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Dirty Politics! Why Are Sacramento HMO Lobbyists Running A Dirty Attack Campaign Against Local Doctor Don Kurth?

Dear Fellow Republican, Several weeks ago, I wrote you a letter warning that Sacramento Special Interests were planning to spend big money to make personal attacks against me. Unfortunately, these attacks have now begun.

Why Are The HMO’s Attacking Doctor Kurth?


The sleazy mailers and radio ads attacking me are being paid for by the HMO Lobby in Sacramento. • • • •

Anthem Blue Cross HMO – $49,000 California Association of HMO’s – $25,000 Health Net HMO – $25,000 Blue Shield HMO – $49,000

The HMO’s are trying to hide their financial involvement in these attack ads by laundering their money through a Committee called the Civil Justice Association of California.


Don’t be fooled by the HMO’s false and misleading ads. Like many local business owners I have been the victim of lawsuits, but the HMO attack mailers fail to mention that I WON those lawsuits! As your Assemblyman, I will stand for quality patient care and OPPOSE the government subsidies and wasteful spending that the Health Insurance lobbyists thrive on in Sacramento. These are the real reasons that the HMO’s are attacking my candidacy! Let’s send the HMO’s a strong message in this election by telling them to KEEP THEIR DIRTY HANDS off of OUR Assembly District! Thank you and God Bless. Sincerely,

Dr. Don Kurth Republican Tax Fighter Mayor of Rancho Cucamonga


Dr. Don Kurth SUPPORTS greater health care competition and more treatment choices for patients.

Dr. Don Kurth supports tough budget cuts to STOP Sacramento’s spending addiction and ELIMINATE government subsidies for HMO’s. Dr. Don Kurth OPPOSES excessive and unfair rate increases by HMO’s.

Say NO to Dirty HMO Campaigns!

Leading Republicans Criticize HMO For 39% Rate Hike

Poizner Calls for Probe into Anthem’s Claims Payment The California Department of Insurance (CDI) had begun an effort to assess the validity of the claims data used by Anthem Blue Cross. “I will not allow insurers to inflate their rates based on faulty systems or inaccurate data.”

Steve Poizner

Republican Insurance Commissioner May 5, 2010


Dr. Don


Republican Tax Fighter for State Assembly

"Dirty" - Don Kurth for Assembly  

Political mailer for the Don Kurth for Assembly campaign.

"Dirty" - Don Kurth for Assembly  

Political mailer for the Don Kurth for Assembly campaign.