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Coorievale Glam Daydream

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October/November 2007






APR ASI Milk Prot% Fat% 105 102 354 +0.28% +0.43% +2 ERCR (Semen Fertility)


the sires for adding genetic diversity

and high APR to Jersey herds. Their daughters have significantly impacted the genetic credentials of these high fertility BOS Jersey sires.



APR ASI 129 137

Van de IMPULS Betsy Hyacinth

SEXED Semen Available

Milk Prot% Fat% 652 +0.23% +0.24% +2 ERCR (Semen Fertility)

Big Time MANHATTEN Pretty

main reason we began using Danish Jerseys was for outcross genetics. It was something we needed “inThe our breeding program. We have three milking daughters of both ARTIST and IMPULS. They are all above our herd average by about 150 pounds of fat, 50 pounds of protein and 1500 pounds of milk. �

Jon Vanderstappen

Van De Jerseys Transfer, Pennsylvania

are milking two MANHATTEN daughters and are extremely happy with them. One of them is “thisWeyear’s top production and type heifer and has great strength and width right through. She is very functional in all traits, especially feet and legs and has so far held to her first service. We are using MANHATTEN again together with IMPULS.


Michael O’Sullivan Kolara, Victoria, Australia

ReliableProf tpartner



BOS Trading

2/22 Garden Drive, Tullamarine, Victoria 3043 e-mail:  %   0.     + )-'%/$$ )0(#%    


Adam Daniel, Gippsland, Ph: 0438 276 975 Coleman Baulch, Western District SA and Tasmania, Ph: 0409 012 235 Mike Huth, Western District SA and Queensland, Ph: 0409 555 042 Stewart Mancer, Northern Victoria, Ph: 0409 003 069 Tim Weller, Northern Victoria, Riverina NSW, Ph: 0408 126 958 Š2007 CRI


Volume 59 No. 15 — October / November 2007

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Coorievale Glam Daydream 88 pts at 2 years


State Secretary - Diane Reeves Phone: (07) 5485 4585 Work: (07) 3221 3182 Fax: (07) 5485 4575 Email:

1st 3 years in milk Melbourne Royal 2007 2nd Best Vessel 2007 5145lts 3.77 194 Prot. 4.33 223 BF Following her Dam

Coorievale Au Daydream VHC 91pts 1st 3 years in milk Melbourne Royal 2005 1st 4 years in milk 2006 2nd 5 years in milk 2007 6800lts 3.74 254 Prot 4.96 337 BF in 287 days Together they won Dam and Daughter 2007

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behindthescenes AJBS Federal Council continues to move slowly toward the national restructure of Jersey Australia. State delegates have finalised alterations to the new constitution during the September meeting in Melbourne, with the upcoming January 2008 meeting set to begin preparations for a July 2008 implementation. Jersey Australia is working closely with Quadrant Travel in preparing a Jersey Trade mission to promote Australian Jersey genetics abroad. This is a project that will also take in the itinerary of the Jersey Island World Jersey Bureau Conference in May 2008. Peter Lloyd and his staff will be preparing travel costs in coming months and hopes to encourage AJBS members to book via his office so as to lend wait to project. For more details call Quadrant Travel direct on 1300 722 420 or (02)6772 9066. Mr. Peter Thurn (Genetics Australia) attended the September Federal Council meeting, giving a very thorough update on his company move toward the new Genome selection technology. Mr. Thurn informed delegates that the traditional progeny testing program costs AB Companies approximately $500,000 per bull to receive an ABV. Not only is the Genome technology seen as a way of making more accurate young sire selections with the benefit of reducing costs (due to a reduced number of young bulls tested) but companies may in time be confident enough to promote young bulls on the predicted proof ie. the Genome DNA test results. It appears the future of Young Bull selection may well be all about ‘snips’, (SNP’s) being the new jargon used by geneticists that describes a location point along a chromosome. This new technology is being used around the world and according to Mr. Thurn Australia holds a 6 month or so research advantage. Like all new technology though, ‘seeing is believing’, and at present

all research has been completed upon the Holstein. Interestingly, researchers are unlikely to lay the Holstein model upon the Jersey so a uniquely Jersey model will be developed and utilised by Genetics Australia within the next 5 years. Members are reminded that Federal Council has implemented a flat fee of $35+gst for all bulls transferred to or leased to AB Companies. Essentially the new rule means that any bull that has been registered on the NASIS system since the 1st July 2007 will incur the fee. It is hoped that the new fee structure will clear up the confusion felt by semen companies with regard to ownership rights and indeed progeny registration status on the AJBS registrar. Federal Council has added to section 6 of the AJBS book or rules that all animals born in Australia must be registered on the AJBS registrar. Discussions with other World Jersey Bureau members has prompted this new addition so as to clear up any legal loopholes and clearly define each organization’s herd book jurisdiction. The AJBS alliance with GTG technology with regard to DNA testing has been revisited since the GTG decision to sell off its Bovine testing services to Catapult Genetics. The Jersey Office has worked with Catapult briefly and determined that a more efficient alliance should be struck with the DNA testing laboratories of the University of Queensland (UniQ). Member’s familiar with the prompt turnaround service of UniQ will be pleased to know that hair samples submitted via the office to the Queensland lab will cost $34.10 (includes gst) while samples sent to UniQ direct will be tested at $38 per sample. It is hoped that this new arrangement will streamline the service and allay member’s frustration with the previous arrangements. For more details contact the Jersey Office on (03)9370 9105.

Federal Council President: Milton Johnston 118 Edinburgh Drive, Taree, NSW 2430 Telephone: (02) 6552 5915 Queensland Delegate: Graham Hoey 77 Warner Street, Warwick QLD 4370 Telephone: (07) 4661 4157 Western Australian Delegate: Don Fry Mitchell Rd, Benger, WA Telephone: (08) 9726 9226


Hon.Treasurer & South Australian Delegate: Peter Ness PO Box 93, Mt Compass, SA 5210 Telephone: (08) 8556 8270 Secretary: Scott Joynson PO Box 292, Ascot Vale,Vic 3032 Telephone: (03) 9370 9105 Tasmanian Delegate: Warren Dudfield 437 Nunns Road, Elliot, Tas 7325 Telephone: (03) 6438 1298

— JerseyJournal October/November 2007

Victorian Delegates: Trevor Saunders 495 Araluen Rd, Yarragon 3823 Telephone: (03) 5626 6373 Vice President Peter Farrell 605 Lemnos Road, Congupna,Vic 3633 Telephone: (03) 5829 9354 AJBS Website:


5594lts @ 5%

285kgs fat 3.8% 213kgs prot.

Flowerpower x 86pt Taranak x 91pt Berretta x 91pt Lester x 91pt Brigadier 3 outstanding daughters x Jebrookbi ,1 daughter x Woodstock Lexington Manhatten son at GAC Team 2006 Meldan Powerman -(PAPERBOY) Tailboard son (Meldan Bakari) under consideration for GAC team 2008 Embryos implanted x Valerian and Impuls

Meldan Jerseys - Breeding on brand names Brendan & Melissa Scott 91 Bay Rd Jam Jerrup VIC Email: Ph: 03 59976334 Web Page: (member sites Meldan) JerseyJournal October/November 2007 —


Lyon Ray Missie, EX 90

Sil-Mist Blair Denae Carmel, VG 82


— JerseyJournal October/November 2007

PRODUCTION WITH TYPE Murray Brook Jerseys By Susan Webster Signing up as a focus farm in 1996 gave Paul Lenehan a renewed interest in his Western Victorian dairying enterprise. It saw him double his herd size and register his Jerseys. It saw him increase his land holdings, develop an admirable silage feeding system and create something of worth to pass onto his children. “It flicked a button with me,” said Paul, now 55. “They said to me ‘let’s push it’ and I realised I needed a good push. “From there it just blossomed. Chris Hibbert came on as my consultant and within five years I’d doubled the herd on the same number of acres.” The farm had always had potential. Paul acquired the milking acres from his father. “I had been always on the farm; it was my father’s farm. I was one of 14 children. It was a big family,” he added. “My father died in 1985 and the farm was left with me and my brother as a dairying enterprise but also running some sheep. Things went along for a bit and then, after four or five years together, my brother decided he wanted to concentrate on running the sheep side of things and I took the home property of 275 acres.” The herd of 220 cows went back to 160 with the property division. The herd size is now up to around 300 milkers, 100 Holsteins and 184 of them Jerseys registered to Paul and Adam Lenehans’ Murray Brook stud. The fairly flat dryland farm between Warrnambool and Port Fairy sits on heavy black/grey loam sown to perennial ryegrass. The paddocks are configured around a central laneway and there is a 16 aside double-up fitted with stall gates and auto cup removers operating as a two-person milking unit. Full-time milker Gerard Anderson milks six days a week. The location of the dairy near a creek has required

special effluent treatment, which goes firstly into a holding pond where the solids settle and then into a 3MG pond. About two years ago Paul installed an effluent reuse system involving a 75mm pipe connected to about nine hydrants that water about 40 acres. The solids are cleared out of the settling pond with a tractor every 6 weeks. The feedpad also feeds back into the effluent reuse system in the winter. In the summer, a bucket is used to scrape the pad. The muck is piled for a couple of years and then spread over the pastures. The property is free of the pugging that often plagues farms in Victoria’s south-west. However, it shares the region’s windy habits – there’s often a boisterous north-westerly blowing through. The area averages 700mm annual rainfall although, like most areas, last year’s total was well down. In fact, low rainfall for the past four or five years has persuaded Paul from planting any summer fodder crops and seen him swing away from annual ryegrass to perennial. The real strength of the soil is the way it handles water, he explained. “It’s heavy soil but it manages to stay solid even when wet. There’s two-metres depth of JerseyJournal October/November 2007 —


pure soil that the water penetrates but doesn’t break it up. I can grow feed in the winter. It’s really good soil.” Another major feature of the farm is the concrete feedpad, a 50m by 15m stretch sited near the dairy. Paul’s use of the feedpad is different to most farmers, and is fundamental to his feed management regime. He allows the herd full access to all feed on the pad. “We don’t put the cows on and off or feed them down one side of the feedpad and then the other. I just let them have full access; they can eat as much as they want. In late summer, early autumn they have 24 hour access” said Paul. “There’s no wastage. What they don’t eat today they can eat tomorrow. “I make sure my cows are well-fed. “I travelled to America in 1994 and saw their cows on high production for 300-days were getting well-fed. Paul saw sense in the system. He feeds his animals 7kg/cow/day of a wheat and pellet mix. He firmly believes that a cow of high genetic merit and high production capacity needs quality feeding. “The additive pellets have got a bit of everything in them and the wheat would total about 6kg/cow/ day. “They’ve been on that for five years as a consistent feed system. I aim for a steady feeding pattern and a BCS that wouldn’t get under 4.5 all year. But the real star in his feed system is silage. “It’s the key to my whole farming set-up,” said Paul. This year he is hoping to cut 300 acres for pit silage, amounting to about 700 tonnesDM at ME 10 to10.5 and 18-22 protein. The bill – including nitrogen costs – comes to about $100/tonne. “That’s where I make all my money,” said Paul. “I used northern hay for feed but it wasn’t paying its way. The next year I did some square bale silage. I fed some of that in the feedpad and I thought this is going good. The next year did pit silage. Now I cut two big stacks a week to 10 days apart. “I haven’t use inoculants in the last few years because I couldn’t see then benefits and because they’re quit expensive. But if weather conditions go bad, I might put some in.” He uses a contractor to cut the silage within six weeks of the nitrogen application. “After that the protein really drops away. It’s not so much the time of the year you make it, but the timing after the nitrogen. And I always aim for around 40% DM.” The response among the Jerseys is obvious. Throughout last summer and autumn the herd stayed on 2kgMS/day while yielding around 24 litres. Even when they get dried off, they’re still putting out 18 to 20 litres/day. “Last year my best two-year-old recorded 347kg for fat and 291kg for protein, and my top three-year-old 400kg fat and 265kg protein, and the top mature cow did 444kg fat and 365kg protein, all over a 300day lactation. “And it’s simply because I fully feed them right through their lactation,” said Paul. “And also, it’s the


— JerseyJournal October/November 2007

breed. Chris Hibbert said to me, it’s one of the great secrets - what those Jersey cows can do, how little they eat for the amount of milk they put out and the solids that the milk contains.” Despite conditions last year the herd earned a platinum award, averaging 6140 litres at average 251kg protein and 300kg fat. The serious demand for milk has determined the look of the Murray Brook cow. “One of the criteria for the breed has been type, especially udders because we’re pushing a lot more milk out of them,” said Paul. “I’ve been commercial right through but I’m trying to keep that type up. I have no real favourite sires and I usually use about six different ones each season. I just try to get a bit of something that suits.” This year he has joined his girls to IOTOLA, BADGER,ACTION, COUNTRY, GOLDEN and FUTURE and this year’s heifers are by BOMBER, FUTURE, CENTURIAN, GOLDEN, BRAZO and MEGASTAR. “We did a bit of classifying with the heifers. Two heifers MURRAY BROOK SENSATION 2788 and MURRAY BROOK FLOWER POWER 2732 each went 88pts as two-year-olds. “One of the classifiers walked through the herd said I was cranky not putting them up for classifying. There were three or four cows that would go VHC,” said Paul. “That’s something for further down the track.” Paul and Lynette’s son Adam, 24, is now back on the farm full-time after years of travelling overseas as well as Australia. He is taking up all the bookwork and computer slog, Lynette also helps with the calf rearing. The family also includes two daughters Kylie and Melissa. The parents have just completed building a new house on the property, allowing Adam to move into the old family home. In addition, the landholdings have grown too – a mixture of leased and bought outpaddocks are intended to keep the enterprise in conserved fodder and fresh feed. Paul said: “Adam is very keen to take on the work. He’s very keen on the Jerseys.”

“I’ve been commercial right through but I’m trying to keep that type up. I have no real favourite sires and I usually use about six different ones each season. I just try to get a bit of something that suits.”

The very best Jersey bulls at the very best value Combine a proven bull with a new progeny test bull - for terrific savings on your bottom line. Genetics Australia’s fabulous ‘One to One’ (Genetic Check) combination deal allows you to match one of our proven high APR bulls, with one of our new progeny test bulls in your current breeding program. Take advantage of great discounts - up to 28% off the usual retail prices!


TARANAK x Alf APR 93, ASI 89. Overall type 1.5 and mammary 0.9.#


JEPERIMETER x Admiral APR 149, ASI 130. Overall type 0.8, Mammary 0.5.# The Top APR bull in Australia. Number one Protein bull with Protein ABV of 35 kg. Excellent workability traits.

Top all-round ABV high milk flow, brilliant overall type and outstanding udders.

Normal price is $28.00; Showing BADGER's body strength and stature, this daughter is owned by David and Kerry Delaney, Kotta, Vic

pay just $20.50

when you buy with a PT bull at $8.00



Lemvig x Mr Yank APR 94, ASI 79.#

Daughter owned by Alan and Lynette Evans, Lavers Hill, Vic

Normal price is $32.00; Daughter owned by Stephen Gleeson, Purnim, Vic

pay just $23.00

when you buy with a PT bull at $8.00


TARANAK x Admiral

APR 116, ASI 101.#

Profitable milk flow and components. Well liked daughters. Excellent reports on second crop daughters.

Number 2 available Jersey for APR. Positive for fat and protein with excellent ABV Cell count.

Normal price is $16.00;

Normal price is $20.00;

pay just $12.00

when you buy with a PT bull at $8.00

Daughter owned by Noel Furze, Huon, Vic

pay just $15.00

when you buy with a PT bull at $8.00

Contact your local Genetics Australia representative or your usual semen supplier. *All prices are ex-GST.


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Ph: 02 6552 5915

Transfer fees – $16.50 per head Embryo Transfer – $16.50 per package Genetic Recovery – $6.60 for the first Genetic Recovery animal and progeny of this animal to be at the current registration fees.

MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION FOR AJBS (Victorian Branch) INC. Membership Categories: All subscriptions due 1st July each year (included is 10% GST)

1. Full: 2. Family:

$165 Includes Jersey Journal subscription. $187 All cows must be milked in the one herd. Includes Jersey Journal subscription. 3. Associate: $71.50 Up to 5 registrations at $27.50 per registration during membership lifetime. Includes Jersey Journal subscription. 4. Junior: $44 Includes Jersey Journal subscription. Eligible if 21 or under. For an application form Telephone: 03 9370 9105 or visit our website:

QLD BRANCH MEMBERSHIP FEES Phone: 07 5485 4585 Email: –––––(GST Inclusive)–––––

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$11.00 $16.50 $11.00

6-12mths (male & female) $13.20 Genetic Recovery 1st Stage $9.90 Family Transfers $6.60

WESTERN AUSTRALIA Registration Fees as at 1st December 2005 Applications together with payment to be forwarded to: Kay Peek, 5 Stitfold Promenade, Salter Point WA 6152 Ph: (08) 9313 2145 email: MEMBERSHIP:

$130. 00 $60. 00

• One stud - Limited to 6 head of registered Jersey cattle - unless part of parent’s herd and on same property) - No Vote

REGISTRATIONS: Fees are for all males and females at date of lodgement. 0-12 months $11.00 Over 24 months $26.00 12 - 24 months $21.00 Trnsfers or leases $10.00 • Note: It is the sellers responsibility to pay the transfer fee. GENETIC RECOVERY: Females only – any age – foundation animal* $6.60 • Note: All registrations over the age of 24 months are subject to inspection as are GR foundation animals. An inspection fee will be charged according to kilometres travelled by the inspector. All prices include GST

TASMANIA BRANCH MEMBERSHIP FEES Forward applications with payment to: Max McCormack PO Box 1258, Devonport 7310 Ph: (03) 6424 1250 email: Membership: Full $150.00 Associate $80.00 Junior $80.00 Genetic Recovery $9.90

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TRANSFER FEES FOR LIVE ANIMALS + EMBRYO SALES Within 60 days of sale: $5.50 plus 1.1% SALE PRICE. It is the sellers responsibility to advise office and pay transfer fees. Intra-family transfers free. If the sale is conducted through Jersey Marketing Service there are no transfer fees applicable. ET transfer fee is applied to total embryo’s sold - form available from Jersey House. Bull Transfer to AB Company Flat Fee $35 +GST note: progeny of sires not transferred are not eligible for registration

TELEPHONE REGISTRATIONS Registrations can be completed via telephone, and credit card facilities may be used for payment. Emergency Registration Processing Fee (processed within 3 working days via telephone) will be charged to credit card at $55 per animal. REPLACEMENT PEDIGREE CERTIFICATES If certificates are requested for a whole herd then cost is $1.10 per certificate. If the request is for individual animals then the cost is $2.20 per certificate. Please note that if the replacement is to rectify incorrect information then there will be no charge. Current prices as determined by Federal Council are:

NOTE: - All inclusive of JERSEY JOURNAL SUBSCRIPTION. JUNIOR MEMBERSHIP: *Per annum (Up to the age of 18 years)

REGISTRATION FEES (Fees are for either males or females, and are determined on the animal’s date of birth and the date the application was received at Jersey House.)

CLASSIFICATION CHARGES (# prices are GST inclusive)

Per year - Period from 1st March to 28th February FULL MEMBERSHIP: Per annum (One Stud - One Vote)

AJBS (Victorian Branch) Inc Fees and Charges as at 1st January 2007

— JerseyJournal October/November 2007

Herd Visit Fee Classification fee for 2 year olds where all 2 year olds in herd are calssified Random/single classification fee for 2 year olds Classification fee for mature cows Resubmits for higher awards

$27.50 $5.50 per animal $9.90 per animal $9.90 per animal $9.90 per animal

SOUTH AUSTRALIA Registration Fees as at 1 JANUARY 2007

SA applications together with payment to be forwarded to: Megan March, 14 Murray Drive, Murray Bridge SA 5253 Ph: 08 8531 3803 Email:

Registrations: Fees are for all males and females at date of lodgement. 0-3 months $8.80 inc. GST Over 3 months $11.00 inc. GST Associate Members $27.50 inc. GST Transfer Fees $7.70 inc. GST Genetic Recovery: First registration per live animal $8.80 inc. GST Subsequent registrations at regular age rate. Stage 3 or 4 animals must be inspected. Membership: Full membership $121.00 inc. GST Family membership $143.00 inc. GST Associate membership $71.50 inc. GST Junior membership (under 21) $22.00 inc. GST

ASTOUND Is he the greatest Type and Production Sire the Jersey breed has seen? By Peter Smith There have been many great sires in the history of the Jersey breed but few can lay claim to the credentials of ASTOUND – Molly Brook Berretta Fabulous. Could he be the greatest of them all? ASTOUND was recently laid to rest after making a significant contribution to the development of the Jersey breed in Australia. ASTOUND was bred from the heart of one of the breeds leading cow families, the Flowers from Molly Brook. The Flowers have produced top sires in all Jersey populations and this family has consistently been able to produce top sires over many years. ASTOUND’s sire Mason Farms Boomer Sooner Berretta and his maternal grand sire Highland Duncan Lester were two other greats of the breed that have played a part in the international success of ASTOUND. ASTOUND was imported as a calf from the USA and he was progeny tested as part of Genetics Australia’s 1995 progeny test team. His impressive pedigree enticed LIC to also test the bull in New Zealand.

Genetics Australia Jersey Breeding Manager Alan Blum said that ASTOUND was the last live import from the USA by Genetics Australia. Before him Genetics Australia had an extensive importation program of live bulls and embryos. “In 1994 we where still looking at the US population, as the genetics from other Jersey populations where also gaining momentum. SOLUKE from Australia and TARANAK from New Zealand graduated in the same year and both bulls outperformed previous North American imports. We were looking for potential embryos and if the right live bull came along we still had the option of importing him. After countless pedigrees had been screened the bull was purchased in the All American Sale. His name was Molly Brook Berretta Fabulous who was then code named ASTOUND when he arrived in Australia.”. ASTOUND graduated as one of the top production bulls of the day, but it was his outstanding type that made him a unique sire.His initial proof was very good but it was the success of his second crop daughters that made ASTOUND unique. He maintained his great production proof but improved on both Overall Type and Udders to push out these traits to the best the JerseyJournal October/November 2007 —


breed has seen in Australia. He has maintained this proof until today.

combines production and type for South African conditions.

ASTOUND also graduated in New Zealand as the greatest type sire they has seen and was their best example of modern Jersey genetics.

It is no surprise that ASTOUND daughters dominated the show ring, highlighted by the Shepparton National Champion Loxliegh Astound Iris 4 Sup 92 points.

With ASTOUND’s first proofs in both Australia and New Zealand being so outstanding he gained international interest. He was used in the US and South Africa.

ASTOUND daughters are becoming dominant in the show ring, but it is the on-farm challenges where his daughters really excell. ASTOUND daughters have won numerous in-milk classes across the state and his legacy will live on for years.

In the U.S he was ranked the highest type sire available on his first proof based on daughters milking and classified in America. His proof in South Africa confirmed him as a truly international sire when he was rated their best sire ever for SAINET, the South African ranking system that

The International Young Jersey Breeder Educational Travel Award

The International Young Jersey Breeder Educational Travel Award recognizes persons, ages 18 to 40, who have: • Demonstrated unique leadership qualities through their interest in the Jersey breed, or • Achieved success in their efforts to breed and develop profitable dairy businesses, and • Whose future endeavours will benefit from the knowledge and new ideas that can be gained by contact with other Jersey breeders from across the globe. The program provides stipends to enable up to five (5) individuals to travel to and participate in the International Conference of the World Jersey Cattle Bureau, held every three years in a major dairy producing country. Awards will cover the cost of travel documents; round-trip air and ground transportation; registration and all other conference fees; and a per diem for incidental expenses. The award will also include a lifetime membership in the World Jersey Cattle Bureau. Award recipients agree to: • Attend all conference sessions; • Make a short presentation while at the conference during a Young Breeders focus session; • Report on their experience and what they learned (1) in a written report submitted to the Bureau president, and (2) through speeches to Jersey, dairy and other ag-related groups in their home country; • Provide a final report on their activities to the Bureau president no later than six months after the conference. Applications Applications are invited from residents of all countries who can demonstrate involvement in dairy farming, enthusiasm for breeding and developing Jersey cattle, and who have genuine interest in an international educational experience. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age, and no older than 40 years of age, in the year of the International Conference. Each applicant shall submit a dossier consisting of the following: 1. Vita or résumé, clearly summarizing work experience in dairy farming, experience with Jersey cattle, and formal education. 2. An essay of no more than 750 words [approximately three (3) typewritten pages] responding to the following questions: a. Why did you choose a career in the dairy industry, and with

10 — JerseyJournal October/November 2007

ASTOUND has cemented him place in Jersey history in Australia and his memory will live on through his daughters for generations to come. ASTOUND semen remains readily available from Genetics Australia or your usual Genetics Australia semen supplier. Jersey cattle in particular? Describe your current activities. What are your ambitions in the industry? How do you plan to achieve those goals? b. Why do you want to attend the International Conference of the World Jersey Cattle Bureau? What motivates your interest? What do you expect to gain from your participation? c. Provide a list of the groups, including estimated audience size, that you will give a formal presentation to about your experience. d. Provide contact information for no more than three (3) dairy and agricultural publications in your country, plus your local newspaper (if any). 3. Include two (2) letters of recommendation from an employer, advisor, or other person of stature in the dairy or agricultural business who knows you well. These letters must be signed and placed in a sealed envelope by this person. Please ask them to answer the following questions: a. Describe the integrity and character of the applicant, including leadership and communication skills. b. How long have you known or worked with the applicant? In what way? What is your current working relationship with this person? c. Assess the applicant’s goals and ability to achieve them. How would his or her participation in an international conference of Jersey breeders be useful? Applications will be evaluated on the established record and leadership qualities of the candidate, and also potential for future success in the Jersey dairy industry. Deadline for Submission The 18th International Conference, “Jerseys without Frontiers”, will be held in the Island of Jersey from May 18th to 26th, 2008. Applications must be submitted by December 31st, 2007 to the national Jersey organization or, in the case that there is no national organization in the applicant’s home country, to the Vice President of that region. After evaluating the applications the national organizations will submit (no more than two) candidates to the WJCB office by January 31st. The president or secretary of the national organization must include a letter of recommendation for each candidate, addressing the questions in item 3, Applications (above). An anonymous selection committee appointed by the WJCB president shall review the applications and select up to five (5) recipients. These individuals will be notified by February 14th 2008 and must accept or decline the award by February 29th, 2008. Award recipients will be ineligible for future consideration. The World Jersey Cattle Bureau (WJCB) is an international organization composed of 33 national Jersey associations, individuals, and other organizations working co-operatively to promote the international use of Jersey genetics for greater profits from dairy enterprises. Any Australian applications to be sent the Jersey House office PO Box 292 Ascot Vale 3032 or via

When she’s not helping out at the farm, Gianna is studying agricultural science in Year Nine at Pittsworth State High School but – with no dairy cows at the school –she is concentrating on leading Lowline cattle. She is also keen on sport, car racing and hopes to become a hairdresser.




P h r t u

Her Plainview stud now comprises 12 females, including four milkers, two dry cows, two springing heifers, 4 calves and yearlings and some bulls.They are agisted at the property of her aunt Nat and grandparents, Errol and Pam Crank at Oakey, about an hour away. They run the Friesian stud ‘MINASH’.

Babe is now 10 and has produced four heifers and five bulls, and bloodlines include the GALAXY, FINALE and TOPPRIZE lines. Gianna’s naming is very distinctive. (Hint: Fans of a Barbie Detective CD will recognise some of the names.) Babe claimed the title of juvenile champion at Toowoomba in 1998 and junior champion in 1999.

Gianna Kelly


When the first words your daughter utters are ‘udder’ and ligament’ you’ve a good indication where the child is heading. But when you’re not a dairy farmer, but a Queensland transport operator – you’ve got to wonder. However, by the time Gianna Kelly was four she had no doubts. Asked what she wanted for her birthday, the poppet replied: “a Jersey calf”. This request was made all the more remarkable because she asked it of a Friesian breeder! And what’s more… she got her Jersey! The Friesian breeder was Gianna’s aunt, Nat Crank from Oakey, who sourced a two-month Jersey calf from Lyle Kath. Gianna, now 14, recalls: “I think I wanted a little calf that I could grow up with. I probably asked for a Jersey because they were short. I’m not the tallest person in the world. I’m only fivefoot now. So I think it was mainly because I figured a Jersey could grow with me.” She started with KATHLEIGH ANGUS BABE VHC 90 EX9 and, at the venerable age of four, she became a registered Jersey breeder, taking the prefix Plainview from the family property 60km west of Toowoomba QLD – also home to her parents Geoff and Shelly Kelly.

PLAINVIEW GALAXY BARBIE VHC90 – EX7 was born when Gianna was about six, and was named type and production cow at Toowoomba in 2005 and the senior production award fat plus production cow in both 2003 and 2004. Then came a FINALE daughter PLAINVIEW FINALE BARBEEKA Superior 92 – the animal that probably gives Gianna the most pride. She started her winning streak at the 2003 Toowoomba show with junior udder, junior champion heifer and supreme Jersey exhibit. In that same year at Primex in Casino, in the NSW Jersey feature show, she claimed junior udder and junior champ heifer as well as supreme junior udder and supreme junior heifer. She was also a member of supreme pen of five. In 2005 she was Toowoomba Show reserve champion Jersey cow and supreme udder and a member of winning pen of three cows. That same year, at the state feature show at Gympie she claimed the title of champion cow and reserve supreme type and production cow. The following year at Toowoomba she was named reserve champion cow. Meanwhile, she scored the 2003 and 2004 Queensland on-farm challenge cow and udder and currently holds the Queensland record for J4 for milk, with 8837 litres produced when she was a second-calver. She also holds the Queensland record fat and protein at 795kg and also the title of highest fat and protein for a cow classified 90pts or higher. However, her progeny totals four bulls. “Yes, I’ve got to have serious words to her about that,” said Gianna. Among Barbie’s three heifers are PLAINVIEW TOP PRIZE BURNABELLA VHC90 which scored supreme exhibit at Goombungee, while her granddaughter PLAINVIEW TIDY BEACEN was named mini champion as a calf at 2005 Darling Downs calf show and, in 2006, reserve senior champ at the Darling Downs calf show. JerseyJournal October/November 2007 —


PLAINVIEW TOP PRIZE BECKY HC87 scored juvenile champion and reserve supreme at the Pittsworth and Casino shows in 2005. In that same year she was also reserve senior heifer in the Darling Downs Calf Show before she calved with an AUGUSTUS heifer PLAINVIEW AUGUSTUS BECKERELLA which this year won Juvenile Champion at Beaudesert. After Becky calved in 2006 she went on to win the Darling Downs on farm challenge junior champion and udder. For a 14-year-old, Gianna certainly knows how to pick them. “I’ve got no idea how I do it,” she said. “I enjoy finding a bull to match the cow. I just sort of mate the cow and calf comes out and we go from there. I suppose when I mate a cow to a bull I mostly look for strength in the bull for udder structure. And I like getting a heifer out of cow … that’s the most exciting thing.”

Central Sires Co-Operative

The Board of Central Sires Co-Operative once again invite all Jersey Breeders to submit pedigrees for consideration in our 2008 young sire progeny test team. Bulls born prior to September 1st 2007 are preferred but younger bulls will also be considered. So if you think you have a cow family that has the potential to produce a proven sire please send your pedigrees and any relevant information to:

The Secretary Central Sires Co-Op Ian Anderson 800 Seven Mile Rd Nar Nar Goon 3812

We would also like to thank everyone who sent pedigrees last year and look forward to your continued support. Once again last yearʼs team was well received and all bulls have been fully allocated.

Sincerely, The Board Central Sires Co-Operative.

Jersey Trade Mission to UK, Europe 2008 incorporating WJCB International Conference

• Program commences May 8, 2008 with modules to UK, Jersey and France from 16 days • Departures from Melbourne and Sydney For program details and bookings Contact: Peter Lloyd or Kerry De Jong Quadrant Australia (incorporating ANF Agritours) PO Box 814 Armidale 2350 Phone: 1300 722 420 02 6772 9066 Fax: 02 6772 9899 Email:

12 — JerseyJournal October/November 2007



By Sue Webster Andrew Gaul refuses to think small. He has theories, works at strategies and one day hopes to own Australia’s largest registered Jersey herd. The 29-year-old and his wife Zoe and two children have started on that quest, lifting their herd numbers from 220 to 300 in the past six months, and moving out of direct farm ownership into a partnership deal on July 1. Andrew works in partnership with Paul and Linda Myers, on 200 gently rising hectares sown to perennial ryegrass at Nilma North, near Warragul. The five-year-old 44 unit rotary fitted with ACR sits in the middle of the property. “It’s almost like an equity partnership,” said Andrew. “He has 400 cows and the land and equipment and I’ve got 300 cows and equipment and I manage the farm. “We’ve been in the same Interlact financial discussion group for the last eight years. Paul, who runs a commercial jersey herd was also growing spuds and he needed a farm manager to allow him to concentrate on the spuds.” The Myers have owned the property for about 13 years. The dairy operations are dryland, and Andrew milks off 160ha. The water allocation is used for the 40ha potato crop. “We manage the farm together but I’m more in charge of the cows and pastures,” said Andrew. “We believe that dairy farming is going to be good for the next 10 to15 years but we have to be more self-sufficient. We’ll need to source as much of our own feed because the grain will be more expensive than in the past.” The current supplementary feeding regimen is 2kg/cow/day, which is less than usual because of the high prices, and also suits current production targets. The system is not seeing any appreciable drop in yield or components, Andrew said. The herd target is 5000 litres and the components average 250kg fat and 200 kg protein. “Having two people running the business means we should be able to give all the necessary attention to detail that this place requires every day, for example, in judging pasture rotations and residuals and grazing heights of pastures,” Andrew said. The herd grazes to three-leaf stage on a rotation ranging from 50-60 days in autumn and winter down to 24 in the early spring. “We won’t go faster than 22 days.” At its peak the farm will have a stocking rate of four cows/ha. The fertiliser regime is partly determined by the potatoes grown on the property. “With the spuds there a high residual of super and potash so we apply nitrogen four days ahead of cows, applying 200kg/ha of urea potash in spring for eight weeks,” said Andrew. “Also, we’ve had good success with summer crops and will be putting in 10ha of turnips for grazing from December 1.” He is hoping the early grazing will help limit insect attack. “If you leave it for later in the season, when the soil and the plants are stressed, that’s when they’re more susceptible to insects,” he said. The partners are aiming for a hefty crop of pit silage this season: 600 to 800 tonnes maize silage and 400 tonnes pasture silage this year on home and support land. A total 30 of 60ha will be planted to maize at an outpaddock at Shady Creek after pasture silage has been cut. Andrew also has another 16ha at Nilma for fodder production which 10ha will go into maize. “Our aim is to harvest 14 tonnes of pasture and utilise maize from JerseyJournal October/November 2007 —


our leased paddocks and we’ll be well on track for our target to produce 3-3.5m litres this year from our combined herd of 600-650 cows,” said Andrew. “We’re ultimately aiming for 5m litres within three years from 750-800.” How does he plan to achieve that? Apart from fodder self-sufficiency, Andrew has another theory about the animals grazing it. “I AI to sires worldwide,” he said. “With such a large herd I want animals of a good type, with good udders, feet and legs. I want to introduce strength because they have some distance to walk.” He is looking to US and Australian bloodlines. “NZ animals are too small. There’s not enough capacity in them,” he said. “When I started I was aiming for a commercial herd rather than stud, but I have changed my thoughts. My theory was I wanted to breed up the best Jersey herd myself, a closed herd. “But I’ve changed over the past few years and I think we need to bring in and buy other genetics. “I could have kept using AI to improve my herd, but that wouldn’t be promoting the Jersey breed to the outside public. I am very passionate about Jerseys and wanted to support the breed by buying good genetics, firstly to improve cow family depth in our herd, then to start to sell quality lines ourselves. “It’s quite different to the Holstein Friesian industry because it’s is so big and there’s plenty of people buying those cows. But for Jerseys, we have to do our bit to promote the breed.” He has started to buy pedigree animals two years ago. CAIRNBARAE JACES ESTELLE was purchased at IDW from Allan Carson. Embryos bought from the Sprunt family. Their BROOKBI and FUTURITY embryos from KAARMONA PARADE BABE are due for February calving. And in October embryos from Rapid Bay Jerseys in Canada will be going into heifers. The sudden increase in herd size this year followed the purchase of 80 Autumn calvers from Peter Farrell who retired from full-scale milking. Andrew has another theory about buying cows – and other assets. “To buy the 40ha at Nilma, we sold a house we owned in Drouin in one day – to dairy farmers retiring from Shepparton, ironically,” he said. “People like quality. Whatever we buy, we buy quality. It gives you good resale.” It was that same philosophy that saw his previous farm – at nearby Lardner – sell in three weeks for a considerable profit. It had been an extraordinary farm for the pair. They ran 240 head on 60ha, milking four cows/ha on a farm bought during a drought and needing a lot of pasture renovation. And by their second year, the enterprise was a finalist in the Red Sky NAB farmer of the year competition. “I was very happy,” said Andrew. But he was looking for the next step. He undertook a position managing a 1100-HolsteinFrieisian enterprise in the region, but found it wasn’t for him. “I really enjoyed it, but I felt it wasn’t for me

14 — JerseyJournal October/November 2007

…no family time and I really missed the Jerseys too.” At the time, from November to June 2006, he was also running his own farm. Did he sleep? “Not much.” Time for another move. Geographically, it had to be in West Gippsland – his is a family of four generations dairying in the Elllinbank area. Andrew’s dad family came to Jerseys in October 1991 when he bought the herd of Jim McKinnon from Ecklin South. “It was quite a surprise for dad who had only milked commercial herd of Friesians. He found Jerseys were more efficient,” said Andrew. Andrew stayed at school until the end of Year 10 then joined the first year’s intake for the Associate Diploma of Agriculture (Dairying) at Macmillan in 1995/6. Completing that, he went overseas for nine months on an agriculture exchange association, working in a 40-cow tie-stall barn in Alberta. “That was interesting, but it was hard work. We had to wheelbarrow all the feed in to the barn,” said Andrew. Canadian dairy farming is completely different to here. The obvious difference is small herds are able to support the families, said Andrew. “They were ‘updating’ to a four double-up walk through in 1997!” Returning from overseas, he started milking on a few farms and started rearing calves, looking to build up a Jersey herd. He worked for Ivan and Melva Grant of Burnbank Jerseys at Yarragon for 12 months and then went out share farming. From Colac he bought the 130-cow commercial herd from Steven Lenehan and than, in 2000 bought his first line of commercial animals, which was the start of Grange Jerseys. featuring a lot of North American bloodlines. Married in 2002, the Gauls leased a farm at Drouin West. “And then over the next two to three years I built up the herd with calves and commercial Jerseys bought at clearing sales.” Contrary to his philosophy now – in those early days Andrew was on the hunt for bargains. He had to. He missed out on the deregulation payments by only one month. “When I was starting out I only bought cheap Jersey cows. My theory was, in bought what I could afford and if they turned out no good I could sell them for choppers and not worry about them.” Why Jerseys? “I loved working with Jerseys and also they were at least 30% cheaper than Holstein Friesians and you can get the same return in terms of component payments.”


SALES WRAP: Glenara Jerseys Final Sale Well known Western Victorian Jersey Breeders Ted & Carolyn Codling staged their final stage dispersal in mid September. Sale top of $4000 was paid by Francis Creed of Somerset Downs Jerseys for Glenara Paramount Beauty 2, she is from a VHC 91 Lester inturn from a VHC 90 Alf. Next top price of $3100 was paid by Greg Bryce of Green Pines Jerseys for Glenara Astound Princess 3. This stylish 2yr old is from a 7500 litre HC+87 Lester dam. Sharing equal 3rd top price of $2800 were Glenara Biestar Linda 10 from a 8140 litre Alf dam selling to Bruce Hill of Carpendiet and Glenara Flower Linda 3 from a VHC Lester dam selling to Donald Murray of Spring Gully Jerseys. Glenara Astound Beauty 5th was one of the several top daughters of Astound selling, she was selected by Greg Bryce at $2250. Top selling yearling at $1800 was Glenara Rocket Fairy, she was purchased by Roger Heath at Wanstead Jerseys who also selected her VHC Biestar dam at last year’s herd dispersal. Auctioneer Brian Leslie and selling agents Charles Stewart & Co. Colac report the following averages. 26 Milking Heifers & Young Cows averaged $1713 19 PTIC heifers due Autumn 08 averaged $931 12 Joined heifers averaged $779 8 Unjoined heifers averaged $687 12 Heifer calves averaged $358 4 Bulls averaged $1275 78 Jerseys averaged $1073

Kings Vale Herd Dispersal Australia’s longest running Jersey stud, Kings Vale, established by the Anderson family in 1886 was dispersed by David & Sharon Anderson at Ripplebrook in Gippsland to a large crowd on Tuesday 2nd October. Sale top of $6900 was paid for the outstanding young cow Kings Vale Kody Bonita, sired by AltaKody from a 6600lt Perimeter, she sold to Paul & Lisa Mumford of Won Wron. Her dam Kings Vale Perimeter Bonita, a tremendous young cow from a Jude dam backed by many generations of VHC dams of New Zealand breeding was sold to Blaxland Jerseys for $5700. Also at $5700 was Kings Vale Jace Melanie a super 2yr old daughter of Denfield Melanie P36 EX, sold to B & M Scott of Meldan Jerseys Lang Lang. The Kings Ville stud of R & K Anderson paid $4700 for Kings Vale Melys 50 a second lactation BW Parade from a Berretta bred dam from noted brood cow Katandra Melys 61st EX. Lot 1 into the sale ring Kings Vale Linda 404 a very correct second lactation Jace was purchased by the syndicate of Wallacedale & Kaarmona Jersey studs at $3900. Many predicted a bright future for the 3yr old Kings Vale Rosella 404 a Flowerpower from a Biestar, she sold at $3700 to Trevor Saunders & Anthea Day of Shady Creek. Ian Anderson of Kings View Jerseys selected the 7100lt Astound cow Kings Vale Melys 44 VHC at $3300. Selling agents Elders report the following details: Kings Vale 80 Cows averaged $1626 Anvale (Dawn Anderson) 9 Cows averaged $1111 1 Bull $1100 90 Jerseys gross $141, 150 at an average of $1568 to buyers from all parts of Victoria along with Queensland and Tasmania.

JerseyJournal October/November 2007 —


2007 NE A B S I R W B O H S L A Y O S R T L U S RE e llenc

s Va e: De


Best Vessel Lineup tough on the Judge at Brisbane Show

SENIOR FEMALE 31 - Cow, 3 years old & under 4 years, Dry Position Exhibitor Exhibit Exhibit 1. D J, D & C D Crawford - Glenvillan Dukes Rosebud, Glenvillan Dukes Rosebud 2. D J, D & C D Crawford - Glenvillan Bouquette, Glenvillan Bouquette 3. Nobbyview Partnership - Nobbyview Import’s Alice, Nobbyview Import’s Alice Type And Production Award Position Exhibitor Exhibit Exhibit 1. Nobbyview Partnership - Nobbyview Import’s Alice, Nobbyview Import’s Alice 32 - Cow, 4 Years Old & Under 5 Years, Dry Position Exhibitor Exhibit Exhibit 1. Nobbyview Partnership - Nobbyview Jude’s Glitter (Ai) Nobbyview Jude’s Glitter (Ai) 2. Spresser, W & Son - Carnation Peach, Carnation Peach 33 - Cow, 5 Years Old & Over, Dry Position Exhibitor Exhibit Exhibit 1. Nobbyview Partnership - Nobbyview Lester’s Maiden, Nobbyview Lester’s Maiden 2. H & S Adams - Glenvillan Louise 2nd, Glenvillan Louise 2nd 3. Spresser, W & Son - Carnation Lilly, Carnation Lilly 34 - Cow, 3 Years Old & Under 4 Years, In Milk Position Exhibitor Exhibit Exhibit 1. A D & W J Barron - Brunchilli Imp Justine 2, Brunchilli Imp Justine 2 2. P G & P M Mcdonald - Kenarie Remake Eloquence, Kenarie Remake Eloquence 3. A D & W J Barron - Mistyglen Anthonys Daydream Mistyglen Anthonys Daydream Type Of Production Award Position Exhibitor Exhibit Exhibit 1. J M, J & Cr Parker - Echo-on Extreme Darling, Echo-on Extreme Darling

35 - Cow, 4 Years Old & Under 5 Years, In Milk Position Exhibitor Exhibit Exhibit 1. P G & P M Mcdonald - Kenarie Modelkenarie Model 2. A D & W J Barron - Brunchilli N Goldie, Brunchilli N Goldie 3. S & S M Paulger - Adadale Astound Lynette 12, Adadale Astound Lynette 12

39 - Cow, 3 Years Old & Over, In Milk Or Dry Position Exhibitor Exhibit Exhibit 1. J M, J & Cr Parker - Echo-on Moon Darling, Echo-on Moon Darling 2. J M, J & Cr Parker - Echo-on Red Fox Darling, Echo-on Red Fox Darling 3. J M, J & Cr Parker - Aeroview Evons B Quin, Aeroview Evons B Quin

Type Of Production Award Position Exhibitor Exhibit Exhibit 1. R L & J H Lucas Aeroview Evons B Quin Aeroview Evons B Quin

40 - Cow, 3 Years Old & Over - Judged For Best Udder & Position Exhibitor Exhibit Exhibit 1. J M, J & Cr Parker 2. P G & P M Mcdonald 3. A D & W J Barron

36 - Cow, 5 Years Old & Under 6 Years, In Milk Position Exhibitor Exhibit Exhibit 1. J M, J & Cr Parker - Echo-on Red Fox Darling, Echo-on Red Fox Darling 2. Wieland Family - Rockton Duncan Erica, Rockton Duncan Erica 3. Spresser, W & Son - Carnation Wendie, Carnation Wendie Type And Production Award Position Exhibitor Exhibit Exhibit 1. J M, J & Cr Parker - Echo-on Red Fox Darling, Echo-on Red Fox Darling

Honourable Mention Jersey Cow Position Exhibitor Exhibit Exhibit 1. A D & W J Barron - Brunchilli Imp Justine 2, Brunchilli Imp Justine 2 Reserve Champion Jersey Cow Position Exhibitor Exhibit Exhibit 1. P G & P M Mcdonald - Kenarie Model, Kenarie Model

37 - Cow, 6 Years Old & Under 7 Years, In Milk Position Exhibitor Exhibit Exhibit 1. J M, J & Cr Parker - Echo-on Moon Darling, Echo-on Moon Darling 2. P G & P M Mcdonald - Kenarie Olympic Link, Kenarie Olympic Link 3. S & S M Paulger - Adadale Astound Rowena 23, Adadale Astound Rowena 23 Type Of Production Award Position Exhibitor Exhibit Exhibit 1. J M, J & Cr Parker - Echo-on Moon Darling, Echo-on Moon Darling 38 - Cow, 7 Years Old Or Over, In Milk Position Exhibitor Exhibit Exhibit 1. A D & W J Barron - Willowdell Fancy 444, Willowdell Fancy 444 2. S & S M Paulger - Adadale Brooks Lucy, Adadale Brooks Lucy 3. C R Loweke - Willowside Lesters Cathy 2nd, Willowside Lesters Cathy 2nd

16 — JerseyJournal October/November 2007

Honorary RNA councillor, Keith Bryce with Chad and Jeff Parker, Kenilworth, Qld with the Best All Breeds Vessel winner at Brisbane show 2007.

Una Scott, Ocean View, Qld with the Juvenile Champion Heifer All Breeds and Waylon Barron, Hodson Vale, Qld at the halter. Champion Jersey Cow Position Exhibitor Exhibit Exhibit 1. J M, J & CR Parker - Echo-on Moon Darling, Echo-on Moon Darling 41 - Senior Group of Three Females, (preferably 3 years) Position Exhibitor Exhibit Exhibit 1. A D & W J Barron 2. J M, J & CR Parker 3. S & S M Paulger

JUNIOR FEMALE 42 - Heifer, 2 Years Old & Under 2 1/2 Years, Dry Position Exhibitor Exhibit Exhibit 1. L P & D A Dunne - Fernybank Paramount Tuppenny, Fernybank Paramount Tuppenny 2. D J & R J Reeves - Saanglo Gigi, Saanglo Gigi 43 - Cow Or Heifer, 2 1/2 Years Old & Under 3 Years, Dry Position Exhibitor Exhibit Exhibit 1. S & S M Paulger - Adadale Sambo Eileen, Adadale Sambo Eileen 2. D J, D & C D Crawford - Glenvillan Wonder Lady, Glenvillan Wonder Lady 54 - Heifer, Under 2 Years Old, In Milk Position Exhibitor Exhibit Exhibit 1. J M, J & Cr Parker - Glen-echo Gb Pam Et, Glen-echo Gb Pam Et 2. J M, J & Cr Parker - Glen-echo

Supreme Champion All Breeds dairy heifer at Brisbane 2007 show with Betty Slatter, Brisbane, Qld and Shaun Paulger, Kenilworth, Qld

Stewart Robertson, Camperdown, Victoria with the Reserve Champion Juvenile female at Brisbane 2007, being sashed by dairy maid, Catherine Welch, Kingaroy, Qld. Saratoga Maiden, Glen-echo Saratoga Maiden 3. L P & D A Dunne - Fernybank Astounding Elaine, Fernybank Astounding Elaine 44 - Heifer, 2 Years Old & Under 2 1/2 Years, In Milk Position Exhibitor Exhibit Exhibit 1. J M, J & Cr Parker - Glen-echo Gb Melissa, Glen-echo Gb Melissa 2. R L & J H Lucas - Aeroview Tinker, Aeroview Tinker 3. D M & L M Fry - Kathleigh Hallmark Soho, Kathleigh Hallmark Soho 45 - Cow, 2 1/2 Years Old & Under 3 Years, In Milk Position Exhibitor Exhibit Exhibit 1. S & S M Paulger - Adadale Tb Twilight, Adadale Tb Twilight 2. D J, D & C D Crawford - Glenvillan Sundrops, Glenvillan Sundrops 3. D J, D & C D Crawford - Glenvillan Princess Love, Glenvillan Princess Love 46 - Cow Or Heifer, Under 3 Years Old - Judged For Best Position Exhibitor Exhibit Exhibit 1. D J, D & C D Crawford 2. D J, D & C D Crawford 3. S & S M Paulger

Una Scott, Ocean View, Qld, sashing the Interbreed Juvenile Champion Heifer with exhibitor, Waylon Barron, Hodson Vale, Qld. Reserve Champion Junior Female Position Exhibitor Exhibit Exhibit 1. D J, D & C D Crawford - Glenvillan Sundrops, Glenvillan Sundrops Champion Junior Female Position Exhibitor Exhibit Exhibit 1. S & S M Paulger - Adadale Tb Twilight, Adadale Tb Twilight

JUVENILE FEMALE 47 - Heifer, 6 Months Old & Under 10 Months Position Exhibitor Exhibit Exhibit 1. D J, D & C D Crawford - Glenvillan Queen Love, Glenvillan Queen Love 2. Wieland Family - Rockton Invincibull’s Faye, Rockton Invincibull’s Faye 3. Spresser, W & Son - Carnation Grace Ritz Sox, Carnation Grace Ritz Sox 48 - Heifer, 10 Months Old & Under 15 Months Position Exhibitor Exhibit Exhibit 1. P G & P M Mcdonald - Kenarie Spot O’whiskey, Kenarie Spot O’whiskey 2. Miss T King Braeburn - Ahlem Bridge Braeburn, Ahlem Bridge Braeburn 3. P G & P M Mcdonald - Kenarie Replica Style, Kenarie Replica Style

Honourable Mention Junior Female Position Exhibitor Exhibit Exhibit 1. J M, J & Cr Parker - Glen-echo Gb Pam Et, Glen-echo Gb Pam Et

49 - Heifer, 15 Months Old & Under 20 Months, Dry Position Exhibitor Exhibit Exhibit 1. P G & P M Mcdonald - Kenarie Precious Cluster, Kenarie Precious Cluster 2. S & S M Paulger - Adadale Tb Eileen,

Clayton Crawford, Kingaroy, Qld with the Reserve Junior Champion Jersey Cow, with Una O’Brien, Woodford, Qld at Brisbane 2007.

Juvenile Champion Cow Brisbane Royal 2007 with Brian Leslie, Arcadia, Victoria at the halter along with dairy maid Catherine Welch, Kingaroy, Qld.

JerseyJournal October/November 2007 —


Adadale Tb Eileen 3. A D & W J Barron - Ardylbar Vindivation Elmana Et, Ardylbar Vindivation Elmana Et 50 - Heifer, 20 Months Old & Under 2 Years, Dry Position Exhibitor Exhibit Exhibit 1. A D & W J Barron - Ardylbar Sambo Mahlia, Ardylbar Sambo Mahlia 2. S & S M Paulger - Adadale Rp Kayala, Adadale Rp Kayala 3. D J, D & C D Crawford - Glenvillan Victorious Phyllis, Glenvillan Victorious Phyllis Honourable Mention Juvenile Position Exhibitor Exhibit Exhibit 1. P G & P M Mcdonald - Kenarie Precious Cluster, Kenarie Precious Cluster Reserve Champion Juvenile Position Exhibitor Exhibit Exhibit 1. S & S M Paulger - Adadale Rp Kayala, Adadale Rp Kayala Champion Juvenile Position Exhibitor Exhibit Exhibit 1. A D & W J Barron - Ardylbar Sambo Mahlia, Ardylbar Sambo Mahlia

Jeff, Jayelle and Chad Parker, Kenilworth, Qld, with judge Des Vallence, Shepparton with Ben Matthews, Moorina, Qld,and David Matthews, Kilcoy, Qld with the Champion Jersey Cow at Brisbane 2007.

GROUP CLASSES 51 - The Neros Appo Memorial Group Of Three Heifers, Un Position Exhibitor Exhibit Exhibit 1. D J, D & C D Crawford 2. J M, J & Cr Parker 3. S & S M Paulger 52 - Maternally Related Family Group Position Exhibitor Exhibit Exhibit 1. J M, J & Cr Parker 2. P G & P M Mcdonald 3. S & S M Paulger 53 - Sire’s Progeny Group Position Exhibitor Exhibit Exhibit 1. Nobbyview Partnership 2. D J, D & C D Crawford 3. S & S M Paulger

Reserve Senior Champion Cow, Stewart Blackmore, Brisbane, Qld and Ben Matthews, Moorina, Qld.

Shaun Paulger, Kenilworth, Qld with the Junior Champion Heifer at Brisbane 2007 being sashed by Una O’Brien, Woodford, Qld and Judge Des Vallence, Shepparton, Victoria.

Jeff Parker , Kenilworth , Qld with his Supreme Champion Cow at Brisbane 2007 led by son Chad and Wes Judd, president of the Queensland dairy organisation, Warwick, Qld. Dairy maid Catherine Welch, Kingaroy, Qld at the banner

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18 — Jersey JerseyJournal October/November 2007

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GENE MARKER TECHNOLOGY yet to deliver BY JIM LINDSAY A major research project conducted by the world’s largest artificial breeding organisation has suggested that gene marker technology provides only small improvements in predicting the genetic worth of livestock. The announcement places serious doubt about the validity of recent media reports which have suggested the application of the technology is imminent in the Australian and New Zealand dairy industries. Also referred to as “DNA fingerprinting” or “genomics”, gene marker technology offers the tantalising possibility of being able to predict the genetic value of young sires without the need for progeny testing. Currently, it takes at least four years and about $35,000 to determine the genetic value of a sire via the traditional progeny testing system. Given that on average, only one in seven young sires returns to service, it typically costs about $250,000 to bring a single bull to market. Artificial breeding organisations throughout the world are racing to develop gene marker technology to assist in bull breeding programs. However, Semex Pty Ltd General Manager, Jim Conroy, has warned artificial breeding organisations and breeders alike not to “jump the gun” by reducing their commitment to progeny testing programs.

Working in conjunction with two leading Canadian universities, the organisation’s research and development arm, L’Alliance Boviteq, recently tested 820 bulls for 10,000 markers each. Another group of 600 bulls is currently being tested for 50,000 markers. Mr Conroy said this program had indicated the reliability of genetic evaluations based on genomic data was considerably lower than conventional progeny testing. “The Canadian researchers have shown genomic processes can improve the reliability of the parent average technique from 54 percent to 58 percent,” he said. “This is only a modest increase when you consider that the reliability of a good proven sire is close to 90 percent. “Agreeably, these predictions will undoubtedly get better over time as analytical methods improve, but the early conclusion is that genomics is more likely to serve as a tool to enhance progeny testing than replace it. “As such, it is somewhat premature for any artificial breeding organisation to say it is going to reduce the size of its progeny testing program by adopting gene marker technology.”

“It goes without saying that gene marker technology has enormous appeal to artificial breeding organisations but the reality is that it is still several years away from becoming a commercial reality.

The Semex Alliance is also participating in a large North American research project involving 3,000 Holstein, 750 Jersey, 250 Brown Swiss sires which have been genotyped for 50,000 markers each. The results of this program should be available by the end of 2008.

“This is contrary to some media reports that have suggested that gene marker technology will replace progeny testing programs in the near future.”

Semex Pty Ltd is the exclusive Australian distributor of livestock genetics marketed by the world’s largest artificial breeding organisation, the Semex Alliance.

His comments are based on the early findings of a large-scale research project being conducted by Semex Alliance, the world’s largest artificial breeding organisation.

Although traditionally associated with Canadian genetics, the Semex Alliance has conducted progeny testing programs in USA, Europe and Australia for more than a decade, and more recently, New Zealand. JerseyJournal October/November 2007 —


Goulburn Murray Jersey Breeders Club President: Rohan Sprunt (03)58 269 506 Secretary: Brad Adams (03)5874 5388 • Australia’s number one supporter of JMS • Great Southern Challenge Most Successful Club; 2000, 2003, 2004 & 2006. • Great Southern Challenge Champion Jersey owned by Akers family • Our members are the proud breeders of Top bulls; Valarian, Dedicate • Thank you to Genetics Australia for supporting our club through promoting these bulls and their families on our recent day trip. GLENARRON JERSEYS VAMOS JERSEYS BRUNETTA JERSEYS GLENARRON JERSEYS VAMOS JERSEYS JERSEYS Ron, Glenyss & Grant Baker Kelly & Warren BRUNETTA Barnett David & Annie Van Popering Ron, Glenyss & Grant Baker Lane Kelly & Warren Barnett David 14 Hutchins Amaroo Park Solly Rd& Annie Van Popering RMB 4036 14 Hutchins Lane Katunga Amaroo Park Solly Mathoura Rd 2710 RMB 4036 Numurkah 3636 Katunga (03) 58646246 Mathoura 2710 (03) 58843421 Numurkah 3636 (03) 58655315 (03) 58646246 (03) 58843421 (03) 58655315 YENOLAM JERSEYS Neil, Wendy, Dick & Lyla 1119 Boals Rd Numurkah 3636 Ph (03) 58641064 Fax (03) 58641025

YALCARA JERSEYS Peter & Lyn Sprunt RMB 2790 Katunga 3640 (03) 58732583

LOXLEIGH JERSEYS Geoff Akers Victoria Rd Tallygaroopna 3634 (03) 58298478

GANBEER JERSEYS Gordon & Robyn Gilmour RMB 1072 Waaia 3637 (03) 58641096

JOBRILAN JERSEYS Peter & Agnes Nolan RMB 2345 Orams Rd Numurkah 3636 (03) 58641193

HOMELANDS JERSEYS Phil Hentschke & Warren Schutz 142 Youanmite Rd Invergordon 3636 (03) 58655171

BERNBRAE JERSEYS McMillan Family Hawkers Rd Nathalia 3636 (03) 58641303

DELREA JERSEYS Phillip & Fiona Delai 610 Katandra Main Rd Katandra West 3634 03 5828 3308

GRAGLEN JERSEYS Graham, Glenys, Tim & Jon Pearce Kerrs Rd Tallygaroopna 3634 (03) 58298334

KADDY JERSEYS Andrew Younger 50 Zeerust School Rd Zeerust 3634 (03) 58298352

WARRAIN JERSEYS John & Margaret Cockerell 1219 Rendells Rd Numurkah 3636 (03) 58641133 warrainjerseys@mcmedia.

WAIANIWA JERSEYS Lindsay Hamilton 1045 Hawkers Rd Nathalia 3636 (03) 58641380

EARLDENE JERSEYS Dick & Barb Scoones 2720 Rendells Rd Numurkah 3636 (03) 58641205

GENTEEL JERSEYS Brad Adams 553B Mywee/Koonoomoo Rd Strathmerton 3641 (03) 58745388

GLENFERN JERSEYS Peter & Bev Farrell 605 Lemnos Nth Rd Congupna 3633 (03) 58299354

KAARMONA JERSEYS Graeme & Robyn, Rohan & Claire Sprunt 228 & 235 Kaarimba Hall Rd Kaarimba 3635. (03) 58269506

20 — JerseyJournal October/November 2007




r e J

w o F C a mil y e s

on show in Northern Victoria

Genetics Australia in conjunction with local northern Victorian cattle clubs organised a tour of three leading Northern Victorian Jersey breeders’ farms in September. It gave Breeders the opportunity to inspect some of the breed’s best cow families that are contributing to the progress of the breed and that are an integral part of Genetics Australia’s progeny test program.

cow family that has produced the breed’s Number 1 APR bull in VALERIAN. The group inspected Mannix Violet, VALERIAN’s sister and her daughter Passive Violet 86 pts at 2 years with a PI of 113. Impressive daughters by Parade and ASTOUND were also on show.

All three herds visited have been able to produce high bulls for Profit and have a number of progeny test bulls in waiting. And all three have a number of predominate cow families that they are developing and all have purchased elite genetics in the past to develop deep cow families. The herds visited and a brief comment on each of the cow families.

Kaarmona Jerseys ~ Graeme and Rohan Sprunt Babe The group inspected a number of members of this amazing cow family. This family started at Kaarmona with the legendary BIE BB Babe and there are a large number of decedents in the herd that are now up to six generations removed from BB Babe. There were two outstanding Flowerpower daughters of Taranak Babe inspected. The third ET full sister is performing very well in the herd of Brendan and Melissa Scott at Lang Lang and she is the dam of Team 2006 bull PAPERBOY. Flowerpower Babe 2 had a Manhatten daughter that the group inspected and she has a DEDICATE son under consideration for Team 08. Glenfern This is another family that continues to blossom in the Kaarmona herd. Flowerpower Glenfern had a PI of 113 as a two year old she is now VHC 91 as a three year old and has a BADGER son in team 2007 called GAINFUL. Violet The Violet family would have to be among the most exciting cow families in the breed today. This is the

Rohan Sprunt accepts the award from Genetics Australia’s Alan Blum

Beluah – Daryl and Larnie Hoey Paint The Paint family continues to perform and ranks among the breeds best. This family traces back to a BRONCO daughter that performed exceptionally well. The BRONCO was the dam of Alf Paint, had a seven lactation average of over 5,000 litres. She in turn had a PYRAMID daughter with a PI of 128 as a two year old , won the inaugural Shepparton show On Farm Challenge and was the dam of PORTWINE. POTWINE died in layoff but remains one of the more profitable bulls the breed has produced. Flower P Paint is a FLOWERPOWER sister to PORTWINE and she is the dam of the MEDIATOR son BUGLE in Team 2007. JerseyJournal October/November 2007 —


Poppins This is possibly the best cow family in the high genetic Beluah herd. Lemvig Poppins is among the breed’s best cows as she combines it all: great production, high solids, outstanding functional type and longevity. She had a standout PI of 137 as a two year old and continued to perform each year and now as an eight year old she is still among the top PI cows. Five members of this family have been in the breed’s best 100 cows. Lemvig Poppins daughter Mada L Poppins has a PI of 114 as a two year old and is the dam of COCKATOO Team 2006 sired by OUTINFRONT. Lightwood The Lightwood stud of Pat and Rosemary Roach developed one of the breed’s most exciting cow families. They originated from a YDB cow that had a PI of 116, who had an outstanding Paitu Yama daughter. This is where is family splits into two distinct lines. The “Fairy” line, goes back to an OOLB with a top PI of 117, who was out of the Paitu Yama cow. She had a HL Magic Douglas daughter that was the top PI cow in the Lighwood herd and was ranked in the top 5 cows in the breed. She had a Lester daughter called Fairest that PI’d to119. Her Alf daughter is the dam of OUTINFRONT. The group inspected a Berretta sister to Fairest and her FLOWERPOWER daughter. The “Bambi” line traces back to a SPAN daughter of the Paitu Yama cow. This is the line that produced one of the best total performance Jersey sires in BADGER. There were nine members of this great family inspected. Geoff and Natalie Akers received an award from Genetics Australia Jersey Breeding Manager Alan Blum.

22 — JerseyJournal October/November 2007

Loxleigh – Geoff and Natalie Akers Iris This cow family that originated at Denison Park is delivering outstanding performance on a consistent basis. Highlights of this family were Astound Iris 5 sup 93 points and her full sister Astound Iris 4 Sup 94 points.. Iris 4 is the dam of WIZZBANG a TARANAK son in Team 2005. She is also the dam of Armada Iris 2nd the dam of ARDEO an OUTINFRONT son in Team 2006. Designer The designers at Loxleigh are among the breeds best cow families. There are three generations that have gained the distinction of having the top two year old PI in the herd. Denison Park Designer Q27 EX 90 points was the foundation cow and was on of Admirals best daughters. Her daughter Lemvig Designer 3rd 90 VHC is the dam of DEDICATE. She is also the dam of some outstanding FLOWERPOWER full sisters. • Power Designer 8 classified max 88 2yrs with a PI of 129. • Power Designer 6 88 HC+ and a two year old PI of 130. [Dam of ADDITION a Manhatten son in Team 2006.] • Power Designer 5 91 VHC, PI 121 the dam of a BADGER son BARCODE in Team 2007, Breeders Awards were presented to Rohan and Graeme Sprunt for breeding VALERIAN and to Geoff and Natalie Akers for breeding DEDICATE. Genetics Australia wishes to thank the Sprunt, Hoey and Akers families for their hospitality show to the visitors and allowing Genetics Australia to showcase these leading herds. For more information: Peter Smith 03 53673888

lbourne e M


Roy al



Judged by Phil Hentschke Homelands Jerseys

Judge Phil Hentschke deliberates before naming his Champion Jersey Cow.

Judge Phil Hentschke, Invergordon sashes his Champion Jersey Cow with Sophie Paterson, Boisdale and exhibitor Chris Collins, Yinnar at Melbourne Show 2007.

HEIFER, 9 to 15 months (dry), born on or between 1/7/2006 and 31/12/2006 1. Miss B Scott: Powlett River Saber Latte Sire: O F Montana Saber 2. G & D L Robertson: Ivanhoe Bramble 25 Sire: Ivanhill Petals Lester 3. G & D L Robertson: Ivanhoe Cinders 41 Sire: Darryn Vale Sambos Magic

COW, 3 years old, (in milk), born on or between 1/7/2004 and 31/12/2004 1. C & P MacKenzie: Coorievale Glam Daydream Sire: Jireh Mid Glam 2. M T & D A Vallence: Elmsdale Furor Superstar 2 Sire: Piedmont Nadine Furor 3. Miss B Scott: Eurarie Rexi Silvermine 4 Sire: Eurarie Blonde Rex

HEIFER, born on or between 1/1/2005 and 30/6/2005 (dry). 1. Collins Farms: Mangarra Astound Victoria Sire: Moly Brook Berretta Fabulous

COW, 3 1/2 years old (in milk), born on or between 1/1/2004 and 30/6/2004. 1. Bundaberg Jerseys: Parrabel Furor Belle Sire: Piedmont Nadine Furor 2. Collins Farms: Mangarra Love Lies 71 Sire: Mason Boomer Sooner Berretta

HEIFER, 2 years old (dry), born on or between 1/7/2005 and 31/12/2005 1. M T & D A Vallence: Elmsdale Signature Superstar 3 Sire: Family Hill Avery Signature HEIFER, 2 years old (in milk) born on or between 1/7/2005 and 31/12/2005 1. M T & D A Vallence: Rolma Tee Fingers 21 Twin 2. K, F & G Armistead: Jubilee Park Sunrise GR1 Sire: Golden Boy of Ferreira 3. C & P MacKenzie: Coorievale Tus Barbara Sire: Fleurieu Augustus HEIFER, 2 1/2 years old (in milk) born on or between 1/1/2005 and 30/6/2005 1. Collins Farms: Mangarra Adealo Lena Sire: Mangarra Adealo 2. G & D L Robertson: Ivanhoe Daffodil 75 Sire: Ivanhill Petals Lester

COW, 4 years old (in milk), born on or between 1/7/2003 and 31/12/2003 1. M T & D A Vallence: Rolma Conn Glenda 43 Sire: Giprat Belles Connection 2. M T & D A Vallence: Rolma Hot Del Noella 11 Sire: Jas Hot COW, 5 years old (in milk), born on or between 1/7/2002 and 30/6/2003 1. G & D L Robertson: Ivanhoe Illusion 45 Sire: Ivanhill Petals Lester 2. C & P MacKenzie: Coorievale Au Daydream Sire: Au Lesters Topkick ET COW, 6 years old (in milk), born on or between 1/7/2001 and 30/6/2002 1. Collins Farms: Stonehenge Fanclub Pal Sire: Molly Brook Berretta Fanclub ET JerseyJournal October/November 2007 —


Sophie Paterson great granddaughter of Alfred Nichols who built the Nichols pavilion at the show grounds and first showed jersey cattle in 1930 at Melbourne show, sashed the Junior Champion Heifer at Melbourne show 2007,held by Michael Vallence, Terang.

Junior Champion Interbreed cow with Tanya Privitera, Leongatha, Vic and Michael Vallence, Terang, Vic at Royal Melbourne 2007

2. C & P MacKenzie: Coorievale Bistar Barbara Sire: Bie Bistar ET IMP 3. M T & D A Vallence: Elmsdale Supr Clariette Sire: EDI Superior Lester COW, 7 years old or over (in milk) 1. Collins Farms: Lynbrae Dorothy 246th Sire: Belles Expo ET 2. Vallence, Wilkie & Easterbrook: Stonehenge Mimosa 59 Sire: Royals Green Elmo 3. Collins Farms: Mangarra Astound Lena Sire: Molly Brook Berretta Fabulous BEST VESSEL (cow or heifer to be of good breed type). 1. Collins Farms: Stonehenge Fanclub Pal Sire: Molly Brook Berretta Fanclub ET 2. C & P MacKenzie: Coorievale Glam Daydream Sire: Jireh Mid Glam 3. Collins Farms: Lynbrae Dorothy 246th Sire: Belles Expo ET 4. M T & D A Vallence: Rolma Conn Glenda 43 Sire: Giprat Belles Connection

Intermediate Champion Heifer being sashed by Sophie Paterson and lead by Des Vallence, Shepparton, Vic at the Melbourne show 2007

GROUP PRIZE - DAM AND DAUGHTER or alternatively 2 daughters of the one dam. 1. C & P MacKenzie: 2. Collins Farms: 3. C & P MacKenzie: PAIR OF DAUGHTERS 1. M T & D A Vallence: JUNIOR CHAMPION JERSEY HEIFER, 2 year or under (dry). M T & D A Vallence: Elmsdale Signature Superstar 3 Sire: Family Hill Avery Signature RESERVE JUNIOR CHAMPION JERSEY HEIFER. Collins Farms: Mangarra Astound Victoria Sire: Molly Brook Berretta Fabulous

NOVICE CLASS, COW OR HEIFER, any age. 1. Bundaberg Jerseys: Parrabel Furor Belle Sire: Piedmont Nadine Furor 2. Miss B Scott: Eurarie Rexi Silvermine 4 Sire: Eurarie Blonde Rex THE NORMAN ENDERS SIRE’S PROGENY GROUP, 3 females, any age, by the same sire. 1. G & D L Robertson: Group By Ivanhill Petals Lester THE JOCK & BERT ANDERSON MEMORIAL BREEDERS GROUP PRIZES, 3 females, any age. 1. Collins Farms: 2. G & D L Robertson: 3. M T & D A Vallence:

24 — JerseyJournal October/November 2007

Reserve Champion Junior Heifer sashed by Jennifer Hand with Courtney Walker , Myrtleford at the halter.

Reserve Champion Intermediate Cow being sashed by Jennifer Hand and held by exhibitor Chris MacKenzie, Simpson.

Reserve Champion Intermediate Cow All Breeds Melbourne 2007 with Tanya Privitera, Leongatha and Des Valence, Shepparton

Reserve Champion Interbreed Cow with RAS of Victoria John Fox, with Chris Collins, Yinnar, Vic

INTERMEDIATE CHAMPION JERSEY HEIFER M T & D A Vallence: Rolma Tee Fingers 21 Twin RESERVE INTERMEDIATE CHAMPION JERSEY HEIFER. C & P MacKenzie: Coorievale Glam Daydream Sire: Jireh Mid Glam SENIOR CHAMPION JERSEY COW. Collins Farms: Stonehenge Fanclub Pal Sire: Molly Brook Berretta Fanclub ET RESERVE SENIOR CHAMPION JERSEY COW. Collins Farms: Lynbrae Dorothy 246th Sire: Belles Expo ET Female having the highest Production and Type Judging Score. Collins Farms: Mangarra Astound Lena Sire: Molly Brook Berretta Fabulous

Reserve Champion Jersey Cow at Melbourne Show 2007 sashed by Sophie Paterson, Boisdale and lead by Melanie Ridgeway, Yinnar.

Most Successful Jersey Exhibitor. Collins Farms:

JerseyJournal October/November 2007 —


More Heifers In Your Herd ABS SEXATION creates 90% females* on average 9 out of 10 calves will be *90% female sperm in each straw females ABS sexed semen is produced through ow cytometry - the ONLY reliable and proven sexing technology available on the market today ABS SEXATION will also help you to: O Reduce disease risk from purchased replacements O Control your replacement costs ABS SEXATION - GROW From Within


Call your local ABS representative to learn more about ABS SEXATION TM

service science success ABS AUSTRALIA, “Langiballa”, Olympic Way, TABLE TOP, NSW, 2640. Phone: (02) 6049 9200 Fax: (02) 6026 2387

26Email: — JerseyJournal October/November 2007 Website: Semen orders only, freecall: 1800-ABS-BULL (1800-227-2855)

ABS Backs Sexed Semen Technology: By Richard Meredith Sexed semen for quicker herd building Sexed semen presents a real opportunity for dairy farmers wanting to replenish herds after the drought or wanting to expand operations quickly. Getting good heifers into the herd quickly is critical to boosting production and profits year on year. ABS Australia, which is currently introducing its SEXATION™ program to the Australian industry, highly recommends using virgin heifers to get the best conception rates. “As with most joining programs, healthy, well grown animals are the most fertile and get the best conception rates,” says ABS Australia Dairy Product Manager, Geoff Wood. ABS chose the name SEXATION™ because of its great history. Many will remember 29H2960 Oceanview SEXATION – a highly respected ABS Holstein sire found in many of today’s dominant pedigrees including ROY and JUROR.

Process holds the key Sexed semen is produced using flow cytometry which is able to detect a 3-4% difference in DNA between male and female sperm. While collecting, separating and storing semen is a stressful process for the sperm cells at the best of times, production of sexed semen can best be described as ‘saving an ever decreasing number of sperm cells’. “Not all bulls are suitable even if they are used in normal semen collection programs,” says Wood. “Approximately 80 percent of sperm cells in a sexed semen collection are discarded, leaving just 20% of live, sexed semen available to be used.” As well as the normal criteria of genetics, demand and capability, bulls chosen for sexed semen production must meet a number of more stringent standards. These include the ratio of moving cells compared to dead sperm populations produced by the bull; the sperm concentration – the more the better; and the form and structure (morphology) of the sperm cells produced by the bull. These factors have a large bearing on the sperm cells’ ability to survive the separation process.

A group of ABS sexed semen calves. ABS Australia currently has sexed semen available from Holstein, Jersey and Brown Swiss bulls. JerseyJournal October/November 2007 —


Small margin for error As there are far fewer sperm cells in sexed semen than in normal semen, there is less margin for error. The ABS program uses a unique freezing process with sexed semen that aims to further reduce the number of sperm cells lost in the separation process. “The company holds a world-wide patent on the ‘Wind Tunnel’ freezing process,” says Wood. “Conception studies suggest that the quicker the semen gets from the separation process to a stable, frozen state, the more sperm cells that survive.” More live sperm cells mean higher conception rates, assuming other best practice management procedures are followed. Economics of sexed semen The economics of using sexed semen can be compared in a number of ways. “The cost of raising a heifer would be $800-1000 in a normal season and $1200-1400 in the current dry conditions,” says Wood. “Now that the market has bounced back and cattle will be limited due to culling during the drought, replacement purchase prices are currently around $1500 and are expected to reach $2000 by the spring.”

In addition, with nine out of 10 cows producing heifer calves, many farmers will see using sexed semen as an opportunity to make some extra money selling those that are excess to requirements. As a direct distributor of its own products ABS Australia can offer dairy farmers the dual advantage of a tremendous range of proven bulls and the industry’s most competitive pricing. The company currently has sexed semen available from 8 Holsteins, 1 Jersey and 1 Brown Swiss bull. “Many producers prefer to grow from within their own herds rather than to purchase from outside due to the unknown,” says Wood. Disease management Bringing replacement heifers on to the farm can be an anxious time as they may carry undetected diseases that spread to other animals. Growing from within by using sexed semen goes a long way towards preventing this.

Ice-Cream Innovations Pty Ltd 1/49 Kruseana Ave Lismore NSW 2480 A2 Genetic Herd Testing – Probably your last chance to get this done without being contracted to the Major License Holder for A2 Milk in Australia. Innovative Ice Cream Pty Ltd has a license to produce A2 Ice-Cream and is seeking to establish its long term Ice-Cream market, even after its license with A2 Corporation expires next year. Farmers will be asked to sign a contract with a non-detrimental clause that to protect them against punitive action by their current processor. For further information Phone Phil Denniston on 0418891684, (08) 89770056 ah or email at Remember, this is probably your last chance to genetically identify, breed and manage your herd without a contract with the Major License Holder for A2 in Australia.

28 — JerseyJournal October/November 2007

Spring Gully Jerseys Currently Ranked No. 6 ASI Jersey Herd in Australia (ADHIS August 2007) 2006 - 2007 Herd Average 6761 Litres 3.9% 262kg Protein 4.7% 320kg Fat For 109 cows not all registered in 289 days (Total lactation 7017 Litres 273 Protein 334 Fat in 304 days.)

Building Profitable Families Please note the corrected figures from the August September edition Spring Gully Spring Gully Spring Gully Spring Gully Spring Gully Spring Gully Spring Gully Spring Gully

Sara 2 Sara 4 Sara 7 Sara 8 Sara A. Finale Sara Lemvig Sara Lemvig 2 Sara Taranak

4 yrs 4 yrs 3 yrs 3 yrs 7 yrs 6 yrs 6 yrs 6 yrs

305 days 305 days 305 days 288 days 305 days 293 days 269 days 293 days

10062 ltrs 7675 ltrs 7719 ltrs 7573 ltrs 7520 ltrs 7362 ltrs 7602 ltrs 7426 ltrs

3.4% 4.0% 3.6% 3.9% 4.2% 4.0% 3.9% 4.4%

344kgs Protein 304kgs Protein 280kgs Protein 296kgs Protein 314kgs Protein 293kgs Protein 300kgs Protein 324kgs Protein

4.0% 5.0% 4.3% 4.6% 4.8% 5.4% 5.1% 5.1%

403kgs Fat 385kgs Fat 332kgs Fat 350kgs Fat 362kgs Fat 399kgs Fat 385kgs Fat 378kgs Fat

$ value 3,429 $ value 3,185 $ value 2,740 $ value 3,002 $ value 3,191 $ value 3,147 $ value 3,082 $ value 3,299

Spring Gully Sara Taranak has got its second bull in Genetics Australia Progeny Test team (ACEMAN)


Pl 116 Pl 107 Pl 100 Pl 115 Pl 108 Pl 107 Pl 113 Pl 112

The Australian Jersey Journal October 2007  

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