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The Classic Marque September 2011 Monthly Newsletter of the

Jaguar Drivers Club of South Australia

You love the car and the camaraderie you have received over the years. So……

…..come along to the Annual General Meeting on Tuesday, 6 Sep to vote for your new JDCSA Executive for 2011/12

Patron: H. Noel Roscrow AM Your Management Committee President: Rick Luff Mobile: 0411 426 913 Email: Vice President: Bob Charman Mobile: 0421 482 007 Email: Treasurer: Tim White Mobile: 0419 809 021 Email: Secretary: Peter Holland Phone: 8271 0048 Email:

Register Secretaries: XK, MK 7,8,9 – Julian Lugg SS & Daimler – Malcolm Adamson MK 1,2,S,420 – Geoff Thomas V12 – Roger Adamson XJ, 420G, MK10 – Bob Charman E-Type – Alan Baker Multi-Valve – Ron Palmer Club Services Technical Officer: Geoff Mockford Phone: 8231 1233 (Bus) Regalia: Vacant Librarian – Tom & Marj Brindle

0417882930 8278 3002 83743228 0421052518 8248 4111 0429097729 0418855597

0438 768 770 8387 0051

Editor: Pete and Kathy Taylor Phone: 8288 0220 Mobile: 0422 563 876 Email:

Historic Vehicle Registration Inspectors: North: – Don Evans 8251 1575 Central:– Evan Spartalis 8362 8116 Geoff Mockford 8223 1997 South:– Onslow Billinghurst 8325 1971

Member Secretary: Noel Trew Phone: 8172 2071 Email:

Log Books: Sue Harrison:

Events Coordinator: Di Adamson Mobile: 0407862758 Email: Web Editor: Tom Herraman Mobile: 0423 214 644 Email: JDCSA Committee members Email:

8333 0057

Club Representatives: Australian Council of Jaguar Clubs – ACJC Bob Charman 8248 4111 Federation of Historic Motoring - FHMC Don Tyrell 8371 0015 0417 818069 Marque Sports Car Association - MSCA Barry Kitts 8391 1759 All British Day: Neil Raw TBA

Front cover It‟s that time of the year where you get the chance to vote who you want on the Executive committee to manage the business of the JDCSA for another 12 months.

A Class Metal Finishers

Fox Creek Winery

Sports Car Centre– Kent Town 1


Meeting opened at 7.40pm Apologies: Evan Spartalis, Noel & Jo Orford, Malcolm Adamson, Brian & Sue Walker, Andrew Byles, Sue White, Warren and C Bullock, Robin and R Bullock, Marg Piper, Bill and Barb Mayman. Guests & New Members: Welcome to new members John Best (X Type) and Peter Swindall (Mk 2) Business Arising: NA President’s Report: Rick Luff Rick advised he was not comfortable with DTEI’s proposed changes and how they had come about. Reminder re AGM next month. A brief description was given for each role. The club has been asked to provide some cars with racing pedigree for display on Gouger Street on the Friday night 16th September for the Supaloc Targa Classic. Please see Rick if you have a vehicle you think may be of interest. Sporting Car Club is having a Bathurst night on October 14th. Rick’s XJS race car will be on display. All welcome. Vice President’s Report: Bob Charman Stickers will be provided to each Register Secretary for sale to members at $1 each. Available in Green, Maroon or Silver. A picture is available on the website. Reminder the Dinner dance tickets on sale $50 each. Thanks to Phil Prior for creating Dinner Flyer. Secretary’s Report: Peter Holland Thankyou to Sue Harrison for standing in. Correspondence included Statements for Treasurer, Copy of minutes from Federation 18/6/11. Federation gave advise of Old Car Day 1/9/11. Public encouraged to drive old cars on 1/9/11. A flyer was supplied regarding a BYO lunch at Bethany. Officials/Marshalls are wanted for the Supaloc Classic Targa. Gawler Swap Meet 11/9/11 Links on our website regarding – 

Climb to Eagle event 4/11/11 –Applications close 2/9/11

Bay to Birdwood – Classics

Rock/n/Roll Victor Harbour

RACV Motor Classic 21-23 October

Treasurer’s Report: Tim White Executive approved the proposed budget. Statements showed $33515.43 in bank and Term Deposit of $45595.06 as at 31/7/11. Membership Secretary: Noel Trew 2

Of the 367 posted 302 has been received. (11 were cancellations/291 renewals.) outstanding. Fee renewal will be charged if payment is beyond a month overdue.

65 still

Editor: Pete Taylor Magazine is being well supported. Continue sending in jokes and articles (even old articles). Web Editor: Tom Herraman - Nil Register Reports: 

SS & Daimler – Nothing to Report

E Type / V12 - Great combined meeting at GarageMahal last month.

Compact – Next meeting at Phil and Sue Prior’s Tuesday 9/8/11. Don’t forget Goolwa run. Entries close in 2 weeks.

XK 7, 8, 9 – Next meeting at Richard & Carla Smiths tomorrow night.

Multivalve –Had a great run last Sunday in Barossa. Thanks to Reg& Sue Wyman. Next meeting 27/9/11 at Peter Clarke’s home in West Lakes. Reminder Yorke Peninsula run on October long weekend.

XJ – Meeting next Wednesday 10/7/11 at Shannons.

Librarian – Some double up magazines are available as give-aways to members. Pick up and enjoy. Regalia - Unoccupied position MSCA – Barry Kitts Next Malalla is 14th August 2011. ACJC – Bob Charman We are awaiting a response from ACJC re Club’s view on Concourse. Bob will be attending the next ACJC meeting on 14th August. Ken White from ACJC attended the last months exec meeting. Historic Registration: – Neil Murrie Following proposed changes to historic registration, Neil has sent a letter to FHMC proposing a subcommittee of FHMC be set up to negotiate with DTI re new requirements and look at Victorian options. Many clubs were unaware of proposed changes. DTEI Information was only sent to 13 clubs (largest ones) out of 132. Suggested we work with other large clubs like SCC to ensure they are aware of the proposed changes and maybe work with us to ensure there is a review and that FHMC represent their membership. Thanks to Neil for all his work to have this resolved. General Business: Thanks to V12 Register for supper and minutes. Meeting was declared closed at 8.35 pm.



Writing this, my last President’s Report, I thought I’d go back and take a look at my first one from October 2009. Having just inherited the reins from Tim White I summarised what the club had achieved during his watch and it was quite a substantial list. In that report I asked the question “What do I bring to the Presidency”. I answered my rhetorical question by saying: “First and foremost is the love of the marque. Next is the realisation that I’m a bit like a fifth generation farmer who understands that he is only the caretaker of the land (club) rather than the owner .When the time comes I want to leave the ‘land’ in even better shape than I found it.” Well, the time has come and I’m handing the farm over to the next generation. I have no doubt their skill and enthusiasm will maintain and further strengthen what I believe is a strong, vibrant and democratic club. The members of our club are a group of people that are fun to be around and I plan to be doing that as much as possible. But a leading edge club like ours doesn’t get where we are without a great deal of input from our members. I would like particularly to thank my Executive Committee who has supported me throughout my two terms. While they have been respectful of my position they have not held back in putting their view forward, even when they differ from mine, and I thank them for that; it’s the way it should be. While I’m thanking people, I’d like to say how much I have appreciated the support, friendship and rain-soaked assistance that I’ve received in getting an old blue XJ-S tooled up for the track. The waves from the crowd high in the wind swept stands as I roared past made me feel a little more like a racing driver and a lot less of an imposter. The new committee will have a few curly issues to deal with, including proposed variations to the Historic Registration Scheme and how our club fits into the 2014 National Rally. I have no doubt it will get sorted. As a parting request I’d ask all of you to do just one thing: PARTICIPATE. It’s your club and it’s as good as you want to make it. It has been a privilege to have been able to contribute to our club over the past four years on the Executive. Now that I don’t have to write a monthly President’s Report I might be able to work on winning back the Jaguaritis Trophy. Rick Luff


A Special Deal for JDCSA Members Just present your membership card at any of Adelaide‟s Solver Paint stores and you will receive your paint supplies at TRADE PRICE. For those of you who have bought paint before you will know the savings are substantial. This is an excellent opportunity to do those long overdue jobs around the house or office with a quality product and don‟t forget the excellent customer service and advice.

Many thanks to Solver for this great deal. P.S. Don‟t forget to mention the JDCSA

UPDATE A number of JDCSA members have already taken advantage of the fantastic offer from Solver. Go get some!!!! Editor 5

NOTICE OF ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING As required by the Constitution please be advised that the AGM of the Club will be held on Tuesday 6 September 2011 following the General Meeting. Nominations for the coming year, 2011/12, are now being sought. All positions will be declared vacant and you are encouraged to consider standing for a position. Nominations close at the conclusion of the September General Meeting and should be submitted in writing to the Secretary. This is an opportunity to be part of the running and future of the Club. Nomination forms are available in Classic Marque (refer last page) and on the website for download.

Note 2010 AGM minutes are in this issue of CM.

Peter Holland Secretary


MINUTES OF THE ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING OF THE JDCSA TH 7 SEPTEMBER 2010 Meeting opened by the President, Rick Luff Apologies: Bill Pryor, Ray Thomas, Trish Clark, Bill & Barb Mayman, Bruce Fletcher, Evan Spartalis Guests: Paul Greenwood – Mk1 3.4, XJ6 S2 Business Arising from Previous AGM Minutes - None Reports to the Annual General Meeting President: Rick thanked members for entrusting him with the leadership of the club. He referred to the varied content of articles in interstate club magazines, with particular reference to an article by Brian Todd, President of the JDCA. Vice President: Bob noted how he had enjoyed the job over the past year and how the club had shown better attendances at general meetings. He also reflected on the contribution of the Registers to the continued success of the club and thanked a number of members who he felt made the meetings more enjoyable. Secretary: Peter noted that there had been contact with our Patron, Noel Roscrow who would be attending SA Jaguar Day and had indicated that he would like to host the club in the New Year. He also spoke about the effort required behind the scenes to process logbooks for cars on Historic Registration and the change to the constitution to ensure non-Jaguar vehicles and family members were properly covered. Treasurer: Tim presented the audited financial report for the year ending 30th June, 2010 Editor: Pete thanked members who contributed and also thanks to members for their support Web Editor: Tom reported on progress over the year. Asked for contributions. More than 20,000 hits. Cool wall up and running, articles page including First 10 years. Tom invited members to assist and learn. . Events Coordinator: encouraged members to contact her re events. 20 Year Membership: Presented to Rod Bradke, Chris Lake & Neil Porter Rick declared all positions vacant and handed over to Tim White, who acted as returning officer.

Election Results  Committee Positions  President: – Rick Luff  Vice President: – Bob Charman  Secretary: – Peter Holland  Treasurer: – Tim White  Mem Secretary: Noel Trew  Editor: – Pete & Kathy Taylor  Event Coordinator: – Di Adamson Register Secretaries  SS & Pushrod: Malcolm Adamson  Compact: Geoff Thomas  Multivalve: Ron Palmer  XJ: Bob Charman

 E-Type: Alan Baker  V12: Roger Adamson  XK, 7, 8, 9: Julian Lugg Non Voting Positions  Web Editor – Tom Herraman  Librarian – Tom & Marj Brindle  ACJC – Bob Charman  FHMC – Neil Murrie  MSCA – Barry Kitts Rick thanked those attending the AGM. Meeting closed 8.40pm Please note copies of the full reports were printed in the October2010 issue of Classic Marque 7

SS and Pushrod Engine Register – Held at the home of Don and Margaret Evans on 27th July 2011

The Minutes of the 27 June 2011 Meeting were accepted as being a true record of the meeting with the correction that Bob Hill-Ling was also present. Present: Bruce Fletcher, Des Brown, Bob Kretschmer, John Lewis, Bob Lynch, Malcolm Adamson, John Lewis, Don Evans, Ross Rasmus, Jack Richardson (late). Apologies: Ross Gogler, Brenton Cliff, Peter Forrester, Jo Lewis, David Adamson, Bob Hill-Ling. SA & Vic BORDER RUN,

28 – 31 OCTOBER 2011.

Bob Kretschmer reported; Response to the call for Expressions of InterestVictoria 12 Possible +2 passengers SS Register - 11 Guests – 9 - Possible_-1 vehicle Current - 32 Newsletter #1 Was issued early June. Marg & Bob Kretschmer visited Naracoorte again late July in order to finalise meal prices & scenic drive route instructions. All but one person expressing earlier intentions to attend have booked motel accommodation. Newsletter #2 with official Entry Form will be issued next week. Arrangements will be made with JDC to receive & issue cheques for meals etc. Technical & Parts: Ross Rasmus thanked Bruce Fletcher for obtaining a head gasket for the MkV 3 1/2l Ross Rasmus seeks workshop instructions for fitting ACE chrome rim surrounds to the wheels. Anyone with the information, preferably with a sketch, contact Ross. John Lewis reported that Mike Wilding has some aluminium spacer housings for MkV water pumps at $120 ea. plus backing plates for Mk1V pumps. He will also do a run of MkV 5-blade impellers mould cast only, do your own machining, price est. $30 -$40 ea. Historic Vehicle Registration – Proposed Changes: JDC has submitted a letter to FHMC but there has been a problem of communication between FHMC & DTEI. See also CM. Discussion ensued. General Business: International access to Minutes; Ross Rasmus reported that during a recent overseas trip, he was able to access Skype & suggested that we could possibly arrange to have our Register meetings recorded per Web cam & internet. If the host for the next Register Meeting, Bob Hill-Ling, was willing to change the venue to his home, the meeting proceedings could include Ross Gogler in Port Lincoln. Register members attending the 2010 Wagga Wagga meeting thanked Malcolm Adamson for distributing refunds from the JDC. 8

John Lewis explained several important problems he had encounted with the new Registration System. Ross Rasmus advised having seen a Jaguar MkV for sale on „Gum Tree‟. JDCSA: 

Photographs are sought for the 2012 Club calendar.

The President of ACJC Ken White recently visited Adelaide & among other matters, advised that all States should have a concours event as stated in the Constitution.

Although the SA Committee has decided against, the subject is to be further discussed.

Malcolm Adamson tabled new window stickers for sale @ $1.00ea noting they are for exterior mounting!

Shed Talk: An inspection of Don‟s workshop was made to see work now in progress on a previously delayed Mk2 major restoration. NEXT REGISTER MEETINGS: Last Wednesday each month; 7.30pm Start 31 August - Bob Hill-Ling (AGM) Nominations for Register President & Secretary required. 28 September - Bruce Fletcher 26 October- Bob Lynch 30 November - Des Brown REMINDERS: 1. JDC General Meeting Tuesday 2nd August 2. SA Jaguar Day Sunday 16 October at Civic Park opposite Tea Tree Plaza. Special features- Mk10 & 420G, 50 years & XJ 40, 25 years. Parking marshals from each Register are required. 3. Bay to Birdwood Classic, Sunday 25 September 4. Club Dinner Saturday 5 November, see CM Supper: Thankyou Margaret.

Refer next page for SA/Vic Border Run UPDATE

What's the difference between bird flu and swine flu? If you have bird flu, you need tweetment. If you have swine flu, you need oink-ment.


SA/VIC BORDER RUN 2011 No. 37 Dates: Friday 28 October through to Monday 31 October 2011 Venue Naracoorte SA Thankyou all for responding so positively to our Expression of Interest per Newsletter No.1 Accommodation: Marg & I were at Penola last week on other business & took the opportunity to call in to Naracoorte again to finalise details of the Saturday & Sunday runs, menus, costs etc. We understand that most people have now booked their rooms direct but if not, then please do so ASAP. Please be aware of the Room Cancellation Policy for your particular Motel. Host Club: The Naracoorte Historic Vehicle Club is preparing for their own 11th ‘Upper South East Combined Clubs Tour’ at the end of August with over 100 entries & then they look forward to welcoming us just a month later. Talk about gluttons for punishment. Official Entry Form: Please see following an ENTRY FORM (Located at the back of the CM) for you to complete & return. For simplicity & fellowship, we have decided to make a single & complete TOUR ENTRY FEE which includes ALL meals, Picnic Park entry fee etc. You will be sent a town map before the Tour to help you find your Motel & the NHVC Rooms. Arrival: Each vehicle will be issued a RALLY PACK at the Motel.

Contents will include:

 Final Program  List of Entrants  Personalised name badge(s)  Scenic Drive route directions for both days  Entrant No. for the vehicle  Rally rear window sticker  Acknowledgements  Brochures for local places of interest

Program Update: The Saturday schedule after the static vehicle display will be a 35km. scenic drive to The Black Cockatoo Bush Camp for a bush picnic with a running-board lunch pack. BYO chairs, refreshments etc.

Attached: Official ENTRY FORM (Refer back of CM for Entry Form)

Cheers for now, Bob Kretschmer Secretary JDCSA SS Register




Minutes of the XJ, Mk 10 & 420G Register – Held at Shannon’s, South Rd Clarence Gardens on the 10th August 2011

Present: Bob & Daphne Charman, David Bicknell, Walter & Beryl Bullock, Don & Kathy Tyrrell, Fay Leyton, Borys Potiuch, John Evans, Evan Spartalis, Phil Prior, Warren Bullock, Brad Hoare, Peter & Ros Holland, Graeme Moore, Ray & Barb Offe, Dennis Paech, Merv Tucker, John Best. Apologies: Darryl Leyton, Noel & Carmel Trew, Richard & Margie Foster, Neil & Andrea Raw, Claire Evans, Martin O‟Dea, James Mann, Steve Attard, Pete & Kathy Taylor, Carolyn Bullock. New Members: Welcome to New Member John Best. General Business 

Election for Register Secretary. Bob advised that the Secretary‟s position was now open for nominations. This message fell on deaf ears and Bob was re-elected unopposed.

Bob thanked David Bicknell for his excellent effort in organising and running the Punts and Bridges Day on 17th July, 2011.

The new stickers were passed around to allow members to purchase at $1 each.

Members were reminded that the Annual Dinner Dance tickets were now available from Daphne. $50 per ticket

The Goolwa run coordinated by the Compact register was discussed. It will be on the 17-18th September 2011. Brochures are available for more information or contact Phil Prior. The cut off time to book is mid-August 2011 and the cost should be about $400 per couple.

Because of the success of the Mount Gambier run this year, we will be doing it again in 2012. The register is also looking to do a run to the Pichi Richi Railway in 2012. Stay tuned for further details.

Peter and Ros gave a small informative talk about their recent overseas holiday.

Our Register is planning a Car Cleaning day. It will be at Don Tyrrell‟s Workshops, Galway Ave, Marleston, on Sunday the 9th October. (A week before Jag Day) Engine steam cleaning will be available and you will have ample space to clean or polish your cars. A free B.B.Q. breakfast will be provided at 8.30am. A detailed email will be forwarded to you all and notice will be placed in the Magazine.

Bob asked if the members would like to have our Register Christmas Dinner again this year on the „Buffalo‟. All were in favour; however, we will leave it until next meeting to see if anyone can come up with a different and suitable venue.

Brad Hoare asked what was happening with the Historic Registration. Peter Holland and Don Tyrrell outlined what was happening at the moment and until we hear anything differently, it will remain the same.

David Bicknell reminded us that September the 1st is „Drive your old car to Work day‟. (for those who work!!)

Car Talk David Bicknell - N.T.R. Walter and Beryl Bullock - Water pump on XJ starting to go. Bob & Daphne Charman - Asked about different tyres for „S‟ type. Big Red is going absolutely beautifully. Warren & Carolyn Bullock N.T.R. John and Claire Evans - All going well as we speak. Darryl and Fay Leyton - Darryl racing this Sunday at Mallala. Brad Hoare - Only seen the cars, has not driven them recently. Running perfectly (he imagines). 13

Peter & Ros Holland Mentioned the Jags they had seen overseas. X Types everywhere in England. 50% station wagons. Saw the Mercedes Museum in Stuttgart. Graeme Moore - N.T.R. Ray & Barb Offe - N.T.R. Dennis Paech Running well. Having trouble with the radio bought in 1979. hard way that the vehicle must be in PARK before you can start it.

He also learnt the

Borys Potiuch. - Fixed the timing. Having trouble with the battery. Car won‟t start. Told to check the PARK position on his gear selector as well. Phil Prior. - XJC in for transmission service and replacement of mounts. warranty work.

S Type in for some

Evan Spartalis. - N.T.R. but Phil Prior told us differently! Merv Tucker. - N.T.R. Don & Kathy Tyrrell. - All cars going well. Timothy Dunning. - N.T.R. John Best. - XJ6 Series 2 belonged to his Grand Father. Engine rebuilt about 2 years ago by XJ Motors. Car went to Queensland and left on parent‟s farm for 5 years. He‟s rebuilt both petrol pumps. Pulled carbies apart and drove it here tonight. The car is called „Irene‟. He also drives an X Type. Meeting Closed at 8.50pm Next meeting: Wednesday 14th September, 2011 at Shannon‟s, 863 South Road, Clarence Gardens at 7.30pm. PLEASE NOTE: for those wishing to join us for tea before the meeting, we meet at Villi's from 6pm.

A man receives a phone call from his doctor. The doctor says, "I have some good news and some bad news." The man says, "OK, give me the good news first." The doctor says, "The good news is, you have 24 hours to live." The man replies, "Oh no! If that's the good news, then what's the bad news?" The doctor says, "The bad news is, I forgot to call you yesterday."


Sometimes it pays to take a gamble on overseas purchases. Club member Gary Dunn just purchased a rather incredible car from ebay – USA. He will be going over to the USA the beginning of August to collect it and have it shipped back to Australia. Gary says she is a real beauty!! This is how the ad read on eBay……………… FOR SALE - 1969 series II E type 2+2, with automatic transmission and originally equipped with power steering and air conditioning. This is a numbers matching car, with original engine, head, transmission and rear differential. I have owned this car for the last three years, and have invested quite a lot of money getting it into its current condition. This car has been in my family since 1974, and has always been garaged and covered. I have put approximately 600 miles on the car since I have owned it. The body is in really great overall condition, with no major dents. Chrome is all original, with some patina of course. Paint was refinished in the early 1970's and is light blue, in good overall condition with various n i c k s , small dings and some paint chips on bonnet. Paint is lacquer and still has a nice gloss to it. The interior is in great shape. Has beautiful custom cinnamon leather interior, custom installed brown Wilton wool carpet and accents consisting of burled Carpathian Elm accents on the dashboard, doors and headliner. Has original steering wheel and all gauges work, including the clock. Over the last 10 years or better, this car has had extensive mechanical repairs including engine rebuild, transmission, rear diff, brakes and complete new exhaust system. The engine rebuild included new pistons, rings, bearings and cylinder head rebuilt. A spin on oil filter adaptor was added. The starter was replaced with a new high torque type. The radiator was upgraded to a Ron Davis aluminum type with Spal electric fan - the old (rebuilt!) radiator with dual electric fans also comes with the car. The old dual Stromberg carburetors were replaced with triple SU's from a series I E type and has a brand new factory air filter system. The exhaust system is all stainless steel, with Jet Coated steel headers. Has a Mallory unilite distributor with custom MSD spark plug wires. The factory power steering has been removed in favour of a rack and pinion setup. 15

The transmission was rebuilt as was the rear differential, including new universal joints as well. The brakes are rebuilt, including new calipers, rotors and pads. The front brakes were upgraded to Wildwood four piston types and the original front Girlings are available if you wish to revert to the original. The car has the original wheels, with original spec Dunlops. The original wire wheels (in fair condition - they don’t leak!) were replaced with new Dayton 15 x 6 alloy rims with stainless steel spokes, new series I style knock offs and new Pirelli P4000 tires. All shocks have been replaced with Classic Jaguar adjustable shocks and springs. I had intended to replace the automatic trans with a 5 speed, especially after installing the triple SU carbs but alas - I am out of money. The car has current registration and is drivable, but could certainly still use some more TLC to get it in tip top shape. Some of the work that needs to be done is electrical; horn, wipers, reverse lights and radio installation (radio is included - a new classic type, with MP3, USB and direct out puts). There is some interior work that needs to be finished as well - I have installed Dynamat under the carpets, but have not finished the transmission tunnel.””

Congratulations Gary on a real good buy. If you are curious about the purchase price, ask Gary. It was well below market value though. Editor


Minutes of the Multivalve (XJ40 to current series) held at Brian and Sue Walkers on the 26 July 2011 Present: Peter Clarke, Bob & Daphne Charman, John & Lesley Clarke, Brian & Sue Walker, Glyn Jones, Reg Wymond, Alf & Joyce Taylor, Tom Brindle, Sue Harrison, Ray Smithers & Judy Langdon, Claire & Ron Palmer. Apologies: Tony Human, Ron & Margaret Shephard, Bill & Barb Mayman, Marj Brindle, Doug Harrison, John Stanley & Wendy Hall. Business: Register Run to Barossa Valley 31st July. 

Register away Run October 1st – 3rd Long Weekend to Yorke Peninsula. Reminder Multivalve set-up and Supper General Meeting October 4th. Jaguar Day Sunday October 16th at Civic Park North East Road Modbury Club Dinner Dance , Saturday 5th November International Motel, Glenelg.

Angle Park Raceway. Possibly July 2012

W.A. Nationals-Ron advised accommodation and Indian Pacific costs.

Car Talk Peter - 2006 X350 35000km replaced part of exhaust ,annoying resonance now gone. Found Solitaire to be very competitive with parts, price and service. Tom - 1994 XJ40 154K recently serviced, Good as gold. Alf - 1990 XJ40 137K - No problems. Reg – 1998 X308 3.2 141K. Has been cosmetically tidied interior and paintwork. Very happy with result- about to be serviced by Sovereign. Would like to buy XJS. Possibly late Model facelift 4 L 6 cylinder. Glyn – 2000 S Type 29500k. Going really well. Brian – 2001 x308 4L Not used for 3 months. Has removed engine from E Type and replaced thrust bearing. Ray – 1995 XJ40 3.2 Sport Not used for some time. Took XJ6 Sprinter to Mallala, went well and happy with times John – 1997 X300 3.2 98K Very Happy -Bob - 2004 S Type 4,2 Cannot fault – fitted new window Sticker – About to replace Tyres and there was much discussion re different brands. The 420G is now running on Caltex 98 Octane and has noticed a huge difference. Sue – 1990 4 L XJ40 234K Recently fitted new shock absorbers and bushes. Have fitted new tyres. There is a little rust near rear window, to be rectified, Brian & Bob recommended Scuffs. Ron – 2002 X308 4L 104K

N.T.R. Great Car.

Meeting finished - 9P.M. with Supper. The Men adjourned to the Garage to see the impressive Collection. Thank you to Sue & Brian for your Hospitality. Next Meeting : Tuesday 27th September 2011 At Court

the Home of Peter & Tricia Clarke, 4 Sunrise

West Lakes. Ron Palmer


A DAY IN THE BAROSSA VALLEY WITH THE MULTIVALVE REGISTER Sunday 31st July was a glorious Winters Day, Sunshine and 19 *C 26 Members drove via Woodside, Birdwood, morning tea at Springton on to Angaston ,then Peter Lehmanns Winery at Tanunda. In truly a stunning display of 13 Jaguars from Series 3 to X350 including Rob Smiths XKR At Peter Lehmanns we enjoyed a Private Tasting then on to Kies Winery at Lyndoch for a very relaxed and enjoyable lunch. Thank you to Reg and Sue Wymond for organizing this very pleasant day.

Notice Board The following applications for membership have been lodged with the Membership Secretary and are listed in accordance with clause 6 (B-C) of the Constitution. If there are no objections, membership will be ratified one month from this magazine: Andrew Bowie & Amanda Terry 1968 XK FHC 4.2L James Light TBA Stephen King 1972 XJ6 4.2L The following applications listed in this month Classic Marque magazine have been accepted. Peter & Jacqueline Swindale 1961 MK11 3.8L Ian & Suzanne Thornquest 2005 XJ 4.2L Shaun & Roseanne Corcoran XK8 4L Edward David & Myra Joan Beaven 1974 XJ6 4.2L Laurie Williams 1986 Sovereign 5.3L We hope you will take advantage of the benefits available, and that you will contribute in your own way to make this a better club for everyone. I particularly ask that Register Secretaries and current members make these New Members welcome at meetings and functions. Noel Trew Membership Secretary


Mk 1, 2, 420 & “S” type (Compact) Register meeting at Phil and Sue Prior on the 9th August 2011 Present: Geoff & Marg Thomas, Phil & Sue Prior, Bill Browne, Colin Haese, Peter Mountcastle, Ray Thomas, Tim White, Peter & Ros Holland, Tom & Marj Brindle. Apologies: Noel & Jo Orford, Bill Jones, Marg Haese, Marg Piper, Sue White, Doug & Judy Tilley. Business: 

Run to Goolwa in September.

Multi valve run to Yorke Peninsula on the October Long Weekend.

Club run to the Barossa in October for calendar photos

New Business: 

New transfers for J.D.C.S.A. $1-00 each Silver/Green/Maroon.

Xmas Breakup, Mt Osmond Golf Club. Sunday Carvery.(Dec 11th??) Geoff to follow up.

Phil discussed a new badge for the compact reg (as per XJ & General club badge) Phil to follow up & get a price.

Question asked about one day for all historic registrations to be handled. Discussed.


Car Talk: Phil.”S”Type N.T.R. X.J. carby transplant S.U”s for Strombergs. Also auto upper cylinder lubricant fitted. Bill.Mk 2.N.T.R. “S” Type .Oil leak in back of motor. Colin.”S‟Type.N.T.R. Peter M. Mk 2. Replaced rubbers on ¼.windows.and indicators. Peter H. Mk 2. N.T.R. Ray. Mk 2. New Ignition switch and new overriders. Tim. Mk 2. Small leak in radiator, to be fixed on return from holidays. Tom. Mk 2. Brakes flushed and fluid changed. Geoff. Daimler Mk 2.Power steering valve sticking, to be fixed. Thanks to Phil & Sue for their hosting. NEXT MEETING - 11th OCTOBER at PETER & ROZ HOLLAND‟S 104 Angas Rd, Westbourne Park. Ph. 8271 0048



Minutes of the V12 Register – Held at Roger and Di’s on 12th August 2011 Present: Rick Luff, Brian and Sue Walker, Scott and Imogen Galloway, Tom, Mardi & Sophie Herraman, Paul Elliott, Roger, Di and Scott Adamson Apologies: Richard & Margie Foster, Pete & Kathy Taylor, Alan & Sharon Dunsford Business: Discussions regarding Jag Day 16th October 2011 – 40th Anniversary V12  Classic Targa – Vehicles for Gouger St 16/9/11  Bay to Birdwood – Rick will have V12 race car Registered  1st Sept – Old Car Day, Several Events organised.  Dinner Dance 5th November 2011  Mallala 14th August 2011 - Come along and support the JAG‟s. Richard & Margie will be travelling from Kingston to be there.  Reminder AGM 6th Sept 2011 Car Talk Tom H - E Type running well. Looking at mounting baby bolt in car. Scott - Rear window finally fitted. Putting head liner back in. Possible power steering leak. (Suggested to try Synthetic ATF) Brian & Sue - Motor out of V12 E Type and back in. Bearing in crank replaced. Renewed carpets, console, etc. Took convertible out for a run and went well. Paul - Bought project XJS recently. There seems to be a procedure to start. Still working on it. Rick - Race car running well. Still looking for HE bumpers for Road XJS. Looking forward to Mallala on 14th August 2011. Pete Taylor will also be racing the V12 XJS. Roger - Went to run XK8 recently to find flat battery. E Type running well. NEXT MEETING: Will be on 9th September, 2011. All welcome. October meeting will be a BBQ meeting prior to Jag Day. Roger Adamson, Register Secretary

Swami Shagwa says….. “I live in my own little world, but it's ok, they know me here.”


Yorke Peninsula Weekend October Long Weekend (Saturday / Sunday / Monday 1/10 – 3/10)

Saturday Take the Coast Road to Edithburgh we will be staying at the Edithburgh Seaside Motel. Saturday and Sunday Nights. $140 per couple per room per night including breakfast. On Saturday night a coach will take us to the Inland Seas Restaurant for dinner and return us to the motel.

Sunday Run to Marion Bay and Innes National Park. Explore Edithburgh, Yorketown and Surrounds. Dinner at local hotel.

Monday Head toward Adelaide via Minlaton, Maitland, Moonta and Wallaroo.

Please let me know if you are joining us. Ron Palmer 0418 855 597 Multivalve register Secretary Email


Minutes of the XK, 7, 8, 9 Register held at the home of Richard and Carla Smith on the 2nd August 2011 Present: Julian and Moira Lugg, Ossie & Rayeena Petrucco, Roger, Di & Scott Adamson, Robin & Deidre Ide, Richard & Carla Smith, John Williams.

Apologies: Rob and Vicki Loffler, Doug & Sue Harrison, John Dunning, Onslow and Wendy Billinghurst, Graeme and Fiona Schultz, Peter and Judy Goodale, Rod & Peg Davis, Jenny Hales & Russell Clarke, Lindsey Williams, Rob Smith. Thank you to Robin Ide (& Sue Harrison on Exec) for acting as register secretary while Julian was away. Welcome back to members who have recently travelled.

Business: 

Executive positions – elections to be held in September – please consider.

Cub Wares - Club stickers $1, fire extinguishers available from Julian


14th Aug Mallala – some club members involved

16th Oct Jag Day, 1st Sept Old Car Day

Targa Adelaide 16th Sept display in Gouger Street

25th Sept Bay to Birdwood Classics

Nov 4th climb to Eagle, 5th Nov Dinner Dance

NZ run. Richard updated members on the NZ trip – numbers are now needed. Robin will collate accommodation. Arrival at Christchurch 22 March and departure, also from Christchurch, will be 19 April. The first half will be on the North Island, returning to the South Island for the Easter rally at Blenheim followed by a tour of the South Island.

2011 Border run hosted by Victoria: 

Hotel: Fairways Resort, Rosebud on the Mornington Peninsula.

Arrive: Friday 4th November 2011, Depart: Monday 7th November 2011

Gerry Howell is the Victorian contact.

Meet on Friday evening at 6.00pm for drinks and dinner.

On Saturday we plan a tour around the Mornington Peninsula starting with Arthurs Seat, then to the Maze and Car Museum, lunch at Sorrento back beach, a tour of Point Nepean and dinner at Portsea Hotel.

On Sunday we browse around Sorrento and then take the Ferry for a 40 minute trip across the heads (of Port Phillip Bay) with lunch at Queenscliff. Return at 3.00 pm or 5.00 pm. to the Country Club.

Depart Monday to a garage to view a mahogany period speed boat and prize winning XK140DHC.

Final numbers needed urgently to secure accommodation.

Spare parts travelling kit for register. Rob Loffler has circulated a list of suggested components. Some of the items may be available from members.


Future Events: 4 December for the Register Christmas function is OK. Roger suggested Garage Mahal for a future meeting.

Cars John Williams – nothing to report Richard Smith – XK used for photo shoot to publicise Targa event. Robin Ide – Mk 9 going well – will start preparing car for NZ run Julian Lugg – nothing to report Peter Holland – reported on UK Daimler Rally and Jaguars he saw on his travels Ossie Petrucco – car needs a good run again Roger Adamson – cars going well Future meetings: 6th September (Tuesday) – The Register will set up at 7.00pm for the general meeting and organise supper. A brief Register meeting will be held from 6pm. 5th October – Julian & Moira, 2nd November – John & Lindsey Williams Sunday 4th December – to be advised, 1st Feb – tennis & BBQ – Ossie & Rayeena Thank you to Richard & Carla for their hospitality. Meeting closed followed by supper & a shed visit.

A guy is sitting at home when he hears a knock at the door. He opens the door and sees a snail on the porch. He picks up the snail and throws it as far as he can. Three years later, there’s a knock on the door. He opens it and sees the same snail. The snail says "What the hell was that all about?"


is an exciting four day, competitive stage, tarmac rally across South Australia with some of the world‟s finest classic cars. In its inaugural year Octagon is anticipating that 200 of the world‟s finest classic cars and drivers will compete along South Australia‟s scenic routes. This enthralling international event sees the best from Porsche, Lamborghini, Ferrari, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Lotus, Ford, Holden, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Nissan and Toyota. You name it and you can see it at Supaloc Classic Targa Adelaide. In response to a huge demand for participation in tours at the four Targa events, Octagon has now decided to provide them in line with the tour held at Targa Tasmania since 2004. The Targa Tours create an opportunity to experience the thrill of driving on some of Australia's greatest driving roads when they have been closed for competition without the pressure of competing or having to modify your pride and joy. Not everyone wants to drive their vehicles hard and this Tour is just what a large number of people have been asking for – to be part of Targa but as a tourist. THE TOUR: The Supaloc Classic Targa Adelaide tour is an amazing experience, but not a race. It is exactly what it says it is and designed to display a cavalcade of motor history, giving owners an opportunity to use them safely, while enjoying the thrill of riding past, literally, thousands of spectators all watching the South Australia‟s largest tarmac rally. Along with the tour, street stages are the part of Targa that make it truly unique. The event sees a number of street stages including prologue in the famous Barossa Valley Wine region, in town of Tanunda where thousands will line the streets to cheer participants on. It‟s an experience money can‟t buy. The Targa Tour follows the same course as the competitive sections, driving in convoy ahead of the competition field over the closed road Targa stages at the normal road speed. Participants get to preview the course in 'packets' of up to 15 vehicles, lead by an organiser‟s course vehicle, usually driven by a retired competitor or official who knows the roads. And although the normal speed limits apply, you really do get the racers eye view and some of the roads you drive on vie for the title of the greatest driving roads in the world. South Australia still enjoys a 100 kph speed limit on its winding mountain passes that most competition cars would struggle to break, leaving plenty of opportunity to enjoy your classic in a very “spirited” manner. Walther Roehrl, voted the best ever rally driver by Europeans, says that there is nothing to compare with Targa roads. From the driver‟s seat of you can feel what it's like coming down the Gorge Road using both sides of the road, cresting Mt Lofty or driving past the crowds watching from the end of their driveways on Coromandel. WHAT HAPPENS IN THE TOUR? Participants in the tour have the opportunity to mix with the competitors and get to showcase their pride and joy at the vehicle expos which accompany each event and where a crowd of surprisingly knowledgeable people will want to talk about your car. Each Tour participant is invited to attend the events' social functions.


Although the Tour is designed for people who want a chance to experience something unique in the enthusiast world, it also provides a way for anyone who fancies having a go at Targa one day, to get up close with the event, feel the roads, the camaraderie, the sense of challenge and achievement and answer the question: "how would I go at this?". Tour cars are not required to have roll over protection systems but are required to travel with fire extinguishers and safety triangles. Participants are required to hold a CAMS Level Two Speed Licence and your vehicle needs a CAMS Log Book - both easy to get and we are here to help. Each tour car is issued with the same Road Books as the competition cars which provide comprehensive details of the course. It is important that the crew member in the left hand seat learns how to read the Tulip diagrams in the Road Book so you can follow the touring route between the closed special stages. Crews are required to report to the security park - that's where all the competition cars have spent the night, while you will have been able to use yours to go to and from your hotel or to dinner - 20 minutes before their due time of departure. They are then to report to their vehicle and prepare to leave when instructed to do so by the Tour Leader. It will be a very early morning start because the Tour goes at the head of the field, but it does mean an early return, allowing plenty of time for an afternoon rest before the evening's entertainment. At the start of the Targa Stages, participants are to queue behind the Tour Leader vehicle on the side of the road as directed. The Tour Leader vehicle will give two minutes warning prior to departure when participants must be in their vehicles, with seat belts done up. During the stages participants are to follow the Tour Leader car through the stage in convoy and normal safe driving practices are to be adopted at all times. Speed will be as per the posted limits, even though the road has been closed to public traffic. Overtaking is not permitted, unless a vehicle in front has slowed down and the driver has given a clear signal. At the finish of stages participants must slow down and be prepared to stop, and then continue to follow the Tour Leader vehicle into the next transport stage. THE COURSE: The tour leaves from the city each day, varying in landscape from open farm land to Adelaideâ€&#x;s beautiful vineyards and large mountain ranges. You will get to ride on iconic stages including, Montacute, Upper Hermitage, Piccadilly and Tanunda. Please see the 2011 provisional course map above to give you a good idea of the 2011 Supaloc Classic Targa Adelaide tour route. Level 4 121-125 King William Street Adelaide, SA, Australia 5000 T: 61 8 8463 4640


GENERAL MEETING ROSTER The Roster for the preparation of supper for the General Meeting is: Sep Oct Nov Dec Feb Jul Aug

XK, MK 7, 8, 9 Register Multivalve Register E-Type Register TBA SS & Daimler Register Mk1, 2, 420 & S Type (Compact) V12 Register

Duty register is required to arrive at 7pm and ensure the room is ready for 7.30pm start.

Register Secretaries please note: Each Register is responsible for the supply of milk and a light supper. If a register is unable to provide supper, please contact the editor (or President if unable to contact editor) and ask them to obtain supper. The Tables and chairs need to be set up by 7.30pm and all members will assist in this process along with packing up after the meeting.


Club & Other Events 13 –to 18 September:

SUPALOC Classic Targa Adelaide (refer this edition CM)

17 & 18 Sep:

Compact Register – Cool Cats At Goolwa

25th September

Bay to Birdwood

1 to 3 October:

Multi-Valve - York Peninsula weekend

14 to 17 October:

Hosted by Victoria – Border Run

16 October:

SA Jag Day - (Refer this issue of CM)

28 to 31 OCTOBER:

SS & Pushrod Register - SA & Vic BORDER RUN,

4 November

Climb to the Eagle

5 November:

Annual Dinner Dance – (refer this month‟s CM)

Quick Reference for Register meetings General Meeting Register Meetings Mk 1,2 &420& S Type (Compact) E-Type Multivalve SS & Daimler XJ, Mk10 & 420G XK, Mk 7, 8 & 9 V12

Tuesday, 6th September 2011

Second Tuesday of every second month Third Thursday of every month 4th Tuesday of odd Calendar months Last Wednesday of each month Wednesday, 14th September Tuesday, 6th September Friday, 9th September



CAT CLASSIFIEDS For Sale (new) XJ6 Series 1 - 4.2 (6 cyl) 3 speed auto Red Original condition $7000.00 ono Ph: V.R. Wyld – 85 412 524 or 0429412524 For Sale (new) 1989 XJ40 Navy Blue, good condition, 143000Km $7000.00 Contact Bill 8445 7060 For Sale X300 – Sovereign, 4.0 ltr (rare) Flamenco red – Oatmeal leather 129,000km $16,000 ono Ph: 0417890599 Wanted Club Car XJ40 or XJ6 (Series 3) Not needing restoration Contact Nigel on (08) 8333 1347 or 0401 045 167 or Wanted XJS Parts - Set of front and rear bumpers to suit XJ-S. Need to be the HE version with the chrome tops. Contact Rick Luff on 0411 426913, 08 8358 6292 or Open to Offers V12 (I think it is an XJS). Motor is fine, the trans/gearbox needs work if not sold it’s off to the wreckers contact Andrew Admiral Ph: 8296 2581 email


The Cat’s Giggle One night a burglar is trying to break into a house. He's sneaking across the lawn when he hears a voice - "Jesus is watching you!" He jumps, turns around, but he doesn't see anything. So he starts creeping across the lawn again. "Jesus is watching you!" He hears it again. So now the burglar is really looking around, and he sees a parrot in a cage by the side of the house. He says to the parrot, "Did you say that?" The parrot answers "Yes I did." So the burglar asks, "What's your name?" The parrot says "Clarence." The burglar says "What kind of stupid idiot would name his parrot Clarence?" The parrot laughs and says, "The same stupid idiot that named his Rottweiler 'Jesus' "

I was in the restaurant yesterday when I suddenly realized I desperately needed to pass gas. The music was really, really loud, so I timed my gas with the beat of the music. After a couple of songs, I started to feel better. I finished my coffee, and noticed that everybody was staring at me.... Then I suddenly remembered that I was listening to my iPod.

A man gets home early from work and hears strange noises coming from the bedroom. He rushes upstairs to find his wife naked on the bed, sweating and panting. "What's up?" he says. "I'm having a heart attack," cries the woman. He rushes downstairs to grab the phone for ambulance, but just as he's dialing, his 4-yearold son comes up and says, "Daddy! Daddy! Uncle Fred is hiding in your closet and he's got no clothes on!" The man slams the phone down and storms upstairs into the bedroom, past his screaming wife, and rips open the wardrobe door. Sure enough, there is his brother, totally naked, covering on the closet floor. "You b*stard," the man says," my wife is having a heart attack and you're running around naked scaring the kids!"

Got a joke? Send it to the editors and we’ll put it in the CM


Entry Form Name: ……………………………………………………………………….(as for Name Tag) Accompanying person(s): …………………………………………………………………….. Postal Address: ………………………………………………………….Post Code; …………… Contact Nos. Home Tel ……………………………Mobile Tel …………………….. Email Address:. …………………………… Club: ………………………………………………… Make of Vehicle: ………………………………… … Year & Model ………………………………………. Registration No. ……………………… Restored:

Yes No (cross out as required)

Has the vehicle been on a Border Run before? ……………. Please Post this Form to: Bob Kretschmer, 56 Miller Street, UNLEY SA 5061 (08) 8357 8233, TOGETHER with your CHEQUE or Money Order payable to Jaguar Drivers Club of SA inc. We regret that electronic funds transfer is not available. th

ENTRIES CLOSE pm Friday 7 October 2011 Please Note; Fees are not refundable after the Closing Date. If you return your Entry Form by email, you will still need to post your cheque.

Attendance & Fee Summary: Breakfasts will be generous Continental style with ‘Club’ upgrade of $8.00pp for a cooked meal payable on the day. No. of MEALS: Persons Attending Friday Evening Meal @ NHVC, BYO drinks & glasses……………………………………………. Saturday Breakfast @ Naracoorte Hotel……………………………………………………………… Lunch @ Picnic Park ‘Running-Board…………………………………………………………………… Dinner

@ NHVC, BYO drinks & glasses………………………………………………………….

Sunday Breakfast

@ Naracoorte Hotel…………………………………………………………….


@ Caves Café. Pay on the day


@ Naracoorte Hotel ……………………………………………………………………

Monday Breakfast


@Naracoorte Hotel………………………………………………………….


$ 134.00



$… … …

Please advise any special dietary requirements ……………………………………. 32