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“The president of Mexico has no business criticizing Arizona’s new immigration law. We Americans have every right to secure our borders.”

David Harmer Conservative Tax Fighter Reagan Republican for Congress

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“To get control of our budget, we must control our border.” – David Harmer

David Harmer – A serious plan to fix our government... End Illegal Immigration H Complete the border fence. H Send the National Guard to the border. H Strictly enforce all immigration laws. H No drivers’ licenses. No sanctuary cities. No amnesty. Stop the Overspending H Rescind unspent stimulus funds. H Devote bailout repayments to debt reduction. H Place a tough, effective cap on the budget. H Repeal the trillion-dollar healthcare takeover.

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Dean Andal Former Board of Equalization Member and Assemblyman Congressman Norm Shumway (ret.) Congressman Bill Baker (ret.)

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“David Harmer will fight to streamline government, cut the waste and excessive spending, and protect us from higher taxes.” Governor Mitt Romney

"Immigration Laws" - David Harmer for Congress  

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