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Air pollution Problems By SarunV Air pollution is a major problem for Bangkok because of the cars that use gas made with benzene. There are a lot of traffic and cars in Bangkok so there is a problem with the air pollution. Bangkok needs to think about doing more public transportation and Exat easy pass and making rules for the cars.

There are many reasons for air pollution. One reason is that they are too many cars on the road and that causes traffic, which wastes oil. There are 7 million cars in the city that only has enough roads for 1.5 million cars. The government has a plan to get more people to drive car.

When you have too many cars on the roads you have a lot of traffic. When the cars are stopping for a long period of time the oil and benzene come out as smoke that can lead to getting cancer. Taxi drivers leave their air conditioner running even when they are relaxing and the air con is using oil.

Kids who grow up breathing benzene can get cancer. Kids who live in area that have traffic make Bangkok a better, clean city with better transportation and or close to roads are more likely to have cancer when they grow up. The government must make fewer cars.

Solution 1 Bicycles In England they have rental bicycles and people can rent them on the street. The banks make more money because they are the sponsors. More people ride bikes instead of cars or using a taxi. If Bangkok built more BTS and MRT the city would be cleaner and Exat easy pass will reduce traffic. It would make less smoke for the people working on the highways. They should reduce the amount of taxies by 11.5 percent. This would make people take public transportation. China is working on a bus that cars can drive under. The bus can stop without the car stopping and it carries around 1000 people. People should upgrade the car technology to hybrid because it uses less gas and makes the air cleaner.

Hybrid cars

China car that can run through. Photo Credit: <a href=" otos/80378665@N00/5002188 482/">mr.beaver</a> via <a href="">C ompfight</a> <a href="http://creativecommons. org/licenses/by-

Photo Credit: <a href="http://www.flick 92@N05/6936296168 /">HockeyholicAZ</a > via <a href="http://compfigh">Compfight</a

Photo Credit: <a href=" m/photos/95257089@N0 0/465591823/">HeyThere Spaceman.</a> via <a href=" m">Compfight</a> <a


http://www.geeko 8/the-chinese-bus-

Photo Credit: <a href="http://www s/31411679@N0 8/8028753236/"

Solution 2 The government should make people stop smoking for 1 day every month so the pollution would be less and they should not sell tobacco on that day. If the police caught someone smoking they will need to be in jail until they pay money. This will be a very big impact for the population and the air will be cleaner. Kids will be very happy not to smell cigarettes. If kids and adult breathe in tobacco they will get the effect more than the person that smokes. The government must make the price of cigarettes twice or triple the amount of now so the poor people that smoke is unlikely to buy cigarette. If we did these things the air would be way cleaner and fresh.

Disagree and agree Column 1.

One of the European cities is thinking of banning private cars in cities. So you can take a taxi or van or bus or walk. If they do this, the traffic would be less and the air would have a lot less air pollution. I think this would not be realistic because people want to drive their car. If we make parking in cities very expensive, some people would not drive cars and there would be less traffic. I think this is a better solution because itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not a law and just charges a little money. The parking lot would make the money and use the money to develop their research about air pollution.


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Green and Architecture Combats Climate Change

SUMMER 2013, Issue 4

Green House Gas (GHG) Emissions mix quickly with the air and unlike other pollutions, spread around the entire planet The Problem

The main problem about Climate change is pollution. Pollution is mainly causes by industries/factories, agriculture, health care, transportation, cities/settlements and energy use. Pollution creates CO2, which adds up to global warming. Whenever

there is global warming,

the sun would reach our planet

Earth’s temperature increases

and will fry us in seconds. But

and disasters happen more

don’t worry, we still have

often. Our planet has different

more years to go and we have

ozone layers. The

enough time to stop it. It’s our

Troposphere, the

problem, and we have to fix it.

Stratosphere, the Mesosphere and the Thermosphere. If the ozone layers were breached, the unwanted solar rays from

-Earth produces 25 billion tons of CO2 per year -70 percent to 80 percent of all the oxygen we breathe comes from algae -Algae produce about 330 billion tons of oxygen each year -There are 7,000 different species of Algae

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Pollution is a global issue we humans are most familiar with; there are different kinds of pollution. Some Common types of pollution are Air pollution and water pollution. Some uncommon types of pollution are solid wastes, sound pollution, noise pollution and food pollution. Governments are struggling to build a greener city, but its too late, the city is full of people and if we rebuild the city, we would have to clear the buildings and the roads. Buildings can be re-construct but the city can’t be redesigned. To build a green city, you need to organize where are you going to put your buildings in, for example, the east area is for Commercial where malls are located. The north area is for Industry where factories work. The south area is for Residential (Suburb) where average people lived. The West area is for Business (The heart of the city) where people work. The sewage systems and the

“The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it” – Albert Einstein electricity lines have to be organized are run underground. The mainroads that run in the heart of the city have to be able to expand over time so there won’t be any traffic, if there’s no traffic then there will be less pollution because it takes seconds to get to one place to another. Pollution also comes from energy use, people are being careless on electricity, we might not want to waste electricity because there

might be some natural disasters that might happen in the near future such as mass flooding. Some types of energy we might have to rely on is solar, water, biomass, geothermal and wind (Renewable Energy) Some example of successful renewable transportation is a biofuel airplane, the purpose of this plane is environmental friendly, this plane doesn’t let out GHG emissions.


Introducing Pop-Up-

Introducing Solar Electric

Hotels: A small luxury camping

Vehicles: The solar vehicle is

experience hotel that provides

designed to generate electricity from

great service and some of the

sunlight and convert it into energy for

best festivals. Pros: Great Service, Luxurious, Efficient, Located in the best locations throughout the year Cons: For Rent

the car. The energy that is not needed is stored. Pros: Clean Renewable energy, Consume less Gasoline, Produce fewer GHG emissions Cons: Expensive (Affordable)

Introducing pH-Conditioner Floating Jellyfish: The floating Jellyfish absorb pollutants and turn them into beneficial resources for the city. They float about 200-300 meters up. Overtime, the cityâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s air will improve Pros: Absorbs Pollutants Cons: Expensive (Something that government can do)

Introducing Floating Light Park Skyscrapers: The Floating Light park is designed to provide infrastructure, housing, commercial and recreational spaces from Beijing traffic. It uses solar propellers, airbags, pressure for takeoff and for flight. There are solar panels located on top of the aircraft. It was based on helium balloons designs. The Light Park takes future urban development into the sky. Pros: Eco-Friendly, Provides Housing Cons: Highly Expensive (Something that cities like China can do)

Attributions: Car and Dark Clouds: <a href="">Ben Heine</a> via <a href="">Compfight</a> <a href="">cc</a> City: <a href="">angus clyne</a> via <a href="">Compfight</a> <a href="">cc</a> Algae: <a href="">Stuck in Customs</a> via <a href="">Compfight</a> <a href="">cc</a> Green City: Photo Credit: <a href="">TeresalaLoba</ a> via <a href="">Compfight</a> <a href="">cc</a>

Transportation By Leighton

The problem The!problem!is!traffic.!Around!8!am!in!the!morning! about!9.5!million!people!in!Bangkok!get!in!their! cars/motorcycles!and!rush!to!work.!On!the!expressway! to!Bangkok!from!the!suburbs!the!traffic!is!so!bad!you! feel!like!you!are!moving!1!inch!in!a!hour!because! everyone!is!going!to!work.!Sometimes!there!are! accidents!because!of!the!traffic.!Sometimes!I!see!an! Issue [#]: Issue Date ambulance!with!someone!dyeing!in!it!but!cars!can’t! move!out!of!the!way!because!there!is!so!much!traffic.! There!is!also!lot’s!of!pollution!because!of!all!the!cars.! That!is!another!big!problem.!There!government!now! knows!that!there!is!lot’s!of!traffic!in!the!mornings!to! they!are!building!a!BTS!(sky!train)!from!nontaburi!to! Bangkok.!BTS!are!very!good!for!the!environment! because!they!run!on!electricity!instead!of!gasoline.!Taxis! are!also!a!problem!because!they!want!more!money!so! they!drive!in!big!circles!so!there!are!more!cars!on!the! road!so!there!is!more!traffic.!That!is!corruption.!Some! roads!in!Bangkok!are!so!small!that!two!cars!can!barley! ! get!through!so!it!takes!a!long!time!so!it!causes!traffic.! The!roads!in!Thailand!are!not!smooth.! !


This!is!the!BTS!in!Bangkok.!In!the! mornings!there!are!so!much!people! taking!it!

Did!you!know???! Thailand!has!a!dumb! prime!minister.!She!tells! people!to!buy!cars!and! that!will!cause!traffic.! ! This!is!her!

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Issue [#]: [Issue Date]


My solution One!of!my!solutions!is!the!Chinese!bus!that!goes!over!cars.! This!prevents!traffic.!Cars!can!pass!under!it!and!it!runs!on! electricity,!so!there!is!no!pollution.!There!are!sensors!that! detect!if!a!car!is!going!through.!Some!Chinese!dude! designed!it.!My!other!solution!is!underground!roads!so! there!can!be!less!traffic!because!cars!travel!on!roads,!on! high!ways!and!underground.!So!there!will!be!less!traffic.! Another!solution!is!1!lane!on!the!expressway!for!rich!people! who!are!willing!to!pay!extra!money!so!they!donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t!get!stuck! in!traffic!with!the!poor!people.!For!the!kids!that!live! downtown!that!go!to!ISB!they!can!take!the!lane!for!rich! people!so!they!can!quickly!go!to!work.!There!should!be!bike! trails!on!the!sidewalks!so!in!the!mornings!when!people! need!to!go!to!work!they!just!hop!on!their!bike!and!ride! there.!We!should!get!rid!of!the!street!food!because!it!will! get!in!the!way!of!the!bike!trail.!For!the!bike!trails!there! should!be!a!lock!so!if!some!thai!guy!tries!to!steal!it,!it!will! take!a!long!time!so!people!will!se!and!call!the!police.!But!the! problem!with!the!police!in!Thailand!is!if!they!catch!you!


doing!something!bad!you!just!pay!them!100!bhat!and! they!let!you!go.!Corruption!is!also!a!huge!problem!in! Thailand.!



Issue [#]: [Issue Date]

Solution!! My!other!solution!is!free!rides!on!public!transportation,!so! instead!of!taking!their!cars!they!take!the!Chinese!bus.!But!only! rich!people!allowed!because!if!poor!people!are!allowed!once! you!walk!in!to!the!bus!there!will!be!a!bunch!of!poor!people! sleeping!on!it!because!they!get!free!air!con!and!they!get!a! comfortable!chair!If!poor!people!want!to!come!they!should!not! sleep!on!the!bus!or!they!will!sleep!on!it!all!day!and!all!night.!!





Energy By Leighton

The problem Right now some countries produce their energy by using nuclear power plants. Nuclear power plants are very dangerous because it puts nuclear waste in the water and people can die from it. Right now there are two nuclear power plants leaking in japan from the earthquake. Some governments want to make money so they don’t want solar energy because it is free so they want nuclear power plants. They also cause lot’s of pollution because you can see the smoke coming out of it. The smoke is probably toxic because they are coming out of a nuclear power plants. It cost’s millions of dollars to fix and people need o wear special suits to go inside. Thailand gets their energy from Myanmar but around June, 2013 the Myanmar power plants will under go renovation so Thailand around that time will have blackouts often.

Did you know? Solar energy for the whole house costs 1 million bhat.



My solution Solar energy Solar energy is a great way to produce energy because it is free. So it is unlimited. But some governments need to make money so they will never do that.

Electric cars Electric cars are great because there is no pollution. One day we will run out of all the oil on the planet so before that happens we should switch to electric cars. Most golf carts are electric. The picrure to the right is the telsa model s. It is fully electric. The picture at the bottom is the future BMW car. It is also fully electric.

What I think we should do When the world switches to electric cars all the big oil companies like chevron will go broke. To save them they should switch to electric companies. So when your battery runs out you open the hood and take your battery out and plug yours in and take a new one.

Solar cars Another solution is solar cars because there will be no pollution and you donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t need to waste money on gasoline. Solar cars can charge their batteries in parking lots. If the roof of the parking lot is glass, the car can have itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s battery charged when the owner goes to do something. At night the car could run on the stored night battery. The streetlights could be a special light that works from solar panels.


Solar houses Houses should be solar to create their own electrical energy. Electrical energy is very expensive so some people canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t afford it here in Thailand. So there will never be blackouts because the sun will always be there and every house produces their own energy. So people donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t need to borrow money from a mafia.

All images from google

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It has to become denser… Population Density can be problematic if sprawl is involved. For a city to be productive and wealthy, it needs a dense population to be flowing and effective. If not, things can be hard…

Cras congue, sapien vitae vestibulum adipiscing, erat lacus commodo lectus, in imperdiet massa risus vel tellus.

Good population density is not easily accomplished. It requires a tight and efficient spacing between homes. When cities don’t have that, it is hard to have effective residential and commercial success, and also it makes

public transportation more difficult. The reason this happens is because when everything is close together, it is easily accessible and efficient. Bangkok is a growing city.

Since 2000 it’s growth has been 2.5 times as large as it was from 1980-2000. It has grown by 30% since 2000 and is now nearing a population of 15 million. For it’s entire society to be prevented from breaking down, the city has to build UP.



The Solution: Building Towards the Sky My solution is to take advantage of the fact that our sky is not going to mess with us. We might be running out of horizontal space, but we can always construct vertically. Take Singapore & Hong Kong for examples. They are the two densest cities with a population of over a million, (7,301 people per sq. kilometer for Singapore, 6,396 for Hong Kong) and

are both incredibly successful cities. Great public transportation, a bustling economy, and happy people. They have both built up. Full of skyscrapers, they have bus stops and trains everywhere. Bangkok is getting there, but we have to use our space upwards. We have to take advantage of our ability to

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build upwards without going insanely high to the point where it can be easily impacted by weather. We can expand on many places. For example, Bangkok is abundant with malls. Because they are such huge buildings, we can take advantage of that by adding floors for apartments. We have to keep up with a high growth rate, and by using the fact that we wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t be impacted by any height restrictions, we should find space that we have, and expand upwards from that. I think that we will reach efficient population management by building towards the sky, because we have no limits. Of course, we will have to keep how high we go reasonable, because otherwise the building will not be stable, and elevators will always be crammed. However, I think if we properly use our freedom to go up, we can manage our population without having to take up more space that could be used for other purposes.

Attribution: Singapore: ngapore+pop.+density&oq=singapore+pop.+density&gs_l=img.3...16426.21989.0.22331. ty%3B599%3B401


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The Problems Our education system is growing weaker and weaker. Not only

should be obligatory that all schools have sufficient technology.

is it unaffordable in many areas, it has

not to follow a certain formula. Technology encourages creativity and allows children to learn things for themselves. By being able to

become slow and outdated. It is hard to prepare students for a future we no

When you are allowed to be yourself and

For hundreds of years

access everything, you can develop your own opinions and thoughts, and teach

longer can for see. The economy is

schools turned their students into

becoming more and more

robots, programmed for a certain

technologically focused. Schools are

occupation that they would master.

uneasily accessed and sometimes not

They had to have neat handwriting.

even very helpful. For an improved

They had to be good at math. They

economy, we need improved

had to understand history. It was like

To make discoveries, to change


they were being made in an assembly

our world, we must be educated in a way

line, one after the other, the exact

that fits our individual needs. Some of us

same. This succeeded for a while, but

were made to write formulas, some were

ultimately failed. For success, people

meant for a lab, and some were meant to

must be able to come up with

read. No matter how hard they try, shaping

individuality. They must summon

all students into the same person wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t

their creativity. They must be self

work. It is an idea as old as the dinosaurs,

intuitive. We still have a bit of this. I

and it is time to change to prepare for our

think individuality is crucial in

future. Technology can help that.

At this point, the future of our society is unpredictable. We have no idea what our future will be like. Everything is changing. The world is becoming more and more dependent on technology. We need to have some idea of how to prepare for possible more drastic changes. I think that now, it

everything, not just with education.

yourself theories and learn what YOU are interested in. You are always more effective when youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re doing something by choice.

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Lorem Ipsum

The solution My solution is to use technology as the new form of education. It is current, self intuitive, and effective.

face. There is no avoiding this. We must take

A main pioneer of the idea of technological

action now to provide efficient, solid education

education, Sugata Mitra was a computer

to prepare for what is yet to come.

programmer in Mumbai, India, working near a slum. One day, he stuck a computer into the slum. The kids were immediately playing on it, using the internet, writing, you name it. When Sugata went

I think we should supply all schools with technology. The struggle will be with how we do this. Obviously, paying for the tools will be challenging. I think we could charge a small

back to check on his progress, they complained

amount in everyone’s taxes, paying for the

about the software quality. They informed him that

technology for schools. There will obviously be

because he gave them a machine that worked only in

dispute over this, as there is everything.

English, they taught themselves it! A computer is an

However I think the benefits of this

efficient, self intuitive device for learning.

development will be greater than the price

“Teaching in the Internet age means we must

paid. For Bangkok, we will need to make sure

teach tomorrow’s skills today,” says Jennifer

that we effectively use our ability to prioritize.

Fleming, planning ahead. We cannot keep

We do not have all the money in the world, so

our methods the same if the jobs are going to

we must choose how we use it. I think that a

change. That would be absolute ignorance.

more advanced education should be at the top

We have to adapt. Many are advocates for

of the list. By planting these devices in school,

staying the same, but everything has to

we are predicting an effective, modern, self

change eventually, and I suggest we start

intuitive education.

before we are forced into it. By using computers we are planning for the technologically based future we are certain to


Credits Computer:

computer.jpg&imgrefurl= a=X&ei=khBJUc7OHYisrAet6IGYDw&ved=0CEQQ9QEwBg&dur=637

Students With Computers: 2/01/studentcomputers.html&h=960&w=1280&sz=591&tbnid=LarRZq7u8PKj0M:&tbnh=90&tbnw=120&zoom=1&usg=__7nEzHH7N2w4btXIBJSZw52ItM2w=&docid=Bgy8OYrNdthH IM&sa=X&ei=tA9JUfIpydStB-y8gYgN&ved=0CDoQ9QEwAw&dur=1616

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Consectetuer: Sed venenatis, augue non varius tempus, metus nibh mollis erat, a tempus neque ipsum sit amet nisi. Donec elementum, justo eu pulvinar tincidunt, mauris nunc consectetuer mi, eu ornare augue ligula a nibh.


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