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2019 James Metcalfe Product Design

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Experience About me College 2 years 3D design at Sir John Deanes College University product design student at Nottingham Trent University

Skills CAD Solidworks Keyshot Adobe Photoshop InDesign other sketching modelmaking

Hello, I’m James. I am currently a second year studying Product Design at Nottingham Trent University. Being at university has helped me to develop my skills through project, both individual and in groups, and through educational sessions. I am passionate about Product Design and have developed my ability to identify opportunities and explain them through my work with sketching, rendering and models.

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Brief Contemporary design practice - design for production Within this brief you are asked to explore the commercial home-ware market, developing a single or range of products specifically for sheet material manufacturing such as laser, water and plasma cutting. Understanding of these production methods and the materials supported by these processes is essential. There are no restrictions on type of product you produce however awareness of target and route to market must be considered.


New Nordic design It was important to research trends and contemporary design for this porject. Although production was at the forefront, it was important to keep in mind the different trends and styles that I should be looking at as well as; who this product is for, what the user needs and also what they want.

final product


Brief Brand and commercial opportunities Matter + Herman Miller Through focused primary and secondary research your task is to design and develop an innovative, complementary product / products for the Herman Miler brand. Consideration of new consumer behaviours, potential markets and brand impact is essential

Table top - Ash wood

Cable slot - HDPE

Legs - Aluminium

Concrete was the specified material for this brief, because of this I looked at various products made out of the same material in order to grasp the capabilities of it, how it can be manufactured and finished to provide an exceptional product.

3 Brief

Concrete speaker - Rega

The brief is to design a portable concrete speaker for Rega that could potentially be viably produced in smallmedium sized batches. The speaker must be no larger than 150mm3 in volume.

Your final design should show understanding of all materials used and all design decisions should be backed up by research into materials and manufacturing, relative to your own outcome.

Whilst the majority of your product must consist of concrete, you may use other materials in moderation.


bass reflex system control panel

concrete base

empty inside for wiring

black walnut side panel

Concrete speakers - Rega Modern renaissance man defined target market Being a modern day Renaissance man doesn’t mean you have to be an accomplished poet or master sculptor. Rather, it means being as open to the world as possible and embracing all opportunities as they come your way. It means keeping your mind sharp and your body in good shape, for the mind needs a healthy body to achieve its full potential. It means learning as much as you possibly can. It means traveling and seeing the world, experiencing its people, and learning its language. It means not being afraid to be who you are and feel comfortable in your own


Brief The future of mobile communication Within this project you are tasked to develop an aesthetically stunning product for specific consumer market. You will present one innovative solutions for present day technology. Gen Z / logging off - Wants to remain connected but without the pressure of social media

the slider determines which screen is the main screen top screen (not touch) bottom screen (touch) when the top screen is the main screen, the bottom screen is used to navigate the apps

charging port

sound bar when the bottom screen is the main screen, the top screen is used as the notification sceen


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