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EDITORS NOTE Hi All, Over the last 4 months we have done a feature on the bands that are mentioned in the song Grow Up. I interviewed MXPX and found out some info about how SP were like when they were young. I have been relfecting over this time what the song Grow Up means to me. As you can tell from my photo, I am just a little older than the boys. I love working on this magazine but I do have my critics. I have been teased about being a fan girl and that I should really grow up and do things that people my age should do. I never want to change. I want to be who I am and do things I love and not be forced to suddenly take an interest in gardening or patchwork. (No offence to those who like these things!) I don’t want to be a teenager again as I think that teenagers today not only have the problems I had but a whole lot more due to the development of social media. So all though I will get older I believe that I will never grow up. I dont want to listen to the music people my age listen to, but will continue to listen to music that I enjoy. I really hope that I don’t change as I just wanna have fun and I am having fun right now! I hope you enjoy this edition on the song Grow up and I leave you with this thought from Seb who we are also featuring this month. Thanks Seb, I hope all Astronauts read this and understood it’s message. Till next month, Stay Strong, Jen

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Length: 2:32
Album: No Pads, No Helmets... Just Balls. Record label: Atlantic On Simple Plan’s debut album ’No Pads, No Helmets... Just Balls’ the song ‘Grow Up’ is a bonus track. The album was released on March 19 2002 by the record company Atlantic and has singles like ‘Addicted’ and ‘Perfect’. ‘Grow Up’ is a very liked song by the fans. It’s a promise about never growing up and never changing the way you are for anyone. The song has a pop rock sound to it and it makes you want to jump up and down and sing along. Simple Plan had a bit of a struggle in the beginning of their career like any other band and record label after record label turned them down. Despite all the negative response they kept believing in what they were doing which finally got someone to say ‘yes’. They stayed true to themselves and, to me, this song is pretty much about that. It’s a promise to themselves and it has come to be a promise to the fans as well. It’s a great song and it has been played quite a bit until a few years ago. I guess it’s like that with every band, they have a few songs that they always play, usually singles and the songs the fans love the most and then they change the rest of the set list up a bit for the new shows and tours. It wasn’t a part of the set list for the ’Get Your Heart On!’ Tour but maybe it will be on the set list for their next tour? Let’s keep our fingers crossed!


”Well, I think it’s a great song, very representative of their old punk days with a good punk energy with the lyrics that say ”I don’t want to be told to grow up, I don’t want to change, I just want to have fun” it’s kinda rebellion to authority and society. And the fact that they mention bands at the beginning, their inspiration I guess, makes the song more authentic.” - Mathilde Loranger, 14, Canada, @matbonkers ”I feel that the song tells you not to be too bothered about what people think of you. They can’t tell you what to do. You gotta live your own life.”
- Michelle, 18, The Netherlands, @mieezzie ”Grow Up has been literally THE song that describes my life since it came out. It’s one of their best and it’s timeless.”
- Cory Gillis, 18, Canada, @corygillis ”First song I heard of SP! I was 8 and now I’m 20 and it’s the words get me so much more now like I don’t want to grow up!
- Alexandra, 20, Canada, @alexandrabx ”It’s amazing, it fits perfectly with my situation. In some way it’s about being who you are no matter what people say.”
- Alejandra Sebastian de Erice, 15, Spain, @LieToBeSomeone ”I really love the song. It’s one of the reasons why I don’t want to grow up. It’s the first song you played on ’A Big Package For You’ that made me love them even more. And one of the first songs I loved from the start. I also love that they are mentioning Sum 41, Blink-182, Good Charlotte and MXPX in the song! That’s a little why I started to listen to those bands. Felt more connected to the boys! I also like what they are singing about, going to concerts, don’t want to grow up in a way which is exactly how I feel now. They were around my age when they did the album and the DVD and now I understand more of it.”
- Erika Björk, 21, Sweden, @ErikaBjork ”Well, the song Grow Up actually describes kinda my (still going) childhood. I mean, I don’t really want anyone to say that I should grow up just because they want it. Everyone HAS to be a kid or else life would be boring. That’s why I love this song, it will always remind me of my childhood and how much fun I had.” - Jana Becker, 16, Germany, @jane__baker ”Love it! It’s like telling people ”I won’t be old before I decide to, stop telling me what to be or to do.”
- @sylvieSPMT1

Written by Sophie @sophiecarlbrant


”Grow Up is my life anthem, it was the song that got me into the songs I like today. It just defies who I am.”
- Jojo Hawkmiz, 16, Australia, @MizfitSP ”I love the song! I think it describes most teenagers really well.” - Zoé, 14, Luxembourg, @SP_savedmy_life ”I think Grow Up express when you are a teenager and all is changing like yourself, so immature yet. The song is amazing!
- Carolina Rubio, 20, Spain, @carolinerubio ”It’s very fresh. It’s perfect to listen to it just after you quit your job or got fired. - @paulinaheiress I don't wanna be told to grow up, and I don't wanna change. I just wanna have fun, I don't wanna be told to grow up.@Carlos_Lamps8 Yeah the lyrics just describe on my own life . I just don't want to be grow up cause all I need is fun :D and I don’t wanna change hahaa. And this is the song who made me love simple plan . Not the first song , but after I hear grow up I have some weird spirits come to me hahaha. That's what i think :) @Anugerahrifaldi‬ I put grow up on when I feel like being a kid @JessikaDietz1 "It's great to listen to for people like me who like to have fun no matter how old, and not feel judged. It's my anthem." Bree Payne, 29, Australia, @RockinSuburbia "It's very fresh. It's perfect to listen to it just after you quit your job or got fired." Paulina López, 21, México, @paulinaheiress ”Grow Up is an amazing song, something like, wanna be whatever you wanna be, have fun spending the time in the way you want!”
- Rayson Santiago, 17, Colombia, @raysonsantiago ”I guess it’s such a crazy song. I mean that it’s about the ”best” things of a teenager’s life”
- Krisztina Pécsi, 15, Hungray, @Pecsi_K ”I love it! I don’t really know what to say, about it.. It’s Simple Plan so it’s amazing!” - Katherine, 17, UK, @astronautTSSML_ ”I love the song! I like the ”stay up late, spend hours on the phone..” Very good song for teenagers!”
- Vanessa MeiBner, 14, Germany, @meissne1

"Grow Up" This is who I am
and this is what I like
 GC, Sum and Blink and Mxpx rocking my room If you’re looking for me
I'll be at the show
 I could never find a better place to go Until the day I die I promise I won't change so you better give up
 I don't wanna be told to grow up
and I don't wanna change
 I just wanna have fun
 I don't wanna be told to grow up 
and I don't wanna change
so you better give up
 Cause I'm not gonna change
I don't wanna grow up I like to stay up late
spend hours on the phone
 Hanging out with all my friends
and never being at home 
I'm impolite and I make fun of everyone I'm immature but I will stay this way forever Until the day I die I promise I won't change So you better give up
 I don't wanna be told to grow up
 And I don't wanna change
 I just wanna have fun
 I don't wanna be told to grow up 
And I don't wanna change
so you better give up
 Cause I'm not gonna change
I don't wanna grow up I don't wanna be told to grow up (grow up, grow up) I don't wanna be told to grow up (grow up, grow up) I don't wanna be told to grow up and I don't wanna change

Written by Sophie @sophiecalbrant

A Big Package For You Title: A Big Package For You Record label: Lava Length: 157 + 45 minutes Release date: November 25th, 2003 Bonus: A Small Package For You Simple Plan released a DVD back in 2003 with footage from the beginning of their career. The DVD contains live footage, pictures and videos taken and recorded between 1999-2003. It also has four music videos and a lot of behind the scenes moments to enjoy. There’s also a CD with three bonus songs that comes along, it’s called ”a small package for you”. Chuck Comeau and Patrick Langlois are directors as well as producers for this DVD and Patrick has taken the pictures and recorded the videos through the years and they are used in this DVD. It’s a get-to-knowthe-band kind of DVD and we get introduced to all of the members right away. There’s a funny edge to it and they play pranks on each other that makes you laugh as well as showing their more serious side talking about the band, the fans and their journey so far. The DVD takes us on a ride through their career and lives so far and we get to see how they record their first album ’No Pads, No Helmets... Just Balls’, join them on the set shooting the album cover and first music video, we get to follow them on tour all over the world and the DVD also contains over 45 minutes of bonus material including four music videos. In the bonus we also get to see Seb getting a tattoo and golfing in Jamaica among a lot of other things! One of the first songs you’ll hear on this DVD is ‘Grow Up’ and that’s what the DVD will show you as well. The boys are having a great time together following their dreams and they have fun doing it which is really important. You can’t take yourself too seriously but you got to work hard to make your dreams come true. They were in their 20’s when this DVD was being made and now when they are in their 30’s they are still having a great time together.

Written by Sophie @sophiecarlbrant

Fans on their favourite parts from the DVD; ”When David chokes on water! HAHAHAHAHAHA!” - Lara Pinheiro, 20, Brazil @charging_ clear ”EVERYTHING! I just love how it gives us insight to their tour life and that somehow brings us closer together.” - Alejandra Sebastian de Erice, 15, Spain, @ LieToBeSomeone ”The picture when Seb was a teenager! That makes me laugh all the time!” - Vicky, 17, Spain, @_VickyLefebvre_ ”Ehm, probably when they are at the airport and David is talking with water in his mouth. Always makes me laugh!” -Jen 24 US @JenDavis06 ”When Seb is drunk and the guys recorded him, it was so funny.” Alan 17, Mexico City @AlaanRmz ”When there’s no top on the bus it’s wiiiiinnnnddyyyy” Jessica Weilbly @JessWeibley ”I love that we see their funny side as well as their serious side. They are themselves and this DVD makes me feel like a part of their journey, that I’m a part of something special.” - Erika Björk, 21, Sweden @ErikaBjork

I don’t wanna be told to Grow up... If I could go back in time and tell my 8-year old self something, it would be “Don’t grow up.” And I’m only 17 years old, so I guess technically I am still in the progress of growing up. Lately, I’ve noticed that my friends talked very much about “old times”. About the cartoons they used to watch, the songs they used to listen to, the games they used to play… It made me realize that I’m not the only one who feels like we’ve grown up way too fast and that we have to hold on to that little bit of childhood we still have left. The very simple reason why I don’t wanna grow up is because it’s hard. I think it’s safe to say that growing up is one of the most exhausting things I’ve ever had to do and as long as I can still afford to not act my age, I will do it. It’s strange, because older people expect us to act mature, take responsibilities and to make thoughtful decisions. Yet at the same time, a lot of them are just as desperately trying to hold on to their youth as people at my age. Most of them don’t admit it, but I know people in their late-twenties who would do anything to not have to think about their actions and what consequences they might have. Someone told me a while ago that the reason adults judge my generation all the time is because they secretly envy us. We still can afford to make mistakes and to be reckless every once in a while. I can’t blame them. I’ll probably do the same when I’m older. Now that I’m thinking about it, I already am doing it. I look down on the way kids grow up these days and I say that they don’t appreciate their childhood. They all can’t wait to get older and how could they know that in a few years they will probably be in my situation and curse the fact that their childhood had to be over so fast.

I feel like adults don’t see we’re all trying to slow down the progress of growing up, because all the time they’re treating me like I’m an adult myself. Obviously, most of them think that’s what we want – Being treated like we’re already all grown up. But really, it’s the contrary. I don’t wanna be told to look for a part time job, I don’t wanna be told to start thinking about my career choices and I don’t wanna have to justify myself when I sometimes act like a kid again. But the truth is, I can’t go back. I can’t relive my childhood years. Those days are gone and I can’t be holding on to them forever, even if I want to. But childhood means safety and if I’m being honest I’m dreading the moment I’ll have to go out in the world and make a living on my own, because I genuinely have no idea how to do that. But if there’s one thing I know it’s that Simple Plan has been a part of my childhood, my youth and they sure will be a part of my adulthood as well. Simple Plan – Grow Up

Written by @redsimplesilver

are an American Pop Punk band who originates from Waldolf in Maryland. They formed in 1996. Their line up has only had one change in their drummer in 2005. They are mentioned in the Song Grow Up and they were a huge influence on Simple Plan. Good Charlotte

are.... Joel Madden , Lead vocals Born in 1979.

Benji Madden, Lead Guitarist and Backing vocals born in 1979.

Billy Martin, rhythm guitar and Keyboard born in 1981

Paul Thomas Bass born in 1980

Dean Butterworth, Drums born in 1976.

Good Charlotte have released 5 Studio albums. The first was a self titled album released in 2000. Their first hit Little Things is the first track listed on this album. This song takes some pretty serious issues and makes fun of them. The Music video is one of my fav ever music video’s. It was set in High School with Joel breaking in to the principals office and using the school’s PA system to say the now famous intro “This song is dedicated to "every kid who ever got picked last in gym class," "every kid who never had a date to no school dance," and "everyone who's ever been called a freak." The band creates bedlam at the school as most of the students leave class to see the band play after Billy plugs in the song to the PA. It was filmed at Lorne Park Secondary school in Mississauga. The album was rereleased in 2003. In 2002 it reached Number 1 position on Billboard Top Pop Catalogue Album The

Young and the Hopeless.

This album was released in 2002 and they had their first huge hit with Life Styles of the Rich and the Famous. Other hits were The Anthem, Girls and Boys, The young and the Hopeless and Hold On. Blink and Sum were said to have influenced this album.

Chronicles of Life and Death. This studio album was released in 2005. Their main hit off this album was I Just Wanna Live. This is around the time that GC toured with SP on the Noise to the World tour.

Good Morning Revival

This was released in 2007 and it debuted in the top 10 in 13 different countries. The First single to be released was The River, that featured the lead singer from Avenged Sevenfold. In Australia GC had their biggest ever hit with Dance Floor Anthem.

Cardiology was GC’s fifth album. Prior to release Benji said it would go back to their roots of pop punk and would sound more like Blink 182. The first single was Like It’s her Birthday.

GC also released a greatest Hits for its Australian fans then released it in the US as well as Japan.



Good Charlotte and Simple plan team up to raise money for the Japanese Tsunami Check out the video here

Written by Jen @justjenrees

THE VOICE AUSTRALIA TEAM JOEL Most of you will be familiar with Joel Madden, lead vocalist of Good Charlotte. Some of you will also have been enthralled by his antics on the new TV show ‘The Voice Australia’ in 2012. His team did not taste success last year [and due to my personal bias toward Team Ricky, I hope he wont this year, either…]; however, with the eclectic range of artists he gained in his team, this year 2013, who knows what will happen. At the time of writing this article though (09.06.23) we are down to his two final artists [as are the other teams], Danny Ross and Kiyomi Vella. But, I will introduce you to all of his Team as maybe one day they will appear on the music charts. In order of elimination [via votes/judges saves] [Age, location, Blind Audition song]: • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Adam Garrett: 24, WA, Skinny Love – Bon Iver Louise Roussety: 29, VIC, Creep - Radiohead Danni Hodson: 20, NSW, Something’s Got A Hold on Me – Etta James Nick Stenmark: 28, NSW, I Will Wait – Mumford and Sons Chris Sheehy: 22, QLD, One More Night – Maroon 5 Jessica Samarges: 20, VIC, Stuck – Stacie Orrico Maya Weiss: 18, VIC, Stepping Stone – Duffy Kathy Hinch: 25, VIC, Girl On Fire – Alicia Keys Lyric McFarland: 28, NSW, Shy Guy – Diana King Michael Paynter: 27, VIC, Somewhere Only We Know – Keane [My favourite in Joel’s Team] Michael Stangel: 45, VIC, Bow River – Cold Chisel Kiyomi Vella [current finalist]: 19, VIC, 1,2,3,4 - Feist Danny Ross [current finalist]: 30, NSW, When the Levee Breaks – Led Zeppelin

Joel’s top 2.

Kiyomi Vella was originally studying at university. But when she sang at her audition Joel told her that her dream had to mean everything to her, not to treat it as a "hobby". From then on she has put everything into her quirky performances. From Bjork to Kate Bush she has been able to emulate these eclectic artists whilst making the songs her own. Songs she sang: Running Up the Hill, Pack Up, Young Blood and Oh, So Quiet. Born to a Japanese mother and Maltese father, Victorian singer Kiyomi Vella has been performing since the age of six. Kiyomi describes her sound as quirky and unique, a style that her family has always supported and encouraged. Despite their support, her level headed father has steered Kiyomi to study Environmental Engineering at university – believing it’s sensible to have a back up career should music not work out. She has had vocal training for the past six years, has written more than 40 songs and takes music and style inspiration from fellow quirky chanteuse Kimbra. ( Danny is Joel's dark horse. He has an unusual style that to begin with did not reveal his personality. Songs he sang: Windmill, Let Her Go, It's Time, Old Man. Danny's passion for music began after his father's death to skin cancer when he was 11 years old. Danny's father was a man of the land, a farmer who struggled with drought his whole life, but had a love of singing and song writing. Following his death, Danny vowed to focus on what his father loved – music. A true individual, Danny has had some interesting life experiences, from teaching guitar in East Timor to living in isolation for a year with a peacock as his only companion. His vast life experience and extensive travel has helped broaden his song writing influences, and he hopes The Voice will give him the opportunity to bring this to the world. ( On Joel Madden's epic hairstyle: Every week of the live finals Joel has changed his hair colouring. After every show he tweets/Tumblr posts the inspiration behind his hair style of the night.

Written by Marly @ thepiesendure


Photo by Emma Rees Photography I first heard of Call the Shots last year when I saw a YouTube music video of a band that a writer (Sian) told me about as the lead singer was wearing a SP tee. I watched, I liked it and became an instant fan. When I hear of a band that has been inspired by Simple Plan I like to hear them as usually they have a similar sound. I was hanging out to see them live. I heard from their manager before they were coming to Melbourne and we set up a photo shoot and interview. I was already going to the concert, and was glad to get the chance to meet them. This band is really great. They are all really nice guys with great sense of humour. They are great to their fans, a lot of fun, and very talented. We had the Photo Shoot on the Saturday and the Concert on the Sunday. Read a review of the concert later in this edition. A great fun weekend! My prediction for this band is that they will be huge. Each song on their EP could be a hit. (See review) I love their passion and their energy. This really came through when they played live. It was a pleasure to get to know these guys and their Manager Dayna Wright.

Josh was kind enough to answer my many many questions! Hi Josh, I know that you and Dion almost met at a concert in 2008 but what is the story of you guys all coming together as a band? Yeah, before us ACTUALLY meeting, it almost happened a few times haha We were all friends but in different bands. Riley and Dion left their old band and joined forces with us, dedicating our lives to fighting crime and the forces of evil! (Powerpuff Girls reference) Sadly recently Greg and Damien had to leave the band due to work commitments, how did you go through the process of choosing another member? We were put onto Mike by the dude who recorded our CD and after meeting him and realizing he had a cute bum, we all agreed that he had to be in the band. We didn’t care if he could play guitar or not... Dat ass. As for a bass player, we searched for ages trying to find someone who fit us and was pretty much the same as us! One day we found out that one of our friends (who I went to school with) was really keen to join a band. We hit him up, and that’s how our bassist Mitch Joined CTS :) Your first EP “Crank up the Happy” which you can download here for free has been downloaded over 4000 times, did you write all the songs or is it a whole band process? Pretty much the way we write our songs is; I write a complete basic song. Then I give it to the guys and they add their own guitar parts or drum fills to go with the song, and that’s what gives us the Call The Shots sound :) On your profile on Triple J you list Simple Plan as your influence with other pop punk bands; can you explain how they have influenced you? Simple Plan has always been my favourite band :). For some reason, SP’s songs have just always made me feel good. I have always loved the song structures, the catchiness and the overall energy! Since I was 12, it always made me wanna be those guys! “Simple Plan, Good Charlotte, Mest, All Time Low, Bowling For Soup are some of the bands that influence the sound of our music, the lyrics are all from my own personal experiences and feelings.” – Josh Setterfield (Lead Singer) Source Triple J

Your video of “Watch the City Burn” you were wearing a SP tee, is this an ongoing theme for you as I have seen you in a few band tees in your music videos? Watch this video here.

Nah not really! It’s just more what I am feeling on the day, or if I want people to see what sort of music I’m into :) lately I’ve been wearing a whole heap of button up shirts and collared shirts also. I just like to take pride in what I wear ^.^

You have just released your new CD, called “When Everything Goes Wrong.” In the lead up to that day in April on your YouTube channel. You posted short videos teasing your fans about the release. It was worth the wait! When Simple Plan’s first CD came out they went to the record shop to see it and it was not there, how did you feel when that happened to you? At least fans were able to purchase it on line! We were pretty cut to be honest haha. It took about a week and a half AFTER the release date for it to finally even show up to the stores! I can definitely relate to Chuck and the SP guys when they said ‘Nobody gave a f*&k about our band’ on the ‘A Big Package For You’ DVD How did it feel when you actually saw it on the shelves? It was pretty damn cool! I went to the store a week and a half later to find out that I couldn’t find our CD on the shelf anywhere: c THEN I looked up and it was on the BEST SELLING rack beside big bands like Bring Me the Horizon and Cancer Bats because it was in such high demand from our awesome fans!

Your first single of the CD is called Alexis Texas, can you run through why you called it this and what is the meaning of the song? Video here. To put it simply, ‘Alexis Texas’ is the name of a Porn Star (So don’t Google her unless you wanna find out more hahaha). The meaning of the song can be figured out from the title now ;) I noticed that there are many positive comments about the songs, many from writers on this magazine and the one I left in January. “Great song from a really talented band destined for a great career in the music industry. Really like this song, very catchy lyrics and tune. Simple Plan Space “ The video is a great concept and must have been fun to shoot, tell us about it. It was actually SUPER fun to shoot! It took 2 whole days, and me ATTEMPTING to act hahaha also a lot of running, which I didn’t cope very well with for an hour haha We released the THE MAKING OF’ to YouTube! See that here.

The song was included in Honour Roll Pop Punk Compilation. That must have felt pretty cool to be in that with some other great Aussie artists. How did that come about? Yeah we had the dude putting it together hit us up and say that he really wanted us to be a part of it! And that was totally cool. In the song I’ll Pop your Punk”, Tony Lovato from Mest was a guest vocalist, how cool was it to work with him? AHH! Trust me I was over the moon! He is one of my all-time favourite singers and to have him sing along side me on the record was absolutely amazing! 15 year old I was fan girling! Next time I wanna try and get Pierre on a track. Then my whole ‘wanting to be in a band’ life would be completed.

In 2010 you were quoted on the Triple J web site saying:

“Our fans mean nothing less than everything in the world, our music is a reflection of us but also what I am feeling from the stories they’re saying. I just want to lift people’s moods and make them feel like they aren't alone through bad times.” – Josh Setterfield (Lead Singer) How can your fans get in touch with you? We reply on Twitter and Facebook all the time! You just have to be a little patient with us because we like to reply to as many as possible, and sometimes it takes awhile to get to you all ♥ Do you have meet and greets at your shows? We stick around at EVERY show to make sure that every single person that wants to meet us, gets the chance :) Fans come to shows, we owe it to them :) You often have acoustic shows in Parks in Brisbane called “Pop Punk in the Park” how can fans find out about these? Great concept I must say! The most recent one called ‘PPITP’ was put together by one of our band friends this time around! Usually we just do acoustic hangouts every now and then to hangout with the CTS fans, get to know them a little more and just all around have fun. Just gotta keep an eye on our twitters and facebooks! I tend to let a lot of secrets slip. ;) Hahaha Call the Shots fans supported them as shown in a worldwide trend to get their new single Alexis Texas on the Radio here in Australia. It worked! A fan drew a picture of Josh, Thanks to @1D_ShakesMeUp for sharing this!

Recently you have had a lot of interest from Dolly Magazine (a magazine targeted at female teens) and have had 3 months in a row where you have been included in, can you tell us about each month? For sure! The first month we got 8TH in Dolly’s HOTTEST 100 bands :D sitting up in front of the Janoskians and a few other groups! We got into that one from our fans, writing in and voting for us and we are so so so so grateful for that! #CTSARMY REP! Second time, they gave us a review on our new EP ‘When Everything Goes Wrong’ and said that we were similar to Simple Plan and Good Charlotte (Which happened to be my 2 favourite bands haha) 3rd (and most recent) time, we got a big picture and a write up on us! Hopefully we keep getting into Dolly! Because it’s awesome that they are taking interest in us!

You have also articles on MX Magazine in Brisbane and an amusing article on Redcliff’s local newspaper that called you “Hot Teens” did that make you laugh? Hahaha yes! We were like, wait... what... hahaha I think they were suggesting that teens thought you were hot is that what you thought? I still don’t know what they meant. You silly old willy Redcliffe!

Have you been in any other media articles lately? We have! We’ve been in Time Off magazine as a massive FULL PAGE feature and Time Off’s band of the month! We were super stoked for that! We’ve also been on TV recently on RAGE where they played our clip for ‘Alexis Texas’!


Tell us how you first found about SP. When I was 12, I was watching music videos on TV and ‘Addicted’ came on, I jumped on the computer and looked them up and have never looked back :) Have you met them? YES! And I am SO HAPPY about how it happened! Both times I have met them; I’ve been BACKSTAGE at their Brisbane shows! First time I got back I walked straight into a room and found Pierre (shirtless btw, ladies ;) hehe) with nobody else around him! I got to talk to him for about 5 mins, while I was stuttering almost every word, and tell him I was in a band and that he was the reason I became a singer! I showed him my SP tattoo and shook his hand. I was like a 12 year old screaming girl (inside my head anyway) Second time, I got to go backstage and hang out with David (thanks to our friend Lisa, who manages ‘The Never Ever’) and he gave me some of his Pizza, a few beers and I gave him our CD :) I still really wanna meet the other guys! This band is the reason I am in a band myself :) What is your favourite SP CD? Either ‘No Pads, No Helmet, Just Balls’ OR ‘Still Not Getting Any’ What is your favourite SP Song? ‘I’d Do Anything’ Tell us about your SP tattoo and any other band tattoos that you have. I have a big ‘SP’ tattooed above my left elbow in the Cracked writing from ‘Still Not Getting Any’s cover artwork :) On the right arm, I have Good Charlotte’s ‘GC’ logo tattooed. I want to get the Mest ‘Punk Kid’ logo tattooed on me also! You have done covers of Jetlag, Summer Paradise as well as I’d Do Anything, any others that I have not seen? I have a few done that aren’t online, like ‘When I’m Gone’ and stuff! Maybe one day I will get around to uploading them!

What other songs do you think you would like to cover? I would love to give ‘You Suck At Love’ a go! Or even ‘Your Love Is A Lie’ Your Jetlag Cover featured Kate Chandler, how did you choose her to sing it with you? You can view this here. She was a CTS fan that we had known for a few years and when she entered the competition to sing with us on the track, we knew that she was the right person for the job! That girl rules! Check her out on YouTube! Chuck loved it so much he tweeted you about it, how did that make you feel? On top of the world! Like I said before, Simple Plan is one of the reasons I started a band, they have been my inspiration from the very beginning! And to have Chuck, the drummer of this group, tweet me and tell me he loved it, was just the greatest feeling ever!

How can fans purchase your merch? We have a ‘Big Cartel’ store to get our stuff from online, or we sell our latest merch at ALL our shows :) Do you design your merch yourself? Our drummer Riley has just started designing some new stuff for us! So it’s awesome to say that yes we do our own designs :) Do you always write your set list on toilet paper? Hahaha no! We just couldn’t find any paper and Dion (because he’s weird) was using a roll of toilet paper as his tissues. Why he had that in his bag, I have no idea hahaha You have finished your tour with Masketta Fall, any funny stories that you can tell us? And funny pics you can share? There is a HEAP of funny pics AND stories! I honestly do not know where to start with this hahahaha! I guess you will just have to wait for the Tour Video Episode to come out :P Who would be your ultimate band to support? Simple Plan! No questions asked :D What is the next chapter in CTS life? Where do you want to go from here? Up and up! We always want to keep working on this band and getting us as far as possible. This is our dream. Our fans are our life. And we don’t want to do ANYTHING else than hit the road and meet new people that love our music as much as we love playing it all the time. Thanks heaps Josh, I wish Call the Shots all the best and it was great meeting you all. Cheers! Thanks for the interview! Your magazine rocks! Now I’m gonna go listen to some SP!

Written by Jen @justjenrees

Call the Shots When Everything Goes Wrong Released 5/4/2013 7 songs 22 minutes. Track listing 1. Breakups Are Fun 2. Alexis Texas 3. So Worth It 4. I’ll Pop Your Punk 5. You’ll Survive 6. The Bro Song 7. The World Is Ours Tonight. Written by Jen @justjenrees

I was looking forward to the release of this EP. It was so worth the wait. This EP contains 22 minutes of songs that are actually worth listening to over and over again. Their loyal fans agreed and the EP debuted number 17 on the AIR Charts. The comedic music video of the first single released, Alexis Texas, has now reached over 16,000 views on YouTube. This EP has ensured that Pop Punk in Australia will continue. I saw them live in Melbourne when they supported Masketta Fall last month and this cemented in my mind that this band has the potential to make it in the World Wide Pop Punk scene. Josh Settlefield, the lead singer who composes the songs, writes from his own personal experiences. They are lyrics that people can relate to, young and old. A bonus for MEST fans is Tony Lovato being a guest vocalist on Track 4 I’ll Pop Your Punk. I intended to discuss the song that I thought was the stand out song on this EP. That was over an hour ago, I keep changing my mind. The first time I listened to the EP I thought that Alexis Texas was, but then I changed to So Worth it and right now I am leaning towards The World is Ours Tonight. The lyrics in this song I would describe as beautiful. What I can say for sure is that these songs get stuck in my head and I find myself singing them over and over. The Lyrics that really stand out for personal reasons (stuff from my youth) are taken from Breakups are Fun This is the end for me I just can’t make believe It’s turning out all wrong It’s not where I belong I feel like I could drown Inside a sea of sound I’M F&*kING DONE

Photo by Emma Rees Photography

Call the Shots Concert Review

Ever since I saw Call the Shots music video of ‘Watch this City Burn’, seeing their talent and energy and yeah……… ok the fact Josh was wearing a SP tee…….. I was so keen to see them live. I was pleased to hear that they were supporting Masketta Fall for the ‘Do You Wanna Dance’ tour. I met the band and their Manager the day before at the photo shoot and we all got on well and had fun. So Emma, Sian, Nick, Caity, Bianca, Matt and I headed to the Fitzroy Town Hall to see them play. This concert was a Prom theme, but most people did not dress up. Not surprising as the crowd was the usual crowd that I know, the same teens that go to all of these concerts, and they are comfortable in shorts and band tees. (As am I!) Call the Shots were the first band on. Just before they came on their manager came to get Emma for her to take some pics on stage. It was great to see her up on stage shooting away. If you know CTS well you would know that Josh is totally obsessed with Disney so the intro to them coming on stage was a Disney tune. Their first song to massively kick start the set was ‘Alexis Texas’, and this was a crowd fav for sure. Also for this crowd to throw in a GC cover was perfect! Other than SP another band that they could have covered was ATL, so to hear them start of with ‘Dear Maria’ was great! The acoustic performance of The World is Ours Tonight was heart warming. This song really captures the concept of love and to hear it live made it more special. The photo taken to the left was during this song. I like this photo it as it has the fans’ adoring looks on their faces while they listened intently to Josh sing. I was pleased they played my fav song ‘So Worth It’ and then they finished by playing’ ‘Chances Don’t Exist’. I think that a sign that a crowd loved the band that played is not just the screaming reaction of fans but the crowd at the merch desk when they finished the set. To sum it up in a two words? A Swarm! This crowd loved Call The Shots. I was super busy! Many new fans asked for info on them and bought many of the tees. After the concert the band hung around and met all the fans. This is a great quality of these bands, to do that, it means so much to their fans. To see over 600 people jumping up and down listening to this band was great. They are super talented and I think they have a promising future ahead. Their energy and the friendly banter on stage and their presence reminded me of my favourite band. Who may that be you may ask? SP of course!

Written by Jen @justjenrees


"They're loyal, they're the best kids in the world. They're the coolest people 'cause all they do is care about this band." "I get out of the car then...then I get run over by a bus and umm...I guess I didn't die cuz umm yeah...okay bye!" "I hurt myself because I jumped to high." "He came up and said: 'Hey I'm Mark McGrath'....I was like 'No..Really?' " "I run away. When people fight, I run! Run!” "There are some people who look like aliens. Take Jeff for instance. Our guitar player - he looks like an alien!" "You hate us? Whatever, those kids like us. We're here for them, not you guys." Getting his tattoo: "I'm not less of a man if I cry." Being Pierre: "Hey were in Spain the sun is shining and I'm a dumbass." "There was even a big dragon, eating cars and spitting fire!" "Its true, Chucks favourite colour really is pink!" “This has gotta be the funniest thing. Everytime you take out your camera, first thing we say is WHAT’S UP? WE’RE IN JAMAICA!” “This is too beautiful” (Seb watching a sunset) “I’m gonna come to your house, and I will cut you!” “I used to clean the stupid toilets at my stupid High School!” “David screams in his sleep. Or talks backwards. I think he might be an alien.” "We're waiting for cars. They were gonna be here 15 minutes ago ... an hour and a half ago" "This is biiiig. This is huuuuuge."

Written By Jelena @jelenaSP


"When there's no top on the bus, it's windy!" Seb while doing his tattoo: "I'm doing this for all the people that helped us get to where we are right now. Million records doesn't happen everyday. You know what, when I'm gonna be, you know, 80 and all wrinkled, I'm gonna be like WHAT THE HELL DOES SP MEAN? and then I'll be like AH, I REMEMBER!" "When I really miss a girl's touch, what I usually do is sit on my hand, so I get it really, really numb, you know? And I do call it The Stranger. So what happens is like, your hand gets numb, so when you're doing it it's kind of like someone else is doing it..." "Oh dude, David's got the worst jokes ever!" "We're going to buy our record. 'Cause it came out today!" Seb: You didn't film that, did you? Patrick: Yeah. Seb: F$%k. Why? What for? Patrick: 'Cause it's funny. Seb: Well, it might be funny to you, but it's not funny to me." "We're in Paris. We're in France. It's Paris, France." Seb climbing on the ladders to film "Perfect" on the roof: I'm more scared of ladders than I am of roofs."


What the Boys say About Seb...... David: Seb is the sweetest one. You cannot not like him.

Jeff: That guy is just laughing the whole time he has got a big smile on his face.

Chuck: I think Seb is probably the most nicest human being I've ever met in my whole life.

Pierre: Seb is always the guy who...If you need to talk to someone,you can always go to him cause he is always listening,he is always nice.

RANDOM SEB Quotes Interviewer: "What colour crayon would you be, and why?" Seb: "Indigo, 'cause when you're looking for a black crayon, you pick this one. You start writing and it's blue. Then you say GOD DAMNIT! BOOYAH!!" "I like the way tight pants makes my junk look." "I bought a bunch of exotic birds. They're in my suitcase right now and I can't wait to let them out!" Sees a sign that says "Entry of poultry products into Argentina is forbidden unless duly authorised by Senasa" "Ohh shit! I'm not even allowed to bring them to the country. My toucan...c'mon." "Hey, Sebastien here, obviously." "Astronaut is probably in my opinion the most special song we've ever wrote." When asked why they're so energetic: "It's all the drugs we take!" Before Superman ride: "I am really scared." On Superman ride: "You know what? You might witness the death of singer and guitar player of Simple Plan." After Superman ride: "That was fucking awesome!" "There is the belief of reincarnation and everything, and every generation there's a new baboon, and for our generation, its Jeff. Jeff is the baboon"

Written by Damla @pierre_1905





By Jelena @jelenaSP96


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Seb’s tweets so far for 2013

@MaddieBirkett We all see those tweets that make us puzzled or really confused. I’m sure you’ll all agree that some of Seb’s tweets leave us feeling like that.. Especially when he would just disappear into the woods for a weekend. Was he an honorary guest at the Teddy bear’s picnic?

written by Maddie @MaddieBirkett

Written by Maddie @MaddieBirket

A Simple Plan Family Story Well,my story is not a great story. But it's important because of Simple Plan. When I first heard about SP, I was in secondary school and I was 13. One day my classmate brought a magazine that she had bought also she was my best friend. There was a SP poster in the magazine. Before I saw the poster, I had heard about SP but I wasn't listening to foreign bands. So I wasn’t listening to SP unfortunately. Anyway I saw the poster and I thought David was handsome. I know it was silly:).So she gave me that poster. I took it and forgot it for a while. Then I listened to Simple Plan on the TV. İt was the Shut Up video and it was so enjoyable,funny and amazing. Shut Up was so energetic. I was impressed. I searched about SP,listened to their songs,watched videos and concerts. That night,I had a dream and there was Pierre. It was magical. I am a Simple Plan fan. But I'm not a fan of them just for songs. Not a fan because of their appearance. I'm a fan because they are funny. They love their fans,they are modest-which is more important for me-and helpful. They are like us! For me, Simple Plan is a summary of my most beautiful, meaningful times. I know they will accompany my future with pain and joy. I know they'll always be there for me. So I’m proud of my heroes. Now,I’m writing for Simple Plan Space. It’s a magazine about Simple Plan and I have a huge SP family and nearly all my dreams have come true. Thanks to Simple Plan!

written by Damla @pierre_1905

GYHO......... 2 years ! On June 21st 2013, the album “Get Your Heart On!” celebrated it’s second birthday. Fans started to tweet many hashtags, as #Happy2ndBirthdayGYHO, #2YearsOfGYHO and #HappyBirthdayGYHO. This Simple Plan’s fourth studio album and its sound is very energetic and reminds of the first one. Before it came out two years ago, the band made two funny videos where the guys were dressed up like rappers (Simple Plan) and 80’s rockers. The Simple P’s Bust a Rhyme The SP’s, A Rock ‘N Roll Love Story...

Written by Sonia @Darrenismylove

The guys also tweeted about this important anniversary.

European Tour 2013

From June 7 to 12 Simple Plan played a few shows in Europe. This “little tour” started in Vienna where they played at Gasometer on June, 7th. During the soundcheck the band played “Gone Too Soon” live for the first time, “Save You”, “Last One Standing” and a mix version of Jet Lag and Astronaut called “Astro Lag”. While in Vienna the guys recorded a video that you can find on the crew’s official website.

Videos of Sound Check: “Gone Too Soon” “Save You” “Last One Standing” “Astro Lag” After Austria, Simple Plan played for two days at Rock Im Park and Rock Am Ring in Germany (8-9 June). These are two famous festivals in Europe where many bands play on stage. This year Simple Plan played on the same stage as Green Day, All Time Low (their dressing rooms were near) and Bad religion. David and Seb also record the second episode of “Full Frontal”, the radio show of Jack and Alex from All Time Low. Episode 2 Interview with Pierre and Seb

The day after (June, 9th) was Rock Am Ring time. The official website of the festival gave the chance to the fans to watch a few minutes of the live show made by Simple Plan and other bands during Rock Am Ring. Can't Keep My hands Off You, Jet Lag and Summer Paradise. Interview with David and Pierre. On June 10th the band posted on their official channel the official video of “Summer Paradise feat MKTO” and Chuck also said that this version is dedicated to the US fans. “Summer Paradise (feat. MKTO)” On June 11th, the band played a show in St. Petersburg and on June 12th they played in Moscow at Maxidrom Festival, Russia.

During this tour, they could have played a show in Paris too, but they cancelled it many weeks before.

Written by Sonia @darrenismylove


written by Leeann @adnaxar

David –

One can only presume that either David is really busy right now, or just enjoying the sun having only tweeted once this month I hope Roxy found a forever home.

Pierre –

Having picked the right shades Pierre was ready for his flight and a little sleep before touching down for the start of their little European tour. After a quick stop in Frankfurt, it was on to Vienna, the first leg of the tour before again moving on for a little fun at Rockimpark where they got to catch All Time Low playing before hitting the stage themselves. Back in his bunk, it was time to try and catch some more sleep before RockAmRing. Pierre wasn’t letting a little rain in Germany dampen his spirits. And with the RockAmRing line up, who could blame him. In Russia, Pierre tweeted about the strangely appropriate dressing room they were in. But they couldn’t spend too much time hanging out there; they still had to set up, do soundcheck, and of course, meet and greet SP Crew members. But then, it was time to party. European tour over, it was time to head home. Well, after a little nap in the airport lounge. Back home it was time to set up the home studio and make a start on some new SP material, as well as experiment with his personal look. Wishing Deliha happy 8th birthday, it was time to hit the surf.

Chuck –

Chuck kicked off the month by announcing there was new merch online. (Yes, I confess, I brought a skateboard deck) before hanging out with his buddy Prancer. Having wished the bands youngest member Seb a happy birthday, Chuck apologised for needing to celebrate it on a plane, but they did have places to go (Austria, Germany and Russia to be exact) and concerts to play. With the European tour over, Chuck had a 3-45 am wake up call to make sure he wouldn’t miss his flight home. Especially as it was soon to be Pat’s ‘Big Day!’ He didn’t care what the bartender thought when he ordered a Shirley Temple. But he assured us all; his next drink was a glass of milk. Chuck was able to catch up with his dad on Father’s Day, and also took some time out to go for a run this month (even if he had to tell himself to stop taking pics and keep running)

Jeff -

Jeff was about to get nasty at the start of the month. But so would I if someone was trying to rebuild a house at 7-30 on a Sunday morning. Having touched down in Vienna, Jeff relaxed in an Australian pub. Or did he mean Austrian??? (hmmmm 12 months ago he was in Australia :’( ....) In Germany, Jeff shared a pic of the little gift ATL had left for them in their dressing room, then it was off to Russia, where Jeff asked fans to suggest places he could visit during his short stay. I seem to have missed Jeff’s Q&A time again this month (considering how little I sleep, how is that I keep missing these times??) You can tell your kids are growing up, when they start asking you not to give them a kiss in front of their friends, but I imagine there were lots of hugs and kisses from his little ones come father’s day. With the arrival of summer, Jeff was able to enjoy one of the best nights he had had in a long time. Jeff has been busy: working out on a mountain, BBQ’s, fixing his motorbike, cleaning the house, approving plans and studying for his Italian classes, are just some of the things Jeff has shared with fans this month. He really is a Super Dad in action.


may have treated himself to a little birthday treat, but there wasn’t too much time for celebrating as there were planes to catch. At least he was able to do a little sight seeing in Vienna. Seb shared lots of his other experiences on Vine this month, like footage of German fans, to what it was like to be stuck in traffic in Russia. (Not fun by the look) Once arrived, Seb was feeling like an astronaut, and even found a helmet he could wear onstage later that night., but then settled on a tie instead. Relaxing with a game of cards, it was time to say good bye to Russia, and head home where it was breakfast with friends, lunch with grandma and dinner alone followed a few days later by the 2nd birthday of SP’s youngest child..... GYHO. With a big week of music ahead of him, Seb got a little too involved making ‘sick’ songs that he forgot to eat lunch. Finishing off the month, Seb left us with more of his words of wisdom – “There are no bad ideas, only good ideas that go horribly wrong.” Hopefully nothing will go horribly wrong when it comes to Seb and SP creating more fantastic music.


1st – What a way to kick off the month? With the announcement that there was new merch available via the official Simple Plan website. Included alongside the new T’s and tank tops was a skateboard deck that was limited to just 50 world wide. 1st Pat and Seb have released a new pic promoting their show, Man of the Hour. June 5th – Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you. Happy 32nd birthday dear Seb, Happy birthday to you. xx But here was no real time for the guys to celebrate Seb’s birthday as the guys head off for their little Euro tour.

June 7th – The guys kick off the Euro tour by hitting the stage in Vienna, Austria.

June 8th – The guys got a chance to catch up with long time friends All Time Low when they performed at the Rock Im Park festival in Germany. June 8th – Seb and David dropped by All Time Lows tour bus for the recording of Jack and Alex’s new radio show Full Frontal. The episode which will be aired on idobi radio on June 10th will be available for download via as well as iTunes. June 8th – Pierre and David also did a little interview while in Germany where they talked about there history with both the Rock Im Park and Rock Am Ring festivals. You can check out the interview here –

written by Leeann @adnaxar

June 8th - Seb and Pierre also did an interview for SWR3. You can watch there responces here.

June 9th - Simple Plan played there last night night Germany, this time as part of the Rock Am Ring festival.

June 10th – As the Northern Hemisphere celebrates the coming of summer, it’s only fitting that SP release it there. This time featuring MKTO. June 11th – SP again hit the stage as part of there mini Euro tour. This time in St Petersburg, Russia. June 12th – The guys finished off the tour playing at the Maxidro festival in Moscow, Russia. June 15th – Summer Paradise and TSSML were today featured as part of the 5th Annual Art of Music Video exhibition held in Toronto Canada. The exhibit features blown up still images from the year’s top music videos. June 15th – Unofficial 6th member and long time friend of SP Patrick Langlois today tied the knot. Congratulations on your wedding Pat from all us here at SP Space magazine. We wish you all the best. June 17th – It has been announced today that Simple Plan will be one of three bands performing at this year’s Queen City Ex festival in Regina, SK, Canada to be held on August 3rd. June 21st – Happy 2nd anniversary ‘Get Your Heart On’

June 24th - Have you ever wanted to go to Jeff’s Mangiafoco restaurant?? Well, if like me, you live to far away and funds don’t allow you to travel to Canada, you can now have a virtual experience. Check out the Eye Visit 4U Montreal visit here –

SP Friends News The Never Ever releases Ghosts and Ghoals

The Never Ever announce Australian Tour with Nine Sons of Dan, A Sleepless Melody, With Confidence and A Way with Words

For Our Hero release Young Wolves EP and Announce Australian Tour with Forever Ends Here and Call the Shots.

Fall Out Boy announce Save Rock And Roll arena tour with Panic At The Disco and Twenty One Pilots Forever The Sickest Kids release new album J.A.C.K.

Paramore release new music video for song Anklebiters Set It Off release new music video for song Partners in Crime

Warped Tour will be letting parents in free all summer

You Me At Six starting pre production for new album Written by Sian @sianiigoesrawrr

JUly BIRTHDAYS! 5th Adam Young Owl city

9th Pete Parada The Offspring

9th Jack White The White Stripes

11th Derek Sanders Mayday Parade

11th Scott Shriner Weezer

15th Ray Toro My Chemical Romance (former)

20th Stone Gossard Pearl Jam

written by Elenore

July Quiz 1) Simple Plan’s Sound Engineer 2) Sean Maestri’s “nickname” (he is also in Chuck’s funny video “A Serious Man”) 3) Song Mix made in Vienna with the songs Jet Lag and Astronauts 4) Pat’s surname 5) The singer of the Jet Lag’s English version

JUNE QUIZ ANSWERS 1) Never Should Have Let You Go 2) One By One 3) What’s New Scooby Doo? 4) Vacation 5) Promise 6) My Christmas List 7) Me Against the world 8) Time To Say Goodbye 9) Anywhere Else But Here 10) One Day

Written by Sonia @ darrenismylove

JUNE QUIZ 1) Never Should Have Let You Go 2) One By One 3) What’s New Scooby Doo? 4) Vacation 5) Promise 6) My Christmas List 7) Me Against the world 8) Time To Say Goodbye 9) Anywhere Else But Here 10) One Day July Quiz

Forget tomorrow I just wanna Jump

This month I am introducing Meltem Olkun to you. She's from my country,Turkey. She lives in İstanbul and she has been a huge Simple Plan fan since 2011.We had a chat about Simple Plan. Check it out! Q-Do you have Simple Plan collection? A- I have 4 merchandise t-shirts,a VIP card,8 guitar picks,5 posters,albums,2 autographed photos.

Q-When was the first time you heard about Simple Plan? A-İn early September 2011, MCM Top songs were rocking our house and I was trying to get ready for school. I wanted to turn off the TV. But suddenly, Jetlag appeared on the TV. I was very intrigued. After I had listened to this song, I went out but I had missed the bus. That’s why I was late. It was like Jet-lag was playing in my brain during that day. So I searched information about Simple Plan and told myself "I must be fan of this band ."That is how I became a fan! Q-What is your favourite album and video? A-My favourite album is Still Not Getting Any...(Of course I love all of them).Favourite video is Save you. Q-What is your favourite Simple Plan song,which song describes you? And why? A- I love all Simple Plan songs. Each of them is important for me but Jet-lag is different.

Q-What is your most treasured possession of Simple Plan? A-All of them are precious. I have all of Simple Plan albums including Summer Paradise and Big package For You. But I don't have NPNHJB. Q-Have you ever been to Simple Plan concert? A-Unfortunately,I haven’t. I watch Youtube videos. Q-Which bands do you like other than Simple Plan? A-There are a lot of bands but especially I love: Manga,Paramore,Green Day,30stm,My Chemical Romance,3 Doors Down,Backstreet Boys,Blink 182, Coldplay,Enrique Iglesias,Everlyn... Q-Let's say Simple Plan will do a duet with another artist. Which artist/who would you choose? A- Paramore and Green Day! Q-Which Member of Simple Plan is your favourite? A- I love all of them. All of them are important. But David...I'm in love with him.

Q-Do you have friends that SP introduced to you ? A-Yes I have. But there are some people and I told myself "I wish I hadn't introduced SP to them. Q-Have you made friends through Simple Plan? A-Yes I have a lot of friends, so many I can count! Q-If you had a day with them,what would you do? A- I don't know. Firstly I would give them Turkish food. Then we would do anything that they want. Q-What would you say,if they were next to you? A-Firstly, I would thank them for coming. Then I don't know probably we would chat a lot.

Q-What do you think the difference is between SP and the other bands? A-I've never thought about it, honestly. No band has ever affected me as much as SP has. According to me,they are different than the other bands. They are impressive for people with their music,personalities. TSSML was written with fans(unfortunately I wasn't a fan those times).I have never seen this kind of thing before. They think their fans are important and I think this is the most important difference. Q- I know you are one of the admins of Simple Plan Turkey. Would you give us some information about SPT? A-We try to share every news that we find out. I join chats usually. I work on general interviews and the chats. I manage the Twitter account only, you can find more news there. There are 3 admins on Facebook page,I guess. But likes are quite low and it's so sad. Everyone says "Simple Plan come to Turkey"but no one supports it. It makes us upset but there is nothing we can do. OK thanks for your time Meltem You're welcome. I had a great time while I was answering!

if you want to check it out,here's the Twitter and Facebook pages.

Written by Damla @pierre_1905

Get To Know

Name : Damla Ötenkuş Age: 19 Country: I’m from Turkey and I live in İzmit Twitter nick: @pierre_1905

What do you do on Simple Plan Space?: -I’m a writer. I wanted to write on this mag because I love writing about music and I love Simple Plan. I think it’s a great opportunity for me!

Fav SP Song I love all of them. But two songs are special. One of them is When I’m gone. Because when this song released, I was a new fan and I was in secondary school so it means a lot. I miss those days. Another one is Untitled. This song is not a cheerful song but it reminds me old beautiful days. I was listening to this song,always. And there is a live performance of this song. They were on MTV,TRL. Whenever I watch it, it makes me so sad but I advise you to watch

Since when have you been a fan: -I have been a fan since I was 13.I didn’t know them well but one day I saw Shut Up on TV. I thought: ”hey they are so funny and the song is great. I must listen to them!”

Fav SP music video Oh it’s so hard to choose. But I’m going to say Perfect. Because it’s old and I don’t know they are on a roof an it’s raining. I think the atmosphere in the video is amaz-

Bands beside SP you like I love Muse so much and Scorpions,Guns N’ Roses etc..Especially I love oldies

Fave movies? -3 idiots,Bram Stoker’s Dracula,The crimson Rivers, all Tim Burton movies,Across The Universe… Hobbies: -My hobbies are meeting with my friends,music,reading books,and writing about music

Have you seen SP live?: -Unfortunately I haven’t seen them live, I’m waiting them to come to Turkey!

Fave books? Favourite books are Perina,Wuthering Heights,Of Mice And Men.

What do you do for a living? I’m not working. I’m studying. I live with my parents

Twitter nick: - My Twitter name is pierre_1905.I’m a Simple Plan fan so Pierre represents it and 1905 represents that I’m a fan of Galatasaray football team.

Languages Other than Turkish I only know English but I want to learn Spanish as well. I think Spanish is a magical language! Have you met them? I haven’t. But if I met them, I would tell them how important they are to me.


NEXT EDITION........ OUR FIRST BIRTHDAY! Huge Competition!

Signed band merch to be won! Bands including SP, MXPX, Daylight Hours, Let’s Not Pretend, Call the Shots and The Never Ever.


Magazine based on the Canadian Pop Punk band Simple Plan. Interview with Call the Shots and all the SP news!