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What our service users can expect

We uphold our service users’ right to live an ordinary life, and to participate actively in their community. We respect their dignity,

individuality, abilities, interests and culture. Our service offers

opportunities for residents to grow, learn, develop and pursue their aspirations. Service users are valued for who they are.

Further information You are welcome to contact our Registered Manager, Paul Whitefield, at any time using the contact details on the front of this leaflet.

At their level of ability and understanding, service users are supported to: • Plan for their lives

• Make choices in all areas

• Influence service decision-making • Develop effective communication

Working in Partnership With…

• Realise their aspirations and fulfill their potential • Make new friendships

A specialised service for adults with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder and Severe Learning Difficulties

• Build on old skills and learn new ones

• Follow their own lifestyle, interests, culture and religion • Increase their independence in all areas

Family and friends

Families are usually the enduring people in the lives of our service users, and have profound knowledge of their son, daughter or sibling. Where possible, we aim to develop a partnership with families by: • Encouraging their involvement

• Treating them with respect and consideration

• Developing a relationship of openness and sharing • Consulting with them about significant decisions

We welcome and encourage visits from service users’ families and friends.

Fairmont Residential Limited is a private limited company. Registered Office: Maurice House, Southmill Road, Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire CM23 3DH (Tel. 01279 507660). The company is limited by guarantee and is registered in England and Wales under Registration No. 05934840 (Vat: 91125370)

01562 634324

Learning life skills

Behaviour support

learn, develop and retain skills needed for them to live in a

We use a holistic approach such as behavioural plans, the CALM

A pedagogical approach is implemented in resident’s daily lives through the service we provide. This enables the service user to supported living environment.

Education and Vocation

These are complemented by learning life skills, as each adds a further piece of the jigsaw that is required to live life as

close to independence as is possible. This is achieved by accessing relevant educational and vocational services.

Exercise for Well-Being

Fairmont has a range of exercise programmes that focus on all aspects of well-being with its service users. Personalised exercise

plans are in place that ensure a variety of activities are available which combine choice with challenge.

We recognise that communication and emotional difficulties

which service users experience can impact on their behaviour. approach, and various communication methods which are utilised to understand our residents and their needs in order to prevent confronting situations.

We have developed and built strong networks within the

community to support service user’s leisure requirements, and their inclusion and participation in community activities.


Our staff members are experienced and are POVA and CRB

checked, and at least 50% are qualified to NVQ II and above. All staff undertake targeted training to equip them to meet the needs of our service users.

Our home is staffed for 24 hours a day. The service offers 1:1

or greater staff support during the day. We also have waking night staff on the team. Each service user has an individual

Fairmont provides year round high quality residential care

key worker who takes the lead in their support.

for adults who have an Autistic Spectrum Disorder and be challenging.


and safe environment in which all service users are helped to

sure that our service can meet his/her needs.

Severe Learning Disabilities, and whose behaviours may

Referral to this service is via your local authority. When a

Our service is run to provide an educational, dignified, caring

placement is proposed, we assess the applicant carefully to make

develop to their full potential.

We are TEACCH accredited to empower our residents. Life skills are delivered and accredited by ASDAN, which gives the base knowledge required for residents to progress to a

Dietary Needs


to involve service users in the planning and preparation of meals.

supported living setting.

Our rooms have been created with the needs of our residents

in mind. Service users can personalise their rooms according to their own tastes.

A well balanced diet is important in ensuring health and wellbeing. We aim to make meal times satisfying and enjoyable, and Within the context of a healthy diet, we take account of their food choices and preferences. We also make any reasonable provision for religious and medical dietary needs.

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