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The Classic Marque May 2011 Monthly Newsletter of the

Jaguar Drivers Club of South Australia McLaren Vale Vintage and Classic - 2011

Flying the flag for our CATS

Patron: H. Noel Roscrow AM Your Management Committee President: Rick Luff Mobile: 0411 426 913 Email: Vice President: Bob Charman Mobile: 0421 482 007 Email: Treasurer: Tim White Mobile: 0419 809 021 Email: Secretary (Relief) : Sue Harrison Phone: 8333 0057 Email: Editor: Pete and Kathy Taylor Phone: 8288 0220 Mobile: 0422 563 876 Email: Member Secretary: Noel Trew Phone: 8172 2071 Email: Events Coordinator: Di Adamson Mobile: 0407862758 Email: Web Editor: Tom Herraman Mobile: 0423 214 644 Email: JDCSA Committee members Email:

Register Secretaries: XK, MK 7,8,9 – Julian Lugg SS & Daimler – Malcolm Adamson MK 1,2,S,420 – Geoff Thomas V12 – Roger Adamson XJ, 420G, MK10 – Bob Charman E-Type – Alan Baker Multi-Valve – Ron Palmer

0417882930 8278 3002 83743228 0421052518 8248 4111 0429097729 0418855597

Club Services Technical Officer: Geoff Mockford Phone: 8231 1233 (Bus) 0438 768 770 Regalia: Sue White and Judy Sterzl – 8270 7080, 8322 5126 Librarian – Tom & Marj Brindle 8387 0051 Historic Vehicle Registration Inspectors: North: – Don Evans 8251 1575 Central:– Evan Spartalis 8362 8116 Geoff Mockford 8223 1997 South:– Onslow Billinghurst 8325 1971 Log Books: Peter Holland:

8271 0048

Club Representatives: Australian Council of Jaguar Clubs – ACJC Bob Charman 8248 4111 Federation of Historic Motoring - FHMC Don Tyrell 8371 0015 0417 818069 Marque Sports Car Association - MSCA Barry Kitts 8391 1759 All British Day: Neil Raw TBA

Front cover A special addition to our annual McLaren Vale Vintage and Classic weekend was a flag flying spectacle performed by Ray and Ruth Thomas at Fox Creek winery. They have been into kites for many years with Ray being somewhat of an expert in land kite racing plus advertising with a difference.

A Class Metal Finishers

Fox Creek Winery

Sports Car Centre– Kent Town



been some complications. He was now home and in high spirits. On behalf of all members of the JDCSA, Bob wished Martin all the best for a speedy recovery.

MEETING OF THE JDCSA 5 APR 2011 Meeting opened by President, Rick Luff at 7.45pm

Fire extinguishers. Each year the Club likes to give something to members. Last year first aid kits & key rings were issued. This year, fire, extinguishers were being given to Register Secretaries for issue on the basis of 1 per membership.

Registers. Bob said he would like to see new members being given a first aid kit and key ring as a way of welcoming them to the Club.

Present: Please refer to signing in sheets. Apologies : Bill & Barbara Mayman, John Stanley & Wendy Hall, John & Claire Evans, Ray & Barbara Offe, Evan Spartalis, Alan & Sharon Dunsford, Julian Lugg, Martin O‟Dea Guests and New Members: NIL

Secretaries Report:

Minutes of the Previous Meeting: Taken as read by members.

ANZ statements given to Tim.

Shannon‟s Insurance. Cheques (a) $100 for E-type day, and (b) $1,000 for SA Jag Day.

E-type 50th Anniversary Event on Sunday 27 March. Rick felt the event was spectacular and a credit to Alan Baker & his organising committee. It really showed that the JDCSA can organise events as good as they get. He added there were many sensational cars there along with the Etypes --- and photos of the day would be shown later on the large screen.

Federation Minutes 19.2.11

Newsletters from Fox Creek Winery

Robert Shannon Foundation Brochures. Encouragement opportunities for under 30 year olds with restoring & preserving old vehicles.

Strathalbyn Swap Meet handouts.

More E-type 50th Anniversary celebrations held at the Sporting Car Club on the evening of Friday 1 April. Quite a number of beautiful Jaguars were displayed on the front lawns & grounds of the SCC premises -- and three E-types were parked on the stage inside --- and they looked magnificent. The three owners of the E-types on stage, Alan Baker, Chris Lake & Roger Adamson, each presented a very interesting talk on their E-type. Rick said the SCC held the JDCSA in very high regard, and this was further recognised as the evening was a great success with a capacity crowd. Congratulations to Bob Underwood (E-type owner and JDCSA member & SCC member) who organised this special & memorable Etype evening.

SA Company Kitchen P/L advertising --located at Angaston, Barossa Valley.

Number of Club Magazines.

Business Arising from Previous Minutes: None. President’s Report: 

Peter said he wished to endorse Rick‟s comments regarding the E-type event at Birdwood. Treasurers’ Report: Tim reported a cash balance of $24,373.43, and a term deposit of $45,000.00. Membership Secretary:

Sunday is the McLaren Vale Classic & Vintage event. Another great day was expected --- and from a show of hands, at least 30 of the meeting attendees were planning to go. Calendars - quite a few left if anyone would like one.

Martin O‟Dea had been in hospital for knee replacement surgery; however there had

For 2010/11: 32 new members, 38 had resigned, thus a net loss of 6 members.

For 2011/12: 8 members processed, with 5 in the pipeline.

Total membership is approx. 367.


Vice President’s Report: 

Please note his email address for all correspondence :

Is upgrading his computer in the next few weeks, so if you have problems emailing, please try again later.

Events Coordinator : 2

Multivalve register: Yorke Peninsula Run on 1, 2 & 3 October 2011.

V12 Register: Virginia & Mallala Run on 3 July 2011.

Club Register Reports: XK, Mk 7, 8, 9: none

V12: Roger (Adamson) advised this Friday‟s meeting cancelled due to the Classic & Vintage day this Sunday. Virginia & Mallala Run on 3 July 2011. Club Librarian: Tom (Brindle) reported he very much enjoyed the E-type Day.

SS & Daimler: Next meeting at Bob Kretschmer‟s on 27 April 2011

New book ‟Jaguar E-type 50th Anniversary‟ being produced in the UK at around $125 have ordered a copy for the Club

E-type: Alan reported on the E-type 50th Anniversary event:

Have a new book here tonight, „Jaguar XK140 Explored‟ great book, very well presented

It was an amazing event. Thank you to committee members Di Adamson, Roger Adamson, Tom Herraman, Chris Lake & Paul Kuhlmann who all put in a huge effort to make it happen, but a very special thanks to Di who is a great organiser and who worked especially hard to ensure it was an incredible event. A big thank you also to Peter Clarke for his very professional job as MC on the day on the microphone it was truly fantastic. Peter must have been a top DJ in a previous life. The weather was a bit iffy, but the grounds were good despite the rain over the previous week (as we thought it might be a quagmire). The marquee added a lot to the great atmosphere and having the Birdwood Wine & Cheese centre inside the marquee really made it feel like an intimate event. Alan also mentioned the SCC evening on 1 April was a very good show and thanked Bob Underwood very much for organising the night and inviting us to participate.

Have the usual books and interstate club magazines

Compact: Geoff (Thomas) advised next meeting would be at Bill & Margaret‟s place at 8 Mawson Close Tennyson.

Relay Team race on 6 May 2011

Multivalve: Ron (Palmer) advised October long weekend would be a run with 2 nights away WA National Rally in 2012. 3 starters already from SA. Currently planning a 2 to 3 day drive there, and return on the Indian Pacific. XJ, 420G, Mk 10: Bob (Charman) advised Mt Gambier run 27 May 2011 Punts & Bridges Day on 17 July 2011 Sunday breakfast see Club website for details. Next meeting won‟t be at Shannon‟s, but at Don Tyrell‟s new workshop for a 6:30pm BBQ, 7:30pm meeting, followed by sweets & coffee etc. A guest speaker will talk about engine coolants. Also a head will be removed from an XK motor on the evening. Don‟t miss this evening.

Regalia Officer: Di (Adamson) reported there were quite a few caps & other regalia sold on the E-type Day about $130 worth. SA motor racing update from Barry Kitts. See Barry if interested in becoming a race steward Race meeting at Sedan cancelled as track too wet. Looking for 6 marshalls for Super Sprint at Mallala (Round 4) on 18 September 2011. Usually get more than 100 cars and not many hitting the walls. This meeting is bigger than a normal race meeting and a lot of fun for those interested in becoming marshalls so see Barry for further info. Also looking for a „Form Up‟ marshall on the day but be prepared to walk about 9km during the day.

Round 2 race meeting on 3 July 2011 ACJC: Bob Charman (JDCSA representative) reported next meeting is in August. He has advised the ACJC that the JDCSA is ok to host the Nationals in 2014 although he has indicated the JDCSA does not want a concours event due to lack of expertise for concours judging. The ACJC agreed with the JDCSA comments re concours as similar feelings in other states. The President of the ACJC has sent an email to all state reps. regarding how the ACJC can improve its operational efficiency. General Business: A question from the floor: Any plans for Jag Day later this year? In answer, for any enquiries regarding Jag Day, please contact Di Adamson. Meeting concluded at 8:42pm.

Also, there‟s now a steam cleaning bay at 56 Barwell Avenue Marleston which Club members might like to use. 3

PRESIDENTS REPORT May 2011 Well, our illustrious President is off on a holiday to Bali and therefore was unable to provide a Presidents Report. So, I took the liberty to put in a few before and after snaps of Ricks latest project. It‟s great to see the heritage of jag racing “lives on”. Editor


A Special Deal for JDCSA Members Just present your membership card at any of Adelaide‟s Solver Paint stores and you will receive your paint supplies at TRADE PRICE. For those of you who have bought paint before you will know the savings are substantial. This is an excellent opportunity to do those long overdue jobs around the house or office with a quality product and don‟t forget the excellent customer service and advice.

Many thanks to Solver for this great deal. P.S. Don‟t forget to mention the JDCSA

UPDATE A number of JDCSA members have already taken advantage of the fantastic offer from Solver. Go get some!!!!

E-Type 50th Photos. Bob Taylor took many photos at the JDCSA of the E-Types as they arrived. They can be viewed on his website for the next couple weeks. Bob has selected one image of each E-Type from the day but there are other photos to choose from if you contact him through his website. If you wish he can email low res images watermarked photos so you can make your choices. Bob only deals in digital images which can be emailed to you or placed on a personalised disc. Prices start at $35.00 for one $50.00 for two or $76.00 for a personalised disc (cheque ,money order or by electronic transfer)


Breakfast on the water at the Birkenhead Tavern What a perfect day to take the big cats (and others) out for the morning. Bright sunshine, no wind, a calm river and a great view of the training sail ship the “One and All”. Bill Browne and Margaret PiperBrowne attended with their new purchase from Flinkiers prestige motor vehicle dealers in St. Kilda, Melbourne; a 2005 luxury “S” type sedan. Bill is now on the lookout for a Leaper for bonnet of the new car! Evan and Andrea Spartalis arrived in their 1978 green Porsche and Lo and Behold! Peter and Ros Holland brought their recently restored soft top Daimler. We were a bit worried about the seagulls hanging around the hotel car park near the water just in case Peter and Ros went home with more than they bargained for.

It was great to see the Bullock family out for the morning, Walter and Beryl and Warren, Carolyn and their children, Sophia and Aston. Walter and Beryl are new members of the JDCSA and the XJ, Mark 10 and 420G register in particular. It‟s good to see young families joining up and having a good time.

Margaret and Geoff Thomas from the Compact register also joined us for the meal along with Fay and Darryl Leyton and Bob and Daphne Charman. Darryl hoed into a strawberry milkshake with lashings of cream and set the others off to buying one as well. This is the second breakfast that the XJ register has organised in the last year or so and everyone participating had a lovely leisurely meal and we hope that more club members will attend in the future. Another attraction is the Port Adelaide Market across the river. This is certainly is worth a visit during the day and the “Port Princess” is available for a morning or afternoon tea cruise. April has been weather perfect this year for our events. What a day on the waterfront! Daphne Charman 6

Mc Laren Vale Vintage and Classic 2011 This years event was held in less than perfect weather. We can‟t always be lucky at this time of year but none the less, a large number of cats turned out to support this annual event. As always, jag owners out numbered the other spectacular cars and although the rain was fairly “regular”, everyone had a great time. Members Ray and Ruth Thomas (pictured) added a special touch to the day by launching the Jaguar flag courtesy of Rays skills as a kite flyer. There was no problem getting the kite into the air with plenty of blustery winds to help. Thanks Ray and Ruth for some added “class” to the day.


SS and Pushrod Engine Register – Held at the home of Bob and Judy Lynch on 30th March 2011

Present: Des Brown, Bob Kretschmer, John Lewis, Bob Lynch, Malcolm Adamson, Brenton Hobbs, Don Evans, Ross Rasmus, Bob Hill Ling, Peter Forrester & Jo Lewis. Apologies: Ross Gogler, Bruce Fletcher, Brenton Cliff, Lack Richardson, John Lewis (chair) MATTERS ARISING: 

SA & Vic Border Run, November 2011 

Bob Kretschmer to contact Nik Cirakovik to confirm dates as Friday 28th to Monday 31st October & ask if the Victorians intend staying Monday night.

Bob has placed a „pencil‟ booking at the Penola Alexander Cameron Motel.

Some members thought that Naracoorte would be a better venue. Bob to get info on accommodation & local attractions vs Penola.

Ross Rasmus suggested that motel bookings must be made promptly.

National Rally at Canberra – Easter 2011 

No mention found in the April Classic Marque (or did not look hard enough?).

Ross Rasmus advised members that he was in the final stages of completing his MKV dhc restoration ready for entry in the National Rally Concours d „elegance at Canberra over Easter.

He had booked accommodation on 4th February but informed later that all Social & Rally functions were already booked out although the closing date for entry into the concours had not closed. There was then no point in entering for the concours if he could not attend the associated functions.

He will be taking the matter further with AJDC and the Canberra organizing club having spent many years and expense to especially reach this particular stage.

A lively discussion, re the concept of concours and the evolution of rules ensued. Malcolm Adamson advised that the ACJC President was coming to Adelaide in May. It is probable that the 2014 National Rally for SA would not include a concours d „elegance. Ross said that if Rules for concours are changed, members should be advised. Don Evans advised our constitution stipulated that a concours be held & that we all needed a yardstick standard for developing members to prepare their cars, although the recent member‟s survey was generally against concours. A handicap system might help. Some of our experienced members could help with judging. Technical & Parts Peter Forrester advised that he had several car s and in particular a MKV dhc. His late father purchased it in 1971 ex Melbourne & started dismantling it & has remained in that state for the last 40 years. He proposes to re-assemble it to running stage over the next 2 years. Malcolm Adamson advised that a conversion kit for MK V cars to fit a complete power steering system from a triumph 2500 Mk2 was available ex Victoria. (would this be a new problem for the Historic Vehicle system & concours originality?). Peter Forrester advised that the new crankshaft bearings to suit 1.5ltr engines were available from MGA & early MGB 3-bearing crankshaft engine sources. Standard size being 20 thou‟ under & 5 though‟ wider than standard SS & Jaguar. Bearing shells from Massey Ferguson tractor engines were also occasionally available. Bob Hill Ling said that there can be some benefit to starting your engine in the dark to see where the sparks are.


General Business Malcolm Adamson advised that the visit to Patron Noel Roscrow‟s home was a great success. Did you see the SS 100? Members enjoyed the inspection of Bob‟s shed, esp to see the new 4 pillar hoist, progress with the 1976 Daimler XJC Series II coup 4.2L, play time with sundry component manufacture & zero progress with the MK V restoration. Next Register meeting 27 April

Bob Kretschmer

25 May

John Lewis

29 Jun

Brenton Hobbs (apol Ross Rasmus)

27 July

Bob Hill Ling

31 August AGM – Don Evans Reminder: General Meeting roster, Tuesday 7th June for SS Register. Supper – Thank you Judy

Two aerials meet on a roof - fall in love - get married The ceremony was rubbish but the Reception was Brilliant.


Minutes of the XJ, Mk 10 & 420G Register – Held at 56 Barwell Ave, Marleston Wednesday13th April, 2011 Present: Bob & Daphne Charman, Steve Attard, David Bicknell, Graeme Moore, Warren & Carolyn Bullock, James Mann, Noel & Carmel Trew, Don & Kathy Tyrrell, Peter Holland, Rick Luff, Darryl & Fay Leyton, Ray & Barb Offe, Borys Potiuch, Serge Stebellini, John & Claire Evans, Geoff Thomas, Rob Smith, Evan Spartalis, Walter & Beryl Bullock, Kevin Walsh Apologies: Pete & Kathy Taylor, Phil & Sue Prior, Neil & Andrea Raw, Martin O‟Dea, Ros Holland, Allen & Lorraine Davis, Richard & Margie Forster. New Members: Walter & Beryl Bullock, Kevin Walsh & David Luff. Special Guests: Geoff Thomas (Compact Secretary & former President) Rob Smith (Life Member & former President) General Business 

A special welcome to our new members Walter & Beryl Bullock, Kevin Walsh and David Luff. Also our special guests, Geoff Thomas and Rob Smith.

A special thanks to Don & Kathy Tyrrell and Serge Stebellini for their invitation to host tonight‟s meeting at their new business premises, Premier Auto, and for supplying the B.B.Q. tea and salads.

The Mount Gambier run on 27th, 28th & 29th of May was discussed in detail. Deposits of $100 per couple to be paid A.S.A.P. to Bob.

„E‟ Type day at Birdwood on 27th March discussed. Bob thanked David Bicknell, Pete and Kathy Taylor for their assistance on behalf of our register.

Our”Xmas in July” at the „3 Brothers Arms‟ hotel at Macclesfield has been organised for Saturday the 25th of June. Bookings are now open.

David Bicknell is organising a „Punts and Bridges‟ run with morning tea at Wellington and Lunch at the Community Club at Murray Bridge, A date has been chosen – Sat 17th of July.

Bob advised that the Executive had approved the suggestion that the Mark 10, 420G and V12‟s be the feature marque at the Jag Day this year.

A report was given on Martin O‟Dea‟s progress – should be out of hospital this week end and could possibly be at our breakfast on Sunday morning. Also a special mention in relation to John Kelly‟s failing eye sight We are sorry to hear that he has had to hand in his drivers licence. He also had to sell his aeroplane. Taking off was OK, but landing was a bit of a problem!! On behalf of the register, Bob wished them both well and we hope to see them at our meetings again in the near future.

Bob advised that an impromptu Breakfast has been organised for this Sunday morning at the Birkenhead Tavern. All invited.

All members were given their Fire Extinguishers on behalf of the Club.

New members were given their special hand outs.

Bob told a little story about a recent night out at the German Club. Bob received a letter from the club concerning our behaviour. (No names or pack drill, but) it appears, after a few schnapps, one of our table (Evan) ordered four main courses and another member of the table (Darryl) ordered a round of schnapps for all of us, but took them to the wrong table! The German Club says the bar sales were up 40% on the night and has asked us to come again. 10

Car Talk Steve Attard: The new Jag going well. Hasn‟t quite worked out the sports mode button and still checking on the timing chain. David Bicknell: Asked how to take out the head lining in a Series 3. Advised to ask Alan Smith. Warren & Carolyn Bullock: N.T.R. both cars going great. John & Claire Evans: Only did 18kms from Nov till 3 weeks ago. Did 700 in the last 3 weeks. Looking for a new house. Peter & Ros Holland: The hood on the restored Daimler should be finished by the weekend. Geoff Thomas: The Daimler V8 going very well. Rob Smith: All cars OK. Rick & David Luff: Race car had official showing at the „E‟ Type day. Car will be ready for Mallala 3rd of July. The red XJS is off the road as he had to use the bumpers for the race car. Darryl & Fay Leyton: Took Derek out to Mallala few weeks back and had the time of his life. Series 3 going well. James Mann: Running beautifully. Graeme Moore: N.T.R. Ray & Barb Offe: N.T.R. Borys Portiuch: N.T.R. He will be going to Mount Gambier in it. Serge Stebellini: The XK40 (almost stolen at that price!) going well. Alan Smith is doing the rear seat. Has new tyres and rims to go on. Going into the paint shop next week. (Just a note from the author – the tyres and rims cost more than the car.) Evan Spartalis: Taking the head off the Series 3 on Saturday. Noel & Carmel Trew: N.T.R. Don & Kathy Tyrrell: All cars going well. Walter & Beryl Bullock: N.T.R. Nothing to drive as yet. Kevin Walsh: His car „Walter‟ a Series 3, just had its 30th birthday. Ready for historic registration. Bob & Daphne Charman: Took “Big Red” to McLaren Vale. Running beautifully but still a bit of a knock with the exhaust. Evan will have a look at it. The “S‟ type just superb. Meeting closed 8.35pm Don Tyrrell then gave a tour of the workshops and an expert talk on coolants. Next meeting: Wednesday, 11th of May, 2011 at Shannon‟s, 863 South Road, Clarence Gardens. 7.30pm. PLEASE NOTE

For those wishing to join us for tea first. We meet at Vilis from 6.00pm

Two cannibals eating a clown. One says to the other 'Does this taste funny to you?'


Mt Gambier Trip Hosted by the XJ register Friday - 27th May: 8.30am - Meet on Freeway, approx 2kms past the Old Toll Gate. 9.00am - Depart for Bordertown. Stopping at Old Police Station Bakery for lunch. After lunch depart for the Mount via Naracoorte Road, passing through Padthaway Conservation Park and into Naracoorte and then on to Mount Gambier. On arrival at Mt Gambier we will book into the Presidential Quality Inn, on the Jubilee Highway West. Room Costs:

Standard Double - $135 Standard Double with spa - $145 King Superior with spa - $185

NOTE: All rooms include continental breakfast. After book in you have a free afternoon or, follow the leader. Have a look at the Blue Lake (which is blue at the moment) and a few of the other touristy spots before heading back to the hotel for dinner. 7.00pm dinner at the Presidential.

Saturday - 28th May Breakfast at leisure. 11.00am - Depart Hotel for Nelson. Approx 45 minute drive. On arrival we board the M/V Nelson Explorer for a 2 and a half hour cruise on the Glenelg River. The price is $36 per head and this includes a B.B.Q. and salads. Upon returning to Nelson we return to our Hotel to relax before going out for dinner. 6.00pm - a bus will pick us up from our Hotel and take us to the 'Barn' steakhouse. (Special write up in yesterday's paper). After a drink or two in the piano bar, we make our way into the Barn for the evening meal. At 'whenever', the bus will pick us up and return us to the Presidential. Bus ride is free.

Sunday - 29th May Drive home at your leisure or, have a morning tour of the Princess Margaret Rose Caves and then drive home. Just remember, the dinners at the Presidential and the Barn are optional. If you wish to do your own thing you can. All we ask is that if you are dining with us, that you let us know. Same with the boat cruise, if you don't want to go, please let me know. The accommodation is very good value and the Dinner venues are both excellent. If you haven't put your name down as yet, please let Daphne know ASAP on 82484111, as I am off to the cattle drive first thing in the morning. Also, don't forget we require a $100 deposit per couple on or before our Register meeting on Wednesday the 11th of May. Bob and Daphne


Minutes of the V12 Register – Held at Roger and Di Adamson’s home on 11th February, 2011 No meeting held for April Roger Adamson, Register Secretary

Minutes of the Multivalve (XJ40 to current series) No meeting held for April Ron Palmer Register Secretary

National Rally 2012 The Jaguar Car Club of WA (JCCWA) is very pleased to be hosting the Jaguar National Rally in 2012. The Rally Program runs from April 26-29th 2012 with the post rally tour taking place in the week thereafter. In the meantime please note those dates in your diary. Please also note that these dates are not during Easter. We have avoided coinciding with Easter, which is always a time of the year when accommodation is at a premium and venues very busy Rally planning is well advanced and full details shall be posted onto the website during February 2011.

Considering going to the WA National Rally in 2012? What about……  Driving over – 3- 4 days  Participate in the National Rally event  Take the post rally tour, and  Return to Adelaide via the Indian Pacific

If you are interested, please contact: Ron Palmer – 0418855597 email: 13

Minutes of the XK, 7, 8, 9 Register held at the home of Roger and Di Adamson – 6th April 2011

Present: Doug & Sue Harrison, Rob & Vicki Loffler, Robin & Diedre Ide, Julian & Moira Lugg, Richard Smith, Peter & Ros Holland, Roger, Di & Scott Adamson, Peter Goodale, Onslow & Wendy Billinghurst, Ossie & Rayeena Petrucco, Rod & Peg Davis. Apologies: Carla Smith, Judy Goodale, Roger & Lyn Hughes, Jenny Hales & Russell Clarke, John & Lindsey Williams, Graeme & Fiona Schultz, Rob Smith, John Dunning. Business: 

Doug was welcomed and is making a speedy recovery.

Christchurch earthquake – no further news from Ray & Marian Larsen.

Run to Meningie March 20th was very successful – thanks Robin.

E-type 50th anniversary function went well – thanks to the register members for the support at Birdwood Mill. Congratulations to Di, Roger and the E-type organising committee for a fantastic event.

 XJ racing at Mallala (Di) 3rd July 2011 (V12 Register invites us on this event). Meet at Virginia Nursery (45 min drive from Adelaide) - browse through the gift shop and renowned nursery. Morning tea at Doncho‟s Cafe, Virginia Nursery, Virginia at 10.00 am (Muffins, Croissants, Cakes or full breakfast). Depart Virginia at 10.40 for a cruise of approximately 25 minutes to Mallala Raceway Watch warm up laps featuring club members including our President, Rick Luff Bring along a picnic lunch, tables and chairs, or buy lunch there (Hot dogs, Hamburgers etc). The Club has hired shelter (Garages) in the pit area for club members Watch the afternoon racing as engines rev, rubber burns and cars and minds spin Return to Adelaide at your leisure Future events: 

Bungaree station – possible venue for next border run to SA (Sue to investigate), ideas also included Cornish Festival, Music in Bundaleer Forest event, and a run to Kapunda (Rob Smith), Beltana Station/ or other venues (Robin/ Moira to investigate for August 2012), possible run to Springton in August this year (Moira).

NZ run proposed (Easter 2012 April 6th). Coincides with Jaguar event in Blenheim. Richard/Ossie to organise. Any interest to Richard (4 members interested already).

Proposed visit to Australia in Feb 2012 by a group of UK XK and E-type drivers (the club will organise a function to meet them in Adelaide).

2011 Border run hosted by Victoria Hotel: Rosebud Country Club, 27 Boneo Road, Rosebud Vic 3939 Arrive Friday 14th October 2011, Depart Monday 17th October 2011 Bookings at Rosebud Country Club have to be finalized so require 3 months notice (numbers next meeting). Gerry Howell is the Victorian contact. Interest from 3 members but several others away & prefer early November. Julian to email Gerry.

New events dates to be checked with Di as events coordinator.

Fox Creek run on Sunday – some members going.

Club Calendars available from Julian.

Updated register list to be circulated again.


Car talk Peter Goodale – working on FH 140, putting body on. Richard – working on E-type, took 120 to Birdwood. Julian – making progress, has stainless steel exhaust from UK, painted engine bay. Sue & Doug – carpet jigsaw under way, vinyl welding done on XJ40. Rob Loffler – recently drove E-type for first time, 120 & E-type to Birdwood. Robin – car dried out after Meningie run. Onslow & Wendy – Austin 7 mobile, 150 going well. Ossie – 150 back on road with fuel tank & power steering repaired. Rod – recent visit by sisters from Spain (loved the XK 140 ride) & England. Roger – cars going well, will organise visit to a contact‟s garage. Peter Holland – Daimler hood being done (XK is next). Thank you to Roger & Di for their hospitality. Next meetings May 4th – Robin & Diedre Ide (23 Milton Ave Tranmere) June 1st – Rob & Vicki Loffler July 6th – Rob Smith August 3rd – Wendy & Onslow September 6th (Tuesday) - JDC general meeting supper Meeting closed with visit to garage & supper.

Two Eskimos sitting in a kayak were chilly. They lit a fire in the craft, it sank, proving once and for all that you can't have your kayak and heat it too.


Minutes of the Mk 1.2.420 & “S ”type (Compact) Register held at Bill Browne and Margaret Piper’s at 8 Mawson Close Tennyson on 12th April 2011 Present ; Bill Browne, Marg Piper, Geoff & Marg Thomas, Phil & Sue Prior, Ray Thomas, Tim & Sue White, Tom & Marj Brindle, Peter & Ros Holland, Bob Charman.(guest). Apologies ; David & Carol Davidson ,Noel & Jo Orford, Colin & Marg Haese, Bill Jones, Neil Murray, Doug Tilley, Judy Sterzl. Business: 

“E”Mail from a Rick James of California looking for the history of a Mk 2 1959.3.4. 4 speed o/d. Chassis No 151159DN. Eng No KG2450-8. Ex .JDC of SA Car. See Geoff for details.

Also For Sale.1959.Mk 2.stripped for Restoration. Chassis No 150022 and matching Nos with Heritage certificate (No 22 of class & one of first 40 into Aust.) See me for details.



Car Talk Bill ; Needs to know how to clean white wall tyres, Picks up modern “S” TYPE this week.(looked good at b/fast.) Phil ; ”S”type N.T.R. X.J.Engine may come out to refurbish engine bay. Tom ; N.T.R Tim ; Mk 2. Adjusted throttle linkage, now 8m.p.g.beter getting 18m.p.g.”S”type N.T.R. Ray ; New engine mounts, stabilizer mount, rebuilt carbs, replaced rear suspension rubbers, new inlet manifold ,getting there. Peter ; Mk.2.N.T.R. Daimler hood almost complete.(now finished, looked good at b/fast) Bob ; 420 going o.k. clock to be looked at is right twice a day. ”S‟type N.T.R. Geoff ; N.T.R.

NEXT MEETING AT GEOFF & MARG THOMAS’S. ON 14th JUNE. AT 7.30.( 1 B.Hendon Street. Clovelly Park. Ph 83713228.)

Register Secretary Geoff Thomas










Notice Board The following applications for membership have been lodged with the Membership Secretary and are listed in accordance with clause 6 (B-C) of the Constitution. If there are no objections, membership will be ratified one month from this magazine: W & R Bullock Lynda Jane Raseigh Roland Burrell & Angela Broadstock Kevin Walsh & Anne Cabourden

TBA TBA E Type 1981 1984 XJ 6 4.2L

The following applications listed in this month Classic Marque magazine have been accepted. Ian & Wendy Pringle Tim & Charmaine Lynas Carmelo & Mary Saliba Robert Evans Louis & Nella Marafioti Mark O’Brien

1964 E Type Coupe 3.8L 1971 E Type Roadster 4.2L 1974 XJ6 4.2L & 1988 Daimler XJ6 4.2L 2002 S Type 4L TBA 1977 XJS 5.3L

We hope you will take advantage of the benefits available, and that you will contribute in your own way to make this a better club for everyone. I particularly ask that Register Secretaries and current members make these New Members welcome at meetings and functions. Noel Trew Membership Secretary

A man takes his Rottweiler to the vet. 'My dog's cross-eyed, is there anything you can do for him?' 'Well,' says the vet, 'let's have a look at him' So he picks the dog up and examines his eyes, then checks his teeth. Finally, he says, 'I'm going to have to put him down.' 'What? Because he's cross-eyed? ' 'No, because he's really heavy'


GENERAL MEETING ROSTER The Roster for the preparation of supper for the General Meeting is: May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov

XJ, Mk10 & 420G / V12 Register SS & Daimler Register Mk1, 2, S Type & 420G Register V12 Register XK, MK 7, 8, 9 Register Multivalve Register E-Type Register

Register Secretaries please note: Each Register is responsible for the supply of milk and a light supper. If a register is unable to provide supper, please contact the editor (or President if unable to contact editor) and ask them to obtain supper. The Tables and chairs need to be set up by 7.30pm and all members will assist in this process along with packing up after the meeting. 19

Club & Other Events


XJ Register: Friday, 27 28 & 29 May – Weekend run to Mt Gambier. Refer Classic Marque for full details. Saturday, 25 Jun – Xmas in July (although it is actually in June) –all welcome



Sunday, 19 June – Victory via the beaches. Refer Classic Marque for details – all welcome

Quick Reference for Register meetings General Meeting

Tuesday, 3rd May 2011

Register Meetings Compact E-Type Multivalve SS & Daimler XJ, Mk10 & 420G XK, 7, 8, 9 V12

Second Tuesday of every second month Third Thursday of every month 4th Tuesday of odd Calendar months Last Wednesday of each month Wednesday, 10th May Wednesday, 4th May Friday, 13th May


CAT CLASSIFIEDS For Sale Steel XJ6 wheel complete with Bridgestone 205/70/15 tyre 95%+ tread. $50 - Price includes 5 wheel nuts and securing bolt/washer for boot storage. Robin Bullock 8389 6185 For Sale 1972 Series One. 70,847 genuine miles only. No Rust, New Tyres, New brakes. Has all books from new. Some spares, might need a little T.L.C. (carpets) Drives like new. Owner going overseas on April 1st. $6,000 Contact Dave Heslop - 85221189 or mob 0422567579 For Sale 1964 Jaguar Mark II - Excellent Condition Old English White / Red Interior 2.4L Auto A Bargain at $14,950 Contact Nigel: 0408 890 174 (8 Jan 2011)

For Sale 1985 XJS Jaguar Coupe V12 HE Red with Beige interior. Genuine 142,000 on the clock Car is in excellent condition, definitely NO rust. $19,750 ono Contact Jack or Carol: 8289 1847 or 042717847 (28 Apr 2011)


Wanted Steering wheel and Horn (Jaguar MKII) Lindsay Pears is looking for a steering wheel: OEM 1960 Jaguar MKII, complete with horn button Contact Details: Lindsay Ph 7225 4359 (26 Jan 2011) Wanted Club Car XJ40 or XJ6 (Series 3) Not needing restoration Contact Nigel on (08) 8333 1347 or 0401 045 167 or (8 Jan 2011)


The Cat’s Giggle A young minister was asked by a funeral director to hold a grave side service for a homeless man with no family or friends. The funeral was to be at a cemetery way out in the country. This was a new cemetery and this man was the first to be laid to rest there. I was not familiar with the area and became lost. Being a typical man, of course, I did not ask for directions. I finally found the cemetery about an hour late. The back hoe was there and the crew was eating their lunch. The hearse was nowhere to be seen. I apologized to the workers for being late. As I looked into the open grave, I saw the vault lid already in place. I told the workers I would not keep them long, but that this was the proper thing to do. The workers, still eating their lunch, gathered around the opening. I was young and enthusiastic and poured out my heart and soul as I preached. The workers joined in with, "Praise the Lord," "Amen," and "Glory!" I got so into the service that I preached and preached and preached, from Genesis to The Revelation. When the service was over, I said a prayer and walked to my car. As I opened the door, I heard one of the workers say, "I never saw anything like that before and I've been putting in septic systems for twenty years."

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