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Public Health and Obesity By Ghazy Aziz


Obesity is starting to be a problem in BKK Obesity has been a major problem in BKK people’s lives, and that obesity is starting to form in BKK. Obesity is a major problem in Bangkok. It has many causes and some effects that might be hated by some people. But first, I will get into the causes, and then the effects. Causes for obesity are usually lack of exercise, poor nutrition, and bad eating habits. And an unusual and might be unexpected cause: 7eleven. According an article, it tells that 7eleven in Bangkok, is a cause to obesity. The foods they made were made in an instant and have low nutrition values, and low nutrition is a cause of Obesity. Info from the world health organization statistics is that 30% population is overweight, which is 48% of Malaysia’s population. Obesity effects are normally making them unhealthy, and not physically fit. There are more disastrous effects such as: Newborns from Obese mothers have a thick aorta, something that is soon to be linked to heart diseases. If obesity is starting to be an even bigger threat, BKK will have a huge problem to face.

Facts: Obesity Worldwide obesity is almost doubled since 1980.

aorta |!"ôrt#| noun the main artery of the body, supplying oxygenated blood to the circulatory system. In humans it passes over the heart from the left ventricle and runs down in front of the backbone.

The word meaning was found with apple

Buildings representing Thailand and its future.

My solution: Influence, Information, and Taking act. Since it is going to be hard by just saying, “Obesity is bad to your health” to just about everybody, my idea is to commercialize and to influence people by information, and the actual truth. How I will influence

How I will inform them

I know already know that people in Bangkok use some type of media, so by commercialize it. Commercializing does cost a lot of money, but to inform people about obesity, I don’t think the money does actually matter much. Influencing people by giving them the right information does give them a bit of an idea, but I don’t think a lot of them cares since I know people aren’t crazy about looking at a commercial when they just wanted to watch the program they are on.

I also know that in cities they have a lot of schools, and I know that everybody knows this already. Informing schools however will get the students the right idea about the problem via assemblies, or just informing straight through the speakers. But, some students might just shrug the info off, and some might tell their parents, but their retelling might have vague idea. Taking part Making people take part might be a bit hard since some people might not want to take a part at all, or they could have just ignore it and believe that Obesity isn’t a problem at all. I could also make special events so that people would start exercising.


Since people might not like to take part, or exercise at all, a good idea is to make a tourist attraction, based on that info. People might not think that a walk in the park isn’t a good time consuming and ‘fun’ activity. By making a fun activity and making the idea is somewhere within the activity as well, more people will take notice of this. But if it’s at one park might not be enough. Putting the activity in many places might increase the number of people who notices this problem. A problem that I might need to notice is the budget, but since I might get a couple of money of off the

activity it self. Another problem that I would be thinking of is how much does the activity cost. Since this is trying to reach into a lot of people, it shouldn’t cost a lot. Probably something like 25 THB for adults, 50 THB for children, since we are focusing on the future of Bangkok, and now. Paying the workers who sets up the activity could be a challenge, unless they are enthusiastic about helping out in the activities that are being held. If they are, it could also be a good thing since they could help reach the info to a lot of people.


I’m not using laws since I don’t want the solution to be forceful

Solution continued

The Challenge: Will the info be reached to everyone? Another challenge is that if the info will actually be reached to just about everybody in Thailand. My solution to this problem is to have people who are enthusiastic about the problem or maybe students, to have something like a field trip to poor places. Students might help out with the people’s activities, in exchange to having them listen about the problem. It would be fair if everybody will get to be informed. 3

Photos Photo Credit: <a href=" 02/">lomokev</a> via <a href="">Compfight</a> <a href="">cc</a> 7eleven


Photo Credit: <a href=" 839/">xtrapop</a> via <a href="">Compfight</a> <a href="">cc</a> World Map Photo Credit: <a href=" 727/">GlobeTrotter 2000</a> via <a href="">Compfight</a> <a href="">cc</a> Thailand Photo Credit: <a href=" 41/">I Prahin |</a> via <a href="">Compfight</a> <a href="">cc</a>\ City Photo Credit: <a href=""> tlchua99</a> via <a href="">Compfight</a> <a

href="">cc</a> Park I took ISB photo

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Air Pollution By Ghazy

The Problem

Air pollution is a commonly faced problem in most- if not all major cities. Air pollution has a bunch of causes and some effects to go with it. The type of air pollution that people know about is smog. Smog could be broken down into two words. Smoke and Fog.

The Causes

Air pollution, like I said before, has many causes such as gases from vehicle, Industrial gasses, carbon dioxide, agriculture and green house gas. Vehicles like Cars and Motorbikes emit smoke, which eventually led to air pollution. Traffic jams are air pollution makers since the vehicle makes a lot of gas by making the car stay on for a long time, and while it emit smoke.

The Effects

The effects of Air Pollution are Smog, Hard breathing, lung problems, and many more health problems. 2.4 million people die each year from air pollution.

It would be devastating if that problem starts in Bangkok

Air Pollution Facts: In earth, there are many sources of greenhouse gas. Some of them are: carbon dioxide and methane. The atmosphere of Venus and Mars has a green house gas effect. Info courtesy of Wikipedia

Issue #: [Date]

Dolor Sit Amet

My Solution: Information and Realization

Car emitting smoke

The Challenge: Convenience A problem that I have in mind is will the changes be made will still have the city convenient with its forms of transportation? My idea for this is to make bike lanes. For a start, bike lanes might just slow things down, but bike lanes positive effects balance it out with its negative effects. For a start, biking is healthy, and it could stop other problems, and it is a great alternative to vehicles or motorbikes. A problem to this idea will be placement or money issues. The money part will just be dealt with quickly since itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not too big of a deal. Secondly, the placement could just be close to roads since they lead to places people want to go too. Something to make it more convenient is small shops at the edge of the lanes. In case people want to buy drinks or something.

The problem would have been a smaller threat if people in Bangkok, Thailand already know about this problem. That is why my solution is Information and Realization. A question that I have in mind, is that do people know about this? Or even CARE about this problem? The first part of my solution is to ask everyone this question via survey. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s going to take long if it is going to be asked one at a time, so my Idea is to ask an a big area, with people coming to a town hall like building, to be asked this survey in a sheet of paper. Kind of like voting for someone, and this is also going to be mandatory. Eventually, everyone will be asked, even at the poor places. Now that we know what everyone thinks, we could use the info to know about what the people know about air pollution. The second part of my solution is using media to send information. Since almost everyone in Bangkok uses some type of electronic gadget, we could send a type of media to inform people. It could be a radio type of thing, a website, a website article, a website ad, it could be anything as long as it reaches to just about everyone. A second thing to note is that it would also be helpful if the problem is taught to students. That way, they will learn about it, and start thinking of the future. My last part of my solution is realization. Some people might not believe this problem or some people do think it is a major problem is based on what they believe, and if it is right. It doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t really matter if a lot of people think air pollution is a problem and a small group of people thinking its all lies, as long as there is a large group of people who agrees on lowering the air pollution levels. If it is the opposite way around, then it could be a problem and laws will deal with this issue.


Issue #: [Date]

Dolor Sit Amet

Photos Photo Credit: <a href=" N04/6255447444/">GlobeTrotter 2000</a> via <a href="">Compfight</a> <a href="" >cc</a> Traffic

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Transportation Problems and solutions in Bangkok s/how-to-avoid-traffic-jams35319_2.jpg

Energy Problems There are lots of energy problems within Bangkok for example; most people in Bangkok donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t turn off the lights when they walk out of the room there for energy is being use for no reason. And most people use normal light bulbs witch use way more energy than fluorescent light bulbs. Also since Bangkokâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s population is increasing rapidly more people need more energy for refrigerators, commuters, lights, air-conditioning, and so on

Solution A solution is to use fluorescent light bulbs because they do not use as much energy than normal light bulbs. And if we keep using normal light bulbs than we will burn so much energy that we wont have enough to use it for our day-to-day uses. If we use fluorescent light bulbs then people can use energy for their lights especially when the population is increasing

Stop wasting


Building a Better Bangkok Issue #: [Date]


Dolor Sit Amet

I think the problems for education is that a lot of people don’t get a lot of education, and that leads to many things that is a hard struggle for them. Without education, people won’t have a good résumé so a lot of people that see it, they won’t hire them because they are not well educated and won’t take them. There is another problem that follows that too! The representative problem is that they won’t have enough money to always pay their rent to their apartment/house. They also won’t be able to pay for a lot of food every day and they won’t be able to always pay their taxes. There is 1 other major problem that follows it, a good school and college for their kids! Since they don’t have that much money, they will only be able to afford a small school with little education, and then a small college to learn very little things about a big job! Then when they are looking for a job, guess what, not a good résumé! Then the same steps will follow their kids, as it also happened to their parents and it will follow their kids and so on. My Solution to education is to build more hotels and fast food places so when we build them, we can give jobs to people who need a job and they know enough about building. Also, when we build the hotel we will give a lot of jobs for staff at the hotel, and when the fast food place is open, a lot of jobs will be open for making the food and taking the order. My solution to schools and colleges is that we make going to schools for free if your mom or dad is a staff member or working at that school. Another solution is brought by an Indian Educationist that wants to build schools all around the world to educate kids who can’t go to school. It was brought forward by another one called ‘Hole in the Wall’. They put a computer in a hole in the wall of an Indian slum and found out that when children use the computer, they quickly educate themselves. They do that by quickly learning how the PC operates and already know how to get on the Internet.

Transportation Problems in Bangkok

People are buying to many cars tes/default/files/imagecache/f ull-width/images/print-




People in Bangkok are buying to many cars this means there is more traffic. But not just any traffic, there are hundreds of cars lined up and they can wait there for hours. Thailand's Office of Transport and Traffic Policy and Planning reports that the traffic is getting worse and that the surrounding areas are also getting worse. They say this a result of to many cars. To many cars means that every one wants to use them. Another reason for traffic is right away which is if you and another car are going opposite ways and you want to turn you have to wait for them to keep going forward or else they get stopped and all the cars behind them get stopped which causes a traffic jam. All these cars when they run give of pollution and pollution is bad for human health. Since it is bad for the human health people will start to die. In 2012 3.2 million people died from outdoor air pollution, mainly in Asia

A solution to this problem of traffic is the BRT (Bus Rapid Transit). This is a solution because BRT is where you build a lane just for buses this means that the buses donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have to wait in traffic and the station are nice so people will want to go there. Also the BRTs will be cheats there for more people can afford it. This will help with traffic because the bus can hold let say 30 people and there are 3 buses this means that there are 90 people in the buses and 90 cars not driving in traffic. This will for sure cut down on the traffic.


Motorbikes and vendors on the street make it impossible to walk on m/images/website/shanghaizhuhai-07/shanghai-streetvendors.jpg A/s1600/the%2Bmotorbikes%2Bt ake%2Bto%2Bthe%2Bsidewalk.J PG


There are so many venders on the side of the street that the people that want to walk canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t because they have to weave in between the venders and they are so close together that it is nearly impossible to walk. Another problems with sidewalks are that the people with motorbikes take advantage of the sidewalks and ride on them. This is extremely dangerous for the people who are walking on them. This is also bad for the vender even though they are not supposed to be there. The venders and motorbikes that ride on the sidewalks are also bad for business. Since it is so hard to walk people take taxis, and since they take taxis they pollute the air, which is bad for the human health.


A solution to this is making a specific are for the vendors or space them out with enough room so that people can walk in between them easily. Another solution is to make sort of a bike lane but for the motorcycles, almost like the BRTs they took on lane and make it for the buses but in this case it would be for the motorbikes. This would clear the sidewalks for people to walk on and be safe from being run over. rain%20map.gif

The BTS need to go more places

The BTS (Bangkok Transit Station) only goes some many places. This is bad because since the BTS only goes so many places the people buy cars so that they can get to the places they want with out having to make so many stops. This is bad for business because the people take the cars and then they get stuck in traffic and are late for work and then their part of the 4 BTS needs to cover more area

job doesn’t get finished and the business goes down hill because when one part of the business doesn’t get done then the next part of the business can’t get finished.

Solution to BTS not going many places

A solution to the BTS not going enough places is to innovate the BTS and make it bigger than it is now so that it can go all around Bangkok to the manger business areas so that people can get to work easer than waiting in traffic to get to work. Also Bangkok is suppose to have 8 BTR line by now but they only have 2 so if they had more then they could get on the one that takes them to there destination so that they could get there cheaply and on time. Another way to help the BTS is to raise the price of gas so that people want to get on the BTS instead of wasting money on gas. I think that they could take the taxis of gas to pay for the BTS to be bigger and go more places 5

Issue #: [Date]

Dolor Sit Amet

Social Stratification and Poverty One problem we Thailand has that we could really improve, is that there is too many poor people. Too many Thai people are not well educated and don’t have good jobs because of it. They didn’t choose to not be well educated and to not get paid well, no! What their doing is going on with life and to do the best they can, what we can do to make their lives at least better than what they have now. What we can do is to lend them a little bit of money, that’s all you have to do. Do you know why? Because lets say 100 people follow this and gives the only person asking for money in the subway $20, then what if all of the 100 people that followed this gave that 1 person $20 each, by the 100th person, that 1 person would get 2,000 dollars in that 1 day. Now think, what if that happened again from Mon-Fri, that 1 person would get $10,000 by the Friday. S/he would be able to afford a real apartment and a lot of food and some furniture. Now imagine if every average person with money did that to every poor person, every poor person wouldn’t have to live on the street because everyone gave each on at least 10 bucks. There is probably more than 10,000 people with money that they could give to someone else, think of all that money if they gave at least $10 to every poor person they met. If in 2 years everyone followed that, in at least 1-5 years, there will be no more poor people in Thailand anymore, so just think about it, if you just give a poor person some money, you will be doing them a really great favor.


Green Building and Architecture &

Water and Sanitation By Raphael Romasanta

Green Building and Architecture

Did you know? Industry and power stations produce 15,000,000,000 tons of CO2 in a year.

Did you know? Installing solar panels will cut your energy bill by 50 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 90%.


Our world is not perfect. We use fossil fuels and chemicals that damage the atmosphere. We have factories and buildings that spew out tons of pollutants every day. All of that goes into the air, and can cause people to get sick. The pollutants, after going into the air, will cause an increase of extreme weather, like tornadoes and hurricanes. And yet we are not effectively combating this. We have no plan for how to stop this. But there are a few strategies we can adapt to go green.

Did you know? Motor vehicle emissions are one of the top causes of air pollution.

How do we change? Some of the things that can change are that the government can make a smart power grid that links to all of the cityâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s houses. The energy would be clean energy, and when we tap into the grid, the leftover energy is fed back into the grid, thereby maximizing the energy usage. This is already happening in Stockholm, and by using this method, the yearly carbon emissions are going to be reduced to less then 1.5 tons per person by 2020. Also, in China and India, people are using solar cells, rooftop wind turbines and even energy from garbage to produce power. To Each house has a line that can tap into the grid.

have that work here, the government can offer to collect garbage and convert it, and promise that the people who use the turbines and solar panels will only have to pay ! of the price and have their taxes cut by a certain amount. The government can also tel them exactly how much their energy bills will be cut by to get some people to change. Another solution is to use electric cars instead of

A house with solar panels to provide energy.

normal cars. This has worked in Masdar, United States Emirates, and will cut there pollution by a lot, since motor cars are one of the top causes of air pollution. A way to get people to use them is to put up charging stations and to have the charging price lower

An electric car.

then buying gasoline. The government can also make them cheaper to use and of a better design then normal car.


A house with a wind turbine for clean energy.

Water and Sanitation

Did you know?

We use a lot of water. Clean water seems to be an abundant resource, but in truth we are going to run out eventually. If we keep using as much water as we do now, without recycling it and just wasting it, we will soon find ourselves without clean water to use. Bu no one seems to be thinking about that. We need to start thinking about how to save water. Luckily, we have some plans about how to do that.

Leaky faucets waste 90 gallons of water a day.

Did you know? Aboout 90% of the water that enters our homes goes down the drains. 4

Did you know? Running the tap while brushing your teeth can waste up to 4 gallons of water.

What can we do to save water? One strategy is to make water plants. The government can put some money aside to build them. These water plants will purify dirty water from the sewers and make them clean enough for drinking. A good example of this is in India, where they put up a solar powered water plant. The water plant churns out more then 1,300 gallons of water a day, and treats 750 families in A greywater system.

India. Another way to save water is to use greywater systems. Greywater is the relatively clean wastewater from bath, sinks and kitchen appliances. People can re-use this water, and it is already happening in Tucson, where they even hosted workshops about greywater. The government can give a reduction on your taxes if you install greywater systems to get people to use this method, and also tell them that it will let them save money on water. But one of the things that uses the most water is agriculture. Some water is lost when

A dripper, watering the soil.

watering, because the water cannot be perfectly spread out, perfectly applied to each plant by human hands. But farmers in Asia can use specialized pumps that can apply a precise amount of water to plants, saving a lot of water. The government can offer to buy their A water treatment plant.

crops if they do it, or offer a reduction of land prices to them for farming. Another method to save water in agriculture is to use drip irrigation. Drip irrigation is when water is applied to the roots of plants by a dripper that applies drip by drip. If they do this, the government can offer the same things as they did for the precise pumps.


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Building a Better Bangkok Rafa Ghazy Jesse Kadin  
Building a Better Bangkok Rafa Ghazy Jesse Kadin  

Building the Bangkok of the Future