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EDITORS NOTE Hi All, Can't believe another month has gone by and we are putting out another edition. My pleasure to announce the Competition winners. Huge thanks to all the bands who participated and helped publicise it. The winners are SP Prize pack 1 @QuickestTongue SP Prize pack 2 @Mikii_Astronaut True Colours 1 @MariamAstronaut True Colours 2 @xkeepclimbing MXPX Prize @Snow_Fright The Never Ever Prize@ Xand2809 Call the Shots Prize @BeccaSHOTS Nine Sons of Dan @ofmiceandmeghan Day Break Prize @KatieDayBreak Let's Not Pretend Prize @JaydeJaded Daylight Hours Prize @Charlie_SP Huge thanks to all the writers who month after month do their magic writing about something that they all love. Welcome to Maria as a newest addition to the team! Leeann our Copy Editor and I, by the time you have read this will have met All Time Low and we are planning a feature edition on them for October. Our writers are serious concert goers so look out for lots of reviews in the next few months!! Catch you all next month! Peace, Jen

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SONG OF THE MONTH Album: Still Not Getting Any Released: October 26, 2004 Track number: 7 Genre: Pop punk, alternative rock Length: 3:11 Label: Lava, Atlantic Producer: Bob Rock Simple Plan’s second studio album was released in October 2004. The title ”Still Not Getting Any” is another word play by the band. They had a struggle getting signed and business weren’t going too well after their first album ”No Pads, No Helmets... Just Balls” that came out back in 2002. They took their time with this record and it really paid off. If you look at the track listing there’s 12 song on the album and ‘Jump’ is found at number 7. This is the record that put Simple Plan on the map and hit songs like ‘Welcome To My Life’ and ‘Untitled’ are featured on this record. The song ‘Jump’ is an up-tempo song that the band often use as their number one song to get the crowd going and ready for what comes next. It’s therefore a great song to perform live, it always works. Lyrically the song speaks a lot to teenagers first hand. It’s about breaking free and following dreams, how the place at home and the people around you just brings you down and how you want to leave it all behind, you know? I think we’ve all felt that and that’s why the song speaks to so many of us all around the world. ‘Jump’ was a part of the MTV Hard Rock Live DVD that was released back in 2005 and the crowd loved it! That’s an amazing way to see what music means to people and how a whole room can jump together and share something like that, it’s really beautiful. Watch the link here

Written by @sophiecarlbrant

JUMP I don’t wanna wake up today Cause everyday's the same And I'd been waiting so long For things to change I'm sick of this town Sick of my job Sick of my friends 'Cause everyone's jaded Sick of this place, I wanna break free I'm so frustrated, I just wanna

Chorus Jump! (Jump!) Don't wanna think about tomorrow (Jump!) I just don't care tonight I just wanna jump (Jump!) Don't wanna think about my sorrow Let's go Forget your problems I just wanna jump

I don't wanna wake up one day And find out it's too late To do all the things I wanna do So I'm gonna pack up my bags I'm never coming back 'Cause the years are passing by And I'm wasting all my ti-ti-time Sick of this house Sick of being broke Sick of this town, that's bringing me down I'm sick of this place, I wanna break free, I'm so frustrated, I just wanna jump

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Name:Jean-Francois"Jeff" Stinco Birthday: August 22nd 1978 He is half-Italian. Height:5'10 He used to be a guitar teacher He studied classical guitar at Conservatoire de musique du Québec à Montréal. One of his favorite bands is U2. His favorite boyband: New Kids On The Block He has two kids: Maya&Zoe Written by Damla @simpl3_plan

His favorite book: The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini Favorite colour: Black Favorite food: Italian He owns a restaurant called Mangiofoco He got nicknamed Jeff because his friends couldn't pronounce his name. -If he was on a desert island,he would eat Pierre. He loves skydiving. He has a motorcycle. He started playing music at 6. He loves Harry Potter. He thinks Thank you's intro is hard to play. He remembers fans faces but he is bad at remembering names. -He thinks a woman should have a brain,good sense of humour and a big heart. -His biggest fear is cancer.

JEFF’S QUOTES..... A life without music would be like a life black and white"


"Don't put people down to raise your status; the strength of your actions and the depth of your ideas will command the respect you deserve." "When you release a record, you put your heart and soul into your music and then send it to the world. You expose yourself to criticism, You become very vulnerable. Now, I open restaurants and I still have the same fear of bad reviews...yet, I do things with passion, & love. At some point, you just have to trust your work and let go. Some people will not love your work but we do it for those who do... " "There's a lot of people without morals on this earth but that doesn't justify we lose conscience of our humanity. We are all connected" "Making hard decisions: when you hesitate between 2 options, toss a coin and if you are disappointed of the option you fell on, pick the other side" "For the ladies: everything that is made valuable in this world is covered and hard to get to. You are unique & precious: be hard to get" "If you consider that the best part of our lives is spent working, I am very fortunate to be doing such an amazing job. I am very grateful"

Written by Kelly @Imjustakid15

On the 2nd of August, Jeff gave fans a chance to get to know him better when he made time for a little Q&A session.


Made by elyse

Made by LowluxSP


Made by kisskaktusz

Made by Masara

Made by kisskaktusz Made by Ashtoreth

Made by uglyorgan

Made by Augustine Written by Sonia @darrenismylove


A thing that all the astronauts love to do to is to follow the band on twitter. Their tweets are funny, deep and meaningful. Here are some of Jeff’s best tweets!

Written by Sonia @darrenismylove



researcher by Kelly @Imjustakid15

WHAT FANS SA •An amazingly dedicated male. To his art, to his family. I love when he tweets about his little ones. Marly •does car commercials, in Japan. -Kate •one of the most talented guitarists out there. -Emily •Hilarious guy who's Pro at guitar! -Katherine •very passionate and hard-working. I love to watch him play -Meaghan •Awesome, and seems wise. :) I enjoyed meeting him, he was very polite and friendly. -Abby •somebody who always has something positive to say. He always looks on the bright side of things and shares his thoughts with us. -Araceli •a very handsome, talented guy. I love his style. I admire him for all the things he has done. I also love his sense of humour and also the fact that he is very funny. -Viri •one of those few and unique persons who wants the world to become a better place, in all ways!, Which is really Awesome! And He's very Cool, Observer, Humorous, Loyal and has the BEST laugh EVER!! Melissa


AY ABOUT........


. @QuickestTongue Jeff is special because he's the one that came up with the idea of forming the band. He is an awesome guitarist, always tries to be a better one. He is bald but has a lot of hair on his body. He is half Italian. He has his own restaurant. He's a well-dressed guy.(I like the way he dresses at formal events). I love his laugh.To sum up, he's super cool and awesome. ‫‏‬‪@Simple_putriOF‬F cuz he's bald. JK✌ Actually Jeff was an awesome guy that God gave to us. He's incredible with his guitar❤❤ @eeChinNee Big bro~ Good father~ Awesome friend~ Care about fans~ I must go to his restaurant one day I promise!

When I met Jeff Stinco for the first time in December 2012 in the hug I can pick up that he is a guy you want to stay in his arms forever. You could talk to him about anything. I'm very happy to hear that he is pursuing tons of projects that are doing well. Also he is such a sweet guy. He has been successful in many things in his life and hope that he stays happy. Wish him the best. Jen @8jlwphoto

masketta fall

interview by Rossi

I first heard of Masketta Fall when I received an inbox from Braden in May of last year saying “sorry for the random inbo x. My band Masketta Fall have just put out a couple of tracks that we’re super proud of..”. I then checked them out and started listening to them. It wasn’t until December 1st last year when I first saw them in concert and saw how energetic they were, sinc e then I’ve seen them a total of 3 times. These boys are well worth listening to and seeing in concert , and if you can’t see them in concert check out their youtube channel. They also hangout with fans after the shows, and occasionally will have meet and greets so keep an eye on their twitter. What made the five of you decide to become a band, and how did you all meet? I think the common thing between us all is that we’ve never wanted to work a real job haha. We’ve all loved and bee n involved with music for most of our lives and we’ve all been around bands and in other bands before “MASKETTA FALL” start ed. We all met in the most Cliché’d way ever – At school. I wish I could make something up here, but that’s the truth haha. One of the main things that a lot of people have been asking you about is, how did the band become to be called “Masket ta Fall”? ‘ Masketta’ was the name of a puppy we adopted. We took the puppy to the beach where our bassist threw a stick off a cliff, the determined pooch unfortunately followed it and plummet ed to fatality… ‘Masketta Fall’. How did the name of ‘Something Beautiful’ come about? Something Beautiful the song is really about being on the verg e of something great, not letting yourself lose sight of your goa ls, and really believing in what you’re doing. The name “Somethin g Beautiful” and the message behind that song really sums up our band, where we were at that point in time, and conveys the message of hope and aspiring to achieve your goals which is something we believe in strongly.

Most recently you toured with “Do You Wanna Dance” the late st single from your debut EP called “Something Beautiful” was the reception bigger than what you thought that it would be? The reception to the tour was everything we had hoped for. We work really hard to try and spread our music, so for us the DUW D tour was a great result and was by far the biggest tour we’ve done to date. We can’t thank everyone enough for coming along and making it so special. You've toured with Call the Shots a couple of times now, wha t's it like playing with them? We have. They’re awesome guys and we’ve definitely learnt some interesting things off them. They are much more punk then we are so studying their “punk jumps” from side of stage was something we all did haha. They’re definitely a super easy band to get along with. When you play live, what do you look forward to the most? To be honest I think we all look forward to meeting and spending time with fans after the show, we love to be able to give as much time to our fans as possible at every show so this is something we really do all enjoy. Make sure you come and say hi at out next show! Do you have any funny stories from any of your tours that you can share? I’ve got too many, but if I spilt the beans I’d get killed haha. Let’s just say a few too many

You’ve covered “Teenage Dirtbag” by Wheatus a few times now, what was it like playing with them last year? That song is a classic and we all love it! I’ll admit that none of us knew any other songs of theirs besides teenage dirtbag , so most of the set we were confused haha. That being said, they did start and end with Teenage Dirtbag, so hearing it twice was everyth ing we could ask for :D Who are some of your biggest influences? In terms of bands, Simple Plan, All Time Low, and Hot Chelle Rae definitely. All have great songs. Some older emo ban ds like Story of the Year, The Used we also all really dig and take influ ence from. I know that you’re fans of Simple Plan – how have they influenced you? We’ve learned pop sensibility from Simple Plan, not crowding our songs with too much pointless stuff, making the lyrics really tell a story and getting the message of the song across. How did you come up with the concept for the video for “Do You Wanna Dance”? For us it was something we’d always wanted to do, what’s cooler/ more cliché than a jock and nerd at a prom? It’s a classic idea, and we wanted to put our spin on it.

When writing, what inspires you to write the lyrics so that they fit perfectly with the music? Our main inspiration is recent events occurring in each of our lives. We like to make the lyrics and mood of the song seem real to both us, and the fans. We focus on this that everyone can relate to. Songs mean different things to everyone, what has been the song that means the most you as an individual or as a band? As a band something beautiful definitely means the most, it’s the story of our journey and is really personal to us all. How did you come up with the idea to do a lyric video for 'Something Beautiful' and what was the process that you went through? We wanted to get our fans involved in some way for a video, Moli had the idea and then from there it was HOURS and HOURS of editing and downloading photos.

Where do you see yourselves in the future? And what's the next step for Masketta Fall? At this point it’s hard to say where we see ourselves. We’re pushing as hard as we can to turn our passion into a career so this is where we hope to be. The Next steps for us are new music, more touring, and some other exciting stuff you’ll have to wait n see ;)

You're currently writing and recording a new EP with Michael Paynter, what's been the most memorable experience so far? We have recently started recording and its great. We’re pushing these songs into some new areas that we didn’t get to explore on our previous release, the new approach to sounds and song writing is really exciting and definitely a great step forward for us, we can’t wait to finish these songs!

Who is your favourite Simple Pla

n member?

Braden - Pierre Jamie - Pierre

Moli - Pierre

Ryan - Pierre

Ben - Pierre

Do you have a favourite album

and which is it?

All massive fans of their self titl ed “Simple Plan” Album – It ru les. What is your favourite Simple Pla n song? Braden – Save you Moli - Gene ration Ryan – Shut up Jamie - Save You Ben - When I’m Gone

How can your fans get in touch with you? Tweet us! @maskettafall – We’re always responding to everyone so say hi! Where can people by your EP and other merchandise from? or iTunes What are some of the ways that you’ve gained more fans of music? Playing lots and lots of shows in our first year. Any funny fan stories that you can tell? Not funny, but awesome. We had a fan follow us over to NZ for our first international show, she’s awesome! for taks y u g in ga all my r Thanks a e w s n a e to ing the tim an't wait to see s. C l soon. question a e r in a g ea you all liv

written by Rossi @Rossiii_27A

For Our Hero- Young Wolves EP Review For Our Hero are becoming the rising stars of Australia. They've just released a new EP 'Young Wolves' and also a new single and video, also titled 'Young Wolves'. Not only do they have a great fan base here in Aus (or should I say Young Wolf pack), but they even have some international fans, including Bryan Stars who uploaded their 'Young Wolves' music video to his YouTube channel! That's pretty epic! The EP comprises of six incredible tracks. All with motivating and inspiring lyrics written by Beau Taplin (lyricist) and Dave Tran (guitarist). If you've heard any of their older music you'll notice that their sound has changed a bit, but of course, they still sound great! The first track off Young Wolves is 'The Brave Ones'. This song really incites listeners to take a chance and just give your dreams a shot. As Beau said “This song is a rally call; for all the dreamers who won't waste a single moment wishing or waiting.” The lyrics in this anthem really put into perspective that if you just chase your dreams, great things can happen. The instrumentals in this song, with Jay's vocals and the legendary beginning using a string and vocal pad arrangement this song is definitely one to be listened to. The second track, 'Young Wolves' is destined to be a hit! The catchy lyrics make this song one that was meant for radio play. Fans actually helped get this song on the radio by trending (Australian and worldwide) #forcebumpyoungwolves! Featuring vocals from Alex DeLeon from The Cab and also some lyrics input, the song turned out great. Young Wolves is about wanting someone you shouldn't but going for it anyway. The music video is based around a massive house party, also with scenes of the band rocking out. You may even see some familiar faces, like Brad from The Never Ever! You can see the video here: The third track which was also released as a single a little while back is titled 'Take The Night'. This is a fun, catchy song that will have you hooked from the whistles at the beginning. In Beau's explanation of the song, he says “To me, those lines kind of summed up that kind of lonely desire you have for a heartbeat to sleep by.” With additional vocals from Rachel Costanzo, a feminine touch is exactly what the song needs. You can see the lyric video here: The fourth track, which I think could quite possibly be the greatest song written for those who need it, is 'My Revolution'. This song is a way out for all those struggling with their unhappiness or losing the battle of happiness. This song is a perfect example that For Our Hero care so much about their fans and it makes me proud to be a fan. If you're having a bad day, this song will be there to get you through it, you're not alone and you will get past it. You can view an official video clip of this song made from gifs here:

Written by @MaddieBirkett

The fifth track, titled “Angel Bones” is the shortest track with a time of 1:09 but is also one of the most meaningful. Although it's short, it all just flows nicely together with the soft instrumentals and singing, especially with Rebecca Hammond's vocals. After hearing the first line, “It's best to dream big when you're small” you just know it's going to invigorate you and make you want to do something great. The last track is “Weekends”. This song is just about (as much as I hate to say it) YOLO, living life the way you want, embracing yourself and just doing what you please, not what others want. Plus it's great to play on a Friday night to get you hyped up for the weekend. Once again, this song features catchy lyrics but also great little metaphors like “I can be the bull, tonight can be the china.” But what I love most about this song is the ending. Having the chant at the end is not only a really cool way to end the song, but also the EP. These guys have really worked hard and you can tell, but it's definitely paid off because this EP is absolutely worth a listen! If you haven't already listened to “Young Wolves” then I highly recommend you grab a copy from JB HiFi or iTunes- Also, if you thought the lyrics were great, the lyricist (Beau) has his new book “The New Human Beings” up for sale here:

For Our Hero Young Wolves Tour with Call The Shots and Forever Ends Here On Saturday the 24th of August, I witnessed my very first concert (and finally met the editor, Jen!). I didn't mean to, but I knew I'd have high expectations since all of the SP live videos I had seen! When I walked up the stairs to the venue I thought, oh great, I'm going to be able to see nothing! Since it was already packed at the front and the venue was tiny! But my mind soon changed.. We didn't have to wait long before Call The Shots appeared on the stage whilst the Universal Pictures theme played as the intro. The first thing I thought when watching them was how much they resembled Simple Plan! They had so much energy and were jumping all over the place! They started off with I'll Pop Your Punk then Alexis Texas, both from their newest EP (When Everything Goes Wrong). Both with explosions of full on energy! I was truly surprised as to how they could go so crazy in such a small space! They then moved on to I'll Prove You Wrong before moving onto their cover The Other Side (Jason Derulo) which I thought was a wonderful choice! Next was Nights We'll Never Remember, The Bro Song and then You'll Survive. The next part took me by surprise when Josh began strumming and singing the first few lines of Welcome To My Life (Simple Plan). The second last song was You'll Survive, which had a meaningful connection with the crowd! Then Call The Shots played The World Is Ours Tonight, which was my favourite from their set! Meanwhile, as Josh was performing Dion, Riley and Mike ran out on stage “naked�.. Don't worry.. They were just shirtless!

Next Up was Forever Ends Here! I hadn't heard a lot of their music, just the few on their YouTube channel but I knew they were good. Turns out I was wrong. They were way more than just good! Being my first concert, I was a little shy and didn't really jump around a lot. But that soon changed. The guys in Forever Ends Here got everyone to fist pump and jump along. They started with their newest single Far From Me, before heading into a couple of the tracks from their EP (Your Happily Never After), The Years Fly By and Hard To Handle. After that they played Head In The Clouds, but next was one of my favourites for the night! I Catch Fire was originally with For Our Hero but for this tour, FEH had been performing it without them. Luckily enough for Melbourne, Jay joined Luke in singing it! This is one of my absolute favourite songs and it sounded amazing live! FEH then really got the crowd going with a party medley they put together! It featured Beauty and a Beat (Justin Bieber), Best Song Ever (One Direction), Good Time (Owl City ft. Carly Rae Jepsen), We Can't Stop (Miley Cyrus) and I Knew You Were Trouble (Taylor Swift). Trust me, even if you're not usually a fan of these songs or artists FEH put their own spin on it which was just fantastic! Lastly, they ended their set with Here's To The Night, one of my favourites from them! Last but not least, For Our Hero took the stage beginning with The Brave Ones. They used a wicked smoke machine which made the stage look even cooler, plus the lighting for the whole show was rad! Next up was their popular single Don't You Dare, followed by two other singles Like Clockwork and the incredibly catchy Take The Night! The next song was a definite favourite for many! My Revolution was a purely amazing song that would've made a lot of fans emotional, just like their next one, Useless Talent #66. The next song they performed was the winning cover in their Facebook poll, Counting Stars (OneRepublic). I'm not a massive fan of this song, but For Our Hero's own spin on it was great! After that was their newest single, Young Wolves, followed by another track on their newest EP (Young Wolves), Weekends. What a perfect song to play on a Saturday night! Lastly, they ended their set and the show with the classic Mister Prozac, that everyone loves! Honestly, the only negative about the concert was the venue. I mean, even the walls were sweating! But the small space made it feel like a more special experience, it wasn't too crowded! Not only did these guys pull of a wicked show, they also show how much they appreciate their fans by always hanging out after the show. They're all completely approachable and so friendly! These three bands really know how to perform and get the crowd hyped! I can totally see them performing at Warped or Soundwave and even in massive arenas all over the world soon! I can't wait to see where their careers lead them!

written by Maddie @MaddieBirkett

30 Seconds To Mars The amusement park Gröna Lund in Sweden’s capital Stockholm have a lot of great artists and bands performing during each summer and this year I was there to enjoy it for the first time. June 19th was the first time I was there and that day I enjoyed the park as well as the band up on stage, 30 Seconds To Mars. I had never seen them before so I didn’t know what to expect. They had big screen behind them where they showed clips and music videos as well the crowd. From the roof they had people throwing out big balloon balls in different colours and later on blow up animals small kids play with in the water. It was a lot more colourful, easy going and fun that I expected which was great! They played songs from their latest album LOVE LUST FAITH + DREAMS that was released earlier this year on May 17th. They played of course some of their famous songs and hits that not just the echlons knows. Echlon is the name of the hardcore fans. We got to hear a little acoustic bit of ‘Yesterday’ which everyone sang along to. It was beautiful. Jared talked a lot and he was funnier than I thought he would be, he surprised me. He even took a ride on the amusement park’s latest attraction which is big swing that goes pretty far up in the sky. They had cameras everywhere filming and they wanted people to get on top of each others shoulders and scream as loud as possible for us to be able to be a part of their future music video. If you haven’t seen it, check it out in the link here. J

The Script

June 27 was the second and last date I went to Gröna Lund for this summer and that’s the date I saw The Script for the first time. I usually know most hits by any band/artist that’s on the radio but I just consider myself a fan of a few of there, the ones I know every songs to. The Script is a new band I really enjoy listening to and their latest album ’#3’ is amazing! I didn’t manage to learn too many songs before the concert but hearing them live was a blast! I loved it and I hope I’ll be seeing them again soon. They played their most famous songs such as ‘Breakeven’ and the latest 'Hall Of Fame' that everyone sang along to which was amazing! Danny, the singer, went down to the crowd and everyone ran. I don’t know how many meters closer to the stage we got but wow, what a run! They were also a lot more fun than I expected and their talk in between song made me crowd giggle a bit here and there. They are great entertainers. Danny asked if anyone still had their ex-boyfriend/girlfriends number and they reached down to grab a girl's phone. They phoned her ex-boyfriend up and sang the song 'Nothing' which was very special. The crowd sang along yet again and later on Danny and the guitarist Mark drank a beer each on stage and competed. Mark finished his and Danny poorer more than half over himself which I and most girls in the audience found very sexy! Everyone's focus was on stage at one time and I wondered where Danny was, he was to be found on a balcony on the left side of the crowd and everyone went that way to once again move closer to the stage when he got back there.

Written by Sophie : @sophiecarlbrant

twitter Talk........ Chuck – Feeling spontaneous, Chuck

kicked off August by hopping on a flight to Vancouver with his brother to catch the JT and Jay Z concert, and by all accounts, it was ‘Ridiculous!’ Then it was off to Regina, where there was time for a round of golf with Pierre before hitting the stage. Sometimes, you just can’t wear a t-shirt, so Chuck was off to try on some fancy clothes for an upcoming fancy event. The middle of the month saw Chuck hitting the 125k follower mark on Twitter. While waiting to perform in Saguenay, Chuck got the chance to check out Hedley Online working the stage. After being hooked up with some new golfing gear, it was time to spend a night celebrating the birthday of long time friend Jeff.

Pierre – Warming up in Regina with a little golf, it was soon time to meet

some fans and hit the stage for the first of 2 performances SP had planned for this month. During his time off, Pierre had a chance to watch Plain White Ts tear up the stage at Ventura Fair and tweeted how it brought back the memories. Pierre tended to show us what he was doing this month, more than actually tweeting. So we got to see a pic of someone’s ‘sick’ bike as well as one featuring Seb with a bottle of Sebastian wine before Pierre showed us some more work on his leg sleeve.

Jeff –

Jeff started this month reminiscing about his tours to Japan. So did we get an answer?? How many times have SP played there?? 15-20?? But 7am construction next door soon put an end to the reminiscing, and left Jeff feeling murderous. While heading to Regina (which according to Jeff rhymes with........... fun ;) ) he took the time for a little Q&A. But before too long it was back home to tend to the garden which reminded him of his Summer Job pre SP. Catching up with his former guitar teacher, Jean Vallières, the pair discussed starting a fund for classical music education. Then it was back home where he could play his guitar ‘real loud’. With the new restaurant project finally moving ahead, Jeff was starting to regret the early morning breakfast meetings at his house, especially when he couldn’t sleep. Taking some time out to watch the tennis (Apparently Nadal was pretty incredible) Guitar practice, funny interviews on the radio, working on his kitchen resto as well as a little play time, were all on Jeff’s agenda this month, as well as a little show or two. Jeff also showed us the beginnings of his new restaurant, and then he thanked all his fans for their birthday wishes, and signed off to spend the rest of his birthday with his little ones.

Sebastien –

Seb had to put a hold on mixing and finishing albums with some of his mates to head to Regina for a little show. (If someone can please tell me where I can get one of the foam hands in the pic Seb posted after the Regina show, it would be greatly appreciate. Adnaxar) I wish Seb had have shared the funniest story he had ever heard. Even on vacation, Seb had to get moving; cause after all, today is a good day. Especially when reaching his first No. 1 as a producer. Sebastian took some much needed time off to get back to nature. As always, I missed the Q&A mid month. Even though there were only 10 questions, I love to get to know more about the guys this way. I especially loved Seb’s reply to Q7 lol. If Seb did decide to change careers and become a barkeep at Napa, I think I’d have to learn to become a wine drinker ;) I’m not too sure about Seb’s taste in art, but believe there will be a legion of fans out there who do appreciate it.

written by Leeann @adnaxar

AUGUST................ 1st – It has been announced that SP will contribute to an upcoming tribute album scheduled for release on October 29th. The album entitled ‘The Songs of Tony Sly: A Tribute’ will feature renditions of various songs by Tony Sly performed by bands such as Bad Religion, NOFX and Penny Wise to name just a few. Tony Sly, the lead singer of No Use For A Name passed away a year ago. Proceeds from the sale of this album will go to the Tony Sly Memorial Fund which will benefit his two daughters. 1st- At a press conference at Zone portuaire de Chicoutimi it was announced today that Simple Plan, along with Hedley and Roger Hodgson will be the three main acts to perform as part of the 175th anniversary of Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean celebrations to be held on August 17th.

3rd – Today saw Simple Plan performing at the Queen City Ex festival in Regina.

13th – Long time friends of SP, Faber Drive today announced that the next single to be released off of their 3rd album “Lost In Paradise” will in fact be the song ‘Too Little, Too Late’ which they co wrote with Chuck and Pierre. The new single will also feature Pierre and will be available on iTunes from August 27th.

17th – The guys again hit the stage today, this time performing in front of an estimated 20, 000 concert goers as part of a festival celebrating the 175th anniversary of the city of Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean in Canada.

22nd - From the team at SP Space, we would like to wish Jeff Stinco a very happy 35th birthday. 23rd – While enjoying some much needed R&R, Pierre took the opportunity to drop by the Guru Tattoo Studio in San Diego CA and catch up with friend and renowned tattoo artist Aaron Sella Vedova for a little more work on his leg sleeve.

29th Happy Birthday to David! ☺ All Astronauts hope he had a great birthday!

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by Sonia @darrenismylove

Hey Guys, say hi to Carlos our fan of the Month! I connected with Carlos over twitter and asked some questions so you could get to know him a bit better. Great to get to now you Carlos!

Name : Carlos Parlindungan Hutajulu Where do you live? I live in Indonesia When was the first time you heard about Simple Plan? I heard about SP in 2011, when SP came to Indonesia. When was your first SP show? I think in 2011 in Jakarta For how long have you been a SP fan? I think for 3 years

How many times have you seen them live? Once What do you like the most about Simple Plan? Their songs Using one word describe the boys. Dave- AWESOME Jeff- AMAZING Pierre- SEXY Seb- KIND Chuck- WONDERFUL Favorite Simple Plan song and why? I think TRY. Because that song has motivated me on my life. Do you have any tattoo related to Simple Plan? And if you don’t would you like to have one? No, I don't have it. Yeah Of course.


What’s your favorite part of ABPFY? This band will never die. - @jeffstinco If you could spend a whole day with SP, what would you do? I would make a song with them. :) Best Simple Plan memory? My best SP moment of 2011 was... There are so many things! But maybe the best was when I got SP GYHO CD! It's so amazing CD! Every songs are so great! :) Have you made friends thanks to Simple Plan? No, I haven't. Favorite SP quote? I'm just a kid and my life is a nightmare. Hehe :D Favorite Simple Plan video? I think I'm Just A Kid , because the video is so funny. Haha :D What song would you like Simple Plan to cover? I want SP cover DEAR GOD. Apart of SP , which other bands do you like? Hmm. I think Avenged Sevenfold, Linkin Park, Maroon 5, etc. If you could say anything to Simple Plan right now, what would you tell them? COME BACK TO INDONESIA! Okay, now pick a SP song that means the most to you and try to explain why? Hmm.. I think Save You, Because this song is sad song. This song can makes me cry. Thanks Carlos! Hope SP head back your way real soon!


SP FRIENDS NEWS.... Tonight Alive release music video for single ‘Lonely Girl’.

First wave of bands announced to be coming down under for Soundwave 2014 announced. Check here for details.

We Are The In Crowd release new single ‘Attention’. Check out the official lyrics video here.

A Day To Remember set to release new album ‘ Common Courtesy’ October 8th.

written by Sian @sianiigoesrawrr

Metro Station release new EP ‘Middle Of The Night’. Stream the EP here. -

Avril Lavigne releases music video ‘Rock N Roll’. Check it out here.

Paramore announces Australian tour with You Me At Six and twentyonepilots as supports. Check here for more details.

Masketta Fall support The Maine on their Australian Tour!

Find 1) 2) Ups 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10)


the mistakes! We started off impossible, connection undeniable There's ice- creams growing in the icebox all I got left are Fruit RollTurn the hour hand back to when you were kissing me I'm deaf from all the echoes, is it something that I've done? What's the point of being up, all the money in the world I could be catching the flies, I could be seeing the world Can you please just say? Did they wipe your brain? How can you show me the world, when I'm leaving? You were always there like a sparkling light with a girl like you I don't need an enemy

Last Month’s Quiz 1) Welcome To My Life 2) Holding On 3) American Jesus (cover) 4) Last One Standing 5) The End 6) Perfect World 7) My Alien 8) One Day 9) Jump 10) Summer Paradise Written

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Full Name: Rossi de Carvalho Age: 29 Country: Australia Twitter nick: @Rossiiii_27A

Bands beside SP you like: Besides Simple Plan, some of my favourite bands are the Backstreet Boys, Avenged Sevenfold, Masketta Fall, Call The Shots. What do you do on Simple Plan Space?: I help with the proof reading, and find facts when needed and then a writer. Have you seen SP live?: I’ve seen them live 4 times. The first time I saw them was October 2008, I then saw them in October 2011, and most recently saw them twice in June 2012. Have you met them? I’ve met them 3 times, the first time was in 2011 with my younger sister. We have a funny story about that, Jeff noticed my sisters tights and spent a minute trying to work out what they were called. ‘pants, leggings, stockings’ he noticed them cause they had the Union Jack on them. Since when have you been a fan: I’ve been a fan of them since about August of 2002. Fave SP Song: That is a hard question. I would have to go with ‘I’m Just A Kid’ because it was the first song that I heard and is what got me into them initially.



Jeff Stinco Edition! Interview with Masketta Fall! Magazine written by fans for fans all about Simple Plan.


Jeff Stinco Edition! Interview with Masketta Fall! Magazine written by fans for fans all about Simple Plan.