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after the curfew


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FROM THE EDITOR’S DESK... This month we have seen Simple Plan do a few more concerts than recently due to their busy writing commitments. Canadians were the lucky ones in June and after the last few years of Simple Plan touring they deserved the chance to go to many concerts. I guess the highlight of the month was the reunion with Reset, which must have been a special moment for Pierre, Chuck and David. You can read more about that in the next few pages. We catch up with Philippe Jolicoeur next month about the reunion and what Reset have planned for their future.

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As always the Foundation has been super busy helping the youth of Canada. There have been many sightings also of the boys out and about. I think all Astronauts were shocked when David returned to twitter this month! Hopefully that is a sign that he will tweet more.

14 Jeff’s Business news

Once again it has been a pleasure to cover all the Simple Plan news and research Reset’s history to bring you the completed edition. Our team has once again worked hard to bring you what we hope is a great read.

20 Ball park music interview

Thanks to Sam from Ball Park Music for his interview and Mel for setting it up. Thanks also to the amazing photographers that contribute their awesome images. As always a Shout out to Domi at Simpleplan.cz as she keeps us up to date with the Simple Plan happenings. Until next month keep listening! Peace, Jen

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New Album We are all impatiently waiting

for new music from Simple Plan. We were spoilt however by them releasing an EP pleasantly surprising us. Here is what we know right now about the new Album. Simple Plan began writing songs back in 2013 writing many songs that may not make the record. They have stated that:

They will be in the studio recording later this year

They will go back to their pop punk roots They are once again Collborating with other song writers such as Ian Kirkpatrick , Sean Douglas, Peter Wallevik , Alex Dezen and Toby Gad 3OH!3 are working with them on this album



News Written by Jen @justjenrees

By April they had written 30 songs 3OH!3

Pierre mentioned that fans can expect a throwback feel Keep up with all the news about the Fifth Album on simpleplan.cz

ex Dezen

Tony Gad



Written by Benji

In June Pierre, Chuck and David reunited with Phil Jolicoeur, to have a reunion of Reset, the band that preceded Simple Plan at Amnesia Rockfest in Montebello, Quebec. The festival goers also saw Blink 182, Weezer and The Used. On the weekend of June 20-21st Reset reunited for the first time at Amnesia Rockfest in Montebello, QC for an exclusive reunion since Chuck Comeau, Pierre Bouvier and David Desrosiers all left to start up Simple Plan. Phil Jolicoeur also joined for the Reset reunion, as he along with Chuck, Pierre and David is the only original member left, and David is the only original Reset member who has never played Reset songs in a live show with his current bandmates or with Phil alongside him. Reset took the stage at 9.15pm on Friday June 20th and started their set with Everyday to get the crowd pumping, they also sang songs such as Why, Concern, Let Me Go, T.K.O, My Dream & I, Double Cross, Pollution, United We Stand Tall, Go Away, and as a very special surprise they sang Friend, which is a song Pierre wrote when Chuck departed from Reset. The band was on-stage for a good 45 minutes, and much like a Simple Plan show did not disappoint, entertained the crowd, as well as giving out a great performance. Something any Simple Plan fan who has been a fan since the very beginning would long to see.


Pierre, Chuc joined by old in the band m Fred Jerome

ck, David and Phil were d friends who were involved many years ago such as e and Patrick Langlois.

SET LIST Why Concern Go Away Let Me Go My Dream and I Everyday United We Stand Tall

You can watch videos of Reset in Action here. SPS 7

Simple Plan is to play one again. By the time

you read this they have possibly already played!

Simple Plan love to be involved in their home Country celebrations. The free concert will be in Brampton, ON, Canada on July 1st. Supports are:

Kim Mitchell who was the lead singer for the band Max Webster but now has a solo career. He hosts his own radio show for CILQ FM in Toronto.

If you would like to catch up on the news about Canada, check out simpleplan.cz of course!


Written by Jen @justjenrees

Also supporting Simple Plan is Andee who Seb is working with on her new album . Check her blog out here.

Amasic are also part of the celebrations. Chuck and Pierre have written a few songs with them and Amasic have opened for Simple Plan previously. You can check them out here.


SimplePlan.CZ Written by Jen @justjenrees

There is one place to go to hear all about Simple Plan News and that is simpleplan.cz.

Dominika is the creator of Simpleplan. cz. She has been blogging about Simple Plan since 2005 and in 2007 she created simpleplan.cz.

10 SPS

This website has EVERYTHING about Simple Plan. She has interviewed them 3 times and organises the fan meet ups with Simple Plan when they visit the Czech Republic. Check out more about Dominika here.

Everyone loves simpleplan .cz, from fans to music labels

“We really love the way you run the website about Simple Plan. Sometimes you even have the information before us!” – Veronika Boulterova (Warner Music

Czech Republic)

“I confess I’ve been a huge fan of SimplePlan.cz for years, it’s such a great site and you can find everything about SP there!” – @SP__family “SimplePlan.cz is even more complete than the official website. I don’t know what I’d do without it!” – Beatrice, Italy “You know we check the site every day, right?” – Sim Klugerman (Simple Plan’s

merchandizer and videographer)

“I confess I’ve been a huge fan of SimplePlan.cz for years, it’s such a great site and you can find everything about SP there!” – @SP__family “That’s why I love SimplePlan.cz, they always have what I want about Simple Plan! One of the best sites about them!” – Leticia, Braz

“One of the best SP websites out there! Glad some great SP websites are around still.” – Amanda Alfieri (former Simple Plan Online admin, now in Atlantic Records)

“SimplePlan.cz is cool! Thx because of you!! The guys check that site often!” – Frank Joly

SPS 11


! y a d h Birt

On June, 5th Seb celebrated his 33rd birthday! On twitter the guys from the band and Astronauts shared with him lots of lovely tweets, videos and photos! Written by Sonia @Give_Me_ARTPOP

12 SPS

SPS 13

Jeff Stinco’s

Business A There has been a couple of news about Jeff’s business and restaurants lately, so let’s look at them !


irst we could see images of him in one of his newest restaurants – Shinji (took by Journal de Quebec).

Right after that we found out, that Jeff is involved in re-opening (with Éric Le François and Cindy Simard) of a restaurant located in the centre of Montreal called “Laurea and Lorbeer“ (previously known as “Le Laurier BBQ“). It’s going to be divided into two places: Lorbeer – a pub (it will be offering beer from Stinco’s and Lefrancois‘ West Shefford brewery) and Laurea – a restaurant (it should offer meals with the flavors of the Mediterranean, led by chef Hakim Chajar). The owners plan on opening it in late June/early July. You can read the interview about it here. There’s also a photoshoot of the owners :) If you’re getting confused of all of Jeff Stinco’s projects, check out the list of his bars and restaurants on SimplePlan.cz! :)

14 SPS

Activities Written by @MariamAstronaut

SPS 15

t a f f e J & n e i Sébast


eb and Jeff visited the Garage à musique newly renovated presence. This project has been organized by the Dr. Julien Foundation.


They celebrated the re-opening of this project by getting on stage with other musicians. They played Eye of the Tiger.

Photos from http://www. simpleplanfoundation.org taken by http:// www.upsidephotography.ca

You can see a video of Seb here being interviewed in French.

You can watch a video here about the day.

Garage à musique received a $10,000 donation from Ubisoft® and the Simple Plan Foundation to help young people learn the basics of music and explore their possibilities of music. You can see the press release here.

Lucky students were able to play with Jeff and Seb and learn from the experience. You can tell by their faces that they enjoyed it!

16 SPS

ge À Musique

Written by Jen @justjenrees

SPS 17

FACT FILE ball park music Ball Park Music is an Australian band from Brisbane formed in 2008, after its members met at university. They play indie rock/pop music. Written by @MariamAstronaut

Their first EP, “Rolling On The Floor, Laughing Ourselves To Sleep“, came out in April 2009. It was followed by their second EP “Conquer The Town, Easy As Cake“ (2010). They had some successful songs on both of these EPs. Their debut album came out in the year 2011 and is called “Happiness and Surrounding Suburbs“. After lots of tours they released their second album, called “Museum“, in 2012. Their latest album, Puddinghead“, was released on the beginning of April 2014. The band played a lot of tours, mostly in Australia, starting with their first tour in October 2010 with bands Hungry Kids of Hungary and Big Scary. In summer 2011 they “The Super Commuter Tour“, “How I Met Ball Park Music Tour“ and “Moonfire Tour“ after releasing their first album. After “180° Tour“ and “Museum Tour“ in 2012, they opened for Weezer a year after. In that exact year they went on “All I Want Is USA * UK * Europe Tour“. In 2013 they

18 SPS

toured Australia on their “Thank Ewes” tour. They have just finished their Puddinghead Tour and you can read more about that in their interview. Here you can watch quite funny acoustic performance of their song “It’s Nice To Be Alive“. You can also watch “All I Want Is You“ music video right here. Also, here’s the official YouTube chanel of Ball Park Music, if you want to check out more of their music videos or interviews :)

from left to right: Jennifer Boyce (bass and back vocals), Paul Furness (keys and trombone), Sam Cromack (vocals and guitar), Dean Hanson (drums and back vocals), Daniel Hanson (guitar and back vocals)

SPS 19

exclusive interview with ...

Ball Par Jen and Emma: Hi Sam, we appreciate you taking the time to answer these questions. You must be exhausted after your Australian tour. You guys are no new comers to the music industry, we would love to ask questions to get to know some back ground on Ball Park Music. How did you guys meet? We met in late 2008 when we were studying music at uni in Brisbane.

When did you first start making music together? As chance would have it, we were thrown together as part of a uni class. Our teacher literally said, ‘you lot there, you’re a group’. The rest is history. How did you come up with the name Ball Park Music? I had always liked the phrase ‘ball park figure’ as a child. I remember liking when adults would ask one another for a Ball Park Figure on things. I guess that just evolved into Ball Park Music over time. Did you have in mind a particular musical direction that you wanted to take, or did you just start playing and wait to see what came out? When the band began I was very much interested in a lot of popular indie music at the time. I still maintained a fondness for classic songwriting, pop and rock music too. I think all these things influenced our early work.

20 SPS

Who are some of your biggest musical inspirations? The Beatles, especially John Lennon’s stuff, Radiohead, Dungen, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Beck, Jeff Buckley, Neutral Milk Hotel, Get The Blessing.

You just released a new album called ‘Puddinghead’. It was written a little differently than your last two albums, as you took some time out from touring to write it, do you think that contributed to the success of the album? The writing itself is actually scattered over a very long period of time. Some songs were composed years ago while others were fresh during the recording period. We really just took time off to record the album and to focus on our studio work, particularly in regards to arranging and experimenting in the studio. I think this approach certainly resulted in a more diverse and focused production. How does your songwriting process typically go? Do you all have an input in the writing of the music? It’s typically my role to create the melody, lyrics and general vibe for the songs. I usually develop most of the chords too, but Paul offers a lot in that department. His music theory knowledge is impeccable, so he’ll often find ways to make the musical content a little more sophisticated. The twins are great at

rk Music By Jen and Emma Rees

arranging. Daniel is on the drums and offers a lot in terms of direction/mood/ energy etc.

You recorded this album yourself in an old shack, what was the reason behind you doing this? We knew we wanted to produce the record ourselves, so we had to find a space to work in. The old house we used was simply the best solution we could find on our budget.

Where did the title ‘Puddinghead’ come from? Got to be a story behind that! I first discovered the term when I was in high school. It was in a Shakespeare piece we were studying. A ‘Puddinghead’ is a derogatory term for someone who messes everything up.

You worked with Tony Hoffer on the first track ‘She only loves Me when I’m there, how good was that for you? He actually mixed the whole record. I’ve continued on next page...

SPS 21

never actually met the guy in person but we spoke over the phone and worked together to gauge how the record should be mixed. He was friendly and cooperative and very focused on realizing our record. He wanted to assist in us seeing our vision through to completion. I have loved his mixes more and more since distancing myself from the recording process. Puddinghead was a huge hit with fans, debuting at number two on the Aria Charts and number one on the Australian Itunes chart. Was this beyond your expectations? Definitely. I have never paid too much attention to that kind of stuff. I just try to make the record as good as it can be and hope that fans find something to enjoy. I feel like the true test is taking it on the road; playing the new material for fans and talking to them after shows to see how they feel about the new songs. Of all the tracks on the album, which one did you have the most fun writing and recording? My two personal favourites are Error Playin’ and Struggle Street. Error Playin’ is an old track that has a special place in my heart. It was one of the more lush, experimental recordings. I also love Struggle Street because it’s just a gnarly live jam that came along realy late in the process. It was sort of unexpected and always feels fresh. What do you look forward to the most about playing live? I guess I just love playing music. I don’t need an excuse. It’s so fun to perform and to be generating something loud and exciting. Feeding off the energy of our fans is a real high.

22 SPS

Is there a track you like to play live the most? I have really been enjoying playing She Only Loves Me When I’m There. I never anticipated that it would receive such a good reception from the audience. It goes off live. What is the first thing you do when you come off stage? Take most of my clothes off and crack a beer. I usually check in with the band and our crew to see how everyone vibed the show. Are there any funny stories that you can share with us about your last year’s tour The Thank Ewes tour or this Puddinghead tour? Paul and I got really into backgammon on this tour. We were playing on a balcony in Perth and one of the pips rolled of the balcony, never to be seen again. Days later, in Brisbane, Paul took the set through security at the airport and dropped it. Pips went everywhere and he was devastated. Even the security laughed at him. Then, to top it off, he lost the set somewhere in Darwin and we never saw it again. We decided his set was cursed so now we need a new one. What was it like touring with Papa vs. Pretty, Holy Holy and Jesse Davidson? They were all wonderful people and really great musicians. We became particularly close with Papa Vs Pretty. We finished many gigs and retired to our rooms with them for some late night beers and hangs. They’re way cool. This is a tough question, but was there are favourite city in regards to crowds? you know you want to say Melbourne! The Melbourne shows were terrific, continued on next page...

SPS 23

absolutely. I think the shows in Wollongong and Bunbury were personal favourites. Any crazy fans that you met? I met a sweet girl at our Melbourne under 18s show. She said the Happiness and Surrounding Suburbs was her favourite album of all time and then she started crying. That was a bit intense. But she was cool. Do you have any merchandise available? SP fans love to buy merch especially tees and hoodies! Yes, plenty on our website! How can fans keep in touch with you? We still run all our social media and we’re pretty chatty on there. Thanks heaps for your time. Emma and Jen

24 SPS

SPS 25


By Jen @justjenrees




have known and liked Ball Park Music since Emma my daughter started listening to them after a friend of hers forced her listen to them. (no hardship there!) The two stand out songs for me were ‘Literally Baby’ and ‘It’s Nice to be Alive. Take a listen to these songs if you like a song you can scream at the top of your voice in the car when no one is listening. They are quirky and different from the mainstream rubbish that we hear on the radio. Ball Park Music are an Australian band that write great songs and live to please their fans. Sounds like Simple Plan much? I say yes. Both the songs I mentioned are on the Album called Happiness and Surrounding Suburbs.

Check out the music video to ‘Literally Baby’ here. http://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=KXRARZhlFg8 Check out the music video for ‘It’s Nice to be Alive’ here http://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=LSgz7Ept79o

26 SPS

From “It’s Nice to be Alive”

Boring as bat-shit you people make me feel so Curious and I don’t know why
 You think you’ll end up in the sky Happy as Larry and riding sheep on clouds Well I’d prefer enthusiasm while you’re here with me

SPS 27

album review ball park music ‘puddinghead’ Label: Stop Start Music Year: 2014 Genre: Indie - Pop Rock

as polished as their previous albums however their fans demonstrate in their sell out tour around Australia’s east coast.

The first single off this album ‘She Only Loves Me When I’m There’ is a catchy Written by Jen @justjenrees song which is to be a sure favourite of Usually I start a review with some words fans. With a catchy chorus and some like long awaited….. however this band is serious effect-driven music makes a an exception. Ball Park Music write a lot brilliant opening song. of music! Not like Simple Plan that write over 70 songs for each album but they ‘Next Life Already’ reminds me of early have released three full length albums in Beatles and has some clever lyrics that I three years. cant get out of my head. The next song is

They say the word “puddinghead” is a Shakespearean insult offered to “someone who manages to mess up even the most basic tasks…” Puddinghead was a little different in regards to the writing and recording as they did not use a producer like they did with their other releases. This has had received criticism that this album is not

28 SPS

definitely my fav song lyrically, I mean who can’t think of a person that they could not sing this too! ‘Teenager Pie’ shows us how talented Ball Park Music are musically, and how adding layer of

synth can make a very interesting song. ‘Tripping the Light Fantastic’ is my fav song of the album and the one that is the best to hear live. Even though they use drug references I still think this song is the best song to dance to. Cocaine Lion reminds me a little of Cold Play in the lyrics and the repetition. Not that I am saying that is a bad thing! Not a song that I would say is one of their best however. ‘Everything is Shit Expect my Friendship with You’ is a brilliantly written song that I can relate to. Sometimes I feel like this with my best friends.

‘Struggle Street’ is a gem, with some random lyrics and a bit light on the bass during the chorus, but a totally relatable song as there is always a time in our lives that we find ourselves struggling. The last 3 tracks really don’t do much for me, although I do listen to them. This album is worth a listen if you are into Indie music and bands that don’t like to stay inside the box. These guys are different, and always please their fans. It won’t be long before they take the world by storm as they already have Aussies in the palm of their hands.

TRACKLISTING 1. She Only Loves Me When I’m There 2. Next Life Already 3. A Good Life Is The Best Revenge 4. Teenager Pie 5. Trippin’ The Light Fantastic 6. Cocaine Lion 7. Everything Is Shit Except My Friendship With You 8. Struggle Street 9. Error Playin’ 10. Polly Screw My Head Back On 11. Girls At High School SPS

ball park music corner hotel gig By Jen @justjenrees Photos by Kate and Emma


hese guys know how to put on a fantastic show! The set list was perfect and it was easy to get into the front row! Literally Baby is my fav song and for them to play it as an opener was a mind blower! Prob the best song for me was Trippin’ The Light Fantastic. To finish on Bohemian Rhapsody was huge! Great gig for a band that you need to watch!

30 SPS

Set list 1. Literally Baby 
 2. Trippin’ The Light Fantastic 
 3. All I Want Is You 
 4. Everything Is Shit Except My Friend ship With You 
 5. Coming Down 
 6. iFly 
 7. She Only Loves Me When I’m There 
 8. High Court 
 9. Alligator 
 10. Sad Rude Future Dude 
 11. Next Life Already 
 12. Surrender 
 13. Fence Sitter 
 14. It’s Nice to Be Alive 
 15. Struggle Street 
 Encore: 16. Bohemian Rhapsody 
(Queen cover) SPS 31

By Leeann @adnaxar








The opening acts for this year’s Canada day which will headline Simple Plan have been announced. Those attending will enjoy music from Kim Mitchell, Andee and Amasic.

Chuck will be a guest judge as part of this year’s Canadian Van’s Warped Tour Battle of the Bands which gives up and coming musicians a chance to join the tour on the Canadian leg of the tour.


Seb was on hand today for the reopening of the renovated Garage à musique project organised by the Dr/ Hulien Foundation where he joined other musician’s onstage to celebrate the day.


Today Simple Plan’s guitarist Sebastien celebrates his 33rd birthday. Happy birthday Seb from all of us here at Simple Plan Space.

32 SPS

The official schedule for this year’s Amnesia Rockfest has been released. A special of this year’s event will be Pierre, Chuck and David hitting the stage, but not with Simple Plan, but as part of the Reset reunion.

With just two days until the Reset reunion at Amnesia Rockfest, Chuck, David, Pierre and Phil took the opportunity to practice some of their old hits.


An 8 episode series entitled “The Event” will soon be broadcast on Bell TV in Canada. The series aims to give viewers exclusive behind the scenes access to some of the biggest music and cultural events, and will feature our very own Jeff Stinco taking on the role of narrator in both the French and English versions of the show.


Fans at this year’s Amnesia Rockfest were treated to the special reunion of the original members of Reset, with David, Pierre and Chuck all appearing on stage as part of the band for the first time. Songs played during the set included: Everyday, Why, Concern, Let Me Go, T.K.O., My Dream and I, Friend, Double Cross, Pollution, United We Stand Tall and Go Away. You can check out the show for yourself right here.

21 Heart On.

Today marks the 3rd anniversary of Get Your

26 23

This morning Pierre made a guest appearance on his long-time friend Pat’s morning show, Ca Commence Bien where he discussed progress on the new album, the Simple Plan Foundation and the recent Reset reunion show.


A special dinner with the Simple Plan Foundation auction winners was held at Le Muscadin restaurant where the three generous winners were not only treated to a fine meal with all the guys, but also a little acoustic concert.

The Simple Plan Foundation will be holding a celebrity gold tournament on August 6th this year with all funds raised on the day being split between the SP foundation and Procure.


As in previous years, Omnium Gervais-Talbot held its charity golf tournament where all profits from the day being presented to the Simple Plan Foundation. All the guys were on hand for the event with Chuck participating in the golf tournament while the other guys played an acoustic set before being presented with a cheque for $50,000.

Photos by Benji


Tonight saw the members of Simple Plan hitting the stage again for a sold out show, this time at Kirkland Lake.

SPS 33

Twitter talk Written by Leeann @adnaxar


Woohoo, David was back on Twitter this month thanking those who attended the Reset concert. Hopefully it is the beginning of more tweets to come. We also had a glimpse of what else David was up to this month when a pic appeared on social networks showing David visiting Steve’s Music Store.



Not only was David back this month, but Pierre also made an appearance. He posted pics of Captain Papou (aka his dad) getting ready for another boating adventure as well as that ‘gratuitous” selfie on his way to the Simple Plan Foundation dinner. The bottles were flipping at the charity golf tournament, and Pierre was flipping out a bit about watching buddy Pat hosting morning television.

Chuck was ready to celebrate Seb’s birthday with Pat. Then he was present at the Staples Centre for one of the best games he’d seen in a long time. It was like going back in time when Pierre, David and Phil started rehearsals for the Reset reunion. After playing their set, it was time to watch Blink 182 rock it at Rockfest before getting to bed at 5am and waking up at noon. What’s his age again?? All of which must have got him ready for the sold out show when they hit Kirkland Lake for the first time.

34 SPS

jeff Having to wait a little more than 90 seconds was worth it for such an amazing pizza. Then it was time for Jeff to make a long overdue trip back to the music store where he used to order his sheet music from when he was in music school. From San Francisco to LA, it was time for a little hiking. But like always, it was good to be home. Having finished his voice over duties, Jeff was stoked for the first episode of ‘The Event” which will be available July 2nd. Having invented a new word, ‘Horngry’ Jeff needed to know if we needed him to explain ;-) It was time for Jeff and the rest of the guys to play for the crazy ass crowd at Kirkland Lake.


Having moved, it was time to sort through those unlabelled boxes and a new ceiling to look at before falling asleep. Now where was that cable? He used to have too many, and now they can’t be found. Seb gave fans a hint of what he would like for his birthday (there is still time for you to send some birthday love - See here.) and if you couldn’t donate, you could always change your profile pic to one of you and Seb together. When the big day finally arrived, everything felt so different. But someone got the math wrong, as Seb assures us he’s only 23 ;) I don’t quite know what Seb was getting at when he described the noises coming from the old couple next door as #ZooNoises, I’ll leave it to your imagination, and while you’re at it, I’ll let you work out what a smiffer is too, apparently they smell like a cheap Saturday night tramp. All jokes aside, Seb was excited about dinner with some generous souls, although photos may have got blurrier as the night progressed. Getting on a tiny plane it was time to head to Kirkland Lake. Seb, we can’t wait for you to be back on stage with some new songs too.

SPS 35


Written by Jen @justjenrees

After the Curfew formed in 2010 and has just released their EP called Trading Places. They recorded this over the summer of 2013 in Sydney. I’ve seen them a few times live and their stage presence is awesome. I encourage you to take a closer (bad pun I know) at them. Start by watching their new single called Closer here.

Photos by Maddy Day-Henri

I love this video as it is made in my hometown and it is a great concept. I dare you to listen to this song and not get

36 SPS

it stuck in your head. After the Curfew have supported Cartel, MXPX, New Empire, A Loss for Words and many more. On June the 4th they released their EP and you can purchase this here. To keep up with their news you can like their facebook page here. They did a count down on facebook till the release of their music video for Closer.

ep review

Written by Jen @justjenrees

Track Listing 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Forever I’ll Be Dreaming Closer 3:00 Apology 4:14 Trading Places 3:26 Waiting Pt 2. 5:32

after the curfew ‘trading places’ They are young, they are talented, they are keen and they just released their debut EP called Trading Places. Melbourne’s Indie Rock Quartet After the Curfew spent the summer of 2013 in Sydney recording this gem of an EP. This EP demonstrates a maturing of these musicians from their first songs.


again. The music video is worth a view, you can see that here. Track 3 is called ‘Apology’ and the lyrics are totally relatable for anyone that has done something that they regret. “I now it’s a little bit too late. It’s a struggle to lay a clean slate. What we need we wont find until we try, I believe there is a place for you and I.” This song has the best bass line of the whole EP and could have been turned up a bit. The last few lines of the song is sweet, on an acoustic guitar, a perfect way to finish. The title

“When the song finishes, it is begging you to listen to it again” Track 1 is Forever I’ll Be Dreaming is the first track of the EP. This is a solid opener and includes some well-written lyrics. “My past regrets, dunk them under the waves so they can not swim” is a good example. Track 2 of this EP is ‘Closer’ and the first single released. This song with the right promotion is destined to be a hit. The catchy guitar riff that instantly grabs the listener’s attention is sweet as. The verses feature a voice changer that is a great contrast to the chorus that have the vocalist’s crisp sounds. When the song finishes it is begging you to listen to it

track is track 4. This would be a superb track to hear live. The best song of the EP would have to be Track 5 ‘Waiting Pt 2. This ballad’s chorus brings out the sweet vocal range of Hayden Jefferies. I don’t think there is a person alive that could not put themselves in the mind of the composer. “For so long I’ve been waiting, waiting for myself to turn around, for so long, I’ve been walking , walking in a direction nowhere bound” A fantastic EP from a promising young Australian band.

SPS 37

ep review

cambridge ‘create.destroy.rebuild’ Sydney Pop Punk Band Cambridge is a quintuple of guys that have got together in 2013 create one of Australia’s most promising up-and-coming outfits that we have seen in a while. Made up of lead vocalist of Brad Smith, Dave Smith (Vocals/Bass), Josh Smith (Guitar) Scott Rooney (Guitar) and Scott Young on Drums, these five guys are one of the catchiest bands going around. They have just released their debut album “Create.Destroy.Rebuild”. Even though the band is relatively “new”, they all have years of experience of between them, with Brad being the ex- frontman for Heroes For Hire. The first single “Black Dress” was released on ITunes back in 2013, and with my curiosity I decided to take a listen. From the very first few beats of that preview sending chills down my spine, I was captured. It was a few months of patience before we got to hear any new material and boy! was the wait

38 SPS

worth it. Cue the 2nd single of “Head Over Heels”, immediately I was dancing and singing along to it’s damn catchy hooks and chorus and the album just cranks it up!. Brad and Dave’s vocal’s are immaculate and complement each other. Full of infectious pop songs, it’s 10 tracks of pure gems!. The title track is a pure crafted “ballad”, one of the stand outs, with it’s tender acoustic guitar leading to the final chorus crescendo. This is Cambridge at their best and you can feel the raw emotion just ejecting from the speakers. “You want a war?, you got it!” is the punch line of “Crucio”, perfect for that all-important “win-or-lose” game. Another stand out is “21/10/15”, but in saying that there isn’t any fault to be found with this release. It’s such a shame that commercial radio won’t acknowledge this band, even thou the album reached #3 on the iTunes Rock Charts. This album is a MUST-HAVE for fans of bands such as Mayday Parade, but these guys have created their “own” style and it’s working! Now if just the rest of the country just opened up their ears and mind, they too would be “#MINDBLOWN!”

Written by Rossi @Rossiii_27 and Jen @justjenrees


Which song does the following come from: I used to think that I was strong // Until the day it all went wrong I think I need a miracle to make it through


In what year were Pierre Bouvier and Chuck Comeau born in?


Which member out of David and Sebastien was the last member to reach 30?


This comes from what song? Now I’m stuck out here and the world forgot // Can I please come down?


Track 11 on Get Your Heart On is what song?


On what song on No Pads, No Helmets...Just Balls did Joel Madden sing guest on?


Aside from the bass guitar what instrument has David professed his love of playing.


David Desrosiers has performed with which other bands.


Sebastien and friend Patrick Langlois have a internet radio show called MOTH, but what does it stand for?


Which cartoon did the members of Simple Plan perform the opening track for and then subsequently appeared in an episode?


Name the three songs that were released as singles in 2005. A. I’m Just A Kid, Perfect, Addicted B. Untitled, Crazy, Shut Up C. Welcome To My Life, Astronaut, Jump


In the video clip for “Can’t Keep My Hands Off You” does a car get toilet papered?


Who sings the following line: There’s fungus growing in the icebox // All I got left are Fruit Roll-Ups My clothes are six months old // But I don’t care, no no no I don’t notice


In video clip for “Can’t Keep My Hands Off You” which member is wearing a blue tartan shirt, and which member is wearing a tie?


Now for this you are allowed to refer to the DVD for “A Big Package For You”. Who does the “Boot Dance”. ‘Look at my new boots!’

Answers 1) Perfect World; 2) 1979; 3) Sebastien, David was 30 in 2010; 4) Astronaut; 5) This Song Saved My Life; 6) You Don’t Mean Anything; 7) Drums; 8) Reset The Used, MxPx, Good Charlotte, Green Day, Vendetta Red; 9) Man Of The Hour; 10) What’s New Scooby Doo; 11) B; 12) Yes; 13) David in the video; 14) Jeff and Chuck; 15) David

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Aussie Band News

Written by @MaddieBirkett

Masketta Fall have released a new single titled ‘Big Dog’! Buy it here! And while you’re at it, go and grab a ticket to their new secret shows that are bound to be a heap of fun! Ticket info on the pic!

Short Stack are on tour soon and sound even better, Forever Ends Here are going to be supports for the whole tour as well as additional supports for each show! Only one Sydney show left and you can get tickets here!

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The Hoodie Weather Tour is back! With bands you won’t want to miss! Check out the flyer and all the details are here.

New Day Break Break Time episode! Watch it here.

The Never Ever have put ‘Bad Guy’ on Youtube for everyone who hasn’t bought ‘Ghosts and Ghouls’ to listen to. Check it out here!

Let’s Not Pretend videoed an epic pop-rock cover of ‘Somebody To You’ by The Vamps. Check it out here!!

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International Band News Written by @MaddieBirkett

It looks as though All Time Low are finally in the studio working on a new album!

Vote for your favourite artists for the Alt Press Awards! http://www.altpress.com/apmas

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Maroon 5 have just released an epic new song titled ‘Maps’. Check it out here.

The Maine release a new song titled ‘So Criminal’. Listen here!

A whole bunch of bands have covered Green Day’s songs for Kerrang. Listen to the whole thing here (You won’t regret it..)

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MONTH By Jen @justjenrees

Kim This month we have a SP fan from Australia that loves all the same local bands as I do! I’ve never met Kim but have met some of her friends. One day I will met her in person but until then I got to know her a little better asking her these questions. When was the first time you heard about For how long have you been a SP fan? Simple Plan? On and off since 2002 When I heard ‘Perfect’ on the radio just after it was released. How many times have you seen them live? 0 When was your first SP show? I unfortunately keep missing them when What do you like the most about Simple Plan? they’re in Australia due to either lack of funds I love their energetic sound. or other concerts.

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What’s your favorite possession of Simple Favorite Simple Plan video? Plan and why? Jet lag My SP crew shirt because it was my first SP piece of merch What song would you like Simple Plan to cover? Say what Simple Plan means to you. I’d love them to cover a Call the Shots song, Their music cheers me up when I feel down. mainly because I want to see Josh’s reaction. Describe each member with one word: Dave- cute Jeff- cool Pierre- funny Seb- short Chuck- awesome

Apart of SP, which other bands do you like? Call the Shots, Nine Sons of Dan, For Our Hero, Masketta Fall, Fall Out Boy. If you could say anything to Simple Plan right now, what would you tell them? Come back to Australia!!!!

Favorite Simple Plan song and why? This Song Saved My Life. The title says it all! Okay, now pick 2 songs of the No Pads album and say what do you think are the real If you could spend a whole day with SP, what meanings behind them: would you do? Perfect: I try my hardest to be what you want, Depends on where we are. Probably just hang but I’m just me and i don’t understand why out, watch them rehearse, that sort of thing. you can’t accept that. Addicted: we’re over, but I still want you.

e Shots

Kim and Josh from Call th

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July Birthdays! By Elenore



Adam Young (Owl City)





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Peter Parada (The Offspring)

Jack White (The White Stripes)





Derek Sanders (Mayday Parade)

Scott Shriner (Weezer)



Ray Toro (ex-My Chemical Romance)


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saw the live concert from Kiel :) Fav SP song: Oh come on, this is really hard. I don’t have a favourite song, maybe an album – Get Your Heart On. But when I have to say something, I’m gonna say This Song Saved My Life because I have lyrics of it on my wall :)

Mária Maliková Writer Full Name: Mária Maliková Age: 16 Country: Slovakia Twitter nick: @MariamAstronautt Bands beside SP you like: All Time Low, You Me At Six, Sum 41, Tonight Alive, Nickelback and from the artists it’s Ed Sheeran and Passenger :) What do you do on Simple Plan Space? I’m trying to do my best while writing articles :D Have you seen SP live? Unfortunately, I haven’t. Have you met them? I would really love to one day! Since when have you been a fan? First time I heard their song (Welcome To My Life) in summer 2011, but I became a fan in December of that year after I fell in love with Can’t Keep My Hands Off You. But that was just a fan, I felt that I became an Astronaut a half year after that, when I

Fav SP music video: I guess it’s the Summer Paradise from Australia :) Hobbies: Mostly reading, playing the guitar and drawing :) I play the guitar because of Simple Plan and I also got better in drawing because of them :) Languages: Slovak, English, German (but even after six years of learning I can barely talk) and I’ve been learning Russian for 4 years, but that’s even worse than my German, what means it’s really bad :D What do you do for a living?: I’m a student :) Fave books: Anything by Daniel Silva and Jo Nesbo. And I love Tolkien’s Hobbit, it’s seriously one of the best books ever :) Fave movies: I’m not much for movies, but my favourite is definitely The Hobbit – The Desolation of Smaug :) After that goes The Hobbit – An Unexpected Journey and The Lord of the Rings movies :) Oh, and I love P.S.: I Love You and Disney’s Tangled :D Fave TV shows: Once Upon a Time, Sherlock, The Big Band Theory and Elementary :)

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July 2014  

Magazine based on the pop punk Canadian band Simple Plan. Interview with Ball Park Music. Concert and album reviews and so much more!

July 2014  

Magazine based on the pop punk Canadian band Simple Plan. Interview with Ball Park Music. Concert and album reviews and so much more!

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