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The Art Hype logistics

The Art Hype logistics

The Art Hype logistics

The Art Hype logistics

C O N T E N T S O N T E N T S This logistics document will explain the concept over multiple areas. Showing every thought process and marketing strategies that will occur in order to produce a well-structured time

scale for the implementation plan. Sections of the concept will have set dates to precisely follow to ensure the project will succeed to its full potential. This document will also cover the costs involved to justify how it will be feasible to produce.










1 - O v e r v i e w

‘The Art hype’ is a campaign aiming to increase the level of interest and participation in the UK art scene. The target audience is for 16-18 year olds living within the London boroughs who want/ need an opportunity to showcase their talent. ‘The Art Hype’ aims to push forward in this modern digital world by using a range of technology and media. The end outcome offers a new and innovative platform to display individuals work in the form of a digital app and a unique exhibition space. As the concept is set across a multiple of convergence platforms, it portrays the campaign’s profile as very hybrid, making it more appealing and modern.

‘The Art Hype’ positions itself in the market place as a young experiential campaign. The word ‘hype’ connotes a “clever marketing strategy which a product is advertised as the thing everyone must have, to the point where people begin to feel they need to consume it.” Creating hype around the campaign is exactly what is needed and therefore the name is positive in attracting its target age group. This campaign will take place in September 2013 due to the 2012 Olympics causing restrictions on a number of factors. Including limitations on travel, smaller amount of funding available and attention from the majority of the public will be concentrated on sports and not the arts.

2- T h e N a m e This campaign will have a strong name consistent throughout all the elements involved. ‘The... (something)... Hype’ will be the name that is continuous throughout. ‘The Art Hype’ is the umbrella name of the whole campaign. From this ‘The Cube Hype’, ‘The Virtual Hype’, ‘The Hub Hype’ and ‘The Blogger Hype’ are the other element names, creating a well recognised and memorable company profile.

3- The campaign team’s

mission statement To really connect with the youth on the same level To provide opportunity To unite the world through the arts


• • •


The logo will become an iconic design and will be eye catching and vibrant to intrigue the consumers. The design will be taken throughout the campaign ensuring it is made memorable, thus will project the clear messages and purpose of the campaign; to promote the arts. The design is influenced from modern developing technology; becoming 3 dimensional. The design is based on these modern lines and takes form as a cube. The logo will be designed by digital green and will cost £140.

6-Target audience

5-Office s p a c e An office will be needed to run the campaign from and will be situated in North London; Alexandra Road, Enfield, Middlesex, EN3where prices are a lot cheaper than central. The newly refurbished offices are ideal for 2 persons up to 8 persons, all offices are networked with CAT 5 cabling running to a comms room. Alarm is also installed into each office. The offices are located on ground floor with off street parking to front and rear. Each office has an intercom to the front door. Separate post boxes for each office. Rental is ÂŁ250 per month12 month rental will cost ÂŁ3000.

Entrants to the campaign must be between the ages of 16 and 18, living within the catchment area of the London boroughs situated within the M25. 16-18 year olds - Most interested in music - nearly 50% list it in their top 5 activities - Nearly 80% own a mobile - Are most likely to read newspapers - The heaviest media users - More likely to use social networks rather than instant messages" These statistics justify why the design of this campaign will succeed, and in its technology advertising methods planned to attract them.

As the Olympics will be taking place in the summer of 2012, a smaller amount of funding will be available from the local councils. Therefore this campaign will apply for funding for the following year and a year In advance. As well as plugging the ‘The Art Hype’ into the minds of its target age group, the campaign will also require a more formal tone of voice to attract its stakeholders to help support and sponsor the campaign. Funding will be a huge aspect of this campaign, so advertising towards the larger organisations/companies is crucial. If the campaign is for a good cause and has beneficial aspects as the outcome, the government and other organisations are more willing to sponsor and donate money. As ‘The Art Hype’ does offer this, funding will be supported by the government and local councils.

7 - f u n di n g

Sponsorship &

Applying for awards that support voluntary endeavour and achievement and auctioning goods on the website will be some of the lengths reached to ensure that the campaign is successful. Application is in process for the ‘digital R&D fund’ for arts and culture and for the grant for the arts. The ‘core’ structure for running costs will not be covered by the grant funding. The core structure includes letting of office space, outsourcing website design, auctioning and online space and other aspects from the business perspective, hiring personnel and advertising and promotion. Therefore it is important to keep the costs to a minimal; this will be helped by partnership work. The fund to be provided is estimated to be in the region of £4000- £5500.

8 - P a r t n e r s Bigger companies will be approached by the campaign to develop a relationship with them in ways to persuade them to become a partner of the campaign. They will play an important part by donating larger sums to the campaign and by advertising the campaign through their platforms.The chosen partners have been specifically selected on their area of expertise complementing and aiding the campaign. Radio/music: Choice FM & Soundcloud Technology: Apple, and StumbleUpon Social Networking site: Facebook/Twitter Fashion: Urban Outfitters, Rayban ‘The Art Hype’ will work to its optimum level of networking in order to receive as much support possible.

8 - P a r t n e r s

-9 Celebrity Endorsement ‘The celebrity endorser is a ubiquitous feature of modern marketing.’ Banksy and Deadmau5 are the chosen faces of the campaign. Ironically their true faces are very rarely identified but their status is the element that is key for celebrity endorsement. With their support, their status in society will promote the campaign and in turn aim to attract the campaigns targeted age group, creating an overall ‘hype’. On the start-up of the project the agency will approach both Banksy and Deadmau5 asking for them to become the faces of the project. This will require them to work for free, but has huge benefits from them receiving recognition for their volunteering work, but more importantly (like the purpose of this campaign) supporting the development of art to engage with and help the youth.

The website will be constructed to allow more information to be available on a more formal platform. Website pages will have links to the Facebook and Twitter sites and access to the app page, allowing ease of access over all platforms. The website will be designed to further integrate with the campaigns ideologies to push forward in the digital field. The aesthetics of the website will tie in with the design of the app by its style of colours, typefaces and layout, influenced by the digital world. The domain name for the campaign is w w w . a r t h y p e . c o m corresponding with the campaign name, establishing itself to be easily remembered. It will be a ‘.com’ web address to give the campaign longevity by allowing the factor that the campaign could expand on a global scale. Even though the initial market is UK based at this stage of the campaign. The website will be designed, executed and maintained by and will cost £1515. The domain name will cost £5.98 for 2 years supplied by The website pages will include; home page, who we are page, contact page, how to upload and browse page, the app page, competition page, donations page and the countdown page (for upcoming events).

The online launch will be exclusive for the campaigns supporters, businesses, radio, TV and magazine companies to visually realise the overall concept and potential the campaign has to offer. This networking will prove successful because it will generate hype through word of mouth (a cheap method of advertising) it will go live the night the website goes live. Invites will be electronically sent out with a personal password attached to allow access to this exclusive launch, as it will be placed on the campaign website. This program will also be designed by included in the price.There will be a short virtual clip of the app and a demonstration of how it works alongside a live chat forum with Banksy and Deadmau5. Their new pieces of work will be available to buy from the online bid section. All money made will be donated back into the campaign for further funding. This online launch will give the exclusive viewers material to convert into press material promoting the campaign. This launch can be seen as a new innovative approach to an alternative press pack.

11- Online launch

10 -The Website

‘The Virtual Hype’

A countdown clock on the main website will begin, counting down the days/ hours/minutes and seconds to the final end event; the exhibition. This will keep people involved in the project by creating excitement.

12- T h e The Cube Hype’

A p p

The aim for this section is to create a digital channel with inundated response from the target audience. “The mobile is the fastest growing online space... the number of people who are downloading apps and browsing the web on their phone is growing at an incredibly rapid pace.” It will be available from the Apple App Store and Android Market able to download for free on these phones and tablets. This virtual, online space will be designed with an innovative approach in a digital landscape. ‘The Cube Hype’ app will be visualised as a rotating 3-D cube with interactional properties through use of touch screen technology. ‘The Cube Hype’ will become a platform for its users to upload, express and showcase their art work onto, fitting the dimensions of the cube. To encourage interaction, a broad spectrum of methods can be used. Individuals artwork can be submitted under 4 categories; photography, visual art, music and short film clips.




Film clip: a minimum of 30 seconds and a maximum of 3 minute is the limit for film clips. Music: the music page is run from soundcloud. It accepts all the standard audio formats, with support for MP3s at any bit-rate, WAV and AIFF files at just about any sample rate. There’s support for FLAC and OGG also. Playback on the site itself is at 128kbps MP3. Visual art/ Photography: the work must be scanned into the computer and saved as a jpeg, GIF, PNG, BMP format. Participants must realise that some work will have to be scale up or down to fit the screen on the cube. Also as The Cube is a cube it will have a square display area, therefore any artwork uploaded on a digital canvas of different proportions may have to be cropped or have a black fill area incorporated.

App measurements & costings The app will be designed and produced by the App Institute and will cost £3,997. Hosting and support will cost £25 per month Development timeframe: 6-8 weeks. Total cost = £4297 The view of the cube app will be deigned to scale up/down in proportion, on multiple devices such as an iPhone to an iPad, as the screen sizes are different.

13- The competition and the prizes The app will be the place where the entries work is submitted to. The four categories will be judged accordingly by the campaigns ambassadors; Banksy and Deadmau5. 4 pieces of work from each category will be selected to enter the final event. 16 winners in total will be selected to attend the final event, where industry experts will be present to offer their favourite participant guidance to help them push forward their talent in the right direction/ career path, there will also be some job opportunities available.

By using different advertising techniques, ‘The Art Hype’ will receive a high level of press coverage from its promotional material. Through the campaigns specific marketing strategies, a fresh and youthful vibe will be portrayed, connecting to the target age group. The campaign design of the cube will also be taken throughout the aesthetics of its advertising; connecting every aspect. Marketing will be a crucial element to create awareness of the campaign. Advertising over a multiple of channels will be used for large scale communication. Advertising will take place through a viral promotional video, an online launch, the internet, guerilla marketing, radio space, and distributed print publications. Most importantly it will help create hype to ensure the message is spread through word of mouth.

PR Company

Lime Public Relations Company will be used to promote the campaign, pushing forward its message ensuring the campaign proves successful. They will cost £500 per month so for 12 months it will cost £6000.

Release Press

14Public relations and marketing & promotion

The press releases will be released on the whole structure of the campaign. From launch to end event and to further competitions further down the line. The press pack and invitations will be distributed to vital people& companies by royal mail first class post, showing status of importance. On a wider scale press releases will be sent out electronically via email. SourceWire News Distribution is the company used to provide the press releases with permanent exposure to an established community of journalists. This will cost £235 in total for each distribution of one type of press release.

Promotional YouTube video

A one minute film clip will be produced to advertise the campaign. It will include voluntary actors to read off of a script devised by the campaign, so there will be no costs in paying the volunteers. It will be shot in a studio and outside in urban areas. The hire of the studio and equipment will be supplied at no cost from Northumbria University and will be shot by a voluntary film student from the university. Post production has also been agreed to be included in the free package. The student will get credited for his/her work. Viewers are able to subscribe to the campaign channel on YouTube which will contribute to an increase in viewings which will eventually generate revenue when the video receives one million ‘hits’. This advert will go viral on Youtube with the url address positioned on the website, Facebook and twitter pages.


Online directory

‘The Art Hype’ campaign will also be registered with ‘The Seer’, an online free arts directory specifically set up to help promote the arts. The campaigns profile will be positioned on their directory and allows ‘WhatsOn’ listings to promote what the campaign is doing and other information will appear on their website and will automatically be included in their e-newsletter.

Guerilla Marketing Guerilla marketing is an unconventional advertising strategy that is based around attracting the attention of the target audience. Commonly positioned in a strategic place where it is in constant sight of the public eye, usually created by graffiti or ‘sticker-bombing.’ ‘The Art Hype’ will place this technique on the pavements of London. The logo and colour design of the campaign will be drawn onto pavements using chalk; an environmentally-friendly, temporary but effective method used, as people will inevitably be drawn to where they are walking on the ground so it will be easily noticed in their sight. This tool is very cheap and effective as it is performed by the in-house campaign team.

1 5 - I n t e r n e t As the internet has spread itself over more platforms, it has become more easily and widely accessible, it will be used as the main source of communication methods so will play a very important role for promoting the campaign. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and soundcloud, are some of the worlds most commonly used social media, allowing for the perfect link between the company and the target audience and enabling constant and rapid updates to be received at the push of a button.




The campaign will advertise to its target audience through social networking sites; Facebook and Twitter. 95% are users of these sites and 65% are users on a regular basis , making this method of advertising very effective. These social platforms help build an online community in a free environment. It is free to access the sites and free to set up pages and free to advertise; a simple yet very cost-efficient source. By maintaining strong connectivity and continuing high levels of ‘hype’ through these methods, it will prove a very successful tool in free advertising. The Facebook page will be called ‘The Art Hype’ and the twitter page will be @thearthype. Anyone from the age of 13+can access Facebook and its pages but the age for the competition is monitored as participants are asked to enter their D.O.B when submitting to the app. Pages and Feeds will be set up with constant updates to inform the public about the campaign and the latest news/events and competitions. Through these updates, digital notifications are sent to the user’s phone; a clever method of ambush marketing due to the campaigns messages constantly being seen by the consumer’s eye. These sites will be under constant maintenance by the Lime PR team and will be monitored regularly to ensure it is under control. The email addresses supplied from these sites will be added and stored safely to the campaigns database and accessed when necessary to promote any upcoming events. The database will be stored by the website company.









Flyers will be distributed around schools in the boroughs of London. There are 406 Secondary schools in London (133 in inner London and 273 in outer London.) The average class size is 21.3 so an estimated 150,000 flyers are needed for distribution around schools.Total: ÂŁ1,186.54

17‘The Hub Hype’ The end event The ‘Hub Hype’ is a platform of opportunity for the winners to showcase their work in front of industry leaders and professionals. ‘The Hub Hype’ will be a pop up exhibition with a variety of installations inside of the winner’s pieces of art from the app competition. This space will take form in the structure of a 20x15 metre inflatable cube, keeping in line with the overall design of the campaign. The structure will cost £8950 including the set up. The sound system will be provided by True sound hire and will cost £1700 for a 42KW sound package large enough to fill the specified area. Lighting, projections and dj decks will be supplied by Av2Hire and cost £540. Door men will be hired from Precreate Security Solutions at a cost of £9 per hour per man. All staff are fully trained and are all SIA license holders. 5 men are needed for 15 hours in total from set up to finish coming to a total of £675. Catering will be provided Bertrand Munier and cost £415 Photographer and film crew will be supplied by bluefintv company and will cost £800 for 5 hours filming. Location will be held in Russells Square Park in central London. Liability insurance for the whole campaign over one year will cost £120 and will be taken out with policy bee insurance company.




Russell’s Square Park in London will be the venue location for the end event of the campaign. The permission to host the event in one of Camden’s parks has been approved by the Camden Council. They have quoted the hire of the space for a small corporate event holding 250-500 guests; will cost £500-£2000 per day. For the time scale of 5 hours, it will cost £1000. Small events lasting no longer than 96 hours and having no more than 500 people attending may apply for a ‘TEN’S’ (Temporary Event Notice) from the local council. This will be at a cost of £21. This does not include the infrastructure which has to be provided by the PR/Events team but does include the sale of alcohol. This Premises License will take up to two months to obtain. Russell’s Square Park is suitable for this campaign due to its perfect location. Near to main tube stations including Russell’s Square, Holborn and Tottenham Court Road, make it easily accessed. It is just off of Oxford Street and near the British museum and University of the Arts making it a relevant place to the campaign. These factors are also supported by the layout of the park; being a square, it relates well to the cube design of the campaign.



Invitations will be sent out to the competition winners and industry leaders. This will not be in the conventional 2-D format on a printed card but will be a Rubik’s cube style usb pen drive with information stored on the device. The logos of the campaign and its partners will be printed onto the sides of the rubicks cube as another way of advertising. 50 unique invitations will be sent out to important guests and the winners of the app competition. In total 300 guests will be attending the event, however there invitation will be sent out digitally via email. 50 Rubik’s cube usb will be supplied from ebay @ £1.27 each totaling £63.50

19-Health & s a f e t y Prior to the event, fire services will be notified to be prepared in the event of any fire. As it is in an open space, people will be evacuated out of the structure to the nearby safest place. Hazards could include electricity, obstacles, crowds and food. The ambulance services will also be notified of this event in case of any emergencies. Quality control checks will be in operation throughout the event to ensure maximum health and safety is in order.

‘The Blogger Hype’ 20- T o p p r i z e 22F u t u r e expansion possibilities ’

The top prize from this campaign is to give the most outstanding participant the chance to travel around different countries and cities over the summer months following the campaign, as a hired blogger. Their mission is to document their findings of different cultures and how it has influenced them. This will be captured on a personal video camera recorder and uploaded to YouTube where viewers can subscribe to the channel, keeping up to date with ‘The Blogger Hype’. The aim of this prize is to continue further into the field of technology by drawing consumers into As the campaign is promoting a good the campaign and its messages, really reflecting on their wants cause and positive messages, it will aim and needs and achieving that through these different processes. to go on a national scale with final major possibility to enter as a global campaign. Expansion on advertising and marketing strategies including guerrilla marketing will have to be developed and promoted on a larger scale. Expansion of the campaign would also mean expansion of the age limit, so that more ages are catered to and more consumers will participate. Winners of the competition will also be given the This in turn will mean the message of honourable opportunity of joining the campaign, by the campaign will be widely spread. becoming art hype ambassadors. They will be able to give As an overall result of expanding the something back to their community by visiting schools campaign, an increase of employers in a travelling workshop/road show; intriguing the youth and offices will be needed, meaning the into a clearly justified fun, modern purposeful campaign. campaign will have higher outgoings so more funding’s and Organising travel for the workshops will cost £599 grants would be needed to bring to purchase a company car from money back into the campaign.



2 3 - L o g i s t i c s Logistics


Campaign Office space (12 month) Hiring staff x4 @£10 per hour Company car inc. insurance Campaign logo design Website Domain name Website design Website space Hosting and maintenance Website optimisation Online launch App PR company Press releases Online marketing Social media workshops Twitter profile management and development

(£) cost £104,339

Flexi offices The Art Hype Autotrader/ Admiral insurance App Institute Lime publications Lime publications Lime publications Lime publications Lime publications

£3000 £100,000 £1199 £140 £1,520.98 £5.98 £1515 inc. inc. inc. inc. £4297 £6000 inc. inc.£ inc. inc.

2 3 - L o g i s t i c s Advertising


Hosting and support Guerrilla marketing strategy Celebrity endorsement

App Institute The art hype campaign

inc. FREE N/A

Online arts directory Social networking sites Promotional video Print

The seer Facebook and Twitter Northumbria University


Flyers and posters End event

£1,189.42 £14,285

Location Licence Inflatable structure Fittings Sound hire package Catering Security

Camden council Camden council dry space Burt and munier Precreate security solutions Bluefintv Policy bee

£1000 £21 £8950 £540 £1700 £415 £540

Film crew Porter loos Liability insurance


£800 £199 £120

- £4000 (minimum fund)




September 2012

- Move into offices - Take out company insurance - Open a business account - Apply for government funding and grants - Apply for other funding and grants - Pay for website domain name - Commission Logo design company





- Apply for location for end exhibition/event - Apply for TEN’S (temporary event notice) - Send flyer design out for pro duction - Record promotional video


- Commission website design company - Commission app design com pany - Develop online launch program - Hire Lime PR company - Gain partners into the cam paign - Get on board Banksy and Deadmau5 to be the face of the campaign.


- - - - -



- Night of the online launch on the first day of the month - Set up the campaign on ‘The Seer’ online arts directory - Distribute flyers and posters to all secondary schools - Send/deliver written press releases


(begin advertising the campaign in January 2013- the start of a new year) Set up social networking sites and pages Release App onto the market Release promotional video onto YouTube Website goes live @ the end of the month




- Start radio advertising - Place order for inflatable structure - Order equipment for event (lighting, projectors, decks, laptop)

(at the beginning of every month from this point on, the guerrilla marketing strategy will take place on the pavements of London’s streets.) - Confirm location - Arrange radio time slots for advertising (supported by Choice FM radio station)


- Push forward advertising and marketing strategies (coincide with kids breaking up from school and starting their summer holidays with more free time to join the campaign) - Order Rubik cube usb - Produce document to be stored on the usb pen drive


- Arrange meetings with the faces of the campaign - Network with partners to show their importance - Order film crew for end event - Place orders to catering company - Pay security company for the require of security men - Hire porter loos


• AFTER -Organising workshops -Talks with schools -Including travel arrange ments etc. -Produce new promotional video for the next competition


- Set up the exhibition - Dismantle exhibition - Maintain connection with contacts - Announce the top winner

September 2013



r e f e r e n c e s

r e f e r e n c e s TEXT REFERENCES Google Scholar;

IMAGERY REFERENCES Google images Google maps Pinterest Cool hunter

Contingency VENUE FALLS THROUGH A back up venue will be used and guests will be informed promptly via telephone call and email.

UNWANTED GUESTS Doormen will be informed on entrant’s names and they follow this list strictly.

WEBSITE FAIL Viewers will be notified the website is down and directed to the email address of the website designers and the campaign for any enquiries where they will be answered promptly.

DIFFERENT TARGET MARKET APPLYING TO THE COMPETITION • Website and app will ask for home address including area code and D.O.B. • Records are kept of the approximate number of 16-18 year olds living in the catchment area on a backup system. •

OVERLOAD OF EMAIL ADDRESSES Stored and backed up on a database storage system

UNWANTED CONTENT FROM SOCIAL MEDIA SITES • Sites are under constant monitoring; any unwanted material will be instantly removed and reported to the site maintenance team.

P l a n

The Art Hype Campaign by Jade Richardson Final Major Project Fashion communication

The Art Hype Campaign  
The Art Hype Campaign  

final major project; fashion communication. a campaign devised to help promote the arts, targeted at 16-18 year olds