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The South Australian Fire Chief’s Jaguar XK 120


Marque The Monthly Magazine of the Jaguar Drivers Club of South Australia October 2013 The Official Monthly Magazine of the Jaguar Drivers Club of South Australia

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Cover Story The Jaguar XK 120 featured on the cover was bought new in June 1950 for the South Australian Fire Brigade it is a very early example, right hand drive, chassis no.94. It was bought for 1600 pounds as a turn out car to respond to fire calls, The car was bought by the Loffler family in 1965 and remains in the family today having undergone an extensive restoration. (Story page 6)

Classic Marque Classic Marque is the official magazine of the Jaguar Drivers Club of South Australia. The magazine is produced calendar monthly with the exception of January. The Deadline for all copy is the last Tuesday of each month. The Editor reserves the right to accept, reject or modify content submitted for publication. The opinions/views expressed in published articles are wholly those of the respective authors, and are not necessarily those of Jaguar, the Editor, the Club, or the Members. Advertisers and sponsors who place advertisements in the magazine do so because they value their association with the JDCSA. Placement of these advertisements should not necessarily be taken to mean the club endorses the services offered.

The Official Monthly Magazine of the Jaguar Drivers Club of South Australia


Club Torque

JDCSA Charity Day Congratulations to all members who participated in the recent Charity Day “CATS & CANS”. Once again it was a great day out for members and more important a good result with 20 cars and approx. 1400 items of food and basic necessities collected for distribution by Ingle Farm Salvation Army. A letter of thanks has been received from Linda Goede, you will find it in ‘Letters to the Editor’. So what do we do for a Charity Day next year? It is time for someone else or one of the Registers to put their hand up and organise next years event. We can do the CATS and CANS again but It does not have to be CATS & CANS, there are many great ways to have an effective Charity Day and many great causes to be supported. So please give next years Charity Day some thought It is important to acknowledge the generous contribution of food items made by the following stores: 



 Coles—Blackwood We thank these stores for their kind donations. The following story came to my attention many years ago and is very pertinent for many situations ranging from domestic duties to the way social clubs operate.

A Little Story This is a story about four people named EVERYBODY, SOMEBODY, ANYBODY and NOBODY. There was a job to be done and EVERYBODY was sure that SOMEBODY would do it. ANYBODY could have done it, but NOBODY did it. SOMEBODY got angry about that because it was EVERYBODY’S job. EVERYBODY thought ANYBODY could do it. It ended up that EVERYBODY blamed SOMEBODY when NOBODY did what ANYBODY could have done. Philip Prior Editor

Letters to the Editor THANK YOU We would like to thank Daphne Charman for her nomination of us to be made life members of the JDCSA, the Executive Committee for its approval and the club members for voting in favour. This was most unexpected but much appreciated. We have enjoyed being members of the JDCSA of which we were Membership Secretary for 10 years, which gave us the opportunity to meet new members and make good friends within the club. We also wish to thank Daphne for taking on the role and hope she gets the same satisfaction and enjoyment (sometimes exasperation) as we did during our time as Membership Secretary. Noel and Carmel Trew —————————————————————————

Gumeracha Food Garage Hello, our names are Nigel and Vanessa and we are writing to your club in an effort to spread the word of our new business. We have recently started Gumeracha Food Garage, a car themed Café located in the Adelaide Hills. Both my partner and I love cars and have owned some classic cars so we have decorated the café to appeal to the car lovers out there, we would love to see car owners come up and see us as a stopover on a cruise as there are some terrific driving roads up here. It would be great to get a photo of your club members with their cars so we can put them up on our photo board of customer’s cars. You can test your motoring knowledge on a quiz or watch some motoring programs that we regularly put on to entertain you during your visit. Also within our café is Old Wares and Spares, where we have a range of collectibles, garageanalia and models for sale and on display If you would like to book a time for your club to visit I can arrange for a motoring quiz to take place where your members can divide into teams to play as your food is prepared and as you dine. Raffles and prizes can also be arranged. We are located on the main street of Gumeracha just 7km from the Motor Museum at Birdwood. We are ideally located for a stop off for a meal or coffee with plenty of street parking available outside the café or if previously discussed off street parking can be arranged. As we are starting out, the best marketing for the whole classic car experience we are trying to capture is by word of mouth. So come see us for a visit and we would love it if you would recommend your experience with us to others. At Gumeracha Food Garage our goal is to provide a fun atmosphere where you can enjoy great quality food at a reasonable price. We will soon be starting a Facebook page where you can browse our menu, view any upcoming specials or view some collectibles available for sale.

Letters to the Editor are cont. on page 5 The Official Monthly Magazine of the Jaguar Drivers Club of South Australia


Club Torque PRESIDENT’S REPORT I am looking forward to the year ahead in my role as President of JDCSA. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Peter for his work and effort not only over the last 2 years as president, but over the last 40 years. It was a proud moment for me at our 40th celebrations to stand up with so many who had taken the initiative to start the club back in that July of1973. Without the ongoing dedication and commitment from these people and members that have contributed over the years the club would not be where it is now. I would also like to thank Julian for taking on the role of Vice President and welcome Kathy to the role of Secretary. We all play a role in the club, whether it be on a committee, conducting vehicle inspections, organising a run or being part of the general membership. Julian and Peter have been busy working on changes in procedures to manage the variations in registration of Historic Vehicles. Our procedures are being designed to be as straight forward as possible and minimise the impact on our Vehicle Inspectors, Register Secretaries and our Secretary/Log Book Officer. Don’t forget SA Jag Day on October 27th. Hopefully the weather will be kind to us and we will have our biggest turnout yet of Jaguars on display. Looking forward to a great day. Regards Di Adamson

Robert Shannon Foundation The Robert Shannon Foundation was established in 2003 to perpetuate the memory of Robert Shannon, founder of Shannons Insurance, who died unexpectedly in March 2000. Robert was an avid classic car enthusiast, who especially enjoyed his 1930 Invicta S Type. He was a strong supporter of the historic motoring movement and was concerned that it was not attracting enough younger people, particularly in the areas of the preservation and restoration of classic vehicles. AIM After the success of the Shannons 2001 National Motoring Tour, the Australian Historic Motoring Federation (AHMF) established the Robert Shannon Foundation. The AHMF is the national body representing classic and historic vehicle clubs in all states and territories. The purpose of the Foundation is to encourage people under the age of 30 to become involved in the restoration and preservation of veteran, vintage, postvintage, historic 50’s, historic 60’ and historic 70’s vehicles up to 30 years old. The Foundation may:  help with the purchase of specialist tools or equipment  assist with the actual cost of restoration work  contribute toward TAFE or other fees  contribute toward any project considered worthwhile by the Trustees. ELIGIBILITY Any person or group of people under the age of thirty years and engaged in studying automotive restoration and preservation or actively working on historic vehicles is eligible to nominate for a grant.

Congratulations—Scott Adamson Scott is the youngest member of the JDCSA and we are proud to have been able to support Scott earlier this year in his application for a grant from the Robert Shannon Foundation. Based on his submission where he outlined his restoration of a 1981 Triumph TR7, (pic opposite) Scott has received a financial contribution of $1,000 towards the completion of the project. We are proud of your efforts Scott and look forward to seeing the next project which of course will be a Jaguar.

The Official Monthly Magazine of the Jaguar Drivers Club of South Australia


Club Torque Letters to the Editor Cont. from page 3. We would like to provide a place to meet for like-minded motoring fans where on those sunny weekends you can expect to see many classic cars congregating. As we are just starting out for need as much support as possible, so that what we would like to provide for the classic car community can flourish. Thank you for taking the time to read my letter and I would appreciate if you could let your members know about us at your next club meeting and perhaps plan a visit. Yours sincerely, The owners and staff of Gumeracha Food Garage —————————————————————————Dear Phil & Members, I would like to thank you and all your members for their very kind donation of food for our Cats & Cans day. I am very happy to say that we received over 1400 items. Just in my area of Emergency Relief here at The Salvation Army Ingle Farm, we see over 50 families a week where we help out with Food Vouchers and Food Hampers. Fifty families can stretch to over 250 people or more, and it is very gratifying for me to be able to offer an assortment of foods to help these families. The members of Jaguar Drivers Club of South Australia

have stocked my Supermarket shelves to overflowing with an amazing array of food items. As you can image we have many different cultures walk through our doors, so the variety of different foods is so very important. Thank you so much for your wonderful generosity. I look forward to our continuing “Cats & Cans” days. Lin Goed Manager | Fundraising & Community Support Services The Salvation Army |Ingle Farm Cnr Bridge & Maxwell Rds, Ingle Farm | PO Box 144 Para Hills SA 5096 T 08 8397 9333 | F 08 8396 5170 | ———————————————————————————— Hello Phil Margaret & I would like to thank the Nominators the Executive and the General Members for our Life Membership.

It is a great honour. I have enjoyed my time as President,Vice President and Register Secretary. I also would publicly like to thank Margaret (my wife) for her help and guidance during that time. We thank you again for this great honour. Geoff & Margaret THOMAS

Geoff Mockford—JDCSA Technical Officer

80 King William St Kent Town SA 5067

ph: (08) 8362 5997 in-

The Official Monthly Magazine of the Jaguar Drivers Club of South Australia


General Meeting Minutes Minutes of General Meeting held at the Police Club on Tuesday 3 September 2013 Meeting opened by President, Peter Holland, at 7:35pm Present : Recorded in the Attendance List. Apologies : Scott & Imogen Galloway, Roger Adamson, Ray & Barb Offe, Robin Ide, Doug & Sue Harrison, Phil & Sue Prior, John & Wendy Stanley, Don & Marg Evans, Brian & Sue Walker, Evan Spartalis, Jack Richardson, Bill & Heather Jones, Andrew & Leanne Shouksmith, Alan & Lorraine Davis, Andre Lukes, George Hughes, Reg Hancock Welcome to Visitors : Ian Webber (JDCSA Patron), Ken & Donna Messenger from the Sporting Car Club. Minutes of the Previous Meeting : the 6 August 2013 GM Minutes were printed in the Classic Marque and were accepted as an accurate record. Seconded : Alan Bartram. Business Arising from Previous Minutes : 20, 30 & 40 year medallions to be introduced. ACJC --- the JDCSA is to be opted out of Jaguar National Rallies. Rick will speak to the meeting later about this issue. President’s Report : Peter reported : The Executive Committee wished to congratulate Scott Adamson for his success in being awarded a grant from Shannon’s Insurance for the restoration of his Triumph TR7. The Armstrong Siddeley Club recently had a Club run through the Adelaide Hills --- and invited members of the JDCSA to join them. The JDCSA members who attended the run had a great day, and felt that supporting smaller clubs was beneficial to both Clubs. It was an example of how our Club needs to change with the times. Vice President’s Report : Di reported : The E-Type Register has amalgamated with the V12 Register, and will now be known as the E-Type, F -Type & GT Register. Targa Rally --- the JDCSA had 15 members’ cars on display. Two F-Type’s were on display. Jaguars competing in the Rally included an XJS from NSW and SA’s Christine Kirby & Chris Waldock in their very rare XKR-S. ACJC Report : Rick Luff, our Club’s ACJC representative, explained how the JDCSA Executive position on Concours events at Jaguar National Rallies is that they should be changed significantly, or the event even eliminated. As a result, the ACJC board recently voted against the JDCSA being allowed to hold a Jaguar National Rally. There were 4 votes against to 3 votes in favour, so it was hardly an overwhelming vote against the JDCSA and Rick believes

it is just a matter of time before the majority of clubs follow JDCSA’s lead. He noted that the JDCSA has often led the other Jaguar clubs with change, e.g., our Classic Marque. The JDCSA Executive position is that traditional Concours events at Jaguar National Rallies should be changed or eliminated because : Concours events cater for only approx 60 members of the 3,500 members from all the nation’s Jaguar clubs, but the cost in time & money to organise & run a National Rally Concours event is totally disproportionate to member fees raised from those 60 concours enthusiasts. For example, trophies cost at least $4,000 --- being about 52 trophies at around $80/trophy (and many are perpetual, meaning they need to be freighted around the country). National Rallies should be fun, however Concours events can foster bad feelings between competitors, and with judges. Concours events are considered less relevant or even irrelevant in our changing world. Rick felt the ACJC’s role is to manage a Concours event, but not prescribe the format of the event. However, the ACJC board members who are against any major change to Concours events believe limited judging is not as good as the traditional Jaguar National Rally Concours event. Rick then read part of Di’s address to the 40th Anniversary Dinner on the theme of change --- and how our Club’s changing with the times has kept the JDCSA strong & relevant. Rick suggested other options are possible --- for example, an east coast concours event could be run separate to Jaguar National Rallies. Secretary’s Report : Julian reported : AGM nominations need to be with Julian before the start of the AGM (which follows this GM after a short break). Cats & Cans, Sunday 15 September 2013. Letters to stores are available. Annual Jag Day, Sunday 27 October 2013 at Civic Park, opposite TTP. Interstate magazines from other Jaguar clubs are available. Pamphlet available from Adelaide Hills Panel Works regarding a Workshop on 2 & 3 November 2013. Thank you note from Deidre Ide for all the get well wishes. Tramway Museum, St Kilda information available. British Classic Tours, Sunday 4 May 2014 --- being

organised by Victor harbor Historic Motor Vehicle Club.

Shannon’s Insurance, Supercars Italian Tour competition. Fox Creek Wines newsletter. Federation of Historic Motoring Clubs, Minutes & con-

tact data details update.

The Official Monthly Magazine of the Jaguar Drivers Club of South Australia


Jaguar Classifieds For Sale 1988 Daimler DS420 Limousine A once in a life time opportunity to own a rare piece of history. Only 4141 cars were built with a further 903 chassis for the funeral industry (Hearse's) Hence many have been lost over the years through various means, and the old 'tinworm' has taken its toll on many others. This vehicle has a regal history, has done only 86,000 Km in its life time, and most importantly is 100% rust free with the all body panels being dent and blemish free. Always garaged. Electric windows including partition, grey/blue leather interior front and back, new tyres, AC, power steering etc. Those who know these cars aand followed there history through out the world will know the purchase price for one of these can vary from as little as $15,000 to around $60,000. (a similar car sold in NZ about 2 years ago for $73,000). so this will give you an idea of the cars worth and has been valued as such by the insurance company. However, I am negotiable to any sensible offers VERY reluctant sale due to ill health, so needs a good home. $ P.O.A. So no curiosity calls or tyre kickers please. Genuine enquiries only

Please contact Andrew on 0488 363 863 or email

PLEASE NOTE All Classified ads in Classic Marque automatically expire after 3 Editions. To renew your ad for a further 3 months please contact the editor. If your car sells or you wish to withdraw your ad please contact the editor by email. Philip Prior: Cars for sale : contact Andrew Byles on 0417 890 599 if interested in either (a) 2009 X-Type 2.2 diesel, Chilli Red, 43,000km, $32,000, or (b) 2010 XKR Special Edition 5.0 supercharged, 540 bhp, 21,000km, $160,000. Treasurers’ Report : Tim reported that there is $28,159 in the Club’s cheque account. Tim added that a detailed report would be given at the AGM. Regalia Officer : Fire extinguishers on sale at $15. General Business : Garth Pennington, auto woodwork specialist --- various jigs & templates have been very kindly donated to the Club, plus 2 DVD’s by Garth on general restoration work, but particularly in relation to Mk II woodwork.

New member badges available for Rory Sweeney, Marion Modra, Keith Ashby, Mary Ashby, Geoff Gough, Lynda Gough & Steven Savage. Peter thanked the E-Type Register for providing supper and for taking the Meeting Minutes. Meeting closed : 8:33pm.

The Official Monthly Magazine of the Jaguar Drivers Club of South Australia


The South Australian Fire Chief Travels in Style—in a Jaguar XK 120 The Jaguar was bought new in June 1950 for the South Australian Fire Brigade it is a very early example, right hand drive, chassis no.94. It was bought for 1600 pounds as a turn out car to respond to fire calls, but they weren’t prepared for the public backlash against such an “extravagance in a car for a playboy”. The Jaguar replaced a 1935 Dodge tourer V8 which in 1939 did a fire run to Kadina in an hour and a half to a garage fire, not bad for the time. Questions on the purchase of what was described as an expensive luxury car were asked in Parliament and the Burnside Council meeting, in the assembly the Premier (Mr Playford) was asked by Mr Whittle to enquire whether the car was justified. Councillor Roberts at the Burnside Council said he saw “no rhyme or reason why a super sports Jaguar should be selected for use in the metropolitan area”. The hood is so low no fireman can enter the car with his helmet on but it was decided the hood would only be needed if it was raining and then there probably wouldn’t be any fire. Others supported the purchase, agreeing that it was essential for the Chief to arrive early at a fire so that a plane of attack could be formulated before crews arrived. There were reports of occasions when Whyte and his driver did have some small outbreaks controlled by the time his men arrived. One suspects that turning out in the Jaguar was a big ego trip for the Chief Officer but there is no doubt his ability to be on the spot when he was needed was a feature of his leadership. The Fire Chiefs car was bought by the Loffler family in 1965 it was then fitted with a Dodge 6 motor, Gearbox and Speedo but registered and drivable, it was retrimmed, repainted and a XK120 engine, now detuned, and gearbox fitted. This engine has its own history. The block was purchased new by Ray Loffler and fitted to his record-breaking hydroplane boat, the ‘MARYANNE’ the block fitted with 13 to 1 pistons and running on Methanol Fuel, Magneto ignition & dry sumped. The Head was specially modified with oil injectors for the race cams and fully ported and fitted with 6 Grand Prix Amal Carburettors. The Welsh plugs are still strapped into the cylinder block showing the massive pressure the engine was once under





The Official Monthly Magazine of the Jaguar Drivers Club of South Australia


Adelaide Advertiser 1950s


Pic 001 is fire chief J J Whyte in the centre, flanked on the left by Mr Patton and Mr W Koskie. Pic 002 is the fire Chief Mr JJ Whyte in the passenger seat taking a call on the two way radio the hole in the dash is still there under the new trim, Driver Mr Roberts . Pic 003 is out side the fire station for a TV interview on channel 7 with one of the original drivers from the 1950s . Pic 004 is from the “calling all fire engines rally & craft fair� in October 2011 Pic 005 (Cover Pic) is the Jaguar in the Adelaide Classic 2001.

The Official Monthly Magazine of the Jaguar Drivers Club of South Australia


Register Minutes Minutes of XK 789 Register, held at home of Richard and Carla Smith on 4 Sept. 2013 Present: Richard and Carla Smith, Julian Lugg, Rod and Peggy Davis, Ross and Peter Holland Apologies: Robin and Deidre Ide, Sue and Doug Harrison, Wendy and Onslow Billinghurst, John and Lindsay Williams, Peter and Judy Goodale, Moira Lugg, Sally and Jacques Metzer, David and Sal Burton. In the absence of Robin Ide, Julian Lugg chaired the meeting and welcomed attendees and Peggy took the minutes. Minutes of last meeting were discussed. At the club AGM Di Adamson was voted club President after Peter Holland stepped down from the post. Julian Lugg is Vice President. There are several other positions still available and members were urged to consider taking them up. Last register meeting was at Springton and it was well attended, the weather was good and everyone enjoyed a great day. Robin Ide said he would accept the position as register secretary for another year, although our meeting dates do interfere with some of his other committments, but we will discuss this further when he returns from holiday. Julian advised that a get well card was sent to Deidre. The Spirit of Coorong cruise was attended by 10 members and we were very fortunate that the sun shone for us. A successful day. Jag Day: Two cars are required from this register and as most of the cars will be on the Border run, Julian needs to be advised of any member who is prepared to enter his/her car for this day. Border Run: Gerry Howell confirmed 6 rooms have been booked at Bendigo.

As Wendy Billinghurst was unable to attend the meeting Peggy advised the names of all members who will be attending. They are the Billinghursts, Davis', Goodales, Lofflers, Luggs, Barkers, Schultz's and Richard and Carla Smith. Anyone not on this list and who wishes to attend must make their own arrangements with Gerry Howell by email at Any other business: A suggested run for the register was Almerta Station in the Southern Flinders Ranges. All members agreed it would be worth looking at and Carla said she will find out more details. Richard showed members an article in the XK Gazette which showed pictures and a write up which he sent to the magazine and which they presented very well and in full colour.

Richard mentioned a product which he had read about which is a coolant for the car radiators which does not get hot. Peter Holland said he had heard about it and was not sure how good it was, so Richard will follow up on it and report back to the next meeting. A general discussion followed regarding suitable tyres for the cars. Next meeting: October 2nd at home of Sue and Doug Harrison, 68 Vine Street, Magill at 8.00 pm November meeting is to be advised. Any offers? December meeting at home of Wendy and Onslow Billinghurst, Cox Hill Road, Onkaparinga Hills for Xmas get together. Meeting closed at approximately 8.30 pm and Julian thanked Carla and Richard for their hospitality in hosting the meeting.

Minutes of SS and Pushrod Register held at the home of Bruce and Ann Fletcher Wed 28 Aug 2013 The Minutes of 31st July 2013 were accepted as being a true record of the meeting. Present Bruce Fletcher, Don Evans, Ross Rasmus, Des Brown, Bob Kretschmer, Malcolm Adamson, Bob Hill-Ling, John Lewis, Bob Lynch. Jack Richardson, Brenton Hobbs. Apologies David Adamson, Ross Gogler, Bill Everett 1. SA & VIC Border Run Nov 2012 Run No. 38: President Bruce Fletcher will prepare a Summary Report now that his computer is fixed & the new kitchen is also finished. 2. Trei-State Run to Dubbo NSW 13-15 Sept. 2013 Run No 39: Team: Fletcher, Adamson, HillLing, Richardson, Gogler & Kretschmer. Don & Margaret Evans will join us for the drive to Broken Hill. Dep. Adelaide Wednesday 11th, meet at the Fletchers 08.30 hrs for departure 09.00hrs. Take own lunch. O/n at Broken Hill with evening meal at the Caskeys together with members of the Broken Hill Auto Restorers Club. Next day drive to Cobar. The Caskeys join the team from Broken Hill. Return, dep. Monday 16th , o/n at Cobar & Broken Hill. 57 entrants which now includes NSW & the ACT for the first time. [Does this mean Quadra-State or Penta-State Run for future events?] 3. SA/VIC Border Run November 2014. No. 40 It is time to start thinking about next year’s Run. Discuss with the Victorians at Dubbo. Message – keep the programme simple, ie; allow plenty of freetime, 4. General Business 1. Des Brown advised that a

The Official Monthly Magazine of the Jaguar Drivers Club of South Australia


Register Minutes ‘special’ Jaguar badge had been recently sold at a Scammell Auction for about $70. 2. The ’kitty’ for incidental costs incl. postage stamps is now dry. Bring $2. next meeting. 3. Register AGM: In the absence of other nominations the following positions were voted – President Bruce Fletcher Hon. Secretary Bob Kretschmer 4. Malcolm extended an invitation for members to enjoy a lunch at his Seaford house next January 5. Des brown advised that the 1939 3.5L dhc at Currency Creek is listed on the Internet for Sale at $175,000. 6. SS as a Separate Make of Motor Vehicle. Malcolm advised having lodged a request with the Dept. of Transport. [SS became ‘SS Jaguar’ in 1935 (Jaguar, The Complete Story p54) ] 5. JDCSA: (Malcolm Adamson reported) 1. Photographs are required for the Club 2014 Calendar 2. Cats & Cans, see CM. 3. Special Celebrations; SA Jag Day Sunday October at Civic Park Modbury incl. 50 yrs of ‘S’-Type & 40 years of XJ Series 2. 2 vehicles for Register Display – Ross Rasmus’s MkV dhc & Bob Kretschmer’s SS Jaguar. (why not include the SS Airline restoration as work in progress!) Bruce has offered to be a Judge for the Show & Shine. 40 years of SS Register April 2014 90 years of Swallow 2013 4. The JDCSA AGM will follow the September General Meeting Tuesday 3 September. 5. The December Christmas Dinner will be at the Police Club following the General meeting. Suggestions for Entertainment are sought from members 6. Malcolm can arrange for Cans from Dubbo Team members who will not be present to be delivered. 7. Bob Lynch has accepted the Role of The Federation representative 8. The E-Type & V12 Registers have amalgamated. 9. Our new Register Officers will be advised to JDC as the CM Editor receives the Minutes

6. Technical 1. Bruce has finished fitting a Rover steering box to Malcolm’s 3.5L dhc ready for the Dubbo run. New front wheels have also been fitted. 7. Parts NTR 9. SS Register Meeting Dates Last Wednesday of each month at 7.30pm September 25 Ross Rasmus October 30 Jack Richardson. November 27 Des Brown Meeting closed at 9.00 pm to allow members to check Bruce’s workshop & vehicles. Supper: Thankyou Ann Minute Distribution: Email; Bruce Fletcher, Phil Prior, Ross Rasmus, John Lewis, Ross Gogler, Malcolm Adamson, Brenton Hobbs, Jack Richardson, Des Brown, Bob Hill-Ling, Bob Lynch, Bob Kretschmer, David Adamson, Digby Thomas, Bill Everett. Post; Don Evan R.J.Kretschmer SS Register Secretary REMINDER: SS Register on Roster for the October General Meeting Tuesday 1st October.

Minutes of the XJ , Mk X, 420G Register Meeting held at Shannon’s Rooms on Wed 11 September 2013 Meeting run by Claire Evans and minute taker/typist Ray Offe while Bobby & Daphne are away on holiday in the snow------but unfortunately read on!). Thank you Claire/Ray for volunteering to step in. Present: John & Claire Evans, Noel & Carmel Trew; Louis Marafioti; Evan & Andrea Spartalis; Phil Prior; Fay Leyton; Martin O’Dea, Andrew Byles; Ian Rowley; James Mann; Steve Authur; Ben Adler; Steve Attard; George Calvert; David Bicknell; Walter & Beryl Bullock; Warren Bullock; Peter Holland; Geoff & Marg Thomas; Merv Tucker; Timothy Dunning and Ray & Barbara Offe. New Member: None. Apologies: Bob & Daphne Charman; Ross Holland; Daryll Layton.

Visitor: Grant O’Dea (Martins son). General Business: 1. It is sad to report that Bobby & Daphne’s holiday was cut short with Bobby having to have a serious hospital stay in Melbourne to have two stents inserted into heart arteries following a severe heart attack. The good news is he is going well and should return to Adelaide at the week’s end. We all signed a get well card and wished him well. Bobby has said with all good intentions that the “Bobby/Daphne team” will be back to run the Register meeting next month! We all look forward to that Bob but do try to recover well. 2. A vote of thanks to James Mann for the great run to Wallaroo (Aug 25th). All cars performed faultlessly just some “lead footers” consumed more fuel than others! 3. The AGM has been and gone (Refer to CM for details.) with all positions filled except the Compact Register secretary thus far. This register has now two life members added to the Life Members List those being Geoff & Marg Thomas and Noel & Carmel Trew. Congratulations! Carmel tabled a thank you note thanking the nominees and the members for their votes. 4. Phil Prior discussed “Cats and Can” charity day. 5. SA Jag Day: Geoff Thomas has registered his car for the show section but we still need one more car. Some shoulder tapping is in order! If anyone would like to show their pride and joy please register ASAP. 6. Phil Prior has asked for an assistant Editor that can take over should he be unavailable and or when he is due to retire from the position sometime in the future. So give it some thought folks! 7: Steve Authur has recorded on disc, all electronic CM since 2008? If one wants a copy disc please give him a call on 0414753729 for a copy. 8: Phil Prior (T-0402670754) confirmed the S Type Golden Jubilee run (23-26th Nov) to Victoria is progressing well. Book soon if you want to attend if not done so already as the deadline is approaching fast. 9: November Register meeting is to be at the Premier Mechanical Workshop of Don Tyrrell 6.30pm for a provided BBQ. Please bring chairs and

The Official Monthly Magazine of the Jaguar Drivers Club of South Australia


Register Minutes refreshments. Location is 58 Barwell Ave, Marleston. 10: Dec Register meeting (at Shannon as usual) will be an auction night (auction anything---spouses excluded) with proceeds going back into the register for social funding. Car Talk: Martin Odea: XJ S3 has been sold to his mechanic and he is now the proud owner (thank you family members!) of a sweet dark Blue X300 3.2 LWB. Unfortunately on getting the car home from interstate it was found to be a tad longer than the S3, so out with angle grinder and some subtle garage mods were executed and now she fits!! We will miss all the heart rendering stories of living with the old devil of his Series 3. Phil Prior: XJ Series 1. Awaiting a new carpet set from Aus Classics— Melbourne. The price of $300 sounded rather cheap so we will await the delivery for Phil’s report. Fay Leyton: XJ Series 3 and S2 Racer. Racer not sold as yet and S3 resting quietly! Andrew Byles: XJ5.3C. Attended to the auto climate control AC unit which finally failed after 26 years! Fettled the original relay and amplifier and now is all well with this lovely car. Ian Rowley: XJ Series 3. It failed to start on an awkward moment but after a battery boost all was well again. Steve Authur: XJ Series 2. Bought a s/h clock from USA on E Bay @ $35 and it works! Eat your heart out Bobby!! Climate Control AC was thought to be about to go on the blink but after some switching controls it came good and he is now back in the wife’s good books! Ben Adler: XJ Series 1. Resting the car but has just bought a Mercedes 450SLC. Steve Attard: XJ8. Still having trouble with remotely locking/ unlocking the boot. Suspects securi-

ty body control module (SBCM) and or a rouge wire within the dedicated loom. Discussed in length with Andrew B. George Calvert: 420G. Finally replace the thrice repaired speedo cable with an el-cheapo one and now he actually knows how fast he is travelling. Most helpful that! Peter Holland: Has decided to kick back from Jaguar restoration and is going full tilt at the Bristol 400. Geoff & Marg Thomas: XJ Series 2. First big run to Wallaroo and it drove just beautifully. Very impressed after all the years driving the Daimler V8 compact. Marg is very happy with the comfort and that fantastic AC! Merv Tucker: The ongoing saga of “it will not start up straight away” is still frustrating Merv. He has replaced pretty well everything and had the experts look at it but still it has this malady. Do a Martin and sell it to the mechanic and buy an X300! Timothy Dunning: XJ40. Has developed an annoying front end rattle which he is tracing the cause. Namely the normal shockers, sway bar bushes etc. Check the brake calipers Tim as they can rattle when dry with slight rust and a grease of the sliding caliper plate guides can fix a simple front end rattle. Ray & Barbara Offe: XJ Series1& 95XJS Sport. XJS just purred on the Wallaroo run. We are incredibly lucky to have purchased this very rare and magnificent car. Barbara’s Series 1 has undergone a recon master cylinder/vac booster, all brake hoses, the very early type brake fluid reservoir overhaul, front brake pads, and total carburetor reconditioning. (Total shoulder reconstruction got in the way.) With an initial tune-up and road test has finally seen the car back on the road and at the meeting tonight. Some fine tuning is still required. Discov-

ered lots of “other” repair work along the way, but it is now a very old car and that is to be expected. All other members’ cars had NTR. What a reliable bunch of cars we have! NOTE Next meeting: Wednesday 9th October 6.30PM at Premier Mechanical Repairs workshop of Member Don Tyrrell (see above details). Claire Evans & Ray Offe. “Ring in” Register Secretaries.

Minutes of the E-Type F Type and Grand Tourer Register Meeting Held at Alan Baker’s Shed 7.30pm on 19th September 2013 Apology: Alan Bartram Alan welcomed everyone and highlighted the importance of attending Jag Day on the 27th of October. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend Alan suggested a Register Run to Lady Bay, Carrickalinga on the 30th of November. He requested anyone interested to let him know ASAP. Garry Dunn is off to the USA on the 14th of October to look at WW2 aircraft in conjunction with a local Air museum. Good luck and we look forward to an article Business Review of Alan’s shed very impressive as always Progress on the D Type is going well he may need to modify it slightly to fit the original tyres and wheels Requested ideas for some future runs Meeting closed at 9:45pm Next Meeting This will be at Alan’s Shed at 7.30 pm on 17th October unless advised otherwise by Email. So get on Alan’s Distribution list

The Official Monthly Magazine of the Jaguar Drivers Club of South Australia


GOODWOOD REVIVAL 2013 Photos by Jaguar UK

The Official Monthly Magazine of the Jaguar Drivers Club of South Australia



Do you enjoy being creative? Do have at least a basic knowledge of Microsoft Programs? Are you looking for a way to give something back to the club? Would you be willing to learn more about Desktop Publishing? THIS COULD BE YOUR

BIG OPPORTUNITY. I am eager to find someone else in the club who will work with me as an assistant in producing this monthly Classic Marque magazine. Clearly there will be occasions during the year when I am not available to produce the magazine and clearly I do not intend to be Editor forever. Philip Prior 0402 670 754

The Official Monthly Magazine of the Jaguar Drivers Club of South Australia




The following applications for membership have been lodged with the Membership Secretary and are listed in accordance with clause 6(b-c) of the Constitution. If there are no objections, these membership applications will be ratified one month from this notice. Nichola George 1969 E-Type 4.2L Roadster Richard Jenkins & Joanie Burns 1976 Jaguar XJC Coupe & 2001 Jaguar X-Type The following applications listed in the August Classic Marque magazine have been accepted Brian Cope & Maureen Beinke 1964 Jaguar Mk ll Bryon & Margaret Swanbury 1973 Jaguar XJ6 S1 4.2 Sam Shahin 1973 S3 E-Type Jaguar Roadster William & Mary Rayner 1963 Jaguar Mk ll 3.4 Richard & Sandra Blackall 1974 Jaguar XJ12 LWB On behalf of the club I welcome these new members and hope you will take advantage of the benefits of the club and that you will contribute in your own way to make this a better club for everyone. In particular I ask that Register Secretaries and current members make these new members welcome at meetings and functions. Daphne Charman Membership Secretary

GENERAL MEETING ROSTER 2012 –2013 Nov XK, MK 7, 8, 9 Register Feb Multivalve Register Mar E-Type F-Type & Grand Tourer Register Apr SS & Daimler Register May Mk1, 2, 420 & S Type (Compact) Register Jun XJ, MK10 &420G / V12 Register July XK, MK 7, 8, 9 Register Aug Multivalve Register Sept E-Type F-Type & Grand Tourer Register Oct SS & Daimler Register Nov Mk1, 2, 420 & S Type (Compact) Register Duty Register is required to arrive at 7pm and ensure the room is ready for 7.30pm Each Register is responsible for the supply of milk and a light supper. If a register is unable to provide supper, please contact the President or Secretary so other arrangements can be made.

Make Your Mark by Contributing to

Classic Marque There are many ways members can contribute to this magazine thus making it more interesting to the widest possible readership  Letters to the Editor.  Reports and photos from register runs. 

Funny or interesting stories about members

Jaguar news and events.

Interviews with new members.

Tell us about your car MEMBER’S PRIDE.

Technical tips and ideas for the TECH FILE.

Information on up-coming register events.

A good joke for the Cat’s Giggle.

Stories & photos about “Sleeping Beauties” members’ cars under restoration.

Recommend a good service or supplier.

QUICK REFERENCE REGISTER MEETINGS The General Meeting of the JDCSA is held on the first Tuesday of each month.

Register Meetings are as follows: Mk 1,2 & 420 & S Type (Compact) - Second Tuesday of every even calendar month E-Type F-Type & Grand Tourer—Third Thursday of each month Multivalve— Fourth Tuesday of each odd calendar month. SS & Daimler— Last Wednesday of each month XJ, Mk 10 & 420G—Second Wednesday of each month XK, Mk 7, 8 & 9— First Wednesday of each month For specific information call Register Secretaries from the Club Directory (page 1)

The Official Monthly Magazine of the Jaguar Drivers Club of South Australia


The Official Monthly Magazine of the Jaguar Drivers Club of South Australia


Club Calendar Thursday November 21, 7:30 pm - 10:00 pm

OCTOBER Tuesday October, 1, 7:45pm. Monthly General Meeting JDCSA Police

Association Building - 27 Carrington St Adelaide GUEST SPEAKER—Ed Ordynski—Champion Australian Rally Driver (See Ed,s profile page 25

Tuesday October, 4—8, Multivalve Register West Coast Run

Tuesday October, 8, 7:30 pm

Monthly Meeting E Type F Type Grand Tourer Register Contact Alan Baker 0429 097 729

November 23—26, JAGUAR S TYPE GOLDEN JUBILEE TOUR Contact Philip Prior 0402 670 654 for details. ALL CLUB MEMBERS WELCOME.

Tuesday November 26, 7:30—9:00pm Multivalve Register Meeting contact Ron Palmer 0418 855 597

Compact Register Bi-Monthly Meeting

Wednesday November 27, 7:30pm

Wednesday October 9, 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

SS and Daimler Register meeting

Monthly Meeting XJ Register at Shannons Rooms -

contact Malcolm Adamson on 82783002

863-865 South Road, Clarence Gardens. Members meet at Villies Cafe South Road for a meal prior to the meeting. Contact Bob Charman Email: 82484111 Mob: 0421482007


Tuesday October 15, 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm

Monthly General Meeting JDCSA Police

Executive Committee Meeting VIP Building Cnr.

Tuesday December 3, 7:45pm. Association Building - 27 Carrington St Adelaide

Marion Rd and Sir Donald Bradman Drive

Friday December 6, 7:45pm.

Thursday October 17, 7:30 pm - 10:00 pm

XJ Register Christmas Dinner at the German Club— Contact Bob Charman Email: 82484111 Mob: 0421482007

Monthly Meeting E Type F Type Grand Tourer Register Contact Alan Baker 0429 097 729

Tuesday October, 8, 7:30 pm

Sunday October 20,

Compact Register Bi-Monthly Meeting

Strathalbyn Swap Meet—Strathalbyn Racing Club

Tuesday October 15, 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm

Wednesday October 23, 7:30pm

Executive Committee Meeting VIP Building Cnr.

SS and Daimler Register meeting

Marion Rd and Sir Donald Bradman Drive

contact Malcolm Adamson on 82783002

SA Jag Day 2013 To be held at Civic Park Modbury Sunday 27th October 2013 NOVEMBER Friday November 1, Sporting Car Club ‘Climb to the Eagle’

Tuesday November 5, 7:45pm. Monthly General Meeting JDCSA Police

Association Building - 27 Carrington St Adelaide

Wednesday November 13, 7:30 pm Monthly Meeting XJ Register at Shannons Rooms 863-865 South Road, Clarence Gardens. Members meet at Villies Cafe South Road for a meal prior to the meeting. Contact Bob Charman Email: 82484111 Mob: 0421482007

Tuesday November 19, 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm Executive Committee Meeting VIP Building Cnr. Marion Rd and Sir Donald Bradman Drive

The Official Monthly Magazine of the Jaguar Drivers Club of South Australia


Instructions for Participating Jaguar Drivers Please assist us in making this a great day for all participants and the public by following the instructions below 

Enter Civic Park from North East Road via the carpark (see map below)

Please obey instructions given by the marshals

You are requested to arrive between 9.00am and 10.00am

All cars are to be in place at the latest by 10.30am.

No car is to leave the park before 3.00pm.

On display will be the fabulous new Jaguar F Type Kindly supplied by Solitaire Automotive

The Official Monthly Magazine of the Jaguar Drivers Club of South Australia


Jaguar News Jacked-up Jag reveals sporty shape for forthcoming city SUV 2 September 2013 By Barry Park and TIM NICHOLSON

JAGUAR has teased a sneak look at the new modular platform that will underpin its next generation of cars – starting with a high-riding SUV. The all-aluminium platform, using the same material as the British luxury brand’ s XJ flagship and F-Type twoseater, “underpins the innovative future of the Jaguar brand”, according to the car-maker. The Jag-badged SUV is due to be unveiled at next week’s Frankfurt motor show. The simple render looking at the rear of the concept features a curved, shapely SUV profile finishing in a tailgatemounted spoiler that alludes to the jacked-up Jag having more sporty aspirations than off-roading. A highlight is a wrap-around tail-light, offset with the leaping cat stretched out above a more stylised-looking “Jaguar” spelt out in individual letters across the rear. The Jag-badged SUV has been spotted in the real world, although the images of the heavily disguised car show XF -style tail-lights above a pair of exhaust pipes cut into the lower diffuser.

Spy shots of a production mule hit the web last week, but failed to reveal much thanks to its heavily camouflaged XF body, but the raised ride height gave away its SUV underpinnings. Jaguar will reveal more details when it rips the covers off the C-X17 concept at the Frankfurt show on Tuesday 10 September at 10am, Eastern Standard Time. Also appearing on the British marque’s stand at Frankfurt will be the 404kW/680Nm XJR that arrives in Australia in December, and the XFR-S which is powered by the same engine and also scheduled for a local berth by the end of the year.

The SUV, expected to go on sale in 2015, will use Jaguar’s newly developed supercharged 3.0-litre V6 petrol engine under the bonnet, and is also expected to use the twin-turbocharged 2.2-litre and 3.0-litre V6 diesel versions. The vehicle is also expected to offer both all-wheel and front-drive versions once the production car rolls into showrooms.

The Official Monthly Magazine of the Jaguar Drivers Club of South Australia



combines class-leading levels of luxury, comfort and

2014 Model Year XJ line-up will consist of the following variants, with Recommended Retail Prices (RRP’s) as follows: XJ 3.0 V6D SWB Premium Luxury $198,800XJ 3.0 V6 Supercharged SWB Premium Luxury $198,445XJ 3.0 V6 Supercharged SWB Portfolio $222,245XJ 5.0 V8 Supercharged SWB XJR $298,000XJ 3.0 V6D LWB Premium Luxury $198,800XJ 3.0 V6 Supercharged LWB Premium Luxury $198,445XJ 5.0 V8 Supercharged LWB Supersport $298,000 The above RRP’s exclude all on road costs. They include Free Scheduled Servicing for 3 years or 100,000 km (whichever comes first), as per Jaguar’s Free Scheduled Servicing Policy.

performance with the elegant, contemporary design for

The 2014 Model Year XJ is due to arrive in Australia in

which Jaguar is renowned.”


PRICING ANNOUNCED The 2014 model year Jaguar XJ is the latest in a long line of luxurious Jaguar sports saloons, incorporating enhanced rear cabin luxury features, comfort and in-car technology to create a truly contemporary and elegant luxury Jaguar. “The 2014 XJ represents the summit of Jaguar’s luxury saloon range. The XJ’s unparalleled breadth of talent

Adrian Hallmark, Global Brand Director, Jaguar

Another Record Sales Performance from Jaguar Land Rover in August    

Jaguar Land Rover sells 27,852 vehicles in August, up 28% Jaguar sells 5,405 vehicles in August, up 92% Land Rover sells 22,447 vehicles in August, up 18% Calendar year to date Jaguar Land Rover sells 269,653 vehicles, up 16%

Whitley, UK: Jaguar Land Rover, the UK's leading manufacturer of premium luxury vehicles, last month sold 27,852 vehicles - its best ever August sales performance with an increase of 28% versus the same period last year. During the first eight months of the year, Jaguar Land Rover sold 269,653 vehicles, up 16%. August sales were strong for Jaguar Land Rover in the China Region up 43%, North America up 40%, the UK up 36%, Asia Pacific up 35%, other overseas markets up 18%. Sales in Europe were down by 1% due in large part to the run out of Range Rover Sport. For the first eight months of the year sales were up in all major regions with Asia Pacific up 29%, the China Region up 21%, North America up 18%, the UK up 16%, Europe up 5% and other overseas markets up 19%. Commenting on the August performance Phil Popham, Jaguar Land Rover Group Sales Operations Director said: "August has proven to be another incredibly strong month for Jaguar Land Rover with sales growth from both our established and new model lines. The Jaguar XJ and XF, the Range Rover Evoque and the Land Rover Freelander are up significantly whilst the new Range Rover and F-TYPE continue to attract new buyers to our brands. This is further evidence that we are offering customers our most accomplished product line up to date." Jaguar In August, Jaguar sold 5,405 vehicles, up 92% reflecting strong demand for all XF derivatives. Together the XF sedan and Sportbrake were up 91% with the XF sedan accounting for almost 50% of all Jaguar sales in August. The Jaguar XJ has also delivered another very strong month, up 50% with sales growth in almost all major regions. Jaguar demonstrated strong growth in all of the major regions: the China Region up 278%, Europe up 75%, North America up 70%, the UK up 37%, Asia Pacific up 28%, and other overseas markets up 46%. Calendar year to date, Jaguar sold 49,198 vehicles up 38% with increases in each major region: 112% up in the China Region, 33% up in North America, 24% up in the UK, 23% up in Asia Pacific, 19% up in Europe and 27% up in other overseas markets. Land Rover In August, Land Rover sold 22,447 vehicles, up 18%. Strong performances were seen across the new and refreshed line up with particularly solid performances from Evoque and Freelander up 34% and 23% respectively. Positive performances were recorded in: Asia Pacific up 37%, the UK up 36%, North American up 31%, the China Region up 25% and other overseas markets up 15%. Sales in Europe were down by 11% due to Range Rover Sport run out. The Official Monthly Magazine of the Jaguar Drivers Club of South Australia


The Cat’s Whiskers When Irish are Smiling!


Paddy was driving down the street in a sweat because he had an important meeting and couldn't find a parking place. Looking up to heaven he said, 'Lord take pity on me. If you find me a parking place I will go to Mass every Sunday for the rest of me life and give up me Irish Whiskey!' Miraculously, a parking place appeared. Paddy looked up again and said, 'Never mind, I found one.' ————————————————-Father Murphy walks into a pub in Donegal, and asks the first man he meets, 'Do you want to go to heaven?' The man said, 'I do, Father.' The priest said, 'Then stand over there against the wall.' Then the priest asked the second man, 'Do you want to go to heaven?' 'Certainly, Father,' the man replied. 'Then stand over there against the wall,' said the priest. Then Father Murphy walked up to O'Toole and asked, 'Do you want to go to heaven?' O'Toole said, 'No, I don't Father.' The priest said, 'I don't believe this. You mean to tell me that when you die you don't want to go to heaven?' O'Toole said, 'Oh, when I die , yes. I thought you were getting a group together to go right now.'

Paddy was in New York . He was patiently waiting and watching the traffic cop on a busy street crossing. The cop stopped the flow of traffic and shouted, 'Okay, pedestrians.' Then he'd allow the traffic to pass. He'd done this several times, and Paddy still stood on the sidewalk. After the cop had shouted, 'Pedestrians!' for the tenth time, Paddy went over to him and said, 'Is it not about time ye let the Catholics across?' ———————————————— Gallagher opened the morning newspaper and was dumbfounded to read in the obituary column that he had died. He quickly phoned his best friend, Finn. 'Did you see the paper?' asked Gallagher. 'They say I died!!' 'Yes, I saw it!' replied Finn. 'Where are ye callin' from?' ———————————————— An Irish priest is driving down to New York and gets stopped for speeding in Connecticut . The state trooper smells alcohol on the priest's breath and then sees an empty wine bottle on the floor of the car. He says, 'Sir, have you been drinking?' 'Just water,' says the priest. The trooper says, 'Then why do I smell wine?' The priest looks at the bottle and says, 'Good Lord! He's done it again!'

Paddy staggered home very late after another evening with his drinking buddy, Paddy. He took off his shoes to avoid waking his wife, Kathleen. He tiptoed as quietly as he could toward the stairs leading to their upstairs bedroom, but misjudged the bottom step. As he caught himself by grabbing the banister, his body swung around and he landed heavily on his rump. A whiskey bottle in each back pocket broke and made the landing especially painful. Managing not to yell, Paddy sprung up, pulled down his pants, and looked in the hall mirror to see that his butt cheeks were cut and bleeding. He managed to quietly find a full box of Band-Aids and began putting a Band-Aid as best he could on each place he saw blood. He then hid the now almost empty Band-Aid box and shuffled and stumbled his way to bed.. In the morning, Paddy woke up with searing pain in both his head and butt and Kathleen staring at him from across the room. She said, 'You were drunk again last night weren't you?' Paddy said, 'Why you say such a mean thing?' 'Well,' Kathleen said, 'it could be the open front door, it could be the broken glass at the bottom of the stairs, it could be the drops of blood trailing through the house, it could be your bloodshot eyes, but mostly, it's all those Band-Aids stuck on the hall mirror.

The Official Monthly Magazine of the Jaguar Drivers Club of South Australia


The Official Monthly Magazine of the Jaguar Drivers Club of South Australia


-TECH FILESXJ40 Brakes Brief This TECH FILE discusses the brake systems used on the 1988-1994 XJ40 Jaguar sedans. With the introduction of this new rectangular-taillight car in 1988 (1987 in the UK), the braking system was changed substantially from the prior Series III models. In some ways, the brake system was simplified and in others it became more complicated. The simplification was that the inboard rear brakes which Jaguar had used for many years on the XJ6 were discontinued, with the new XJ40 having the outboard rear brake design used by virtually all other manufacturers (although the inboard rear brakes continued to be used on the XJ-S for a few more years). Outboard rear brakes mean that the brake rotors reside out by the wheels, rather than in by the differential as on the earlier cars. This makes it much easier to replace the rear brake rotors and pads on an XJ40 than on the Series III and prior Jaguars. The complications were introduced by a new brake power assist system which used hydraulic pressure to provide boost, rather than using engine vacuum as is much more commonly seen and as was used in the earlier Jags. In this system, a hydraulic pump mounted on the upper part of the engine's timing cover is used to pressurize mineral oil. This pressurized mineral oil is used in conjunction with a hydraulic boost cylinder to provide power assist to the brakes (as well as to provide fluid pressure to operate the self-leveling rear shocks used on many of the XJ40 cars.) There are several other components to this fairly complex system, i.e. a pressure accumulator vessel and several pressure switches. This system can be difficult to diagnose when problems occur and a description of its operation is beyond the scope of this essay. Point your browser to for a troubleshooting sequence for this system. One important point: if the mineral oil level is allowed to get too low, then there will be no power assist to the brakes! It is a good idea to carry an extra bottle or two of the proper Jaguar Castrol HSMO (Hydraulic System Mineral Oil) in the car as this fluid is very difficult to buy outside of the Jaguar dealer system or independent Jaguar specialists. The 1988-89 XJ40s use a mineral oil reservoir which requires a special adapter when adding oil. The Jaguar mineral oil bottle comes with this adapter, although it is not required on 1990 and later XJ40s. In 1990, Jaguar changed the brake boost system again. The engine-driven pump was eliminated and the Teves system was installed. This system uses a motor-driven pump on the firewall to provide the mineral oil pressure to boost the brakes. This Teves system also differs in that it does not use a traditional master cylinder but rather has an "actuation assembly." The mineral oil reservoir was changed to allow fluid addition without the previouslyrequired adapter. The ABS function was also incorporated as an integral part of the brake system. This system has a couple of variants, depending on whether the car was produced with the self-leveling rear suspension or not. (For the new XJ6 introduced in 1995, the so-called X300 model, Jaguar reverted to vacuum-boosted brakes).

With the Teves system, it is very important during brake pad installation that the flexible brake hose be clamped, and the bleed screw loosened, when pushing the caliper piston deeper into the caliper to allow for the insertion of thicker new brake pads. This procedure expels the dirty fluid from behind the caliper piston and prevents it from being forced back toward the ABS unit. Not bleeding a Teves-equipped car in this manner can cause a problem with violent pulling to one side upon brake application. If you have a car which exhibits this symptom, there is an ABS valvecleaning procedure detailed at the URL shown above which may stop this problem; there is also a repair kit available from Jaguar. All of the XJ40 cars use a brake caliper design which utilizes sliding pins. When doing pad replacement or any other work at the calipers, it is wise to check for free movement of these sliding pins. It is fairly common for the sliding pins to bind or to seize, resulting in uneven pad wear and pulling under brake application. If seized pins are found, they must be freed up and lubricated with a high-temp grease to ensure proper caliper function. Replacement sliding pin kits are also available if needed. This is something that needs to be checked at every pad replacement. One further issue involves the 1990-on XJ40s. On these cars, if the front brake pads are allowed to wear very low, and if the front brake rotors are also allowed to wear substantially under the specified minimum thickness (or are turned below the minimum), it is possible for the caliper piston to fall out of its bore and to lock up the wheel. On the 1990 and later cars, it is highly recommended not to let the front brake rotors go below the minimum thickness specification due to the possibility of this problem occurring. As with all Jaguars, replacement of the brake fluid is specified every two years and this is a very wise thing to do, as Jaguars do not use sealed brake systems as with most American cars. The prevalence of internal brake caliper corrosion (which we see in our caliper rebuilding operation) will be reduced if this normallyforgotten service is performed as listed in the Jaguar maintenance schedule. Always use DOT4 spec brake fluid (not DOT3) when performing this service. Additionally, it is not recommended to use DOT5 silicone brake fluid in any ABS-equipped Jaguar.

This article is reprinted with the kind permission of Coventry West

The Official Monthly Magazine of the Jaguar Drivers Club of South Australia


The Official Monthly Magazine of the Jaguar Drivers Club of South Australia


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