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Jan u ar y, 20 21

W e Rev i si t T h e B est O f 20 20

Ir elan d's Fast est Gr ow in g In t er n et Radio St at ion

Best Spor t sm an sh ip St or y of 2020 Ir elan d's Nat ion al Lacr osse Team Win s In t er n at ion al Acclaim See Why on Page 19


Ken O'M alley t h e best SoCal Ir ish M u sic Live St r eam s See Page 27

"Wolfwalkers" Best Ir ish Feat u r e Film of 2020 See Page 6


New Trans-Atlantic

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GAELIC STORM Best & M ost Cr eat ive Con cer t s an d Specials Maurice Fitzpatrick

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A t h b h l i ai n f ao i m h ai se d h u i t !

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Pu blish er 's Let t er Page 4 BEST OF 2020 Cr af t er s of Ir elan d GAELIC STORM Ken O'M alley Joh n an d Bill O'Br ien Willy O'Su llivan & O'Br ien's Pu b an d m an y m or e..St ar t w it h ou r


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Januar y, 2020

I r ish Ar ts & Enter tainment

BEST OF 2020 The past year was a challenging and rough year for most of us, for our country and for the world. The Pandemic (and for some; the loss of a loved one), the ensuing Economic turmoil, Political Division on an epic scale and a nasty election have touched all of us, Even if we are in the majority who still have jobs and less economic uncertainly than many of our own family and neighbors; times are tough. Bearing all of this in mind, we are doing something a bit unusual this year with our annual January feature, THE IRISH YEAR IN REVIEW. Usually, we highlight the achievements, events and the parade of life and sometimes a notable passing of a member of our Irish Community or one of our loyal friends or readers. This year is different is so many ways that we are doing our Special Issue with a familiar yet enhanced theme. We present to you our IRISH YEAR IN REVIEW but we are also adding in an important and uplifting element to our coverage,

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This year, we are emphasizing the good and the outstanding,. The BEST of the IRISH YEAR took shape in many ways and the events, people and groups that we have included here are mostly the choices of our own. The selection was a closed process, using our own editorial discretion and is totally arbitrary on our part. It is based on our perception that all during 2020, despite all the grim news and human tragedy, despite the sad panorama that was often presented to us every day, some really great, uplifting and wonderful events and changes happened. We were able and fortunate to cover and to witness many of them. Throughout this issue, we are emphasizing the positive things that happened throughout the year and paying tribute to some innovators, start-ups and good old Irish dedication and persistence. This admiration, we extend to all of our friends and readers too. We made it to this point in our time and we can all move along now with determination and gratitude.

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I r ish Ar ts & Enter tainment

More Features Ir ish Calen dar Ir ish Com m u n it y List in gs & Celt ic Cam er a Start on Page 26

Su bm it you r calen dar it em s t o : ir ish m issive@gm

Irish Arts & Entertainment Th e opin ion s expr essed by ou r w r it er s ar e t h eir ow n an d do n ot n ecessar ily con vey t h ose of t h is m agazin e, ou r pu blish er or st af f .

Publisher & Managing Editor

Jam es M M cDon ou gh Contributing Editor & Graphic Design

Er in Rado Writers Tin a Day M au r ice Fit zpat r ick Jim M cDon ou gh Bar bar a Sin ger Pat r ick Weld Er in Rado Press Relations Al Gr ien er Sales Reps Jim & Pat r ick Layout & Typos Jim , Pat r ick & Fr eelan cer s

Con t act Us Via Em ail:

in f o@ir ish

ar t san den t er t ain m en t .com Jim 's Cell: 951 216-1493

All Copyr igh t s 2020


Let t er Fr om THE PUBLISHER Dear Friends and Readers As w e n ot e on page t h r ee in ou r open in g f eat u r e on t h e BEST OF 2020, w e ar e pu t t in g on blin der s t o t h e pat h et ic beh avior of m an y of ou r f ellow cit izen s an d at t em pt in g t o pu t a posit ive spin on t h e past year . Fin ally, w e ar e open an d eager t o h er e f r om ou r r eader s an d w e w ill be h appy t o in clu de sim ilar w or t h y exam ples in ou r n ext issu e. By n o m ean s does t h is t h in k in g t r y t o dism iss t h e h ar dsh ip an d t u r m oil t h at w e as a n at ion an d as m em ber s of t h e h u m an r ace f ace. Act u ally, m y t h ou gh t s ar e t h e opposit e, t h e on ly w ay ou t of t h is collect ive econ om ic, polit ical, social pick le t h at w e ar e n ow in is t o be posit ive. Pr ay, love an d w or k t oget h er an d w e can r aise above t h e m u ck .

To all my dear family, friends and readers, All the best to you and your s. A Ver y Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year to each of you!!

Jim McDonough, Publisher

Athbhliain faoi mhaise dhuit! Ou r GREETINGS BANNER at t h e t op of t h is issu e is Ir ish Gaelic f or ... HAPPY NEW YEAR It is pr on ou n ced...

Ah-vlee-on fwee wash-ah gwitch

Januar y 2021

I r ish Ar ts & Enter tainment

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Irish Screen America & GALWAY FILM




From mid December through January, an Irish Film retrospective is streaming

Irish Screen America Executive Director Niall McKay chats with film director Cathal Black, on the re-release of his film "Korea" and hisI film career.

In con ju n ct ion w it h Galw ay Film Fleadh's n ew on lin e of f er in gs " Solst ice," w at ch ou r in t er view w it h Cat h al Black , dir ect or of Korea an d t h en w at ch a ver y you n g An dr ew Scot t in h is f ir st f ilm !

pion eer in g Ir ish w or k s, f or br eak in g n ew gr ou n d, or f or cr ack in g t h e in t er n at ion al

?Solst ice?is a select ion of f ilm s t h at ch ar t a jou r n ey f r om t h e Ir ish ?f ir st w ave?, r igh t u p t o t h e m illen n iu m an d t h e cu sp of t h e m oder n day Ir ish f ilm lan dscape.

m ar k et . Ot h er s w er e m ade bet w een ?w aves?, bet w een f ilm boar ds, bet w een t h e pages of Ir ish f ilm h ist or y. Th ey ar e all deser vin g of r e-acqu ain t an ce w it h an au dien ce. An d t h e Film Fleadh is pr ou d t o m ak e t h ese f ilm s available t o au dien ces w or ldw ide t h is h oliday season :

Som e of t h e f ilm s pr esen t ed ar e celebr at ed as

See Sch edu le on page 27 in ou r Calen dar

VERY RARE PROHIBITION ERA COLLECTOR'S CERTIFICATE Also k n ow n as a Bon ded Wh isk ey War eh ou se Receipt . Only a few thousand of these Certificates were ever printed during the Prohibition Era and only a few hundred are know to exist today. The 01-22-21value will only increase, The 100th Anniversary of the Repeal Of The Volstead Act has only increased awareness of one of America's biggest blunders so interest is growing in rare items like this Authentic Certificate!

ONLY $200. f r om M ac's Collect ibles.

h t t p:/ / et sy.m e/ 34dVypg

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I r ish Ar ts & Enter tainment


Oscar Winner M omentum Building For K ilkenny Car ton Saloon's Wolfwalkers The animated feature film had an early December release of their latest animated film, WOLFWALKERS which resulted in another triumph for the Irish based animation studio!

BEST Of 2020

The Irish animated feature from Kilkenny based Cartoon Saloon. WOLFWALKERS opened in theaters in Ireland on December 2 on APPLE TV v December 11. TIME Magazine is already calling it as the likely winner of BEST ANIMATED FILM for the next Oscars and they are not alone! The Kilkenny studio?sfeature leangh cartoon is based on long forgotten Irish Legends and Lore according to the producers. The tale tells of 17th-century wolf hunter has a change of heart and becomes an ally of the pack] According to the Irish Examiner, "It is already regarded as a shoo-in for a Best Animated Feature nomination by most Hollywood pundits. But if directors Tomm Moore and Ross Stewart are excited at the prospect, they?re not letting on. ?We try not to get too caught up in it because you have no control over it,? says Moore. ?You know, you put something out there and hope it's good. The Twitter conversation has listed us as a contender quite a bit. You hope you don't break the streak.? Of course, all three of Cartoon Saloon?s previous features - The Breadwinner, Song of the Sea and The Secret of Kells - have been nominated, but 2021 could be their year. Wolfwalkers is an astonishingly impressive piece of work, the studio?s best yet.


Wolfwalkers is st r eam in g n ow ! For an in dept h look , go t o: w w ish ar t san den t er t ain m en t .com

It's much more of an action adventure,? agrees Moore. ?It's an action adventure involving a whole town full of people, a whole army of soldiers and a whole pack of wolves. So it was a mammoth task in terms of animation and production. ?We use computers to help us in certain ways, but we're still really sticking to drawing the characters. Each character has 12 drawings per second. And we have many, many characters on screen. We had a team of animators working with us here in Kilkenny, a team in France and in Luxembourg. It was a huge undertaking, and it was more ambitious than we'd ever tried before.?

It also marks a step-up in terms of onscreen action.


It?s a busy, stirring, thrilling film that zips along and is full of big ideas.

Cartoon Saloon is an Irish Animation Studio based in Kilkenny, Ireland. Three time academy award nominated for its animated feature films.

Januar y, 2021

I r ish Ar ts & Enter tainment

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CELTIC COLOURS The Art of Brian Boylan Ir ish Ar t ist an d Nat ive of Sk er r ies, n ear Du blin , Br ian Boylan h as been h ar d at w or k du r in g t h e Pan dem ic. He h as been w or k in g on com m ission s an d sen din g h is ar t ar ou n d t h e Un it ed St at es an d t o Au st r alia an d Ir elan d. Boylan h as also developed a lin e of sign ed an d n u m ber ed pr in t s. Boylan is a gr eat f r ien d an d su ppor t er of ALL THINGS IRISH an d of t h e Ir ish Ar t s & En t er t ain m en t .

Sign ed Pr in t s FOR SALE $60

Th e You n g Du blin er h im self , Kiet h Rober t s an d Br ian Boylan at t h e last Ir ish Fair an d M u sic Fest ival in 2019, sadly t h e last lar ge gat h er in g of Ir ish f olk s h eld in Or an ge Cou n t y.

BEST Of 2020

TRANSFORM ATIVE ART!! Fr om t h e bin t o t h e w all... Boylan , w h o loves t h e Sea an d lives in Redon do Beach pays t r ibu t e t o t h e spor t of su r f , san d & sea by t u r n in g a r elic in t o a t r easu r ed collect or 's su r f boar d!

For a lim it ed t im e, Su bscr ibe t o t h e Irish Arts & Entertainment an d get a discou n t of $25. OFF a sign ed pr in t . Em ail: ir ish m issive@gm an d w e w ill r eply w it h det ails an d a lin k t o t h e pr in t s available.

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I r ish Ar ts & Enter tainment


US Department of Transportation DOT Approves Aer Lingus To Join Transatlantic Venture In late December, The US Department of Transportation (DOT) announced that it has granted antitrust immunity for Dublin-based Aer Lingus

commitment an additional three years until March 2024 with the aim of stabilizing the airline sector in

to join

Aer Lingus and the other carriers must also remove exclusivity clauses in their alliance agreements and

an existing transatlantic joint venture between Oneworld member carriers American Airlines, British Airways, Level & Iberia (Spain), and Finnair (Finland), finalising tentative approval granted in November. This approval by DOT gives Aer Lingust he ability to integrate into the joint venture?s network planning, pricing, and sales activities, giving the Oneworld carriers opportunity to expand capacity on certain routes and giving customers more options for travel to Ireland and other European destinations.

the wake of the corona virus pandemic, at which point it will reassess the Oneworld joint venture.

DOT will review the alliance again in 2025. Competitors on transatlantic routes between the USA and Ireland include Delta Air Linesand and Norwegian. Aer Lingus aims to fly transatlantic routes using Airbus A321 aircraft. The Dublin-based carrier has five A321-200NXneo aircraft and three A321-200 aircraft in service, Cirium schedules data shows, and has nine firm orders for additional A321neos.

American in a statement praised the DOT decision published of December 21, adding that Aer Lingus customers would have access to more than 200 new US destinations as part of the joint venture, which first formed in 2010. Conditions set by the DOT to address any competition and public interest concerns include required compliance with slot remedies at London airports that exist as part of the Oneworld joint venture. The UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) in September extended its airport slot remedy

Source: Max Kingsley-Jones/FlightGlobal

Januarry, 2021

Irish Arts & Entertainment

M in iat u r es an d sm all objet d'ar t ar e t h e specialt y of Ir ish Cr af t Ar t ist Dee M c M ah on . Dee McMahon explains that she has created a niche market and avid following by making pieces dedicated to someone's favorite song! "The concept behind the music commissions I make is that behind every favourite song there is a story. Whether it is the first song that opened up a new world of music to you or the song you danced to at your wedding, every person has their own special relationship with a number of songs. There is magic in music and these commissions are made to celebrate their creators and makers." The collector or client has her make the tiny treasures to their exact idea and specs and the finished works are pieces that are truly a delight to behold. Meticulous care is put into every project and satisfaction is assured .


w w w.lou t h cr af t m ar k .com / m em ber s/ dee-m cm ah on /

w w af t er sof ir elan

Page 9

Page 10

I r ish Ar ts & Enter tainment



Br exit , Ir ish Un it y, an d Ir ish Am er ica By John McNally On January 1, Britain finally left the European Union after four years of deal or no deal negotiations, and the fallout for Ireland, Scotland, and the United Kingdom is significant. One of the more contentious issues has been where Customs checks will be located as EU rules stipulate that lorries with cargo containing certain types of goods must be physically inspected as it enters EU territory. Food goods are the primary target of border checks as the EU maintains a high standard of quality to which the Brits may no longer want to adhere. Under the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement,there will be no border infrastructure on Ireland's island, with all such checks carried out at ports. This essentially leaves Northern Ireland in the EU Single Market but politically still a member of the United Kingdom, at least for now.The avoidance of a hard border on the island of Ireland became a central objective of the Irish government, EU negotiators, and members of our US Congress.

Scot lan d

Demographic and political changes would have eventually brought about a united Ireland, but the Brexit-border negotiations have accelerated the timeline. Unfortunately, the current Irish Fine Gael /Fianna Fail government JOHN M cNALLY is opposed to calling for Irish Community Organizer & Guest Columnist a unity referendum. This shambolic coalition was formed last year to prevent Sinn Fein from coming to power after winning the most votes. Mary Lou McDonald, the first woman ever to lead the official opposition as president of Sinn Fein, has increased in popularity, making Sinn Fein the largest party in Ireland and fully committed to Irish unity. The battle lines are clear it?s the old Irish partitionist establishment against new and united Irelanders.

The people in the North of Ireland aren?t the only UK members who want to remain in the EU. The Scots consistently chose to be part of the EU and primarily lost their 2014 referendum on independence because the Brits threatened them with expulsion from the EU if they left the UK! In the 2016 Brexit vote, Scotland polled overwhelmingly to remain in the EU. Recent opinion polls show the majority favor Scottish independence, and first minister Nicola Sturgeon has promised a second independence referendum.

Ir ish Un it y For Ireland,Brexit posed a significant threat to the Good Friday Agreement, which brought peace and prosperity to the region. Ironically, the 100thanniversary of Britain?s partition of Ireland fell within a few days of the December Brexit agreement to not re-impose the British border between Northern and the Republic of Ireland. One positive consequence of the Brexit debate has been an increased interest in uniting Ireland.The partition of Ireland is immoral, illegitimate, and should be ended.Numerous academic papers and conferences have pointed out Ireland's economic benefits as a single unit and highlight the need for a well-planned referendum on Irish unity as established in the Good Friday Agreement.

Th e k ey r ole of Ir ish Am er ica The Irish diaspora played a key role in protecting peace and economic stability in Ireland when the Brits were going to accept the Good Friday Agreement's demise as collateral damage by taking Northern Ireland out of the EU and re-impose their border in Ireland.

Januar y, 2021

I r ish Ar ts & Enter tainment

Th e Key Role Of Ir ish Am er ica Cont. Massachusetts Congressman Richie Neal, leader of Friends of Ireland Caucus, fought hard to preserve the US-brokered GFA by warning the Brits that there would be no trade deals with the US if they established a hard border in Ireland. He should be thanked for his efforts, and we should all ask our Congresspeople to support and join the Friends of Ireland Caucus. The Irish in America have been fully assimilated and are indistinguishable now that we no longer have Irish neighborhoods, Irish clubs and bars due to a lack of immigration from Ireland and

economic advancement to the suburbs. But we United Islanders can still play our part; we have the technology. Through the internet, we can keep informed and connected via groups like the Ancient Order of Hibernians and Friends of Sinn Fein. There has been a seismic shift in Ireland's political landscape and the momentum towards Irish Unity cannot be denied. Let us be the first generation of Irish-Americans to visit a united Ireland!

Joe Biden Joe Biden is the most Irish president we will have had since JFK and is proud of his strong Irish roots, visiting Ireland numerous times over many decades. Although his pedigree goes back to the famine, more

Page 11 importantly, he has kept up to date with issues and in touch with people,recently saying: "We can't allow the Good Friday Agreement that brought peace to Northern Ireland to become a casualty of Brexit." Here is a small part of a letter Joe Biden wrote in advance of his 2016 visit on why returning to Ireland was so personally meaningful: ?I have always been and will always be the son of Kitty Finnegan. The grandson of Geraldine Finnegan from St. Paul?s Parish in Scranton; a proud descendant of the Finnegans of Ireland?s County Louth. The great-grandson of a man named Edward Francis Blewitt, whose roots stem from Ballina, a small town in Ireland?s County Mayo.?

CLICK HERE f or com plet e t ext

w w w.Fr ien dsof Sin n Fein .com

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I r ish Ar ts & Enter tainment


The Irish Year In Review Th e Best Spor t sm an sh ip an d Feel Good St or y of 2020

Ir elan d's lacr osse t eam w as set t o play at t h e 2022 Wor ld Gam es in Alabam a, bu t ceded t h e playof f spot t o t h e Ir oqu ois Nat ion als.

A magnamimous tribute to fairness, history and sportsmanship. The Iroquois are a Native American confederacy of six tribes, mainly based around northern New York and southern Canada. Michael Kennedy, CEO of Ireland Lacross explained; how Ireland's Lacrosse Team came to relinquishing their Spot In A Major Tournament. Accor din g t o Ken n edy, 'We ow e t h em t h e gam e of lacr osse!" Kennedy said: "We owe the game of lacrosse to the Iroquois. They invented it - they said they received the game from the Creator. "The Iroquois really represent the heart and soul of the game of lacrosse." The eight teams slotted to play in the tournament

were selected on the basis of where their team ranked at the end of the 2018 Federation of International Lacrosse World Championship. The Iroquois Nationals came in third. Ireland finished 12th. "However " Kennedy continued, "They were ! not recognised as a sovereign nation. They don't have a local Olympic committee... It was the ineligibility of the Iroquois Nationals that really stuck, given the cultural and spiritual significance of the game to the Iroquois. In August, the IWGA reversed its decision, but with the roster already set, the point seemed moot ? u n t il t eam Ir elan d ch an ged t h e gam e. The team made headlines and got well deserved praise from Sports Fans around the world because they were, well. good sports. , they ceded their spot at the World Lacrosse Games 2022 to a Native American Iroquois squad because it was fair.

Januar y, 2021

I r ish Ar ts & Enter tainment

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HARBOURSIDE RADIO, New r y, Nor t h er n Ir elan d A n ew bu sin ess af f iliat e an d t h e absolu t e best n ew Ir ish Radio St at ion A first for Ireland and Europe, a low start up cost broadcaster has taken the niche market INTERNET RADIO by storm in Ireland. The winning formula: combine an American style of "Can Do Bravado" with an entrepreneur 's keen business sense then add a hot shot crew of tech savvy engineers to a seasoned broadcast personality and build a station! In Warrenpoint, Newry NI (UK) the McMahon Brothers Jim and Oliver did just that in mid 2020. Oliver "OLLIE and BIG O" to his radio fans was a well known personality on the airwaves in Northern Ireland for years. Times changed and new managers changed the format and Ollie McMahon to the great consternation of his fans, was off the air for a period. Brother Jim had just returned to Ireland and he decided to start

HARBOURSIDE. He had a vision and it took off! Ollie is back on the Radio via the internet and the station has over 250,000 listeners in less than six months, The McMahons have proven once again that..." If you bu ild it (an d m ak e it r eally good), THEY WILL COM E! There are even greater plans in store including adding an FM Station. "2021 will be a year of growth for us," says Jim McMahon. We will add more of our very popular contests, new programs and content and continue to have our Radio Hosts be themselves which is what the public craves. No corporate media restrictions and greed will ever be allowed."

LISTEN WORLDWIDE h t t ps:/ / h ar bou r sider /

Best New Ir ish Bu sin ess & Tr ade Gr ou p Business networking is evolving quickly and we owe one of our more interesting new associations of the year to a post on LinkedIn.

readers and advertisers in our case and buyers, members and new markets for Crafters Of Ireland.

As we here at the Irish Arts & Entertainment are expanding our horizons from just serving Southern California's Irish interests to those of a much greater audience, we started looking for interesting and new topics for and of wider Irish interest, We saw a post from Bernadette Clancy of Cr af t er s Of Ir elan d and we contacted her for more information.

We find the individual businesses to be a grand source of good features, The response from our readers so far has been extremely positive as they really crave reading and learning about new and unique goods and services especially directly from Ireland.

We are delighted at the results of our outreach (and that of Crafters Of Ireland) They are an amazing, eclectic bunch of dedicated, talented people who are craftspeople and small business owners. The individuals, the association and us all want to expand and find new horizons:

Crafters Of Ireland solves a problem for its members too. The Crafters are good at being creative but many do not have the inclination or time to be marketing and sales experts as well; so Crafters Of Ireland has created a collective sales and marketing operation for them. SEE PAGE 23 FOR CONTACT INFO

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I r ish Ar ts & Enter tainment


Januar y, 2021

I r ish Ar ts & Enter tainment


BONESto something at once intimate and epic.

Ireland, like the UK and much of Europe, has been under lockdown on and off for the past year, but for Irish singer Róisín O, it became the impetus for creating new music. Her new single, HEART + BONES. will be released by Blix Street Records on Jan u ar y 22 via all digital platforms. A fresh, new anthemf rom one of Ireland?s most exciting and talented exports, HEART + BONES is the first of four tracks born from the Covid19 crisis and resultant lockdown that will be included in an upcoming Róisín O EP planned for later this year. Co-written with Danny O?Reilly of The Coronas while in isolation in Dingle in southwest Ireland, the song?s powerful lyrics, combined with Róisín O?s undeniable vocal depth, elevatesHEART +

Page 15

List en t o it h er e on SOUNDCLOUD

http:/ / 3pdFZ9O

Page 16

I r ish Ar ts & Enter tainment

If you w ou ld like t o su ppor t Wells of Lif e, Th er e ar e m an y opt ion s: - becom e a Wat er War r ior an d m ake a m on t h ly con t r ibu t ion - don at e a w ell f or $8000 an d pr ovide clean w at er f or over 1000 people - m ake a on e t im e con t r ibu t ion of you r ch oice

- Click Her e


Januar y, 2021

I r ish Ar ts & Enter tainment

BAGATELLA 's Liam Reilly Has Died The lead singer of Irish band Bagatelle, has died aged 65. The family of the pianist, singer and songwriter confirmed his passing in a statement today. "With sad hearts, the family of Liam Reilly, musician, songwriter and frontman of Bagatelle, wish to confirm that he passed away suddenly but peacefully at his home on January 1st 2021"The statement said: "We know that his many friends and countless fans around the world will share in our grief as we mourn his loss, but celebrate the extraordinary talent of the man whose songs meant so much to so many". A native of Dundalk in Co Louth, Liam Reilly fronted the band Bagatelle for over 40 years. The band created the hitsSummer in Dublin, Trump CardandSecond Violin, along with many others.

BELOW: The bands founding members pictured: John O'Brien,

Ken Doyle, Wally McConville and Liam Reilly. Used with thanks from the From the Belfast Telegraph

Bagatelle was formed in August 1978.

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I r ish Ar ts & Enter tainment


Th e BEST OF 2020 Publican and Pub:

Willy O'Su llivan an d O'Br ien's Ir ish Pu b in San t a It is no secret to anyone who had been reading the Irish Arts & Entertainment for any length of time that O'Brien's Irish Pub in Santa Monica is a steady advertiser and supporter of our business. The owner and publican is a great friend and a loyal client. We are biased, we love Willy O'Sullivan and we love O'Brien's the pub. We are not alone. Legions of customers and pub aficionados feel the same way. There is something very special about this pub. It has always been a beacon of Irish Hospitality, friendship and good times in Santa Monica. It is a Los Angeles institution and tradition and it has been since the early days of its existence almost 30 years ago. How and why is the question? The answer is simple. There is a steady and principled driving force behind the success, William WILLY O'Sullivan. A Cork native, O'Sullivan founded O'Brien's and he has always been a hands on publican who delivered a standard of quality, charm and consistency to all patrons. The pub has changed and morphed over the years (long gone are the pool table) but the welcoming feeling that you get when you drop in has always been there. During 2020 as the Pandemic raged, O'Brien's stayed steady and open to Welcome the beleaguered among us. Always rolling with each punch delivered by mayhem. Great Take Out, Drinks To Go, then a wonderful patio with TVs, Whatever it took, Willy delivered the comfort and hospitality that was called for. and with his contagious smile and wit. Drop by and show them your support. They will be there for us for a long time to come because they are the best!

Be par t of ou r Social M edia Pr esen ce! Ch eck ou r FACEBOOK PAGES f or Daily Updat es: Ir ish Ar t s & En t er t ain m en t

Pu bGu ide E New s

LA Cou n t y Ir ish

w w ish ar t san den t er t ain m en t .com

January, 2021

Irish Arts & Entertainment

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T h e B est o f

I r i sh M u si c


BEST Of 2020 KEN O'M ALLEY & Special Gu est TERRY M cCARTAN of THE M ULLIGANS at t h e Au ld Du blin er Best an d m ost con sist en t Live St r eam s f r om h om e!! Tot al dedicat ion an d com m it m en t t o h is f an s an d t o Ir ish M u sic, Th e sh ow s h ave been a godsen d an d w on der f u l list en in g exper ien ce. t o h is f an s an d f olk s st u ck at h om e. O'M alley is en gagin g, f u n n y an d a gr eat balladeer an d st or yt eller . If you h ave m issed con cer t s an d pu b m u sic, t u n e in via Facebook or You Tu be an d en joy t h is w eek ly sh ow f or t h e du r at ion . Th er e is an ar ch ive of sh ow s post ed on h is w ebsit e t oo. w w w.k en om

alw ays pu t on a good sh ow ! Th ou san d of loyal f an s w h o h ave at t en ded on e of t h eir con cer t s over t h e year s w ill at t est t o t h eir su per ior sk ills as en t er t ain er s & m u sician s, Fr on t m an Pat r ick M u r ph y set s t h e pace an d m ak es su r e t h e con cer t s ar e f u n n y, spon t an eou s an d qu it e en t er t ain in g. Th e ban d h as m an aged t o pu ll of f t h e sam e qu alit y in t h eir On Lin e gat h er in gs over t h e cou r se of t h e past year . Fr om t h e h ear t per f or m an ces of good, h igh valu e an d u pbeat m u sic an d pat t er . Dr ess du m m y Pat r ick is a classic bit t h at is sim ply pu t com ic gen iu s! Th e Ch r ist m as Sh ow live st r eam w as except ion al an d doin g t h e ext r a bit w it h a t ie in f or Toys For Poor Kids w as k in d an d a t r u e Ir ish gest u r e of good w ill. We ar e h appy t o add t h em t o ou r BEST Of Ir ish 2020. Toss t h em lem on s an d t h ey m ale a good st if f dr in k of lem on ade!!

w w w.gaelicst or m .com

The Weekly


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I r ish Ar ts & Enter tainment


BEST Of 2020: Best New Ir ish In t er est Pu blicat ion

CELTIC NATIONS M AGAZINE Erin Rado is a creative artist and entrepreneur and well known to members of the Celtic and Renaissance Fair and events community. Erin founded this new Digital and Print magazine in the Fall of 2020, It is a quarterly and the fist issue premiered in December and the very fine associated website about one month before

BEST Of 2020

w w w.celt icn at ion sm agazin The magazine is an amazing new addition to the world of

ALL THINGS CELTIC. It is comprehensive and has a wide range of topics and ideas. You can browse the website and get a grasp of all the wonderful content and that awaits. In point of fact, you will be able to get lost in the seemingly endless offerings.

ERIN RADO. Edit or an d Fou n der of CELTIC NATIONS MAGAZINE The scope of coverage is by a well thought out and executed plan of design. Erin says, "We want this to be a coffee table magaine, a keeper, a treasured item that lovers of all things Celtic will want to acquire and cherish." We are fairly sure that her plan is going to work. Initial interest has been steady and for a new magazine especially at this point in time, the reception has been exceptional. Subscriptions to reading the content online are free at the present time, Downloads and printed copies (including the current Premier Issue) will be for sale soon online and at future events throughout the US. Anyone interested in advertising, selling the magazine or contributing to Celtic Nations Magazine can contact them via their website.

Th e Pr em ier Issu e of Celt ic Nat ion s M agazin e in Decem ber h as been w idely h ailed as on e of t h e best n ew m agazin es in year s! Cr it ics an d r eader s alik e h ave h igh pr aise f or t h e con t en t , f or m at an d gr aph ic design .

Interested parties can also go to the Social Media sites set up already to learn more.

Wr it er 's Gr ou p

Januar y, 2021

I r ish Ar ts & Enter tainment

BEST Of 2020:

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Em m y Aw ar d Win n er Bill O'Br ien

Com edian & Im pr ession ist , Sh an e Cu n n in gh am f r om Galw ay, Ir elan d h as been m ak in g qu it e t h e im pr ession sin ce h e ar r ived on Am er ican soil. He is seen back st age at New Yor k 's THE STAND Com edy clu b w h er e h e h ost ed .

Th is you n g Ir ish t alen t ar r ived in in Los An geles in 2018 an d st ar t ed w or k in g im m ediat ely or gan izin g Ir ish Com edy n igh t s at Son n y M cLean s in San t a M on ica.

KUDOS t o Bill O'Br ien Associat e Pr odu cer at CBS Spor t s f or h is Tr iple Em m y Aw ar d Win s in Au gu st at t h e 41st . An n u al Spor t s Em m y Aw ar ds. He join s ou r r an k s a on e of ou r BEST Of 2020 u p an d com in g br oadcast m edia t alen t s. O'Br ien is t h e son of ou r f eat u r ed n ovelist Joh n M axw ell O'Br ien pict u r ed t oget h er at Th e Rose Bow l in 2017 TOP RIGHT.

Sin ce t h en Cu n n in gh am h as h ost ed an d per f or m ed in bot h Los An geles an d New Yor k . Th e af f able an d t alen t ed Sh an e Cu n n in gh am h as gar n er ed a spot on ou r BEST Of 2020 r ost er as t h e best an d sh ar pest n ew t alen t f r om Ir elan d

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Irish Arts & Entertainment


BEST IRISH INTEREST NOVEL Of 2020 Aloysius The Great By Joh n O'Br ien Th e t op of ou r list f or t h e best n ew w r it er an d n ovel of 2020. O'Br ien is a f ir st r at e sch olar , Joycean an d n ovelist an d t h is w or k pu t s h im at t h e t op of h is gam e. A t ot ally en joyable collect ion of vign et t es on t h e t im es an d academ ia of t h e last m id- cen t u r y pack aged w it h Jam es Joyce lu cidit y an d r ef er en ces. Th e ch ar act er s ar e br igh t an d odd, an d all add f lavor t o t h e br ew. Th e st or y capt u r es w ell t h e passage of t h e " h er o" , a bem u sed, bef u ddled all ar ou n d sem i-lost good gu y t h ou gh a year abr oad. An h ist or ian an d pr of essor by t r ade, O'Br ien k n ock s it ou t of t h e par k w it h t h is f ir st go! We pr eview ed t h is con t em por ar y classic t h is past year an d w e h ave lin k ed a r eview w e r an last year in case you m issed it .

SEE REVIEW: St ar t s on page 14


THE BEST HELP OF 2020 Th r ou gh ou t 2020, w e h ad t o cu t back on expen ses. We w er e u n able t o pay ou r con t r ibu t or s an d w r it er s or even give t h em deals at par t icipat in g adver t iser s or even t s. Th ey all st u ck w it h u s!!. We ar e all in a bit of a bin d, if it is n ot f in an cial t h en an xiet y an d u n cer t ain t y ar e su r e t o pop u p. At an y r at e, w e ar e blessed w it h a loyal cr ew of con t r ibu t in g scr ibes w h o t u r n ed in m ou n t ain s of w or k t h r ou gh ou t 2020. We w an t t o t h an k an d expr ess ou r gr at it u de t o t h ese w on der f u l t alen t ed people w h o con sist en t ly h elped u s t h e m ost du r in g t h is past year of ch allen ge. Gr egor y Pat r ick , ou r Poet r y Cor n er an d Lit er ar y Sh ow case n u m ber on e con t r ibu t or . M ar y Cu r t in f or ou r Poet r y Cor n er Joh n M cNally f or h is in sigh t on Ir ish polit ics an d developm en t s an d a special t h an k s f or h is Ir ish Com m u n it y w or k . M au r ice Fit zpat r ick f or h is ver y w ide r an gin g colu m n Th e View Fr om Ir elan d. Ou r good f r ien d an d f or m er Edit or , n ow ou r f ilm an d even t s w r it er Tin a Day. Special t h an k s t o ou r con t r ibu t in g edit or an d w eb design er , Er in Rado. Sh e is t ir eless an d m u ch appr eciat ed.


Januar y, 2021

I r ish Ar ts & Enter tainment

Irish Arts & Entertainment's VERY

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Th e VIP pr ogr am is a ver y im por t an t com pon en t of ou r su bscr ipt ion pr ogr am . It h as a m u lt it u de of posit ive f act or s bu ilt in t o t h e pr ogr am . It ser ves as a bon u s/ r ew ar d syst em f or spen din g h ar d cold cash on ou r pu blicat ion AND it is a good n et w or k in g t ool f or t h e Pu blish er . We ar e able t o at t r act su bscr iber s an d adver t iser s t o ou r pu blicat ion an d k eep t h em in t er est ed w h ile deliver in g gr eat Ir ish in t er est con t en t an d in f or m at ion t o ou r r eader s. Th e adver t iser s ben ef it by h avin g a r eader sh ip in t er est ed in ou r excit in g n ich e m ar k et an d t h ey can t ar get ou r r eader s w it h special of f er s. Th e volu m e m ak es it w or t h w h ile f or t h em t o par t icipat e. Th e Pan dem ic h as set u s all back a bit in on e w ay or an ot h er an d w e ar e r ebu ildin g ou r VIP ben ef it s pack age. We w er e cou n t in g on discou n t s an d deals at pu bs an d even t s bu t t h at plan is n ow on t h e back bu r n er . In t h e m ean t im e, w e ar e w or k in g h ar d t o lin e u p n ew of f er s f or ou r su bscr iber s. Th r ou gh ou t t h is Bu yin g Gu ide, w e h ave som e list in gs on good deals an d w e w ill be addin g special of f er s t o ou r w ebsit e. Be su r e t o ch eck ou t t h e Ver y Ir ish Per k s on t h e m en u bar on ou r Hom e Page w w ish ar t san den t er t ain m en t .com

VERY IRISH PERKS VIP CLUB All subscribers become

Celt ic Ar t ist Br ian Boylan w ill give

members of our VIP Group.

Th om at t h e Ir ish Im por t Sh op (Fr ee Deliver y) ext en ds 10% OFF all pu r ch ases t o ou r Su bscr iber s. See Page 2 f or h is ad an d n u m ber !

Cu r r en t ly w e ar e of f er in g som e r eally good pr om ot ion s an d as t h e Pan dem ic eases w e w ill add m or e.

At Pr esen t : O'Br ien's On Wilsh ir e in San t a M on ica w ill give ou r su bscr iber s a Fr ee Apet izer w it h pu r ch ase. w w w.obr ien Com in g ju st in t im e f or St . Pat r ick 's Day st ar t in g in ou r Febr u ar y issu e; a discou n t of f er f r om w w w.t om m ym olon

you $25. OFF an y sign ed pr in t . See page 7 of t h is issu e f or det ails.

An am azin g of f er f or ou r ow n VIP M em ber s an d Su bscr iber s! Bu y a GIFT SUBSCRIPTION bet w een n ow an d Febr u ar y 15 an d w e w ill give you a FREE ONE YEAR EXTENSION on you r ow n su bscr ipt ion . Th at w or k s ou r t o $12.50 a year . You can save t h at w it h ju st on e visit t o on e of ou r par t icipat ion VIP par t n er s.

Cr after s Of Ir eland want you to have the highest standar d of handmade pr oducts Ir eland has to offer and pr ide themselves on designing their goods that guar antee you gr eat value and choice that appeals to all tastes, for all occasions, including custom designing items for you. Watch out for pr omotions and giveaways too and please check us out on social media and visit our website.

Check out the CRAFTERS website

w w af t er sof ir elan

Januar y, 2021

I r ish Ar ts & Enter tainment

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BEANNACHT (Blessings) By John O'Donahue

Ou r select ion t h is m on t h is apr opos f or ou r t im e. It is by Ir ish bor n Joh n O'Don oh u e, pr iest , poet , ph ilosoph er , an d sch olar . He is best k n ow f or h is ANAM CARA (Sou l Fr ien d) a w or k t h at h as in spir ed m an y on a jou r n ey t o f in d m ean in g in lif e. O Don oh u e died in Fr an ce on 8 Jan u ar y of 2008 so t h is in r em em br an ce of h im as w ell.

We invite submissions to the

Irish Poetry Corner A poem or saga in the Irish Bardic Tradition are both considered. E-Mail us:

On t h e day w h en t h e w eigh t deaden s on you r sh ou lder s an d you st u m ble, m ay t h e clay dan ce t o balan ce you . An d w h en you r eyes f r eeze beh in d t h e gr ey w in dow an d t h e gh ost of loss get s in t o you , m ay a f lock of colou r s, in digo, r ed, gr een , an d azu r e blu e com e t o aw ak en in you a m eadow of deligh t . Wh en t h e can vas f r ays in t h e cu r r ach of t h ou gh t an d a st ain of ocean black en s ben eat h you , m ay t h er e com e acr oss t h e w at er s a pat h of yellow m oon ligh t t o br in g you saf ely h om e. M ay t h e n ou r ish m en t of t h e ear t h be you r s, m ay t h e clar it y of ligh t be you r s, m ay t h e f lu en cy of t h e ocean be you r s, m ay t h e pr ot ect ion of t h e an cest or s be you r s. An d so m ay a slow w in d w or k t h ese w or ds of love ar ou n d you , an in visible cloak t o m in d you r lif e.

The Celtic Camer a


Submissions wanted.. send jpeg & caption


We are here looking for you! ir

Lif e is ach in gly f u ll of goodn ess an d per il. On t h e An n iver sar y of 911 t h is past year , Nick Jor dan , CEO @ Wells Of Lif e, dedicat ed t h e Joh n Hu m e M em or ial Well in Ugan da. Fit t in g t h at in t h eir Ten t h An n iver sar y Year , Wells of Lif e, sh ou ld h on or on e of t h e gr eat peacem ak er s of ou r t im e in su ch a lif e af f ir m in g w ay. " Ou r f ir st 9/ 11 M em or ial Well r em in ded t h e w or ld acr oss t h r ee con t in en t s of t h e pow er of givin g an d r eceivin g. Today, w e u r ge lik e m in ded people acr oss t h e w or ld t o w alk t h e pat h of Joh n Hu m e, Dr . M ar t in Lu t h er Kin g, Jr ., an d ot h er s w h o ch oose peacef u l ch an ge. Th is is ou r w ay of ligh t in g a pat h t o peace" said Jor dan . Sin ce t h e f ir st w ell w as dr illed in 2010, Wells of Lif e h as been pr ovidin g w at er t o r u r al Ugan dan com m u n it ies an d sch ools. Th is h an ds on n on pr of it is based in Ir vin e an d w as f ou n ded by Jor dan .

Au t h or Joh n M axw ell O'Br ien (See Page ) sh ar ed t h is gif t f r om h is ch ildr en w it h u s. We r an k it as on e of t h e best pr esen t s a Fat h er an d Joycean cou ld r eceive. It depict s Jam es Joyce r eadin g O'Br ien's Aloysius The Great in h is st u dy su r r ou n ded by m om en t os of of h is lif e. Ch r ist in e, Bill an d Lillian O?Br ien coor din at in g t h e con t en t s an d Bill com m ission in g t h e ar t ist , Tr acey Taylor Ar vidson t o do t h e pain t in g?

NOW OPEN Th e Kin g's Head Pu b f or Take Ou t & Sh oppe in San t a M on ica Cor n er of Secon d & SM Blvd

w w w.yeoldek in gsh

I r i sh A r t s & En t er t ai n m en t C al en d ar N OW W I T H By D ate & On Going Listings and Links

Available Wor ldw ide: A Season of Ir ish Cin em a f r om t h e lat e '70s t o ear ly '00s Galway Film Fleadh presents SOLSTICE - As always, the Film Fleadh wants to bring audiences together; to share in the wonder, and the light, and the connection of cinema.


Th is pr ogr am m e is n ot a com pr eh en sive h ist or y of ear ly Ir ish cin em a (f or w h ich w ou ld be r equ ir ed a f ar lon ger list of n am es an d t it les), bu t r at h er a cu r at ed select ion of h igh ligh t s, in f or m ed by availabilit y of f or m at s an d scr een in g r igh t s.

All f ilm s ar e available t o r en t w or ldw ide on Galw ayFilm Fleadh .com or t h e

Galw ay Film Fleadh APP.

NOW t o Jan u ar y 21. 2021.PoitĂ­n(1978) directed by Bob Quinn Anne Devlin(1984) directed by Pat Murphy Atlantean(1984) directed by Bob Quinn Reefer and the Model(1988) directed by Joe Comerford Hush-a-Bye-Baby(1990) directed by Margo Harkin Korea(1995) directed by Cathal Black The Fifth Province(1997) directed by Frank Stapleton The Gamble(1998) directed by Paddy O?Connor Country(2000) directed by Kevin Liddy Bernadette: Notes on a Political Journey(2011)

Don at e t o Fish am ble h er e Becom e a Fr ien d of Fish am ble h er e Br ow se Fish am ble's on lin e sh op t o bu y gif t car ds, book s, playw r it in g cou r se

Januar y, 2021

I r ish Ar ts & Enter tainment

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SUNDAY JANUARY 24t h 3:00 pm EST; 8:00 pm in Ir elan d an d t h e UK; 7:00 am in Can ber r a, Au st r alia; Michael Graves will read from his poetry and John Maxwell O?Brien from his prose and poetry as part of the PHOENIX READING SERIES. This is a benefit for that historic series BUT CONTRIBUTIONS ARE PURELY VOLUNTARY. You can attend on Zoom - and if you choose - donate any amount - large or small - on PayPal. Every single penny will be appreciated. ZOOM POETRY


M EETING ID: 320 389

8513 PASSCODE: 944815

In f o & Ticket s w w ish r ep.or g

Januar y, 2021

I r ish Ar ts & Enter tainment

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M ONDAY, JANUARY 25 Is Nat ion al Ir ish Cof f ee Day Th is deligh t f u l Ir ish Pu b f avor it e w as f ir st ser ved t o air plan e passen ger s at t h e air f ield in Sh an n on ou t side Lim er ick , Ir elan d in 1942! Irish coffee is a delicious cocktail made with black coffee, brown sugar, Irish whiskey, and whipped cream.

concoction to the travelers. According to legend, one of the passengers asked him, ?Is this Brazilian coffee?? and Joe laughed and said, ?No, that?s Irish coffee.?

Joe Sheridan, a bartender at Foynes Airbase in Ireland, invented and named the warming libation at his cafe at the airport in 1942. A group of passengers stopped at Sheridan's bar after a miserably cold eighteen-hour journey across the Atlantic Ocean. Joe brewed hot coffee, added a splash of whiskey, and offered the

Ten years later, Jack Koeppler, the owner of the Buena Vista bar in San Francisco, and travel writer Stanton Delaplane teamed up to bring Joe?s famous Irish coffee to the States. They experimented for months before they got the taste just right and put it on the menu. The popularity of the drink soon spread nationwide

We have always loved Irish Coffee and interestingly enough, I had my first Irish Coffee in Limerick near Shannon Airport at the Intercontinental Hotel around 1963. The bar sported a small sign claiming it had been made there for Flight Crews during WWII. The drink became a favorite in Irish Pubs in San Francisco in the early 50's and became a favorite throughout the US by the 1980s. Irish Pubs always try to put their own touch to the drink. . The best and most pure Irish Coffee that I have personally enjoyed many times is at O'Brien's Pub in Santa Monica so I can certainly recommend that one for sure. I'm looking forward to trying the drink at the Auld Dubliner the next time I'm in California too! Enjoy Irish Coffee Day at your local if possible this year, This could easily be a take out item too, just ask for the whipped cream on the side.

Body text

FROM DERRY TO THE WORLD! En t ir e Fest ival On Lin e Th is Year Febr u ar y 1 Join Ken O'M alley an d t h e IRISH CLUB: w w w.k en om

Imbolc Inter national Ar ts Festival IMBOLC Festival 2021 will take place online from February 5 to March 19 with an exciting lineup of events including music, spoken word, workshops, films, poetry, photography & much much more. Fifth annual arts festival in the North West of Ireland.

CALENDAR & CELTIC CAM ERA SUBM ISSIONS SHOULD REACH US BY THE 28t h Day of t h e m on t h pr ior t o t h e n ext issu e. SUBM IT Jpeg pict u r es w it h capt ion s Su bm it PR in Wor d or Text f iles. Sen d t o:

ir ish m issive@gm We m ay also u se t h e Calen dar su bm ission s on ou r w ebsit e:

w w ish ar t san den t er t ain m en t .com

Cultúrlann Uí Chanáin, 37 Great James Street BT48 7DF Derry, UK

h t t p:/ / im bolcf est /

Are you interested in wr iting and cover ing events for the Irish Arts & Entertainment ? We would love to hear from you. We are able to offer a lot of per ks, tickets and the like, expenses and NO cash for the dur ation Fir st step is to j oin our Wr iter 's Group on Facebook. We will follow up from there.

No fan of Social M edia? Not a problem! Just call Jim at 951 216-1493 or Email:


Th e Ir ish Lit er ar y Sh ow case is a f eat u r e f or em er gin g Ir ish an d Ir ish Am er ican w r it er s. Ou r Poet r y Cor n er h as capt u r ed m an y an im agin at ion an d m an y avid f ollow er s an d poet s in t h e US an d Ir elan d.. Th is idea is a n at u r al ext en sion

Su bm ission s Wan t ed

O'M alley 's On M ain Seal Beach , CA CALL 562 430-0631 w w w .om alleyssealbeach .com

Please sen d a cover let t er (Em ail) sh or t bio an d you r sh or t st or y or essay: t o: ir ish m issive@gm In t h e su bject lin e r ef er en ce

Irish Literary Showcase

Januar y, 2021

I r ish Ar ts & Enter tainment

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anuar y, 2021

I r ish Ar ts & Enter tainment

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On Going Celtic, Ir ish & Pub Calendar Send your links and listings to:

Ireland Tonight features the best of Celtic LIVESTREAM & M u sic



Ar t s & Wor ld Wide f r om Ir elan d! As close as you r com pu t er or ph on e...

traditional music. Hosted by Maryann McTeague Keifer, each two-hour program is full of music, fascinating facts about Celtic music and its host countries, as well as stories and inside information about Ireland. From Chicgago, USA to Irish Music Fans around the World!

War r en poin t Co Dow n?s br an d n ew r adio st at ion w it h gr eat m u sic, gr eat h ost s an d even bet t er cr aic!

ht t ps:// ireland-t onight

Now on An dr oid in t h e Google Play St or e

LINKS & LISTING f or Com m u n it y Even t s ar e FREE.

8 Dock St r eet , War r en poin t War r en poin t , UK

w w w.h ar bou r sider

Peace Lu t h er in Ch u r ch Ir ish Session s on ZOOM w w w.f acebook .com / gr ou ps/ OCCelt icJam /

We con t in u e t o h ost Zoom session s ever y M on day even in g.

Com m er cial/ For Pr of it Ads an d Pr om ot ion s ar e ver y cost ef f ect ive. We can pr om ot e you r bu sin ess or even t in all ou r pu blicat ion s an d plat f or m s as low as $100. per qu ar t er or per

Page 33

Get you r Ir ish or Celt ic Even t List ed... Sen d in f o t o:

ir ish m issive @gm

I r ish Ar ts & Enter tainment


The Best Vir tual Pub In The Know n Univer se

w w w.t h eir ish r over .n et

W E H O PE T O B E O PEN SO O N f o r D ining & D rinks o n t h e NEW PATIO!!

A message from Publican Willy We ar e back h er e again !. St ill w e m u st do w h at w e can t o get past t h is. So if you f eel lik e on e of ou r cr af t beer s or an Ir ish cof f ee, or Bloody M ar y pair ed w it h a sh eph er ds pie or Fish & Ch ips. Agin , w e ar e h u gely gr at ef u l t o ou r com m u n it y f or h elpin g u s su r vive t h is! #t ak eou t #ir ish pu b #f ish an dch ips #sh eph er dspie

TAKE OUT 11:AM t o 8:PM DAILY 310 829-5303

BEST Of 2020 Ou r in side din in g m ay be closed, bu t ou r n ew pat io w ill be open soon ! NOW WITH FIVE BIG SCREEN TVs Take Out is still available for alcohol and food with food delivery through Postmates.

O'BRIEN'S IRISH PUB & RESTAURANT 2226 Wilshir e Blvd SANTA MONICA, CA 310 829- 5303



GIFT SUBSCRIPTION ADD FROM HERE___________________________________________

FOUR EZ WAYS TO SIGN UP!! Make Check to:

JAM ES M cDONOUGH VISIT w w ish ar t san den t er t ain m en t .com