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FROM THE EDITOR’S DESK... This month we take a close look at Bowling for Soup. They released an album last year and I had the chance to interview Chris Burney (lead guitarist) via Sykpe. I hope that you guys enjoy learning about Bowling for Soup as they are good friends of SP as well as a fantastic band! If you have not heard of them take the time to check them out! Thanks to the people who have provided us with feedback about the new design and congratulations to Freda as there were so many positive comments. The new few editions will be packed full of band interviews, and taking a closer look at many pop punk bands. We welcome readers to send us comments or even a review of concerts, hit us up at simpleplanspace@gmail.com if you are interested. It is a pleasure to be the editor of such a great team here at Simple Plan Space. Love how we are from all over the world and are such good friends. Keep listening to the bands that make you happy! Peace out, Jen @justjenrees


blitz kids

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o t k c a b s e v i g Simple Plan h g u o r h t y t i the commun t c e j o r P s l a e M n o i l l i M e th Below is taken from www.prweb.com

Read all about it at the Simple Plan Foundation here.

Join the Journey to End Hunger with ONEXONE’s Million Meals Movement #OXOMillionMeals - ONEXONE is calling upon humanitarians to join the plight to end hunger at the Inaugural Million Meals Movement on Friday, May 23, 2014 at the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts featuring Simple Plan, MAGIC!, Alyssa Reid & Kardinal Offishall.

See the interview with Jeff and Seb about the Million Meals Project here.

Listen to Seb’s interview on Kool FM here.

“It’s time we bring the discussion of food insecurity in Canada to the forefront.”

- ONEXONE Founder, Joey Adler Toronto, ON (PRWEB) April 02, 2014


In an effort to address the shocking reality of food insecurity in North America and around the world, ONEXONE is calling upon humanitarians to join the plight to end hunger at the Inaugural Million Meals Movement on Friday, May 23, 2014 at the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts featuring Simple Plan, MAGIC!, Alyssa Reid & Kardinal Offishall. With this year’s proceeds benefitting the ONEXONE and Simple Plan Foundations, the movement will kick start the communitybased initiative and journey of eventually packing one million meals for children in need across North America. Sodexo, world leader in quality of life services, who serve 1 million customers daily, has joined the movement by providing meals that will be packed and distributed in Toronto and Montreal. After packaging meals at INK Entertainment venue Kool Haus, the day will cap off with a star-studded concert produced by Live Nation including multiplatinum band, Simple Plan, reggaepop band MAGIC!, and “Alone Again” breakout star, Alyssa Reid. Rapper and humanitarian Kardinal Offishall will also take the stage as ONEXONE’s musical ambassador, a unique role committed to helping the cause. Complete with a red carpet and all-star Canadian talent, the Million Meals Movement hopes to not only alleviate hunger across North America, but also spread lesser-known facts: just $1 can provide a child with a healthy breakfast, which positively impacts learning, creativity, test grades, and even attendance. “It’s time we bring the discussion of food insecurity in Canada to the forefront,” says Joey Adler, Founder and Chair of ONEXONE. “The idea of not having a meal to eat is a very serious reality for many Canadian

families. There is no reason why hunger should exist, and ONEXONE is inviting everyone to take a stand and help make a difference by joining the movement to end hunger.” In addition to initiatives operating around the world, ONEXONE has provided over 500,000 nutritious meals to over 4,000 Canadian children in need through their School Breakfast Program. Spearheaded by entrepreneur and modern advocate, Joey Adler, and supported by Pepsi, Sodexo and De Beers, ONEXONE hopes to start a large-scale movement against hunger in North America. Be part of the solution at the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts on Friday, May 23, 2014 and join ONEXONE in the fight against hunger! For more information on the Million Meals Movement, visit: http://www.millionmeals. ca designed by Pulp & Fiber company.

To donate to the Million Meals Movement go to: http://www.icangowithout.com


What is...

WE DAY ? Quoted from Weday.com

Locally active, globally aware. We Day is the movement of our time, empowering a generation of young global citizens through an inspirational event and a year-long educational initiative called We Act, which offers curricular resources, campaigns and materials to help turn the day’s inspiration into sustained activation.

How did it start?

We Act is the blueprint for young people to We Day started in 2007 in Toronto. 8,000 take action as agents of social change. students took part in the Launch of the Why? Because we believe that we are the program in the Ricoh Coliseum. In 2009 first generation that can truly end the worst the now annual event also took place in forms of poverty, embrace we thinking and Vancouver. In Toronto it moved to a much we acting and remove the barriers to youth larger location to fit in 16,000 students at being agents of social change. And there’s no the Air Canada Centre. The Performers were time to waste: every single day we have the Mia Farrow, Sarah McLachalan and Crush opportunity to make this world a better place. Parallel. In 2010 it started in Montreal as well, and included a performance of Simple Plan. And everyone has a role to play. Watch them perform Shut up here. How are we doing this? By pushing forward the boundaries of charity and creating K’naan closed the day in Toronto. In 2011 change. It’s a worldwide movement that the movement grew again to include proves anyone can change the world—and Winnipeg. 2012 it extends to Manitoba and keeps growing in 2013 it also was held in revolutionizes how we make that change. Saskatchewan and Halifax. You can watch a video here for more Watch Simple Plans performance at this information. years We Day in Montreal here.


Thanks to simpleplan.cz for the 2014 photos

Pierre, 2010


Song of the Month

Perfect World... written by @sophiecarlbrant

...is the third song of Simple Plan’s second studio album named Still Not Getting Any (SNGA) that was released on October 26, 2004. The record contains singles like Welcome To My Life, Shut Up!, Untitled (How Could This Happen To Me?) and Crazy which are all very powerful songs. In total the record has 11 tracks and number three is: Perrfect World. It’s seen as a breakup song with lyrics such as ”I’m still here waiting for you/I’m lost when you’re not around/I need to hold on to you/ I just can’t let you go” but the interpretation is realy up to whoever listens to it. The song has a nice build up that makes you interested in knowing what comes next. It’s a heavier song but the bridge is a bit slower which gives a softer touch and a great mix for the song. The song doesn’t have an official music video but in January 2007 Simple Plan posted a video on their YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pX2NS78t2Dc The video contains footage from concerts and trips from their touring. It has almost 2,9 million views.


Fans comment: Perfect World is one of my favourite songs by Simple Plan (but that would sound better, if almost every SP song wasn’t my favourite)! The lyrics are awesome, like really, really awesome, and the music? Oh my Canada, what a great music! It can fill you with energy and just ”wake you up”. I love that song. I hope we will get something similar on the next album (Maria, Slovakia) Perfect World is my all time favourite song. Not just my favourite SP song but, favourite song, ever. I’m not even sure why. It’s the simplicity of the lyrics and the melody and that funny drum loop that Chuck describes in the Making of Still Not Getting Any. It was my favourite from when I first became a fan, and when they performed it live in Brisbane in 2005, that was the best. (Marly, Australia) And again...This song perfectly describes a part of my life, which maybe isn’t over yet. Lyrics tell everything that I can’t, drums are awesome and guitars and Pierre’s voice...I mean Perfect World is a song that I will always love and I loved it as soon as I heard it. Oh, and the video is great, I could watch it over and over again. (Jelena, Serbia)

Song of the Month

Perfect World I never could’ve seen this far I never could’ve seen this coming Seems like my world’s falling apart Yeah Why is everything so hard I don’t think I can deal with the things you said It just won’t go away

Without you I just can’t find my way In a perfect world This could never happen In a perfect world You’d still be here And it makes no sense I could just pick up the pieces But to you This means nothing Nothing at all

In a perfect world This could never happen In a perfect world You’d still be here And it makes no sense I could just pick up the pieces But to you This means nothing Nothing at all

I don’t know what I should do now I don’t know where I should go I’m still here waiting for you I’m lost when you’re not around I need to hold on to you I just can’t let you go

I used to think that I was strong Until the day it all went wrong I think I need a miracle to make it through

In a perfect world This could never happen In a perfect world You’d still be here And it makes no sense I could just pick up the pieces But to you This means nothing Nothing at all You feel nothing, nothing at all Nothing at all

Yeah I wish that I could bring you back I wish that I could turn back time Cuz I can’t let go I just can’t find my way Yeah

Yeah Yeah


FACT FILE BOWLING FOR SOUP Last edition we did a fact file on Bowling for Soup as part of our Soundwave feature. You can see that here. Written by Jen @justjenrees


owling for Soup began way back in 1986 in Wichita Falls Texas where the band members grew up. They as most students in the 80’s they loved bands like Quirt Riot, Motley Crue, The Ramones and Bowling for Soup are:

Erik, Jaret, Gary, Chris

10 SPS

Photo credit to Dave Kai Piper

Green Day. With only one line up change in 1998 when Lance Morrill lets the band, he was replaced by their friend Gary Wiseman.

Bowling for Soup have stayed true to their Punk Rock origins. They have ignored their critics and have just kept on writing songs that their fans love. They are fantastic to see live, and their music videos are very clever. This year they are once again teamed up with Pledge music to rerecord all their greatest hits that their fans actually want. The least greatest hits album was released by their oldrecord company without Bowling for Soups permission. Bowling for Soup love photos of them in water!

SPS 11


By Jen @justjenrees

2005–2006: StarJam and The Great Burrito Extortion Case Bowling for Soup supported Simple Plan on the Star Jam Tour in 2005. Their setlist was: Almost, Trucker Hat, Girls all the Bad Guys want, 1985, Punk Rock 101, I Melt with You They also supported Simple Plan on the Star Jam tour in 2006 with Quitedrive and Army of Freshmen.

12 SPS

On this tour Seb kept telling people that there was a new band called Man of the Hour. Seb said: “We were on tour a long, long time ago with Bowling For Soup. We kept telling people for no reason that we had a band called ‘Man Of The Hour’. So it was me, Pierre our singer, Jaret from BFS, our merch guy who doesn’t play any music at all, and we kept telling people that we were going to get signed. So after all that when we started doing radio we decided to call it the Man Of The Hour show.” Scene magazine September 2013.

Bowling for Soup is reported to be one of Chuck’s Favourite bands.

In 2008 Simple Plan referenced

Bowling for Soup in a song that they made up during a concert in Texas. Watch this here:

Photo of Simple Plan, Bowling for Soup and Switchfoot. In 2006. Photo credit to Simpleplan.cz

Domi from sp.cz also noticed in the

Bowling for Soup video My Wena, that the speakers in it has Man of the Hour written on it. Check it out here.

SPS 13

FACT FILE Jaret Reddick Life Jaret Ray Reddick was born in Grapevine, Texas. He is Bowling for Soup frontman and guitarist. He is the youngest of six children, with four sisters and a brother. He attended to Cunningham Elementary School, Wichita Falls, Texas. He graduated from S.H. Rider High School in Wichita Falls. In high school, he played snare drum in the marching band. Jaret has degrees in business management and

psychology from Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls. Jaret has a tattoo sleeve on his right arm inspired by many games. It includes a Rubiks Cube, a Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone, jacks, Monopoly’s Rich Uncle Pennybags, and Operation’s Cavity Sam. He just had a Mr Potato Head added to the collection. He has owned a chain of toy stores while he worked on getting his music career off the ground. He lives in just outside of Denton, Texas. BEFORE FAME He played snare drum in S.H. Rider High School’s marching band. TRIVIA FACT He has also performed in the bands Jarinus, People on Vacation, and The Boster.

14 SPS

His birth name is Jaret Von Erich. He plays a Music Man Axis guitar that has a flag of Texas design on it. FAMILY LIFE He has two children, Emma and Jack, with Melissa Reddick. ASSOCIATED WITH He has done voice acting with Vincent Martella in the award-winning animated series Phineas and Ferb.

SPS 15

FACT FILE Chris Burney Written by @imjustakid17 and @justjenrees


hris Burney, born on May 25th, 1969 in Wichita Falls, Texas, USA, is the guitarist (plays a Les Paul) for Bowling for Soup. He graduated from Midwestern State University in Physical Education in 1993. He has a three-year-old French bulldog named Sherman Mabobber

16 SPS

Burney. Chris is proud of his extensive DVD collection, and is a guns and ammo enthusiast. Some of Burney’s favorite TV shows to watch are: Rescue Me, Lost, the Shield, HBO’s Band of Brothers, Robot Chicken, Family Guy, and King of the Hill.

When Chris is not on the road, he enjoys a game of PGA Tour Golf, coupled with double Jack Daniels and Diet Coke. Chris has extensive tattoo work done, most notably a tattoo sleeve on his left arm which features various cereal mascots (Tony the Tiger, Toucan Sam, etc). The text “cereal killer” appears on the arm. Chris is also missing a front tooth. Along with lead singer Jaret Reddick, who he met in high school, were influenced by heavy metal music of bands such as Quiet Riot, Ratt and Mötley Crüe, and also by the punk rock of the Ramones and later Green Day. Burney owned a Wichita Falls coffeehouse “The Refuge,”

with a music stage and played there with his first band “The Persecuted”, where he and Reddick met future bassist Erik Chandler and drummer Gary Wiseman in the early 1990s (Wiseman wouldn’t join until 1998). Burney and Chandler soon formed the band Folkadots, while Wiseman formed Gary & the Wiseman. Burney and Chandler, along with Morrill, also formed the band Slaw. Not too long after, Jaret Reddick and Lance Morrill formed coolfork!, which Chris Burney later joined. Just a few months later, after forming a band called Rubberneck, they took the name Bowling for Soup in 1994.

SPS 17

FACT FILE erik chandler Written by Luke and Jen


rik Chandler was born on December 22, 1974 in Henrietta, Texas, USA. He is a founding member of Bowling for Soup. He plays that bass as well as writing lyrics. He also is the back up vocalist. He has released his solo EP titled Writing the Wrongs. Track 1: Tonight’s the Night Track 2: Push the Pedal Track 3: Hold it Together Track 4: Malibu Classic He appeared as himself in the movies Accidently Famous and Punk Rock

18 SPS

Holocaust. He also appeared on TV shows Jimmy Kimmel Love and Live with Kelly and Michael. Erik supported Patent Pending in 2013 in their tour of the UK. Check out one of the songs here.

SPS 19

FACT FILE gary wiseman Written by Kelly and Jen


ary Wiseman, born January 6, 1979 in Tyler, Texas, USA, is the drummer for Bowling for Soup. Gary played marching band and symphonic before hooking up with rockers Bowling for Soup. His sound “is awesome for rock really loud, cutting, and durable, which is cool because I’m often playing very hard.” He had also formed his own band called Gary & the Wiseman. His solo band has a selftitled album (Gary and the Wiseman) with 13 songs on the record, totalling in about 40 minutes. The titles of the tracks are: 1. Room 2. Now 3. N20 4. Big Losers 5. Remember 6. Stacey/DC 7. Had Enough 8. My Girl 9. Time 10. Breakaway 11. Retention 12. Social Signs 13. Instrumental Rockfest

20 SPS

You can buy a Gary Bobble head here.

See an interview here with Gary about the album Love Drunk Lunch.

SPS 21

Super Intimate Exclusive


CHRIS from

By Jen Rees

Photos by Inside Edge

I was fortunate to catch up with Chris from Bowling for Soup and have a chat about their new album and their friendship with Simple Plan. Always a pleasure to interview band members, and to interview Chris via Skype was awesome due to me being such a huge fan. Hi Chris, thanks for the chance to catch up with you! I am looking forward to seeing you when you come to Australia for Soundwave. Are you doing a sidewave? Yeah we are, we will do one with Zebrahead. Awesome! I will def be at that! I have heaps of questions for you! How did you get involved in the Pledge Project? I don’t really know the whole story of it but I know that we were getting ready to do a new album and we were going to put it out ourselves. Through our management, they had heard of Pledge Music, we really didn’t want to do a kick starter, we wanted to do something that is more. Pledge music is all about music, you actually have a person like an A&R person that advises you on rewards and stuff. It’s not just like sitting in front of your computer like Kickstarter it is a little more involved. It is a little more organized as far as music is concerned. That is a little ad for Pledge music haha.

22 SPS

All the Pledgers got a message from Jaret asking us if we were interested in doing the Pledge thing again and our answer was yes! What are you planning on doing? We are working on two new albums here in the near future, we are going to do a covers album and we are also going to rerecord our greatest hits. I think we may do that outside of pledge music and after that we will do a new album. (Since this interview BFS changed their minds and are do the greatest hits with Pledge) Chris, What made you want to play music when you were young? It is really kinda funny like I was more the athlete in high school and I guess that when that was all over I always listened to music, I am an old Metal head, I listened to Iron Maiden and Slayer and stuff like that but towards the end of high school I started hanging out with people that were in bands and

stuff, I was the guy that carried their stuff around for them and set up their equipment and everything and this was before I could play a guitar, the group of guys that I hung out with, when I was with them I picked up a guitar and taught myself how to play it. Wow awesome! Who were your original inspirations? Back when I was not a very good guitar player, it was hard core and metal and stuff like that. There was a band called DRI, a band called The Crumb Suckers and you know just metal in general. To be honest with you the bands that I hung out with, friends of mine I guess. From the time that I started playing the Guitar I was always in bands and played 3 or 4 chord punk rock.

would do. I am thinking about it all the time I am constantly looking for something to do. I worked in a bar business for a while, tending and managing and stuff like that but I don’t know if that is what would want to do either. Hopefully I would have found something to do that I enjoyed so I would not of hate my life. So I really don’t know what I would be doing if I was not doing this. Well I am glad that you are doing what you are doing! In Australia we have many pop punk bands that are

continued on next page...

What do you think that you would be doing now if you were not in a band? That is a tough question. I have a degree in Social work and Sociology and I did teach special Ed for a while and I don’t know if that was what I wanted to do. It has been so long since that I have had to find work and all that so it is hard to know what I

SPS 23

breaking up, what is your secret so that you can keep your band together for so long? Is it that you are such good friends? It is that but also we have been lucky as we have not had to try to change what we do, like the thing that some people criticize us for is one of the things that we think is good about what we do. The fact that all our albums sound the same pretty much, we never really had a direction change with what we do, we have always just kept it the same, we are not out there struggling to find who we are. We just stand true to whatever we are. Which is great! Sorry, a very clichéd question, what is the story behind the name Bowling for Soup? There was a Comedian, Steve Martin was had an album called A Wide and Crazy Guy, he had a joke on their about a tv show he was developing called Bowling for Sh*t so originally that is what we were but then we realized that our grandmothers would not appreciate us being in a band called Bowling for Sh*t so we changed it. I have heard that you guys don’t have a set list when you play, that you just play whatever you feel like. Is that true? Our last tour of the UK is the first time that we ever used a set list. We were playing over two hours and it was a little bit confusing and we were on a time schedule, a pretty strict time schedule each night so we needed to have a little bit of a structure in the show. Yeah that is fair Chris. When you play live do you ever change the lyrics of songs? That is more a Jaret Question, I think sometimes he forgets the lyrics and problem sometimes goes lala…… Sometimes if it is topical he will change the lyrics here and there, I think the Jonas Brothers movie was changed to the One Direction movie on the UK tour. haha What was the first song you learned to play? The first song I learnt to play on the guitar was probably just this little 12 bar blues rift, Me and my buddy would sit there and try and solo, he

24 SPS

would play it I would play it and it was just terrible, probably the worst thing anyone ever heard, Glad there is no recording of it out there. As far as a song goes I would try and throw out some old Rush. The Temples of Syrinx was one of the first songs that I learnt. I tried to play along with Rush but not very well. How many guitars do you own? Let’s see I’ve got Four Electric guitars, that’s really it, I am not a guitar collector. I don’t even own an acoustic, I had one but it was just sitting around my bedroom so I gave it away to a friend who wanted to learn how to play. What are some things in life that annoy you? Just dickheads really, I have a pretty long fuse, I guess people just being dicks in general. I agree! What do you think about bands like One Direction? They toured here last year and people complained as they could not hear them play because of all the fan girls screaming. Right….It is just one of those things, there are always going to acts and bands like that, always going to be a need for bands likes that in some weird way like Hansen, the Jonas Brothers I guess it is necessary, I am not a fan, I can’t tell you if I could recognize one of their songs. It is not my bag but there is a place for everything I guess.

insane how awesome of a show it became and how much people would love it.

What do you think about on line music sharing? It is just the way things are now, it would be nice if there was a way of selling music rather than people just take it, it is just the way it is so we just have to accept it, we really have to embrace it and give music out for free sometimes as people are going to just take it. That is what I liked about the Pledge project, as you knew that we were all going to pay for it. Yeah but other people they don’t and I guess we just have to hear it. I guess just like a photographer. Yeah, you can use it as well, I guess it is a tool for bands to get their music out there. How did you guys get involved in writing songs for Disney? That probably happened way back in the day when we went to South by South West, I guess they were looking for newer bands to play. We were not the biggest band back then and we needed to do songs for Soundtracks and it was a way to keep really busy and keep our name out there and in the hat. So how much fun was it to write the soundtrack to Phineas and Ferb? My kids loved that when they were younger. It was pretty cool, I guess we did not know how big that series was going to be, it became pretty

If you could pick any song in the world that Bowling for Soup could of written what would it be? Actually I would probably say Stacey’s Mom, we do a cover of it and we used to do shows and people would ask to hear Stacey’s Mom and we were thought of the band that wrote it. We do cover it live, we used to break peoples heart by saying it was not our song but then when started playing it live. If we did write it we would be getting all the Cadillac and Dr Pepper money, it is on adverts over here. Oh ok. I did not know that, it is not over here. We just get the credit for it not the money. That’s not good! Yeah they are laughing all the way to the bank. Your video of 1985, I love you in heels and a skirt by the way, how much fun was that to make? It was shot in one day wasn’t it? It was one of the biggest budgets that we had for a video, it was fun, I mean just doing all the different scenes and all that, yeah it was a whole day work, we got up in the morning and I think we wrapped that up around 10 or 11 at night. But it was fun. It was a really good video. Thank you. My favourite video of yours was Punk Rock 101, I love the concept of the boot camp, I mean I still wear the same stuff even though I am like old and I still live the punk rock life. I have been made fun of for this like forever…… I wear Vans, Black band tees all the time. How does it feel that your music can make people like me feel so much better about themselves? Oh that is awesome, it is a really good feeling, I mean we never set out to conquer the world or anything, we just wanted to be in a band and have fun together, all that other stuff is a bonus and it is an honour when people tell us stuff like that, it is really cool. I am pleased that you have done it! A few Simple Plan questions, you are good friends with them? Ah yeah it’s been a while since we have seen or

continued on next page...

SPS 25

heard from any of those guys, so yeah, its been quite a while, it would be nice to do a show or two with them. Can you tell me any funny stories form the 2005/6 Star Jam tour with them? There was an incident when a dressing room got pretty trashed, we ah broke a couple of tables and threw a refrigerator of the balcony, can I know who actually did that? Was it Pierre? Well it was a combination few of us, it was a really fun time. I have seen the song that they sang for you on youtube, I think it was at a soundcheck did you go drinking with them that night? Yes! I think we did every night. I have to ask the mention of Simple Plan in From the Roof Tops, was that just a shout out to friends? Yeah pretty much. That was great, all the SP fans were happy about that. Nice. This is more of a Jaret question, he was involved in Man of the Hour, do you know anything about that? I think it was just one of those things that happened, it was kind of a running joke, I don’t think that Man of the Hour actually ever did anything musically I mean I don’t really know to be honest with you, it was kind of a running joke. A friend of mine called Domi that runs the simpleplan. cz site, which is the biggest information site for Simple Plan fans, she wants to know why you guys tour the UK but not the European continent. You know that is something I knew the answer to myself. Ah we have done had a couple of tours in Europe but there are so many places that we did not go, like Italy, or Spain. I thought we had always done well in Germany and places like that, but we never really went to those markets. We did an Avril Lavigne tour there which was really good, then went back to do some shows on our own but then we just never went back. I really wish that I knew the answer to that myself. She lives in the Czech Republic but travels to other places to see bands. Yeah we never really went to Eastern Europe, we

26 SPS

played on show in Moscow that is as far as that way we have gone. Fav SP album? I am not really sure, I don’t know their names, but have them on my ipod. How about your favourite song? I don’t know really, I have them all on my ipod and I just play them. I don’t look at CD’s I just play musically digitally. I don’t know if that makes me look really bad to be honest I listen to a lot of bands like Maiden and stuff but I can’t tell you the names of their songs. So I was then going to ask what Simple Plan song you would like to cover but you probably don’t know that name of it! Is there anything else that you can tell me about the relationship between BFS and SP? It has been too long since we have seen them, it is

has been quite a few years so yeah. SP are coming out to Australia to play Warped, a band I do promotion for called Call the Shots are touring, you should check them out, so I will be doing a few of the Warped shows. When you come out to Australia, will you have a meet and greet at your sidewave? Sure we will, yeah we just usually chill out and hang out after the shows. Great! I can’t wait! Think I have asked all the questions that I had planned, I am really glad I got this chance to chat with you. Keep up the great work,I Iove the new Album probably more than your others which is unusual for me, it’s usually the other way around but as you said you have not changed at all. Yeah we are pretty proud of the new one, we actually tried to make every song as good as the first one on the Album. We did not write a few good

ones and then a bunch of songs that were fillers, we wanted a really good album from start to finish. I think From the Roof Tops is probably my favourite and what I like about it also is my teenagers really like it and they don’t like your older stuff as much and I think they are just over my kinda music, they are branching out a bit. Well thanks Chris, I am really happy I got to chat to you, I look forward to meeting you when you come Down Under. Thanks a lot Chris. It was great, thanks Jen, I will catch you later.

SPS 27

pledgemusic What’s it all about ?

Written by @MaddieBirkett


ledgeMusic is fast becoming a way for musicians and bands to produce their work the way they want with needed funds, except the whole monetary value is supported by fans! There are perks of course, apart from seeing your favourite band release another album! The artists will offer rewards such as signed photographs, a download of the CD and even more epic things like Skype sessions!

it is just like having a record deal, all of the positives and benefits that is, but it also means artists get the final say and remain in control of their work, no decisions are made for them. Pledge also provides help and expertise to artists in order to help them achieve their goals and complete projects.

PledgeMusic is also recognised by major music charts, giving artists that extra One of PledgeMusic’s sayings is “Fans boost when they release their new work! don’t need more ways to buy – they need more reasons.”

In fact, Bowling For Soup Not only are you helping your favourite have used Pledge quite a bit recently! They artist and your CD player, you’re also have just reached 100% funds needed for helping charities. A certain amount of their new greatest hits album, but you donations also contributes to certain can still donate and receive the awesome charities! rewards! Just head here: If you want to know more about this PledgeMusic works in a way that brings innovative website and project, check out the artists and fans together to enhance their site and find a band worth helping and share the music experience. Along the out at http://www.pledgemusic.com/ way fans may be asked and have a vote of album cover art or album names, fans It turns out that may donations occur from may even get to hear the album exclusively people who weren’t even fans of the artist but were just discovering them then! before it’s released. Why many artists use Pledge is because

28 SPS

Check out the Bowling for Soup Profile on Pledge Music. http://www.pledgemusic.com/artists/bowlingforsoup

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By Jen @justjenrees

Bowling for Soup did some work with Disney including the following: They wrote and sang the Phineas and Ferb theme song “Today is Gonna Be a Great Day”. They had animated cameos in some episodes of Phineas and Ferb. BFS also wrote and sang the Phineus and Ferb Winter Vacation theme song.

30 SPS

The band performed the song “The Greatest Day” for the movie Max Keeble’s Big Move.

They also did a cover of “The Bare Necessities” for Disneymania 3 released in 2005.

Theme Song There’s a hundred and four days of summer vacation Then school comes along just to end it So the annual problem for our generation Is finding a good way to spend it Like maybe... Building a rocket or fighting a mummy Or climbing up the Eiffel Tower, Discovering something that doesn’t exist Or giving a monkey a shower Surfing tidal waves, creating nanobots, Or locating Frankenstein’s brain, Finding a Dodo bird, painting a continent, Or driving our sister insane! As you can see, There’s a whole lot of stuff to do before school starts this fall So stick with us ‘Cause Phineas and Ferb are gonna do it all! So stick with us ‘Cause Phineas and Ferb are gonna do it all!

For Sky High, the 2005 Super Hero Movie they sang the song “I Melt With You”.

SPS 31


Lunch. Drunk. Love.

Release Date

Bowling For Soup’s

September 10th 2013

Written by

Reddick, Ryan Hamilton

Length 3:01

Lyric Video Watch it here.

32 SPS


his song is great. It is about how opposites attract and how that does not matter as love is love. I really like the way it takes a serious issue of a relationship that seems doomed and portrays it in a fun way. I agree with the thought that people should followtheir heart and not worry about what everyone else is thinking. Of course the reference to Simple Plan is pretty sweet. Our dudes do often rock all black.

She hates my friends, my friends hate her Takes all my time, makes me late for work She’s got another guys name tattooed on her ass My mom and dad say we’re moving too fast She doesn’t like my band but the stickers on her car She likes Star Trek but I prefer Star Wars Kissed me deadly but she makes me alive She’s the opposite of everything I need in my life But when you know, you know Chorus Have you ever been so in love You wanna shout it from the rooftops, from the rooftops Ever been so in love You wanna shout it from the rooftops, from the rooftops I watch TV and she reads books When b*&ches talk to me they get dirty looks from her She really doesn’t mind when I drink my beer And I really don’t care if she wears underwear I rock all black and she can’t stand That I dress like the dudes in Simple Plan She’s all wrong, but it’s alright She can be all wrong right by my side Cause when you know, you know Chorus Follow your heart, f*&k everybody else x8 Ever been so in love You wanna shout it from the rooftops, from the rooftops x4 SPS 33

album review bowling for soup ‘lunch. drunk. love.’ If you know me at all you would know that I am a Bowling for Soup fan. When I heard that they were doing a new album, their 12th, I was pretty happy. Then I looked into the Pledge idea and immediately signed up to pledge my support. I loved getting all their updates and I loved know that I was helping them out with their album. We received the album before anyone else as well as snippets of info. It was totally worth it. One of the reasons that I love BFS is that they have not changed over the last 20 years, they have stayed true to their sound and have not cared what others have though of them. This is so true for this album and I laughed out loud when I heard the chorus of track one. “We are not here to change the world, we’re here to laugh at others.” I knew that this album would be true to BFS form of previous releases. See the video here.

catchy. They played this live at Soundwave and the crowd loved it. I love the amusing lyrics, for example, Since we broke up I’ve been throwing lots of heat, And all the girls are checking me out Since we broke up, All my bills are paid And there’s cheddar in my checking account This is a break up song with a difference, looking at the positives of breaking up rather than the negatives. Watch the video here. https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=nlKU40dtvoI

The next track is a definite favourite of mine. I love songs that encourage people to be themselves and this is one of the best. I can identify with this song as at my age I have now learnt to be true to myself (Real) and I am never going to change. I wish that I could write a letter to my 13 year old self and include this song to help me get through my teens. Wait not just my teens but up until I turned 40. I often sing this in my head when people are trying to change me by saying, Track two called ‘Since we Broke Up” is really “you can’t wear that!” Or “You can’t say that! “ I like the use of the word Perfect for obvious reasons. I like the lyrics:

34 SPS

I could never live up to The man that’s in your head You want the guy from the notebook But you got me instead

Thought I better mention my sons favourite song on this album, ‘Couple of Days’ that we all can associate with, I mean who does not want to escape to a sunny place that no one ever goes. See the lyric video here. https:// And I never was the hip kid www.youtube.com/watch?v=tDq15fwV0mg I always use words like hip Judas Priest on my walkman When culture club was the sh!t.

Check out the music video that has real BFS fans in it and is pretty funny. https://www. youtube.com/watch?v=unNRS9kr8rE

“They have stayed true to their sound and have not cared what others have thought of them.”

I was pretty hyped about this Album, being part of it made it more special I guess. What I was not anticipating was it would be my favourite BFS to date, bring on the next one I say! I look forward to the Greatest Hits that they are doing through Pledge Music again, this time it is their greatest hits not the old record company doing it without their The fourth Song on the album that mentions permission. If you have not got this album our fav band is discussed on another yet, do yourself a favour and get it on itunes! page. The only cover on this album is track ‘Circle’ was written by Edie Brickell and New Bohemians. Jaret sang this live in the Song list Melbourne sidewave and captivated the 1. Critically Disdained audience. There were three other songs 2. Since We Broke Up that really stood out for me were ‘Normal 3. Real Chicks’, I mean a guy singing about seeing 4. From the Rooftops his girlfriend in the morning without make up 5. Circle (Edie Brickell & New and says you are pretty when you just don’t care is pretty great. Bohemians cover) Check out the lyric video here. https://www. 6. Normal Chicks youtube.com/watch?v=QMM4UCRxAq4 7. I Am Waking Up Today I listen to track 7 “ I am waking up today’ a lot when I need to focus on changing my mind set. I woke up about 12 years ago with the way my marriage was not working and I am glad that I did. I can still associate this song with waking up and get rid of the negative thoughts on my mind. Worth listening to and checking this out. https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=UkL3Q9TvUzI

8. Couple of Days 9. And I Think You Like Me Too 10. Envy 11. How Far Can This Go 12. Right About Now 13. Kevin Weaver

SPS 35

i l w o b or s f 1

985 was released on July 27th 2004. Although this song is best known as a Bowling for Soup song it was written by the band SR-71, good friends of Jaret. It reached number 23 on the Billboard Hot 100. It is a single released off the Album A Hangover you don’t Deserve.

The song 1985 is about Debbie, a girl that didn’t achieved all her dreams of when she was young as these lyrics suggest.: “Her dreams went out the door When she turned twenty four Only been with one man What happen’ to her plan?” The song has detailed references to the culture of the 80’s. The part in the music video where Debbie is dancing on a car is a reference to

Here I Go Again, a White Snake song. The line that states that she did not know that George was gay is about George Michael from Wham! The questioning of Motley Crue (since when had they become classic rock) is about the addition of glam metal bands like them that were added to the rotation on classic rock radio stations. When the lyrics say that she is wondering who is the lead singer of Van Halen is about Sammy Hagar replacing David Lee Roth. The lyrics also mention the MTV music station as they have been criticized for adding in so many TV reality shows. There are so many more, take a listen to find out more.

Bands that are mentioned in this song are Durran Durran, U2, Blondie, Nirvana, Bon Jovi, Wham, Limp Bizkit and Bruce Sprinsteen. Other culture references are of popular movies of that time, The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink and St Elmo’s Fire.

36 SPS


p u o Bruce Springsteen, Madonna Way before Nirvana There was U2 and Blondie And music still on MTV Her two kids in high school They tell her that she’s uncool Cause she’s still preoccupied With 19, 19, 1985 Woohoohoo (1985) Woohoohoo

She’s seen all the classics She knows every line Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink Even Saint Elmo’s Fire She rocked out to Wham Not a big Limp Bizkit fan Thought she’d get a hand On a member of Duran Duran

You can see the official video here. Written by Vitoria and Jen


Comments by Jen I love this song as it has so many references from when I was a teenager. I love through the 80’s as a teen and loved all those movies. I liked some of the bands but not all of them . It reminded me of all my dreams as a teen, I was luckier than Debbie though as I am quite happy with my life. Thjs is my fav Bowling for Soup song to hear live and of course the music video is hilarious. To see them take off Robert Palmer is so funny.

SPS 37

l w o B r o F B

owling for Soup’s song Almost was released on January 4th, 2005. It placed 46th in the US Top 100. It is from the album A Hangover You Don’t Deserve.

This song is about a man who almost had most things that he seemed to want. It is a song about remorse with him looking back and regretting not doing things. On the other hand some of the things that he Almost did were not good things. Makes me wonder about the choices I have made and things that Almost happened to me.

Check the video of the song here.

38 SPS

g n i l p u o S r Almost

I almost got drunk at school at 14 Where I almost made out with the homecoming queen Who almost went on to be Miss Texas But lost to a slut with much bigger breasts I almost dropped out to move to LA Where I was almost famous for almost a day And I almost had you But I guess that doesn’t cut it Almost loved you I almost wished u would’ve loved me too

I almost held up a grocery store Where I almost did 5 years and then 7 more Cuz I almost got popped for a fight with a thug Cuz he almost made off with a bunch of the drugs That I almost got hooked on cuz you ran away And I wish I woulda had the nerve to ask you to stay

t s o And I almost had you But I guess that doesn’t cut it Almost had you And I didn’t even know it

You kept me guessing and now I’m destined to spend my time missing you I almost wish you would’ve loved me too

Here I go thinking about all the things I could’ve done I’m gonna need a forklift cuz all the baggage weighs a ton I know we had our problems I can’t remember one I almost forgot to say something else And if I cant fit it in I’ll keep it all to myself I almost wrote a song about you today But I tore it all up and then I threw it away And I almost had you But I guess that doesn’t cut it Almost had you And I didn’t even know it

You kept me guessing and now I’m destined to spend my time missing you And I almost had you [x3] I almost wish you would’ve loved me too

SPS 39

h g i h

l o o h c s Watch the Music video here.


igh School Never Ends was the first single from their ninth album, ‘The Great Burrito Extortion Case’, and was released on September 19, 2006. The song is about the frustration of graduating from high school and seeing that life after school is very similar to how it was in high school.

Reese Witherspoon, She’s the prom queen Bill Gates, Captain of the chess team Jack Black, the clown Brad Pitt, the quarterback I’ve seen it all before I want my money back

The song has been featured on an episode of the TV show ‘My Name Is Earl’. Part of the song is also featured on commercials for Beauty and the Geek and also the movie 17 Again. The song got to number 40 on the UK Singles Chart.

A separate edit of the song was recorded for Radio Disney, which altered the lyrics throughout The music video shows us flashbacks to make them more suitable for kids. to when the band were in high school and how they were bullied. It then shows The whole damn world is just as obsessed various members of the band getting their With who‘s the best dressed and who‘s revenge in similar manners.

It also makes having sex, many references to celebrities in the Who‘s got the money, who gets the honeys, lyrics including Mary-Kate Olsen, Jessica Who‘s kinda cute and who‘s just a mess Simpson, Bill Gates, Reese Witherspoon, And you still don’t have the right look Jack Black, Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise and And you don’t have the right friends Nothing changes but the faces, the names, Katie Holmes. and the trends High school never ends

40 SPS

h ever n l s SPS 41

punk rock 101 “punk rock 101”


unk Rock 101 is a song by Texas pop-punk band Bowling for Soup. It appeared on the second release of their 2002 album Drunk Enough to Dance. The single peaked at #43 on the UK Singles Chart.


She works at hot topic His heart microscopic She thinks that its love but to him its sex He listens to emo but fat mike’s his hero His bank account’s zero What comes next? Same song different chorus

[Chorus:] It’s stupid, contagious To be broke and famous Can someone please save us from punk rock 101 My Dickies, your sweat pants My spiked hair, your new Vans Let’s throw up our rock hands for punk rock 101

The song appeared on the video games ‘NHL 2004’ and ‘Backyard Wrestling: Don’t Try This at Home’. It also appeared on the film “Zoom”.

She bought him a skateboard, a rail slide, his knee tore He traded it for drums at the local pawn shop She left him for staring at girls and not caring When she cried because she thought Bon Jovi broke up

The title of the song is an allusion to Kurt Cobain’s suicide note. The lyric “Like Tommy and Gina/They’re living on a prayer” is an allusion to lyrics from Bon Jovi’s song “Livin’ on a Prayer”. The lyric “Like Tommy and Gina” is also reference from Bon Jovi’s song “It’s My Life”


Watch the music video here

Written by Sonia Twitter: Give_Me_ARTPOP

42 SPS

Same song second chorus

Don’t forget to delay... on the very last word

Seven years later he works as a waiter She married a trucker and he’s never there The story never changes, just the names and faces Like Tommy and Gina they’re living on a prayer Did you just say that? I said [Chorus x2]

It’s stupid, contagious (same song different chorus) To be broke and famous (same song different chorus) Can someone please save us from punk rock 101 My Dickies, your rock hands My spiked hair, your new Vans Let’s shoplift some sweatbands for punk rock 101

girl all the bad guys want “girl all the bad guys want”


irl all the Bad Guys Want is a hit single by Texas band, Bowling for Soup, from their 2002 album, Drunk Enough to Dance. The song reached #8 on the UK Singles Chart and #64 on the US Hot 100, and was nominated for a 2003 Grammy Award for “Best Pop Performance by a Group or Duo”.

“Girl all the Bad Guys Want” came after a dry spell for the band and was followed by the popular album A Hangover You Don’t Deserve, leading frontman Jaret Reddick to refer to it as “the career-saving song” on MTV. The song was written by Butch Walker (formerly of Marvelous 3), who has also written songs for Avril Lavigne and SR-71. Music video here.


8 O’clock Monday night and I’m waiting To finally talk to a girl a little cooler than me Her name is Lola, she’s a rocker with a nose ring She wears a 2-way, but I’m not quite sure what that means And when she walks All the wind blows and the Angels sing But she doesn’t notice me ‘Cause she’s watchin’ wrestling Creamin’ over tough guys Listenin’ to rap metal Turntables in her eyes

[Chorus:] It’s like a bad movie She’s looking through me If you were me then you’d be screaming Someone shoot me as I fail miserably Tryin’ to get the girl all the bad guys want ‘Cause she’s the girl all the bad guys want

She likes the godsmack and I like agent Orange Her cd changer’s full of singers that are mad at their dad She said she’d like to score some reefer and a 40 She’ll never know that I’m the best that she’ll never have And when she walks all the wind blows and the angels sing But she’ll never notice me ‘Cause she’s watchin’ wrestling Creamin’ over tough guys Listenin’ to rap metal Turntables in her eyes She likes ‘em with a mustache Race track, season pass Drivin’ in a transam Does a mullet make a man [Chorus]

There she goes again with fishnets on And dreadlocks in her hair She broke my heart, I want to be sedated All I wanted was to see her naked Now I’m watchin’ wrestling Tryin’ to be a tough guy Listenin’ to rap metal Turntables in my eyes I can’t grow a mustache And I ain’t got no season pass All I got’s a moped [Chorus]

SPS 43






What a way to kick off the month! With another pic of the guys working on the 5th album. In this pic, you can see Pierre working with one half of the electropop duo 3OH!3’s Nathaniel Motte. Jeff and Seb featured in a short interview on Breakfast Television Montreal where they talked about the Million Meals Movement event which will be held in May. You can check out the clip, featuring a very hairy Jeff right here.


APRIL Having recently released a new EP featuring a song co-written with Pierre and Chuck, Janick Thibault, lead singer of the Canadian band Amasic today tweeted he had recently written a song with another member of SP, Seb.



The Tshirt went on Sale on this day and sold out super quick!

44 SPS



Announced today, there will soon be another piece of merch for fan’s to add to their collections, this time in the form of a limited edition T-shirt. The shirt will be released on the 8th, and they said once it’s gone, it’s GONE, never to be released again.

The guys were in Ottawa today rehearsing the songs they would be performing as part of tomorrows National We Day. This will be there first time back on stage since the Australian Warped tour last December.



It’s National We Day, and no matter where you were in the world, you could be a part of it courtesy of a live stream of the event. Not to mention some pics and vids posted by Seb. If you couldn’t be there in person, or due to time zones were unable to tune in for the live cross of today’s performance, you can check it out right here. You can see a roundup of the event, as well as interview with the guys from the red carpet here.



American singer and songwriter Alex Dezen has joined the growing list of names of those assisting work on the upcoming 5th album. Dezen who is lead singer of the band The Damnwells has in the past worked with names such as Dave Grohl, Jason Derulo and Cody Simpson, can now add Simple Plan to his resume. We now know that the guys have so far got around 30 songs at varying stages written for the album.



Fans were surprised to learn today that the guys would be holding a secret show at the Job’s Memorial Gardens in Chisasibi QC. Believing the next SP concert would not be until May, it was only after tweets from the guys that fans learnt about this event. The guys later posted a pic of the band before boarding a private jet to Chisasibi.

By Leeann @adnaxar

SPS 45

Twitter talk Written by Leeann @adnaxar


I am starting to think that after David’s twitter account was hacked back in December that he is no longer using it, seeing we have yet another month of no tweets from him.


There may have only been one tweet so far from Pierre this month, but what a tweet it was. Linked to his Instagram account, it shows a pic of Pierre at We Day.

chuck There may not have been all work during the making of album number 5. I for one am loving the updates, but wish the album would hurry up already. After hearing the news of an 8.0 earthquake in South America, Chuck tweeted that he hoped all his friends and fans were safe. There was time to write some new songs before heading off to Ottowa to be a part of We Day. Chuck thought it was pretty awesome to see the full moon eclipse. Did anyone else see it? Having wished everyone a Happy Easter, it was time to take in the play offs before heading back home to Montreal and then -5c temps of Chisasibi where a special little show was scheduled.

46 SPS

jeff OMG, SP ARE GOING TO PLAY IN SPACE??? This was the news fans woke to at the start of the month. But alas, it was nothing more than a little April Fools Day prank. It felt exotic to be at home after what was quite a week. So Jeff posted a song, just because. Watch this here. Leaving for Ottawa, Jeff remembered the songs and might have been a little unprofessional on the red carpet. It was time for the first bike ride of the season and then to start work on a new project. Time to start brain storming the name of the new place. With Spring on its way, Jeff said goodbye to Winter, and wished all the sugar monsters a Happy Easter. Boarding a private jet for Chisasibi, Jeff was thinking, “Private jet...Para bailar la bamba #betternotbebadluck”. Where upon landing, it may have -20, but Jeff was still feeling grateful to be playing music with his best friends.


Wishing everyone a Good morning, Seb reassured us all that even tho it was April Fools Day, it was no joke. But he was in on the SP Space one too. Seb reassured us that he liked humans. Seb had one of the best seats in the house at We Day in Ottowa. Maybe he was still living in that moment when he put his wallet through the washing machine. It’s fine, just has to dry. After pressing some buttons, he showed us all his new haircut (Looking rather swish there Seb) then, having had a busy day, he decided to sit in his studio for a while. With the long weekend ahead of him, Seb was set to have some fun, and wanted to know what fans had planned. There was time for a little Q&A before his movie started, and then there was song writing over Skpe to be done too. It felt good to do a little yoga on a sunny morning, and then there was a show to do. It had been so long. What was the first song again??

SPS 47

Aussie Band News

Written by @MaddieBirkett

This month plenty has been going on in the Australian music industry! Firstly, Let’s Not Pretend are currently in the studio recording their new EP! We can’t wait to hear it!

Our good friends in Call The Shots have finally released the music video for their song ‘So Worth It’!! You can watch it here:

Speaking of CTS, Josh (singer) covered Television by Short Stack, so be sure to check it out here:

48 SPS

Short Stack? But I thought they broke up.. Well here’s the BIG news. #StackIsBack I repeat STACK IS BACK! Out of nowhere we find Art Vandelay on iTunes and now they’ve reunited with a killer new single and an album on the way! They’re also heading on tour! Watch the new video for Television, here: For tickets to their shows, check out their FB page-

But this month we also lost an amazing band. For Our Hero are breaking up, but all of the members have reassured us that this is not the last we will be seeing of them.. They have said numerous times that they will continue to write and perform together, just not as For Our Hero. Make sure you go to their last shows together though! You can find all the details on their Facebook event page-

But wait, there’s more! Day Break have released a new song and video to go with it! ‘Not Another Teenage Melodrama’! Check it out here: And last, but not least, Forever Ends Here have released a music video for ‘Yours Sincerely, I Believed’. Check it out now! (It will make more sense to watch their video for 100 Times Over, first though!)

SPS 49

International Band News Written by @MaddieBirkett

A new episode of Full Frontal (with Alex and Jack from ATL) is out! Make sure to download it on iTunes, for free!

The Cab are now teasing fans with a short snippet of their new song ‘Lock Me Up’, watch it here:

50 SPS

We Are The In Crowd sing an acoustic song off their album Weird Kids, one of my favourites, watch an acoustic Come Back Home here:

Avril Lavigne releases a music video for her song ‘Hello Kitty’! Watch here:

Fall Out Boy look back at their past year after the release of their album Save Rock and Roll. Watch here:

SPS 51

simple plan Covers Corner

This month, we’ll open this corner dedicated to the most beautiful covers of Simple Plan’s songs. By Sonia @Give_Me_ARTPOP

Crazy by Janick Thibault Amasic is a rock band from Montreal that often gets called “The new Green Day or All Time Low’’. The band’s videos have over 17 million views on YouTube and Amasic also have a huge following on other social media such as Facebook (24,000 ‘Likes’) and Twitter (over 7,700 followers). This attracted the attention of bands like Simple Plan (Amasic also co-wrote a song with Pierre Bouvier and Chuck Comeau), Boys Like Girls, Sum 41, A Day To Remember and more. Here we have Janick that covers “Crazy”.

52 SPS

Untitled by Dreamway Tales Dreamway Tales is an Italian band, born in 2007. They started their career with the EP “Till The End” and, after a couple of years, they released another EP called “Senza Fine”. Now, the band is promoting their new album “Disordine”.

In this video, Dreamway Tales are covering “Untitled”.

The Rest of Us by Simon Williams Simon Williams is a drummer that makes covers on youtube. He’s covered every kind of song: From “Ordinary Life” by Simple Plan, to “Timber” by Pitbull and Ke$ha.

In this video, Simon covers “The Rest of Us”.

SPS 53

EP review

By @MaddieBirkett

5 seconds of summer ‘she looks so perfect’

to filming, like ‘this ain’t a movie that I wanna see’ or ‘yell cut, we’re stuck inside this scene’. This is definitely one of those break up songs you’d listen to, to get over your break up! This song was written by the boys, She Looks So Perfect is a catchy upbeat as well as Dan Lancaster and Mike Duce. song, that chances are, you’ve heard on the radio. I know that most days I hear this The Only Reason is where the EP gets song once, if not twice! Written by drummer different. They take on a sort of different Ashton Irwin and guitarist Michael Clifford, tune compared to the first two tracks. This as well as producer of the EP, Jake Sinclair, song is pretty powerful and focuses on a SLSP is currently number 1 in Australia and relationship that’s gone downhill and you the UK and us Aussies could not be any don’t know what you’re meant to do now. prouder. This song has quite a few themes to Like is it too late fix, or is it worth it? This it, I think. First there’s the love side and how song was written solely by Michael Clifford the boys just want to live their life with that (guitarist), Busbee and Steve Robson. special someone and run away, but the song is also motivating and inspiring. It’s all about The last track on the EP is What I Like About doing what they can to escape and be who You. This is a cover originally performed by they want and achieve what they want. To The Romantics, but I have to admit, I love the sum it up, if any member of 5SOS showed spin the boys have put on this track! They up with a plane ticket and shiny diamond wanted to bring this track back and put their ring with my name on it, I’d want to run away little twist on it to help the newer generation too. appreciate the song. Heartache On The Big Screen is another catchy track on the EP but of course, is not as happy. They’ve written this song very well as they’re talking about (or singing really.) a break up or heart ache but because it’s on the “big screen” they’ve made it in relation

54 SPS

There are also other tracks you can get with the EP. You can get a Mikey demo version of She Looks So Perfect, Ash demo version and an acoustic version. Disconnected is also a bonus track you can

get if you buy the physical EP (which also comes with stickers!!) This song was written with frontman of All Time Low, Alex Gaskarth and John Feldman. The video for She Looks So Perfect was actually directed by Frank Borin, who you may know from directing some of Simple Plan’s videos! They wanted the video to be different from what is on tv at the moment and they definitely achieved that! The film involves people including policeman to prisoners in their daily life, until they just decided to rip their clothes off, leaving them in their ‘American Apparel’ underwear!

“If any member of 5SOS showed up with a plane ticket and a shiny diamond ring with my name on it, I’d want to run away too.” What I love about this band is that they all share around vocals, even the drummer (Ashton) gets a turn! These guys are just like the other bands featured in SP Space, except they just happened to get a major opportunity of touring with One Direction. In fact, they once opened up for Call The Shots and for their first ever show, they borrowed all of their equipment from Forever Ends Here! Download the EP for yourself here! https:// itunes.apple.com/au/album/she-looks-soperfect-ep/id807523418?ign-mpt=uo%3D4

 And.. Check out the music video for She Looks So Perfect! https://www.youtube. com/watch?v=X2BYmmTI04I Luke (Forever Ends Here) and Mikey (5 Seconds Of Summer)

SPS 55


Blitz Kids had a lot of energy up onstage.

Photo: Jimmie Sandelius

Support act surprised February 18th the American band All Time Low played in Sweden. Their support act was a band from the UK. Stockholm. The opening act’s name was Blitz Kids. They are from the UK and came along to support All Time Low for their European leg of the tour. As a fan of All Time Low I have to be honest with you, I coulnd’t care less about the support

56 SPS

Headlining As their set ended I felt the need of seeing them again. Luckily I met them after the show and we talked for awhile. Such nice lads.

band. But boy was I blown away. Fence As Blitz Kids entered the stage I was being pushed so hard against the fence I had trouble breathing. The crowd was crazy right from the start and after experience their amazing performance I un-

derstand why they kept on pushing and pushing. They surprised me and I think they are incredible. Perfect I fell in love with the song ”Perfect” right away. and

shared a perfect moment with the lead singer. Joe James , lead singer, came down to the crowd and ended up right in front of me. And I hope I’ll forever and ever remember that perfect moment.

When I got home I got online, bought their music on iTunes and a hard copy from their website as well as ordering a ticket for their headlining tour in the UK. @sophiecarlbrant


All Time Low Alex Gaskarth

Photo: Sophie Carlbrant

All Time Low All Time Low recently finished their European leg of the Tour called ”A Lot Like Love Tour”. They played in Sweden on February 18th. I was there, front row. Stockholm. All Time Low finally reached Sweden on February 18th this year. Last time, which also was my first time I saw them, was last summer at a Swedish festival called Bråvalla. I knew what I could expect from the band and I knew I would have

an incredible time. I arrived early in the morning to get a number in line and I had number 16. Signing I’m a journalist student and meeting them was a dream come true. I headed out to the signing in town and walked passed the queue into the

Meeting them was a dream come true. store. It was so surreal meeting and seeing them so close. And as a journalist I could just move around. I’ll keep some great memories from that signing with me. Meet & Greet I arrived just a few moments before the meet and greet would begin and seeing them again

but this time as a fan was different. I managed to get pictures and talk to everyone which I’m very happy about. Show The show itself was incredible. It was to me a great show even though the audience might’ve failed on the jokes a few times. Never been skinnier than when I was being pushed against the fence. I heard songs I’ve never heard live before and the acoustic moments with just Alex on stage were just so magicial.

Set list:

Do You Want Me (Dead?) So Long Soldier The Irony Of Choking On A Lifesave Stella For Baltimore Break Your Little Heart Lost In Stereo Stay Awake (Dreams Only Last For A Night) Six Feet Under The Stars Dammit Vegas Guts Weightless Remembering Sunday Therapy Me Without You (All I Ever Wanted) Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don’t) Coffee Shop Soundtrack Somewhere In Neverland Time-Bomb Backseat Serenade Oh, Calamity! The Reckless and the Brave A Love Like War Dear Maria, Count Me In


SPS 57


Twin Atlantic opening up for Thirty Seconds to Mars

Photo: Sophie Carlbrant

Twin Atlantic back in Sweden February 22 the Scotish band Twin Atlantic opened up for Thirty Seconds to Mars in Sweden. Stockholm. Twin Atlantic is an alternative rock band from the UK, Scotland. Last time they played in Sweden was a few years ago in the southern part at a festival called Siesta. Now they were back for as an opening act for the

58 SPS

American Band Thirty Seconds to Mars. Expectations I didn’t know anything about this band opening up for Thirty Seconds to Mars until the show. I’ve seen a few great opening acts before and

had a pretty good feeling about these lads. And luckily they surprised me.

Stockholm, that was great! You made us feel at home. Show Twin Atlantic had a bunch of fans in the crowd that got the rest of the people going. They had a nice vibe and got the crowd ex-

cited. I was having a good time even though I didn’t hear exactly what they were singing. They are Scottish and it was a bit difficult to hear but the feeling I got when they performed was good so I knew I liked it even though I didn’t hear every word. Meeting the band After the show I hung around the

get a glimps of the guys and luckily I did. We talked for a bit and took pictures and they were all really friendly. I’m a big fan of Scotland, their country, and accents so it was such a pleasure hearing them all talk. I was in such a good place for the entire time.

Sophie Carlbrant

Bring Me The Horizon (9) Of Mice & Men (9) letlive. (8) Issues (7)

March 25th 2014 Vogue Theatre, Vancouver, BC, Canada Issues: badass. Letlive.: dramatic. Of Mice & Men: happy. Bring Me The Horizon: spot on. The evening of March 25th was undoubtedly one to remember in the lives of Vancouver’s hardcore fans. That is, those who were lucky enough to attend the SOLD OUT event. Still at 2 hours to go before doors opened, the queue outside wrapped well around the block from Granville onto Smithe. Fans eagerly toughed out the typical Vancouver weather of alternating drizzling and pouring rain. The night began with metalcore band Issues from Atlanta, Georgia, bringing an entertaining and energetic vibe to the stage, no doubt leaving the crowd in fervent anticipation for the other bands to come. Issues are a band that play heavy metal with pop and R&B intertwined, and are quickly gaining massive attention in the modern metalcore scene. They ended their set with hit single “Hooligans”. Next up were letlive., a progressive hardcore band hailing from LA who are well-known for their intensive live shows - which is precisely what Vancouver was in store for. Jason Butler is extremely dramatic in movement and gestures and has a

wholly unique screaming style. As for something out of the ordinary, he took the liberty of singing their second last song while making his way through the crowd to the back of the venue. Those unfamiliar with the letlive. might have been puzzled when Jason brought someone from the crowd up on stage to stand and wear a potato sack on his head for a minute (this is image of their album cover). California quintet Of Mice & Men then took to the stage with all the positivity and energy they could muster, excitedly feeding off the crowd who were enthusiastic beyond control. Austin Carlile was all smiles which set a cheerful mood for sure. Their set was entertaining from beginning to end, mixed with songs from new album Restoring Force as well as old favourites. Finally, all dying anticipation for the main act was rewarded when Sheffield, UK based Bring Me The Horizon set foot on stage, raising the excitement and liveliness of the venue to its heights. Besides the brilliance of every note being spot-on and the songs sounding as close to the recorded album as can be, their incredible stage production was also something to note. The only drawback was the bleak fact that the lights were frequently too dark to see the band’s faces (only reason for the 1 mark off). World famous frontman Oli Sykes kept the crowd engaged by constantly challenging them - “Prove yourselves!” A special treat for crowd-surfers was in store when Oli sang an entire song while high fiving each surfers who came towards him. Occasional huge grins showed his enjoyment throughout the entire night just like the rest of us there. By Freda Lewko

SPS 59


MONTH Ketherine Chies When was the first time you heard about Simple Plan? It was on 2004. The first song I remember I listened to and that made me got interested in this band was The Worst Day Ever, on Youtube. I remember how I felt understood, it was like someone else had the same feeling as me, and then, all the other songs showed me the same. I learned how amazing is NOT to be the only one in the world and started to notice that other people have the same problems as I do.

60 SPS

When was your first SP show? My first SP show was in March 19th, 2009. A thousand hearts for that day and for every person that I met there. <3 For how long have you been a SP fan? Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve been a SP fan for almost 10 years. How many times have you see them alive? I have seen them alive just two times. On March 19th, 2009, and on November 11th, 2011. The best days of my life <3.

for me, and Ordinary Life,because I’m teaching my students how to sing it, and they are loving to learn it! Describe each member in one word. Jeff: The-most-awesome-guy-inthe-world. David: Lovely. Seb: Prince. Chuck: Courteous. Pierre: Adorable. What do you love the most about Simple Plan? I love everything. The way they put their/our feelings in their songs, the way they show how they care about the fans and the other people in the world. I learned how to be a good and crazy girl with them. I learned that I was not the only one suffering in the world and that I should face all my problems and destroy them. And I love everything they taught and still teach me.

Do you have any tattoo related to Simple Plan? And if you don’t, would you like to have one? I have thirteen tattoos related to Simple Plan and I want to have some more in the future. Love all them. <3

If you could spend a whole day with SP, what would you do? What’s your favorite possession of Simple Plan and I would go out and visit the place with them, because I why? think it must be really funny walking around with My favorite one? Well… It’s Jeff’s autograph, without them. I also would like to talk a lot with them and try doubt. I love it more than my CDs, DVDs, t-shirts and to say what they really mean to me. everything else. It’s my favorite one because Jeff is always so courteous with me on Twitter and he was What’s your favorite part of A Big Package For You SO amazing when I met him… The other guys were (ABPFY)? also amazing, but the way he acted was unforgettable. My favorite part is “Chuck, David, Jeff, Pierre and And the autograph reminds me of his face and his hug. Seb can’t shut up: the interview”. I usually cry a lot Say what Simple Plan means to you. It’s difficult to put this kind of feeling in words, because what this band means to me is something that just I can understand and feel. I mean… Simple Plan is everything to me. I learned so many things with them, they helped in such many ways, that words cannot explain it! They are what make me still keep my faith and go on. They give me strength to fight for my dreams. The profession that I chose, the personality that I build during all these years… they are in everything. They are the reason why I’m still here, they are the story of my life. They are my past, present and future. Simple Plan is all I need to keep living and smiling and staying true to who I am. Favorite Simple Plan song and why? I love all their songs and I change my favorite song each day… but today, I’ll choose Me Against The World, because it’s a hymn

watching this, because it’s so PRETTY the friendship they built during all these years. I love watching and watching and watching again, think their friendship is so, so beautiful…

Best SP memories? Jeff making the “rock ‘n’ roll” signal from the stage to me, David smiling and playing with his blond hair in the first concert I was, all their replies for me on Twitter and, also, Jeff following me, posting a picture of my tattoo that he took in Porto Alegre and talking about this tattoo in an interview. David shaking her hand to say good-bye for me when he was inside of the van, Jeff hugging me and saying that it was nice to see me there after he goes out, Pierre smiling and paralyzing me with his smile, Chuck being so patient with me and the other fans, Chuck playing, Seb talking about my tattoos so excited, the two concerts, and so much more! But, the most important… all the times that they put me up with videos (especially David) when I was down.

continued on next page... SPS 61

Have you made friends thanks to SP? Yes, a lot of! In fact, one of my best friends I made because of them. And I am glad to have so many and good friends that I made because of them, because astronauts are so amazing and lovely. Sometimes, when I’m down, some of these friends I made because of them try to put me up, even without knowing what is happening. I’m sure I made friends for the rest of my life, because of Simple Plan.

stupid people at school (I was the rejected), depression, ignored by the family and, to resume everything, I felt I was a loser during all my life. And now, I don’t care about being a loser, because I know I’m not the only one passing through all these kind of things, and I know that things can change one day, if I don’t give up. I learned that I need to stay true to who I am and NEVER regret things I did with all my heart and soul.

Favorite Simple Plan video? I love all their funny videos. This one made me laugh out loud a lot when I was younger (and it still does!!!) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r47BErMZ0eM

What’s your favorite member of the band and why? I don’t have a favorite one. I love all of them with all my heart. David is the one I use to care the most, I usually sing “for you I’d bleed myself dry…” thinking of him. Jeff is the one who makes me cry of happiness all the time, and he will be always the one who I’ll go straight to when I see, the one who I’ll always scream first. Chuck is the one who I admire the most, and I’ll be always paralyzed when I see him playing, he made me go crazy. Pierre is the one who always will make me stuck, wherever I am, because I think his smile can conquer the world. Seb will be always a prince to me, and will always make me laugh out loud, no matter what age I’ll be. My heart will always beat faster because of these guys and their music: forever and after.

What song would you like Simple Plan to cover?. Well, you may think it’s weird, but I’d LOVE if they did a cover of the Digimon Tamers’ Opening featuring the Japanese band One Ok Rock. I’d also love if they did a cover of any The Veronicas’, Alice Cooper’s, The Smith’s or Ke$ha’s song. Apart Simple Plan, which other bands you like? The Veronicas, The Smiths, Alice Cooper, Good Charlotte, My Chemical Romance, The Used, Owl City, Short Stack, Yellowcard, All Time Low and many other bands.

If you could say anything to The last one, what is your Simple Plan right now, what wish you want to do with would you say? Simple Plan? There are SO many things I’d like to tell them. But, I wanna hug them again, I wanna go to more SP right now, I’d like to thank them for turning myself the concerts and I wanna have dinner with them all on girl who I am today, for teaching me things that will be Mangiafoco! Haha stuck in my heart and mind forever and after. Pick up an SP song that means the most to you and try to explain why. All their songs means the most to me because all their songs are about my life. Anyway, I’ll let here a part of Meet You There, which is about Simple Plan in my life: “And where I go you’ll be there with me. Forever you’ll be right here with me.” How the band helped you through your life? I had many problems in my life: a drunken daddy,

62 SPS


Whose middle name is Philippe?


What is the name of the 2nd SP album?


Guess the song: “I wish I could have told you the things I kept in side, but now I guess it’s just too late…”


Continue the song: “Struck a match and just like that you got me…”


Which band member has blue eyes?


Who said “Welcome to…Where are we?”


Guess the song: O _ _ _ _ _ _ _ / L _ _ _


How old is Chuck?


Who said “A life without music would be like a life in black and white.” ?


Guess the video:

Answers 1. David’s. 2. Still Not Getting Any 3. Meet You There 4. Now I’m the brightest firework you’ve ever seen 5. Seb 6. Pierre 7. Ordinary Life 8. 34 years old 9. Jeff 10. Shut up

SPS 63

May Birthdays! 4


Mike Dirnt (Green Day)





Pierreâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Birthday!

Mike Ferri (We Are The In Crowd)



64 SPS

Danny Duncan (We The Kings)





Olly Murs



Parker Cannon (The Story So Far)

Jaime Preciado (Pierce The Veil)





Alan Ashby (Of Mice & Men)

Josh Woodard (A Day to Remember) SPS 65

66 SPS

Crowd… What do you do on Simple Plan Space? Mostly I find some pictures, sometimes I comment songs and now I’ll do QUIZ for the first time. Have you seen SP live? Only in my dreams and it was awesome! :D Have you met them? In dream, again :D And they are the most incredible guys in the world…many people say that! Since when have you been a fan: Since I was 10 years old Fav SP song: Really tough question… Let’s say “Welcome To My Life” ‘cause that’s the first song I’ve heard from them and liked them immediately. Beside that one I like “This Song Saved My Life”, “When I’m Gone”, “Save You”, “Rest Of Us”…All, really, all, I can’t decide, sorry :D

Jelena Avramelović Contributor Full Name: Jelena Avramelović

Fav SP music video: Welcome To My Life, Your Love Is A Lie, When I’m Gone, Perfect, Summer Paradise, Save You, TSSML and all the others :D

Age: 17

Hobbies: Listening to music of course, I like sports, hanging out with friends and sometimes I draw

Country: Serbia

Languages: Serbian and English

Twitter nick: @jelenaSP96

What do you do for a living?: Nothing yet, I’m a student

Bands beside SP you like: Simple Plan is the only band that I love ALL their songs, but I like All Time Low, Blink 182, Nickelback, Green Day, Paramore, My Chemical Romance…and I started listening to Pierce The Veil, A Day To Remember, Falling In Reverse, You Me At Six, Mayday Parade, We Are The In

Fave books: The Secret Diary Of Adrian Mole and Serve To Win from Novak Djoković :D Fave movies: The Proposal, Just Friends, Before Sunrise…And I can’t remember other now :D

SPS 67

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Interview with Chris from Bowling for Soup! All the Simple Plan News and much much more! Reviews of All Time Low, Bring me the Horizon,Twin...


Interview with Chris from Bowling for Soup! All the Simple Plan News and much much more! Reviews of All Time Low, Bring me the Horizon,Twin...

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