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THE SIMPLE PLAN SPACE TEAM Editor in Chief : Jen Rees Managing Editor : Maddie Jane Copy Editor : Leeann Design Editor : Valentine Writers : Jen, Maddie Jane, Lenore, Luke, Marly, Leeann, Kailia, Maria, Sinja, Karoline, Nina, Rossi, Lena Marie, Sian, Sonia, Kelly, Caro, Erin, Eleanor, Rose, Nathaniel, Valentine, Damla and Sophie. Contributors : see next page!. Researchers : Leeann, Sian, Jen, Maddie Jane, Rossi. Publicity : Jen, Maddie Jane, Leeann and Sonia. Photographers : Jen Rees, Emma Rees Photography. Thanks to all Photographers of the photos in this edition. If you think one is yours, let me know and I can credit you. Special Thanks to Marc, Rossi, Leeann, Valentine, Martin, The Never Ever, Sum 41, Adam, Phil, Anthony and Johnny from Daylight Hours, Domi from Simple, and my facebook mates !

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Editors Note I can’t believe another month has flown by and it is time to write the Editorial. This edition focuses on the last few pages of the SP book, the fan section. We asked people to send us art work, pics of tattoos and their SP family stories, and once again heaps of people sent us emails and this is the result! I had the pleasure of interviewing a band called Daylight Hours that have a similar sound to Simple Plan. Emma, our photographer had a photo shoot with them which was a lot of fun, we got some great shots. Thanks to them and special thanks to Phil for the interview. Special thanks to Rossi who had a collection of fan stories that she collected and gave to SP in 2012. In August we are celebrating our first birthday! We are running a twitter competition and I have collected some signed merch from the Australian bands I know as well as MXPX. Stay tuned for more info on that in the next issue and follow us on twitter @simpleplanspace so you can enter. A huge thankyou to everyone who writes and contributes to Simple Plan Space. We are a SP family that I am proud to be part of. We are still growing! We welcome a new writer Jelena to our team. Look out for next Edition, an interview with Call The Shots, one of Australia’s young talented bands that will be huge! Peace, Jen

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Photo by Diego Figueroa

BOOK REVIEW Written by @MaddieBirkett

So over the past few months, we have been going over all of the different chapters from Simple Plan: The Official Story. For all of you who have not yet received your book because it does not ship to your country or you can’t afford it yet, this magazine has been providing the basic outline of what the book involves. This month is all about the fans. Throughout the issue SP Family stories will be shared as well as the fan artworks and also the fans that are brave enough to get a Simple Plan related tattoo! It doesn’t matter which country, age or gender you are we are all a part of the SP Family and us Astronauts will always stick together!

ASTRONAUTS THAT CONTRIBUTED TO THIS EDITION Tanya Nicola Jaimee Jodie Eleonora Quintessa Brooke Josie Rossi Nicole Tea Kate Marly Sarah Steph Katherine Abby Araceli Emily Viri Melissa Suki Meaghan Sarah F Gayle Sascha Cally Jo Maria Michelle Jen W Michelle B Sonia

Jen Jelena Liv Descomincofervier Mills Linh Chi Daniella Maysa Lara Colodel Sky Nguyen Serena Fiore Veronica Piccinato Skull Nah Nes-S Claıret Sophia Viganò Roni Talmi Michela Biscontini Ben-Porat Lior Ben-Porat Cristina Staropoli Ronja Meißner Miriam Di Maio Aurora Buscaroli Nes-Sp Claıret Eleonora Gatta Stephanie Lavertu Ingrid Mendes Pilar Bouvier Paola Weinhofen Duong Dang Erin Leeann Renee thanks for your Brett cici contributions! Colleen maddie

Sum 41 will always hold a special place in my heart due to SP mentioning them in the Song Grow Up. They had a huge influence on SP in the early days as well as MXPX, Blink and GC.

They originate from Ontario in Canada and formed in 1996. The members are at the moment Deryck Whibley (lead vocals and Guitar) Tom Thacker(lead guitar and back up vocals) and Jason (bass and backing vocals). In April sadly Steve Jocz announced that he was leaving the band, he was the bands drummer. Sum released their debut album on 2001 All Killer No Filler after signing a record deal with Island Records. The first single, Fat Lip reached number 1 on the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks and is still their most successful single. It is one of my favorite of the bands to date. ( actually no it has to be In Too Deep… Well that changes often...) After Fat Lip there were two more singles released, In Too Deep and Motivation.There were many critics but this album allowed Sum to play live with Blink and The Offspring. They performed over 300 times to promote this album. It was a great a start for Sum as the Album became Platinum in Canada, the US and the UK. The movie Amercian Pie featured Fat Lip and In Too Deep.

Track listings

1. Introduction to Destruction 2. Nothing on My Back 3. Never Wake Up 4. Fat Lip 5. Rhythms 6. Motivation 7. In Too Deep 8. Summer 9. Handle This 10. Crazy Amanda Bunkface 11. All She’s Got 12. Heart Attack 13. Pain for Pleasure I like that back in the 2000’s bands had full CD’s, lots of tracks!

Does This Look Infected? was the second album released on November 26,

2002. It was released in two versions, an explicit version and a version that parents preferred. The Explicit version includes a bonus DVD called ‘Cross The T’s and Gouge Your I’s. Great play on words! Sum 41 has a alter ego band called Pain For Pleasure and has many funny scenes. It is great when a band can make fun of its self like they do. A very enjoyable watch. The Cover pictured here is Steve dressed up as a Zombie. I remember that it took them ages to name the album and when they were looking at the picture Deryck said ‘Does this look infected?” and the name stuck.

Track list

1. The Hell Song 2. Over my Head (Better off Dead) 3. My Direction 4. Still Waiting 5. A.I.N.C 6. No Brains 7. All Messed Up 8. Mr Amsterdam 9. Thanks for Nothing 10. Hyper-Insomia-Para-Condroid 11. Billy Spleen 12. Hooch

Sum travelled to the Democratic Republic of Congo with War Child to take some footage of the war in that country in 2004. While they were there the war came very close to them and a UN Peace Keeper Charles “Chuck” Pelleitier arranged to get them to safety. When they released their third album they named it Chuck after him. This album is too heavy for my liking but it sold well and achieved Platinum in Canada and Gold in the US.

Track Listing

1. Intro 2. No Reason 3. We’re All to Blame 4. Angels with Dirty Faces 5. Some Say 6. The Bitter End 7. Open Your Eyes 8. Slipping Away 9. I’m Not the One 10. Welcome to Hell 11. Pieces 12. There’s No Solution 13. 88 Sum released 4 songs off this album, in this order. We’re All To Blame, Pieces, Some Say and No Reason. War child made a documentary of their experience in Congo, called Rocked: Sum 41 in Congo, but it was only released in the US and Canada. Late in 2005 Sum finally released a live album, called Happy Live Surprise that was shot in Japan and a CD was released with the same music on it and was called Go Chuck Yourself. Again I love the play on words! In 2006, Dave Baksh announced that he was leaving the band to concentrate working on another band called Brown Brigade. The rest of the band decided to replace him with a touring guitarist, not a actual band member. In 2006 Sum started recording their fourth album which has a more pop punk feel to it, and is in my opinion a better album than Chuck.

The single Underclass Hero debuted at number 7 on the Billboard rock charts and reached No 1. They also had success in their own country, achieving No 1 as well. Deryck tells us here why the album is so personal to him. “I had to decide what I wanted to say with my music, I asked myself all these questions and then just pulled up my own answers and started writing songs based on those themes. I wanted to make an album that meant something important from beginning to end. I wanted it to have relevance and significance. It’s not a concept album. It’s not about fictional characters in a made-up story but there is a constant idea that runs through the record. It’s a deeply personal statement that reflects the confusion and frustration in modern society.” Other singles were Walking Disaster and With Me.

Track listing

1. Underclass Hero 2. Walking Disater 3. Speak of the Devil 4. Dear Father 5. Count your Last Blessings 6. Ma Poubelle 7. March of the Dogs 8. The Jester 9. With Me 10. Pull The Curtain 11. King of Contradiction 12. Best of Me 13. Confusion and Frustration in Modern Times 14. So Long Good Bye 15. Look at Me Sum’s greatest hit CD is called All the Good Shit or * years of Blood Sweat and tears depending on where you live. They did release another album called Screaming Bloody Murder however between 2009 to 2012 Sum underwent some pretty intense setbacks. Tours were canceled, due to Derycks back and cancelled video’s due to problems with the Label. However with the band playing Sound wave in Australia 2013 looked promising but then the news that the drummer Steve Jolz would be leaving. They are now taking a break and announced that they will be writing some new music. Lets keep our fingers crossed! Written by Jen @JustJenRees

sum 41 concert review It was a funny feeling going to see Sum on a Tuesday night, but it was a great feel when we got there, so many of Sum’s older fans mixed with Sum’s newer fans, the teenagers. To kick start the night was Billy Talent and the highlight was Down on Your Knees and This Suffering. The crowd went insane. A nice touch to the set was Ben asking two fans to come up on the stage and the girl called Celeste proposed to her boyfriend and he accepted. I was pretty impressed with them for doing that. I think this was after them “singing Rusted in the Rain. “ “Red Flag “was their last song and they certainly warmed up the crowd. Sum 41 came out and launched straight into “Motivation,” a crowd favorite. They played all my favorites, and did a cover of Queens “We will Rock you.” They finished off with “Fat Lip.” I had a great time but was surprised how quickly the time went and thought that they could’ve played more songs. Some fans got up on stage and that was a nice touch. I had a great time It and look forward to their next tour!

SET LIST 1. Motivation 
 2. We're All to Blame 
 3. In Too Deep 
 4. Walking Disaster 
 5. Over My Head (Better Off Dea 6. A.N.I.C. 
 7. No Brains 
 8. Mr. Amsterdam 
 9. Sick of Everyone 
 10. Screaming Bloody Murder 
 11. Underclass Hero 
 12. Still Waiting 
 13. We Will Rock You 
(Queen cov 14. Fat Lip Written by Jen @JustJenRees



Photos by Sound Check Dallas


Me Against The World This month we’ve decided to have a song from the second studio album Still Not Getting Any... in focus. The album was released back in 2004 by the record label Lava. Out of its 11 songs we’ve chosen number 5 which is titled Me Against The World. The song is 3:14 minutes and it has a kind of rockier sound to it. The lyrics is, as always, very honest and personal. To me this song is about not giving up and still standing strong no matter what people think about you. If there’s no one there to help you, don’t give up, you can make it on your own. ”We're not gonna be just a part of the game
We're not gonna be just the victims
They're taking our dreams and they tear them apart Till everyone’s the same” This makes me think of all the bands out there and record labels that won’t try something new, won’t take any chances. ”We won't let them change how we feel in our hearts We're not gonna let them control us
We won't let them shove all the thoughts in our heads And we'll never be like them” Simple Plan believed in themselves and knew what they wanted to do and stood up against all the bullshit. They’ve been living their dreams for over 10 years now because of it and they have millions of fans all over the world that they have affected with their music. They’ve literally saved lives by doing so and I’m happy they stayed true to themselves back then and continued to over the years. Unfortunately, there’s not an official music video by the band for this song but all over youtube fans have made lyrics videos to show their love for the song and the band. Me Against The World is not one of the most popular songs by the band. From the record there were four singles Welcome To My Life, Shut Up!, Untitled (How could this happen to me?) and Crazy who all took away most focus from the other songs, at least for awhile. The singles from each album are usually the songs the fans want to hear live and sing along to the most. From the GYHO Tour setlist Me Against The World wasn’t being played but other songs such as Welcome To My Life, Shut Up!, Jump and Crazy were. I guess it’s also a matter of which songs that goes well with each other and what the feeling of the show is. They change it and this time it didn’t fit.

To me every song is special in some way and this one motivates me to believe in my own dreams and work hard to reach them. No matter what people say, you should follow your own heart and do what makes you happy. I’m a proud fan and astronaut! lyrics video for Simple Plan - Me Against The World with over 4,200 000 views.

We're not gonna be Just apart of their game We're not gonna be Just the victims They're taking our dreams And they tear them apart 'til everyone's the same I've got no place to go I've got no where to run They love to watch me fall They think they know it all I'm a nightmare, a disaster That's what they always said I'm a lost cause, not a hero But I'll make it on my own I've gotta prove them wrong Me against the world It's me against the world We won't let them change How we feel in our hearts We're not gonna let them control us We won't let them shove All their thoughts in our heads And we'll never be like them Now I'm sick of this waiting So come on and take your shot You can spit all your insults But nothing you say is gonna change us You can sit there and judge me Say what you want to We'll never let you in

Written by Sophie @SophieCarlbrant

We asked this month for people to share some SP art/tattoos/scrap books. We received so many, thank you so much! One of the biggest ones was a book by Rossi who is one of our team. She, with other Australian fans wrote a book to give to SP when they came to Australia in 2011. Here is a sample of the book, I may use more pages in future editions! SIMPLE PLAN ARE ............ 5 very strange guys but I love them, who have helped through my share of rough times :) My all time favourite band, glad they stayed original members, they fit so well together. -Tanya -My hope. The band that gets me through every tough moment. They’re one of the only reasons that I’m still on this planet, living and breathing, and I owe them everything for that. -Nicola -HOT!!!!! In every sense of the word ;-) -Jaimee -The awesomeness best band you can listen too lol -Jodie - My favourite band - Eleonora -Pure Magic and Awesomeness in one amazing group. Quintessa -Made up of the most amazing, committed, honest, thoughtful and funny guys in the world! -Brooke -The greatest band that has ever existed! -Josie -A band that knows how to connect with their fans, and is bound to have you dancing by the end of the night. -Rossi -The most amazing and sexiest band ever great music for SP Austrinadian astronauts to listen to and the are amazing and fantastic to see live. Also nice guys to see and talk to if u ever get to meet them at sound check -Nicole

the most caring band ever -All my life, and my savers and hero's -Tea - Flawless -Kate -The first band I really cared about. I mean I love music. It’s been part of my life for as long as I can remember, but I never really took much notice of the artists. Only as much as remembering certain music videos or whatever. But Simple Plan… wow…that’s really taken over my life. In a good way. I always come back to them. No matter what other music I get into. -Marly -An awesome group of guys doing what they love, and we love them for it! Sarah - The band that saved me. The band that inspires me day after day. The band that’s always there for me. The band that makes me smile and laugh. The band that encourages me to fight and to be strong. They’re everything to me. - Steph - My first ever favourite band starting from my childhood and still on top and will be forever! Katherine - The reason I never cared what people thought of me. Abby

- the band I’m most proud of because they followed their dream and they inspire us to do what we want to do regardless of what people might think. They are the only band I love that hasn’t split, changed a member or taken a break. - Araceli - a magical band that create music which makes every day a little easier to deal with. - Emily

- the most perfect band in the world I would love to meet so much. Their music have helped me when I was feeling very bad, and I will always thank them for that. I love them so freaking much! -Viri - A really cool Band, Shaped by 5 wonderful guys!, I've been listening, and that has made me experience a lot of great things for the past 8 years. This Band has made me see things in a way that nobody has never even tried. It's a source of happiness! Everytime I feel blue, or when I'm sick, or I didn't do well on a test, or when I get mad at my parents, or my brother, and not just in the bad and hard times, but when I'm really happy too, no matter what situation I find myself in, SP is always there - Melissa - absolutely amazing, the band that got me through my high school years. Listening to their music made me feel like they understood me. When you have no-one else to turn to to talk to, music always helps. - Suki

- an amazing band who I look up to and respect very much. Not only do they make amazing music, they are helping others through their foundation and should be very proud. Meaghan -I also just wanted to say that its strange that a group of five guys from a country on the other side of the world who you’ve never met or spoken directly to can have such an impact on your life. But its true - through their music, their film clips and their constant vlogging etc., Simple Plan are counted among my best mates. They’ve given me advice, they’ve comforted me when I’ve needed it, they’ve given me the confidence to speak out and stand up for what I want and believe in, and they’ve given me words to express things I hadn’t yet realised I felt. I literally grew up in the definition of a small town - Peak Hill NSW, which wikipedia describes as “a village”. My father and I took about 20 years to work out how to get along. My mother has a sleeping disorder which landed me with getting my two younger sisters off to school, home again, homework done, dinner on etc. Simple Plan are a large part of the reason I came through it alive, let alone as sane as I am. More than anything, I just want to thank the guys. They’ve done more for me than they’ll ever know. And I’m just one of millions of astronauts who I’m sure feel the same. - Sarah F I do love Simple Plan and I think that they are amazing, they hit the nail on the head with most of their songs and it is great that a lot of people feel like they can relate the the songs they make. Simple plan really reaches out to fans and that’s something great. - Suki


Gayle ........Simple Plan gave me a second family. The SP family. This family is one (if it’s not the one) of the most amazing and lovely family. This family gave me the chance to meet people and friends who are like me. We share our stories to each other and we help everyone. It’s awesome when you understand that these people will be there to help you no matter what. It’s cool to see that there’s no competition between us, when someone meets SP we fangirl with him/her and listen to what he/she has to say. We share our SP stories with almost every Astronaut. We can make fun of each other without getting mad. I love this family. I love my sisters and brothers from this family. Simple Plan is my true family. Sascha.......I love my SP Family. I am in a Facebook group and when I need help or I am feeling a bit sad I can go to the group and they always cheer me up. I feel for the first time part of a family that accepts me for who I am and that it does not matter that I feel like a freak as no one I know likes SP like I do (people I met in real life) I don’t know what I would do if it was not for this SP Family. I might not still be here.

Cally .......I have made many friends due to my fav band Simple Plan. I have many twitter friends but it is mainly facebook for me. I belong to 5 Simple Plan groups and have made friends from all over the world. I have not met anyone of them but one day I want to! Jo.....My SF family is the best! I am in a SP facebook group. I don’t like everyone in it but that is ok we are all different. I have facebook friends from all over the world and I want to met them one day. A special friend is from Italy and I want to go and stay with her. Maria.....I don’t have facebook but I have a SP family on twitter. I can tweet them anytime and someone is always there to talk to me. Having the same music tastes, like All Time Low and Blink is great. I think I like them more than my friends at school. Michelle..... I met my best friend through SP. We were lined up waiting to get into Sound Check and we started chatting. Now we see each other all the time and we go on holidays together. Thanks to SP!

Jen W .......May 7th 2012 I joined the Simple Plan Crew. May 8th 2012 on my birthday I was around in a small city I heard “Summer Paradise” playing on the radio while applying for a job at a store their head office is in Montreal. I then went to a Bakery to pick up treats for my dog’s birthday and “Jet Lag” was playing mentioned Simple Plan to the woman at the counter she was a fan. We talked about Simple Plan and then I went back another day and met her daughter who is a fan too. I became friends with them. I joined an Australian group on Facebook from hearing about it on the SP Crew site. I became friends with some people in that group. I found out that co-workers and people I knew around me were fans of Simple Plan I already was friends with. I am now admin of a Facebook group and I am making more friends as my life goes on. I ended up meeting Simple Plan for the first time in Toronto on December 2, 2012 I became friends with two fans that met Simple Plan for their first time too. Through all of this I have helped fans, cheer up fans and am there for them. I also have had many amazing opportunities come up and some to help me with my photography. I am very grateful to have Simple Plan family apart of my life. I will not let go and say goodbye. There’s a strong bond between us astronauts in this family. Hope we will keep going on till the end of our lives so let’s give a big hug and thank you to the 5 amazing, wonderful, sweet men that have brought us together for to keep this world a better place for us. Love You Simple Plan & SP family. Michelle B...... “ The first time I heard a Simple Plan song was in Highschool (12years old) and it was PERFECT! Until now I still Love this song but my favorites are Save You, Addicted (that is the theme song of my group in college) and Meet You there”

Sonia.... I’m a fan since 2008. When I first heard the song When I’m Gone I felt I love with Simple Plan. Their music was fresh and very energic. When I was a child, I heard their songs on the radio (Welcome to my life and Shut Up!) but I was too young to search which band was playing these songs. On March 29th, 2012 I finally had the chance to meet Simple Plan and see them live. I was so nervous cause I was gonna see my favourite band playing live! It was a magic day, best experience ever. Their songs always helped me through bad moments and made me grow up. With their lyrics I understood that I ALWAYS have to be myself and believe in my dreams. I love these five crazy guys because they care about their fans and they’re always grateful to them. Thanks to them I met so many amazing astronauts around the world and I’ve create a fan page on facebook. This band will always be in a special part of my heart and let me say that “I need their music”.

AND more ........ Marly I think the SP family is an amazing thing. I am grateful for the band as I have made new friends through them. I have even met a few of them, last year at the concert in Melbourne. The support and love we have for each other stems from our shared love of the band and personally for me I think it’s special that one of them [here’s looking at you Jen] is also a Collingwood fan. (YES MARLY,NOTICE THE COLOUR OF THIS PAGE!!!) [And two others? But, I’ve actually met Jen]. I hope this makes sense…lol. Maddie.... I love the SP Family so much. For one, we all have one thing in common, our love for Simple Plan, which sadly I can’t share with my friends. Not only that, but they are also genuinely amazing people! They’re always there to make you laugh or smile, or listen to your stories and even help you out or give advice! I’m really honoured to be a part of such an incredible fanbase (not that it feels like a fanbase at all.. It just feels like a second family!)

Stacey....I have made so many friends thanks to Simple Plan, some I have met, and some I will never meet as they live so far away. But I know that I can rely on them when I need some one to talk to and someone that will understand me, rather than think of me as a freak. Thanks to Simple Plan for my SP family!

Colleen ......My Simple Plan family is the best. I love all of them. I live in a remote place and I will never meet them but I talk to them everyday. Thanks to these 5 guys I have people who accept me and dont think I am mad to like a band so much. I have found other music that I like due to these people and like to hear their stories of going to concerts as I will never get to go. I would love to go to a Simple Plan concert and meet them. But sadly no.

Cici ......I lo people all o love this ba I really like it lets me m Thanks!

Jen ...I am lucky; I have a few different SP families. I have this team of editors and writers that I love working with and I have good relationships with all of them. So now I have SP friends from all over the world. I am honoured to know them all. I also have a FB group that I am in. We are really unique, we support each other, we laugh and cry together. We tease each other, argue with each other as well as drive each other mad. These people, mainly from Australia but a few overseas know me better than my own family and friends. I really love each one of them and would do anything I could to help each one of them. On Twitter I also have a SP family, I don’t use it often but I still know that they are there for me. I really need to thank SP for one of my best friends that I have ever had. I met her through a SP fb page that was based on the SP tour. A person posted that they were looking for one of the special tour posters and could anyone get her one. I noticed that they were selling them in the Aussie merch shop and I went back on that page and told her. She was really happy I did and asked me to join a fb group that she was part of (the one above). She lives 7 hours drive from me and has been down here once to visit me and I am heading up to visit her. If you read the Sound Wave review a few editions back you would have read all about her and I adventures at Crown as well as Sound Wave. Yep it is Leeann one of the editors on this magazine. We did not know each other last June but were at the Sound Check in Melbourne together, we are in each others photos and we sure will be at the next Aussie SP show together! Huge thanks for the creator of the group for bringing us all together!

ove my SP family! over the world that and as much as I do. this magazine as make more friends.

Marian.... I would not be alive if it was not for my SP Family. No one understands me at school and I come home and go into my SP family facebook group and I feel better. I have not met any of them but I want to one day, I am shy but not when I am on the internet. I love y SP family!

AND MORE! Jelena.............. It all started with my page called "Simple Plan Always In Our Hearts", people say they like my page and we start a little conversation, and in a blink of an eye, we are like best friends. We talk about everything; first about our love for Simple Plan, how they helped us, how their songs are awesome...and then we talk about our private lives, about the country where we live and all kinds of stuff. SP Family is the best! Whenever I feel down, they put a smile on my face, whenever I'm frustrated I talk to them and my mood is good again. If I have any problems they try to help me, and it seems like they really care about me, they give me advice or they just say "Listen to Simple Plan and just relax." and everything seems okay then. And I try to be the same. Maybe I don't have the best advice, but when I do, they tell me that I made them smile, it makes me so happy! When I come back from school, tired, the best feeling is when I see a message on fb from an Astronaut. And it's weird that people that I’ve known a few months and who live thousands of km away from me, care more about me than people who I have known all my life and are 10 mins away from me. I just love my SP Family, it's like they are always there for me and it's amazing when we organize and make some awesome projects and help each other... sometimes I wish I could hug some Astronauts but that's impossible now. When we talk on Skype, it's so fun, we laugh all the time and we actually realize how much I know English! Astronauts are the best fan base in the whole world and I'm really thankful that I'm in this big family. But of course, without Simple Plan this wouldn't exist...Thanks to Simple Plan I have few best friends and I really hope I'll meet my friends at a Simple Plan Concert.

THESE WERE FOUND ON THE INTERENT.... if you think one is yours let me know and I can credit you!


Made by Liv Descomincofervier Mills

BY SIMPLE PLAN Made by Daniella Maysa Lara Colodel

Made by Linh Chi

Made by Sky Nguyen

Made by Serena Fiore

Made by Veronica Piccinato

Made by Skull Nah

Made by Nes-S Cla覺ret

Made by Sophia Viganò

Made by Roni Talmi

Made by Michela Biscontini

Made by Lior Ben-Porat

Made by Lior Ben-Porat

Made by Cristina Staropoli

Made by Ronja MeiĂ&#x;ner

Made by Miriam Di Maio

Made by Aurora Buscaroli

Made by Nes-Sp Cla覺ret

Made by Nes-Sp Cla覺ret

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Take me back… Take me back… written by @AstronautNore I would definitely say Simple Plan are my superheroes. Superheroes wear masks, have super powers and save people. Simple Plan may not wear a costume but their music is their super power which has saved many lives across the world, including my own. Let me take you back to a time in my life when I was floating on cloud nine. Let me take you back to the time I met my number one favourite band of all time! A year ago on the 2nd of June, Simple Plan toured Australia and came to Melbourne. I still can’t believe it has been 365 days since I lined up with over 160 other eager fans to catch a glimpse of the band that saved my life. When I close my eyes and reminisce about the 2nd of June, it is almost as though I am right there getting my photo with Pierre, Seb, David, Chuck and Jeff. Seeing Simple Plan is a feeling like no other. You get a rush that makes you forget about what has happened during your day and focus on what is happening right in front of you on stage. I remember having to pinch myself when I was getting a photo with Simple Plan because I just could not believe that the moment I have dreamed about was happening right there and then! The bond that is formed between fans that have a similar love for a band is just phenomenal. I can’t write the words to describe it (no words would do this type of bond any justice). Those of you who have met your best friend or soul mate through their love of SP would agree that it is magical. I have been a fan of Simple Plan since I was 14 (I am now 23) and often I get teased about ‘still’ liking Simple Plan. Yes I still get mocked, but to discover a group on social media dedicated to other Australian SP fans was like I have met my distant family for the first time. The group I am a member of at the moment is like my online family. We laugh. We cry. We smile. We tease. We do everything that a family does. I have met some of these people and some I have yet to meet, but the day I do, it will be like I have known them my whole life.




Flash backs of the SP tour JUNE 2012 Marly.....“ I can hardly believe it’s been a year since the SP concert in Melbourne. I keep my memories close to me, literally. Got the photo of Pierre and I custom made into a case for my iPod Touch. I have to say, the concert was one of the best I’ve been to. Meeting Jen and Suzana was a highlight as well, though we didn’t really speak for long. I still fangirl over the moment when Seb mentioned my Collingwood scarf and beanie.” Erin....“June 2012 was my third time meeting/seeing the boys and I was just as nervous/excited as I was the first time. There's something so amazing about being in the presence of these five incredible guys, even when you attend a sound check party with 50+ screaming fans they somehow make you feel like your the only girl in the whole room. The memories of that night will last a life time.” Jen...I fondly remember the time when I was teaching my year 8 class and I set them a task and jumped on the computer to book my tickets for SP. I got the General Admission for the kids and their friends and front row balcony for us oldies. I knew then that it would be a long time waiting for the concert. I was super excited. Nick and I also decided to drive up to Wollongong to see them as well, what is 11 hours driving each way when it means we could see them again? Then to find out a few days before that we were all meeting SP in Melbourne except for one of the teens I was taking that was a bit awkward. I did not sleep the night before, and was so keen to go and meet them. One the way there was a huge traffic jam that we dealt with by screaming SP lyrics out the window. Freaking Out was screamed very loudly! SC and meeting SP was seriously one of the best days ever. EVER! My daughter was pretty annoyed at me that I did not get many good pics as I was so excited that I could not keep my hands steady to take a pic. The boys were so lovely, and the concert really rocked. Then Nick and I took off to drive the 11 hours to Wollongong a few days later. We found out half way that Pierre was sick and that the SC was cancelled. I well just laughed and said oh well not to worry. NOT! I was devastated but we kept driving and luckily Pierre was ok to do the concert. This concert was way better than Melbourne. The merch had so many things to buy and we could get so close to the front. I was in the front row of The Never Ever and I never dreamt that one day I would call them friends. Nick and I had to get money out from the ATM and that was back stage so we got to say hi to Travis from We The Kings. I needed more money for all the merch I bought! That concert was so good, it was weird knowing that all the jokes they did we the same but I did not care. When they were over I cried as I knew that it would be a while until I saw them live again. BEST WEEK EVER! Next time they come I am planning on doing all the concerts! ☺ Yes I have started saving!

Leeann .....What a difference a year makes. From feeling isolated and alone in my love for SP, I now have not only a best friend, but a whole family (my international SP family) who accepts me who I am, and I have that Oz tour a year ago to thank for introducing me to this family. I may not have physically met them at the concert (a concert which fulfilled a long time dream for me) or since that day almost a year ago, but without it, and them, I wouldn’t be who I am today. Yeah, I still have my ups and downs. Those who know my story would understand this, but I know that during the bad days, I have the strength and support from my bestie and universal family to get me through. Astronauts, who love, accept and support me, no matter what. A concert that fulfilled a dream ended up giving me so much more. Saying thank you to SP for this will never seem enough.

thoughts on having a Aus SP family .......... Marly..... It was great to meet a couple of fans that I have met over Twitter as well. Including the amazingly humble creator of this magazine, Jen. :D. I really have no other words to add, so I will leave you with this thought: Simple Plan did not save my life, but they have made a big part of my life a joy and started my love of music in a big, big way. I am ever grateful for that. Erin...“Being a part of something so as special as the sp family is something I am very proud of. Not only do we share a love for the same band but we are also some of the most amazing people you will ever meet. I love my sp family. They are always there for me and me them. Through good times and bad we support each other, never judge, offer words of wisdom and share a love for something so strong. I thank sp everyday, if it wasn't for this amazing band I would have never met so many amazing, warm, creative, wonderful and crazy (lol) people.” Author?? Brett........ “As I started to become more "Obsessed" with SP, I started looking for people who also had a SP obsession, people who I could relate to, as NOT one of my friends liked them!. Somehow I befriended Rossi (I bet she knows how this happened! LOL...refresh my memory please). I think this was in 2010. In 2011, SP arrived on our shores for a series of shows. As I just joined the SPCrew, I attended my first soundcheck on my own. Rossi had tickets to the show, but I had seating, so I was not allowed to enter the moshpit area, where Rossi was. We made a pact that the next year we would go together. In 2012, we finally met and attended the 2012 shows, and it was here I met Suki (who was more of a WTK fan, but still loved SP). I also met Nicola and Claire, both SP fans as well. We all attended the Sydney and Newcastle shows and soundchecks together and had a blast. Somehow I came across this group on facebook and it was here I have connected with many SP fans like myself who all have one thing in common and that's the love for OUR boys "SIMPLE PLAN!". I also have friends in Brisbane who are SP fans as well, but have yet to meet personally. I am already thinking ahead for the next time the boys arrive on our shores...maybe 2014, where I will travel to Melbourne, Newcastle and Brisbane and Gold Coast as well as Sydney and meet all these wonderful people. It was funny, as at each soundcheck, there were people there that you remember from the previous soundchecks, whether that be the present or a previous year tour. Look out Jen!” Renee......“I think having an SP family has been a great way to get to know so many other people across Australia and the world. Who would have thought that one band, could unite so many people together. We really are a family - we share stories, create new memories, fight, laugh, give each other support and encouragement.” Jen....... I love this special group that I am part of. I feel at home with them, they are the first people I tell my great news and the first people I turn to when I need to off load or have a good whinge. I dont know what I would do without them! Yes, Even Brett! :)


Daylight Hours are a four piece pop punk band from Melbourne, Australia. I first heard about them through Facebook. Leeann, one of the magazines editors received a message from Phil asking her to check out their new Music video. I watched and instantly knew that I liked them. They have a real Simple Plan feel to their music, and I can identify with the lyrics. Ironically when I first saw the music video I added them all on Facebook and chatted to Phil and found out that I was seeing them that Saturday at the Lets Not Pretend Concert. Their energy on stage, the great songs they played and the way they chatted to all their fans, I knew that this band was special. At the concert Phil booked a photo shoot with us and agreed to an interview. Since then Phil, Adam and I have messaged each other and found that we share our faith and music tastes. I asked Phil many questions, read on to find more about Daylight Hours.

From left to right..... ADAM( keyboard AND Backing vocals)........ Phil (Lead vocals and Guitar)..... Johnny(Bass.)..... Anthony(Drums)........

Phil thanks for so much for answering all the questions for me. You and Adam are brothers, so I know how you met... but how did the rest of you meet? I started out playing music at school with friends covering our favorite bands like blink 182, Sum 41 & Simple Plan. We won a school battle of the band competition and then we took it further with playing anywhere we could and did our thing for a while. We played a lot of shows with different bands some being metal, hardcore, hip hop and rock and by that then we met Anthony who was in a local hardcore band. Johnny we met from our church and he played in a gospel band and Adam is my brotherso yeah. With Daylight Hours we wanted to really push ourselves to write our own music and tour around Australia. It’s amazing. How did you come up with the name Daylight Hours? We wanted a name that would never escape you so something you basically cant escape is Daylight Hours, it kind of came from a brainstorming session I had. The name has a connection to our beliefs and how we want to positively influence people. The DLH sign that you bring to concerts, who designed and made that? The idea came from Adam, He thought it would be an amazing idea to have lights that could change colour. He organized it with a friend that does sound for us and they basically made it themselves.

You recently played at Forest Edge Festival to support MXPX, What was it like supporting them? It’s a great festival that they hold every year and we didn’t get to play on the same stage a them but I accidently met them. I had finished an interview in the International artist lounge and just as I finished Mike walked in and said, “what sup?” and I realized he actually was talking to me.

Did you learn anything from Mike Herrera? He is really experienced at performing a great show! We didn’t hang around the whole time to watch them play as we had to play another show, but they definitely know how to engage a crowd.

You are writing some new music now, are your plans to write something different or keep y own style? How does your usual writing process go?

Most of the writing is a collective tween all of us, I come up with som lyrics and a melody then Adam turn that into a song with chords and c and Anthony adds the drums. We b cally take that into the studio and the producer do his magic, we are larly working with a US producer M Malpass (Train, Relient K , Dance G Dance) so we know his input adds lot. We have also finished doing a s with two amazing Melbourne produ which we are keeping a secret for n You recently shot a video for your song Summer Love. It looked like you had fun doing that Who developed the concept for that? Check it out here..... The music video was so much fun and we had like a round table meeting with the ideas behin Adam and I along with Natalia and Jess who are our girlfriends, helped with most of the con and producing of the clip.

Adam and Jess did all the directing for it and we are super happy with the way it turned ou


as e

What is your favourite song to play live? I think Heartbeat is one of my favourites, it has so much energy and people seem to love it.



beme ns colour basiwe let reguMatt Gavin sa single ucers, now. t!

nd it. ncept


I noticed at one of your shows, you had a group huddle before playing. Is this a ritual for you? Any other things that you do before or after a show that has become a ritual? Yes we do that before every show and if you ever get close enough you can secretly listen in on what’s its all about. You have supported a few Aussie bands, can you tell us any funny stories about touring? We got to support The Never Ever which was so much fun playing all over Australia and just hanging with those guys is so much fun. You learn a lot from people you tour with. What is your ultimate dream band to support? We all have so much different bands that we would love to support but I would have to say Coldplay.

Do you do many covers at concerts? What is your favorite cover to do? We haven’t done one for ages but we liked “Somebody told me- The Killers” which we did a lot. If you were to cover a SP song what would that be? Summer Paradise for sure, I love the feel of the song. Who are your musical influences? We all take influence for different artists and styles but as a general it’s basically Faith, Art, Music and Life in general which influence us the most. You are following your dream, are you supported well by family and friends? Anyone you would like to thank? Yes our families all support us so much, our friends are amazing also. But our fans are the best and keep us going! You design your own merch, what sort of merch do you sell? For Daylight Hours we do Snapbacks, jumpers, wristbands and Tshirts but I have designed stuff for Lets Not Pretend and many more bands.

You support the organisation called To write on her arms with Love, I have done a feature on them in a previous edition. To read that click here. How did you get involved with them? We got to meet them at Easterfest this year and basically spoke about what we do and thought it would be amazing to work together. We basically have the same goal so working together is amazing.

How did it make you feel when your fans supported you by tweeting to get you on the Bump program on the radio? Worldwide trend? That was pretty awesome to be involved in that. I hit twitter limit on two accounts..... or was that 3 …… It was an amazing feeling and we didn’t know how many people support us. Hearing your song on the radio is the best feeling and we had all our friends calling us saying that they heard it while driving and yeah honestly indescribable. Do you have a current Street team? We kinda do, we are working on how to reward people for helping us out so visit us on facebook to be apart of it. You have guest musicians on your EP called Brand New Tomorrow, including Leon Blair from For Our Hero on guitar, as well as him playing the tambourine. Are you keen to have guest musicians on your new songs? Anyone in mind yet? Yeah having Leon involved was amazing with our first EP, He added a lot to it and was great to take his advice. We have also worked with Jake Bosci- The Decoration on that EP by lending his voice on it. The new EP has some sing-a-long parts done by someone on TV right now, but we will keep that a secret.

Think big, how far do you want to go? What is next for DLH? This new single, a new EP, a full Australian tour and hopefully one day international stuff and reach as many people so they can listen to our music. We are a band supported by our fans and we will never forget that so everything we do we want to include them and thank them for all their support! Thanks Phil, I appreciate you taking the time to let me interview you. I wish you guys all the best for your future and you can count on me to one of your biggest fans!

At one of the Daylight hours concerts that Emma and I went to we caught up with them at the end and I took the chance to get behind the camera for once! This is our photographer, Emma with the boys from Daylight Hours.

The boys relax while reading our favourite book!

written by Jen @justjenrees

If you have read all the Simple Plan Space Editions you would know that I love a band called The Never Ever. They came to Melbourne to play an acoustic concert for their fans so we could get an exclusive listen to their new EP. It was at Sub and called a bean bag gig. This was a great concept; we all sat down and listened to the EP as well as them playing their other songs. Once again The Never Ever played a great show and had heaps of Q and A times. Some funny questions were asked like what was their fav Pokemon and what adventure time do they like. Other questions were asked like: How does Dylan play the drums so well? He answered that he played a lot of drums in his lunchtimes at school. They were also asked what tour they would like to go on and answered Warped. Really hope that works out! The Never Ever are doing a National Tour in July. I am going to the Melbourne concert and encourage you to go as well! I have interviewed the supports as well; Nine Sons of Dan and A Sleepless Melody but have yet to make contact with the other bands, With Confidence and Way with Words. I am really looking forward to that concert! The EP has 5 songs on it ........ Spiders, In or Out, Bad Boy Let it go down, Second Star to the right. Lani, Pat and Brad asked me what my fav was and I said Spiders but in fact I think it is Second Star to the right. Either way I look forward to the release! The single Spiders was released yesterday check it out here! Everytime I go to a The Never Ever concert, I am in awe of this great group of young people. They make their fans feel special and there is time for chatting and lots of hugs! It is great that they had SP as role models for this! They have a new line of merch as well; you can check that all out on their facebook page here written by Jen @justjenrees

Evermore Concert Review One day when I was driving near my house I saw a sign advertising that Evermore was playing at one of my local pubs. This caused great excitement in the car for me and my kids that I almost hit the car in front……. It turned out sadly for my kids that who love Evermore, that it was an over 18 gig. So Martin (my husband) and I headed down to see them, leaving the kids behind. The opening act was a band called Remission Theory. I really liked their sound, two songs in particular Mercenary and Out of Control. Then came a solo singer called Adam Martin, the first song he played was Ed Sheeran’s You Need Me but I Don’t Need You. I rang my daughter during this song as she loves Ed Sheeran. He also covered Romeo and Juliet by Taylor Swift. Adam Martin was fantastic. He had a great mesmerising stage presence and sound. I think he has a great future ahead of him and he has been working in the studio with Evermore recording his music. I really look forward to hearing that. Follow him on facebook here.

An advantage of being a small venue is that I could get right up the front. I was so close to Evermore that I could reach out and touch them, but I did not ! Well except when they did high 5’s to the crowd. When Evermore came on the pub was packed. Martin and I got separated but that was fine as I knew that he would be walking around getting pictures. Evermore gave us permission to use our professional camera during the day via twitter. Evermore’s set list included all the crowd favourites as well as their new songs and their single Hey My Love from their new album Follow the Sun. When this song was played the crowd all made love heart signs with their hands and my fav pic that Martin took was of Jon and, you can see my hands in the pic. When they played It’s Too Late (Ride on) and Hey Boys and Girls the crowd went mad. They then played See the Light Surrounding You, and everyone sang it at the top of their voices. Both Jon and Peter interacted with the crowd and made everyone feel special with smiles, winks and High Fives. For me, meeting Evermore was a dream come true. They were so lovely. The time I spent with them was a highlight of my year. They noticed that I was wearing an INXS tee and Martin a Matchbox 20 tee and we had a great discussion about that concert. Andrew thought that Rob Thomas had a great stage presence as he was so passionate, I told him I thought it was because Rob Thomas was so hot. We all laughed at that. They asked about this magazine and were interested in it. They now follow me on twitter. I was able to check off this one from my bucket list. Great night! If you don’t know Evermore’s music I encourage you to check them out. written by Jen @justjenrees

FAN OF THE MONTH It is my pleasure to introduce to you the our June Fan of the Month. The lucky fan is Autumn Steele from Chicago, IL in the USA. I hope you enjoy getting to know her as much as I did! Meet Autumn! :) Question: When was the first time you heard about Simple Plan? I was 10 and in school. Q: When was your first SP show? Sadly never, because I was going to one years ago and Pierre got sick :( Q: For how long have you been a SP fan? Ever since I found out about them so 10 years Q: How many times have you seen them live? Sadly none :( Q: What do you like the most about Simple Plan? Its hard to choose because I love everything about them . Q: What’s your favourite possession of Simple Plan and why? My band t-shirts and their DVD A Big Package For You Q: Say what Simple Plan means to you. They mean a lot to me they got me threw the hardest times in my life losing my grandparents and being bullied when I was younger Q: Describe each member with one word Dave- - sexy Jeff- gorgeous Pierre - hot Seb- adorable Chuck- handsome

Q: Favourite Simple Plan song and why? I love them all but addicted Q: Do you have any tattoo related to Simple Plan? And if you, don’t would you like to have one? Yes one day Q: What’s your favourite part of ABPFY? The whole thing, but when they go to buy their cd and cant find it Q: If you could spend a whole day with SP, what would you do? I would just hang out and go have fun like we’ve been buds forever Q: Best Simple Plan memory? When I found out they did the opening song for What’s New Scooby Doo and were in an episode Q: Have you made friends thanks to Simple Plan? Yes its what made us closer then we were at the time Q: Favourite SP quote? “For the record that’s not my dad” Pierre one of my many favourite quotes Q: Favourite Simple Plan video? Shut up was my favourite video Q: What song would you like Simple Plan to cover? Bruno Mars : Liquor Store Blues. It would be interesting

Q: Apart of SP, which other bands do you like? Good Charlotte, blink 182, MXPX , R5 , Angels and Airwaves etc. I love music

Favourite SimPle plan possessions

written by Jen @justjenrees

VERIFIED Q: If you could say anything to Simple Plan right now, what would you tell them? Thank you so much for everything from laughter, and the music I love so much , you will never know how much you mean to me and my little brother I turned him and everything simple plan . I even made two huge books of pics and info. I love you guys, always have, and always will. There were days I’d come home crying. If it wasn’t for Simple Plan I don’t know where I’d be.


3rd – Seb has been working on some more music, this time with fellow Canadian singer Wilfred Le Bouthillier.

5th – If you have ever wonder how SP spend there down time, you now can as Chuck experiments with a new social media app which time stamps your pics allowing you to document your whole day. This is how Chuck spent his day on the 4th of May.

6th - BMW owner’s in the Greater Montreal area were given a opportunity to learn more about Simple Plan when Experience BMW magazine featured a 4 page spread on the guys.

7th – After contending with the lyric video, Warner Music Japan has finally released the official video for the Japanese version of Summer Paradise featuring One Ok Rock’s Taka. www. 8th – The wait is finally over. You can now check out the vlog recorded back in March at the PunkSpring festival in Japan where SP played a special performance of Can’t Keep My Hands Off You with Rivers Cuomo. 9th – It’s that time of year again, when one of our boys celebrates his special day. So from all of us here at SP Space, Happy Birthday Pierre. 10th - Today Jeff and Seb represented the Simple Plan Foundation at the annual Union of Quebec Municipalities (UMQ) conference where they presented $20,000 to the Association des centres jeunesse du Québec (The Association of Youth Centres in Quebec) to help create job opportunities for young people in the area.

14th - Who could forget the Simple Plan’s special message to Commander Chris Hadfield, the first Canadian Commander of the International Space Station? Well, it seems before his return to Earth; Chris has a message he wanted to send back to the guys. You can see it, as well as Pierre’s welcome home clip right here.

15th – David was on hand for the unveiling of this year’s festival La Gibelotte program. The festival will take place in Sorel-Tracy, Canada in July.

18th – For those of you who follow the guys on Twitter, you, (like me) have probably been racking your brain as to what they were filming the other day. Well, it seems we finally have the answer. It seems the guys have been helping out their buddies MKTO with their new music video. I for one can’t wait to see it.

21st – It has been announced that local Russian band Amazing Exception with be supporting SP at their June 11th show in Saint Petersburg.

21st – As part of the C2MTL conference held in Montreal today, Chuck was asked to be a member of “The Beat Goes On” panel which focused on the music industry and the business side of the industry.

21st – Seb, partnered by his brother Jay attended the release party for Jean-Marc Couture’s new album “Si tel est ton désir”.

24th - Simple Plan have continued there endless summer by releasing another version of there hit song ‘Summer Paradise’. This time made especially for their US fans and features MKTO. Could this be another clip that SP and MKTO where filming recently??? You can check out the new version which will be available on iTunes May 28th right here.

Written by Leeann @Adnaxar

- Jeff -

After viewing what Jeff believes to be one of the funniest shows on TV, it was time for a little tucker (that’s Aussie slang for food for those who don’t know). Kicking ass with his motorcycle lessons, Jeff was finding it hard to resist the urge to go for a ride until he had his proper licence. Craving junk food but not having any in the house (he should come to mine, it’s not a problem here) Jeff instead settled in for a little Game of Thrones before bed, where he would also later in the week, be spending his time studying for his Italian lessons. But you can’t start a Monday at full till, so Jeff spent a little longer in bed that day. The paint work at his home is looking awesome. I bet he didn’t have to toss the coin to make that decision. Working on two new projects, Jeff was finally able to have some time off, and spend a relaxing day at home with his little ones as well as taking some time out to play classical guitar, well, when the phone wasn’t ringing. Taking his Vespa for a ride, Jeff lost his wallet, but that didn’t stop him heading out again the next day along the highway and past his old high school. He was all set and zen for his bike exam, only to have it rescheduled due to bad weather. Good luck Jeff, and don’t forget the blind spots.

- Sebastien Seb – Seb was playing with sounds as he welcomed in the month of May. But even though the rest of the gang were on a break, he was off to work. After reaching the 10k tweet mark, Seb had to stop and asked, did he really say that ??? MOTH was still on the air, but that didn’t get in the way of him recording albums with friends and tweeking the mandolin ( If it looks good, it probably sounds good ;) Seb was asking for tips on how to stop his cat from puking in the car when he took her for her annual check up, but there was no need to worry, as she got a clean bill of health. With such beautiful days, there was no time to stay in bed, so it was back to the studio to hang out with his bro, which was probably for the best, cause at home it seems someone had taken over the remote. Some mornings he just hung out with an ass, but maybe that’s just Seb’s cat’s way of doing tracking vocals on the album. But, with the weekend upon him, all that was left to ask was “What to do tonight???” bVOIdrzD0dW


Chuck -

Chuck may have been a little jealous of David’s South African holiday, but promised that he would return himself one day. Reflecting on the passing of Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman, Chuck shared with us how his grandmother had brought him a Slayer album when he was 13. Then it was time to celebrate the coming of summer, rolling down the windows and going for a cruuuuuuise!! (!be8bcab) By the middle of the month, I couldn’t tell what Chuck was more excited about, being asked to be a part of C2MTL or the shout out from space. After filming a little something with Pierre on a Vespa at the beach, it was time for a little Peruvian food. Before celebrating Memorial day with the new version of Summer Paradise.

- Pierre Pierre – After thanking fans for their birthday wishes, Pierre explained that he was taking a break from band life and was attempting to be normal for a while, but promised he would be tweeting again soon before announcing that we wouldn’t have to wait to much longer for some new SP soon. (Can’t wait) Sending a special message to mums across the world on their special day, Pierre then welcomed home a fellow Canadian from his out of this world adventure.

- David -

– David’s first tweet on the month was an insight as to where he was spending his time off. Yeap, he had fulfilled a promise made to himself 8 years before and returned to South Africa. After finding his new BFF it was time to head to London where the sun greeted his arrival.

Written by Leeann @Adnaxar


SP Friends News Sleeping With Sirens release new single “Alone” Check it out here


All Time Low release music video for “Backseat Serenade” Check it out here

ALL TIME LOW ANNOUNCE AUSTRALIAN TOUR! see their web site for more details!


Set The Record in the studio working on new CD

Call the shots make their Radio debut due to thier loyal fans!


Suicide Silence to release memorial DVD from their memorial show following Mitch Lucker’s death

Heroes For Hire release first song after previous singer Brad Smith leaves band Download it here

* *

Daylight Hours back in studio working hard on their album!


Ronnie Radke walks out on his band Falling In Reverse. Check here for more details

Written by Sian @sianiigoesrawrr


Pete WENTZ Fall out Boy 5th Jesse Sleeping with Sirens

8th written by Elenore

RIVERS Cuomo 13th

Jack All Time Low 18th Jeremy Mayday Parade 18th

Rob We are in the Crowd


Qu z ?

Guess The Song Title 1) N_ _ _ _/ S_ _ _ _ _/ H_ _ _/ L_ _/ Y_ _/ G_ 2) O_ _/ B_/ O_ _ 3) W_ _ _'s/ N_ _/ S_ _ _ _ _/ D_ _ ? 4) V_ _ _ _ _ _ _ 5) P_ _ _ _ _ _ 6) M_/ C_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _/ L_ _ _ 7) M_/ A_ _ _ _ _ _/ T_ _/ W_ _ _ _ 8) T_ _ _/ T_/ S_ _/ G_ _ _ _ _ _ 9) A_ _ _ _ _ _ _/ E_ _ _/ B_ _/ H_ _ _ 10) O_ _/ D_ _ Last month quiz answers ! 1) Don’t Wanna Think About You 2) Addicted 3) When I’m Gone 4) I’d do anything 5) Summer Paradise 6) This song Saved My Life Written by Sonia @DarrenIsMyLove

upcoming Tour dates for Simple Plan

Jun 07 Jun 08

Gasometer Vienna, Austria Rock Im Park Zeppelinfeld, Germany

Jun 09

Rock Im Ring Nurnberg, Germany

Jun 11

Kosmonavt Club Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation

Jun 12

Maxidrom Festival Moscow, Russian Federation

Jul 05 Festival de la gibelotte de Sorel-Tracy Sorel-Tracy, Canada

Jul 06 Parc Delpha Sauve Salaberry-De-Valleyfield, Canada Aug 30 Competition de tir et d'acceleration de camions St-Joseph, Canada

Get To Know

What do you do on Simple Plan Space?: I’m a writer and I do mostly articles

Have you met them?: Meet & Greet in April and a short meeting with Chuck and David after the show in June.

Favorite books: Harry Potter, P.S I love you

Have you seen SP live?: Yes, I have seen them twice. April 17 2012 and June 27 2012 at a festival in Sweden.

Favorite tv-shows?: Merlin and The Big Bang Theory at the moment

Hobbies: Music, movies, tv-shows, writing, stand up comedy

Favorite SP music video?: Your Love Is A Lie, it was the video that made me fall in love with the band after so many years. It’s well done, beautiful.

Favorite SP song?: If I have to pick just one I’ll go with Welcome To My Life because it means a lot to me, was the first song I heard and is simply perfect.


Full name: Sophie Carlbrant Age: 20, turning 21 July 7 Country : Sweden

Twitter nick: @sophiecarlbrant

What do you do for a living?: Currently working at the hospital. I’ll move to Stockholm and study journalism this fall

Since when have you been a fan?: Late 2010 even though I’ve always loved Welcome To My Life since I first heard it a few years ago.



Simple Plan Space June2013  

A magazine all about Simple Plan, a Canadian Pop Punk band. Interview with Daylight Hours from Australia.

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