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Supreme Champion Jersey Cow and All Breeds Supreme Champion Royal Adelaide 2008

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October/November 2008




 

                          

  

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behindthescenes Definitely a busy time for our national office as we begin the new process of accepting memberships and registrations directly – one set of fees no matter where you live in Australia. A gentle reminder at this stage, please do make cheques payable to Jersey Australia. At time of writing this ramble national registrations were approximately 250 up on last year’s numbers which is a relief as 2007 was the lowest national total for at least five years. Our national office needs your patronage and we are determined to help make the registration process as painless for you as possible. Please contact Lorraine and ask about catching up on registrations via your herd test DIF files – we do the bulk of the paperwork for you. Classification applications have now been received

and again we are pleased to see a slight increase on last year’s figures. Classification Convener Alan Carson and the Jersey Australia Board of Management are set to meet with AB Companies to discuss ways that companies can have more involvement in setting 2yr old LTE tours. It is hoped that the AB Companies involvement will improve the amount of LTE daughters assessed. Experience shows that PT herds are less likely to ignore a request for keeping animals back for LTE assesment when the AB Company who sold them the PT semen becomes involved. Membership classification tours will begin mid October with combined LTE and member classification tours kicking off from the second week of November.

(L-R) Geoff Heazlewood, Noel Furze, Chris MacKenzie, Trevor Saunders, Troy Mauger, Don Fry, Milton Johnston, Peter Ness, Graham Hoey and Jeff Parker.

Jersey Australia Board Members PRESIDENT: Trevor Saunders 495 Araluen Rd, Yarragon 3823 Telephone: (03) 5626 6373 VICE PRESIDENT: Milton Johnston 118 Edinburgh Drive, Taree, NSW 2430 Telephone: (02) 6552 5915 SECRETARY: Scott Joynson PO Box 292, Ascot Vale,Vic 3032 Telephone: (03) 9370 9105 HON.TREASURER: Peter Ness PO Box 93, Mt Compass, SA 5210 Telephone: (08) 8556 8270

2 Graham Hoey 77 Warner Street, Warwick QLD 4370 Telephone: (07) 4661 4157

Jeff Parker 142 Moy Pocket Rd Kenilworth Qld 4574 Telephone: (07) 5466 0389

Don Fry Mitchell Rd, Benger, WA Telephone: (08) 9726 9226

Chris MacKenzie RMB 5460 Timboon Victoria 3268 Telephone: (03)559 87222

Geoff Heazlewood PO Box 87 Latrobe 7307 Telephone: (03) 6426 1169

Troy Mauger The Willows Willawa Rd Jerilderie NSW 2716 Telephone: (03) 5885 9294

Noel Furze “Holmecotte” Rmb 2015, Huon 3695 Telephone: (02) 6027 3603

— JerseyJournal October/November 2008

AJBS Website:

The newly elected Jersey Australia Board of Management met for the first time in late September and considering the full agenda it was amazing that all business was covered in one busy day. Trevor Saunders was elected Jersey Australia President, Milton Johnston Senior Vice President, Jeff Parker Junior Vice President and Peter Ness was reinstated as Treasurer. The Board then set three official subcommittees being Finance &

Administration, Breed Development and Promotion. It is through these three subcommittees where specific projects or issues will be researched and presented to the full Board for approval. Jersey Australia had been working on the idea of one national Public Liability Insurance policy to cover Jersey Australia Board, states, staff, classifiers and regional cattle clubs. Ray Maxwell of CGU Insurance has created a renewed policy that will cover our organisation nationally; however Jersey Australia will need to show

legal evidence that cattle clubs are affiliated with the national office. The Jersey Australia Board has moved to invoice states and cattle clubs an ‘affiliation fee’ of $10. By paying this fee and providing a list of events your club or state runs annually you will be included under the national policy and enjoy upto$20 Million Public Liability insurance cover. Contact the office for more details. The Board voted to take over the Jersey Calendar and Jersey Marketing Service while a decision on the Young Guns project begun by the previous Victorian Branch was delayed to a future meeting. At the completion of the formal meeting the Chairman Mr Saunders called forward new Board Member Geoff Heazlewood who was presented with a Distinguished Service award for nearly two decades service as a Classifier. Mr Saunders hoped that the commitment shown by Mr Heazlewood to classification would be an indication of his enthusiasm to serve as a Jersey Australian Board Member. The Jersey Australia Board intends to meet face to face quarterly with the next meeting scheduled for Tuesday 9th December at Jersey House. A final note regarding the World Jersey Cattle Bureau 18th Conference Journal, copies are now available from Jersey Office at $15 including

Ice cream for a beautiful skin or anti-aging yoghurt?

Innovation prize boosts dairy manufacturing horizons Novel dairy foods, functional foods, sustainability and process improvements are some of the exciting areas that could be explored by the recipient of the 2009 Innovation in Dairy Manufacturing Award. This inaugural Dairy Australia Award offers an innovation grant of $20,000 and an award certificate. People currently working in the dairy food manufacturing sector or in industry-related manufacturing, research or innovation are encouraged to apply. Dairy Australia’s Program Manager – Dairy Product Innovation – Dr Mani Iyer, said that the award

By Sue Webster offered an opportunity to bring innovation to dairy manufacturing in both domestic and overseas markets. “This might provide the Australian dairy industry with a chance to learn from what others are doing overseas,” he said. “Applications could include any aspect of dairy manufacturing, from process or quality improvement to new product development.” The grant may be used to initiate or progress manufacturing research, or to travel overseas to study a specific product or process that presents an opportunity for progressing innovation in the Australian dairy industry.

Recipients of the award are expected to share outcomes and learnings with the wider industry on completion of the project. “The award supports and encourages new ideas for industry innovation and broadens the skills of the recipient, while also benefiting the entire dairy industry through sharing information on innovation,” Dr Iyer said. “Dairy Australia is investing in the skills of tomorrow’s food innovators to make a better future for dairy.” Full details on the 2009 Innovation in Dairy Manufacturing Award can be found on the Dairy Australia website: www.dairyaustralia.

JerseyJournal October/November 2008 —


Changing Times for Willow Dell By Linda Houghton

(L-R) Steven Waters holds his youngest Angus with John & Esther at the halter. Ronan and Charlie Waters in front of Willow Dell Fancy 512.

One of the most vivid memories from John Waters’ childhood is that of seeing a DC3 aircraft landing at Melbourne’s Essendon airport in 1947. On board were 45 cows, a bull and a dog – which was the first load of several that would be flown across Bass Strait to Victoria, from the family farm in Tasmania. “I was only 9 at the time, and I can remember that my father tried to get them across by ship, but there weren’t any available straight after World War 2, so he arranged for them to be flown over, which I think was the first time in Australia that cattle travelled by air “ John said. John’s family used to farm a property near Stanley in North Western corner of Tasmania but John’s father Graeme, wanted to amongst the Jersey action in Victoria. After the cattle touched down in Melbourne, they were trucked to the new property at Girgarre in northern Victoria. Graeme and the family worked on this farm up until Christmas 1949 then the family moved to Echuca where they farmed for a further five years. From 1955, Willow Dell Stud has been operating at Deniliquin NSW, and today runs 640 head, with 500 Jerseys and the balance cross bred. John and wife Esther took over the property and raised a family of four children, with one of their sons, Steven, working the family farm with his parents. Steven and wife Fiona now have their own family of three boys, and the extended family provides most of the farm labour, with a fulltime worker recently let go due to the impact of the dry conditions. The drought has bitten hard in the Deniliquin region. “Two years ago we bought the property next door, with the plan to increase the milking herd – but the ongoing drought has changed not only those plans, but also how we manage our herd and operate our entire business. For the first time last year we experienced failed wheat crops, which we then chopped up to use on the feedlot. We also bought in silage, and while we have always had a ‘bit of green’ to feed the cows, the underground water levels are dropping”. “The spear point and pump irrigation that we used to top-up the normal rainfall has now run dry – I can


— JerseyJournal October/November 2008

remember how high the water table was back in the 1970’s – it’s nowhere near that now. Last autumn we bought 70ML of temporary water to grow 100 acres of winter pasture and wedge tail wheat for the feed-pad, and luckily there was a bit of rain to keep it growing”. “With the price of temporary water now running at around $500 per ML, we just can’t afford to buy more this year, while still paying for a permanent water allocation that we won’t get – it’s crazy” John said. “However, regardless of the dry conditions, we always try to buy the best quality hay and silage that we can afford, as we have seen the benefits of using top quality feed. Over the years we have used consultants with good results, and I have learnt that you will recoup the benefits in production if you feed the herd top quality rations” John said. The Willow Dell dairy is a 10 double-up herringbone with cup removers. “We had planned to upgrade and expand the dairy along with connecting the two properties – but that didn’t happen due to the drought. We milk twice per day, with each milking taking around 31/2 hours each time. It’s a long time to spend on your feet on a concrete floor, so we make sure to take regular breaks!” John said. “We find that split calving the herd in spring and autumn works well for us to maximise factory bonuses, and also to pick-up those cows that didn’t go in calf the first time” John said. The Willow Dell breeding program never strays to far from the words of wisdom from John’s father. “We have always done well by sticking to the old method of breeding, feeding and weeding – breeding the right type of cow is essential. John’s father imported a bull from the USA ‘Advancer Commander Wonderful’. “He was the foundation of the Willow Dell herd, and we used to sell a lot of young bulls from him to other breeders in the area. A big thrill in 1970 was winning Champion Cow at the Melbourne Show, with Willow Dell Crystal 8th”.” John said. Travel has always been on the agenda for John and Esther over the years, with a trip to Canada in 1996. “We

saw some Holstein and Jersey studs, in particular Valley Stream and Bridon, the top production herds in Canada at the time. Valley Stream bred Juno, who would go on to be an AI bull. We also enjoy travelling locally to Victorian and NSW breeder sales when we can – they are always interesting, and we have particularly liked those we have attended in the Taree, Bega and Camden areas” John said. “In 2001 we went to the USA to attend the big show and sale at Louisville, and then onto Canada to see more Jersey studs. At the time, the exchange rate for our Aussie dollar was terrible – it was buying about .50 US cents, which pegged us back a fair bit!” John said. “In the past couple of years we have used ‘Dunkirk’, ‘Sabre’, ‘Futurity’, ‘Carrier’ and ‘Militia’ with good results. Back in the 1980’s and 90’s, you could see it was going to take a while to see the benefits of better genetics – and it’s happening now. “A great bull we used in the 90’s was the Canadian – ‘Juno’. After a break from the show ring the Water’s headed to IDW in 1997 and won Champion Cow at Dairy Week with Willow Dell Girlie 175 (by Juno), and also won Champion Cow in 1998 with Willow Dell Fancy 332 (by Lester) along with Premier Breeder and Exhibitor. A very pleasing aspect to that win was that we won them in the in-milk classes. In 2003 we also won Champion Cow with Willow Dell Chevy 57 (by Berretta). Today, we have about 9 top cow families all up, with our favourites being the ‘Fancie’ Blonde’ and ‘Girlie’ families” John said. “Our proudest moments in the ring were undoubtedly the two Dairy Week wins, however showing is a lot of work, and I think the on farm challenge is a good alternative. It gives everyone a go. We have participated in it and done well at club level (Riverina), and have also had class-level wins and gone on to represent the club at the Great Southern Challenge. There is a definite place for this format, and gives breeders that wouldn’t normally exhibit the chance to show their cows” John said. Today, the Waters family has been through the process of examining and discussing succession planning and options to keep the property going. “We have had an advisor helping us, he is very experienced and knowledgeable about local conditions and farming, and together we are working out some ‘what-if’ scenarios to help us determine the way forward. We’ve also talked to a lot of families going through the same process, to gauge how they have handled it, and finally we have come to a comfortable arrangement that we think will work well. “I still have very mixed feelings about winding up my involvement, but as I am now 70 it is time to step back a bit”. A recent and unique experience was when Willow Dell hosted a group of 14/15 year-old students from Deniliquin High School, and taught them the skills of grooming, handling and leading cattle for the showring. “It was really Esther that did all of the work with the kids, with help from our neighbours. Deniliquin High School teacher Anthony Michael picked up the idea from Finley High School, which had pioneered the program, and Anthony knew that we did a bit of showing. It provided an opportunity to get students

involved with the cows to increase their self-confidence and social skills. Anthony selected students that would benefit most from the program, and we had about 20 kids out here – learning how to wash and groom cows, and then to lead them” John said. The group went on to have some success at the Deniliquin Show, and then six of the group were selected to take cows to the recent Melbourne Show. “They went on to win the show’s Champion Vessel Cow and Supreme Jersey Exhibit with Willow Dell Fancy 512 (by Astound) – which was an enormous thrill for everyone. They had competed against some of the best Jersey stud exhibitors, and done extremely well. All of the kids reported that they received great support at the show from the other breeders, which is good to hear, and it agreed that it was a terrific program to be involved in. The feedback has been very positive, the kids now see a lot of career opportunities that they may not have thought about, and they loved handling the cows,” John said. We have had success in the On Farm Challenge, people like it because, it gives everyone a chance, and brings people at the club level a reason to come together. Drought has bitten hard in the Deniliquin region. “Two years ago we bought next door, for Stephen and Fiona, with the plan to increase the size of the herd – but the ongoing drought has meant that we have to change the way we operate. We bought wheat silage from other farmers failed crops, which worked quite well, we have some underground water, with which we grew sorghum, and we sent over a hundred young stock to the southern highlands of NSW, last autumn we bought 70 megalitres of water on the temporary water market, to start 100 acres of winter pasture, and we grew 400 acres of wedgetail wheat for grazing and silage.” “With record milk prices, we are managing, but with another dry year coming, have sold 200 of our best cows to a local Holstein breeder. We know they are going to a good home. We are selling another 60 heifers later on. Stephen has bought Esther and myself out , and will continue with the stud, milking over a hundred, this summer, and maybe building up again”. “We love the Jerseys because they are such an easy animal to look after, we are not up all night helping them to calve, they get in calf easier, they are more heat tolerant, and the best part is their feed conversion”. John and Esther with Willow Dell Fancy 512 at home after her win at Melbourne Show.

JerseyJournal October/November 2008 — 5

Swing to type By Jim Lindsay three years ago. “Over the past added the strength and width into North Victorian Jersey breeder, three years we have completely our frail cows.” Andrew Ferguson, has switched to changed our focus from ABVs to More recent selections have Semex genetics to correct what type,” he said. included Pine Haven Senior, he sees as major type flaws that “I used to breed two generations for Bridon Remake Comerica, Bridon have emerged in his herd following production and then one for type. Jamaica, Rapid Bay Resurrection, a decade of over-emphasis on Now it’s the other way around – Bridon Excitation (a Sambo brother production. we have to set up our cows to last to Comerica), Bushlea Freeagent, This single-minded focus has done longer. We’ve gone too far done RJF Big Show, Lencrest Taylor Made untold damage to his own herd the path of production to the point and Ontime. – and presumably to hundreds of that I am willing to sacrifice 700 or “Semex probably has the best others throughout all-round team Australia. “Like a available at the lot of breeders, I moment,” Andrew got caught up with said. “Semex has U.S. genetics and a wide range of selecting purely sires suitable for on index,” Andrew whatever you want said. – production, type or both. “It certainly worked in the sense that “I try to selectively we have lifted mate each cow production by more based on what I than 3,000 litres over need, not price. the past decade, Once you start but it’s come at a selecting your sires fairly high cost. We on price alone you have put too much might as well give Andrew Ferguson believes “index without type leaves disappointing engine into too up. In general, I use heifers”. small a car. about 25 doses of each sire so I get “I lost sight of the five or six daughters. If I like his bigger picture and I can only 800 litres to get longevity. blame myself. My heifers are “We need to get more size and heifers, I’ll go back and use him disappointing. We have always capacity into our cows. I want again.” had one or two that we would a large animal that has at least Lara Jerseys is based on a 175 be proud to show each year, 500kg bodyweight, not 400kg. hectare property at Toolamba. but we’ve got nothing at the I don’t care want anyone else Average production is about 7,000 thinks – our cows have to pay our litres at 4.7% fat (330kg) and 4.0% moment. protein (280kg), achieved from “When I look at my herdbook, it’s bills and I have to milk them. obvious we have lots of heifers and “We are also playing close about 5 kg/day of grain, as well as lots of older cows by Lester, Jude attention to udder quality. Lack silage and hay grown on a dryland and Biestar, but nothing in the of fore udder attachment and block at East Murchison. middle. We are losing our third to ligament strength is a major Like hundreds of other dairy fifth lactation cows too quickly just problem in the breed today, not farmers, Andrew has been when they are starting to become just here. If the fore udder doesn’t forced to completely revise his hold, it doesn’t matter how good management program to cope profitable. with water shortages. “We have “We are also culling a lot of heifers the rear udder is.” for poor udders in their first and Andrew used SHF Centurion a 660 ML licence but we have second lactation before they have Sultan, Fleurieu Augustus and only received half of this in recent even paid for themselves. This Bushlea Brook Biestar extensively in years,” he said. situation is even worse because his breeding program three years “We are changing from permanent we have been feeding more in ago. “I can’t wait to start milking pasture to annuals like ryegrass. these heifers,” he said. the past couple of years.” We have stopped autumn calving Andrew made a conscious “These sires have done exactly altogether and are moving our decision to overhaul the breeding what I wanted them to do, spring calving forward to June. We program in his 180-cow herd particularly Sultan. He has really are trying to get more annual grass


— JerseyJournal October/November 2008

through the cows before we have to start irrigation, which we stop from December to March.” Originally from Avenel, Andrew and his wife, Fleur, moved to northern Victoria 20 years ago. “My father was happy to milk grade cows but we always used Jersey bulls because of a family connection,” he said. “I started my stud in 1974 when I was eight years old. My uncle gave me three heifers and I started buying a few cows as I got older. My father used to show horses and Simmental cattle at the Melbourne Royal Show and I tagged along for the ride with my Jerseys.” Andrew continued the tradition and showed at Melbourne Royal and Shepparton for many years. He has since wound back his showing to International Dairy Week. “Showing used to be a real passion but the appeal has worn off because I am so focussed

on the farm,” he said. Notable successes at IDW include Supreme Champion in 2006 with Warrawee Park Biestar Goldy 4, Reserve Senior Champion with Lara Lester Pam in 2002 and intermediate Champion with Lara Whistler Colette 3 in 2004. In 2003, Andrew and Fleur’s daughter, Erin, exhibited Supreme Champion In Milk Heifer at the Youth Show with Lara Biestar Lovelies and Reserve Champion In milk Heifer with Lara Tidy Pam. The following year Lovelies was Supreme Champion at Melbourne and the year after that, she was a regional winner in the Jersey Australia On-Farm Challenge. The Fergusons also milk about 40 registered and grade Holsteins, courtesy of their son, Tim. “We bought Pooley Bridge Storm Jane at International Dairy Week in 2001 and Tim has followed it from there,” Andrew said.

JUDGING SCHOOL - FEBRUARY 2009 The Central Gippsland Jersey Breeders Club will be hosting a 2 day Judging School on 17 – 18 February 2009 in the West Gippsland area. The Club is now calling for expressions of interest from potential participants. Anyone interested in attending this Judging School is asked to complete the form below and reply via post or email to: Dawn Anderson Anvale Jerseys 780 Labertouche North Road Labertouche VIC 3816 tel: (03) 5628 7671 Upon receipt of your expression of interest, an information pack will be sent to you including a registration form, schedule for the 2 days, and information on the West Gippsland area. I am interested in attending the 2 day Judging School being hosted by the Central Gippsland Jersey Breeders Club in February 2009. Name:___________________________________________________________________________________________ Address:_________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Tel:__________________________________

Email: ___________________________________________________ JerseyJournal October/November 2008 — 7

Progeny Testing Rebate

~ Not Just Free Registrations!

Progeny test has long been discussed as a problem for the Jersey breed here in Australia. As our national dairy industry shrinks so too does the amount of young bulls offered by AB Companies for progeny testing. As a means to ensure that the numbers of young bulls offered for testing remains strong in this country Jersey Australia encourages its membership to use at least 20% unproven semen within their herds annually. Based on current membership levels all using 20% PT semen it is estimated that 60 young bulls will receive reliable proofs. With this in mind Jersey Australia approached all major AB Companies with the idea of implementing a PT Rebate scheme so as to promote the use of Progeny Test semen usage in registered herds. Jersey Australia encourages members to participate in the PT rebate scheme and support the companies who choose to invest in the Jersey breeds future via progeny test teams. Participating members can claim a $10+GST rebate for all progeny registered from the list of nominated young bulls. Simply register (and pay in the usual manner) all progeny of the nominated young bulls as part of your annual calf registration routine. Either download a PT rebate form from ptrebate08.pdf or contact the office and the rebate application form will be sent to you directly. Submit the form and office staff will invoice companies for the rebate it’s that simple!

ELIGIBLE BULLS FOR PT REBATE SCHEME - 2008 ABS AUSTRALIA – TO BE ELIGIBLE, DAUGHTERS MUST BE REGISTERED BETWEEN LISTED DATES 29JE3521 – Rocha Saber Wine 1/6/07 - 31/12/09 MAESTOSO – Fleurieu Rueben Maestro 1/6/07 – 31/12/08 29JE3492 – Senn-Sational April Reflection 1/6/07 -31/12/09 MELODIC – Kings Ville Melvin 1/6/07 – 31/12/08 CHROMATIC – Naranda Park Cherokee 1/6/07-31/12/08 TOCCATA – Double-D Rueben Titan 1/6/07 – 31/12/08 FLOWTA – Kaarmona Flowta 1/6/07-31/12/08 BECLEAR – Kaarmona Beclear 1/6/07 – 31/12/09 GOLDAWARD – Riverside Gold Award 1/6/07 – 31/12/08 CHARTTOPPER – Hatties Chart Topper 1/6/07 - 31/12/09 HAZELSDAN – Venoma Hazels Dan 1/6/07 – 31/12/08 CSCABDUL – Yenolam Jace Abdul 1/6/07 - 31/12/09 MEGAGLEN – Kaarmona Mega Glen 1/6/07 - 31/12/09 BRASER-Kaarmona Braser 1/6/08 - 31/12/09 MENDOZA – Fleurieu Mendoza 1/6/08 - 31/12/09 MOONSHINE – Riverside Moonshine ET 1/6/08 - 31/12/09 NEKEY – Denson Dale NE Keystone 1/6/08 - 31/12/09 RIVERSIDE – Riverside Rockstar ET 1/6/08 - 31/12/09 SNOWPATROL – Kaarmona Snow Patrol 1/6/08 – 31/12/09 VISIONARY – Densondale MJ Visionary 1/6/08 -31/12/09 SESULY – Fleurieu Sesuly 1/6/08 – 31/12/09 AGRI-GENE – TO BE ELIGIBLE DAUGHTER’S DATE OF BIRTH MUST BE BETWEEN 1 APRIL 2008 AND 30 SEPT 2009 MAIDOFGOLD – Riverside Maid of Gold PAZAM – Lara Iatola Pazam POWERPACK – Nowell FP Bourbon MUSGROVE – Lerida Park Musgrove VIDO – Gold Wave Augustus Vido BRACTION – Bushlea Brook F Action MIAMISPEAR – Miami Spear 21ST CENTURY GENETICS-TO BE ELIGIBLE, DAUGHTERS MUST BE REGISTERED WITHIN 3 MONTHS OF CALF BORN BETWEEN 1 APRIL 2008 AND 31 DECEMBER 2008 BRENTWOOD – BW Kelvar MRMEGA– First Choice Mr Megabelle VANAHLEM – Panoo Abe Vanahlem CAIRNBRAE – Cairnbrae Rockets Dynamite LONGWARRY – Kings Ville Longwarry (reg’d b/n 1/1/2006 & 31/12/2008) BLUELABEL – Jugiong Whiskey Star


— JerseyJournal October/November 2008

SEMEX – SEE INDIVIDUAL BIRTH DATE RANGES JEJEEP – Kaarmona Jeep 1/1/05 – 30/06/08 JERHODES – Jugiong Nari Rhodes 1/7/07 – 31/12/09 JECLANCY – Boggabilla Clancy 1/1/05 – 30/06/08 JEGOLDORE – Nowell Goldore 1/7/08 – 31/12/09 JEVIRGIL – Gold Wave Augustus Virgil 1/7/07 – 31/12/08 JEFIDEL – Bushlea Fidel 1/7/08 – 31/12/09 JEKAZOO – Denson Dale Kazoos Rebel 1/7/07 – 31/12/08 JEADDICTION – Riverside Addiction 1/7/08 – 31/12/09 WORLD WIDE SIRES – TO BE ELIGIBLE DAUGHTERS MUST BE REGISTERED BETWEEN 1 JUNE 2008 TO 31 DECEMBER 2008 VARIETY – Gold Wave Jace Variety JURACE – Kaarmona Jurace GENETICS AUSTRALIA – TO BE ELIGIBLE, DAUGHTERS MUST BE REGISTERED BETWEEN 1 APRIL 2008 TO 31 DEC ‘08 ACEMAN – Spring Gully Sara Augustus LINESMAN – White Star Linesman BARCODE – Loxleigh Barcode MERLOT – Silhouette Merlot BUGLE – Beulah Bugle REVEAL – Bercar Reveal DEFROST – Loxleigh Defrost SWATZA – Nowell Swatza EACHWAY –Strathmore Eachway TRUFLO – Bercar Truflo GAINFUL– Kaarmona Galeao UNCANNY – Aldehneo Uncanny GIVEAWAY – Jarndie Gogetter VANORTON – Pannoo Rebel Vanorton KABOOM – Beulah Kaboom VETSRUN – Jarndie Vetsrun ET HUON AB – TO BE ELIGIBLE, DAUGHTERS MUST BE REGISTERED BETWEEN 1 MAY 2008 TO 31 DEC 2008 SANDBLAST – Nowell Sandblast BOS TRADING - TO BE ELIGIBLE, DAUGHTERS MUST BE REGISTERED BETWEEN 1 MARCH 2008 TO 30 JUN 2009 BOSREFUTE – Wallacedale Violets Refute

AI sires better than bulls By Michelle Axford

Artificial insemination (AI) beats natural joining hands down. Recent research shows that a dairy cow bred by AI is on average, $53 more profitable every year than it’s naturally bred counterpart. For a 400-cow herd, that’s an extra $21,000 pure profit every year! This is the finding by Mekonnen HaileMariam and Mike Goddard at the Victorian Department of Primary Industries, who used national herd recording data to quantify the value of AI to dairy business profitability. AI-bred cows are more profitable because they produce more milk solids and last in the herd for more lactations. With the AI season in full swing on many dairy farms right now, the message is don’t be too hasty in putting out the mop up bulls, especially if you are keen to keep as many replacement heifers as possible.

Michelle Axford from the Australian Dairy Herd Improvement Scheme said it’s really worth making the most of AI opportunities. “Continuing to AI for an extra week or two should mean you’ll have more heifer calves bred to AI to keep as replacements. That gives you flexibility to increase herd size, cull more heavily or increase income by selling the surplus. Genetics is the reason why AI-bred cows are more profitable than those bred from bulls. “AI sires are generally of higher genetic merit than natural bulls. And AI sires come with an objective measure of their genetic merit, in the form of their Australian Breeding Value (ABV) which makes it easy to compare sires for the traits that are important to your business,” she said. For more information contact Michelle Axford at ADHIS ph (03) 8621-4240 or email maxford@ JerseyJournal October/November 2008 —


2008 ROYAL MELBOURNE SHOW RESULTS Judge: Jeff Parker, Glen Echo Jersey Stud Kenilworth, Queensland.

HEIFER, 7 to 9 months (dry), born on or between 1/1/2008 and 28/02/2008 1 D & K J Gilmore: Ingolmore Comerica Beauty 2 T D & K J Gilmore: Ingolmore Sunset Beauty (E.T) 3 Collins Farms: Mangarra Tex Dutchess HEIFER, 9 to 15 months (dry), born on or between 1/7/2007 and 31/12/2007 1 C Allen: Riverside Colettes Cosmo 2 M T & D A Vallence: Elmsdale Star Fingers 3 J, E, S & F Waters: Willow Dell Crystal 457 4 Miss C Goodfellow: Gower Park Astound Blonde HEIFER,1.1/2 years old (dry), born on or between 1/1/2007 and 30/6/2007 1 D Weel: Royal Jamaica Baby Jane 10th 2 G & D L Robertson: Ivanhoe Linda 19 HEIFER,2 years old (dry), born on or between 1/7/2006 and 31/12/2006 1 M T & D A Vallence: Elmsdale Astound Marthas Joy 307 2 Melonlea Jerseys & Holsteins: Melonlea Whiskey Aquarius GR1 HEIFER, 2 years old (in milk) born on or between 1/7/2006 and 31/12/2006 1 Chilcott: Rolma Astound Narcissus 19 (E.T.) 2 K & W Barnett: Yenolam Action Vanilla 3 J H & G L Carson: Glenbrae Ausgustus Daisy 21 4 M T & D A Vallence: Elmsdale Furor Sam HEIFER, 2 1/2 years old (in milk) born on or between 1/1/2006 and 30/6/2006 1 Collins Farms: Mangarra Astound Victoria 2 C M L & M Wallace: Wallacedale Actions Melaine 2 3 G & D L Robertson: Ivanhoe Illusion 56 4 Mr & Mrs T & A Saunders-Day: Araluen Park Manhatten Buttercup

Reserve Champion Jersey Melbourne show 2008. Rohan Butler Semex and Judge Jeff Parker with owner Luke Wallace, Poowong , Victoria leading his champion.

Junior Champion Jersey at Melbourne show 2008 with Margaret Nicholas and Melinda Serra from Warrnambool at the halter.

COW, 3 years old, (in milk), born on or between 1/7/2005 and 31/12/2005 1 Brunchilli Farming Trust: Brunchilli W Vision 2 M T & D A Vallence: Rolma Tee Fingers 21 Twin COW, 3 1/2 years old (in milk), born on or between 1/1/2005 and 30/6/2005 1 Melonlea Jerseys & Holsteins: Lynbrae Chrismas Lily 155 COW, 4 years old (in milk), born on or between 1/7/2004 and 31/12/2004 1 J, E, S & F Waters: Willow Dell Fancy 512 2 C M L & M Wallace: Wallacedale Parade Marie 3 J H & G L Carson: Glenbrae Astound Dolichos 4 4 R Attenborough: Attenvale Jace Melaine COW, 5 years old (in milk), born on or between 1/7/2003 and 30/6/2004 1 C M L & M Wallace: Wallacedale Sambo Buttercup

Reserve Champion Intermediate Cow Melbourne show 2008 with judge Jeff Parker, Kenilworth, Qld. Class sponsor Semex represented by Rohan Butler with exhibitor Melanie Ridgeway, Yinnar, Victoria.

10 — JerseyJournal October/November 2008

Reserve Junior Champion Jersey cow with Margaret Nicholas, Malvern, Victoria and Beth Scott ,Wonthaggi on the halter at Melbourne show 2008.

2 M T & D A Vallence: Rolma Conn Glenda 43 3 M T & D A Vallence: Rolma Hot Del Noella 11 4 Bawden & Sykes: Minstonette Parade Daisy (E.T.) COW, 6 years old (in milk), born on or between 1/7/2002 and 30/6/2003 1 Brunchilli Farming Trust: Brunchilli Marcia 2 C M L & M Wallace: Wallacedale Peris Marie 3 G & D L Robertson: Ivanhoe Illusion 45

NOVICE CLASS, COW OR HEIFER, any age 1 K & W Barnett: Yenolam Action Vanilla 2 Miss C Goodfellow: Delwyn Park Marthas Joy 287th VHC 90 3 T D & K J Gilmore: Ingolmore Comerica Beauty THE NORMAN ENDERS SIRE’S PROGENY GROUP, 3 females, any age, by the same sire 1 J, E, S & F Waters: Group by Montana Saber THE JOCK & BERT ANDERSON MEMORIAL BREEDERS GROUP PRIZES, 3 females, any age 1 C M L & M Wallace: 2 J, E, S & F Waters: 3 G & D L Robertson: GROUP PRIZE - DAM AND DAUGHTER or alternatively 2 daughters of the one dam 1 M T & D A Vallence: 2 M T & D A Vallence: PAIR OF DAUGHTERS 1 C M L & M Wallace: 2 T D & K J Gilmore:

Senior Champion Cow with Rohan Butler Semex Australia, Judge Jeff Parker, Keniworth , Qld alongside Anthony Michael , Deniliquin, NSW, and Bec Joyce , Warrnambool.

COW, 7 years old or over (in milk), born on or before 30/6/2002 1 Collins Farms: Stonehenge Fanclub Pal 2 C M L & M Wallace: Wallacedale Paramount Melanie 3 Collins Farms: Lynbrae Dorothy 246th (A.I) 4 Miss C Goodfellow: Delwyn Park Marthas Joy 287th VHC 90 BEST VESSEL (cow or heifer to be of good breed type) 1 J, E, S & F Waters: Willow Dell Fancy 512 2 Collins Farms: Stonehenge Fanclub Pal 3 J H & G L Carson: Glenbrae Astound Dolichos 4 4 C M L & M Wallace: Wallacedale Sambo Buttercup

Best Vessel at Melbourne show 2008 with Bec Joyce, Warrnambool at the halter, Rohan Butler Semex at one end of the ribbon with Anthony Michael Deniliquin, NSW, at the other. The cow was exhibited on behalf of John Waters, Finley NSW.

JUNIOR CHAMPION JERSEY HEIFER, 2 year or under (dry) M T & D A Vallence: Elmsdale Astound Marthas Joy 307 RESERVE JUNIOR CHAMPION JERSEY HEIFER D Weel: Royal Jamaica Baby Jane 10th INTERMEDIATE CHAMPION JERSEY HEIFER Chilcott: Rolma Astound Narcissus 19 (E.T.) RESERVE INTERMEDIATE CHAMPION JERSEY HEIFER Collins Farms: Mangarra Astound Victoria Judge Jeff Parker deliberates during the Best Vessel Line Up.

SENIOR CHAMPION JERSEY COW J, E, S & F Waters: Willow Dell Fancy 512 JerseyJournal October/November 2008 — 11


Reserve Junior Champion Dairy Heifer M T & D A Vallence: Elmsdale Astound Marthas Joy 307 Interbreed Champion Vessel. J, E, S & F Waters: Willow Dell Fancy 512

Jersey judge Jeff Parker and Rohan Butler Semex present the Junior Champion Ribbon to Nathan and Amanda Chilcott, Montana,Tasmania. Clayton Bawden Labertouche at the halter.

RESERVE SENIOR CHAMPION JERSEY COW C M L & M Wallace: Wallacedale Sambo Buttercup SUPREME JERSEY EXHIBIT J, E, S & F Waters: Willow Dell Fancy 512 Female having the highest Production and Type Judging Score C M L & M Wallace: Wallacedale Paramount Melanie All breeds Best Vessel winner with Sebastian Liphugzen, Deniliquin, NSW, and Melissa Anderson, Athlone, Victoria Junior Youth Show Ambassador.


Top 20 Sires By Registration 01/03/08 - 09/10/08

Rank 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20



— JerseyJournal October/November 2008

#Offspring 259 186 169 151 150 138 126 125 122 105 87 87 81 79 78 68 63 56 53

2008 ADELAIDE ROYAL SHOW JERSEY FEATURE BREED The 2008 Adelaide Royal show provided a great venue for Jerseys and Jersey folk with Tara Bonhert from Elmwood, Illinois USA, the judge of the Jersey Feature breed display of Jersey cattle. Tara’s judging ability and her excellent comments on her placings was

Tim Thorn chats with Judge Tara Bonhert after judging.

Scotty Atkinson ‘Cumbria’ Mortlake with South Australian Branch Vice President Colin Blacker just after judging.

By Colin Blacker well received by all. The Royal commenced the Feature breed initiative a couple of years ago and support funding on a dollar for dollar basis with a maximum figure this enables to breeds to raise monies to go towards prize money and sponsorships. The South Australia Branch accepted the offer and 13 local and interstate breeders supported the classes with good numbers of animals. As an added interest the Society made an effort to contact as many former breeders, exhibitors and committee members to invite them to attend, and at the end of judging a light luncheon was provided. This proved very popular with the ex-breeders. The interest shown and favourable comments about the animals was most encouraging. A former Jersey stud owner Mr Bob Cowper said the general improvement in both type and productive ability was quite remarkable. Mr Cowper showed his jerseys for 20 years and served as a committee member for the state. Another lady Mrs M. Pfitzner who with her late husband has ran the successful “Hampden” stud at Eudunda greatly enjoyed the day catching up with lots of old friends. It is many years since she attended

a Royal having dispersed her herd in 1976. The Jerseys were also successful in the All Breeds classes taking out Supreme Juvenile cow and

(L-R) Bob Cowper, Kevin Watkins and Pauline Blacker watching the Jersey Judging at Royal Adelaide.

(L-R) Mrs M PFitzner, Ruth Robinson and Toni Robinson watching the judging.

Supreme All Breeds cow. These two animals were owned by Karin and Corey Couch, Nirrandra, Vic of Riverside Jerseys in the western districts of Victoria. All in all the day was most successful and the committee thank the sponsors and breeders for their support and effort.

2008 Royal Adelaide Show Results

Jersey Feature Breed – Judged by Tara Bonhett Alta Genetics, Illinois USA Class 91 Heifer, born from 1 January of the current year. 1st 497 L F Warner Shoshanna Trouble Free Sire: Tally’s Bigtime Trouble 2nd 484 G J Maddern Garcola Militia Rain

Sire: Sunset Canyon RP Militia 3rd 486 G J Maddern Garcola Militia Prim Sire: Sunset Canyon RP Militia Class 92 Heifer, yearling. 1st 501 L F Warner Shoshanna Lester Curious

Sire: Shoshanna Lester Jaguar 2nd 499 J A & E V Kernich Carcoola Mikhaila Sire: Bridon Jamaica 3rd 494 G A & L J Klatt Homelands Sultans Whisper Sire: SHF Centurion Sultan

JerseyJournal October/November 2008 — 13

2008 Royal Adelaide Show Results (cont’d) Jersey Feature Breed – Judged by Tara Bonhett Alta Genetics, Illinois USA

Class 93 Heifer, 18 months old. 1st 564 L F Warner Shoshanna M & M Sire: Shoshanna Montana Matrix 2nd 506 G C & S J Thorn Fleurieu Mellow 15th Sire: SC Goldust Iatola 3rd 505 J A & E V Kernich Carcoola Milkshake 3 Sire: Bushlea Brook F7 Jace Class 94 Cow or Heifer, 2 year old, dry. 1st 510 Corey & Karin Couch Riverside Signature Ginger Sire: Family Hill Avery Signature 2nd 509 L F Warner Shoshanna Action Time Sire: Forest Glen Avery Action 3rd 507 S & L & B Manuel Bellview Fabulous Junette Sire: Molly Brook Berretta Fabulous Class SP JUVENILE JERSEY FEMALE


Sashing the Reserve Champion Juvenile Champion heifer is Bob Cowper held by Brendan Warner, Mt Compass, SA, at Adelaide 2008.

Intermediate Champion Cow with Aileen Gale, Bat valley, SA and Mark Patullo, Adelaide 2008

1st 510 Corey & Karin Couch Riverside Signature Ginger Sire: Family Hill Avery Signature Class SP RESERVE JUVENILE CHAMPION JERSEY 1st 564 L F Warner Shoshanna M & M Sire: Shoshanna Montana Matrix Class 95 Cow, over 2 years and under 3 years old, dry. 1st 512 L Haebich Noeda Ailette 202 Sire: Rapidbay Just Wait 2nd 511 G A & L J Klatt Homelands Sadams Silvermine Sire: Pasadena Sadam 3rd 521 T A Martin Gumbyrne Sultan Cherub

Juvenile Champion Heifer at Adelaide 2008 with Bob Cowper, Nettley SA and Cameron Thompson Launceston Tasmania.

14 — JerseyJournal October/November 2008

Sire: SHF Centurion Sultan Class 96 Cow, 3 year old, in milk. 1st 518 G C & S J Thorn Fleurieu Manhattan Selly Sire: Okura Manhatten 2nd 517 Trevor & Cathy Schutz Kingurra Silverlea Manhatten Sire: Okura Manhatten 3rd 515 L J Paish Elmar Felix Peggy Sire: Faxall 4 520 L F Warner Shoshanna Action Prefect Sire: Forest Glen Avery Action Class 97 Cow, 2½ year old, in milk. 1st 526 G C & S J Thorn Fleurieu Noble Nancy 74 Sire: Claydon Park Flower Power 2nd 632 S & L & B Manuel Bellview Fabulous Sophia Sire: Molly Brook Berretta Fabulous 3rd 635 G C & S J Thorn Fleurieu Action Selly Sire: Forest Glen Avery Action 4 636 G J Maddern Garcola Clancy Goldilocks Sire: Bogabbilla Clancy Class 98 Cow, 2 year old, in milk. 1st 528 Corey & Karin Couch Riverside Sultans Anthem ET Sire: SHF Centurion Sultan 2nd 527 L F Warner Shoshanna Main Attraction Sire: Lester Sambo 3rd 565 L F Warner Shoshanna

Avonlea Renaissance Kookie

Ex92 (Canada)

A leading member from one of Canada’s premier cow families 2 11 305 8053 376 4.67 297 3.69 3 11 305 8563 421 4.92 326 3.81 5 1 305 8602 461 5.36 324 3.77 All Canadian, Junior Two Year 2000 1st Junior 3YO, BU, Intermediate Champion Hon. Mention Grand Champion, RAWF 2001 All Canadian Junior 3YO 2001 Hon. Mention All Canadian 4YO 2002 Reserve All Canadian 5YO 2003 2nd Mature Cow, RAWF 2004 Res All Canadian Mature Cow 2004

Next Dam Avonlea Juno Kracker Ex 94 5.3 305 8023 443 5.52 313 3.90 3rd, 4th and 5th Dams all excellent Her “Jace” son born September 2007 for private sale. Her 2 Jace daughters will be retained at Bushlea to develop this wonderful family. They will be bred to “Sultan”.

NEXT ON FARM SALE - MARCH 3, 2009 Approximately 65 head, all under 21/2 years, and all from cows classified 90 points or better will be sold. The 24 autumn calving heifers have been bred to Valerian. A sample of their dams are:Bushlea Brook Fernleaf VHC 92, IDW Intermediate and Res Snr Champion, 3 Times over 8000 Ltrs Dam of J.E. Brookbi. Will be respresented by 3 Megastars, 2 Lara Ren. Prince, 1 Action, 2 Valley Stream Joe 7S Bushea Etta Fernleaf 7 VHC 90 IDW twice Intermediate and Res Snr Champion. Twice over 7000 ltrs, Dam of Farmstead G.A. Her daughters are sired by Megastar (2) and Jace (2) Bushlea Lester Iris 9 VHC 92, the 2008 IDW Supreme Champion. 52Mn 9074 298 3.3 426 4.7 PI 112. 72Mn 8740 315 3.6 421 4.8 PI 115. Has an impressive Manhatten Selling - Great likeness to her dam The only Brookbi selling is from Bushlea Lester Sleeping Beauty Ex 91 84Mn 8685 312 3.6 498 5.7 PI 116. Twice 2nd In Milk IDW 97Mn 8102 287 3.5 438 5.4 PI 110

A Manhatten daughter from Bushlea Jace Fernleaf VHC 91 displaying all the dairyness of her dam. 24MN 7455 258 3.5 308 4.1 P.I. 113 37Mn 8702 303 3.5 368 4.2 P.I. 116 1 st 21/2 years in milk 1st Best Vessel Intermediate Champion, Supreme Champion Melbourne Royal 2006 2 Badgers sell from: Bushlea Etta Fernleaf 12 VHC 90, 3 Generation 7000 ltrs, 4 generations 90 pts or better Bushlea Manix Fernleaf VHC 90, 8000 ltr cow Bushlea Brook Maybell Ex Sup 94 The 2004 and 2007 IDW Supreme Champion. Twice over 8000 ltrs. Her Action and Megastar daughters selling have already been selected by visitors as the pick of the group.

Bushlea Farms

Keith & Pat Kuhne Ph: 0356 642235 Email: Wayne & Lisa Kuhne Ph: 0356 642403 Email: JerseyJournal October/November 2008 —

— JerseyJournal October/November 2008

2008 Royal Adelaide Show Results (cont’d) Jersey Feature Breed – Judged by Tara Bonhett Alta Genetics, Illinois USA

Judes Misty Sire: Curtsey Duncan Jude 4th 534 L Haebich Shoshanna Big Time Star Sire: Blacky’s Big Time Class SP INTERMEDIATE CHAMPION JERSEY FEMALE 1st 526 G C & S J Thorn Fleurieu Noble Nancy 74 Sire: Claydon Park Flower Power Class SP RESERVE INTERMEDIATE CHAMPION JERSEY FEMALE 1st 528 Corey & Karin Couch Riverside Sultans Anthem ET Sire: SHF Centurion Sultan

Reserve Champion Intermediate Cow at Adelaide 2008 with Aileen Gale sashing and handler Debbie Young.

Class 99 Cow, over 3 years and under 5 years old, dry. 1st 538 S & L & B Manuel Brimarvi Pop Fowler Sire: Pop of New Direction 2nd 536 S & L & B Manuel Brimarvi Dairymaid 5 Sire: Royal Blaine 3rd 537 G J Maddern Garcola V J Jodene Sire: Valleystream Julian Class 100 Cow, 5 years old and over, dry. 1st 540 G J Maddern Garcola Bo’s Gadget Sire: Classic Belles Boaster Class 101 Cow, 4 year old, in milk. 1st 546 G C & S J Thorn Fleurieu Mellow 12 Sire: Fleurieu Augustus 2nd 542 Michael & Katie Atkins Rosedale Judes Variety Sire: Curtsey Duncan Jude 3rd 543 Trevor & Cathy Schutz Kingurra Armada Alexis Sire: Kingsville Armada 4th 547 L J Paish Elmar Outinfront Muriel

Sire: Out in Front Class 102 Cow, 5 year old. in milk. 1st 495 Corey & Karin Couch Riverside Renaissance Ivy 3 VHC90 Sire: Hollylane Renaissance 2nd 557 G C & S J Thorn Fleurieu Centurion Selly Sire: Sooner Centurian 3rd 549 Brett Schutz Hindmarsh Ginger 4 Sire: Lester Sambo 4th 552 S & L & B Manuel Brimarvi Blaine Fowler Sire: Royal Blaine Class 103 Cow, 6 year old, in milk. 1st 561 Corey & Karin Couch Riverside Connect Lady 3061 VHC 90 Sire: Giprat Belles Connection 2nd 558 G J Maddern Garcola Hallmark Garnet Sire: Schultz Brook Hallmark Class 104 Cow, over 6 years old, in milk. 1st 566 J A & E V Kernich Carcoola Kayla 2 Sire: Glenholme Counciller 2nd 563 L J Paish Elmar Digney Clarity Sire: Alta Digney 3rd 634 J A & E V Kernich Carcoola Dill 3 Sire: Glenholme Counciller Class SP SENIOR CHAMPION JERSEY FEMALE

1st 495 Corey & Karin Couch Riverside Renaissance Ivy 3 VHC90 Sire: Hollylane Renaissance Class SP RESERVE SENIOR CHAMPION JERSEY FEMALE 1st 561 Corey & Karin Couch Riverside Connect Lady 3061 VHC 90 Sire: Giprat Belles Connection

Reserve Champion Senior Cow at Adelaide 2008. Peter Maxwell, Myponga SA and Judge Tara Bonhert, Cameron Thompson at the halter.

Class SP SUPREME CHAMPION JERSEY FEMALE 1st 495 Corey & Karin Couch Riverside Renaissance Ivy 3 VHC90 Sire: Hollylane Renaissance Class 105 Cow, with Best Udder. 1st 578 G C & S J Thorn 2nd 579 G C & S J Thorn

Corey and Karin Couch with judge Tara Bonhert, Peter Maxwell and Matt Templeton holding the Senior Champion Jersey Cow at Adelaide 2008.

JerseyJournal October/November 2008 —


2008 Royal Adelaide Show Results (cont’d) Jersey Feature Breed – Judged by Tara Bonhett Alta Genetics, Illinois USA

Interbreed Highlights Class SP SUPREME JUVENILE CHAMPION DAIRY COW 1st 510 Corey & Karin Couch Riverside Signature Ginger

Champion Jersey Exhibit at Adelaide 2008 with judge Tara Bonhert with sponsor Lynton Keen CBA Adelaide and handler Matt Templeton.

Class 106 Group of Three Females. 1 588 G C & S J Thorn 2nd 589 L F Warner 3rd 591 L J Paish Class 107 Sire’s Progeny Group. 1st 595 J A & E V Kernich Glenholme Counciller Sire: Glenholme Counciller Class 108 Pair of Cows, any age. 1st 601 G C & S J Thorn 2nd 600 G C & S J Thorn 3rd 603 L F Warner Class 109 Cow and Daughter. 1st 609 G C & S J Thorn 2nd 614 Brett Schutz 3rd 612 L J Paish Class 110 Progeny of Dam. 1st 620 G C & S J Thorn Fleurieu Berretta Selly 3rd Sire: Mason Boomer Sooner

Berretta 2nd 619 Michael & Katie Atkins Daraway Taranak Verity Sire: Royals Green Elmo 3rd 621 G J Maddern Garcola Hayley Class 111 Type and Production. 1st 557 G C & S J Thorn Fleurieu Centurion Selly 2nd 518 G C & S J Thorn Fleurieu Manhattan Selly Class 112 Pair of Heifers, 2 years and under, in milk or dry. 1st 628 L F Warner 2nd 629 J A & E V Kernich 3rd 627 L F Warner Class SP MOST SUCCESSFUL JERSEY EXHIBITOR 1st G C & S J Thorn

Interbreed Champion Juvenile heifer with the Bruce McFarlane , chairman of Adelaide Royal show Kim Giersch, Naracoorte with Corey and Karin Couch. At the halter Cameron Thompson.

Class SP SUPREME CHAMPION DAIRY COW 1st 495 Corey & Karin Couch Riverside Renaissance Ivy 3 VHC90

Supreme Champion Dairy Cow All Breeds at Adelaide 2008 sponsor Lynton Keen CBA Adelaide with handler Matt Templeton, exhibitors Corey and Karin Couch alongside judge Tara Bonhert.

Judge Tara Bonhert amongst the Best vessel class at Adelaide 2008.

18— JerseyJournal October/November 2008


     

                                                     

                                                         

                                                          

JerseyJournal October/November 2008 — 19

a great opportunity for breeders to see how their cows compare, and offers great social benefits at club level and beyond. We were lucky to win ‘Most Successful Exhibitor’ in the 2006 OFC Callum said. “There are some very supportive mentors at our local Jersey club who are keen to assist young people interested in the breed, such as Ian Richards and Luke Wallace. The club also hold events including how to score cattle which we attended along with other members of our Sub-Branch. This informative event was held at Gordon Lawson’s property, and run by experienced classifiers. It was a great way to learn more about scoring cows, and I appreciate the clubs ongoing interest in helping young members” Callum said. “I’ve always enjoyed being around Jerseys and being involved in breeding them. They are very easy to milk, and it is rare for them to go down in the shed, I just find them to be quiet and efficient producers. As a kid, I loved helping to raise a few calves, and help out in the calf shed – as I got older, my involvement in all aspects of dairying has grown” The Moscript family runs a 280 – 300 head herd, of which 150 are Jerseys and the remainder Holstein. Favourite and top-performing Jerseys in the herd are from the ‘Osprey’ and the ‘Love’ family – which originated from a cow purchased at the Lyndocks Park dispersal sale. Love has milking daughters sired by ‘Astound’, ‘Armarda’ , ‘Taranak’ , ‘Jace’, ‘Badger’ They also have a promising 2YO by ‘Brookbi’ due to calve next year, and a yearling by ‘Brookbi’ and a ‘Defrost’ calf. “It will be exciting to see how they perform,” Callum said. “This year we have had a very good general crop of Jersey calves, and I really enjoy the whole process of selecting bulls, reading the progeny test catalogues and helping Dad pick out which bulls to use. Selection is very important, and we look for a bit of index and a solid type group – a balance of type and production is right for us. Callum is currently studying Agriculture as part of his Year 10 curriculum, which can lead onto certificates and an advanced diploma. “I can see myself working in the dairy industry, I think there are a lot of opportunities if you look for them. Ideally, I would like to work in genetics, within a dairying context. However, I still really enjoy the hands-on aspect of dairy farming, and I’d love to take over the farm and fully develop the ‘Love’ and ‘Osprey’ cow families, and whatever else pops-up in the genetic recovery program. I’m also looking forward to getting my own Jerseys – I already have a Holstein, plus I am thinking about using the Glenjuristan stud name for a 3rd generation. In the meantime Callum’s schedule is a busy one; studying, saving up to attend a Youth Camp in the future and lining up to play with the local cricket club.




P h r t u

Callum is pictured with Glenjuriston Badger Chrissy

Callum Moscript Glenjuristan Stud

By Linda Houghton At the time of interview, Callum Moscript had just returned to his family’s Glenjuristan Stud dairy-farm in Leongatha South, following a two-week trip to the Philippines. The trip was arranged through South Coast Christian College, with the group of thirteen visiting the region to extend friendship, and to increase understanding and awareness of the hardships and living conditions. “We went to a few places, including prisons and leprosarium’s, where people who had recovered from leprosy went to live, as the fear and stigma of the disease prevented them from being accepted back into their communities. Along the way I did see a few cows, but mainly beef cattle with no fat on them at all” Callum said. On his return, Callum heard that he had been offered the opportunity to observe the judging of the upcoming South Gippsland On-Farm Challenge. “I had no idea that I was even being considered for this – it was a complete surprise, but a good one at that”. “I have been to quite a few shows and I like to watch the judges closely, to learn about what they look for, and how they examine the various components of a cow. I also use photographs of cows to practice and develop my judging skills. A recent highlight was going to IDW and watching how Mike Gould (UK Holstein Judge) lined up the cows – he knew exactly what he was looking for and where he was going to place them”. While the Moscript family doesn’t regularly show their cattle, they enjoy participating in the OnFarm Challenge (OFC). “I think the OFC provides

20 — JerseyJournal October/November 2008

Goulburn Murray Jersey Breeders Club President: Rohan Sprunt (03)58 269 506 Secretary: Margaret Cockerell (03) 5864 1133 • Established in 1950 • Thanks to Alta and 21st Century Genetics, Tara Bohnert ,Tony Simpson, John and Marg Cockerell and all attendees at Warrain Jerseys recently for a jersey update from the USA and a look at a wonderful herd. • If you are looking to purchase bulls, cows or heifers give one of our members a call.

GMJBC doing our bit to promote the Jersey Breed in Australia and Worldwide. GLENARRON JERSEYS Ron, Glenyss & Grant Baker 14 Hutchins Lane Katunga (03) 58646246

BERNBRAE JERSEYS McMillan Family Hawkers Rd Nathalia 3636 (03) 58641303

HOMELANDS JERSEYS Phil Hentschke & Warren Schutz 142 Youanmite Rd Invergordon 3636 (03) 58655171

VAMOS JERSEYS Kelly & Warren Barnett Amaroo Park Solly Rd Mathoura 2710 (03) 58843421

YENOLAM JERSEYS Neil, Wendy, Dick & Lyla 1119 Boals Rd Numurkah 3636 Ph (03) 58641064 Fax (03) 58641025

YALCARA JERSEYS Peter & Lyn Sprunt RMB 2790 Katunga 3640 (03) 58732583

LOXLEIGH JERSEYS Geoff Akers Victoria Rd Tallygaroopna 3634 (03) 58298478

FROGLANDS JERSEYS 51 Victoria Street Tallygaroopna 3634 (03) 5829 8339

GRAGLEN JERSEYS Graham, Glenys, Tim & Jon Pearce Kerrs Rd Tallygaroopna 3634 (03) 58298334

KADDY JERSEYS Andrew Younger 50 Zeerust School Rd Zeerust 3634 (03) 58298352

WARRAIN JERSEYS John & Margaret Cockerell 1219 Rendells Rd Numurkah 3636 (03) 58641133 warrainjerseys@mcmedia.

WAIANIWA JERSEYS Lindsay Hamilton 1045 Hawkers Rd Nathalia 3636 (03) 58641380

EARLDENE JERSEYS Dick & Barb Scoones 2720 Rendells Rd Numurkah 3636 (03) 58641205

GENTEEL JERSEYS Brad Adams 553B Mywee/Koonoomoo Rd Strathmerton 3641 (03) 58745388

GLENFERN JERSEYS Peter & Bev Farrell 579 Healesville-Kooweerup Road, Healesville 3777 (03) 5962 5230

KAARMONA JERSEYS Graeme & Robyn, Rohan & Claire Sprunt 228 & 235 Kaarimba Hall Rd Kaarimba 3635. (03) 58269506

JerseyJournal October/November 2008 — 21

The Jersey Australia Board would like to recognise and congratulate those members who have been listed as owning this country’s top registered cows based on the ADHIS Cow ABV’s released in August 2008.


TOP 100 REGISTERED COWS *Ranked in ASI order August 2008



Owner A & J Carson Irrewillipie VIC Glennen & Co Noorat VIC Singleton M Deniliquin NSW Glennen & Co Noorat VIC McManus B.T.& C.A. Bamawm VIC M J Thorn Tatura Williams HN & PJ Vacy NSW C & K Couch Narringal VIC Glennen & Co Noorat VIC Tim Taylor Brucknell VIC Glennen & Co Noorat VIC Nicholson & Mauger Girgarree VIC C & K Couch Narringal VIC P J & F Singleton Dorrigo NSW J & K Sykes Ringarooma TAS L & L Broad Lockington VIC BR. JL. RP. LJ Smethurst Princetown VIC S Reid Larpent VIC N & K Furze Huon VIC Glennen & Co Noorat VIC M J Thorn Tatura JH & GL Carson Irrewillipie VIC DG RS Hallyburton Cobden VIC R H & G Akers Tallygaroopna VIC D C & E A Glasgow Bena VIC R H & G Akers Tallygaroopna VIC Nicholson Family Girgarree VIC G & G Pearce Tallygaroopna VIC T Saunders & A Day Shady Creek VIC C & K Couch Narringal VIC Glennen & Co Noorat VIC Williams HN & PJ Vacy NSW GC SJ Thorn Fleureiu SA Warren Lace Devon North VIC S Gleeson Purnim VIC S Gleeson Purnim VIC Glennen & Co Noorat VIC N & K Furze Huon VIC Williams HN & PJ Vacy NSW McManus B.T.& C.A. Bamawm VIC G & G Pearce Tallygaroopna VIC Sprunt GC & RG Karimba VIC Bacon R.L.G. & S.L Tennyson VIC Cockerell JR & MA Numurkah VIC BR. JL. RP. LJ Smethurst Princetown VIC BR. JL. RP. LJ Smethurst Princetown VIC Glennen & Co Noorat VIC

— JerseyJournal October/November 2008

NIH ID 3690 4809 7458 4757 1941 2933 1488 2856 4655 1923 4667 983 2742 846 88 2159 3902 2006 1957 4793 1949 4700 2848 2667 2472 2893 4768 4180 6052 2921 4527 1143 1162 1227 1033 1069 4641 2353 1161 1824 4150 5691 4280 2126 2844 3681 4741

Hbook 524915 582583 555766 547022 509386 547703 541891 484995 535491 508325 582587 526315 446135 540605 455515 531312 548991 489416 405476 547054 408566 507447 543904 524570 582580 552482 513536 551249 546668 498429 523626 506554 477917 575094 533235 545175 535480 527041 506572 453232 492805 546066 478471 437822 445054 523950 547013

ASI Prot Prot% 170 43 0.09 157 39 0.19 152 33 0.37 149 29 0.53 147 22 0.52 146 38 0.29 146 32 0.25 140 41 -0.06 138 34 0.17 134 21 0.43 133 37 0.04 133 35 0.05 132 37 0.28 132 34 0.13 132 32 0.22 129 41 -0.04 129 28 0.35 129 32 -0.05 129 25 0.29 127 31 0.26 126 30 0.38 124 23 0.48 124 25 0.14 124 29 0.17 123 19 0.6 123 28 0.27 123 34 0.02 121 37 -0.13 121 33 0.22 120 29 0.14 118 24 0.31 118 31 0.16 118 28 0.43 116 33 -0.03 116 28 0.19 116 27 0.35 116 27 0.21 116 29 0.12 116 27 0.05 115 24 0.37 114 30 0.01 114 22 0.51 114 25 0.15 113 28 0.07 113 33 0.17 112 25 0.51 112 18 0.49

Milk 1143 879 452 146 -78 740 593 1296 765 26 1053 962 690 833 625 1246 336 1019 346 558 367 15 546 635 -277 456 980 1277 658 674 284 699 241 1010 573 311 506 695 733 213 877 -52 521 719 723 36 -137

Fat 69 59 55 49 69 40 60 52 52 63 46 51 30 46 47 38 44 61 56 41 33 43 62 47 44 42 45 46 32 46 45 37 24 44 40 31 42 43 53 37 47 32 50 47 27 21 42

Fat% 0.15 0.22 0.59 0.77 1.38 0 0.53 -0.34 0.2 1.16 -0.21 -0.01 -0.14 0.03 0.26 -0.54 0.5 0.11 0.71 0.2 0.26 0.79 0.62 0.25 1.11 0.34 -0.15 -0.44 -0.06 0.18 0.56 -0.02 0.21 -0.19 0.17 0.28 0.28 0.11 0.26 0.47 0 0.67 0.41 0.17 -0.23 0.37 0.94

Rel Lact 50 3 42 1 49 3 43 1 52 4 37 1 43 1 54 5 48 2 51 4 48 2 50 3 60 7 47 2 53 6 48 2 42 1 57 5 65 8 43 1 57 8 52 4 40 1 48 3 43 1 42 1 47 2 50 3 42 1 53 5 47 2 50 4 54 5 50 3 46 2 42 1 47 2 45 2 52 4 57 7 60 4 42 1 63 4 61 6 56 8 49 3 43 1

48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 100


Emmett GJ & LK Stanhope VIC Sprunt GC & RG Kaarimba VIC R H & G Akers Tallygaroopna VIC A & J Carson Irrewillipie VIC S Reid Larpent VIC DG RS Hallyburton Cobden VIC R H & G Akers Tallygaroopna VIC Williams HN & PJ Vacy NSW Cockerell JR & MA Numurkah VIC R & J Richards Foster VIC Kuhne K & P & W & L Leongatha VIC Glennen & Co Noorat VIC G & M Lawson Mardan VIC R & K Anderson Robin Hood VIC Williams HN & PJ Vacy NSW Williams HN & PJ Vacy NSW Cockerell JR & MA Numurkah VIC Sprunt GC & RG Karimba VIC P J & F Singleton Dorrigo NSW Williams HN & PJ Vacy NSW Brereton CR ME KA & MJ Gunbower VIC Kuhne K & P & W & L Leongatha VIC S Reid Larpent VIC Glennen & Co Noorat VIC R H & G Akers Tallygaroopna VIC McManus B.T.& C.A. Bamawm VIC K Trotman Yarram VIC Wallace Family Poowong VIC Glennen & Co Noorat VIC Nicholson & Sons W & P Girgarree VIC Bacon R.L.G. & S.L Tennyson VIC Nicholson & Mauger Girgarree VIC R & K Anderson Robin Hood VIC A & J Carson Irrewillipie VIC McManus B.T.& C.A. Bamawm VIC Glennen & Co Noorat VIC R H & G Akers Tallygaroopna VIC R & K Anderson Robin Hood VIC D & A Van Popering Numurkah VIC A & F Ferguson Toolamba VIC A & J MacKenzie Cooriemungle VIC Glennen & Co Noorat VIC B & R Mills Bamawm VIC Williams HN & PJ Vacy NSW Williams HN & PJ Vacy NSW Cockerell JR & MA Numurkah VIC Brereton CR ME KA & MJ Gunbower VIC B & D Smethurst Cooriemungle VIC AJ PL MA KE York Longwarry VIC Bacon R.L.G. & S.L Tennyson VIC F M Maninveldt Warrigul South VIC J R Eckermann Narrung SA S Reid Larpent VIC

2799 5581 2495 3761 2073 4220 2665 1453 2690 2460 3265 4311 2852 3826 1402 1503 2688 5712 836 1083 2072 3082 2221 4490 2651 2067 2301 3913 4782 4856 4035 1199 3723 3186 2020 4795 2653 3796 2340 1718 2576 4759 2500 1290 1294 2766 2268 1723 2758 3908 2942 2220 2276

535227 534042 507390 535370 533207 571385 524568 543754 508842 555512 551952 566065 575675 552094 543695 582765 508840 546080 540600 506495 504995 528198 546185 566066 524559 546767 541607 502308 547043 526168 538295 542501 529841 436478 534789 583320 524561 552122 495599 479267 524277 547024 533759 528307 528311 515679 542774 483080 545307 526951 547121 507376 576755

112 112 112 111 111 111 111 111 110 110 110 110 109 109 109 109 108 108 108 108 107 107 107 107 107 107 106 106 106 106 106 106 106 105 105 105 105 105 104 104 104 104 104 104 104 103 103 103 103 103 103 103 102

26 24 21 25 29 15 26 26 29 32 28 34 31 32 26 18 25 24 26 12 23 22 24 23 28 19 24 9 28 38 23 29 35 15 26 19 24 24 25 25 27 26 18 33 26 23 27 20 21 20 27 23 21

0.02 0.33 0.4 0.2 0.03 0.49 0.19 0.2 0.18 0.04 0.22 0.09 0.22 -0.03 0.12 0.38 0.45 0.11 0.08 0.32 0.15 0.38 0.13 0.41 0.14 0.43 0.38 0.47 0.03 -0.24 0.24 0.05 -0.05 0.45 0.23 0.26 0.32 0.13 0.07 0.16 0.22 0.19 0.37 -0.14 -0.1 0.1 0.22 0.5 0.23 0.1 0.1 0.42 0.11

725 251 84 473 818 -231 517 483 611 892 533 862 590 985 589 28 126 551 670 -82 481 133 517 107 620 -13 185 -369 779 1449 362 794 1092 -192 436 204 258 537 639 524 480 494 7 1153 908 550 493 -80 315 454 652 107 467

56 37 39 42 44 48 40 39 33 34 32 27 24 37 44 45 22 49 45 65 46 32 46 28 36 37 27 60 43 35 40 37 29 45 32 48 30 42 45 38 29 34 42 39 53 47 27 24 41 54 37 23 49

0.31 0.44 0.66 0.32 0.01 1.15 0.24 0.25 0 -0.26 0.06 -0.37 -0.15 -0.3 0.24 0.83 0.28 0.37 0.16 1.32 0.38 0.46 0.34 0.43 0.05 0.71 0.32 1.51 0.02 -0.81 0.38 -0.1 -0.56 1.05 0.16 0.7 0.3 0.25 0.2 0.19 0.06 0.14 0.79 -0.43 0.09 0.32 0.01 0.54 0.46 0.56 0.03 0.34 0.46

47 43 52 47 51 47 48 43 51 46 42 55 43 42 46 40 51 42 47 56 53 49 46 51 48 43 47 49 43 47 48 46 47 60 43 43 48 42 41 52 54 43 46 50 48 49 44 55 40 50 42 52 40

JerseyJournal October/November 2008 —

2 1 3 2 3 2 3 1 3 2 1 4 1 1 2 1 4 1 2 5 4 3 2 3 2 1 2 3 1 2 2 2 2 7 1 1 2 1 1 6 4 1 2 3 2 3 2 4 1 3 1 3 1



Off the scale for udder overall score By John Redshaw, Bull Acquisition Manager, Livestock Improvement. It is a delight to be able to offer a bull like Hawthorne Grove Zeus ET to dairy farmers in Australia who appreciate bulls at the extreme for udder traits. Zeus was sired by a yearling bull from a proven cow family, demonstrating LIC’s approach to reducing the generation interval and breeding extreme outliers with a portion of each bull intake. Hawthorne Grove Zeus ET is a one-in-a-thousand-bull for udder improvement. His Breeding Values (BVs) for udder support (0.90), front udder (1.12), rear udder (0.99) and front teat placement (0.41) all stack up to form a phenomenal udder overall BV of 1.09, based on 65 TOP daughters. This puts him above other great udder improvers like Homestead Ernest, Molly Brook Berretta Fabulous and Hermanns Red Ribbon GR. Zeus is also extreme for overall opinion, at 0.57 BV, and completes the package with BVs of 0.53 for capacity, 0.61 for dairy conformation and -0.45 for somatic cell count. Zeus was bred by Ron and Jackie Monk of Hokitika and sired by a yearling bull, Okura Pans Index ET – a grandson of well-known proven bull mother Okura Admirals Iris. Zeus’ Parkwood Casper dam, Kelly PC Adine SJ3, was bred by Bernard and Carolyn O’Neil of Eketahuna, then entered in the inaugural Jersey JET herd in 2000 where she recorded a 318 Lactation Worth (LW) and classified Excellent. As a result, she became one of five heifers that year to receive the JET Elite Award. Adine was purchased by Ron and Jackie Monk at the end of her heifer lactation and moved to Westland where she has continued to perform well and was reclassified Excellent as a four-year-old. She has now completed her eighth successive lactation, following in the footsteps of her Judds Admiral dam, which has completed her 11th successive lactation, and her E8 classified Tregarden Ponsonby RR granddam, who completed eight successive lactations. Zeus has a total longevity BV of 343 days, bettering that of both his dam and sire. I hope dairy farmers enjoy milking the daughters of Zeus as much as our New Zealand Sire Proving Scheme farmers have. I’m sure these will be the bulls that future type specialist bulls are compared to. * Breeding Worths quoted are from the 20 September 2008 Animal Evaluation run.

24 — JerseyJournal October/November 2008

The old 1-2! By Jim Lindsay The time-proven combination of improved feeding and breeding has done marvels for Western District breeders, Craig and Cheryl Kermond. In 15 years, they have quadrupled their herd size and doubled average production, achieving an eightfold increase in total production from the same land area! Craig and Cheryl milk about 400 Jerseys year-round on their 120-hectare property near Nullawarre. Located in a 750 mm reliable rainfall area and boasting three centre pivots, the property is sown to perennial ryegrass pastures undersown with Italian ryegrass. Their Meadowglen herd boasts an average production of 6,290 litres at 4.9% fat (311 kg) and 3.7% protein (234 kg) achieved from a high-level supplementary feeding program that sees each cow receive up to 1.7 tonnes of grain per year. The current situation is a far cry from when Craig started share milking on his parents’ farm 15 years ago. “Dad bought his cows many years ago from good herds in the region and I bought the herd from my parents,” he said. “Our cows were wedgy, short and deep and the suspensory ligament on their udders was a bit loose. They had capacity and plenty of potential, but they really needed more size and length. “We’d been using a few New Zealand bulls but in 1993 we started using the Canadian sires, Valleystream JIS Juno and Meadow Lawn J Imperial, to add some size and tidy up their udders. “Their daughters formed the foundation of our present herd. Juno’s daughters weren’t great milkers at first but by the time they were three or four years old they were fantastic – and they lasted! Imperial’s daughters were much the same.” Craig and Cheryl have since used a number of sires from the Semex catalogue , including Curtsey Duncan Jude, Rock Ella Perimiter, Fleurieu Augustus, Bushlea Brook Biestar and SHF Centurion Sultan. “They’ve added a lot of stature and strength where the cows were previously small and frail, and they’ve brought the udders up nice and tight under the cows,” Craig said. “We never really had any problems with feet and legs but they’re even better now. “Before we started using Semex genetics and supplementary feeding, our cows were only producing 2,000 or 3,000 litres per cow per year. They’re doing double that now and on top of that we’re running almost four times as many cows on the same milking area. “Sure, feeding has a lot to do with that but genetics has played an important role, too. Nutrition probably determines 90% of your farm profitability but if you don’t have that right, you can’t get enough out of

your genetics.” Another bonus from the Semex Balanced Breeding philosophy is dramatically increased longevity. “We’re only replacing about 20% of the herd each year,” Craig said. “Longevity is so important because it costs an awful lot of money to rear heifers. Rather than an average life of three or four lactations, we have cows who are 10, 11 or 12 years old and still going strong.” A compelling case in point is Meadowglen J Sapphire, a 13-year-old Imperial daughter who boasts an amazing lifetime production of 49,695 litres of milk containing 5.2% fat (2,695 kg) and 4.0% protein (1,998 kg), including 5,849 litres at 5.4% fat (316 kg) and 4.1% protein (240 kg) on her 11th lactation! “We also have a Jude daughter who was born in 1997 and she’s still extremely profitable – she did 10,910 litres over 613 days on her last lactation,” Craig said. The Kermonds use up to six sires in their split autumnspring breeding program each year. “The main reason we use Semex is that they have terrific bulls with good, solid pedigrees, strong type, high production and deep cow families,” Craig said. “We look for sires with good proofs, especially in the areas of production, type, workability and temperament. Everyone wants a ‘super cow’ but it’s the good, consistent cows that pay the bills. “I also talk to people who have cows on the ground. I put a lot of stock in the advice and follow-up I get from Semex Field Representative, Peter Dickson, who has been in the game for a long time.”

Cheryl and Craig Kermond of Meadowglen Jerseys, Nullawarre, Victoria.

JerseyJournal October/November 2008 — 25

From the Classroom to the Show Ring By Linda Houghton

As a teacher at Deniliquin High School for the past 14 years, and the past six as a Head Teacher, Anthony Michael has found it an ongoing challenge to create fresh ideas and programs to inspire his students. However, the physical education teacher’s most recent program could be his best idea yet – culminating in an amazing success story of students with no agricultural experience whatsoever, preparing and presenting Jerseys in the show-ring – and winning! At this year’s Royal Melbourne Show, the six-student show-team won Champion Vessel Cow with Willow Dell Fancy 512, and Supreme Jersey Exhibit, competing against some of the best dairy studs around. It was a thrill for John and Esther, and Stephen and Fiona Waters (of Willow Dell) as well, because that cow had never previously been shown before, and won a major event. “My idea for the program came from having a personal link to the dairy industry (Steven Waters of Willow Dell is Anthony’s brother in-law) and wanting to give students the opportunity to experience agricultural activities, and to consider the career options available in the dairy industry. I also hoped that the program would benefit our student’s personal development and confidence,” Anthony said. After presenting the idea and following discussions with the school Principal, the program was internally funded, and has run for the past two years. It is an additional activity to the student’s curriculum, and they are expected to keep up with their normal study routines and timetables. The local community got behind the program, donating bales of hay and the use of trailers and other equipment. “I like to put different ideas out there, and wait for the reaction and interest levels shown by the kids. The first year I ran this program in 2007, we had only four boys involved, and went to the local Deniliquin

The Deni High school Cattle Show Team with Fancy 512 after winning senior champion Jersey Cow

— JerseyJournal October/November 2008

Jesse Birks gives Fancy a kiss after winning her class

and Finley Shows. In 2008, the word had got around amongst the kids that it was a good program, and we had 18 students involved from Years 7/8/9 – and this time half were girls. Nearly all the kids who wanted to do it were not from a farming background, but liked animals. As it is a self-funded and contained program, I think that also made it a lot more accessible and attractive to parents” Anthony said. “We will be running the program again in 2009, particularly after our big win at the Royal Melbourne Show. The kids were just stoked, and probably didn’t really appreciate just how big a deal it is, as some breeders show for years, and never achieve an outcome like that. The exhibitors at the show were a fantastic support to the students – giving them advice and helping them out. For next year, our focus will be on training the students in the selection process, so that they can pick out their own cows to show. We will be using Willow Dell heifers, and perhaps cows from some of the other Jersey breeders that have shown interest,” Anthony said. “Breeders can also see that they benefit from the program, as it provides them with a showteam to prepare and take their cows to the ring – sparing them all of the additional work and time required. Esther Waters really enjoyed being involved, and loved having the kids out at their property, and I know that the kids loved spending time with her. It is also great publicity, and a boost for the school and wider community in these uncertain times” Anthony said. “The feedback we have received from parents has also been very encouraging, with kids

frequently commenting, ‘at last - I have found something at school that I am good at’. Previously very shy students are now able to stand up and address the school assembly, talk about the program and show-off their ribbons. This is very pleasing, as most of these kids are not particularly academic, or good at sports”. “Another benefit to the students is that is has them thinking about careers in agriculture. Students who had never considered agriculture before have been amazed by the vast range of options available to them, from apprenticeships to diplomas and degrees. It really has been an eye-opener for our students as to the choices available” Anthony said. “I can also see how this program could be adapted to involve other animals as well, such as horses or alpacas, and as a teacher, I have really enjoyed the whole process of running this program. My aging body is not what it was and doesn’t hold up all that well for sporting activities!” Anthony said. Meanwhile, Deniliquin High School students are

The show team with Fancy 512 after winning Supreme Jersey Exhibit. preparing to go to the Numurkah Feature Show next week, and are looking forward to tackling the Royal Melbourne again in 2009.

Dairy youth camp promotes careers in farming Young dairy enthusiasts wanting to develop skills in dairy cattle breeding should mark their calendars for the 2009 National All Dairy Breeds Youth Camp. The Camp will be held from 5-9 January at the Northern Victoria Campus of the National Centre for Dairy Education Australia located at Dookie College. Camp participants will develop confidence in handling dairy heifers, learn judging, showing and clipping skills, discuss breeding and new technology. The Camp also offers an opportunity to meet other people with similar interests in the dairy industry. The 2009 theme will be “Marketing”. “The Camp is a fantastic opportunity for young people who want to investigate opportunities in the dairy industry and meet new people with similar interests,” comments NCDEA Gippsland Manager, Tony Seymour. “The dairy industry is a source of rewarding careers and the Camp is an innovative program that encourages young people to investigate opportunities within the dairy industry,” he said. The Youth Camp began in 1992 and this year will be the fourteenth Camp to be run. Forty-five participants from around Australia and New Zealand are expected to attend and according to Pat Nicholson, Camp Committee Member, “The National All Dairy Breeds Youth Camp has been both a starting point

and a stepping stone for many young people in the dairy industry.” “Past participants often credit the Camp with playing a major role in their career choices. We look forward to continuing to foster this development,” said Mr Nicholson. Collaboration with dairy industry organisations is integral to the running of the Camp. Outstanding camp participants are recognised with awards from the Camp’s supporters. The grand finale for the week will be the Exhibition Day on Friday 9 January, 2008. The community is welcome to attend this event. Applications for the Camp are now available. Participants from all backgrounds are invited. People between the ages of 16 and 20 years are asked to contact NCDEA on 1300 062 332 for an application form. The cost is $200 per person. Deadline for applications is Monday 24 November, 2008. For more information on the National All Breeds Dairy Youth Camp, contact Tracey Marsden on 1300 062 332 or e-mail or Pat Nicholson on 03 5854 6513 or email jugiong@ For an application form contact the NCDEA on 1300 0 NCDEA (1300 062 332) or visit JerseyJournal October/November 2008 —


FROM THE OFFICE By Office Manager Lorraine O’Toole

Hi everyone Well a busy few months with the conversion to Jersey Australia going fairly smoothly. Thanks for this should be placed squarely at the door of Diane Gerassimou. Diane had procedures in place for every eventuality – in the main cheques being made out to the wrong entity ie: AJBS instead of Jersey Australia. There were a few tense moments during it all but a few chocolates and everyone settled happily again! Thanks to all of you who got

your Classification Applications in on time, and also to those who bribed us with offers of champagne, flowers, chocolates etc. if we would take them over the phone. WE remember who you are and wait with anticipation for the loot to arrive. Excuse of the month: My classification application is late because it fell behind the fridge. Yeh, right! How many of you pull the fridge out on a regular basis???

Regards Lorraine



COWS & BULLS PRICE GST TOTAL 0 - 3 months $10.00 $1.00 $11.00 3 - 6 months $12.00 $1.20 $13.20 6 + months $16.00 $1.60 $17.60 Associate Members $16.00 $1.60 $17.60 (5 registrations per year) Bulls born after July 1, 2007 - dam must be classified. Bulls born to a GR cow cannot be registered Telephone Emergency Registrations - $55.00 surcharge GENETIC RECOVERY Live Animals (1st yr) Dead Animals

PRICE GST $6.00 $0.60 No Charge

TOTAL $6.60

JMS DISCOUNT REGISTRATION FEES PRICE GST TOTAL 3 months & under: CGU Farmpack Insurance plus $500 Semen purchase JMS $9.00 $0.90 $9.90 3 months & under plus $2000 semen purchase JMS $9.00 $0.90 $9.90 *available in all States

TRANSFER CHARGES SITUATION Transfer Fee Within Family Within Syndicate Bulls to AI Companies

PRICE $15.00

GST TOTAL $1.50 $16.50 No Charge No Charge $35.00 $3.50 $38.50

28 — JerseyJournal October/November 2008

SITUATION Incorrect Information Whole Herd (per animal) Individual Animal AI Company



GST TOTAL No Charge $1.00 $0.10 $1.10 $2.00 $0.20 $2.20 $5.00 $0.50 $5.50

TYPE PRICE GST Family $180.00 $18.00 Full or Syndicate $160.00 $16.00 Junior $80.00 $8.00 Associate* $80.00 $8.00 Jersey Journal Subcription (Aust & OS)

TOTAL $198.00 $176.00 $ 88.00 $ 88.00 $ 71.50

Jersey Australia Bank Account Details: BSB: 063-102 A/c No. 10239056

ADVERTISING RATES (Including -GST) Effective 1st January 2008 Member: 6 issues Casual Full page B&W $235.95 $280.50 1/2 page B&W $157.41 $182.60 1/4 page B&W $108.90 $121.00 Business Card B&W $ 79.86 A4 Flyer insertion in Journal $187.55 Advertorial Copy over 1/2 pg $187.55 Sale Catalogue Insertion $435.60 Back Cover Colour $435.60 Inside Back Cover Colour $435.60 Inside Front Cover Colour $435.60 Front Cover Colour $484.00 Body Page Colour $399.30

Currently Available as Sexed Semen from World Wide Sires Australia: 507HO7947 Balziar RRP $70 507HO6782 Zenith RRP $80* 507JE915 Verify RRP $60

507HO6753 Atom RRP $60 507HO7735 Cadet RRP $70 507JE738 Louie RRP $75*

507HO6794 Emmett RRP $60 507HO9397 Raid-Red RRP $60 507JE707 Juan RRP $65*

Order now to ensure availability due to high demand

Dam: Huronia Centurion Veronica 20J, EX 95

White Rock Award Lucky, VG 85

Rachelles Louie #6395

507HO7313 Nathan RRP $70 507JE712 Award RRP $75 *Available Spring 2008


Centurion x Jude x Top Brass

Order one dose of SULTAN together with one dose of each of our Jersey Young Sires – JEADDICTION, JEGOLDORE and JERHODES for the total price of $32.00 Excl. GST.





JEADDICTION SIRE: SHF Centurion Sultan EX DAM: Riverside Stars Amity 832 VHC 91


04-09 305 10,049 384 3.8% 442 4.4% kg

MGS: Bie Bistar MGD: Riverside MBSB Amity 607 VHC 90 07-05 305 7,261 264 3.6% 346 4.8% kg




JEGOLDORE SIRE: Forest Glen Avery Action DAM: Elite Alf Golda EX-90 04-02 305 7,306 282 3.9% 366 5.0% kg

MGS: Comfort Royal Alf MGD: Sweet Grass Lester Golda EX-91-2E 03-07 305 7,983 293 3.7% 412 5.2% kg


Jugiong Nari


JERHODES SIRE: O.F. Barber Rocket DAM: Jugiong Nellie 4771 HC-88 02-05 305 6,355 233 3.7% 294 4.6% kg

MGS: Schultz Brook Hallmark MGD: Jugiong Pitino Nellie VHC 90

Sunset Canyon Sultan’s Anthem VG-88-2YR-USA

PO Box 509, Melton Vic. 3337 Office & Warehouse 10 - 12 Coburns Rd !(- 


 Email: Website:

05-06 305 8,148 309 3.8% 376 4.6% kg

The Australian Jersey Journal October 2008  

Jersey Australia is fiercely proud of The Australian Jersey Journal which is distributed throughout Australia to approximately 900 members b...

The Australian Jersey Journal October 2008  

Jersey Australia is fiercely proud of The Australian Jersey Journal which is distributed throughout Australia to approximately 900 members b...