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Your Guide to Selling and Buying Carolina Real Estate

Section 1 – The Home Buyer’s Guide

For those Buying and Selling.

General buying process

Bidding Wars – Ways to make your offer Stand Out from the rest of the crowd.

Money due at Acceptance of Offer.

What is “Due Diligence”?

Section 2 – The Forms


Key Terms


Due Diligence Fees by Example


Home Inspections and Repair Requests

The Path to Closing

Closing Day

Working with Real Estate Agents

Sample Offer to Purchase 2023

Section 3 – The Numbers and Determining Value

Section 4 – Preparing Your Home for Market

Section 5 – Marketing Your Home for Sale

Section 6 – Client Reviews

Section 7 - Checklists

Decluttering Tips

Pre-Market Preparation

Tips for the Home Photo Shoot

Sample Home Inspector Checklist

Your Moving Checklist

Final Note Regarding Financing

Section 8 – Our Contact Information

Buyer’s Guide

What If I Sell and I Can't Find Something to Buy?

The Dilemma:If you’re a homeowner, you might be torn on whether or not to sell your house right now. Maybe that’s because you don’t want to take on a higher mortgage rate on your next home or maybe it's because you haven't found your next home, yet.

If your biggest hurdle is the interest rate, perhaps understanding your equity (and how much you have) may help you feel more comfortable making your move.

Equity is the current value of your home minus what you owe on the loan.

Once you sell your house, you can use your equity to help with your next purchase. It could be some (if not all) of what you’ll need for your next down payment. It may even be enough to put a larger down payment on your next home, allowing for a smaller loan

Finding Your Next House:Has your lifestyle changed? Does it allow you to consider areas you hadn’t previously searched? If you can broaden your search; consider different home styles and sizes; shop both resale and new construction, you may be surprised when the perfect home shows up and that it wasn't even what you were looking for!

Even though a limited housing supply helps your house stand out to home buyers, it may also make you feel hesitant to sell because you don’t want the pressure of having to find something to buy quickly. Ideally you’d like to be able to combine the two sales; closing on your current home first and closing on your new home immediately thereafter. We get it.

Options Available to You: If you want to buy first and then sell, you could utilize Knock Mortgage's Cash Buyer program. You'd essentially work with them to present yourself as a cash buyer, then once we find a home for you, we'd go under contract with it, and immediately place your home on the market to get it sold within that same time frame of your purchase. The key here, is to have your home ready for market and on the market as soon as you're under contract with your purchase. Contact Knock Mortgage for the details. We've used it, it works.

Optional ways to handle a lagging purchase date: Plan on staying with family; book a short-term rental like an Airbnb, VRBO or an extended-stay hotel. You can also lease an apartment when building a new home. And, you could negotiate with the buyer to allow you to do a "short term lease-back" allowing you to stay in your current home while waiting to close on your next home.

Again, this isn’t to say that you’ll need to do this, but planning on the “what if” will put you in a better, stronger position as a seller and give you peace of mind while you explore the market.

Bottom Line: If you find a home you absolutely love, so will others. And, if they don't have to sell their house to buy... you lose. Sellers are NOT inclined to take a "contingency of sale offer" on their house. They will go with the most ready, willing and able buyer. Which, is the same thing you will do once you place your home up for sale.

Buying a Home in The Carolina's

• Research areas you are targeting online

• Select an agent with experience in those areas

• Identify homes you’d like to see (your agent can set you up with a search)

• If your agent has a buyer’s home search app, download that to your phone

• Be prepared to visit new homes immediately as they come on the market

• Consider FaceTime tours for quick access, but understand due diligence fees are upfront and non-refundable once an offer is signed

• Line up financial resources & documentation to move quickly

Multiple Offers

• Get pre-approved, not just pre-qualified. Have your prequalification letter, cash or cash equivalents such as Knock Mortgage, or a "Proof of Funds" letter from a licensed financial advisor available for cash transactions.

• Ways to differentiate your offer

-Cash or Cash Equivalent (Knock Mortgage)

-Quick Closing Time Frame - One Favorable to the Seller

- Rent Back Option for Seller

-Short Due Diligence Period

- Waive Inspections as a buyer, they can get inspections – but, agreeing to "no repairs" means the buyer can still walk from the contract, but they have agreed not to ask for any repairs.

-Appraisal Waiver - this means more cash out of the buyer's pocket if it does not appraise or using a different type of loan package.

-High Due Diligence Fee and Strong Earnest Money Fee

-Quick wire/deposit option

-Can be split into two payments to “buy” days to inspect

• Be careful starting low, this can alienate a seller who gets another offer

• If you are the first offer in, confirm whether the list agent will call for highest and best if multiple offers received

• A seller does not have to:

-Allow a second chance on an offer or call for “highest and best”

-Disclose that there is a second offer

• If you “win,” Due Diligence fees will likely be due immediately upon acceptance

Offered, Signed, and Accepted

• Review terms of the offer to purchase disclosures, particularly fixtures section

Fees Due: Credited to Sales Price

• Due Diligence

Non-refundable to seller

• Earnest Money

Can be deposited at contract or another date

Refundable up to the end of Due Diligence Inspection Period

Due Diligence Period

• Buyer can cancel for any reason

• Due diligence fee

• Due within 24 hours of acceptance

• Non-refundable/payable to the seller

• Credit to the sales price at closing

• Earnest money

• Refundable until due diligence date expiration

• Credit to the sales price at closing

• Inspection period

• Schedule all inspections and survey immediately with your agent’s help

• Review HOA documents and review for potential assessments

• Secure any approvals or permits

• Due Diligence expiration is at 5 pm on the agreed-upon due diligence date: option to proceed to closing or cancel

• Earnest money may become non-refundable

• Submit the repair request, however, repairs are optional to the seller

How Can We Help You?

Our objective is to help you in the sale of your current home, while working within the time frame that you want to have it all said and done by, as well as to maximize your financial gain and minimize your stress level associated with the sale and move to your new home. We are able to refer you to agents outside of our region, and help you find your next home (new or resale) within our market place.

♥ Schedule a Free Home Assessment. We conduct a home assessment to take a closer look at your home's condition, area sales, how much time it will take us to sell, and what price (and condition) would generate the most offers - without underpricing it. This will enable us to give you a Homeowner’s Net Sheet -which is an estimate of your equity earnings, once your home sells.

♥ Expert Home Prep: We recommend and help you manage the updates that will help your home sell for Top Dollar. Once completed, we will have (at our cost) the house measured, floor plans drawn & professional photos taken. If vacant, we can virtually stage the home. Best of all, we only charge you once your home sells.

♥ Avoid Double Mortgages and Double Moves: We will help you effectively gauge the timing of your new home purchase and your old home's listing, the sale and closing date. Whichever route you choose, we will help you get from one house to the next with as little stress as possible.

Loans - Types, Rates, Definitions

What affects your home loan:

1. Creditscores

2. Homelocation

3. Homepriceandloanamount



6. Interestratetype


• Conventional:The "traditional" loan... Low rates & lower cost mortgage insurance.

• FHA, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac: Government backed loans

• Specialty Loans: First time Home Buyer; Teacher; Doctor Loans

• USDA: 100% Rural Home Loans. Not restricted to first-time home buyers.

• VA: Up to 100% loans for those serving (or having served) in the US Military.

• 80/10/10: Conventional financing, 10% down with no Mortgage Insurance combined with a piggyback 2nd mortgage.

• Jumbo Loans:Primary residence. ASK about max loan amount.

• Specialized Loans for Investment Properties,Vacation Properties and Second Homes.

• Borrowing Against a 401k for a Down Payment.

• Using Down Payment Gift Funds from a Family Member.

• Increasing Purchase Price to help cover Closing Costs.

Using a shorter term can also decrease your interest rate, but increase your monthly payment. Expect larger savings, by example:

Give Us a Call Today! Jane Cross 704-608-0228 Claude Cross704-975-1733 John Casella 704-441-3884 Ivester Jackson | Christie's International Realty Ivester Jackson CarolinaRealtyAgents.com

The Forms


Disclosures - there are several disclosures, most notably the Residential Disclosure form and the Mineral, Oil and Gas disclosure. There are others, like the lead based paint disclosure.

The disclosures are one of those things you need to be aware of and should have ready to go for any prospects interested in buying your home. The disclosures will take you a few minutes to fill out, so it's best to have these completed once you decide to sell your home. You want to be accurate with your answers, as the disclosures will eventually become part of the contract.

The disclosures let the buyer know about any problems your house currently has that you are aware of.

If in doubt, disclose a problem as best you can. Telling buyers about issues doesn't necessarily mean they'll get scared away and not buy the house. Nor does it necessarily mean that you plan on fixing them, giving a credit for the repair, or accept a lower price for your home. It simply means these are the things you are aware of.

However, if you don't disclose something and they find out later about an issue that you covered up, then you have a legal problem on your hands.

Don't get sued. Disclose what you know, then sign and date the form. The buyer will need to sign and date it, too.

Know the Key Terms of the Contract

What is“Due Diligence”? “Due Diligence” is the buyer’s opportunity to engage in a process of further investigation of the property and the transaction as described in the Offer to Purchase form within a period of time agreed to by the seller and buyer.

What might the buyerinvestigate during “Due Diligence”? The buyer will want to inquire about anything bearing on a decision to either move forward with the contract or to terminate it. Paragraph 4 of Form 2-T outlines many, but not all, common considerations of the “Due Diligence” process such as home, pest, and septic inspections, property survey, appraisal, title search, loan qualification and application, repair negotiation, etc.

How much time isallowedfor the “Due Diligence” Process? The amount of time is negotiable, but the period begins with the effective date of the contract. Buyers should be certain to negotiate enough time to fully complete their inquiries – especially as related to appraisal and loan approval and any repairs discovered during property inspections.

What isthe “Due Diligence” Fee?The fee, if any, is negotiated and paid by the buyer to the seller for the right to conduct “Due Diligence”. The amount of the fee may be influenced by such matters as the market for the property, number of days on the market, personal circumstances of buyer and seller, and the length of the “Due Diligence” period.

Isthere alimit tothe repair items the buyercanaskthe seller toperform? No. The buyer is free to ask for any number of things; however, the seller is not obligated to agree to any of them. Repairs, if any, are completely negotiable.

Ifthe buyer isnotsatisfiedwiththe seller’s response, orlackthereof, torepair requests, what can the buyer do? The buyer can terminate the contract or agree to move forward without the repairs.

Must the repairs becompletedbythe sellerbefore the end ofthe“Due Diligence” period? No, but the seller is required to complete any repairs in a good and workmanlike manner prior to the settlement date. Failure by the seller to complete the repairs could result in a breach of the contract.

Must theseller allow thebuyer toinspect the property toverifythe repairshave beencompleted even if the “Due Diligence” period has expired? Yes. The buyer has the right to verify the repairs have been completed satisfactorily, during or after the “Due Diligence” period. The buyer also has the right to do a final walk-through. The seller’s failure to permit the buyer to verify repairs or to do a final walk-through is a breach of the contract. What happens atthe endofthe “Due Diligence” period? The buyer must make a decision to move forward with the contract or to terminate, so it’s a good idea to discuss progress with the buyer as the end of the period approaches. There is a “Warning” to the buyer advising termination if the seller does not agree to a requested extension of the “Due Diligence” period. The buyer’s loss of the right to terminate for any or no reason then places the earnest money at stake. To avoid any misunderstandings, provide any extension agreed to by the seller to the buyer in writing.

Ifthe buyer decidestoterminatethe contract underthe “Due Diligence” clause, must theseller agree? No. It is the buyer’s sole decision to make, assuming it is made during the “Due Diligence” period and not afterward. The termination is a notification to the seller, and must be in writing, but the buyer does not need the consent of the seller. It is a unilateral decision made by the buyer for any reason or no reason at all. The buyer typically gets back the “Earnest Money” but not the “Due Diligence” fee, unless otherwise negotiated.

It's not impossibleto sell a home on your own, 7% of recent home sales were FSBO sales this past year.

That being said, if you have questions along the way, please just give me a call. I can answer your questions, no charge, no obligation, that's even if you get an offer, you can reach out with questions you need answered. If you decide that you'd like to list your home with an agent, I would love to have an opportunity to apply for the job. We can discuss all your concerns and objectives during a free no-obligation homeowner consultation.

Keepingupwith the ever-changing contracts and attorney-drafted forms.


Seller Lease Backs...with and without fees.

Term of Possession. Seller may remain in possession of the Property for a period of ___ days after the Closing (insert a number of days) until 5 p.m. on the last day (the entire period including any extension agreed to by Buyer and Seller in writing is referred to as the “Term”). TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE with regard to the end of the Term.

Appraisal Waivers

Purchaser has made an informed and educated decision to offer an amount greater than the list price of the property. Seller agrees to accept said offer under the following conditions: If the property does not appraise for the amount of the Offer, Purchaser acknowledges that s/he will be required to pay the difference of the appraisal and the purchase price in cash, notwithstanding any other lender requirements.

Personal Property Purchases

(1)Living Rm furniture: Two couches/Two chairs/Two end tables/ Wall art/ Rug and the basketball hoop.The Seller warrants that the property is being transferred to the Buyer free and clear of any liens and encumbrances. The above property is sold on an "AS IS" basis. The Seller makes no warranties, express or implied (except as specifically stated in this document).

MiscellaneousContract Items to Consider

Through the years, our contract and terminology has changed significantly, to include immediate transfer of the Due Diligence fee, the Due Diligence fee itself and what it entails, Earnest Money, Internet and Home Electronics, Personal Property vs. Real Property, AS-IS, Cash Offers, Proof of Funds, Lender Stipulations, Ribbon Backed Offers, Home Inspections, Due Diligence Repair Request, Time is of the Essence, CounterOffers, and What Stays with the Property-What doe not.

You may have hired an attorney to draft and oversee your contracts, but a home buyer will typically want to work with a lender, an attorney & a Realtor representing only their interests.

The Due Diligence Fees (as shown below) are Non-Refundable. The Seller deposits the Due Diligence Fee into their bank account. If it doesn't close, the Seller Keeps the Money. If it closes, it is credited back to the buyer at closing. Real Examples Shown Below:

Today's Bidding Wars: Most contract winners have won by having the highest Due Diligence fee, coupled with other appealing conditions geared towards the seller's desire.

Representation: 87% of Home Buyers hire a Realtor (Buyer's Agent); 7% of Home Buyers will work directly with a builder's site agent; 90% of home sellers hire a Realtor.

*Stats are provided by the National Association of Realtors - Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers

Dealing With The Appraisal

No matter if you got more than you hoped to get for your house, or less, you're not out of the woods, unless the buyer agreed to adding an addendum to the contract stating they would honor the price of the appraised "market value".

More home buyers get a mortgage loan, than pay cash. The mortgage company will require the buyer to have an appraisal completed. An appraiser is a third-party who will come in and look at your home, write a report, and give an opinion of value.

That value may match your agreed upon sales price. It may not.

If it comes in less than the agreed upon value, more negotiations would need to take place.

• Lower your sales price to match the appraised amount.

• Get the buyer to agree to make up the difference by bringing the cash needed between the appraised value and the contract value to cover the difference.

• Part ways and hope that the appraisal doesn't set off alarms for the next buyer purchasing with a loan.

The Re-Negotiation of a Low Appraisal

The Home Inspection Process

The home inspections are typically paid for by the home buyer - although you can have a pre-inspection done to make sure to catch any issues you are not aware of.

Prior to inspections, make sure all your systems are on as to not delay the process. This includes gas and water. Also, make sure that the electrical box and pipes under the sink can be accessed by the home inspector.

Miscellaneous inspections will likely take place after the General Home Inspection, and these would also be scheduled with you.

A typical inspection can last anywhere from 1.5 to 4 hours, depending on the scope of the inspection and the size of your house. More often than not, the buyers will attend the home inspection. You'll want to keep your pets secured during the inspections and the final walk-through.

The buyer will gather their reports together, and then they should send you a written request of repairs/ questions that they have. Many times they will include the inspection report along side the request.

Once that's in hand, see if there are things you would consider addressing, whether you'd rather give them money in lieu of repairs, and address items you won’t take care of.

Dealing With Repair Requests

Even though the contract might say "as-is", most home buyers will still hire a licensed home inspector to conduct structural, mechanical, termite, radon, and other types of inspections prior to closing on their new home. This should be completed during the "due diligence" period of the contract.

The buyers may ask you to take care of a few outstanding items, many of which you may have no idea existed. Most homeowners are not conducting an inspection in their crawl space or on their roofs or in their attics, and things generally will show up that aren't quite right.

You may feel inclined to address some (or none) of the issues, and others you may want to get a few written estimates on to see what the cost would be should you decide to offset the items in question, and let the buyer fix them once they own the home.

If you agree to do anything, make sure it is in writing and that all parties sign and date the agreement.

Beyond Inspections-Things Happen

Home Condition: Excellent. Under Contract at $750,000:Problem: The Master Bathroom shower had a leak behind the shower seat. Water traveled behind the shower seat, down the stair well, all the way to the basement. This resulted in damaged hardwood floors on the 2nd level, the stairwell as well as damaged drywall from the 2nd level, down to the basement. Repairs including tearing out and replacing the shower tile, giant blowers to dry the damage, mold retardant applied, new paint, and approval of new tile choices and job completion from the buyer and their agent.

Home Condition: Excellent. While Under Contract at $840,000: The Problem: The Master Bathroom Jacuzzi jet leaked behind the tub, down the wall, covering the garage ceiling and walls with water. Repairs including removing the jacuzzi, replacing it with a modern tub - tearing out and replacing the bathroom wall tile, giant blowers to dry the damage, mold retardant applied, new paint, and approval of new tile choices and job completion from the buyer and their agent.

For each of these sales, the buyer's agent and I (the seller's agent) held these contracts together and on track. I kept each of the buyer's agents engaged throughout each process as my client's and I gathered contractors, estimates, and had the work completed. Meanwhile, the buyer's agents kept their client's informed on each step taking place as the damage was repaired. Both incidents took place within a few weeks of closing. Both closed as scheduled.

As the seller's Realtor, it helps to have a solid list of list of top-notch professionals that will go the extra mile. We have such a list. It includes electricians, plumbers, designers, tile workers, painters and experts in just about every field imaginable.

The worst incident we've help our clients get through is one that involved arson. Our clients were in New York on a weekend visit when the Fire Department called. This was at 9:00 on a Friday night. I ran over to meet with the firemen. There were 4 trucks, they had busted through the roof, smoke was billowing out and the house was getting doused with water. As their home was under contract, this involved a buyer's agent, and buyers. For this situation, the house required a bit of help from a broad range of people, including the Fire and Police Department, smoke and water remediation companies, attorneys (as a lawsuit came forth from the buyer), the seller's insurance company, home builder, and a home designer. The seller was starting their new job up north, so they flew down intermittently through the rebuilding process. This property was rebuilt from the ground up, and we sold it to a new buyer for a $1oo,000 more. This process took over a year to complete. I worked as their boots on the ground from start to finish as they relocated to Connecticut.

I can go on and on with homes that have incurred an incident while under contract, and how the other agent and our team managed to keep the deal together all the way through closing Our goal is to handle all situations efficiently, effectively, and legally, so no lawsuit follows you after any such incident. In our world, a buyer wants to buy, and a seller wants to sell, and when the two are able to make that happen, it's a beautiful thing.

As your Realtors, we will work as your trusted advocate from morning to night. There is no on-the-job training when you hire a member of our team. If you are ready to start on your next move, we'd love to speak with you today!

Offer Presented & Negotiated Final Initials & Dates Offer becomes a Contract Email to Buyers with next steps & dates Ensure Earnest Money & Due Diligence Fee Delivery Update Status Change Schedule Closing Date with Attorney Submit Paper work to Lender (or Financial Advisor) Review Home Inspections Inspection Report submitted/reviewed Signed repair agreement / Seller Concessions Updated contract w / amendments sent to Lender &Attorney Buyer requests repairs / amendments Buyer decides to terminate the Contract Buyer moves forward ‘As Is’ Negotiation of Repairs and/or Concessions Parties Negotiate new price based on new appraised value All is Good. Continue towards Closing Amendments sent to Buyer and Seller for Signatures Final Walk-Thru with Buyer & Agent Receive final Loan Approval from Lender Final Loan NOT Approved or Delayed Term Extension or Termination of Contract Closing Date Extension Signed or Contract Terminated Get final Settlement Paperwork 1-3 days prior to closing Reminder to all parties as to what is needed at closing Get Wiring Instructions from/to closing attorney. CLOSING Final docs closed and recorded at the courthouse Keys and any warranty papers given to buyer. Schedule Inspections w all parties. From
Buyer completes Loan Application (Cash - Funds Moved) Complete Attorney Paperwork Amendment Sent to the Closing Attorney & Lender No agreement on price / Buyer terminates Contract On Track (Brown Boxes) In Flux (Grey Boxes) Termination (Red Boxes) Termination docs sent to all Parties Monies dispersed or disputed (goes to small claims court) Repairs not agreed upon Termination docs sent to All Parties for signatures Orders Appraisal through Lender Appraisal received Home goes back on the market. Transfer (or Cancel) Utilities, Mail, Warranties, Service Wait for underwriting to complete their process. Ivester Jackson Distinctive Properties | Christie's International Real Estate 25
Contract to Close

Closing Day Details

show the transfer of funds on the Settlement Statement.

Escrow Accounts: If you have been escrowing taxes & insurance, you should receive the excess proceeds within a month to six weeks past the closing date.

Property Insurance: Do not cancel any homeowner’s insurance policies until the deed is recorded and you receive the proceeds from the sale of your home. You should receive a refund from your insurance agent if you paid a year in advance.

Attorney: Anyinvoices(repairs,homewarranty,etc.)willneedtobesenttothe attorneypriorto closing. Homeowner’s Association fees will be pro-rated.

Final Walk-Thru: The buyer(s) will typically schedule this just a day or two before closing -sometimes even right before closing. Set aside a place (safely away from movers) for extra keys, remotes, appliance warranties or any house information for the new owner. A kitchen cabinet usually works out fine. Leave any personal property (negotiated with the sale) behind.

Working With Real Estate Agents Disclosure (For



This form is not a contract. Signing this disclosure only means you have received it.

• In a real estate sales transaction, it is important that you understand whether an agent represents you.

• Real estate agents are required to (1) review this form with you at first substantial contact - before asking for or receiving your confidential information and (2) give you a copy of it after you sign it. This is for your own protection.

• Do not share any confidential information with a real estate agent or assume that the agent is acting on your behalf until you have entered into an agreement with the agent to represent you. Otherwise, the agent can share your confidential information with others.

Note to Agent: Check all relationship types below that may apply to this buyer.

Buyer Agency: If you agree, the agent who gave you this form (and the agent’s firm) would represent you as a buyer agent and be loyal to you. You may begin with an oral agreement, but your agent must enter into a written buyer agency agreement with you before making a written offer or oral offer for you. The seller would either be represented by an agent affiliated with a different real estate firm or be unrepresented.

________ Dual Agency: Dual agency will occur if you purchase a property listed by the firm that represents you. If you agree, the real estate firm and any agent with the same firm (company), would be permitted to represent you and the seller at the same time. A dual agent’s loyalty would be divided between you and the seller, but the firm and its agents must treat you and the seller fairly and equally and cannot help you gain an advantage over the other party.*

________ Designated Dual Agency: If you agree, the real estate firm would represent both you and the seller, but the firm would designate one agent to represent you and a different agent to represent the seller. Each designated agent would be loyal only to their client.*

*Any agreement between you and an agent that permits dual agency must be put in writing no later than the time you make an offer to purchase.

Unrepresented Buyer (Seller subagent): The agent who gave you this form may assist you in your purchase, but will not be representing you and has no loyalty to you. The agent will represent the seller. Do not share any confidential information with this agent.


Note to Buyer: For more information on an agent’s duties and services, refer to the NC Real Estate Commission’s “Questions and Answers on: Working With Real Estate Agents” brochure at ncrec.gov (Publications, Q&A Brochures) or ask an agent for a copy of it.

This form is required for use in all sales transactions, including residential and commercial.
Agent’s Name Agent’s License No. Firm Name REC. 4.27 • 1/1/2022 Buyer’s Signature Date Print Name Buyer’s Signature Print Name

Working With Real Estate Agents Disclosure (For



This form is not a contract. Signing this disclosure only means you have received it.

• In a real estate sales transaction, it is important that you understand whether an agent represents you.

• Real estate agents are required to (1) review this form with you at first substantial contact - before asking for or receiving your confidential information and (2) give you a copy of the form after you sign it. This is for your own protection.

• Do not share any confidential information with a real estate agent or assume that the agent is acting on your behalf until you have entered into a written agreement with the agent to represent you. Otherwise, the agent can share your confidential information with others.

Note to Agent: Check all relationship types below that may apply to this seller.

Seller’s Agency (listing agent): The agent who gave you this form (and the agent’s firm) must enter into a written listing agreement with you before they begin to market your property for sale. If you sign the listing agreement, the listing firm and its agents would then represent you. The buyer would either be represented by an agent affiliated with a different real estate firm or be unrepresented.

________ Dual Agency: Dual agency will occur if your listing firm has a buyer-client who wants to purchase your property. If you agree in a written agency agreement, the real estate firm, and any agent with the same firm (company), would be permitted to represent you and the buyer at the same time. A dual agent’s loyalty would be divided between you and the buyer, but the firm and its agents must treat you and the buyer fairly and equally and cannot help you gain an advantage over the other party.

________ Designated Dual Agency: If you agree in a written agency agreement, the real estate firm would represent both you and the buyer, but the firm would designate one agent to represent you and a different agent to represent the buyer. Each designated agent would be loyal only to their client.

________ Buyer Agent Working with an Unrepresented Seller (For Sale By Owner, “FSBO”): The agent who gave you this form will not be representing you and has no loyalty to you. The agent will represent only the buyer. Do not share any confidential information with this agent.

Note to Seller: For more information on an agent’s duties and services, refer to the NC Real Estate Commission’s “Questions and Answers on: Working With Real Estate Agents” brochure at ncrec.gov (Publications, Q&A Brochures) or ask an agent for a copy of it.

This form is required for use in all sales transactions, including residential and commercial.
Agent’s Name REC. 4.27 • 1/1/2022 Agent’s License No. Date Firm Name Print Name Seller’s Signature Print Name


[Consult “Guidelines” (Form 2G) for guidance in completing this form]

For valuable consideration, the receipt and legal sufficiency of which are hereby acknowledged, Buyer offers to purchase and Seller upon acceptance agrees to sell and convey the Property on the terms and conditions of this Offer To Purchase and Contract and any addendum or modification made in accordance with its terms (together the “Contract”).

1. TERMS AND DEFINITIONS: The terms listed below shall have the respective meaning given them as set forth adjacent to each term.



(c)“Property”: The Property shall include all that real estate described below together with all appurtenances thereto including the improvements located thereon and the fixtures and personal property listed in Paragraphs 2 and 3 below.

The Property  will  will not include a manufactured (mobile) home(s).

The Property  will  will not include an off-site and/or separate septic lot, boat slip, garage, parking space, or storage unit.

NOTE: If a manufactured home(s) or a septic lot, boat slip, garage, parking space, or storage unit is included, Buyer and Seller are strongly encouraged to include further details in the Additional Provisions Addendum (Form 2A11-T) and attach it to this offer.

Street Address: ____________________________________________________________________________________________ City:___________ Zip: County: ________________________________________________, North Carolina

NOTE: Governmental authority over taxes, zoning, school districts, utilities and mail delivery may differ from address shown.

Legal Description: (Complete ALL applicable)

Plat Reference: Lot/Unit______, Block/Section _______, Subdivision/Condominium _________________________________________, as shown on Plat Book/Slide _______________ at Page(s)

The PIN/PID or other identification number of the Property is:

Other description:

Some or all of the Property may be described in Deed Book ___________________________ at Page ____________________

(d)“Purchase Price”:

$ ____________________________ paid in U.S. Dollars upon the following terms:

$ BY DUE DILIGENCE FEE made payable and delivered to Seller on the Effective Date by  cash  personal check  official bank check  wire transfer  electronic transfer (specify payment service: )

$ ____________________________ BY INITIAL EARNEST MONEY DEPOSIT made payable and delivered to Escrow Agent named in Paragraph 1(f) within five (5) days of the Effective Date of this Contract by  cash  personal check  official bank check  wire transfer  electronic transfer.

$ _________________________ BY (ADDITIONAL) EARNEST MONEY DEPOSIT made payable and delivered to Escrow Agent named in Paragraph 1(f) no later than 5 p.m. on __________________, TIME BEING OF THE ESSENCE by  cash  official bank check wire transfer  electronic transfer

$ BYASSUMPTION of the unpaid principal balance and all obligations of Seller on the existing loan(s) secured by a deed of trust on the Property in accordance with the attached Loan Assumption Addendum (Standard Form 2A6-T).

$ BY SELLER FINANCING in accordance with the attached Seller Financing Addendum (Standard Form 2A5-T).

$ BY BUILDING DEPOSIT in accordance with the attached New Construction Addendum (Standard Form 2A3-T).

$ BALANCE of the Purchase Price in cash at Settlement (some or all of which may be paid with the proceeds of a new loan)

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This form jointly approved by: North Carolina Bar Association’s Real Property Section North Carolina Association of REALTORS, Inc.

Buyer’s initials ______ ______ Seller’s initials ______ ______ STANDARD FORM 2-T Revised 7/2023 © 7/2023

Should Buyer fail to deliver either the Due Diligence Fee or any Initial Earnest Money Deposit by their due dates, or should any check or other funds paid by Buyer be dishonored, for any reason, by the institution upon which the payment is drawn, Buyer shall have one (1) banking day after written notice to deliver cash, official bank check, wire transfer or electronic transfer to the payee. In the event Buyer does not timely deliver the required funds, Seller shall have the right to terminate this Contract upon written notice to Buyer, and Seller shall be entitled to recover the Due Diligence Fee together with all Earnest Money Deposit paid or to be paid in the future. In addition, Seller may seek any remedies allowed for dishonored funds See paragraph 23 for a party’s right to attorneys’ fees incurred in collecting the Earnest Money Deposit or Due Diligence Fee.

NOTE: If the parties agree that Buyer will pay any fee or deposit described above by electronic or wire transfer, Seller agrees to cooperate in effecting such transfer, including the establishment of any necessary account and providing any necessary information to Buyer, provided, however, Buyer shall be responsible for additional costs, if any, associated with such transfer.

(e)“Earnest Money Deposit”: The Initial Earnest Money Deposit, the Additional Earnest Money Deposit and any other earnest monies paid or required to be paid in connection with this transaction, collectively the “Earnest Money Deposit,” shall be deposited promptly and held in escrow by Escrow Agent The Earnest Money Deposit will be credited to Buyer at Closing or disbursed as required by this Contract.

(f)“Escrow Agent” (insert name): Buyer and Seller consent to disclosure by the Escrow Agent of any material facts pertaining to the Earnest Money Deposit to the parties to this transaction, their real estate agent(s) and Buyer’s lender(s).

NOTE: In the event of a dispute between Seller and Buyer over the disposition of the Earnest Money Deposit held in escrow, a licensed real estate broker (“Broker”) is required by state law (and Escrow Agent, if not a Broker, hereby agrees) to retain the Earnest Money Deposit in the Escrow Agent’s trust or escrow account until Escrow Agent has obtained a written release from the parties consenting to its disposition or until disbursement is ordered by a court of competent jurisdiction. Alternatively, if a Broker or an attorney licensed to practice law in North Carolina ("Attorney") is holding the Earnest Money Deposit, the Broker or Attorney may deposit the disputed monies with the appropriate clerk of court in accordance with the provisions of N.C.G.S. §93A-12.


(g)“Effective Date”: The date that: (1) the last one of Buyer and Seller has signed or initialed this offer or the final counteroffer, if any, and (2) such signing or initialing is communicated to the party making the offer or counteroffer, as the case may be. The parties acknowledge and agree that the initials lines at the bottom of each page of this Contract are merely evidence of their having reviewed the terms of each page, and that the complete execution of such initials lines shall not be a condition of the effectiveness of this Agreement. The parties further acknowledge that the effectiveness of this Contract is not contingent on Buyer’s payment of any Earnest Money Deposit or Due Diligence Fee. See paragraph 1(d) for Seller’s remedy for any untimely delivered or dishonored funds.

(h)“Due Diligence”: Buyer’s opportunity to investigate the Property and the transaction contemplated by this Contract, including but not necessarily limited to the matters described in Paragraph 4 below, to decide whether Buyer, in Buyer’s sole discretion, will proceed with or terminate the transaction.

(i) “Due Diligence Fee”: A negotiated amount, if any, paid by Buyer to Seller with this Contract for Buyer’s right to terminate the Contract for any reason or no reason during the Due Diligence Period. It shall be the property of Seller upon the Effective Date and shall be a credit to Buyer at Closing. The Due Diligence Fee shall be non-refundable except in the event of a material breach of this Contract by Seller, or if this Contract is terminated under Paragraph 23(b) or as otherwise provided in any addendum hereto. Buyer and Seller each expressly waive any right that they may have to deny the right to conduct Due Diligence or to assert any defense as to the enforceability of this Contract based on the absence or alleged insufficiency of any Due Diligence Fee, it being the intent of the parties to create a legally binding contract for the purchase and sale of the Property without regard to the existence or amount of any Due Diligence Fee. See paragraph 23 for a party’s right to attorneys’ fees incurred in collecting the Due Diligence Fee.

(j)“Due Diligence Period”: The period beginning on the Effective Date and extending through 5:00 p.m. on ________________ TIME BEING OF THE ESSENCE

(k)“Settlement”: The proper execution and delivery to the closing attorney of all documents necessary to complete the transaction contemplated by this Contract, including the deed, settlement statement, deed of trust and other loan or conveyance documents, and the closing attorney’s receipt of all funds necessary to complete such transaction.

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Buyer’s initials ______ ______Seller’s initials ______ ______ STANDARD FORM 2-T Revised 7/2023 © 7/2023

(l) “Settlement Date”: The parties agree that Settlement will take place on (the “Settlement Date”), unless otherwise agreed in writing, at a time and place designated by Buyer.

NOTE: See paragraph 12, DELAY IN SETTLEMENT/CLOSING for conditions under which Settlement may be delayed.

(m) “Closing”: The completion of the legal process which results in the transfer of title to the Property from Seller to Buyer, which includes the following steps: (1) the Settlement (defined above); (2) the completion of a satisfactory title update to the Property following the Settlement; (3) the closing attorney’s receipt of authorization to disburse all necessary funds; and (4) recordation in the appropriate county registry of the deed(s) and deed(s) of trust, if any, which shall take place as soon as reasonably possible for the closing attorney after Settlement. Upon Closing, the proceeds of sale shall be disbursed by the closing attorney in accordance with the settlement statement and the provisions of Chapter 45A of the North Carolina General Statutes. If the title update should reveal unexpected liens, encumbrances or other title defects, or if the closing attorney is not authorized to disburse all necessary funds, then the Closing shall be suspended and the Settlement deemed delayed under Paragraph 12 (Delay in Settlement/Closing).

WARNING: The North Carolina State Bar has determined that the performance of most acts and services required for a closing constitutes the practice of law and must be performed only by an attorney licensed to practice law in North Carolina. State law prohibits unlicensed individuals or firms from rendering legal services or advice. Although non-attorney settlement agents may perform limited services in connection with a closing, they may not perform all the acts and services required to complete a closing. A closing involves significant legal issues that should be handled by an attorney. Accordingly, it is the position of the North Carolina Bar Association and the North Carolina Association of REALTORS® that all buyers should hire an attorney licensed in North Carolina to perform a closing.

(n)“Special Assessments”: A charge against the Property by a governmental authority in addition to ad valorem taxes and recurring governmental service fees levied with such taxes, or by an owners’ association in addition to any regular assessment (dues), either of which may be a lien against the Property

NOTE: Buyer’s and Seller’s respective responsibilities for the payment of Special Assessments are addressed in paragraphs 6(a) and 8(l).





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Buyer’s initials ______ ______Seller’s initials ______ ______ STANDARD FORM 2-T Revised 7/2023 © 7/2023

(b) Specified Items: Buyer and Seller agree that the following items, if present on the Property on the date of the offer, shall be included in the sale as part of the Purchase Price free of liens, unless excluded in subparagraphs (d) or (e) below. ALL ITEMS LISTED BELOW INCLUDE BOTH TRADITIONAL AND “SMART” VERSIONS AND ANY EXCLUSIVELY DEDICATED, RELATED EQUIPMENT AND/OR REMOTE CONTROL DEVICES

 Alarm and security systems (attached) for security, fire, smoke, carbon monoxide or other toxins with all related access codes, sensors, cameras, dedicated monitors, hard drives, video recorders, power supplies and cables; doorbells/chimes

 All stoves/ranges/ovens; built-in appliances; attached microwave oven; vent hood

 Antennas; satellite dishes and receivers

 Basketball goals and play equipment (permanently attached or in-ground)

 Ceiling and wall-attached fans; light fixtures (including existing bulbs)

 Exercise equipment/devices that are attached

 Fireplace insert; gas logs or starters; attached fireplace screens; wood or coal stoves

 Floor coverings (attached)

 Garage door openers

 Generators that are permanently wired

 Invisible fencing with power supply

 Landscape and outdoor trees and plants (except in moveable containers); raised garden; landscape and foundation lighting; outdoor sound systems; permanent irrigation systems; rainbarrels;landscapewater features; address markers

 Mailboxes; mounted package and newspaper receptacles

 Mirrors attached to walls, ceilings, cabinets or doors; all bathroom wall mirrors

 Storage shed; utility building

 Swimming pools; spas; hot tubs (excluding inflatable pools, spas, and hot tubs)

 Solar electric and solar water heating systems

 Sump-pumps, radon fans and crawlspace ventilators; dehumidifiers that are permanently wired

 Surface-mounting brackets for television and speakers; recess-mounted speakers; mounted intercom system

 Thermostats

 Water supply equipment, including filters, conditioning and softener systems; re-circulating pumps; well pumps and tanks

 Window/Door blinds and shades, curtain/drapery rods and brackets, door and window screens and combination doors, awnings and storm windows

(c) Unpairing/deleting data from devices: Prior to Closing, Seller shall “unpair” any devices that will convey from any personal property devices (hubs, intelligent virtual assistants, mobile devices, vehicles, etc.) with which they are paired, delete personal data from any devices that will convey, and restore all devices to factory default settings unless otherwise agreed Seller’s obligations under this paragraph 2(c) shall survive Closing.


(d) Items Leased or Not Owned: Any item which is leased or not owned by Seller, such as antennas, satellite dishes and receivers, appliances, and alarm and security systems must be identified here and shall not convey:

In addition, any leased fuel tank identified in paragraph 7(d) shall not convey.

(e) Other Items That Do Not Convey: The following items shall not convey (identify those items to be excluded under subparagraphs (a) and (b)): Seller must repair any damage caused by removal of any items excluded above in a good and workmanlike manner. Seller will notify Buyer upon completion of such repair(s) and provide Buyer with documentation thereof, if any.

NOTE: Buyer is advised to consider attaching the Additional Provisions Addendum (Form 2A11-T) if Buyer has a specific request as to how the repairs should be completed.

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Buyer’s initials ______ ______Seller’s initials ______ ______ STANDARD FORM 2-T Revised 7/2023 © 7/2023

NOTE: ANY PERSONAL PROPERTY THAT WILL BE A PART OF THE SALE SHOULD BE IDENTIFIED IN THIS PARAGRAPH. Buyer is advised to consult with Buyer’s lender to assure that the Personal Property items listed above can be included in this Contract.


WARNING: BUYER IS STRONGLY ENCOURAGED TO CONDUCT DUE DILIGENCE DURING THE DUE DILIGENCE PERIOD. If Buyer is not satisfied with the results or progress of Buyer’s Due Diligence, Buyer should terminate this Contract, PRIOR TO THE EXPIRATION OF THE DUE DILIGENCE PERIOD, unless Buyer can obtain a written extension from Seller. SELLER IS NOT OBLIGATED TO GRANT AN EXTENSION. Although Buyer may continue to investigate the Property following the expiration of the Due Diligence Period, Buyer’s failure to deliver a Termination Notice to Seller prior to the expiration of the Due Diligence Period will constitute a waiver by Buyer of any right to terminate this Contract based on any matter relating to Buyer’s Due Diligence. Provided however, following the Due Diligence Period, Buyer may still exercise a right to terminate if Seller fails to materially comply with any of Seller’s obligations under Paragraph 8 of this Contract or for any other reason permitted under the terms of this Contract or North Carolina law.

(a) Loan: Buyer, at Buyer’s expense, shall be entitled to pursue qualification for and approval of the Loan if any.

NOTE: There is no loan or appraisal contingency in this Offer To Purchase and Contract Therefore, Buyer is advised to consult with Buyer’s lender prior to signing this offer to assure that the Due Diligence Period allows sufficient time for the loan process and for Buyer’s lender to provide Buyer sufficient information to decide whether to proceed with or terminate the transaction.

(b) Property Investigation: Buyer or Buyer’s agents or representatives, at Buyer’s expense, shall be entitled to conduct all desired tests, surveys, appraisals, investigations, examinations and inspections of the Property as Buyer deems appropriate, including but NOT limited to the following:

(i) Inspections: Inspections to determine the condition of any improvements on the Property, the presence of unusual drainage conditions or evidence of excessive moisture adversely affecting any improvements on the Property, the presence of asbestos or existing environmental contamination, evidence of wood-destroying insects or damage therefrom, and the presence and level of radon gas on the Property.

(ii) Review of Documents: Review of the Declaration of Restrictive Covenants, Bylaws, Articles of Incorporation, Rules and Regulations, and other governing documents of any applicable owners’ association and/or subdivision. If the Property is subject to regulation by an owners’ association, it is recommended that Buyer review the completed Residential Property and Owners' Association Disclosure Statement provided by Seller prior to signing this offer. It is also recommended that the Buyer determine if the owners’ association or its management company charges fees for providing information required by Buyer’s lender or confirming restrictive covenant compliance.

(iii) Insurance: Investigation of the availability and cost of insurance for the Property.

(iv) Appraisals: An appraisal of the Property.

(v) Survey: A survey to determine whether the property is suitable for Buyer’s intended use and the location of easements, setbacks, property boundaries and other issues which may or may not constitute title defects.

(vi) Zoning,GovernmentalRegulation, and GovernmentalCompliance: Investigation of currentor proposed zoning orother governmental regulation that may affect Buyer’s intended use of the Property, adjacent land uses, planned or proposed road construction, and school attendance zones; and investigation of whether the Property is in violation of any law, ordinance, permit, or government regulation as outlined in paragraph 8(h).

(vii) Flood Hazard: Investigation of potentialfloodhazardson the Property, and/or any requirement to purchaseflood insurance in order to obtain the Loan

(viii) Utilities and Access: Availability, quality, and obligations for maintenance of utilities including water, sewer, electric, gas, communication services, stormwater management, and means of access to the Property and amenities.

(ix) Streets/Roads: Investigation of the status of the street/road upon which the Property fronts as well as any other street/road used to access the Property, including: (1) whether any street(s)/road(s) are public or private, (2) whether any street(s)/road(s) designated as public are accepted for maintenance by the State of NC or any municipality, or (3) if private or not accepted for public maintenance, the consequences and responsibility for maintenance and the existence, terms and funding of any maintenance agreements.

Buyer’s initials ______ ______Seller’s initials ______ ______ STANDARD FORM 2-T Revised 7/2023 © 7/2023 3. PERSONAL PROPERTY: The following personal property present on the Property on the date of the offer shall be transferred to Buyer at closing at no value:
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(x) Special Assessments: Investigation of the existence of Special Assessments that may be under consideration by a governmental authority or an owners’ association.

(c) Sale/Lease of Existing Property: As noted in paragraph 5(b), unless otherwise provided in an addendum, this Contract is not conditionedupon thesale/leaseor closingofotherpropertyowned byBuyer. Therefore,ifBuyermustsellor leaseother realproperty in order to qualify for a new loan or to otherwise complete the purchase of the Property, Buyer should seek to close on Buyer’s other property prior to the end of the Due Diligence Period or be reasonably satisfied that closing on Buyer's other property will take place prior to the Settlement Date of this Contract.

(d) Repair/Improvement Negotiations/Agreement: Buyer acknowledges and understands the following:

 Unless the parties agree otherwise, THE PROPERTY IS BEING SOLD IN ITS CURRENT CONDITION.

 Seller may, but is not required to, engage in negotiations for repairs/improvements to the Property.

Buyer is advised to make any repair/improvement requests in sufficient time to allow negotiations to be concluded prior to the expirationof theDueDiligencePeriod. Anyagreementthatthepartiesmayreachwithrespecttorepairs/improvementsisan addition to this Contract that must be in writing and signed by the parties in accordance with Paragraph 19

NOTE: See Paragraph 8(c), Access to Property and Paragraph 8(n), Negotiated Repairs/Improvements.

(e) Buyer’s Obligation to Repair Damage: Buyer shall, at Buyer’s expense, promptly repair any damage to the Property resulting from any activities of Buyer and Buyer’s agents and contractors, but Buyer shall not be responsible for any damage caused by accepted practices either approved by the N.C. Home Inspector LicensureBoard or applicable to any other N.C. licensed professional performing reasonable appraisals, tests, surveys, examinations and inspections of the Property. This repair obligation shall survive any termination of this Contract.

(f) Indemnity: Buyer will indemnify and hold Seller harmless from all loss, damage, claims, suits or costs, which shall arise out of any contract, agreement, or injury to any person or property as a result of any activities of Buyer and Buyer’s agents and contractors relating to the Property except for any loss, damage, claim, suit or cost arising out of pre-existing conditions of the Property and/or out of Seller’s negligence or willful acts or omissions. This indemnity shall survive this Contract and any termination hereof.

(g) Buyer’s Right to Terminate: Provided that Buyer has delivered any agreed-upon Due Diligence Fee, Buyer shall have the right to terminate this Contractfor any reasonorno reason,bydelivering toSellerwritten noticeof termination (the “Termination Notice”) during the Due Diligence Period (or any agreed-upon written extension of the Due Diligence Period), TIME BEING OF THE ESSENCE. If Buyer timely delivers the Termination Notice, this Contract shall be terminated and the Earnest Money Deposit shall be refunded to Buyer.



(a) Funds to complete purchase:

 (Check if applicable) Cash. Buyer intends to pay cash in order to purchase the Property and does not intend to obtain a loan or funds from sources other than Buyer’s own assets. Verification of cash available for Settlement  is  is not attached.

NOTE: If Buyer does not intend to obtain a new loan(s) and/or funds from sources other than Buyer’s own assets, Seller is advised, prior to signing this offer, to obtain documentation from Buyer which demonstrates that Buyer will be able to close on the Property without the necessity of obtaining a loan or funds from sources other than Buyer’s own assets.


 (Check if applicable) Loan(s)/Other Funds: Buyer intends to obtain a loan(s) and/or other funds to purchase the Property from the following sources (check all applicable sources):

 First Mortgage Loan:

Buyer intends to obtain a first mortgage loan of the following type in order to purchase the Property:  FHA  VA (attach FHA/VA Financing Addendum)  Conventional  USDA  Other type: _______________________________

in the principal amount of _______________________ plus any financed VA Funding Fee or FHA MIP.

 Second Mortgage Loan:

Buyer intends to obtain a second mortgage loan of the following type in order to purchase the Property:

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Buyer’s initials ______ ______Seller’s initials ______ ______ STANDARD FORM 2-T Revised 7/2023 © 7/2023

 Other funds:

Buyer intends to obtain funds from the following other source(s) in order to purchase the Property:

NOTE: Buyer’s obligations under this Contract are not conditioned upon obtaining any loan(s) or other funds from sources other than Buyer’s own assets. Some mortgage loan programs and other programs providing funds for the purchase of property selected by Buyer may impose repair obligations and/or additional conditions or costs upon Seller or Buyer, and more information may be needed.

Material changes with respect to funding the purchase of the Property that affect the terms of the contract are material facts that must be disclosed.

(b) Other Property: Buyer  DOES  DOES NOT have to sell or lease other real property in order to qualify for a new loan or to complete the purchase. (Complete the following only if Buyer DOES have to sell or lease other real property:)

Other Property Address: _____________

 (Check if applicable) Buyer's other property IS under contract as of the date of this offer, and a copy of the contract has either beenpreviouslyprovided toSelleroraccompaniesthisoffer. (Buyer may mark out any confidential information, such as the purchase price and the buyer’s identity, prior to providing a copy of the contract to Seller.) Failure to provide a copy of the contract shall not prevent this offer from becoming a binding contract; however, SELLER IS STRONGLY ENCOURAGED TO OBTAIN AND REVIEW THE CONTRACT ON BUYER'S PROPERTY PRIOR TO ACCEPTING THIS OFFER.

 (Check if applicable) Buyer’s other property IS NOT under contract as of the date of this offer. Buyer’s property (check only ONE of the following options):

 is listed with and actively marketed by a licensed real estate broker.

 will be listed with and actively marketed by a licensed real estate broker.

 Buyer is attempting to sell/lease the Buyer’s Property without the assistance of a licensed real estate broker.

NOTE: This Contract is NOT conditioned upon the sale/lease or closing of Buyer’s other property. If the parties agree to make this Contract conditioned on a sale/lease or closing of Buyer's other property, an appropriate contingency addendum should be drafted by a North Carolina real estate attorney and added to this Contract.

(c) Performance of Buyer’s Financial Obligations: To the best of Buyer’s knowledge, there are no other circumstances or conditions existing as of the date of this offer that would prohibit Buyer from performing Buyer’s financial obligations in accordance with this Contract, except as may be specifically set forth herein.

(d) Residential Property and Owners’ Association Disclosure Statement (check only one):

 Buyerhas receiveda signed copy of theN.C.Residential Propertyand Owners’ Association DisclosureStatement prior to making this offer and acknowledges compliance with N.C.G.S. 47E-5 (Residential Property Disclosure Act).

 Buyer has NOT received a signed copy of the N.C. Residential Property and Owners’ Association Disclosure Statement prior to making this offer and shall have the right to terminate or withdraw this Contract without penalty (including a refund of any Due Diligence Fee) prior to WHICHEVER OF THE FOLLOWING EVENTS OCCURS FIRST: (1) the end of the third calendar day following receipt of the Disclosure Statement; (2) the end of the third calendar day following the Effective Date; or (3) Settlement or occupancy by Buyer in the case of a sale or exchange.

 Exempt from N.C. Residential Property and Owners’ Association Disclosure Statement because (SEE GUIDELINES):____

(e) Mineral and Oil and Gas Rights Mandatory Disclosure Statement (check only one):

 Buyer has received a signed copy of the N.C. Mineral and Oil and Gas Rights Mandatory Disclosure Statement prior to making this offer and acknowledges compliance with N.C.G.S. 47E-5 (Residential Property Disclosure Act).

 Buyer has NOT received a signed copy of the N.C. Mineral and Oil and Gas Rights Mandatory Disclosure Statement prior to making this offer and shall have the right to terminate or withdraw this Contract without penalty (including a refund of any Due Diligence Fee) prior to WHICHEVER OF THE FOLLOWING EVENTS OCCURS FIRST: (1) the end of the third calendar day following receipt of the Disclosure Statement; (2) the end of the third calendar day following the Effective Date; or (3) Settlement or occupancy by Buyer in the case of a sale or exchange.

 Exempt from N.C. Mineral and Oil and Gas Rights Mandatory Disclosure Statement because (SEE GUIDELINES):

17 Buyer’s initials ______ ______Seller’s initials ______ ______ STANDARD FORM 2-T Revised 7/2023 © 7/2023
7 of

Buyer’s receipt of a Mineral and Oil and Gas Rights Mandatory Disclosure Statement does not modify or limit the obligations of Seller under Paragraph 8(g) of this Contract and shall not constitute the assumption or approval by Buyer of any severance of mineral and/or oil and gas rights, except as may be assumed or specifically approved by Buyer in writing.

NOTE: The parties are advised to consult with a NC attorney prior to signing this Contract if severance of mineral and/or oil and gas rights has occurred


(a) Responsibility for SpecialAssessments:Buyer shall taketitle subjectto allSpecialAssessments that maybe approved following Settlement

(b) Responsibility for Certain Costs: Buyer shall be responsible for all costs with respect to:

(i)any loan obtained by Buyer;

(ii) charges by an owners’ association or a management company/vendor as agent of the association under paragraph 9(b) of this Contract;


(iv)title search;

(v)title insurance;

(vi)any fees charged by the closing attorney for the preparation of the Closing Disclosure, Seller Disclosure and any other settlement statement;

(vii)recording the deed; and

(viii)preparation and recording of all instruments required to secure the balance of the Purchase Price unpaid at Settlement.

(c) Authorization to Disclose Information: Buyer authorizes the Buyer’s lender(s), the parties’ real estate agent(s) and closing attorney: (1) to provide this Contract to any appraiser employed by Buyer or by Buyer’s lender(s); and (2) to release and disclose any buyer’s closing disclosure, settlement statement and/or disbursement summary, or any information therein, to the parties to this transaction, their real estate agent(s) and Buyer’s lender(s).


(a) Ownership: Seller represents that Seller:  has owned the Property for at least one year.  has owned the Property for less than one year.  does not yet own the Property.

(b) Lead-Based Paint (check if applicable):

 The Property is residential and was built prior to 1978 (Attach Lead-Based Paint or Lead-Based Paint Hazards Disclosure Addendum {Standard Form 2A9-T}).


(c) Owners’ Association(s) and Dues: Seller authorizes and directs any owners’ association, any management company of the owners’ association, any insurance company and any attorney who has previously represented the Seller to release to Buyer, Buyer’s agents, representative, closing attorney or lender true and accurate copies of the following items affecting the Property, including any amendments:

 Seller’s statement of account

 master insurance policy showing the coverage provided and the deductible amount

 Declaration and Restrictive Covenants

 Rules and Regulations

 Articles of Incorporation

 Bylaws of the owners’ association

 current financial statement and budget of the owners’ association

 parking restrictions and information

 architectural guidelines

 (specify name of association): ___________________________________________________________________whose regular assessments (“dues”) are $_______________ per______________. The name, address and telephone number of the president of the owners’ association or the association manager is:

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Buyer’s initials ______ ______Seller’s initials ______ ______ STANDARD FORM 2-T Revised 7/2023 © 7/2023

Owners’ association website address, if any:

 (specify name of association): _______________________________________________________________whose regular assessments (“dues”) are $_______________ per______________. The name, address and telephone number of the president of the owners’ association or the association manager is:

Owners’ association website address, if any_____________________

(d) Fuel Tank(s)/Fuel: To the best of Seller’s knowledge, there  is  is not a fuel tank(s) located on the Property. If “yes” complete the following:

(i) Description:  Tank 1:

 Use:  currently in use  currently NOT in use

 Ownership:  owned  leased. If leased, name and contact information of tank lessor: _________________

 Location:  above ground  below ground

 Type of fuel:  oil  propane  gasoline and/or diesel  other: ______________________________________

 Name and contact information of fuel vendor: _____________________________________________________

 Tank 2:

 Use:  currently in use  currently NOT in use

 Ownership:  owned  leased. If leased, name and contact information of tank lessor:

 Location:  above ground  below ground

 Type of fuel:  oil  propane  gasoline and/or diesel  other:

 Name and contact information of fuel vendor:

(ii) Tank(s) included in sale: Buyer and Seller agree that any tank described above that is owned by Seller shall be included in the sale as part of the Purchase Price free of liens, unless excluded in paragraph 2(e) above.

(iii) Fuel: Seller may use fuel in the tank(s) described above through Settlement, but may not otherwise remove the fuel or resell it. Any fuel remaining in the tank(s) as of Settlement shall be included in the sale as part of the Purchase Price, free of liens.

 Seller’s use of fuel in any fuel tank is subject to Seller’s obligation under Paragraph 8(c) to provide working, existing utilities through the earlier of Closing or possession by Buyer.

NOTE: Buyer shall be entitled to conduct inspections to confirm the existence, type and ownership of any fuel tank located on the Property. Buyer is advised to consult with the owner of any leased fuel tank regarding the terms under which Buyer may lease the tank and obtain fuel.

NOTE: State law provides that it is unlawful for any person, other than the supplier or the owner of a fuel supply tank, to disconnect, interrupt or fill the supply tank with liquefied petroleum gas (LP gas or propane) without the consent of the supplier

(e) Leases. The Property  is  is not subject to any lease(s). If the Property is subject to a lease, Buyer and Seller should include either the Rental/Income/Investment Property provision in the Additional Provisions Addendum (Standard Form 2A11-T) or the Vacation Rental Addendum (Form 2A13-T) with this offer.


(a) Evidence of Title, Payoff Statement(s) and Non Foreign Status:

(i) Seller agrees to use best efforts to provide to the closing attorney as soon as reasonably possible after the Effective Date, copies of all title information in possession of or available to Seller, including but not limited to: title insurance policies, attorney’s opinions on title, surveys, covenants, deeds, notes and deeds of trust, leases, and easements relating to the Property.

(ii) Seller shall provide to the closing attorney all information needed to obtain a written payoff statement from any lender(s) regarding any security interest in the Property as soon as reasonably possible after the Effective Date, and Seller designates the closing attorney as Seller’s agent with express authority to request and obtain on Seller’s behalf payoff statements and/or shortpay statements from any such lender(s).

(iii)If Seller is not a foreign person as defined by the Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act, Seller shall also provide to the closing attorney a non-foreign status certification (pursuant to the Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act). In the event Seller does not provide a non-foreign status certification, Seller acknowledges that there may be withholding as provided

Buyer’s initials ______ ______Seller’s initials ______ ______ STANDARD FORM 2-T Revised 7/2023 © 7/2023
Page 9 of 17

(b) Authorization to Disclose Information: Seller authorizes: (i) any attorney presently or previously representing Seller to release and disclose any title insurance policy in such attorney's file to Buyer and both Buyer's and Seller's agents and attorneys; (ii) the Property’s title insurer or its agent to release and disclose all materials in the Property's title insurer's (or title insurer's agent's) file to Buyer and both Buyer's and Seller's agents and attorneys and (iii) the closing attorney to release and disclose any seller’s closing disclosure, settlement statement and/or disbursement summary, or any information therein, to the parties to this transaction, their real estate agent(s) and Buyer’s lender(s).

(c) Access to Property: Seller shall provide reasonable access to the Property through the earlier of Closing or possession by Buyer, including, but not limited to, allowing Buyer and/or Buyer’s agents or representatives, an opportunity to (i) conduct Due Diligence, (ii)verify the satisfactory completion of negotiated repairs/improvements, and (iii) conduct a final walk-through inspection of the Property. Seller’s obligation includes providing existing utilities operating at Seller’s cost, including any connections and dewinterizing.

NOTE: See WARNING in paragraph 4 above for limitation on Buyer’s right to terminate this Contract as a result of Buyer’s continued investigation of the Property following the expiration of the Due Diligence Period.

(d) Removal of Seller’s Property: Seller shall remove, by the date possession is made available to Buyer, all personal property which is not a part of the purchase and all garbage and debris from the Property.

(e) Affidavit and Indemnification Agreement: Seller shall furnish at Settlement an affidavit(s) and indemnification agreement(s) in form satisfactory to Buyer and Buyer’s title insurer, if any, executed by Seller and any person or entity who has performed or furnished labor, services, materials or rental equipment to the Property within 120 days prior to the date of Settlement and who may be entitled to claim a lien against the Property as described in N.C.G.S. §44A-8 verifying that each such person or entity has been paid in full and agreeing to indemnify Buyer, Buyer’s lender(s) and Buyer’s title insurer against all loss from any cause or claim arising therefrom.

(f)Designationof LienAgent, PaymentandSatisfactionof Liens:IfrequiredbyN.C.G.S.§44A-11.1, Sellershallhavedesignated a Lien Agent, and Seller shall deliver to Buyer as soon as reasonably possible a copy of the appointment of Lien Agent. All deeds of trust, deferred ad valorem taxes, liens and other charges against the Property, not assumed by Buyer, must be paid and satisfied by Seller prior to or at Settlement such that cancellation may be promptly obtained following Closing. Seller shall remain obligated to obtain any such cancellations following Closing.

(g) Good Title, Legal Access: Seller shall execute and deliver a GENERAL WARRANTY DEED for the Property in recordable form no later than Settlement, which shall convey fee simple marketable and insurable title, without exception for mechanics’ liens, lis pendens, monetary liens and judgments, and free of other encumbrances or defects that would materially affect the value of the Property, including those which would be revealed by a current and accurate survey of the Property, except:

(1) ad valorem taxes for the current year; (2) utility easements and unviolated covenants, conditions or restrictions; and

(3) such other liens, encumbrances or defects as may be specifically approved by Buyer in writing. The Property must have legal access to a public right of way.

NOTE: Buyer’s failure to conduct a survey or examine title of the Property, prior to the expiration of the Due Diligence Period does not relieve the Seller of their obligation to deliver good title under this paragraph.

NOTE: If any sale of the Property may be a “short sale,” consideration should be given to attaching a Short Sale Addendum (Standard Form 2A14-T) as an addendum to this Contract.

(h) Governmental Compliance: It is a condition of this Contract that the Property be conveyed free of any material violation of law, ordinance, permit, or government regulation (including, but not limited to, those relating to building, stormwater, impervious surface, environmental protection, and zoning), unless Seller has specifically disclosed such violation(s) prior to the Effective Date. If a violation is discovered and identified after the Effective Date and prior to Closing, then Seller may cure the violation(s). Unless otherwise agreed, if Seller does not cure the violation(s) prior to Closing, then Buyer may choose to accept the violation(s) and proceed to Settlement/Closing or terminate this Contract and receive a refund of the Earnest Money Deposit and the Due Diligence Fee.

Page 10 of 17 Buyer’s initials ______ ______Seller’s initials ______ ______ STANDARD FORM 2-T Revised 7/2023 © 7/2023 by the Internal Revenue Code.

(i)Deed, Taxes andFees: Seller shallpayforpreparation ofadeed and all otherdocuments necessary toperformSeller’s obligations under this Contract, and for state and county excise taxes, and any deferred, discounted or rollback taxes, and local conveyance fees required by law. The deed is to be made to: (i) Buyer; (ii) a corporation, limited liability company, or other business entity of which Buyer is the sole owner or shareholder; (iii) a trust for which Buyer is the beneficiary; (iv) any relative of Buyer; and/or (v) Other: (Insert Name(s) Only) ______________________ .

(j) Agreement to Pay Buyer Expenses: Seller shall pay at Settlement $________________________ toward any of Buyer’s expenses associated with the purchase of the Property, at the discretion of Buyer and/or lender, if any, including any FHA/VA lender and inspection costs that Buyer is not permitted to pay.

NOTE: Parties should review the FHA/VA Addendum prior to entering an amount in Paragraph 8(j). Certain FHA/VA lender and inspection costs CANNOT be paid by Buyer at Settlement and the amount of these should be included in the blank above.

(k) Owners’ Association Fees/Charges: Seller shall pay any charges by an owners’ association or a management company/vendor as agent of the association under paragraph 9(a) of this Contract.

(l) Payment of Special Assessments: Seller shall pay, in full at Settlement, all Special Assessments that are approved prior to Settlement, whether payable in a lump sum or future installments, provided that the amount thereof can be reasonably determined or estimated. The payment of such estimated amount shall be the final payment between the Parties.

(m) Late Listing Penalties: All property tax late listing penalties, if any, shall be paid by Seller.

(n) Negotiated Repairs/Improvements: Negotiated repairs/improvements shall be made in a good and workmanlike manner and Buyer shall have the right to verify same prior to Settlement.

(o) Home Warranty (Select one of the following):

 No home warranty is to be provided by Seller.

 Buyer may obtain a one-year home warranty at a cost not to exceed $____________ which includes sales tax and Seller agrees to pay for it at Settlement.

 Seller has obtained and will provide a one-year home warranty from _________________________________________ at a cost of $ _________ which includes sales tax and will pay for it at Settlement.

NOTE: Home warranties typically have limitations on and conditions to coverage. Refer specific questions to the home warranty company

(p) Seller’s Breach of Contract: See paragraph 23 for Buyer’s remedies in the event of breach of this Contract.

9. CHARGES BY OWNERS’ ASSOCIATION: Responsibility for payment of charges by an owners’ association or a management company/vendor as agent of the association shall be allocated between Buyer and Seller as follows:

(a) Seller shall pay:

(i) fees incurred by Seller in completing the Residential Property and Owners’ Association Disclosure Statement, and resale or other certificates related to a proposed sale of the Property;

(ii)fees required for confirming Seller’s account payment information on owners’ association dues or assessments for payment orproration,includinganyexpeditefeepermitted underN.C.Gen.Stat.§47F-3-102 thatischarged inconnectionwithproviding such information;

(iii)any fees charged for transferring or updating ownership records of the association; and

(iv)any fees other than those fees specifically required to be paid by Buyer under paragraph 9(b) below

(b) Buyer shall pay:

(i)charges for providing information required by Buyer’s lender;

(ii) charges for working capital contributions, membership fees, or charges imposed for Buyer’s use of the common elements and/or services provided to Buyer in connection with Buyer taking possession of the Property, such as “move-in fees”; and

(iii) charges for determining restrictive covenant compliance.

10. PRORATIONS AND ADJUSTMENTS: Unless otherwise agreed, the following items shall be prorated, with Seller responsible for the prorated amounts of any taxes and dues through the date of Settlement, and Seller entitled to the amount of prorated rents through the date of Settlement, and either adjusted between the parties or paid at Settlement:

Page 11 of 17

Buyer’s initials ______ ______Seller’s initials ______ ______ STANDARD FORM 2-T Revised 7/2023 © 7/2023

(a) Taxes on Real Property: Ad valorem taxes and recurring governmental service fees levied with such taxes on real property shall be prorated on a calendar year basis;

(b)TaxesonPersonalProperty:Advaloremtaxesonpersonalpropertyfor theentireyearshallbepaidbySellerunlessthepersonal property is conveyed to Buyer, in which case, the personal property taxes shall be prorated on a calendar year basis;

(c) Rents: Rents, if any, for the Property;

(d) Dues: Owners’ association regular assessments (dues) and other like charges.


(a) Condition of Property at Settlement: If the Property is not in substantially the same or better condition at Closing as on the date of this offer, reasonable wear and tear excepted, Buyer may terminate this Contract by written notice delivered to Seller and the Due Diligence Fee and Earnest Money Deposit shall be refunded to Buyer. If the Property is not in such condition and Buyer does NOT elect to terminate this Contract, Buyer shall be entitled to receive, in addition to the Property, the proceeds of any insurance claim filed by Seller on account of any damage or destruction to the Property.

(b) Risk of Loss: The risk of loss or damage by fire or other casualty prior to Closing shall be upon Seller. Seller is advised not to cancel existing insurance on the Property until after confirming recordation of the deed.

12. DELAY IN SETTLEMENT/CLOSING: This paragraph shall apply if one party is ready, willing and able to complete Settlement on the Settlement Date (“Non-Delaying Party”) but it is not possible for the other party to complete Settlement by the Settlement Date (“Delaying Party”). In such event, the Delaying Party shall be entitled to a delay in Settlement and shall give as much notice as possible to the Non-Delaying Party and closing attorney. If the Delaying Party fails to complete Settlement and Closing within seven (7) days of the Settlement Date (including any amended Settlement Date agreed to in writing by the parties), then the Delaying Party shall be in breach and the Non-Delaying Party may terminate this Contract and shall be entitled to enforce any remedies available to such party under this Contract for the breach.

13. POSSESSION: Possession, including all means of access to the Property and transferable amenities and services (keys including mailbox keys, codes including security codes, garage door openers, electronic devices, etc.), shall be delivered upon Closing as defined in Paragraph 1(m) unless otherwise provided below:

 A Buyer Possession Before Closing Agreement is attached (Standard Form 2A7-T)

 A Seller Possession After Closing Agreement is attached (Standard Form 2A8-T)

 Possession is subject to rights of tenant(s) (Parties should attach either Additional Provisions Addendum (Form 2A11-T) or Vacation Rental Addendum (Form 2A13-T))


 Additional Provisions Addendum (Form 2A11-T)

 Additional Signatures Addendum (Form 3-T)

 Back-Up Contract Addendum (Form 2A1-T)

 FHA/VA Financing Addendum (Form 2A4-T)

 Lead-Based Paint Or Lead-Based Paint Hazard Addendum (Form 2A9-T)

 Loan Assumption Addendum (Form 2A6-T)

 Identify other attorney or party drafted addenda:

 New Construction Addendum (Form 2A3-T)

 Owners' Association Disclosure Addendum (Form 2A12-T)

 Seller Financing Addendum (Form 2A5-T)

 Short Sale Addendum (Form 2A14-T)

 Vacation Rental Addendum (Form 2A13-T)


15. ASSIGNMENTS: This Contract may not be assigned without the written consent of all parties except in connection with a taxdeferred exchange, but if assigned by agreement, then this Contract shall be binding on the assignee and assignee’s heirs and successors.

16. TAX-DEFERRED EXCHANGE: In the event Buyer or Seller desires to effect a tax-deferred exchange in connection with the conveyance of the Property, Buyer and Seller agree to cooperate in effecting such exchange; provided, however, that the exchanging party shall be responsible for all additional costs associated with such exchange, and provided further, that a non-exchanging party shall notassumeanyadditionalliabilitywithrespect tosuchtax-deferredexchange.BuyerandSellershallexecutesuchadditionaldocuments,

Page 12 of 17

Buyer’s initials ______ ______Seller’s initials ______ ______ STANDARD FORM 2-T Revised 7/2023 © 7/2023

including assignment of this Contract in connection therewith, at no cost to the non-exchanging party, as shall be required to give effect to this provision.

17. PARTIES: This Contract shall be binding upon and shall inure to the benefit of Buyer and Seller and their respective heirs, successors and assigns. As used herein, words in the singular include the plural and the masculine includes the feminine and neuter genders, as appropriate.

18. SURVIVAL: If any provision herein contained which by its nature and effect is required to be observed, kept or performed after the Closing, it shall survive the Closing and remain binding upon and for the benefit of the parties hereto until fully observed, kept or performed.

19. ENTIRE AGREEMENT/RECORDATION: This Contract contains the entire agreement of the parties and there are no representations, inducements or other provisions other than those expressed herein. All changes, additions or deletions hereto must be in writing and signed by all parties. Nothing contained herein shall alter any agreement between a REALTOR® or broker and Seller or Buyer as contained in any listing agreement, buyer agency agreement, or any other agency agreement between them. This Agreement or any memorandum thereof shall not be recorded without the express written consent of Buyer and Seller.

20. CONDUCT OF TRANSACTION: The parties agree that any action between them relating to the transaction contemplated by this Contract may be conducted by electronic means, including the signing of this Contract by one or more of them and any notice or communicationgiven inconnectionwiththisContract. Anywrittennoticeor communicationmaybe transmitted toanymailing address, e-mail address or fax number set forth in the “Notice Information” section below. Any notice or communication to be given to a party herein, and any fee, deposit or other payment to be delivered to a party herein, may be given to the party or to such party’s agent. Delivery of any notice to a party via means of electronic transmission shall be deemed complete at such time as the sender performs the final act to send such transmission, in a form capable of being processed by the receiving party’s system, to any electronic address provided for such party in the “Notice Information” section below. Seller and Buyer agree that the “Notice Information” and “Acknowledgment of Receipt of Monies” sections below shall not constitute a material part of this Contract, and that the addition or modification of any information therein shall not constitute a rejection of an offer or the creation of a counteroffer.

21 EXECUTION: This Contract may be signed in multiple originals or counterparts, all of which together constitute one and the same instrument.

22. COMPUTATION OF DAYS/TIME OF DAY: Unless otherwise provided, for purposes of this Contract, the term “days” shall mean consecutive calendar days, including Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, whether federal, state, local or religious. For the purposes of calculating days, thecountof “days”shallbegin ontheday following thedayuponwhich anyactornotice asprovided in thisContract was required to be performed or made. Any reference to a date or time of day shall refer to the date and/or time of day in the State of North Carolina.


(a) Breach byBuyer:In theeventof materialbreach ofthisContractbyBuyer, Sellershallbeentitled toanyEarnestMoneyDeposit. The payment of any Earnest Money Deposit and any Due Diligence Fee to Seller (without regard to their respective amounts, including zero) together shall serve as liquidated damages (“Liquidated Damages”) and as Seller’s sole and exclusive remedy for such breach, provided that such Liquidated Damages shall not limit Seller’s rights under Paragraphs 4(e) and 4(f) for damage to the Property as well as Seller’s rights under paragraph 1(d) for dishonored funds. It is acknowledged by the parties that the amount of the Liquidated Damages is compensatory and not punitive, such amount being a reasonable estimation of the actual loss that Seller would incur as a result of a breach of this Contract by Buyer. The payment to Seller of the Liquidated Damages shall not constitute a penalty or forfeiture but actual compensation for Seller's anticipated loss, both parties acknowledging the difficulty of determining Seller’s actual damages for such breach

(b) Breach by Seller: In the event of material breach of this Contract by Seller, Buyer may (i) elect to terminate this Contract as a result of such breach, and shall be entitled to return of both the Earnest Money Deposit and the Due Diligence Fee, together with the reasonable costs actually incurred by Buyer in connection with Buyer’s Due Diligence (“Due Diligence Costs”), or (ii) elect not to terminate and instead treat this Contract as remaining in full force and effect and seek the remedy of specific performance.

(c) Attorneys’ Fees: If legal proceedings are brought by Buyer or Seller against the other to collect the Earnest Money Deposit, Due Diligence Fee, or Due Diligence Costs, the parties agree that a party shall be entitled to recover reasonable attorneys’ fees to the extent permitted under N.C. Gen. Stat. § 6-21.2, and if applicable, N.C. Gen. Stat. § 6-21.3 for dishonored funds. The parties acknowledge and agree that the terms of this Contract with respect to entitlement to the Earnest Money Deposit, Due Diligence Fee, or Due Diligence Costs each constitute an “evidence of indebtedness” pursuant to N.C. Gen. Stat. § 6-21.2.

Page 13 of 17

Buyer’s initials ______ ______Seller’s initials ______ ______ STANDARD FORM 2-T Revised 7/2023 © 7/2023

NOTE: A party seeking recovery of attorneys’ fees under N.C. Gen. Stat. § 6-21.2 must first give written notice to the other party that they have five (5) days from the mailing of the notice to pay the outstanding amount(s) without the attorneys’ fees.


This offer shall becomea binding contract on the Effective Date. Unlessspecifically provided otherwise, Buyer’s failure to timely deliver any fee, deposit or other payment provided for herein shall not prevent this offer from becoming a binding contract, provided that any such failure shall give Seller certain rights to terminate the contract as described herein or as otherwise permitted by law.

Date: Date:

Buyer: Seller:

Date: Date:

Buyer: Seller:

Entity Buyer: Entity Seller:

(Name of LLC/Corporation/Partnership/Trust/etc.)

(Name of LLC/Corporation/Partnership/Trust/etc.)

Name: Name:____________________________________

Title: _ Title:____________________________________

Date:____ Date: __

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Revised 7/2023

© 7/2023

Print Name Print Name





initials ______ ______Seller’s initials ______ ______
FORM 2-T Revised 7/2023 © 7/2023
Page 15 of 17 Buyer’s



Mailing Address: ____________________________________


Mailing Address: ________

Buyer Fax#: ________________________________________

Buyer E-mail:_______________________________________

Seller Fax#:__________________________________________

Seller E-mail:_________________________________________


Selling Firm Name:

Acting as  Buyer’s Agent  Seller’s (sub)Agent  Dual Agent

Firm License #:

Mailing Address:

Individual Selling Agent: ________________________

 Acting as a Designated Dual Agent (check only if applicable)

Selling Agent License #:

Selling Agent Phone #:

Selling Agent Fax # :

Selling Agent E-mail:

Listing Firm Name:

Acting as  Seller’s Agent  Dual Agent

Firm License #:

Mailing Address:

Individual Listing Agent:__________________________

 Acting as a Designated Dual Agent (check only if applicable)

Listing Agent License #:__________________________

Listing Agent Phone #: _____________________________

Listing Agent Fax #: _____________________________

Listing Agent E-mail:_


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initials ______ ______Seller’s initials ______ ______


Seller: (“Seller”)

Buyer: (“Buyer”)

Property Address: (“Property”)


Paragraph 1(d) of the Offer to Purchase and Contract between Buyer and Seller for the sale of the Property provides for the payment to Seller of a Due Diligence Fee in the amount of $________________, receipt of which Listing Agent hereby acknowledges.

Date_____________________________________ Firm:____________________________________________________

By:______________________________________________________ (Signature)

(Print name)


Paragraph 1(d) of the Offer to Purchase and Contract between Buyer and Seller for the sale of the Property provides for the payment to Seller of a Due Diligence Fee in the amount of $________________, receipt of which Seller hereby acknowledges.

Date_____________________________________ Seller: _____________________________________________ (Signature)

Date_____________________________________ Seller: (Signature)


Paragraph 1(d) of the Offer to Purchase and Contract between Buyer and Seller for the sale of the Property provides for the payment to Escrow Agent of an Initial Earnest Money Deposit in the amount of $_______________. Escrow Agent as identified in Paragraph 1(f) of the Offer to Purchase and Contract hereby acknowledges receipt of the Initial Earnest Money Deposit and agrees to hold and disburse the same in accordance with the terms of the Offer to Purchase and Contract.

Date_____________________________________ Firm :____________________________________________________

By:_________________________________ (Signature)

(Print name)


Paragraph 1(d) of the Offer to Purchase and Contract between Buyer and Seller for the sale of the Property provides for the payment to Escrow Agentof an (Additional) Earnest Money Depositin the amount of$_______________. Escrow Agent as identified inParagraph 1(f) of the Offer to Purchase and Contract hereby acknowledges receipt of the (Additional) Earnest Money Deposit and agrees to hold and disburse the same in accordance with the terms of the Offer to Purchase and Contract.

Date: ______________________________________ Firm:

Time: ____________________ AM  PM By:______________________________________________________ (Signature)

(Print name)

Page 17 of 17 STANDARD

© 7/2023

FORM 2-T Revised 7/2023
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The Numbers


So, how much do you think your house will sell for? Most people have a number in their head. Some people just pluck it out of thin air. Others look online at Zillow and use the Zestimate as their guide. Still, others take how much they owe, add the amount of money they’ve put into the house in upgrades, then add how much commissions will be, and then add how much they want or need to be able to buy their next house.

If you really want an accurate understanding of what your home value is, get a thorough market analysis from a local real estate agent. Someone from our team can provide you with accurate pricing, and what to expect before, during and after your home closes as well as an estimate on how long it will take to get a contract on your home. That could be days, or it could be months depending on the overall market, the condition of your property, and how much competition you have from other homes currently listed for sale.

When we conduct our free market analysis, we'll come to your home, look at the best comps, crunch the numbers and put together a breakdown of what you can expect to walk away with ...your net sheet.

Our first visit is usually well before a home owner is ready for market. Part of our services, include a personalized market analysis; a one on one visit with one of our home stagers; a professional drawn floor plan and your home measured for accuracy; professional photography and drone videos. That's our most basic set up.

If you have interest in getting started, just give us a call. We can answer any questions you might have

You’re better off pricing your house accurately from day one. This doesn’t mean you’re “giving your house away” or are “losing money.”

It means you will compete with like-kind homes for sale, and if yours outshines your competition, then you'll get competitive bids which will drive your price up.

THE MARKET... Crunching the Numbers

We get our clients top dollar by implementing strategies that decrease their time on the market while protecting their equity. We've been doing this before, during and after Covid. Top dollar is nothing new here. We can do the same for you! Highlighted Examples Below:

Our home stagers offer advice on cost-effective staging techniques which are captured by our photographers. Our professional marketing captures the multitude of buyers that might have interest and in turn drives drives up the price.

We provide our clients with an honest in-depth review of pricing strategies available to you. We go one step further by drilling down to guide you on what today's buyers are willing to pay for your home like yours.

Neighborhoods that offer every size and price, need in-depth research so you can confidently place it in a position to get sold, rather than linger on the market.

Who's Buying What and for How Much?

We will look at similar properties that fall into the following categories:

• Recently Sold within your neighborhood AND within a 3 mile radius of your home.

• Currently For Sale Properties are the ones you are competing with to win the buyer.

• Pricing Over Market Value Creates a LOSS of Time as well as missing the attention of the most Ready, Willing and Able Buyers currently out looking for their next home.

• Pricing TOO LOW Creates an influx of buyers, and a LOSS of YOUR EQUITY

• Fair Market Value produces a solid flow of Ready, Willing and Able Buyers, which allows for the fastest sale, the possibility of a bidding war, and the greatest gain of equity from your home.

Pricing Your Home Correctly - From the Start

 Increased Showing Appointments to Ready Willing and Able Buyers.

 Better Response from Market correctly, your home will draw buyers within it's price range.

 Higher Offers - When a property is priced right, buyers bid, rather than risk losing it..

 Priced right, the excitement of the market produces a higher price in less time,and you will net more.

1.Fair market value is driven by what buyers will pay for perceived worth.

2.Seller hopes a higher initial price will draw a higher offer.

3.Market interest is highest for new listings and wanes after two to four weeks.

4.As listings become "stale," market psychology reduces the salable price.

5.Price reductions are necessary to attract buyers back to the "stale" listing.

6.The actual list price corresponds with the current salable price.

7.As counterintuitive as it seems, properties initially priced above fair market value tend to sell for less than they could have if their original prices had looked more attractive to buyers.


Timing is extremely important in the real estate market. A property attracts the most activity from the real estate community and potential buyers when it is first listed. It has the greatest potential to sell when it is new on the market. 12345678



While our booklet provides you with relevant advice, please keep in mind that each property is unique and the market conditions vary from area to area and season to season. It’s easy to do more preparation than you need to — or less than you should.

It’s a good idea to actually meet with a Realtor before you start prepping your house for sale. As Realtors, we can provide you with lots of insight and solutions to getting your home sold.

We are paid when your home is sold. Our services include an entire support team that dedicates their efforts to getting your home sold. As the Realtor, we work as your point person throughout the process

1. Give us a call. This will help us understand your motivation, time frame, financial expectations and how we can work effectively for you and yours.

2. The sooner the call, the less stress you will carry moving forward with the process. We will provide you with everything you need to get your home sold in the time frame you want it sold, for the price you need, and with confidence that you have hired a team that is fully on your side.

3. Once we settle on a plan of action, we're able to start lining up the various members of our team that can help take your home from pre-market, into the market and ultimately sold. This includes our home stagers, photographers, measurement company, marketing and advertising plus our transaction management team. We can “prime” the market by talking up your house to other agents and potential buyers before your house even hits the market.

A Note of Caution:

Too often, homeowners do whatever prepping they’re going to do and then call an agent. They call an agent - even new and unqualified agents ...not realizing we are not all the same.

So, before you do any of the preparations recommended in this booklet, make sure you’ve lined up the agent you’ll be listing your house with so he or she can be involved with your entire process.

And, to see the difference in agents, please make sure to give us a call. We take pride in our services and want our clients to receive the best outcome possible, whether buying, selling or doing both. What's in your best interest, is our interest.

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The PrepWork


For most people, listing their house for sale isn’t a spur of the moment thing. People often think about selling their house for years before ever actually selling it.

Yet, given how much time and thought people tend to give it, many people don’t do enough to pre-pare their house for sale (or prepare themselves for what’s to come). They just get to a point where they decide it’s time to sell and they pop a sign in the yard.

This often leads to people not selling their house for as much, as quickly, or as smoothly as it could have. Or at all.

On the other hand, there are people who do too much and spend way more time and money than they should.

They may very well do things that help their house sell as quickly as possible and for as much as possible, but they don’t net as much as they could have because they put more money into it than they can recoup from the sale.

It’s a fine line. You don’t want to do too little or too much...

Which is why we've created this booklet - to help you prepare for the sale of your house with just the right amount.

The more time you have, the more leisurely and thorough you can be. At the same time, don’t worry if you’re in a rush.

Much of what you’ll read here can be done in a pinch.

Whether you have a few years, a few weeks, or a few days before you put your house on the market, this booklet will help you put your best foot forward once you decide to enter your property in to the home selling competition.

We have an abundance of contractors to share with you as well as landscapers and home designers.


The first thing you should do doesn’t require much work, just leave your house.

Go for a ride, go for a walk, run some errands, or just go to work... and then return to your house with the objective to look at it with the eyes of a buyer.

Look at your house objectively. Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and try to think and feel how they would about your house when they see it for the first time.

As you head back home, pay attention to your curb appeal.

• How does the landscaping look?

• How about the exterior?

• Is the sidewalk in good shape?

• Beyond that, was your house visually appealing?

• Is the front door striking or just blah? Or worse, is it in bad shape?

• Is your porch ceiling filled with spider webs and do the light fixtures show rust?

• Take notes as these will become your "to-do" list.

Walk inside…go slowly.

Stop. Look around. Buyers won’t just rush in; they’ll pause for a moment or two. What do they see in those first moments?

Walk aroundtheinside - does it flow?

If you didn’t know the house, which direction do you think you would walk as the buyer? Go that way. Look through each room with fresh eyes. Make sure you open up closet doors because buyers certainly will.

If you have a garage, check that out too. Make sure you take a peek around the garage and any utility rooms.

Walk aroundtheoutside.Buyers won’t just see the exterior from the front. Those that are interested, will want to take a walk around the entire house and property. So make sure you head outside.

Now be honest: How’d it look? Would you buy your house? Would you be willing to pay top dollar?

Would you be worried that if you don’t hurry and make an offer someone else will come along and scoop up your dream house right out from under you?

If you’re being honest, there’s probably at least a few things you made note of that you should do something about.

But before you go knocking things off that list, let’s take a look at a few of the most common things homeowners might overlook.


The impression that most people have (when viewing homes) is that others live in pristine houses and have everything "just right" all the time. That is simply not the case.

If you were to randomly pick any number of your neighbors homes, you'd find things could be more orderly, and that they have a "lived-in" look every day of the week. Each with a certain amount of clutter, disorder, unmade beds, and laundry piling up.

We’re not talking “hoarder” level clutter, but most people have a certain level of clutter they live with. In fact, the buyer and future owner of your house will probably live that way, too. It's not a unique attribute.

If you are going to sell your home, the easiest (and cheapest) place to start getting it ready for market is to go from room to room and simply get rid of excess clutter, anything you don't want, need or use on a day-to-day basis

This is the best time in life to rid yourself of stuff you never even realized you still owned. Then start packing up whatever stuff you can do without till you make your final move.

You can reunite with all your stuff once your house is sold. This is just temporary.

4.Does it Make Scents?

Does your house stink?

Whether it does or not, it’s unlikely that anyone would actually say yes. We get used to how our house smells, so it’s hard for most people to honestly answer that question.

The easiest way to determine if you need to address an odor is to ask someone who doesn’t live there. Try not to ask someone who visits your house regularly.

Even when people are aware of an odor they should deal with, they often think that masking it with candles, potpourri, or air fresheners is a good solution.

It isn’t.

Camouflaging a smell can trigger curiosity from buyers about an odor you might be trying to hide.

The most effective thing to do is to eliminate the source of the smell (if possible) prior to putting the house on the market.

Obviously this isn’t easy to do with pets or teenagers, but if and when possible, get rid of the source.

The most common smells homeowners are often unaware of are:

• Pet odors

• Pungent or distinct food odors

• Cigarette or cigar smoke

• Athletic shoes

You should also give your house a thorough cleaning. This is probably a good idea even if there’s no distinct smell. If you’re a good cleaner, this involves just a little time and elbow grease.

If not, this is a great reason to splurge and hire a cleaning crew to come in and freshen up.

If that doesn’t work, sometimes people have to replace carpeting or repaint in order to eliminate intense odors.

Hopefully you won’t have to go to that extreme. But if you do, it’s worth the money because if they can smell it, you can't sell it, at least not for as much or as quickly as you might like to.


As proud as you might be about what makes your house your home, make it as easy as possible for a home buyer to feel like it could be their home.

Most people have heard that you should “de-personalize” your house when you’re selling it.

Your house will be on the Internet, and keeping your family safe, starts here. This means removing, family photos. It also means removing your children's names from their bedroom walls as mentioned earlier.

You also don't want people having more information than they need about your family. Remove your degrees, trophy's, pet names, political and religious items for picture day. The world doesn't need to know.

Also plan on placing your valuables (like jewelry), and drugs out of sight.

You might be super proud of your hunting skills, but displaying your taxidermy trophies on the wall might be offputting to some buyers. Or you may just have some questionable artwork that could be distracting - put it away.

The larger home buying market will need to be able to come in and focus on how their own furniture and how their belongings will look. Simplifying yours will help them visualize their things.

Don't lose showings due to a buyer's inability to get past "your stuff".


Here’s another bright idea! Make sure all of your light bulbs are working, and make sure they cast an appropriate amount of light upon each room.

Dark rooms simply don’t show well.

Sometimes it isn’t a matter of having burnt light bulbs, sometimes it’s a matter of having the wrong bulbs.

Some rooms deserve a crisp, clean, bright light - like in a kitchen. Some are better off with softer, warmer lighting - for instance, a family room. So make sure to give some thought to how the lighting in the room makes you feel. Is it appropriate? If not, try to find the perfect bulbs for the room.

Also, make sure that when your house is on the market, the lights are easy to turn on for the agent showing the house. If a light switch that controls certain lighting isn’t easy to find, make sure that you leave it on before a showing or leave a note letting people know where the switch is.

In fact, if you know there’s going to be a showing, it’s not a bad idea for you to turn on the lights before the showing. It’s simple enough to just ask that the agent turn off the lights once they finish showing the house. That way they can just walk in and get the full effect without having to look for the light switches.

Lastly, if an agent is showing your home in the early evening hours, make sure your front and back porch lights are on, so they can find the keys, see the house and get a look at your yard. It's difficult to show a home at night, so do what you can to enhance it for the showing agents and their prospective home buyer.


It’s easy to learn how to live with certain little issues around the house. Many people don’t even view certain things as an issue until they’re preparing their home for sale.

Like that gurgling noise that comes from the sink, for example. It might have bothered you at first, but then it just faded into the background once it became familiar. Or the drippy faucet. It’s not like it doesn’t work, it just likes to not stop working entirely when you turn it off. No big deal. As a homeowner, things like that aren’t always bothersome enough to justify hiring someone or fixing it yourself.

It doesn’t just have to be plumbing, of course. It could be the chipping paint on the ceiling-which happens to be caused by a small leak in the roof when it rains hard. Or a loose cabinet door that doesn’t close quite right.

Whatever it is, there’s probably something around your house that could stand to be fixed.

But here’s the question: Should you fix these little issues before putting your house on the market? The popular and most standard answer in the real estate industry is, “Yes.” And let’s just say that it can’t hurt to fix the little issues around the house.

When buyers see smaller issues around the house, they might also wonder about what else hasn't been taken care of.

On the other hand, you may be able to ignore the minor fixes and just see if the buyer brings them up during home inspection requests. It may be less costly and easier to negotiate a credit or agree to repair something only when a buyer actually asks for it to be repaired.

The same goes for more serious issues like an HVAC system that’s not working properly. You should have it serviced to see what's going on.

It is better to take care of things when you have total control. Once a buyer is under contract, they may want more done that is necessary - or they may walk away from the contract.

There’s no absolute answer to this. So the best thing to do is make a list We can talk you through the best and worst case scenarios and then you can make an educated decision from there.

You can also hire a home inspector to perform a prelisting home inspection so you (and the buyer) won’t get caught off guard by something you didn't know.


As Realtors, we get asked a lot of questions about renovations and, more specifically, whether they’ll increase a home’s value (or if they’re even necessary to do before selling).

Ask away!!! Many people don’t ask first and then end up regretting the work they did. With that in mind, just call us. As long-time Realtors we have an incredible list of resources, along with insight on how to get a job done for a good price, and we can let you know whether it will be a job worth doing.

A home renovation project might increase your home's value, but there’s a good chance it won’t increase it enough to justify the time and cost of having done it. Again, just give us a call and we can help you through its pros and cons.

That’s not to say that it never makes sense to do a renovation project before selling. Sometimes doing a renovation can make the difference between getting a house sold versus sitting on the market forever or simply not selling.

Tip: Make sure you keep the permits for any work you have completed on your house.

As you are sorting through things, also save any warranties, receipts, paint colors, and the names of the contractors you have hired, so you can hand those off to the next owner.

Renovations like a new kitchen or bathroom are often cited as being a great return on investment. They can be. But they might not be for you and your particular house and situation. So make sure to think twice before doing any major renovation to your house. Sometimes, it may be more worthwhile just to sell your current home, and replace it with a home that offers you a better fit.


Abuyer’senthusiasmforyour house startsatthecurb.

First impressions count — on dates, job interviews AND when you’re selling property. If you want to be appealing to buyers, you have to make sure your house has “curb appeal.”

Curb appeal isn’t just about the outside of your house looking attractive, it’s about everything that leads up to it — your landscaping, walkways, toys and hoses strewn about, driveway, decks, patios, fencing basically anything you can see from the curb.

It’s typically the first image they see when they’re searching for houses online. The last thing you want is a buyer rejecting you due to their first impression.

Here are some things you should consider:

• Does the roof look good? Or does it need to be cleaned or even replaced?

• Are the gutters clean?

• Are the windows clean?

• Does the exterior need power-washing, a paint job, or new siding?

• Is the lawn well kept? Are there bare spots?

• Are shrubs and trees trimmed?

• Are flower beds weeded?

• Are toys, water hoses, and trash cans out of sight?

• Are the walkways, driveway, steps, patios and decks clean and in good shape?

As with interior repairs and renovations, you shouldn’t go overboard to enhance the curb appeal. There’s a fine line you don’t want to cross.

Give us a call and we can discuss what items you should and shouldn’t do to spruce up the outside of your house prior to hitting the market.


If you don’t have any pets, you can skip this section. But if you do have pets, this section is for you!

Let’s just get down to it, moving can be stressful for both you and your pet. Strangers in and out of your home is not something that they are used to, so plan ahead for their well being as well as for those viewing your home

If you own any pets, consider their personality.

Sometimes it will work just to take them out for a walk, and other times you may want to ask a friend to help you out. If they are accustomed to some type of pet daycare, that would work, too.

You will have a Realtor with prospective buyers entering your home, and for their buyers, a barking dog may not be dangerous, but it could distract them from taking a good look at your home.

Most homeowners require advance notice when showing their home, so you will still have time to plan. The amount of advance notice you need, is totally up to you.

Another way to handle this, is to go car riding with your pet, or have a neighbor on the ready to come over and remove your pet when you're not able to do so.

Secondly, make sure to disclose whether there have been cats or dogs living in the house, as some buyers may be highly allergic and therefore unable to see it.

Marketing Your Home

Going On “The Market”…(Where Is That Anyway?)

You've probably heard the term, "I'm putting my house on the market. " Or, that house just came on the market."

The biggest market for home buyers is the Internet. And, if you are like most homeowner's, you'll want every buyer to know your home is for sale, which means your home should be on as many real estate sites as possible.

The MLS is the first place homes are posted when they are working with an agent. Then the agent can place the home on all of the IDX sites (Internet Data Exchange) as well as Zillow, and the like. The homeowner can also request not to be placed on certain sites. For my services, I've included additional venues and ways we advertise a home.

For purposes of this guide, you should know that when your home gets listed on the MLS, it is also getting time-stamped. Much like Zillow time stamps a property, so does the MLS. As an agent, we can see the history of the home - when it goes on the market, off the market, under contract and sold. It also tells us how often a homeowner adjusted their price and if they keep switching agents.

If you are planning on selling your home, it is best NOT to just test the market, as you may be sending off negative signals to potential buyers. The assumption is that there must be something wrong with the home to be on the market so long.


We blow the competition out of the water with our unique“Sticky”ReMarketing Campaigns geared to capture the attention of home buyers worldwide. If a prospective home buyer is searching for real estate within a 15 mile radius of your home address, our ad will pop up so we don't miss an opportunity to get your home sold.

Versus Total Engagement in 1
Actual Hits
YourProperty’s Digital AdExposurefor 1 Month


*According to Canopy MLS, SFR Sales in Lincoln, York, Iredell, Gaston, Mecklenburg, Cabarrus & Union Counties

Total Closed Sales Units >$2 M 56 17 0 10 20 40 30 $168 M $43 M Total Transaction Volume >$2 M 0 $25 M $50 M $75 M $100 M $150 M $200 M Total Closed Sales Units >$1 M 144 52 0 25 50 75 100 125 150 $282 M $91 M Total Transaction Volume >$1 M Buy Side Volume >$1 M Buy Side Closed Sales Units >$1 M 51 24 $101 M $40 M
50 0 $50 M $100 M $200 M $150 M $250 M 60 0 10 20 40 30 50 60 $300 M 0 $20 M $40 M $60 M $80 M $100 M $120 M



» Holds over 400 auctions annually, generating 7 billion in sales

» Catalog sales featuring homes

» Private events in Asia, Dubai, & London

» Digital newsletter delivered to 200,000+


» Seen by over 250,000 luxury prospects worldwide

» Over 45,000 copies distributed every quarter

» Published in English, Mandarin, & Russian



» Over 50 million visits annually across 135 luxury sites

» The world’s finest collection of luxury propery


IvesterJackson | Lake Norman | Charlotte | North Shore | Asheville
Reach casual buyers not actively shopping the internet
Maximize your home’s exposure to likely buyers NATIONAL & INTERNATIONAL Christie’s International Real Estate Magazine (also printed in Russian & Mandarin) REGIONAL The Winston-Salem Journal The Charlotte Observer IJ Portfolio of Fine Properties (Mailed to 12,000+ local residents) Luxury Home Magazine LOCAL Currents Magazine The Peninsula Navigator River Talk Ballantyne Magazine The Life In Myers Park The Talking Point Limitless Magazine



Our in-house magazine and quarterly market reports are uploaded for digital viewing from any device.

Our client database has over 16,000 subscribers, with new content delivered directly to their inbox every week.


We syndicate listings to high-activity home search websites such as Zillow.com, Trulia.com, Realtor.com, ChristiesRealEstate. com, IvesterJackson.com, and more.

Capture leads from people looking at your house in real time with our smartphone eFlyer system.


Routine showing reports detail scheduled showings and provide instant alerts when new requests are submitted. Powerful analytic tools measure real estate activity in your community.


Our new IJ Home Search app simplifies the home search process for buyers by allowing them to view and save local listings of interest, putting your listing at their fingertips.

IvesterJackson | Lake Norman | Charlotte | North Shore | Asheville

The Reach of our Digital Marketing Campaigns

With 87% of home buyers starting their home search online, we make sure they find your property listing!

We provide Complete Carolina MLS Coverage along with Internet Data Exchange to Over 2500 Broker affiliate sites plus promtion in the top home search portals such as Zillow, Realtor.com, Trulia, Homes.com, wikiREALTY, HomeSpotter, LandWatch, etc. Our Internet marketing also places your home on more than 750 additional websites, 1000's of Social Media Feeds, Facebook and those looking in your area by optimizing placement with our Sticky Ad Campaigns.

Top Home Portals Estimated Monthly Searches


Thanks to popular networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram, it’s easier than ever to reach scores of potential home buyers and to share your listing with friends and family. The icons for these social media sites will be prominently featured and easily recognizable on your home’s property detail page, giving your listing even greater potential to reach the right buyers with the right message via the right medium.

Zillow:36,000,000 Trulia:23,000,000 Yahoo: 20,000,000 Realtor.com: 18,000,000

The MLS and Beyond

While the MLS will do much of the heavy lifting, it may not be enough to reach the entire market.

In 2021, there were 53,102 homes that were listed in the Charlotte Regional MLSthatdidnotsell.

The MLS is certainly important, but so is all of the additional marketing we will do to make sure anyone who may be interested in your house also sees it.

Our goal is to get your home sold on terms that work for you, in a timeline that works for you and at a price that works for you.


Successfully selling your house depends on pricing, understanding the market and, most of all, exposure

you can’t sell your house if you don’t attract buyers.

When you list your home with us, you get a comprehensive marketing plan designed to give your home maximum exposure where buyers will find it.

Our Plan of Action

♥ A Comprehensive Market Analysis

♥ Discussion of your ideal time-line and objectives

♥ Flexible Fees

♥ A one-on-one visit with one of our Home Stagers

♥ Prepping for Market – Contractors and Checklist

♥ The Love Letter

♥ Video Tour

♥ Drone – best for water, golf, large lots, farms

♥ Professional Photos

♥ Interactive Floor Plan

♥ Virtual Staging (available for vacant homes)

♥ Internet Exposure to Over 2500 Broker Affiliate Sites

♥ Zillow; Realtor.com; Homes.com, Trulia; etc.

♥ 750+ additional sites; 1000's of Social Media Feeds; Facebook

♥ Internet Sticky Ad Campaign – ads that follow potential home buyers

♥ Open House Blitz - If you'd like one:)

♥ Our Call Center handles all Showing Requests.

♥ Detailed Market Traffic Reports

♥ Agent Feedback Reports

♥ A yard sign – per neighborhood regulations

♥ Realtor and Contractor lock boxes

♥ Optional – The ability to sell your home to a CASH buyer without going on t he market.


New home buyers need to visualize how they would utilize the space. Your home is beautiful, warm and inviting. Items I have listed have no reflection on your taste in design.

• Foyer: Chandelier please remove the fabric shades.

• Formal Living: Remove the trey in corner of room with wine glasses, table next to window with lamp and table with tea trey.

• Dining Room: Remove the runner from table with candles, you can put the arrangement on felt Buffet remove everything but the lamps. Remove the black vase on the floor, also the small table with lamp.

• Kitchen: Remove all items off the counters, Remove items off the shelves on sides of island. Remove the small table when entering the kitchen with son’s art and the three yellow glass pieces.

• Morning Room: Remove arrangement off small table. Remove vase and tin box from chest leaving the plant if still in bloom.

• Family Room: Remove all personal photos of family throughout your home. Remove the chair and table next to the French doors, I will move the back table forward in place of chair. The table behind soda on wall remove all items except lamp. Remove the corner shelving stand with all items. I will move furniture around the day photographer arrives. The table next to the French doors remove.

• Master Bedroom: Remove all items off night stands leaving the lamps, also the glass bottles off dresser Table in for of windows remove family photos. Remove the shades on chandelier.

• Master Bathroom: Remove the items around the tub, off the counter tops, shower, and rugs.

• Office: Remove all items off the counters, remove the wall photos.

• Laundry Room: We may not take a photo, but its such a nice large room we may take 1 photo so remove the rug & chair.

• Second Floor bedroom with gold throw and pillows: Remove the corner secretary.

• Second floor Bathroom remove everything off counter tops and rugs.

• Media/Bonus: Remove the orange chairs, remove items off bar and the ledge under the picture.

• Second Floor Hall: Remove the tapestry on wall. Exterior: Plant Spring flowers as we discussed in yard and on patio.

Today’s sophisticated buyers expect the properties they view to be picture-perfect and move-in ready. Properly staged homes not only put a home’s best foot forward but also help buyers see themselves in the property.




Armed with more information than ever, your prospective buyer will be telling their agent which properties they want to see. They have already rejected listings with too few or poor-quality photos.

It is absolutely vital that your online listing has high-impact photos, videos, and tours to make a lasting first impression that will motivate buyers to come to see your property for themselves.  That's why we use Tour Factory as a way to showcase your home to buyers. Potential buyers have all the information they need about the home at their fingertips and the property is presented on an elegant, easy-to-use platform.

Drone Photography used to showcase Homes, Amenity Centers, Farm, Lake & Golf Course Settings Marvin Creek The Club at Longview
Life in and Around Your Home
The Peninsula
The Point at Lake Norman
This Includes Selling Virtually Staged Vacant Property

Share what Makes Your Place Special

Welcome to our home:) We hope you enjoy the feel and flow of it.

We felt very fortunate when we came upon this community and this lot. As the community had only a few premium lots left, and we were thrilled (and lucky) that this particular one had just been released.

This lot has a no-build zone behind it - as well as the 150 yards of 'tree -safe' area.

To the right of us, is another no-build lot that is taken care of by the HOA. The narrow paved path

(lined with Holly trees) goes back to a water monitoring station - that's the singular tower back there. The activity over there consists of deer grazing.

We worked with the builder to get what we wanted, and then once we closed, we added a few other things to it, like the surround sound and the specialty walls. That being said, we hope you like the choices we made.

We also added the pool. It is a 6 ft deep saltwater pool with a tanning ledge and umbrella holder. It also has lights and a waterfall feature. While doing that, we added full irrigation to the front, sides and back of the property along with the wrought iron fence. We wanted to be able to hang outside after work and on the weekends, as well as have our own outdoor entertainment area. The gas grill, fire pit and the extended patio provided us with plenty of space to do just that.

We LOVE this location! It is so close to restaurants, shopping and all that Ballantyne and Waverly have to offer. There are activities all around the area for kids and adults.

We love having everything so close to us, it offers all the conveniences for our lifestyle. (Less than 10 minutes to Whole Foods or Super Target.)

The schools are fantastic! Top in the country. And for travel, the airport is just 25 minutes away.

Even though we have everything nearby, our house is private and we are surrounded with great neighbors.

We are relocating to another state (due to business). We will miss this home and the friends we have made here.

*If you are uncomfortable writing about your home, we will create your "love letter"" for you, like we did for our client regarding their home - the one referenced above - and you can approve what is written as well as edit it.

What’s the difference between selling your home or failing to do so? The Details!

Whether it’s our proven sales approach, effective marketing campaigns, or utilizing our extensive network, no detail is overlooked.

We pride ourselves in the use of technology and innovation to maximize the exposure of your home.

We created this guide to help educate you as a Seller, and empower you to make the right decision when selecting the best agent to market and sell your home.

When we say we are “redefining service in real estate,” we mean it! Our clients come first.

We will educate you on what needs to be done to have a successful sale of your home. There are many components to a successful real estate transaction; you can count on us to be there every step of the process and make sure no detail is overlooked.

With a proven track record, the right skill set, and 20+ years of experience, we have the right tools to successfully sell your home.

If you’re serious about selling your home, we’re serious about getting the job done! Now more than ever, who you work with matters!

A Map of Homes We've Sold Throughout the Charlotte Region

I'm Jane Francis Cross. I have 20+ years in the real estate industry. I am a loyal advocate, a patient and attentive listener and hard-working professional. I am married, I have four adult children, one grandson, two dogs and a great husband and I have lived in Charlotte since 1987, and know this market very well. I have helped hundreds of people buy and sell homes throughout the Charlotte region from Lake Norman to Lake Wylie, in every price point and style and I'd be happy to help you, too:) Helping clients to achieve their goals is the foundation of my business. My promise is to deliver top service and results to you, should we have the pleasure of working together.

Client Testimonials

From Michael and Reba L.

Jane is the consummate professional. She restored our trust in the real estate profession after some very bad experiences with other agents. She works confidently and takes a very calming approach to her work. She is never pushy and I never worried about her representing our interests. Jane knows the market. She exhibited broad and deep knowledge of the market and applied a tried-and-true process for selling houses. Did I mention that she knows the market? She steadfastly and tirelessly represented our interests from the beginning of the process, as well as before, during after closing. She knows who to contact to get things done and anticipates the things that could hold up a sale. She exhibits extraordinary organization agility. We had high expectations but through this process and she exceeded all of them. We have a profound respect for Jane, her commitment to us was well beyond what we believe that other Realtors are capable of delivering.

From Jake and Kim F.

Jane is by far the best Realtor with whom we have ever worked. She and her team know the market well and helped us with every step of selling our home and then purchasing our new home. Jane was attentive to our needs while we worked through each step of the process. She and her team went above and beyond what we expected from a Realtor, including referrals to different contractors, service providers, lenders, and others that made our selling and buying go more smoothly. We highly recommend Jane Cross and her team if you are looking to buy or sell.

From Sarah G. and Ryan B.

Jane is awesome!!! She got us above asking and we couldn't be happier. Jane made a the experience easy and painless, and I couldn't imagine hiring anyone but her if you are in the Charlotte area.

FromLynn and Lyn A.

Jane Cross listed our house and did a phenomenal job. She made the listing process simple and easy to understand. She clearly explained what to expect and how it would go and what we should do to make it go smoothly. Her stager and photographer did a great job making our home look inviting and attractive to potential buyers. Her marketing materials were very professional and on point without wasting time and energy on useless items. Even in a hot market, she marshaled about 40 potential buyers through our home in less than 72 hours and had above asking price offers in less than 24 hours. She helped us evaluate and compare the offers and maximize our return even as we selected an offer that wasn't the highest because another offer had better terms that increased the certainty of closing and on our time frame. I couldn't recommend a realtor higher. She was there throughout the process and after to help make our sale and move as stress free as possible.

FromLeianne B.

I can't say enough about how INCREDIBLE Jane and her team are to work with! Jane is on top of it at all times, and takes efficiency, communication, and promptness to the next level! From day 1, she made the selling process of our home simple and stress free. We went under contract without a single showing, and got even more than list price (which she predicted). Jane without a doubt knows the Charlotte market, and what buyers are looking for. You will not be disappointed with Jane and her team!!!

FromRich and Julie C.

Jane was highly recommended to us by our friends who recently sold their house in our neighborhood.We're so happy she was our agent . Her knowledge of the current market helped us price our house accordingly . Besides selling our house in two days, she was key in working through all the negotiations for a smooth transition . I would definitely recommend Jane Cross!

From Masoud and Parishka M.

Jane has been my agent for over 18 years.I have sold and purchased around 10 properties with her by my side. This includes land, investment homes, working with me on selling 3 luxury spec homes, and my primary residence. She has advised me well every time. For any future real estate endeavors, I will always include Jane as my realtor as I trust her.

From Mike T.

Jane was the consummate professional in assisting me through the process of selling my home. Her ability to consult, recommend and ensure that the process was a success was most appreciated. She encouraged me to have the house staged, and the compliments that I received from the staging, pictures, and the video especially the drone view of the property drove traffic through a slow period when there was little to no activity going on during the holidays for other homes. Any time I needed something done her knowledge of local contractors to assist at reasonable prices was also most appreciated. What I appreciated the most was her responsiveness and ability to negotiate. Jane was a pleasure to work with, and I highly recommend her.

From Rob and Rebecca T.

We have used Jane over the last 6 years to buy 4 properties and sell.It was so helpful to have her as we were out of town for almost all of it! She has always been super responsive, accommodating, knowledgeable and works over and above what realtors would be expected. She is also very fun to work with! Definitely plan on using Jane for any other real estate needs!

I'm John Casella. Originally from the New York Metro area, I relocated to Charlotte in 2013. Prior to that, I had worked for 18 years in an Equity Trading position on Wall Street. My observation of the economic expansion and opportunities led my decision to make the move. I started buying a few properties, first for my family, then as investments. I became a full time Realtor in 2014, and have had a great deal of success with it. I am a family man with three children. I love teaching them how to make great Italian food and keeping up with every aspect of their lives. If you choose to work with me as your Realtor, my promise to you is that I will provide you with honest, insightful advice and the results you want to achieve with your next real estate transaction, whether you are selling or buying.


From - Katie B.

This is the third house I've either bought or sold with John and there's a reason why: John is the kind of guy that will go the extra mile every time from driving papers to where you are instead of making you come to him from working tirelessly to getting you the best deal from being responsive and getting back to you quickly from never losing his cool when he's had to ask you to get him something he needs to close your deal a few times (or more) from being empathic- selling or buying a house is emotional from being trustworthy and giving you honest answers from just being an all-around class act. I am so lucky I called him the first time. There is zero reason for ever having to use anyone else.

From Roger S.

John was wonderful. He did just what he said he would do and was very honest and professional. We enjoyed working with him and he kept us informed of every showing feedback he received was very courteous and checked on us frequently to see if we had any questions or needed anything. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to sell your home.

From Nora S.

We are very happy with Mr Casella's services. We purchased our new house through him. He really works for the best of his client. He is efficient and and really gets things done. He gets things accomplished instead of making empty promises like some realtors do. In fact we were so happy with his services that we hired him to sell our old house too. The best realtor!!! He is honest straightforward hardworking and available. We cannot say enough good things about this man. This was our third time doing business with him.

From Jonathan G.

John is the best realtor I have used over the last 40 years. Best is an understatement as John is exceptional in his customer orientation. knowledge negotiation skills and financial savvy. He is characterized by high energy always fully present for you and your questions and needs. Additionally he is an excellent listener and provides options for you to consider and is honest about the upsides and downsides of homes and properties. My wife and I found him to be easily accessible any time we needed him and his advice was sound. He takes and verbalizes the approach of : " I work for you"! He proved that time after time as he helped us navigate the purchase of a new home that had come back on the market in a very desirable over 55 area in Fort Mill SC. The purchase required a bidding situation and a rapid deadline close coupled to financial dexterity. John was ever so present at every step of the process right through the purchase. Examples: John did research on what price offer would most likely purchase the home; consulted on a closing date that coordinated the closing date/sale of our NJ home; built and maintained needed relationships with the development realtor and builder; walked through the home inspection with the builder and the home inspection outside firm we contracted with; and even pointed out things that needed attention and "blue taped" areas that needed touch up. While he did that we focused on our NJ closing and needed repairs. Constant contact via text e mail and phone throughout our team process kept both of us up to date and to make adjustments/tweaks as needed. John was always asking: "What else can I do for you or is there anything else that we should be talking about?" He has a delightful sense of humor and positive attitude coupled with the skill of multitasking. He's with you every step of the way. Even when we purchased the home he made sure that we were contacting utilities on both our NJ and SC home and brought up details often overlooked when selling and/or purchasing a home. We were dong both. John is a decent person who provides needed support even when you are not aware that you need it. As he says "I have your back!" and he did over and over. John is consciously competent. He is intentional in his behavior ethical and congruent in word and action. If there is a next time and I hope I am done moving I know that I am going directly to John and say: "I'm back".

From Lou D.

I have done several transactions over the past 2 years with John. He and his staff are the best!!!!! Very professional in every way!

From Tracy J.

John was our selling and buying agent and was very knowledgeable. Whenever we had questions he was able to answer them and or get the answers we needed. I would highly recommend John and his team.

From Sarah W.

John helped me and my family find and purchase our dream home in Fort Mill SC. HE He's helped us buy an investment town home helped my folks buy an amazing home in Tega Cay SC. Sadly we had to move out of state for work. John again helped us sell our dream home. Highly recommended.

From Todd M.

What can I say about John he definitely makes each client feel like they are his only client. He cares about everything in the process and is incredibly knowledgeable about all aspects of real estate. John should be your next realtor.

From Amy G.

Working in the mortgage industry it's always been difficult for me in any mortgage situation but John was so professional and knew exactly what he was doing. I never felt like I had to lead the transaction. He was always on top of everything and was a great communicator. I'm an Mortgage Underwriter and 200% would recommend John to anyone.

Here's a little information about me:

I'm Claude Cross. Married to Jane and together we have four children, one grandchild, and two dogs. I come from a military family based more out of Charleston than any other city. My background is in building which gives me a tendency to keep a keen eye on what's going on around our market including the infrastructure and commercial growth. If you are looking to sell, buy, invest or seek opportunities in the commercial market, I can help you succeed with your mission.

Client Testimonials

From - Don and Nanci

When we started looking for a realtor to help sell our home, Claude and his team were recommended to us by a friend. After meeting Claude, I was immediately impressed with his extensive knowledge of homes, inside and out. As we began to list our home, surprises came up (as they always do) and Claude handled it all like a pro! He and his team quickly addressed all questions, small or large. And his marketing is second to none!! We had multiple offers on our home, at or above asking price, the day it was listed. If you're looking to get your house sold....Claude is your man! Don't settle for just one person when you can have Claude & his whole team dedicated to getting your house sold! I recommend Claude to anyone serious about selling their home. Thanks Claude!!

From Paul and Mary - I was very hesitant to use a long-time friend of mine as my real estate agent. What if things went bad? Would I not be honest with him if there was something I didn't like and vice versa? Right up front, Claude put all those worries aside! I came to realize that he was on our side and not just out to make a quick buck! Within all of a month he helped my family find a house, get a loan and get all moved in!! We had no idea what we were doing, and he held our hand the whole way! My husband and I along with our 3 children could not be happier with the whole experience! I would recommend Homes by Cross to any new or experienced home buyer. We will be forever grateful and when the time comes to get a bigger and better home, Claude will be the first person we call!

From Patrick - It is with absolute confidence that I recommend Claude Cross as a Realtor. He was my Realtor for the sale of my home and purchase of my current home. Character traits that come to mind immediately when I think of Claude are: Trustworthy, Hard Working, Diligent, Accountable, Thoughtful, Honest, Practical, Knowledgeable, and Forthright. If I put into words the positive experiences I had with Claude during this stressful time it would fill pages, more pages than you might be inclined to read. Just know that all of the aforementioned are true. He will work with you and for you like so few others will these days. I do not attach my name and reputation to another lightly. I stand by what I say and would refer him to anyone and have already done so with many close friends. All of whom have had a similar professional experience with him as I have. With my profound appreciation.

From Colin and Barb - I interviewed 6 realtors, 4 of which were friends, but Claude Cross remained my first choice. My home was under contract in 6 days! I chose well. Since then, we have hired Claude to purchase a total of four homes and sell three. I recommend him and his team because of their dedication these are not part timers they are on 24/7 to help you no matter which part of the deal you are, buy sell upgrade downsize they are there for you. Love them and will use them again. Five stars is not enough!

From Christina - Claude, thank you so much for getting this taken care of so quickly! If I were a filthy-rich woman, I would hire you and pay you very good money to be my personal assistant for everything needing attention and coordination in my life. Really!

Andreas and Laura Lee - Claude, it has been such a pleasure working with and getting to know you. I can't tell you how amazed I still am at how quick and smooth our home purchase here in Charlotte went. You helped us find and purchase a great home in a great neighborhood in such a very short time frame. Claude, you were really excellent at learning about us, our friends and our wants in order to help us find our place here in Charlotte. You also made it a lot of fun! Thank you for always being available to answer my many questions. Andreas and I are very grateful to you!

From Sheila - One thing that I have learned not to take for granted is excellent customer service. Lucky, I heard about Claude! He was there not only to negotiate and sign the contract, but also for the meetings with the builders, the inspectors, and even the options and finishes. Claude’s expertise and advice on what consumers in my price range would be looking for come time for re-sale, simplified the process. He took all my doubts and fears of building a home in a different state, off of my shoulders. Now, I am settled in my new home and couldn't be happier!

From Scott and Patty - Of all the challenges and obstacles we had to overcome in our relocation to Israel, the selling of our house in Charlotte was the easiest and least problematic. In fact, there were no problems for us at all because Claude Cross took care of everything!

Patty and I express our sincere thanks and gratitude. Claude handled the communication difficulties due to our 7 hour time difference and the closing in our absence like a true professional. Let us not overlook the fact that he had the house under contract in two weeks! When we return to the States in a few years, we hope it is in an area where we can use his services again. If not, Claude has set a standard for service and care for which we will judge all our future Realtors.

From Tim - This was the second time I had the opportunity to work with Claude. As always, Claude was excellent across the board. He is there to assist in any way that he can, he is quick to respond and help throughout the entire process. As we went through the process of listing, he gave me good advice about what I should do to help my home sell quickly. Once listed the home sold quickly and smoothly. I would recommend Claude to any prospective buyers and sellers and would guarantee that you would have a similar experience that I had with him.

From Eugene and Carol - The experience we had with Claude Cross was nothing short of top shelf, as he was always on our team, extremely responsive to any question or feedback, educated on the market and negotiations and great at managing emotions through such a major decision in our lives. If you are seeking a real estate agent who is truly the best I've ever dealt with, Claude Cross is the one for you.


The Short Version

3 Complete the Stager's Recommendations


Consultation on your objectives, timing, pricing, net return, showing and moving. 4. Photo Shoot, House Measurements, Floor Plan Created, Disclosures Completed Congratulations! Within 72 hours of your photoshoot, your home will be ready to promote to all of our syndicated partners & major home search sites. 5. Sign, Lockbox, Call Center direction in place. 2. Staging Consultation Provided or Virtual Staging (for vacant properties)

MAKE IT lnvlilttf lRi

Open blinds or curtains to let the light in


Clean your vents and baseboards

Power wash outdoor surfaces

Check lightbulbs and replace as needed

Touch up any scuffs on the walls

Vacuum, mop, or sweep floors Declutter throughout

Wash the windows (inside and out)

Fix anything that's broken

Organize countertops, cabinets, and closets

Tidy up the landscaping

Cl □DD 1112

Freshen up your entry

Give every room a clear purpose

Take down personal photos or items

Sweep patios, decks, and walkways

I I SOLD When it comes to listing your house, you want it to look its best inside and out. Let's connect to make sure it shows well and catches a.buyer's eye.

□ □ □ □ □
;,Q,:. • , + •
□ □ □ □ □
,/(v) At�y2)

De-Cluttering Tip Sheet

You are moving. The less you have in your home, the easier it is to tidy up before showing a and it helps buyers see how big your space really is.

Take on One Room at a Time... the key to decluttering is to throw or give away what you don't need and organize your remaining items in containers.

Sort through your stuff and list it as one of these three decisions:

1.It's going with you: Pack & Move

2.It should be thrown or donated: Get Rid of It

3.You need it to live: Leave it Alone (for now)

Depersonalize - Your Home will be on the Internet

1.Remove personal photos, children names on the wall

2.Remove sports, business and personal awards, political and religious items

3.Daily use items can be tucked away during showings

Closets, Cabinets and Drawers:

1.Pack up out-of-season items

2.Get rid of never-used shoes

3.Throw out/Donate never-used items in Kitchen and Bathroom cabinets.

4.Take note of the additional time you will need to remove the excess clutter from your small spaces (like bathroom & kitchen drawers) as these take the longest to sort through.

Final Tips

1. Organize and label what is getting moved so you and your movers will know where it goes in your new house.

2. Do not place a pod in your driveway, while you are getting ready for market or before the photo shoot.

3. If needed, pressure wash the garage floor, driveway, sidewalk, deck and patioremoving stains, debris and spiderwebs.

Home Inspectors - A General Checklist


• Make sure all utilities are on

• Access is clear (and unlocked) to the electrical panel, crawl and attic space.

• Make sure there is access to see the garage walls - in case your boxes are in there.

• Make sure gas fireplaces are set to light up.

• Make sure to change your HVAC filters.

• Secure or remove pets.


• Make sure water drains away from your house with downspouts and splash blocks under gutters.

• Fix any loose shingles or nail pops

• Clean out gutters and downspouts

• Check wood trim joints for softness and repair.

• Check steps for loose bricks or wood, repair as needed.

• Check handrails for looseness.

• Check deck for weathered wood and popped up nails.

• Check for fallen insulation or wood debris under the deck and crawl space

• Check hose faucets for leaks and loose fittings.


• Check automatic reverse on garage doors

• Check garage foundation for termite (mud) tubes on the wall.

• Check for damaged sheet-rock adjoining the living space to ensure proper fire rating.


• Check windows for opening, closing and locking.

• Check windows to ensure they stay up on their own.

• Check windows for broken seals, cracks

• Check all doors for rubbing, sticking when opening and closing.

• Check walls and doors for holes from the door handle or door stop.

• Check ceiling fans on all three speeds for wobbling.

• Check and replace all burned out light bulbs

• Check carpet for levelness - carpets may need stretching

• Check floors for safety issues

Kitchens and Bathrooms

• Fill all sink basins. Drain and check for leaks.

• Check disposal and run dishwasher.

• Check cabinets for rubbing and secured to open and close properly.

• Check that all burners and stove elements work as intended.

• Check the counters and back splash for any needed caulking.

• Check for loose tiles, cracked tiles, and missing grout.

• Check the toilet for cracks, loose/rocking toilets in need of new wax rings.

• Check supply lines, toilet shut-offs, to ensure they flush properly

• Check for faucets to ensure proper hot and cold plumbing installation.

• Check all faucets for water pressure, including showers.

• Check laundry connection for leaks.

• Check water heater for leaks & corrosion.

• Check for tripped, missing and unmarked breakers.

• Check GFCI's & AFCI's to ensure they work.

Your Moving Check List

Six Weeks Prior To Moving:

1. Room by Room, Make an inventory of everything to be moved.

2. Collect everything not to be moved for a garage sale or charitable donation.

3. Contact the charity for date/time of pickup. Save receipts for tax records.

4. Select mover, arrange for exact form of payment at destination (cash, check). Get cartons and packing materials to start packing NOW, unless you have packing services.

5. Contact insurance agent to transfer/cancel insurance coverage Do Not Cancel your home insurance policy until after the home is closed.

6. If your employer is involved in your move, check with them to find out what moving expenses they will pay. They will need our contact information to place in their file.

Four Weeks Prior to Moving:

1. Notify all magazines of change of address – directly with the magazine - not USPS. The USPS does not forward magazines.

2. Fill out a change of address form on line at http://www.usps.com/

3. Check with veterinarian for pet records and immunizations.

4. Contact utility companies for refunds of deposit, set turn-off date, again, schedule this for a few days after the closing…just in case!

5. Set up utility turn-on date. We will provide you with all the contact numbers. Typically, the companies will require a minimum of 48 hours for scheduling you. Call accordingly.

6. Dry clean clothes to be moved, pack in protective wrappers.

7. Make a list with stragglers. Collect everything you have loaned out and return everything you have borrowed.

8. Service power mowers, boats, etc. draining all gas/oil to prevent fire in moving van.

9. Check with doctors and dentist for all family records and prescriptions

10. Get children's school records.

11. Check freezer and plan to use of food over next 2-3 weeks.

12. Remove all jewelry and valuables to a safe deposit box to prevent loss during move.

13. Give away or arrange for transportation of house plants (most moving companies will not move plants).

14. Schedule a check up for your pet just to make sure they are in good health and have what they need when you arrive…also, check for hotels that allow pets, and any traveling issues that you need to take care of for your pets…carriers, etc. before leaving town.

Page 1 of 2

One Week Prior to Moving:

1. Transfer or close checking and savings accounts. Arrange for cashier's check or money order to pay moving company on arrival to new community.

2. Have automobile serviced for trip.

3. Check and make inventory of all furniture for dents and scratches, notify moving company of your inventory and compare on final day.

4. Dispose of all combustibles and spray cans (spray cans can explode or burn).

5. Pack a separate carton for cleaning materials and tools.

6. Separate cartons and luggage you need for personal travel.

7. Organize at least one room in the house for packers and movers to work freely.

8. Cancel all newspapers, garden service, snow removal, etc.

9. Review the entire list to make certain that you haven't overlooked anything. Check and doublecheck everything you have done before it's too late (behind doors, in cabinet & drawers)

10. Anytime before the move... hair cuts, family and pets.

Moving Day:

1. Check all rooms and each closet and cabinet. Lock all doors and windows.

2. Advise your Realtor and neighbors that the house is empty.

3. Make sure to get a contact cell phone number for the driver of your moving truck

4. Give the mover your cell phone number.

5. Confirm the address and directions to your new home with your driver.

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New home buyers need to visualize how they would utilize the space. Make your home beautiful, warm and inviting

For the Photo Shoot and Home Showings

 Foyer/Front Porch/all Entry ways: This is the gateway to your house. There should be no clutter, no dust, no spiderwebs, no excess furniture. Put away excess shoes. If there is space for a bench or chair for someone to sit and remove their shoes on a rainy-day day, that's a plus.

 Kitchen: Please remove everything off your counter tops for Photo Day and for Showings. Remove any Kitchen Rugs and make sure the trash can is out of sight. It's fine to have decorative pieces at the top of the cabinets in settings of 3 or 5 - or nothing at all. Place the coffee maker and toaster out of camera view (in a cabinet or the pantry). Dish towels and dish washing liquid out of sight. Refrigerator cleared of all magnets, and shined up.

 Breakfast and Dining Rooms: The Dining Room should function like a Dining Room for most buyers to assess it properly. So, if you are currently using it as a play room or a pool hall, it will save you a lot of lost days on the market, to convert it back to a Dining Room. Set the table in a simple fashion. If the room is small, make the table an appropriate size by removing some of the leaves and limit the number of chairs you are using. If is large, showcase it's size. Clean all light bulbs, and shine up the lighting and baseboards.

 Bathrooms: Remove all items off the counter-tops, throw rugs, shampoo, soaps from shower/bathtub. Place personal items in a shower caddy, so they can be placed under the sink during showings. (Go for a spa effect with new fluffy white towels.) Minimize and fold what is in the linen closet and get rid of excess under the sink. Make sure the light bulbs are clean and working. Shine it all up with a good cleaning top to bottom. Remove access to all medicine/drugs.

 Bedrooms: Put your valuables away. Check and clean the light bulbs and fan blades. Extra pillows to fluff up your look (think luxury beach rental house). Calm it down with neutral colors, a throw blanket for the corner of the bed, and an accent pillow. Bedding should hang so your sheets are not visibly showing.

 Children's Rooms: Remove all extra toys for the photos, you can add them back after the photos have been taken and pack up the toys that are not being used all the time as this will help someone visualize the space they can use. This is just a temporary solution. Your boxes move when you do!

 Main Living Areas like Family Rooms and/or Bonus Rooms:Show off good open space by removing excess furniture, and creating clean passageways. Remove anything you are not using. Tuck away remote controls, extra magazines, books, stray paperwork and stuff. Dust. Shine. Sweep/Vacuum. Light bulbs working. Windows are Clean.

 Front, back and side yards: Place fresh mulch (and fluff up), add seasonal flowers in pots (or beds) Clean your outdoor lighting fixtures. Straighten up tables and chairs, clean cushions, and remove hoses and garden tools from sight.

Scheduling Home Tours

Our Services include a Call Center (free for you) that schedules your showings per your instructions.

 Sellers are automatically notified of upcoming showing requests.

 Sellers can receive request by phone, text, email, or all three.

 Sellers can confirm, decline or reschedule the appointments in the same manner you receive them- by phone, text or email.

 Online activity reports, along with automated feedback requests.

 24/7 access allows you to change showing instructions to fit your schedule.

Preparing Your Home For Showings

■ Make sure all beds are made; don't leave money or valuables out.

■ Make sure all dishes are either in the dishwasher or out of sight.

■ Tidy up the bathrooms. Hide prescription drugs.

■ Give the floors a quick sweeping and vacuuming if they need it.

■ Put lights on so the buyers walk into a bright home.

■ If you have pets, make sure they are out of the house or are secured.

■ Make sure there are no odors from cooking, pets, etc.

Step Out For Agent-Assisted Showings

Some homeowners feel it would be a good thing for them to be around when agents (with buyers) come through, others simply just don’t want to leave. But they should.

The biggest reason is that buyers need some “space” in order to make your space their own. Let them look at your home with their agent. Rather than feel like you’re watching and listening to them. If you were in their shoes, it's like being in a store and the only other person in the store is the owner. Even though the owner doesn't feel pressure, buyers do. And instead of getting a good feel for your home, they opt to leave quickly.

One Final Note:

Many people don’t realize that it’s important to get approved for a mortgage on their next home before they even begin to sell their current house.

If you have enough cash to buy whatever you want, then you will just need to attain a "Proof of Funds" letter from your financial institute.

For those of you that will be using the proceeds of your current home to help you purchase your next property, you'll need to contact your mortgage lender, sooner rather than later.

o Learn how much you qualify for on your next home

o Mend any credit issues that could help you lower your finance fee as well as increase your purchasing power.

o Give yourself the peace of mind you need to move forward with any offers that come in on your house once you go on the market.

o Learn the mortgage loan options available to you today.

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