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Editors Note: Hey All! So here we are at another edition and the end of 2012. What a year it has been for Simple Plan! The focus of the magazine this month is the “Year that was 2012.” Hard to fit in everything the band does in our magazine as, well they do so many amazing things! This is a double edition so our team can have a well-deserved break in December to spend with their families. We hope that you enjoy our summary of SP’s 2012 and our focus on Christmas and some SP projects currently happening. Once again a huge thanks to the SP Space team as we work together and become a tighter knit group of SP fans. We have added to the team once again this month (Rose) and now have writers in Australia, Canada, America, Germany, Italy, Malaysia, The UK and Norway. Special thanks to those who stepped in to help when it was needed the most, Maddie, Leeann, Kalila, Sonia, Kelly and a huge apology to Martin, Nick and Emma who had to put up with me during the last week. Our next edition out on February will have more of a focus on the book so if you would like to contribute, we would love people to write what they love best about the book. Send this and a pic of you and the book to simpleplanspace@gmail or post it on our facebook site. Don’t forget to like us on facebook, and like each edition on facebook as well. We wish you a very happy Christmas and a safe New Year and look forward to another action packed SP year in 2013. Peace, Jen @justjenrees

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Get to know the band Written by Karoline Hov. Twitter: @KarolineHov1

The last thing you were able to read was how Simple Plan toured all over the world after the release of their 3rd album, Simple Plan. Because most of you know everything about the new record, when it was released, facts about the songs, everything they’ve achieved with it etc, this ”Get to know the band” article will be slightly different from the previous ones.

As you may know, just because it’s Christmas time Simple Plan don’t necessarily have a vacation. They’re actually playing a festival in India December 22nd this year and last year they played a show on New Year’s Eve! In the beginning of December 5 years ago we were able to see how Simple Plan rehearse before a tour. If you want to see the video just click on this link: Simple Plan have also written a song about Christmas which you’ll be able to read more about in this magazine. If you want to see how the guys wished us happy holidays, a happy New Year and happy Hanukkah last year you should watch this video: Maybe they’ll make a similar video this year?


My Christmas List This unique Simple Plan song is not your average Jingle Bell Rock, but it definitely is rockin'! The lyrics provide a rhyming version of what many kids have on their Christmas wishlist, A.K.A, things they don't need. Even though the lyrics give a sort of negative way of expressing how some people can be spoilt, the song still gives everyone the real meaning of Christmas, it's not about being spoilt and getting presents. It's about spending time with loved ones and family, whether they’re actually related or even SP family.

I'm so glad that Simple Plan have released a Christmas song. I love to listen to Christmas songs during the festive season and nothing beats them being sung by your favourite band. Plus even though it's based for the holiday season, it's the type of song you could listen to any day! All the writers sent in what's on their Christmas list and I'm sure they would all be on the nice list!

written by Maddie @maddiebirkett

MY CHRISTMAS LIST “Cause now it’s Christmas and I want everything, I just can’t wait” this is what Simple Plan would say! This year my letter to Santa Claus is like this: “Dear Santa, This year I only wish two things: The first is that I wish my family will always be well; The second is about my favourite band: Simple Plan. I wish to go to another SP concert cause I want to meet the guys again and many other people from the SP family! Being an Astronaut is amazing. I met on the internet so many other fans from around the world! Some of them helped so much when I was in difficulty. I hope that my dreams come true! Have a Rock Christmas, Your Sonia” Sinja:What I wish for Christmas is that that 2013 will be better than BY SONIA 2012. Oh, and that Simple Plan announce the European tour dates lol. Marly: I would like to spend time with my family. I want Christmas to be celebrated for the right reasons. I believe giving is more enjoyable than receiving and I also think the true spirit of Christmas has been lost by many. I hope this Christmas more people will come to know the true meaning. If you know what I mean? :)

Santa is coming tonight And I want a car, and I want a life And I want a first class trip to Hawaii I want a lifetime supply Of skittles & slurpees and Eskimo pies I want a DVD, A big screen TV Just bring me things that I don't need Somebody take me away Or give me a time machine To take me straight to midnight I'll be alright I want a girl in my bed Who knows what to do A PlayStation 2 I want a shopping spree In New York City Just bring me things that I don't need I wish I could take this day And make it last forever And no matter what I get tonight I want more

Chorus Cuz now it's Christmas And I want everything I just can't wait Christmas So don't stop spending I want a million gifts, that's right Don't forget my Christmas list tonight 'Cuz now it's Christmas

Maddie: My Christmas wish is for everyone to just be happy and safe. Everyone deserves to be happy but some people don't get the chance, so that should be changed.

Leeann: I could wish for endless cash to continue my SP obsession, but Christmas is much more than mere possessions. It’s magical, enchanting, and a time when anything is possible. Therefore, this Christmas I wish that my children are happy, find their passion and continue to dream big. I wish that music continues to play a major role in my life as without it, I wouldn’t have you all in my life. I love my new SP family. ☺ I want to find happiness in myself and to be who I want to be, and lastly I want 2013 to be ’MY’ year. Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy and safe new year. xx

Karoline: A Fender Telecaster guitar, Effect pedals for my guitars, T-shirts from We Are The In Crowd, Band Merch, Money (for university, I have to start saving), Peace, Meet Simple Plan again. Probably a lot more, but money solves most problems. Dear Santa, I wish for this Christmas for my family to have a happy and healthy 2013. Really would love Simple Plan to tour Australia in 2013 and that the DVD that was taken while they were here in June is released early in 2013! By Jen


Ever since I read this on I have been waiting to hold it in my hands. “Simple Plan will publish the first book in November at Les Editions La Presse. Ten years after the release of their debut album No Pads, No Helmet ... Just Balls, the group wanted to celebrate the event by publishing a new book that will trace all stages of its spectacular rise.

The book promises a lot of exclusive material including hundreds of photos taken by Patrick Langlois worldwide, artifacts, memorabilia and personal archives that group members have kept for 10 years. The book will also include texts by journalist Kathleen Lavoie, following the band's career from the very beginning. The scene to aircraft via the tour bus and recording studios, the book is an invitation to discover the fascinating world of Simple Plan." I knew that as an Australian I would have to wait longer than the rest of the world but was thankful that I can read both French and English. So as I usually do with anything SP I ordered both versions. I have the French version and am waiting for the English one. I was so happy to recieve it, I was at work but my husband had said it had arrived. I was pretty excited! From the moment I opened it I knew it was going to be special. Tales from when they are just starting out until now fascinated me. Seeing the original (well pics of) scribblings of songs that have changed my life was priceless. Next Editon we shall look more at the book, I know a lot of my SP family here have not got their book yet and I hate spoiling their enjoyment of what is in it. I was lucky enough to have met over twitter Rose who lives in Montreal and speaks French. As I usually do I asked her for a review and tried not to be jealous when she told me that she was headed to the book signing! Thanks Rose! Glad we met! :) The book. I have read the whole French version and seriously, you develop a new respect for them. I am a big fan so I already had a big respect for them but now it’s just harder and stronger. Now I see all that they have been through, I think they seriously deserve all the success they have right now. In the book, you see that they have always kept their heads up. Even when they were receiving bottles thrown at their heads, or received bad critics reviews, they kept doing what they like for them and for the ones that like what they do and they still work like that. I also like that in the book, you don’t just see photo shoot pics, you see pictures of them at their worst or when they really don’t want picture taken. These pics are pretty funny. You also see in the book a lyrics sheet that Chuck first wrote and you can see what he first wanted to say, the message. I also like to see all the backstage passes that Chuck has kept. There are a lot of these too! My last thought goes to Chuck. You can clearly see that he worked all summer on this project. Much harder that the rest of the band. No offence to Pierre, Seb, David and Jeff! We really see in their beginning how much he worked hard for the band to work. But the others worked hard too! So congrats Simple Plan for this fan bible. We expect another one in ten years!!! :D written by Rose and Jen @RoseThivierge @justjenrees

Rose also was lucky enough to go to a book signing in Montreal. Thanks Rose for sharing your story! So, I went to two signing sessions with Simple Plan; on 13.11.12 and 17.11.12. About the one on the 13th: I was VIP at this session so we had a chance to have a conference about the book with the boys. First they arrived 1 hour late, 1 hour and half for David. But they stayed longer with us after! The fans asked some really good questions and the boys answered them for like 15 minutes each! That was cool. I can remember the question “When you look back at all that you have done, how do you feel about it?” I don’t remember the full answer, but in general they were trying to say that they were really proud of themselves. I also remember that Chuck said “We were ready to break any bands for this one to work”. I think that was a good decision chucky!! They stayed 30 minutes more with us because of the delay. We can see how much they care about their fans ;’). We could get our book signed after and take some pictures. At the signing on the 17th, it was a normal signing session where we were waiting in line. It was at the “Salon du livre de Montréal”. I heard the security saying that they didn’t know what to do because there were too many people for Simple Plan, and they didn’t have enough space for them. I thought that was funny because the people were waiting in the stairs and on the floor. We waited about an hour for the “meeting”. After, my friends and I decided to wait for them to be finished with the autographs to have a group picture. We waited another hour. Then Seb was the first one to come. He took a picture with me and two of my friends. That was nice of him! While we were taking pictures, David passed fast; the security didn’t want me to talk to him. After, Pierre and Jeff passed; they said hi but didn’t have time to take pictures. While people were asking P and J, I saw Chuck in the back coming. Chuck is my favourite of the band. So I wanted really badly another picture with him. I took two pictures with him, because on the first one I had a zoom. I am the only one with who he took a picture. Thank you Chuck, I love you. Thank you Simple Plan. <3

Musik: From Sound to Emotion Written by Leeann @adnaxar

Music is found in all cultures. The styles and varieties are infinite, and for me music is everything. It gives me the voice to say how I really feel when words fail me. With music I can share my emotions without fear of being judged. I can laugh, cry, release my anger and reflect. I can turn it up and drown out the world. It’s how I express myself, and now I know that it’s not just me that feels this way in fact scientific evidence supports how listening to music effects our emotions. “Music is a dialogue between sound and emotion” This is the main message behind the exhibit; Musik: From Sound to Emotion which opened on November 2nd at the Montreal Science Centre in collaboration with Simple Plan with both parties interested in encouraging young people to find a passion, be it music or science and technology, to use in building their future. Based on scientific evidence and drawing upon the knowledge and expertise of internationally acclaimed Quebec musicians and scientists, the exhibition aims to show visitors to the centre the important role of the brain in the musical experience and strives to answer the question: “How does music create emotions?” Visitors are treated to seven zones: listening; emotion; rhythm; melody and harmony; instruments and voice; and sharing; as well as the Simple Plan zone. This is an interactive experience which allows those attending to play with notes, sounds and instruments. They have the opportunity to learn about musical concepts and their physical, mathematical, technological and neurological bases while at the same time creating there own piece of music via a touch-screen digital music player (and with advice from the members of Simple Plan), they’ll express an emotion by selecting a rhythm, different melodies, an accompaniment and timbres to make their own composition which they can then share with other visitors to the centre or via the internet.

The final zone of the exhibition, the Simple Plan zone, shows how Rhythm, Melody, Harmony and Timbre are all means of expression used by Simple Plan to create the group’s music and share their emotions with their fans. It highlights the bands 10 year career and features memorabilia from past tours.

Musik: From Sound to Emotion will be running at the Montreal Science Centre from November 2nd through to March 10th 2013. For more information visit

“Music speaks to every generation. It is a timeless subject, one that covers a tremendous array of artistic, human, scientific and technological questions, making it just perfect for an exhibition,” says Carol Pauzé, Director of Programming at the Montréal Science Centre. “It's with great pleasure that we agreed to be part of the Musik: From Sound to Emotion exhibition at the Montreal Science Centre. Music is our lives. It's our passion, the one thing that gave us direction and helped us find our path in life. It was also fascinating for us to discover all the scientific facts that explain why music can create so many emotions in people. The exhibition helped us understand this amazing phenomenon better and it made us realize just how much music can have a gigantic impact on people”, said the members of the group Simple Plan.

simple plan FoundatioN On November 18th, the Simple Plan Foundation held their 5th annual benefit, with a day entirely dedicated to music. This year the event which was hosted by Eric Salvail, Isabelle Racicot and the guys from Simple Plan was held at the Montreal Science Centre with their current exhibit Musik : From Sound to Emotion playing an important role in the day’s events.

At a press conference prior to the event the guys announced that this year, they had managed to raise more than $250,000. “This is the largest amount awarded annually since the start of our foundation,” Jeff Stinco said during the press conference. This money was used to support 27 charities and organisations chosen by the band. Some of the organisations benefitting from the charity of the Simple Plan foundation include the Sainte-Justine Hospital who will now be able to set up a multimedia room for its patients with chronic illness and the Dr Julien Foundation who can now pursue its Garage music project, which supports young people who want to play musical instruments.

Want to donate? Click below for more info!

The event attracted hundreds of guests which included various music industry personalities, friends and families of the band members as well as fans. Attendees were not only treated to a delicious lunch, but also had unlimited access to the Musik expo on the day. They also got to experience an intimate show put on by the guys which included for the first time an acoustic version of ‘This Song Saved My life.” For those wanting to take a piece of SP home with them, there was also the opportunity to take part in a silent auction. Dinner with the members of the band, a hockey stick signed by Simple Plan, the opportunity to play a round of golf with Chuck, a guitar lesson with Jeff and even Sebastien’s were just a few of the items up for bid.

Towards the end of the event, the band also took time to mingle with the crowd and take pictures and sign autographs for fans.

I for one am so proud of the efforts of not only the members of Simple Plan, but all those involved in the Simple Plan foundation and the wonderful work they do. Because of you and your efforts not only today, but year round, 27 charities and organisations that will now be able to continue their work, and assist young people fulfil their dreams. Thank you <3 Written by Leeann @adnaxar

NEWS JUST IN on On November 18th, Simple Plan hosted their 5th annual benefit show for the Simple Plan Foundation, which was once again a huge success. Not only has the Foundation announced that they have raised $250 000 in the last year (2011/2012), but also this year’s benefit event collected $160 000 alone from the sale of tickets, the SP book and the auction in favor of the Simple Plan Foundation, surpassing its goal of $150 000! Thanks for the info!


written by Jen @justjenrees

I have been fortunate enough to interview The Never Ever and Nine Sons of Dan who toured with Simple Plan in Australia this year. To further the promotion of young Australian bands who not only write fantastic music but give us shows to remember forever, I decided to go on the lookout for other young Aussie bands to interview. I came across A Sleepless Melody when I met up with Lani from The Never Ever back in August. I enjoyed their show and contacted them via facebook to see if they would interested in an interview. This is the result! Thanks Matthew, Andrew as well as Jayden.

Tell us a little about your band A Sleepless Melody. Who are the members and what instruments do they play? A Sleepless Melody is Matthew Seymour (lead vocals) and Andrew Turner (guitar/vocals). How did you guys meet? We meet through school and started playing in bands together until one day we decided that none of them had been working out so we started writing songs together and that is how A Sleepless Melody came about. When did you first start making music together? In 2009 I believe. How did you come up with the name A Sleepless Melody? We honestly just spent a few hours on the phone throwing random words together until we found something we liked. Who are some of your biggest musical inspirations? The Beatles, John Mayer, Ryan Adams, Death Cab For Cutie, A Rocket To The Moon, Never Shout Never and New Empire just to name a few! Your EP, The last teenagers, released last December kicked off an Aussie tour for you, tell us a little about what you like about playing live. The best part of playing a live show for your fans is seeing how much the music moves them. There is no greater feeling than hearing the words you and a friend wrote in a bedroom screamed back at you whilst up on stage. It's euphoric. I don't think we have a favourite song we like to play more than any other at the moment but I do know we all really get in to"Abandon Ship" when we jam that one. When we get off stage after finishing up a show we all just tend to hang out and congratulate each other on a job well done. That's what it's all about. We're very grateful that we get to play live music together with some of our best friends.

I know you have previously mentioned that Adelaide is your favourite place to play live, is this still the same? You could argue that. It's like a second home to us. Every time we head over there and play it's like pandemonium. The kids just really get in to the music and they always come out, time after time, to see our show and support the local music scene. Do you have a great story that you can tell us about touring? We're all about just embracing the moment and enjoying one an other's company when on tour. I can recall one instance where we were driving in to Sydney for a show with all the windows in the van down singing along to Disney songs at the top of our lungs. So many motorists and people were giving us odd looks and it was hilarious. We're a bunch of losers but I wouldn't have it any other way. Wish you could've been there.

Many of the readers of this magazine are The Never Ever fans, what was it like touring with them? Any funny stories that you can share? They're such a great bunch of people- some of our best friends. Touring with The Never Ever was such a comfortable experience for us because they're such kind and down to earth people. You played at the Epic Youth Festival on Nov 18th, Melbourne with Masketta Fall. What was it like playing at a festival like that? It was an awesome experience playing such a large yet local and close to home festival. The turnout was huge and the response we got during our set even bigger. All the bands killed it on the day and all round it was a very enjoyable afternoon for all. Adelaide fans must be pretty stoked that you are playing at Bring on Summer Festival, the line up for this is awesome, can you try and explain how rad it must feel to be part of this line up? We honestly love that we're a part of the festival again this year as we have been the past couple of years. It's always a good time and we're really looking forward to seeing all your smiling faces. It's our last show for the year and we couldn't think of a better way to cap off a great year for our band.

You just released a new single, Canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t Break My Heart has a great catchy tune and great lyrics, is it written from personal experience? How can fans purchase the single? It's more of a light hearted and fun kinda song. We felt most people could probably relate with it as almost everyone goes through up's and down's in relationships and unfortunately has their heart broken by somebody at some point throughout their life. The song is kind of a defiant anthem that says I am not going to let one person keep me out of the game (i.e. finding love or companionship) by enforcing emotional strength throughout the lyric content. The song is available on iTunes so just search our band name and you'll be sure to stumble across it. Do you have any merchandise available? SP fans love to buy merch especially tshirts! Just head to the link below to grab anything and everything A Sleepless Melody! I really like how you include your fans in your design of your merch. From reading your face book page can we look forward to some new summer merch to be released soon? Yeah, definitely! We're looking at some rad shirt and singlet designs as well as some potential wayfarers and similar accessories. How can fans keep in touch with you? Do you have a Street Team? Just hit us up on Facebook or Twitter and we'll talk!

You’ve followed your dreams. What advice would you give to young people on following their dreams to get the career they want for themselves? It’s all about attitude. If you believe in something you can make it happen. That is single handedly your most important tool in regards to achieving your goals and dreams. What Simple Plan Song would you most like to cover? Perfect. YEAH! How do you see your future? What’s next in terms of the bigger picture for A Sleepless Melody? We’re gearing up to hopefully head back to the US next year to track a new record which is a very exciting prospect! Other than that, the immediate future holds plenty of more shows and touring opportunities for us as well as releasing two more new singles in the coming months! Stay tuned! thanks to @maddydayn for the great pics!

written by Jen @justjenrees


This year Astronauts had the opportunity to celebrate New Year’s Eve with Simple Plan! In fact they sang at Niagara Falls for 50.000 people

Part 1: Part 2: Part 3:

written by Sonia @darrenismylove

After this show, Simple Plan flew to Asia, on January 5th, to start a new Asian tour. They made this tour in January because the band had to cancel the tour in 2011 because of Pierre’s medical condition. During the welcome party in China the guys revealed that they wanted to release a new DVD during the year and an EP. They also sang for the first time, Jet Lag in Chinese with Kelly Cha. The tour started with three tour dates: one in Beijing, one in Shanghai and one in Taipei.

On January 10th the band went to Hong Kong and Chuck visited the “’Canadian International School of Hong Kong’”, where he spoke and signed many autographs. Simple Plan spent the rest of the day in Hong Kong, where they had a few interviews. In the evening the band played a show in that city. When they left China, Simple Plan posted a vlog on their official YouTube account. In this video we can see their meeting with Kelly Cha, how they lost their suitcase and their tour in that country.

After China they flew to the Philippines, on January 12th, where they were welcomed with flower necklaces. During Sound Check for this show a fourteen years old girl sang Jet Lag on stage. <

The same day, on twitter, SP fans made a world wide trend. All the guys names and a few related topics, Patrick too. To thank their fans the guys made a video: You can see more concert footage at the following links. )and Singapore (vlog here: ) and, on January 17th, the guys were in Indonesia where they sang on stage another version of Jet Lag with Tantri Kotak On January 17th the Shut up video celebrated the 7th anniversary of it release. During an interview Pierre confirmed that Simple Plan were going to release a DVD and an EP. He said: “I think it’ll be a DVD containing a material of the choice of our fans. If possible, we’ll also release some songs that we never released before, because we know our fans want more and more. If possible, we’ll make a mini-album with the DVD in the next tour and I hope we finish it soon.” On January 20th Simple Plan went to Japan to finish their Asian tour with another 5 dates: in Yokohama, Tokyo (they played two incredible shows), Nagoya and Osaka. During one of these tour dates Simple Plan played for the first time, in their medley, the Maroon 5 cover ”Moves like Jagger”. After the last tour date in Osaka, Pierre and David flew to France to take part at the NRJ Music Awards with Marie Mai. They were nominated in the “Francophone Duo/Group of the Year” category. Before this big event, the guys had an interview with the NRJ radio

On January 28th the guys with Marie Mai won the “Francophone duo/group of the year” award. Well, let me say that Simple Plan started this year in the best way!


written by Maddie @MaddieBirkett

As usual, the guys of SP are always helping out, that's why it was no surprise when on the 3rd of February, Seb attended a triathalon to raise money for the Sainte-Justine Hospital. The whole event was hosted by the actress Julie Du Page, pictured here with Seb. In the next few days Chuck and Pierre were being very sneaky mentioning Skype calls and secret projects that we all wanted to know about!

Simple Plan were on their Canadian tour with All Time Low, Marianas Trench and These Kids Wear Crowns. They made a little rehearsal vlog which you can see here: Also at this concert, 10 lucky high school students who are in a choir were lucky enou gh to get to sing 'This Song Saved My Life' with Simple Plan! What a dream come true!

On the 12th of February, Simple Plan had a live web chat with a few guests like Jack Barakat, from All Time Low. This was when a clue was exposed.. That the little secret they had been tweeting about was linked to ' Summer Paradise'.

This month was also the anniversary of Simple Plan's self-titled album!

For Valentine's day, Seb shared a dating story. You can read it here: On the 16th, Pierre, Seb, Jeff and Jack (from All time Low) enjoyed a day off by going bowling! The next day, Pierre dropped some big news in a radio interview. He stated that this year they would be putting together a DVD and an EP! Another short vlog was uploaded, showing Chuck and Pierre signing limited edition posters for shows. Seb made a guest appearance too! After all the hints about the secret, SP finally announced that they would be collaborating with Sean Paul on the song 'Summer Paradise'. Simple Plan appeared on a TV advertisement for a restaurant called St-Hubert, the same place where Pierre used to work before SP! On the 23rd, we found out that Simple Plan would be receiving the Allan Waters Humanitarian Award for all their hard work with the foundation. This was a very proud moment for the band and their fans!

As a way of raising money for their foundation, Simple Plan collaborated with Pro Hockey Life and Sher-wood Hockey and made awesome Simple Plan hockey sticks! Here's a vlog of the hockey stick signing!

For more information on everything here, check out Thanks for the info


On February 29th Simple Plan finished their Canadian Tour, with the Shawinigan date, and in March they started a new “Get Your Heart On! European Tour”. In March there is a lot of news about the band! Pierre and Chuck were co-writers of Faber Drive’s single “Do it in Hollywood” that is included in the third album of the band Faber Drive. Before going to Europe, SP shot the video for the single “Summer Paradise”. Mark Staubach, who already made the Australian version of the Summer Paradise video, directed this one too that was set in Barbados. Differently from the Australian version, Sean Paul was thought to be participating in the video shoot but in March this was only a rumour. During this month we had the opportunity to see many photos from the set and the most popular was the one where Pierre plays the guitar on the beach. After shooting the Summer Paradise video, on March 8th, the guys took part in a “Fideles au poste” episode with Gilles Girard, where they dressed up like a famous Canadian band of the 60’s, Les Classels. They played a famous song of this band and the French version of Jet lag, where Gilles Girard played the part of Marie Marie.

On March 11th Simple Plan played their first show of the European Tour in Lisbon (Portugal)! The opening band was “We the Kings” that, were awesome. Starting this tour the band changed the setlist adding a new medley: Moves like Jagger/ Dynamite/ I’m Sexy and I know it. On March 12th Simple Plan played in Madrid where the fans surprised the band. When they started to play This Song Saved My Life, the fans held up posters that said “Simple Plan saved my life”. During the soundcheck party in Barcelona the band performed Jet Lag with a “baby Natasha Bedingfield“. The girl was nine years old and it was so funny for the band to play with her. During the concert they played the acoustic version of Crazy, which they added to the setlist. Going ahead with the tour dates the band has two francophone shows: in Geneva and in Paris. In this last one the band surprised the fans with the presence of Marie Mai. March 18th was the time of Netherlands. This show was a long one because they had 3 opening bands! We the Kings, Destine and Make Believe. March 19th was the tenth anniversary of the “No Pads, No Helmets… Just Balls” record. Check this out. And a webchat to celebrate this event. The guys told many interesting things, for example Seb was only 17 years old when they recorded “No Pads, no helmets… Just balls”.

During the show in Germany, on March 19th, Simple Plan added to the setlist a new medley to celebrate the 10 years of their first record. The medley was composed by little pieces of these songs: The Worst Day Ever, When I’m With You, My Alien, You Don’t Mean Anything and God Must Hate Me. But, to celebrate it, Chuck also revealed , during an interview, that the band would make a photobook. On March 21st the band played in Berlin but, before the show, they spent the day with a very special guest: Sean Paul. On March 27th the band had a day off in Milan, the day before the show. But in this day Pierre had a “secret recording session” with Frank Joly. Later we have discovered that Pierre was recording the French version of “Summer Paradise”. They also had a new photoshoot. The day after Simple Plan played a show in Milan where there was a security incident. During the show, a fan tried to go on stage but the security man started to beat him. Jeff saw what was happening and took him on stage for a collective hug. During their return in Canada, on March 30th, The new Summer Paradise video came out

March 31th was a very full day for the band at the Juno Awards. This was one of the most important days in the Simple Plan story! It all started with a fan fare, where they met the fans. Then Chuck, Jeff and Seb were at the Celebrity Lounge. After that Simple Plan met the Prime Minister Stephen Harper in his residence.

For their charitable work with the Simple Plan Foundation the band received the Allan Waters’ Humanitarian Award. Simple Plan became the youngest recipients of it. Supporting the guys were some of their parents at the Juno Gala dinner. Speech’s video

In this interview Chuck talked about the possibility to start working on a new album early 2013. In fact he said: “After Christmas, we should start working on a new CD. But by then, we should already have something special for our fans: a book, a DVD, and a little more music. We shoot at each show, backstage and on stage. There is a little surprise coming. “ written by Sonia @darrenismylove


Written by Karoline Hov Twitter: @KarolineHov1 A lot happened to the boys during April. They recieved a plaque for 1 million Simple Plan records sold just in Canada.

Simple Plan performed with K’naan on the Juno Awards after winning the Allan Waters Humanitarian Award. If you want to see the performance you can use this link: After their performance the sales of the single increased by 182%!


On the 5th of April we were able to see the behind the scenes video from the shooting of the Summer Paradise Feat. Sean Paul. - Because of their charitable work and the Allan Waters Humanitarian Award Simple Plan were made the ”Personalities of the week” at Radio Canda in the first week of April. If you want to see the interview with Chuck and Jeff click this link Unfortunately, it’s in French and I won’t be able to translate it for you. -

Simple Plan performed for the first time in St Petersburg, Russia. They played Happy Birthday celebrating a fan’s birthday and this song turned into We Will Rock You. All in all a great show. Chuck and Sébastien also made a vlog form St Petersburg.

On April 16th, Chuck tweeted about a studio session the guys had before the show in Finland. This may have been one of the acoustic versions of one of the songs from Get Your Heart On. He also added a picture to the tweet.

Simple Plan continued their tour through Europe and in Denmark, Sébastien filmed a video celebrating him, reaching 100k followers on twitter. You can watch the result here : Pierre also published a video after he reached 200k followers on twitter. You can watch his video here: The digital version of Summer Paradise became avaliable on itunes. It included Summer Paradise Feat. Sean Paul, Summer Paradise (no rap version), Astronaut (”naked version”) and Loser of the year (acoustic version).

Pierre guest starred in one of We The Kings’ episodes of The King’s Carriage. Simple Plan ended April with a show in Belgium, playing the Groezrock festival. They also made a vlog on their stop in Belgium.


May was a relatively quiet month in the land of SP, with hardly any shows all month. In the first week of May 2012, Simple Plan were just finishing off their tour of Europe with 3 shows in the UK on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively. On the 1st of May, SP posted their vlog from the l in Meerhoot, Belgium.


which left fans wondering ‘what the heck happened to David’s hair’ (see at 0:22) After the show in London on the 1st, a few soundcheck videos emerged of the guys covering Blink-182 and Red Hot Chilli Peppers (Blink-182: (RHCP:

On the 2nd of May it was announced that SP would be playing at the International de montgolfières de Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu.

On the 3rd, we were assured that the guys were alright in the video ‘You Alright?’ (

The same day, they posted a video as to why you should join the SPCrew!

( *

Not only did we get two awesome videos on the 3rd, but SP wrapped up their European tour in Glasgow where their AWESOME fans did something special, during This Song Saved My Life they held up their SP related confessions on paper before crumpling and throwing them at the stage for the band to read. On the 5th, SP played their official last show of tour in Tel Aviv, Israel where they announced that Summer Paradise would be coming out in the US! They clearly had an awesome show in Israel judging by how much they got thrown on stage…

We can’t forget the 9th aka the most important day in May, PIERRE’S BIRTHDAY!!! Also on Pierre’s birthday, the video of SP’s favourite moments in Europe was posted! ( On the 11th, it was announced that Chuck would be speaking at the Music Matters conference in Singapore where SP had performed the year before The ‘naked’ version of Astronaut was released on the 15th through On the 19th, Chuck announced that there would be a surprise in store for the fans with a tweet saying “I’m still Alive!! Sorry I’ve been MIA the last few days! Been working non-stop on a sick @simpleplan project! Announcement coming next week!” On the 20th we found out that the Australian X-factor contestant Christina Parie would be touring with SP alongside We The Kings and the Simple Plan Space’s friends The Never Ever. On the 22nd Chuck’s surprise was revealed- as what many of the fans know now (and also own), the Simple Plan book aka Simple Plan: The Official Story! On the 24th the actual Music Matters conference in Singapore happened and Chuck spoke alongside Eric Lawrence, one of Simple Plan’s managers.

The night of the 25th, SP peformed at the MTV Exit live concert in Hanoi, Vietnam before heading up to Sapa and spending a few days there, teaching and learning about human trafficking and filming their documentary for MTV Exit.

After leaving Vietnam, SP headed to Singapore for a stopover before flying to Sydney, Australia where they toured in June. WOO HOO! (says most of the SP SPace team!) Note: the SPCrew has many benefits and awesome things so I—and most of the team at the SP Space would definitely recommend joining and I am shamelessly promoting it right now Join here!

By Kalila Cameron (ps. Follow me on twitter, @antikalila)


was an awesome month for the majority of our writers. June was the month we met and saw Simple Plan in concert. For some of us it was our first time and some had seen them before. One writer (Lenore) is even in the music video of Loser of the Year when they last came to Australia. Look for the girl wearing the pink headband! You can watch this video here. There are many reviews written by our writers, some a review of one concert and some who went to many. The best way for you to read all about the Simple Plan Australian tour is to read our first ever Edition, which you can find here. For the Australian tour We the Kings and The Never Ever supported them. To read what it was like touring with SP, read my interview with The Never Ever in this edition. Nine Sons of Dan also supported them in some shows in Queensland. To read Sianâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s and my interview with them read this edition. Christina Parie sang Jet lag with them, at 16 she did a great job! After an Official Review of the Melbourne concert? Click here,-festival-hall,-melbourne,-2nd-june-2012

I went to the Wollongong concert as well as Melbourne, yeah 10 hours drive there and 10 hours back, but it was so worth it! When we were half way there we found out that SC was cancelled. Really sad but of course understood why. Pierre needed to rest his voice (sad that the others did not do it though) I recently read this review By and hey watch the interview as well!

Sadly the Take 40 concert cancelled. BUT still fans got to meet Simple Plan and have free drinks with them! SP official statement .'Due to vocal strain, Pierre has been put on vocal rest by doctors' orders for the day, and tonight's live lounge gig has been cancelled.'

'We're very sorry to all the fans who were coming to see us play tonight, we encourage ticket holders to still come down and hangout with Chuck, Jeff, David and Seb at the Standard, from 6.30pm. Again we are deeply sorry.'

During their time in Australia the boys took some time out to do some sightseeing. Check out when they are on a boat! And Chuck gets up close and personal to a croc, not such a good idea Chuck!

After they left Simple Plan said good bye via a vlog. Chuck said this when he heard. “Just landed in Darwin & just heard that the Prague City Festival got cancelled. So bummed. Was so stoked to play with Blink 182, AAR and LP. So sad for all our awesome Czech fans and everyone who was looking forward to this show. The situation is comLate June Peace and Love Festival in Sweden. Summer Paradise & Welcome to my Life, Peace & Love festival

written by Jen


July has been a calm and smooth month for Simple Plan. The guys had a quiet comfortable schedule and took some well-deserved time off in July. But just because they only had four shows to play, doesn’t mean that it has been an uneventful month – not at all! As a matter of fact, there have been quite a few exciting things going on. The guys kicked off the month with one of their four shows! On July 1st, they played a show in Ottawa, Canada, to celebrate the Official Canada Day with lots of fans and other great artists! When they played their hit “Jet Lag”, French singer Marie-Mai joined them on stage. After that, they spent a few days off, which is perfectly fine, regarding their eventful and exciting schedule back in June! On July 6th, Chuck reached 100,000 followers on Twitter. He was very happy and excited about that and promised to release a video very soon to thank them. On July 10th, Sebastien had a huge surprise for his fans! He published a teaser for a new music video for a song called “My Dear” that would be premiered on the 16th. Two days later, on July 12th, he announced that followed by his single “My Dear”, the new EP “More Sake, Por Favor” will be released on July 20th! On July 13th, the guys reunited for a single show at the Calgary Stampede! They performed with hats and cowboy boots and it was a really fun show. They all tweeted about how much they loved the place and the whole atmosphere. The same day, Jeff tweeted that their hit single “Summer Paradise” just went platinum in Italy!

Two days later they played at the Sarnia Bayfest. They played alongside bands like The Offspring, Hedley and Papa Roach. What really made this show a special and unforgettable one was the fact that David slammed his bass on the stage about 10 times and threw the broken pieces out to the crowd! The next few days were very exciting for Seb and his fans. Check this out ! July 16th was the day the music video for “My Dear” finally came out! In a few hours, it had already reached well over 5,000 views. The following day, he released the cover for his new EP, which looks similar to the covers of his previous EP’s. On July 19th, he published the lyrics for every single song on his EP. A few hours later, at midnight, “More Sake, Por Favor” was officially released and ready to be purchased! Seb got tons of positive reviews for it within a few hours, leaving him very thankful and amazed by how many people liked his solo stuff. So, even though it seems like July was kind of Seb’s month, another member had a very exciting project to come out the exact same day! Jeff’s little solo project couldn’t have been more different from his music – He opened a pizzeria in Montreal called “Mangiafoco”. The whole band came to the opening to celebrate both, Jeff’s and Seb’s successful projects. On July 25th, “Summer Paradise” went double Platinum, making it officially the bands biggest hit ever. They finished the month with a show in Edmonton, Canada where they played at the Capital Ex Festival. So, overall, July obviously was a very nice and successful month for the boys. They enjoyed some well-deserved time off, but also hat lots of fun at the shows and Seb and Jeff can definitely be proud about their solo projects! written by Sinja


written by Sonia @darrenismylove

During Europe’s summer “Summer Paradise” single has been one of the most played songs in Europe, reaching in fourth place in August! This month started with Chuck Comeau appearing at the second day of Montreal’s Festival of Fashion & Design. At this event he also showed his new haircut.

On August 4th Simple Plan played at Festivent (Canada) where they took a funny photo with Chady. During the show the band sang the French version of “Summer Paradise” for the first time.

On August 6th Jeff, Seb, David and Chuck went to the Rogers Cup where they met Jim Courier, an American tennis player but also a guitar player. From August 10th Simple Plan played three shows: in Saskatoon, Moose Jaw and Estevan. During this last one the band performed “This Song Saved My Life” with Estevan choirs. On August 16th Simple Plan played their last show of the month: the international festival des Mongolfieres in Canada. Marie Mai took part at this event and she sang Jet Lag with the guys.

On August 17th, Pierre and Chuck had an interview with a good friend, better known as the “ 6th member of Simple Plan”, Patrick Langlois. This was his last day at the Canadian TV station Musique Plus where he worked so, to end it in a great way, he decided to have an interview with the guys. During it we got to know that Pierre and Chuck like to sing One Direction’s songs and that the upcoming EP will be release in 2013. Also, the guys talked about a “wedding”.

After the live shows, during August, the band was shooting a special project for the 10th anniversary of their first album. They only let us see some photos but we’ll know what this project is about in October.

To help the “Candy Company Wonka” campaign Simple Plan made a video where they said that they’re all Nerds and they explain the reason why. On August 21st Pierre and Chuck flew to LA to do some writing with Christina Parie. On August 22nd it was Jeff’s birthday. He celebrated his 34th birthday and he thanked people that wished him many happy returns of the day. On the same day Seb and Jeff went to the Karv anti Gala, where Simple Plan take part every year. This year they also presented one of the awards during the ceremony.

David celebrated his birthday on August 29th.


written by Maddie @maddiebirkett

September wasn't the most exciting month in the SP world, but there were a few exciting events which took place. For example: This month was quite quiet for the guys when it came to touring, with only one show for the whole month. On the 1st of September, SP played their only show. It was special though, it was the Gatineau Hot Air Balloon Festival! SP played their songs from GYHO! and also some old school songs!

Who's a serious man? Chuck is! Yep, in September, the anticipated video was released! It's now understood why it took so long, because of all the effort that went into it! We were even lucky enough to hear a preview of Chuck's song 'DONKEY!' which will be on his solo album, which will be released when he gets signed... In my opinion, I thought that Chuck's video was really creative and I was really shocked at how well he could act. Maybe a possible acting career could arise for Chuck in the future? How could anyone forget, two important people had their birthday this month! Long-time friend of the band, Patrick Langlois celebrated his birthday on the 9th of September, while just over a week later, Chuck celebrated his special day on the 17th! Jeff's business reached a new level when a food critic dined at his new restaurant 'Mangiafoco'. He impressed the critic and received quite a good score! Jeff also got some publicity on his new pizzeria when he appeared on the TV show that Patrick Langlois co-hosts.

Simple Plan posted another vlog announcing a South & Central American tour! Sadly, this was the only vlog they posted this month. Here's a link to the vlog: We all had a geography lesson when Pierre starred in a video showing us all his favourite places in Montreal! Of course his good friend Chady was with him and also directed this. They go bike riding, visit some historical places and even get ice-cream! Plus, who can resist when he talks in French!!? During this month, it was revealed that Simple Plan was nominated for not one, but two ADISQ awards! They were nominated for: Quebec artist of the year with the most success outside Quebec and Anglophone album of the year! The guys from Simple Plan helped out an old friend of theirs, Avril Lavigne when they signed a pickgaurd which would be auctioned for her Foundation

On September the 18th, Gris Montreal presented an award to La Rive High School. The Simple Plan Foundation have always loved their work, so they chipped in and awarded La Rive High School with a massive $2000 scholarship! Jeff presented this on behalf of the foundation. But no, there's more! Simple Plan also donated $28000 to the Kids Help Phone. By buying a 'I Got A Heart On For You' T-shirt, you were contributing to this cause. Just 2 months before the release of their anticipated book, Chuck was busy working hard to make the book the best it could be! It took awhile, but now it's finally time for the release! Thanks to for all the info!!


In October , Thanks to www. , the video and info has been made available on the SP recording of the Hockey Theme that is played at all Hockey games.

Pictures had also been available thanks to:

The guitarist, Sébastien Lefebvre, of Simple Plan, after a month of the announcing of his new EP, More Sake Por Favor, had decided to hold a contest to be able to win a signed copy of the lyric sheet to My Dear. Now to win, you had to submit a letter to your dear. On October 24th, Seb declared the winner to be @marianiitabs, and she would get the signed copy. She had also let me use the picture she took of his signed copy, which is also viewable on her tumblr:

Simple Plan started their touring in Mexico, and had a radio interview. The guys had played 7 songs which consisted of: Can’t Keep My Hands Off You, Jet Lag, I’d Do Anything, Shut Up, Summer Paradise, Welcome to My Life and Your Love is a Lie. has pictures from the event in their gallery. When Simple Plan first arrived in Monterrey, Mexico, fans had greeted them at the airport, and got the opportunity to take pictures with them, get autographs and chat for a little before they had to leave. Simple Plan had been nominated for the Yahoo! Canada’s Canadian Impact Award, where they had the first annual hosting where Simple Plan had been nominated for all the work that the Simple Plan Foundation had done. They competed for this award alongside the Alberta premier Alison Redford, tennis player Milos Raonic and Bank of Canada’s governor Mark Carney.

On October 3rd, the official Simple Plan site ( had announced their 5th benefit for the Simple Plan foundation, which would be solely dedicated to music, and had been organized by the exhibition MUSIK: from sound to emotion. It had been presented by the Montreal Science Center. The members of the band, including Éric Salvail and Isabelle Racicot, were there to welcome you. Able to enjoy tasty topas, you would also be given the chance to meet them, take part in the auctioning, and have attended an acoustic concert. By contributing $125 to the admissions, you would’ve helped to get a free entry and see an exclusive Simple Plan exhibition, celebrating it’s 10th anniversary. October 6th was when the Simple Plan CZ site confirmed that the Simple Plan book was not only the most talked about project, but it would also be consisting of about 300 pages with pictures, history, past events and Chuck Comeau confirmed it would be available worldwide so all the fans could have the chance to enjoy the book. Around October 6th on Saturday, the Simple Plan boys had spent a weekend off going to see a wrestling show in Puebla, were the guys had bought and worn Mexican Wrestling masks, with pictures on the Simple Plan CZ site:

On October 9th, Simple Plan had released a vlog telling all their Chilean fans to come down to the show on October 22nd, and the link to the video is here:

After just finishing their Mexican tour, Simple Plan hurried to fly down to Brazil, to continue the tour, where they had been greeted at this airport by the Brazilian fans, looking to get an autograph and a picture with the boys. A video from Mexico City is also available thanks to Simple Plan CZ: Here are some pictures from another Brazilian concert and the link to the performance of “Untitled”:

ctober cont

Simple Plan had got a day off in Fortazela, after flying from Teresina, where they were greeted by all the excited fans in the local area. Despite the advances of the guards attempts to keep the fans away and under control, the guys said no, that they would stay and talk with the fans. It was thought that the guys took the day off to hang around by the pool. Simple Plan had performed at the Ceará Music festival in Fortaleza, Brazil, which had been attended by around 25,000 fans. Pictures are available from the show and press conference:

For their third concert this year in Brazil they performed in Salvador. Pierre posed with a flag of the state of Bahia, where Salvador is located:

Even though the English books in America, where I’m from, aren’t too cool, it seems the ones in foreign countries such as Finland have pretty awesome textbooks. According to two eighth grade girls there (Paula and Laura), confirmed by the Simple Plan CZ site, have come across the well-known SP song “Welcome to My Life”.

On a Peruvian website,, promoters of Simple Plan had revealed the catering requests the SP boys had received. The guys like to try all the local food of where they are, so they had provided a mix of exotic juices, fresh fruit, various types of a sweet fruit porridge, along with “chicha morada”, a sweet Peruvian beverage made from purple corn. written by Kelly @imjustakid15

In Rio, the airport security wouldn’t let the boys go through the doors to meet their fans at the airport, so Pierre, , tweeted that he invites all the fans to go and meet the band at their hotel (Melia 21). As a result of this very kind message, “Proud of Pierre Bouvier” started trending first just in Brazil and later even worldwide on Twitter.

Seb and Jeff were invited by Fioravanti Filmes to a boat, where they were being recorded while giving an interview. I would’ve loved to be out on the water while giving an interview, but here are some pictures taken during the interview! Now, all SP fans had made sure to find some way to watch the Rio De Janeiro live stream, but if you were one of those people who forgot, bad timing, or wrong time zone issues, there is a clip here: watch?v=VdbbCYbR5Ow&feature=player_embedded Interview backstage: Also, some AMAZING fan had been able to upload the full concert on YouTube, so it is still available for viewing:

The Simple Plan Brazilian tour concluded on a high note, and if you saw it, it looked pretty interesting, as Jeff is seen wearing a pink wig, as shown in a picture here

Now, before leaving Sao Paulo, of course Pierre and Jeff had to go out to a club at 1am along with crew, bodyguards and friends. But they did look really sexy in their outfits! At the Lima concert in Peru, a random figure dressed in an astronaut space suit entered the stage and rocked with Simple Plan through-out their whole single “Astronaut”. In the end, when the person finally took down his mask, it turned out it was a male fan, who’s dream to dance with his favourite band on stage just came true at the concert in Lima, Peru. When Simple Plan landed in Brazil, they, as per usual, recorded a vlog: If you click the link for the video, the purpose of the video is self-explanatory, but I will tell anyways. It’s the Goodbye Brazil vlog!

NOVEMBER 1st – The boys may have been back home, but they were still reminiscing about their time in South America.

2nd – A few months ago, Simple Plan along with MTV Exit brought human trafficking to our attention. Today, they premiered the music video to ‘This Song Saved My Life’ which is inspired by this issue. 2nd - As 2012 slowly winds down, the guys are doing anything but, having already announced the first concert for 2012 which will be held at the Régates de Valleyfieldevent in Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, Canada on July 2nd – Musique X is a project who’s main goal is to inspire youth to play music. Today the young people involved were able to ask Sebastien and Chuck questions and show them their talent when they dropped by for a visit.

2nd – Although the guys weren’t on hand, the Montreal Science Centre officially opened the Musik exhibition. Visitors will be able to see the exhibits until the March 10th 2013. 3rd – As the official launch of the much awaited Simple Plan book is released, they have whetted our appetite with a small sampling of what to expect.

3rd – If the first taste of the book wasn’t enough, then gave us this, the first look at the cover.

4th – Simple Plan are helping teens fulfil their dreams by encouraging them to show their talents. If you’re a writer, composer or performer aged between 13 to 17 years old and a resident of Canada, why not give it a shot. For everyone else, you can just check out the clip on YouTube, the guys sound so hot when they talk French ;) 5th – Today more pics from the books have been released, not long to go now. 6th – The book is finished, the English version has been sent to the printers, and Chuck shows off the first

6th – Chuck says 25 while Seb says it’s more like 50. We may never know the true number, but what we do know is that they did a heck of a lot of interviews today promoting the book.!

6th – After a full day of interviews the guys held an official book launch at the Musik exhibition at the Montreal Science Centre with long time buddy Patrick Langlois filling in for Pierre who was off recording a special project.

7th – Musik on the move! I may not have to hold my hopes on winning lotto just to be able to see this awesome exhibition with Chuck revealing there is a possibility the exposition could be shown in other places as well. Organisers are apparently planning to bring it on the road after it’s done in Montreal. PLEASEEEEEEE let it come to Australia.

NOVEMBER Part 2 8th – There seems to be no stopping our guys, with the guys confirming they will be playing The Big Jingle on December 2nd as well as Rock AM Ring and Rock IM Ring in Germany next year. 8th – Pierre has collaborated with other artists to record their own version of the Cyndi Lauper hit “True Colours” to show their support in the fight against bullying. The song will be released in conjunction with Bullying Awareness Week starting November 12th and will also be available on iTunes with 100% of sales going to Kids Help Phone.

10th – When it seemed like the guys couldn’t fit anything else in this month, they made a quick trip to Madrid Spain to rock the Coca-Cola Music Experience. And rock they did! Now that the TV and radio interviews were over, it was time for the guys to meet with fans for a special Q&A session and book signing at Librairie Monet. 14th – By now you have all heard the remake of the song True Colours. Today the official video clip for this powerful song was released. How I wish this was an international campaign.

14th – The book signings continue, this time in Archambault bookstore in Quebec. Today I also woke up to an email to let me know that my copy of the book is finally on its way WOOHOOOOO ☺

15th – Today the guys taped a segment for Tout Le Monde En Parle (a Canadian talk show) which will aired on Nov 18th. 16th –Today the Canadian retailer Bluenotes in collaboration with Kids Help Phone, announced they will release a brand new t-shirt on Monday the 19th of November. The design has been inspired by the newly released single “True Colors” and aims to raise awareness about the issue of bullying. I’ve got my fingers crossed hoping they ship internationally as at this stage they will only be available in Bluenote stores across Canada, and online to the US. 16th – More than 400 people turned up to the Renaud-Bray bookstore in Laval for the latest official book signing. 18th – The Simple Plan Foundation today held its 5th annual benefit event. Those attending were not only treated to a special acoustic session, but could also participate in an auction and experience the Musik: From Sound to Emotion Expo. 18th Tout Le Monde En Parle aired the Simple Plan segment recorded a few days ago. Fan’s were treated to short sneak peak of a demo called “Pubic Mushrooms” made by Pierre and Chuck’s very first band Roach. 19th - Sebastien and Chuck called in on Patrick’s new morning show; Ca Commence Bien to promote their new book. The book contains hundreds of pictures taken by Pat, who is still considered by many to be the 6th member of SP. 20th – Today Simple Plan’s official website released more merch in their online store. For anyone wondering what to get me this holiday season, I’m a size L ;) 22nd – It’s finally here. The English version of Simple Plan: The Official Story was released today. You can order your copy from Chapters, Amazon or direct from the Simple Plan website.

written by Leeann @adnaxar

Concerts Reviews 7 Year waiting for Simple Plan!

by Yessi

After 7 years SP finally came to tour in Chile, they were last here in 2005 and many of their fans had waited all this time!! October, 22nd 2012 they were in my country! It was the best moment for me because previously we suffered as there were many concerts in Latin America but not Chile!! We thought they would not be here but they didn’t let as down and they re-organized their calendar for us! Well, on that day I woke up at 5 am (oh yeah I never thought I would do that) and I travelled two hours but before I travelled almost 12 hours to arrive at a city near the place where they played. I arrived at the “Caupolican theatre” at 9 am (Santiago is very big so I couldn’t arrive before to the theatre) and the show started 9 pm. My friends and I were there almost 12 hours, when I was waiting for them I wasn’t nervous because I could not believe that I was there and that they’d play that day. When the show started the first song they played was Shut Up! During this Pierre came to the place where I was! My heart was beating very fast, I showed Pierre a piece paper telling him: Pierre, marry me. He read it and he was smiling at me. I almost died! All people were jumping and singing like they always do; “Jump” was the best, because Pierre said: “Are You ready to salta salta salta?” Salta is jump in Spanish. Yeah! He said a lot of things in Spanish like ”si si si “(yes, yes, yes),”Estoy muy contente” but the correct sentence is “Estoy muy Contento” that moment was really funny, but nice! “When I’m Gone” was another good moment as during this song a Chilean flag was given to Pierre, I think that it was one of the songs that we sang the loudest! Jeff went to where I was and he looked right to me, he made me feel nervous. “Thank you” OMG I can’t believe what they did, they told us that the people who were in the middle should run in circles and all people there did it! I was in the first line so I couldn’t see that but when I watched the videos of the concert I could see that, it was so sick and crazy! “Astronaut” Pierre said “Donde están los teléfonos celulares” But nobody understood!! Because it was a little hard for him to say. Finally he said where is your telephone? Pierre said that the telephones would be like stars, then Seb said that we are his stars.) That was really nice. When SP played “I’m Sexy and I Know It ” and the other two songs … you know what they do and how it makes you feel!! They did many sexy things and they touched their body of course. I was in front of Seb so I felt so lucky for that. Maybe I shouldn’t tell you that but I’m not going to lie! I felt lucky. Many times Pierre went to the place where I was, once he split water from his bottle and a lot of water fell on my head and on my camera too. I think that I needed the water because I was very tired, but it was too much I’m thinking of writing to Pierre by twitter to tell him: ‘next time be careful with my camera, Please!’ Then, SP started to talk about beaches, so I knew they’d play “Summer Paradise.” I took my telephone and called a friend who couldn’t go to the concert. She isn’t really a fan but she likes SP. Now she can say,“SP sang to me by telephone!” I also called her when the guys played Jet-Lag. In the chorus of Summer Paradise the beach balls were being hit around and that moment was magic as I could take one which fell in front of me. In a bit Chuck appeared with a big Chilean flag, and almost at the end of the concert just Pierre was in the stage and he was wearing the typical Chileans clothes, I almost died again lol. I can’t say all the things about that night because there are many things to say, but I can say that all moments were beautiful, magical, and that the guys are amazing. I can’t wait to see them again!


For my birthday present, my parents gave me tickets to see Simple Plan live on the 4th of August in Levis, Quebec!!! We drove 3 hours to get there. I had 4 tickets, so one free. The night before, I asked on twitter who wanted to come with me. I found someone. The support band were “These Silent Waves”. They were really good! I didn’t know this band before, but now I listen to them more. You should go give them a listen. An hour after was show time for Simple Plan! It was my second Simple Plan show but the emotion when you see them running on stage and jumping on the blocks for the first time of the night is just indescribable. You just scream all that you got and you jump everywhere! Every time I go see Simple Plan, I just feel more like a fan. And when they start playing “Shut Up!”, you just start dancing and singing along :D. I love when they play “Jump” live. Not just because this song is amazing, but you can see the whole crowd jumping at the same time. It’s awesome! Another song that I love when they play live is “Astronaut”. Not just because that’s my favorite SP song, but you can see all the light shining. And this song, the lyrics, the harmony, everything is just perfect. The last song that I love when they play it live is “Perfect”. This song is also one of my favourite of all time! But I love everything that is acoustic. And this song is played half acoustic by Pierre and his guitar. I also love after the first chorus when the rest of the band comes back to play it more “rock”. I love it!!! In conclusion, this show was amazing, like every Simple Plan show, wriiten by Rose by the way! Simple Plan, you rock! <3. Thank you @RoseThivierge

Seb Christmas EP review

So it’s almost Christmas time, meaning it’s time to bring out the Christmas tree, lights, decorations and of course, the generally bad Christmas music. I’m sure you’re getting a little tired of playing My Christmas List by SP on repeat (of course I’m kidding) and if you’re looking for some good Christmas music to drown out the carollers at your door, you should definitely listen to Christmas etc., the EP Sébastien and Katie Rox collaborated on. It’s only 3 tracks but all 3 are good, catchy and relatively mellow tunes that kind of just make you want to curl up next to a fireplace and drink cocoa (unless you live in Australia in which case you’re probably dying under the air-conditioner!) and is all in all a really great EP. Here’s the rundown. The first track, ‘Stay (It’s Christmas)’ is a really adorable song which starts off with an acoustic guitar and small bells. The song is basically about wanting (what I assume to be) your significant other to stay with you for Christmas and wanting to be able to be with them on Christmas day doing cutesy things. What can I say? It’s a really cutesy song that you will most likely have stuck in your head for the next month. The next song is called ‘Other Side’ which is about wanting to run away and try to find the ‘other side’ and to try and find something better than just ‘alright’ and be more than what you are right now. This is a little less of an upbeat song and has a lot less of a Christmassy theme than the first song of the EP but is still really great nonetheless, and it gave me chills for some reason. I think it might’ve been from Seb’s backing vocals… And last but definitely not least on the EP we have ‘Rich.’ Which you probably can gather is about being rich or rather wanting to be rich. What I’ve gathered from this is that it’s about wishing to be rich, but not necessarily for superficial purposes, though I am probably wrong in saying that. This song is probably one of the only songs written about wanting money that isn’t incredibly annoying so I’m sure you as SP fans with pretty good music taste will enjoy this song and the whole EP. You can buy it on iTunes or stream the lyric videos at their YouTube channel ( where you can also find videos of Seb and Katie writing the songs. Enjoy! By Kalila Cameron (ps. Follow me on twitter, @antikalila)

So you met Simple Plan Flash back June 2012

MELBOURNE....... the hometown of live music!

Melbourne was the place to be in 2012 with all the awesome bands that played here! Of course the highlight for me was the Melbourne SP Concert! The bands I have seen this year were SP(2), Good Charlotte, We the Kings(2), The Never Ever (3), INXS, Matchbox Twenty, Evermore (2) Coldplay, Maroon 5, The Cab, For our Hero, The Strangers, Masketta Fall (3), Check your Smile, Your Ticket Home, Temper Trap and The Pierces. If you would like to read my review on the SP June concerts I went to, click on here. Do you like GC? Click here to read my review of their concert. If you would like to read my review on the Masketta Fall concert click here… Maroon 5, The Cab and Evermore On October I headed into town to meet a SP fan that I had made friends with on Facebook. We hit it off straight away, like I knew we would. While we were chatting another member of our fb group came up to us as she recognised us from our photos. Freaky how we have a close-knit SP family on line and can bump into each other like that. Anyway back to the concert. A band called The Cab played first, I did not know them but they were pretty good. Evermore were next and they were awesome! They had a great set list, some old songs as well as their new single that was released that day. Then I headed out to get a drink and while I was in the line the two people behind me said oh you love SP? (I was of course wearing one of my 35 SP tees….) When I looked at one of them I realised that I recognised her from Melb SC, she was next to me and we have many photos of her and SP. So as I usually do I talked a lot and added her to the fb group that we have! Ok so back to the concert once again! Maroon 5 were great. To set the scene before they came out on stage they had a loud phone ringing, and we knew that Payphone would be their first song. The highlight for me was Adam singing She Will Be Loved, yep I had tears in my eyes….(not crying like I was in Astronaut and TSSML at SP!) The set list was a good mix of their old songs and their new single Daylight was fantastic. The final encore was Move Like Jagger and the crowd nearly blew the roof off. I really enjoyed the concert but Maroon 5 did not have the connection with the crowd like SP does.Matchbox Twenty, INXS and Evermore. Exactly one week later we headed back to Rod Laver Arena this time to see Matchbox Twenty, INXS and Evermore. When I was a teen INXS were my favourite band so I was looking forward to seeing them, and was keen to know how their new lead singing would go. Matchbox Twenty was one of my fav bands when I was in my 30’s along with SP of course.

First up was Evermore, due to a time change that many people did not know about there were not many people there. We were right up the front and they were fantastic! They smiled and waved at us and we got some great pics. Then INXS came on and I was shocked how old they looked! LOL as they are not that much older than me….. They owned the stage from the moment they came on. The lead singer Ciaran Gribbin was a perfect pick, he was right at home leading the band. When they did a tribute to Michael Hutchence there was not a dry eye in the place. They played “The One Thing” and did a minute silence in the middle. It was so moving especially for the older fans like myself. The younger crowd including my own teenagers did not really appreciate how emotional it was. They then announced that they are re-releasing Kick as it was 25 years since it’s release. They then played every song of it. Kirk had fun running up into the crowd and playing his saxophone solos. When they had finished I was so emotionally tired, I could not believe that I had seen them live once again. However, I got over that pretty quickly when the intro for Matchbox Twenty came on. The crowd went crazy. Rob Thomas, just like all the SP boys has gotten cuter as they mature. (well yeah got older!) Next was Bent, then Disease, with the pauses in the song you could have heard a pin drop. How Far We’ve Come set the pace for the rest of the night. One of the highlights was She’s So Mean, the film clip was played on the huge screens behind them. This helped with the atmosphere, the new fans and the old fans joining forces as we all enjoyed the show. For the rest of the show, the band entertained us with their musical skills as well as their showmanship. When they played If You’re Gone, I had tears in my eyes as this song helped me so much many years ago. Their mix of new and old songs made new and old fans happy. Over all this would have to be the third best concert I went to this year. (Yep SP and GC!) Next concert was Coldplay, The Temper Trap and The Pierces. The Pierces started off the night, I had never heard of them but then they played the theme of Pretty Little Liars that I recognised. Temper Trap were much better than when I first saw them at the AFL Grand Final probably as we were able to hear them! If I had to describe Coldplay in one word it would have to be Spectacular. The lights, the fireworks and the special effects were awesome. When we arrived we all got a bracelet to wear that lit up and flashed. In three different colours, it was just spectacular to look around and see it. For all those people to turn up to a concert on a Tuesday night was great,especially as it was open-aired and cold. Coldplay thanked us for that. The merch store sold out of hoodies within minutes! Finally Coldplay came on to the theme of Back to the Future. When they came on and sang Hurts like Heaven we all could relate and we screamed “SO COLD SO COLD” They had us all laughing when they started Major Minus as they stuffed up the start and laughed at themselves and started again, they also did that in Speed of Sound later in the show. The stand out songs for me were The Scientist, Yellow and Fix You for the slower tempo songs and Viva la Vida and Paradise for the faster songs. The lights were fantastic, and all of us having a bracelet made us feel part of the concert. At the end there were so many fireworks that we were all coughing due to the smoke left behind. Even though it was really cold being an outdoor event I really enjoyed it. I would definitely recommend Coldplay fans to see this by Jen spectacular concert! @justjenrees

Twitter talk

. By Leeann @adnaxar

Chuck – It was another huge month for Chuck, yes the book was finally finished but

there was still work to do. Even with all the publicity that needed to be done for the new book, and their concert in Madrid, Chuck still took time out to attend an event at Musique X where he got to experience kids enjoying their passion. He thanked fans for their votes after Simple Plan won the Yahoo Canada awards for their work with the foundation. Chuck joked about Pierre’s turbo kickboxing moves while watching back footage of SP concerts. All this work must certainly work up an appetite; I just hope Chuck wasn’t planning on eating all the bagels that he was pictured with the day before the foundation event. He made us all feel a part of something special when he shared that the Simple Plan foundation had this year donated over $250,000 between more than 20 charitable organisations. I love how Chuck took the time to connect with all those who had already received there copy of the book, and that he even took the time to reply to me. I really hope that Chuck can take some time out and enjoy a few rounds of golf before heading out on tour again.

Jeff –

Even though he only had a few days at home, Jeff enjoyed some ‘ME’, reminisced about his special memories with SP and shared a pic of his childhood home before taking off for Madrid. With the prospect of playing for 14,000 people ahead of him, Jeff was still thinking about the week to come, that would see them heading home (jetlagged) to an intense round of press conferences, book signings, and of course, the foundation event. Considering all that, I think he was right to think it was beer o’clock. Home, to his house which he reported as being a complete mess, and totally exhausted, he was a finally able to spend some time with his little ones, although he did seem relieved when they made it to bed that night. As Jeff ’s opinions of Twitter started to change for the better, we saw him sharing more about himself and his activities, being so tired that he could have slept for days, riding his beloved Vespa (I seriously think Jeff should move down under, then he wouldn’t need to worry about freezing while going for a ride) the music he was listening to while on a 7 hour drive and even his favourite places in Montreal. He seemed happy, but much in need of a holiday, and I for one think he deserves one. Until then, I hope his internet connection improves so he can keep us all up to date, and maybe show us all some of his boogie moves.

Pierre – Once home, Pierre took some time out to enjoy the simple things in life, a simple day in the park. But all too soon, they were back on the road (well a plane) for a quick little trip to Madrid, all while sharing the work both he and Simple Plan had done at bringing to our attention current world issues such as human trafficking and bullying. I can just imagine some of the thoughts that crossed fans minds when he posted a pic of his shower, and how long he would be spending in it. (I’ll keep my thoughts to myself ;) lol) Jetlag can sometimes be a good thing, as he seems like he’s not usually a morning person otherwise lol. When show time came, he was ready to rock. Once back from Madrid, Pierre took some time out to head home to his family, and spent the night in his teenage bedroom. He reassured fans that he was not pulling away from the band as was being speculated on Tumblr, and after being up 25 hours straight, managed a few hours sleep before getting up at 5.45 to start another day and a massive week of interviews and book promos. With winter approaching, his thoughts were on Summer Paradise, and its 40m YouTube views. He shared an old school pic, what he had for lunch, the outfit he was planning on wearing to the foundation event and even proved he was more than a star, in fact, he’s a constellation. What a month. Time for him to enjoy some much needed rest, catch up with family and friends, surf and work on his golf swing. Sebastien – With reports of snakes on his plane, I think Seb was happy to be finally back in his own bed, and more writing seeing he was ‘All Writey!’We all loved his new twitter profile pic. I know I for one empathised with him about cleaning the house, and was so jealous when he showed us pics of him holding his copy of the book. Chuck and Seb kicked off the publicity of the new book before being joined by Jeff and Chuck with Seb posting lots of pics of the interviews they were doing. Then it was time for Madrid. It was such a short trip, that Seb wasn’t sure how to take it, but he was still excited about the upcoming show and the fans they would meet. Those fans would later help him increase his Lego Star Wars collection. On realising he had forgotten to post a pic some 6 months earlier, Seb ensured it would reach its source by sharing it across all his social networks. I’m not sure who was to blame for the plane smelling of farts on their way home, but there was no time to dwell on that tho as there were more interviews and publicity to do. I’m glad he was able to at least fit in a bite to eat, but really??? Peanut butter and cheese??? With interviews and the foundation event behind him, Seb was able to spend his time working on music with friends as well as his brother, although I don’t think the ukulele player was much help. Writing, working out, or just craving alphabet cereal, we enjoyed sharing the month with Seb, and can’t wait to hear more about his ‘very good news’. Good for him!

David –

David doesn’t really share much of his life on Twitter, so when he does post, it’s always great to see. This month he shared some pics and tweets from 43,000 feet. But even though he wanted one, I don’t think they would have allowed him to light one of his candles to add to the atmosphere on the plane. With Madrid behind him, thoughts of his beloved motorbike where consuming him. He could almost hear it calling his name. But once home, he was unimpressed by the street sign he was confronted with, however he overcame this to spend some more precious time with his bike before winter snows get in his way. Then with aching thumbs, he promised to see us all on the dark side. I hope he means in our dreams.

FAN OF THE MONTH This month I am pleased to introduce Yessi from Chile as our fan of the Month! Yessi has recently seen SP in Chile and loved the concert! She has been a fan for many years and identifies with their lyrics just like so many of us do. Hope you enjoy reading all about Yessi! Q: When was the first time you heard about Simple Plan? A: It was in 2005 when I was 11 years old .“When I’m Gone” was very popular here (in Chile) and I heard it on the radio but one of my friends loved Simple Plan and she was talking about them all the time so I think that I heard something about them before! Q: When was your first SP show? A: Recently! <3 22/10/2012 in Santiago- Chile. (I still have a big smile on my face) Q: For how long have you been a SP fan? A:I have known them for 7 years and I loved their songs but I think that I first became a SP fan in 2010. Q: How many times have you seen them live? A: Once but I know I’ll see them again *-* <3 Q: What do you like the most about Simple Plan? A: I really like their personality, and how crazy and funny they are! As well I love how they are with their fans. Q: What’s your favorite possession of Simple Plan and why? My ticket from the concert because when I see the ticket I can remember that beautiful night I’ll never forget! I’ve got more things of Simple plan but the ticket is the best! Q: Say what Simple Plan means to you. A: This band is really important to me because I don’t know how they can sing all the things that I feel …. It’s like they know all my life and they always make me feel good! Sometimes is hard to explain how I’m feeling and they have a song to explain it. Q: Describe each member with one word Dave- Nice Jeff- Friendly Pierre- Funny Seb- Sexy Chuck- Inspirator

Q: Favorite Simple Plan song and why? A:My favorite song is “I’d Do Anything” when I hear this song I can think about the guy that I love he’s gone away and I’d do anything just to hold him in my arms…I don’t know if he will remember me but I know I won’t forget him! This song says all I feel and the melody is awesome too! And I can’t forget “Meet you there” it’s my fav too because it makes me think about the same person and it was the first song that I could understand in English without the lyrics on the screen lol. Q: Do you have any tattoo’s relating to Simple Plan? And if you, don’t would you like to have one? A: No, I don’t ... my mom would kill me and I don’t want to die ☺ Q: If you could spend a whole day with SP, what would you do? A: We would go to a party and we would drink a lot! Oh yeah! Q: Best Simple Plan memory? A: When Pierre tried to speak Spanish in the concert! He said a lot of funny things! Q: Have you made friends thanks to Simple Plan? A:Yes! I met 3 girls! And a boy, they are just like me , they are really cool lol we have a lot of things in common and I’m grateful of Simple Plan for that. Q: Favorite SP quote? A:“Be yourself and follow your dreams and if people don’t like you , f*ck them!” – Pierre Bouvier. Q: Favorite Simple Plan video? A: OMG it’s hard to choose just one video ….this time I’ll choose “Can’t keep my hand off you.” Q: What song would you like Simple Plan to cover? A: All the small things – Blink 182 Q: Apart of SP , which other bands do you like? A: Blink 182, Maroon 5, Good Charlotte, but actually I just listen to Simple Plan Q: If you could say anything to Simple Plan right now, what would you tell them? A: I’d say that I love them so much ‘cuz they mean much to me! That they are the best band! And that they have much talent, finally I’d tell them: Chile is waiting for you! We love you guys! by Jen @justjenrees

SP Friends News Green Day release second album of their trilogy “¡Dos!” For Our Hero release new song “Take The Night”. Check it out here

The Monster Goes Rawrr release new single “November”. Check it out here

All Time Low planning US Spring Tour. Check here for more info.

Blink 182's EP to be released December 18th.

Green Day release “The Forgotten” which will feature on the “Breaking Dawn part 2” soundtrack. Check out the video here

Nine Sons of Dan come 5th in the Channel V Aus artist of the year! Well done! Huge achievement!

A Sleepless Melody release new single. You Canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t Break My Heart.

Masketta Fall announce a second show for Big Red and Spillaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Birthday in Brisbane. Wake the Giants and Call the Shots to support! Presale tickets are available here:

written by Sian and Jen

For our Hero, Masketta Fall, and A Sleepless Melody and others playing at Bring on the Summer in Adelaide Dec 22nd.

SEBASTIEN Full Name: Gaétan-Jean Sébastien Lefebvre Pépin Date of birth: June 5th 1981 Birthplace: Montreal Canada Height: 5'8 Hair Colour: Dark brown Eye Colour: Blue Twitter: @SebLefebvre Website: • Born to Lorraine and Jean • 1 brother named Jay and 2 sisters Héloise & Andrée-Anne • Favourite Color: Blue • Favourite Bands: Green Day, Bad Astronaut, Linkin Park, Copeland, • Has his own solo career as well as being in SP. “You Are Here” was his solo debut album. Recently More Safe Por Favour. What The Band Thinks Of Him • Chuck: He is probably the nicest human being that I've ever met in my life. • Pierre: He is always the person you can go talk to. He's always nice. • Jeff: He's always laughing the whole time, you know. He's got a big smile on the whole time.

David: Sebastien is the sweet one. You cannot not like him!

written by Luke @lukeryanclarke


written by Sonia

Help Pierre find his friends!

Was that one too easy? Try this one. Start at the microphone and get to the Drum.


Full Name: Sinja Pergande (It’s way too German) Age: 16! Country: Germany Twitter nick: @allforlefebvre Bands beside SP you like: All Time Low, You Me At Six, Green Day, We The Kings, Mayday Parade… What do you do on Simple Plan Space?: I just write stuff. Have you seen SP live?: Yes, two times! Have you met them?: NOT YET. BUT I WILL ONE DAY. Since when have you been a fan: About 4 years. Fav SP Song: Welcome To My Life! Fav SP music video: Summer Paradise. Because they’re all half naked in that one. Hobbies: I’m way too lazy for this world so basically the only things I like to do are sleeping, eating and listening to music. Oh, and writing for this magazine! Languages: German and English. What do you do for a living?: I’m still in school. Fave books: The Perks of being a Wallflower Fave movies: Forrest Gump, Sherlock Holmes, The Hunger Games…

Simple Plan Space Edition 5  

A magazine all about Simple Plan, a Canadian Pop Punk band. Written by fans for fans!

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