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January 2018

THIRD DEGREE The Journal of the Eta Alumni Association of Phi Sigma Kappa at the University of Maryland

A Special “Thank You” to Our “Notable Nine’s” The Brothers listed below are in a class all to themselves - One Hundred and Thirty-Eight Alumni who have maintained their membership in the Eta Alumni Association of Phi Sigma Kappa throughout our past nine years. We offer our sincere thanks for their consistent support for all that we have done, are doing, and have yet to do. The Brothers listed below are our Notable Nine’s and to them we dedicate this issue of “The THIRD DEGREE”. Arthur C. Farnham Robert P. Haines William B. McKinney Warren J. Tripp John S. Bingham George B. Falck James C. Pearson Allen J. Krowe Robert C. Cooke Eugene E. Langellotto Allyn H. Myers, Jr. Carter F. Schwartz Grady A. Vickers, Jr. Lary L. Acker Boyd I. W. Bounds Lowell B. Hinchliffe Joseph D. Brown Stewart C. Bushong Robert G. Pemberton Ernest R. Wall Charles M. Barlow Wayne H. Bethards Vernon M. Briggs, Jr. John M. Capants Robert E. Geiger John J. O'Brien Robert M. Payne Louis V. Roy Drury G. Bagwell John P. Bailey Lance W. Billingsley Cyril V. Childs Phillip A. Cole Lucian S. Heflin, Jr. John L. Towers John M.C.Willin, III William B. Binch Nicholas Limar Warren B. Wimer, Esq. Leslie David Young Edward G. Banks, Jr. Terry J. Billingsley William F. Funk Richard E. Mellinger John P. Scancarella Roland N. Shumate

Todd B. Hoffman ‘82 Secretary

1943 1949 1950 1950 1952 1952 1952 1954 1956 1956 1956 1956 1956 1957 1957 1957 1958 1958 1958 1958 1959 1959 1959 1959 1959 1959 1960 1960 1961 1961 1961 1961 1961 1961 1961 1961 1962 1962 1962 1962 1963 1963 1963 1963 1963 1963

Donald J. Ahern John F. Donnelly Vaughen H. Link Leonard J. Megby, Jr. Th. V. "Mike" Miller, Jr. Esq. Gerald F. Moentmann William E. Nichols Ronald G. Rayne, Esq. Adrian G. Teel Joseph E. Boiseau Walter E. Laake, Jr. Robert C. Mister Joseph E. Spinella Albert W. Zahniser, III Michael A. Grieb Brian L. Harrington Joseph E. Smith, Jr. Robert E. Masterson William H. Brewster A. James Comi Cecil A. Given, III Gerald D. Haser Roland L. MacDonald William D. Palmer Harvey J. Gannon James C. Hyatt William J. Niziolek Robert H. Stropp, Jr. Edward P. Becker Mark W. McNutt Stephen L. Miller David J. Crowley David H. Whitehill Oscar L. Reksten Leon A. Boulavsky Allen S. Kogut Jack O'Brien Morgan A. Connor Thomas G. Dimka William B. Gable Stephan P. Malloy James E. Allen Eugene A. Atwell David G. Bourdon William R. Walsh William R. Gross

J. Victor Alonso ‘13 Treasurer

John J. B. Wright, Esq. ‘82 Second Vice-President

1964 1964 1964 1964 1964 1964 1964 1964 1964 1965 1965 1965 1965 1965 1966 1966 1966 1967 1968 1968 1968 1968 1968 1968 1969 1969 1969 1969 1970 1970 1970 1971 1971 1973 1975 1975 1975 1976 1976 1976 1976 1977 1977 1977 1977 1978

Stephen O. Cooper John B. Ostaffe Dennis G. Phelan Matthew R. Smalley Harry L. Geller Russell R. O'Haver Joseph E. Criscuoli Todd B. Hoffman David E. Lamolinara John J. B. Wright, Esq. Michael G. Albers Michael L. McGown John K. Schneider Albert T. Stultz, Jr. Brandon S. Wagoner Clyde E. Taber John M. Arena Jim H. Fields, Jr. Richard M. Schindel Ronald J. Williams Jack G. Williams Scott D. Crown Daniel C. Curry Glenn F. Jaggard H. Christopher Malone Phillip N. Scott Robert M. Troyano Joseph Eric Vinson Roger L. Boothe James A. Charanis John H. Parsons Fredrick D. Straub Thomas V. Miller III Andrew D. Cameron James W. Lomker Louis J. Schwartz Eduardo C. Curlett Naresh G. Sunderraj Jeffrey V. Odom, Jr. David M. Schwartz David A. Shirey Stephen A. Borger Eric G. Madden Joseph A. Campanella III Peter J. Della-Croce Christopher P. McBeth

Christopher M. Flood ‘13 First Vice-President

1979 1980 1980 1980 1981 1981 1982 1982 1982 1982 1983 1983 1983 1983 1983 1984 1985 1985 1985 1985 1985 1986 1986 1986 1986 1986 1986 1986 1987 1987 1987 1987 1988 1989 1989 1989 1990 1990 1991 1991 1991 1993 1994 1997 1999 2002

Joseph E. Criscuoli, ‘82 President

The Executive Committee of the Eta Alumni Association of Phi Sigma Kappa at the University of Maryland, College Park

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On Our Cover Our flags were flying high at the 2018 Homecoming Tailgate, as seen in this terrific photo taken by our First Lady, Grace M. Criscuoli.

January 2019




JANUARY 2019 The


Eta Alumni Association of Phi Sigma Kappa 12806 Silverbirch Lane Laurel, Maryland 20708 Maryland Senate President Thomas V. “Mike” Miller Jr. in the Senate Chamber on Thursday, when he revealed that he has metastasized prostate cancer. (Marvin Joseph/The Washington Post)


Prayers for Mike The revelation that Maryland Senate President, and member of the Eta Alumni Association, Thomas V. “Mike” Miller Jr. has metastasized prostate cancer has cast an emotional pall over the Annapolis State House, where the Calvert County Democrat has reigned for more than three decades. Independent medical experts said such cancer is not curable but can be contained through treatment, sometimes for years. Gov. Larry Hogan (R), who publicly battled cancer himself three years ago, sent “heartfelt prayers” to his longtime friend and sometime nemesis “on what I know must be one of the toughest days he’s faced.” Miller teared up while going over basic procedures in the Senate chamber, and again at a panel discussion on economic development. He then got a pat on the back and a private word of comfort from House Speaker Michael E. Busch (D-Anne Arundel), who survived a liver transplant in 2017 and heart bypass surgery last year. Brothers from all decades are encouraged to reach out to Brother Miller. A postal address is available upon request to 2

January 2019


Executive Committee Todd B. Hoffman ‘82 Secretary Silver Spring, Maryland J. Victor Alonso ‘13 Treasurer Silver Spring, Maryland John J. B. Wright, Esq. ‘82 Second Vice-President Burtonsville, Maryland Christopher M. Flood ‘13 First Vice-President Silver Spring, Maryland Joseph E. Criscuoli, ‘82 President Laurel, Maryland

Portions of this news item were taken from the Washington Post story, “Maryland Senate president Miller plans to fight prostate cancer, 'fully carry out' Senate responsibilities”

ETA CHAPTER NEWS News Briefs from the Eta Chapter of Phi Sigma Kappa at the University of Maryland

From the Desk of The Alumni Chairman

Sebastian Lecha ‘19


he Eta Chapter of Phi Sigma Kappa has changed a lot in the past few years and I’ve witnessed it all. My name is Sebastian Lecha. I joined the fraternity in the Spring of 2014, and in the fall of that year became the first sophomore President of the chapter. In my time I recruited countless new members, switched majors 3 times, created new philanthropy events, started new environmental initiatives on campus, and permanently damaged both my liver and my kidneys. It was some of the greatest moments of my life, and I wouldn’t take any of it back. Now, as a 6th year “super duper” senior, I am the current alumni chairman. I’ve been a brother so long that I’m older than over 40 alumni members. I have witnessed five chapter presidents come after me, some shine brighter than others (shoutout to Brother Peter Danis). Brotherhood regimes have risen and fallen, but I have never seen a group as hungry for improvement more so than the group of young men currently running our fraternity.

Sebastian Lecha Columbia, Maryland Environmental Science and Technology Class of 2019

This new batch of brothers has quickly gained an excellent reputation on campus. In the past year Eta has more than tripled its community service hours and successfully hosted a philanthropy event that raised over $11,000. Current President Sam Schoberg has an excellent vision for the future of the chapter, and is supported by an executive board of like-minded brothers. The culture at Eta chapter is evolving into one of involvement and discipline, without ever losing our festive spirit. A new movement has brought focus to brotherhood and upon the meaning of true fraternity. I personally believe they have benefited from my vast knowledge and experience, as I eagerly fill my role as the wise old man who lives alone in the far off town of Columbia. Though I, too, have had many mentors on my journey, none have been more patient, or have sported a better moustache than Alumni President Joseph Criscuoli (with apologies to John Wright). I have been lucky enough to know Joe for over five years, five wild and glorious years. With his guidance, and the full backing of the Eta Alumni Association, I plan on reconnecting the chapter with the alumni association and strengthening the chapter’s relationship to the most recently graduated brothers. My fraternity experience has proven, and Chapter Advisor Jay Gobeil has exclaimed, that perpetuity is the name of the game. The pledges we made with one another must always be continued. It is never too late to rekindle your past friendships or share a beer with your brothers. The Eta chapter embodies this both in its current members and through its alumni. It has never been a better time to be a brother, so get (and stay) involved. Damn Proud, Sebastian Lecha ‘19 Eta Chapter Alumni Chairman January 2019



Introducing the Executive Officers of the Eta Chapter of Phi Sigma Kappa

Sam Schoberg, is a member of the Spring ’18 Omicron class, and a sophomore Spanish and Comp. Sci. double major from Carroll County, MD. After several long tours across constituent districts and grueling latenight debates, Sam was elected President of the Eta Chapter. As the Eta commander-in-chief, his primary goals are to continue to elevate the name of Phi Sig on campus, expand the chapter, and bring the troops home safely. After the presidency, Sam will stay on the east coast to work for a big tech company. He considered giving speeches at Goldman Sachs or a book tour instead of working, but soon realized defending the PSK Creed for 2 semesters is not the same as preserving, protecting, and defending our Constitution of the United States of America. In all seriousness, he believes the new executive board is well suited for success and prepared for the semesters ahead. He looks forward to keeping up with 3rd degree members and to strengthening the connection between alumni and actives. God bless you and God bless these Phi Sigs. 4

January 2019

Benjamin A. Jolley, of Berlin, Maryland, was initiated into Phi Sigma Kappa as a member of the Omicron class during the Spring semester of 2018. He is currently in his third year at the University of Maryland majoring in Kinesiology, the study of how the body moves. Following postgraduate school, he will be pursuing a career in orthopedics and wants to make prosthetics more readily available to all. Having served as the Chapter Expectations Chairman for a semester, he quickly rose through the ranks and was elected Vice President. During his tenure as Vice President, Ben hopes to streamline communications between all chair positions while also improving the internal operating efficiency of the chapter. In the catastrophic event that Sam Schoberg is unable to perform his duties as President, Ben is prepared to step in and “Press onward”.


Jack Singelstad is a sophomore history major from Cambridge, Maryland and the newly elected Secretary of the Eta Chapter of Phi Sigma Kappa. Following graduation, he plans to travel the world, hopefully as a member of the U.S. Foreign Service. As Secretary, his focus is on strengthening existing lines of communication between the active chapter and its executive board to the Eta Alumni network, along with maintaining effective communication among current members of the chapter. He plans to assist in the smooth operation of the chapter on a daily basis by being organized and promptly dealing with issues and matters as they arise. Jack is excited to begin work on what is expected to be a year of growth and success for the Eta Chapter.

Nolan McNeill is the Treasurer for the newest Eta Executive Board. He is from Frederick, Maryland and a proud legacy. His father, Jim McNeill, was a part of the class of 1987. When asked to describe himself, Nolan simply answered, “I’m the greatest thing this fraternity has to offer.” And his talents don’t stop at his sense of humility. He is an avid tennis player, snowboarder, and knows a thing or two about the weight room. And on top of all that, he has a heck of a noodle in that noggin. Nolan is an Economics Major and Law & Society Minor. He looks forward to a career in financial planning. As Treasurer, his biggest goal is to “keep the ship afloat.” But he also looks to assist the various chairmen of this fraternity with the ability to go above and beyond their own goals. In all seriousness, Nolan McNeill takes great pride in this opportunity to serve such an amazing organization. NOLAN IS DAMN PROUD TO BE A PHI SIG.

The Eta Chapter’s newly elected Sentinel is Dylan Fox, a Comp. Sci. major from Baltimore County, MD. Dylan is a junior at UMD and plans to graduate this Spring to begin his master’s work at UMD. He has been a brother of the Eta Chapter since his freshman year. Since joining, he has seen massive growth of the chapter in both numbers and quality of events. Aside from his duties as Sentinel, Dylan is particularly involved in the recruitment process, believing that bringing in high quality brothers will positively affect every aspect of the brotherhood. Thusly, he has volunteered to be rush chairman for both this year’s Fall and Spring semesters. As Sentinel, he will focus on creating a safe and enjoyable environment for all brothers and guests alike. He will also protect and keep the rituals and traditions of PSK in high standing for all brothers. Dylan is excited to see the brotherhood of the Eta Chapter grow and develop over the next few years, so that this chapter can once again become a leading organization on the Maryland campus.

Antonio Karides was initiated into Phi Sigma Kappa in Spring 2018 after rushing mid-semester. In the fall of 2018 he served as Homecoming chair before being elected to the position of Inductor on the Eta Executive Board. Antonio is a Sophomore and majoring in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Sustainability Studies. He is also studying Modern Greek at the University of Maryland after attending high school in his hometown of Severna Park, Maryland. As Inductor he hopes to develop associates of the Eta Chapter into people of high character, devoted to not only the Eta Chapter of Phi Sigma Kappa, but to the University of Maryland and people at large. He wants to build community not only within the new member classes but between the new members and current brothers of Phi Sig. Damn Proud.

January 2019



News From Our House Mother I am so excited to write you all to inform you that I survived another semester at #2 Fraternity Row. Since becoming the house mom I get asked the same question by my peers “What’s that like?” My response is always the same, a variation of “its pretty easy because my residents make it easy” and this semester was the easiest of all. Usually when the men move in it is like pulling teeth getting them to clear the unwanted furniture out of the hallways. This semester, the hallways were immediately clear. As the semester moves along the hallways and common areas accumulate trash and, if no damages occur by the first registered event, damages are sure to follow it. This semester, while I did find some questionable things on bulletin boards, we ended with no damages to the common areas (a first for my tenure). I was a little scared at first because it was unusually clean (or clean by fraternity house standards). Not only do your Brothers make my job easy but they continue to be hilarious and hardworking men. I’ve never seen a group of men take a group trip to Marshall’s so seriously and my favorite thing that has ever happened in the house was seeing them dance to Christmas music at our ice cream social. It was too funny and so pure. I love hearing that they actively enjoy becoming better men by learning about themselves and others at events sponsored by the Department of Fraternity and Sorority Life. This hasn't been an easy semester for the University of Maryland but your Brothers have continuously taken a strong voice. It’s always a pleasure to serve in the Resident Director role and I know I will miss it when I graduate in May. All the Very Best in 2019,

Ayanna p.s. A special shout out to Kyle and everyone else who has helped decorate the house this semester. The decorations have been on point.

IF YOU KNOW SOMEONE HEADED TO UMD WHO WOULD MAKE A GREAT MEMBER OF Eta Chapter Officers: PHI SIGMA KAPPA President Sam Schoberg Vice President Benjamin A. Jolley OR Secretary Jack Singelstad IF YOUR COMPANY HAS Treasurer Nolan McNeill INTERNSHIP OPPORTUNITIES Sentinel James Corley Inductor Antonio Karides PLEASE SEND AN E-MAIL TO: 6

January 2019



President, Eta Housing Corporation

The Phi Sig Chapter House or, as we refer to it, The Eta Mansion, located at #2 Fraternity Row is the “Heart” that keeps the Chapter living. Without a strong, vibrant Chapter House the body, our Eta Chapter, would surely weaken and may cease to be able to continue. Half of the Chapter’s membership live in the House, even more look to the House for their meals. The Chapter conducts all meetings and functions at the House. The Brotherhood, both living in the House and elsewhere, do a majority of their studying in the House. The Brothers gather for social activities in the House; watching sports programs on an 83” television, playing pool and holding UMD-sanctioned social parties with Sororities. The Chapter House is the keystone to Rush and new member recruiting events. Without our House, to provide the structure and the spirit required for vital functions such as those described above, the Chapter could not operate, grow and/or prosper. As the President of the Housing Corporation, it is my honor, (and at times, my headache), to work with the other members of the Housing Corporation, Chapter Adviser, Chapter Officers, Chapter Brotherhood and the Universities’ Department. of Fraternity and Sorority Life to see that our House is in strong working condition. I am, as noted, assisted by my Vice President, Joe Criscuoli (a man of many hats) and the Corporation Treasurer, Grace Criscuoli. The Chapter President and House Manager act both as my eyes and ears concerning the condition of the House and desired improvements that are needed to ensure that our House is meeting the needs of the Chapter. We want our House to be a “jewel” among the Fraternity Houses at the University of Maryland and a item of pride for the Chapter. The Eta Mansion boasts: a living room with leather couches, an entertainment center featuring an 83” screen TV, a Pool and game room, a dining room for meals prepared and served for the House Brothers (and those living elsewhere who wish to take advantage of this convenient amenity), as well as bathrooms that rival those of any Hyatt Hotel and (a perk not available at any off-campus housing) a maid/cleaning service. Why join Phi Sig? How else can you live with your closest friends in a Mansion with all the above amenities and not have to clean the bathroom? To maintain our House as a Mansion the Chapter can take pride in, annual upkeep and improvements are coordinated with the University. Last summer the Heating and Cooling systems throughout the House were replaced with state of the art “DOAS” (Dedicated Outside Air Systems). These systems allow individual settings for the heating and cooling of each room. Most importantly, they allow direct, filtered, outside air to be circulated into each room and throughout the House. This prevents the House air from becoming stale during periods that the House is generally closed up due to cold or hot weather. It allows better control of humidity and prevents conditions which would be conducive to the growth of mold, a condition the University is dealing with during this ‘wet’ year, as you may have heard about through media outlets. The cost for this single renovation exceeded the initial cost for the whole House renovation done in the 1990’s. Last year we had the entire bathroom/plumbing system replaced. All pipes, water and sewage, were replaced and the Bathrooms were gutted and renovated. Now with fully tiled walls, individual shower stalls, and new sink counters the bathrooms could be said to be the nicest rooms in the House. If you get a chance to visit the House and see them you will agree that you would not find better facilities even in the finest 5-star Hotels. This semester the “Kitchenette” area was renovated with new counters and counter tops. This is an area next to the dining room where the Brothers can store refrigerated items and heat up or cook food between meals or on weekends. The Chapter, through the Housing Corporation, looks to add a ‘julien bar’ counter with stools to use as both an eating area and studying area. We look forward to future improvements in the House. Both these improvements, as well as past improvements, are only possible due to the great support the Chapter receives from its committed Alumni Association Members. During the past nine years, Eta Alumni have contributed over $125,000 to our “Six Columns Fund”, which enabled the Chapter to obtain the House, furnish the House and accomplish the renovations to date. Continuing support and contributions will be needed to keep our Chapter House, the Heart of the fraternity, strong and vibrant. Large contributions can be made on a ‘tax deductible’ basis (check with your tax preparer about new tax laws- I ain’t no CPA) to the Six Columns Fund. Smaller contributions can be made directly to the Housing Corporation. To all the contributing Alumni, the Chapter Brotherhood and the Housing Corporation says; “Thank you”. We hope, if you haven’t been to the House recently, that you can get by to see our, your, Chapter House. As the Beverly Hillbillies said; “Y’all come back now, ya hear?”

January 2019



Eta Alumni Association News

Open House 2018

Yes, once again your Eta Alumni Association put out a great spread and invited Brothers near and far to check out the “Castle on the Row” that is #2 Fraternity Row, the Chapter House of the Eta Chapter of Phi Sigma Kappa. Even though the active members were out of town at their “Away Weekend” they left behind messages to their alumni taped to their doors throughout the house. Many alumni brought their significant others, and many remarked at the cleanliness and raved about the newly-refurbished bathrooms. There were also several discussions associated with “Naming Rights” for various rooms and elements within the house. ____________ (Upper left: Eta Alumni Second Vice President, and “Social Chairman to the Stars” John J. B. Wright Esq. ‘82 [in the red shirt to the left of the wall-mounted Triple T’s] “sweats the details” of food set-up and replenishment as attendees enjoy a meal in the chapter dining room.) (Lower left: Joel Cannon and his daughter, Amelia enjoy an al fresco approach to dining at Phi Sig. Amelia Cannon is the first grandchild of Second Vice President, and “Social Chairman to the Stars” John J. B. Wright Esq. ‘82 [in the red shirt to the left of the wall-mounted Triple T’s in the photo at upper left - whew!] Not pictured: Amelia’s exhausted mother, Annie Cannon.) (Upper right: Through her interaction with the alumni, Eta House Mother Ayanna Tucker has learned that, at Phi Sig, those who stay to the very end of an event often enjoy the leftovers - in this case a real rarity: an unopened bottle of wine.) (photos courtesy of Grace M. Criscuoli) 8

January 2019


Eta Alumni Association News

Homecoming 2018

By John J. B. Wright, Esq. ‘82 “The place that I know where they all know me I gotta get back now to the ones who love me… There's nothin' in the world that feels like Coming home” (Coming Home, by Keith Urban)

As we all know, 2018 was a difficult year for our Alma Mater, the University of Maryland. The tragic death of a student athelete, 24/7 media coverage and criticism, one investigation after another and the confusing events designed to address the issues. Despite all, on October 24th, the Maryland Family came together to recall better times, renew old friendships, cheer for Our Terrapins and hold “Deep in our Hearts” the “Black and Gold”. The weatherman seemed to be on the “let’s bash Maryland” team - calling for windy, cold rain. It’s a good thing Phi Sigs, as they did during their undergraduate years, don’t listen to those with more knowledge than us. So despite the early game time, Eta Alumni began to gather for our Homecoming Tailgate at 8:30 am and never complained about the weather, knowing that their Eta Alumni Association would take care of them. And take care of all the Eta Alumni Association did - in grand fashion. Not one, but two large event tents were erected on the grass right next to Ludwig Soccer Field. Who cares if it rains? We were dry and “there is always sunshine when the Phi Sigs come back Home”. The earliest arrivals were those who were the earliest on the College Park campus, our esteemed Alumni from the 50’s and 60’s; Robert Berry, Joe Boiseau, Jim Comi, Francis Denvir, Gecil Given, Fred Gawick, Mike Grieb, Robert Haynes, Robert Mister, Ron Rayne and many others. These strong alumni decades were certainly strongly represented. It was great to see them all and to again hear of the escapades and achievements of the Brother’s at #7. The tailgate heated up, driving the cool winds away, with hot, custom made, personal omelets. Three chefs took orders and served up omelets “your

way” featuring fifteen offerings (including bacon, ham, peppers, cheese, and spinach, just to name a few). Tales of ‘busing’ at a Sorority house in exchange for meals were swapped as the 70’s alumni enjoyed brunch; including Jim Allen, Tom Dimka, Steve Malloy, Steve Miller and others. And the warmth of Brotherhood overcame Mother Nature. The clouds parted, the wind stilled and the sun shone down on our Phi Sig tailgate. The “party” 80’s Alumni gathered and added ‘spirit’ to our gathering: Kirk Bell, Jim Charanis, Todd Hoffman, Chris Malone, James McNeil, George Peabody and many more. And of course, their decade’s social leader, the invincible Eric Vinson. Their highlight of the Tailgate, other than to be amazed at Eric’s memory of the night before, was to view the Tailgate (continued) January 2019



Photo courtesy of Jeffrey V. Odom, Jr. ‘91

Eta Alumni Association News

Photo courtesy of Grace M. Criscuoli

Tent next to ours, hosted by the University of Maryland Cheerleader Alumni. I was truly impressed to hear that almost all these women had at one time or another dated a Phi Sig Brother of the 80’s. The drinks flowed and good cheer spread between all decades of Alumni, including the Alumni who brought our Chapter back to campus and onto Fraternity Row. They truly exhibited Brotherhood. Catching up with each other’s new jobs and residences, they showed how “Brotherhood for Life” is born. The Founding Fathers and new Alumni included; Elias Yishak, Paul Hazan, DJ, Colin Wagner, Eric Phelps, Alex TAILGATE FEEDBACK!: Once again, thank you, John and the Exec Committee for setting this up. I think I can speak for a majority from the 60's who would say that the location and the food was outstanding! We would've had a few more attending, but one had a pacemaker implanted, one was recovering from back surgery, one had to go to the Auburn-TN game, and one can't walk more than 100 yards! Your passion and effort on behalf of Eta Alumni motivates us to come in at least once a year (many from NJ, IL., R.I., LA., CA) to see our old brothers from over 50 years ago (same guys, just older, grayer and heavier), and laugh our butts off at the same old stories. We also like to see how the new guys are doing...and it appears the new breed is doing well. Met some pretty sharp and savvy young guys. Looking forward to 2019. Go Terps. Damn Proud, Cecil Given Outstanding event put on by the Executive Committee. Many thanks for yesterday and all that you guys do throughout the year. For those that didn’t make it yesterday, mark it down as a must do next year. Thanks, Dave Schwartz Thanks for another outstanding PSK Homecoming tailgate event. Great location, great brothers turnout, and great food - the omelets were great! I'm from the Class of '69 and we've had about 15 to 20 brothers from our era each year and the Eta Chapter tailgate is a big drawing card. Hope you can continue this event for a long time! Thanks To All! Harry Murphy Good seeing Saturday and thank you for putting it all together! Thanks again! Kenny Parr Thank you so much for having such a wonderful tailgate before the homecoming game. It was great to see longtime friends and new young Phi Sig alums and actives. Hopefully we will make the event next year! Carolee and Stephen Miller ETA ‘70 Joe and Alumni Club team: Fantastic!. Thanks for a great event. Brothers - great to see you. Stay in touch & call if you’re in Georgia! Jim Charanis 10

January 2019


Homecoming 2018 Raul, Kurt Barsotti, Mark Bedanov-Pack, Mike Cassano, Chris Flood, Scott Hoffman, Mike Kelleher, Zach McHugh, Jared McKee, Vic Alonso, Santiago Noguera, Danny Tatum, John L. P. Wright and many, many more.

Photo Courtesy of Kenneth D. Parr ’90

All in all, a great day, a great gathering, a great Alumni Tailgate. We filled both tents with over 130 Phi Sig Alumni and family members, we enjoyed good food, drink and, most importantly, a great deal of Brotherhood. We missed all our Brothers who could not attend and raised a drink in honor of each of them, toasting a hope that they will be able to join us next year. Our Brotherhood not only brought out the best in Mother Nature, it brought us a Terrapin win over Rutgers by the score of 34 to 7.

Photo courtesy of Grace M. Criscuoli

“Maryland we're all behind you, Raise high the black and gold. For there is nothing half so glorious, As to see our team victorious.”

Joe - Once again. Thank you for your Leadership. You and your team did another Bang up Job on putting the 2018 Event together. I wish we had more success in getting some of the folks on my list to come forward with some involvement and to pay their dues. Maybe we can run a contest next year, where all the late dues paying members get their names thrown into a lottery to win a Phi Sig Mug or jacket. If we do Omelet’s next year, I will try to bring up crawfish to put in them. To you and your team “Keep up the good Work” Root for the Turtles. Steve Miller (Louisiana) Joe, John and the rest of the Exec Committee: Another great PSK HC tailgate! The new location, the beer (thanks John), the food, and the rest of the event was great. Like Dave said, make sure to save the date for next year. Thanks for all of your hard work. Damn Proud!! Jeff Odom Joe. Another masterpiece. Thanks so much.. we really enjoyed ourselves. Will send pics soon. Joe Boiseau Job well done bros and always great connecting. Saw same guys I haven’t seen in 20 years. Great spot too! Damn Proud. John Parsons Joe - Sorry I didn’t have a chance to say hello at the Tailgate but thanks to you and the Executive Committee for this and all you do during the year. It was great to have the made to order omelets again. GREAT! Ronald G. Rayne I arrived towards the end of the tailgate (flew down from Boston that morning) but really enjoyed it as well as sitting as a group at the game. The team looked dominant on the field and kudos to John/Joe/Todd for locating our tailgate next to the alumni cheerleader tailgate. Looking forward to it again next year! Russ O'Haver Yes, good to see everyone, great omelettes, fun fun fun J. Eric Vinson, CPA Homecoming was great! Thanks Joe and John and everyone. Terrific! Chris Flood January 2019


Homecoming 2018

Photos courtesy of Grace M. Criscuoli

Eta Alumni Association News



January 2019


Upcoming Events Sponsored by the Eta Alumni Association of Phi Sigma Kappa

MARCH 16, 2019 - 7 PM - 11 PM

Reunite! ...and Celebrate Founder’s Day! By the Chapter, For the Chapter, and at [TBA]! Eta Chapter Alumni from across the country will gather at a location to be determined, re-connect with roommates as well as Big and Little Brothers and Sisters, and meet the members of the Active Chapter. Make plans now to “be in TBD” on March 16th!

NOVEMber 2, 2019 - TIME TBD*

10th Annual Eta Alumni Homecoming Tailgate What Will We Do To Top The 2018 Tailgate? The most memorable events in the past few years included Omelet Chefs, a Wood-Fired Pizza Oven, and a Mexican Smorgasbord, and a Three -Table Bar-b-Que Buffet.

Eta Alumni Events

Easy Hotel Arrangements

Plan to make this event one that we’ll never forget and help to blow-away our ever-increasing attendance records. Remember, dues-paying members may bring their family members for FREE! Make plans now to pay your dues in July and be in College Park in November!

*Time to be confirmed and announced.

January 2019






Eta Alumni needed to gather “Alumni Notes” & photos for inclusion in award winning magazine published 2x per yr. No exp. needed. Must be willing to contact alumni, seek news items & pics, and send to layout artist via email. Alumni database provided. Send an e-mail to Subject: “Alumni News Coordinator”

Top-notch alumni assn. needs help with member recruitment & retention. A few phone calls & e-mails is all that is required. Excellent support (magazine, website, social media) will make this job easy. Compete w/other decades to claim bragging rights and help grow this group to next level. Send resume via e-mail to Subject: “Decade Captain”

Develop networking program for assn. benefitting mbrs. & undergrads incl. Mentors Program, Events (reg. & special), & Social Media exch. Send 1 page concept statement and resume via e-mail to Subject: “Networking Coordinator”

ALUMNI PROFILE COORDINATOR Prof. needed to prod and poke other Alumni to answer questions/provide pic for “Alumni Profile” for award winning magazine published 2x per yr. No exp. needed. Must be willing to contact alumni, seek copy & pic, and send to layout artist via e-mail. Alumni database provided. Apply via e-mail to Subject: “Alumni Profile Coord.”

CHAPTER ADVISORS Work with undergrads of greek letter org. at BIG10, Research 1 Univ. Did you excel at Recruiting, Member Educ., Academics, Financial, Risk Mgmt.? Then this may be for you! Prev. exp. w/Chap. Leadership pref. but not necessary. Apply via e-mail with resume to Subject: “Chapter Advisors”

PHOTO ARCHIVIST Seek photos from members for Photo Vault. Apply to Subject: “Photo Archivist”

FUNDRAISING IS FUN WITH US! Unlimited number of positions available with UMD’s #1 greek alumni assn. Help us expand # of donors and encourage annual gifts to our successful buttkicking capital campaign. Send onepage concept statement & resume via e-mail to Subject: “Fundraising Fun with Eta”

FAMILY TREE COORDINATOR! Your interest in history and genealogy could mean an exciting position with our assn. Contact alums and learn their Big/Little Brothers to help complete a huge “Family Tree” for the chapter. See your work at the Reunion. No design, just getting the info. Apply via e-mail to Subject: “Family Tree Coordinator”

HISTORY BUFFS WANTED Seek memories of PSK fr. members for Hist. Project. Apply to Subject: “History Buffs”

SOCIAL EVENTS ASSISTANT Help #1 PSK alum. assn. plan/hold major social events 2x per yr. Build # of guests & be part of an already great events mgmt. team. Send 3 ideas on how to improve our Open House and/or Homecoming Tailgate & resume to Subject: “Social Events”

SOCIAL MEDIA GURUS Create content for our Facebook +/or LinkedIn presence. Must be willing to share ideas, create content & take direction. Knowl. of MS Publisher pref. but not necessary. Apply via e-mail to Subject: “Social Media Guru”

WRITERS WANTED Write feature articles for inclusion in award winning magazine published 2x per yr. No exp. needed. Must be willing to pitch ideas, create content and be edited. Knowledge of MS Word a must. Apply via e-mail with your 1st article idea to Subject: “Feature Writer”

Terps. Tradition. Time. Talent. Treasure…. ...and Triumph.

The Eta Alumni Association of Phi Sigma Kappa

...for the Next 100 Years of Your Eta Chapter 14

January 2019


03/06/19 Could be a Big Day!

Looking Forward to Our 3rd Big Day of Fundraising on March 6, 2019! As you know, there is now a second way to provide tax-deductible* support to our Chapter. In March of 2017, the Phi Sigma Kappa Scholarship Fund was unveiled, designed to assist undergraduate members of the Eta Chapter of Phi Sigma Kappa at the University of Maryland. The fund was created by the Eta Alumni Association and the Eta Housing Corporation, in accord with the University of Maryland College Park Foundation - just like the "Six Columns Fund" - to which some of our members have already been most generous. And, like the "Six Columns Fund" the Phi Sigma Kappa Scholarship Fund is monitored by the Eta Alumni Association and the Eta Housing Corporation. The Division of Student Affairs Development Staff at the University of Maryland will collect and evaluate essays, written by the undergraduate members of Phi Sigma Kappa who seek to earn scholarship money from this fund. The Eta Alumni Association and the Eta Housing Corporation will determine the

03.06.19 annual/semester "theme" for the essays, and review and approve the evaluation of the essays done by the Division of Student Affairs Development Staff at the University of Maryland. As a result of our first 2 Giving Day appeals, we have raised $12,903. We need an additional $12,097 for “endowment” status enabling our distribution of scholarships to Eta Chapter undergrads. On our 3rd Giving Day we sincerely hope that if you are going to make a taxdeductible* contribution this year, why not join with Eta Brothers from many different decades, all of whom want to aid in the efforts to create scholarship opportunities for the members of the Eta Chapter by contributing to The Phi Sigma Kappa Scholarship Fund, and to support improvements to the Chapter House through the Six Columns Fund. You can read more about this new fund, the terrific success we encountered on our first day of fundraising, and both ways to “Give Back” when you visit OUR GOAL FOR 03.06.19 REACH THE $25K “ENDOWMENT” STATUS

Top-Ranked Chapter Scholarship Funds 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Phi Kappa Tau Terrapin Scholarship Sigma Nu Fraternity Undergraduate Scholarship Kappa Alpha Order Fund Phi Sigma Kappa Scholarship Fund Alpha Epsilon Phi Scholarship Fund

*Gifts in support of the University of Maryland are accepted and managed by the University of Maryland College Park Foundation Inc., an affiliated 501c(3) organization authorized by the Board of Regents. Gifts are tax deductible as allowed by law. Please consult your tax advisor.

January 2019


Our Campaign - by the Numbers

Raised To-Date

Tax-Deductible* Contributions to the “Six Columns” Fund are still being accepted.

Exclusive Naming Rights Are Still Available !!

Make a Pledge and Take Up to 3 Years to Donate.


Dial 301-206-5472 to Discuss You Gift and Claim Your Naming Right. Perfect for Eta Classes, Associate Classes, and Memorial Dedications!

Have You Made a Tax-Deductible* Donation This Year?

Top-Ranked Chapter House Funds 1. PSK Six Columns Campaign Fund 2. Alpha Chi Omega Chapter House Fund 3. Beta Theta Pi Chapter House Fund

* Gifts in support of the University of Maryland are accepted and managed by the University of Maryland College Park Foundation Inc., an affiliated 501c(3) organization authorized by the Board of Regents. Gifts are tax deductible as allowed by law. Please consult your tax advisor. 16

January 2019


Learn more about the Six Columns Fund when you click on this banner on the “links” page at our website -

Donations by Eta Class 1985 1963 1962 1986 1957 1964 1958 1982 1973 1961 1960 1977 1956 1981 1965 1987 1954 1959 1966 1970 1979 1952 1980 1984 Non-Eta 1955 1976 1968 1975 1953 1967 1978 1971 1989 1950 1994 1999 1951 1969 1990 1992 1945 1988 1991 1997 1983 1995

$13,700.00 $11,250.00 $7,975.00 $7,650.00 $7,000.00 $5,680.00 $5,275.00 $5,200.00 $5,100.00 $5,000.00 $4,950.00 $4,950.00 $4,700.00 $4,450.00 $3,800.00 $3,491.00 $3,400.00 $3,350.00 $3,065.00 $3,000.00 $2,650.00 $2,200.00 $2,200.00 $2,050.00 $2,050.00 $1,900.00 $1,900.00 $1,650.00 $1,490.39 $1,100.00 $1,100.00 $1,100.00 $700.00 $700.00 $640.00 $550.00 $500.00 $400.00 $300.00 $300.00 $150.00 $100.00 $100.00 $100.00 $100.00 $50.00 $50.00

Donations by Decade 40’s 50’s 60’s 70’s 80’s 90’s 00’s 10’s Non-Eta

1 41 56 25 41 8 0 0 9

$100 $29,965 $44,780 $20,890 $39,591 $1,750 $0 $0 $2,050

Missing in Action... These Eta Classes have yet to make their first donation: 1972 1974 1993 1996 1998 2000 2001 2002 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 Will You Be First in Your Class?

Naming Rights Still Available A donor, and/or groups of donors, can secure naming rights for many parts of the home of the Eta Chapter of Phi Sigma Kappa. Naming rights are offered on a first-come firstdonated basis, and are acknowledged with a decorative plaque to be displayed for a period of twenty-five years from our move-in date of January 25, 2012.

Dial 301-206-5472 TODAY to Reserve Your Naming Rights, Register Your Pledge, and make your Tax-Deductible* Donation. *Gifts in support of the University of Maryland are accepted and managed by the University of Maryland College Park Foundation Inc., an affiliated 501c(3) organization authorized by the Board of Regents. Gifts are tax deductible as allowed by law. Please consult your tax advisor.

With a Very Special Thanks to: Campaign Directors: Wayne H. Bethards ‘59 Joseph E. Criscuoli ‘82 Peter J. Della-Croce ‘99 Todd B. Hoffman ‘82 Phillip R. Rever ‘63 John J. B. Wright, Esq. ‘82

Campaign Chairmen: Lary L. Acker ‘57 James E. Allen ‘77 Drury G. Bagwell ‘64 Edward P. Becker ‘70 Lance J. Billingsley ‘61 Terry J. Billingsley ‘63 Claude A. Bogley ‘70 Andrew D. Cameron ‘89 James A. Charanis ‘87 Jim H. Fields, Jr. Esq. ‘85 Bruce L. Gordon ‘79* Hon. James E. Kenkel ‘55 Allen J. Krowe ‘54 Walter E. Laake, Jr. Esq. ‘65 David E. Lamolinara ‘82 H. Christopher Malone ‘86 Patrick L. McGeough ‘83 Hon. Thomas V. “Mike” Miller ‘64 R. Russ O’Haver ‘81 Robert G. Pemberton ‘58 Oscar L. Reksten ‘73 James E. Starnes ‘55* Adrian G. Teel ‘64 Jerry C. Tobin ‘52 John R. Tydings ‘63* Warren B. Wimer, Esq. ‘62 Leslie David Young ‘62 Francis P. Zurmuhlen ‘53*

January 2019

*Deceased The THIRD DEGREE 17

Eta Alumni Association News


Is There a Trend Here? The Eta Alumni Association of Phi Sigma Kappa is proud to announce that the association has been named as an “Alumni Club of the Year” for 2018. The announcement was made by the Grand Chapter of Phi Sigma Kappa during the Shonk Leadership School, held in Atlanta, Georgia. This announcement marks the 7th consecutive year that the association has received the prestigious “Alumni Club of the Year Award” - having previously been recognized in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017. The Executive Committee of the Eta Alumni Association of Phi Sigma Kappa wishes to thank the Grand Chapter and International Headquarters for this highly-coveted award, the undergraduate chapter at the University of Maryland for the impetus to organize and to excel, and to deeply and sincerely thank each and every one of our members for their steadfast dedication to the goals and objectives of the association and for providing continuing support to, and daily evidence of, the theme of “Fraternity for Life”. Damn Proud!

Comments from the Membership: "Congratulations to the Eta Alumni Association staff for a continued outstanding performance. You are to be commended for your undying devotion to our fraternity, superior leadership and production of the finest fraternity magazine in the country, which has been a major reason for the success, over the years." Robert G. Pemberton '58 Jacksonville, FL "Congratulations on seven in a row!" Wayne H. Bethards '59 Columbia, MD


January 2019

"Man, what an achievement!!!! Amazed but not surprised, You have done it AGAIN. Your hard work and persistence is something I am proud to be associated with. Thanks again,” Michael W. "Bull" Moore '69 Satellite Beach, Florida "Eta wins one of 3 distinguished Alumni Associations. Again. Great job Eta Alumni supporters." Jim Charanis '87 Atlanta, GA


"A special thanks to the Executive Committee of the Eta Alumni Association for keeping such an award winning organization going strong. I very much appreciate your emails on what’s happening – and maybe someday, I’ll make it to one or more of the events – a bit tough to do from Oregon." William F. Funk '63 Beaverton, Oregon

Alumni Notes

Damn Proud Dad Brother Allen S. Kogut ‘75 writes: “Here is a picture (at right) of my son, Doug, and I taken up in Cambridge, Massachusetts on his graduation day in front of the famous MIT Building where graduation was held outside, It was a good day, and my son made it happen. He now holds two degrees from MIT, a B.S. in Engineering and a Master’s in Engineering. All in four years. He has flown out to California to help a fellow graduate start up a company. He was a record breaking champion swimmer for all 4 years for MIT. After he helps start up this company, he will return to Cambridge to work for Microsoft.

A New Role for Boothe Brother Roger L. Boothe ‘87 is living in Falling Waters, West Virginia and is the new Director, U.S. Infrastructure with the Altus Group. In this role Boothe manages all U.S. operations for Altus Group’s Cost & Project Management Division. Altus provides Technical and Financial Advisory services to government agencies, private developers and financiers in the infrastructure public/ private partnership (P3) space. These projects would typically be $1 billion or more in constructed

cost. Boothe’s focus is on heavy highway, bridge and tunnel projects but the ultimate vision for Altus is to work across all asset classes including buildings, power generation/transmission, educational facilities, telecom, etc. If you have not already done so, scramble to your LinkedIn account and add Roger to your list of contacts. An Update Brother Dennis W. Sirman ‘67 writes: “I am 73 and have been falling a lot lately. Drives on the golf course are short but straight. Putting sucks. Fishing is slow. I've been eating a lot of salads with Catalina dressing. Half price pizza at Lombardi's has begun on Tuesday nights. Big crowds, get there early. Murders in Baltimore are down this month due to an

ammo shortage and lack of targets. Gas and heroin prices lowest all year.” Neil’s Wheels Honored Brother Gregory B. Barber ‘68 writes: “My organization was honored at Manhasset Library on Long Island for Mental Health Week. See: A Note About Issue #13 Hello Brother – thank you for sending the latest issue of the Third Degree. I read it from cover to cover. I noted the story on p.30, (Brother James C. Peraosn’52 wrote “The Jack Armstrong Story”) which referenced two Minnesota brothers. (Continued on Page 20)

January 2019


Alumni Notes (cont’d.) The “ad exec” referenced was Samuel Chester Gale, who was president of the Ad Council trade group, and VP of Marketing for General Mills, in Minneapolis. He served as a beloved advisor to the chapter, and is noteworthy to us in his efforts to travel door to door to each alumnus seeking support for the financial position of the chapter, who had just completed their new building at the start of the Great Depression. Sam Gale won Phi Sigma Kappa’s Medallion of Merit in 1956. Here is his citation from our pantheon of alumni heroes, located in our chapter library:

Samuel C. Gale ‘16 President, Phi Sigma Kappa, Beta Deuteron Chapter VP Advertising and Customer Relations, General Mills, 1921-55 National Chairman, Ad Council, 1950-51 Advisor, Phi Sigma Kappa Samuel Chester Gale, or “Sam” as he was known to his friends, was a dynamo, even in his college years. A member of the potent Beta Deuteron class of 1916, 20

January 2019

Gale stayed close to the fraternity like many in that tightly-bonded group, as Fortune scattered them after the First World War. He served briefly with the National Guard on the Mexican border, returned to graduate with honors and a Phi Beta Kappa key, then fought in France as an artilleryman in WWI. Stateside, Gale served as chapter advisor during the crucial 1920s and 30s, and was on the committee charged with design and finance of our 1929 Elizabethan Tudor masterpiece. When the financial downturn of the Great Depression put our new building at risk, Gale traveled man-to-man, visiting alumni in six states to secure their backing against the mortgage, hence, saving our home. Professionally, Gale was vicepresident of advertising and customer relations for General Mills. Gale is credited with the invention of the first radio jingle, written to promote Wheaties, a new product he helped establish. Success with the jingle led to a long-standing radio program sponsored by Wheaties, following the pursuits of “Jack, the AllAmerican Boy,” who, in turn was modeled after a Phi Sig contemporary in the class of ’16. The real Jack enjoyed some ribbing over this, where each week his rapt listeners would find him in the Amazon rainforest, or hiking across the Alps, racing in Monte Carlo or battling pirates in the far Pacific Islands. Sam said he simply liked the sound of Jack’s name. Had the campaign not been a success, Wheaties would have been discontinued. Gale was a resolute innovator: he developed


Betty Crocker as an “everywoman” to promote a variety of products. In recognition of his long career, Sam was elected national chairman of the Ad Council, a trade association, after a succession of leadership positions. Gale won the Medallion of Merit, FSK’s highest award, in 1956. He was married, and raised three children. Gale died in 1961, at age 65, in Minneapolis. Inducted into the Advertising Hall of Fame, in 1965, his citation noted, “He profoundly influenced the advertising industry in and around the Twin Cities, and helped to make the area a leading advertising center, through his mastery of the new media of radio, television and baseball broadcasts.” Thomas Jackson Director, The Triton Corporation Director, The Phi Sigma Kappa Foundation of Minnesota Alumni in support of Phi Sigma Kappa at the University of Minnesota Small World, Indeed! Brother David Henry ‘88 writes: “Here is sort of a weird coincidence. Many of you know I do the swim for cancer each year (and BIG thanks to all of you who donated). There are a bunch of former Olympians that swim with us, so it makes for a great day. One of the former Olympians is a guy name Craig Beardsley, who once held the world record for the 200 meter butterfly. In any case, we’ve become friendly over the years. I just found out that his uncle is Wallace Loh. Small world.

Throwback Photo Brother Russell L. Follin ‘73 writes: “I found a 1969 year book that was my sisters (she was a Sigma Kappa freshman). Here (above) is a picture of the Phi Sigma Kappa crew for 1969. I am not in the picture since I pledged in the fall of 1969 and joined in 1970. Looks like this was from before the time we did away with a house mother. A Brother in Need Brother George Peabody‘85 Shared with us the plight of Brother Ian Hiltner ‘90: We have been watching the Hiltners go through this nightmare called

cancer, and it cannot go on this way. As of late, a group have gathered to plan some fundraising events, among those is a "Go Fund Me" page. Since we are quite powerless to stop this disease from taking what it will from Ian - we thought that we could help by relieving some of the burdens caused by this ordeal - mostly because Ian has been too sick to work. The Hiltners are always and have always been the first to jump in and help whenever and wherever needed. Please consider helping out, in whatever way you can. We are working on other events as well as this "Go Fund Me" page. We welcome all

ideas and any help, not just financial. Thank you, and do not hesitate to contact me if need be. Please visit and search Ian Hiltner. More About Issue #13 Brother Robert M. Payne ’60 writes: “Hello Joe! Thank you for your "A Final Thought" article in the fantastic issue #13. It is truly amazing to witness how very successful our Eta Alumni Association has been with the addition of your creative and fresh marketing acumen over the past eight years. The Executive Committee is blessed to have (continued)

January 2019


The Eta “Fridge” TBT from Paul R. McGown ‘88: Outside of work at the Johns Hopkins’s Applied Physics Lab around June 25, 1989. No cup holder - Big Gulp in passenger seat.

Brother David Henry ‘88 writes: “Shark Week. Came Early.”

“Team Hiltner” members were photographed together with Dad, Ian ‘90 (far right). Please read carefully the “Alumni Notes” section of this issue and see if you can help a Brother in Need!

Paul R. McGown ‘88 and J. Eric Vinson’ 86 enjoy a round of golf - or at least driving DUI in a golf cart. Brother McGown holds the record for ”Most Photos of One Alum on The Eta ‘Fridge’ in a Single Issue” and Brother Vinson holds the record for “Most Photos of an Alum on The Eta ‘Fridge’ in Consecutive Issues” And, no, we do not know the number.

We are constantly adding Photo Galleries to The Eta Alumni Photo Vault. Have photos you want to contribute? Drop us an e-mail for more information!


January 2019


January 2019


Alumni Notes (cont’d.) your expertise. So, congratulations is certainly in order at this time. This particular issue was especially interesting to me. First, to read Liam Fulling's remarks as the current Eta Chapter President. What a terrific young man! He set the stage for great articles with each following page. The "Who's Been on the Row?" centerfold was very clever and it rekindled many fond memories. More memories followed with Vernon Brigg's letter of Sept. 1958. I couldn't help comparing Vernon and Liam's letters. Now here are two leaders - past and present. I also liked seeing for the first time the 1957 Conclave photo of Chip Schwartz, Bob Yellowlees, Bob Geiger and Vernon down at the University of Alabama.

Above (left to right): James E. “Ed” Fox ‘61, Robert E. Geiger ‘59, and Robert M. Payne ‘60. Below (left to right): Wayne H. Bethards ‘59, Betty Bethards, Martha (“Martie”) Payne and Robert M. Payne ‘60. (photos courtesy of Robert M. Payne ‘60)

As you may know, Bob Geiger and Ed Fox both formerly lived here in Williamsburg. It was great to frequently get together and to share stories about the era of '56'60. Last year they both moved to get closer to family. Bob to PA and Ed to CA. I’ve sent you a photo of the three of us following a send off dinner at Two Rivers Country Club. In another email is a photo of Wayne and Betty Bethards together with Martha (Martie) and me taken before the Super Bowl shoot out. Finally, a thanks here to Cy Childs for sharing his special "Memories of Dr. Rick Love". They were very close friends, so this was touching. His article was loaded with facts not ever known to me, and perhaps others, like the dropping of the second 24

January 2019

Hydrogen bomb off the coast of Spain. Here's wishing the Eta Chapter and its Alumni Association another great year in 2019. Best Regards!”


Another Road Taken Brother David A. Shirey ’91 writes: “I was supposed to be backpacking at Philmont Boy Scout Ranch with my son this summer. Unfortunately, after 2 years of prep hikes, mostly on the Appalachian Trail, our trip to Philmont was cancelled due to wild fires in New Mexico. Faced with the disappointment of not backpacking in New Mexico, our group of Scouts planned a five day camping road trip in its place. We went to Ithaca, Brooklyn (yes, there is a campground at Floyd Bennett Field), New York City, and Philadelphia. While in Ithaca one of the Dads who is a Cornell Alumni gave us a tour of the campus. To my surprise there is a Phi Sig crest painted in the middle of the quad along with painted foot prints leading from each statue on opposite sides of the quad (photo at right). From Wikipedia: The Andrew Dickson White statue On the Arts Quad exist two statues memorializing the founders of Cornell, Ezra Cornell and Andrew Dickson White. According to legend, if a virgin crosses the Quad at midnight while the chimes are ringing, the two statues will walk off their pedestals, meet in the center of the Quad, and shake hands on the chastity of the university. (Variants of this legend have it that they will take each other's place, or they will dance a jig to celebrate the student's purity.) To this day, the statues have never switched places, shaken hands, or danced; Cornell's tour guides maintain this is because the bells do not ring at midnight. Every year since 1936, Phi Sigma Kappa has repainted footprints on the Quad to memorialize the legend.


Paul R. McGown ‘88 (foreground) and a satellite from 1998 on a 2-ton truss dolly system. Shoehorning it from the cubicle area, and out of the building was a bit challenging. Paul reports he did not accompany the satellite into space. January 2019


Alumni Notes (cont’d.) Max-imum Adventure Brother Max R. Peterson ‘84 has been working in Africa, and has spent some time getting to know his neighbors, as shown in these photos.

Rubbing Elbows Brother Kirk D. Bell ‘87 writes: “Fellas - Here are two graduation pictures from UMD. (at right) A couple of featured speakers UMD Alumni President and the 45th Vice President of the United States at the Xfinity Center for UMD graduation. (opposite page, top) It’s on to the University of Florida for my son Connor Bell ‘18, as he will be seeking a graduate degree as a Gator and working for their football team. Enjoy the time, boys, as life goes by fast.”


January 2019


(Left) Kirk D. Bell ‘87 and his family celebrate the graduation of a new Eta Alumni, son Connor Bell ‘18 (Below) A Classic from the 2007 Eta Alumni Reunion. Left to right, Nancy Vickers, Stewart C. Bushong ‘ 58, Betty Bushong and Grady A. Vickers, Jr. ‘58. The wigs are part of the paraphernalia that Stew used to soften his audiences when discussing his field of Radiology. He always added a little humor. Once when visiting he and Betty in Houston, I noticed a full rack of crazy hats and wigs he chose from. Brilliant guy!

Grab Your Phone… Throughout this issue you will see QR Codes that, when scanned using your smart phone (and a free QR code scanner such as “Quick Scan”) will provide you with additional content that is worthy of your review. Here, for instance, is a QR Code that will take you to our Eta Alumni Website:

Warning: On Saturday, 10/13/18, 2 unopened cans of beer were found in the chapter room at #2 Fraternity Row. This violates the house’s alcohol policy (they are not allowed to have beer in the common areas). Chapter president Fulling said that alums were in the chapter room drinking and a member asked them to leave. Please be cognizant of the chapter alcohol policy when you are on university property.

The actual website URL (shown in blue just below the QR code) will also be presented in case you don’t have a smart phone or if you would prefer to read this issue accompanied by your tablet, laptop or PC. We hope that you’ll enjoy paging through this issue, as well as scanning, clicking and browsing your way to the whole story from the Eta Alumni Association of Phi Sigma Kappa. January 2019


Eta Alumni Association - By The Numbers



Historical Membership Totals: Year 1: Year 2: Year 3: Year 4: Year 5: Year 6: Year 7: Year 8: Year 9:

2010-2011: 2011-2012: 2012-2013: 2013-2014: 2014-2015: 2015-2016: 2016-2017: 2017-2018 2018-2019

328 257 (lowest) 262 334 342 (highest) 337 300 283 271


“Best Year” vs. “Year 9” Comparison: Decade 30's - 50’s 60's 70's 80's 90's 00's 10's TOTALS

Best Year Members 64 89 44 89 55 4 68 413

Year 9 % of Members Best Year 33 52% 72 81% 31 70% 62 70% 19 35% 2 50% 52 76% 271 66%

Year 8 Membership Data in Detail: Decade 30's-50's 60's 70's 80's 90's 00-present TOTALS

Total Past Members 55 95 57 108 82 131 528

Year 9 % Members Renewed 33 60% 72 76% 31 54% 62 67% 19 23% 54 41% 271 51%

Want More Details? They’re yours for the asking! Members in good standing can drop an e-mail to and request a complete and detailed Membership Report for “Year 9” including lists, charts and graphs!

“Year 10” Begins on 07.01.19! Be sure to “Save the Date” and Renew Your Membership to ensure that “Year 10” is our Best Ever! 28

January 2019


Eta Alumni Association News

Membership Notes

How Members Make Their Dues Donations






9 31%





$35 EACH 4-PACK: $120 6-PACK: $150


Not Sure Who Needs a Gift? If you’d like, the Executive Committee can send you a list of candidates (just shoot an email to and ask). We can even select a worthy Brother for you! Instead of choosing names, just write the Class Year or even a Decade from where your gift recipient should be selected and we’ll do the rest! An e-mail will be sent to you informing you of the identity of the recipient(s) of your gift(s).

Greatest Decade Awards Average Contribution / Member

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Total Contributions Gold Silver Bronze

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Gold Silver Bronze

80’s 70’s 50’s

Fewest Lost Brothers Gold Silver Bronze

00’s 60’s 70’s

Paid Members as a % of Viable Alumni per Decade Gold Silver Bronze

60’s 50’s 80’s

Help to Grow Your Alumni Association! Help a Brother in Need (of a Gentle Reminder) TODAY! January 2019


Eta Alumni Association News

From the Archives

The six items on this two page spread (and these captions) were submitted by Brother Cecil A. Given III ‘68. Thanks very much for adding to our history! (This page, top to bottom): Fred Gawlick and a cold hand. 1968 Christmas Party at #7...somebody mentioned we had a dry campus? Don Swan and Mike Anderson under the mistletoe. NAHHHH! Didn't happen. 30

January 2019


(This page, top to bottom): Marty Mesmer ("Chicks and Chillies") got a chick with a chilly. Bill Lovett (who became a top notch NFL official) gets Jim Bieber for pass interference! Miss Vicky and Harry Murphy...still dating!!!

January 2019


Alumni President Helps to Commemorate “The One We Lost” Brother Joseph Criscuoli ‘82 was approached by the descendants of Brother German Horton Hunt Emory, H 1903, and asked to speak at an event marking the 100th anniversary of the death of Brother Emory in France just eleven days before the end of World War I. Criscuoli wrote the story of the only member of the Eta Chapter to be killed in the line of duty during World War I. The article, entitled “The One We Lost”, can be read online in the Winter 2010 edition of “The THIRD DEGREE” at http:// The article, heavily researched by the author, played a notable role in the four awards (for Association Magazine, Magazine Copy/Writing, Writing Feature Article, and Overall Magazine Design) won by this magazine in the 17th Annual Communicator Awards. And so, on the evening of November 2, 2018, Criscuoli, accompanied by our First Lady, Grace, swept into Baltimore, meeting the descendants of Brother Emory at the Clarence Mitchell Courthouse on Light Street for a tour and a viewing of both the sculpture and portrait dedicated to the memory of Brother Emory, concluding with a champagne toast to the Major while viewing his portrait. From there they walked to the Center Club at 100 Light Street, where an elegant anniversary dinner began at 6pm. Little did they know that, at just about the time that Criscuoli was speaking, not one, but two tornadoes had touched down in Baltimore several blocks away. Here is a copy of the remarks made by our alumni president. REMARKS BY JOSEPH E. CRISCUOLI November 2, 2018 - The Center Club - Baltimore, MD On the Occasion of the 100th Anniversary of the Passing of Major German Horton Hunt Emory, Esq. - Eta, Class of 1903

Well, I must admit I am in a bit of a minority here you see, I am not actually a relative of Major German Horton Hunt Emory. But, I am actually his fraternity Brother. Same university, same chapter... not the same graduation year. But a few years ago, with more than a little help from two people in attendance tonight, I wrote and published a little article with which you may be familiar, entitled "The One We Lost". You see, eight years ago I found myself "volunteered" to lead the revitalization of the Eta Alumni Association of Phi Sigma Kappa. Phi Sigma Kappa is Maryland's first fraternity, having been chartered in Baltimore in 1879. In 1922, the Eta Chapter moved to College Park, then named as the new flagship campus of the University of Maryland. So, after 9 months of heavy recruiting, we had enrolled over 300 dues paying members, making our group the largest association of Phi Sigma Kappa 32

January 2019


alumni in the nation, and the largest greek-letter alumni group at the University of Maryland. Our association retains these titles to this very day. Amongst my other duties as President, it fell to me to write, design and publish our "newsletter" - well, some 8-page black-and-white thingy just would not do. So, over the past 8 years and 14 issues we've been right around the average of 48 fullcolor. Alumni members ask me, "How do we publish a magazine that is twice the size of our national fraternity magazine?" and I always respond, "Heh, with your membership dues." Hey, the members are happy, the National Headquarters is happy, the University of Maryland is happy, ...the printer is simply overjoyed, and I'm pretty much exhausted. In our very first issue I had interviewed by phone several alumni Brothers and had pulled together an article, an account really, detailing the infamous 1952 kidnapping of the Naval Academy mascot, a goat, by members of our very own Eta Chapter.

Yes, we're so "Damn Proud" - now, remember that phrase - in fact say it with me: "Damn Proud". The story was very well received and I was looking for a subject for a second "historical" article for the next issue and I decided that a history of the very earliest days of the Eta Chapter of Phi Sigma Kappa would be my next literary challenge. Now, through some basic research, an inter-library loan, and a fairly long wait, I came to possess, if for only a few weeks, a copy of "Phi Sigma Kappa: A History - 1873-1923" written by Frank Prentice Rand and published in 1923 by the Grand Council of Phi Sigma Kappa of Amherst, Massachusetts. This book was very old. But, it was in pristine condition. I mean, really, who's out there looking for a history of a social fraternity dating back some 100 years? In this book I found many interesting tales of the early days of our fraternity, but not quite as much detail as I had hoped to glean about how the

Eta Chapter had come to be. In that I have an interest in history, and especially enjoy reading military history, and because this book covered the period from 1914-1918, I was able to learn about the effect of World War I upon our fraternity, and the number of men that our fraternity sent to fight "the war to end all wars." Of special interest was a table - listing all the Chapters of Phi Sigma Kappa and the number of men from each Chapter who participated, were wounded, and who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. In all, the thirty-two chapters of Phi Sigma Kappa in existence at that time reported their total living membership as of November 11, 1918 as 4,970. Of these living members, 2,600, or 52%, had "thrown their hat into the ring" and been in service during World War I. Eta, the seventh letter of the Greek alphabet and assigned to the seventh chapter of Phi Sigma Kappa, placed ninth in living membership

Descendants of Major German Horton Hunt Emory, Esq. - Eta, Class of 1903 and Joseph and Grace Criscuoli (far right) pose beneath the Major’s portrait (upper left) in the Clarence Mitchell Courthouse in Baltimore, Maryland. January 2019


with 221, of which 76 Brothers, or 34% had been in the armed services, and 42 of those 76, or 55%, had been commissioned as officers. Leadership becomes us, it would seem. However, the last number on this chart associated with Eta gave me reason to pause. That number was a "1" representing the number of deaths from our chapter during The Great War. Checking another appendix in the book, I was able to identify the name of the Eta brother killed in action: German H. H. Emory, who held the rank of Major with the 320th Infantry Regiment, 80th Division, of the American Expeditionary Forces. I wanted to learn more about Major Emory, and in so doing I learned quite a few things about duty, honor, sacrifice, and brotherhood beyond a collegiate setting. I also wanted to pursue this story because, from the standpoint of World War I, Brother Emory was "The One We Lost." Phi Sigma Kappa has three Cardinal Principles: To Promote Brotherhood, To Stimulate Scholarship, and To Develop Character. While I freely admit that I did not start out seeking to write a moving tribute to a solitary member of our fraternity, the more I learned about German Horton Hunt Emory, the more I saw how our Cardinal Principles shaped, and were borne out in, his life. I learned that, at the time that Major Emory volunteered for military service, volunImages from the tour of the Clarence Mitchell Courthouse teered mind you, for he was 40 years old in Baltimore, Maryland. beyond the normal age for military service and exempt from the draft. He was already a huslent a helping hand to aid the younger and less band, and a Father of three children, and a principal experienced men in their work." in a law firm. Brother Emory's legal work was exBrother Emory was offered the Democratic nominaemplary. Chief Judge, and college friend, Samuel tion for Judge of the Supreme Court in 1917. He K. Dennis said, "Emory was an especially gifted had entertained for several years an ambition to go lawyer. Ready, suave, cool, democratic, and magon the bench, but he declined to become a candinetic, he captured courts and juries, and made condate, stating to the lawyers who called on him to verts to his cause. He built up a following of influoffer political support that he expected to enter the ential clients who trusted his great good judgment Army. and ability" in every way. "He was considered one of the best trial lawyers in the city. While he was He not only volunteered for military service, he aprapidly climbing the ladder of success, he never forplied for acceptance to the first Officers' Camp at got his less fortunate brothers at the bar, and often Fort Myer. His prospects in life being so very high, 34

January 2019


his offer to volunteer seemed that much more remarkable. But, in his own words, we find an explanation: "My country was my idol! To it I sacrificed every selfish, every endearing sentiment." German Horton Hunt Emory entered Officers' Camp at Fort Myer against the advice, and in the face of protests, of many of his friends who offered that a married man with a family had no obligation to join the service; that his service to country, in the form of his legal expertise, was more valuable to the war effort than his candidacy as an untrained and untested soldier. But, he was a strong advocate of America's entrance into the war, and he could not himself shirk what he had been urging others to do. It was reported that, in April of 1917, when Congress had filibustered over the question of whether to go to war, Emory left Baltimore for Washington, D.C at two o'clock in the morning to be on hand. And, let's just think about that - leaving Baltimore for Washington at 2 am was not a quick shot down the BW Parkway in 1917. But, he was present at the Capitol when President Woodrow Wilson went to Congress to ask for a declaration of war. Emory contended that it was his duty to fight for the principles that he upheld, and he was one of the first Marylanders to volunteer.

America can rest content with the knowledge that these Americans, God helping them, will sacrifice everything to uphold these principles to the bitter, bitter, end." On May 26th, in his second "Report from a Rookie", Emory wrote, "The men now know that this country will immediately begin to play a man's part in the war; that our present assistance to the Allies will be not merely money and munitions, but troops, standing shoulder to shoulder with the armies of France and England. These are not the kind of men who want to fight. They have passed the stage at which warfare appears as the authors of romantic warfare stories set it down. No; these men do not see war that way - they see it as war is, grim and horrible: and, fully realizing this, when the call came they offered their services and themselves, for they are the kind who just could not stay at home at such a time."

German Horton Hunt Emory did not simply go to Officers' Camp at Fort Myer - he wrote about the experience and his "Report from a Rookie" series was published in the Baltimore Sun. Emory himself wondered why it was that these men in camp had deserted their other obligations and assumed their present tasks. He talked on the subject with a number of the men, and he believed that President Wilson, in his war message of April 2nd, had stated the reason as exactly as it can be stated, when he said: "To such a task we can dedicate our lives and our fortunes; everything that we are and everything that we have, with the pride of those who know that the day has come when America is privileged to spend her blood and her might for the principles that gave her birth and happiness - and the liberty which she has treasured. God helping her, Eta Alumni President Joseph Criscuoli and First Lady Grace Criscuoli she can do no other." Emory added "And at the Center Club in Baltimore, Maryland. January 2019


Upon review of Major Emory's exploits overseas, the Cardinal Principles of Brotherhood and Character are exemplified over and over again. Edward C. Lukens was a Lieutenant with the Third Battalion of the 320th Regiment, known as the "Blue Ridge Boys". Lukens wrote a book about his experiences in World War I titled "A Blue Ridge Memoir". In it, he wrote: "an order came down from divisional Headquarters that each battalion should hold a memorial service for its dead. Naturally, in most cases these were conducted by the Chaplains, but our Battalion chaplain was in a Base Hospital with a shell wound while the Regimental Chaplain was struggling to stay out of the hospital in the face of combination of a touch of (poison) gas and a touch of influenza. Major Emory conducted the service himself, and the rough wooden shack that served as the chapel "was more crowded than it would have been for any chaplain in the world. The Major arose to speak, simple and dignified, without a trace of sanctimoniousness or of apology. 'Killed in Action' was his text and in beautiful and eloquent language he showed us the glory of such an epitaph above all others that man could earn or his friends could write for him. He spoke out clearly and frankly what every man held deep but vague in his heart - the eternal things for which we were fighting and living and (some of us) dying, the things that we all knew in our hearts were the real things and his tone was not that of mourning but rather almost of envy of the men whose lives had come to such a glorious climax." A final theme of my presentation this evening is "singularity" - the singularity of the sacrifice of German Horton Hunt Emory. Added to the book "A Blue Ridge Memoir", E. McClure Rouzer, adjutant 36

January 2019


to, and close friend of, Major Emory added a chapter entitled "Death of Major G. H. H. Emory." He wrote: After advancing to the north slope of the Ravine Aux Pierres, through heavy machine-gun and shell fire, Major Emory's battalion was held up by a very intense machine-gun fire. Rouzer wrote, "The Major realized the importance of the attack, and was very restive over the hold-up. He personally directed the fight and was constantly exposing himself to machine gun and artillery fire. Time after time I begged him to keep down, but he showed an utter disregard for his own safety, and went from one part of the line to another while under direct enemy fire. At about 8:15 a.m. we were in a shell hole on the crest of the north slope talking over the situation. Major Emory's whole thought was to advance. He started toward the line. I followed, to beg him to keep down. He had gone only a few yards when I saw him fall. I rushed to him and lifted his head. He murmured, 'My heart...' and became unconscious. He did not move or speak again." In the Argonne Forest outside Romagne (ROHMAY-NUH), France, at 8:15 in the morning on November 1, 1918, just five days before the 320th Regiment would be relieved, and just ten days before the Armistice, Major German Horton Hunt Emory died of machine gun wounds sustained while directing his battalion in their role as the assaulting unit in an attack that ultimately ended the war. The outrage and grief over the death of Major Emory was palapable. the Baltimore Courts adjourned out of respect to his memory. One of Baltimore's most promising sons had passed and "all who knew him gloried at the manner in which he gave up his life." Letters and tributes to Major Emory from across the city arrived at desks of The Baltimore Sun. In the November 21st edition of The Sun, the Executive Committee of the Baltimore Canned Goods Exchange, once a client of attorneynow-Major Emory, wrote, "And now to our unwilling ears comes the news of his death upon the field of battle. Strange emotions move us - emotions of pity for his dear ones so severely stricken, not unmixed with emotions of loftiest admiration for the splendid American soldier whose life and whose death were faithful to the noblest of our native

traditions. Dying, Major Emory, patriot and soldier, leaves behind him the heritage of a name whose luster will remain undimmed during long years to come and which will enrich the record of Maryland's superb contribution to the war in which our hero gave up his life." On March 20, 1919, under the headline, "Soldiers Honored by Pershing for Heroism." Baltimore, and America learned that Major German Horton Hunt Emory had been awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for his actions on November 1, 1918. The citation read, in part: "Without care for his personal safety and inspired only by the thought that his battalion must go forward, Major Emory, though exposed to direct machine gun fire and in plain view of the enemy, calmly moved back and forth along his whole front, encouraging his troops and personally directing the attack. While thus engaged, he was unfortunately killed. By his magnificent example of coolness and bravery, he so encouraged and inspired the men of his command that they held this very exposed position and finally succeeded in overcoming the enemy resistance." On August 25, 1920, seven members of the Emory family were present, along with an artist by the name of Thomas Cromwell Corner, for the unveiling of a portrait entitled "Major German Horton Hunt Emory, Esq. (1882-1918)." The painting, executed in oil on canvas and measuring 50" wide and 76" tall, was commissioned by the Baltimore Bar Association and donated to the Baltimore City Circuit Court. Earlier today we had the unique privilege of viewing this painting together. In 1922 the book "A Blue Ridge Memoir" was published, and the author, the aforementioned Edward C. Lukens, wrote: "To the inspiring memory of that fearless soldier and splendid man who fell leading his battalion against the enemy at St. Juvin, France, on November first nineteen hundred and eighteen, German Horton Hunt Emory, Major, Three Hundred

and Twenty-first Infantry, this book is affectionately dedicated." Albert Cabell Ritchie was an American lawyer and politician. A Democrat, he was the 49th Governor of Maryland from 1920 to 1935. Ritchie was a conservative who campaigned for, but did not win, the presidential nomination in both 1924 and 1932. Ritchie wrote: "We feel a solemn pride in what he was and what he would have been. The memory of the sweetness of his character, which drew men to him, and the example of the sacrifice he made, must we know make our lives better. But most of all, today, we miss him." Judge Dennis recalled, "Think of it; only ten days before the Armistice and safety! It seemed impossible then, and still seems impossible, that any civilization should survive even until now that tolerates such martyrdom." The body of German Horton Hunt Emory, Major, 3rd Battalion, 320th Infantry Regiment, 80th Division, of the American Expeditionary Forces, was moved from his initial resting place in St. Juvin and now rests in the Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery and Memorial, also known as the Argonne American Cemetery, with 14,816 of his fellow soldiers of the United States of America. He is the only member of the Eta Chapter of Phi Sigma Kappa to claim this hallowed ground as his final resting place. I am proud to call German Horton Hunt Emory a brother. He exemplified our Cardinal Principles throughout his life and in his death. That your family member, and my fraternity Brother, would be remembered so fondly, 100 years after his passing, speaks volumes about his life, his character, values, his bravery, and, sadly, his singular sacrifice. ___________________ We owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to Rufus S. Lusk, III for bringing us together for this event. And I want to thank Aubrey Emory, a great grandchild of January 2019


Major Emory, who assisted with the preparation of the article I authored.


THIRD DEGREE could be published three times a year by the Eta Alumni Association of Phi Sigma Kappa if, and only if, the financial support is there to allow it.

And I owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to Mrs. Lucy Emory Ambach, granddaughter of Major Emory, for she provided a great deal of research material as well as copies of the published works and photos which were used in the preparation and the layout of this story. From the time of our initial telephone conversation through her review of the final draft, and the final-final draft, Lucy was cordial, patient, and encouraging. In one of the many e-mails Lucy exchanged with me, she wrote: "As I reread the tributes to my grandfather, I think you will be happy to claim him as your fraternity brother." Lucy, no truer words have been written. I want to thank you for the privilege of being a part of this day and this evening - and to thank you for the hospitality you've shown me and to Grace, my wife. And I want to thank Grace for allowing me the time to have written this article, and for her support and proofreading expertise. That this article has brought you both pride and pleasure means a great deal to me. Finally, we have a saying at Phi Sigma Kappa - "Damn Proud to Be a Phi Sig" - it is shortened from time to time - to simply "Damn Proud". If you will, please raise your glasses and join me in offering a "Damn Proud" to the memory of German Horton Hunt Emory, to his descendants, members of his extended family, friends and Brothers of the Eta Chapter. “DAMN PROUD.” 38

January 2019

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The Executive Committee regrets to report that the following Brothers of Eta Chapter have entered the Chapter Eternal since the publication of the last issue of The THIRD DEGREE, and ask that you join us in prayers for our departed Brothers and their families. William H. Fisher Richard D. Gibbs, Jr. James E. Fox

1950 1957 1961

Richard R. Jones J. Robert Manuel, III Sitheris V. Chebithes

1961 1965 1966

James F. Mancini 1967 Stephen F. Vojtasko 2011(AI)

William H. Fisher

Eta Class of 1950

June 24, 1928 – June 16, 2018 William H. Fisher died on June 16, 2018, at Gilchrest after a severe stroke. He was a retired executive and lived at Edenwald Retirement Community with his wife of 22 years, Mary Lu Mercer Fisher of Baltimore. He was preceded in death by his wife, Jean De Vries Reifschneider Fisher, in 1995 and his two sisters, Marian and Edith. He is survived by his two sons: John C. Fisher and his wife, Maureen Frankola of Los Angeles, California; David C.D. Fisher and his wife, Charlotte Carlson of Charleston, South Carolina; his grandchildren: James N. Fisher and his wife, Yilei Zhang Fisher of San Antonio, Texas; Michael M. Fisher of San Mateo, California; Eliza N. Fisher of Los Angeles, California; his niece, Jo Ann Britton, of Delta, Pennsylvania; and numerous nieces and nephews. In lieu of flowers, the family welcomes donations to The Church of The Good Shepherd, 1401 Carrollton Ave, Ruxton, MD 21204. A memorial service was held on July 14th at The Church of the Good Shepherd.

Richard D. Gibbs, Jr.

Eta Class of 1957

1932 – February 1, 2017 Richard "Dick" Gibbs Jr., 84, of Plantation, FL, died on February 1, 2017. Dick was born in Richmond, VA, in 1932. He flew in the US Air Force for four years and retired from the Coast Guard Reserves as a Lt. Commander. He was a State Farm agent from 1961-2000 and was an active member of the Lauderdale Isles Yacht Club. Dick lived a full life, enjoying planes, boats and antique cars; he loved traveling and socializing, and time spent with his family. He will be remembered as a friend to everyone he met. He is predeceased by his wife, Betty K. Gibbs. He is survived by a brother, Lynn Gibbs (Judy); his daughters Kathryn Gibbs, Terri Gibbs, Barbara Becks (Howard), and his son Richard Gibbs III (Heidi); and his grandchildren Andrew, Eric, Emily, Richard IV, Chloe and Alexis. A service was held on Saturday, February 11th, at the T.M. Ralph Plantation Funeral Home. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Humane Society of Broward County,, as well as Caddy For A Cure,

January 2019


James E. Fox

Eta Class of 1961

August 17, 1938 - March 21, 2018  A Son’s Tribute  We lost Dad today. We aren’t having a service now. We are working to intern his ashes at Arlington Cemetery and will celebrate his life next year with family and friends. He would want us to celebrate versus mourn. We need some time to get past the grief. Today, I lost my father. My best man. My friend. My mentor. My hero. James Edgar Fox was born on August 17, 1938, to Mabel and George Edgar in Frederick, Maryland. Like his father before him, he went by his middle name. His father went by Edgar; Dad was Ed or Eddie (to the family). An only child, he would be the first to tell you he was spoiled rotten by his numerous Aunts and Uncles. And he was never alone, surrounded by his cousins, who were the best brothers and sisters he could imagine. Dad was one of the first in his family to go to college, attending the University of Maryland on their 5-year program: the first three he spent having fun; and then after being invited not to return for his fourth year, he cleaned up his act, talked his way back in and made Dean’s list until graduation. After college he joined the Navy and served in the Mediterranean as a Communications officer. Aboard the USS Springfield he met friends he’d have for the rest of his life. He also collected countless stories that would make his kids blush for the rest of theirs. After the Navy he returned to Washington, D.C., and joined IBM, where he met my Mother. They courted for a couple of years (again, more countless stories that would make his kids blush) and decided to get married in 1967. She actually asked him if you can believe it. It’s a good story for another time. They followed his career to Tucson, where I arrived on the scene. Then to Phoenix where my brother, Kevin, joined the traveling circus. We then went to Georgia, Connecticut, Hong Kong and Tokyo. He and Mom went back to Connecticut and then to Boston before retiring in Williamsburg, Virginia. He retired early and, aside from a couple of medical scares early, had 20 great years of “vacation” as he called it. They made new friends and continued to share good times with old friends as well. He stepped in for my brother to be my best man at my wedding (long story). He became a grandfather 12 years ago and relished the role. He never had girls until the grandkids, and now he could finally understand why everyone says little girls are better. And they love him dearly. 10 years ago he was first diagnosed with renal cancer. His doctor called him "Lucky" Fox because they caught it so early. For 9 years you wouldn’t have known he was a dude with one kidney and a serious disease. Last year we learned it was spreading, and we were approaching the end. So he and Mom packed up and moved to the West Coast, and we have had the most amazing 7 months together. Until this last month which was tough on us all. In the end, he wasn’t in pain - or at least that’s what he told us. At the very end he was surrounded by his family, which we hope brought him peace. I will miss my Dad every day. But I will carry with me forever the memories of all of us at our cabin in Maine where we spent our summers - him teaching me to swim and to water ski. I’ll always remember him enjoying a beer at dusk on the point, legs crossed, fingers at his lips in reflection. I find myself sitting like that now. I find myself using his tone, his words sometimes. I am who I am today because of him. While he would be the first to tell you that I am a product of my mother’s hard work; and he wouldn’t be wrong. As an adult he’s been the most influential figure in my life (outside of my wife). I will cherish our talks over his favorite drink (a dry Rose). I will miss him when I watch the Redskins on Sundays. I will miss his laugh. I will miss how much of a teddy bear the guy was even though he put up a wise-ass facade. Thank you, Dad, for everything. I love you. I am honored I was lucky enough to be your son. - Michael Fox

(reproduced with permission from the Fox family) 

Those who would like to prepare a tribute to a Brother of Eta Chapter who has entered the Chapter Eternal may submit content for publication in The THIRD DEGREE via e-mail to or via U.S. Mail addressed to 12806 Silverbirch Lane, Laurel, MD 20708. Manuscripts and photographs are submitted at the sender’s risk. Please enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope for return of materials. Submission of material implies a right to edit and publish all or in part. 40

January 2019


Richard Ramsay Jones

Eta Class of 1961

June 3, 1939 - March 8, 2018 Richard Ramsay Jones, age 78, of Havre de Grace, Maryland passed away on March 8, 2018, at his home surrounded by his family. Born in Baltimore, Maryland, to the late Thomas W. Jones and Margaret (McKinney), he was a lifelong resident of Harford County. He is survived by his wife of 49 years, Beverly Preston Jones; three daughters, Phoebe J. Durst (George), Rebecca J. Coakley (Kenneth) and Kathleen J. Waltemeyer (Daniel); five grandchildren, Matthew McK. Durst, Rowan P. Durst, Meredith A. Coakley, Andrew R. Coakley and Gavin P. Waltemeyer; and siblings Thomas William Jones, Patricia Whalen, and Michael Jones. Brother Jones practiced law in Bel Air for 53 years after graduation from the University of Maryland School of Law. He was the law clerk for Judge Harry Dyer and Judge Stewart Day. He recently retired after 47 years as Harford County Court Auditor. He was President of the Harford County Bar Association in 1990, served on the Harford County Bar Association Library Committee for years, and was a member of the Harford County Bar Association for 53 years. He enjoyed carving decoys and was an avid gardener and outdoorsman. The family wants to sincerely thank the Kaufman Cancer Center and the Maryland Proton Treatment Center for their kindness and professionalism during their time of need. Contributions may be made to Kaufman Cancer Center, 500 Upper Chesapeake Drive, Bel Air, MD 21015 or Maryland Proton Treatment Center, 850 West Baltimore Street, Baltimore, MD 21201.

J. Robert Manuel, III

Eta Class of 1965

May 10, 1943 – June 15, 2018 Brother J. Robert Manuel, III went home to be with the Lord on June 15, 2018. He was born in Baltimore to the late Dr. J. Robert Manuel, Jr. and the late Carnell Chinlund. He is survived by his wife, The Rev. Linda, of Ft. Mill, South Carolina. Their son, J. Robert Manuel IV, wife Maggie, and granddaughters Katherine Ann and Elizabeth Hope live in the Sewickley, Pennsylvania area. Son Timothy Andrew, wife Hope, and sons Joshua, Adam, and Ryan reside in the Charlotte, North Carolina area. His sister, Carnell Boyle, and her husband John live in Southern Shores, North Carolina. His brother Greg, wife Jesse, and his children Ashley and Michael are from the Baltimore area. He attended the Gilman School, City, and the University of Maryland. He enjoyed his family, friends and meeting new people all around the world. He worked for Westinghouse and Eaton for 40 years and was an International Marketing Manager. He sailed, sang in choirs and had many ministries, especially prison ministry called Kairos. A service of Resurrection was held at St. Barnabas Anglican Church in Ft. Mill, South Carolina, on Friday, June 22, 2018, and a future burial will be in Prince George Winyah Church in Georgetown, South Carolina.

January 2019


Sitheris Vasiliou Chebithes

Eta Class of 1966

May 6, 1943 - January 21, 2018 Si Chebithes was born in Washington, D.C. on May 6, 1943 to Vasilios I. Chebithes and Ann Batlis Chebithes. He earned his undergraduate degree at the University of Maryland, and his law degree from Western State University. On May 6, 1976 he was admitted to The State Bar of California, and since then he was an attorney practicing in Orange County, California. He passed away suddenly on January 21, 2018 due to a brain aneurysm. He was 74 years old. He enjoyed sailing and Catalina Island was a favorite place for him to visit. Si followed in his father's footsteps with an interest in the American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association (AHEPA). He was a District 20 Governor of AHEPA in 2000-2001. He was initiated on October 19, 1982 in the Hesperia Chapter #152 in Los Angeles, California. He was involved with the first AHEPA Hellenic float in the 1999 Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena, California. His niece, Evan Hutchinson of Maple Glen, Pennsylvania, daughter of his sister Tracie, was one of the float riders. Si was a member of the Oinoe Chapter #14 of the Pan-Icarian Brotherhood. His father was born in Icaria, Greece, and was instrumental in that organization's growth in its formative years. He is survived by his wife Brett Chebithes, sisters Stamatia Chebithes and Efstratia (Tracie) Hutchinson, nephew Brett Hutchinson and niece Evan Hutchinson. Services will be private. A celebration of life will be held at a future date, please check back for updates.

James F. Mancini

Eta Class of 1967

May 15, 1945 – March 6, 2013 James Frederick Mancini, 67, of Homestead, Columbus, New Jersey, passed away on Wednesday March 6, 2013, in Samaritan Hospice at Virtua Memorial Hospital. Born in Amsterdam, New York, he was the son of the late Frederick and Jane Mancini. Jim was a 1963 graduate of Wilbur H. Lynch High School. He attended and graduated from the University of Maryland at College Park with a Bachelor of Science Degree. He was a life member of Phi Sigma Kappa Fraternity. Jim loved spending time with his family and friends. His favorite pastimes included golfing, playing the guitar, singing, reading, and hanging out in the garage with the kids. He is survived by his devoted wife of 42 years, Sue (nee Paige), his son Scott (Kristen), and two grandchildren, Ava and Owen. He is also survived by his brothers Dave (Pamela) Mancini, Gary (Maryann) Mancini, and sister Anne (Jim) Walrath. Nieces and Nephews: Holly, Dan, Erin, Michael, Jamie, Tegan, Sarah, Alex, Jay, a great nephew Sebastian, and a great niece Maggie. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to Samaritan Hospice 5 Eves Drive Marlton, NJ 08053. Condolences may be left at the funeral home website: 

The Eta Alumni Association is responsible for notifications sent to our International Headquarters concerning Brothers who have entered the Chapter Eternal. A complete listing of the Brothers of Eta Chapter who have entered the Chapter Eternal is available on our website. Please provide any updates or corrections to this list to the association, via e-mail at or via U.S. Mail addressed to 12806 Silverbirch Lane, Laurel, MD 20708, or via phone at 301-206-5472. 42

January 2019


Stephen F. Vojtasko

Eta Class of 2011 - Alumni Initiate It is with a tremendous sense of loss and sadness that we have learned of the passing of our Brother, Stephen F. Vojtasko Brother Vojtasko became a member of the fraternity as an Alumni Initiate at the time of the re-chartering of the Eta Chapter at the University of Maryland. His fraternal, as well as his paternal, pride is evident in the photo below, taken on the evening of the Eta Re-Chartering Celebration with his son, Tim Vojtasko, Past Grand President of Phi Sigma Kappa. It was Tim who was so instrumental in the return of the Eta Chapter to the University of Maryland. And it was Tim who introduced his Father to the Fraternity. Brother Stephen F. Vojtasko maintained his status as a member in good standing of the Eta Alumni Association of Phi Sigma Kappa to his dying day. We wish for Brother Stephen F. Vojtasko everlasting life and well-deserved peace as a member of the Chapter Eternal of Phi Sigma Kappa Fraternity. On behalf of the Eta Chapter, we offer both sympathy and condolences to the Vojtasko Family, and express the fervent hope of all our alumni that their thoughts will soon turn towards memories of happier times. With deepest regrets and sincere sympathy,

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Tim Vojtasko, Past Grand President of Phi Sigma Kappa, with his Father, then newly-initiated Eta Brother Stephen F. Vojtasko at the Eta Re-Chartering Celebration.

January 2019


A Final Thought... A New Perspective. By the time that you read this particular article, college students from across the country will have ended their winter break and returned to their homes away from home at America’s colleges and universities. Days later, student organizations of every kind will continue a campus tradition and put forth great efforts to recruit new members. Unlike the days of old, when the beginning of the Fall semester was the prime recruiting season, colleges and universities have delayed the recruitment of first-year students (the primary prospects) until the Spring, hoping that their new students will have gained a bit of maturity with a semester under their belts. And that is a wise decision, because, as the main stream media tells us with everincreasing frequency, immediately following membership recruitment comes that dark and dangerous time when hazing rears its ugly head and students, advisors, and potential members play “Russian Roulette” with their very existence - as organizations, as professionals and, in some tragic cases, as living beings. “It does not need to be this way” - oh, we have heard this so many times. “There are alternatives” - oh, we have heard that so many times. And my favorite dodge is from the new members themselves: “we want to prove that we have earned to right to belong” to this or that student group. Simply ridiculous. What the undergraduate members of fraternities and sororities need is a new process. Lucky for them, they do not have to look very far. They just need to look ahead. Today’s entire student experience is, more so now than at any time before, geared towards guaranteeing the success of each and every undergraduate once they have graduated. With this in mind, perhaps what we actually need, in order to eradicate hazing once and for all, is a new approach to recruitment and member education - call it a new perspective. When our undergraduates leave campus and seek to enter the workforce, their first milestone is a job interview. That is followed by a second interview, perhaps a third, and the subsequent review and verification of references. If all goes well, a job offer is tendered, and the new employee comes on board for orientation. Following orientation is a constant exertion of effort by the employee to perform their tasks, to take initiative and to achieve on behalf of themselves and their employer. Now, a question. Where in the previous paragraph have any of us experienced hazing? The answer: nowhere. One does not experience hazing in the workplace because employers want the best from the employees that they hire. Employers take the time to educate new employees about the culture, goals and objectives, and rules associated with the company so that employees can do their best work and achieve greatness in exchange for a paycheck. How could hazing serve to further those intentions? The answer: it does not. And so hazing has no place in the real world. So that fraternities and sororities can continue to exist, and perhaps to thrive, hazing needs to become history across the board, in all organizations. A change in the membership recruitment process so that it more closely mirrors the elements of a professional career search is strongly advised. Interviews with members in good standing, second and perhaps third interviews with advisors and alumni, checking references provided by potential members, written offer letters, followed by immediate initiation into the organization and an educational period of orientation, not unlike an additional college course, will serve to eliminate the opportunity for hazing to take place. And what will result is a better cadre of new members, with greater motivation to achieve something for their student organization, rather than a bunch of people who believe they have “already proven they deserve to belong.” In the workplace of the real world, one does not “deserve” the position they hold. One “earns” that position, and perhaps promotion, by the daily efforts, initiative, and dedication to the task at hand. I hope that you will take a moment and consider this new perspective. And perhaps you will take the time to share this new perspective with student groups, student leaders, college administrators, and the media. If you need a mailing list of folks with whom you might like to share your sentiments, let me know. If we all get on board with a new perspective, perhaps we will cease to welcome each new semester with a sense of foreboding not unlike that associated with a trip to the dentist. And perhaps the numerous good works created by the Greek System will be able to shine without the everpresent tarnish associated with hazing. It may be worth a thought...and perhaps some effort, and, of course, "Damn Proud", Joseph E. Criscuoli ‘82 President 44

January 2019



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The THIRD DEGREE - January 2019  

The 14th issue of the Journal of the Eta Chapter of Phi Sigma Kappa

The THIRD DEGREE - January 2019  

The 14th issue of the Journal of the Eta Chapter of Phi Sigma Kappa