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November 2013

Marque The Monthly Magazine of the Jaguar Drivers Club of South Australia

45th National Jaguar Rally Melbourne Easter 2014

The Story Behind the Crosby Leaper The Official Monthly Magazine of the Jaguar Drivers Club of South Australia

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President Di Adamson Mobile: 0407 862 758

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Vice President Julian Lugg Mobile: 0417 882 930

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Treasurer Tim White Mobile: 0419 809 021 Secretary Kathy Taylor Mobile: 0403371364 (Please call after 6.00pm weekdays or anytime on weekends) Editor Classic Marque Philip Prior Phone: (08) 8276 6136 Mobile: 0402 670 654

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Australian Council of Jaguar Clubs (ACJC) Rick Luff 0411 426 913

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XJ, 420G, MKX Bob Charman Phone: (08)8248 4111 E-Type. F Type and Grand Tourer Alan Baker Mobile: 0429 097 729 Multi-Valve Ron Palmer Mobile: 0418 855 597

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Federation of Historic Motoring Clubs (FHMC) (Vacant) Marque Sports Car Association (MSCA) Barry Kitts (08) 8391 1759 All British Day Bob Charman

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Cover Story The photo is from SA Jag Day 27 October 2013. A line up of XJ Series 2 Jaguars celebrate their 40th Anniversary. The Series 2 was produced between 1973 and 1979, although a few vehicles still made it out of the factory as late as 1980. The XJC Coupe version based on the short wheel base was produced from 1975 and unfortunately concluded in 1978.

Classic Marque Classic Marque is the official magazine of the Jaguar Drivers Club of South Australia. The magazine is produced calendar monthly with the exception of January. The Deadline for all copy is the last Tuesday of each month. The Editor reserves the right to accept, reject or modify content submitted for publication. The opinions/views expressed in published articles are wholly those of the respective authors, and are not necessarily those of Jaguar, the Editor, the Club, or the Members. Advertisers and sponsors who place advertisements in the magazine do so because they value their association with the JDCSA. Placement of these advertisements should not necessarily be taken to mean the club endorses the services offered.

The Official Monthly Magazine of the Jaguar Drivers Club of South Australia


Club Torque SA Jag Day— . . the possibilities! Well another great SA Jag Day was enjoyed by many on Sunday 27 October at Civic Park. The Jaguar weather gods were kind to us and approximately 100 Jaguars were on display. Missed on the day was our XK Register who had a leave pass for their annual Border Run, we must try and avoid this clash next year. Maybe this also explains the absence of the large saloons. Our thanks go to Solitaire Automotive for providing the magnificent F Type for display on the day, it was a real treat and we appreciate their ongoing sponsorship of the day. We also acknowledge the support of our other sponsors, Shannon’s Insurance, Sovereign Auto Services, Sports Car Centre, Willshire and A Class Metal Finishers. The S Types were again magnificent celebrating their 50th anniversary. Almost as impressive was the line-up of XJ Series 2 cars, celebrating their 40th anniversary. A thank you goes to Steve Arthur for getting the Series 2s together on the day. On a different note, SA Jag Day is the central and most important event in the clubs calendar and it is disappointing that every year we seem to struggle to get members to get involved with the organisation of the event leaving it instead to the same people each year to organise and run the show. It may sound foolish to suggest this but we need people now to put their hands up and start thinking about the organisation of Jag Day 2014. Some of the questions that we should consider are: 

Is there an alternative venue? We have been at Civic Park for three years and it is good to move around the city a bit for variety. Maybe on the south side of Adelaide or in the hills for a change.


Should we persist with the simplified judged event? There are mixed feelings about this and it would be good to hear what members think. My observation is that there was very little enthusiasm for this event this year. Why do we do it?


What changes can be made in the format of the day? Maybe we could invite another British car club to join us on the day? Maybe run a Jaguar swap meet ‘Boot Sale’? What are your ideas?


How can we use SA Jag Day to promote the club, particularly to younger people and families? Have a jumping castle? Create a carnival atmosphere? Increase our publicity? The only limit to the possibilities is our imagination and willingness to get involved. Your ideas and your support are needed. (Send a Letter to the Editor on this subject and tell us what you think) On another subject, I wanted Classic Marque to congratulate our newest Life Members. By now most members will be aware that Noel and Carmel Trew and Geoff and Margaret Thomas were granted Life Membership of the club in recognition of their service over many years. Noel and Carmel served as Membership Secretary for over a decade. My wife and I remember being welcomed

to the club personally by Noel when we joined some three years ago. Their regular involvement in club activities continues to be appreciated and valued. Geoff, with the support and considerable assistance from Margaret, has served the club in the capacity of President, Vice President and Compact Register Secretary. Geoff and Margaret have enthusiastically involved themselves in all kinds of club events and register outings over the years and their considerable contribution is acknowledged here. Philip Prior Editor

MEMBER’S PRIDE Stories of cars owned and loved by our members I am sure that members have enjoyed and appreciated this segment of the magazine during 2013. Well, let me remind you all that we need your story. Tell us about your Jaguar, why you bought it in the first place, what you enjoy most about it and what you have done to it by way of restoration and / or repairs over the time you have owned it. All we need is half a page of text and a few photos Emailed to the editor

IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR MEMBERS Please be advised that the JDCSA Secretary (Kathy Taylor) has a full time job and as such is not available during working hours to take phone calls or deal with club business. If you call during business hours, your call may not be answered. The secretary is more than happy to discuss club issues after 6pm weekdays and on weekends.

The Official Monthly Magazine of the Jaguar Drivers Club of South Australia


Club Torque PRESIDENT’S REPORT Once again the weather held out for a wonderful SA Jag Day. It was great to see such a variety of Jaguars, from unrestored, unmolested Jaguars right through to the brand new pristine 2013 F Type. We had a great display of the 50th anniversary S Types and 40th anniversary Series 2 XJ’s. I am not sure who won the competition between Phil Prior and Steve Arthur for the most vehicles on the day. I am sure the winner will be eager to advise us. Well done Phil and Steve. Many thanks to those who nominated their vehicle for judging and the parade. The effort put in with preparation of these vehicles was exceptional. Congratulations to our winners Tony Human (2013 XJ), winner of the Post 1970 and Phil Prior (1966 Stype) for the pre 1970 section of the judged event. The winner of the People’s Choice will be announced at our Christmas General Meeting. Once again it was great to see the time line parade adding to the static display. It is interesting to hear the history of some of the vehicles. I love the growl of the 5 Litre, Supercharged F Type, however if he was my neighbour I would probably like him to find the quiet button before he came home late at night. I would like to thank Alan Baker and Phil Prior for all their work in putting together a terrific event. They can be congratulated on a great day enjoyed by all. I would also like to thank our Patron, Ian Webber for officially opening the event, Peter Clarke for his commentary on the day, Dave Bicknell for arranging the Regalia Stand and Kathy Taylor for bringing necessary gear from lockup. That is one issue with

all of our beautiful Jaguars, none of them can carry the load, such as signage, banners, gazeobs etc for the event. Bring out the trusty 4WD. Thank you also to the marshalls and gate keepers that kept Jaguars flowing into the park. Looking forward to next year’s SA JAG DAY and to hopefully seeing a large number of Jaguars this Friday at Climb to the Eagle. PS. Don’t forget, last chance to send in any photos for next years calendar. Di Adamson

The Official Monthly Magazine of the Jaguar Drivers Club of South Australia


Club Torque Minutes of General Meeting held at the Police Club on Tuesday 1 October 2013 Meeting opened by President Di Adamson at 7.45pm Present: Recorded in the Attendance List. Apologies: Bruce & Ann Fletcher, Bob Hill-Ling, Sue Walker, Julian & Moira Lugg, Evan Spartalis, John & Wendy Stanley, Margaret Piper, Rick Luff. Welcome to Visitors: Ed Ordynski (Guest Speaker), Steve Henderson (President of Federation of Historic Vehicle Clubs of SA) Welcome to New Members: Steven Savage, Richard Jenkins and Joanie Burns. See CM for their respective vehicles Minutes of the Previous Meeting : The 3 September 2013 GM Minutes were printed in the Classic Marque and were accepted as an accurate record. Seconded; Pete Taylor Business Arising from the Minutes: 10 year Certificates have just started but are still open for Existing long- term members. See Daphne. President’s Report: Di Adamson reported for the first time as President and is looking forward to the year ahead. Reminder for Jag Day that each Register is to nominate two vehicles for judging plus two judges. Marshalls are also required, see Philip Prior or Alan Baker. Prizes are required for our regular meeting Draws. Use your general business Connections Most importantly the Club is for all of us. Do not hesitate to come forward to any Member of the Executive to discuss any issue. Vice President’s Report: Julian is presently over-seas. Secretary’s Report: Kathy reported for the first time as Secretary- Read out a list of various magazines etc from other Clubs & organisations Described a Flyer re a forthcoming 100km‘ Cruise’ on 24th November, see next CM. Treasurer’s Report: Tim White Current cheque book balance is over $24,071 & on track. We now have a monthly budget instead of the previous annual version. There is now a requirement for assessment of Tax & because of our financial position we need to do this. Regalia Officer: David Bicknell Several pre-ordered shirts require collection Badges & fire extinguishers still available Membership: Secretary: Daphne Charman Two new members present tonight, five others approved. General Business: Bob Kretschmer advised that SS Register meetings are

always last Wednesday of the month, not as shown in CM p17, next meeting October 30th. Bob advised that the SS Register team had just returned from Dubbo NSW for the tri-annual get together, a long 3 day drive each way. The Fletcher Run Report has just been issued. Di welcomed Bob Back after a short health problem. Philip Prior thanked members for the successful Cats & Cans event. Philip asked for new ideas for future Charity events & also volunteers if the C & C is to be continued. Reminder to Register Secretaries re Jag Day for vehicles & judges. Jaguar S-Type Golden Jubilee Tour. 10 entries already. Contact Philip. MSCA: Barry Kitts Barry reminded members of the final Mallala event for 2013. Visitors welcome & a few circuit laps could generally be arranged. Did anyone see the recent English TV programme where vehicle restorers went ‘dump diving’ for replacement parts. Guests: President Di introduced Mr. Steve Henderson President of the Federation of Historic Motoring Clubs SA. Steve outlined the Organisation’s various Roles & in particular the Robert Shannon Foundation. Steve then presented Scott Adamson with his Award. See also CM p4 Di then introduced Guest Speaker Ed Ordynski by first reading a summary ‘Intro’ for a Champion Australian & International Rally & Circuit Driver. Ed then gave a most illuminating talk supported by several video displays. Ed’s ‘Profile’ is an inspiration to us all. Special Award: Steve Arthur was presented with a large cup & a small perpetual mug for being the Most Enthusiastic New Member. President Di asked members to advise feedback re the Bay to Birdwood Event to the Club for Steve Henderson. Di then thanked the SS & Pushrod Engine Register for providing the supper & for taking the minutes.

The Official Monthly Magazine of the Jaguar Drivers Club of South Australia


SA Jaguar Day 2013

The Official Monthly Magazine of the Jaguar Drivers Club of South Australia


The Official Monthly Magazine of the Jaguar Drivers Club of South Australia


FIVE-STATES JAGUAR RUN TO DUBBO 13-15TH SEPT 2013 This year the Queensland Jaguar Enthusiasts Club were the organisers ably led by Michelle Johnsson assisted by Fred Richardson. 45 cars and 83 people attended. The Sunday display was organised by a local Mk, IV enthusiast who had a highly modified MkIV which looked like a big SS1 from the back. Cars on display were 3 SS, 10 MkIV’s, 8 MkV’s, 1 MkVII, 1 MkIX, 1 MkX, 1 XK120, 2 XK140’s, 1 E Type, 1 XJR, 1XJ8, 1 XJ6, 3 Mk11’s, 1 420, 1 420 Daimler, 1 XJ Daimler also local cars XJC, XJ6, an E Type. Cars not in the display were a SS 100 (water pump problems), XK120 and Bob Hill-Ling’s XF (driver missing!) The SA contingent’s trip views: Wednesday 11th 5 cars plus our navigator supreme, Don (Broken Hill the only place we were game to follow him) left the Fletcher’s residence at said time of 9am. Once Bob HL found his way out of Willaston we were on our way to Broken Hill. Morning tea and pit stop in Burra 10.30, fuel stop for the guzzlers at Oodlawirra and the lunch stop at Yunta where Ross and Betty Gogler caught up with us, arrived in Broken Hill at 4.15pm. After a tour of the town with Don trying to find the motel we eventually turned left where we should have and there it was..... We were fortunate enough to be invited to the Caskey’s where Judy put together a very delicious dinner and John supplied a few bottles of Cab Sav produced by Jag Wines of SA , we even got to inspect the ‘black hole’ where all the SA jaguars are disappearing in to. A good evening was had by all. Next morning 9.15 departure for Cobar, morning tea Spring Hills picnic area, lunch at McCulloch’s Range picnic area arriving in Cobar at 4.40pm. Happy -hour was set up out the front of the units, evening meal in motel restaurant. Left for Dubbo at 9.10am. The only car problem for the whole trip was at this stage where an engine malfunction light appeared on the dashboard of Bruce’s XJ8, a phone call to Anthony at Sovereign Auto in Adelaide who suggested we find a mechanic with an instrument to read the exact fault number on the car computer then he could let us know what action to take, as the car was running fine he didn’t think it would be too serious. After an unsuccessful stop at a NRMA workshop in Nyngan, headed for the next one at Trangie where the more friendly mechanic told us of a Jag wizard in Dubbo & on taking off from this place the light went out! The Jag wizard was behind the motel and we knew we were in good hands when we saw an XK150 an E Type an XJS and a D Type being restored, and after difficulty in finding the plug the problem

was diagnosed and Bruce received a smack on the wrist for not putting the air-cleaner cover back on properly (only having a sticky beak at home). The actual fault came up as incorrect atmospheric pressure in the inlet manifold (would never happen in a MkIV) Friday night registration at 4pm (ladies out shopping), bus to the Dubbo Club for an Italian Night dinner. Next morning 9.15, bus again to the Dubbo Zoo where we had a guided tour after which we had lunch and a tour of Dullimal Homestead, one of the early stations in the district. Eventually bus back to Motel (had trouble rounding up the stragglers) where we gathered for Happy Hour at Fletcher’s. The meal venue this evening was free choice, the SA contingent chose the Motel Restaurant where an excellent meal with much hilarity was enjoyed. Sunday morning cars for display left the motel at 8.15 for Ollie Robbins Reserve, details at beginning of this story. Back to motel 10.45 for a bus trip to Gulgong where a community club had organised a BBQ lunch while all the food was excellent, the sausages and the lamingtons excelled. The lamingtons were so good that some Victorians were seen smuggling them back to the table in their empty coffee cups..... We then walked to the Opera Theatre (oldest in Australia 1870) on the way we were told to look in Stacks an amazing store in the basement of the local IGA, has to be seen to be believed. The show that was put on

especially for us was the ‘Tale of the Swag’ a story on the history of the Gulgong area in the gold rush days. Happy hour at Kretschmers. The main dinner of the weekend was in the Motel restaurant, on entering we were given a door prize ticket (which was won by Bob K) and some paper clips. After the usual speeches Michelle explained that anybody caught saying the word car or grandchildren had to forfeit a paper clip to the catchee, SA’s being enterprising lads decided that we would all say Ca Ca Ca much to do with being crow eaters and hand our clips to one person on the table ending up with 42, unfortunately the Victorians are bigger cheats than us and won the game. The other entertainment 2 boxes of chocolates were put on the table and Michelle read a story about the weekend and every time she said left or right the box had to be passed in that direction much hilarity when people forgot which was left or right. Fond farewells were bid after the dinner as the Queenslanders were making an early start. After the Vic’s had their BBQ brekky in the rain they also left, SA’s got away at 9.10. Unfortunately one of our party got stuck behind a car at the exit and was seen going through the round-about where we had to turn right several times a couple of phone calls later were all on the right road heading home. A very wet trip to Cobar arriving at 3.30, a few tired drivers

The Official Monthly Magazine of the Jaguar Drivers Club of South Australia


had a snooze but were up and about in time to have Happy Hour in Judy and John’s at this stage we were joined by Victorians Nic and Sandie Cirakovic who were joining us on our trip home to Adelaide for a holiday. After a slow start in the restaurant we were eventually served at 8.15 but as it was an hour and a half from ordering one member was so hungry she attacked the first meal that came out which happened to be rack of lamb, when the waitress came out with lamb shanks and Malcolm wouldn’t accept them because he had order rack of lamb said person handed over all but one of Malcolm’s lamb chops then got stuck into the shanks. Next morning departed for Broken Hill after a visit to the bakery to pick up lunch, stopping again in reverse order for morning tea and lunch arriving in Broken Hill about 3.15 meeting up again with Don, Margaret and sister Val. Happy hour was held in Malcolm’s Taj Mahal apartment after which we walked to the La Fresco Cafe where Judy and John had arranged a table for us including Sandie and Nic, another enjoyable evening. This is where we said our fond farewells to John and Judy and also Ross and Betty who were leaving early to go home to Port Lincoln. On leaving Broken Hill the next morning confusion reigned supreme in our usual fashion – Malcolm waiting at the Shell petrol station – Don saying he’s at the cemetery – Jack was at the cemetery but couldn’t find Don as Don was 500 metres down the road at the information board (somewhere near the cemetery) A good trip home with a lunch break at Yunta and farewells in Tarlee. Bruce.

The Official Monthly Magazine of the Jaguar Drivers Club of South Australia


Register Minutes Minutes of SS and Pushrod Register held at the home of Ross and Jan Rasmus 25 September 2013 The Minutes of 28th August 2013 were accepted as being a true record of the meeting. Present Bruce Fletcher, Don Evans, Ross Rasmus, Des Brown, Bob Kretschmer, Malcolm Adamson, Bob Lynch. Jack Richardson. Apologies Bob Hill-Ling, John Lewis, Brenton Hobbs, David Adamson, Ross Gogler, Bill Everett 2. Tri State Run to Dubbo NSW 1315 Sept Run No 39: See Report by President Bruce attached. Team: Fletcher, Adamson, Hill-Ling, Richardson, Gogler & Kretschmer. Don & Margaret Evans joined us for the drive to Broken Hill & return segment. John & Judy Caskey joined us at Broken Hill Star vehicle performers were Malcolm’s Mk 1V dhc with new steering & wheels plus Jack’s Mk V. Malcolm has some photographs. Next Multi-State Run 2016 will be organised by the Victorians. 3. SA/VIC Border Run November 2014. No. 40 Runs Nos. 37 & 38 were ‘South’, consider returning to the either Broken Hill or the SA.River Land, either Renmark or Loxton. Bob K to obtain info re suitable accommodation & activities. Keep the November Melbourne Cup date. 4. General Business 1. The ’kitty’ for incidental costs incl. postage stamps has been topped up by those members present. 2. Entry Forms for the All British Day have been issued- Sunday 9th February 2014. 3. Ross Gogler has sent comprehensive information about Pt. Lincoln & local attractions to Sec. Bob for consideration of a trip to Pt. Lincoln during 2014. Ferry costs are cheaper by booking on-line but the same rate can be obtained by booking per tel with RAA membership. ( current costs are vehicle $140, driver pensioner $29, less

RAA 10%,+ Carbon Levy $6.73) 4. Malcolm confirmed his invitation for members to enjoy a lunch at his Seaford house Sunday 12 January 2014. BYO. 5. Des Brown mentioned that the Multi-Valve Register requires detailed personal details to be divulged prior to runs. The SS Register is not obliged. 6. Malcolm tabled Application Forms for the next British Classics Tour 2014 to be hosted by the Historic Motor Vehicles Club of Victor Harbor to be held on Sunday May 4th. Hon Sec Bob has forms. It was suggested that we make a combined run with the JCCC. 5. JDCSA, See CM 1. Photographs are required for the Club 2014 Calendar 2. Special Celebrations; SA Jag Day Sunday 27 October at Civic Park Modbury incl. 50 yrs of ‘S’-Type & 40 years of XJ Series 2. Vehicles for Register Display now Ross Rasmus’s MkV dhc & Jack Richardson’s MkV Bob to forward Application forms 40 years of SS Register April 2014 90 years of Swallow 2013 6. Technical NTR 7. Parts Bob K wants an SS Jaguar SA vehicle badge – see Bruce. 9. SS Register Meeting Dates Last Wednesday of each month at 7.30pm October 30 Jack Richardson. November 27 Des Brown December No meeting Meeting closed at 9.00 pm. Supper: Thankyou Jan Minute Distribution: Email; Bruce Fletcher, Phil Prior, Ross Rasmus, John Lewis, Ross Gogler, Malcolm Adamson, Brenton Hobbs, Jack Richardson, Des Brown, Bob Hill-Ling, Bob Lynch, Bob Kretschmer, David Adamson, Digby Thomas, Bill Everett. Post; Don Evans. R.J.Kretschmer SS Register Secretary REMINDER: SS Register on Roster for the October General Meeting Tuesday 1st October.

Minutes of the XJ, Mk 10 & 420G Register Meeting held at Premier Auto Repairs, 56 Barwell Ave, Marleston, Wednesday 9th October, 2013 Present Ben Adler, Steve Attard, Steve Arthur, David Bicknell, Walter & Beryl Bullock, George Calvert, Bob & Daphne Charman, John & Claire Evans, Peter Holland, James Mann, Richard Jenkins, George Hughes & Red Hancock, Hayden Isaac, James Mann, Louis Marafiotti, Martin O’Dea, Anne-Marie Pijanka, Borys Potiuch, Phil Prior, Ian Rowley, Evan Spartalis, Geoff & Margaret Thomas, Don & Kathy Tyrrell, Will Vanderwerf. Apologies Graeme & Betty Moore, Ros Holland, John Best, Borys Potiuch, Darryl & Fay Leyton, Andrea Spartalis, Noel & Carmel Trew, Ray & Barb Offe, Joanie Burns. New Members The Register welcomed Richard Jenkins. We also welcomed Hayden Isaac back to the fold Previous Minutes Accepted Special Thanks Bob wished to thank John and Claire Evans for chairing the September meeting. Also Ray and Barb Offe for taking the minutes. Bob also thanked all those people who phoned during his recent unfortunate hospital stay, and to all those who signed the get well card from the Register. And a special thanks to Don and Kathy Tyrrell for supplying the excellent dinner tonight. General Business Jag Day 27th October. Judges and Marshalls selected. Xmas Dinner at the German Club this year is Friday the 6th December. 72 people coming. (Sold out) National Rally discussed. November Register meeting will be an Auction night. Phil Prior outlined Golden Jubilee Tour (S types) in November. 22 people. All British Day. Sun. 9th Feb 2014. Close off date is Nov. 15th 2013. Letter of concern re our web site referring to Scruffy XJ’s. Will bring up at Executive Meeting Our December meeting will be fun

The Official Monthly Magazine of the Jaguar Drivers Club of South Australia


Register Minutes night. Bring a plate of supper. British Classic Tour – Victor Harbour Sun. 4th May 2014. Car Talk Ben Adler N.T.R. Steve Arthur N.T.R. Steve Attard The Verandah is finally finished. Now will find time to catch up with Jaguar work on his vehicles David Bicknell Looking for an unusual spring. Will try get a photo of one to pass around. Walter & Beryl Bullock N.T.R. George Calvert Hopes his car will start tonight as he is blocking 12 cars since he parked in the drive way! Bob & Daphne Charman The clock for the 420G is looking good, almost finished. Only been 10 months. John & Claire Evans Took car for a run to Mt Barker. Got home safely. Peter Holland XJ40 is up for sale, also the Mark II. (What’s he going to do with the empty space in the Garage?) George & Red Hughes ‘S’ type going fine. XJS doing well also. Richard Jenkins Moved over from Sydney. Had been a member of the JDCA for about 9 years. Held numerous positions on committees. Drove the XJC over to Adelaide. Wonderful trip. Drove the ‘X’ type over as well only to be told by a lovely Policeman that the springs are too low and get it fixed or he will defect him! Nice welcome to SA. Hayden Isaac The series I still needs a bit of work. Still driving the Smart car. James Mann The cigar lighter has failed (Oh no, his first major problem with the car) Has changed the spark plugs, the distributor cap and the wishbone’s on the way out. Louis Marafiotti Uses the car regularly. Going well. Martin O’Dea N.T.R. (The meeting is still in shock) Has a beautiful new X300. Sold his XJ6 to his mechanic. Anne-Marie Pijanka The Green Genie is running well. Has new leather interior and door trims from England. Needs a L/H sun visor arm if any one has got one. Bit disappointed with the Bay to Birdwood. Car started to overheat in the traffic

Boris Portiuch N.T.R. Used the car two times in a couple of months. Phil Prior Been waiting for 10 weeks for new carpets to come from Melbourne. Not getting any satisfaction from the seller. Ian Rowley Took the car to McLaren Vale and Aldinga. Ran beautifully. Evan & Andrea Spartalis N.T.R. Geoff & Margaret Thomas Evan has just fitted new stainless steel exhaust pipes to Geoff and Margaret’s XJ6 Don & Kathy Tyrrell Kathy’s X300 has new air compressor. Now immaculate. Running like a clock. (Bob suggested not a good choice of words) Mark 10 – 934 going well with new engine only done about 30kms. Air Cond. to go back in. The other mark 10 is OK as well. Will Vanderwerf Daimler going well. Running like a dream. Meeting closed at 9.00pm. Next meeting: Wednesday 13th November, 2013, At Shannon’s, 863 South Road, Clarence Gardens at 7.30pm. REMEMBER to bring something along for the Auction.

Minutes of the Multvalve Register Meeting held at the home of Doug and Sue Harrison on 24 September 2013 Present: Steve Schubert, Ron & Claire Palmer, Ray Smithers &Judy Langdon, John & Lesley Clarke, Brian & Sue Walker, Bob & Daphne Charman, Jim & Arcadia Kamaromi, Tom & Marj Brindle, Des Brown, Alf & Joyce Taylor, Peter & Tricia Clarke, John & Betty Castle, Geoff Clayton, Tony Human, Sue & Doug Harrison. Apologies: Tony & Kay Ellis, John & Wendy Stanley, Bill Browne & Margaret Piper Browne, Cecilia Schubert. Business: National Rally; Following Report in Classic Marque members discussed National Rally in depth. After vibrant discussion, John Castle suggested a survey paper be mailed to all Club Members. This was agreed by the Multivalve Members. Jaguar Day; Cars to be judged are- Jim & Arcadi Kamaromi 2008 S Type Tony Human 2012 XJ Club Christmas Party at Police

Club , Entertainment suggestions were made for Ron to follow up. Eyre Peninsula Long Weekend Tony Human detailed the weekend. November Meeting. Tuesday 28th November at John & Lesleys home. January Meeting; Sunday 26th January 2014. Australia Day Barbecue lunch at Ron & Claires Goolwa March Meeting ; Will be a Barbecue lunch at Steve & Cecilia Schuberts Winery in the Barossa date to be confirmed.. All British Day: Entry Forms are available Classic Marque: All Members confirmed they receive the Club Magazine. Car For Sale: John Stanley has his 2000 X308 3.2 litre 70kms for sale. This car has previously won Gold in the Victorian Concours and Silver in Nationals Car Talk: Brian W. X308 NTR Bob C S Type NTR Jim K S Type NTR Tony H. X351 XJ Diesel 20000K 6.5km/100k John C. X300 114K Had diff seal replaced Steve S. 1994 XJ 40 V12 (XJ81) 160kms All good Tom B. 1994 XJ40 174km All good Geoff C. 2006 X350 49Km Still wonderful John C. 2004 S Type 2.5 Enjoying it now! Peter C. 2-12 X351 8500km Had a sunroof rattle.This allowed Peter to test drive a Range Rover Evoque a Jaguar XF 2.3 and a Jaguar XF 3.0 Ray S, 2009 XType 2.1 40K Running perfectly Des B. 2009 XType Diesel 32K Very Happy. Alf T. 1990 XJ40 145K Serviced ready for Eyre Peninsula trip Doug H. XJ40 NTR Ron P. 2002 X308 Ready for Eyre Peninsula Thank You to Doug & Sue Harrison for your hospitality. Meeting closed 9.15p.m. P.S. Bill & Barb Mayman have taken delivery of their new XF.

The Official Monthly Magazine of the Jaguar Drivers Club of South Australia


Minutes of the E-Type F-Type and Grand Tourer Register Meeting. Held at Alan Baker’s Shed 7.30pm on 17th October 2013 Present Alan & Pam Baker , Chris Lake, Roger and Di Adamson, Vinnie P, Peter & Rob Beaumont, Dan Jeffries, Martin Hawes , Alan Blackwell, Simon, Rick Luff, Leslie & Guest, Mark Goodwin, Alan Bartram, Bruce V, Ivan Cooke, Ian Pringle, Mark Apologies Peter Leaf-Milham Alan welcomed everyone and highlighted the importance of attending Jag Day on the 27th of October. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend Guest Speaker Shaun Turner ,from Ceramic Coat Australia gave a talk on the various coatings available for Headers, Manifolds and even pistons. He indicated headers for a 4.2l Jag would cost in the vicinity of $250-$300 depending on the coating requested

We were lucky enough to see Rob Beaumont’s new F type that looked stunning in Black and sounded very throaty - Congratulations Rob Bill Charlick’s machine shop is closing soon and he has requested Alan make available a quantity light weight Alloy replacement billets for the Etype engine. Alan has all the details and is happy to pass these on at cost (approx. $220 for the pair) Dan Jeffries has just returned from a terrific 6 wk trip overseas, he spent time at Goodwood motoring event – We are hoping to twist his arm to give a talk at a General Meeting. Mark and Heidi are off on the trip of a lifetime over to India in November and Mark is hoping to tee up a visit to the Tata factory. Business Everyone approved of Rob’s new F type Chris Lakes beautiful E type Roadster is nearing completion after having some work done and should be

ready for Jag Day on the 27th Oct. Requested ideas for some future runs. Meeting closed at 9:45pm NEXT MEETING: This will be at Alan’s Shed at 7.30 pm on 21st November unless advised otherwise by Email.

Compact Register Minutes 8th October 2013 Held at Tim & Sue’s residence Tim identified that he had, without any opposition, taken on the Register Secretary (mainly because no one else had volunteered!) He asked that whilst he is able to facilitate meetings, minutes and promulgating information, assistance from the Compact members would be needed to facilitate runs and other events on behalf of the Register Those present endorsed Tim and accepted his proposition. Present: Judy & Doug Tilley, Sue & Tim White, Ros & Peter Holland, Tom Brindle, Phil Prior, Anik & Richard Shipman, Jo & Noel Orford Apologies: Margaret & Colin Haese, Margaret & Geoff Thomas, Dave Bicknell, Sue Prior, John Gentilcore, Bill Browne, Margaret Piper, David Davidson Outstanding Business from Last Meeting: Nil Events: SA Jag Day. The Register needs to provide 2 x Cars, 2 x Judges & 2 x Marshalls. It was agreed that Phil Prior (S-Type) and David Davidson (Daimler 250 V8) would submit their cars for judging: Doug Tilley & Peter Holland would be the Judges: Doug Tilley, Tom Brindle & Tim White would be the Marshalls, Noel provided a Bay to Birdwood report: Generally ran OK. Slow due to pedestrian crossing in Woodside. Well supported through new towns. Helicopter rides created too much noise when trying to have one’s picnic at Birdwood, It was highlighted that if you wished to participate in the British Car run in Victor Harbor next year to get your name on their mailing list, Phil provided an update on the Compact run to Melbourne in November. Approx. 10 cars (22 people) and includes 4 x S-Types. Accessing and paying for toll roads in Melbourne was discussed and Phil will address

the options in a separate communiqué to the participants, The Charity Day for 2014 was discussed and all agreed that it would be best for a Register to take the project on. It was felt that Di as Club President needs to promote the day. The Charity Day does not have to be a Cats & Cans style event albeit that it is simple to participate. It is possible to support any charity in any way the Register can imagine. Remember the Christmas Meeting on 3rd December which is an opportunity to have fun and a meal at the Police Club, All British Day to be held on 9th February 2014. Closing date Friday 15th November 2013, Car Talk Tom NTR Noel NTR Doug Looking to have his front bumper re-chromed Richard The brakes seem to be “hanging-on”. It was suggested to review the Master Cylinder Peter XJ40 (Grey One) - is now For Sale Mark 2 – The battery has gone after 8 years…very disappointed! . This car is also For Sale Bristol 400 restoration is now underway Phil The Hub was fouling on the chassis which has been rectified with an angle grinder The XJ S1 carpets are still coming from Victoria (after 11 weeks). He is following up with the Victorian Club as this company advertises in their magazine. Sue S-Type (modern) has had a window problem, which on referencing the chat sites appears to be a common problem. It appears the regulator has plastic parts which breakdown. It is only a $10 part accessed via e-Bay and by following instructions available on the web site can be fixed in 30 minutes…..according to Sue! Tim NTR General Business: It appears that members were happy to receive other Jaguar club magazines via email Tim identified that the Register needs to have 2 volunteers to inspect the Compacts as part of the new 3 yearly inspection regime. Noel; Orford, Peter Holland & Richard Shipman volunteered and were soundly endorsed The Gumeracha Food Garage was discussed. It was agreed that we should visit privately and report back at a future meeting on the suitability of the venue.

The Official Monthly Magazine of the Jaguar Drivers Club of South Australia


The Repco VIP offer was promoted. This provides a 10% discount and could be higher if the club supports them. Phil has seen 30% discounts on weekends at Repco. The RAA membership also provides a 10% discount. Next meeting: The December Meeting will be a Lunch meeting on Sunday 8th December at Serafino’s, McLaren Vale. 2 courses for $45. Thank you Jo for organising that. The February Meeting will be held at Bill & Margaret’s house on Hindmarsh Island on Sunday 16th. More details coming. Please watch your emails

The Compact Register is responsible for the Supper at the November General

Meeting. If you are attending you are asked to bring a plate please Tim White Compact Register Secretary

Minutes of the XK 7 8 9 Register Meeting at the home of Doug andSue Harrison’s Wednesday 2 October 2013. Attendance: Present were: Peter and Ros Holland, Richard Smith, Doug and Sue Harrison Apologies Jacques and Sally Metzer, Rob and Vick Loffler, Rod and Peggy Davis, Trevor Bywater, Ossie and Rayeema Petrucco, Mike Petrucco, Wendy and Onslow Billinghurst, Robin and Deidre Ide, Dave and Sally Burton Club Business: Jag Day, Civic Park, 27 October. Discussion re cars for judging. As most active members will be away on the Border Run with the Victorians it is difficult to get two cars of a reasonable standard for judging. As we are organising the Border Run next year we should be able to avoid a clash of dates. Discussion also of pros and cons of various judging systems. Peter Holland described the Australian former rally driver Ed Ordynski’s talk at last night’s general meeting as riveting.

Register business: Octagon wiring looms very good There is a dearth of Mark 7,8 & 9s, where are they now? One in a shed at Sellicks Some general car talk followed and the meeting closed at approximately 9.00pm. Next meeting 8pm Wednesday 6th November at a venue to be advised Christmas Meeeting at Onslow & Wendy Billinghurst;s, Sunday 1st December, details to follow Sue Harrison in Robin Ide’s absence

Quote for the Month Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant. Robert Louis Stevenson

The Official Monthly Magazine of the Jaguar Drivers Club of South Australia



Do you enjoy being creative? Do have at least a basic knowledge of Microsoft Programs? Are you looking for a way to give something back to the club? Would you be willing to learn more about Desktop Publishing? THIS COULD BE YOUR

BIG OPPORTUNITY. I am eager to find someone else in the club who will work with me as an assistant in producing this monthly Classic Marque magazine. Clearly there will be occasions during the year when I am not available to produce the magazine and clearly I do not intend to be Editor forever. UPDATE: Ten cars and 22 members are now registered for this event.

Philip Prior 0402 670 754

The Official Monthly Magazine of the Jaguar Drivers Club of South Australia




The following applications for membership have been lodged with the Membership Secretary and are listed in accordance with clause 6(b-c) of the Constitution. If there are no objections, these membership applications will be ratified one month from this notice. Sam Desira 1974 XJ6 4.2L Jaguar Sedan Rob & Sue Beaumont 2013 F-Type 5.0L On behalf of the club I welcome these new members and hope you will take advantage of the benefits of the club and that you will contribute in your own way to make this a better club for everyone. In particular I ask that Register Secretaries and current members make these new members welcome at meetings and functions. Daphne Charman Membership Secretary

GENERAL MEETING ROSTER 2012 –2013 Nov XK, MK 7, 8, 9 Register Feb Multivalve Register Mar E-Type F-Type & Grand Tourer Register Apr SS & Daimler Register May Mk1, 2, 420 & S Type (Compact) Register Jun XJ, MK10 &420G / V12 Register July XK, MK 7, 8, 9 Register Aug Multivalve Register Sept E-Type F-Type & Grand Tourer Register Oct SS & Daimler Register Nov Mk1, 2, 420 & S Type (Compact) Register Duty Register is required to arrive at 7pm and ensure the room is ready for 7.30pm Each Register is responsible for the supply of milk and a light supper. If a register is unable to provide supper, please contact the President or Secretary so other arrangements can be made.

Make Your Mark by Contributing to

Classic Marque There are many ways members can contribute to this magazine thus making it more interesting to the widest possible readership  

Letters to the Editor. Reports and photos from register runs.

Funny or interesting stories about members

Jaguar news and events.

Interviews with new members.

Tell us about your car MEMBER’S PRIDE.

Technical tips and ideas for the TECH FILE.

Information on up-coming register events.

A good joke for the Cat’s Giggle.

Stories & photos about “Sleeping Beauties” members’ cars under restoration.

Recommend a good service or supplier.

QUICK REFERENCE REGISTER MEETINGS The General Meeting of the JDCSA is held on the first Tuesday of each month.

Register Meetings are as follows: Mk 1,2 & 420 & S Type (Compact) - Second Tuesday of every even calendar month E-Type F-Type & Grand Tourer—Third Thursday of each month Multivalve— Fourth Tuesday of each odd calendar month. SS & Daimler— Last Wednesday of each month XJ, Mk 10 & 420G—Second Wednesday of each month XK, Mk 7, 8 & 9— First Wednesday of each month For specific information call Register Secretaries from the Club Directory (page 1)

The Official Monthly Magazine of the Jaguar Drivers Club of South Australia



The Official Monthly Magazine of the Jaguar Drivers Club of South Australia


Club Calender NOVEMBER Friday November 1, Sporting Car Club ‘Climb to the Eagle’

Tuesday November 5, 7:45pm.

Compact Register Christmas Lunch Sunday 8 December 2013 12.30pm Serafino Winery, McLaren Vale

Monthly General Meeting JDCSA Police

Association Building - 27 Carrington St Adelaide

Wednesday November 13, 7:30 pm Monthly Meeting XJ Register at Shannons Rooms 863-865 South Road, Clarence Gardens. Members meet at Villies Cafe South Road for a meal prior to the meeting. Contact Bob Charman Email: 82484111 Mob: 0421482007

Registration and $20 deposit by December 1st Contact Jo Orford— (08) 8277 2717

Tuesday November 19, 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm Executive Committee Meeting VIP Building Cnr. Marion Rd and Sir Donald Bradman Drive

Thursday November 21, 7:30 pm - 10:00 pm Monthly Meeting E Type F Type Grand Tourer Register Contact Alan Baker 0429 097 729

November 23—26, JAGUAR S TYPE GOLDEN JUBILEE TOUR Contact Philip Prior 0402 670 654 for details. ALL CLUB MEMBERS WELCOME.

Tuesday November 26, 7:30—9:00pm Multivalve Register Meeting contact Ron Palmer 0418 855 597

Wednesday November 27, 7:30pm

All British Day will be held on Sunday February 9, 2014 at Echunga Recreation Grounds, Harndorf Road, Echunga

SS and Daimler Register meeting

contact Malcolm Adamson on 82783002


NOTE; Entries close Nov 15 2013

Tuesday December 3, 7:45pm. Special Christmas Meeting JDCSA Police Association Building - 27 Carrington St Adelaide

Friday December 6, 7:45pm. XJ Register Christmas Dinner at the German Club— Contact Bob Charman Email: 82484111 Mob: 0421482007

Sunday December 8, 12.30pm. Compact Register Christmas Lunch at Serafinos McLaren Vale —Two course meal $45.00/p Deposit $20.00/p to Jo Orford by Dec 1st. Contact Jo Orford (08) 8277-2717

Wednesday December 11, 7:30 pm Monthly Meeting XJ Register at Shannons Rooms 863-865 South Road, Clarence Gardens. Members meet at Villies Cafe South Road for a meal prior to the meeting. Contact Bob Charman Email: 82484111 Mob: 0421482007

Tuesday December 17, 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm Executive Committee Meeting VIP Building Cnr. Marion Rd and Sir Donald Bradman Drive

SUNDAY MAY 4th 2014 Avoid disappointment—Register NOW!

The Official Monthly Magazine of the Jaguar Drivers Club of South Australia


Editor’s Pick EDITOR’S NOTE: This a new segment in Classic Marque whereby the Editor will from time to time select a car that is for sale and present the details for Classic Marque readers. The selection is purely subjective and will reflect the Editor’s personal tastes. The selection of the car presented in no way should be taken as a commendation of value nor as an endorsement of the accuracy of the sellers comments and description of the car. Readers should make their own enquiries and make up their own minds on the condition and value of the presented car. OWNER’S DESCRIPTION 1972 Daimler Sovereign. For those who are unfamiliar with Daimler it's a more luxury version of jaguar to put it plainly, and more expensive and rare. Strait 6 engine 4.2L twin carburetor. 3speed automatic. Only 72 000 on the clock. Grey/ silver exterior with no scratches Red leather interior in perfect condition not a tear or fade in site Carpets on floor in perfect condition and even The original Daimler Floor mats. Daimler sheep wool seat covers (grey in colour). Original Daimler hubcaps and wheels. Brand new tyres (set if 4 all round). All electrics have been rewired and all light bulbs replaced. With paper work from Barbagrello. Complete body rebuild with paper works from Barbagrello again Brand new suspensions. Replaced diff with new one. No rust no leaks Barbagrello fixed all that. Carburettors both cleaned and balanced. Petrol tanks flushed and cleaned

Over all I just had it completely rebuilt and its just in perfect condition. You will find it hard to find a car in such quality for its age. See Link to Gumtree Advertisement below:

The Official Monthly Magazine of the Jaguar Drivers Club of South Australia


Jaguar Classifieds Daimler Sovereign "It is with some misgiving that I have decided, after 40 years of ownership, to sell my beautiful black Daimler Sovereign. It is in excellent condition and has travelled only 130,000 miles. The motor was fully rebuilt at 90,000 miles. It comes with all books and tool kit. Your inspection is invited, but be aware that my willingness to sell depends on how close your offer is to $16,000.

Onslow Billinghurst 83251971 or 0418251971"

Jaguar XJ40 3.6 litre, Built June 1989, in above average condition for its age and mileage. Sold new in Adelaide (I am the third owner) and all books and original tool kit come with the car. It has been well maintained throughout its life and many receipts are available. Has been fitted with the rare, genuine XJ40 15 inch wheels in place of the original metric wheels. The car drives well and still looks very presentable, but would benefit from a proper detail. Best offer over $5000. Please contact Peter Holland on 8271 0048.

Jaguar Mark 2, 3.4 litre automatic, first registered 1965. I am the fourth owner and it has been in my ownership since 1979. The engine was rebuilt approx 20 years ago, but has not done a high mileage since. Has been maintained mechanically, as necessary during this period of ownership. In the past 3 years has had new rear shockers and four new tyres. A brand new genuine windscreen was fitted in 2000. The car is fitted with the desirable and highly sought after Marles variable ratio power steering and comes with a complete genuine tool kit and original handbook in its vinyl wallet. Also comes with rust in all the usual places, but some rust repair panels will be included with the sale. It is on historic registration and still drives nicely on the road. What you see is what you get and I believe the car would be an excellent restoration project for someone who would like one of these timeless Jaguars. Best offer over $6500. Please contact Peter Holland on 8271 0048.

The Official Monthly Magazine of the Jaguar Drivers Club of South Australia


Jaguar News The Story Behind the Leaper The history of this goes back to the 1930s when radiator cap mascots were very popular and came in many shapes and sizes, including race horses, dogs, iceskaters, and even golf balls! No. 521 in the Desmo Accessory Catalogue, was a leaping cat (often referred to as the ‘Desmo leaper’) and sold for £5 13s 5d; it’s not surprising that many owners of the SS Jaguar model chose to adorn their car with such an apt mascot.

sioned his Advertising Executive Bill Rankin to come up with something better. Bill enlisted the services of the highly-skilled Frederick Gordon Crosby (the lead illustrator for The Autocar) who produced a design that is still strikingly recognisable. Originally announced at the end of 1938 in The Autocar, the “Jaguar mascot” was available from SS Car agents, priced 2 guineas. This “Version 1” remained a standard optional extra until Jaguar ceased production of the Mark V saloon in 1951. The Crosby design has endured with minor variations right through until the present day, where it is still available as an accessory in certain markets. Over the years, the ‘leaper’ was used to adorn many other items including bookends, ashtrays and tankards.

However, William Lyons was not a fan of the Desmo leaper (which he described as looking “like a cat shot off a fence”) (Picture 1. above) and so he commis-

STARS TO DRIVE WITH JAGUAR HERITAGE RACING IN MILLE MIGLIA 2013 Jaguar has curated a unique team of drivers for its Jaguar Heritage Racing entry into this year’s Mille Miglia classic car tour. Taking the seats of outstanding examples of Jaguar C-Type and XK120 heritage race cars will be sixtime Olympic cycling Champion Sir Chris Hoy, global supermodel David Gandy, Le Mans 24 Hours race winner Andy Wallace, Chairman & CEO of 20th Century Fox Jim Gianopulos – who will drive with a film industry colleague, German actress Hannah Herzsprung, Italian Salvatore Ferragamo Jr., fashion icon Yasmin Le Bon and Michael Quinn, the grandson of Jaguar founder Sir William Lyons. This exciting list of classic car enthusiasts will be led by Jaguar Heritage Racing’s own multiple race winner Alex Buncombe and motoring journalist Chris Harris, who will link up for the event in a Jaguar C-Type once owned by former Formula 1 Champion Juan Manuel Fangio. The Mille Miglia is the pinnacle of classic motorsport, and the competitive event in 1952 saw Jaguar debut the disc brake on its C-type sports car, piloted then by Jaguar

Chief Development Engineer Norman Dewis and Formula 1 legend Sir Stirling Moss. Norman Dewis was with some of the 2013 Jaguar Heritage Racing team at Goodwood Motor Circuit this week, in a driver training session. Watch the film on our YouTube channel > The line-up of three C-Type race cars and three XK12Os will be followed on the majority of the driving route by five new Jaguar F-TYPE sports cars. Jaguar Regional Director for Europe Bernard Kuhnt – who will drive with Hannah Herzsprung in the event - said: “Jaguar’s 1952 entry into the Mille Miglia was hugely significant in the evolution of Jaguar products. Seductive design, intelligent performance and technological innovation were features of all Jaguar sports cars in the 1950s and 60s and they are prevalent in the incredible new FTYPE. I am delighted that the Jaguar sports car ‘bloodline’ will be together in this great race and that such an exciting list of individuals will come together to celebrate the occasion and drive our cars.”

The Official Monthly Magazine of the Jaguar Drivers Club of South Australia


The Cat’s Giggle True story reported by an English guy who was stopped and asked to give a breathalyser test. The English guy lives near Le Bugue in the Dordogne and at the time he was stopped he was as pissed as the proverbial newt… The gendarme signals to him to wind down the window then asks him if he has been drinking, and with a slurring speech the English guy replies; 'Yes, this morning I was at my (hic)..daughter's wedding, and as I don't like church much I went to the cafe opposite and had several beers.' 'Then during the wedding banquet I seem to remember downing three great bottles of wine; (hic)... a corbieres, a Minervois and (hic)...a Faugeres.' 'Then to finish off during the celebrations.... and (hic) during the evening and my mate downed two bottles of Johnny Walker's black label.' Getting impatient the gendarme warns him; 'Do you understand I'm a policeman and have stopped you for an alcohol test'? The Englishman with a grin on his face replies; 'Do you understand that I'm English, like my car, and that my wife is sitting in the other seat, at the wheel?'

Jaguar Land Rover Australia Announces New Managing Director David Blackhall, Managing Director Jaguar Land Rover Asia Pacific, is pleased to announce the appointment of Michael Winkler to the position of Managing Director Jaguar Land Rover Australia effective November 11th, 2013. Winkler will report to Blackhall. Previously, Blackhall held the dual positions of MD Australia and MD Asia Pacific Region. This appointment will allow Blackhall to focus solely on his role in Asia Pacific which has experienced volume growth of 38% this fiscal year to become the fastest growing among JLR's six global Regions. Winkler joins the company following a distinguished career at Porsche where his most recent assignment was as Managing Director of Porsche Cars Australia. Jaguar Land Rover Australia has enjoyed a strong period of sustained growth under Blackhall's leadership. Highlights include:  Jaguar Land Rover combined sales growth of 46% over the past 2 years.  Jaguar sales growth of 59% over the same period.

 Land Rover sales growth of 45% over the same period.  Reinvigoration of the Jaguar Land Rover product line up with 4 all new models launched over the period including Range Rover Evoque, Range Rover, Range Rover Sport and F-Type.  Unprecedented recognition from local motoring organisations including the awarding of Discovery as Australia Best Cars All Terrain SUV for 8 consecutive year  Listed in BRW's 'top 20 superior financial returns' companies in 2012. Blackhall commented ..." Jaguar Land Rover Australia is a strong and healthy company and is well positioned strategically. We were delighted that we were able to secure Michael to lead the JLR Australia team into the next dynamic phase of sales growth and profitability." Winkler commented…."It is exciting to join a world class company with an entrepreneurial spirit. JLR is at the beginning of a massive product renaissance which has already started delivering new customers to the brands. It is a great honour to be asked to lead the Australian team at this important juncture in the company's development."

The Official Monthly Magazine of the Jaguar Drivers Club of South Australia


The Official Monthly Magazine of the Jaguar Drivers Club of South Australia


-TECH FILESDO YOU HAVE TO HAVE YOUR CAR SERVICED BY THE FRANCHISED DEALER? – WHAT ARE YOUR RIGHTS ? VEHICLE WARRANTY UNDER AUSTRALIAN CONSUMER LAW From January 1, 2011 the following law applies in all Australian States and Territories. In 2002 and again in 2005, the ACCC published an article explaining consumer rights when they purchase a new motor vehicle. Specifically, consumers wanted to know whether their warranty is still valid if they choose to get their car serviced by someone other than an authorized repairer/dealer. Whilst vehicle manufacturers are entitled to insist that any service work is carried out by qualified staff, according to manufacturer’s specifications and using genuine or appropriate quality spare parts, they are not entitled to impose conditions beyond these. They are not able to restrict trade or unreasonably require the owner to buy services from a dealer or make representations to the effect that the warranty will be void if the vehicle is not serviced by the selling dealer or authorized representative.

Servicing by an independent repairer will not affect statutory warranty, voluntary warranty or extended warranty so long as the servicing is performed by qualified staff in accordance with manufacturer specifications, using genuine or appropriate quality parts where required. The ACCC guidelines with respect to these requirements are as follows:Qualified staff – means any person or persons, regardless of whether they are part of an authorized service network, who is trained to carry out car servicing. Manufacturers Specifications – manufacturers are entitled to specify how their vehicles should be serviced during the warranty period. It is important that any nonauthorized service facility follow the correct service procedures as laid down by the manufacturer. Genuine or Appropriate quality parts – if a part is not genuine, but it is interchangeable with the genuine part – that is, it is of the same or similar quality and fulfills the same purpose as a genuine part – it is likely to be considered an appropriate quality part and would not affect the vehicle warranty. However, should such apart fail or be proven to be the cause of a failure, then the consumer would have rights against the person or establishment who fitted the part. In summary, you have the right to choose where you have your car serviced and by whom, just make sure the people are suitably qualified and follow factory guidelines. GEOFF MOCKFORD – TECHNICAL SECRETARY

Geoff Mockford—JDCSA Technical Officer

80 King William St Kent Town SA 5067

ph: (08) 8362 5997 in-

The Official Monthly Magazine of the Jaguar Drivers Club of South Australia


The Official Monthly Magazine of the Jaguar Drivers Club of South Australia


Classic marque november 2013 (print version)  
Classic marque november 2013 (print version)  

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