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NOV 2013

HAWK NELSON INTERVIEW Feature : The Song Writing Process

EDITORS NOTE Hey everyone! No, I'm not Jen but for this month I was lucky enough to do the Editor’s role to give Jen a well deserved rest. I'm Maddie and I'm sure you've read my articles in the past, well at least I hope you have! This month aren't you in for a treat! This month the team has put together an incredible issue! I interviewed not one, not two, but THREE of my favourite bands: Call The Shots, Forever Ends Here and The Never Ever to see how they go about song writing! (and I am incredibly thankful that they made time to answer a few questions!) We've also got a rad interview with Hawk Nelson, someone who has been known to work with SP, plus all the info and news on SP and your other favourite bands! The Simple Plan Foundation have been up to a few wonderful charity events this month, so make sure you check it out and help out if you can! Plus a few of our favourite Aussie bands are heading on tour so make sure to grab a ticket and head out to a show! You won't regret it! This month has been such a wonderful experience for me and I hope you all enjoy this edition plus all of the issues still to come! Also, remember we have an absolutely incredible team here and are always looking for new members! So if you have a fair understanding of English and love SP shoot us an email! We Welcome Vitoria to our team from the December Edition, Rock on, Maddie Birkett @MaddieBirkett

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what does the Simple Plan foundation do? GRIS-Montreal

(Groupe de Recherche et d’Intervention Sociale) is a not for profit organisation which aims to support a better awareness and to assist with the integration into society of homosexuals and bisexuals by focusing its actions in the school systems as a way of demystifying homosexuality and bisexuality. In the past 4 years, the Simple Plan Foundation have shown its support of this program by donating a scholarship which is annually awarded to a local school implementing initiatives that not only help demystify homosexuality but also addresses the self-esteem of young people who are questioning their sexuality as well as trying to prevent and stop bullying. more info here

La Presse

Chuck and Jeff have been busy!

La Press is the largest French-language daily newspaper in the America ‘s and it recently shocked the Canadian Press by producing a free app available on both iTunes and Android which offers daily comprehensive, user-friendly and interactive information combining the best of print, web and video. After being shown the app by his father, (in fact the slogan “I admit that it was my father who made me discover it.” was incorporated into the ad campaign) Chuck threw his support behind the app, not only appearing in ad campaigns, but also speaking in publicity videos about the app.

Le Support campaign Le Support (formerly known as the Quebec Foundation for Intellectual Disabilities) this year celebrated 25 years assisting people with intellectual disabilities and their families. In their newest campaign, Le Support is encouraging people of Quebec to donate used clothing and household goods that could then be resold to not only help support the organisation, but also help reduce the over 6000 tons of goods sent to landfills in the area each year. Jeff Stinco, along with other well known Canadian personalities such as Laurent Paquin, Virginie Coossa, Jean Airoldi have not only lent their names to the project, but also donated goods of their own.

written by Leeann @adnaxar

ARE ROCK CONCERTS I know that I have used this article before but I had to share it again as I really loved what it told me! You can read this article on the next page. (Thanks and Sian) Usually after a rock concert, I have no voice, a pounding headache and my feet ache, as well as sore neck and shoulders. Feel the same? Keep reading. Going to rock concerts can be good for you! This makes me feel better as this year I have been to more concerts than I can count and still have many more! Next year is looking as good as this one was! So regardless of it’s validity as I have no idea who wrote it, each point makes some sense.

photo by

S GOOD FOR YOU? I think concerts are good for you. I know that I can escape from reality at a concert. Being in the Mosh or at the back I love the whole experience. The two MXPX concerts that I went to earlier this year made me so happy. Being in the Mosh at the Carlton Hotel was wild. I was left holding someones shoe and was kissed on the lips by some random stranger. I was hoisted up by another stranger and had my first crowd surfing experience. WOO! When ever I feel down I put on their music and remember the feelings that I had while I was there. Since then the song Chick magnet makes me laugh. That crowd was unique as we were all older than the usual concert as MXPX are a more mature band. :) As I type I am listening to ‘I heard that Sound’ and it brings a smile to my face.I say YES! Concerts make me happy, I look forward to them, sadly then can feel some post concert depression until the anticipation of the next one hits me.

written by Jen @justjenrees

10 Reasons Why Going For Your People go to music concerts for many reasons. Some people watch concerts to support their favorite music idols, others go to concerts to have fun with friends, while others watch concerts to enjoy music. 
But for whatever reason it is, many studies show that going to concerts is actually good for your health.

Here are some reasons why: 1. The feeling of excitement that a concert brings causes a sudden rush of adrenalin that is good for the heart. 2. This activity will also allow one to burn calories which can be a good form of physical exercise for the day. 3. Live music gives an uplifting feeling that is good for physical and emotional well being. 4. Live concerts allow one to perspire which leads to faster metabolism.

g to Concerts Is Good r Health!

5. Going to concerts is a healthy alternative to spending an evening at home watching television. 6. Watching your favorite music icon live, can bring a sense of confidence that can boost your overall well being. 7. Live concerts are social gatherings that can promote positive energy resulting to overall good health and great physical outlook. 8. Listening to live music can enhance your senses, resulting to more alert and better physical condition. 9. Being within a live concert promotes confidence that can lead to a healthier approach in life. 10. Live music can bring about a healthy balance that is good for the body and mind..........Author


CONCERT ANTICIPATION Finally the wait is over. The day we’ve been waiting for has arrived. There’s an announcement about a new tour. There’s a list. You read it and find your country on it. Preparation begins. I remember when I was about to attend my first Simple Plan show. I had

signed myself up for the Meet & Greet and was hoping to be one of the first 50 who had purchased tickets on the website. I was. When I found out I phoned my friend up in the middle of the night to tell her the good news, I just couldn’t wait ‘til morning. After that preparations


I’m from Sweden and I come from the southern part which is, according to the capital inhabitants, the country side. Stockholm is where everything happens and of course Simple Plan came to Stockholm. My preparations is therefore mostly about booking tickets, finding a place to stay and get days off from work which isn’t easy. When all those things are sorted out the emotional journey of preparations begin.

We all have our own ways of preparing for concerts and we all feel dif-

ferent about it. I’m very emotional and I have my personal issues that make it difficult for me. Others just buy a ticket the same afternoon because they didn’t have anything else to do and want to hear and see something new. I wish I could be as spontaneous.

I might not be organized when I go somewhere but I’m happy to be expe-

riencing and traveling with my best friend Erika who is. She helps me make a list to check to see if I’ve got everything with me and she’s always on time. We are each other’s opposites but we also complement each other well.

No matter where people live in the world we all do things similar in the

same situations which I find pretty fascinating. We try to find set lists to practice the songs, won’t stop until we know each song word by word, decide what to wear for the show, when to arrive, how to get there and everything else that needs to be taken care of before departure. Emotionally I guess the bigger difference lies but at the same time we aren’t too different either. We are never alone in our actions and preparations for a show no matter what kind of artist/band we are going to see, how old we are, where we are from or even gender.

That makes us one and proves once again that “music is the language that everybody speak” to quote our own David Desrosiers. Written by Sophie @sophiecarlbrant

Jen ......


When I prepare for a concert (an international band) I spend ages deciding on what tee to wear. Usually an SP one or the band playing. I like to get organised early with my clothes and merch money all ready to go the night before but that hardly ever happens, it is usually dropping into the bank on the way after I have run around trying to find my fav jeans. As I usually take 4 teens along I need to get them organised as well. We now have a routine in place where each person asks me if I have the tickets. I mean come on seriously who would forget the tickets to a concert? OK I would but only twice! Would of been three if we did not have the asking Jen Routine! We usually like to get in the city early and have a few places that we go to after we get a park. My fav place to go is Festival Hall (seen Simple Plan, Fall Out Boy and Good Charlotte there) We all go to a pub nearby and have some snacks and a few drinks. We don't tend to line up too early. I like to know the set list of the concert so I look it up and then make a CD for my car and listen to it prior to the concert. This CD I think helps me with my anticipation. I love the anticipation almost as much as the concert. The feeling that I get when the band is about to come out is amazing. So I guess I like to think my preparations are through and I am all organised but in reality sometimes not so much.


Concert prep for me is more than just buying tickets, there is also travel and accommodation to sort out as most concerts are at least 400+ km's from where I live, so there is a lot of planning and prep before the big day. With that all sorted, the total immersion usually begins. Play lists are added to ipods to ensure we know all the words to every song. Countdown calendars are created. Video clips and concert footage is watched, over and over again. We pay a closer attention to updates across fan pages and other social media, it all helps build the hype. My boys and I virtually eat, drink and sleep the band we are about to go see, in the end feeling more like we are going to see an old friend instead of being just one of thousands at a gig.


I have a concert coming up and the past month all I have been doing is listening to the setlist of songs on my iPod until I know every song word for word.I


For me, preparation is as Luke and Leeann have said, listening to the songs/ setlists on repeat so I know every word - it feels really damn good to sing all the songs and not just the famous ones. i try and read about other people's experiences so Iknow what to expect - will the singer stage-dive, do they call people up on stage, will the band come out afterwards for meeting fans, etc. Iget myself pumped up and then i need to calm down because I'm going to drive myself crazy with excitement. If we're talking about smaller details, I usually pee, eat, get hydrated etc before a show because you don't want to need to pee, get hunger pains or pass out in the middle of a concert. I just try to remember to have fun!

Get the facts on dealing with Post Concert Depression! Post Concert Depression. Is it a real thing? I'm not entirely sure, but it's real to all the serious fangirls and fanboys! We all know what it is and we have all felt it at some stage after a concert. For those of you yet to experience it, lucky you. Don't go to a concert, ever. You don't want to experience post concert depression. Okay, I'm kidding. Concerts are some of the greatest experiences you will ever get to witness, so when you get the chance, go! But there are a few little tips you can learn from to make sure you have the minimum dosage possible of PCD. 1. If you have the chance to (some venues may not allow it) video as much of the show as possible or at least your favourite songs so you can always look back at them and remember how awesome the show was! If you didn't video any of the show, make sure to check YouTube you can almost always find live videos. When I attended my first concert (you can find the review in the September issue!) the venue was small so no one really videoed any of it, except for one song but luckily someone recorded the entire audio for the show! 2. Photos are also good because they bring back memories. But you can always find professional photos from the show, so don't worry if you didn't take any! Plus I'm sure there would be someone somewhere that would be posting photos!

3. This is the most expensive tip and may not be possible for everyone, but to stop PCD you can just keep going to concerts frequently! You'll be too excited about the next show to be wishing it was the last show you went to! 4. Stay positive! I'm sure that band or singer will return to your area again soon for another awesome concert!

Some facts about Post Concert Depression: It's also known as Post Concert Depression Syndrome The symptoms can include sadness, an increase in obsession over the band, not being able to remember certain parts of the show and regret. PCDS does not always start straight after the concert, it can take weeks for you to develop the syndrome and you may not suffer it at all! PCDS will not last forever and hey, it's a great way to make friends! I know it sounds odd, but with social networks like Twitter it's easy to find people who went to certain concerts and then you can both discuss every little detail about the show and how perfect it was.. the list goes on! Just be aware that thinking back about the concert and all the memories can make your PCDS worse.

Written by Maddie Birkett @MaddieBirkett

Jen ........

This photo of Pierre gives me mixed emotions. I love hearing him sing Perfect Live but it also signifies the end of a SP concert. No matter how many times I see them I will always feel sad that it is over. Last year after meeting SP and seeing them a few times live, and a lot of traveling in the car, I was not only exhausted but really depressed that it was all over . I had a great time and the only thing I could think of was "take me back take me back" I also experienced this after Sound Wave of last year, it took me a few weeks to recover from that! The concerts that I go to here in Melbourne with local bands I don't feel so much but hey I know I will after December. I cant wait for Summer and the Warped Tour!

Kailia .......

After a concert (or really, any occasion I enjoy, for that matter), I feel super nostalgic and honestly quite sad. I’ll spend the hours/days after looking through videos or photos of the concert, and usually if I'm really in to the band, I'll spend weeks listening to nothing but that band and ending up in this huge k-hole of the band. but then after a while, I realize how wonderful the experience was and I start looking forward to the next one. it's a kind of weird cycle....


After a concert I always feel happy and sad at the same time. ”It’s not just one feeling, it’s an ocean of feelings that I’m drowning in.”. I'm so happy for being able to enjoy the concert I've been waiting for but at the same time the longing after the concert makes me strong and focused. When it's over, what will keep me fighting then? It's scary and the feelings after a concert, the depression, keeps getting stronger and stronger each time. I can't shut the feelings out and I know that I'll feel better after awhile but it' a struggle I can't deny.

Marly .....

I don't so much get pcd, but I do wish I could relive the moment, over and over. And I try to search every live version of the songs from the concert to listen to. I have every live version from the SP concert last year on my iPod. Via YouTube.

Leeann ............

I am usually overwhelmed with exhaustion more than depression after a concert. Riding on the anticipation high, counting down sometimes for months prior, only to have it all seem to be over in the blink of an eye. For me and my boys, we generally have a ridiculously long trip home, where by we can crank the tunes and almost like a debrief session, relive the moment, song by song. Once back to reality, it's time to take a breath, bore our friends with our repetitive stories, and pics (even though they will never understand our passion, and most of the time, don't even know the bands) until we can find another concert to start counting the days down too, and the hype starts again.


I felt like l was on an emotional high for days but then the sadness kicks in. I just wanted to relive it again and for it not to end. The best time of of my life!

This month I was lucky enough to interview three of my absolute favourite bands on something a little different. A massive thanks to them for kindly taking the time to answer some questions! For the next three issues we will be focusing a little more on the music, rather than the band. I caught up with the guys in Forever Ends Here (Luke, Kane, Jackson and Mav), Josh from Call The Shots and Dylan from The Never Ever to discuss their song writing techniques!

FOrever Ends Here


What is the process you go through to create the lyrics for a song? (e.g., you write the chorus first then base the verses on that etc.) Dylan: it's a pretty cliché answer, but it changes every time. Songs like In or Out (which is going to be the main single on Ghosts and Ghouls) actually started by me playing drums and coming up with the rhythm of it and then writing the music around it and that rhythm and then working out the chords for the song and the melodies. Usually with me, the lyrics are the last thing. I think that's pretty natural for me because I'm a guitarist first and foremost and I've played guitar forever and this whole singing and writing lyrics and melodies is kind of new to me. So I kind of get the music to a point where I'm really happy with it, write the melodies and lyrics are last to come and I record basically everything as it comes and goes so we've got plenty of demoed songs. Luke: To be honest I don't really have a specific way of doing it. It varies every time. For our second EP we booked the studio before all the songs had been written so I was writing to a time limit. I'd focus mainly on putting together a chorus, and I'd show that to the boys to give everyone an idea of the meaning behind the song. That way we could brainstorm our thoughts and decide whether or not it was a keeper before writing verses and a bridge. If I'm putting together a song on the spur of the moment it’s often based on something that happened to me during the day or the thoughts in my head at the time. I prefer putting together the lyrics from start to finish, similar to a journal entry or a story, I guess. Josh: Everyone is different when writing songs, for me I USUALLY start off with a random little melody in my head and I sort of build on it with a chorus and then work on the verses and lyrics. Another way I do it if I WANT to write a song, is I will play a guitar part that I think sounds cool and put drums under it straight away, THEN work on everything else.

How do you find the inspiration to write your music? Dylan: I can't force myself to write music, you know, I can force myself to write 10 crap songs but when the moment of inspiration strikes at the most random of times that's when it's right, when you know you've got a good idea just come into your head straight away it's usually late at night or you're in the shower or you're doing something else which really you should be concentrating on and then you just have to kind of commit to it otherwise it'll go and you won't remember it. For example, this week I was doing a uni essay that was due that night but I had a song idea and I was like “crap this is the first song idea I've had in a long time I need to get this down” so I spent 2 hours demoing it out and it'll probably end up on the new The Never Ever CD one day.

But in terms of lyrics, lyrics are quite different. On Ghosts and Ghouls I was drawing a lot from personal experience, a sort of self reflection and introspection I tried to get a little bit deep with what was kind of going on in my head at the time. So a lot of the themes dealt with are trying to become a more grounded and stronger person and try to help others do the same which was one of the bigger themes of Ghosts and Ghouls. At the moment I'm writing a few songs. I know recently I've had sort of a big life change in my personal life and things are very different and it's all about new experiences and fun and it's a real new leaf. So personal experiences and what's going through your head at the time usually ends up on paper. Luke: Inspiration is something some songwriters go looking for but I feel the best lyrics come from inspiration that finds you. Lyrics are much more true and meaningful when they relate to the songwriter on a personal level. I'll often search for inspiration in other bands that I'm into at the time for the feel behind the music, but 90% of my lyrical inspiration comes from my own head. Josh: This changes all the time actually! sometimes I can be feeling angry or happy and decide to write about that feeling or other times I could be listening to one of my favourite bands and think... I want a catchy jump around song like this, and take influence from that usually its just about something I want to say.

If you could write a song for anyone to sing, who would it be? (not including your band) Dylan: Man, that's a big call. I think it'd be pretty cool to write something for [Justin] Bieber. That'd be wicked. But I think it'd be really cool to write with Matthew from the Getaway Plan. I think he's a very very good songwriter and I'd love to write with him or for him. But Bieber is my answer. Luke: I think I'd have to say Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day. He was one of the main reasons I started writing songs and he's still one of my favourite voices. Josh: Hmmmmm... this is really hard actually... I can think of a million people I would write a song WITH for ME to sing haha... but I’m not too sure I can answer this one!

Do you ever get writer's block? If so, how do you get rid of it? Dylan: Honestly, I think it takes time, you can’t force it to happen. I've tried many times. I think maybe changing where you're trying to write sometimes, like when I was in New York for holidays last year I got really inspired by just looking at new landscapes or I don't know, doing things outside your comfort zone or doing things you wouldn't normally do, listening to new music, trying to get some new influences is always really good.

I'm continually listening to new bands and new solo artists in completely different genres to The Never Ever, majority of the music I listen to doesn't sound anything like The Never Ever and being able to draw from those different influences and bringing them in to something that sounds like The Never Ever or that has a bit of a twist on it can really help. Or lyrically you can just go out and get dumped by your boyfriend or girlfriend and I'm sure you'd have plenty to write about haha. Luke: I do a lot. I'll quite often write a verse and a chorus, or a chorus and a bridge, or even just a verse, and although I'll be stoked on how it's turning out I just won't be happy with anything else I come up with. Usually when that happens I'll just sit on it for a while. I'll leave the song how it is and then one day when I feel like writing I'll come back to it with a fresh mindset. Josh: ALL THE TIME haha! If you can’t write something at the time, you just have to walk away from it and come back at another time... pushing a forced song doesn't usually turn out amazing. What's most difficult about writing lyrics? Dylan: It's hard. Fundamentally we're [The Never Ever] a pop-rock band so sometimes there's things you want to say but you need to be able to say them in a catchy and memorable way as well so there's a really fine line between how linguistic you can be and how you address them with rhyming patterns and syllable words to make sure all your fading's right. But you know, I could come out and sing an essay to you guys and no one would remember it because that wasn't catchy. What was that? So try to put what you say into something that people can digest and hopefully remember and get stuck in their head. That's the trickiest part. That's why so many pop artists and pop punk artists are really great ones because it's all about the phrasing and all about the melodies so it's really really great to look up to some people . Josh: THE FIRST LINE! The first line needs to grab your attention and sometimes that's a lot harder to come up with than it sounds! You need to tell a story when writing a song and you also have to fit that story into a 3 and a half minute song! Its definitely difficult! Any tips for those wanting to write their own lyrics? Dylan: Be honest, I think if nothing else I've experienced in writing songs is that if I'm honest with myself I communicate it better. And I often find that when people listen to what you're saying in the song respect that honesty and that genuineness. There's also a really good website as well called which is fantastic if you get stuck haha. But I think honesty and sing about what you’re passionate about. I don’t think I could write a song about 'girls in the club' just because that's not the sort of person I am, that's not what I’m interested in. I think especially singing on Ghosts and Ghouls the issues that were important to me at the time really helped me get them across and really made me work on the lyrics over a longer period of time rather than writing something generic to fit in to some sort of structure that's already been put in place.

Luke: Find your own style and write from your head. There's a million different ways in which lyrics can be perceived - write them in a way that you can relate directly to yourself and that you can look back on and be proud of. If you listen to songs with metaphorical lyrics, see the cleverness behind them and admire that quality in a song, then write metaphorically and challenge yourself. If you prefer songs that are more literal and get straight to the point - maybe they hit you harder - then write lyrics exactly like that. Writing lyrics isn't about impressing anyone else; it's about expressing yourself. Josh: Be true to what you're writing and write it from your heart. Say what you want to. Nothing you write will be wrong! It's YOUR song so make sure people know that Where do you start with the instruments? Dylan: It starts differently every time and you know, everyone says it but it really does. Like I play a whole bunch of instruments and it could be a drum idea that came into my head or it might be a melody idea that I'm singing in the car and then I'm like “wow this guitar part might come along with it or you know I might be playing on a keyboard and think wow that's a cool rift, let’s see if we can fit that with something else. So it changes every time but I write majority of my songs on the acoustic guitar. That's where all the chords will come from and if I can sing it alone with just an acoustic guitar and the melody sounds good and it’s still effective stripped back like that, then I know it’s going to be an effective song, because you can put as many cool guitar parts and keyboard parts and cool special effects to a song it doesn't mean it'll be a good song, it's just going to mean it'll sound polished. That's why I don't think a lot of the songs you'll hear on the radio are good, but it’s because they're polished. Jackson: We generally start with rhythm guitar and then head towards filling up the rhythm section with drums and bass and eventually get to leads. Josh: I usually start with guitars and build off that. Kane: Rhythm guitar first, then it’s usually my chance to add a beat given that’s a key driver of any song and finally bass, leads and pretty stuff get layered on top. Luke: We always start with a basic chord progression on guitar. If we already have an idea for a lead guitar line we'll throw it in at the start, if not we'll leave it 'til the end. Bass and drums find their way into the song after we've discussed what mood we're going for - whether it's up beat and jumpy, half time and technical etc. - the feel of the song is heavily influenced by the drums. Mav: At the beginning of the track usually haha. We kind of just add bass, drums and guitars to whatever bits of the song that Luke has already written a rhythm guitar for.

Do you think it's more like just trying different chords and note until it fits in with the lyrics or sounds cool or is there a different way? Dylan: I've played guitar long enough now to kind of know what keyboard line in my head a lot of the time I kind of go oh wow I know that scale, these chords will fit into it, but yes trial and error is a really big thing especially with lead parts and things like that but I tend to get the chord structure down pretty quickly but I think of all things coming up with vocal melodies is really trial and error and it’s really hard when you've got one in your head and you're trying to come up with something else. So you could have the best lyrics in the world but unless they're attached to a memorable and cool melody they're not going to be as effective. I place about 80% of the song on how good the melody is . Jackson: I focus on making things sound as holistic as possible. I always want the song to sound rad as a whole so I keep all lyrics and other instruments in mind from the start when writing leads. Josh: Yep! But then again It's how you are writing it and what you're starting out with. Kane: All the drums I write come from a trial and error process. I know what I want it to sound like in my head so it’s just a matter of trying different things until it works. Luke: It's definitely crucial that the chord progression compliments the melody of the vocals, but at the same time, it's also important to try new things and not use the same 4 chords for every song. Often we'll find the simple 4 chord progression that best suits the melody and then play on that by adding a minor chord variation or changing the order or length of the chords the second, 3rd or 4th time through. Mav: Well Luke and Jackson handle all that, I just write bass parts to the root notes of the chords and might add little embellishments here and there. Is it difficult making all of the instruments work together? Do you have any techniques that you use to help create melodies? Dylan: It can be. With TNE, well because we have the ability to use electronic stuff, you know there's so much of that in our songs that the possibilities are really long and so sometimes we'll get a little carried away on an idea but it can be difficult deciding where to stop..Limit yourself, but we like to try and go as crazy as possible with a lot of the time, but sometimes some of the most simple ideas are the most important as well. Jackson: It isn’t that difficult for me anymore; I often try to harmonize with the rhythm guitar and try to make things sound pretty so I guess you could consider this a technique? Josh: Not really! Once you get something happening, it normally just starts to flow, and you go with whatever pops into your head. To create a melody I usually think of something I want to say, even if it's just one line, and then I start singing it randomly with a different melody until something sounds catchy to me. This is pretty much the only way I do it!

Kane: I just hit stuff and the sound comes out… what’s a melody? Haha Luke: I suppose that's something you get used to over time. In our genre you learn that the bass guitar should compliment the accents of the kick drum whilst usually following a similar note pattern to the rhythm guitar and other little things of the like. Once you get an ear for it, it's all a matter of trying different things until you all like the same one. To me, there's not really a technical way of creating a melody - just picture something that sounds cool in your head and figure out how to bring it to the fret board or your voice box. I learned the technical terms for melodic techniques once, but I threw them away when I realised they only mattered for school grades. Mav: With bass it mostly fits because I play the same note as the rhythm guitar but sometimes I'll write a little bass line that I'll have to play with the guitars just to see if it fits. Any tips or hints for anyone trying to create their own melody for a song? Jackson: Make it as catchy as possible, focus on the lyrics and try to think of words that will be stuck in your head for weeks. Josh: Catchy is the key! Make your choruses SOAR. Kane: Keep working at it, listen to a heap of music and eventually it will come naturally. Practice makes perfect. Luke: If you like it, it's rad. People like listening to things they can latch on to. There's no use trying to be fancy and technical if the final product doesn't make you want everyone to hear it once and sing it for the rest of the day. Sometimes simple is better. Mav: Just find an interval you like and then play around with it from there. Also just picking different strings of chords can be a really easy way to create simple melodies. Do you have any techniques to help make the instruments work together? Dylan: I think the dynamics of the song are very important so you might have a really big verse with some breathing space or maybe you might think you don’t need this guitar part until the second verse or until the second half of the first verse or maybe if we simplify the drum pattern or something like that it’d seem less busy or maybe there could be no bass in the first half of the first verse. There’s lots of different things that you can try but I think dynamics and creating interest.

Any tips or hints for anyone trying to create their own instrumental part for a song?

Dylan: One of my favourite tips came from someone, he was in a band called Sierra Montana and he's a very good songwriter. One of his favourite tips was if you can come up with an idea, keep singing it in your head over and over again and if you can remember it a week later it means it's a good idea. But in terms of writing your music it's a lot of trial and error I think but the more you do it the better you become at it and the better you become at recognising what is a good idea and what is a bad idea and 9 times out of 10 you're going to have a bad idea but that one time it's not a bad idea you know it's going to be great. Another really good tip is making sure you record or demo even just on your iPhone or if you don't have something like that, write out old ideas because so many times when you've written this cool idea and it just won’t fit and you go well this sucks because a year later, six months later you'll be like wow what was that part I wrote out again because I think that would fit perfectly and there's so many times where vocal melodies or lyrics or guitar parts or a drum beat that I've written and scrapped from a song comes back and fits in perfectly and makes the song. For example, 'Second Star to the Right' off our newest EP [Ghosts & Ghouls] is an old song idea. The main hook part of the synth is the guitar line in my old band [with Pat (bassist of TNE)] that I was in high school and the song was okay but it just fit so perfectly into this song. So just having a collection of old song ideas comes in so useful no matter how bad you think they are at the time.

These guys know what they're talking about too! They've all had successful songs that do something that most songs on the radio don't. They know how to relate to fans and their lyrics mean something. Anyway, if you haven't heard anything by The Never Ever, Call The Shots or Forever Ends Here it's definitely worth the time to check out some of their stuff. There's no doubt in my mind that one day these guys are going to go to massive places with their music.

Written by Maddie Birkett @MaddieBirkett

Hawk Nelson. A Christian pop punk/pop rock band that hail from Ontario, Canada. The members are Daniel Biro [Founding member/Bass], Jonathan Steingard [lead vocals] and Justin Benner [Drums]. However, when I first ‘discovered’ them back in 2005 they were a four piece that consisted of Jason Dunn [lead singer], Daniel Biro [bass], Davin Clark [Guitar] and Matt Paige [Drums]. This line up changed over the years culminating with Jason Dunn’s departure last year to pursue a solo project. Now with their new lineup and dynamics they have written and released their latest album MADE, which I believe is their best album, to date. I became a fan through their first album, Letters to the President, incidentally via my love of music. I actually came upon them through a Christian Music Video DVD that I’d bought in Hong Kong [that same trip I listened to Still Not Getting Any countless number of times, but I digress]. Their video for Every Little Thing was on the DVD and the first thing I thought was ‘wow, a Christian SP’ because that’s the style of the songs on their first studio release. They subsequently wrote five more studio releases, Smile It's the End of the World (2006), Hawk Nelson is My Friend (2008), Live Life Loud (2009), Crazy Love (2011) and Made (2013), each album building on what they had previously done. Made, their latest offering, is their first as a three piece and in my opinion it is the best album they have released. The songs are filled with positive lyrics and directly allude to their faith in God. It has a more pop influenced style than the previous albums. Aside from their main albums, they've released several EPs including a couple of Christmas offerings with a few fun Christmas tracks. I have yet to see them live, however, their live shows are very enjoyable if the YouTube videos of them are anything to go by. They are the first Christian band that I got in to and they have opened the way for other bands, just as Simple Plan has done for me in the secular music industry.

When I was approached by Simple Plan Space and asked if I wanted to interview the band, I was stoked and said I would love to do it. So, please enjoy the interview I conducted via email with Dan Biro, bassist of the band Hawk Nelson.

Thank you for the opportunity to interview you, your band have been one of my favourite 'Christian' bands since I heard the First Notes of Letters to the President in 2005. I wish to share my love with the readers of the Simple Plan Space Fan Magazine, through asking you some questions. Thanks for the compliment! Our pleasure!


Tell me about yourself and your most important influence in life?

A. Daniel Biro. Bassist in Hawk Nelson. Born, raised and live in Canada. The presence of God, through His Beauty all around us, from what we find in nature, to each other in people – His Love has had the greatest influence in my life. Q. What was the inspiration behind the band name, Hawk Nelson? A. Haha, it’s a funny name – SO many people still say “I LOVE THAT GUY!”… and we’re like, well, it’s a band. Sometimes I cave and simply reply – ME TOO! ☺ Not too much inspiration behind the name, it was just the least bad of our choices. Q. What initially motivated you guys to enter the music industry? A. We have all been greatly influenced by music. It’s a powerful thing, I think we can all agree on that. There’s something more going on than just a sequence of notes and syllables. Human Expression and our inner most questions being asked. It’s like Poetry on Steroids. We were curious and passionate about trying it out, and very quickly we were hooked.

Q.. As you are all Christians, how does that affect how you view the music industry today? Do you consider yourself a 'Christian band' or are you a band that has Christian members? A. We are all on this journey together, seeking Truth. We all want to know why we’re here. What we were MADE for. Deep stuff. We share that we’ve been blown away with Gods act of Love – that is, Jesus Christ. Each day we talk with God, ask for Grace, for our sins and shortfalls, and ask for help to extend that Love to others. This fundamentally changes the way you look at the world. The way you come up with content. As for the Music Industry – it’s changing, but it always has been. It’s a living, breathing business, it’s not static. Q. I first encountered your band in 2005, through your music video for 'Every Little Thing'. It is one of my favourite song/videos of yours. In light of this, can you tell me, what is the writing and recording process like for your guys and how do you decide what will be a single/video? A. That was a long time ago for this band, and each record has been different for Hawk Nelson. Lately, like on our new record MADE, Jon, our new lead singer has been writing a ton, co-writing a ton – something like 60 songs to get the 12 you hear in the end. We somewhere along the way really connect with a particular song, the lyric speaks to us, and that’s when we think it’s eligible for a “single.” Videos usually follow singles, for marketing purposes, but not always. Sometimes you just get a really creative idea, outside of all the marketing plans. Q. Your friend and former lead singer, Jason, quoted that one of his influences was Simple Plan. How about the rest of you guys? Have you heard any of Simple Plan’s music, and if so, what are your thoughts? A. Simple Plan was a big influence on me as well. I loved going to their shows in the Toronto, Ontario, Canada area and Warped Tour etc. What a great LIVE ACT. Very entertaining, and some quality, catchy pop punk rock songs. I liked UNTITLED a lot. Q. What is your favourite song to play live? A. Probably our newest single WORDS as of late. People just seem to know it. It’s a bit of an anthem that we all can relate with. It’s fun to sit back and listen to the crowd singing in unison.

Q. Do you prefer to play festivals or small shows? A. Hmmmm, both are good for good reasons. This year it’s been about equal amounts of both, and I think there’s a good balance there. Q. What does the future hold for Hawk Nelson? Any plans that you can share? More music, more concerts, more innovation. As the industry changes, so will music, and so will we. We love what we do. Q.. And the most important question, I read that you came to Australia for EasterFest in 2010; are you planning on returning to Australia sometime in the future? A. Yes we LOVE Australia and we have just heard we are coming back for Easterfest in 2014 baby!!!!! OI OI OI Q. What are your favourite songs? A. Every Little Thing, Letters to the President, Everything You Ever Wanted, One Little Miracle, Crazy Love, Words, Every Beat if My Broken Heart, Made, Love Like That, Faithful. Thank you Dan for taking the time out of your busy schedule to answer my questions. I am grateful for what you and your band has done for the music industry and the Christian music industry in particular. Thank you.

2013: Made

2009: Live Life Loud

2004: Letters to the President


2011: Crazy

2006: Smile, It's the End of the World

2011 The Light Sides

H A W k n e l s o n m u s i c

2012 The Songs you Have Already Heard

Check out these websites for more info!

Hawk Nelson Website

written by Marly @thepiesendure


Title: Last One Standing Album: Get Your Heart On! Length: 3.27 minutes Genre: Pop-punk Label: Lava, Atlantic

Simple Plan’s fourth studio album was released on June 21st 2011. Its first single was Can’t Keep My Hands Off You and it came out on March 31st. The second one was Jet Lag and it came out on April 25th 2011 with a few music videos. Get Your Heart On! (GYHO) is an album that was recorded between August-November 2011 and it’s the second album with collaborations. Their debut album No Pads, No Helmets… Just Balls had collaborations with Mark Hoppus (blink-182) and Joel Madden (Good Charlotte). The response from fans about the collaborations of GYHO has been positive. Many fans including myself also listen to similar bands such as All Time Low and Alex Gaskarth lent his voice to track #7 Freaking Me Out. The second single Jet Lag was written as a duet and Natasha Bedingfield and Marie-Mai lent their voices to an English and a French version of the song. Since then many more versions have been made. Last One Standing, our song of the month, is a 3.27 minutes track of heavier sounds and great lyrics. The intro is building up the song in a way that makes you want to listen to hear what’s coming next, it gives a feeling of excitement. The sound is harder and angrier. It’s about not giving up and being the one that’s left when everyone else has fallen. The back vocals from David and Seb give the chorus so much power and the drums are slammed hard. The bridge is also building up nicely and the screamlike-sound from Pierre gives me chills, it fits perfect there and gives the song that little extra which makes it so great!

Last ONE Standing How many times are you gonna try to shut me out? I told you once, told you twice, I ain't gonna turn back around You can say whatever, try to mess with me I don't care, I'm not scared You don't have to say you’re sorry, save your sympathy With a friend like you, I don't need an enemy I would give you time if you were worth it But guess what, you're not worth it Whoa-oh, whoa-oh, I'm always gonna be the last one standing Whoa-oh, whoa-oh, 'cause I'm never gonna give up trying And now I'm ready to go, I'm here, I'm waiting for you And I'm gonna be the last one standing The last one standing Did you think that I would surrender easily? Just like that, you were getting rid of me Is that the way you saw it all go down? I don't think, I don't think so There's not a word you can say I haven't heard before So give it up, give it up unless you want a little more You think you're pretty tough, so let's throw down It's alright, I'm alright Whoa-oh, whoa-oh, I'm always gonna be the last one standing Whoa-oh, whoa-oh, 'cause I'm never gonna give up trying And now I'm ready to go, I'm here, I'm waiting for you And I'm gonna be the last one standing I won't give up, I keep trying (I'm always gonna be the last one standing) It's not over, I keep fighting (I'm always gonna be the last one standing) I won't give up, I keep trying (I'm always gonna be the last one standing) It's not over, I keep fighting I keep fighting! Whoa-oh, whoa-oh, I'm always gonna be the last one standing Whoa-oh, whoa-oh, 'cause I'm never gonna give up trying And now I'm ready to go, I'm here, I'm waiting for you And I'm gonna be the last one standing [x2] Whoa-oh, whoa-oh, the last one standing [x2] Here’s a lyrics video of the song on

Written by Sophie @sophiecarlbrant




For me, "Last One Standing" is like a message that I want to send to life. My life is so messed up! But no matter how horribly it treats me "I'm always gonna be the last one standing". And the bridge "I won't give up, I keep trying. It's not over, I keep fighting..." just gives me more strength. Every time I listen to that song I imagine myself singing and moshing with SP at the concert :)


It was quite awesome and very amazing. I mean it gets you pumped up for what you want to do and encourages you to say "I'm not backing down"


Whenever I feel like I can't do something I remember this amazing song and tell myself that I won't give up just like my 5 heroes didn't! I love this song

@CharlieSP .....

I love this song. I can relate to the lyrics and when I sing it, it makes me feel powerful and in control of my emotions. I have spent ages trying to not let people into my head and controlling how I feel. This song helps me do that. I really like the lyrics “I would give you time if you were worth it, Well guess what you’re not worth it.” This has helped me with broken friendships as well as a few ex boyfriends. I love how Simple Plan write songs that we can sing and the lyrics are exactly what we want to say. I guess this song gives me more strength to deal with the crap life can bring.


Last One Standing is a motivation song. About never giving up and always being the strongest you can be. Great song to hear live.

Erin ......

Last One Standing contains a powerful message about being true to who you are. It's also a message to the 'haters', refusing to let anyone get under your skin. My favourite line is "I would give you time if you were worth it. But guess what, you're not worth it!!"


written by Sonia @darrenismylove

STAGE MEXICO On October 3rd, Simple Plan performeD at MTV World Stage in Mexico. During that day the band had a conference and Fall Out Boy signed a guitar for their foundation. During the show the band played:

1.Shut 1.ShutUp Up 2.2.Can’t Can’tKeep KeepMy MyHands HandsOff OffYou You 3.3.Jump Jump 4.4.When WhenI’m I’mGone Gone 5.5.You YouSuck SuckAt AtLove Love 6.6.Jet JetLag Lag 7.7.Summer SummerParadise Paradise 8.8.Welcome WelcomeTo ToMy MyLife Life 9.9.Anything Anything 10. 10.Perfect Perfect Check out the links below to watch.

Shut Up!: Jet Lag: You Suck At Love: When I’m Gone: Perfect:

Swedish Festivals Hultsfred:

It was held for the first time back in 1986 and has always had big influences of pop and rock. It started out as a two-day festival that was during the second weekend in August each year but that changed through the years. It’s one of Sweden’s most popular festivals. It recently changed location to the capital, Stockholm. 31, 800 people visited the festival during it’s 3 days in 2005. That year the head shows were Marilyn Manson, Snoop Dog, System Of A Down and Nine Inch Nails.

Way Out West:

2007 was the premier for this festival. It takes place on the west coast in Gothenburg. It’s been growing from 18, 000 visitors the first year to 27, 000. Acts during the years – Kanye West, The Hives, Neil Young, Lil’ Kim, Bon Iver, Rise Against, Alicia Keys.

Sweden Rock:

Has been going strong since 1992. It’s an international hard rock festival. It’s being held in the middle of June each year. It was Sweden’s most popular festival in 2008 but now another festival has that title – Bråvalla. Sweden Rock has visitors in all different ages. Acts during the years – Guns N’ Roses, Aerosmith, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Skid Row, Mötley Crüe, The Darkness, Ozzy Osbourne.


It’s a smaller festival held in the south of Sweden. It began in 2003 and had to cancel in 2013. It sold 10, 000 tickets in 2010 which is its biggest number. Acts during the years – All Time Low, The Sounds, Mustasch, Plain White T’s.

Peace & Love:

It’s a Swedish festival held in Borlänge, in late June/beginning of July each year. The festival started back in 1999 and had 900 visitors during its two days. It was a festival that grew bigger and bigger for every year. Peace & Love was at is best during 2009-2012. It grew to be the biggest festival in Sweden before it got problems with the economy and had to shut down earlier this year. In 2011 they sold 50 000 tickets and the festival lasted for five days. Peace & Love was a festival with a great mix. It had music in all different genres, international and Swedish, comedians, lectures, poetry and other activities.

Over the years –

Rise Against, Alice Cooper, The Strokes, Jay Z, John Fogerty, Six Pistols, Robyn, M.I.A, Kings of Leon, Journey. I went to my first real festival in 2012 when Peace & Love had 48, 621 visitors during its five days. Simple Plan was the only reason I went there and therefore I bought a one-day ticket. I skipped the campus life and stayed at a hotel instead. Simple Plan was great, as always, and I have some really good memories from that show. It was new to me, experiencing a festival like that. Today I’m so thankful I bought that ticket and took an eight hour train ride through cities and places I’ve never been to before. 2012 – Simple Plan, Rihanna, Mac Millar, DaDa Life, Skrillex, Mumford & Sons, Roxette + others and comedians Bråvalla: A new festival that during its first year 2013 sold 51, 590 tickets which is the highest amount for any Swedish festival ever. It was a three day festival with 112 different acts. First released acts were Rammstein, Green Day and Avicii. All Time Low played on the second day and I just couldn’t let the chance of seeing them live go to waste. I once again bought only a one-day ticket and saw one of my favorite bands. It was spontaneous but worth it. What bothers me is that I had to go back home because of work so I missed out on other great shows. I have such great memories from that show as well as the one with Simple Plan in 2012. What can I say? I’d travel through the whole country to see my favorite bands live without a doubt.

Written by Sophie @sophiecarlbrant

Ben Roncalli Simpson : Lead singer/guitar Jules Dols : guitar/ backing vocals Jeremy Rocca : Bass Valentin Picard : Drums I first heard of this band when they emailed me to request an interview (which will be in the December edition). When I listened to them I realised that they were a band that fits well into the pop punk genre that this magazine is all about. I encourage you to take a listen, and purchase it on iTunes here. I have added all the songs to my many playlists and I enjoy listening to their unique sound. If I was to try and describe their sound I would say that there is definitely a similar sound to The Never Ever with sounds of Boys Like Girls as well as All Time Low. No wonder I like them! Then my son told me when I was listening to Friends With Benefits in the car that they sounded like a French Call the Shots and I realised that what he said was far more correct with his sum up than mine! I really don’t know how I missed that! Many of these songs stay in my head long after I have finished listening to them, the main one that does is the first track, Wake Up to Seventeen. I really like that the lead vocalist Ben and back up vocalist Jules compliment each other so well even though their voices are different. All the songs are filled with vocals, which I love, as I am not big into long guitar solos but prefer to sing along. (not claiming that I can sing in tune!) The standout songs on this CD for me would be Wake Up to Seventeen (can’t beat a song that stays in your head for ages) and Friends with Benefits. My favourite song of all however is Without You. The catchy guitar rift at the start sets the pace for a really solid song. Another song worth a mention is Life Goes On. I do like a slower song with a great message and this one does not disappoint. Do your self a favour, if you love the bands I mentioned above take a listen to the three songs that they have on their facebook page and support them by purchasing the CD on itunes if you like what you hear. That is what I did!

Check out their you tube page here follow them on twitter like them on facebook

Track listing 1. Wake up to Seventeen 2. Friends With Benefits 3. Take Me High 4. Sorry Girl But I Don’t Miss You 5. Life Goes On 6. Fed Up 7. Without You 8. On My Own 9. Hero 10. New Start 11. Crash Into the Ocean

written by Jen @justjenrees

Hawk Nelson MADE review. This album is somewhat of a departure from the band's "pop punk" sound. It is more pop than punk. The message in all the tracks leans more toward the Christian side of their influence. Made is also their first venture as a trio and Jonathan Steingard's vocals are emotional and convey the message of each song very well. The title track speaks of how we are made exactly how God meant us to be made. And poses the question: "Why do you hide from who you are?" Then states: "You're beautiful, wonderful, perfectly made, perfectly made; You're meant to be what you see; you're not a mistake, not a mistake." The band does not shy from writing about their faith their love for God, but in an accessible way. Words is one such song, it speaks of the power of words and how they want only to speak words that "points the world back to you." (You=God) This whole album is uplifting and great for when your spirit is low and you need a reminder of how great God is, or when you need an injection of joy and hope in your week.

written by Marly @thepiesendure

Masketta Fall – Parachute EP review. Written and Performed by: Masketta Fall, Michael Paynter and Michael DeLorenzis. Mixed and Recorded by: Michael Paynter and Michael DeLorenzis To start with the Parachute EP has a different feel to what the Something Beautiful EP has, it's more up beat. Track one is the title track “Parachute” where the boys have decided to reference their fans by calling them their 'parachutes' that are always going to be there to catch them. Track two is “Telescope” is about being able to learn from mistakes and fears and being able to move on from those. Track three is “Let There Be Light” is one of the more deeper songs on the EP, it's about fighting depression and is the bands way of showing their fans that there can and will be brighter days ahead, if they just believe in themselves. Hope can get you through anything Track four is “If today could last forever” is about wanting a day to last forever and not wanting to let go and have everything changing. As an added bonus they have acoustic tracks of the above mentioned songs. Each track on the EP has the ability to become stuck in your head after only hearing it once. What's different this time around is that there is an almost electrified sound to the drums.

Written by Rossi @Rossiiii_27A & Lisa @Liisa_Maae

Calen October 1st – With just 2 months until Simple Plan returns to Oz, Tone Deaf took the opportunity to interview Seb about their past Warped Tour experiences, and upcoming shows down under. You can check out the full interview here – October 1st – As part of International Music Day, the Université de Sherbrooke’s School of Music announced at a press conference today that Jeff Stinco would be donating one of his guitars to the school. In fact the guitar in question was Jeff’s first classical guitar. Before handing it over to the school, Jeff decided to play the guitar one last time. Of the donation, Jeff said: “Handing over my own guitar, which I used as a student of the Montréal conservatory, is a symbolic gesture. I couldn’t imagine passing it on to anyone not in the next generation of musicians. This guitar let me develop my potential and I hope that it will do the same for the student receiving it. The guitar holds a great deal of sentimental value for me. It has a number of outstanding qualities. Its high level of precision charmed me and the guitar has the gift of amplifying what the player asks of it.” See this here. October 2nd – Today Chuck tweeted that not only was work on the upcoming SP EP going smoothly, but Seb had finished his guitar parts for all songs. We are a little bit closer to the EP’s release.

October 2nd – Simple Plan arrive in Mexico ahead of their performance at MTV World Stage.

October 3rd – Before hitting the stage, Pierre and Chuck took some time out to hit a round of golf where they also recorded short video messages for Nuevo Leon tourism. You can check out their messages along with their golfing abilities here and here. October 10th – October is Cancer Awareness Month. Warner Music Australia, in collaboration with Concerse and Sharpie recently launched ‘In Their Shoes’, a fundraising initiative where bands such as Red Hot Chilli Peppers, James Blunt, Bruno Mars and our very own Simple Plan (to name but a few) were asked to customise a pair of converse to be auctioned off on Ebay. The Auction is set to begin on October 24th with all proceeds going to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, or the charity of the artist’s choice. Want to know more? Click here

nder October 10th – It was announced today that the Simple Plan Foundation will again be holding its annual benefit this year entitled ‘Simple Plan and Friends’ to be held on November 12th. The event that will be hosted by Anne-Marie Withenshaw will feature performances by Simple Plan, Coeur de Pirate and Les Trois Accords. Those attending will also have the opportunity to chat and pose for pics with the guys, as well as bid on one of the many lots up for auction. You can watch the guys talking about the event, and inviting us all along here. October 17th – Representing the Simple Plan Foundation, Seb and Jeff were on hand in Montreal today for the official groundbreaking ceremony of the Garage à musique relocation project of the Dr Julien Foundation.

October 17th – It was confirmed today, that despite earlier reports, Simple Plan will in fact be playing ‘one’ side show as part of their return to Australia in Nov/Dec this year. As the Australian Warped tour will not be hitting the West Coast, the guys have decided to headline a one off show with Aussie Band Tonight Alive on December 3rd.

October 17th – While we are all awaiting the release of the SP EP, Chuck today revealed in an interview with Music Feeds that they have in fact been working on songs for the much anticipated 5th album, and have actually finished 2 songs. WOOOOOHOOOO !!!! You can hear the full interview here: October 24th – Jeff has finished recording the last song on the SP EP, which will be released by the end of the year. October 26th – Today marks the 9th anniversary of SP’s 2nd studio album, Still Not Getting Any. SNGA which is one of SP’s most successful albums to date, debuted on the US Billboard charts at #3, and sold over 130,000 copies in its first week. Click here.

written by Leeann @adnaxar

twitter talk........ written by Leeann @adnaxar

Jeff – With so much going on in his life, it’s nice to see

Jeff taking some time out, and getting excited about simple pleasures, reading. Jeff also took the opportunity to play one last tune on his very first Classical guitar, before passing it on to a passionate and sensitive student. Jeff seemed to have difficulty packing for Mexico. Even though he would only be gone for 3 days. Once home, Jeff was blown away by the Chihuly exhibit at the museum of fine arts in Montreal, and even though he was tired, he was finding it hard to sleep. Never one to sit around doing nothing, Jeff was using his ‘time off’ to attend a class on lights, ovens, plastic maintenance and magnets, a life of a project coordinator is full of surprises. Then it was Jeff’s turn to work on the new SP EP all while stretching out his driving season for as long as possible. After a productive week, coordinating project Notre-Dame, playing geetar, attending the Fondation Dr Julien event and the opening of Drinkerie V2, Jeff then received some great news that he promised to share with us all real soon. Come on Jeff, I want to know NOW! Pierre – With another concert on the calendar, Pierre was back on twitter too. Looking a little thinner than we are used to (but maybe that was the beard) Pierre was fired up, and ready for Mexico. Which he later credited as inspiring him to write a kickass #SPalbum5 (OMG, I can’t wait for that)

David – YESSSSS, David has been back on Twitter this month. It may only have been 2 tweets, but that is 2 more than the last few months. So what has David been up to you might ask?? Well, he was getting excited about seeing Fall Out Boy before hitting the stage with SP in Mexico, and then it looks like he’s been taking in some sights on his much loved bike. I love the pic too David, and so glad you decided to share it with us.

Chuck – What a way to kick off a month,

with Chuck announcing Seb had finished his tracks on the much anticipated SP EP. Then it was time to jet off to Mexico, and what has almost become the customary round of golf with Pierre and friends. Before hitting the stage alongside Fall Out Boy, there was just enough time to ask the guys to sign a guitar that would then be auctioned at the upcoming annual Simple Plan Foundation Benefit, which he later tweeted would this year be held on November 12th. I’m not quite sure what things Chuck was going to show us mid month, apart from how hot he looks in a suit and tie. After wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, it was time for all us Aussie fans to be thankful, with Chuck announcing they would be headlining their own show in Western Australia as well as appearing as part of the Vans Warped Tour. Agggghhhh, how I wish I could go to every date of their upcoming Oz tour :/

Sebastien – Seb was being extra cautious to ensure he didn’t

miss his flight to Mexico at the beginning of the month. But there was nothing to fear, with him arriving at the airport even before the sun was up. After combing his hair, very neatly, it was time to hit the stage. He really is living the dream. Back home, like Chuck, he was suiting up. But that didn’t last long, in fact Seb didn’t smell so good and was in need of a shower after working out, or so he told us. And it seems Seb wasn’t the only smelly one in his home, with a certain cat also on the nose. Don’t worry, I won’t go into the details of that tweet :P but will say that when even vanilla scented candles didn’t help, it must have been bad. Thankfully Seb was able to eventually kick back and relax with a little cooking and cartoons.

SP Friends News

written by Sian @Sianiigoesrawrr

Avril Lavigne releases new song “Bad Girl” featuring Marilyn Manson. Check it out here

All Time Low’s “fifth member” Matt Flyzik (tour manager) is parting ways with the band after 7 years. Now who will keep Jack out of jail?!

Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! Release new music video for ‘Haters Gonna Hate’. Check it out! Fearless Records ‘ releasing ‘Punk Goes Christmas’ on November 5

Suicide Silence working on recording new music with new vocalist. Check out teaser with new vocalist here Green Day front-man Billie Joe Armstrong to release a duet album with Norah Jones on November 25. Never Shout Never releases new song ‘Everything Is Cool’ which will be featured on his Xmas EP. Stream the song for free here

SP Aussie Friends News 5 Seconds of Summer release a new song, Wherever You Are. You can watch it here! Day Break release a new song! One To Remember! Watch it here: Call The Shots begin filming The World Is Ours Tonight music video and then released it! You can see it here! Let’s Not Pretend announce they’ll be releasing a new single called Is This Love? on the 28th of October new single- Check their Facebook page! This month sadly we lost two bands, Built On Secrets and Elephant's Laundry. Lucky for Elephant's Laundry fans, you can catch Dylan at the Sydney The World Is Ours Tonight show and Logan is hard at work creating a new solo EP! Beau Taplin (lyricist of For Our Hero) is set to release his new book on October 24th- look on his tumblr for details. Short Stack, the name we haven't heard in over a year has finally decided to release their album that was made just before the band split up. You can find Art Vandelay on iTunes! Masketta Fall's Parachute EP is on iTunes now so grab a copy and head out to one of their shows!

written by Maddie @MaddieBirkett

Simple Plan’s Merch..... New stuff in the store!!!!! Check out the links. Also, a Logo Skate Deck’s limited edition (only 20 left in stock!).

Band Names T-Shirt black: or in Red Also, you can find here the "SP Trucker Hat":

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Researched by Sonia @darrenismylove

November BIRTHDAYS 10th Coley O’Toole (We the Kings)

14th Travis Barker (Blink 182)

15th Mike Cahill (Call the Shots)

19th Justin Hills (Sleeping with Sirens)

20th Oliver Sykes (Bring me the Horizon)

written by Elenore @sowrongitsblink

30th Beau Bokan (Bless the Fall)


Name: Tracy

Where do you live? : Malaysia Hi Tracy Great to meet you! Thanks for answering our questions! Question: When was the first time you heard about Simple Plan? - In 2002.


Q: When was your first SP show? -14 January 2012 Q: For how long have you been a SP fan? -Well let’s see, from 2002-present….. Its 11 years, am I right? Q: How many times have you seen them live?


- Just once… >_< Q: What do you like the most about Simple Plan? -Everything! But the most is their passion to make songs. Q: What’s your favorite possession of Simple Plan and why? - I like to keep their CD’s. Easy to bring them anywhere and anytime.

Q: Describe each member with one word Dave- Gregarious Jeff- Reliable Pierre- Excellent Seb- Ambitious Chuck- Talented Overall, Simple Plan is GREAT! Q: Favorite Simple Plan song and why? All! Why? Cuz I like them all! Lol >_< Q: Do you have any tattoo related to Simple Plan? And if you don’t, would you like to have one? -No tattoo at all. Just…. not interested in that. Q: What’s your favorite part of A Big Package For You (ABPFY)? -Everything, heheh…. :p Q: If you could spend a whole day with SP, what would you do? -Ask them to come to my house? (Lol no I’m joking). -Get to know them better. Be friends with them. Perhaps make some songs and play music with them too. Q: Best Simple Plan memory? -Meeting SP for the first time at their concert.

Q: Best Simple Plan memory? Meeting SP for the first time at their concert. Q: Have you made friends thanks to Simple Plan? Hell yeah! Especially on twitter, not just SP boys, but other people as well! Let see who I remember…. I just shout out the twitter names: - @SimplePlanSpace - @jasonlo1 (He is Jason Lo, one of Malaysian singer) - @NewBeatFund (oops, I know, this is a band; I make friends with them too! Listen to their songs! :p) - @Mandaaaa_22 - @tiurnapitupulu - @AiYinAngelina - @BubbleKarol - @theresfebriska - @sarahgeraldine_ There are more, can’t say all here lol, and thank you for becoming twitter friends with me. I really appreciate it! >_< Q: Favorite SP quote(s)? - Banana! (From David’s quote) Q: What song would you like Simple Plan to cover? -Of course my own songs…. Lol. But any songs would be great because I know SP can sing any of them! Q: Apart of SP, which other bands do you like? - Um let’s see… Green Day, New Beat Fund $-$, Linkin Park, All American Rejects, and others…. Q: If you could say anything to Simple Plan right now, what would you tell them? -Thank you. Thank you Simple Plan, thank you for making spectacular songs, thank you for visiting us, thank you for singing with us, thank you for sharing memories and experiences with us.

Tracy and Jason Lo , a Malaysian Singer who Pierre said he was his twin! Q: Okay, now pick an SP song that means the most to you and try to explain why. - The song that really means to me is “Perfect” and “Grow Up”. When we really think about it, in our lives, no one is EVER being perfect. We will always do mistakes. It’s up to us to learn, and to grow up from it. The song title itself teaches us to appreciate things in our lives, regardless of what position we are. Q: Last but not least, what is your wish you want to do with Simple Plan? - Come to my house! (heheh no I’m joking). I would love to travel with SP, perhaps working with them as well. Be friends with them, having experience in music and other things with them would be fantastic. And, I do REALLY mean it.


QUIZ.... Guess the song 1) T_ _ _ / M_ / H_ _ _ 2) H_ _ _ _ _ _ / O_ 3) W_ _ _ _ _ _ / T_ / M_ / L_ _ _ 4) R_ _ _ _ _ _ / O_ _ / O_ / T_ _ _ 5) W_ _ _ /I_ 6) Y_ _ / D_ _â&#x20AC;&#x2122;_ / M_ _ _ / A_ _ _ _ _ __ 7) C_ _ _ _ 8) T_ _ _ _ / Y_ _ 9) T_ _ _ / S_ _ _ / S_ _ _ _ / M_ / L_ _ _ 10) A_ _ _ _ _ _ _

NEXT EDiTION MARY HAS A GUN INTERVIEW Part two of the writing songs process. and lots more! Last month’s quiz Simple Plan: 1) Pierre 2) David 3) Chuck, David, Jeff, Pierre and Seb 4) And you just don’t get it 5) 2004 All Time Low: 1) The Beach 2) Remembering Sunday 3) Dear Maria (Count Me In) 4) Stay Awake (Dreams Only Last For A Night) 5) Lullabies 6) Six Feet Under The Stars 7) Coffeeshop Soundtrack 8) Shameless

Written by Sonia @darrenismylove

G E T T o K Name: Eleanor n Age: 15 o Country: Australia! w Twitter:


Bands beside SP that you like: All Time low, Blink 182, Pierce the Veil, The Never Ever,The Story So Far, Tonight alive, The Wonder Years, Built on Secrets, Green Day, You Me at Six and much more! Have you met them? No I haven’t, but I’m seeing them at Vans Warped tour in Melbourne in December and I’m hoping that I get the chance to then! (Fingers crossed)


Since when have you been a fan? I remember years and years ago hearing I’m Just A Kid, Perfect and Welcome to My Life but I never knew who the band was. I started actually listening to the band in late 2010/early 2011. Favourite SP song: this is a tough one! I think I’m gonna have to go with Promise. Favourite SP music video: Astronaut or Save you. Hobbies: Listening to music (obviously), I’m really into drawing and art, and I play sports such as Netball, Football and Athletics. Languages: English, but in year 7 I did Japanese and French. What do you do for a living? Well I’m currently year 10 at school and I have a part time job working at a Fish and Chip shop. Favourite books? I’m not really much of a reader but I have read the 1st two Harry Potter books so I’ll choose those! Favourite movies? Harry Potter (all) Grown-ups 2 and Star wars 4. Favourite TV show? Supernatural and Greys Anatomy.

T e a m

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