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i y i m t a a k information bulletin — number 1, january 2009

Eastmain-1 Hydroelectric Development

Results of the monitoring of the Fish Pass at KP 207 of the Eastmain River (2006 to 2008)

The fish pass at kp 207, at the right of the picture

Species Lake sturgeon Longnose sucker White sucker Northern pike Walleye Total

No. of tagged fish in 2008 2 43 17 17 33 112

In total, between May and November 2008, 112 tagged fish got through the fish pass at KP 207, including two lake sturgeons (see table beside). Monitoring will continue in 2009. But in reality, the number of fish that went through the fish pass at KP 207 is higher­ because only the fish that are tagged are counted.

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Eastmain-1 Hydroelectric Development

Fish Pass at KP 207 of the Eastmain River Activities from 2006 to 2008

In spring 2006, the high flow volumes discharged­ into the Eastmain River displaced several of the concrete blocks on the walls separating the pools in the fish pass, rendering it inoperative. The blocks were replaced in fall 2006 and anchored to ensure that they remain in place in the future. In 2007, the flow through the fish pass was too fast (about 2 m/s) to allow sturgeon to migrate upstream.

External transmitter installed on the dorsal fin of a sturgeon

From May to November 2008, antennae installed on each side of the pass served to

In April 2008, corrective measures were applied to the fish pass in order to slow the flow down, i.e., a second row of concrete blocks was placed and deflectors were installed at the vertical slot of each channel wall. As of the month of May, flow velocities were found to be between 1 and 1.4 m/s, which did allow for upstream migration.

track migrating fish that had been tagged with PIT transmitters. In addition, mobile telemetric monitoring of sturgeons tagged with external transmitters was conducted to supplement the data. The table presented on the other side of this page shows the number­ of fish by species that passed through the structure.

For more information, please contact: Martin Desgagné, Advisor - Native Affairs and Projects 1 800 903-9705, ext. 4951 This Information Bulletin is published by Hydro-Québec Direction régionale La Grande Rivière

A sense of commitment…

to plants and wildlife

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Species No. of tagged fish in 2008 Lake sturgeon 2 Longnose sucker 43 White sucker 17 Northern pike 17 Walleye 33 total 112 Eastmain-1 Hydro...