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Hi All, It really seems just days since I wrote last month’s editorial. Time flies. Once again our team has worked tirelessly to bring you all the SP news and included some interviews that will interest you. This month we are focusing on Chapter 5 and looking at GYHO! It also includes an interview with Dominika from and Maddie interviews a young Australian band that Simple Plan has influenced called Lets Not Pretend, I have heard them live twice and their cover of Jetlag is awesome. We also have many concert reviews as well as the usual SP news.

A huge thanks to the team, without your hard work this magazine would not be possible. We are seeking new writers, if you love SP and are able to write in English and want to be part of a team, shoot me an email at I am writing this while waiting for the Football at the MCG. Today is ANZAC day and I pay my respects for those fallen so I could live my life as a free citizen. I am thinking of our team members whose relatives served for our country. I hope you enjoy this edition as much as we enjoyed putting it together for you. Huge thanks to Leeann, Maddie and Valentine as well as my family that support me. Peace, Jen

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Photo by Alexis Poquette

Interview Interview

It was my pleasure to interview Domi (Dominika... Us Aussies always shorten names...) the creator and admin of . I met Domi when we were chosen for the video to be played on Canadian TV congratulating SP on their Personality of the Year last year for Radio Canada. I have appreciated her support for SP Space as she always retweets each issue as well as letting us use all of her news items and pictures. I admire Domi for her skill of knowing what is happening with SP before everyone else and letting us all know about it! Domi’s generosity in sharing her news and her love for SP is admirable. I hope you enjoy getting to know Domi better through my interview with her! When did you first start to like SP? Tell us a bit about how you first heard of SP. It was basically love at first sight. In May 2005, when I was 14, I was switching through random music channels on TV and suddenly I stopped at one particular channel when I heard this cool melody and saw five good-looking guys walking down the street, heading towards a snobby hotel to play at. I fell in love with Shut Up! like I never have with a song before and then went to school to tell my best friend about this awesome discovery I just made. She had already heard about them at that point and liked them too, so we decided to buy their CD (SNGA) together. One week it was at my place, the next at hers and that’s how it went on for a couple months until it eventually stayed with me because she kinda drifted away from their music while I have stayed. And that was already almost 8 years ago... and I’m still here with Shut Up! still being my favourite song by SP.

When did you start your web site? Did it start as a hobbie and then develop into the best Web page for SP news? When I fell for SP (2005), I started gathering lots of information about them from various websites and interviews to get to know them better. Since I really didn’t have that many people around who would be into their music, I really wanted to channel all this passion at least through something else. And the Internet was a great way to do that. So I started figuring out how I could build a website about them. Of course at 14 I had no money and very limited HTML skills, so I first started creating these free websites with pre-designed templates. I must have created about 20 of them (and I’m certain at least two of them still exist and I genuinely hope no-one will ever find them because I’m slightly embarrassed of how much of a “crazy fangirl” I used to be). But none of them really clicked with me. Then I found this Czech blogging system which allowed me to create my own blog about SP and even make my own designs. I started this blog in November 2005 and I’d say this blog (which eventually formed into the website you now know as was kind of what Reset was to Simple Plan. Thanks to running this blog for a year and half I gradually learned how to “run a fansite”. Mind you, the early beginnings were terrible, but eventually the blog became much better and more popular - even in foreign countries (even though almost all of it was in Czech only) which is when I realized that it deserves to be run on a much better platform. It was summer 2007 when I was on vacation in Croatia, when I started working on a lot of sections that you know from today. I wanted to make sections with information that you couldn’t see on other fansites. I wanted it all to be my work, my texts - not to just copy & paste it from somewhere else. I also started thinking about the domain. I was split between hostings like fan-sites. org or just simply an international domain, but I could not think about any fitting name for the website and since there was no other Czech website about SP, I decided to keep it simple and just go with the Czech domain name - - but with the website being bilingual - for the people in my country (Czech) and for the rest of the world (English).

Recently you had an interview with Chuck, I know that you were waiting for a while for that but he kept his word in the end. Can you tell us how that went?

Haha, oh yeah, that was a tough one to organise! It started back in early 2012 when I found out that SP were going to play in my country again (at Prague City Festival), so I asked the organisers to set up an interview with SP for me. That was easy as I already worked with some of the people on my previous interviews in 2011 and 2008 and they all knew I run the website, so they were very kind to set it up. But... as most of you know, the festival got cancelled two weeks ahead, which meant not only could I not see the boys again live but also that meant no interview this time around. Funny thing is that the organisers had actually called me one week before the festival was officially cancelled and told me that the guys from Simple Plan were currently in Australia and if by any chance I wanted to interview them on the phone before the festival. I politely declined as I wanted to do the interview on the spot and face-toface. Looking back, that could have been the first clue to the festival getting cancelled - organisers calling the media and re-scheduling interviews..

But I didn’t wanna give up that easily. In July, I tried setting up a phone interview with the band through their label, while SP were playing on festivals in Canada, but their schedule didn’t really allow it. So I eventually tweeted Chuck in August asking if he ever heard from anyone that I was trying to set up an interview with them. Chuck was very nice and said no and apologized a lot and told me to send him my questions via email - that he would fill them out and send it back to me. After a month of still not having heard from him - which also meant that most of the questions I sent him were already completely irrelevant - or we already knew the answer to them, I tweeted him again. He told me to re-send it. That went on for about three or four months. Of course that was also the time when all Chuck’s attention was focused on finishing the Simple Plan book, so I could never blame him for that.

In January 2013 when the book was already out for a few weeks and things weren’t as hectic as before, I thought I would give it another try. I tweeted him again in the middle of January - just simply asking/joking if the interview would ever happen. He quickly responded to me saying “How about a Skype interview?” which sealed the deal. We set up a date and time (which turned out to be slightly after midnight for me and around 5pm for him) and we chatted for about 40 minutes. I had to edit the final outcome quite a bit, I actually recorded the audio and video separately and then put it all together, cause recording Skype calls can be very tricky when one doesn’t own a Mac computer... But it worked out! Even though the quality of the “video” is really really bad, I think the interview went overall quite well, Chuck was in a great mood and told me a lot of interesting things that I wanted to know about for a very long time. I am so very very grateful to Chuck for taking the time to do this. I don’t know many other bands who would be willing to spend almost an hour on Skype with a fan. That’s one of the reasons why Simple Plan are so dear to my heart - because of how well they treat their fans.

How many times have you interviewed any of the boys? Can you tell us how that came about and what it was like? As of right now, I have conducted three interviews with the guys from Simple Plan - every single time they were in the Czech Republic (2008 and 2011) and then with Chuck over Skype (2013). The first interview was actually set up without me even knowing. After Simple Plan were announced to play in Prague for the first time, I was contacted by the local Warner Music and started collaborating with them. One day I just got an email from them saying “Oh, by the way, we set up an interview for your website with the members of Simple Plan. We thought you would probably want to have the lead singer there, but who else? Let us know.” I was in a complete shock, because before that email, I thought I would never get to meet them, let alone interview them. At that time I chose Chuck as the second band member for the interview, cause I knew he always knows the most. But when the day of the show has come, and I was backstage, the reps from Warner Music told me I have to choose again - either to have an interview with Chuck and Seb at the venue (at the same place where I eventually interviewed the two 3 years later) or Pierre, David and Jeff in the van on their way to a local radio station. To me that was a Sophie’s choice at that time, but I did a little pro/ con list in my head and figured “three members and a roadtrip” is better than “two and no roadtrip” so I chose that. At that time I only had a voice recorder on me, no camera, which is why there is only an audio available from the first interview. Also, my time was much more limited because the interview lasted only for the ride to the radio station - which was about ten minutes. And then when the second SP show was announced, I already knew I wanted to interview SP again, because a lot has changed since then. Setting up the second interview was easy as I was once again contacted by the organisers of the show the day it was announced and they helped me to set it up.

On your home page there are some quotes of the boys about your website. Did they tweet you? Or did you hear them in previous interviews? It’s kind of a mix of all of that. The Chuck’s quote was indeed from a tweet, Pierre’s and Jeff’s were from an interview somewhere in Europe - and I was actually told about that via a text message from a friend (from a different country) who attended the taping of it. David’s is from one interview from Prague and Seb’s is from my interview from Prague. How many times have you seen SP live ? and where? So far I have seen SP 8 times - Prague, Czech Republic (April 27th 2008), I-Day Festival in Bologna, Italy (September 4th 2010), Ursynalia festival in Warsaw, Poland (June 3rd 2011), Prague, Czech Republic (September 2nd 2011), Stuttgart, Germany (September 10th 2011), Frankfurt, Germany (September 11th 2011), Munich, Germany (March 24th 2012) and Vienna, Austria (March 26th 2012). I also plan on seeing them this summer - once again in Vienna, Austria - on June 7th 2013.

Tell us some stories of previous interviews and when you have seen them live. I remember when I was in Prague in 2011, waiting for the boys to finish up an interview with someone else, Jeff was already done with some previous one and came up to me and because he must have heard I was the one from, he said “Oh, you’re from! It’s so nice to meet you! I’m Jeff!” ,and held up his hand waiting for me to shake it and clearly expecting me to introduce myself. I was so surprised by him coming up to me like that, that all I managed to say at that moment was “Yeah, I know.” (as in “Yeah, I know your name is Jeff..”) and shaking his hand. To this day one of the most face-palm-deserving moments with SP I ever had. And a story from when I saw them live? That’s hard to pick but one of the most memorable one for me will probably always be the moment again at the Prague show in 2011 when Pierre suddenly started talking about having great fansites around here (right before This Song Saved My Life). That made me put my hands up in the air and say “yay!” and my closest friends around me started pointing at me. Pierre noticed that and asked if that was me from and then he started applauding - right there on stage - which made the whole crowd

applaud along and people pat me on the back. That was one of the most amazing things, to see how many of those people who were there that night actually read my website. But on a less self-centered note - one of my other favourite moments from a live show that I witnessed was when at the show in Frankfurt, Germany, in 2011, one of the girls in the front collapsed and the security tripped with her over the barricade, almost dropping her, Jeff immediately dropped his guitar (in a very super-hero kind of way), told the security to stay away, took the girl into his arms and carried her somewhere safe, all that while the rest of the band kept calming the crowd. Once again, I don’t know many other bands that would do that. Can you tell us how you get all your information about SP? You seem to know the news before everyone! I get this a lot. And honestly, the answer is: I’m observant. It’s not like I go around stalking them. It’s just that I pay attention to things that are being said. Other than that it’s also the number of people who tweet me, facebook me and email me with various SP-related news that happen in their area. These fans are amazing for doing that and I will always be grateful for them.

Do you have any assistance with the web site? Any helpers? I run my website alone - which means posting news, uploading pictures, creating new sections, making the designs etc. I have learned in the past and from observing other fansites, that I would not be able to work in a team of people when it comes to the website because of how much of a perfectionist I am. It would just not work out. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t people who help me out in a different way. As I previously said, there’s a lot of fans out there who submit their pictures, link me to news stories that I haven’t found yet or tell me that SP will play in their country. Because of this I can gather all the information and post about it for the rest of the fans to see and maybe help them out by bringing the information the way they may have once helped me. Also, there’s a number of people I can rely on when it comes to translating stuff. Google Translate is a very good tool, but it doesn’t work with videos and audio files, so sometimes I need help from native speakers - mostly when it comes to French (as I can only speak Czech, English and a little bit of German). And it’s amazing how many people take their time to help me out with that. I should also point out that my best friend Viola helped me a lot with capturing the second interview on camera while managing to hold the camera still even when being attacked by a bee in the process. So kudos! I already know that answer to this question, but have you made any friends due to SP? Other than me of course... Hell yes! Let me quote Alex Gaskarth here: “It’s not just the music that makes that band her favorite. It’s the guys, the gals. It’s the fans. People whom of which she has interacted with thanks to the band.” One of the main reasons why I like to travel to see bands is to meet the people that I met online thanks to all these bands. People who became really good friends to me, even best friends. Mostly thanks to Simple Plan I now have friends literally all over the world and it’s mind-blowing. And I honestly hope one day I’ll get to meet all of them. As of right now I had a chance to meet a WHOLE LOT of European SP fans, who are completely amazing and with whom I’ve had a lot of fun at the past shows.

Can you tell us any stories about meeting fellow Astronauts? Meeting other fans is always awesome and I enjoy it very much. That’s also why I organise meet-ups of Czech fans at least once a year to see some of the old faces, see some new ones and mostly give these kids an opportunity to meet new people with similar interests because I know it can be hard to find someone in your area who likes the same band as you. There were also some very curious encounters with SP fans I’ve had in the past. For example at the last All Time Low show I went to, after we were let in, trying to make our way as closest to the stage as we could, suddenly I was grabbed by this girl, who just stopped and stared at me and almost screamed: “Oh my God! You’re Dominika from!” That was kind of hilarious. But again, I love it that I can meet Simple Plan fans at the most random places - even at concerts of other bands.

What was it like to be included in the Video made for SP to congratulate them on the Personality of the Year Award in Canada? And to be able to share this with fans from all over the world? It was very gratifying to be a part of such an important event. But mostly it was very heart-warming to see how the band reacted to the fans’ messages. I was so incredibly proud of SP for taking home this kind of an award because it reflects their personalities and as I said in the video, there’s noone else who deserves such a recognition as them. They may not be the band who wins Grammys every year or who plays in the biggest arenas. But they are the kind of band who is successful in what they do and who takes this success and uses it to help people. They managed to save so many fans’ lives just with their music and a whole lot more with their Foundation. And it’s not just that. I have been thinking about this a lot and I think that one of the things that I like about them so much is that they talk about a lot of very important issues. They spread the word about them. Because of them I’m so happy to post about projects they’re involved in - whether it’s the collaboration with MTV EXIT on the issue of human trafficking, the problem of bullying or the importance of music-therapy. So many more people are now aware of these things because they follow the news about their favourite band and I’m very glad that I can help in one way or another to bring all this information to them.

What other music do you like? I’m into all sorts of music, but my favourite artists apart from SP include All Time Low, Hedley, We The Kings, Fall Out Boy, Marianas Trench, Jason Mraz, Green Day, Good Charlotte, Bowling For Soup, Cobra Starship, Faber Drive, Paramore, Sparks The Rescue, Panic! At The Disco and so many more. Also, recently I’ve been very fond of Imagine Dragons and Macklemore. What else keeps you busy in life? Most of my time that is not spent working on my website, I usually dedicate to studying as I’m trying to finally get my bachelor’s degree in media studies, which I hope to get in June. But other than university, I enjoy travelling, attending concerts, watching TV shows and hanging out with friends.

Thanks heaps Domi for spending the time to answer all my questions. It was a pleasure to get to know you a bit better and I appreciate your friendship. One day we will meet I am sure! :D

Written by Jen @JustJenRees

Interview During March I had the chance, with my page, to ask a few questions to David F. Mewa, the This Song Saved My Life video director. Sonia : When you first heard the song This Song Saved My Life and its story, how it has been written, what was your first impression? David: The song’s melody and lyrics evoke strong emotions when you first hear it, but when I found out about how it was written ‘by and for’ the SP fans, I was blown away. I knew this music video had to be about them You met some Astronauts on the video’s set in Canada. How was it to record a video with them and the band? Astronauts are passionate. We had SP fans travel from many parts of Canada to be in the video. They spent most of the day waiting to shoot their scenes and never complained. I think they knew this was gonna be something special. The band was awesome. They took time to shoot performance scenes in the middle of their very hectic day that included a headline performance at Much Music’s “Big Jingle” concert. Which guy from the band impressed you the most? I worked closely with Chuck. He is a passionate musician and a creative genius. He had a lot of visual ideas. We clicked pretty well. For the video fans had to wait a little bit longer, but the final result is awesome. Is there in it a part that you prefer the most? There is a lot of logistical stuff that goes into making a video like this. And time was taken to make sure it was perfect. My fave part of the video is watching the band interact with their fans in airports and tour buses around the world. The energy jumps right out of the screen. These guys are pretty genuine. They are the real deal. Last question, will there be a behind the scenes of This Song Saved My Life music video? There were a lot of cameras on set. The band and label will decide when and where they release behind the scenes clips. My only guess is if the fans ask, they may receive. Written by Sonia @DarrenIsMyLove

Simple Plan I need their music


Book Review

chapter 5

This month we are looking more closely at the start of chapter 5. In August 2009 Pierre and Chuck began to write Simple Plan’s fourth album and had decided to return to their older style of songs. Pierre thought that in their 3rd album they had lost their way a bit. It was difficult for them to do this album as they had a recorded the last three albums with Andy, who had left Atlantic Records. Chuck tells us that “It was like starting again, we had to convince this guy Ganburg that we knew what we were doing. And it was sad doing an album without Andy; he’d always been a kind of father figure to us. Along with a few other bands, we were his baby. We were heartbroken when he left and it scared us. We didn’t know who we’d be dealing with from now on.” Simple Plan decided that the 4th album had to have some radio hits that would drive their shows. The new Atlantic Records rep, Pete Ganbarg had a plan for Pierre and Chuck, a boot camp for writing songs. The result of that was the album that we know and love as GYHO. They also worked with some well-known writers who helped Chuck and Pierre’s creativity. Pierre tells us on page 235 that “We were always checking out what was being played on the radio. There was a lot of Dance music; songs with drum machines and simplistic lyrics. That whole trend was dominant. We weren’t sure yet which direction we would take but we knew for sure we didn’t want to misrepresent the band by playing that game. We’d tried to be different with the third album and we’d felt the backlash from it. It had not really been us. Since 2002 we had evolved. We had to continue doing it without losing our authenticity and by keeping essence of Simple Plan intact.”

I was really glad that they thought that way, I don’t like the music on the radio much, anything mainstream that is not well written or a silly lyrics performed by bands with no real talent. SP wrote 70 songs for GYHO all in one year. In the middle of this process SP was selected to make an appearance at the Vancouver Olympics. It was all very secretive, even with fake names on airplane tickets. Jeff was very proud of the band being selected and Pierre on page 236 said “It was a great source of pride for us that the country chose our band. Plus, it was a beautiful ceremony and millions of people watched it.”

Even so Peter Ganborg was not sure that the songs they had written were powerful enough to be a radio hit. It took eight months to get Ganborg to say that he thought a song could be a hit. That song was Jet Lag. This song was the first song that they sang with a female vocalist as well as being sung in other languages. After the break through they had with Jet Lag they had two more songs that Ganburg approved of. Summer Paradise and TSSML. The inspiration for Summer Paradise was taken from a Rolling Stone magazine article. On page 240 Chuck says “The phrase ‘They will be back in a heartbeat.’ appealed to me. I thought that it would make a good hook.” He was right, it certainly did! They wrote it with input from K’nann the Canadian rapper. TSSML was also considered to be a hit song, it’s emotional feel and the fact that SP asked their fans for some quotes was really nice. Chuck and Pierre wrote one of my fav songs off GYHO to try and impress Rivers Cumouo. Chuck was keen to do this as he had admired him as an artist for a long time. Rivers was so impressed that he requested to sing on the song as well. The song Astronaut also struck a chord with Ganorg who said “When I listened to Astronaut and This Song Saved My Life for the first time, shivers ran down my spine.” Page 241.

Recording Finally after a year of writing SP got ready to record. They began in July 2010 in Montreal. It was produced by Brian Howe who was surprised that SP were so meticulous. He said that Pierre, Chuck and him had some pretty crazy arguments. Glad they worked it out as the album turned out great! Howe’s favourite song on GYHO! is Astronaut. He said on page 243 “ It’s my favourite song on the album. I find the lyrics, which use an outer-space metaphor for human relationships, are absolutely amazing!”. Howes commented on page 243 that there was a song that should have been put on the album that he thought would be a hit, has made me wonder what the song was! Really want to hear that one! The album was finished on December 23rd 2010. It was put on hold until June 2011. The title was thought about for quite a while. Seb tells us “We’ve always had a hard time finding titles for our albums. It is not easy to write seventy songs and summarize it in three or four words. But like all the rest of it, we wanted to go back to our roots and find something funny- something with a double meaning with sexual innuendo. Chuck often jokes that he got up one morning and the title was right there, in front of him.” Page 245.

SP began to do some promo work for the album in March 2011. Photographer Chapman Baehler took some awesome photos as SP dressed up as some iconic bands. The result is fantastic! See our article on this photo shoot by Sonia in this edition. Three music videos were done pretty quickly, Jet Lag, Can’t keep My Hands off You and Astronaut. Jet Lag was filmed at 4 am with music low at the Toronto Airport. The scenes with Natasha Bedingfield and Marie Mai were shot in the airport hotel. Disney’s movie Prom was connected with Can’t Keep My

Hands off You so Disney had input into the video and it could not have any sexual innuendos. Astronaut was shot in the Mojave Desert. It took four days to shoot. Permission was given by the Canadian Space Agency to use photos taken by their telescopes. This lead to Chris Hadfield a Canadian Astronaut to pack the song in his luggage and play it in space at the International Space Station. That is pretty cool! This wraps up the bulk of chapter 5. I still read this book often and don’t think I will ever get sick of it! Written by Jen @JustJenRees

Band Promotion

Three months before the release of Get Your Heart On!, the band did a photo shoot for the album cover in Los Angeles with the photographer Chapman Baehler. Seb admits: “With this album it was all about going back to our roots on all levels – the presentation, the music and the videos. We wanted to get back to the idea of having fun by dressing up as bands from different eras. We wanted to show that throughout history, the different hairstyles or clothes didn’t matter, that the love and passion for music always stays. Not taking ourselves seriously has always been one of our greatest pleasures.”

The band shot three music video in the space of a month. In the first, ”Jet Lag” directed by Frank Borin, the guys collaborated with Natasha Bedingfield and Marie- Mai for the English and French version of the song. The video was shot in Toronto airport..

Jeff says: “ We’ve tried a lot of places before Toronto but the authorizations were too hard to get. We finally settled on Toronto because the modern look of the terminal gave us better images but there were a lot of constraints. We had to shoot at 4:30 in the morning and the music couldn’t be too loud. The segments with Natasha Bedingfield and Marie- Mai were done in a room in the airport hotel; with the logistics we were working with, we couldn’t do it anywhere else. But in the end, it came out really well.” The second video was “Can’t Keep My Hands Off You”, soundtrack of the Disney film Prom. Chuck says: “Everything had to comply with Disney standards, so, any sexual allusions were out. It was mainly a way for us to give people a first impression of the new album, which is why we picked an upbeat, energetic track.” The third video was “Astronaut”, was shot in California. While promoting the new album, the band, at the Much Music Video Awards, dressed as members of Plan! That represents the band Wham!. “As the album hadn’t come out yet, people didn’t get why we were dressed like that, but it stirred their curiosity. A buzz had already started on the internet” says Seb.

written by Sonia @darrenismylove

Three days after the release of Get Your Heart On!, the guys joined the Warped Tour in Dallas. It was a big chance to win over the market in the United States. Jeff says: “It’s not true that when you’ve done four albums you’ve exhausted all your growth possibilities. As a band, we still have the desire to venture into new territory.” Their participation at the Warped Tour in 2011 was a revelation.

Photo by Matt Vogel

Photo by Lauren Brown

After this tour, the guys flew to the Festival d’été In Quebec City, where they had a photo session for the campaign of Centraide. In this photo shoot the band is completely naked with their private parts hidden by their hands or their instruments. When Simple Plan flew to Korea, Pierre had some vocal damage. Seb says:” We’d just finished the Warped Tour, where Pierre sang outside every day and had to give interviews, etc. The schedule was a little over the top and Pierre damaged his vocal chords. We had to cancel a lot of shows in Asia, including Summer Sonic in Japan, where we were going to play for the first time. At first, we figured we’d sleep on it. We did go to Japan though, just in case the situation improved. Pierre went to see two doctors there. They sent his X-rays to two other doctors, one in California and one in New York, who both ordered Pierre to go on complete vocal rest. We decided that the most important thing was to be able to tour again in two years, not two weeks from then. When we tour Pierre has to live like a monk: he doesn’t go out and he has to do warm-ups with me before each show. He has to exercise an iron discipline all the time. He doesn’t want to be the one to blame if we have to cancel a show. But it’s unpredictable.”

Photo by FEQ

The whole band had to adapt to the new situation. Pierre’s voice recovered in time for the Rock en Seine festival in Paris, where the guys played the French version of “Jet Lag”, with Marie-Mai.

Photo by Slim Klugerman written by Sonia @darrenismylove

OSM On the 20th of September 2011, television presenter Eric Savail, who had a year earlier hosted a function held by the Simple Plan Foundation, was again asked to emcee a special project. This time the event in question would see the members of Simple Plan dressed up in their finest (and looking absolutely HOT I must say) climb on to the stage for what at the time was to be one of the Simple Plan Foundations most daunting experiences to date.

This event, which had been months in the making would ultimately see Simple Plan and the Montreal Symphony Orchestra (MSO) coming together for a joint benefit concert which would also mark the debut of the orchestra’s new concert hall, the Maison symphonique. Conductor Simon Leclerc set about composing arrangements based on Simple Plan’s melodies, then with the support of the 92 members orchestra united with Simple Plan on the stage for a 2 hour performance.

2,000 fans of both SP and the MSO paid between $75 and $250 dollars to attend, which also provided meet and greet opportunities as the guys mingled with patrons prior to the event. As well as guest having photo and autograph opportunities with the members of the band, they also had the chance to purchase one of over 30 pieces up for grabs as part of the silent auction, which included items such as dinner with the members of SP, guitars signed by SP, Avril Lavigne and Coldplay as well as a private concert by members of the OSM to name just a few of the treats up for bid.


Shut Up! Addicted Crazy One Astronaut Summer Paradise Your Love Is A Lie What If I’m Just A Kid Welcome To My Life Jet Lag (French Version) I’d Do Anything Perfect This Song Saved My Life Jet Lag (English Version)

“Tonight, playing with the Montreal Symphony orchestra was the highlight of my career.” – Jeff

“In the end, it was a big hit for the Foundation. It was the talk of the town, and on top of that, we raised tons of money f or the Simple Plan Foundation and for the MSO’s educational activities.” – David By the end of the night, more than $300,000 was raised on behalf of the Simple Plan Foundation which was then able to support over 24 organisations including educational activities of the OSM. The concert was also recorded and on Tuesday, December 13th at 9pm it was telecast on Télé-Quebec. On February 18th 2012 it was again aired on ARTV as well as being streamed on their Facebook page. A document preceded the concert and showed the hours leading up to the actual event. Try as I might, (and I have spent hours searching the internet as well as calling on the knowledge and expertise of fellow SP fans, including one friend who is almost a walking talking SP encyclopaedia) I have been unable to find a copy of this documentary.

Watch the full concert Review of the concert Auctions items for the simple plan foundation benefit event Written by Leeann @Adnaxar

Summer Paradise The third single from Simple Plan’s album Get Your Heart On! is called ”Summer Paradise” and was written by the band, Emanuel Kiriakou and Keinan Warsame. It was released in Australia December 13th 2011 and worldwide February 28th 2012. It has a reggae vibe to it and it has been played all over the world.

Inspired by a member’s hobby

”Summer Paradise” has a few different versions but the original one is with Somali- Canadian rapper K’Naan. There are also a few different videos. The first music video released containing footage from their Australian tour, because Simple Plan loves Australia, and the vibe of the song is something you can find down under. The official music video took place in Barbados though and Sean Paul is rapping instead of K’Naan in this version. The song and video is inspired by Pierre’s hobby which is surfing. He said that he thinks a lot when he’s out there waiting for a wave to catch and that he probably has come up with a few lyrics out in the ocean as well.

Making of the video

The video that was shot in Barbados is really embracing the beauty of summer and love. It’s co-directed by Mark Staubach and Toronto RT and features all the guys having fun together on a boat, on the beach, by the campfire, jumping off cliffs and driving a jeep with the company of a few beautiful women. They manage to capture the feeling of freedom, friendship and being in love. David told us in the Simple Plan: The Official Story that Sean Paul showed them around and took them drinking. He offered David something he calls a ”Magic Potion” and after that David puked four times, managed to make his way back to his room and slept in the morning after. That is the reason he isn’t in the final scenes of the video but it turned out great anyway.

Biggest hit yet

It’s a really popular tune and went Double-Platinum in Australia and got to #1 in a lot of the European countries. It got to #4 on ”Sverigetopplistan” in Sweden and got new people interested in the band all over the globe. It also has a French version and now recently a Japanese one as well. Taka from ONE OK ROCK is featuring in that version and there’s a lyric video to it which is very well done and creative. It was released and posted on Simple Plan’s website on March 20th 2013. Seb said that it’s fantastic that their music still can reach new heights. ”Summer Paradise” is their biggest hit yet and they felt from the beginning that it was special. After 40- something songs ”Summer Paradise” was starting to be formed. It’s such a great song to play live at festivals during the summer or listen to in your room when the winter is coming along. It helps you remember the good times you’ve had and those who are yet to come.

Written by Sophie @Sophiecarlbrant

SONG OF THE MONTH Jet Lag The second song of Simple Plan’s studio album Get Your Heart On! was released on April 25th 2011 and is titled Jet Lag. It’s a song about a distance relationship and it was written as a duet. Simple Plan collaborated, for the first time, with a female singer and the original version is in English and sung by British singer Natasha Bedinfield.

The CD single’s tracklist is: 1) Jet Lag (feat. Natasha Bedingfield) 2) Jet Lag (feat. Marie-Mai)

94: Four versions

Jet Lag has four different versions; British, French, Chinese and Indonesian. FrenchCanadian singer Marie-Mai is providing the French version, Chinese Kelly Cha the Chinese one and Indonesian singer Tantri the Indonesian one. It’s a special song and the guys knew it from the beginning. When Jet Lag was being written they felt it would be something special. It’s a very lovable song and has a nice melody and lyrics to it. It’s very honest and personal since it’s about their life on the road while being in a relationship. The whole distances thing and not being able to see each other very often, the longing, the strong love, trust and time zones that makes everything more difficult is what the song really is about. Fans all over the world loves it and because of its four versions its special since it hasn’t been done before. There are two official music videos starring Natasha Bedingfield in the English version of the song and Marie-Mai in the French one. It takes place at an airport and we follow lead singer Pierre on his way home and his girlfriend, Natasha or Marie-Mai, waiting in their bedroom. A few fans were actually in this video as well. The official music video was released on May 4th 2011.

Fans about the song

Mélanie: ”Well, since my family and best friends live in France and I live in Canada,

the song is quite meaningful to me. Sadly, it has been way overplayed and now I literally cannot stand hearing it anymore, it gets on my nerves. Nevertheless, Jet Lag still has a special place in my heart and always will.” Erika: ”I like the idea of them and that they are not together in the video as they’re singing about in the song! I like that you can see the rest if the band as well in the video! I like the fact that they have fans in it.” Bianca: “Something about the lyrics “And turn the hour hand back to when you were holding me” just gets me. Like you can feel how much the distance must suck and how much you’d just want to go back. Personally, I related these lyrics to Simple Plan themselves, because if I could turn back time and go back to when I first hugged Pierre, I would.” Jodie: “Timezones making me crazy when they tweet goodmorning and its midnight here in Oz.” Erin: “Jet Lag is kinda bittersweet, on one hand it makes me feel guilty but on the other truly honoured. It makes you realise just how much the guys sacrifice for us, they are on the road and away from their families just so they can play for us and meet us. Jet Lag makes you realise just how much they are willing to miss out on in their personal lives for us. We love you guys and appreciate what you do everyday.” Lenore: “This song reminds me of my passion to travel and the annoyances of trying to connect with loved ones at home. The boys (SP) spend hours at airports on planes and for them to travel so much for us is truly amazing (one of the many reasons why I love them).” Sue: “What Jetlag means to me is: being able to meet the band members and the traveling that they do just so we can see and meet them. It also makes me feel like I wish I was at a SP concert, each time I hear this song.” Courtney: “The lyrics “And turn the hour hand back to when you were holding me” means a lot to me. It makes me wish that I could turn back the time when my mum was still with us. It is a very special song for me as it reminds me of the times my mum was here holding me.”

#SPFansTalk “It’s an awesome song, a song to listen to when SP are in a different country when they say good morning when you go to bed XD.” @Kennah_Lefebvre “It’s the perfect song for all over the world! We can relate to it because of time zone differences! Haha.” @charmsofaggie “For me it’s an awesome songs :) I love this songs and the voice of Marie Mai Bouchard <3.” @mimieloveSP

Female singers live with Simple Plan

Jet Lag has been performed all over the world and whenever David isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t singing the female part, a real one is.

Natasha Bedingfield is a British singer and the official female collaborator of the Eng-

lish version of the song Jet Lag. She sings on the English version, and appeared in the official music video. She never appeared during a show. Coeur de Pirate is a French-Canadian singer and the co-writer of the French version of Jet Lag. She recorded the song with Simple Plan but finally Marie-Mai was chosen for the French version on the album. She never appeared during a show.

Marie-Mai is a French-Canadian singer and the official female collaborator of the

French version of Jet Lag. In live, she performed the French version in Canada and in Europe, specially in France, where she appeared in the Simple Planâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s biggest European show in Paris, in March 16th 2012. Sometimes, she also performed the English version.

Christina Parie is an Australian singer, the youngest one that joined Simple Plan. She was one of the finalists on the third season of Australian X Factor in 2011. She performed the English version during the whole tour in Australia, in June 2012.

Kelly Cha is a Chinese singer. During the Asia tour in January 2012, she performed

on stage the English version in Beijing with the band.

Tantri is an Indonesian singer from the band KOTAK. She performed the English version during both of their show in Indonesia with the band.

My Tam is a Vietnamese singer. She performed the English version at the MTV EXIT

show in Hà Nôi, in Vietnam in May 2012.

Jenna McDougall is an Australian singer from the band Tonight Alive. She performed

the English version during the Australian tour in October/November 2011 and for the acoustic version of the song in the Today Radio Network.

Vanessa Amorosi is an Australian singer. She performed the English version at the Footy Show in Australia in September 2011 and joined the band in the Studio Concert at the Sunrise Festival of Music, the same year in October.

Sierra Kusterbeck is a American singer from the band VersaEmerge. She performed the English version during the Rock Am Ring Festival in Germany in June 2011.

SOFI is a American singer from the band Deadmau5. She performed the English ver-

sion during the Rock Im Park Festival in Germany in June 2011.

Fefe Dobsen is a Canadian singer. She performed the English version at the annual

MuchMusic Video Awards in Canada in June 2011.

Chantal Kreviazuk is a Canadian singer. She performed the English version during

their New Year’s Eve performance at Niagara Falls at the end of 2011.

Saidah Baba Talibah is a Canadian singer. She performed the English version in May

2011 on the Music Matters conference in Singapore.

French Lyrics [ 1st Part ] Oh ooooooh Oh oh oooooh It’s so jetlagged Quelle heure est-il où tu es ? Un autre avion et tu repars Je me sens si loin si tu savais Et j’attends ton retour encore. C’est comme si on vivait à l’envers J’aimerai te dire qu’on pourra s’y faire, Trying to figure out the time zones, Makin me crazy. [ Chorus ] You say good morning, When it’s midnight Going out of my head, Alone in this bed, Quand je m’endors, Tu te réveilles Et je compte les heures, J’en perds le sommeil, And my heart, heart, heart is so jetlagged x3 Is so jetlagged. [ 2nd Part ] Je te cherche quand tu n’es pas là, Dans une semaine, je reviendrai, Je perds mon souffle quand tu t’en vas, Je m’imagine à tes côtés, Et même si j’essaie de l’ignorer, Tu es toujours là dans mes pensées, Trying to figure out the time zones, Makin’ me crazy.

[ Chorus ] [...] Oh ooooooh Oh oh ooooooh Je suis perdu sans toi, Je t’attends encore. Je suis perdu sans toi, Mais rentre, il est tard. Je suis perdu sans toi, Et je veux vivre ton aurore, Je suis perdu sans toi, Et qu’on en sorte plus fort. Je suis perdu sans toi, Turn the hour hand back to when you were holding me. [Chorus] You say good morning, When it’s midnight Going out of my head, Alone in this bed, Quand je m’endors, Tu te réveilles Et je compte les heures, I miss you when You said good morning but it’s midnight Going out of my head, Alone in this bed, Quand je m’endors, Tu te réveilles, Et je compte les heurs, J’en perds le sommeil And my heart, heart, heart is so jetlagged x3 Is so jetlagged. Is so jetlagged.

English Lyrics [ 1st Part ] Oh ooooooh Oh oh ooooooh It’s so jetlagged What time is it where you are ? I miss you more than anything. Back at home, you feel so far. Waiting for the phone to ring, It’s gettin’ lonely livin’ upside down I don’t even wanna be in this town. Trying to figure out the time zones, Makin’ me crazy. [ Chorus ] You say good morning, When it’s midnight Going out of my head, Alone in this bed, I wake up to your sunset And it’s drivin’ me mad, I miss you so bad, And my heart, heart, heart is so jetlagged x3 Is so jetlagged. [ 2nd Part ] What time is it where you are ? 5 more days and I’ll be home. I keep your picture in my car, I hate the thought of you alone. I’ve been keepin’ busy all the time Just to try to keep you off my mind Tryin’ to figure out the time zones, Makin’ me crazy

[ Chorus ] [...] Oh ooooooh Oh oh ooooooh I miss you so bad I miss you so bad, I miss you so bad, I miss you so bad, I miss you so bad, I wanna share your horizon. I miss you so bad, And see the same sun rising. I miss you so bad, And turn the hour hand back to when you holding me. [Chorus ] You say good morning, When it’s midnight Going out of my head, Alone in this bed, I wake up to your sunset And it’s drivin’ me mad, I miss you when you say good morning, But it’s midnight Going out of my head, Alone in this bed, I wake up to your sunset, And it’s drivin’ me mad, I miss you so bad And my heart, heart, heart is so jetlagged x3 Is so jetlagged. Is so jetlagged.

Written by Sophie @Sophiecarlbrant

Asian Tour 8 concerts over 13 days would mark Simple Plan’s return to China and Japan on their 2013 Asian tour which saw the guys playing to sell out crowds, fulfilling dreams and premiering the new version of Summer Paradise. Having had to cancel shows in 2011 due to Pierre suffering from vocal strain, the guys were keen to return to Asia and give fans a show they would remember. It all started in Beijing China, where they kicked off with some interviews before hitting the stage on March 24th. Fans showed there support and surprised the guys holding up signs during #TSSML.

March 26th, and the guys rocked it in Shanghai, before heading to Japan where they would be playing the Punkspring festival. Fans who attended the first leg of Punkspring in Nagoya, Japan were in for a special treat, when Rivers Cuomo (Weezer) fulfilled a lifelong dream of theirs by joining the members of SP on stage to perform their hit Can’t Keep My Hands Off You live. A bullet train ride saw SP reach there next destination, Osaka, and from all reports, it was a fantastic show, with not only Seb proclaiming it to be “best show in a long time”, but also Jake Bundrick (Mayday Parade) tweeting a picture of the SP performance and entitling it “Simple Plan killing it at Punkspring.” Tokyo would be host to the 3rd and 4th shows of the Punksring tour, and provided more surprises for fans of the sold out shows. With Rivers Cuomo making another appearance alongside the guys on the first night, as well as Taka from ONE OK ROCK (who were also a part of the tour), joining them on stage both nights for a live performance of the Japanese version of Summer Paradise,

Simple Plan was ‘bearing’ it all for fans in Hiroshima, but proving once again, that even over half way through the current tour, they were still ready to give it all, and rock the venue, much to the delight of the fans. The last stop of the Punkspring tour saw them performing in Fukuoka Japan.

Can’t Keep My Hands Off You Summer Paradise

What a tour it had been. Not only had they kept the earlier promise to fans by returning, but they had fulfilled a lifelong dream, playing alongside one of their own idols and giving all those in attendance a chance to share these once in a lifetime moments. How I wish I could have been there. Written by Leeann @Adnaxar

blink-182 I choose this article because I love Blink 182. I will tell you more about them later but right now I will tell you about their relationship with Simple Plan. Blink was one of SP inspirations. They toured with them, sang and recorded with them. We are looking at all the bands that were featured in the SP’s song “Grow Up” Last month was MXPX, this month Blink 182. Here are some of the lyrics.

“This is who I am and this is what I like GC, Sum and Blink and Mxpx rocking my room if you’re looking for me I’ll be at the show I could never find a better place to go Until the day I die I promise I won’t change so you better give up I don’t wanna be told to grow up and I don’t wanna change I just wanna have fun [...]” This song is from No pads, No Helmets... Just Balls released in 2002. Originally the US, the UK and the Japan only had this bonus song on the CD. Simple Plan did not just mention Blink 182 in their song but recorded a song with Mark Hoppus called “I’d Do Anything” Mark sings the lines in red. I’d do anything Just to hold you in my arms To try to make you laugh Cuz somehow I can’t put you in the past I’d do anything Just to fall asleep with you Will you remember me? Cuz I know I won’t forget you I close my eyes And all I see is you I close my eyes I try to sleep I can’t forget you Nanana (....) And I’d do anything for you Nanana (....) You can imagine how amazing it was for a young band like SP to have a guest singer like Mark Hoppus on their debut album! Chuck mentions in the SP book that he kept in touch with Mark and remains friends with him.

The Journey of Blink 182 Blink-182 is a pop punk band from America. Their first name for the band was Blink. However there was already an Irısh band called Blink so they added 182 to the end of their name. Scott Raynor was the original drummer in 1992. Flyswatter was recorded in Raynor’s bedroom. It included punk covers and original songs. Then they recorded Buddha in 1993. These were their demos. Finally they released their first album Cheshire Cat in 1994 This album was the first recorded CD by them... Reviews were really good for the album. M+M’s, was the band’s first single. Then following this was the single Wasting Time. The band toured to promote this album vigorously, most notably on the Good Times tour of 1995, which took them outside of California for the first time. After touring a lot, they wrote and released their second album called Dude Ranch in 1997.This is the last album with Scott Raynor. He was replaced by Travis Barker. Travis was a drummer of another band. He learned 30 songs in 3 hours and he played at the show with Blink-182.What a legend! After this they wrote, recorded and released Enema of the State in 1999. This album made them more popular. They became pop punk icons. Three songs were released as singles: “What’s My Age Again?”, “All the Small Things” and “Adam’s Song”. In 2001,Take Off Your Pants and Jacket was released. This album has sold over 14 million copies worldwide. The album produced three hit singles: “The Rock Show”, “First Date”, and “Stay Together for the Kids. After a break they then released their self titled album in 2003. Lead singles “Feeling This” and “I Miss You” received the most radio airplay of the four singles released and peaked high on Billboard charts. The band broke up in 2005. Tom DeLonge announced his new project, Angels & Airwaves. Mark and Travis worked on their projects: the Transplants, +44, and TRV$DJAM. They didn’t speak to each other until 2008. On September 19, Travis was involved in a plane crash that killed four people, leaving him and a friend as the only survivors. After that Mark and Tom visited him in the hospital. In 2010 Tom DeLonge stated that “if that accident hadn’t happened, we wouldn’t be a band. Plain and simple. That was fate.” Neighborhoods was their sixth studio album. “Up All Night” and “After Midnight” were released as singles. Not long ago they released an EP named Dogs Eating Dogs in 2012.

Some Random Facts Tom chose the name, because he loves short words. (Blink) They were originally calling themselves the “Grilling Monkeys.” Favourite films of theirs: Fletch, Three Amigos and Vacation. Mark’s hero is Homer J. Simpson. Mark hates the taste of beer. Travis loves Cadillac cars. Travis has almost 50 tattoos. Tom doesn’t smoke. Mark thinks that Disney movies are amazing. Travis grew up in Fontana, California.


3 MTV Europe Music Awards 1 MTV Video Music Awards 1 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards 3 Teen Choice Awards

Written by Damla @pierre_1905

Blinks inclusion into Sound Wave this year caused a mass frenzy of 30 to 40 year olds snapping up tickets as soon as they went on sale. I certainly did! Sadly in that 2 week time I had so many concerts and interviews that I decided not to go and see their Sidewave. This is something that I regret now but I had to compromise as I really did not have the time!

Here is what a few people who went to the Blinkâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Sidewaves thought of them.

I loved Blink in my teens and was surprised when I heard the announcement that they were touring. I could not afford to go to both Soundwave and Blink but I chose Blink as they were my favourite band. I did not like the venue, but still had a great time. I felt pretty good to know I got tickets after they sold out in 3 minutes. The crowd were pretty old, but that was to be expected I guess as Blink are as well! The best songs for me were First date and I Miss You. The acoustic set was pretty good and the encore really rocked as well. It was disappointing that Travis did not tour with them, I totally understand the reason why but felt that he was never really coming and that it was all just promotion hype for them. I had a great time and would so go and see them again. Matt Blinkâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s concert in Melbourne was awesome. I had heard bad things about the venue but it was not too bad. The sound could have been better I guess. The crowd was insane. There were lots of 30 and 40 year olds covered with tatts having a great time. I am a new Blink fan, I guess most of the crowd were old fans. I knew most of the songs, I was really happy that they played some of their new EP and their biggest hits. I did not care that Travis was not there, and cannot understand all the hate that he got for not coming. Chloe Blink Sidewave was so much better than Soundwave. They played a better set list and seemed to have more energy. I had a really good position at their Sidewave so that may have helped me! I loved seeing them live. I wanted to go again the next night as well. I was fine with Travis not coming, the new drummer was fantastic. Taylor

" I was excited to hear that Blink 182 were coming to Australia finally and to hear they were going to do a sidewave concert, I just had to go. They are my second fav band, with SP being first. I was just over the moon when I snapped up two tickets and my son Brenden loves them as well. It was awesome that they were playing at All Phones Arena that meant, I could drive down there and find parking. We got there early so we decided to go to the merchandise store and we bought t-shirts, wristband and a key chain, then we walked around for a while and headed to the concert. There were two bands playing before Blink 182 actually came out. Finally they came on at around 9.30pm and the crowd went wild. They played all of my fav song's, The Rock Show, All The Small Things, After Midnight, and some of their new stuff. All I have to say, is if you haven't seen Blink 182, you have to see them. They are excellent Sue

Set list. 1. Feeling This •2. Up All Night •3. The Rock Show •4. What's My Age Again? •5. Dogs Eating Dogs •6. Down •7. I Miss You •8. Wishing Well •9. Disaster •10 .Dumpweed •11. Always •12. Violence •13. After Midnight •14. First Date •15. Heart's All Gone •16. Man Overboard •17. Ghost on the Dance Floor •18. All the Small Things •19. Josie •20. Reckless Abandon •21. All of This •22. Boxing Day 
Encore: •23. Carousel •24. Dammit •25. Family Reunion

Interview This month, I was lucky enough to have my very first interview with an incredible up and coming band, Lets Not Pretend! If you listen to their music, (which I strongly suggest you should) I think you’ll notice that they remind you a lot of young Simple Plan. Their songs are easily relatable and very catchy. They make an excellent pop/ rock band! Recently they have just released their debut EP, Light Years Apart which includes their single, Rocketship to the Stars which is definitely worth buying off iTunes! Huge thanks to Adrian for taking the time to answer my questions! Firstly, how did you guys all meet? Aaron, Jordan and I all met through high school and Daniel is of course my brother. Jacob was the last piece to the puzzle; he was first introduced into Lets Not Pretend through Daniel. How did you come up with your band name? Daniel and I still argue to this day who came up with the name, we feel like it’s a topic we shouldn’t discuss. So last year you played at Big Day Out, what was that like? It was one of the most incredible experiences ever. I feel like it is something you can hold onto forever and you’ll never forget it. Are there any other bands you have toured with? We just completed our first national tour entitled ‘Light Years Apart,” after releasing our EP. It was so good to meet so many new faces and play in places we dreamed of playing in.

I love the songs on your EP Light Years Apart! They sound great! How does your writing process work? Thank you so much! We basically demoed about 20 songs at my home studio and went through and picked the best ones. It was an incredibly long process that took about 8 months but, we are so happy with the finished product. You have just released your debut EP ‘Light Years Apart’, what was the inspiration for the CD? The CD is inspired by a lot of things. We tried to incorporate lyrics into our songs that are relatable to our fans and we really wanted to show them that we have been through the same things they have. Did anything funny or interesting that happened while you were in the studio recording? The record studio is pretty serious business but, Jacob did fall asleep while we were recording, and we did take photos of him with food on him.

Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve posted a lot of covers on your YouTube channel, if you could cover a Simple Plan song, (other than Jetlag) which song would it be? I think it would definitely have to be Welcome to my Life.

Have Simple Plan been an inspiration to your band? If so, how? Simple Plan have been a HUGE inspiration to us. Their music is just so relatable and personally changed my life as a kid. They will forever be an inspiration for my writing.

Whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s your favorite part of performing live? It would have to be interacting and having fun with the fans. Whether there are 10 or 500 people there, just to have people coming to our shows makes it the best time ever.

If you could play with any other artist/ band who would it be? Simple Plan would be amazing!

What was it like filming the music video for ‘Out Of Time’? Did a band member create the concept of it?

Do you have any pre-show rituals? (Things you do before every show) We all pump each other up, and don’t tell anyone but we do star jumps in a circle!

It was so much fun. We filmed it with a few university students and I think it was a really great first video clip! Jacob actually came up with the concept, he’s great at media.

You have a few items in your merch store, do you design them yourselves and will there be more soon because of the EP release? We design majority of the merchandise and there will be lots more to come!

What has been your best achievement with the band? Eg, Big Day Out, debut EP I think the biggest achievement is gathering a massive bunch of loyal and amazing fans. There’s nothing better than being able to hang out and relate to so many people. What is the next step for LNP career wise? We would love to share this but, we have to keep it a secret. As a band, what’s your biggest dream? It would definitely be a world tour, it would be a dream come true.

So just recently, you guys started a trend on Twitter (#BumpRocketShipToTheStars) so you could have your song played on Fox FM. What was it like knowing your fans did that for you? It’s not easy to start a trend! Tell us all about it; I know that it may still be going on as you type! It was such an overwhelming feeling! We could NOT ask for better fans, they are seriously the best. We actually got our songs to play for 10 nights, which I think is a Fox FM record.

Any advice for readers who want to pursue a musical career? Always work as hard as you can and never ever give up, no matter how hard it gets. Oh and also, Dream Big!

Follow Lets Not Pretend on Twitter and like them on Facebook! Look out for upcoming shows in your city, you won’t regret it!

Written byMaddie @MaddieBirkett

Review i If you love SP and clearly you do as you are reading this magazine, there is a band that you should check out. A Melbourne based band called Lets Not Pretend. This 5 piece pop punk band writes catchy tunes with real meanings that are totally relatable. Their EP ‘Light Years Apart” is the best debut EP that I have heard. Each song has the potential to be a hit. You can download it here… The music videos available for two of their songs are available here and here. Read on for a review of their first Headline Melbourne Show.

Going to a concert in the middle week of the school holidays can sometimes be a pain but as the 8 of us that were going were staying down at our beach house and we had an eight seater car it was all good! We headed off around 11.30 for the trek into the city. We arrived at the venue , Spencers live just after the line had gone bagged some pretty good seats on the side a few metres away from the front of the stage. It is great going to these kind of gigs now as I know many of the band members

and some of their relatives! It is great to be greeted at the door by name and to be made to feel so welcome like the Lets Not Pretend team always does. These gigs are a fantastic way to introduce kids to local music. The average age was roughly late teens, with a couple of older people, like myself, and Leeann who drive their teens to the gigs and parents of the bands. The kids got to meet the bands, get their merch signed and they all felt really special.

To kick-start the concert was a solo artist called Scott Boyd. He was really entertaining and very talented! I asked him after the show if it was hard to perform solo as there is no one to have cheeky banter with, he laughed and agreed. Scott is a really friendly guy that is super talented. I hope to interview him later this year and look forward to seeing him support Evermore. His EP called Hey Girl is available here. Like his page! The next band on was ‘Move on Be Strong’ I did not see much of these guys as I was out in the merch area chatting to Scott but the people I know who did see them said they were great. Love their tee, I am wearing it at the moment! You can like their facebook page and find out about their music here. After the Curfew were on stage next and certainly had a lot of energy! Their liveliness and catchy tunes really got the crowd ready for the next two bands. Watch their new music video for Take Cover. Love the blink tee! Their EP is available for download here. The next band on was a band that toured with The Never Ever before they toured with Simple Plan in 2011. I had met the lead singer, Phil on facebook the week before and found that I had only just missed seeing them at Forest Edge Festival as they were one of MXPX supports. These guys are super talented and I really hope that their new line up works for them! From the time they came out on stage and had their group huddle they owned the stage. Their song ‘Heartbeat’ is so good. I had heard it a few times prior to the concert but hearing it live made it one of my favourite songs. I put it on my Spotify fav list and have heard it heaps since. Like their facebook page here and check out their music as well as their merch.

They just released a music video called Summer Love. Check that out here.

By this time the crowd were ready to see the headline band Lets Not Pretend. This was their first headline show and we were all happy to be part of it. They were introduced by Aarons (the drummer) Dad. They came out in their trademark suits not that they lasted long as the venue was so hot everyone was almost passing out. (that sounds bad, I meant that they took their jackets off!) The Venue refused to turn the air con onâ&#x20AC;Ś Not happy about that! Anyway back to Lets Not Pretend. These guys know how to entertain a crowd. The crowd loved them high fiving them and catching the many Guitar picks they threw out. After the concert the band did a meet and greet. All fans had the opportunity to have their pic taken and merch signed. As there were so many people in our group, this took a long time! All the bands that played that day took the time to have a chat. Meeting all of the members of Daylight Hours was a highlight for me, as well as Scotty Boyd. A great concert, we left very happy and weighed down with signed merch. If you have not checked out this band yet I encourage you to do so!

Written by Jen @JustJenRees

Review iI This concert was the perfect end to the perfect holiday. We would be seeing 5 bands as part of Lets Not Pretends Light Years Apart Tour. When we got there the doors had just opened, so we could go straight in. By the time we had finished getting merch the first act Scott Boyd had already started. We didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t see much of him, which was a bit disappointing as we found out later he would soon be touring with Evermore, but we did get him to sign our copy of his cd for us later in the day.

This is Aaron after his drum solo. Jen took this picture, that is me wearing my cap just in front of Aaron!

During the band transition, we moved closer to the front, finding a table close to the stage. The next band was ‘Move On Be Strong’. I was seated for most of MOBS, while almost everyone I was with was standing. I really liked there song “Fight For You”. We couldn’t buy their cd at the concert as it sold out really quickly, so I had to wait until we got back home to download it. Next up on stage was ‘After The Curfew’. I’d had enough of sitting; it was time to try to make my way to the front (my first mosh) for the headliners Lets Not Pretend. While people left to cool down I moved even closer to the stage. I was 2nd row mosh for Daylight hours. Daylight hours had a lot of energy when on stage, really talking to the crowd and getting them involved. It was awesome seeing them do the Harlem shake but I’m so annoyed with myself that I didn’t record when they fell over during that song. The best part of Daylight hours was when they gave us a shout out, as we had driven all the way from Mildura to be there. During the set I got plenty of high fives, photos and videos. Once Daylight Hours were finished I had five mins to catch my breath before Lets Not Pretend. When LNP came on things got hectic pretty quick, balloons where flying around everyone was jumping. It got hot fast and being close to the front I was stuck but having a great time. My favourite song from the whole concert was ‘I Dream’ because the way the drummer sang. After the concert was finished I ended up with 4 guitar picks, a tank top, a handful of wrist straps and photos with most of the band members. This was a great concert that I would go to again tomorrow if I could.

Written by Nathaniel


ur trip Great news about yo ink this trip imth u yo Do n w do to New York and laying ed you as an ar tist? ov pr en to us r fo ic nd is like some new mus Definitely!  Being in a ba joy! a relationship haha, I think in ing be t? ou ab e m How did the trip co ther for those 2 and a half ge to ing liv d an ep Sh We were approached by ned us as band and he gt en str s ek we iss po t eate a Aaron the producers abou friends.  It helped us to cr as th wi se lea re xt ne r bly recording ou nored very cohesive EP. ho ly te ple m co re we e W .  them g worked with the two of them havin xt thing on some huge albums.  Ne r way to we knew, we were on ou New York!

Can you tell us a little bit about your trip? America is everything you think it will be!  Everything you see on the TV is surprisingly accurate. While we were over there, the boys went into a convenience store to try and find some Lucky Charms cereal.  As they were leaving the store (empty handed) a police officer stopped Brad and demanded to see some ID.  He was questioned by the officer and then the officer called for backup.  It turned out someone who looked a lot like Brad had just robbed the store.  They eventually realized Brad was innocent and let him go haha, the best part was that it was the day he and Pat decided to have “Pyjama Day” in the studio so he was grabbed by police whilst wearing his PJ’s.

Check out The Never Ever Youtube channel for more info on their trip!

What can we expect from your new EP? Think Breathe - the song, but expanded & explored further. We’ve definitely evolved!

I look forward to seeing you live in Melbourne on the 4th of May, is this tour an Australian tour? Check out here for tickets. It is indeed! East coast of Australia, just three shows to show off our new EP to some of our fans before it gets released. Your fans were sad to hear that Jess left the band, how are your plans going to find a new drummer?  Whilst it is hard to replace such a close friend in the band, we are going through the process.  Hopefully our fans will embrace whoever our new drummer may be! Do you feel supported by your Aussie fans? I know you guys had some great concerts before you left to help you on your way to NY! Our home fans are amazing.  We honestly couldn’t ask for a better fan base.  Everyone pulled together and bought a LOT of merch both at our shows and online to help us on our way over to NYC.  The support was incredible. Any other news about TNE you can share? Any plans for later this year?  Hmm!  We have some new merchandise out at the moment, available from the Unplugged & Unreleased shows.  We’ll also be opening EP pre-orders soon with some cool bundles available.  Everything else is top secret!

Written by @JustJenRees Photo by Emma Rees

FAN OF THE MONTH This month I am pleased to introduce to you the lucky Fan of the Month who lives in Sweden, her name is Emelie! I met Em (yes I shortened it) when we were part of the fan video as mentioned previously with Domi. It was a pleasure to meet her. To find out more about her please read on! When was the first time you heard about Simple Plan? March 2005, I was having a girls night with dinner and a movie. Mum gave me the wrong movie, she gave me New York Minute instead of Princess Diaries. And I fell in love with Simple Plan when I was 11 years old. When was your first SP show? April 17th 2012. For How long have you been a SP fan? Since 2005, so eight years. How many times have you seen them live? Once… out of the 8-9 shows they’ve played here. What do you like the most about Simple Plan? How they care so much about everyone, they never leave anyone behind. They always give 110% into everything they do and I admire them so much for always trying to be a little bit better. What’s your favorite possession of Simple Plan and why? My signed stuff, for sure. I have all CDs signed and a few posters. But I also have David’s hat, so that’s a pretty cool thing to have. So I guess it’s the hat and my surfboard poster, that poster is the coolest poster in the world. Say what Simple Plan means to you. They mean everything to me, they saved my life so many times, they were the reason I held on for so long. They are my superheroes, my role models and my big brothers in this huge family. They always make me smile, laugh or feel a little bit better and I owe them everything for it. They are my universe, the spaceship I’m travelling in. Describe each member with one word. David- Silly / Jeff- Superhero / Pierre- Pierrefect Seb- Ridiculous / Chuck- Passionate.

VERIFIED Favorite SP song and why? “One”, I find it so fitting for our generation and especially to me. I always feel… forgotten, like I’m not a real person just someone who sits in that bed day out and day in and listen to that music. Do you have any tattoo related to Simple Plan? And if you, don’t would you like to have one? I have none, but I have two planned. I am gonna tattoo “don’t give up when it all comes down” right under my collar bone and “If you fall, stumble down, I’ll pick you up after ground. If you lose faith in you, I’ll give you strength to pull through. Tell me that you won’t give up” somewhere on my back. What’s your favorite part of ABPFY? Oh the passport slap “Jeff can’t slap for shit, Jeff is a pussy *slapped by Jeff*” If you could spend a whole day with SP, what would you do? I would go and have ice cream with them, take them to lake I spent my childhood days at and just talk to them. We’d play, listen to all the music we love and have the sweetest dinner ever and Jeff would cook it. We’d just chill and have fun. Best Simple Plan memory? My meet & greet. Jeff took me into his arms and said “so nice to finally meet you Em”. It was also pretty cool when Chuck recognized me from the Simple Plan video tribute I was in when they were awarded “personality of the year”. Have you made friends thanks to Simple Plan? I have made so many friends. I met some of them at the show I attended and I met one in Paris.

Favorite SP quote? “No matter how loud they scream, I’ll scream louder”. Favorite Simple Plan video? Music video would be “Your love is a lie”, it is so artistic and so beautifully made, the song is amazing and they perform good. And my favourite video would be “5 cures for jet lag”, if you don’t laugh your ass off while watching: you have no sense of humor. What song would you like SP to cover? Oh that’s a tough one… “Loosing you” by Dead by April, but it’d be David singing instead of the growling. I’d really love that. Apart of SP , which other bands do you like? I don’t listen to that many bands, actually. But apart from Simple Plan we have All Time Low, Sum 41, Takida, You me at six and Dead by April. If you could say anything to SP right now, what would you tell them? Take the time you need on the new record, but learn what “soon” actually means. Okay, now pick a SP song that means the most to you and try to explain why. Astronaut. I am an astronaut. I am so lonely all the time, with no one to talk to and no one who even notices when I walk into a room. Astronauts speaks for me, it screams that I’m not alone to feel like that. It comforts me, it’s a perfect song. Written by Jen @justjenrees

May 1st - It may be April fool’s day, but for SP, it was a much needed day off in Tokyo. 2nd - Return of the VLOG! Check out here what SP got up to in China. 2nd – Simple Plan today played there 2nd show to a sell out crowd in Tokyo. 3rd – After Tokyo, it was Hiroshima’s turn to party with Simple Plan. 4th – The wait to see Simple Plan’s MTV Exit documentary that looks at the issue of human trafficking is finally over. After almost a year MTV finally released the special that was filmed during the bands time in Vietnam. 1st part 2nd part 3rd part 4th part 4th – From Vlog to vine, the guys really seem to be in love with this new app, sharing more fun clips of their time in Japan. Check out here.

4th – Next stop on the tour, Fukuoka. 5th – With another tour behind them, it was time for the time for the guys to climb back on board yet another plane and make the long journey home. 8th - Being back home doesn’t necessarily mean rest and relaxation. Especially for hard working Chuck who was today hanging out (and according to their tweets, working with) MKTO, a Californian based 2 piece band.

10th - Sebastian too has been helping out other artists, this time around it is Andee-Anne Leclerc a finalists on Star Academie.

13th - The guys were on hand when Élie Gagné was announced the winner of the Desjardins and Ma Zone D contest. They also played an acoustic set, with Chuck acting as official video and photographer for the night.

14th –Next on the schedule was a trip to Quebec City where the guys signed copies of their book, Simple Plan, The Office Story. You can check out some videos they posted using Keek right here. 18th – Today it was announced that as part of its 10th anniversary celebrations, Simple Plan will be holding a free concert at the Accélération de camion 2013 event in St-Joseph de Beauce, QC on August 30th 2013. Tonight District V aired an interview filmed during the recent book signing in Quebec. 27th – Could this be the storyline for the next Hangover movie??? Pierre, Chuck and Seb have hit Vegas, for a very special reason, the bachelor party of who will forever be recognised as Simple Plan’s 6th member, Patrick Langlois. Pics as well as a Keek clip were posted. I bet before the fun really started.

Written by Leeann @Adnaxar

- Jeff -


- Sebastien Like the other guys, Seb enjoyed sharing one of his favourite places with us this month both via pics and also through new video apps. We have loved them all, even if it was just watching him crossing the street, at the restaurant or having a gulp. A little rain and a bit of Yoga, and Seb was ready to rock it in Tokyo. His underwear got a little wet during the Hiroshima concert, but a guess you can always gauge an awesome show by your level of sweat. Back home, and with the prospect of a big week ahead, Seb spent Sunday doing NOTHING! His jetlag also provided him with an opportunity to get in a few video games before feeling like he was wasting his time. Being back home also meant that Man of the Hour was back, there were songs to pick and a show to prepare for as well as a little writing with some talented friends before being back to his SP commitments.

How did I miss Jeff’s quick Q&A at the start of the month?? I must say, I admit, I was a little sad for Jeff when he tweeted about some of the negativity and disrespect shown to him while meeting fans. Especially when I know there are so many fans out there that would do anything to meet the guys. But Jeff didn’t let that tarnish his time in Japan, heading out to take pics around Shibuya, Having some real lookers in the crowd as well as I assume messages from some Brazilian girls did help Jeff’s mood, and provided a much needed ego boost. Back home, Jeff tried to fight off the effects of jetlag thru some hot yoga (hmm, the thoughts of Jeff doing yoga does make me a little hot) with boxing and Italian classes, spring cleaning as well as more work on new projects also on the agenda for the week. It was still a little cold for riding his Vesper, but Jeff was studying hard in his motorcycle exam and was looking forward to summer.

- Chuck Konichiwa. Yes Chuck was practicing the local language as well as taking in the sights during his down town in Tokyo. Pierre might have been killing it on the drums as seen in one of Chucks many Vine and Keek clips tweeted this month, but I don’t see him handing over his sticks full time. Back home, Chuck was ‘Hanging tough” with Joey from NKOTB as well as the guys from MKTO. A trip to Montreal, followed by a book signing in Quebec still had Chuck home in time to catch the Masters Playoffs, where Aussie fans were on hand to set Chuck straight as he tweeted his congratulations to the eventual Masters winner Adam Scott. (Aussie, Aussie, Aussie)

- Pierre -

I love when SP are on tour, as that means more tweets from Pierre. Kitted up in some new golf gear, it was time to hit the streets of Tokyo and sample the local cuisine. Although, like his tweets, it seems David was MIA from this little gathering  While fans were enjoying the guys performing, Pierre also took the time to learn more about the tragic bombing in Hiroshima in 1945, tweeting “Hopefully we can learn from this horrible story. #peace” As the tour wound up, the guys shared one last meal together before making the long journey home., where a beer in a jar on a table covered in dogs awaited him. Life is good.

- David I’m not sure if David has lost his Twitter app again, as he’s been (if you can believe it) even quieter than usual this month. So if it was your birthday on April 4th, woo hoo, David wished you a happy birthday.

Written by Leeann @Adnaxar

Patrick Langlois Name : Patrick Joseph Langlois

Nick Name : Patrick



Born : September 9, 1979 (1980 depending on where you look).

Occupation : Currently working at

“Ça Commence Bien”, “Man Of The Hour” with Sebastien.

Previously : Simple Plan’s pho-

tographer, website guy, merch guy, camera man.

Family : Sister - Caroline. Son : Benjamin. Favourites bands : Blink 182, Bowling for Soup.

Fave food : Sushi Fave books : Harry Potter by JK


Twitter : @patricklanglois He has appeared in most of Simple Plan’s video in some form - be it himself or by name.

Patrick Langlois has always been referred to as the â&#x20AC;&#x153;sixth member of Simple Planâ&#x20AC;? by the fans because right from the start, he was always by their side. He will always hold this title even if he does not still play the role of their photographer.

written by Rossi @rosiiii_27A

* *

SP Friends News Fall Out Boy release music video for Young Volcanoes. Check it out here!


We Are The In Crowd and Alex Goot cover Just Give Me A Reason, originally by Pink ft. Nate Ruess.

To celebrate their recent signing with Cherrytree Records, Marianas Trench are set to release Face The Music EP May 14. Check here for more info!


Paramore release video for single Still Into You. Check it out here!

* *

Fall Out Boy release album Save Rock and Roll !

Paramore release self titled album !


We The Kings release new song Just Keep Breathing. Check it out here!

Written by Sian @sianiigoesrawrr


Qu z

Guess the video !

Last month quiz answers ! 1) Take My Hand. 2) Perfect. 3) Last One Standing. 4) Holding On. 5) Perfect World. 6) Promise. 7) What If. 8) Grow Up. 9) Anywhere Else But Here. 10) Untitled (How Could This Happen To Me? ). Written by Sonia @Darrenismylove

Get Your Heart On! Quotes Chuck





“Jet Lag is a great way to introduce the album.”

“I really wanted to sing the part, I thought the part suited me, I thought it was written for me and then I heard that they were looking for a real girl (Jet Lag).”

“I think this record is all about having fun.”

“We actually wrote about seventy songs for the album.”

“I feel like this song is one of those, even if it’s winter time, even if it’s a bad time in life when you listen to that song you are just like ”Oh, it’s summer, it’s sunny” even if it’s not which is good (Summer Paradise).”

“It’s our first female duet (Jet Lag).” “Working with Rivers Cuomo was absolutely amazing for us. It was a dream come true.”

“Summer Paradise is definitely one of my favorite song on the record.”

Photo by Lauren Obadiah

“This record was a lot of fun to make and we worked really hard.”

“We love to play on words, we always try to make people smile (Get Your Heart On!).”

“The first time I remember hearing the demo and I was like” Oh my god,this song is the song for me” (Astronaut).”

Written by Damla @pierre_1905

April Birthdays 4th Tommy McDonald (Hedley)

20 Dylan Nash (The Never Ever)


Patrick Stump (Fall Out Boy)


Gerard Way (My chemical romance)

21 Zack Merrick (All Time Low) 23 Travis Clark (we the kings) / Kellin Quinn (Sleeping with Sirens) 29 Sean Mackin (Yellow Card)

May Birthdays 4

Mike Dirnt (Green Day)


Mike Ferri (We are the in crowd)


Pierreâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Birthday!

Danny Duncan (We the kings)

17 Jaime Preciado (Pierce the Veil) written by Elenore

Fave sp music video. Tough

choice, but probably either “Shut Up” or “I’m Just A Kid”.

Fave sp member. DAVID !!!

Fave sp Album. Seeing as it was

the first album I ever brought, Still Not Getting Any... would have to be my fave!

Fave sp song. Again, tough

choice, but I’d have to say “I’d Do Anything”...I touched David’s butt during it when he crowd surfed.

Live / Meet. Yes! It was amazing!

Front row in front of David...could it be SP Fan.I’m not sure exactly when it any more perfect?! was, I just know it was around maybe 7 Yessums! I couldn’t talk...I actually forgot or so years ago...”Still Not Getting Any...” to ask for hugs! was the first CD I ever bought and I remember being in grade 3 and just locking myself in my room listening to it for hours!

this month, focuses on Sian Rackham,15, from Australia ! “Get to know the sp space team” is back every month with a new face. @sianiigoesrawrr

Bands beside SP. Too many

to list! At the moment I’m really into Marianas Trench though! As well as Call The Shots, All Time Low, Green Day, Nine Sons Of Dan, Good Charlotte...alot of of pop-punk type stuff.

Fave tv shows. As embarrassing as it is, I love those shows like Dance Moms and Toddlers and Tiaras! Also a huge fan of Jackass, The Dudesons, Viva La Bam...I watch a lot of tv haha

Movies. I love “Get Him To The

Greek”, “The Hangover” and movies similar to that, though I also love thrillers! Of course then there’s all the music ones...”Warped Tour- No Room For Rockstars”, “Simple Plan- A Big Package For You”, “All Time Low- Straight To DVD”. Green Day- Bullet In A Bible”... yeah, there’s a lot of music ones...

Books. I don’t really I’m just gonna say the Simple Plan book.

Know school!

Languages. Only English.

Get To

Life. School, school and more

Your work on the mag. I do the “Friends Of SP News” every month and the occasional review here and there.

Hobbies. Listening to music and fangirling are hobbies right? I really don’t have any actual hobbies...I’m pretty boring! Haha.


SP Family............ Real fan stories......

Send us your story! Meet any friends through Simple Plan? Are you a part of a SP family? Share you story with us.

Daylight Hours Interview,

SUM 41 Focus, all the SP news and much more!!!!


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