 Women’s Apparel

Amina Rubinacci 150 Worth Avenue 659-7887 Women’s apparel

Barclay’s International Realty 249 Peruvian Avenue 659-0000 Real estate

Angela Moore 335 Worth Avenue 833-3503 Jewelry and gifts

BB&T Bank 125 Worth Avenue 653-5594 Financial institution


Bice 313 1/2 Worth Avenue (Via Bice) 835-1600 Italian cuisine Bonnie Roseman’s BLT 323 Worth Avenue 835-0058 Women’s apparel and accessories Bottega Veneta 239 Worth Avenue 833-3701 Leather goods Bradley Van Hoek, MBA, MA, MS

Café Via Flora 240 Worth Avenue (Via Flora) 514-4959 Casual dining Calypso St. Barth 247B Worth Avenue 832-5006 Women’s apparel Cartier 214 Worth Avenue 655-5913 Jewelry Caryna Nina 32 Via Mi zner 655-3655 Women’s apparel Caswell-Massey 150 Worth Avenue Suite 115 659-4535 Soaps/fragrances Cha-Cha’s 150 Worth Avenue Second floor 833-8800 Restaurant/Latin cuisine Chanel 301 Worth Avenue 655-1550 Women’s apparel

Chopard 247 Worth Avenue 805-5710 Jewelry Christofle 150 Worth Avenue 833-1978 Sterling/china/crystal C.J. Laing 4 Via Parigi 820-0039 Women’s apparel Clee Pilates 917/741-4752 (by appointment) The Colony Palm Beach 155 Hammon Avenue 655-5430 Hotel Colorist Hair Studio 150 Worth Avenue Suite 213 659-4035 Salon services Cynthia Van Buren, Esq. 205 Worth Avenue. Suite 307G 833-1717 Attorney David Chase 313 1/2 Worth Avenue 833-6960 Women’s apparel David Morris International 305 Worth Avenue 655-3401 Jewelry D. Dream Atelier 23 Via Mi zner 282-6574 Jeweler Dea Fine Italian Linens 341 Worth Avenue 366-1203 Fine linens


members 11-12.indd 22

10/18/11 4:21 PM

ritzcarlton_worth12.indd 1

10/20/11 3:26 PM

[ 2 0 1 2

m e m b e r s ]

de Corato Boutique 313 1/2 Worth Avenue 833-3373 Fine men’s clothing

Gasiunasen Gallery 400 Hibiscus Avenue 820-8920 Art Gallery

de Luxe 150 Worth Avenue Suite 224 833-6335 Fine cashmere

Giorgio Armani 243 Worth Avenue 655-1641 Men’s & women’s apparel

Diane Firsten 28 Via Mizner 833-2353 Women’s apparel

Graff 221A Worth Avenue 355-9292 Jewelry

Douglas Hannant 150 Worth Avenue Suite 236 653-5505 Women’s apparel & accessories

Gucci 150 Worth Avenue 655-6955 Men’s and women’s apparel/leather

DTR Modern Galleries 440 South County Road 366-9387 Art gallery

Hamilton Jewelers 215 Worth Avenue 659-6788 Jewelry

East Coast Jewelry 323 Worth Avenue 820-8822 Jewelry

Helen Ficalora 240 Worth Avenue, 5A 833-2100 Jewelry

Edward Beiner, Purveyor of Fine Eyewear 150 Worth Avenue 820-8822 Fine eyewear

Hermès 255 Worth Avenue Men’s and women’s apparel/ jewelry/leather 659-7085

Emilio Pucci 150 Worth Avenue, #109 655-7070 Women’s apparel

H.T. Stuart Jewelers 329 Worth Avenue 838-1855 Jewelry

Express Parking 150 Worth Avenue 842-8020 Parking The Four Seasons 2800 South Ocean Boulevard 582-2800 Resort Frank Cassi Beauty 125 Worth Avenue, Suite 115 833-7883 Salon services Frédéric Fekkai 301 Australian Avenue (Brazilian Court Hotel) 833-9930 Salon & personal services Galeria of Sculpture 11 Via Parigi 659-7557 Art


Irene Lummertz Jewelry Design 245A Worth Avenue (Via Encantata) 655-5000 Jewelry Jennifer Garrigues Inc. 308 Peruvian Avenue 659-7376 Interior design & home furnishings

J. McLaughlin 309 Worth Avenue 655-5973 Women’s apparel

Kiosk Palm Beach 150 Worth Avenue 650-1105 Accessories/fashions

John de Medeiros International Boutique 150 Worth Avenue Suite 225 659-5424 Women’s apparel

LenDan, Inc. 205 Worth Avenue, Suite 201 655-3141 Management company

Juicy Couture 225A Worth Avenue 868-7813 Women’s apparel Kaplan Jewelers 205 Worth Avenue, Suite 315 659-5965 Jewelers Kassatly’s 250 Worth Avenue 655-5655 Fine linens/gifts/men’s & women’s apparel

Jennifer Miller 5 Via Mizner 659-9095 Jewelry

Kaufmann de Suisse 210 Worth Avenue 832-7623 Jewelry

Jimmy Choo 244 Worth Avenue 655-3635 Women’s shoes/ handbags

Kenneth R. Beer, MD, PA 1500 North Dixie Highway Suite 305, West Palm Beach 832-7623 Cosmetic surgery/dermatology

L’Etoile Royale 329 Worth Avenue 655-3025 Jewelry Linda A. Gary Real Estate 420 South County Road 655-6881 Real estate

256 Worth Avenue 721-1022 Women’s apparel Mary Mahoney 336 Worth Avenue 655-8288 Fine home accessories Maryanna Suzanna 313 1/2 Worth Avenue (Via Bice) 833-0204 Gifts/home furnishings Maus & Hoffman 312 Worth Avenue 655-1141 Men’s apparel

Louis Vuitton 150 Worth Avenue 659-3684 Leather & shoes

MaxMara 216 Worth Avenue 832-0069 Women’s apparel

MacKenzie-Childs 238 Worth Avenue 832-9877 Home furnishings/gifts

Michael Kors 226A Worth Avenue 659-2929 Women’s apparel

Mariko 329 Worth Avenue 655-5770 Women’s jewelry/apparel

Mirror Mirror Designs by Jeanine Recckio 205 Worth Avenue Second floor 917/348-4291 Beauty & lifestyle trends

Marley’s Palm Beach Collection


members 11-12.indd 24

10/18/11 4:21 PM




150worth_worth1112.indd 1

10/17/11 11:47 AM

[ 2 0 1 2

m e m b e r s ]

Mystique Created Gems 250 Worth Avenue 655-3008 Jewelry Dr. Rhonda Nasser, DDS, PA 249 Peruvian Avenue 655-0666 Cosmetic & general dentistry

Patti Esbia Antique & Estate Jewelry 326 Via Demario 833-9448 Antiques & jewelry Peruvian Avenue Corp. P.O. Box 2561 793-1148 Real estate

Neiman Marcus 151 Worth Avenue 805-6150 Department store

Petit Trianon 329 Worth Avenue 802-3727 Antiques

New Palm, LLC 325 Worth Avenue 805-7410 Property owner

Pizza al Fresco 14 Via Mizner 832-0032 Restaurant

Off Worth 325 Worth Avenue (Via DeMario) 835-0383 Jewelry

Pomponner, Ltd. 90 Via Mizner 653-9997 Women’s apparel

The Omphoy Ocean Resort 2842 South Ocean Boulevard 540-6440 Resort Optica 311 Worth Avenue 655-3937 Eyewear Palm Beach Board of Realtors 140 Royal Palm Way Suite 205 659-3810 Real estate Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce 400 Royal Palm Way, Suite 106 655-3282 Service Palm Beach Daily News 256 Royal Poinciana Way 820-3820 Newspaper Palm Beach Illustrated P.O. Box 3344 472-1902 Media group Palm Beach Society Magazine 240 Worth Avenue Second floor 659-5555 Magazine publishing


Private Journey 205 Worth Avenue, Suite 311 651-1212 Magazine publisher Pucci & Catana Luxury Pet Boutique 21 Via Mizner 833-1001 Luxury pet boutique Ralph Lauren 300 Worth Avenue 651-3900 Men’s & women’s apparel Rangoni Firenze Shoes 212 Worth Avenue 832-1601 Fine footwear Renato’s 87 Via Mizner 655-9745 Fine Italian dining Richters of Palm Beach 224 Worth Avenue 655-0774 Jewelry The Ritz-Carlton 100 South Ocean Boulevard Manalapan 533-6000 Resort Roberta Roller Rabbit 150 Worth Avenue 833-4643 Women’s apparel

Saks Fifth Avenue 172 Worth Avenue 833-2551 Department store

Tiffany & Co. 259 Worth Avenue 659-6090 Jewelry/gifts/fine leather

Vilebrequin 150 Worth Avenue 835-0170 Men’s swimwear

Salvatore Ferragamo 200 Worth Avenue 659-0602 Leather/shoes/apparel

Tom Mathieu 312D Worth Avenue 655-5880 Floral arts

Vivi G. Shoes 150 Worth Avenue 655-1617 Shoes

Sherry Frankel’s Melangerie 256 Worth Avenue 655-1996 Gifts/accessories

Tory Burch 150 Worth Avenue 833-4474 Women’s apparel

William R. Eubanks Interior Design, Inc. 340 Worth Avenue 805-9335 Interior design

Starbucks 150 Worth Avenue 651-7740 Coffee shop St. John Boutique 256 Worth Avenue 833-5564 Women’s apparel

Tourneau 175 Worth Avenue 832-8812 Jewelry Tracy Dara Kamenstein 235A Worth Avenue 833-4055 Jewelry

Stubbs & Wootton 4 Via Parigi 655-6857 Men’s and women’s shoes

Trianon/Seaman Schepps 237A Worth Avenue 802-4410 Jewelry

Style Paris 337 Worth Avenue 820-1525 Women’s apparel

Valentino 204 Worth Avenue 659-7533 Women’s apparel

Ta-boó 221 Worth Avenue 835-3500 Fine dining

Van Cleef & Arpels 202 Worth Avenue 655-6767 Jewelry

TD Bank 380 South County Road 355-5311 Financial institution

Via Mizner Properties 90 Via Mi zner 802-3088 Real estate

Winston Exceptional Lighting 343 Worth Avenue 655-5522 Custom/antique lighting Worth Avenue magazine 5455 North Federal Highway, Suite M, Boca Raton 997-8683 Magazine publishing Worth Avenue Yachts 150 Worth Suite 136 833-4462 Yacht sales/brokerage The Worth Collection 209A Worth Avenue 833-9893 Watches/jewelry/currency *area code is 561


members 11-12.indd 26

10/18/11 4:22 PM

Rangoni Shoes.indd 1

10/20/11 3:25 PM

Island Notes ObservatiOns frOm america’s mOst celebrated island—Palm beach

The New Worth Avenue


C J Walker

he Worth Avenue Improvement Project was completed last year without a hitch—and it has created an even more aesthetically pleasing experience for visitors to the Avenue. Sidewalks became wider, and pedestrian rest areas and shade tees were added. A handsome watchtower commands the eastern entrance to the Avenue. A “living wall” grows on the Esplanade. A new piazza at the 400 block of Hibiscus incorporates a fountain, reflecting pool, shade trees and open space. Overhead utility lines went underground, and coconut palms sprouted. We know you will enjoy these enhancements to your Worth Avenue experience—which just got a little better.



Island notes 11/12.indd 28

10/21/11 11:16 AM

Vogue’S ANNA WINTOUR’S “Fashion’s Night Out” (FNO) phenomenon came alive on Worth Avenue this year as nearly 30 luxury retailers opened their doors for an evening of fun and fashion. Worth Avenue visitors enjoyed live musical entertainment, informal modeling and special offerings in many of the stores. At Chanel, guests were the first to get their hands on the newest Chanel Nail Colour Collection, Les Jeans de Chanel—created exclusively for FNO—as well as mini manicures featuring the exclusive hue. Neiman Marcus offered guests the chance to strike a pose in their own fashion shoot, while at Tory Burch, shoppers delighted in Tory’s personal favorite Champagne and macaroons. The Four Seasons Resort Palm Beach set up in the Gucci Courtyard, inviting those who had exhausted themselves shopping the chance to relax with complimentary mini massages and hand treatments courtesy of The Spa. Shoppers strolled through Hibiscus Plaza where Palm Beach Motor Cars showcased the new 2012 Fisker Karma, the world’s first premium plug-in hybrid electric vehicle, before moving on to more fashion fun at other participating retailers, including A.B. Levy, A.R.T Fine Jewelry, Alex and Ani, Betteridge, Bottega Veneta, Emilio Pucci, Frank Cassi Beauty, Frédéric Fekkai, Giorgio Armani, Gucci, Hamilton Jewelers, Jimmy Choo, Juicy Couture, Marley’s Palm Beach Collection, Maus & Hoffman, Max Mara, Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, Rangoni Firenze Shoes, Saks Fifth Avenue, St. John Boutique, Stubbs & Wootton, Tiffany & Co., Valentino and more. Worth Avenue looks forward to making Fashion’s Night Out an avenue-wide tradition, coming back even bigger and better in 2012.

Mitch herring

Fashion’s Night Out

Sophie Skover, winner of a $1,000 Avenue shopping spree, with Sherry Frankel

Worth Avenue Fun FActs cts [ ] The oldest

shop in Worth Avenue is Kassatly’s Inc. Linen and Lingerie Shop, which opened in 1923 and sells luxury home decor basics and lingerie. [ ] There are

two pets buried in Worth Avenue: Addison Mizner’s beloved pet monkey, Johnnie Brown, and Rose Sach’s dog, Laddie. Both were buried in Via Mizner, the location of both Mizner and

Sach’s residences at different times. [ ] The oldest

competition in Palm Beach, the Palm Beach Opera Vocal Competition, is now in its 42nd year of awarding scholarship money to singers in both junior and advanced divisions. [ ] Palm Beach is

the home of Lilly Pulitzer (inset), who started with a now-famous juice stand in Via Mizner—and an idea to “run up”

brightly patterned shifts to camouflage the juice stains. Lilly’s customers were immediately fond of her new wardrobe, and before she knew it, Mrs. Pulitzer was selling more dresses than juice. This ultimately led to her own clothing company in 1959, Lilly Pulitzer Inc., a name now synonymous with Palm Beach resort dressing.


Island notes 11/12.indd 29


10/19/11 5:24 PM

Island Notes

Yacht Stop

cassie Pierino

WHy WORRy ABOuT PARkIng when you can sail right up to the island? Simply berth your yacht at one of the three docks within walking distance of Worth Avenue: the Brazilian, Australian and Peruvian docks. Which is right for you? The Brazilian welcomes family-friendly vessels, while its counterpart, the Australian, accommodates the megayachts. Peruvian, named for the luxe avenue it extends from, offers a beautiful view of Lake Worth. And if you need to get the yacht first, we’ve got you covered: Just drop by Worth Avenue Yachts at 150 Worth Ave., Suite 136, 561/833-4462.

Palm Beach 2012 Festivals Sunfest

Center, 650 Okeechobee Blvd., West Palm Beach Featuring major art dealers from around the world, this standout event is a collection of art from classical antiquity to contemporary, along with some fine jewelry collections from different years.

Palm Beach Jewelry, art & antique show

Palm Beach cavallino classic Jan. 17–22 Palm Beach International Raceway 17047 Bee Line Highway, Jupiter, 561/994-1345 This convention of automotive enthusiasts is a six-day event attracting car owners from all over the United States and Europe to showcase more than 400 Ferraris. Benefiting several different charities—such as the Children’s Wish Foundation—this week is packed with Ferrari-related special events, including a two-day track meet and a tour of Palm Beach in antique Ferraris.


art Palm Beach Jan. 20–23 (VIP preview on 19th) Palm Beach County Convention Center, 650 Okeechobee Blvd., West Palm Beach, 239/495-9834 After a successful 14th year, expect a busy three-day (or four for privileged cardholders and global VIPs) schedule, with more than 80 exhibitors focusing on art, photography and design. This fair has become well known, attracting a large audience for just a small price.

american international Fine art Fair Feb. 4–12 (VIP preview on 3rd) Palm Beach County Convention

Feb. 18–21 (VIP preview on 17th) Palm Beach County Convention Center, 650 Okeechobee Blvd., West Palm Beach, 561/822-5440 This art and antique show brings more than 200 of the world’s top exhibitors, showcasing fine art, sculptures, textiles, jewelry and other antiques. A series of public lectures is another highlight, featuring two speakers a day on an array of different topics pertaining to the art being featured.

artigras Fine arts Festival Feb. 18–20 Abacoa Town Center, 1155 Main St., Jupiter, 561/748-3946 It's the perfect time of year to enjoy the outdooor Artigras Fine Arts Festival, which stretches 2.2 miles. Expect plenty of art and fun

Mixed media by Kirsten Stingle at Palm Beach Fine Craft Show


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Then and now Then

n ow

Alligator Joe’s farm

The Everglades Club

Cadillac La Salle automobile showroom

Maus & Hoffman

Standard Oil filling station

Entrance garden for 150 Worth

Ocean View Hotel

150 Worth

The Palm Beach Inn

The Breakers

Ta-boó: The place to see and be seen

Ta-boó: The place to see and be seen

activities for children and adults—as well as an assortment of beverages and live music.

Royal Palm Beach aRt and music Festival March TBA Royal Palm Beach Boulevard, between Southern Boulevard and Seminole Palms Drive, 561/790-6200 This festival, which closes off Royal Palm Beach Boulevard from traffic for two days, is complete with carnival rides, a juried art show, a business expo, a stage for bands on each side, a laser light show over Lake Challenger, and a Beer Garden and Tiki Bar.

Palm Beach Fine cRaFt show March 2–4

Palm Beach County Convention Center, 650 Okeechobee Blvd., West Palm Beach, 561/366-3000 This craft show prides itself on not only displaying beautiful American contemporary art but displaying it in an elegant setting with an original design. The display features 115 top national contemporary craft artists’ works in ceramics, paper, wood, glass and metals, mixed media, decorative and wearable textiles and jewelry.

Palm Beach inteRnational Boat show March 22–25 Flagler Drive, West Palm Beach 800/940-7642 Earning the title as one of the top 10 boat shows in the United States, the Palm Beach International Boat Palm Beach International Boat Show

Show brings more than $350 million worth of boats, yachts and accessories from the world’s leading marine manufacturers.

Paper and metal necklace by Myung Urso at Palm Beach Fine Craft Show

BaRRett-Jackson ett-Jackson classic caR auction April 5–7 Expo Center at South Florida Fairgrounds, 9067 Southern Blvd., West Palm Beach, 480/663-6255 It doesn't get any better for car lovers than this preeminent auction, always a South Florida favorite.

Palm Beach inteRnational national Film Festival April 11–19 6018 S.W. 18th St., Suite C-7, Boca Raton, 561/362-0003 Showcasing thousands of awardwinning films and actors from across the world, this film festival spans more than a week at various venues, offering more than 100 films, shorts and documentaries as well as special events and galas.

delRay aFFaiR April 13–15 Northwest First and Southwest First Avenues to the Intracoastal Waterway along Atlantic Avenue 561/278-0424 For three days, more than 10 blocks on Atlantic Avenue will be closed to traffic for this art show. This year is the 50th

anniversary of the festival, with highlights including a celebration of those who have helped make the Delray Affair what it is today.

sunFest May 2–6 525 Clematis St., West Palm Beach, 561/659-5980 This festival is unlike any other, with a fine mix of music from local as well as nationally known artists, a juried fine art and craft show and a youth park. The waterfront on Flagler Drive makes for a perfect setting, with three stages, numerous art booths and a few floating oases providing food and drinks.


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Island Notes

The FirsT-class PeT exPerience [ ] Worth Avenue has a “doggie bar” in the 300 block of Worth Avenue, and at

lunchtime, an option for Fido as well. Head over to Via Mizner to enjoy decadent Italian food in the outside courtyard of Renato’s, where paws are welcome. Try the signature lobster salad lunch dish, while your shopping partner relaxes in the shade. [ ] At The Ritz-Carlton, Palm Beach, guests checking in with pets receive a special

welcome amenity with complimentary food, water bowl, and “woof ” sign for the doorknob. Before a morning of pampering at Eau Spa at the Ritz-Carlton, drop your pooch off at Oblande Pet Spa where you can choose the purr-fect indulgence such as the salon full groom, offering a signature bath, hand-scissor trimming and a pawdicure—or perhaps a blueberry facial, to remove tear stains followed by a natural dental cleanse to reduce plaque and freshen breath. [ ] Along with the glitz and glam of the Palm Beach

social scene, Worth Avenue hosts a pet parade every March–one of the highlighted soirees of the season. [ ] Pet-friendly merchandise takes front and center

C J Walker

stage at Sherry Frankel’s Melangerie. A customembroidered, breed-specific pillow stating that “Max and his housekeeping staff live here” might be the perfect gift for a pet-loving friend—or perhaps a set of custom embroidered “Yorkie” napkins will bring a smile to a family member’s face. Stop in and see the very merry Sherry for the perfect gift idea. 256 Worth Ave. (in the Gucci Courtyard), 561/655-1996. [ ] End your night with a well-deserved drink at The Leopard

Lounge in the Chesterfield Hotel. Enjoy the live entertainment by getting your little friend on the dance floor, as pets are welcome to party the night away.

Art & ANtIques ON the AveNue

In addition to fine fashion and gourmet dining, Worth Avenue also offers impressive arts and antiques shops for the collector. Here are a few we love: Who


A.B. Levy

209/211 Worth Ave., 561/835-9139

19th-century French furniture, european paintings and porcelain, rare art glass by Tiffany, Rene Lalique, Galle, and Daum; objets d’art from the Japanese Meiji Period as well as Chinese ivory, jade, porcelain and snuff bottles—and more.


440 s. County Road, 561/366-9387

Picasso, Chagall, Dali, Miro, Matisse, Basquiat, Lichtenstein and Warhol, as well as an elite selection of contemporary artists.


11 via Parigi, 561/659-7557

Museum-quality contemporary American art glass from emerging artists and landmark glassblowers as well as selections from revered artists Dale Chihuly, Marvin Lipofsky, Fritz Dreisbach and Christopher Ries.

WiLLiAM euBAnks

340 Worth Ave., 561/805-9335

exquisite collection of fine objects and furnishings, from 18th-century antique desks, tables and commodes to Chinese porcelain, fine art, 17th-century Flemish tapestries— even a Chinese opium day bed.

WinsTon exCePTionAL LiGhTinG

343 Worth Ave., 561/802-3088

Fine Chinese porcelain and bronze lamps, crystal chandeliers and sconces, and works from e.F. Caldwell, henry Picard, antique Baccarat and 19th-century Parisian bronze makers henry Dasson, F. Barbedienne and Beurdeley.




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fine jewelry & art

a shok sanche ti

yogendr a se thi

Designers aruna shi a shok sancheti christopher walling loree rodkin pamel a hu izenga john apel sylva & cie yogendr a se thi jacob & co. watches and many more‌

artworthavenue_worth12.indd 1

john apel

249 worth avenue palm beach, fl 33480 T (561) 420-8866

visit art

10/18/11 8:55 AM

Island Notes


For visitors, living in Palm Beach can seem like a perpetual vacation. But for locals, the realities of life (work, bills, family, etc.) quickly relegate palm trees and beaches to an everyday backdrop. So what happens when locals get the tourist bug and want to “get away,” even for just one day? Here’s a look at some “day-cation” options to help you relax, unwind and spend the day pretending you are on vacation. [ ] Lounge at the unique Florida-shaped pool at the Colony Ho tel P alm Bea CH (155 Hammon

Ave.; 561/655-5430) while sipping frozen cocktails and munching on delicious bites from the South Beach-inspired Palm Court restaurant. Pool use is free when dining at the poolside restaurant.

[ ] at tH e Breakers (One South County Road; 561/655-6611), day visitors can use all the hotel amenities, including several restaurants and an alluring courtyard of exclusive specialty boutiques. Spa-goers can enjoy the resort’s private, Mediterranean-style Beach Club featuring five pools, two casual oceanfront restaurants and a private beach with any 50-minute-or-more spa purchase. Since most services take at least that long (think facials, massages, etc), you can turn your monthly facial into a full vacation day.

Colony Hotel

[ ] tH e eau sPa at t He r itz-Carl ton , Palm BeaCH (100 S. Ocean Blvd.; 561/533-6000)

offers non-hotel and spa guests a $50 day rate. This includes all of the luxurious wet/dry areas of the spa like the Self-Centered Garden with swings, pools and meditation areas.


The Breakers

Best Places to take the kids

Palm Beach cocktail The favorite cocktails in Palm Beach according to our astute Ta-boó bartenders are the Bloody Mary, the frozen cappuccino, the cosmopolitan and the classic gin or vodka martini. Not to mention this island standard, the Palm Beach cocktail: 1½ ounces gin 1½ teaspoons sweet vermouth 1½ teaspoons grapefruit juice Combine in cocktail shaker, shake with ice, strain and pour into chilled martini glass.


Dining [ ] Check out Hamburger Heaven, where the all-American menu has famous burgers and fries. (314 S. County Road, 561/655-5277) [ ] Try pizza in Via Mizner at Pizza al Fresco. (14 Via Mizner, 561/832-0032) Pla ytime [ ] Playgrounds, fields and tennis courts are all at the sea view recreation center (340 Sea View Ave., 561/838-5485) [ ] The beach at PHiPPs ocean Park features grassy shade,

picnic facilities and a playground on the Atlantic Ocean. (2201 S. Ocean Blvd.) l earning [ ] The Palm beacH county Historical museum is

housed in the recently restored 1916 courthouse in downtown West Palm Beach. Exhibitions feature county history, along with profiles on the people and events that made the area. (300 N. Dixie Highway, 561/832-4164).


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561.833.4462 | | 150 Worth Avenue, Suite 136 | Palm Beach, FL 33480

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Island Notes

Palm Beach Landmarks Breakfast cereal heiress Marjorie Merriweather Post spared no expense in the 1920s to create this landmark Palm Beach mansion with its more than 100 rooms. Architect Joseph Urban designed the 17-acre estate, complete with a nine-hole golf course, lakeside cottages, a 75-foot tower, citrus groves, greenhouses, pool and an underground tunnel to the beach. However, what really makes Mar-a-Lago stand out is its longstanding traditions, which Post began by hosting the world’s elite there for the International Red Cross Ball. Today, after its designation as a National Historic Landmark in 1980, and Donald Trump’s acquisition of the property in 1985, Mar-a-Lago has enjoyed an incarnation as one of Palm Beach’s most exclusive private clubs—and the ongoing location for the esteemed Red Cross Ball.

The Breakers


VIas collection and permanent exhibit on Flagler’s life and the greater picture it paints of turn-of-thecentury America.

the Breakers


WhitehaLL The 60,000-square-foot Gilded Age mansion, built by Henry Flagler as gift for his wife Mary Lily Kenan in 1902, is one of the island’s most popular attractions. The Flagers frequently entertained at this winter home until Henry’s death in 1913. Now a museum, Whitehall is noteworthy for its grand entranceways and public rooms with elaborate chandeliers and gilded moldings. We also love the extensive lace Whitehall


Originally known as the Palm Beach Inn when it opened in 1896, the Breakers grand hotel has outlived two devastating fires and remains an architectural icon on the island, with its twin towers visible for miles. The reconstruction of the Breakers in 1926 actually surpassed the grandeur of the original, and it was inspired by some of the best examples of Italian Renaissance architecture. Just as it did in the early days when it was the winter holiday home for Rockefellers, Vanderbilts and European nobility, the resort today continues to draw a veritable who’s who of high society.

One of the aspects of Worth Avenue you won’t find anywhere else is its charming vias, courtyards tucked away off the main street, with climbing bougainvillea, hidden stairways and distinctive boutiques. Here are the vias—make sure you explore them! ViA PArigi ViA Mizner ViA De MAri O ViA g ucci ViA De LeLA ViA FLOr A ViA enc Ant ADA ViA Bice ViA rOMA


cassie Pierino


the avenue Worth Avenue started as a retail extension to the Everglades Club, famous in its day for popular luncheon fashion shows. The street evolved over decades into what is today arguably the most beautiful shopping enclave in the country, with more than 200 stores. Worth Avenue offers couture fashion, designer jewelry, unique gifts, art, antiques, fine dining and home furnishings, all in an atmosphere that is both gracious and tropical. From charming vias, with their fountains and statuary, to Gothic arcades and bougainvilleasmothered archways, Worth Avenue is more than shopping—it is an experience.


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alexandre birman b ru n e l l o c u c i n e l l i c a ro l i n e d e m a rc h i c e s a r e at to l i n i dl 1961 e t ro fa r a h k h a n gianni milanesi g r avat i h au t e h i p p i e k jacque nancy gonzalez yves salomon

28 Via Mizner, Worth aVenUe, PalM Beach • 561.833.2353 • WWW.DianeFirSten.coM

dianefirsten_worth12.indd 1

10/14/11 12:14 PM

[ b o d y


S o u l ]

The Spa at the Four Seasons offers rejuvenative waters.

SpaS, Beauty & Boot camp There’s no magic solution to looking great; even privileged Palm Beachers need some help when it comes to looking their best. Spa Hopping No town pampers quite like Palm Beach, which is the gold standard when it comes to spa treatments. Here are our favorite indulgences from the area’s best spas. By me liS Sa mal am ut


body&soul.indd 38

Kate Somerville Signature Facial Where: The Spa at Four Seasons Resort Palm beach the Scoop: It’s everything you want a spa to be: clean, serene, relaxing and the ultimate in luxury without trying too hard. but the Four Seasons also has some of the most technologically advanced facials available. Kate Somerville, renowned dermatologist to the stars, created her own line of products and facials for the Four Seasons Spa. At first, the 90-minute Signature Facial starts like any other with a cleansing, exfoliation, mask and extractions (if needed). but then, a super-hydrating oxygen treatment is applied using Kate Somerville’s powerful dermal boosters (looks/feels like an airbrush) to plump the skin with sodium hyaluronate and provide a more youthful skin appearance. The indulgent facial concludes with a foot massage and dermal ucent phototherapy that increases collagen production and even pigmentation. coSt: $325 contact: 2800 S. o cean blvd.; 561/582-2800

Sea Salt Body poliSh Where: Frédéric Fekkai Salon and Spa at The brazilian Court the Scoop: The brazilian Court was named the 2011 best beach hotel in South Florida by Travel + Leisure magazine, so it’s no surprise that the hotel would house the world’s most renowned hair expert’s salon and spa. While Fekkai is known as an innovator in the worlds of hair care and hair styling, his spa services are also second to none. After days of sun and sand, your skin could use some love. Try the Sea Salt body Polish, a 30-minute treatment where sea salts and essential oils are massaged all over your body to exfoliate and rejuvenate. coSt: $95 contact: 301 Australian Ave.; 561/833-9930


10/20/11 10:25 AM

The Scrub and Polish Bar

crushed pearl Body smooTher where: Eau Spa at The Ritz-Carlton, Palm Beach The scoop: Perfect for sensitive skin, the Body Smoother (60 minutes) starts with crushed pearls and minerals that gently polish and soften the skin. Then, Iridescent Pearl body oil is massaged from head to toe, leaving the skin with a silk-like sheen. Arrive at least 45 minutes early to enjoy the famous Bath Lounge, a veritable adult water wonderland, and the Self-Centered Garden, a relaxing place to unwind (both are included with your treatment). No stop at Eau Spa would be complete without visiting the Scrub and Polish Bar ($30 with treatment), where guests can custom design a scrub couture kit—complete with a body scrub, body butter, loofah and mist. cosT: $175 conTacT: 100 S. Ocean Blvd.; 561/533-6000

deep flow massage where: Exhale Palm Beach at the Omphoy Ocean Resort The scoop: Organic, earth-friendly and Zen, the über-stylish Exhale spa is designed with an emphasis on the movement of water. The spa is infused with treasures from Asia, Thailand and the Middle East, but it has a distinctly minimalist, sophisticated vibe. The Deep Flow massage uses “deep-flowing technology” to open blocked muscles and free energy blockages—a perfect antidote to Exhale’s Core Fusion class (page 42). Another popular spa treatment is the Glow treatment, a full-body exfoliation that starts with a dry brushing followed by a citrus sugar scrub and then a soothing white-tea moisturizer. cosT: $150 conTacT: 2842 S. Ocean Blvd.;; 561/585-8116

alfresco massage where: The Spa at The Breakers Palm Beach The scoop: The Personal Retreat massage (50, 80 or 110 minutes) is a customized massage that incorporates various therapeutic techniques tailored to your individual needs. Whatever your goal—to de-stress, detoxify or just to be pampered—your personal massage therapist will custom tailor the experience to your needs. The best part is having the massage done outside—either in an oceanfront bungalow or at the spa’s private Oceanside Sanctuary, where the sounds of crashing waves enhance the experience. For a special treat, wait until the sun goes down and order the Moonlight Massage, which is performed under a canopy of stars. cosT: Prices vary conTacT: One S. County Road; 888/273-2537


body&soul.indd 39


10/19/11 5:55 PM

[ b o d y


S o u l ]

Haute Hair

There is a Palm Beach look—and a Palm Beach blonde. Here’s how to make it work for you.

WinninG tHe WeatHer War

Cassi FrieliCh, color specialist and co-

owner of Frank Cassi Beauty (125 Worth Ave.; 561/833-7883), stays on top of international trends because she knows that her Palm Beach clients are well-traveled. But Frielich says that it is more important to color hair according to hair types and location—because Palm Beach makes its own rules. “One difference of working here rather than anywhere else is the way we color and style hair,” Frielich says. “We basically ‘maintain’ and color hair almost in reverse. We tone down here more than in other regions because the sun, salt, humidity and hard water all come into play and do enough lightening on their own.” Frielich also says that it’s important to work with the elements, and not against them. “We also are able to offer many tips on how to make the best of your natural texture rather than perpetually battling it,” Frielich says. “Options are essential in the humidity.” Trends at the moment are creative braid placements, Frielich says, like small bang-taming and crown braids, classic side braids and disheveled long fishtails worn over the front shoulder. She also says that color is transitioning from sun-kissed blondes to less gold or darker, less-

[ ] your tools can make a huge difference. Invest in good quality tools that are tailored to your hair. There are specialty brushes, blow dryers, curling/flat irons, etc. for different hair types. [ ] don’t skimp on quality color. A great colorist will define realistic boundaries and find a happy medium for what is attainable for your natural color and desired frequency schedule. Color should be gorgeous for the duration between visits. The colorist should achieve these results with the gentlest products possible.

Cassi Frielich

highlighted honey shades. Brunettes are deepening to more natural colors like robust chestnut browns. Reds are going browner or vibrant red to tone down the wattage of gold.

Guide to StyliSt Speak

[ ] u se sulfate-free shampoos to give your color the extra mileage. [ ] Never hit the pool or beach without an oil-based leave-in conditioner. Make your own by mixing a little sesame oil with your favorite hair mask and/or essential oil (for the scent). The sesame oil is a barrier to the metals and salts in our area, and it is rich in lipids to restore the hair. Sweet almond and walnut oils work well too, and they have the added benefits of protein.

No matter how many times we’ve sat in the chair, sometimes it is still difficult to communicate properly with our hair colorists. We asked our color expert Cassi Frielich to decipher between what we say and what they hear.

Client says

Colorist hears

darker Chunkier highlights brighter brighter darker blonde

Richer More contrast l ike snow l ike the sun l ess single-process looking

body&soul.indd 40

DeCoDing l ess faded/brassy looking b righter blonde; piece-y l ighter level of highlights Add pieces of gold Add dark contrast or tone down

10/19/11 6:07 PM

Beauty is Skin Deep Dr. Kenneth Beer (1500 N. Dixie Highway; 561/655-9055) is a board-certified dermatologist and dermatopathologist (the study of the skin at the microscopic level) with more than 20 years experience. He also is the founder of Cosmetic Bootcamp, a cosmetic dermatology training program for doctors. Beer knows Palm Beach and his discerning clientele well. He answers our questions on skin-care tips and how to combat the aging effects of the Florida sun.

What is the most common sKin issue that you see here in Palm Beach—anD What is the solution? Lack of moderation and lack of knowledge. In this part of the world, people get injected, lasered or cut in ways that are not natural or realistic. I advocate looking one’s best but looking like oneself. Because there are so many people treating cosmetic patients without formal training, the aesthetic has shifted. The solution is to look at the patient and treat them as an individual rather than a recipe.

hoW high of an sPf Do you recommenD given the intensity of the sun in south floriDa? I like to see at least a SPF 30, but SPF 50 is better. Also, it should have UVA and UVB (SPF refers only to UVB). I’m not a fan of the makeup that puts it into the moisturizer. This doesn’t provide optimal sun protection and increases the chances of irritation. There are great sunscreens available, and it’s easy to find one that works for you.

What, if anything, can Be Done to helP turn BacK the effects of sun Damage? Depending on the person, there are fillers and Botox to fill lines and ease wrinkles, lasers to renovate the collagen, Intense Pulsed light to help with color differences, chemical peels and more.

can one sun-filleD WeeK Do major Damage? One sun-filled week, particularly if there is a burn involved, can double the lifetime risk of skin cancer. In addition, you can trash a great deal of collagen and elastic fibers (think wrinkles) in that time.

What are easy Ways to Prevent future Damage? If you smoke, stop today. If you get a lot of sun (more than 15 minutes a day) wear good sun protection. If you are not wearing polarized sunglasses get them so you avoid cataracts and other eye problems.

Tammy Fender

scientific aPProach to sKin Kenneth Beer creates his parabenand fragrance-free skin-care line, Scientific, here in Palm Beach. Scientific treats each layer of the skin and is made with dermatologist tested and approved ingredients like Retinol, botanical extracts and hyaluronic acid that plump wrinkles and moisturizes the deepest layers of the skin. Try the Neck Sculpt ($98), for formulated to smooth and increase hydration for the neck, jaw line and décolleté. Another fan favorite is the White Bamboo Exfoliator ($68), which warms on contact with your skin and water to gently but effectively polish away dead skin, revealing a brighter, more youthful appearance. (Available in-office at 1500 N. Dixie Highway or at

maDe in Palm Beach Everyone in Palm Beach knows the name tammy fenDer, aesthetician to the stars. Fender creates her skin-care line in Palm Beach in small batches, beginning with fresh herbal infusions. Herbs are steeped in water and prepared into a tea. Next, therapeutic-grade essential oils and organic and wild-crafted

herbs are blended into the mixture. The products are food-grade quality, natural and only made with the finest ingredients available. Celebrities including Gwyneth Paltrow rave about such Fender products as the Intensive Repair Balm ($130), which was originally created as a moisturizer for post-op patients

but is now a must-have for the jet set because of its healing and hydrating properties. The Purifying Cleansing Gel ($50), also a favorite, is made with spearmint (called a “master cleaner”) and nutrientrich alfalfa to detoxify and balance the skin. (Available at Saks Fifth Avenue, 172 Worth Ave.)


body&soul.indd 41


10/19/11 6:07 PM

[ b o d y


S o u l ]

OperatIOn FItness

There’s no magic solution to looking great; even privileged Palm Beachers need some help when it comes to looking their best. Island fitness picks Victorious Fitness 561/412-9379 Personal trainer Victor Perez-Ayala, a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Boot Camp, trains people of all ages in private groups or one-on-one sessions outdoors in a park, in the privacy of your own home or hotel, or at the location of your choice. Perez-Ayala brings the workout to you with little to no equipment necessary. His training formula is based on six core principles: core strength, balance, flexibility, agility, power and metaphysical awareness. So whether you want an entire fitness routine or you just want to maintain your beach body, Perez-Ayala will work you into shape.

cLee PiLates 917/741-4752 Christine Lee is a certified Pilates instructor who trained directly with Romana Kryzanowska, the protégé of Joseph Pilates himself. With more than 10 years experience, Lee teaches private and duets (two people) by appointment only during the season in Palm Beach. She works with all ages, genders and fitness levels and creates a program tailored to the individual client. Pilates increases both physical and emotional strength, improves posture, helps prevent injuries, rehabilitates old injuries and increases flexibility. What’s Lee’s favorite part about Pilates? “The incredible way you feel after a session.”

core Fusion at exhaLe sPa Omphoy Ocean Resort 2842 South Ocean Blvd.; 561/585-8116 Exhale’s famous fitness classes are open to the public, and classes can be purchased individually or in a series or a monthly membership. Exhale is renowned for its Core Fusion classes, a combo of Pilates, yoga, the Lotte Berk Method and interval cardio training. The class is designed to tone you from the inside out. Don’t let the spa environment and beautiful fitness room fool you, because this class works muscles that you didn’t even know you had! Exhale Spa also offers a full array of spa services that will soothe any post-workout soreness.


body&soul.indd 42

Victor Perez-Ayala

Fitness tiP If you love running, walking or biking outdoors, try the scenic South Lake Trail along the Intracoastal (page 57). From the northern tip, it’s an easy halfmile down to Worth Avenue. Continue further south along the Intracoastal, and you’ll pass stunning mansions, tropical birds and luscious landscapes. For bike rentals contact PaLm Beach BicycLe traiL shoP (223 Sunrise Ave.; 561/659-4583). For a historic walking tour contact the Worth aVenue association at 561/659-6909.


10/21/11 11:25 AM

Go Ahead, Indulge

Natural Pearls set in delectable 22 karat gold. One of a kind jewels Handcrafted by Tracy Dara Kamenstein

235A WORTH AVENUE • PALM BEACH • FLORIDA • 33480 • 561-833-4055

tracydarakamenstein_worth12.indd 1

10/12/11 11:34 AM

[ f o r

m e n

o n l

y ]

Men’s Guide

to PalM Beach A Palm Beach polo star on polo, where to get a shave, how to land a big one—and other essential Palm Beach points of interest. By Me lis sa Mal aM ut

the new Face of Polo STAR plAyER NiC ROldAN giVES ViSiTORS iNSigHT iNTO THE CUlTURE Of THE qUiNTESSENTiAl pAlM BEACH SpORT. NiC ROldAN was born in Argentina, but his polo roots are firmly planted in Wellington, some 17 miles inland from palm Beach—and home to the Museum of polo and Hall of fame, and international polo Club palm Beach, which hosts six major tournaments a year. When Roldan isn’t saddling up (the 2012 season starts in January), he can be seen shopping on Worth Avenue for his favorite designers like Ralph lauren (300 Worth Ave.) and giorgio



formenonly 11/12.indd 44

10/18/11 10:28 AM

Polo Primer

[ ] The ball is stroked with

the side of a mallet head.

the most points (including handicaps) wins.

similar to a hockey game.

[ ] Players are numbered from

[ ] If the score is tied at

[ ] The two opposing teams,

1 to 4 and are handicapped according to their strength each year.

the end of a game, there is a “sudden death” overtime chukker.

[ ] The direction of attack

[ ] No player may cross the

changes each time a goal is scored in an effort to keep any field advantages even.

line of another in going for the ball, and the last man to strike it has the “right-ofway.” In the event of a rule infraction, penalty shots are rewarded.

[ ] Polo is played with rules

composed of four players each, try to drive the ball through their opponent’s goal posts. [ ] A polo match is played in

six periods (called chukkers) that are seven and a half minutes each.

[ ] Each goal counts as one

point, and the team scoring

GroominG For the Boys hot shave: The Spa at Four Seasons Palm Beach (2800 S. Ocean Blvd; 561/582-2800) offers a luxurious 30-minute “Gentleman’s Hot Shave” ($45).

LiLa Photo

massaGe: The Eau Spa at The Ritz-Carlton, Palm Beach (100 S. Ocean Blvd., Manalapan; 561/540-4960) offers an oceanside cabana massage—and luxurious “Couple’s Villas” if you want extra brownie points. haircut: Check out the vener-

Armani (243 Worth Ave.) or relaxing at Eau Spa at The Ritz-Carlton, Palm Beach (100 S. Ocean Blvd). Roldan admits that he’s most comfortable in “rugged comfortable jeans and nice white T-shirt,” but he also has a modeling contract—and is the perfect choice to be the new face of polo. “I think polo will become more mainstream very soon,” Roldan says. “I am working hard to promote it as much as possible all over (the U.S.), and we are getting a lot of attention now. Making the sport more accessible to the public will attract more attention as well.” To that end, he believes it’s important to have training facilities available for any person who

wants to learn or play polo without owning a horse or knowing somebody who does. “I am working on a project now that will hopefully give the public that opportunity,” Roldan says. “Also educating people about the game will help because many don’t understand the sport and therefore find it tough to watch. We are also trying to bring corporate sponsorship to the sport. That will bring in a lot of new attention. It truly is a great sport to watch if understood.” Roldan says that his favorite part of playing polo is his passion for horses. But he also loves the intensity. “The speed and adrenaline all add up,” he says. “It is just an all-around amazing sport—and I have played them all!”

able Everglades Barber Shop (411 Cocoanut Row; 561/655-7022) which offers everything from shaves to haircuts, facials to mani-pedis.


formenonly 11/12.indd 45


10/18/11 10:28 AM

[ f o r

m e n

o n l y


The Sporting Life GOlF, TENNIS ANd A GOOd CIGAR Palm Beach Par 3: This newly

designed Ray Floyd course features six holes on the Atlantic Ocean, three on the Intracoastal Waterway, a putting green, driving range and practice bunker. The pro shop offers rental clubs, apparel and accessories. PGA professionals offer lessons seven days a week. (2345 S. Ocean Blvd., 561/547-0598)

DeeP-Sea FiShing: Check out the

Geno IV, a fully equipped 51-foot Tom Fexas yacht at the Boynton Harbor Marina. Trips begin at $650 for four hours, $1,150 for eight hours. (561/588-5892)

John WeBSter golF acaDemy: Private lessons and clinics

tenniS: Sea View Tennis Center

offers a daily court fee of $15.97 for visitors and private lessons at $68/hour. There are also courts at the island’s south end at Phipps Ocean Park. (Sea View Tennis Center, 340 Sea View Ave., 561/8385404; Phipps Ocean Park, 2201 S.

Ocean Blvd., 561/227-6450) the BreakerS Palm Beach:

Members and guests have access to the Ocean course, Florida’s oldest 18-hole layout, which was re-designed by Brian Silva in 2000; and The Breakers’ Rees Jones course, revamped in 2004, a challenging 7,100-yard par 72. (One S. County Road, 561/659-8474)

Scotch anD a cigar: The Colony Hotel is just around the corner from Worth Avenue. If you have your favorite stogies, feel free to light up on the Colony’s chic patio, a very comfortable poolside arbor outside the doors of the Polo Steakhouse. (155 Hammon Ave., 561/655-5430)

are available at this academy at The Breakers Palm Beach, with programs customized to fit any golfer’s needs. Video analysis and club fittings are a specialty. (561/659-8474)

Golf at The Breakers. right: youth golf lesson at The Breakers.



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211 Worth Avenue • Palm Beach p(561)835.9139 • WWW.ABLEVYPB.COM


Celebrating Our 22nd

Year on Worth Avenue THE

COLLECTION Jewelry • Timepieces • Estate Consignments Now Buying: Diamonds, Watches, Gold, Platinum, Jewelry, Pearls

Best prices paid. Graduate Gemologist & Watch Expert on site.

209 Worth Avenue • Palm Beach

p(561)833.9893 • WWW.THEWORTHCOLLECTION.COM • Not an authorized agent, representative or affiliate of any watch appearing in this advertisment. All watch names, dials & designs appearing in this advertisment are registered trademarks in the U.S.A.

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PALm BeAch


There is no desTinaTion quiTe like Palm Beach. Worth Avenue’s unique history, architecture and tropical setting are reflected in the sophisticated elegance of its fashion. National trends are edited by island lifestyle and the sensibility of its residents and visitors. Learn more about how to get the quintessential Palm Beach style from some of these top boutiques.

styleprofiles2.indd 49

10/19/11 12:39 PM

pAlm beAch style

ClassiC soliD swim trunks, $180-$220. rubber sunglasses, 100-perCent reCyClable, $200

Chic and Fun

Down ColleCtion, 100-perCent polyamiDe anD DuCk Down, $280-$490

Vilebrequin aDDress: 150 Worth Avenue phone: 561/835-0170 website:

styleprofiles2.indd 50

A brAnd synonymous with st. tropez, celebrities And jet-setters, Vilebrequin celebrAtes four decAdes of trendsetting men’s boxer-cut swim trunks And more. It was 40 years ago. VIlebrequInÍs founder fred Pryskel was sIttIng at the senequIer CafÄ In st. troPez, when the InsPIratIon to desIgn hIs fIrst boxer-Cut swIm trunks was before hIs eyes: a red and whIte CheCkered tableCloth. Vilebrequin was born. ñthe company expanded globally in the 1990s. the prestigious history of worth avenue drew us to open our third u.s. store on the island in 2000. Florida men are a natural fit for us,” says Karen young, VilebrequinÍs retail director. todayÍs Vilebrequin also features beach accessories, and readyto-wear, including linen shirts, shorts and cotton tees. ñweÍre venturing out into the cold for the upcoming season on worth avenue, unveiling our collection of down jackets and vests for men and boys,” Young says. to commemorate its 40 stylish years, Vilebrequin has partnered with fabien Cousteau, grandson of world-renowned ocean explorer Jacques Cousteau. “Fabien founded Plant A Fish, a not-for-profit initiative to restore and protect endangered sea species, including the hawksbill sea Turtle (which is our iconic insignia),” Young says. “We now offer a ïVilebrequin Plant a fishÍ collection each season, from which we donate from each product sold to Plant A Fish.”

10/20/11 4:28 PM

palm beach style

mark davis “lafayEttE” BluE BakElitE BanglE with 18-karat gold inlay, $5,400 natural amBEr and CarvEd lava BEad nECklaCE By dorota, $3,450

EstatE BEttEridgE CollECtion BEll EpoquE diamond garland riBBon Bow pin, CirCa 1900, $68,000

Silver Linings

betteridge showcases how precious metal prices are driving jewelry design trends and creating a buzz around estate jewelry.

lotus arts dE vivrE multiColorEd BaroquE pEarl, 18-karat gold & hEmatitE “BuBBlE” ring, $12,900

Betteridge addrEss: 236 Worth Avenue phonE: 561/655-5850 wEBsitE:

styleprofiles2.indd 51

Silver Sil ver lining liningS ha ve emerged from ri Sing preciou S met al price S in thi S Sea SonÕS preciou e St a te, cla SSic and d e Signer jewelr e y collection collection S a t B etteridge. j jewelry buyers on the a venue will find soaring gold prices have spurred design creativity, according to Betteridge store manager Inez Fogel Heery. “The heavy, hunky gold bracelets and necklaces of the ‘80s are no longer the rage,” Heery says. “This season will usher spectacular jewelry design trends featuring the use of alternative media.” Examples include the designs of Mark Davis, who features colorful and highly collectable Bakelite in his 18-karat and gemstone creations. Lotus Arts de Vivre’s designs showcase wood, shell, rattan—even stingray, or shagreen. Dorota and Peggy Stephaich Guinness create unique jewelry and bead necklaces highlighting every unusual gemstone imaginable—even lava! “Today’s fine designer jewels are striking and exciting, without being price-prohibitive,” Heery says. Yet another silver lining: enticing estate jewels. “Savvy jewelry buyers understand that rising prices of new jewelry drive value in estate pieces. Estate jewelry can often be purchased at ‘historical prices,’” Heery says. “Not only do our clients benefit with good buys, but also attain the fine workmanship associated with estate and antique jewelry.”

10/19/11 12:39 PM

pAlm beAch style

HERO ExpandablE WiRE banglE bEnEfiting HasbRO CHildREn’s HOspital, $28

livE MusiC ExpandablE WiRE banglE bEnEfiting tHE nEWpORt fEstivals fOundatiOn, $28

Bangles with Meaning

duEndE ExpandablE WiRE banglE bEnEfiting tHE antHOny Quinn fOundatiOn, $28

Alex And Ani’s new collection of signAture bAngles connects the Art of jewelry-mAking with the soul of sociAl consciousness. Alex And Ani jewelr y designs Are Alex more ththAn be Autiful. t hey promote more consciousness consciousness And unity . t his se Ason, the se w or th A venue j ewelr y boutique boutique is unveiling is unveiling its l its lAtest collection: collection: c h Arity by d esign. ñc Òc harity by d esign is Alex and AniÕ s philanthropic arm. we partner with charities that have a message and desire to help humankind,Ósays Alex and Ani founder c arolyn r afaelian. Òwe design a bangle with a symbol that resonates with the charity to create awareness, and we donate 20 percent of sale proceeds to that charity.Ó e ach Alex and Ani signature expandable bangle is in r ussian gold and r ussian silver, adorned by a symbolic charm. t he concept is perfect for worth Avenue, according to r afaelian. Òpalm beach is known for the greatest people in the charitable world, so i couldnÕt think of a better place to open a store and have our first Alex and Ani ambassador for Charity by Design, d ebra l evasseur,Óshe says. c harities can contact d ebra at the worth Avenue Alex and Ani to discuss becoming part of the bangle campaign. t he bangles make fabulous collectibles, r afaelian says. Among the charities featured this season: t uesdays c hildren, h asbro c hildrenÕs h ospital, j apan r elief, the Anthony q uinn f oundation, n ewport f estival f oundation and o peration s mile.

styleprofiles2.indd 52

blaCk Obsidian ExpandablE WiRE banglE bEnEfiting Japan REliEf, $38

Alex and Ani addREss: 150 Worth Avenue, Suite 119 pHOnE: 800/725-7822 WEbsitE:

10/19/11 12:39 PM

palm beach Style

Jane august, Murray Hill in pytHon, $3,750

elaine turner, CandiCe tote in Multi leopard under glass witH CHaMpagne leatHer triM, $295

elaine turner, lily golden pytHon leatHer CHain ClutCH, $295


ViVi G. ShoeS launcheS a priVate label ballet flat, handbaGS and more for a SenSational SeaSon of acceSSorizinG.

Betty Muller, plage sHoe, availaBle in yellow, orange and turquoise suede, $220

ViVi G. Shoes All ViVi G. PriVAte lAbel ShoeS hAndbAGS And Jewelry Are MAde in itAly address: 150 worth Avenue pHone: 561/655-1617 weBsite:

styleprofiles2.indd 53

Worth Wor th AAvenue venue c clients lients Are going t o love the the neneW v iv i g . s hoes b Allet fl At. Perfect Perfect for for P PAlm be Achers Who dem dem And style And comfor t While sho sho PPing, According t o v iv i g . s hoes o o Wner s herri g uggenheim. Already the rage, the private label ballet flat was featured on the top shopping website, Daily Candy. “We will introduce 18 designs this season at our Worth Avenue store. Attractively priced, from $225 to $245, the flats feature high-quality genuine leather and driver or leather soles,” Guggenheim says. Guggenheim’s favorite? The hair-calf ballet flat in a cheetah print, with black or red patent leather trim. ViVi G. will continue to wow shoppers with its private label handbag collection and designer shoe, handbag and jewelry lines. Shoe lovers won’t want to miss new designs from Kate Spade, Bettye Muller, Mystique, and Jack Rogers. This season’s featured jewelry designers include Vaubel and Alexis Bittar, as well as handbags by Jane August, Diane von Furstenberg and Elaine Turner. ViVi G. Shoes is growing and expanding. The boutique launched its fourth store in Nantucket in 2011. “Our Palm Beach customers visit us in Nantucket,” Guggenheim says. “They love the ViVi G. experience of sitting on our couches, drinking champagne and talking shoes.”

10/19/11 12:40 PM

insider’s guide to palm beach The island of Palm Beach has a culture all its own. By LaureL Baker

Kathleen Ross


he mystique of Palm Beach began in the grandeur of the gilded age and has only grown over the past 100 years, endowing the community with a status as one of the most exclusive and glamorous addresses in the world. Here’s a small window into the island lifestyle, from language to staffing to the perfect hat for a stroll on Worth Avenue.



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10/18/11 2:58 PM

Top AbsoluTe MusT-ATTend pAlM beAch evenTs AMericAn heArT AssociATion bAll: This Palm Beach tradition is the original Palm Beach ball—the blue-chip ball of the season—and is always held on Valentine’s Day. AMericAn red cross inTernATionAl bAll: This white-tie-andtiara evening may be a wee bit stuffy (some would say pretentious), but it has its share of glamour, and visiting ambassadors and dignitaries. Red gowns are highly favored. cenTer for fAMily services old bAgs luncheon: An opportunity to shop for a cause and get that handbag you’ve been lusting after (Birkin, Michael Kors and Hermès are faves) as well as enjoy a nationally-known speaker at lunch, all the while supporting social service programs. Past speakers have included Joan Lunden, George Hamilton, Patty Duke, Joan Rivers and others. norTon MuseuM of ArT bAl des ArTs: This night at the museum is how you show your more cultured side—and it’s always well done. The preservATion foundATion of pAlM beAch AnnuAl gAlA: This is old-guard dinner dancing at its best, and you’d be lucky to receive an invitation. If it arrives, so have you. oTher evenTs of noTe: The Children’s Home Society Ultimate Dinner Party; the Gentlemen of the Garden’s Halloween Party (outrageous costumes, men of a certain age behaving badly); the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Gem of an Evening; The Do at the Zoo (a roaring good time); the Boys & Girls Club Barefoot on the Beach party; the Center for Creative Education’s house party.


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[ insider’s guide to palm beach ] Palm Beach SPeak

Like any small community, Palm Beach has its own language. Here are some of the more familiar words and phrases to help you sound like a native.

DiD you know? Palm Beach is brimming with urban legends, but these are some quirky facts that you may not know about this little island in the sun.

The Avenue

Worth Avenue, of course!

North Bridge

The Flagler Memorial Bridge

Middle Bridge

The Royal Park Bridge

Southern Bridge

The Post Memorial Causeway

The Bank

The Yellow Bank, First National Palm Beach

Bankers’ Row

Royal Palm Way

North End

Begins at Beach Club up to the inlet

[ ] The Cartier panther [designed in 1917] was inspired by Florida panthers that

The sea streets

Sea Breeze, Sea Spray and Sea View in the center of town

[ ] In its 1920s heyday, The Stotesbury House, El Mirasol, at 109 Mirasol just

Middle of town

The sea streets and commercial areas between The Breakers and Worth Avenue

Greenwich Village

North of Sunrise

The B&T

The Bath & Tennis Club

South of Sloan’s

The second curve that leads south to condos on the ocean

Widener’s Curve

Where South Ocean turns south


South of Southern in West Palm Beach

Between the clubs

The estate section/billionaires’ row—between the Bath & Tennis and Everglades clubs


Stubbs & Wootton slippers & slides

Casual dressy

Chanel pants and jacket with a silk shirt and ballet slippers

Dressy casual

Same as above with more jewelry

Ta-boó Lust

Ta-boó’s signature variation on a coconut cream pie

Dusty Miller

Coconut ice cream, hot fudge and a sprinkling of malt from the B&T


The Episcopal Church of Bethesda-by-the-Sea

The Chapel

The Poinciana Chapel


[ ] Two Palm Beach buildings, The Breakers and the Biltmore, then known as

Hotel Alba, served as hospitals during World War II. [ ] In the 1920s, there was a “dress censor” employed on the beach at The Breakers

to ensure propriety in attire—no skin showing and dark stockings, please. roamed Palm Beach in the 1900s. north of present-day Wells Road, sat on 42 acres from ocean to lake, had 32 rooms, a 40-car garage and a private zoo. The house was torn down in 1957.

celeBrity SightingS You just never know who you’ll run into on the streets of Palm Beach—or at the new Publix, the unofficial hot spot these days. Keep an eye open for: Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys Rod Stewart Donald Trump Rush Limbaugh Vera Wang John Davidson Joe Namath Venus and Serena Williams George Hamilton Rudy Giuliani Dame Shirley Bassey

Susan Lucci Jimmy Buffett Vic Damone Rena Rowan Tiger Woods Sylvester Stallone Matt Lauer Celine Dion Arlene Dahl Stockard Channing Regis Philbin


insiders guide.indd 56

10/19/11 6:30 PM

Exploring Along thE lAkEsidE The lake trail was the major thoroughfare 100 years ago, and it’s still a great way to see the island. [ ] Take a bike and begin at the North Bridge. E.R. Bradley’s casino, a splendid wooden

structure with high-stakes gambling, once occupied the corner. Women were included at the tables, unheard of in America. When Bradley died, his will stipulated that the casino be torn down; all that remains on the site now is a fireplace. [ ] The Biltmore, a grand hotel converted to condos in the 1970s, once

housed exclusive shops near the Beaux Arts Fashion Center complex, which was the shopping center of the day. Nearby, between Sunrise and Atlantic avenues, is Palm Beach’s own “Greenwich Village,” simple wood-frame houses recalling a bygone era but filled with young, artistic talent that thrives on the upbeat tempo of the Poinciana district. [ ] The houses on Hi-Mount Road are built on what is known as the

coral cut, north of Country Club Drive, which has an iron grate in the wall. Schoolchildren have long believed that this is where a witch lives, and generations have ridden bikes past the dark grate, hoping to avoid the gnarly hand ready to snatch them into the darkness, never to be seen again. [ ] The shingled building at 549 N. Lake Way was built in 1894 and served as Palm Beach’s

first church until 1925 when the Gothic-style Episcopal Church of Bethesda-by-the-Sea opened on South County Road. Now a private residence, this unique structure has been lovingly adapted to 21st-century living while retaining the integrity of its past. The bell tower and clock serve as reminders of parishioners coming to worship via boat.

The “witch’s grate” at the coral cut

[ ] An 1897 house called “The Vicarage” at 475 N. Lake Way captures the elegance of the

ages while functioning as a reflection of Palm Beach’s style. Once home to Bethesda’s vicar, it was famously known for its swashbuckling owner, Douglas Fairbanks Jr.

The fireplace from Bradley’s casino

[ ] Duck’s Nest (561 N. Lake Way), built in 1891, was thought to have been assembled in two

parts and shipped by barge from New York. It derived its name from the freshwater lake on the property. [ ] The broad dock at the northernmost end of the island was once home to Annie’s Tackle

Shop and Dock, torn down in the early 1980s, a mainstay for boaters and residents alike. With its long pier and a good supply of beer, bait and hamburgers, Annie’s was always busy. And if you needed your catch of the day filleted, Annie was on hand for the task. The area once known as Annie’s Tackle Shop and Dock


insiders guide.indd 57


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[ insider’s guide to palm beach ] The Palm beach weekend look— head To Toe At first blush, Palm Beach can be a bit daunting, what with towering palms and somewhat foreboding hedges. Couple that with the lifestyles of the rich and famous, and anyone can have an identity crisis. But with a few quick trips around Worth Avenue, anyone can capture the Palm Beach look.

Café Boulud’s Table 22

geTTing a good Table

Whether you want to see and be seen or prefer an out-of-the-way, discreet location at island restaurants, here’s the skinny on tables at some of Palm Beach’s favorite fine-dining establishments. Be really, really in the know by asking for the table number—no need to explain. Café Boulud

301 Australian Ave., 561/ 6556060

Most desirable: 22, by the window in the corner, the best place to see and be seen

Flagler Steakhouse

Two South County Road, 561/2732537

Most desirable: 1 for a party of six to eight; 14 for a party of four; 103 on the terrace

Leopard Lounge at the Chesterfield

333 Cocoanut Row, 561/6595800

Most desirable: 16, in the corner, with a view of the entire lounge

Polo Steak & Seafood at The Colony

155 Hammon Ave., 561/6598100

Most desirable: 21, so you see all the action

Tapestry Bar at The Breakers

One South County Road, 561/655-6611

Most desirable: 22, the grand banquette that makes you the center of attention



221 Worth Ave., 561/835-3500

Most desirable: 1 (by the window) 24, by the fireplace

The haT: Eric Javits has the Palm Beach Look nailed for the traveler, with the easy to pack Squishee® Cap, with a wide brim and grosgrain ribbon band—and the added benefit of 50+ UPF sun protection. The uniform: A colorful tunic and crisp white pants from J. McLaughhlin are adaptable and classic, regardless of the season. And what would Palm Beach be without a Lilly or two from everyone’s favorite shop, C. Orrico? Another standard: a good wrap dress. Down here, if it makes you look good, buy it in every color. The jewelry: A memorable necklace, the Chantecler, with colorful corals and turquoise bells and charms, is an original from Hamilton Jewelers that captures the Palm Beach feel while reflecting the glories of Capri. The handbag: Louis Vuitton has the bag—the Damier—affectionately known as the “never full” and for good reason. This roomy tote can adjust and adapt with ease and always looks tidy whether going to the beach, lunch or on an international flight. The sandals: Jack Rogers of course. Jackie Kennedy was credited with introducing these comfy, colorful Navajo sandals back in the 1960s, and they remain an all-time favorite, even for little, itty-bitty darlings. Colors galore, including the “jelly” model, can be found at Vivi G., which also has the classic collection of Delman ballet slippers and Oryany handbags. Another Palm Beach standard is the Gucci sandal and traditional loafer/driving shoe, as well as the personalized Stubbs & Wootton distinctive embroidered slippers. The dress: What fairytale can be better translated into reality with greater skill than by John de Medeiros? Visiting his Palm Beach atelier makes anyone feel like royalty (he even has “fascinators” a la the wedding of Kate and William). John’s clients are assured of originality by steadfastly showcasing designers whose works appear nowhere else.


insiders guide.indd 58

10/19/11 6:35 PM

Chantecler necklace from Hamilton Jewelers

Strolling The Avenue Shopping on Worth Avenue is always more fun if you look the part. Designer hat; diamond earrings from Tiffany & Co., or Graff

Dog small and pedigreed; driver in Bentley parked down the street

Gucci jersey wrap dress and New Bamboo bag; watch by Cartier

IllustratIon by KumIKo numazaKI

Maus & Hoffman shirt and blazer; Polo khakis; aviator sunglasses; Rolex watch

Ralph Lauren alligator belt with silver buckle; Gucci loafers (no socks)

Peep-toe sling backs from Jimmy Choo WORTH AVENUE

insiders guide.indd 59


10/19/11 6:36 PM

[ insider’s guide to palm beach ]

HeartH & Home There are all manner of house styles on the island, from baroque and Bauhaus to de-sanctified church structures and tropical garden retreats. We’ve combed Palm Beach to give you a peek at what might be going on behind some of those mile-high hedges—a rare look at the day-to-day lifestyles of the rich and famous.


Brenda Conner

Tom maThieu

KaTie Green

Staffing: According to Brenda Conner, president of Distinctive Staffing, the standard formula for determining staff size is based upon the ratio of one housekeeper per 4,000 square feet of house. That means the average estate might employ no fewer than eight individuals, starting with a couple to share the overseer duties and coordinate all household activities.

flowerS: Tom maThieu, of Tom Mathieu & Company, provides weekly installations throughout the home—on the piano and coffee table, in the powder room and master suite, you name it. Flowers for a large estate can cost between $2,500 and $6,000 a week by some estimates.

linen CloSet: With bed linens changed daily, the closet should contain no fewer than six complete sets for each bed in the house, particularly important with visitors arriving on a regular basis at the height of the season.

[ ] The estate manager (EM) is the major domo to whom all staff report. While the estate manager’s wife may direct the daily activities of the cleaning, laundry and personal assistant, the chef, groundskeeper and security force report directly to the EM. [ ] Conner will not consider placing anyone without a minimum of five years’ experience and solid references. [ ] Uniforms are likely if the house has “traffic,” a term referring to a regular flow of visitors and guests. [ ] Specialists will be necessary, like the curator of the art collection, the koi pond whisperer, makeup artist, hairstylist, florist, masseuse, car detailer, silver polisher, decorator, photographer or pet trainer. All are subject to security clearance and confidentiality agreements. For more information, call Distinctive Staffing (561/822-9977).

[ ] The most popular are lavish arrangements of multiple orchids, potted together to create a full “bouquet” look. [ ] The most expensive arrangements incorporate European flowers such as French tulips, garden roses, heliconias, calla lilies, Casa Blanca lilies and blossoming branches. For more information, call Tom Mathieu & Company, Inc. (561/655-5880).

[ ] The sheets, in particular, are in either white or ivory, with embroidery and Italian woven or Egyptian cotton in either sateen or percale; 1,000-count is preferred. Special linens become family heirlooms, according to dea manTeLLaSSi, style director and founder of DEA Luxury Italian Linens. “Such craftsmanship requires time; it requires patience,” Mantellassi says. “These are keepsake items that reward you with their rare beauty for years to come.” [ ] These linens are not meant for ordinary washings. The proper house will follow a very careful laundry regime to ensure the lasting quality of the fabrics, using only specially designed soaps. For more information, call Katie Green at DEA (561/366-1203).


insiders guide.indd 60

10/21/11 11:34 AM

Franny Larue

Josh VoLpe

Matt WaterMan

MichaeL reiter

The panTry: The chef manages all daily meals and entertainment, ensuring healthy, wholesome meals created with the finest, freshest ingredients. His herb garden on the grounds adds to the culinary appeal.

The liquor cabineT: It’s no surprise that vodka is the liquor of choice on the island. When establishing residency for the season, the standard order for stocking the shelves includes fifths of vodka, scotch, bourbon and rum in addition to Champagne and wines.

The garage: When the Mini Cooper hit the market, Palm Beach households purchased Minis for the help to take Fido to the groomer, pick up laundry and do the daily shopping. They, on the other hand, have their own fleet to complement the manse. Matt WaterMan, at Braman Motorcars, mentioned several cars that might fill a typical Palm Beach mansion’s garage.

SecuriTy: The Town of Palm Beach has more police officers per 1,000 residents than any other community in the state. Michael reiter, president of Michael Reiter & Associates, is the former town police chief and an expert on the security of high-net-worth individuals.

[ ] Breakfast and lunch are the most frequently prepared meals, given the heavy evening social calendar maintained. The best of everything is sought to ensure that the house operates on a par with a five-star hotel, from the caviar, Scottish salmon, air-dried prime beef, colossal shrimp and stone crabs to fabulous pastries. [ ] Water? From anywhere in the world but the tap. Bottled water is a staple, even for coffee and tea-making. [ ] Wines and Champagnes are also stocked, with Cakebread Chardonnay a favorite. More and more households are moving toward California Bordeaux and Cabernets. Persecco is a new favorite alternative to Champagne, but Dom Perignon remains the all-time favorite. For more information, call Franny LaRue at Ultimate Specialty Foods/ Gourmet Galaxy (561/876-3600).

[ ] Wines sell from $25 to $40 a bottle, while Champagnes average $50 according to sales at Hampton’s Liquors. [ ] Additionally, the yacht is provisioned by both the liquor purveyors and a gourmet specialist like Franny LaRue, who provides individually wrapped prime meats and fish for the freezer as requested by the cook. For more information, call Josh Volpe at Hampton Liquors (561/832-8368), or Vinnie at Scotti’s Wines & Liquors (561/655-5480).

[ ] A Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead at $500,000, the most expensive in the fleet; two BMWs for the owners, a 328i and a 535i [ ] Two Minis for the staff [ ] A BMW or Audi for guests’ convenience There are sure to be a few bikes around as well. For more information, call Matt Waterman at Braman Motorcars (561/242-3705).

[ ] A few of the “ultimate security measures” Reiter mentioned were a professionally designed integrated security system monitored and controlled by a security staff from a control center, with security officers patrolling the grounds as well. [ ] A comprehensive integrated burglary and fire alarm system will typically include contacts on each door and window, exterior and interior motion detectors, thermal imaging cameras covering the entire property (including ocean and air space), and a computer network that records in high-resolution video. [ ] A safe room will include independent communications equipment, an air filtration system, emergency provisions and an escape route. [ ] All mail deliveries are logged by the security staff and some are X-rayed. For more information, call Michael Reiter & Associates (877/222-9168).


insiders guide.indd 61


10/21/11 11:35 AM

[ S t y l e ]

Weekend at the Ritz experience a designer weekend in Palm Beach—at the oceanfront resort that has it all. PhotograPhy by bridges aderhold

Brown python handbag from Salvatore Ferragamo; light handbag and sunglasses from Michael Kors; shoes from Jimmy Choo; scarf from emilio Pucci. Shot on location in the ballroom at the Ritz-Carlton, Palm Beach.


style10-11.indd 62


10/18/11 3:10 PM

Pink dress by Valentino, green dress by Oscar de la Renta, white dress and large handbag by Prada with Chanel sunglasses, Manolo Blahnik shoes, all from Saks Fifth Avenue; trunks from Louis Vuitton; duffel bag and sunglasses from Ralph Lauren; scarf from Salvatore Ferragamo; green handbag from Emilio Pucci. Shot on location at the lobby, The Ritz-Carlton, Palm Beach.

All clothing and accessories from stores on Worth Avenue, Palm Beach. WORTH AVENUE

style10-11.indd 63


10/18/11 3:11 PM

[ S t y l e ]

Handbag and scarf from Hermès; shoes from Salvatore Ferragamo; gold cuff from Louis Vuitton. Shot on location in the grand hallway, The RitzCarlton, Palm Beach.


style10-11.indd 64


10/18/11 10:46 AM

Michael Kors silver bracelet, Yves Saint Laurent shoes and Prada sunglasses, all from Saks Fifth Avenue; handbag from Gucci; compact from Chanel, scarf from Hermès. Shot on location in the Stir Lounge, The Ritz-Carlton, Palm Beach.


style10-11.indd 65


10/18/11 10:46 AM

[ S t y l e ]

Men’s footwear and cuff links on tray from Salvatore Ferragamo; leather briefcase and wallet from Ralph Lauren; cuff links on wallet from Hermès. Shot on location in a guest room, The Ritz-Carlton, Palm Beach.


style10-11.indd 66


10/18/11 10:47 AM

Carlos Falchi leopard handbag and Mui Mui shoes from Saks Fifth Avenue; scarf from Hermès; silver shoes on banquette from Jimmy Choo; exotic skin clutch from Michael Kors; lipstick from Chanel. Shot on location at The Ritz-Carlton, Palm Beach.

style10-11.indd 67

10/18/11 10:47 AM

[ S t y l e ]

Trunks from Louis Vuitton; folded shirts, cashmere sweater and belt, all from Ralph Lauren; men’s pocket square, shoes, hanging bowtie, all from Hermès; ties and money clip from Salvatore Ferragamo. Shot on location in a guest room, The Ritz-Carlton, Palm Beach.


style10-11.indd 68


10/18/11 10:47 AM

Handbag and shoes from Salvatore Ferragamo; bracelet and necklace from St. John; lipstick and Chanel No. 19 perfume from Chanel. Shot on location in a guest room, The Ritz-Carlton, Palm Beach.

StyliSt: David Arthur Fittin Art director: Lori Pierino StyliSt ASSiStAnt: Rosio Guerra locAtion: THE RITZ-CARLTON, PALM BEACH 100 S. Ocean Blvd., Manalapan, 561/533-6000, WORTH AVENUE

style10-11.indd 69


10/18/11 10:47 AM

Her bathing suit and hat from Angela Moore; sweater and towel from Calypso St. Barth; earrings, bracelet and sunglasses from Michael Kors; his bathing suit from Vilebrequin and RayBan sunglasses from Saks Fifth Avenue



worth fshion final2.indd 70

10/20/11 10:17 AM

A Palm Beach weekend is resort magic.

Island in the Stream PhotograPhy by beth studenberg

Shot on location at the Colony Hotel and Worth Avenue, Palm Beach

All clothing and accessories from stores on Worth Avenue, Palm Beach


worth fshion final2.indd 71


10/20/11 10:17 AM

Shirt from Gucci; Oscar de la Renta skirt from Saks Fifth Avenue; shoes from Michael Kors; scarf and bangles from Hermès



worth fshion final2.indd 72

10/20/11 10:17 AM

Her top and skirt from J.Mclaughlin; bangles from Maryanna Suzanna; shoes from Rangoni Firenze Shoes and Dior sunglasses from Saks Fifth Avenue; his Solemar shirt and hat and belt from Maus & Hoffman; shorts from Ralph Lauren; shoes from Giorgio Armani and Ray-Ban sunglasses from Saks Fifth Avenue


worth fshion final2.indd 73


10/20/11 10:17 AM

Suit from Chanel; shoes and handbag from Jimmy Choo; scarf from Salvatore Ferragamo; necklace from Mariko; bangle from Hermès; Dior sunglasses from Saks Fifth Avenue



worth fshion final2.indd 74

10/20/11 10:18 AM

Pants from Ralph Lauren; Stefano Ricci shirt and belt from Maus & Hoffman; sweater from Hermès; Magnanni shoes from Rangoni Firenze Shoes


worth fshion final2.indd 75


10/20/11 10:18 AM

Diane von Furstenberg shirt from Saks Fifth Avenue; skirt from Salvatore Ferragamo; jacket from Michael Kors; Fendi shoes from Neiman Marcus; cuff from Mariko; handbag from Gucci



worth fshion final2.indd 76

10/20/11 10:18 AM

Skirt and sunglasses from Emilio Pucci; shirt, shoes and bag from Salvatore Ferragamo; cuff from Chanel; bangle from Mariko


worth fshion final2.indd 77


10/20/11 10:19 AM

PHotogrAPHer: Beth Studenberg StyliSt: David Arthur Fittin/ Artist Management MoDelS: Cary Poole/ Next Management; Jamison/Wilhelmina Miami Art DireCtor: lori Pierino, Kathleen ross StyliSt ASSiStANt: rosio guerra StyliSt iNterN: Kendall Fabian PHoto ASSiStANt: Brandon Mitchell retouCH ASSiStANt: Sara espinoza MAKeuP: Daphney Antoine, using Chanel lips by yves Saint laurent HAir: Daphney at urunway Salon, using Kenra


Marni dress from Saks Fifth Avenue; bangle and necklace from Maryanna Suzanna; handbag by Jimmy Choo and scarf by Hermès Shot on location at the Colony Hotel


worth fshion final2.indd 78

10/26/11 11:09 AM

His Solemare shirt, belt, pocket square and jacket, all from Maus & Hoffman; Santorelli shorts from Saks Fifth Avenue; shoes from Giorgio Armani; Her Valentino dress, cardigan, Yves Saint Laurent shoes and Ray-Ban sunglasses, all from Saks Fifth Avenue; flower pin and bangles from Off Worth; bracelet from Mariko; handbag from Michael Kors Shot on location at the Colony Hotel


worth fshion final2.indd 79


10/20/11 10:19 AM

Pucci&Catana Luxury Pet Boutique


Susan Lanci • Lola Santoro • Bow Haus NYC Lou & Luxie Paris • Emre New York • Unleashed Life Oscar Newman Couture • Dean & Tyler • Hartman & Rose

647 Fifth Avenue South, Naples • 239-263-9663 21 Via Mizner, Worth Avenue, Palm Beach • 561-833-1001 Shop Online @

Open 7 days a week / 10am-10pm

Pucci & Catana.indd 1

9/12/11 8:48 AM

Precious Cargo East meets West meets Worth Avenue in this season’s treasure trove of dazzling jewelry. PhotograPhy by bridges aderhold

18-karat white gold multicolored stone and diamond estate necklace; 18-karat yellow gold quartz and diamond ring by Lotus Arts de Vivre; 18-karat yellow gold multicolored stone and diamond bezel-set “Rita” ring in Bakalite by Mark Davis; 18-karat yellow gold Burma sapphire cabochon estate ring with ruby, emerald and diamond accent stones; and 18-karat yellow gold and enamel estate dragon double head bypass bracelet with diamonds and ruby eyes; all from Betteridge Some props courtesy of the gift shop, Morikami Museum & Japanese Gardens, Delray Beach.


12.indd 81


10/18/11 10:56 AM

Solid 22-karat gold sculpted chain with large South Sea pearl pendant encrusted with precious and semiprecious gemstones, and 22-karat gold earrings with large South Sea pearls surrounded by precious and semiprecious gemstones, both from Tracy’s signature Gemmy Collection; 22-karat gold ring with orange sapphire and diamonds; all from Tracy Dara Kamenstein


12.indd 82


10/18/11 10:56 AM

Carved ivory head with rubies, emeralds, sapphires and 18-karat accents; carved jade, red and black enamel art deco necklace; 18-karat enamel and diamond flower brooch with diamonds; all from Patti Esbia Antique & Estate Jewelry


12.indd 83


10/18/11 10:56 AM

Sapphire and diamond necklace with diamonds in 18-karat white gold from H.T. Stuart & Co. Jewelers


12.indd 84


10/18/11 10:56 AM

Red bracelet Generale with smoky quartz; Nero Selenia black bracelet with smoky quartz; Nero Camelia necklace in black enamel and citrine stones; all from Acento


12.indd 85


10/19/11 7:01 PM

From the Ivanka Trump Collection: diamond, crystal and mother-of-pearl bubble pendant on crystal bead necklace with gold wire wrapping; crystal and mother-of-pearl cabochon cocktail ring with diamond accents; mixed-cut diamond earrings with black onyx drops; all from Hamilton Jewelers


12.indd 86


10/18/11 10:56 AM

Platinum, gold and diamond necklace, earrings and bracelet by David Webb, from Richters of Palm Beach

StyliSt: David Arthur Fittin Art director: Lori Pierino StyliSt ASSiStAnt: Rosio Guerra


12.indd 87


10/18/11 10:56 AM

Mrs. Marjorie Merriweather Post debarking from her private plane in Palm Beach


History2.indd 88


10/19/11 7:05 PM

portraits of

palm beach Palm Beach has passed the century mark with a glittering history


of fame, fortune and glamour. Here are just a few chapters from that storied past.

rom the beginning, Palm Beach was the province of dreamers and builders, land barons and gamblers. Over the years, the island has continued to attract a colorful cast of characters, from a man with visions of paradise to a woman who painted a room in gold. Here are a few of the faces—and places—that have made Palm Beach what it is.

MARJORIE MERRIWEATHER POST Post was an enterprising breakfast-cereal heiress who spent $8 million in the 1920s to create Mar-a-Lago—a 17-acre estate with a 100-plus-room mansion complete with a 75-foot tower (the island’s tallest), lakeside cottages, nine-hole golf course, citrus groves, greenhouses, pool and an underground tunnel to the beach. Post would fly in diplomats from around the world to attend The Red Cross Ball at Mar-a-Lago. Along with later “queens of Palm Beach” like Sue Whitmore (Listerine heiress) and Mary Sanford, (Bigelow-Sanford Carpet Company), Post was the social arbiter of her day and one of the first grande dames of society in Palm Beach.

Beach in 1918 and connected with Paris Singer, heir to the Singer sewing machine fortune. Mizner was passionate about re-creating the distinctive Moorish-Mediterranean-style architecture he had seen on his travels to Central America and Europe, and he wasted little time picking up where Flagler left off. First came the Everglades Club, a decidedly bold statement that set the pace for subsequent design. His first commission to build an oceanfront house resulted in El Mirasol (The Sunflower), home of self-made Philadelphia financier and stock market icon Edward T. Stotesbury and his wife, Eva, Palm Beach’s most notable family of the time. Mizner went on to build equally grand estates for some of the island’s most influential residents, including the Phipps and the Vanderbilts. He died in 1933.



Mizner, a talented architect who designed some of New York’s most notable mansions, was somewhat of a roustabout who made his way to Palm

This revered nonprofit cultural organization was founded in 1936 to fill the cultural gap on the island. It is housed in a building designed by

All photos courtesy of the Historical Society of Palm Beach County WORTH AVENUE

History2.indd 89


10/18/11 11:06 AM

Clockwise, from top: Alligator Joe’s; Col. Edward Bradley; Bradley’s casino

Maurice Fatio and has a gallery, a concert hall, a library and a sculpture garden. The Four Arts presents highprofile speakers, concerts, films and art exhibits. There is a perpetual waiting list for memberships.


DiD You Know? Mizner built shops and apartments along Worth Avenue. In 1925 and 1926, he created Via Mizner and Via Parigi, two of the eight charming side streets that would come to define this world-famous street’s special charm.

At the turn of the century, an enterprising man named Warren Frazee operated what might be the area’s first tourist attraction: 100 alligators and crocodiles in a pen on property that is now the Everglades Club golf course.

COL. EDWARD R. BRADLEY Bradley, who owned stables in Kentucky, was also the owner of the “world’s most exclusive” gambling establishment in Palm Beach, Bradley’s Beach Club, which was the hottest ticket in town from its inception in 1898 until it closed in 1945. Col. Bradley asked that his patrons wear evening clothes and did not allow smoking in the ballroom.

DONALD TRUMP The brash entrepreneur stirred things up in Palm Beach in 1986 when he bought the aging dinosaur


History2.indd 90

Mar-a-Lago for a mere $7 million ($5 million for the residence and $2 million for the furnishings). There was talk at the outset of subdividing the property and more than a little resentment directed at the showy New Yorker who did not appear to be acquainted with Palm Beach protocol. However, Trump managed to win over most of his critics when he pulled off a painstaking renovation and enhancement of the historic landmark, transforming Palm Beach’s largest home (55,695 square feet) into a private club that he opened in 1995—reviving the tradition of one of the most envied guest lists in town.

THE KENNEDYS John Fitzgerald Kennedy and other members of the large Kennedy clan were the “first family” of Palm Beach, from the time of JFK’s presidency—when their Palm Beach compound at 1095 N. Ocean Blvd. was known as the Winter White House—to the scandalous Kennedy-Smith rape case in 1991. Joseph P. Kennedy bought the Mizner-designed house in 1933 and hosted many fond memories for the Kennedy clan. It was where the family celebrated Jack’s 1960 presidential


10/18/11 11:07 AM

Timeline 1513 – Juan Ponce de Leon claims Florida for Spain 1565 – St. Augustine is founded (under Spanish rule) 1696 – Jonathan Dickinson is shipwrecked near Jupiter Island

1763 – Feb. 10; Spain trades Florida to England for Cuba

1783 – England returns Florida to Spain for Bahamas 1795 – Spain establishes Florida’s current boundaries 1818 – First Seminole War occurs 1821 – Feb. 22; Spain sells Florida to U.S. for $5 million.

1824 – Mosquito County established; includes area of PBC.

1830 – First census has population of South Florida at 517

1835–1842 – Second Seminole War 1845 – Florida admitted to the Union as 27th state 1853–1856 – Third Seminole War 1861 – Florida secedes from U.S., joins Confederacy 1878 – The Providencia wrecks off the coast with its load of 20,000 coconuts; they were distributed and planted

From left: Marjorie Merriweather Post enters The Breakers with her escorts for the Red Cross Ball in 1971; dancing at the Everglades Club; Rose, Joe and Jacqueline Kennedy in Palm Beach

1885–1893 – 11 barefoot mailmen carried mail the 136 miles between Palm Beach and Cape Florida

1889 – First rail line in South Florida (the Celestial Railroad) born on July 4

win, and where they spent many winter vacations. The Kennedys went to Sunday mass at St. Edward Catholic Church, and Teddy and Rose were photographed shopping on Worth Avenue. When Joe Kennedy died in 1969, Teddy took over the estate. By the 1970s and 1980s, Rose Kennedy’s visits became infrequent, and the house began its long downhill slide. By 1991, when Patrick Kennedy Smith was accused of rape at the compound, the days of the dynasty were over.



Pulitzer blazed her trail in the 1960s with a highprofile marriage (and divorce) from Peter Pulitzer (yes, that Pulitzer). Her star, however, is more firmly affixed to her line of colorfully designed cotton print dresses, slacks, shorts and skirts. Pulitzer’s clothes became an instant hit as ladies from Palm Beach to the Hamptons began sporting her signature togs. In 1995, Pulitzer’s line was introduced to a new crop of Palm Beachers in a nostalgic re-launch that has become wildly successful over the past decade.

This is arguably the most exclusive—and oldest—club in Palm Beach, built in 1918 by Addison Mizner.


GEORGE HAMILTON The son of society bandleader George “Spike” Hamilton (who also helped develop White Shoulders perfume) and Anne Stevens Potter Hamilton Hunt Spalding, the tan man is synonymous with the whitedinner-jacket charm of the privileged Palm Beach social scene. He spent part of his boyhood in Palm Beach and won an award for “best actor” in a Palm Beach High School contest.

Long known as “Mr. Palm Beach,” Newman started out as owner of The Prep Shop and The Lullabye Shop on Worth Avenue, but he soon came to be a central figure in Palm Beach business and society. In the early 1970s, he assumed the presidency of the Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce, a post he held for 25 years. He was president of the Palm Beach Zoning Commission for 15 years; was on the Landmark Preservation Commission for six years; was a trustee of the Flagler Museum for 20 years and president of the Worth Avenue Association for

1893 – Henry Flagler, Standard Oil tycoon, declares Palm Beach a “veritable paradise”

1894 – Flagler’s Royal Poinciana Hotel is completed. It is the largest wooden structure in the world

1894 – Flagler’s railroad, FEC Railway arrives 1896 – Flagler opens the Palm Beach Inn, which becomes the Breakers in 1901

1907 – Telephone service established with 18 phones 1911 – Palm Beach incorporated 1913 – Henry Flagler dies in Palm Beach 1925 – First regular steamship at the Port of Palm Beach

1938 – Flagler Memorial Bridge opens 1959 – Royal Palm Bridge to Palm Beach opens 1976 – I-95 is completed from Miami to Palm Beach Gardens

1977 – First snow ever recorded 2011 – Town of Palm Beach turns 100 Source: Palm Beach Centennial Fund


History2.indd 91


10/18/11 11:07 AM

DiD you know?

The Kennedys’ Palm Beach compound was sold in 1995 for $4.9 million.

From left: The Duke and Duchess of Windsor on Worth Avenue; the young Kennedys leaving mass at St. Edward Church; Henry Flagler, Palm Beach

12 years. Newman was also head of Jesse Newman & Associates, a public relations and management consulting firm; he was fiercely protective of both the image and tradition of Palm Beach and its residents and businesses. He died in 2010.

claimed the throne and whose maternal grandmother was the Princess of Denmark. The late Palm Beach mayor Paul Ilyinsky was a Romanov, and antiques dealer Baron Frederick von der Trenck descended from Bavarian nobility.



Perhaps the most famous royal couple to make the island home, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor spent months at the Colony Hotel back in the day—and were notorious as freeloaders. In more recent times, the island regularly entertained members of Great Britain’s royal family; and visits from Princess Diana are warmly recalled. There are many people who live or have lived in Palm Beach who are or claim to be royalty. These include gallery owner Prince Monyo Mihailescu-Nasturel, who claims to be descended from three Romanian kings; and designer Sybil de Bourbon Parme, a descendent of the Bourbons who reigned over France until Louis XVI


History2.indd 92

Flagler, the Standard Oil tycoon credited with bringing the world to Florida via the railroad he built, “created” Palm Beach when he opened the Royal Poinciana Hotel in the winter of 1894 and claimed the island as the country’s premier winter resort. He next built the Palm Beach Inn, which opened in 1896 and later became known as The Breakers. It burned down twice, in 1903 and 1925. In 1926, the building was rebuilt, and it still stands today, one of the most beautiful and famous resorts in the world—and still owned by the Flagler family. Flagler’s beloved mansion “Whitehall,” which he built in 1901 for his wife, Mary Lily Kenan, was sold by his heirs in 1925 and used as an elegant hotel

residence. In 1959, Jean Flagler Matthews purchased the property, acquired many of the mansion’s original furnishings and opened it as the Flagler Museum off Cocoanut Row.

WORTH AVENUE Worth Avenue is arguably the most exclusive shopping district in the world and the commercial heartbeat of Palm Beach. Its growth was an indirect offshoot of The Everglades Club, which set the tone early on for the prestige this strip of real estate would eventually command. By 1923, tenant disputes over rising rents at the then-fashionable Beaux Arts Building on Lake Trail, just north of the Biltmore Hotel, prompted merchants to flock south. The Everglades Club’s weekly luncheon fashion shows served as a launch pad for designers like Valentino, Blass, Givenchy, Madam Greis and Pauline Trigère—the beginning of Worth Avenue’s rich fashion history. In 1938, the Worth Avenue Association was formed, incorporating in 1961.


10/19/11 7:08 PM

ASHLEY JOHN GALLERIES Now with two exciting locations! Combined over 11,000 sq. ft. of high quality paintings and sculpture, estate jewelry, fine antiques and objets d’art. * Specializing in Important 20th century American Art *

� 820 S. Dixie Hwy. (N.E. Corner of S. Dixie Hwy. and Okeechobee Blvd.) West Palm Beach

410 S. County Rd. (N.W. Corner of Worth Ave. and S. County Rd.) Palm Beach

Proprietors: Ashley and John

ASHLEY JOHN GALLERIES 410 S. County Rd. (N.W. Corner of Worth Ave. and S. County), Palm Beach 820 S. Dixie Hwy. (N.E. Corner of Dixie and Okeechobee Blvd.), West Palm Beach Tel: 561.429.8454 Email:

AJG_WorthAve_Oct11.indd 1 ashleyjohngalleries_worth12.indd 1

10/13/11 10/13/11 2:13 2:19 PM PM

[ l e g a

c y ]


Architects of Paradise Society darling Addison Mizner set the bar for the architects who would follow in the grace and beauty of Palm Beach architecture. By John Thomas o n

Addison Mizner


he island of Palm Beach began with the grand vision of railroad magnate Henry Flagler, followed by the equally grand imagination of Addison Mizner, who introduced his distinct and romantic Mediterranean style of architecture in buildings like the Everglades Club and the vias of Worth Avenue. These two visionaries were followed by an influx of wealthy families and a corresponding succession of notable architects who brought their own interpretations of gracious living to the island. It is these men who helped give Palm Beach its grace and international panache, and made its estates and buildings some of the most beautiful in the world.

Actress Marie Dressler, Addison Mizner and Richard Barthelmess


More than anyone else, Mizner created the extravagant look of Boca Raton and much of Palm Beach, putting his signature stamp on our county with his Mediterranean Revival and Spanish Colonial Revival styles. The list of Mizner’s accomplishments in Palm Beach alone is staggering. He was responsible for the private, Spanish Mission-style Everglades Club; the 37-room El Mirasol mansion, which included a 40-car garage and private zoo; La Guerida, an Ocean Boulevard property that was later occupied by John F. Kennedy; and his personal estate, which was later purchased by John Lennon. A larger-than-life personality, Mizner had an imagination and eccentricity big enough to fit his 6-foot-2, 300-plus-pound frame (he was known to parade around town with live animals, such as toucans and monkeys). A bombastic stylist, Mizner was known to buy chunks of buildings from Europe, ship them to Palm Beach and create buildings around them. Amazingly, he was already 46 by the time he moved to Florida and created so many of these iconic homes, and he died of a heart attack just 14 years later. His work continues to inspire; in 2008, Stephen Sondheim based a musical on the scams and picaresque adventures Addison enjoyed with his brother, Wilson.


Architecture.indd 94

10/19/11 7:10 PM

Joseph Urban Urban’s working life on Palm Beach lasted all of two years, but in that short time, the Viennese architect designed five opulent edifices. His most enduring Florida work, Marjorie Merriweather Post’s Mar-a-Lago estate, is a designated historic landmark. Urban also provided the designs for such buildings as the historic Paramount Theatre (now a retail and office center), the famed Bath & Tennis Club, the Biddle House and the Demarest Little Castle. Urban, whose early portraits reveal an avuncular character with a handlebar moustache that wouldn’t look out of place in a French farce, had a flair for the arts. He designed more than 500 stage sets for more than 168 productions, including many at the Metropolitan Opera and the Zeigfeld, while illustrating seminal fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Andersen. This theatrical sensibility bled into Urban’s architecture; he treated his buildings as stages. Mar-a-Lago, for instance, included a hidden theatrical balcony so that Post could watch her guests arrive before she made her grand appearance. An exhibition at the Flagler Museum in 2011, titled “The Extraordinary Joseph Urban,” surveyed his varied bounty of accomplishments.

The original Society of the Four Arts

Joseph Urban

Maurice Fatio on Worth Avenue

MaUrice Fatio The Swiss-born Fatio began working in New York after immigrating to Ellis Island in 1920; five years later, he opened a Palm Beach branch of his architecture firm. Though 30 of his 150 commissions have been destroyed, most of Fatio’s most notable projects remain viewable in our backyard. Unlike Mizner, Fatio began designing in Palm Beach in his 20s, but he also died young, of cancer, at age 46. Boasting an expansive, harmonious style rife with arcades, loggias and courtyards, Fatio designed palatial estates in Miami, Boca and Manalapan, in addition to several Worth Avenue and Ocean Boulevard mansions. His signature buildings include the Casa Della Porta, the First National Bank of Palm Beach, the Il Palmetto and the original Society of the Four Arts edifice, which now houses the arts center’s library. The most precise of the pioneering Palm Beach architects, money was never an object for Fatio, and he excelled in many styles. His buildings had various personalities and directions, from Art Deco to Mediterranean. Local art historian Kim I. Mockler immortalized Fatio in the 2010 book Maurice Fatio: Palm Beach Architect, and it’s helped give the architect his due. The inimitable Cole Porter said it best when he quipped, “I want to live on Maurice Fatio’s patio.” WORTH AVENUE

Architecture.indd 95


10/19/11 7:12 PM

[ l e g a

c y ]

Marion Sims Wyeth

John L. VoLk According to the John L. Volk Foundation, “Today, nearly every street in Palm Beach is graced with at least one of his structures.” In all, this prolific Austrian-born architect, who died of cancer in 1984, completed more than 1,000 buildings in his lifetime. Some estimates suggest a résumé of 2,000 works, designed for such captains of industry as Vanderbilt, DuPont, Ford, Dodge, Pulitzer and Mellon. Like many young architects, Volk adored the 1920s Palm Beach splendor, and designed many buildings in the Mediterranean Revival style that defined the area. But he is remembered as a diverse architect who didn’t limit himself to stylistic trends or extravagant mansions. He designed complete residential communities and mixed-use developments, in addition to commercial projects, social and beach clubs and theaters. He proved to be proficient in classical and modern styles: His Windsong mansion boasted a Georgian Revival style, and his personal residence, White Gables, was the first Bermuda-style home in Palm Beach.

Jeffery SMith

Marion SiMS Wyeth One of the longest living of the immortal Palm Beach architects, Wyeth died in 1992 at age 103, bequeathing a legacy of more than 100 homes built here from 1920 to 1973. The son of Florence Nightingale Sims (not that Florence Nightingale) and Dr. John Allan Wyeth, Marion was the offspring of medical greatness. His grandfather launched the field of gynecology and started the first women’s hospital in history, and his father founded the first postgraduate medical school in the country. Wyeth assisted Joseph Urban on Mar-a-Lago, but his largest local claim to fame is his work for Ralph and Ann Norton, Palm Beach’s art-world linchpins. He designed the Norton Museum of Art and Ann Norton’s home, preserved today as the Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens. His most famous work stretches beyond White Gables Florida, however: He designed the Shangri-La Islamic center in Honolulu for heiress Doris Duke and the High Point monument in New Jersey. Wyeth was a more conservative architect than Mizner or Urban—he had the most in common with Fatio—but in one way he beat them both to the punch, becoming the first Palm Beach architect to be inducted into the American Institute of Architects.


Mr. and Mrs. John Volk at the Everglades Club

Smith, a Chicago native, discovered architecture through the work of Frank Lloyd Wright and Louis Sullivan, but it was the splendor of Palm Beach style that drew him to Florida, where he established his firm in 1989. Unabashedly reverent of Gilded Age pioneers Addison Mizner and Maurice Fatio—Town and Country called Smith an adept historicist—his designs seek to recreate their extravagance. And he’s achieved remarkable success paying homage to their classical Mediterranean resplendence. Smith has been featured in design magazines and in a book by Joyce C. Wilson, Palm Beach Splendor. He regularly scoops up awards from the Preservation Society of Palm Beach and the Florida Trust for Historic Preservation for his work, which has included the restoration of 1935’s La Tonteria estate.


Architecture.indd 96

10/20/11 10:36 AM

EugEnE LawrEncE Serenity now: One look at contemporary Worth Avenue architect Eugene Lawrence’s website (, and you’ll be lulled into your happy place with pleasant guitar music, a peaceful backdrop to the greatest-hits slideshow of his eclectic designs. Lawrence has high regard for his Palm Beach forebears, telling us that “aside from the fact that they were all capable architects, they give us a much higher standard of design quality to be looking toward. It’s very significant that they were here.” But unlike Jeffery Smith, Lawrence doesn’t necessarily use their motifs as blueprints, stating with pride that his firm has no signature style. “We go to great extremes not to be signature architects,” he says. “Each building stands on its own. I take great pride in the fact that we have different buildings from case to case.” Lawrence says that picking a favorite building is like selecting a favorite child, but he’s especially fond of a number of diverse projects, such as the Northern Trust bank building, the Sun and Surf condominiums, the Biltmore Palm Beach and Salvatore Ferragamo on Worth Avenue.

Jeffery Smith

Eugene Lawrence

Maryanna Suzanna Specializing in imported Italian Maiolica and handblown Venetian Glass Visit our large display warehouse by appointment. Shipping and delivery available tableware • centerpieces • wall plaques cachepots • ceramic tables • urns chandeliers • mirrors

Extensive collection of chic and fun jewelry from PATRICE, ANGELA CAPUTI of Florence and SENT of Murano 313 1/2 Worth Avenue Via Bice Palm Beach, Florida • 561.833.0204

maryannasuzanna_worth12.indd 1

Architecture.indd 97

WORTH AVENUE 10/12/11 11:04 AM


10/20/11 10:46 AM

[ d i n i n g


A c c o m

m o d A t i o n s ] Renato’s ravioli

Dining Worth Avenue is renowned for the caliber of its shops—but restaurants of Worth Avenue are an integral part of the Avenue’s charm, presenting a variety of cuisines with their own inimitable style and grace. A walk along Worth Avenue is a journey to savor. 98

dining.indd 98



Cuisine: Northern Italian Atmosphere: Warm contemporary Address: 313 1/2 Worth Ave. phone: 561/835-1600 Website:

Cuisine: Continental with an Italian flair signAture dish: Veal chop Atmosphere: French country Address: 87 Via Mizner phone: 561/655-9752 Website:

CHA-CHA’s Cuisine: Spanish/Latin signAture dish: Paella for a table,

traditional tapas Address: 150 Worth Ave., second floor phone: 561/833-8800

TA-BOÓ Cuisine: American eclectic signAture dish: Pan-seared Chilean sea bass Atmosphere: British Colonial Address: 221 Worth Ave. phone: 561/835-3500 Website:


10/19/11 7:18 PM

The ChesTerfield hoTel Historic Luxury and Modern Amenities 52 Beautifully Refurbished Guest Rooms and Suites Featuring a Heated Swimming Pool, The Library, and Churchills Cigar Club

Island Hotels & Resorts

The leopard lounge and resTauranT The Leopard has changed his spots! Fantastically renovated this year, visit this legendary venue for Breakfast, Lunch, Traditional English Afternoon Tea, the best “Happy Hours” on the Island, and dinner with dancing and live entertainment every night! 

Palm Beach hotels are legendary for luxury and service—and a few don’t-miss features The Breakers

The CourTyard aT The ChesTerfield The most exciting outdoor cafe offers a lush garden setting and al fresco dining in the sunshine and under the stars! 

One S. County Road 888/BREAKERS (273-2537) or 561/655-6611, The Breakers is synonymous with Palm Beach history and grandeur and known for its sweeping hotel amenities—five pools, four spas, several restaurants, endless beachfront. But we don’t want you to overlook The Seafood Bar, with its bright oceanfront setting, in-bar aquarium and back-to-Florida feel. And the occasional stone crab.

The Four seasons resorT 2800 S. Ocean Blvd. 561/582-2800, One of South Florida’s most elegant oceanfront boutique hotels offers impeccable amenities, but our don’t-miss here is brunch at The Ocean Bistro. With a beautiful view overlooking the ocean, The ocean BiSTro offers yummies like crab cake Benedict and challah French toast with caramelized bananas and coconut rum raisin syrup–and even a make-your-own BLT Bar.

363 Cocoanut Row • Palm Beach, FL 33480 • (561) 659-5800

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The Brazilian CourT hoTel & BeaCh CluB 301 Australian Ave. 800/552-0335, The graceful Brazilian Court has everything–including a phenomenal Daniel Boulud restaurant–but our don’t-miss pick here is the frederic fekkai Salon. After opening in 2003, the Fekkai Salon quickly became one of the most notable in the Palm Beach area with a talented staff and numerous salon and spa amenities. This 1,600-square-foot boutique offers styling, coloring, manicures and pedicures, massages, waxing and other spa treatments complete with eight stations and a treatment room inside as well as one poolside.

The ChesTerField hoTel 363 Cocoanut Row 561/659-5800, It’s veddy British, veddy cozy and a delight of a hotel–one of the island’s really great spots–but we’d have to make our don’t-miss amenity The Leopard Lounge Restaurant. Known as one of the best places to get a drink and people-watch with your friends, the leopard lounge has live entertainment every day of the week as well as great drink and food specials. If you’re out for the day, join the Leopard Lounge for afternoon tea from 3 to 6 p.m., complete with dainty sandwiches, scones and pastries.

Featuring •

Main Course Salads Pizzas

Best Hamburger in Palm Beach

Casual dining on Worth Avenue Lunch | Dinner


Fresh Dover Sole Meuniére

Roasted Mahogany Duck

Sunday Brunch

Primé Steaks

Open 7 days a week

Fresh Fish daily

Homemade Desserts

Espresso & Cappuccino

Continuous dining from 11:00 am to 10:00 pm

221 Worth Avenue | Palm Beach | 561-835-3500 Visit us online at WORTH AVENUE taboo_worth12.indd 1

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m o d A t i o n s ]

Eau Spa

The RiTz-CaRlTon, Palm beaCh 100 S. Ocean Blvd., Manalapan 561/533-6000, The Ritz is whimsical and fully loaded with luxury amenities, but we have to stake our don’t-miss claim on its fabulous Eau Spa by cornElia, a beautiful 42,000-square-foot “water playground” complete with a bathing lounge, salon, spa treatments, garden villas with complimentary champagne and snacks, make-yourown scrub and polish bar, fitness center and a shopping boutique. If you’re looking for a relaxing day to yourself, the spa offers a pass to the Self-Centered Garden with swinging chairs, pools and meditation areas for just $50. braziliancourt_worth12.indd 1


10/14/11 3:07 PM

The Colony Palm beaCh 155 Hammon Ave. 561/655-5430, The Colony is another classic Palm Beach address, with a pedigree and level of amenities that date to the days when the Duke and Duchess of Windsor were winter guests. We love, love, love it but we have to say that aside from the great Royal Room cabaret (another bonus) we are going with Motown Friday nightS at thE polo loungE.

The Polo Lounge

Once a week the Colony takes guests back to the Temptation days with the band Memory Lane performing Motown favorites from the ‘60s to the ‘80s. You will be dancing about eight minutes after you get there.

omPhoy oCean ResoRT

150 Worth Avenue | Suite 119 | Palm Beach | 561.837.6497 WWW.ALEXANDANI.COM



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2842 S. Ocean Blvd. 561/540-6440, The Omphoy has a chic Zen-like ambience, a great oceanfront location and super-chef Michelle Bernstein, but our don’t-miss pick here is its beautiful O-Bar, a great place to grab a drink and some snacks from the tapas menu. Offering a wide assortment of cocktails and wines, the o-bar even has its own original cocktail, the Omphoy Om-Tini, a Palm Beach classic. Visit the O-Bar with your friends and enjoy the luxurious Italian “Viale” billiards table or just come to relax and enjoy sports on the 64-inch plasma.

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435129610, Red Alligator Ricky 33, $16,995, available from ralph laure laureN

Embroidered silk “Vif Argent” scarf, from


Black and white baby tooth shells with black onyx and pearl accents in 18k yellow gold, from TriaNON

gifts of

Your guide to some of Worth Avenue’s finest shops Inspired by Graff’s classic butterfly collection, the Diamond Butterfly Motif earrings feature 292 stunning round, marquise and pearshape diamonds (21.24cts), available at

Jacob & Co. Crystal Collection watch in rose gold and diamonds, exclusively available in Palm Beach at a.r.T.

Graff DiaMONDS

Three Blessings Expandable Wire Bangle Set in Russian Gold, $518, available at alex aND aNi

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f a s h i o n

Bettye Muller Tycoon $435. The Bettye Muller shoe is a cork high heel, with a built in platform with a raffia leather combination, available from ViVi G. SHOES


J e w e l r y

tOurnEau TNY Series GMT

Estate Betteridge Collection French Art Deco Diamond Chandelier Earrings, set with approximately 13.50 total carats of circular-cut diamonds, mounted in platinum with French hallmarks, circa 1930, $72,000, from BEttEriDGE

HamiltOn JEwElErS is proud to be the exclusive United States resource for Chantecler, an exquisite collection from the island of Capri.

New Bamboo large top handle bag in black leather with tassels and bamboo detail, $2,350, available at select Gucci stores

Farah Khan handembroidered off shoulder dress, Style Sayda, $850, available at DianE FirStEn stores

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4-carat cushion cut diamond in micro pave platinum ring; 6-carat fancy-yellow asscher cut diamond in micro pave platinum ring; and 7-carat emerald cut diamond mounted in platinum with 2-side bullet shaped diamonds, from H. T. sTuarT

& Co. Jewelers & geMologisTs

The Amalfi by rangoni “David” dress shoe.

Green Turquoise Necklace with Silver in laid Ebony clasp by Patricia von Musulin, from


Cesare Attolini. The finest from Napoli, IT. The gift of luxury from

de CoraTo BouTique

“Avila” Spanish Lamb jacket in rich black trimmed in saddle tan and a beautifully printed paisley lining, $1095, from

Maus & HoffMan

Platinum, gold and diamond heart; platinum, gold and diamond flower; gold and diamond bracelet; gold and diamond flower; from riCHTers of

PalM BeaCH

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f a s h i o n


J e w e l r y

Cashmere sweaters, imported from Scotland and offered in more than 60 fashionable colors and assorted designs, from KAssAtly’s

Gucci 18K custom vintage skull & heart motif set with diamonds, rubies and emeralds, from PAtti

esbiA Antique & estAte Jewelry

18kt gold plated bracelet “Maggie”, large gold bangle $685, small bangle $480, from


Undetectable diamond-quality cubic zirconia jewelry! Margarita stud earrings set in 14-karat white gold or 14-karat yellow gold, from $295, available from

Unique rings in 22K gold with purple and green diamonds designed by trAcy DArA KAmenstein. Available exclusively in the designer’s Palm Beach boutique.

mystique gems

Rosalie S in Red Grainy Calf Leather, $1450, available at

Jimmy choo

Temple in orange taffeta, $1920 Shown with white silk pants, $540. Available in many colors. Custom sizing possible. Available from

style PAris

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h o m e


L e i s u r e

150 woRth, the perfect destination for exquisite shopping and gourmet dining on Palm Beach. Explore our fabulous restaurants and boutiques like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Saks Fifth avenue, Tory Burch, as well as our new additions: Cha Cha’s Latin Fresh Kitchen & Tequila Bar, Worth avenue Yachts, Caswell-Massey, Roberta Roller Rabbit, Kiosk Palm Beach, Panerai, Hublot and aveda Colorist Hair Studio.

Handmade bone inlay boxes, available in an array of colors and sizes from


Description goes here, Price goes here (if available) fro AShLeY JohN


Beautiful Renaissance sample of our Maiolica “Belle Donne” series. Use as tableware or wall hanging. Masterfully hand painted in Deruta for


Take a walk on the wild side with collars from Bowhaus NYC, $150-200, available at

PUcci & cAtANA LUxURY Pet BoUtiqUe Venture upon an unparalleled journey like no other: discover the lavish tropical islands and exotic ports of call aboard the 125’ (38.1m) Cheoy Lee Motoryacht NaMoH. accomodates up to 10 guests in 5 staterooms, available from

woRth AveNUe YAchtS

giftguide_worth1112.indd 106

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h o m e

Tiffany Studios ‘A Jeweled Dragonfly’ leaded glass and bronze table lamp, Circa 1910, signed, price upon request, from A.B. LEvy


L e i s u r e

Stir Bar and The Terrace are where the “see and be seen” crowd gathers for cocktails and light fare at ThE RiTz-cARLTON, pALm BEAch

Introducing our “Plant A Fish” Collection for father and son, supporting Fabien Cousteau’s sealife restoration initiative and helping to restore endangered sea turtles to our oceans, available from viLEBREQUiN

The Lobster risotto, RENATO’S


Pizza al Fresco – an Italian casual restaurant on Worth Avenue in a romantic, historic courtyard, at

viA mizNER

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[ t h i n g s



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Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens


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[ t h i n g s



d o ] Pan’s Garden, Palm Beach Pan’s Garden is a Florida native-plants garden at 386 Hibiscus Ave. It is named for the bronze statue of Pan of Rohallion at its entrance, designed by Frederick MacMonnies in 1890. The garden features bald cypress, live oak and many other native trees and plants in a format of unpaved, natural paths. Visitors also can enjoy the peaceful environment under the garden’s roofed, open pavilion. Pan’s Garden is open to the public weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. General admission to the gardens is free. For more information, call 561/832-0731.

Flagler Museum

FlaGler museum, Palm Beach Henry Flagler, who in 1870 founded Standard Oil with John D. Rockefeller and Samuel Andrews, helped to establish Florida’s booming economy by building Flagler’s Florida East Coast Railway (FEC) along the east coast of Florida from Jacksonville to Key West. Flagler and his wife Mary Lily Kenan spent winters in the Beaux-Arts mansion Whitehall, known today as the Flagler Museum. Investors bought the home in 1925 and turned it into a hotel, but Jean Flagler Matthews, Henry Flagler’s granddaughter, purchased the property and established it as the Henry Morrison Flagler Museum in 1959. Now, the home is a beautiful, well-preserved national historic landmark. Visitors to the museum, at the corner of Cocoanut Row and Whitehall Way, can take audio, self-guided or docent-led tours of the estate and Henry Flagler’s private railcar, built in 1886 for his personal use. Museum hours are from Tuesday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Sunday from noon to 5 p.m. Regular admission is $18 for adults, $10 for ages 13 to 18 and $3 for children ages 6 to 12. For more information, call 561/655-2833. ann norton sculPture Gardens, West Palm Beach Sculptor Ann Von Weaver moved from New York to West Palm Beach in 1941 to teach sculpting classes and collect art for Ralph Hubbard Norton and his wife Elizabeth. Elizabeth died in 1946, and, a year later, Ralph Hubbard Norton, founder of the Norton Museum of Art, married Ann. Norton promised his new wife that he’d styleparis_worth12.indd 2 110 WWW.WORTH-AVENUE.COM

thingstodo.indd 110

10/19/11 9:25 AM

10/19/11 7:34 PM

build a studio on their property, and, for the years that followed, Ann Norton filled the estate with her works. Today, part of that estate is the Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens, a showcase for the sculptor’s work—huge brick monoliths produced during her later, more spiritual years. “She’s the only brick sculptor that we know of in the U.S.,” says Phyllis Spencer, administrative director of the gardens. “And it’s a very spiritual place. In the city, it’s one of the [only] greenscapes, which is really quite magnificent, with native plants and a variety of 300 rare palms.” Admission to the gardens and home is $7 per person, and free for members. Gardens are closed in August. Hours are Wednesday through Sunday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. For more information and exact seasonal hours and events, call 561/832-5328 or visit

rooms, classrooms, lecture halls, theater labs, a dance studio, recording studio and more. The outdoor Michael and Andrew Gosman Amphitheatre has 600 permanent bleacher seats and additional seating for about 800 people on the lawn. Finally, the Marshall E. Rinker Sr. Playhouse is a black box theater, which can serve as a cabaret, a theater in the round or for standard audience seating. For the box office, call 561/8327469 or 800/572-8471, or visit

moRiKami museum and JaPanese gaRdens The only museum in the United States devoted to Japanese culture, the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens features a 32,000-square-foot building, as well as the one of the largest Japanese gardens of its kind. The museum, at 4000 Morikami Park Road, about 20 minutes from the Resort, is open Tuesday through Sunday. Admission is $12 for adults, $11 for seniors and $7 for

Raymond F. KRavis CenteR FoR the PeRFoRming aRts, West Palm BeaCh One of the premier destinations in Palm Beach County for plays, concerts, arts education and more is the Raymond F. Kravis Center for the Performing Arts, at 701 Okeechobee Blvd. About 450 performances by national and international performing artists take place at the center each season. The 10-acre complex features the elegant, state-of-the-art Alexander W. Dreyfoos Jr. Concert Hall as well as the Eunice and Julian Cohen Pavilion, a multipurpose facility that houses the Weiner Banquet Center and Gimelstob Ballroom, with seating for more than 700 people. The Picower Foundation Arts Center, inside the pavilion, houses a rehearsal hall with practice

329 Worth Avenue 561-655-5770

Morikami Museum

mariko_worth12_.indd 1

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10/17/11 5:44 PM WORTH AVENUE

10/19/11 7:34 PM

[ t h i n g s



d o ]

students. Children 6 and younger are admitted free. Call 561/495-0233. The Boca RaTon MuseuM of aRT The Boca Raton Museum of Art, in a 44,000-square-foot facility in Mizner Park, features more than 4,000 works of art including works by Picasso and Degas in the permanent Dr. and Mrs. John J. Mayers Collection of Modern Masters, as well as international and domestic

exhibits. Not far from the Resort, at 501 Plaza Real, the museum charges $8 for adults, $6 for seniors and $4 for students (with student identification). Children 12 and younger are admitted free. For current exhibits and hours, call 561/392-2503. BonneT house MuseuM and GaRdens Near Fort Lauderdale’s “strip” is Bonnet House Museum and Gardens, the former

home of artists Frederic and Evelyn Bartlett. Now on the National Register of Historic Places, the estate includes Old Florida decor with a whimsical twist, as well as monkeys and swans on the grounds. Admission for adults is $20, for seniors $18, and for students and children ages 6 to 12 $16. Children younger than 6 are admitted free. Bonnet House is at 900 N. Birch Road. Call 954/563-5393 for more information or visit

Your view of the 18th and the lake, family dinner on the deck at sunset, a classic blazer that feels like a friend, a few of your favorite things. Vizcaya

Vizcaya Another unusual home, worth a drive to Miami, is Vizcaya, a 34-room villa overlooking Biscayne Bay and built by industrialist James Deering in 1916. Guided tours are available free of charge. Admission is $15 for adults, $10 for students, $6 for children 6 to 12 and free for children 5 and younger. Special events are held year-round here at 3251 S. Miami Ave. Call 305/250-9133 or visit for more information.

Family Outings PalM Beach zoo aT dReheR PaRk Palm Beach Zoo at Dreher Park is a “keyway” to the tropics, says Garrett Hambuechen, the zoo’s chief operating officer. With more than 250 species and some 1,000 animals, the zoo features animals that thrive in the subtropical climate. “One of the unique things about the zoo is that you really feel like you’re walking into a jungle environment,” Hambuechen says. During the past five years, the zoo has invested millions of dollars in redevelopment, including improvements in its Tropics of the Americas exhibit, which houses

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312 Worth Avenue | PAlm BeAch | (561) 655-1141 palm beach

maushoffman_worth12.indd 1 112 WWW.WORTH-AVENUE.COM

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fort lauderdale


10/11/11 4:51 PM

10/19/11 7:34 PM

jaguars, giant anteaters, primates and bush dogs. Animal Planet singled out the zoo’s jaguar exhibit as an ultimate exhibit in 2005. And the zoo is home to one-third of the existing endangered population of bush dogs, a wild dog species from South and Central America. The Palm Beach Zoo also offers a restaurant, with lake views, and an interactive splash fountain, which provides children’s entertainment during the day and evening. A long list of educational opportunities makes this zoo the second largest educator (after the public school system) in Palm Beach County. Palm Beach Zoo at Dreher Park, at 1301 Summit Blvd. in West Palm Beach, is open every day (except Thanksgiving and Christmas) from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Regular adult admission is $16.95, and children younger than 3 can enjoy the zoo for free. Seniors pay $14.95 for entry. Call 561/547-9453 or visit for more information. Lion Country Safari

Lion Country Safari, LoxahatChee Lion Country Safari offers a genuine African safari experience without going to Africa. The 600-acre park features scores of wild and exotic African animals living in large, naturalistic exhibits that visitors drive through in their cars. Visitors see more than lions, according to Terry Wolf, wildlife director. “We have a zebra/rhino section. We have four different antelope sections, three with African antelope and one with Asian antelope,” he says. “We have animals like the greater kudo, impala, gemsbok, waterbuck, eland and beautiful, majestic giraffe. We have one of the largest herds of free-ranging giraffe in the country. We also have a brand-new giraffe feeding area … where people go up on a platform and can get mystiquegems_worth12.indd 1

thingstodo.indd 113


10/17/11 1:25 PM WORTH AVENUE

10/19/11 7:35 PM

[ t h i n g s



d o ]

Peanut Island

eye-to-eye with a giraffe.” Lion Country Safari also features a different kind of wild life, like the new 55-foot-tall Ferris wheel; a new wet play area; and an aviary filled with lories, Australian birds that are similar to parrots. Visitors can purchase nectar to entice the birds to land on their shoulders, arms and hands. “We have a brand-new alligator exhibit with some of the largest alligators that you’ll see in South Florida. One weighs more than 960 pounds,” Wolf says. “We also have a beautiful walk-through area where people can sit down and have lunch, a gift shop and all sorts of exhibits and things to do, including kiddie rides, a boat ride that goes to different primates on the lake, paddle boats, a miniature golf course and petting zoo, where we have domestic goats and sheep.” Hours for Lion Country Safari, at 2003 Lion Country Safari Road, are 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Dec. 15 through Labor Day and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sept. 9 through Dec. 14 (and open 365 days of the year, rain or shine). Admission for people ages 10 to 64 is $26.50, ages 3 to 9 is $19.50, and seniors pay $23.50. For more information, call 561/793-1084 or visit Peanut Island, RIvIeRa Beach Peanut Island, an 80-acre island in the Lake Worth Inlet, has views of the Port of Palm Beach, Lake Worth and the Island of Palm Beach. Visitors come by private boat or water taxi to picnic for the day or camp overnight. “The water is usually nice and blue, just like in the Bahamas,” says Jim Vaughn, park supervisor. “It’s primarily a pretty passive park. We have picnic tables, pavilions, restrooms, a boat dock and fishing pier and a total of 20 campsites, which people can rent if they camp overnight. The only thing that costs any money on the island is if you want to rent a campsite for the night. Everything else is free to the public, first-come, first-serve.” Recent land renovations include a 3-acre snorkeling lagoon at the southeast corner of the island, adjacent to the old Coast Guard station; a tidal basin and flushing channels to nourish mangroves on the island’s west side; and an observation platform overlooking the port, Lake

de Corato.indd 2 114 WWW.WORTH-AVENUE.COM

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10/19/11 7:35 PM

Worth and the western side of Palm Beach Island. People can bring their own kayaks or canoes; concession stands to rent boats or equipment are at the Riviera Beach marina due west of the island. History buffs will enjoy knowing that Peanut Island is the site of the Palm Beach Maritime Museum, which includes the Coast Guard station built in 1933 and President John F. Kennedy’s private “bomb shelter” bunker, built during the Cuban Missile Crisis. For more information about Peanut Island, call 561/845-4445.

Roger Dean Stadium

RogeR Dean StaDium, JupiteR Baseball fans can get up close to their favorite Florida Marlins and St. Louis Cardinals during spring training at Roger Dean Stadium in Jupiter, about 30 minutes north of Palm Beach. Players start reporting for early workouts in January. Pitchers and catchers report in around mid-February, followed by position players three days later. It’s free for fans to

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WORTH AVENUE 10/18/11 11:29 AM

10/20/11 11:32 AM

[ t h i n g s



d o ]

watch the teams’ daily workouts on the back fields, from about 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Spring training games at the 7,000-seat stadium start around March 1 and usually include games against big-draw teams such as the Cleveland Indians and the Boston Red Sox. After spring training, Roger Dean Stadium is home for two minor league teams: the Marlins’ Jupiter Hammerheads and the

St. Louis Cardinals’ Palm Beach Cardinals. “Both teams are in the Florida State League, and they each play 70 home games here, so we have 140 minor league games taking place from April through Labor Day, after the 30 or so spring training games that are here,” says Jennifer Brown, director of sales and marketing. “We’re the only stadium in Florida with two spring training teams and the only stadium in the


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thingstodo.indd 116

Pro SPortS–South Florida-Style The Miami Heat basketball team takes the court from fall to late spring at its home, the AmericanAirlines Arena in Miami. Call 786/777-1250 for ticket and game information for the defending Eastern Conference champions. The Florida Marlins play from April to September at Land Shark Stadium. Reach the ticket office at 877/MARLINS. In the spring, ask for information on other pro teams’ spring-training games. From August to December, the Miami Dolphins are on the field at Land Shark Stadium in northern Miami-Dade County. Call 888/FINS-TIX for information. The fan-pleasing Florida Panthers hockey team plays from September to April at the state-of-the-art sports and entertainment facility, BankAtlantic Center, in Sunrise. Group and season tickets are available at the box office, 954/835-7000, or (if you call early enough) through Ticketmaster at 561/998-TEAM. Aside from these mainstream pastimes, Florida also features the “sport of kings:” polo. The glamorous International Polo Club west of Palm Beach in Wellington provides members with private box seating during season tournaments. For prices, schedule and brunch information, call 561/204-5687.

The GreaT OuTdOOrs For those who would rather participate in outdoor activities than watch them, South Florida has plenty of parks and preserves with native wildlife and Florida ecosystems ranging from coral reefs to cypress hammocks. South Florida has almost as many entertainment venues underwater as it does above. Full of coral reefs and shipwrecks (some just offshore of Palm Beach!),

150 Worth Avenue, Suite 131 Palm Beach, Florida 33480 P: 561.833.4643

robertafreyman_worth1112.indd 1 116 WWW.WORTH-AVENUE.COM

U.S. with two minor league teams playing at one ballpark at the same time.” Season ticket prices start at about $21.50 per game, but for more information, call 561/775-1818 or visit The stadium is at 4751 Main St.

10/17/11 3:15 PM

10/19/11 7:35 PM

Florida’s coastal waters offer great visibility and range in temperature from 73 degrees in winter to 85 degrees in summer. Taking advantage of the nearby Gulf Stream, fishing boats are constantly on the prowl for marlin, sailfish, dolphin and other Florida game fish. Sailboats, yachts and fishing boats can be chartered for full- and half-day trips; see the concierge at your hotel for more information. SailfiSh Marina and reSort, Singer iSland Fishermen flock to the Atlantic’s top sailfish and game fish waters around Palm Beach, and Sailfish Marina across the inlet from Palm Beach is just minutes away from the Gulf Stream. The marina’s charter fleet of boats ranges from 28 to 60 feet. Sport fishing charters are available year-round, and prices vary, depending on the boat size and duration of trip. For more information, call 800/446-4577 or 561/844-1724, or visit arthur r. MarShall loxahatchee national Wildlife refuge, Boynton Beach The Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge, roughly 30 minutes southwest of Palm Beach, covers about 145,000 acres in the northern Everglades. Managed and protected by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the refuge features five habitat types: tree islands, sloughs, wet prairies, sawgrass communities and a 400acre cypress swamp. Whether it’s to bird-watch, photograph, paint or study the wide diversity of insects, reptiles and other wildlife, refuge visitors enjoy walking and bike trails, canoeing, boating (there are three boat ramps), fishing, an observation tower and a butterfly garden. Entry to the refuge, at 10216

Lee Road, is $5 a vehicle or $1 a pedestrian. For more information, call 561/732-3684 or visit John d. Macarthur Beach State Park, north PalM Beach The Florida coastline is largely developed, but there are still areas that give tourists and residents a peek at South Florida’s natural beachfront beauty. John D. MacArthur Beach State Park, about 20 minutes north of Palm Beach, is on a barrier island, Singer Island, and offers beachgoers and nature buffs nearly 2 miles of beach. There is also a large estuary, featuring natural vegetation and marine life, as well as wetlands and coastal mangrove areas. Visitors can occasionally spot manatees and migrating birds. The long beach offers visitors not only sunbathing, surfing and snorkeling, but also concerts, art shows and educational opportunities. angelamoore_worth1112.indd The state park has a quarter-mile boardwalk spanning the estuary and connecting the parking area and woods to the beach area. There’s a nature center, nature trails, picnic facilities and kayaking tours and rentals. And visitors enjoy educational programs on net-casting, surfing, snorkeling and local wildlife and plants. The state park, at 10900 State Road 703, is open every day from 8 a.m. to sundown. The cost is $5 per vehicle. Pedestrians or cyclists pay $1 each to enter the park. For more information, call 561/624-6950.


10/17/11 5:49 PM

PalM Beach Water taxi, SailfiSh Marina, Singer iSland Visitors can get a rare waterside view of the island of Palm Beach— and its grand estates—with the Palm Beach Water Taxi. For $28 a person ($14 for children ages 4 to 12), people board covered launches or catamarans to get a WORTH AVENUE bonnieroseman_worth12.indd 2

thingstodo.indd 117

117 10/17/11 4:35 PM

10/19/11 7:36 PM

[ t h i n g s

pbhistoricalsociety_worth12.indd 3



d o ]

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Red Reef Park





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Red Reef PaRk and Gumbo Limbo Snorkeling is great offshore,

but if you want a park practically dedicated to it, you can drive down to Boca Raton to Red Reef Park, 1400 N. State Road A1A (561/393-7974), where a beach and boardwalk complement close-to-shore diving. On occasion, snorkelers can swim with curious dolphins. Or, if you’re more serious, charter a scuba excursion. Near Red Reef Park is The Gumbo Limbo Environmental Education Center, a 20-acre preserve of native plants and trees at 1801 N. Ocean Blvd. The center also offers a “touch ’n’ feel” tank with hermit crabs and sea urchins. On some summer nights Gumbo Limbo naturalists lead guided walks to glimpse sea turtles nesting on the beach. Call 561/338-1473 or visit


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narrated look at the mansions, yachts and history of Palm Beach. Palm Beach Water Taxi captains are seasoned tour givers who add to the good time. Cruises are 90 minutes long and depart from the Sailfish Marina, at 98 Lake Drive in Palm Beach Shores, Singer Island. Thee also are cruises to downtown Clematis Street ($15), and there is an evening sunset cruise, which is basically the same as the daytime cruises but without the stop near Clematis. The Palm Beach Water Taxi also shuttles passengers to Peanut Island ($10). For more information, call 561/683-8294.

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Marley’s Palm Beach Collection 256 Worth Avenue 561-721-1022,

Orchid Lover Wanted

Cynthia Van Buren Attorney At Law Real Estate, Investments, Insurance Cynthia Van Buren, Esq. Principal

Off WOrth

205 Worth Avenue, Suite 307G 561/833-1717,

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325 Worth Avenue, #5 561/835-0383,

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Throughout the Year Worth Avenue has something for everyone—365 days a year.

HISTORIC WALKING TOURS OF WORTH AVENUE Nov. 23, Dec. 14, Dec. 28, Jan. 12, Jan. 26, Feb. 9, Feb. 23, Mar. 9, Mar. 23, Apr. 13, Apr. 27.

Historian Rick Rose takes over the historic walking tours of Worth Avenue this year. As famed historian James Ponce’s devoted understudy, Rick adds a new dimension to these lively tours, which are designed to explore, through colorful anecdotes and commentary, the origins and character of Worth Avenue, its unique architecture and the historical significance of many of its legendary landmarks. The tours are held on the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month during season. Recognized as one of the world’s most prestigious shopping destinations, Worth Avenue is famous for its international collection of designer fashions, jewelry, furniture, restaurants, art, gift boutiques and spa-salons. An architectural treasure, the Avenue boasts more than 200 boutiques, some of which have been serving shoppers since 1925. Tours begin at 11 a.m. in the Gucci Courtyard (256 Worth Avenue) and last approximately one hour. Advance registration and credit card payment ($10 tour fee) can be made online at, or you may pay cash at the start of the tour. FASHION’S NIGHT OUT September (TBA)

Fashion’s Night Out, Anna Wintour’s now-global event which has taken place in more than 16 countries, hit Worth Avenue in 2011 (see page 29). Worth Avenue comes alive with music, modeling, special offers and more. Check for new dates and details. CHRISTMAS TREE LIGHTING AND TOy DRIVE Nov. 29

Santa makes an early stop in Palm Beach as he signals the start of the magical shopping season at the Holiday Promenade and Town of Palm Beach Tree Lighting. The annual holiday event features a parade down Worth Avenue, led by Santa Claus, pixies and bagpipers. Celebrating the season in true Palm Beach style, merchants of the world-famous shopping destination keep their doors open for an

evening of extended hours while local musicians entertain along the Avenue and ballerinas pirouette in shop windows. Start your shopping early at this fun event for the whole family—but remember to bring an unwrapped toy to donate to the toy drive. Then send the kiddies home and enjoy dinner at one of the Avenue’s renowned restaurants. Make your reservations early—this is the unofficial start of Palm Beach’s social season! HOLIDAy WINDOW-DECORATING CONTEST Nov. 25 through Dec. 18

Worth Avenue plans to deck the halls this year with a holiday window-decorating contest. Windows will be judged in four categories: Best Traditional Holiday, Best Palm Beach Theme, Most Creative/Unique and Best Overall. A panel of judges will vote for the windows with the most Worth Avenue holiday spirit. Make sure you check them out! PET PARADE March 10

Pets of all sets parade the stage at the Worth Avenue Association Pet Parade and Contest, now in its 18th year. Both dogs and cats cruise the runway as the furry friends compete for great prizes and the honor of being one of Palm Beach’s finest. The event, which takes place in the Gucci Courtyard, typically attracts more than 200 entries. Eager owners and pets prance on the Worth Avenue runway as judges award prizes in categories such as Best Smile, Most Regal and Longest Tail. One of the Worth Avenue Association’s bestloved events, the Pet Parade packs the courtyard with owners and their pets dressed in outrageous couture. It’s definitely a dog day afternoon worth experiencing.

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Important natural colored diamond necklace and earrings, with matching bracelet over 100 carats total weight. Fancy-yellow radiant cut diamond weighing over 13 carats set in a platinum and 18kt ring mount. All items subject to prior sale!

H. T. Stuart & Co. Jewelers & Gemologists

3 2 9 Wo r t h A v e n u e 561/838-1855

Palm Beach, FL


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29 MM

New model: 29 mm diameter. Watch in white high-tech ceramic. 40 diamonds (est. TCW: 0.90 carat). Mother of pearl dial. 8 diamond indicators.

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