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FROM THE EDITOR’S DESK... Hey All, This year is flying! Can’t believe we are already releasing our June Edition. This month we take a close look at a young American Band called MKTO that Simple Plan has worked with. I was lucky enough to meet them and have a chat about how they feel about Simple Plan. I also interviewed Ball Park Music but could not fit that in this edition so if you are a fan you will have that to look forward to next month! Thanks again to our hardworking team and extra special thanks for all the hard work that Freda has put in on the design. I get so much enjoyment researching and writing about Simple Plan and other bands, I hope you the reader enjoy reading our magazine. So until next time, keep listening to the bands you love! Peace out, Jen @justjenrees

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! y a d h t Bir

On May, 5th Pierre celebrated his 35th birthday! On twitter the guys from the band and Astronauts shared with him lots of lovely tweets, videos and photos! By Sonia @Give_Me_ARTPOP



Pierre’s Birthday!




s t e e n’s Tw


Summer Paradise featuring

Released June 11, 2013


imple Plan released yet another version of Summer Paradise and this time to try and break into the American market they collaborated with Pop/Hip Hop duo MKTO. The music video is a little different with MKTO pulling up in a Combi van to pick up Pierre and then they go on a moped adventure. Check out the video here.



By Jen @justjenrees

s c i r ly Oh, Oh Take me back, take me back Oh yeah Back to summer paradise

My heart is sinking As I’m lifting up Above the clouds away from you And I can’t believe I’m leaving Oh I don’t kno-kno-know what I’m gonna do But someday I will find my way back To where your name Is written in the sand Cause I remember every sunset I remember every word you said We were never gonna say goodbye Singing la-da-da-da-da Tell me how to get back to Back to summer paradise with you And I’ll be there in a heartbeat Oh-oh I’ll be there in a heartbeat Oh-oh (Tell ‘em) My soul is broken Streets are frozen I can’t stop these feelings melting through And I’d give away a thousand days, oh Just to have another one with you (What’d you say?) Well real life can wait (Real life can wait) We’re crashing like waves (Uh-huh) Playing in the sand (Me and you) Holding your hand Cause I remember every sunset I remember every word you said We were never gonna say goodbye Singing la-da-da-da-da

Tell me how to get back to Back to summer paradise with you And I’ll be there in a heartbeat Oh-oh I’ll be there in a heartbeat Oh-oh (Malcolm and Tony) The promised that we made To about our friends Thinking about it Sunshine under trees Summer time on the beach Oh fine we get closer Under them trees Baby girl, you really got to me It’s 3 o’clock, and we’re together And the time doesn’t leave In a heartbeat girl, sex on the beach Don’t stand your world, ask me I’m rich Loving you girl, is the best part of me Someday I will find my way back To where your name Is written in the sand (Yeah, yeah, yeah, let’s go) Cause I remember every sunset I remember every word you said We were never gonna say goodbye Singing la-da-da-da-da Tell me how to get back to Back to summer paradise with you And I’ll be there in a heartbeat I remember where we first kissed How I didn’t wanna leave your lips And how I’ve never ever felt so high La-da-da-da-da Tell me how to get back to Back to summer paradise with you And I’ll be there in a heartbeat Oh-oh And I’ll be there in a heartbeat (Summer paradise) Oh-oh I’ll be there in a heartbeat




By Jen @justjenrees


KTO’s connection with Simple Plan began when they wrote their hit single “Thank You” with Emanuel Kiriakou and Evan “Kidd” Bogart, as they had also written songs with Simple Plan. MKTO tweeted on the 9th of April 2013 that they were working on a Collab!!

Thanks to Simpleplan.cz for this excerpt.


e found out via Confront Magazine how MKTO got involved with Simple Plan on the American version of “Summer Paradise”. Check that out here.


ou can watch an interview with MKTO here when they talk about working with Simple Plan.

10 SPS

CONFRONT: Now, I’m going to bring up your collaboration with Simple Plan because they are from here so you may have gained some fans here through that. TONY: Absolutely, we appreciate any support! I grew up listening to Simple Plan and we got to hang out with them and they were dope. Pierre was awesome; such a nice guy. MALCOLM: We rode scooters on the beach! CONFRONT: Sounds awesome! And how did that come along?


imple Plan released the music video for Summer Paradise that was shot on May the 15th in California. The video included some never before seen footage of the Sean Paul version filmed in Barbados as well as the addition of Malcolm Kelly and Tony Oller. Check the music video out here.

A BOTH: Our producers! TONY: They had written “Summer Paradise” for Simple Plan and I think they had so many remixes of it already but when they asked us, we said we’d love to do it; they’re awesome dudes. MALCOLM: It was fun. CONFRONT: That’s their way of releasing something for fans. TONY: Absolutely and that’s what it’s all about!

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dham Yousef took these two pictures of Pierre during the filming of the MKTO version in California. Janelle, one of the models that worked on the video, posted this pic of MKTO and Pierre.

SPS 11


KTO posted this picture of them, Pierre and Mark Staubach who has directed some of Simple Plan’s music videos. Chuck and Pierre reported last year that they were working with MKTO and we now know that it was not MKTO’s music video but the American version of Sumer Paradise. Still here is a great pic of Chuck and MKTO.


o celebrate the music video release, MarcAndrew.com had a competition and one of the prizes was a signed drumstick of Chuck’s.

12 SPS


KTO are Michael David Kelly and Tony Oller. Their name is the guys initials put together. They say it also represents what they were like in High School, Misfit Kids and Total Outcasts. Read our feature on MKTO in this edition. Heaps of info about them!




he MKTO touring family

SPS 13

A & Q


MKTO TK By Jen @justjenrees

Photos by Ian Laidlaw

During the Meet and Greet at Melbourne on their ‘Thank You’ Australian Tour, I managed to be one of the lucky people that got to ask MKTO a question . Jen: Hi, you did an American version of Summer Paradise with Simple Plan, what was it like working with them and any funny stories you can tell us? Malcolm: Oh man they are awesome, we love those guys! Tony: I love so many of their songs. You have no idea how many times we went to school dances and sang I’m a Dick, I’m addicted to you (Tony sings in a funny voice and we all laugh) To get to work with them and after seeing them on

14 SPS

TV, it was so cool and their vibes and personality are just as cool too. Malcolm: It was like so cool, just hanging at the beach and just having a good time, it was really cool. They are awesome, we can’t wait to work with them again. Jen: Sweet, thanks.

READ A REVIEW ON MKTO’S MELbOURNE SHOW ON PAGE 30 When Emma and I got our photo taken we had this chat: Tony: Hey it’s Tony, it is so nice to meet you, great question about Simple Plan, I love those guys! I love Simple Plan! Jen: Yeah I do too! Can we get a funny photo as well as a good one? Tony: Yeah sure great idea!

Malcolm: Simple Plan are the best! Thanks for asking that, it’s so cool to meet you. Enjoy the show and thanks for coming. Jen: Cool! Tony: Give us a hug, thanks for coming, hope you like our show.

SPS 15

FACT FILE Malcolm David Kelly Written by Jen @justjenrees

Malcolm David Kelly was born May 12, 1992 in Bellflower, California. Twitter: @therealmalcolm Malcolm David Kelley is no newcomer to the Entertainment industry. He started at the age of 5. Probably most well known for his role as “Walt” on the TV series “Lost” as well his role as “Finn” on Nickelodeon “Gigantic” in 2010 and 2011. He has also had other roles in Antone Fisher (2002) and You Got Served (2004). In TV he guessed starred in “Eve” (2003), “Malcolm in the Middle” (2000), “Girlfriends” (2000) “Judging Amy” (1999) and “For Your Love” (1998). To see the full list of credits check out this website. Add in a few commercials for Cap’n Crunch, Kool Aid and Kohl as well as an appearance in a Snoop Dog music video and a voice over for “Fatherhood” a Nickelodeon cartoon means you have an experienced 22 year old. You can watch his audition tape for Lost here.

16 SPS

You can watch his interview about the finale of Lost. In 2010 Malcolm and Tony who he costared with in “Gigantic” to start to write music and form MKTO. Columbia Records signed them in March 2012 and recorded their debut self titled album. The Kelleys adopted Malcolm when he was 11 months old. His sister Sydney was adopted 2 months later. INTERESTS Playing Basketball and Soccer. Supports the Lakers Basketball team. He represented the US as a Student Ambassador in the UK. AWARDS In 2006 he was named by Teen People magazine as a Teen ‘Who will Change the World’ due to his work in an Advocacy group that assists abused and neglected Children. In 2005 he received a Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series.

There was a Facebook page that was set up that reported David’s death that was a Hoax. Over a million people liked the page. This is what it said on the about page. “At about 11 a.m. ET on Sunday (May 04, 2014), our beloved actor Malcolm David Kelley passed away. Malcolm David Kelley was born on May 12, 1992 in Bellflower. He will be missed but not forgotten. Please show your sympathy and condolences by commenting on and liking this page.” Fortunately it was completely false and was just one of the latest string of complete hoax celebrity death reports.

SPS 17

FACT FILE Tony Oller Written by Jen @justjenrees

Born: February 25, 1991 in Houston, Texas, United States. Twitter @FollowOller Tony’s Quotes Always dream. Never give up! Reach for the moon. Even if you miss you’ll land among the stars. Always make sure your heart is bigger than your head. I’ve learned the truth in these sayings: ‘Luck is when opportunity meets preparation’ and ‘The right project will find you’. My favorite parable for living a positive and influential life is the Golden Rule “Do unto others what you would have them do unto you”. Tony began acting and singing when he was nice. Before his roles in Disney’s ‘As the Bell Rings and Nickelodeon’s “Gigantic” he did commercials and voice over credits. At 18 he decided to move to LA deferring College to concentrate on his acting. He landed Movie roles in ‘The Purge’ and ‘Beneath the Darkness’.

18 SPS

Tony also did some acting on the stage in Texax at the age of 12 as Sherlock Holmes. He also played parts in Chicago, Grease, Oliver, and The Nutcracker. Tony has said that Acting is his life but he has an equal love of music. He has been on TV shows singing and started a band called “The Horizon” when he was 16. He made his live debut at The House of Blues for a charity event and played the piano and sang ‘Change the World’. Tony is trained in Voice and piano but also plays the guitar, saxophone and drums. He also studied tap dance and Ballet. He also was part of a Hip-hop dance group. Tony has worked with Demi Lovato whom he worked with on “As the Bell Rings” and they recorded an original song. He worked with the British band McFly in 2008. In his last year of high school he traveled to Norway and worked with Swedish teen singer Vendela Palmgren and British teen singer Naomi Biggins on a multi-platform project titled Zoovolution. Their songs “All I Need”, “Live Without You” and “Follow Your Heart” were released on iTunes.

Interesting facts He loves Ford Mustangs and shares this passion with his dad. He loves baseball and supports the San Francisco Giants. He also played baseball as a pitcher and right field. He studied Karate and earned 4 belts. He studied comedy and improvisation at the Groundlings Theater. He was in his High school Marching band. Tony dreams of owning and managing his own independent record label. He has a belt buckle collection and has over 80 in his collection. Named one of Teen magazines ’50 Hottest Males Stars” in both 2007 and 2008. Featured in Cosmo Girl Magazine’s “Hot 100” list in Summer 2008. Trademark Looks! Double dimples on left cheek Beauty mark on upper right forehead affectionately referred to as his “handsome mark”.

“As the Bell Rings”


SPS 19

By Jen @justjenrees


alcolm and Tony became best friends after they played best friends on the screen in TeenNick television series called Gigantic. It was an American comedy darama series that had one season only. It ran between October 2010 until April 2011. Giganitc was created by Ben Wolfinsohn and Debby Wolfinsohn. It stareed the following actors: Grace Gummer, Tony Oller, Ryan Rottman, Jolene Purdy, Malcolm David Kelley and Gia Mantegna.Alex Roots played the opening theme song called ‘Dizzy From the Ride” written by Robert ToTeras. Gigantic was about the lives of 17 year old Anna Moore (Grace Gummer) and her younger brother Walt (Tony Oller) who were children of a famous movie stars couple called John and Jennifer Moore. They had recently returned to Los Angeles after living in Australia for two years while their parents were making a movie. This series demonstrates some problems that kids of super stars have not just the glamour of being famous. Tony Oller portrays Anna’s 16 year old brother called Walt who refuses to date actresses. He wants a girlfriend who is not involved in Hollywood. Malcolm David Kelley plays Walt’s best friend.

20 SPS

Episode Listing 1 Pilot 2 Pilot 3 “Black and White and Red All Over” 4 “Cas’ Girls Are Not So Easy” 5 “An Awesome Night of Awesomeness” 6 “Perfect Complications” 7 “All In” 8 “The Town of No” 9 “Dottie P.” 10 “Bye, Bye Baby” 11 “Zen and the Art of Getting Over It 12 “Carpe Diem” 13 “Scramble” 14 “Back to Normal” 15 “The Hell Just Happened” 16 “The Joy of Contrition” 17 “Food Stylist Girl” 18 “Things That Haven’t Happened Yet”

SPS 21

“Thank You”

By Jen @justjenrees

‘Thank you’ is the first song that was released by MKTO of their self titled album. It was written by Malcom Kelley, Tony Oller, Evan Bogart, Emanuel Kiriakou and Andrew Goldstein. Columbia records released it on November 20th 2012. It became a huge hit in Australia more so than America, where it made the top 40 in the Billboard Pop song charts. The music video was filmed by Chris Marrs Piliero and MKTO released it on their VEVO account. Harold Perrineau who played the character of Malcolm Kelleys father in Lost made a special appearance. It is about Tony and Malcolm watching a politician talk about budget cuts and says the next generation is “f*&cked”. MKTO appear on the screen and shove the dude aside. They then appear out of a desk in a classroom and spray the teachers mouth with spray that makes him stop talking \. They then start handing out black balloons to adults that the string attaches itself to their wrist and the balloons take the adults up into the air. It is a classic message to adults that the youth are the future and need to be listened to rather than spoken down to. Watch the music video here. Tony Oller states this about the song. “Thank You is a song we wanted to do speaking about our generation and what is really going on right now. Every generation has a song. We’re not trying to say this is the song, but it’s a story and we wanted to talk about what is going on right now. Thank you is a sarcastic way of saying you know what,”

22 SPS

Malcolm Kenney also said this about it (It is ) “the world we are living in. By that, I mean, the situations us young folks are in due to some of our elders’ decisions, we have the power to take things into our own hands nowadays. Following your dreams, working at it, and education are key.” In Australia it peaked at number 2 on the Aria charts and in New Zealand it was number 7. It made it into the top 40 in the following countries Belgium and Netherlands. In America it was 38 on the Pop Songs and 20 in the Bubblinh under Hot Singles.

SPS 23

“Classic” By Luke @lukeryanclarke

The song Classic by MKTO was released on June 20th in 2013, it goes for just under three minutes and was the second single from their self-titled album. It hit number 9 on the ARIA chart in Australia and number 17 in the US Mainstream Top 40 (Billboard). In Australia it is certified 2x Platinum with over 140,000 sales. The Music video for the song was released on the same day the song was released, and Tony Oller said “The whole concept is about going back in time and reliving those great classic moments” Music Video Acoustic Video Behind The Scenes of the Music Video The music video starts with a girl saying “Hey where’s the drums? MKTO are dressed in fancy suits .They walk into a casino and do some gambling. They meet up with some girls and take them into a photo booth that automatically changes what they are wearing. They are having a lot of fun with the scenes of them signing into old style microphones in between the photos being taken. It is a music video with a feel good style and will have you singing along. They finish it with a dance off and lots of celebrating.

24 SPS

Lyrics Hey! Where’s the drums? Oh whoa-oh-oh-oh Let’s go! Ooh girl you’re shining Like a 5th avenue diamond And they don’t make you like they used to You’re never going out of style Ooh pretty baby This world might’ve gone crazy The way you save me Who can blame me When I just wanna make you smile? I wanna thrill you like Michael I wanna kiss you like Prince

Let’s get it on like Marvin Gaye Like Hathaway Write a song for you like this You’re over my head I’m out of my mind Thinking I was born in the wrong time One of a kind, living in a world gone plastic Baby you’re so classic Baby you’re so classic Baby you, Baby you’re so classic Four dozen of roses Anything for you to notice All the way to serenade you Doing it Sinatra style Ima pick you up in a Cadillac Like a gentleman bringin’ glamour back Keep it reel to reel in the way I feel I could walk you down the aisle I wanna thrill you like Michael I wanna kiss you like Prince Let’s get it on like Marvin Gaye Like Hathaway Write a song for you like this You’re over my head I’m out of my mind Thinking I was born in the wrong time It’s love on rewind,

Everything is so throwback-ish (I kinda like it, like it) Out of my league Old school chic Like a movie star From the silver screen You’re one of a kind living in a world gone plastic Baby you’re so classic Baby you’re so classic Baby you’re so classic Baby you’re class and baby you’re sick I never met a girl like you ever til we met A star in the 40s, centrefold in the 50s Got me tripping out like the sixties Hippies Queen of the discotheque A 70s dream and an 80s best Hepburn, Beyoncé, Marilyn, Massive Girl you’re timeless, just so classic You’re over my head I’m out of my mind Thinking I was born in the wrong time It’s love on rewind, Everything is so throwback-ish (I kinda like it, like it) Out of my league Old school chic Like a movie star From the silver screen You’re one of a kind living in a world gone plastic Baby you’re so classic Baby you’re so classic Baby you’re so classic

SPS 25

“American Dream” By Maddie Birkett @MaddieBirkett

American Dream by MKTO is the fourth track on the self-titled album, and also the fourth single released, with a length of 3:45. The song was released on April 14th and peaked at 40 on the Australia Singles Top 50, while peaking at 27 on the New Zealand Top 40. Written by Emanuel Kiriakou, Evan Bogart, Andrew Goldstien and Lindy Robbins the song has plenty comparisons. Including a song you may have heard of, Jack and Diane by John Mellencamp “This ain’t the same summer song that you used to know, ‘Cause Jack left Diane thirty years ago“ This song is incredibly catchy and upbeat but it also still shows a sense of importance in the lyrics, showing that the world is growing and changing. It’s a big and scary place.. But also that over time people’s beliefs and thoughts change. A while back, the American Dream was to start a family and live in a house in the suburbs with a white picket fence and now it’s completely different. “We don’t want two kids and a wife, I don’t want a job I just want a life”. The way that Malcolm Kelly and Tony Oller can put two completely different vocals together in one song and make it sound so amazing and inspiring is genius!

record deal was a dream for them. The song has a close meaning to them. They end the interview with “The American Dream, we’re living it.” Watch the music video here. The music video follows five completely different people throughout their journeys. A ballerina, female basketball player, an artist, musician and fashion designer who all face difficulties in their way, but can in the end make it out successful. They all have one thing in common, they’re chasing for their dreams, and they’re fighting for it. This is why I find this song so inspirational, it’s all about doing what you love and succeeding in reaching your dreams.

Out of all of their singles, although they’re all catchy, I think this is my favourite. The sort of rap vibe Malcolm gives the Tony Oller states in their track by track for song makes it even edgier and different the song (which can be viewed here:) and the two artists just work incredibly that the song is exactly about it’s title, together! and for them, the American Dream was to just release videos on YouTube and hope for the best and their (well deserved)

26 SPS

Lyrics (Do something with your life) Ooh, (With your life) We broke down trying to leave town Flying down the road to change We were born to run, Cali here we come Escape from nowhere USA Say goodbye to white picket fences Say hello to palm trees and Benzes They say you gotta fall to have it all Yeah We don’t want two kids and a wife I don’t want a job I just want a life Sometimes the underdogs rise And the mighty fall This ain’t the same summer song that you used to know ‘Cause Jack left Diane thirty years ago The world is spinning too fast for you and me So tell me whatever happened to the American dream I know a girl I met her last night She was fresh off the plane She whispered in my ear “Baby, come here. I’ll do anything to make a name” Honey, take my hand follow me ‘cause I don’t wanna hurt you but he does I just wanna give you some real advice (Listen baby, mmm) Never take candy from a stranger And keep your eyes open for danger ‘Cause this right here is the twisted paradise This ain’t the same summer song that you used to know ‘Cause Jack left Diane thirty years ago The world is spinning too fast for you and me So tell me whatever happened to the American dream This ain’t the same summer song that you used to know So baby, let’s live and die before we’re getting old You know that nothing is the way it used to be So tell me whatever happened to the American dream Na na na, na na na, na na na Na na na, na na na, na na na Na na na, na na na, na na na We we were born to run, Cali here we come Gettin’ out of here, baby Let’s get out of here This ain’t the same summer song that you used to know ‘Cause Jack left Diane thirty years ago The world is spinning too fast for you and me So tell me whatever happened to the American dream This ain’t the same summer song that you used to know So baby, let’s live and die before we’re getting old You know that nothing is the way it used to be So tell me whatever happened to the American dream Na na na, na na na, na na na Na na na, na na na, na na na Na na na, na na na, na na na

SPS 27

“God Only Knows� By Jen @justjenrees

God Only Knows was a success in Australia and New Zealand. It reached number 11 on the Australian Aria charts and number 19 on the New Zealand charts. It was certified Platinum in Australia and Gold in New Zealand. The music video was released on the same day as the single was. In this video Tony and Malcolm play a video game called God Only Knows. They both get obessed with it and argue about playing it. Tony is on a date and leaves the girl to go home and play the game and Tony builds a fake person in his chair at work so he can go home and play the game without his boss knowing. Tony and Malcolm wrestle over the game and end up having it dropped out of the window. They race down to get it but a car runs over and destroys it. When they return to the apartment a mailman is there with another copy of the game and the fight continues. They both head in to the apartment to play again. You can watch the music video here.

28 SPS

Released: November 29th 2013 Genre: Pop Rock Length: 3:15 Writers: Malcolm David Kelley, Tony Oller

MKTO is the self-titled debut studio album by musical duo MKTO. It was released on January 2014 in Australia and New Zealand, and was released on April 1 in America.

Track Listing 1. Thank You 2. Classic 3. God Only Knows 4. American Dream 5. Could Be Me 6. Forever Until Tomorrow 7. Wasted 8. Heartbreak Holdiay 9. Nowhere 10. No more Second Chances 11. Goodbye Song SPS 29


“Thank You Tour” April 28th 2014 Palais Theatre, Melbourne, Australia By Jen @justjenrees


Photos by Ian Laidlaw

aving the chance to meet MKTO was a dream come true for my daughter Emma and I. We headed to one of Melbourne’s best venues, the Palais Theatre for the Meet and Greet. Those lucky enough enjoyed an acoustic set by them, they sang American Dream, Crazy, Heartbreak Holiday and a cover of Lorde’s song Royals.

and greet was not as good as SP ones as we were not allowed to take pics ourself or record our meeting them. Still there was a professional photographer on site and we got one great pic and then as we were in a crazy mood we asked to take a fun one. I had to laugh as all the other people there did not talk to Malcolm and Tony like Emma and I did, they all seemed too shy and well as you know by now Emma and I are not! As proof in this picture, we are the only ones that look like we are having fun!

The first pic when we were behaving ourselves!

Then we had time for questions and unfortunately there was only time for a few but I was one of the lucky ones that got to ask one. (See page 14) This meet

d Jen goofing around.

Malcolm, Emma, Tony an

30 SPS

After that we were given some merch and then headed out of the venue for some dinner. The Palais is all seats and as we got great seats a few rows from the front we did not need to line up at all. We made it back in to see Taylor Henderson perform and he was fantastic.

He did some amazing covers like Passenger ‘Let Her Go’ and Cold Chisels ‘Choir Girl’. He seemed to fit in well with the MKTO fans and had everyone up dancing and really enjoying his set.

continued on next page...

His Set List: Let Her Go 
 Human Nature 
 Wake Me Up 
 When You Were Mine 
 The Horses 
 Some Nights 
 Choir Girl 
 I Will Wait 
 Borrow My Heart

SPS 31

Then MKTO came on in a blaze of lights and screams from the audience. It was a full house, on a Monday night, not in the school holidays and it is full credit to MKTO for the sell out. These guys really know how to work a crowd. They started off with ‘Could Be Me ‘and I am pretty sure all the many teenage girls thought that they could be the one that the song was written about. During the fourth song, ‘Heartbreak Holiday’ they asked every to use their phone lights to wave. This effect was awesome to look back at the venue from the front. This as well as their interaction with the crowd reminded me of the boys from Simple Plan. I really liked the way that they sang at each other a lot and the bongo playing was great. Their cover of ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams was a huge hit. Tony sang ‘Wasted’ as a solo and which is pretty much when I fell in love with him! Malcolm then sang ‘Nowhere’ on his own and sang NeYo’s part well. They announced that ‘American Dream’ was going to be released in Australia that night and they were amazed that all the audience knew it already. Both Tony and Malcolm kept looking at each other and saying “Wow” at each other and thanking us for making their dream come true. After they sang ‘Classic’ which was a highlight for me, they looked really overwhelmed with how wild the crowd went. I hope that they do not lose that feeling when they become bigger and bigger. They then left the stage and of course returned for an encore of ‘I Get My Way’, ‘Royals’ (Lorde cover) and the song the tour was name for ‘Thank You’.

32 SPS

Set List: 1. Could Be Me 
 2. Forever Until Tomorrow 
 3. God Only Knows 
 4. Heartbreak Holiday 
 5. Happy 
(Pharrell Williams cover) 6. Goodbye Song 
 7. Wasted 
 8. Nowhere 
 9. American Dream 
 10. No More Second Chances 
 11. Classic 
 Encore: 12. I Get My Way 
 13. Royals 
(Lorde cover) 14. Thank You I really enjoyed this concert, their energy, talent and the way they connected with the audience made me think they have what it takes to realise their dream. They had so much fun performing to us. I say thank you to them for giving us such a great show.

MKTO tour

By Jen @justjenrees


On May the 7th MKTO announced their American tour. Us Australians are proud that they had a headline tour in our country first! I’ve seen them live, I suggest you do as well if you live in Amercia or Canada! MKTO will be zigzagging across Amercia with a stopover in Canada. Malcolm Kelley and Tony Oller will be zigzagging coast-to-coast (with a stopover in Canada) on their 36-date tour, which begins June 27 in Detroit, Mich. We expect to hear some of our favorites from their self-titled album, including their perky, anthemic first single ‘Thank You.’ Read More: here MKTO Announces Their First North American Headlining Tour |

Ones to Watch with Skype Presents MKTO Tour Dates June 27 – Detroit, MI – St. Andrews Hall June 28 – Cincinnati, OH – Bogart’s June 30 – Minneapolis, MN – Varsity Theater July 1 – Kansas City, MO – Uptown Theatre July 5 – Englewood, CO – Gothic Theatre July 6 – Salt Lake City, UT – The Depot July 8 – Anaheim, CA – House of Blues July 9 – San Francisco, CA – The Fillmore July 11 – West Hollywood, CA – House of Blues July 12 – Las Vegas, NV – Bank at the Bellagio July 13 – San Diego, CA – House of Blues July 15 – Bakersfield, CA – B Ryder’s

July 16 – Sacramento, CA – Ace of Spades July 17 – Portland, OR – Hawthorne Theatre July 19 – Reno, NV – Reno Events Center July 20 – Paso Robles, CA – California Mid-State Fair July 22 – Tempe, AZ – Marquee Theatre July 24 – Houston, TX – House of Blues July 25 – Dallas, TX – House of Blues July 26 – Pomona, NY – Provident Bank Park July 27 – New Orleans, LA – House of Blues July 29 – Ft. Lauderdale, FL – Revolution July 30 – Lake Buena Vista, FL – House of Blues August 1 – Atlanta, GA – Masquerade August 2 – Charlotte, NC – The Fillmore August 3 – Philadelphia, PA – Theater of Living Arts August 5 – Pittsburgh, PA – Stage AE August 7 – New York, NY – Irving Plaza August 8 – Toronto, ON – Virgin Mobile Mod Club August 9 – Cleveland, OH – House of Blues August 10 – Lewisburg, WV – State Fair of West Virginia August 12 – Silver Spring, MD – The Fillmore Silver Spring August 14 – Springfield, IL – Illinois State Fair August 15 – Indianapolis, IN – Deluxe at Old National Centre August 16 – Columbus, OH – Newport Music Hall August 17 – Chicago, IL – House of Blues

SPS 33

r u o T 3 m e l Emb By Jen @justjenrees


mblem3 took MKTO with them on their American tour for the following dates. This tour meant a huge exposure for MKTO in America.

7/6 – Des Moines, IA – Val Air Ballroom 7/9 – Cincinnati, OH – Bogart’s 7/10 – Chattanooga, TN – Track 29 7/12 – New Orleans, LA – House of Blues 7/14 – Austin, TX – The Belmont 7/16 – Albuquerque, NM – Sunshine Theater 7/21 – Sacramento, CA – Ace of Spades 7/28 – Cleveland, OH – House of Blues 8/2 – Hampton Beach, NH – Hampton Beach Casino 8/4 – Cohasset, MA – South Shore Music Circus 8/6 – Norfolk, VA – The Norva 8/7 – Richmond, VA – The National 8/10 – Myrtle Beach, SC – House of Blues

Emblem3 came fourth in the second season of The X factor USA. There are three members of the band, brothers Wesley Stromberg, Keaton Stromberg, and their friend Drew Chadwick. They signed with Simon Cowells record label Syco Records and Columbia Records in 2013. Their first single “Chloe (You’re the One I Want) was dropped on April the 15th 2013 and their album on July 30th called ‘Nothing to Lose”.

34 SPS


r M

KTO headed down under for a headlining tour after their debut album hit number one spot. They played in every state for their fans and what a fantastic tour it was. I loved their concert and loved seeing Taylor Henderson support them. See my review of the Melbourne Concert in this editon.

The dates were: Wednesday 23 April - Jupiters Theatre, Gold Coast Thursday 24 April - Convention Centre, Brisbane Friday 25 April - Enmore Theatre, Sydney Monday 28 April - Palais Theatre, Melbourne Tuesday 29 April - Entertainment Centre, Adelaide Friday 2 May - Crown Theatre, Perth

Check out some awesome photos from the tour here. See MKTO invite Smallzy on stage here!

SPS 35

album review ball park music ‘puddinghead’ Label: Stop Start Music Year: 2014 Genre: Indie - Pop Rock

as polished as their previous albums however their fans demonstrate in their sell out tour around Australia’s east coast.

The first single off this album ‘She Only Loves Me When I’m There’ is a catchy By Jen @justjenrees song which is to be a sure favourite of Usually I start a review with some words fans. With a catchy chorus and some like long awaited….. however this band is serious effect-driven music makes a an exception. Ball Park Music write a lot brilliant opening song. of music! Not like Simple Plan that write over 70 songs for each album but they ‘Next Life Already’ reminds me of early have released three full length albums in Beatles and has some clever lyrics that I three years. cant get out of my head. The next song is

They say the word “puddinghead” is a Shakespearean insult offered to “someone who manages to mess up even the most basic tasks…” Puddinghead was a little different in regards to the writing and recording as they did not use a producer like they did with their other releases. This has had received criticism that this album is not

36 SPS

definitely my fav song lyrically, I mean who can’t think of a person that they could not sing this too! ‘Teenager Pie’ shows us how talented Ball Park Music are musically, and how adding layer of

synth can make a very interesting song. ‘Tripping the Light Fantastic’ is my fav song of the album and the one that is the best to hear live. Even though they use drug references I still think this song is the best song to dance to. Cocaine Lion reminds me a little of Cold Play in the lyrics and the repetition. Not that I am saying that is a bad thing! Not a song that I would say is one of their best however. ‘Everything is Shit Expect my Friendship with You’ is a brilliantly written song that I can relate to. Sometimes I feel like this with my best friends.

‘Struggle Street’ is a gem, with some random lyrics and a bit light on the bass during the chorus, but a totally relatable song as there is always a time in our lives that we find ourselves struggling. The last 3 tracks really don’t do much for me, although I do listen to them. This album is worth a listen if you are into Indie music and bands that don’t like to stay inside the box. These guys are different, and always please their fans. It won’t be long before they take the world by storm as they already have Aussies in the palm of their hands.

TRACKLISTING 1. She Only Loves Me When I’m There 2. Next Life Already 3. A Good Life Is The Best Revenge 4. Teenager Pie 5. Trippin’ The Light Fantastic 6. Cocaine Lion 7. Everything Is Shit Except My Friendship With You 8. Struggle Street 9. Error Playin’ 10. Polly Screw My Head Back On 11. Girls At High School SPS 37

EP review

By Jen @justjenrees Photo by Sian Sandilands Photgraphy

Far away stables ‘atlantis’ If I was going to compare Far Away Stables with bands we all know and love I would say 30 Seconds to Mars and The Getaway Plan. They state one of their influences is Silver Chair and I wonder if they named themselves after Silver Chair’s live album. Far away Stables are Brendan Sheargold, Vocals Tim Byles, Bass Mitchell Grace Guitar and Vocals Nick Palmer and Guitar Cam Bury – Drums. This band was founded in late 2011 and released their first single in January 2012. They have supported bands like Paramore, The Offspring, The Getaway Plan, Northlane and many more. Check them out on facebook here. Twitter here. Their EP called Atlantis was released in March 2014 and is a follow up to their 2012 EP called ‘Behind the Bookcase’. The first track “Understanding the Depths’ jumps straight into the awesome guitar riffs that with the addition of a great bass line means a great opening song. I think this song would be the best one of this EP and is certainly my personal favorite. I can really relate to the following lyrics. When I look back over my life these few words makes me feel better

38 SPS

about the choices I made. “You can’t resent the road that gave you something to lose We’re just the sum of the paths that we came through” ‘What Are You Waiting For’ is the second track and is one of those songs that I can’t get out of my head. In a good way not like Achy Breaky Heart! It has a great tune and one of the songs that when seen live you want to sing along to. The third song is called ‘Doing Better’ I heard this song for the first time a few weeks back and it related to how I felt then, in fact the lyrics could have been written about what I was going through. Got to love a song that makes me feel like that. “Someday I won’t need this crutch that carries me And I’ll be so complete but these thoughts weigh me down Cripple my hopes and dreams, please just leave me be”

‘In my Head’ is a great song, the way Brendan sings in this song is the best on the EP. Especially the “I’m hopelessly, endlessly intoxicated by this reality” The last song ‘Hellish Conditions’ is not my cup of tea but some of you would like the little screamo in it.

TRACKLISTING 1. Understanding the Depths 2. What Are You Waiting For 3. Doing Better 4. In My Head 5. Hellish Conditions

I really like this EP, I encourage readers to take a listen and if you like in Australia catch on of their gigs. I know I will be.

SPS 39

call the shots

the weekend before he went on to say “I missed my second feeding, I missed myself, I missed doing my laundry...I missed the mask...” the list went on he did know what he had missed he was just making excuses it was quite funny. There was a point where I was standing next to Riley with my camera aimed at his face, approximately 30 cm’s away and zoomed in. The photo – a reflection of me in his eyes – a total fluke. We (my friends and I) also dragged Riley away for a moment to play on the childrens playground to climb up the climbing frame – his face was priceless when he got to the top, he didn’t really know why he had climbed up to begin with. I didn’t really talk to the others much but did pull random pieces of silly string off of Mike’s jacket. It was a great morning.

mini acoustic “So Worth It” tour May 3rd 2014 Newcastle Foreshore By Rossi @Rossiiii_27A


he boys started off at 11AM, but I was about 10 minutes late. It had been a few months since I last saw the guys so I was a little excited to be able to see them again. The atmosphere was good, although the day itself was quite windy. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. Since my birthday was the weekend before the CTS boys all wished me a Happy Birthday, Josh being silly in the process. I had asked him what he missed

40 SPS

SPS 41

simple plan and the million meals movement By Jen @justjenrees

Photos by Benji Kailden

Check out all the news about Simple Plan performing at the Million Meals event here. Thanks again to Domi from Simple Plan. cz for all her info! Last night in Toronto, many volunteers gathered to help pack a million meal packs to help fight hunger in North America – all that as a part of the Million Meals Movement event, organized by ONExONE and the Simple Plan

42 SPS

Foundation. The event turned out to be a huge success with the performances of Simple Plan, Kardinal Offishall, Magic and Alyssa Reid. And some of the artists also helped the volunteers with the packing of the meals – like Simple Plan, which you can check out on the pictures from behinds the scenes of this event. The other album features the first pictures from Simple Plan’s concert later that night.

SPS 43

Twitter talk Written by Leeann @adnaxar



No tweets again this month from David  But thanks to Jeff, we know of at least one thing David has been up to this month, hitting the road.

Pierrefecting his voice under the watchful eyes of voice coach Gary Catona. Pierre was woken a few days later from the love and well wishes on his burfday. He was feeling blessed, and maybe just a little #old. Having had a great day as part of ONEXONE, Pierre was looking forward to the future, and getting back to writing the new album. But first, he had to cut his hair.

chuck The years just seems to strengthen the friendship between Chuck and Pierre with the two together to celebrate Pierre’s 35th birthday. A few days later, Chuck shared a special family photo as he wished his mum, and mums around the world a Happy Mother’s Day. There was time for a hit of golf before hitting Toronto a few days later for ONEXONE.

44 SPS

jeff With all his current establishments pulling great turnouts, you could see why Jeff is a little proud of himself, especially with another 2 projects coming soon. Put there were other things this month that Jeff had cause to be proud off, not only was he a proud soccer dad, but he also got his full motorcycle licence, which meant ‘ROAD TRIP!’ What wonderful pics Jeff shared of his and David’s adventures. Back in Vegas before heading home, Jeff reported that he “didn’t get married with a stranger, he still had all his teeth, had no weird tattoo’s, didn’t go to jail, and there wasn’t a tiger in his room.” But hey, he was going to Toronto, so where was the party there?? Jeff having early this month shared a pic of his dad as a young man ( we now know where Jeff get’s his looks) it was time to take a trip down memory lane when he posted a pic of his first apartment in Montreal, where he also told us, the first version of I’m Just A Kid was recorded. Wow, to be a fly on the wall back then.


Seb just wanted to say “Stop talking about it, and do it!” But being alone and unhooked he was ready for the evening to begin. Seb was in on #Happy35thBirthdayPierreBouvier and encouraged us all to get it going. Having sent Mother’s day wishes to all, it was all going down. There were songs to help write, and beautiful mornings to celebrate. Having discovered a ‘new t-shirt’ in his closet, he found himself ‘here’ (Toronto) on tele with Chuck. Everyone was coming together to pack lunches . Then after hitting the stage Seb was totally ready to go out..... He was just going to go back to his room for a nap first. Considering he had an 8am flight the next day, maybe the nap was a good idea. Especially when Seb reminded us that we should be happy from the moment we wake up, and then for the rest of the day.

SPS 45

By Leeann @adnaxar





st may The upcom-

ing documentary, “Bullies and Friends” which not only offers positive solutions to bullying, but also recounts the landmark court case of a 14 year old girl’s suicide that was directly linked to bullying will feature Simple Plan’s song “I’m Just A Kid”. The song has been donated to the project as part of the Simple Plan Foundation’s involvement with anti-bullying campaigns.





Simple Plan will be hitting the stage alongside Maroon 5, American Authors and Pitbull as part of Salmon Fest on July 5th.

Having recently released a new EP featuring a song co-written with Pierre and Chuck, Janick Thibault, lead singer of the Canadian band Amasic today tweeted he had recently written a song with another member of SP, Seb.


Chuck and Patrick have may made an appearance in Annakik Slayd’s new music video “Rock The Sweater” which supports Montreal’s hockey team, The Montreal Canadiens. You can check it out right here.


th may With

work on album number 5 well under way, and a bit of a break in there performing calendar, Pierre has taken the opportunity to work on his voice under the supervision of renowned voice coach, Gary Catona who in the past has helped artists such as Seal, Usher, Steve Tyler and Whitney Houston to name but a few.



Happy Birthday to you Pierre. The SP front man today celebrated his 35th birthday. Hope that he had a great one.

46 SPS



While Chuck and Pierre continue working on album #5; Sebastien has also been writing songs with US singer Jillian Jensen over Skype.


R S al o al p fo b h p M in



After recently obtaining his motorbike licence, Jeff decided to celebrate by hitting the road through the Valley of Fire in Nevada with fellow band mate and bike lover David.



Representing the Simple Plan Foundation, ll members were on hand standing longside volunteers to pack one million meals or people in need, before the guys then hit the stage tonight as part of the Million Meals Movement event n Toronto.


Seb and Chuck this morning hit the media circuit to promote the Million Meals Movement event that will be taking place in Toronto later today. There first stop was with BT Toronto morning show before appearing on CP24 Breakfast.



SP have added another date to their calendar, this time announcing they will be headlining Brampton’s Canada Day Celebrations on July 1st.


The list of cowriters helping out on album #5 continues to grow with Toby Gad again joining Pierre and Chuck in there writing endeavours.


Man Of The Hour may dynamic duo Patrick and Seb hit the shops and thrilled there Instagram followers today with a spot of Tuxedo shopping and mini fashion show. James Bond, eat your heart out.





When news first broke that Chuck and Pierre would be joining other original band members as part of the Reset reunion at Amnesia Rockfest in June, many fans had been asking what about David. Well, wonder no more. It has been confirmed that David will be onstage and for the first time, all three will be playing Reset songs live together.



Sebastien has been confirmed as one of the attendees at the opening of the Dr. Julien Foundation’s “Garage à musique” new premises on June 4th. The new venue will enable more children to join the project which gives young people the opportunity to acquire the tools to achieve personal balance (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, cultural and social) by a collective practice of music.

SPS 47

International Band News Written by @MaddieBirkett

Good news for Yellowcard fans! It looks like they’ve nearly finished writing their new album! It should be out by Spring!

Foo Fighters are also expected to be releasing a new album in Spring!

All Time Low release a live music video for their song ‘The Irony of Choking on a Life Saver’! Watch it here.

48 SPS

Hot Chelle Rae also release a new music video for their song ‘Don’t Say Goodnight’. View it here.

You Me At Six, Falling In Reverse and Frank Iero (former MCR guitarist) (along with 5SOS) are confirmed to be featured in an American Idiot tribute CD from Kerrang Magazine!

Sum 41’s Deryck Whibley has been released from Hospital. We wish him all the best. You can read all about it here.

Reel Big Fish announce more tour dates! Check them out on their facebook page here.

Joel and Benji Madden announce a new band! Check out the article here.

SPS 49

Aussie Band News

Written by @MaddieBirkett

Big news for 5SOS fans! Not only did the boys drop a massive bombshell when they announced a new single, ‘Don’t Stop’ (Watch the lyric video here!) But they also announced a new EP which would also be titled Don’t Stop. But wait, there’s more! 5SOS also announced that they would be releasing their highlyanticipated self-titled album on June 22nd! All of the links and details for preorders can be found on their site http://www.5sos. com/ - Play their Hungry 5SOS game too. It’s super addictive!

Pat from The Never Ever recorded an epic cover of Dammit by Blink-182, check it out here!

50 SPS

Josh from Call The Shots also recorded a great cover of 5SOS’S She Looks So Perfect! (Fun Fact: 5SOS actually opened for Call The Shots back in the day!) Watch it here.

Forever Ends Here are going on tour and bringing With Confidence with them! Tickets and info can be found here.

After the Curfew release a music video for their new single ‘Closer’ You can watch that here.

SPS 51


MONTH Ashleigh Brook Our fan of the Month is Ashleigh who I have actually met through one of our writers Sian. Ash is into all the same bands as me and I hope you like getting to know her! - Jen What is your name? Ashleigh Brook. What do you do? I’m a student at Evocca College.

Does your life revolve around music? If so in what way? My weekends are filled with music events, mainly going to my fiance’s gigs, as he is the bassist for a local band called Here’s To Neverland and my study is Event Management and I aim to run music events with my degree. When was the first time you heard about Simple Plan? I was around 8 years old

When was your first SP show? What keeps you busy? I haven’t been able to go to one yet D: This year ;) I Going to music events and College work. obsessively watch live videos of them on youtube, does that count? Where do you live? Tweed Heads NSW What do you like the most about Simple Plan?

52 SPS

How relatable and down to earth they are. What’s your favorite possession of Simple Plan and why? First Simple Plan CD I bought with my own money because I got it when Still Not Getting Any first came out and it was the first CD I got with my own money when I first became a fan.

Favorite Simple Plan video? Untitled Apart of SP , which other bands do you like? Here’s To Neverland, Call The Shots, All Time Low, Good Charlotte, Set The Record, All Year Round, Mayday Parade

If you could say anything to Simple Plan right now, what would you tell them? Say what Simple Plan You’ve saved so many means to you. lives through your music, They mean the beginning and brought so many of me getting into the music that I love now. people together, so thank you so much for affecting my life so much in such a positive way. Describe each member with one word: Dave- Smiley Okay, now pick 2 songs and say what do you think Jeff- Awesome are the real meanings behind them: Pierre- Lovely Welcome To My Life – A suicidal person who is trying Seb-Adorable to explain to someone else why they are suicidal and Chuck- Cute saying you don’t get it, welcome to my life, do you get any of these feelings? Favorite Simple Plan song and why? Astronaut – how lonely life can be, and does anyone Untitled because of how much I relate to it – listening out there feel that way as well. to it feels like someone understands what I’m going through and it’s perfect. Do you have any tattoo related to Simple Plan? And if you, don’t would you like to have one? I would like to have lyrics from This Song Saved My Life tattooed on my ribs. If you could spend a whole day with SP, what would you do? Write a song, because they’re all so talented musicians and I’d love to see what could come out of that. Have you made friends thanks to Simple Plan? I’ve made some amazing friends, I’m so lucky that music can bring me and my friends together and help me make friends. Favorite SP quote? “Do you lock yourself in your room with the radio on turned up so loud that no one hears you’re screaming?”

SPS 53

By Jelena


In which “Summer Paradise” video did Pierre ride a moped?


Whose birthday from SP is in June?


Guess the video:


Who is on the pic with Sean Paul?

5. In the “Summer Paradise” video, Pierre did a high-five with Malclom or Tony? 6.

Which “Summer Paradise” version has the most views on youtube?

7. In which version of “Summer Paradise” there’s a line “We have to go back, let’s go!”? 8.

Who throws away Chuck’s golf ball on “Summer Paradise” video?


SP has one live version of “Summer Paradise”, who with?


When was “Summer Paradise” video with MKTO released?

Answers 1) The one with MKTO; 2) Seb’s; 3) Summer Paradise; 4) Jeff; 5) Tony; 6) The one with Sean Paul; 7) The one with MKTO; 8) David; 9) With KN’aan; 10) It was released on June 11th 2013

54 SPS

“glitch” By Jen @justjenrees

Last year we interviewed Logan in a band called “Elephants Laundry” They decided to disband and have a go at solo careers. Logan has released his single called Glitch and it is definately worth downloading on itunes. You can do that here. Logan also has a facebook page that you can like here to keep up with all the news. Logan has a huge fan base in Australia. He is one of the nicest guys I have interviewed, I will be catching up with him soon to chat about his news.

The release of his new single made a Twitter trend in Australia as his fans celebrated the release of his long awaited single.

SPS 55

June Birthdays! 5






By Elenore

Pete Wentz (Fall Out Boy)


Jesse Lawson (ex-Sleeping With Sirens)

2 56 SPS





Rivers Cuomo (Weezer)

Jack Barakat (All Time Low)



Rob Chianelli (We Are The In Crowd)





Jeremy Lenzo (Mayday Parade)

Tony Lovato (Mest) SPS 57

58 SPS

given and try to arrange it in a visually appealing layout. Have you seen SP live? Yes, twice on the Get Your Heart On! Canadian Tour in February 2012 (Penticton and Vancouver). They put on such a fun show, it’s the best time ever! Have you met them? Yes, Pierre and Chuck 5 times and Seb, Jeff and David twice. They’re so good at interacting with their fans, and Pierre gives the best hugs!

Full Name: Freda Lewko

Since when have you been a fan? I first heard of SP when I watched the Scooby Doo episode “Simple Plan and the Invisible Madman” when I was 9, but I only starting listening to music when I was 13 and they were the first band I loved and that got me into everything else that I listen to.

Age: 19

Fav SP song: I’d Do Anything

Country: Canada

Fav SP music video: I’m Just A Kid

Twitter nick: @Freda_SP

Hobbies: Creating things in Adobe InDesign and Photoshop (like this magazine!), web design, going to concerts, scrapbooking, reading...

Freda Lewko Design Editor

Bands beside SP you like: I listen to tons and tons of bands, but the ones that particularly stand out to me are All Time Low, Architects, Billy Talent, The Blackout, Blink-182, Bring Me The Horizon, Day Of The Sirens, The Getaway Plan, Green Day, Kids In Glass Houses, La Dispute, Lostprophets, Mallory Knox, Man Overboard, Mayday Parade, Of Mice & Men, Paramore, Pierce The Veil, Save Your Breath, Sleeping With Sirens, The Story So Far, Tonight Alive, Yellowcard, You Me At Six, and Young Guns. What do you do on Simple Plan Space? I design all the pages that you see in this magazine! I take the content that I am

Languages: English and Pig Latin What do you do for a living?: I’m a cashier at a drug store, but hoping to actually work for a magazine in the future. Fave books: The World of Jeeves by P.G. Wodehouse, everything by Markus Zusak, travel books, religious books Fave movies: Old black & white’s, Ratatouille, Flushed Away, Pirates Band of Misfits, Road to El Dorado, Hot Fuzz, The Mummy

SPS 59

Profile for Jen Rees

June 2014  

Magazine about Simple Plan. Check out all their news and info about MKTO. CD and Concert Reviews. If you like please share!

June 2014  

Magazine about Simple Plan. Check out all their news and info about MKTO. CD and Concert Reviews. If you like please share!

Profile for jensp

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