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Noeda Mayfair 143 VHC 2009 Great Southern Champion Supreme Jersey

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Volume 63 No. 25 — February / March 2010


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behindthescenes Congratulations to all our members who were involved in this year’s International Dairyweek. From time to time industry tongues wag about the future of this terrific event and I guess if you base your assessment of IDW simply on the amount of Ag Businesses that have displays at the event this discussion might make some sense. What I notice though is how many lives are touched by the event. The passion for dairying shown by kids at the youth show and the effort as well as pride for the Jersey cow on display by the often forgotten business people who support this event – our members. A reminder to our members that University of Queensland will continue DNA testing for parent verification purposes, the storage of Blood Type samples and previously collected data representing the outgoing technology will not be stored. Jersey Australia members receive a substantial discount for DNA testing via Queensland University the only catch being you must contact the Jersey Office for testing kits.

The hottest topic being discussed on our Jersey Australia online Forum at the moment is Genome Testing and the impact that the ADHIS release of Genome ABV’s will have on registered breeders beginning in August 2010. To take part in the discussion you will need to register for the Forum which takes less than 10 minutes via either an email or call to Jersey House. I’d like to thank the Colac & Districts Jersey Breeders Club for the invitation to attend the 60th Anniversary it was a great night and while the night may have been dominated by celebrating the past one look around the room showed me plenty of younger members every bit as passionate about the cow. Finally, I would also like to thank the North East Jersey Breeders Club for the invitation to take part in their Annual General Meeting. A great meeting and farm walk that was well attended by members some of whom travelled three hours each way to attend the event – now that’s commitment.

JERSEY AUSTRALIA ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING When: 18th 19th & 20th of May 2010 Where: Wauchope & the sale at Wauchope Showgrounds The SALE will be run in conjunction with Dairy Livestock Services and we are looking for about 35-37 lots. Please submit all pedigree details by the end of January (prefer milkers) it will be an open sale to everyone (tested or not). Anyone wishing to submit pedigrees for the sale can post them to K & M Atkins 268 Stewarts River Rd Johns River nsw 2443 or M&B Johnston 118 Edinburgh Drive Taree NSW 2430. The accommodation available is the Timbertown Resort & Motel (02)65851355 4star with self contained rooms for up to 8 people available or normal motel rooms $110-$130.00 when booking timbertown mention Jersey Conference & you will receive 10 % discount. Otherwise try the Wauchope Motel (02)65851933 2 star,$70-$80.00 everyone is to book their own accomodation. The closest airport is Port Macquarie which is roughly 25mins drive to Wauchope. There will be Farm tours, Winerys etc. and our Club is very happy to have Peter Larsen as our Guest Speaker. Peter is the Danish Jersey President. Anybody wanting to know anymore please contact Ken Atkins (02) 6556 5515 or Milton Johnston (02) 6552 5915.


— JerseyJournal February / March 2010


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“Rosewood itself has also changed a lot in the past 5 years – we now have about half of the original dairy-farms still running in the area, which I think is sad. I enjoy the farming life – and especially learning to handle and show our cows. My two sisters, brother and I all learnt to lead calves when we were growing up, and showing our cows is also a lot of fun. We still do the local show circuit and sometimes go to Brisbane with a team of cows.”

le ofi

P h r t u

traits in other kids that come from farming backgrounds – it’s a real advantage,” Simone said.

“Jerseys are so peaceful and quiet and I especially enjoy milking them, and also feeding the calves. We leave the horns on our cows, as it is the easiest way to rescue them when they’re stuck in the creek – which does happen! It’s also handy when you need to tie them up – you virtually have a ‘set of handles’ on the cow” Simone laughed. Herd breeding is managed by purchasing bulls from other farms, or by using home-bred bulls. No AI breeding or herd testing programs are currently in place - due to the current economic conditions.

Simone Spresser

By Linda Houghton

Simone was raised on the family dairy farm at Rosewood in Queensland, which is about 30 minutes from Ipswich. Along with her parents and grandparents, Simone helps to run the 175 acre property, which has a Jersey milking herd of approx. 80 – 90 cows. “We’ve certainly felt the effects of the drought, and have been buying in feed that we used to grow for ourselves. The bore water levels have dropped dramatically, and it just isn’t possible to grow the volume of feed that we used to. Times are tough, that’s for sure” Simone said. “As a result of that, although I’ve always loved the farming life, after finishing Year 12, I knew I needed to look for fulltime work off-farm. Currently I am a Service Assistant Manager at KFC, and my responsibilities include managing staff, rostering, as well as running the store. I do enjoy it, but I would much prefer to working back on the farm! However, being raised on a farm has been a great help to me in my job - farming has given me a grounded and practical way of approaching problems and situations. I’m not afraid to muck-in and get my hands dirty, plus I’ve grown up around hard-working people, and as a result, have a strong work ethic. I’ve noticed these

As for the future, the Spressers have adopted a ‘wait and see’ approach. “I guess you could say we are in a holding pattern at present, and are prepared to make decisions as they become necessary. If you love farming, I think that’s the most sensible approach you can take,” Simone said. “I find farming fascinating, and especially like to listen to my grandparents about how things were done in their day. If I could, I would love to step-back in time and experience the ‘golden years’ of farming – when it was less complicated and the climate was more reliable. A rapidly changing world is the only certainty that we seem to have now,” Simone said. “As for the future of the industry, I think farmers will face a lot of challenges, and without any government support to stay viable. Issues such as Greenhouse gas, climate change and market pressures will all have an impact on the future of the industry, and it needs support. Consumers don’t seem to understand the potential impact on them if Australian farmers leave the land. The quality and quantity of premium produce they enjoy just won’t be around – sadly, sometimes people have to lose something before they realise how valuable it was” Simone said. “My ideal future would be to be back on the farm full-time, and building up the herd numbers by breeding big open dairy-type cows with soft textured udders. I would also love to train up to become a judge, like my Dad and Grandfather. I’ve attended Youth Camps and learnt a lot about cows, and progressing to judging would be wonderful,” Simone said.

2010 BOARD OF MANAGEMENT ELECTIONS The Jersey Australia Board of Management adheres to a compulsory rotational retirement policy and as such calls for nominations from its members to fill the (5) 2 year Board positions that are up for re-election. The vacant Board positions are as a result of the rotational retirement of the following Jersey Australia Board members;

Trevor Saunders, Noel Furze, Graham Hoey, Peter Ness and Don Fry. Nomination Forms are available from the Returning Officer PO Box 292 Ascot Vale 3032, by calling Jersey House on (03)93709105 or email au Nominations for Election to Jersey Australia Board of Management will close 5.00pm Tuesday 6th April 2010. JerseyJournal February / March 2010 —



Living Dream

World Jersey Cattle Bureau Youth Travel Scholarship by Tahnee King For years I had wanted to travel to Canada; seeing the genetic influence that some of world’s best cows such as Duncan Belle have had on our herds over here really captured my interest. I had a few contacts over there from meeting Canadian youth who have travelled to Australia, and also through my International Dairy Week family, the Burnett’s, Stoneleigh Park Jerseys who have visited Canada and reared heifers from Canadian embryos. Early in 2009 I was honoured to receive the World Jersey Cattle Bureau Youth Travel Scholarship, which allowed me to fulfil my dreams of working on some high profile jersey farms, as well as attending worldrenowned dairy cattle events while experiencing the Canadian culture. June 27 I departed Sydney Airport bound for Vancouver with not only anticipation, but also with my Holstein mate Tom Pearce who was also keen to experience (again) the dairy industry of North America. Arriving in Calgary, Alberta, we were greeted by some friends of Tom’s family. In the ten days that they hosted us we experienced Horseshoe Canyon, Drumheller Royal Tyrell Dinosaur Museum, Tipple and Tunnel Tours of the Atlas Coal


— JerseyJournal February / March 2010

Mine, Calgary Zoo, Bass Pro Shop, Heritage Park, Banff National Park, Bow Falls, Lake Louise, Canada Day, Rocky Mountain Holstein Sale, Walmart, and the Calgary Stampede. They also introduced us to the taste of Dairy Queen, Tim Horton’s, A & W, and poutine! Following a tour of Morsan Farms, Tom continued on his own itinerary and I went to stay with the Haeni family of Lone Pine Jerseys, Didsbury, for a few nights. I saw a lot of good cows in the area when I spent a day help photograph with Lexi and Ella Wright and some local dairy youth for a 4H club fundraiser. July 9 I flew to Ontario for the Avonlea Summer Splash II 75th Anniversary Sale and was accommodated by the Jarrell Family of RJ farms, Corbyville, for a few nights. I then continued on to the Sparling family of Jaspar Jerseys, birthplace of Renaissance Evening, where I stayed for three weeks. During this time I enjoyed working with Jim and his 35 jerseys, and eating Tam’s delicious meals with my two host sisters (21 & 15) and host brother (19)!! Gran and Grandpa “O” also made me feel at home. I visited local jersey farms including Paul-Lor, Huronia, and Maker and travelled to Lindsay to help RJ Farms at the Ontario Summer Show. Then back to Jaspar where we were busy with hay and enjoying summer with

ice cream and the beach! I was thrilled when my host family offered me the experience to see Niagara Falls. We went on the Maid of the Mist cruise up to the falls and also visited the Hershey’s Store and MarineLand! August 2 I returned to Alberta where I was hosted by Markus Hehli and his fiancée Amanda. I met Markus when he first travelled to Australia in January 2007 on the Semex Youth Exchange. Returning every January since, Markus and I have kept in touch and this opened up to me some great experiences in Canada. Markus and Amanda operate Mosnang Farms, a predominately Holstein herd (with a few jerseys) with Markus’ parents. We took a select team of Holsteins and two jerseys to Olds Fair in August, where I had the honour of leading the Mosnang superstar, Bramville Golden Boy Zippy, to Champion Jersey. Markus and Amanda also took me to West Edmonton Mall, the biggest shopping centre in the world. What a treat! (And the perfect place to shop for an outfit to wear to Markus and Amanda’s upcoming wedding!) I then returned to the Haeni’s at Lone Pine Jerseys where the weather was perfect for numerous campfire dinners. I also spent a day with the local Vet and swimming in the Red Deer River at Dry Island Buffalo Jump! Then it was time for me and two of my four host brothers (aged 9, 11, 13 & 15) to prepare for the 25th annual Western Canadian Classic (or WCC), which is an inter-provincial 4H dairy youth competition run over five days. It includes the four western Canadian provinces (states), British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, and a team of up to thirty kids, each with a heifer, from each province. As the name suggests it is the biggest event for dairy youth in Western Canada and the teams start preparation twelve months in advance to strive for success in the stall, clipping, dairy science, showmanship, and conformation categories, and to ultimately come away with the Premier Province title. Rotating across the four provinces, this time it was held in Saskatchewan, in the town of Moose Jaw. One afternoon all the participants took a break from the competition and we were treated to the Tunnels of Moose Jaw, tours of the underground “Passage of Fortune” and “The Chicago Connection”. I was also fortunate enough to see the town’s 9.8 metre fibreglass Mac the Moose - the world’s largest moose! At the end of the week the awesome Alberta team walked away

with the Premier Province title and I won the Alumni Showmanship Class!! Just a few reasons to celebrate at the banquet and dance on the final night! After returning to Alberta, and recovering at Lone Pine, I met with Markus and departed with the Morsan Farms show team, bound for the Western American National Fair at Salem, Oregon. This was my first time to The States and I was excited about working with some world-class cattle and seeing some of the continent. It took us two days to get to the show; what an experience it was stopping to chore and crossing the border with cattle. The trip proved to be worth it as we celebrated with Premier Exhibitor and Grand Holstein with Eastside Lewisdale Gold Missy, the threeyear-old that was later sold in November at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto for $1.2million!! Once back in Alberta I returned to Lone Pine again, and the Haeni’s took me to world-renowned Spruce Meadows, Calgary, to watch some world-class equine events. I then travelled to Rimbey to attend Markus’ and Amanda’s wedding. Congratulations! What a great night! From there I continued on to the Morey family of Unique Valleystream Genetics, Rochester where I had one host brother (14) and one host sister (16). During my nine days there I experienced the local “Steak Night”, went to a rodeo, got a tour of the Athabasca Hutterite Colony, and visited Skycrest Holsteins and Rietveld Dairies. I then departed to Saskatchewan where I spent two short but fun nights with Joanne Edwards of Bramville Jerseys, Nokomis. Here I did a few chores around the farm and went to an awesome Keith Urban concert in the local city of Saskatoon. September 24 I flew from Saskatchewan, bound for Madison, Wisconsin for World Dairy Expo. What a spectacular event!! Here I helped with the Semex Walk of Fame for two days until the string I was helping, ButlerView Holsteins, arrived. We had great success, with the highlight being KY-Blue Rueben Marla-Red winning Champion Red & White Holstein. From Madison I travelled back to Canada with the Lookout Jersey and Holsteins show team. It was a day and half travelling back to Quebec where I spent three nights near North Hatley at the picturesque Lookout farm, where my Aussie mate Jason Hayes was working. From there I continued to Rapid Bay Jerseys near Ormstown where I spent three weeks. During this time I worked a lot with a JerseyJournal February / March 2010 — 5

herd of exceptional type, visited a few local farms and experienced some great social occasions. Two Aussie jersey mates Shane Oslear and Adam Gavenlock had visited for a few days and we departed together, headed for RJ Farms. Host Mum April greeted us and took us straight to the Belleville Bulls Ice Hockey Arena. We were treated to a VIP behind the scenes tour and even got to meet the team’s goalie! One of our host siblings, Donnie, 21, was a fantastic tour guide and took us to have farm tours at Donnanview Holsteins, Donnandale Holsteins, Hollylane Jerseys and Avonlea Jerseys. October 31st… Happy Halloween!! We were greeted by some extremely cute trick-or-treaters before heading to the Ice Hockey Arena for a Belleville Bulls game. Shane and Adam then continued on their seven-week tour and I stayed at RJ Farms in preparation for the North American International Livestock Exposition in Louisville, Kentucky. This was a nineteen-hour trip but the Expo facilities were brilliant and it was great to be at the largest Jersey show in the world!! We then headed directly to Toronto for the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair where I helped Rapid Bay. Not only did I get to celebrate my 23rd birthday there and tour up Toronto’s CN Tower but also I was part of the crew that worked with Vandenberg Amedeo Gorgeous, Supreme Champion 2009!! November 18 I returned to Jaspar Jerseys where I spent the majority of my remaining eight weeks. I didn’t do much else other than sleep for the first few days; travelling and lack of sleep had caught up with me. Soon enough I was back in farm mode, helping Jim with chores, doing some barn clipping and visiting a Mink farm. Hockey season had begun and it was great to go and watch my host brother JJ and his team playing on the ice most Friday and Saturday nights. I also watched my younger host sister Katie on the ice playing Ringette and older sister Melissa would often take me shopping or out for the night in her local college town of London. Her birthday and New Years Eve were fun times! As Christmas approached it was a festive and exciting season. I attended the Jersey Christmas party for the local counties of Huron and Perth, and had great Canadian Christmas experiences when cooking and decorating with Tam. Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day were eventful and very delicious! I consumed higher than normal amounts of food and drinks, with the favourites being cinnamon buns, lamb and pickled eggs!! Snowfall began to increase and with thirty centremetres of it on the ground, I experienced my coldest temperature of minus eighteen degrees Celsius! It was soon time for me to leave, and packing all my Canadian purchases and wonderful Christmas presents required an additional suitcase, quite a few muscles and some overweight charges! January 8 I flew to Edmonton to spend one last night with Markus, Amanda and some friends who I had made in Alberta. Then it was back to Lone Pine, to


— JerseyJournal February / March 2010

spend my last night in Canada with the Haeni’s. I watched my host brothers play on a newly built ice hockey rink, right in their own backyard! January 10 I departed Vancouver International Airport, bound for International Dairy Week, Australia!! My friend Noelle and her Mum picked me up from Sydney Airport and had a “Welcome Back” balloon and a packet of Tim Tams for me! How very Australian! Thank you! My six and a half months in Canada was the best experience of my life. I saw some extraordinary scenery, met lots of amazing people, and worked with many incredible cows. I learnt so much about not only the Canadian dairy industry but also about the Canadian way of life. I hope that the Canadians might have learnt something from me too, about Jerseys in Australia and our culture. I would definitely recommend this experience to anyone who has an interest in dairy farming or breeding stud cattle. My goal is to return to Canada at least once every three years to visit the friends that I made and to keep in touch with the Canadian show circuit. Thank you to my host families, Jersey Canada and to everyone who helped me live my dream!

Carol & Neil Woodberry –

Mt Roland Jerseys By Linda Houghton

Carol Woodberry used to eye-off the old dairy that sat on the potato farm property that she and husband Neil had purchased from his parents, which is 2 miles out of Sheffield, in Tasmania. There was something about the old herringbone 4-aside shed that kept her thinking about having a go at dairying. “We ran crops for 4 or 5 years, but I’d keep telling Neil that we should fire-up the old dairy and milk cows – but Neil would just insist that it was too much work. In the end, it was our neighbour, Adrian Brown who convinced us to have a go,” Carol said. With both Carol and Neil coming from cattle and dairy-farming backgrounds, they knew what they were getting themselves into, but still found the transition had it’s scary moments. “We had the knowledge behind us, and our neighbour Adrian has 40 years of experience to share with us, so we took the plunge in 2008 and bought some crossbreeds and Holsteins to start us off. They started calving in June, when we were expecting it all to happen in August – we weren’t ready!” Carole laughs. The plan was for Neil to continue full-time driving log-trucks, and Carol would run the dairy farm. However, Neil had a bad accident when preparing a load of logs, and sustained a serious neck injury. “While I was recovering at home, I could see how much Carole was struggling to handle such big cows, and it was dangerous for her at times, and they were also bogging-up the laneways and paddocks. So we sold off the cross breeds and Holsteins and bought in some Jerseys – starting with 20 cows bought locally, and then a semi-load trucked and shipped from Darryl Cole – a breeder in Stanhope, northern Victoria. We also managed to buy another 20 at Colac from Kent Tyson,” Neil said. Now, the Woodberry’s herd of 110 cows consists of 95 Jerseys and 15 cross-breeds, with the intention to breed to a full Jersey herd. “After switching to a majority of Jerseys, we might have 9,000 litres less in the vat, but the level of financial return remains the same, because of the solids. We’ve even managed to convert Adrian to Jerseys –

we showed him our milk statements, and now he’s sold his whole herd, and bought a full Jersey herd to replace them,” Carol said. ‘Adrian is a total convert – there is no doubt that Jerseys give you a lot for your investment, as well as lighten the work-load. Because they are easier to handle, it makes everyday jobs simpler for me, and my daughter Keryn is working with me full-time and loves them as much as I do. Keryn also rears the calves and helps me out in the shed, and Neil chips in when he can,” Carole said. Due to being involved in a second accident, Neil recently spent 7 weeks in hospital, and then the Woodberry’s barn burnt down. “You just have to accept that you will have some tough times. We managed to keep the farm running with some help – and all we need now is a better milk price to reward our efforts, and make this a viable and sustainable business,” Neil said. “I really love dairying and the cows – the only thing that takes the shine off it is that we’re not making the return that we should. It’s very frustrating, and you feel powerless and unable to do something about it,” Carol said. The Mt Roland stud consists of a 165 acre home farm, plus an additional 35 acres leased next door, and a 50 acre turn-out block up the road. “There are a few dairy farms around us, and it’s beautiful country; gentle slopes with a couple of hills and we have Mt Roland in the background. We’ve noticed the affects of drier seasons as well, our annual rainfall has dropped, and we’ve had to irrigate more often,” Neil said. Irrigation is by a travelling system from a channel to the nearby Whitehawk Creek, which the Woodberry’s have some shares in via the local Water Trust, plus there is an on-farm dam. “We grow about 80% of our feed, and top up the cows by giving them molasses lick-blocks in the dairy, and they love those. It’s a common and very funny sight to see the 3 year old Jerseys lose their baby teeth – and some of them get stuck in the blocks,” Neil said. The dairy has been upgraded to a 7-aside, which has been just enough to increase efficiency without costing too Neil & Carol with some of their jerseys. In the back ground is Mount Roland.

JerseyJournal February / March 2010 —


much. “It’s taken an hour off each milking session which is great, and we will continue to improve it as funds allow,” Carol said. The herd will be calving in August/September this year. “I love seeing what we are going to get at calving time – hopefully we get a lot of heifers this year, as we had way too many bulls last year. Our breeding program is aimed to improve B/Fat and Protein, and try to get the best udder we can, with good teat placement. We use Genetics Australia for help in bull selection, and we’ve been using Astound, Valerian, Larfalot, Badger and Flowerpower with good results. Damien Brewer does all of the AI for us,” Carol said. “The Astound calves in particular are wonderful – good natures, and very robust and healthy - we even got a set of twin heifers by Astound from one of our best cows, so we’re stoked! We herd test and have quite a few cows in our herd that give over 2kg a day – such as Saphire and Fanclub Lovely, and then there are the ‘characters’ of the herd like Furbie, Frizz and Fraggle, who also perform well, but have the best personalities,” Carol said. Carol, Neil and Keryn provide most of the on-farm labour – doing approximately 85% of the workload, supported by casual help. “Last year we milked right through last winter, but we won’t be doing that again – it was so much work and Carol needs a good rest this time around. Plus, it is so difficult to find good workers – especially for the milking as you can’t afford to get it wrong, and end up with a mastitis problem” Neil said. “As for the future – in Tasmania the mind-set of greenie corporate types simply doesn’t recognise the value of the dairy-farming industry to the local economy. In addition to the lack of support from groups of influence, dairy-farming is a lot of work and you need to be rewarded for being tied-down and working 7 days a week. How long we stay in dairy-farming will depend on how the prices are looking long-term. If it’s looking positive, we’ll be in it for another 10 – 12 years,” Neil said.

New South Wales

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— JerseyJournal February / March 2010

“When we do retire, we would also love to travel – around Australia and overseas to check out some Jersey bloodlines. I’d like to see some of the New Zealand studs, and Neil is keen on some of the US bloodlines – so it would be wonderful if we could do that,” Carol said. “At the end of the day, we reckon you get more for your money out of a Jersey, and we are moving towards achieving a 100% Jersey herd – which is a great feeling!” Carol said.

Keryn Lee, Carols daughter, with her 2 year old jersey “Frizz”.


Executive Offier - Scott Joynson 79 Munro Street Ascot Vale VIC 3032 Phone: (03) 9370 9105 BH Fax: (03) 9370 9116 Genetic Recovery Officers Chris MacKenzie (Western Districts) Phone: (03) Phone:(03) 5598 7222 Margaret Cockerell (Northern Vic) Phone: 0407 641 132 (03) 5864 1133 Barry Monson (03) 5625 3176 or 0429 343 903

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JerseyJournal February / March 2010 —


THE COUNTESS FAMILY originally came from the LYNBRAE Stud Jireh Khan’s Countess Ex 90 8274 3.9 320 5.0 411

1st 3yrs in milk, 1st 4yrs in milk and twice Honourable Mention Melb Royal, member of winning Interbreed pen of three, plus numerous awards in Western Victoria. Her daughter by Belles Online 88pts hobbles around on 3& a bit legs, 6534 3.6 237 4.9 323. A 2 year old Lester grand daughter PI’s 111

C & P McKenzie Phone 5598 7222 Email:

Jireh Jerseys

Glenbrae Jerseys Western Jersey Spectacular Sale Friday, March 26, 2010 11.30am Colac Livestock Selling Centre Approx 50 heifers PT incalf and 10 young cows to calve April, May and June from high production Glenbrae Dams Herd Av: 5862 lts 237 kgs protein 308 kgs fat Sired by AI and selected sires

Carson Farm Holdings

Jim: 03 5235 5279

Oliver: 0428 353 279

Agents in conjunction: Dairy Livestock Services: Brian Leslie 0418 365 934 Charles Stewart & Co: Tim Gibson 0408 524 765 10

— JerseyJournal February / March 2010

CSCHARRISON GOES TO CHINA Albury, NSW – The high type proven Jersey sire CSCHarrison has been flown from Australia to his new home in China. CSCHarrison is the first Australian Jersey proven sire to be sent to China. ABS Australia has provided 35 proven Holstein bulls in a joint venture between the largest milk processor in China, Mengnui Dairies, and ABS Global. ABS Australia Dairy Product Manager Russell Manton said both ABS and the Central Sires Co-operative, which owned CSCHarrison, were both pleased and excited about the groundbreaking export. The bulls left in the first week of November and once they arrived, spent 45 days in quarantine before being trucked to their new home at a facility in Inner Mongolia, about

600kms from Beijing. The facility is modeled on ABS Global’s state of the art new Dekorra complex. There are a number of herds in the Inner Mongolia region which have crossbreed type cows with good components which supply

Jersey Australia (VIC) Inc.

COMMITTEE ELECTIONS The Jersey Australia (VIC) Inc committee wishes to inform its members that in conjunction with the 2010 Annual General Meeting (4) 2 year and (1) 1 year committee positions are vacant and available for re-election. The vacancies occur as the following committee members have reached the end of their term of office; Noel Furze, Ian Richards and Paul Mumford. The retirement of Peter Farrell from committee and one unfilled position account for this year’s vacancies. Nomination Forms are available from the Returning Officer, PO Box 292 Ascot Vale 3032, calling the office on (03)93709105 or via email from jersey@ Nomination Forms must be received by the Returning Officer no later than 4.00pm Thursday 22nd April 2010.

the Chinese milk market. CSCHarrison semen will be mainly used in these herds as well as others. Depending on CSCHarrison’s success, other Australian Jersey bulls may follow in his footsteps in the future.

Jersey Australia (VIC) Inc

2010 AGM Notice Invites all Jersey Breeding Enthusiasts to attend the 2010 Annual General Meeting which is to be held in Atlantis Convention Centre, 300 Spencer St Melbourne Friday 4th June 2010. The AGM is part of an exciting two day city event that takes in Tram Restaurant dinner Thursday 3rd June starting at 5.45pm – 7.30pm. Socialites will have plenty of options for a free evening which include Casino, Bars or even a movie. The AGM takes place at Alantis Hotel & Conference Center Spencer St Melbourne at 10.00am Friday 4th June. After the official meeting members can chose to take part in the social options such as Melbourne Aquarium, Melbourne Zoo, Shopping DFO then join the committee at the 2010 Football season clash between Richmond & St Kilda at Etihad Stadium. For bookings or more information please contact Jersey House (03)9370 9105 Accommodation: Best Western Atlantis Hotel 300 Spencer St, Melbourne VIC 3000 (03) 9600 2900 JerseyJournal February / March 2010 —11

2010 International Dairyweek Youth Challenge By Melissa Anderson

Monday January 18th 2010, was not the usually stinking hot day which regulars at Dairy Week are accustomed too. Nevertheless it was on this day that the HFAA Youth Challenge was held and as always the Gippsland Dairy Youth Group had a team participating, once again generously sponsored by Jersey Australia. 2010 is the 3rd year that Jersey Australia has be kind enough to fully sponsor all team t-shirts as well as providing Jersey Australia hats. After the initial fretting to ensure we had all equipment ready and three jersey heifers to lead we were ready to start. We must thank everyone who allowed us to borrow animals, clippers, blades, halters and any other random things we needed. We were in the first heat for clipping where Paxton Cash (20), Emma Castles (17), David O’Meare (13) and Zac Redpath (15) confidently completed the task of clipping a Holstein heifer in thirty minutes. Next to take to the arena were three of our younger “Youth in members Jasmin Mackie (8), Patrick Anderson (8) Gippsland is as and Scott Loughridge (10) leading Wendon Sultan Sleeping Beauty and Wendon Resurrection Sleeping strong as ever” Beauty, owned by Wendy and Don Sargent and Kings Vista Walna 3 owned by L & J Anderson and Family. After over half an hour in the ring our littlest members arms felt like falling off but they still managed to hold the heifer’s heads up and keep their eyes on the judge over much bigger animals. The third part of the Youth Challenge is to judge four milkers. Our 2010 judges were Melissa Anderson (20), Eliza Attenbourgh (18) and Tamara Loughridge (12). After placing the animals, one member is to speak on the microphone about their own placings which Melissa Anderson did boldly. Although not being placed in the top three did not stop our team spirit as after completing the challenge all members and parents were shouted a free icecream with strawberry on top. We must highlight that five of our ten working members were under fifteen being Jasmin Mackie, Patrick Anderson, Tamara Loughridge, Scott Loughridge and David O’Meare and that it was all of their first time ever competing in the Youth Challenge so they must be congratulated for their effort. Once again without the support of Jersey Australia we would not be able to have such a fantastic team year after year. If anyone is interested in becoming a member of Gippsland Dairy Youth please don’t hesitate to contact Adam Nelson (President) 0408341053 Emma Castles (Secretary) 0413829528 Melissa Anderson (Treasurer) 0400275551

12 — JerseyJournal February / March 2010

JerseyJournal February / March 2010 —

International Dairy Week 2010 Jersey Feature Show Senior champion cow at IDW with judge Brent Walker, Canada, Harley Nicholson, Semex Canada, leader Matt Templeton, Meeniyan, Vic and exhibitors Karen and Corey Couch, Nirranda, Vic.

Grand champion cow at IDW 2010 with Milton Johnston, Taree, NSW Trevor Sanders, Athlone, Vic, Matt Templeton, Meeniyan, Corey and Karen Couch, Nirranda, Vic

RESULTS - Wednesday 20th January 2010 Mr. Brent Walker, USA Class 1 - Castlegate VGS - Heifer born on or after 01/07/09 1 Shirlinn BRC Lilac Bluechip Genetics & Shirlinn Zeerust VIC 2 Brunchilli Minister Tammy Brunchilli Jerseys Finley NSW 3 Fresh Start Power Eve Fresh Start Jerseys Invergordon VIC 4 Homelands Goals Opal Hentschke & Schutz Invergordon VIC Class 2 - Murray Dairy / Dairy Australia - Heifer born 01/01/09 to 30/06/09 1 Jamber Lady Gaga Robert Wilson Jamberoo NSW 2 Bralock Connection Merle B&K Gavenlock Berry NSW 3 Rolma Para Narcissus 2 RL&TJ Reid Gundowring VIC 4 Gilcairn Biestars Fernleaf AG&JA Carson Irrewillipe East VIC Class 3 - Jersey Australia - Heifer born 01/07/08 to 31/12/08 1 Bushlea Kenedy 80 Bushlea Farms Leongatha VIC 2 Brunchilli Julian Vita Brunchilli Jerseys Finley NSW 3 Cairnbrae Finalists Daisy 2 AG&JA Carson Irrewillipe East VIC 4 Kings Ville Petunia 46 Rob & Kerrie Anderson Drouin West VIC Class 4 - BWR Machinery Pty Ltd - Heifer, Dry born 01/01/08 to 30/06/08 1 Lara Militia Fernleaf 10 Foleama Jerseys Toolamba VIC 2 Stoneleigh Park RBR Merle Burnett Family Merrigum VIC 3 Brindabella Comerica Dainty SD&JL Sieben Torrumbarry VIC 4 Foleama Excitation Fernleaf 2 Foleama Jerseys Toolamba VIC

14 — JerseyJournal February / March 2010

Pen of 3 class at IDW 2010

Class 5 - CowBank Pty Ltd - Heifer, Dry born 01/07/07 to 31/12/07 1 Homelands Comericas Rose Hentschke & Schutz Invergordon VIC 2 Brunchilli Valiant Tammy Three Creeks Partnership Laceby VIC 3 Stoneleigh Park RGR Belle 3 Burnett Family Merrigum VIC Class 6 - Chemvet Australia Pty Ltd - Heifer, Dry born 01/01/06 to 30/06/07 Place Cow Name Exhibitor Name Town State 1 Homelands Sultans E Silvermine Hentschke & Schutz Invergordon VIC 2 Homelands Deluxe Silvermine 2 Hentschke & Schutz Invergordon VIC Class 7 - Tatura Milk Industries - Cow, Dry born prior to 01/01/06 1 Homelands Extreme Silvermine 4 Hentschke & Schutz Invergordon VIC 2 Miami Centurion Cowslip 112 Philmar Dairy Company Toccumwal NSW 3 Homelands Jace Silvermine 3 Hentschke & Schutz Invergordon VIC Class 8 - Agri-Gene - Heifer, 2yrs in Milk, born 01/07/07 to 30/06/08 1 Jugiong Petunia 5574 W,P,A&E Nicholson & Family Girgarre VIC 2 Bralock Imperial Merle B&K Gavenlock Berry NSW 3 Kaarmona Legion Caprice GC&RG Sprunt Kaarimba VIC

4 Bushlea Senior Fernleaf Bushlea Farms Leongatha VIC Class 9 - Jersey Australia - Heifer, 2 1/2yrs in Milk, born 01/01/07 to 30/06/07 1 Brunchilli Out Priscilla Brunchilli Jerseys Finley NSW 2 Homelands Sleeping Beauty Hentschke & Schutz Invergordon VIC 3 Ardylbar B Jade Emmee AD&WJ Barron Cambooya QLD 4 Gold-Bar Marthas Joy Bluechip Genetics & Gold-Bar Zeerust VIC Class 10 - HeiferMax - Cow, 3yrs in Milk, born 01/07/06 to 31/12/06 1 Riverside Sultans Anthem Riverside Jerseys Nirranda VIC 2 Bushlea Action Fernleaf 2 Bushlea Farms Leongatha VIC 3 Bushlea Action Fernleaf 3 Bushlea Farms Leongatha VIC 4 Brunchilli Remake Robina Brunchilli Jerseys Finley NSW Class 11 - BOS Trading - Cow, Senior 3 in Milk, born 01/01/06 to 30/06/06 1 Bushlea August Iris Bushlea Farms Leongatha VIC 2 Brunchilli SD Shamrock Brunchilli Jerseys Finley NSW 3 Bushlea Ren Fernleaf Bushlea Farms Leongatha VIC 4 Elm Grove Invest Elite Buckley, Oslear & Chesworth Theresa Park NSW Class 12 - World Wide Sires - Cow, 4yrs in Milk, born 01/07/05 to 31/12/05 1 Brunchilli Sambo Eileen 3 Rivendell Jerseys Nowra NSW 2 Ingalala Biestar Jess 2 Hazel Vale Invergordon VIC

3 Elm Grove Darwn Fresh Start Jerseys Invergordon VIC 4 Kaarmona Astound Babe 8 GC&RG Sprunt Kaarimba VIC Class 13 - Murray Dairy / Dairy Australia - Cow, 5yrs in Milk, born 01/07/04 to 30/06/05 1 Willow Dell Fancy 512 Eloora Pastoral Co Deniliquin NSW 2 Kaarmona Parade Babe 2 GC&RG Sprunt Kaarimba VIC 3 Bushlea Conn Maybell Bushlea Farms Leongatha VIC 4 Brookbora Love Lies 509 Robert & Sandra Bacon Tennyson VIC Class 14 - ABS Australia - Cow, 6yrs in Milk, born 01/07/03 to 30/06/04 1 Riverside Renaissance Ivy 2 C&K Couch Nirranda VIC 2 Winsdale Hallmark Fernleaf G,C&C Bawden Drouin VIC 3 Burnside Powers Silverflower Robert Wilson Jamberoo NSW 4 Brunchilli Extreme Rose 2 Patrick Buckley Theresa Park NSW Class 15 – 21st Century Genetics Cow, 7yrs & over in Milk, born prior to 01/07/03 1 Silverlie Stars Lilac Bluechip Genetics & Shirlinn Zeerust VIC 2 Riverside Connect Lady Riverside Jerseys Nirranda VIC 3 Lerida Park Astounds Rosebud 46 Hazel Vale, Frest Start, Homelands Stanhope VIC 4 Anvale B Star Silvermine Dawn Anderson Laertouche VIC Class 16 - The Australian Dairyfarmer - Best Udder 1 Kaarmona Parade Babe 2 GC&RG Sprunt Kaarimba VIC

Class 17 - Goulburn Murray Water Pen of three females owned by the Exhibitor 1 C&K Couch Nirranda VIC 2 Bushlea Farms Leongatha VIC 3 GC&RG Sprunt Kaarimba VIC 4 Hentschke & Schutz Invergordon VIC Class 18 - IVP International - Cow & Daughter or Two Daughters of same Dam Place Exhibitor Name Town State 1 Bushlea Farms Leongatha VIC 2 AG&JA Carson Irrewillipe East VIC ABS Australia - Junior Champion Bushlea Kenedy 80 Bushlea Farms Leongatha VIC Reserve Junior Champion Brunchilli Julian Vita Brunchilli Jerseys Finley NSW Ruralco - Intermediate Champion Riverside Sultans Anthem Riverside Jerseys Nirranda VIC Reserve Intermediate Champion Bushlea August Iris Bushlea Farms Leongatha VIC Semex Australia - Champion Cow Riverside Renaissance Ivy 2 C&K Couch Nirranda VIC Reserve Champion Silverlie Stars Lilac Bluechip Genetics & Shirlinn Zeerust VIC Supreme Champion Jersey Exhibit Riverside Renaissance Ivy 2 C&K Couch Nirranda VIC IDW Premier Breeder – Brunchilli Jerseys, Finley, NSW IDW Premier Exhibitor – Bushlea Farms, Leongatha, VIC

Best vessel champion at IDW with Tim Weller, Findley, NSW, and Alistair Dowie, editor of the Australian Dairyfarmer journal, and judge Brent Walker, Canada.

Reserve champion senior cow at IDW 2010, with judge Brent Walker, Canada, Harley Nicholson, Semex Canada, and handler Joel Kietzman, USA,

Champion Intermediate Cow at IDW with Peter Homann, Ruralco General Manager, judge Brent Walker, Canada, and handler Cameron Thompson, Bracknell, Tasmania

JerseyJournal February / March 2010 —


Brian Leslie with judge Brent Walter

Junior Champion heifer at IDW 2010 with Peter Maxwell, ABS, South Aust, and Cameron Bawden at the halter.


quality so I’m not concerned about building up numbers too fast – I won’t sacrifice quality just to have a few more cows.” Bulls currently used by Brad include Action and Comerica. “I breed for type and usually I find if I do that, good production follows on from there.” While the drought conditions have not really been felt by the mid north coast, the Notleys have had other challenges. “We’ve had the other extreme, with two minor floods last year and a major one in May 2009. It was unreal; we had three floods that year – evenly spaced out. We would just be getting over one, and then we’d get another one!” Brad said. Producers in the area are currently enjoying stable milk prices, and the outlook is currently positive. “Like most dairying areas though, we are finding that more people are leaving the industry than getting into it. Land prices are soaring as well, which makes it hard to get started. We are only 15 minutes from the beach, and it’s becoming a popular area for retirees and people looking for weekenders,” Brad said. “While I would love to eventually have my own farm, I am also conscious of how hard that might be to realise in the future. So I will be going to University of Queensland next year to study a Bachelor of Applied Science (Animal Production). I’m ready to hit the books again, and I think having a degree will benefit me as a farmer, while also providing me with other career options and the ability to travel and work overseas. In addition, I think it is valuable to experience another type of lifestyle, rather than making a life-long commitment to farming at a young age.” “Hopefully, I will get to live on campus and I’ll be able to get home and visit on a regular basis. I know I will miss the farm; it was such an idyllic life as a kid, because there was always something to do, and something happening. I also really enjoyed going to Youth Camps in Victoria and Tamworth, and the Holstein Calf Days were also good fun. You learn a lot and I got to make lots of friends – I would recommend it to all kids to give it a go”. “I have been showing our cows at the local shows for about 6 years, taking a mixed breed team (our Holsteins, Jerseys and Illawarras). We prepare the cows ourselves, and just enjoy it at the local level. We’ve thought about doing the big shows (Sydney and Brisbane) but we haven’t got there yet. Dad’s not really into it, but we have good friends in the area who love to show, and they will probably get him involved after I’ve gone to uni” Brad said. “In 10 years time, I would like to be coming back to the family farm after travelling and working overseas. I’d love to do that in Europe and the USA, and it would be a great to go to the World Dairy Expo and the Winter Fair. Now I’ll just have to study hard and make it happen,” Brad said.

le ofi

P h r t u

Peter Homann, General Manager Ruralco, with judge Brent Walker and leader Matt Templeton, Meeniyan, Vic, with the Reserve Intermediate Champion heifer at IDW 2010.

Brad Notley

By Linda Houghton

Brad’s interest in the Jersey breed began about 8 years ago, when he went to the Wauchope show, and met well-known Jersey breeder Noel Bannon. “I just liked them immediately, there is something about them - they have good natures and are so curious and attentive. I bought a couple of cows at state sales, and got a few from Noel, and just went from there. Today at 19, I own 10 Jerseys and my own stud ‘Flaxmere Jerseys’- which is the name of the family farm as well,’ Brad said. The Notley’s farm is on the mid-north coast of NSW; about 10 minutes drive from Kempsey on the Belmore River. The property is 270 acres, and the family milks approx. 200 cows year-round – 180 of which are Holstein, 10 are Jerseys and 10 Illawarras. “I copped a bit of stirring from Dad about becoming a Jersey breeder, but the facts are in the figures. Our Holsteins average 8,200 litres, and the Jerseys do 6,200 – but when you look at the break-down of the components and value, they are actually level or slightly ahead of the Holsteins overall,” Brad said. Brad selects the AI bulls for his Flaxmere herd carefully. “I’m going for 16 — JerseyJournal February / March 2010

2010 Jersey Showcase Sale Report The old saying “there’s always money around for good cows” was never truer than at this years Jersey Showcase Sale during International Dairyweek. The report of course follows but I can’t just let the fact that this sale produced the highest average ever achieved during the history of Jersey Showcase pass without a mention, congratulations to all vendors and of course to Dairy Livestock Services for the fantastic result.... A huge crowd of dairy enthusiasts bid freely to secure Jerseys of elite breeding at the IDW sale. Sale top of $9,500 was paid for Lot 1, Brunchilli RBR Priscilla,

LOT 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20A 20B 20C 21A 21B 22

- Results -

ENTRY SELLING PRICE Brunchilli RBR Priscilla $9,500 Fleurieu Mellow 18 $3,500 Kaarmona Jurace Arkona 2 EX91 $4,400 Rolma Para Narcissus 26 ET $5,700 5 A Grade Embryos $3,000 Topshelf Jade Veronica ET $7,000 Bushlea Valenan Aelen $2,300 Homelands Comericas Silvermine $3,000 Package of 5 A Grade Embryos $4,000 Wallacedale RBR Ellous $3,750 Brookbora Navara Estelle ET $8,500 Kaddy Black Magnificent 16 $2,600 Boggailla Bambi D4 $1,750 Royal Rocket Chenile 3 $2,900 Windy Ways Signature Dawn ET $2,250 Pick - Kaarmona Action Lily ET 3 or Kaarmona Action Lily ET 5 $2,200 Brunchilli Whiskey Mecca $1,600 Package of 5 A Grade Embryos $5,000 Homelands Sandblast Pattsy $3,250 The Rapid Bay Royal Package - 6 embryos $9,000 The Rapid Bay Royal Package - 5 embryos $7,500 The Rapid Bay Royal Package - 4 embryos $3,200 The Rapid Bay Royal Package - 6 embryos $7,800 The Rapid Bay Royal Package - 5 embryos $5,000 Fleurieu Noble Nancy 87 OUT TOTAL $108,700 AVERAGE $4,529

this 11 month heifer sired by Resurrection and from the EX91, 9371 litre, 2007 IDW Reserve Champion Cow, Brunchilli EV Priscilla, was sold by M&L Boyd of Finley to Warren Davis & Family of Walkah Jerseys, QLD. Next best female price of $8,500 was paid for Brookbora Navara Estelle, this 5 month heifer by the noted Navara is from a maternal sister to ABS Eltan, and was sold by Brookbora Jerseys of the Bacon Family of Tennyson, to Nathan Chilcott of Tasmania. Well known Girgarre (VIC) breeders, W&P Nicholson of Jugiong Jerseys paid $7,000 for the 10 week old heifer calf, Top Shelf Jade Veronica, the granddaughter of Huronia Centurion Veronica EX97 the World Dairy Expo Champion, sold by Lauren Norman of Finley, NSW. Top selling embryo package at $9,000 was paid for the Rapid Bay Canadian entry from Rapid Bay Jade Glitter, a daughter of the EX97 two times Royal Winter Fair Champion, Amedeo Gorgeous, they sold to W Davis of Walkah Jerseys, QLD. The Shirlinn herd at Tamworth, NSW paid $7,800 for a package of embryos from the VG88

Hailey Boyd, Nowra, NSW with the Bruchilli lot 1 heifer sold for $9,500 to Warren Davies, Lockleys, Qld, at IDW 2010

JerseyJournal February / March 2010 —17

Jersey Showcase Sale Report (continued) daughter of Rapid Bay Whistlers Rumour EX95, while A&J Carson of Irrewillippe, VIC paid $7,500 for a package of embryos from Rapid Bay Jace Carlie by Action.

Selling agents Dairy Livestock Services report 24 Jersey Lots averaging $4,529. Buyers came from Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania.

Nathan and Amanda Chilcott, Riverview Jersey Stud, Montana, Tas, with lot 11 they paid $8500 for, with vendors Sandra and Robert Bacon, Tennyson, Vic,at IDW 2010.

Jon Pearce, Tallygaroopna, Vic with Anthony Ball, Malanda, Qld and Patrick Nicholson, Girgarre, Vic and lot 6 sold for $7,500 at IDW 2010 sale, held by Lauren Norman, Finley , NSW.

Jersey Australia (Qld) presents the


Friday 16th April 2010 Commencing @ 7:00pm Dairy Cattle Pavilion Heritage Toowoomba Royal Show Jerseys (15th – 17th April 2010) Thursday Friday Saturday

8:30am 9:00am 7:00pm 9:00am

Jersey Judging Supremes Sale Young Judges & Paraders

are the Feature Breed of the show

The sale is the highlight of the Celebration of the 150th Year of the Royal Agricultural Society of Queensland 1860 – 2010 Sale Agents – Elders Toowoomba For More Information: Jersey Australia Queensland Secretary: Diane Reeves (07) 5485 4585 Toowoomba Show Jersey Breed Reps: Steve & Jenny McCarthy (07) 4697 2172 Toowoomba Showgrounds (07) 4634 7400 Elders Toowoomba Office (07) 4690 7777 Darren Hartwig 0428 736 470

18 — JerseyJournal February / March 2010




Charles & Carolyn Smith 80 Rathbone Road St Germains 3620 03 5826 0325

Lynton and Lisa, Toni, Gavin and Cassie Broad

Brookbora Jerseys


388 Johnson Road, LOCKINGTON 3563 03 5486 2624 042786 2624

Robert and Sandra Bacon Tennyson Vic 3572 03 5488 2323 0429 333 119

NDJBC On Farm Challenge results

2004. Jnr Champion & 5th Great Southern Final 4th @ 3yrs. 3rd @ 4 yrs. 2nd @ 5yrs. 1st @ 6 yrs & 0ver

Bercar Jersey Stud Bernie and Carol McManus 252 Bamawm Rd Bamawm. 3561 Ph. 03-54832245 e-mail


5309 210 BF 208 Ptn 5943 261 225 6846 308 259 6758 294 255 6348 274 264 Joined to Lester

N R & J M McDonald 715 Andrews Rd Kyabram 3620 Ph: 03 5855 2516 0428 992 450

Jimann Berretta Roxanne. Exc 93. STP 7

SHENSTONE JERSEY STUD Gordon & Lyn Emmett 12 Curr Rd Stanhope 03 5857 2629 .....breeding since 1930

Utopia Jerseys Jared & Courtney Ireland 53 Hewlett Lane, Locklngton. 03-54862694 I 042765765

Silhouette Jerseys Richard & Ann Worboys Echuca Mitiamo Rd • Kotta 03 5483 7500

Trevor and Julie Campbell. 286 Lowe Rd. Rochester 3561 Phone: (03) 5484 1624.

Dalbora Genetics Robert & Sandra Bacon Daryl & Maria Collins Tennyson Vic 3572 0427 882 227 0429 333 119

Gailee Jerseys

Curr Rd Girgarre 3624 Ph/fax 03 5854 6393 Pat 03 5854 6513

Norm & Dawn Stone 489 Hill Rd Stanhope 03 5857 2399

Rockleigh Park Jerseys

Lincolndell Jerseys

Nicholson Family

Collins Family 3710 McColl Rd Rochester 3561 Ph/Fax 03 5486 5393

Bryan & Lee Rushton 79 Brooks Rd Rochester 3861 03 5484 1551

Bill, Kaye and Andrew Cochrane 836 Hansen Rd, Bamawm, 3561 03 5486 5474


Sybilgrove & Summer Spirit Jerseys

Benlock Jersey Stud

Craigielea Jerseys

Stewart Mancer 2/1 Moama Court, Moama Ph: 0429 88 22 01

Northern District

Jersey Breeders Club

Ron and Val Read & Family 167 Panoo Road Lockington 3563 President: Bill Cochrane Secretary: Lisa Broad

JerseyJournal February / March 2010 — 19

Colac &Districts Jersey Breeders The Colac and District Jersey Breeders Club celebrated their 60th Anniversary at Yeowarra Winery recently .Whilst it is easy to think of a few 60 year olds that aren’t what you’d call ‘old’, Bob Melross emphasised the significance more than any one when he asked who among us would be here for the next 2070! The evening kicked off as club President Simon Reid welcomed everyone to the night and called on JA President Trevor Saunders to the podium. Although a task he openly acknowledges he does not enjoy, Trevor still managed to capture the essence of what keeps a club going , identifying its true value to both Jersey Australia and the farming community. A sentiment repeated by other speakers. The audience then had the pleasure of welcoming Mrs Anne Mercer. It was the highlight of the night as Anne was unaware she was soon to be awarded a Life Membership for her contribution to the Club. Anne took over the Secretarial reins from husband Peter (whom she had assisted during his term aswell) in 1957, and remained Secretary for 20 consecutive years. She said it had been one of the most enjoyable

20 — JerseyJournal February / March 2010

positions she had ever held. Fellow Life Member Mr Bob Melross presented Anne with her award. Bob also spoke to the gathering, describing Club activities dating back to his first involvement with the Club almost 55 years ago. Bob is still a regular at Club farm walks and social gatherings with wife Thea, despite now residing in Geelong. Before making Anne’s presentation, he was candid in his comments lamenting the Jersey Breeds reluctance to embrace artificial breeding in those early days. He said it had been a missed opportunity to respond to the change in the milk payment structure which had then suited the Friesian breed better. Some Club history then reappeared on the big scene as present club Secretary Kerry McGarvie showed some video clips that had some of the men squirming in their seats… although that soon turned to laughter . The clips included last years Federal and Victorian AGMs promotional clip and then on to another AGM, held 17 years ago. The contrast in style was striking to say the least. However the theme remained the same –have a good time!

Club celebrates 60 years The secretly planned return of the ‘JERSETTES’ (Herb Golden, Ted Codling, and Jim and Alan Carson ) caught all but the privy wives by surprise. The laughter loud, but probably not quite as loud as would have been heard on that first night in Lorne when the then match fit work hardened physiques of the four men were seen up front and centre stage in pink tights and ballerina tu tu’s. Unfortunately the footage was too old to reliably identify the victims of sloppy kisses as a couple of the ‘girls’ went AWAL and into the crowd , though I believe one of them may have been Mr Keith Kuhne. There was an appearance also by Mr Robert Poole, then working for AJBS, who attempted to sing the Collingwood Football Club song, but was met with the usual amount of respect held for Pie fans. He was unable to complete his performance however, as his microphone was kidnapped during the second verse. The night was completed when Life member Herb Golden and his wife Beryl (who’s husband Jim had

been a founding member of the Club before his death) cut the Anniversary cake. The cake had arrived from the bakers with an ‘E’ missing in Jersey, but the mood was so jovial no one seem to mind!

Many Thanks to all those that attended, including other past office bearers and guests- Graeme and Glenys McNabb, John and Helen Reid, and guests Bob and Lyn Gilmour, Alan and Isabel Chant and JA guests Trevor and Anthea Saunders, Ian and Joy Richards and Scott and Tania Joynson. And of course to all our regular members for coming along and making it a terrific night.

JerseyJournal February / March 2010 — 21

LETTER TO THE EDITOR Dear Sir What happens when you give a party and nobody turns up? Well, it seems that plan B is implemented.

The Ed itor Austra lian Je rsey Jo P O Bo urnal x 292 ASCO T VALE VIC 30 32

I had hoped that a Jersey presence at Bungendore’s annual show on 31 January 2010 would make an impact and provide an interesting example of the value Jerseys make to the economy - the cows themselves hold a special place in many a heart (“we used to milk a Jersey when we were young”), the products (milk, cream, butter, yoghurt, icecream, meat and hides), the implements (portable milking machines, separators, butter churns and calf feeders) and of course the semen companies. These aspects are as relevant now as they were when, in times past, the Jersey was known as ‘the poor man’s cow’ but now self-sufficiency and a desire to produce local, ‘slow food’ has seen a resergence of interest in what the people can do themselves and central to that desire, I believe, is the Jersey house cow. Despite extensive advertising and promotion the response was a deafening silence. There are a 101 reasons or excuses why Bungendore is not on


Jersey Australia is seeking ‘Expressions of Interest’ from its members to join the 2010 Trade Mission to Albania. The Trade Mission will enable Australian Jersey Genetics to be promoted at the World Jersey Cattle Bureau Council Meetings and take advantage of an international audience that will include breeders from all major dairying countries. Trade Mission will begin May 30th 2010 in Tirana, capital Albania and conclude with herd visits in Athens Tuesday 8th June. Delegates will depart for Australia Wednesday 9th June 2010. Complete itinerary and prices are pending and you will have the ability to pick and choose from various tour modules to fit your schedule! Please save the dates – In the meantime please contact Jersey House and record your interest: Jersey Australia Po Box 292 3032. Tel: (03)93709105 email:

22 — JerseyJournal February / March 2010

the Jersey show circuit but one good reason why it should be - the promotion of the Jersey breed.

Plan B involved buying a dozen rope halters from O’Dea’s saddlery and teaching my stock to halter and lead (I should have included lessons in floating as well) and taking six of the most likely to the show on the day. I was well supported by the Show Society with a pavilion for the stock and a ‘members’ tent for my helpers and visitors (and people who just wanted to sit in the shade). The response was most encouraging. As a static display we were able to “talk Jersey” and explain the benefits of the breed and make contact with those looking for cows or calves - some were pleased to know that there was a local source, some were unaware that Jerseys still existed and others just wanted to reminisce. Perhaps plan B becomes plan A for next year but if Jerseys are to make a return to the show ring at Bungendore I will need your support. Sincerely, David Odell, Wodhul Jerseys

1st Stage Complete Dispersal Sale Warrawee Park Jerseys Wednesday 31st March at 11.00am on property Echuca Road, Mooroopna North A/C Warren & Judy Hicks


Excellent Autumn – Winter calving Jerseys 71 Superb Cows - 27 2 ½ yo Heifers


Established 36 years features many of the Breeds Best and Deepest Pedigrees. Truly a fabulous Jersey Herd Also selling elite hard to get semen – see catalogue. Catalogues available – Please contact DLS office on 03 9338 9259. Vendors: Warren & Judy Hicks 0358 290381 Terms are cash or cheque on day of Sale or settlement by your Agents – Letter of Introductions MUST be provided. Brian Leslie 0418 365934 Lee Hamilton 0418 352366 Lawrie Flanagan 0418 570773


GREAT SOUTHERN CHALLENGE Jersey Australia President Trevor Saunders and judge Les Bennet (far right) presents Adam & Paul Lenehan with Great Southern Champion Cow & Supreme Jersey awards.

Les Bennett scoring stature in the Almervista herd during the Great Southern Challenge judging. Noeda Mayfair 143 Champion Cow and Supreme Jersey

This year’s supreme champion dairy cow in the Semex-Jersey Australia Great Southern On-Farm Challenge has turned into an inexpensive buy for her owners, Paul, Lynette and Adam Lenehan (feature article in the December/January Jersey Journal). Noeda Mayfair 143, owned by the Lenehan partnership at Crossley, joined the family’s 370-cow (260 Jersey/110Holstein) Murray Brook herd 18 months ago. She was included in a line of 24 animals they bought for $900 per cow from John Eckermann, at Narrung, in South Australia. It now looks like a supreme bargain after Mayfair triumphed in a competition that included 1400 cows from 11 different subbranches and three states. The On-Farm contest is the biggest for Jersey cattle in the southern hemisphere, reaching across Victoria, South Australia and into Tasmania for its champions, which are judged on-farm without preparation. Entries are initially refined into finalists by regional judges before a single over-judge decides the ultimate champions. The Lenehans, who used genetic recovery in 2000 to register their herd, always keep their eyes open for opportunities to buy registered animals. Mayfair 143 and some of her herd mates became available only after the Eckermanns faced water challenges from Lake Meningie. When she arrived at the Lenehans farm she had been milking 12 months, she was not in-calf and she was classified 84 points. She joined a herd that has been a Platinum Production Award winner for the last two seasons, averaging (on its Jerseys) 6685 litres with 267Kg protein and 317Kg fat. The Lenehans bred her using AI and then ran her with the bull.

They thought she had held to the AI service and they decided to carry her over because she “wasn’t a bad sort.” She calved this season to their homebred bull. “If I’d known she missed the AI date we may not have held on to her,” Paul said. Since then Mayfair 143 has not missed a beat, producing 33.1 litres at her last herd test with a 3.9% protein and 5.3% fat (3.7Kg Milk Solids) with a PI (in the Jersey herd) of 108. The five-yearold is now classified 92 points and she has the distinction of giving her owners their first Great Southern class and supreme championship win. She came out of the Western Districts subbranch, which was the most successful branch of the competition in only its second year competing under its own entity. “It was really a thrill,” Paul said. “Just to win our local competition was fantastic because it’s really a tough area to win in. We were hoping to get somewhere, but champion cow was a huge surprise.” Mayfair 143 is safely in-calf and she will be flushed next year. The competition’s state over-judge was Jersey Australia’s classifier Les Bennett, who described her as “handmade” for the on-farm competition. “She has strength and dairyness right through and she scores above average in every trait, with maximum points in a couple of traits,” he said. “She’s got depth and spring of rib. She’s good underneath. She’s extremely good on her feet for an aged cow and she has an exceptionally good foreudder. It’s welded on. She is just a terrific cow.” The two-year-old champion Merseybank Elton Claire, owned by JerseyJournal February / March 2010 —


Geoff and Anne Heazlewood, at Latrobe, in Tasmania, gave the couple, who have been finalists many times, their first champion. It was also the class that Les said he would never forget for its impact and the potential of the entrants. Their heifer, sired by Cairnbrae Jace Elton, is PIing at 121. In 277 days continuing she has produced 6123 litres, 217Kg protein and 266Kg fat. She is out of an 88-point Berretta dam. Geoff and Anne have a yearling full sister to Claire. Elton Claire was one of the monsters of the competition (for age), standing at 53 inches. “We’ve been a finalist in at least one class every year, but this is the first one we’ve ever won,” Geoff said. Geoff ’s wife, Anne, said it was gratifying to have a Tasmanian entry make the final and to win. Les described his two-year-old winner as a massive heifer. “For her to be this big and still hold her dairyness shows how good she is. She has wonderful width through her rump with a shallow udder and strong ligament. This was an outstanding heifer.” The three-year-old champion was the second to emerge from the Western Districts. Riverside Sultan Anthem, sired by Semex Jersey sire SHF Centurion Sultan, is owned by Corey and Karin Couch, of Riverside Jerseys, who are well-known to the Jersey fraternity. She is the result of Corey travelling to the US in 2005 and returning home with embryos. Anthem’s 93-point dam is out of the 95-point MBSB Anthem, who won the US production Jersey Jug. Anthem peaked in the 200-head Riverside herd this season at more than 40 litres with a PI of 115. “We look forward to the On-Farm competition every year,” Corey said. “It all came together this year and our good cows were calved in time. Other years they have been too early or too late. We were also lucky that both judges liked our sort of cows.”

Riverside also won reserve champion in the four-year-old class with a three-quarter sister to the proven bull Spiritual. Corey said they were proud of Riverside Action Sharna’s family because it was one of their own, it featured production and high components and it was breeding on. The four-year-old winner, Kingsville BP Bell 11, is an EX91 thirdcalver from Rob and Kerrie Anderson’s Drouin West herd. Her pedigree features a direct line back to the great Duncan Belle via her Astound dam (x Kahn x Brook x Barbados x Duncan Belle). Bell came out of the Central Gippsland competition that featured 209 entries. She has been shown once this year at the Warragul Jersey Fair, winning champion cow. “It is always nice to attend the finals luncheon,” Rob said. “We’re happy to finish in the top four and to win is a real buzz. It was nice to see Bell looking so well on the video at the presentation – she was in her wedding clothes that day.” Les agreed. “When you see the body depth and then you get to that tremendous rear udder with that ligament there is no doubting that this is a terrific young cow. Even though there were some taller cows I was really happy when I finished the class and she pointed out on top.” Semex’s Jim Conroy said the competition, which culminated with a finals luncheon at Witchmount Estate Winery, at Rockbank in Victoria, was a wonderful way to celebrate the breed. “This competition is completely integrated right from the top to the bottom all the way across South East Australia,” Jim said. “If we didn’t have the complete support and camaraderie of the people at the club level, the judges, the exhibitors and our team at Semex it wouldn’t happen. We really appreciate the effort that everyone puts in.”

Stu Mackie Semex Australia and Judge Les Bennet present Rob & Kerrie Anderson with the Great Southern Champion 4yr Old awards.

Peter Dickson Semex Australia presents Karin & Corey Couch with the awards for Great Southern Champion 3yr Old.

Kingsville BP Bell - 1st 4 years

24 — JerseyJournal February / March 2010

Riverside Sultan Anthem - 1st 3 years

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JerseyJournal February / March 2010 — 25

Results. CHAMPION COW: P & A Lenehan Noeda Mayfair 143 D & R Hallyburton Camo Patsy R G & G Baker Glenarron Audrey 50 D & E Hourigan Darrynvale Bharmas Favour 6 C M, L & M Wallace Wallacedale Aurora Maiden Dawn Anderson Anvale B Star Silvermine J & K Sykes Monvale Star Dulcie 3 R & S Bacon Brookbora Lovelies 509 M J & B J Flemming Philmar Adonis Julie G S & S C Thorn Fleurieu Mellow 8 R & J Salter Valtra General Candice CHAMPION 4YR OLD R & K Anderson Kings Ville BP Belle 11 C & K Couch Riverside Action Sharna S & H Bruns Ramaya Astounding Patty J & J Bilney Grandridge Davenport J, G & O Carson Glenbrae Sabers Girlie C & N Bacon Conarco Tinkerbell GR M & P Flemming Miami Sambo Girlie 10 Stewart Family Stewartdale Cuntry 1813 Petal T & B Edwards Mikandan Jaces Elizabeth 896 G & A Heazlewood Merseybank Country Rave R & H &G Akers Loxleigh Astound Amanda CHAMPION 3YR OLD C & K Couch Riverside Sultan Anthem D & E Hourigan Darrynvale Whiskeys Josephine Bushlea Farms Bushlea August Iris G S & S C Thorn Fleurieu Golden Lassie 180 C M, L M Wallace Wallacedale Actions Primrose

Points 810 803 795 784 781 778 773 772 769 757 729 789 777 775 774 773 770 768 755 738 737 736 798 781 774 773 771

M & P Flemming Miami Whisky Lass 5th 767 Roger Heath Wanstead Lester Ivette 764 T & J Campbell Jimann Miss Misty Morn 762 L Hamilton Waianiwa Lovelies 760 G & A Heazlewood Merseybank Fabulous Benefit 748 S & H Bruns Ramaya Brookbi Penci 731 CHAMPION 2YR OLD G & A Heazlewood Merseybank Eltons Claire 797 C M, L M Wallace Wallacedale Badgers Melaine 2 794 A & J Carson Cairnbrae Ressurection Daisy 792 Nicholson Family Jugiong Petunia 5574 788 C & K Couch Riverside Bralock Brentwood Merle 783 G & J Fleming Invergelly Bomber Bunty 148 782 AJ, MA & KE York Almervista Taranak Shirley 765 T & B Edwards Mikandan Actions 989 762 P Hentschke & W Schutz Homelands Sleeping Beauty 754 SR, LP & BK Manuel Bellview Legion Joy 739 S & H Bruns Ramaya Badger Janyl 730 BAKER ~ FARRELL MOST SUCCESSFUL CLUB Western District JBC 3168 Colac & Districts JBC 3132 South Gippsland JBC 3123 Central Gippsland JBC 3103 Northern Districts JBC 3092 Southern Riverina JBC 3086 North Eastern JBC 3065 Tasmania 3055 Goulburn Murray JBC 3045 South Australia 3024 Murray Valley JBC 2965

Merseybank EltonClaire - 1st 2 years

Jim Conroy Semex Australia presents Geoff Heazlewood with the trophy for Great Southern Champion 2yr Old Peter Dickson Semex Australia presents David & Raelene Hallyburton with Great Southern Challenge Reserve Champion Cow awards.

26 — JerseyJournal February / March 2010


Stanley Claude Walker 25/6/1923 ~ 24/9/2009

Stan Walker was born in Swan Hill where his father was a Blacksmith and coach maker. In his early years (1930s-40s) he was known as the “milko” in Swan Hill. Stan married Audrey Keith in 1951 and had 3 children: Leslie, Stephen and Peter (died 2002). In the 1950s he relocated to Katandra then in the 1960’s to Bunbartha, which was sold in 2004. Jersey cows Stan judged at Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne Royal Shows as well as in New Zealand and on Jersey Island. Stan was always eager to Import the best; early on he imported cattle from the Tolgarth Stud in NZ (most notable being Tolgarth Illusion, Tolgarth Elwise, and bull Tolgarth Illuminator). He also imported cattle from Tarnhowe, Big Hollow and Merriland amongst other studs in New Zealand. Most noteable of these would be Merriland Opals Ideal, Merriland Stylish Peace, Merriland Stylish Link, Merriland Lady Lynette, Merriland Ideal Ngaire, Merriland Silver Dele. Lamorna Designs Darnley. All these animals were rich in the blood of Brampton Dreaming Sam and Kevilor Sameen (NZ cow of the century). The Warwick stud was regularly amongst the top production jersey herds every year and had cows producing to over 7,000 litres in the 1970s. Warwick annual sales were a regular must see event for many and the catalogue was distributed for a number of years as an insert in the Jersey journal, with cattle selling to every Australian state. Stan also sold cattle for record prices:- some of the records broken by the Warwick stud are Australasian all breeds record 1980 for cow $14,000 Merriland Ideal Ngaire, Australasian record (1981) $34,000 Warwick Daisy Lee, Yearling bull $13,000 Warwick Prince Daimler. Stan was a Life member of the AJBS since 1985, serving many years on the Victorian Committee (1965-1980s) and as a classifier (1970s-1980s). He was also a life member of the Goulburn Murray Jersey breeders Club. He served for many years on the Shepparton Agricultural Society dairy cattle committee and was an instigator in getting the National Dairy Show up and running.

Stan believed in moderation in everything and was a firm believer in “the harder I work the luckier I get”. He was well respected as a breeder of top class Jersey cows and Standard bred horses and a mentor to many breeders of both. Stan showed jerseys at Melbourne Royal show for 50 years, Warwick had considerable success showing cattle They had Champion Bull in Melb 1948 & 49 Bellavista Signalman Royal (imp.Canada), Champion cow 49 Tolgarth Illusion (imp NZ), Res Heifer 72, Res Cow 75 with Warwick Elwise 27, Champion cow & Res Melb 76 Merriland Ideal Ngaire (imp NZ) & Warwick Elwise 27 (1st exhibitor to win the double since 1962). Champion Cow 77 Merriland Ideal Helen (imp NZ), Res cow 78 Merriland Ideal Ngaire (imp NZ).Champion Hfr 78 Warwick Meteors Ileen. At Shepparton National Show he had incredible success through the 70’s including great success with the 3 generations of the Elwise Family Elwise 27, Designs Elwise & Follys Elwise. Champion Cow 71, 72, 74 & 77 all with Merriland Stylish Peace (imp. NZ), Champion Cow & All Breeds Warwick Elwise 27 in 1975, Champion Cow 76 with Merriland Ideal Ngaire (imp NZ), Champion Dairy Cow All Breeds Warwick Designs Elwise in 77. Sales were always great at Warwick. 1980 av $3,715 Record top Ngaire $14,000. 81 Record top & still stands today for Jersey $34,000 Warwick Daisy Lee. 82 Sale av record $4476, also a record for a Bull Warwick Prince Daimler $13,000, although not a record the same day saw Merriland Silver Dele (6yo) sell for $20,000. It is also worth noting that Warwick also had Champion Herd test Holstein cow in 1943 with Warwick Maggie Woodcrest. Standard bred Horses Stan bred over 200 winners from his own mares and was involved in devising breeding programs until 3 days before his death . He imported sires from the US. Stan received 2 awards for distinguished service to the Harness racing industry. Stan died of Pancreatic cancer on 24th September 2009 after being diagnosed in July Funeral was attended by many Jersey breeders and harness racing enthusiasts. JerseyJournal February / March 2010 —


OFFICE MATTERS By Office Manager Lorraine Keating

Happy New Year and it’s already February Well all the LTE’s and Classifications are done and have been transmitted to ADHIS. This is the earliest we have ever achieved this so a special thanks to all concerned. • Alan Carson, Chief Classifier, and a speed demon at organising tours and completing his own. Alan’s dedication and energy are to be congratulated as it is not only at official Classification times that he is involved, it is a year round commitment. I must add that is handy if you can talk and understand shorthand with him about the place. • Classifiers Lisa Broad (ladies first!), Jeff Parker, Roger Heath, Brendon Nicholson, Les Bennett, Darrin Grevett, Peter Ness, & Trevor Campbell. These people leave their families and farms and travel many miles to deliver a professional service to Jersey Breeders. They also are quick to jump in and help when we need to “mop-up” areas that have already been done, and do it

with barely a murmur. Lest you think they are all angels though, I must tell you there have been threats of damage to equipment on occasion – the Palm Pilots have escaped being thrown against a wall, in the dam, out the car window etc. although one was “accidentally” dropped into a water trough (New ones are waterproof – HAH!). And as for the (extremely) rare occasions when I forget to put something into their Classifier Cases (Class Books, Paper, Printer Cartridges etc.) not a harsh word is spoken (although, come to think of it, their voices do get a little strained, and there are some unexplained silences on the end of the phone, and quite a bit of sighing goes on). • Finally to the ladies in the office. This year we didn’t use the Palm Pilots because they were too unstable and the new ones hadn’t arrived, so Class Books it was. Jenny (fastest fingers in the East) came in on extra days and worked frantically to input the Class Data –

she was heard toward the end to bemoan the fact that Jerseys were far too productive for her liking and should calve less! Cathy (our calming influence when things get really turbulent) held the fort, fielding phone calls, answering queries, doggedly processing registrations and PT Rebates, and advising “now just take a break” when tears and tantrums threatened. AAAHHH, another Class over. Sweet sanity returns and all is well with the world - until next time. Catch ya’ Lorraine

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28 — JerseyJournal February / March 2010



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