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Layout | Styling | Photography | Editorial


This is a controversial magazine publication covering several areas in music, film and fashion with an urban edge.

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Ph& styling

Location Sho oting | Styling | Creative Direction | Colour Co ordination

‘The Fresh Princess’ A concept sho ot inspired by the idea of the revival of the hip-hop scene.

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r g

Ph& styling

p a

y h

Trend Prediction | Artistic Direction

‘The Suited Man’ A fashion shoot inspired by the traditional English heritage style emerging into the Hip Hop fashion scene.

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g n

& editing

Concept Development | Creative Direction | Set Design | Photoshop Skills

Fusion A styled sho ot designed to capture the essence of exotic elements through colour, texture and prin ts.


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d n


Photoshop & InDesign Skills | Layout Design

Hybridity A unisex trend forecast for S p r i n g / S u m m e r 2 0 1 2 aimed to capture a hybrid selection of influences. exploring colour, forms and structures.

Nostalgia Nostalgia is a thing of the past. Like fashion as a whole, trends reappear. Throughout the hybrid trend, past elements will show that include pretence and inspiration, which has derived from an original source. ‘Hybridity’ enables people to self express their desires from informal arrangements to an augmented reality; living in a gaming world. Colours are an important factor in this trend and focuses on the new generation of technology. Materials play an important factor throughout this trend concentrating on performance and roles of their functions. Structures, contours and colours will all be presented throughout, exploring elements of creativity and pure practicalities. Another factor visible throughout this trend book is accessories; adorning the body to add an individual approach.

augmented reality A random collection of bizarre nonsense and an eclectic mix; this miss-match trend captures an element of fun for the daring and witty and with the Olympics in site this trend emphasises the social high. With energy and a brilliant array of colours, it is high and uplifting with a sense of surrealism Art is an ambiguity, you have reality and you have dreams, the curator can mix these up and can think that reality is a dream and dreams are reality. This colour palette resembles the energy and motion within this trend. Focusing on its wide spread use over the colour spectrum, and Extravagant bright tones, it captures the ‘return to your Childhood theme. This trend forgets about names and price tags of the luxury market and focuses on the coming together of people in this globalisation process. Recollecting memories of your past in a dream like manner. You are the curator of your thoughts. You have control of how far your imagination can carry you. And into what world you want to escape into.

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colour palette pantone 1665 c

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graphic prints

Fabrics & Patterns

polka dot brocade

metalic 2-way stretch foil



Key pieces & inspirations

Bulky, bright and bold accessories are key features of this trend. Stand out pieces that capture the eye of the beholder and include them in the spin backto their childhood.

Other accessories will trigger the questionability of realness, relating back to the child hood innocence aspect.

Some elements will present a psychedelic sense, almost dream like, connecting back to the idea of escaping from reality.

Augmented reality focuses on the unquestionable aspect of childhood innocence. The other dimension offers consumers a break from reality by allowing them to lose all inhibitions and entering the nostalgic memory of their childhood. Ignoring reality and being free like the oblivious child-like characteristics. It enables people to be expressive and give an added boost to the morale of society. This is seen in the trend by the use of colours and fun elements of the gaming world. Some trends forecasted, reflect on the social moods around that given time. Yet with the Olympics in site, society is brought together creating a happy place. However if matter change, this trend will allow a route for escapism. Capturing the entire element of freedom and reliving your childhood with the whole sense of nostalgia. The bright laser lights and graphic components establish this concept with its contrasting colours and random arrangements of shapes.

Colours are an essential aspect of this trend; Fun and exciting.

Pixelated patterns will reconnect back to the youth of pac -man and give a vibe of ‘retroness’


r u

l a n

m s i

& communications

Editorial | Layout Design & Construction

The Rosewood Movement An editorial piece focusing on the alteration in hip hop culture and fashion.

‘the Rosewood movement’ Rapper, singer, song writer and record producer Kanye West is launching into his fashion career; entering the industry with a risk taking approach, not being afraid to express his self. He has set his foot firmly in the Hip Hop scene and has been voted as one of the top ten record producers of the decade; evident to note he has had a huge effect on his fans and so we are looking into is his fashion sense to see if this will take on by storm as well as his music. Kanye West otherwise known as Yeezy has become a famous and influential Phenomenon and has pushed forward the suited and booted look which he has adopted into his own wardrobe and which he has dubbed the style as ‘The Rosewood Movement.’ This movement is about looking fresh in tailored suits, hard bottoms and shades; a style not commonly seen since the days of the Rat Pack. We are starting to see this style break through the US barriers and entering into the UK fashion scene. The ‘Rosewood Movement’ connects back to the styles of the Rat Pack kings with the likes of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jnr. The Rat Pack placed a distinct style on the era, characterised by the flawless yet effortless tailoring. Sharkskin suits, slim ties and fitted dress shirts were their stamp on the Rat Pack style and can be seen as the last days of true Hollywood glamour. Under the exterior image, there was a strong unified message they portrayed; ‘Party like a rock star, dress like a gentleman.’ This message has now been altered somewhat and converted to this ‘swagger’ appeal we see today; a selfsure, confident, arrogant person showing off which defines a typical character in the Hip Hop culture. The urban culture gave birth to the Hip hop scene in the 80’s. The fashion style in Hip Hop focused primarily on the element of comfort; loose fitted tracksuit bottoms that drape low, trainers or hi-tops (with the laces pretty much left undone) and a baggy, coloured t-shirt was the generic style during the eighties and nineties. The choice of size was oversized; a gangster’s clothing paradise. Although Hip Hop is heavily focused on the musical material, clothing and accesorising became just as big a part of the movement. The music and fashion came as a package and created a stereotypical look epitomized in the lyrics, looks and the lifestyle they portrayed. The hip hop music and style has spilled its way onto the UK streets and the youth has aspired to this so called ‘gangster look’ which has created this ‘hoodied’ culture we see today. These hoodies have been appropriated by the youths on the streets which epitomizes bad behavior. Through the criminal vibe the music and style suggests, the baggy clothed ‘hoodies’ have created a stigma in society’s eyes and has seen the arrival of an era of rebellion. Hip Hop is seen as a lifestyle and has influenced different media platforms including film and TV making the style more idolized. However it takes an influential figure to change hip hop styles.

A fashion shift in Hip Hop? Since fashion has been used as a very effective tool to express oneself, old and new musicians in the fame and stardom have used their celebrity status to influence areas in the industry. Other well known Hip Hop artists are releasing their own designer collections, from the likes of yeezy, to Jay Z and Pharrell. Will these clothing lines change with time also? We are looking forward to this celebrity trendsetting to influence the rest of the Hip Hop culture. Since the Hip Hop style has been going on since the early 80’s, there looks to be a direction heading towards something new. We are seeing the former prison inspired hip hop look change from former chunky, heavy, oversized bling and baggy, floor scrapping trousers picking up to a more refined style. Could ‘The Rosewood Movement’ be the alternative trendsetter for the Hip Hop culture? Is this the arrival of the new Rat Pack Swagger? It seems so and appears to have started to raise the level of sophistication in Hip Hop as Kanye West has explained; this look is more than just the clothes, it is about having manners and class and in turn having the old school gentleman appeal. It seems that in time we have lost sight from the traditional values where individuals took pride in their appearance and the idea that what you wear promotes who you are. It is refreshing to see this movement break the US barrier from other artists supporting this movement, including the likes of John Legend, Common and Kid Cudi (artists under Kanye’s record label G.O.O.D (Getting Out Our Dreams) across to the UK with our newly emerged London based artist Labrinth also sporting the style. Edgy, yet still so cool, he carries the look well. The overall style of ‘The Rosewood Movement’ transcends into the English heritage. Ironically this style will be present in Guys Ritchie’s newest adaptation of Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows, which holds a very strong Burberry feel to the costumes. The Victorian fashion in our minds presents such an aura about it and is the closest in terms of its style to the modern suit that we know of today, despite the fact there were many previous creations that existed before it. The costumes in Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes, embraces a strong stereotypical Victorian aesthetic. Although they may not be exactly true to its original routes, it allows us, the audience, to relate to the style more easily and adapt the clothes onto our wardrobes for today’s modern look. Especially now androgyny is on trend; both men and women can wear this look (another element supporting the up rise of the rosewood movement.) We believe this will result in a wonderful hybrid mixture of old and new traditions slowly filtering into our everyday dress. Nowadays there seems to have been a change in the traditional values of formal dressing. Peoples pride in their well presented appearance seems to have lost sight as an important factor, but could this change in the hip hop culture be the beginning of returning the well presented formal dressing appearance?


r u

l a n

m s i

& communications

Public Relations | Communications | InDesign Skills

Urban Publicity A public relations company and press pack created to incorporate urban aesthetics with it’s intensions to capture a specified target audience.

Studio 14 Lexington Street Westminster London W1F 2XQ Tel: +44 (0) 208 800 3857 Fax: 0208 800 3857 Email:

Company Background Urban publicity is a recently established pr company which specializes in promoting urban music and fashion labels & designers. It is committed to staying ahead in the game, offering their clients up to date methods in advertising, capturing their wanted consumer base. Urban publicity really connects with what the industry is about enabling their success to continue. We stand for innovative and creative artists and presenting them in a positive light in the market place.

The Company Team: Urban publicity’s team is a close nit group working together to deliver successful publicity.

Mission Statement Urban publicity’s mission is to promote up and coming urban fashion brands and urban music artists. We identify existing and fresh talent in the sector of R ‘n’B, Hip-Hop, Reggae, D ‘n’B (drum and bass) and dub step of music and its fashion. By focusing on brand building we are committed to optimize our client’s full potential to become the best in the game. Establishing our client’s names to become recognized

and distinguished in the public eye. We have a true passion for what we do which enables us to create a strong connection between urban publicity and our clients. We offer a unique medium for these artists to express themselves on freely and effectively, using the urban music scene as the main intention in order to drive forward their success within our company.

Company Director The company was founded by Jade Richardson who graduated in fashion communication in 2009; she then launched the company straight after graduating with a fresh take on the new media industry. Her strong enthusiasm towards the company and its values prove to impact the revenue and excel the company within the market place. Her previous work experience include working for Harrods in house pr team, a six month intern for Saatchi & Saatchi advertising agency alongside other achievements such as working at a number of fashion shows.

Company administrator Ghazaleh Rahimi-khoub has vast experience in the retail trade, media/event sponsorship has written weekly columns for numerous Company developer Tommy Atkins is a pioneer in Web design strategy, social media and design, releasing high profile websites and radical designs within the last 7 years. Company music coordinator Devon Kosoko helps in directing performances, auditioning new musicians, to evaluating and suggesting improvement for a music program.


All lines of clothing are urban based and offer items for men, women and children. They all mix urban aesthetics of the streets, being high contenders in the world of street fashion.

Rihanna, Nikki Minaj, Chipmunk, N Dubz, Example, Professor Green, Drake, Pharrell, Tychy Strider. All celebrities shown are wearers of our urban clothing brands, yet they are also our music artists of whom we also advertise and put forward in the market place.

Contact: Tel: +44 (0) 208 800 3857 Fax: 0208 800 3857 February 11th 2012 Email:


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 11th 2012

Online Launch Event

Urban publicity has newly released its online launch event due to its recent expansion of its client base. They are looking for fresh talent and will launch the competition of the online viral campaign to coincide with fashion week, February 2012. The viral campaign will be offering applicants the chance to upload their fresh talent using urban music and fashion as the main influence, with the final two winners given the opportunity to be taken under the wings of urban publicity’ professional knowledge and skills. “Going viral” Urban publicity is excelling in the modern advertising sector, plugging their company name and clients onto the variety of media platforms, using it to gain acknowledgement from the consumer society.

Urban publicity has said it will be using new and fun techniques in its advertising to really capture its target market group. Urban publicity’s online launch event is described to be the provider of the most up to date means of modern day advertising in e-pr. “We are very excited to establish a firm grounding in the new media sector promoting the urban scene in a positive light” says company director Jade Richardson All information and entry application and upload form is available on the company website, urban_publicity@ Urban publicity can be followed via: @urbanpublicity

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l e d

o M

g n


Experiencing & Learnin g

Varied Sho ots An experience which has allowed me to express myself and gain confidence and a higher understanding from being on the other side of the camera lens.

Photography belongs to Ghazal Rahimi Koub

Image belongs to Rebecca McCleave Photography by Dan Graham

Photography belongs to Rebecca McCleave

Photography belongs to Laura Jane Vest


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w Creative Input

One Passion

A personal activity and enjoyment which I consider to be a big part of my inspirations.

Music is the Motive Music is a passion of mine and I like to explore the realms of creativity within the production elements; from the original idea to the end result. I love how feelings can be obtained from the combinations of instrumental and vocal audio qualities. Music is an art form which allows the expression of emotion and freedom of speech.

“One Love�

Bob Marley


portfolio of my university work in fashion communnication


portfolio of my university work in fashion communnication