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SA Road Rules TAKE A TEST THE VOLVO VIKINGS AND THE SHITBOX RALLY 1969 Series II Jaguar E-Type - He did what?!

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Classic Marque

is the official monthly magazine of the Jaguar Drivers Club of South Australia (JDCSA) produced each calendar month with the exception of January. The Deadline for all copy is the last Tuesday of each month. The Editor reserves the right to accept, reject or modify any section of any article submitted for publication. The opinions/views expressed in published articles are wholly those of the respective authors, and are not necessarily those of Jaguar, the Editor, the Club, the Committee or the Members. Advertisers and sponsors who place advertisements in this magazine do so because they value their association with the JDCSA. Placement of these advertisements should not necessarily be taken to mean the club endorses the services offered. 2

Club Torque members who joined in for the first time.

Yes We Can! Well, here we are and it is already March, with Easter just a few weeks away and a big part of the year is gone! ‘Time flies when you are having fun!’…….or is it ‘time flies when you’re getting old…?” Either way the year is well under way. In thinking about this editorial I was contemplating ‘Pete’s Pet Project’ and reflecting on the very successful Club Run we had in January to Currency Creek Winery, The XJ Series 1 Muster. For me what made this event so successful was, the great weather, the turnout we had in terms of numbers (52 people), the number and range of cars (23 cars) participating (from Mark 2 to X and S Type moderns) and the number of new members we had come along for their first Club Run. I think it was eight or nine who were attending their first JDCSA Club Run. I am pleased to say that these new folk all expressed their appreciation and just how much they enjoyed the day. A big thank you has to g to those older (more regular) members who made an effort to ensure the new folk felt welcome and included. Now these new members didn’t just happen to attend by accident. There was considerable and deliberate efforts made to contact new members and specifically invite them along (particularly the Series 1 owners) on this occasion. I want to particularly mention the efforts of Evan Spartarlis who encouraged a number of new members to join the ‘Muster’ All British Day was another very significant event in February with the new venue being generally well received by those attending. Some teething issues need to be addressed and it would seem the additional parking for the public nearby was an improvement on Uraidla but the dust issue needs attention. There was as usual a great line-up of Jaguars with 55 JDCSA members participating and 27 from JCCC. Plus others from the Sporting Car Club. Once again worthy of note here is the new JDCSA

Cover Story An Official Historic photo of the 3 1/2 Litre Jaguar Saloon. Built 1937—1948. The 3 1/2 litre model proved a little thirsty for the UK market, but was ideal for the USA where the majority were sold. The Page Header, in this edition is an interesting pictorial comparison of the E-Type and new F-Type

The point in all this really is, if we want new people to join the club and become active participants in club events, a little deliberate effort is required. It will happen if we want it to happen. I think we should give some thought to all club events and how they might be promoted as all inclusive rather than exclusive events, and what steps can be taken to specifically invite new members along and make sure they are welcome. Can we do this? YES WE CAN! Philip Prior (Editor)

Letters to the Editor No letters received this month. Surely there are members with ideas and comments to share with the wider membership. Particularly in relation to how we can improve the club and encourage younger members. Letters to the Editor by necessity need to be brief, to the point and constructive, in order to be accepted for publication. Longer articles and submissions are encouraged and will be considered for publication elsewhere in Classic Marque.

In this Edition of Classic Marque Club Directory Club Torque President’s Report Car Torque By our Patron Minutes Feb. Gen. Meeting Register Minutes Q&A Historic Registration Club Notices Jaguar Classifieds TEST—SA Road Rules Jaguar News Club Calendar Notes EASTER at Mallala The Cat’s Giggle TECH FILES

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President’s Report March 2013 The Club year for 2013 is now in full swing and got off to a good start with the first General Meeting for the year held in February. It appears that members who attended enjoyed the revised format. The general content remains essentially the same, but repetition of already published information in Classic Marque and on the Club website has been minimised. The introduction of an “entertainment” segment seemed to be greatly appreciated. Wasn’t our first guest speaker segment fantastic?

I cannot understand anyone who says they get bored with retirement. February has been a very exciting month for me. I had the opportunity to fly into Frankfurt and Hong Kong airports----at the controls of a 737. Frankfurt comprises two long runways side by side, which are very busy indeed. It is a long descent into Frankfurt and there seems to be an inordinate amount of time taken to approach the chosen runway. This requires quite a lot of care to line up and come down centrally. The display in front of you shows the correct line of approach and your actual line. Nose too high, nose too low, too far off course and the flight control computer starts to get very excited. Anyway, the final landing was slightly to the left of centre, but my instructor said the passengers would not have noticed.

Dane Wilden, a recent new member, and his friend, Craig Macintosh gave a most eloquent and professional presentation on their upcoming participation in the Shitbox Rally being conducted to raise funds for the Cancer Council. The entrants are required to prepare a vehicle, including its purchase price and registration for under $1000, a tough challenge in itself. They will drive up to Uluru, across the desert to Western Australia and then down to Freemantle. I am sure you all join me in wishing them every success with their adventure, which will take place in May. I am sure we all look forward to another night to hear how it all went.

Hong Kong, on the other hand was a completely different experience. This time there were the city buildings to deal with and no room for error. My instructor simply said watch that big fat grey building and make sure you keep to the right of it. This I managed, but there straight in front of me, as we turned right was the runway and no time to panic. Just land. This time the landing was copybook and both instructor and I were relieved and amazed with the landing.

The Executive Committee discussed how we would support this very worthwhile venture and agreed to sponsor Dane and Craig by making a donation of $1000 to the Cancer Council on their behalf. In addition there are to be two movie night fund raisers on 6th March and 24th March at the Regal (formerly the Chelsea) theatre. I urge you to support these two evenings, details of which can be found on the Club website under Club News.

If you have not guessed already this was done on a flight simulator and was a great deal of fun and I would thoroughly recommend you try it sometime.

While on the subject of entertainment at the general meetings, we need your help for suitable segments, whether it is a guest speaker (any topic), slide night or a car show and tell. You tell us and we will arrange. Currently we have some interesting guest speakers for March, May (three tenors), June and September (AGM). There are some tentative ideas for the other months, but none have been confirmed. Of course there can also be supper and convivial chatter from time to time with no set entertainment for the night.

It has always been a dream of mine to fly an aircraft and at last this has been achieved.

See you at the March meeting. Kind regards Peter

“Peter dear, this is very nice but I really do prefer to ride in the Daimler!”

Please help us, the committee, to entertain you. 4

Car Torque—By our Patron When I mention to friends that I had accepted an invitation to become Patron of the Jaguar Drivers Club of SA the inevitable question is “what do you do?”, to which I replied “I’m not entirely sure”. No doubt my role will become clearer over time, but one thing I have agreed to do is to write an article a couple of times each year for this excellent magazine on a topic of my choice. So I thought I’d start by telling you a little about myself and why I was approached to take on the role of Patron of JDCSA. I’m a “car man” from way back. I started with Chrysler Australia Limited in 1957 as a young engineer freshly graduated in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Adelaide. I then spent nearly three years in Detroit studying for a Masters Degree in Automotive Engineering at the Chrysler Institute of Engineering. After returning to Australia I held a variety of engineering positions and also spent time at Chrysler’s truck plant in Kew, England. Another three years was spent as Chief Engineer of Chrysler South Africa and I then returned to Australia in 1974 as Managing Director of CAL, rising to Deputy Chairman before the company was taken over by Mitsubishi. I have the doubtful distinction of being the last CEO of Chrysler Australia and the first CEO of Mitsubishi Motors. After leading the company through the transition from CAL to MMAL I was tempted away to head up and eventually chair the large Australian transport and security group, Mayne Nickless Limited. That, you might assume, was the end of my association with cars. Not by a long shot. Because of my automotive and business background I was invited to become chairman of a very strange beast – United Australian Automotive Industries. This was the GM-Holden-Toyota alliance as a result of the Button car plan which attempted to rationalise the Australian car manufacturing industry. The idea was that Toyota would build small and medium cars (Corollas and Camrys) and sell Holder Commodores rebadged as Lexcens and Holden would sell Corollas rebadged as Novas and Camrys as Apollos. It wasn’t a very good idea. Customers were never fooled by the rebadged cars and to make matters worse the Camry got bigger and bigger and Holden achieved sales success with the VN Commodore. So by mutual agreement the two companies went their separate ways and UAAI was disbanded. So was that the end of my association with the cars? Definitely not. In 1996 the Federal Government appointed me to an enquiry by the Productivity Commission into the future of the Australian car industry. At the end of a

long and acrimonious enquiry the government accepted my dissenting minority report, much to the annoyance of the Productivity Commission. This extended the life of the Australian car industry by another couple of decades. I’m sorry to say that recent events suggest that it’s unlikely that the industry will survive in its present form for many more years, with or without government assistance. Australian production volumes are just too small to compete in today’s mass market – and China has hardly started yet! So was that the end of my association with the cars? No, again! At the conclusion of the enquiry I was invited to join the General Motors Australian Advisory Council, which was a body set up to provide “real world” advice to Holden management on economic prospects and so forth. It was an “all care but no responsibility” appointment, which involved occasional visits to the Lang Lang Proving Ground to drive the new models and to the styling department at Fishermans Bend to see the next generation of Holden and GM products. The Camaro, which was recently introduced in the US, was styled and engineered in Australia, as were several new products destined for sale in SE Asia. Holden punches well above its weight within General Motors, and Australian stylists and managers hold many senior positions around the world. Unfortunately Holden was caught up in the drama of GM’s bankruptcy and as a cost-saving measure the Council was disbanded. So was that the end of my association with cars? ‘another door had already opened – my interest in the restoration of classic cars’ In a professional sense it was, but in another sense it wasn’t because another door had already opened – my interest in the restoration of classic cars. And it was through that interest in beautiful old cars that I met Peter Holland – which in turn led to the invitation to become Patron of JDCSA. So an interest in cars that began with the purchase of a 1923 Austin Seven in 1955 has continued until today – a span of nearly sixty years (and still counting!) Ian Webber (JDCSA Patron) Editor’s Note: I am looking forward to some stories and pictures about our Patron’s Classic Car restorations in a future edition of CM. 5

General Meeting Minutes Minutes of the General Meeting of JDCSA—February 2013 Opening President Peter Holland opened Meeting 7.45pm. Apologies Don & Margaret Evans ,Noel & Carmel Trew, John & Wendy Stanley for the months of March, April, May. Evan Spartalis, Don Tyrrell, Ray Thomas ,Rick Luff, Brian Davies.

Motel accommodation is available at the Venue. Members are to Book direct and mention Jaguar Drivers Club. Secretary Copper Coast Festival May 26th Vintage Sports Display March 17th National Rally Wollongong Easter Historic Registration Log Books and Stat.Decs by end June.

Minutes of November & December Meetings accepted as correct.

ABD Posters, SE Road Rally Posters

Presidents Report

Conditional Registration, Stat Dec and code of practice for Historic Reg .Booklet available.

From tonights Meeting the format will be streamlined. There will be four main reports, President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer and the Executive will try to introduce a Guest Speaker per Meeting. Peter spoke re a club Welfare Officer to follow up on Members illness and bereavements etc. The Committee met with Patron, Ian Webber, at a Special Meeting in January. Pete’s Pet Project To consider the Future (change) in Car Clubs. To move with the times. To attract new members. Peter asked Members to think about ways to do this. There is an open letter on the Website. Welfare Spot V12 Member Steve Taylor passed away in January. Peter detailed Steve’s involvement in the Club. Onslow Billinghurst is in Hospital and we wish him a speedy recovery. Vice President

Treasurer Tim advised Clubs Financial position, giving back to Members and the progress of the credit card payment system. Reports Tony Human advised the Meeting of the Multivalve 5 day October Long Weekend Trip to Streaky Bay. Dave Bicknell has Window Banners available. Barry Kitts had MSCA Calender and asked for volunteers for Marshalls for Mallala July 21st. Neil Murray reported next Federation Meeting Saturday Week LHD Vehicles. Neil spoke in detail about LHD Vehicles, compliance Certificates and Regency Park General Business Dane Wilden, a Compact Register Member, co presented the “Shit Box Rally” to the Meeting All British Day this Sunday.

Di spoke in detail of the Meeting with Patron, Ian Webber.

Tim White asked Members to contact him re donating Magazines to be distributed for Hospital Waiting Rooms etc.

The Clubs 40th Anniversary Dinner/Dance is Saturday 27th July at Sfera‘s.

Meeting closed 9.00p.m.,

27 & 28 Juuly al

JDCSA A.n2n7 July Dinner Santg 40 Yrs. Celebratin 28 July, Plus Su lunch in after partyPark Civic 6

Register Meeting Minutes Minutes of the XK 7,8,9 Register Meeting at the Petruccos’, Wednesday 6 February 2013

rent e-mail addresses to improve contact with members, especially for notification of publication of Classic Marque.

The Register meeting was a hard act to follow after a barbeque and swimming and tennis at Ossie and Rayeena’s. We congratulated Ossie and Rayeena on their recent celebration of 50 years of marriage. Robin welcomed visitor, Jack’s cousin Alice.

As foreshadowed at the December meeting, the main item of Register business was to plan events and meetings so that Register activities in 2013 can be added to the Club’s calendar. A draft programme was used as a prompt for discussion of various proposals, many of which had been previously considered at register meetings. It was agreed that:

Attendance Present were: Peter and Judy Goodale, Peter and Ros Holland, Richard and Carla Smith, Julian and Moira Lugg, Robin and Deidre Ide, Jack and Sally Metzer and Alice, Sue and Doug Harrison, Rob Smith, Peg and Rod Davis, Ossie and Rayeena Petrucco and Roger, Di and Scott Adamson. Apologies were received from: Onslow and Wendy Billinghurst, Russell Clarke and Jenny Hales, Graeme and Fiona Schultz and Rob and Vicki Loffler. Business Club Business. The Club’s general meeting format will in future be ‘streamlined’ to focus on the stuff that needs input from members. Information from reports that appear in Classic Marque will not be duplicated. Peter Holland has proposed that most meetings should have a speaker. Members were asked to suggest suitable speakers both from within, and external to the Club. These arrangements will be reviewed after a trial period. Arrangements for celebrating the Club’s 40th anniversary have firmed up with the main event, the dinner to be held at Sferra’s at Modbury on Saturday the 27th of July. There will also be a daytime function on Sunday the 28th. Members were asked to pass on contact details ASAP for past members who should be invited to join in. From June 2013 logbook renewals will need to be accompanied by A Statutory Declaration from car owners. A template is available on the Federation website. More information from the Club will be made available in the next few months. Organisers of the Bay to Birdwood Rally have incurred a considerable financial loss. A young member of the Club gave a very impressive presentation at the February general meeting where he successfully sought support for his entry in the Shitbox Rally which raises funds for the Cancer Council. Members were reminded of the recent letter from the Club’s Membership Officer which asks for cur-

Register Business

the Register would encourage more involvement in Club activities, including those organised by other registers. The March meeting would be held on Sunday the 3rd at Graeme and Fiona’s. Details will be provided by e-mail and snail mail. The Bungaree visit will be in April. This will include at least one night away and Robin will get more info and make suggestions for the weekend’s activities. Spirit of Coorong trip will be in August. Peg agreed to follow-up. The 2013 Border Run will be hosted by Victoria on the weekend 25-27 October. Advice is expected soon on the location. A November half day run will be on either the 17th or the 24th. Details TBA. Robin closed the meeting with thanks to Ossie and Rayeena for their hosting. A garage visit and desserts and coffee followed. ———————————————————————

Minutes of the XJ, Mk 10, & 420G Register Meeting held at Shannon’s, South Road, Clarence Gardens on 13th February Present Bob & Daphne Charman, Evan Spartalis, Steve Attard, Don Tyrrell, Ben Adler, George Calvert, John & Claire Evans, Darryl & Fay Leyton, Walter & Beryl Bullock, Andrew Byles, Martin O’Dea, Borys Potiuch, Peter Holland, James Mann, Ray & Barb Offe, Louis Marafiotti, Pete & Kath Taylor, Merv Tucker, David Bicknell, Steve Arthur, Will Vanderwerf. Apologies Anne-Marie Pijanka, George Hughes, Red Hancock, Richard & Margie Foster, Andrea Spartalis, Frances Grilli, Noel & Carmel Trew, Phil & Sue Prior, Dennis Paech, Graeme & Betty Moore, Tim dunning Register Meeting Minutes Cont. page 9 7

Steps to be Taken

Historic Registration Historic Registration The SA Government, in conjunction with the Federation of Historic Motoring Clubs, first introduced a Code of Practice for Historic Vehicles and Prescribed Left Hand Vehicles under the Department of Transport Conditional Registration Scheme in 2003, although the Conditional Registration Scheme has catered for these vehicles since 1992. The Code has since been extensively reviewed and updated and the revised Code was officially implemented on 1st July 2012. As a consequence a specific cut-off date was defined and a number of changes made to ensure better management of compliance by vehicle owners and clubs. In addition a further category, street rod vehicles was included under the code. The latter does not concern the JDCSA.


Become a member of JDCSA.


Get the car inspected by a JDCSA inspector (ensuring it meets the age criteria) - they will complete an MR334 Inspection Certificate confirming compliance with the Code.


Go to Transport SA with the MR334 Inspection Certificate (and Transfer as applicable).


Register the car under the historic registration scheme.


Send the new registration certificate (must be the original), a stamped self-addressed envelope and club membership details to the JDCSA Logbook Officer.


The JDCSA Logbook Officer will endorse the registration certificate and issue you with your logbook.

The current member responsible for the JDCSA participation in the Historic Registration Scheme is: Julian Lugg Phone: 0417882930 or 08 82727459 A copy of the relevant information for Historic Registration can be obtained via the following links:

*GET A COPY OF THE CODE OF PRACTICE,% 20travel%20and%20motoring/Registration/ code_of_practice_historic.pdf

*GET A COPY OF THE STATUTORY DECLARATION The benefits can be summarised as follows: 

Reduced registration costs


No transfer stamp duty payable provided the new owner places the vehicle directly on to Historic Registration at the time of purchase. Should the vehicle be placed on full registration at some future date, the current owner will be required to pay all fees at that time.

The basic requirements to qualify are: 

Your car must be manufactured BEFORE 1st January 1979.


Your car must be inspected by a JDCSA inspector and meet the criteria set out in the current Code of Practice. *


You must be a financial member of the JDCSA.


Your registration must be endorsed by the Logbook Officer and a logbook issued prior to driving the car.


You must record all trips in your logbook. A trip is defined as usage from midnight to midnight.


You may only use the car 90 days per registration year.


The logbook and registration papers must be validated by the Logbook Officer each year at the time of membership renewal. Should a member become un-financial, the logbook is no longer valid and cannot be used.


You must provide a Statutory Declaration* annually with logbook validation.


You must have a 3 yearly inspection by an authorised club inspector.


The vehicle is not to be used for fee, hire or reward. 20Declaration%20Historic%20Registration.pdf

The most commonly asked questions about Historic Registration. 1 How regularly does my car need to be inspected? A. When you first make application for historic registration and then every three years.

2 Are there any annual requirements to maintain the registration? A. A Statutory Declaration must be completed and your log book presented with registration papers to the Club Logbook Officer for endorsement.

3 Who can carry out this inspection for me? A. Only an authorised club inspector. #

4 Is the registered owner the only person who can drive the vehicle? A. Any licensed person may drive the vehicle provided the logbook is completed.

5 When does the logbook need to be completed? A. Before your trip commences and it will be valid til midnight that same day. Please note that if a trip continues past midnight, then a fresh entry is required before the trip may continue.

6 Who has to complete the log book - the owner or the 8

driver? A. Either may complete the log book, but the driver must sign before the journey starts. Multiple drivers may drive the vehicle for a given entry, but only one signature is required.

7 What information am I required to enter in the log book and how specific does it need to be in detail of the trip? A. Only a brief description of your destination is required e.g. Adelaide Environs, Adelaide to Victor Harbor.

8 Under what circumstances if any, can I drive the vehicle on a public road without completing the log book? A. If you obtain an extension condition. An extension condition allows you to move the car a maximum of 500m only.

9 How many years can I register the vehicle for? A. You have the option of one, two or three years. Please note that the owner(s) must remain a financial member for each registration year and annual validation of the logbook and registration paper is still required.

10 What happens to my historic registration if my club membership lapses? A. Your Historic Registration will also automatically lapse.

11 What happens in the case of the death of a Registered Owner? A. Upon the death of the registered owner the Historic Registration will lapse, as their membership of the club will no longer be valid.

12 Is joint ownership of a vehicle allowed? A. It is strongly recommended that vehicles are registered under joint owners, both of whom must be financial members of the JDCSA. This will allow the car to continue to be used in the event of the death of one of the joint owners. The Club Constitution defines agreed family membership arrangements that will facilitate joint ownership.

13 Can Historic Registration be transferred? A. Historic Registration is not transferable. If the vehicle is sold, the logbook needs to be cancelled by the Logbook Officer. The new owner must be a financial member of a recognised car club and the vehicle must be presented for inspection by an authorised club inspector and a fresh MR334 form issued. Note: the Registrar of Motor Vehicles keeps the MR334 form at the time of registration and has a record of owner and club for each vehicle registered under the scheme # Contact details for the authorised club inspectors are found on page 2 of Classic Marque or on the club web site.

Register Mtg Minutes New Member Welcome to, Will Vanderwerf. General Business Bob thanked all those who attended our Christmas Dinner at the German Club and advised this year’s dinner will be on Friday Dec 6th at the German Club. All British Day. Details and marshalling discussed. Broken Hill Trip. Dates 24th to 26th May. Members can stay two or three nights. Names to be given A.S.A.P. to Bob. The Three Tenors floor show will be appearing again at the May General Meeting at the Police Club. The meeting agreed that we should have another XJ Golf Day. Bob will report back next meeting. Car Talk Ben Adler He checked under the car – no oil leaks. When he checked again the oil leaks had returned. Car is back to normal. Steve Arthur Still waiting for head to be done. Steve Attard N.T.R. David Bicknell Gertrude had rear end put in for A.B.D. 420 waiting for kickdown switch. Walter & Beryl Bullock N.T.R. Andrew Byles All cars OK. George Calvert He wishes to thank all those people at A.B.D. who asked when he was starting his car restoration. He explained that the car is finished. The car did get there successfully. Still going OK. Bob & Daphne Charman Big Red went to A.B.D. Driving just like new. John & Claire Evans Car running well. Replaced ignition lock and new rubbers in shock absorbers. Peter Holland N.T.R. Darryl& Fay Leyton Sovereign going well. Went to Solitaire for new tyres. Derek still resting James Mann All well before Xmas. Louis Marafiotti Exhaust manifold blew a huge hole. Replaced by Evan. Advised to adjust timing. Martin O’Dea Petrol smell had contaminated food in the rear of the car. Whilst at the library an American chap noticed fuel dripping from fuel tank. $770 later the problem is slightly better. Still idling rough. Dash about to fall apart. Advised to get timing adjusted. Borys Portiuch N.T.R. Evan Spartalis Mercedes getting painted. Pete & Kath Taylor XJC going beautifully. Needs spare lock for glove box. Merv Tucker Daimler getting two new exhaust boxes Don Tyrrell X300 going great. One Mk 10 going well. The other one needs a little transmission work. Did not have reverse or low. Left at workshop for the winter. It might feel better in the warmer weather. Register Minutes Continued page 12 9

Club Notices MEMBERSHIP APPLICATIONS The following applications for membership have been lodged with the Membership Secretary and are listed in accordance with clause 6(b-c) of the Constitution. If there are no objections, membership will be ratified one month from this notice. Bill & Paula Everett—

1948 Mk IV Drop Head

Chris & Kath Sheehan—1978, 1981, & 1985 XJS Don & Julie Smith—

2002 S Type V6

Brian & Sandra Davies—1995 X300

Make Your Mark by Contributing to

Classic Marque There are many ways members can contribute to this magazine thus making it more interesting to the widest possible readership as well as making the editor’s job a whole lot easier. These include:  Letters to the Editor.  Reports and photos from register runs.  Funny or interesting stories about members

Leslie Stewart—

1966 Mk 2 & 1948 Mk IV

Richard Nitschke—

1964 E Type Roadster

 Jaguar news and events.

Stephen Nobes—

1969 E Type Roadster &

 Interviews with new members.

1969 E Type Coupe

 Tell us about your car MEMBER’S PRIDE.

On behalf of the club I welcome these new members and hope you will take advantage of the benefits available, and that you will contribute in your own way to make this a better club for everyone. In particular I ask that Register Secretaries and current members make these new members welcome at meetings and functions.

Daphne Charman Membership Secretary

GENERAL MEETING ROSTER 2012 –2013 Nov Feb Mar Apr May Jun July Aug Sept Oct Nov

XK, MK 7, 8, 9 Register Multivalve Register E-Type Register SS & Daimler Register Mk1, 2, 420 & S Type (Compact) Register XJ, MK10 &420G / V12 Register XK, MK 7, 8, 9 Register Multivalve Register E-Type Register SS & Daimler Register Mk1, 2, 420 & S Type (Compact) Register

Duty Register is required to arrive at 7pm and ensure the room is ready for 7.30pm Register Secretaries please note: Each Register is responsible for the supply of milk and a light supper. If a register is unable to provide supper, please contact the President or Secretary so other arrangements can be made.

 Technical tips and ideas for the TECH FILE.  Information on up-coming register events.  A good joke for the Cat’s Giggle.  Stories & photos about “Sleeping Beauties”

members’ cars under restoration.  Recommend a good service or supplier.

QUICK REFERENCE REGISTER MEETINGS The General Meeting of the JDCSA is held on the first Tuesday of each month.

Register Meetings are as follows: Mk 1,2 & 420 & S Type (Compact) - Second Tuesday of every even calendar month E-Type—Third Thursday of each month Multivalve— Fourth Tuesday of each odd calendar month. SS & Daimler— Last Wednesday of each month XJ, Mk 10 & 420G—Second Wednesday of each month XK, Mk 7, 8 & 9— First Wednesday of each month V12— Second Friday of each even month For specific information call Register Secretaries from the Club Directory (page 1) 10

Jaguar Classifieds A Private Collection of Classic Jaguars For Sale Long time club members, Ivan & Janine Cooke have decided to reduce their collection of cats and pursue other interests. Four cars for sale, Full details below.

CAR ONE - XJ12 Series 11 1977 As new red paint with black vinyl roof, Tan interior close to new condition. Body in excellent condition. New radiator, rebuilt rear end including brakes and discs, tail shaft and transmission mountings. All hoses, belts, transmission filter and fluid replaced, new battery. A very reliable All service books and records are included. Price $15,000

CAR TWO - 1971 XJ6 Series 1 Rare and genuine 4.2 litre Manual Overdrive 153,639 miles. For the first 61,000 miles it lived in the Bathurst area. Burgundy and tan. Interior needs restoring. Body in good condition. A very original vehicle with every thing in its correct place. Air conditioned with main air vents below instrument panel. Price $7,750

CAR THREE - 2001 X308 Sovereign, Platinum with Oatmeal Interior. 157,700klm. With log books, owners manuals, Engine oil & filter replaced at 5,000 klm to 7,000klm. intervals. Transmission serviced, Filter changed and fluid drained 4 times. Timing chain tensioners, thermostat and housing replaced. The body is unmarked and the interior is excellent. Price $24,900

CAR FOUR -1984 XJS Coupe Cobolt Blue, Doeskin leather interior. 167,300Klm, Paint and body in unmarked condition. Totally rust free. Absolutely no accidents or damage. Excellent interior. Very economical and extremely responsive. This XJS has been over serviced. I have owned this car for 10 years. All service books and records are included. Price $22,000

For more information phone Ivan Cooke direct on Ph 82809119 or Mob 0407719203 1988 XJS. 161,000 km. Bordeaux colour with Oatmeal leather Excellent condition throughout. New A/ C compressor, Electric Fans, Superlite GTR wheels plus lots more $21,000, less for members. Contact Rick Luff Ph: 0411 426 913 or 8358

STORAGE SPACE AVAILABLE Anita Whiting has lockable and secure storage space available (for small fee) for storing a car or motor bike. Interested call Anita—0414278112 All Classified ads in Classic Marque automatically expire after 3 Editions. To renew your ad for further editions please contact the editor by email. Philip Prior:

Jaguar 1976 XJC 4.2ltr S2 Auto – An amazing and unique motor vehicle. Converted in the late nineties to a convertible and fully restored at that time. Full engineers certificates, currently on full SA rego. The car is absolutely rust free and has been dressed with Series 3, bumpers, grill, boot lid, tail lights, door handles, side lights and mirrors, giving it a very modern clean appearance. 15” XJS starfish wheels with near new white wall tyres. Old Stromberg carbies have been swapped out for twin HS8 2” SU’s, manual choke and K&N filters, dyno tuned to ensure maximum performance. There are only five of these cars in Australia and about 50 in the world. Club members get first opportunity to purchase this unique vehicle. $23,500 Contact Philip Prior 0402 670 654 or Email: 11

Jaguar Classifieds 1966 Jaguar MK 2 3.4L Auto—This car has been a chauffeured wedding vehicle for the last five years, hence the need to be in perfect condition. Always maintained by Jaguar specialists. Olde English White duco, red Connelly hide interior, integrated A/C front and rear. Upgraded front disc brakes with late model power booster, sports muffler and Borg Warner 66 automatic transmission. Motor was rebuilt approx 8 yrs ago. Thermo fan, after market CD player and power steering makes this affordable classic suitable for daily use. $29,950 Contact: Tony Siciliano—(08) 8336 2380 or 0419 812 267 Jaguar 2005 XJ8 4.2 V8 Jaguar Racing Green in colour, with beige upholstery and ONLY 34,000klms. A one owner vehicle from new, purchased in Oct 2005 and still under an EXTENDED WARANTY til Oct 2013. The vehicle comes with new tyres & brakes. Excellent condition throughout and full Jaguar service history. $65,000 ono Contact Ian 0418748862

Register Mtg Minutes Register Minutes continued from page 9. Ray & Barb Offe 4 Litre XJS sport going great. Working on Series 1 for John Castle. Had fuel smells. Worked back to the source. Will Vanderwerf Replaced badge on front of Daimler. Fuel tank kept filling up for no reason. (The members said they would like to do the same!) Found the changeover valve had a leak and wasn’t shutting off. Car takes a bit longer to start. Needs investigation. Ray Offe then gave a short talk on SU Carbies. Meeting closed at 8.40pm. D.V.D. of Xmas Floor Show (Three Tenors) was shown. th

Apologies: Tom & Marj Brimble, Bob & Daphne Charman, Phil & Sue Prior. Business Arising: Film Evening 6th March see Classic Marque for further details. McLaren Vale Vintage & Classic Sunday 28th April, Dinner on Saturday 27th April $80.00 p.h. For a 3course dinner including all drinks we have booked a table with 6 participants so far. 40th Anniversary Dinner July 27th and 28th (Tea Tree Gully) see Classic Marque British Classic Tour Sunday May 5th more details on Many Thanks to Bill & Marg for hosting a great day. Car Talk: Most members had nothing to report but:

Next meeting: Wednesday 13 March 2013, At Shannon’s, 863 South Road, Clarence Gardens at 7.30pm.

Richard clutch problems (looking for a 5 speed gearbox)


David engine rear main seal leaking

Minutes of the Mk1, Mk2, S Type & 420 (compacts) Register held at the home of Bill Browne & Margaret Piper on Hindmarsh Island Sunday 17th February 2013. Present: Geoff & Margaret Thomas, Doug & Judy Tilley, Bill & Heather Jones, David & Carol Davidson, Peter & Ros Holland, David & Margaret Bicknell, Ian & Cheryl Pascoe, Richard & Anik Shipman, John & Ina Gentilcore, Noel & Jo Orford, Tim & Sue White, Ron & Claire Palmer, Bill Brown & Margaret Piper.

Dave kickdown cable repaired Doug horn shorting out and blowing on corners (really great for pedestrians John hopes to be registered this month (New Register Secretary required in September) Geoff Thomas (Secretary)

Com Mee pact ting

Please….! Will someone help me? I need to be relieved ……! 12

Man Owned & Drove the Same Car for 82 Years Can you imagine having the same car for 82 years!?. I guess it was no longer under warranty. "How Long Have You Owned a Car?" Mr. Allen Swift (Springfield, MA.) received this 1928 Rolls-Royce Piccadilly P1 Roadster from his father, brand new - as a graduation gift in 1928. He drove it up until his death ... at the age of 102! He was the oldest living owner of a car from new. Just thought you'd like to see it. He donated it to a Springfield museum after his death. It has 1,070,000 miles on it, still runs like a Swiss watch, dead silent at any speed and is in perfect cosmetic condition. (82 years). That's approximately 13,049 miles per year... Any Jaguar owners out there to challenge that? And the speedo is in miles not Km! That's a total of 1,721,998 Km.

Queen's Belligerent Bentley Moved by Bishop's Blessing The Queen's Bentley failed to start following a Sandringham church service - until a bishop blessed the motor. As her chauffeur got nothing more than "throaty rasping" noises from the engine, the Queen laughed and pointed at the stricken limo. The Bishop of Chelmsford, the Right Reverend Stephen Cottrell, came forward and gave a blessing. At that point the car burst into life and the Queen commented: "Don't let it stop." Bishop Cottrell said he was standing with the Queen waiting for the Bentley to pick her up. He said: "He [the chauffeur] got into the car, put the key into the ignition and it made that kind of throaty rasping noise that cars make when they are not going to start. "So he tried again and again it makes the noise... three or four times. "At this point, really for a bit of fun, I just took a little step forward and made a blessing over the car, which got a laugh from the crowd. "The chauffeur tried the key again and it started. So then there was a great round of applause. "It is one of those nice little incidents," he said. "We all saw the funny side of it."

Has anyone tried this on a Jaguar ?

P (08) 8358 0555 F (08) 8358 0111 E W 245 Diagonal Road, Warradale, SA 5046 Brett Lewis 0412 843 771

Find out what your home is worth FREE! Our thanks to First National Real Estate Lewis Prior, who generously print this magazine.


Just how well do you know the road rules? (Answers p.19)

Q.1. Which vehicle must give way? A or B

Q. 4. Who is required to give way? Pedestrian or Vehicle

Q. 2, Which vehicle must give way? A or B

Q. 5 Which vehicle must give way? A or B

Q. 3. When must you keep left on a multi-lane road?

Q. 6. Which vehicle must give way? A or B

Did you Know?

Q. 7. It is illegal to “tailgate” What is the minimum safe following distance recommended in good driving conditions?

Q. 8. What is the default speed limit (Klms / Hr) in urban areas in South Australia? 50, 60 or 80

Q. 9. If you hold a full licence are you allowed to use a hand held mobile phone while driving? Yes or No

45% of older driver crashes occur at intersections, compared to 35% of all crashes generally.

Q. 10. When can you cross a continuous line?  To enter or leave a private property or another road. You can take additional tests or checkout the SA Road Rules and become a better driver here

 To overtake or do a U-turn.  All of the above.


Jaguar News Think you have seen it all when it comes to E-Type modifications? Think again! Check out the full story by following the link below. (Courtesy Read more:

Jaguar XF Assembly Commences in India Jaguar Land Rover has started assembling the Jaguar XF at its plant in Pune, India, in a move to reduce XF retail prices in India. Lower taxes on cars assembled in India from CKD kits produced in the UK (although not as low as they were), rather than importing complete cars from the UK, mean assembling the Jaguar XF in India will give the XF - already Jaguar’s best-selling car in India – a more attractive headline price. That means the 3.0 litre Jaguar XF dropping in price from 5.8 million rupees (around £68k) to 5.1 million (around £60k) and the newly introduced 2.2 litre diesel XF will come to market at 4.5 million rupees (around £53k). Jaguar may only have sold around 2,400 cars in India in 2012 (although that was up over 30 per cent on 2011), but the reduction in price of the 3.0 litre diesel XF and the launch of the 2.2 litre diesel XF at a competitive price should see those numbers rise considerably in 2013. Read more:


Jaguar News The Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust -Heritage to inspire future generations Established for the nation in 1983, the Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust is a registered educational charity. Its purpose is to preserve the heritage of Jaguar Cars Limited and its predecessor companies, with the marque names of Swallow, SS, Daimler and Lanchester.

The Trust's major objective is to collect and preserve vehicles and artefacts, both past and present, that relate to the history, industrial development and social impact of Jaguar and its associated companies. The Trust maintains an extensive collection of over 140 classic vehicles, which it hopes will inspire future creators by demonstrating how flair, innovation, style and excellence in design can shape the future. Many of these vehicles are kept in full working order and are displayed or demonstrated in action at classic car and other events in the UK and overseas. In addi-

Sir William Lyons at Browns Lane with a selection of the company's products in the 1960's

tion, a selection of the sports and racing vehicles are now on display in a new area at the Heritage Motor Centre at Gaydon. Jaguar Heritage (the trading name of the Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust) also offers a range of additional services to complement its primary role of maintaining the Vehicle Collection. These services include:  Maintaining an extensive archives of product related, technical and business records relating to Jaguar and its associated marques  Providing Heritage Certificates to the owners of classic Jaguar and Daimler vehicles  Providing Chassis number records to assist with the identification of vehicle exempt from UK vehicle excise duty  The supply of genuine spare parts for classic Jaguar and Daimler vehicles through the Jaguar Classic Parts website  A wide range of merchandise available to order from the Jaguar Heritage On-Line Shop or available from the shops located in the Castle Bromwich Visitor Centre or the Whitley Engineering Centre  A range of Technical Publications available to order online, including owners handbooks, maintenance charts, parts and service information and test reports More information and resources at:


Dane Wilden, with Christopher Mackintosh

families having endured the suffering of family and friends ranging between the ages of 18 and 82; indeed, many members of this very club have felt the effects of Cancer first-hand. We would like to share the opportunity to become part of our journey to save lives with the JDCSA community; an opportunity with which, through your support, donations and sponsorship, we may all stand together in honour of each story and each memory of those around us who once fought, or are still fighting. Be sure to stay tuned to Classic Marque for future updates!

Life is often considered a journey. Although often seen in a metaphorical sense, my good friend Chris Mackintosh and I are pursuing this literally, by partaking in the annual Cancer Council Shitbox Rally.

If you wish to make a donation to our cause, please visit ht t p: / /f un d ra i s e. s h it bo x r a l l y . co m .a u / volvo_vikings_team. All donations over $2 are tax deductible. Please show your support by “liking” our Facebook page volvovikings, to stay up-to-date with the latest news about the team.

Now in its fourth evolution, the Rally requires participants to drive across outback Australia in a vehicle purchased, prepared and registered for under $1000; quite a task! Furthermore, each team must accrue $4000 in sponsorship in order to leave the starting line, which, for the first time in Rally history, will be situated in Adelaide.

Postscript: We will be conducting two fundraising “Movie Nights” at the Regal Theatre (formally the Chelsea) on Wednesday 6th and Sunday 24th March. For more information on these events, please contact Dane Wilden (, or your register secretaries – we’d love to see you (and your Jags) there!

This year’s route will also take in the beauty of Uluru and Kata Tjuta in Central Australia, before leaving the bitumen for an off-road trek culminating in the arrival of 200 sorely abused motor vehicles in Fremantle, Western Australia. With this in mind, we procured ourselves a $650, 25-year-old Volvo 240GL station wagon, with a mere 295,000 kilometres on the clock, and started planning. This adventure of a lifetime caught our attention for a number of reasons, not the least of which was the dangerous resemblance of the task at hand to a Top Gear challenge! More importantly, however, we recognised that this was an opportunity to make a real difference for a great cause; a chance to turn the tide of what seems an inevitable aspect of the Australian way of life. This is the foundation upon which the Rally was built, an avenue for privately raising funds to support not only invaluable research into the prevention and treatment of this disease, but also Cancer sufferers and their families. It was this personal aspect of the journey that attracted us to apply for one of the limited team openings well before the release of the final itinerary, with both of our 17

Club Calendar Notes MARCH Tuesday March 5, 7.45pm. Monthly General Meeting JDCSA Police Association Building - 27 Carrington St Adelaide. (At this meeting there will be a presentation on how to access and use our JDCSA web site.)

Wednesday March 13, 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm Monthly Meeting XJ Register at Shannons Rooms - 863-865 South Road, Clarence Gardens Members meet at Villies Cafe South Road for a meal prior to the meeting. Contact Bob Charman Email: Hm: 82484111 Mob: 0421482007

Tuesday March 19, 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm Hm: 82484111 Mob: 0421482007

Friday April 12, 7:30 pm- 10:00 pm Monthly V12 Register Meeting , contact Roger Adamson on 0421 052 518

Tuesday April 16, 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm Executive Committee Meeting VIP Building Cnr. Marion Rd and Sir Donald Bradman Drive

Thursday April 18, 7:30 pm - 10:00 pm Monthly Meeting E Type Register Contact Alan Baker 0429 097 729

Wednesday April 24, 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm Monthly Meeting SS & Daimler Register , contact Malcolm Adamson on 82783002

Executive Committee Meeting VIP Building Cnr. Marion Rd and Sir Donald Bradman Drive

Thursday March 21, 2013 7:30 pm - 10:00 pm Monthly Meeting E Type Register Contact Alan Baker 0429 097 729

Tuesday March 26, 2013 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM Bi-Monthly Meeting Multivalve Register , contact Ron Palmer 0418 855 597

Saturday April 27—Sunday April 28, McLaren Vale Vintage & Classic

MAY Tuesday May 25

Wednesday March 27, 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

British Classic Tour—Victor Harbor

Monthly Meeting SS & Daimler Register , contact Malcolm Adamson on 82783002

Tuesday May 7, 7.45pm.

EASTER— March 29—Monday April 1 NATIONAL JAGUAR RALLY 2013

EASTER—March 29-30 Annual Mallala National Historic Race Meeting & Easter Car Club Display, Saturday 30th March 2013

Monthly General Meeting JDCSA Police Association Building - 27 Carrington St Adelaide. (Special Event—Entertainment by the Three (maybe four) Tenors) PLUS supporting acts.

Friday May 24—Sunday May 26 XJ Register Run to Broken Hill— More details in April Classic Marque

APRIL Tuesday April 2, 7.45pm. Monthly General Meeting JDCSA Police Association Building - 27 Carrington St Adelaide.

Tuesday April 9, 7.30 pm Compact Register Bi-Monthly Meeting Contact: Geoff Thomas 83743228

Wednesday April 10, 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm Monthly Meeting XJ Register at Shannons Rooms - 863-865 South Road, Clarence Gardens. Members meet at Villies Cafe South Road for a meal prior to the meeting. Contact Bob Charman Email: char-

V.I.P. Home Services

Phone 13 26 13 18

Just how well do you know the road rules? Answers from page 14 — How did you go? Q. 1. Vehicle A must give way to vehicle B. An uncontrolled crossroad is an intersection which has no traffic lights, STOP or GIVE WAY signs or lines. At an uncontrolled crossroad you must give way to the right.

Q. 2. Vehicle B must give way to vehicle A. If you are turning right at an intersection, you must give way to vehicles coming from the opposite direction that are driving straight ahead or turning left.

WAY sign, they cancel each other out and normal give way rules apply, which is give way to the right.

Q. 7. Allow 3 seconds between your car and the vehicle in front. Safe following distances vary depending on road and weather conditions.

Q. 8. Remember the speed limit in urban areas is 50 km/h unless otherwise signed. The default speed limit in rural areas is 100 km/h.

Q. 3. When the speed limit is over 80 km/h or

Q. 9. You cannot use a hand held mobile phone

there is a KEEP LEFT UNLESS OVERTAKING sign you must keep the right hand lane free unless you are overtaking, avoiding an obstruction, or if the traffic in the left lane is congested.

in a vehicle while driving, even when the vehicle is at traffic lights or in a traffic jam. You can only use a mobile phone if it is secured in a commercially made cradle affixed to the vehicle and is only used to make or receive calls. It is an offence to create, send or look at a text, video message or email on a mobile phone. L and P1 drivers cannot use any mobile phone technology, including blue tooth and loud speaker while driving.

Q. 4. Vehicles must give way to pedestrians on a slip lane or those crossing a road you are turning into.

Q. 5. When merging into traffic with no lanes marked you must give way to any vehicle in front of you.

Q. 6. Vehicle A must give way to Vehicle B.

Q. 10. You can only cross a single continuous centre line to enter a road or leave a road. This also applies to private property. You cannot cross a single continuous centre line to overtake or do a u turn

A STOP sign is not 'more powerful' than a GIVE

Register Mtg Minutes Multivalve Register Meeting held Australia Day 26th January 2013 at Ron and Clare Palmers house at South Goolwa Lakes Present 32 Members attended with 10 apologies The Weather was ideal, 32 Members arrived in Jaguars of many Models and one Range Rover. The front lawns filled with Jaguars were a delight to see. Lunch was traditional Australian. Entrée—Claires mini meat pies. Main—Barbeque with Salads followed by Desserts and Lamingtons etc. Tony Human addressed the Members in detail on our proposed October Long-weekend away Members booked Palmers @ Goolwa as the venue for Australia Day 2014 Next meeting will be held at the home of Bill Browne & Margaret Piper 8 Mawson Close, Tennyson 83551214 or 0429169798 7.30pm for 8.00 start. Ron Palmer (Multivalve Secretary) 19

INVITATION Annual Mallala National Historic Race Meeting Easter Car Club Display, Saturday 30th March 2013 We have been Running historic motor racing at Mallala over Easter for the last 31 Years. For the last few we have been inviting clubs to participate on the Saturday entering as club groups or individuals We want from you th  Enter by the 16 of March  $30 per car (and 2 occupants)  Cars to be on display For that, we provide  The best park in Mallala, next to the track on the lawns  Some shade and somewhere to sit down  Furthermore, during the lunch break from racing, you get to take your cars around the circuit on parade laps It’s a fun day for all and last year the classic day attracted an excellent crowd, more than double the Sunday turnout. We would love to see you all there. If you don’t think that is exiting enough, then consider entering the historic regularity event! Entry Forms from the Sporting Car Club of SA


The Cat’s Giggle

If you can’t reach the plugs from the ground . . . What else can you do?

A man was driving a car with his wife when he was suddenly stopped by a cop. The cop says, "good evening sir, you were going 80 in a 60 Km zone." The guy says, "no, I wasn't." The wife turns to him and says, "yes, dear you certainly were." The man says, "why don't you just keep your mouth closed?" Then the cop says, "you also didn't have your seat belt on sir." Naturally the guy says, "sure I had it on." Again the woman says, "no honey, I'm afraid you didn't" The man turn around and speaks to the woman in a violent manner, "I told you to shut the hell up!" Then the cop bends down and says to the woman, "excuse me ma'am, but is this your husband?" The woman says, "yes” "Is he always this mean and rude with you?" The woman says, "Oh no officer, it only happens when he's very drunk."

A Highway Patrolman waited outside a popular bar, hoping for a bust. At closing time everyone come out and he spotted his potential quarry. The man was so obviously inebriated that he could barely walk. He stumbled around the parking lot for a few minutes, looking for his car. After trying his keys on five other cars, he finally found his own vehicle. He sat in the car a good ten minutes, as the other patrons left. He turned his lights on, then off, wipers on, then off. He started to pull forward into the grass, then stopped. Finally, when he was the last car, he pulled out onto the road and started to drive away. The patrolman, waiting for this, turned on his lights and pulled the man over. He administered the breathalyzer test, and to his great surprise, the man blew a 0.00. The patrolman was dumbfounded. "This equipment must be broken!" he exclaimed. "I doubt it," said the man, "You see, tonight I am the designated decoy... I “Horse Sense” - Submitted by Pete Taylor haven't had a drink all day!"


Many words can be used to describe the Jaguar XF, but we just use one. Take it for a test drive and you will see what we mean.

Quote for the Month “A fellow can΄t keep people from having a bad opinion of him, but he can keep them from being right about it. “ 22

-TECH FILESCoolant Change Kills Corrosion Problems Almost all automotive manufacturers recommend replacing or changing a car's antifreeze or coolant at some regular interval. For most Jaguars, this is to be done every two years regardless of mileage. Why is this important? Since the XK engine was introduced in 1948, Jaguar engines have been bi-metallic, i.e., composed of both aluminum and cast iron, usually in the form of an aluminum cylinder head and an iron block. When two metals of sufficiently different electrochemical potentials are in contact, either directly or through an electrolyte (such as water or antifreeze), significant corrosion will occur over time. Modern antifreezes contain a corrosion inhibitor which reduces this problem. However, this anti-corrosion additive becomes depleted with use and this is why the antifreeze needs to be replaced every few years. It also is why one doesn't want to use plain water in the cooling system. It is fairly common on Jaguar engines which have not had the coolant renewed regularly to have cylinder head studs corrode completely in two, usually at the lower end of the studs where they thread into the top of the main bearing web. In many cases, this cannot be repaired economically. Additionally, as the six-cylinder XK head does not pilot tightly on the head studs, coolant flows between the stud and the hole in the head. In many cases, with neglected antifreeze servicing, it will be extremely difficult (or impossible!) to remove the cylinder head due to corrosion between the head and the studs. The bottom line: replace your car's antifreeze every two years with any quality brand labeled as "Alugard" or "for Aluminum or Bi-Metallic engines." As the man in the oil filter commercials says, you can pay a little now or a lot later. This article used with permission—Coventry west—

Geoff Mockford—JDCSA Technical Officer

80 King William St Kent Town SA 5067

ph: (08) 8362 5997 23


2013 March Classic Marque  

2013 March Classic Marque

2013 March Classic Marque  

2013 March Classic Marque