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Autumn 2013

A Janela / Autumn 2011

Cascais | Portugal

!""#$%&'()*#(+#,)(%&(-$%./$0(#123/)%4& )4()*#(%&)#$&/)%4&/5(/&1(543/5(34..2&%)%#,6 IPS is a school that prides itself on the warmth of its welcome to the children and parents from around the world. The multi-national community represented at IPS by pupils and their families as well as staff, helps to create a learning environment which fosters a global understanding and appreciation of each other and the variety of cultures we bring to the school daily. We are proud of the high academic standards attained by our children and encourage them to achieve their best in all aspects of the curriculum. Further than this, though, we also promote the value of caring, self discipline, respect, humour, a love of learning and a sense of discovery, which are all so important to the adults of the future who will soon be moulding our world. This then comes as a warm welcome to IPS from all of our staff and students who are always eager to make you a part of a very special school community. Rua da Lagoa, 171 - Bicesse 2645-344 Alcabideche 4EL  s%MAILINFO IPSSCHOOLORGsWWWIPSSCHOOLORG

Established in 1982 | English National Curriculum | Renowned for Academic Excellence | 250 children | 35 nationalities 2 A Janela Summer 2012

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Annette de Cerqueira, Barbara Flynn, Catriona Glasgow, Chris Rola, Eve Jokel, Flávia Soares, Jackie Kennard, Jessie Young, Kay Baker, Linda Hunter, Pat Newth, Rosemary Adams, Rosemary Moore, Sally Branston, Sharon Wake

Proofreading team: Angie Inglis, Chris Rola, Flávia Soares, Jessie Young, Jackie Kennard, Sharon Wake

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Printed by Grafitala, Artes Gráficas Lda. Articles or advertisements carried in this publication are not necessarily recommended by IWP or its Board. IWP members and their guests attending any event or activity do so entirely at their own risk.

Your Glimpse into the International Women in Portugal


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4 A Janela Autumn 2013

Leadership and Administration International Women in Portugal Associação de Mulheres Internacionais em Portugal Apartado 6, 2751-901 Cascais - Tel. 915 552 847 Email: Office Hours: Monday, Wednesday and Friday: 9:00 - 14:00 IWP, International Women in Portugal, is a social organisation for women of all ages and nationalities in the Lisbon – Cascais area. Whether you have newly arrived in Portugal or are a long time resident, being a member of IWP is a marvellous way to meet people from all over the world, to make new friends and to enhance your life in this wonderful country.

Executive Board


President Barbara Flynn

Vice - President Rouxlé Stroebel

Lunch Coordinator Cornelia Loureiro

Amigas Coordinator Chris Rola

Secretary Agnes Bourhis

Treasurer Christina Zaracoudis

Activities Coordinator Linda Hunter

Membership Secretary Sharon Wake

Member Designate Jeanine Nazareth

Your Glimpse into the International Women in Portugal


Letter from the

President Dear Member, Welcome back, I hope you have all had a relaxing summer break. We are looking forward to an action packed quarter. Please make a note on your calendars of the major events coming up! As you know we had to say unexpected goodbyes to our Treasurer, Kathleen De Baets and Events Coordinator, Iryna Ostapchuk who have both left Portugal for new destinations – we thank them for their support to IWP and wish them both the best of luck. I was delighted with the response from members to fill these posts and have decided to utilise all of the offers. Jeanine Nazareth, who will be known to many of you, will become the member designate, she will also be responsible for coordinating the activities alongside Linda Hunter. Flávia Soares and Tricia Marques are combining the two roles of events and publicity and jointly covering the role of Events and Publicity Coordinator. Yeoni Chung is joining the advertising team as our new Advertising Coordinator. We thank Anne- Marie Costello who was our Advertising Coordinator, however, she is leaving Portugal. The post of Treasurer has been filled by Christina Zaracoudis. She has a financial background and is currently the Treasurer of her children’s PTA. We welcome all of these volunteers aboard and I am excited to work with them for the remainder of my tenure. We held our first Garden Bazaar in June. We had an interesting and varied range of exhibitors, many of them IWP members. The event was held in the delightful gardens of the British Retirement Home (BRH). As a gesture of gratitude for accommodating us we have purchased the BRH a cleaning trolley from their wish list. Read more about the event on page 27. In the coming months we are hosting two of our big annual events. The Activity Fair will be held on Thursday, 26th September – this is an opportunity for our Activity Captains to showcase their activities and for members to take advantage of signing up for a new challenge. It is also a chance for members to introduce a new activity – please email if you have an idea for an activity you would like to promote. As this is one of our biggest events we need volunteers to help set up the day before and on the day itself, if you are available to help please email . We welcome you to bring any friends or family members who would like to discover more about IWP or just join us for a cup of coffee and a slice of cake. There will also be a children’s play corner available.

6 A Janela Autumn 2013

September is when we start collecting annual subscriptions. There will be a General Meeting regarding subscriptions on 6th September. If you are not able to attend, please make your vote via the postal ballot system. The proposal is to reduce the annual subscriptions. Each board faces challenges relating to the financing of the club - the expenses of the club fluctuate depending on the prevailing circumstances. Having money in the bank presents as much of a responsibility as not having any. Currently, due to the administration of the club being undertaken by members, we are no longer incurring costs for salaries and our reserves have accumulated. As a Not for Profit Organisation it is not good practice to hold too much in reserve. We raise funds from membership to exist, not to raise funds. It is the Board’s responsibility to ensure we use funds for the good of all our members. Through a cash-flow analysis, the Board has reviewed the situation and having ensured we have sufficient reserves to cover our costs and any unexpected expenses, we have explored ways to rectify the position in as fair a way as possible. Over the last few months, we have subsidised a number of events, however, we feel that in order to ensure every member benefits, we are proposing to reduce the fees for the forthcoming year. Obviously, the situation will remain under review and if circumstances change and it becomes necessary to hire staff again, we will have to consider increasing the subscription accordingly the following year. I hope this will encourage those members who are deliberating whether to renew or not, to continue their membership as well as drawing in new members. Please check out Rosemary’s article on how our charitable donations are utilised. We encourage you to take the opportunity to join us at the Aldeias de Crianças SOS in Bicesse where we will hold September’s Coffee Morning and you can see the benefit of your donations in action. We have dedicated October to Breast Cancer Awareness and hope to have lots of occasions to support this cause. Our AGM will be held on 14th November. We look forward to having a good turn out and an enjoyable lunch together. The venue is yet to be confirmed so please check the IWP Newsletter for the announcement. As you can see we have a busy few months ahead and we look forward to seeing you at one or more of the events. As I said before, we always need volunteers to help out with events, so if you are able to help in anyway please email me on Barbara

Barbara Flynn IWP President

International Hairdressers, Beautician and Manicurist

Open Monday - Saturday 9 am - 7 pm Your Glimpse into the International Women in Portugal


Welcome New Members!

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Boyoung Lee Hello, I am very pleased to come back here. Specially I have missed IWP where big laughing is all around , food and chat.

Angie Inglis I moved here a year ago escaping from the pollution of Beijing with my husband to live a dream of semi-retirement under the clear, blue skies of sunny Portugal. After a first summer of multiple visits from family and friends (it's amazing how popular you become living here) and a winter of what has seemed never-ending rain, I've finally got around to joining IWP. I have two daughters, (18 & 22), both live and study in the UK. I'm English and before joining the expat circus of house moves with its incessant packing and unpacking, I worked in Retail HR, training design and delivery. I re-trained at 40 to become a T.E.F.L teacher, (Teacher of English as a Foreign Language), and have subsequently taught in China and the UK. In joining IWP, I hope to meet new friends, discover new places, and share new experiences with others, who like me, want to feel settled and grow roots!

CASCAIS Alma Wright Lived in several countries in Central and South America as well as in the UK and Spain before being transferred to Lisbon 10 years ago (then with a Spanish real estate developer). My son and daughter live in the UK and I live in Cascais. Eleanor Franks Seyeong Chung I moved to Cascais last August and met a good friend, Esperance, who introduced me to Arraiolos and IWP. I hope to meet lots of new people and explore the new culture here. Shilpi Dey I have just arrived from England a few months back and am looking to meet like minded people. Your organisation seemed the best place to start as many of your members must be in a similar position. Wilma Glynn I come from the Philippines, married to Chris, who is from the UK. This is my second time around to live here - we were here for 3 years from 1988.

nnU 8 A Janela Autumn 2013


Dee Koutoufaris My husband and I just moved here from the US 2 months ago with our 2 children, Zoe (age 10) and Basil (age 8). This is our first time living abroad and we are thrilled to be here.

MONTE ESTORIL Frances Gordon After spending many holidays in Portugal, my husband and I have decided that Lisbon will be a wonderful place to live and raise our two year old daughter. We are moving from South Africa. If you have any advice on schools, business or anything, please get in touch. My husband is a journalist and I am a director of a communications consultancy.

LISBOA Esme Lambie I moved to Lisbon a little while ago with my partner, after a year travelling and 7 years in Rome. I´m really excited about meeting people and doing things here. Joanna White I have been living in Lisbon for a couple of years and enjoying life here. I have been in contact with IWP members through monthly tea parties and more recently the Portuguese classes run by Margarida Graca which are excellent, so I thought it is high time I joined up! My interests include the cultural history of Portugal, travel, cinema and theatre. I look forward to meeting other members.

Maria Elizabeth Ladeira Perneta Maria Teresa Luzitano I trained as a nurse in Queen Mary´s Hospital, London. Also trained in Stoke Newington Hospital. Shelly Ginenthal I live half the year in Lisboa and half the year in San Francisco. I love to paint and draw, cook, read, listen to music and meet new people. If you would like to contact one of our new members, please email Chris Rola, IWP Amiga Co-ordinator, at



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Personal and business tax returns Property tax valuations and appeals Non habitual resident status Double tax treaty benefits Simulations of liability Tax planning Consultancy and advice GEOFFREY FLETCHER Chartered Accountant - Tax +351 91 741 6884

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! ! Your Glimpse into the International Women in Portugal !


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Dr Rui Mendonça (English and Portuguese) CIS - Cascais Tel 21 486 5946 Clinica Europa - Carcavelos Tel 21 456 9800 CMIL – Lisbon Tel 21 351 3310 Treatment of skin ailments of all ages and skin tumour surveillance 10 A Janela Autumn 2013

Farewells Thank Yous and

Dear IWP,

Dear IWP,

I have been fortunate enough to visit Portugal for the last two years, both times staying in Carcavelos. I have also been fortunate enough to attend two IWP events during these visits, invited by my good friend Chris Rola. Last year it was a delicious lunch in Cascais and this year, I joined your group outing to the Convento dos Cardaes in Lisbon.

With regret it is time to say farewell to the ladies of IWP as my husband's two year posting to Portugal has concluded. We returned to Canada at the end of July.

The visit to the Convent was very interesting and the Guide was informative and again we shared a good lunch. I really want to put on record how much I have enjoyed these two occasions. Your members are so open and friendly, welcoming to visitors and full of fun and energy. They are all interesting and interested. Where else would I visit a convent in the morning and then a bordello in the afternoon? Where else would I meet such a cosmopolitan group of ladies including the mother of a pole dancer? Certainly not in the quiet Hampshire village in which I live!

It has been an extraordinary 2 years and I appreciate how IWP enhanced the experience with new friendships. With all the European traveling I did this past year, I was only able to attend a few of the activities but I applaud IWP for the great variety of events. I especially valued the A Janela for all the articles and helpful info on living in Portugal. If I encounter any other Canadian women moving to Portugal, I will be sure tell them to contact the wonderful IWP! A special thank you to the Board and the other volunteers for all their hard work and my very best to a great group of fascinating women. Most respectfully, Shelley Hagar

I am hoping to see you for something exciting in 2014. Meanwhile thank you all, Mary Mortimore

Your Glimpse into the International Women in Portugal


Dear IWP, I would like to share one of the highlights of my stay in Portugal and also say good-bye. We have enjoyed everyday things like sitting at cafes drinking coffee and walking by the Tejo. We have taken a few trips, a boat ride on the Douro River and a Mediterranean Cruise, but one of the highlights for me was the walking tour I took in Spain. I was inspired to do the walk after meeting a man on a plane who was going to Spain to walk the camino. He explained that the camino is people walking to Santiago de Compostela from all over Europe. Some people walk the last 100 km. Some people walk from the French/Spanish border. They have been doing it for over a thousand years. Right from the first moment I was captivated by the walk. I can’t explain why. I’m not a religious person, but I thought, maybe I can do this. I asked people in my family if they would like to join me thinking no one would volunteer. Actually, almost all of them wanted to come. However, none of them were physically fit to walk the 12 to 24 km a day required. Nor did they have the time to train because they were all working. In the end, I was able to join a tour group which had a cancellation. There were about 15 of us in the group, some from Australia, some from the U.S. It seems that there are as many different reasons for walking the camino as there are people who walk it. One woman was a cancer survivor and wanted to prove to herself that she could complete this walk. Another woman who was from Australia came with her 4 adult daughters. Her father had died on the feast of St. James and she had wanted to do the walk for many years. We encouraged each other, talked about which Band-Aids were better for blisters, and in the end all walked into Santiago de Compostela together. I was sad to see the walk come to an end. I had enjoyed the time with the people I had met. My husband and I feel the same way about leaving Portugal. We have been a part of a little community and we’re sad to see

12 A Janela Autumn 2013

our time come to an end. We have lovely memories to take back with us. We know that the activities provided by IWP and other groups have made our stay here more enjoyable. Thank you all, Mary Ann Morris

 

                  

Farewell to Lauren Wojtyla by Kay


On Friday, 21st June, friends and members of Lauren’s mosaics group held a farewell lunch for Lauren, who is leaving Portugal this month. The lunch was organised by Jean Page and Siobhan Keating and was held at Jean’s lovely house above Manique. Each person brought a different dish which all together made up a magnificent feast! Lauren moved to Portugal nine years ago from Mozambique so that her children could benefit from the Portuguese education system, and she led a very busy life commuting between Lisbon and Maputo where the family business is based. She started her mosaics workshop around six years ago, which she ran from the basement of her home in Casa de Guia, inviting her friends to join her in making items such as table tops, pots, mirrors, boxes, wall panels, and many more. Lauren was very professional in her methods, having researched the subject meticulously and attending classes in England and Italy. She eventually produced objects under commission and the group has exhibited their wares at the Estoril Feira de Artesenato. Lauren showed the same professionalism and efficiency in her role as Treasurer on the IWP Executive Board from 2009 to 2011, helping put the organisation on a sound

financial track. She also has a keen interest in keeping fit at the gym and regular Pilates classes. Lauren’s children excelled at school in Portugal, and are now at university and school in the United States, leaving her free to rejoin her husband, Sam, in Maputo. After lunch, Lauren’s friends gave her a gift of a decorative tile made and signed by all of them, and because this was the first opportunity available since the new IWP Executive Board was elected, ex IWP President, Sharon Wake, presented Lauren with the parting gift that the current Executive Board gave to each of the outgoing Board members. Lauren will be returning to Portugal in the future to see her friends and also to plan the building of a family home in the area of Castelo de Vide that the family came to love.


Moving Company

Dr. Francis Haley, B.D.S. (Guy’s Hospital, University of London) Av. 25 Abril, 184 – 1°C 2750 – 511

Cascais Tel : 214 863 012 - National and International Removals Residential and Business Storage (by the m2) T: 214852061 , 914549454, 961841600

Your Glimpse into the International Women in Portugal


Our Talented Members... During the summer, a couple of artists from IWP exhibited their works in Cascais. The exhibitions were stunning and inspiring. It is wonderful to know that we have such talented members in IWP. In an attempt to learn more about these artistic women, their craft and inspirations, we asked them to tell us a little about themselves.

Heather Taylor After studying Art and Design at Croydon College, specialising in textile design, I graduated in 2003 in Fine Art from Central Saint Martinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s College of Art and Design in London. Currently, I paint in Portugal and also captain the IWP Activity Group, Art for Enjoyment. The studies in textile design fuelled my fascination for experimentation with mixed media and manipulating materials to create unusual effects continues to surprise and inspire me. Once the paintings begin, they develop by themselves. I repeatedly return to my interest in organic forms, often with familiar, subliminal references. More recent works though, have integrated my love of watercolour painting and continual experimentation with new techniques into a mixture of abstraction and phantasy.

14 A Janela Autumn 2013

There remains a continuing development from complex and decorative to more minimal and then back again. The references, techniques and media remain a changing source for future works. Our Art for enjoyment group has been running well since last October. There has been a consistent group of 5 or 6 attending with some new members. We are planning a small exhibition of our achievements to be held at the IWP Activities Fair in September. Members select an idea to work with from my "Inspiration box" and sometimes we practice different techniques using a variety of media, others prefer to paint in watercolour or acrylic depending on what they are comfortable with. There will be some art workshops in autumn, so check the IWP Newsletter for dates.

Marsha Turner Pluhar

Ruth Hurst

In 1968 I moved to the art colony of Laguna Beach, CA. I began drawing and painting classes in the studio of a portrait painter and, throughout the years, the human figure has remained my main focus. After several years of studying portraiture only, I earned a BFA in Fine Arts at Laguna College of Art and Design. I then successfully completed Business Management for the Arts Program at the University of Southern California.

Much inspired by Spring in the Alentejo, I have recently exhibited many pictures on that theme. I also have a series of modern paintings inspired by several life drawing sessions. I paint mainly in oil on canvas but I also make pastel drawings of birds and from time to time I experiment in mixed media. I have recently expanded my range of work to prints and greeting cards based on my paintings.

My long time proximity to Hollywood is reflected in a paper doll series of images of movie stars. Family and the environment are represented throughout the main body of my artwork. Apart from Hollywood, family and the environment, I am also influenced by neo-expressionism and pop art. I invite you to view some of my paintings, watercolors, monoprints and low-fire ceramics by visiting studio1667. I have exhibited in Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, Norway and here in Portugal. I have painted with the Aspiring Artists in Estoril for 15 years. We are all close friends and we enjoy new projects to show our Art whenever possible. I also recently joined the Create Portugal group and this group exhibits all over the country. I was a founder member of IWP and used to be on the board many years ago but now I am very much involved on the Committee of WRVS which works solely for charity and has very close connections with IWP.

Your Glimpse into the International Women in Portugal


Catherine Portal I am a ceramicist from English and French descent and have lived in Portugal from March 1986, when I came here for a three week holiday and never left! I have had no formal training and originally learnt by trial and error, throwing on the wheel over and over again, trying to copy what I had just been shown! The smell, the feel, the possibilities of clay (as well as the failures and disappointments) got me hooked!

I also like to share my love of dance and beautiful movements which I show through some of the people that inhabit my pieces and in the shape of a curve, or in the way a glaze just runs down the side of a pot… There is nothing like a well made pot that you repeatedly reach for and use just because it brings you so much pleasure and satisfaction; a good pot is like a good friend you cannot live without!

Many years and many pots down the road, having sold at fairs and shops in the UK, I attended the odd workshop or three which focused mainly on creativity and opened the doors to the enchanted world of mud, sensuality, inner peace, and self expression. I like to make people smile out loud, bring a little sunshine to the breakfast table or just add a little quirkiness to their daily life! My pieces are a success when they make people’s hearts smile and their hands reach out to hold them and I aim to impart as much love, pleasure and joy into each and every one of them just for that.

Every week IWP Members get together to paint and create in the IWP Activity Group, Art for Enjoyment, or in the associate activity group, Painting in Azoia - and it is not just the members we talked to in this article, there are many other members who have talent and creativity to share and explore. IWP Member, Sabine Ostermann, who many of you will know for her beautiful handmade cards, started a group on Facebook for those interested in art and crafts in the Cascais-Lisbon area. Sabine says “there is so much going many talented people...let´s get together! Everybody very welcome to join - either active or "just" for information”. The group is called Art & Craft Cascais and can be found on Facebook. For more information about the Art for Enjoyment Group, see the Activities Section towards the back of A Janela. You can also visit our website at A great place to meet up with Heather and other talented IWP Members will be at the IWP Activities Fair on Thursday, 26 September in the garden of the British Retirement Home in São Pedro do Estoril.

16 A Janela Autumn 2013

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N!2)8!6./7)1!*%!:)5+2!*9)!64%7)''!%#!79/25)!?! *4/2'#%4(/*+%2!! Your Glimpse into the International Women in Portugal


In the

Pink by Barbara


October is designated worldwide as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Raising awareness helps in the early detection of cancer and greatly increases the chances of successful treatment. Breast Cancer is the top cancer in women in both the developed and developing world; there are 1.38 million new cases a year worldwide. Pink has symbolised breast cancer since the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation gave out pink visor’s at the first Race for a Cure in the 1990’s. Since then, many events, fun runs and walks, coffee mornings, and cycle rides, to name but a few, have been held worldwide with participants sporting pink ribbons, pink T-Shirts or pink hats etc. As Breast Cancer is a real issue for women, IWP has decided to join this drive and is arranging events throughout the month of October to both, raise awareness as well as to raise funds. We will be distributing the funds raised between two charities International Breast Cancer Research (IBCR) and Associação Portuguesa de Apoio à Mulher com Cancro da Mama (APACM, Portuguese Association to Support Women with Breast Cancer). IBCR is

18 A Janela Autumn 2013

involved in research to find the cause of this disease and ways to prevent it and treat it. Research is being carried out in many of the countries our members come from. APACM is organising another 5km Corrida Sempre Mulher Walk or Run on the 10th November. Registration opens soon. Join other IWP members who will be participating. We will be hosting two pink charity coffee mornings in October and hope that a doctor from APACM will give a talk at one of these. We are also hoping that all of our activities will join in and have mini events throughout October – get the kettle on and share a cuppa with your fellow activity participants. If any group wants to do something different let us know and we will be happy to support you.

Run or Walk for a

Good Cause by Flávia


Run or Walk for a Good Cause/Venha Correr ou Andar Por Uma Boa Causa is the theme of the Corrida Sempre Mulher which will take place on November 10 at Parque das Nações in Lisbon. This 5K Walk/Run will raise funds for the Associação Portuguesa de Apoio à Mulher com Cancro da Mâma (APACM, Portuguse Association to Support Women with Breast Cancer). The choice of the expression “sempre mulher” (always a woman) refers to the idea that the essence of a woman will always remain whether she loses one breast or both. This organization created in 1998 by a group of professionals in the field of oncology has as its mission to: ♥ provide medical care for the cancer patient, ♥ provide training and professional development for medical professionals, and ♥ raise awareness in the community at large. Through a team of voluntary professional, APACM provides a variety of services to women with breast cancer such as specialized physical therapy, counseling, nutrition, support groups, and leisure activities.

Save the Date November 10 2013

Corrida Sempre Mulher Unless you plan to participate in the 5K run, no special training is necessary. It is a pleasant walk by the water in the company of friends. A few of us are already veterans of this Walk, having already participated in three of them. With each event, we recruit a few more walkers. I am looking forward to a large contingent of IWP members for the November Walk/Run. The participation fee is usually 11 Euros. Registration is due to open soon on the official website of the Corrida Sempre Mulher (available in Portuguese, English, and Spanish) at Get your walking shoes ready and come join the sea of twelve thousand women at Parque das Nações and Walk or Run for a good cause!

Your Glimpse into the International Women in Portugal


20 A Janela Autumn 2013

Nutritional therapy focuses on finding natural solutions to health problems and on maintaining optimum health

One to one sessions to support you: looking at your biochemistry, beyond your symptoms into underlying causes

Workshops on issues that affect you: child nutrition, female health, hormonal

Dra. Suzan Stolk â&#x20AC;&#x201C; de Kam Nutritional therapist Dip ION MBANT NTCC

balance, healthy ageing, weight issues

Talks on things that matter to you:

Tel: 214 870 811/ 936 033 114

nutritional subjects that concern you and

your family Your Glimpse into the International Women in Portugal


When it is dark by RouxlĂŠ In every town and city, you will find stories about ghosts and the unexplained. Ghost Stories are more or less the same everywhere - they are usually about a lone maiden still waiting for her lover to return or a fallen soldier still manning his post. How about the hitchhiker along the lonely stretch of road who disappear once you offer them a ride...there seems to many of those around the world. These stories make for rather spooky evenings around a camp fire or a fireplace...usually just around bed time. I remember once on a trip to the coast, my friends and I slept over in a small town midway on our journey. This town, it was said, had many ghosts. The scariest of which happened to reside in the little cottage that we rented for the night. As it happens, everyone got to share a room, but me...and this, gave my friends great joy in reminding me of the ghost lingering in our cottage. Evening came, everyone went to bed, and I woke up the next morning feeling rested and ready for the trip ahead. And my friends? Well, they were certainly not well rested. Apparently, there had been too many strange noises during the night to allow any of them any rest.... With Halloween approaching, we wondered if any of you have an interesting ghost stories to share. Carole Beranek sent in this story worth telling. A Ghost Story with a Difference - as told to Jenny Smedley, author of Pets have souls, too. â&#x20AC;&#x153;When I moved into my new home, I was very happy. lt was just an old terraced mill cottage, but to me it was home sweet home. After having stayed in rented places for so long, I finally had my own front door. That first night, I slept like the dead. But the next night it was different. I woke up. lt was dark and I had no idea what had woken me. Then

22 A Janela Autumn 2013



I heard it, a distinct thump, thump, thump. I had no stair carpet at the time and it sounded just like footsteps jogging heavily down the stairs. My first thought was, Burglar! I was a woman alone in the house, but then I thought that the walls weren't that thick and I knew I had neighbours on either side, so that if I screamed someone would be bound to hear me and call the police. I must have been more tired than I thought, because the next thing I knew, it was morning. The next night, it happened again, only worse. lt started with the sound of light footsteps coming close to my bedroom door. For a moment I was sure that something was going to come into the room. The footsteps were quick and not very loud, and sounded stealthy, but the next noise wasn't subtle at all. lt was the thumping noise again, and my heart echoed the thump, thump, thump. I knew I was wide awake and not dreaming. Then an even scarier noise - chains rattling. Now, I was well into new-age stuff and I couldn't believe that if this was going to turn out to be a ghost, it was going to manifest in such a cliched way, as with chains rattling. Besides, this wasn't the Tower of London - it was an ordinary terraced cottage! I hid under the covers, telling myself it would go away if I didn't respond to it. lt didn't. lt happened every night. Finally, more exhausted than l'd ever been, I decided to call in a medium. Of all the things I might have expected her to come up with, she told me the noises were being caused by the ghost of a dog! She told me that a big golden retriever that used to live in the house was making all that noise! The muffled footsteps were actually 'paw-steps', the thumping was him dropping his ball down the stairs. And the chains? That was him taking his lead in his mouth and shaking it from side to side! The dog told the medium that during

his lifetime in the house I was living in, he had often been locked in a big cupboard under the stairs while the owners were out. He'd died in that cupboard. The poor dog had been waiting for years and years for somebody who was 'open' to live in the house, so that he could use their energy to manifest himself. The dog told her that if he could be allowed to stay for a few more days, he would be ready to leave. Sure enough, true to his word, three days later the dog visited for the last time, and I never heard from him again. I was able to confirm with neighbours, though, that the previous owners had once had a big golden retriever.” This story reminded me of a story that my dad once told us. “When I was a young boy”, my dad started his story, “I had a cat named Rex. I was the last of four rather older siblings, so I never really had any friends at home. Rex became my friend. I would pet Rex, love Rex, and tell Rex all my secrets and wishes. Rex followed me around everywhere and at night, would curl up around my head when I had went to

sleep. I found great comfort in Rex curling up like that. One day, Rex passed away and I had to say a very difficult goodbye. For weeks, I could not really eat, sleep, or even play. I was missing my friend. There was not much that anyone could do for me and no one really understood how a young boy could feel so strongly about a cat, of all things...”if it was a dog, at least then it would make more sense”, they all thought. While still mourning the loss of my friend, I awoke one night to the familiar comfort of Rex around my head. I could distinctly feel the familiar vibrations of Rex´s purrs. I could feel his soft breath. I could smell his fur. I fell asleep and slept the way I did before my friend passed away.” My dad didn´t really say much about what happened after Rex had ´visited´, but the look on his face when he told this story, makes me believe that everything got better after that experience and that my dad will treasure that moment forever.

Dr Louis B Fisher Complete Oral Care for All the Family Prevention is better than Cure 214865946 939529393

For a lasting Smile

Your Glimpse into the International Women in Portugal


IWP Tour of the Museu do Azulejos by Rosemary


The IWP tour of the Tile Museum in Lisbon was a great opportunity to meet up with IWP Members from both the Cascais and Lisbon areas. Beautiful tiled façades and interiors are very characteristic in Portugal. The word “azulejo” (“tile” in English) is derived from the Arabic Word “zellige” meaning “smooth”. The different methods of making tiles as well as the why in which they were used were explained to us. On our visit, we were told that at first, tiles were only used indoors and were used in churches to spread the Catholic message. They were made by local craftsmen whose work was not considered to be important. As an example, we were shown a panel where six fingers and six toes had been painted! Following this stage, tiles were produced by artists who signed their work. These too were also displayed in churches. Then the use of tiles spread outdoors and as a result, the entire façades of buildings were covered in tiles. In the second half of the 19th century, semiindustrial tiles were used. Invitation figures (usually a man, a guard, or a real sized person) were introduced at entrances to manor houses or palaces, often indicating the direction to go in. Later, tiles were used to portray individual scenes. We were shown a tile panel depicting a personal life story in different pictures belonging to the 19th century. Finally, 20th century contemporary

24 A Janela Autumn 2013

art paintings were used in public places and as part of this explanation, we were shown important works of art from well-known artists. The Convent Madre de Deus, which houses the Tile Musuem, was founded by Queen Leonor in 1509 to give shelter to the Franciscanas Descalzas from the first rule of St. Clare. The original church was much smaller than the one we see today. It was King João III who ordered the restructuring of the building as the old one was prone to flooding and thus the new church was built higher up and was wider and longer in size. The nave in the church and the cloister were built in the “plain” style that is characteristic of the Mannerist architecture in Portugal. Between 1746 and 1759, a major construction work was carried out during the reigns of King João V and King José. The church was decorated in the exuberant baroque style, covered in gilded carvings, tiles, paintings, and exotic wood. The nuns were not happy about the exuberant decoration, we were told, and if we wanted to investigate further, their memories can be found in the National Library. With the extinction of the religious orders in 1834, the convent was finally closed in 1871. It was restored to become the Tile Museum

technical perfection was not considered to be important and the colours are not as clean as in the Dutch productions. At the very end of the visit, we saw the tile panel considered to be a very important historical document as it reflected Lisbon prior to the Great Earthquake of 1755. It is reputedly Portugalâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s longest tile piece, 23 metres in length, made up of 1300 tiles. The panel was painted in 1700 and had been placed in a noble room of a palace until it was donated to the Tile Museum. in 1980. The front door facing the street is the only remaining part of the original convent and is only opened on weddings and baptisms. In the Baroque period, there were extremely large painted scenes produced on tiles, usually in blue and white, for walls rather than floors. The Portuguese ordered tiles from Delft, Holland at the end of the 17th century. A Dutch painter named Willem van der Kloet was commissioned to produce the tile panels for the nave in the church of The Convent Madre de Deus. Dutch tile panels were usually small in size with a simple border. If tile panels were large, the Portuguese had commissioned them. The painting was very precise and the scene could be seen at a distance. The technical perfection was 100%.

On the far eastern side, one can see the Torre de Belem surrounded by water and then the various buildings on the river bank until the far western side shows the Convento Madre de Deus. After our visit, we enjoyed a lovely meal in the restaurant inside the interior patio of the museum. I would definitely recommend a visit to this Museum!

Portuguese tile panels were big panels with very elaborate borders, almost as important as the picture itself. When you look at the scene you feel as though you are part of it, feeling the movement and emotion. The

Save the Date...

Activities Fair 26 September 10:30-12:30 Quinta da Fonte

8(*="%#*!"#$%&%'('*%1*$"*(6#2$6/>* ! ?2.-"#@42A'*6"%#('(*$"*(%.$*="%#*,''A(* ! B'--@$#2.,'A)*A=,24.6*$'26/'#(* ! 8,$'#'($.,&)*#'-'C2,$*42$'#.2-*.,6-%A'A*.,*1#.6'* !"#$%&$'()'*"+',"+-'.#*"+,%$."#'%/"($'%00'"(+'&"(+)-)'.#' !"#$%&%'(')*+,&-.(/)*012,.(/)*3'#42,)*5#',6/*7*8$2-.2,!

Parede - Tel: 21 456 1771 Your Glimpse into the International Women in Portugal 25


!"#$%!&'$#()%!)' Dr. Per Sjöström

(English and Portuguese spoken) (and a bit of German)

!"#$%&'(%)*+,-.(&/&.#)( 012"-&(,-$(31%$4#&(,+&2(25(6%172-%8)( 9'%.#-%-4(((((((((:(((((((((;,&#1(((((((:(((((((<+#7.12&814#1/( working also Sundays and evenings upon agreement

Rua Bacelar e Silva, 5 – 1 D – Lisboa Tel. 21 849 00 50 and 21 840 04 70 near: Campo Pequeno (Bullring), Caixa Geral de Depósitos/Culturgest and Instituto Superior Técnico

SUPERMARKET SUPPLYING BRITISH AND INTERNATIONAL FOOD PRODUCTS AND A WIDE VARIETY OF FROZEN FOODS. Established for over 18 years initially providing products for expats we now cater for all nationalities. Our recent move to larger premises enables us to expand our range of items, serving the local community as well - and even baking our own bread. Visit our facebook page for more information.

TEL: 214 662 453

26 A Janela Autumn 2013


Our Garden Bazaar After several days of unseasonably cold, wet weather, June 20 dawned bright and sunny for the IWP Garden Bazaar at the Quinta da Fonte. The IWP volunteers and vendors were there early to set up in the gardens of the British Retirement Home ready for the first customers at 10:00. The variety of goods available showed us that members of IWP are a very talented group of women. There were many paintings for sale in both water colours and oils, some already framed so they could be hung when the purchaser arrived home. For those interested in decorating a child´s bedroom with a favourite fairy-tale character and the child's name, there were oil paintings on canvas specially made for this purpose. It is often difficult to find nice postcards and greeting cards in


Jessie Young

Portugal but a wonderful variety was on display to suit all tastes with prints and postcards with scenes from Lisbon, areas of Portugal as well other parts of the world and abstracts inspired by nature. There were several tables with a variety of ceramics, stuffed animals, and baskets. Some tables were displaying colourful hand-crafted costume jewellery, custom-made T-shirts, beautiful scented candles, and origami ornaments, making for perfect gifts. Also up for grabs were knitted garments made by patients suffering from Alzheimers who are cared for in various institutions. These garments can be ordered on line and the money helps to support the institutions. Visit for more information. In between the tables of gifts, were tables tempting buyers with fresh pasta, wine-tasting sessions in Cascais, a glass or two of champagne, and sushi. Anyone wishing to try their hand at a new hobby could sign up for classes in tile-painting, bridge, or English. After all the browsing and shopping, attendees were treated with a demonstration by our Japanese members on the special art of putting on a kimono. It was a lovely display of finesse and elegance. It was a really enjoyable morning and I am sure if it becomes an annual event, many more will come to sell, chat, browse, and buy.

Your Glimpse into the International Women in Portugal


Visit to the Orient by

Jackie Kennard

On Thursday, 18th July, 16 IWP members and their guests visited the Oriente Museum (Museu do Oriente) for a guided tour, followed by dinner in their restaurant which overlooks the Tagus. We were met by Rita Azevedo, our guide, who showed us round the museum and explained the influences of the Orient. She first explained that the Museum was located in an old warehouse which used to store cod fish. The pillars of the refrigerated rooms had been clad to disguise them and the low ceilings had been fitted with mirrors to give a feeling of height. Fortunately, we didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t experience the smell of the fish during the tour... Our tour started in India. The main interest of Portugal in India was the trade in spices of all kinds which were taken back to Portugal along with artefacts and historic paintings. These were displayed along with china, fine silk tapestries, and finely carved furniture. In the section on Eastern Asia. i.e. China , we were told that missionaries accompanied the traders and soldiers on their journeys and also founded the Christian Church in China. We were shown a Coromandel screen which had an interesting Christian iconography and echoed the school of painting founded by the Jesuits in Japan,

28 A Janela Autumn 2013


and which later spread to Macau. We were shown two folding screens and Namban lacquered pieces, which were amongst the most significant pieces in the entire collection. There was also a set of white porcelain with blue under-glazed decorations (see picture above). This set bears witness to the first imports of commissioned pieces to the Portuguese market. The collection also includes mother of pearl devotional pieces of crucifixes and fixed crosses. These were intended either for export or for the local Christian community. Finally, there was a set of 19th century red and black lacquered pieces which were from Burma. The East Timor display has a rich collection of items that shows the daily life and the genealogical traditions and diversity of the cultures presented as well as the close ties these people held and still hold with Portugal. The Far Eastern Art collection is made up of terracotta and other antique Chinese, Japanese, and Korean pieces. Some of these pieces were acquired by the museum, some are on loan from Machado de Castro National Museum in Coimbra, and others were donated by the poet Camilo Pessanha and the politician and writer Manuel Teixeira Gomes. The Chinese ceramics collection covers the most diverse period and

techniques, the exhibition also documents the typological evolution of the terracotta works, with examples dating back to the Neolithic period and running through to the Ming dynasty, as well as ceramics and porcelain both for practical daily purposes and pieces made for export. The display further contains a small but significant set of bronzes mainly from the the Camilo Pessanha Collection. Also on display are paintings and costumes of the 19th century Chinese man of letters with all his “cherished items”, i.e. objects of devotion and albums of traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy. The Chinese snuff flasks which were collected by Manuel Teixeira Gomes, is the second largest in Europe and is a selection of existing different types. Many of them are of glass with internal painted decoration. There is also a Japanese collection which depicts the leading characters from the Nõ Theatre and tsuba (sword hand guards). This collection covers a broad chronological period and in the case of Japan, is complemented by three monumental sets of armour and other ceramics, bronzes, paintings, and furniture. Concluding this section, there is a display of Korean pieces: a lacquered wooden box set with mother of pearl incrustations and an interesting set of watercolours from the late 19th century by the Korean artist Kim Jungeun, depicting the clothing, costumes, and festivals of Korea and produced for European and American markets.

The last section we visited was Macau. Macau was a territory formerly under Portuguese administration and this large exhibition area is dominated by the four magnificent Chinese folding screens belonging to the collection. The oldest screen displays a Portuguese ship sailing the China Sea and flanked by another, essentially decorative in nature, bearing the coat of arms of the Gonçalves Zarco family. The third highly rare screen, displaying representations of the cities of Canton and Macau, is located next to the section dedicated to the iconography of the Cidade do Nome de Deus de Macau. The exhibits in this section focus on the 17th and 18th centuries and are complemented by pieces from the 19th century. There is also a writing desk, which was made in the second half of the 19th century, bearing a decoration representing the Praia Grande Bay, in Macau. There is a granite statue which is a crude depiction of a Dutchman which recalls the failed attempt to conquer Macau by Holland in 1622. In addition, a number of paintings and engravings, both by Western and Chinese artists, from the period known as “China Trade” (18th-19th centuries) are also on display. Our visit was concluded with a sumptuous buffet supper, with wine, overlooking the river Tagus

of Sharon Wake. Your GlimpsePhotos into thecourtesy International Women in Portugal


Activities Fair 30+ IWP Activities ! Start a new IWP Activity ! ! Meet new people ! Renew your membership ! ! Become a member of IWP ! Free drinks and nibbles ! !


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Fr Ent ee ranc e!

26 September 10:30 - 12:30 Quinta da Fonte The garden of the British Retirement Home, Rua Bento Carqueja 43A, São Pedro do Estoril, 2765-518 A 2 min walk from the São Pedro Station Easy access by train from Lisbon or Cascais. Parking limited.

International Women in Portugal (IWP) is a social organisation for women of all ages and nationalities in the Lisbon–Cascais area. We have over 30 individual activities, numerous events and wonderful members from all over the world. We offer you a warm welcome! 30 A Janela Autumn 2013

915 552 847

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New Members: please complete * Renewing Members: Please update contact information. Print clearly please. Name*_____________________________________________________________________ Address*___________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________ Postal Code*________________________ Email*_____________________________________________________________________ Telephone ____________________________ Mobile _____________________________ Contact information is only used to communicate with club members. Nationality*___________________________ Birthday ____________________________ Age (please select) 20-35 ☐ 36-45 ☐ 46-55 ☐ 56-65 ☐ Over 65 ☐ Are you new to Portugal? Yes / No Pre-school Children in home? Yes / No Please write a few lines about yourself for inclusion in A Janela, the IWP Club Magazine __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ How did you hear about IWP?* _________________________________________________ Is there any activity you would like to start in IWP or an area you would like to help? __________________________________________________________________________ Now that you are a member of IWP, please enrol for events you wish to attend or contact the activity captain of any activity you would like to join. For help regarding IWP or settling in your new area, please contact

Membership Fees The membership year begins 1 October and runs until 30 September. The annual renewal fee is €50 and is applicable all year round. The membership fee decreases every month so that new members who join after the start of the membership year, will only pay for the remaining months in that membership year (see chart). We charge a one-off administration fee on joining of €15. Please pay the initial joining fee of €15 plus the membership fee based on the month you join. Payment An electronic bank transfer of your membership fee can be done online through your bank´s internet banking system or any Multibanco machine. In either case, a receipt of the transfer will be offered to you. We ask that you please enclose it with this form. In addition, if you are paying by internet banking, please be sure to include your full name and phone number in the “reason for transfer” window. New memberships paid by electronic transfer will not be processed unless the completed form and transfer receipt have been received by IWP. The Your Glimpse into the International Women in Portugal


receipt is needed to verify the payment as many members’ names will not coincide exactly with the name on their bank account. If you have any questions please contact IWP at 915 552 847 or email us at on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 9:00 to 14:00. IWP Membership Fees

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32 A Janela Autumn 2013

Linda Hunter sent in this photo of their sailing holiday in the Saronic Islands, Greece. She says it was “one of the few times I was allowed to drive!”

Marshar Turner Pluhar was painting over the summer, when she decided to add one more key and fun element to her still life...can you spot the A Janela?

As you know, Sharon Wake is always ready to take a photo, no opportunity is too big or too small...not even reading A Janela with her family. Thank you for sending this photo Sharon!

Over the summer, Pat Newth visited Cumbria in the English Lake District. She sent in this photo of herself reading A Janela. Spectacular scenery!

Lise Fernandes sent us this picture that she took on the IWP Dolphin Tour over the summer. She says “I think this picture has everything - the Casino in the back, the people from IWP in the front, and the dolphins performing for us. The picture was taken by my “companheiro”, João Barata”. Your Glimpse into the International Women in Portugal


A Very Special

Let´s Meet by Sharon

We all know the value of IWP, but at this particular Let’s Meet held during the summer at the Windmill in Azoia it shone out for all to see. The Let´s Meets are always perfect for meeting up with old and new friends and at this Let´s Meet, we not only had members bringing their guests who had just flown in to Portugal for a holiday but also members who brought new members of their local community, with very young children to meet us. Majella brought her baby daughter, Aoifie, out to meet all these strange ladies who just wanted to pick her up and cuddle her. We also had two guests from Lisbon, Kate and her mother, who wanted meet IWP before joining. Now, you know we all like to chat but this time, I think, we even exceeded our expectations as it was gone 3pm when we finally started to move along towards home. It was then that Linda asked if we had ever been to Convento da Peninha. “No” I replied. “Well, it is so close that I can show you if you have time” she replied. So, a group of us with time and an adventurous spirit, set off to Convento da Peninha in two cars. “Go slowly!” we were warned. The road is two way but quite narrow with those `lovely´ large ditches just at the end of the tarmac, that we all love so much. So, within a couple of minutes and over a few potholes, we were

34 A Janela Autumn 2013


in a round clearing. There were no signs anywhere to point the way to this convent but we had Linda who then lead us up a rocky steep road until finally, we saw the convent and the view! It was a brilliant clear day with glorious sunshine which ensured the view was breathtaking and vast. We could see right up to Ericeira and down to Guincho, Lisbon, Caparica and further. I have never been anywhere in Portugal that compared to that view on that day. We could not enter the convent, but it is certainly another place to take your visitors when you have a clear sunny day. Thank you Linda for making a great day even better and my fellow explorers who shared the experience with such gusto.

NATO Lunch

by Sally Branston (member of IWP and the SIG) In June this year, four IWP members, including the IWP President, Barbara Flynn, were guests of NATO’s Spouses International Group (SIG) at their annual Spring Lunch in the Messe da Marinha in Cascais. Guests in the imposing seafront building were treated to champagne, followed by a three course lunch of coriander soup, stuffed turkey or c a t a p l a n a a n d p r o f i t e r o l e s . Yo u r Membership Secretary, Sharon Wake, was also lucky enough to win one of the many raffle prizes. Some of you may be under the misapprehension that NATO left the Lisbon area altogether at the end of last year, but this is not the full story. Although Lisbon ceased to be one of NATO’s major European headquarters at that time, devolving its role in support of the African Union to Naples, the base at Oeiras did not close down. It is now home to NATO’s maritime rapid reaction force, Striking and Support Forces NATO (SFN) and is scheduled to be the new location for the NATO Communications a n d Inf o rma t ion Systems Sch oo l (NCISS). NATO’s Joint Analysis and Lessons Learned Centre (JALLC) is located at Monsanto on the headquarters of the Portuguese Air Force. Whilst NATO’s presence is much smaller than in previous years, there are still quite a lot of NATO spouses around, some of whom are also IWP members. The SIG currently has about 120 members representing most of the European nations, from Austria to the United Kingdom, and not forgetting Turkey, the USA and Canada. One small difference from IWP – we let men join! Current numbers of men amongst our members? Zero! Your Glimpse into the International Women in Portugal




Lisbon’s Roman galleries are hidden beneath the junction of Rua da Prata and Rua da Conceiҫáo and they are usually flooded with water. However, every year, usually the last week of September, fire fighters remove the water and open these Roman galleries to the public. They were discovered in 1771 during the reconstruction of Lisbon after the earthquake of 1755, the galleries are dated from the 1st century AD and are similar to other public buildings of the Roman city of Olisipo (today Lisbon). It is believed that they were domed constructions so as to create a platform supporting other buildings.

You can visit a network of perpendicular galleries with small cells on the side of the galleries, probably used as storage cellars beneath the smart Roman shops that once lined Lisbon’s Roman Forum when it was the busy port of Olisipo. Alternatively, they formed part of a Roman foundation system used to level undulating ground so that buildings above would be on a flat, if artificial, surface made from an early form of concrete. They could, too, have been Roman thermal springs used to supply a series of wells for the Roman populace. Also visible are the stone arches, a technical characteristic of the Roman architecture, and also the spring galleries from where the water flows which then floods the whole room. The pillow stone arches, which withstood the earthquake, date from the early part of Imperial Rome, between the Emperors Julius Cesar and Claudius. The galleries are damp and humid with water dripping from the arched ceilings, which runs down the original pillow-shaped stones used to construct the cellars and the water collects in pools. There are also two underground streams, the Ribeiro dos Anjos and Liberdade which run down beneath what is today Avenida Almirante Reis and Avenida da Liberdade. Today, Avenida da Liberdade is Lisbon’s chic avenue, however, in the first half of the 18th century, it was a stagnant and polluted stream full of rubbish and sewage. The two streams converge in these

36 A Janela Autumn 2013

dank subterranean passages where crystal clear water wells up from between fissures caused by the Great Lisbon Earthquake of 1755 – cracks caused by the seismic trauma also run the length of the ceiling of the Roman tunnels. After the Lisbon Earthquake and the completion of the famous arched Águas Livres Aqueduct from Caneças to Rato and Principe Real, Lisbon had a chronic water shortage problem, relying on a series of streams like these two mentioned above and the Sete Rios (Seven Rivers) which served the local populace from Roman times. During the 18th century and before, a system of small holes large enough to fit a bucket were dug down to these passages, at the time flooded with water. The water was said to have medicinal properties. The water filled passages served the local shopkeepers

and residents. Water carriers sold water to wealthy households who did not have a ready supply in the city. It was only in 1859, when Lisbon’s first sewage system was being installed, that archaeologists were able to really study the Roman ruins extensively for the first time. The first journalists allowed down to photograph and see them at first hand was only in 1909. Lisbon’s Roman galleries, located in Rua da Prata (near Praҫa do Comércio), are open to the public for three days in the last week of September from 10:00–18:00. Guided tours are free; just turn up at No. 77 of Rua da Conceiҫão during opening hours. Attendance is always very high so be prepared to queue. Visit for more information.

Montessori Nursery School,officially recognized by the Portuguese Ministry of Education,since 1995, welcomes children of all nationalities, from 1 to 6 years old.Full or Part-time.Small groups.Experienced and qualified teachers.Specially designed equipment which develops the senses,teaches reading,writing,maths and introduces children to a variety of activities,in a happy, loving environment with garden.We have Extra-curricula, Summer School , Easter activities , too! ( We are opposite S.Pedro Estoril train station).

Your Glimpse into the International Women in Portugal


A Tale of Two Palaces

by Christine

During the ‘60s in the UK, Mateus Rosé wine was very fashionable to drink even if it wasn’t always enjoyed. Many of us even made lamps with the bottles. So last year, after many years of seeing the Palácio de Mateus on the famous bottle label, I managed to visit during a tour of the Douro area. It was worth the wait. The palace looked just as it does on the label and the gardens and interior were some of the prettiest I have seen in Portugal. Described by Sacheverell Sitwell as "the most fantastic country house in Portugal", it is well worth going out of your way to visit for a glimpse into the lives of the Portuguese aristocracy. The palace is 4km east of the town of Vila Real, the capital of the province of Trás-osMontes. The palace, completed in 1743, is an example of Portuguese Northern Baroque and contains many treasurers, plus you can learn about wine making in the area. I was surprised to learn that Palácio de Mateus translates to Matthew´s Palace. When we left, we ate at a small café/shop across the road. The café sells lots of interesting gourmet foods. Earlier this year, we visited Vila Viçosa and included a visit to the Palace of the Dukes of Bragança, a favourite home of the last Kings of Portugal. Our IWP Book Club book for April was Equator by Miguel Sousa Tavares.

38 A Janela Autumn 2013


In the opening paragraph, the main character, Luís, is on the train to Vila Viçosa where he had been summoned for lunch at the Palace by King Dom Carlos. “Had he known what destiny held in store for him, he might not have caught the train.” Whilst I did the Palace tour, I tried to imagine which rooms were the settings for the book and when we passed the railway station, I could see Luís making his was by carriage to the Palace... The guide book introduces Vila Viçosa as the “Museum Town; Princess of the Alentejo, the Marble’s Capital” and it lives up to this description. Even the pavements are made from broken pieces of marble which can be hard on the feet so good shoes are recommended. A surprise for me was that Florbela Espanca, an illustrious Portuguese poetess, was born in Vila Viçosa . No, I have not read her work but I live in Rua Florbela Espanca. Finally, a place worth a mention is Restaurant A Maria in Alandroal about 4km from Vila Viçosa. Not only is it recommended for its good Alentejo food, but when you are inside it feels like you are sitting in the village street. Sorry, this is not a historical guide but you can read those for yourself. I do, however, recommend visits to both palaces.

Your Glimpse into the International Women in Portugal


School G23

by Barbara


Before being IWP President, Barbara Flynn worked in Cairo, Egypt at the Maadi British International School (MBIS). There she was part of many amazing charity projects, one of which she shares here with us here. ‘If you educate a woman, you educate a whole family.’ There is no tool for development more effective than the education of girls and women. No other policy is as likely to raise economic productivity, lower infant and maternal mortality, improve nutrition, promote health, and increase the chances of education of the next generation. The United Nations Children's Fund has said that “education is vital to ensuring a better quality of life for all children and a better world for all people” but if girls are left behind, those goals can never be achieved. In 2003, Egypt’s National Council for Childhood and Motherhood (NCCM) launched the ‘National Girls’ Education Initiative. In 2004, this initiative was picked up by Apache, an American Oil Company based in Egypt, under the umbrella of the USA non-profit organisation, Springboard – Educating the Future. They set the aim to build 200 One-Room schools by the end of 2006.

40 A Janela Autumn 2013

MBIS had many pupils whose parents worked for Apache and the initiative was brought to the PTA for consideration. The MBIS PTA hosts an annual and very successful Promises Auction to raise funds for projects the school is sponsoring, mainly ones that involve children. The `One-Room Schools for Egypt’s Girls Project´ fitted the criteria perfectly. For US $16,000 we could sponsor the building of a one-room school for up to 35 Egyptian girls aged between 6-14 years, so in 2005 the collaboration began. We selected a plot in Sakkara, an easy hour drive from MBIS so our students could make regular visits. The locations of the schools are negotiated by NCCM with village elders. There are already schools available but the “One- Room Schools” are for dropouts and girls not eligible for education so they were not universally accepted – the site we were allocated was at the entrance to the village and had been used as a rubbish tip, not a very auspicious start.

All the schools would have the same innovative design - student-friendly and simple at the same time - very convenient for the modern education process. It comprises a tower in the entrance of the school which has a multi-functional structure. It acts as a natural cooling medium by absorbing the wind from the current above the buildings and drawing it into the school to help maintain a cooler atmosphere inside the school during the hot weather days. Space was maximised, to create a spacious bathroom within a one classroom school. In January 2006, School G23 was open for business. All the teachers at MBIS were excited to visit and to share their expertise with the teachers at Sakkara. Over the last seven years, many of the MBIS pupils have had the opportunity to visit the school and participate in a number of activities including lessons together with the girls lead by our teachers, painting the exterior garden walls, and decorating pots. In May 2009 HM Ambassador Dominic Asquith officially opened the school. A great party was had by all.

The Sakkara girls also have the opportunity to visit MBIS to share our facilities. This is normally during Ramadan when we have an Ifta followed by lots of fun and games – in these situations it doesn’t matter that neither group of students can speak the same language as they are all young people having fun.

Each year MBIS does a collection for Eid El Adha. For this particular festival, we ask our children to decorate a shoe box and to fill it with small gifts and sweets, most of the children do this and we have hundreds of beautifully decorated shoes boxes for children from babies to teenagers, depending on the selection of items in the box. We donate these boxes to the many charities we work with, including the girls school. Here is a comment from one of the MBIS students following a visit to the school. “When we went to Sakkara Girls School, it was full of girls of all different ages all in one class. It was weird. Some were 12 years old or over, then there were some that were 8 or 9 and others that were 11 or 12. It was a one room school, with a few windows, and a toilet. They all lived around the school. They all probably wore the same clothes over and over because they were too poor to afford others. We were greeted by the girls singing to us, they sang “If you’re happy and you know it”. After they finished singing for us,

Your Glimpse into the International Women in Portugal


we sang to them. We sang “The Exercise Song” and “Build Up”. Although we sang in English, the girls still looked like they had enjoyed it. They all seemed very excited to receive their Eid boxes. We also gave them biscuits and chocolate milk. We were asked to try and talk to the girls, for some of us it was quite hard because some of the girls at the school couldn’t speak any English and my Arabic is not very good. Seeing briefly how other less wealthy children get educated and probably how they live, was quite sad. But the girls at the Sakkara Girls School get educated; some other children won’t get any education at all. It was really good fun. I enjoyed it.” And to end, some of the hopes and dreams of some of G23 students: Eshan is 15 years old. Her hobby is watching cartoon movies. Her favourite subject is Social Studies and Religion. She hopes to

Learn Portuguese

achieve her dream of becoming a doctor to help her family and sick people. She loves school because it is different and the teaching is interesting. She missed the chance of going to public school because of her age – she was 10 when she registered at Sakkara. Her father preferred to send her brothers to school and keep her and her elder sister at home. She will work in the date season every year. She will be engaged soon so will not complete her education. Fatma is 14years old and she likes singing and reading stories. Her favourite subjects are Maths and Religion. She hopes to be a tour guide. She loves school because ‘they don’t use the stick and the teachers are good and treat us well”. She also faces gender discrimination: her brothers go to school but not her and her sisters. Fatma has been able to persuade her bridegroom to let her complete the academic year so her wedding will be after her exams.

Learn English

Communicative language courses for children and adults Support for dyslexic learners in English Director: Caroline Darling

! 21 483 0716 ! 91 6060 170

Rua da Palmeira 5, 1st Floor 2750-459 Cascais

42 A Janela Autumn 2013


Your Glimpse into the International Women in Portugal


44 A Janela Autumn 2013

Spotlights from the News Catriona Glasgow Annette de Cerqueira

compiled by and

required so that anyone can take part and take advantage of viewing Sintra from a different perspective. You are accompanied on the course by guides who explain the ecosystem. (Dstak, 10/07/2013 and

UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee recently awarded the University of Coimbra the distinction of Outstanding Universal Value and World Heritage status, bringing prestige to Portugal as well as possible economic benefits through tourism. The Committee said Coimbra offered an outstanding example of an integrated university city with a specific urban typology as well as its own ceremonial and cultural traditions that have been kept alive through the ages. (Portugal Daily View, 24/06/13 and WHC site) Parques de Sintra has launched a new service, ‘Park E Bike’, where you can hire electric bikes and enjoy the Serra without great physical effort, pollution, or noise. Bike hire can be combined with tickets to the parks and monuments. Users can also download the smartphone application with maps in digital format or request an audio guide. Three routes of differing lengths are suggested either with a guide booked in advance or exploring by oneself. ( Another new activity has opened in the woods near the Moorish Castle. ‘Sintra Canopy’ is a course of slides amongst the trees joining 11 platforms up to 30 metres high. No physical strength or effort is

The political crisis that hit Portugal at the beginning of July when the coalition government was left in disarray was by 23 July overcome with the approval by the Portuguese President of a government reshuffle. The President decided that the continuation of the current government until the end of its term to ensure Portugal fulfilled its bailout programme was preferable to calling a snap election. (The Financial Times, 3/07/13 and Reuters, 23/07/13) Just before it is summer recess, the Portuguese Parliament approved a new 40hour working week for the Portuguese civil service, increasing its working day from 7 to 8 hours. Parliament also approved various other changes to civil servants’ unemployment benefit rights as well as an additional levy on employers to underpin a future unemployment guarantee fund. These measures form part of the austerity bailout package but still needed to be approved by the Portuguese President before passing into law. (The Portugal News, 30/07/13) According to the Mayor of Cascais, Carlos Carreiras, he has received confirmation from the Government that the Cascais railway line will be operated as a private concession from 2014. This solution would provide the investment needed for the refurbishment of the trains that the Cascais line needs to ensure a continued public transport service. He said he had a full guarantee that there would be no price increase and that the public service would be maintained. (Correio de Manha, 01/07/2013)

Your Glimpse into the International Women in Portugal


46 A Janela Autumn 2013

y l l o J s ´ y a K Jokes by

Kay Baker

Lying on his deathbed, a loving husband was wavering between life and death when he thought he smelled chocolate chip cookies baking. They were his very favourite, so he dragged himself out of bed, crawled to the kitchen and was just reaching up to take a cookie off the plate when his wife slapped his hand with a spatula. "Don't touch!" she commanded, "they're for the funeral". ¿Tu haces todo lo que te manda tu mujer? Claro due no! Si señor, así me gusta, que te sepas imponer! No, es que no me da tiempo. (Palmira, Spain) A duck walks into a pharmacy and asks for a tube of lip balm. The cashier says "That’ll be €1.49 please". The duck replies "Put it on my bill!" Three men: a project manager, a software engineer, and a hardware engineer are working on a project. About midweek they decide to walk up and down the beach during their lunch hour. Halfway up the beach, they stumbled upon a lamp. As they rub the lamp a genie appears and says "normally I would grant you three wishes, but since there are three of you, I will grant you each one wish". The hardware engineer went first. "I would like to spend the rest of my life living in a huge house in St. Thomas with no money worries." The genie granted him his wish and sent him on off to St. Thomas. The software engineer went next. "I would like to spend the rest of my life living on a huge yacht cruising the Mediterranean with

no money worries." The genie granted him his wish and sent him off to the Mediterranean. Last, but not least, it was the project manager's turn. "And what would your wish be?" asked the genie. "I want them both back after lunch" replied the project manager. You can tell a lot about a woman by her hands. For instance, if they’re placed around your throat...she’s probably upset. (Sharon, Austrialia) Last night a burglar entered my house looking for money. I got up and helped him look ... (Margarida, France) There was a married couple sleeping when an intruder entered into their house. The intruder put a knife to the neck of the woman and said, "I like to know the names of my victims before I kill them, what is your name?" "My name is Elizabeth" the woman replied. The intruder said, "you remind me of my mother who was also named Elizabeth, so I can't kill you". The intruder then turned to the husband and asked, "What is your name?" "My name's Phillip, but my friends call me Elizabeth." If you have a joke to share, please send it to either in English or in your own language, if you prefer. You don’t have to put your name to them, but please give the country of origin.

Your Glimpse into the International Women in Portugal


IWP, Your Club

You are sure to meet someone new at a coffee morning...and as part of the normal conversation, you will eventually (or immediately) find out where your new friend comes from. Meeting people from around the world is one of the many joys of being an IWP Members. With about 36 countries currently represented in IWP, you can be sure of many interesting and unexpected conversations and discoveries. So, “where do members come from?”, you may ask. Chris Rola analysed the IWP Database and came up with the answer. She also found some other valuable information, that we thought we would share with you.

How do members find out about IWP ? From friends/family/IWP members: 60% Internet/IWP Website: 16% school: 6% embassy: 4% relocation agent: 2% advertisement 2% NATO: 2% tourist office: 1% A Janela: 1% AngloInfo: 1% church: 1% facebook: 1%

How many years have members been in IWP? Number of members who have belonged to IWP for 18+ years: 11 15 – 17 years: 7 10 - 14 years: 27 5-9 years: 47 4 years: 13 3 years: 16 2 years: 27 1 year: 32 New members in the 2012/13: 57

Where do IWP Members come from? Nationality of IWP membership 2012/13 (counted by first nationality given). 9 members didn’t give a nationality. American: 26 Argentine: 2 Australian: 7 Austrian: 2 Belgian: 6 Brazilian: 4 British: 68 Bulgarian: 1 Canadian: 4 Chilean: 1 Congolese: 1 Croatian: 1

48 A Janela Autumn 2013

Danish: 5 Dutch: 7 Ecuadorian: 2 Filipino: 1 Finnish: 2 French: 5 German: 13 Greek: 1 Irish: 4 Italian: 4 Japanese: 6 Jordanian: 3

Korean: 3 Mongolian: 1 New Zealand: 2 Portuguese: 25 Russian: 1 Serbian: 1 Spanish: 5 South African: 7 Swedish: 3 Swiss: 1 Ukrainian: 1 Venezuelan: 1

Where can I find information on IWP and other things around our area? As you all know, IWP has a website at We try to keep the website as up to date and informative as possible, so if you have any ideas of things and information we should add, let us know. On our website, you will find details about IWP Events and the Activity Groups. You will also find a page for useful links and numbers. Visit this page to find other associations and clubs of interest, important IWP Documentation, links to local municipalities, and emergency numbers. Again, we want to keep this page relevant, so do let us know of anything we can do or add to improve it. IWP also has a facebook page which you can like and so receive information about upcoming events as well as see what IWP is getting up to. The IWP Newsletter is also an excellent source for IWP related information as well as information on other events

happening in our local community. If you would like to contribute to the newsletter, please send your entry to the IWP Newsletter Team at IWP has a blog page on Anglo Info- Lisbon. If you would like to see what is on the page go to then click blogs on the top bar and put IWP in the search box. It will list all our blogs. All blogs have to go under Chris Rola or Kay Baker's name but if you write something and you are happy for us to include it on the blog, we can post it and give you credit for the article or pictures. If you have visited all these sources, but still do not find what you are looking for, send an email to the IWP Office at We love hearing from you and we love helping where we can.

On the cover of this A Janela, you will see some familiar faces. These are just some of the many women who volunteer their time and talents to help make IWP more enjoyable. Currently, about 20% of IWP Members volunteer in some way. IWP Volunteers perform every task necessary for IWP to exist and be what it is. They organise events, set up and clean up at events, hold coffee mornings, captain IWP Activity Groups, contribute towards a pot-luck table, write articles for A Janela and other publications, publicise IWP to the rest of the community, serve on the IWP Boards, are committee members, compile the IWP Newsletter and A Janela, create the IWP Website and Facebook Page, liaise with other organisations to broaden our club´s horizon, perform hundreds of administration tasks, and so much more. To these women we cannot say “Thank you!” enough. We also encourage all members to get involve. It´s fun, it´s a way of meeting people and making friends, it´s a way of giving back, and it´s absolutely vital to the club. No task is too small, no time given is too little.

Your Glimpse into the International Women in Portugal


Charity Report 2013 by Rosemary


This year is proving to be another very successful year in fund raising and I am delighted to report that as a result of our Coffee Mornings and contributions from the Quiz Nights, we have amassed €1435. Two charities will benefit from your generosity: Casa Sol in Alcantara and Aldeia de Crianças SOS in Bicesse (picture below). As many of you will know, we have supported the children in the Casa Sol for several years and their appreciation can be seen in the delightful letter we received (see right). The technical director added her thanks saying that our help had “brought sunshine to their lives”. Last year, the work to improve bathroom facilities was completed and at the beginning of the year, we spent €300 in purchasing breakfast cereals as their stocks were very low. We continue to keep a watchful eye on Casa Sol where we are always given a warm welcome by children and staff alike. We are also supporting the work of the Aldeia de Crianças SOS in Bicesse. The Aldeia in Bicesse is a village created in 1967 to accommodate children deemed by the Courts to be unable to remain with their parents. The principles guiding all the

50 A Janela Autumn 2013

Aldeias throughout the world are to provide children with a `mother´; to keep siblings together in the same home; and to create a community atmosphere within the village. At present, the village in Bicesse consists of 8 family units which house 56 children. Each house has a house mother to care for the youngsters whose ages range from 3 years – 23 years. All the children may remain in the village until they are fully independent and one house is used solely for the older children in order to prepare them for life outside. The children have a normal family lifestyle attending school, pursuing professional courses, and joining outside cultural and sporting activities such as tennis, swimming and Jiu-jitsu. As well as the family houses, the village has a community room, games room, study, and library. The garden also has a pool and, of course, a football pitch! Our funds will be used to buy new electrical appliances for some of the homes. There will be an opportunity for members to visit the village in September when we will hold a joint Coffee Morning with members of the WRVS at the Aldeia on THURSDAY, 19th SEPTEMBER. Please mark your diaries and look out for further details in the IWP

Newsletter - bookings will be necessary. There will also be a talk on the work of the Aldeia and an opportunity to tour the village. In OCTOBER, we plan to support the cause for breast cancer awareness and I am hoping to organise not one but several group coffee mornings in activity groups and in neighbourhoods to both raise awareness and money. If you are at all interested in taking part by organising a coffee morning (you may invite non-members to join you) or make a collection for the cause when you meet as an activity in October, please contact me as soon as possible so that I can coordinate our efforts. Email me at - your help would be much appreciated. I would like to finish by thanking all those members who have already hosted coffee mornings this year. It is at these meetings that many new members can informally meet others and gain insight into the activities offered by our flourishing club. At the same time, we are able to make a small contribution to help those less fortunate than ourselves. THANK YOU! Rosemary Adams




Special Discounts! La Poterie offers a 10% discount to IWP Members on the price of pottery classes (for a group for 6 sessions with all materials and firings included). Please note that this offer is only valid for IWP members and only on production of your current membership card. Contact: Catherine Portal on 93 415 6882

NUPE – Núcleo de Psicologia e Educação - offers a 20% discount for IWP members and families on Psychological Counselling, Psychotherapy, Couples Therapy, and Child Psychology. Sessions in English and Castellaño. We have 2 practices: Estoril (Casino Avenue, by the Marginal Road) and Lisbon (near Marquês do Pombal). Contact: 21 467 10 97 / 96 500 89 29 / /

Arena do Tempo – Symbolic Ceremonies of Humanist Inspiration - offers a 15% discount for IWP members and families (Except travel or accommodation costs). Weddings, Vows Renewal, Namings, designed and performed by professional Celebrants. Contacts: / + 351 96 98 499 76 / If your business has a special savings offer that is exclusive to IWP members, advertise it in A Janela´s Special Discounts Listing for €10 an issue. Send us your special offer, any applicable restrictions, applicable contact information or address, and how you would like your business name to appear to Your business will have space for 5 lines or 70 words.

52 A Janela Autumn 2013



Please Note: IWP members and their guests attending any event or activity do so entirely at their own risk.

Arts&Crafts Arraiolos Tuesdays, 10:00 - 12:00. The art of Arraiolos is unique to Portugal. Learn the craftsmanship of making handmade carpets. We meet in St. Paul's Church in Estoril every week. There is a small fee to cover the cost of the church hall and refreshments. For more information, please email

Art for Enjoyment Thursdays, 14:30 - 17:00. The sessions are facilitated by Heather Taylor and held in her rooftop studio in Monte Estoril with room for five members. These afternoons are not for formal teaching but for everyone to experiment with ideas and painting materials. Books and other inspirational resources are available. Members are asked to bring their own materials. Please contact Heather to book your place and receive information about what to bring. A suggestion list can be emailed to you on request. There is a charge of €5 for studio use and refreshments. For more information, please email Patchwork and Crafts Thursdays, 11:00 - 15:00. Join a fun group of people who cut beautiful fabrics into little pieces and sew them back together again! Whether you do this already, or you want to learn how to make stunning quilts, you are invited to join us. Tea and cakes are served with tips from experienced quilters in our Quilt Bar. There is a small charge For more information, please email More information and photos at can be found at

Books&Writing Your Glimpse into

A Janela Get more involved in IWP by joining the A Janela Team. All members of the A Janela Team are volunteers. We get together once a month at a member´s house to discuss and piece together our club magazine. It´s great fun and you can be sure to gain many new skills as well as discover some hidden talents. Email us at if you want to join the team or just a meeting, write an article, give suggestions, or need more information.

the International

Women in Portugal

A JANELA Summer 201 2

A JANELA Your Glimpse into IWP

Spring 2013

Your Glimpse into the International Women in Portugal


Cascais Book Enthusiasts Avid readers and new members are welcome to join us one evening a month for a stimulating discussion on a book chosen by the group. For more information on Book Group 1 and Book Group 2, please email

Lisbon Book Club Join us one weekday per month for an easy going afternoon of book chat and catching up. For more information, please email Library Wednesday, 11:00 - 13:00. There are over 8000 books: paper, hardback, large print, a good supply of audio tapes, videos and books for children of all ages. The library is at ‘Vila Olivia”, Rua de Areia 154, Birre. On Library mornings there is a large sign on the fence showing exactly where it is. For more information, please email Creative Writers Meetings are held once a month at a member's home on a Saturday afternoon. We have a theme for each meeting. Each member brings copies to share with the others. The group is supportive and encouraging. After the meeting we have refreshments and conversation. Normally at the end, we choose a theme for the next meeting but are not obliged to keep to it. You can bring something else to share with us if you wish. For more information, please email Lisbon Writers Group The Lisbon Writers Group meets every third Tuesday of the month at 10:30 alternating in members houses. All writerly contributions, great or small, are very welcome! For more information, please email

Business Business Owners' Network Are you a business owner? Are you thinking of starting a business here in Portugal? Would you like to meet with IWP members who are going through what you are going through? For more information, please email

Games&Card Games Bridge Group We meet every Monday afternoon from 14:00 until 16:30 to play and improve our bridge. Several members of the group have recently learned to play the game but new members of all levels are welcome to join us. We meet in the homes of members of the group and the cost is €1 per session, except when we have a lesson when the cost is €5. For more information, please email If you have never played and are interested in learning bridge we can put you in touch with a teacher who runs reasonably priced and fun group lessons with a 50% discount exclusively for IWP members.

54 A Janela Autumn 2013

Mah Jong For more information, please email Quiz Nights We are looking for Quizzers and Quizzes! A few IWP members and associate members (family members) have been taking part in organised quizzes (for charity and fun). It is great fun and a good way to meet new people! We would also be interested in anyone wanting to organise a Quiz for IWP and information about upcoming Quizzes. To join the group or to let us know of an upcoming quiz, please email

Health&Fitness Beginners’ Tennis If you'd like to improve your tennis (i.e. its a long time since you played, or you've had a few lessons and want to practice) please email Fitness Walkers Cascais Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 08:45. What better way is there than to start the day enjoying the peaceful seafront of Cascais? The walk starts at Monte Estoril train station tunnel exit, facing the sea, and lasts about an hour. Break down stress and improve your power, body and mind. Please call beforehand to confirm. For more information, please email Enjoying Golf Mondays, 9:30 at Beloura Golf Club. If you want to play golf and have fun, this is your group. Our handicaps are between 36 and 28, but we are sure to improve! For more information, please email Golf - Beginners and Improvers Thursdays, 11:00 at Estoril Golf Club. If you are interested in learning golf or if you already play but want to improve your game then this friendly group is for you. Complete beginners are very welcome. We meet every week and work with a professional who teaches a group lesson for one hour. The fee is €100 for ten lessons and each week a bucket of golf balls costs €4. For more information, please email Mind Body Spirit We meet once a fortnight, Mondays at 15:00 at one of the members´ houses and inform everyone by email. We discuss issues regarding the mind, body and spirit. Each session will have a theme and we discover and rediscover old and new ways of dealing with life. These may include inspirations from a book, personal experiences, or the topic of the moment. For more information, please email Sintra walks Friday mornings at 10:30. Over hill, over dale, rain or shine we hit the trail! Come join us for walks through the Sintra Mountains and on the cliffs overlooking the sea. Meet new friends and enjoy spectacular scenery, while having vigourous exercise. Generally 2-3 hours long. For more information, please email Your Glimpse into the International Women in Portugal


Tennis Intermediate Wednesdays, 9:00 - 11:00. We play ladies doubles tennis at the Estoril tennis club every week for two hours. It is a friendly, welcoming group and new members are always welcome. The fee is €7 for two hours. For more information, please email

Language&Culture Lisbon Descobridoras (Discoverers) Join us for monthly excursions in the Lisbon area including museums, walks, and tours. Please email São Carlos Opera Theatre Group If you are interested in promotional tickets for open rehearsals and other activities at São Carlos opera theatre, please register your interest

English Conversation - Advanced Mondays, 10:00 - 12:00. This lively conversation group will give you an opportunity to practice your English as well as involve you in some great discussions. For more information, please email English Conversation - Improvers Wednesdays, 10:30 - 12:15. An opportunity to improve your English through general and fun conversation and discussion with guidance on grammar and vocabulary. For more information, please email French Conversation Wednesdays, 15:00 - 17:00. Come and join a friendly group trying to remember the French they once knew. You’ll get a medley of information (in French) on various topics, lots of media gossip, bits on current affairs, and occasional grammar tips. Come and meet the challenge! For more information, please email Beginner´s French Wednesdays, 13:30 - 14:30. If you had French classes a long time ago or if you never had any but would like to know the basics...this class is for you. Don´t worry, I will not cram grammar rules down your throat. I will teach you how to order in a restaurant (and know what you are ordering). I will help you make hotel reservation, find your way into a French city etc. Above all, we will do this with a lot of laughter and good humour. For more information, please email German Practice Mondays, 10:30-12:00. German is one of the official languages in six other European countries apart from Germany itself. If you are interested in the language and would like to refresh your knowledge or just use the language, join this class. Reading, conversation and discussion will be included. For more information, please email

56 A Janela Autumn 2013

Italian Conversation A captain is needed for this group. If you are interested in participating in or helping to run this group please email Portuguese Beginner Conversation in Cascais Tuesdays, 14:00 - 15:00. These are not lessons. The sessions will help you to understand basic conversational Portuguese and how to get by in common situations. For more information, please email Portuguese Conversation in Lisbon Thursdays, 15:30. Informal sessions (not lessons) to help you understand Portuguese and make yourself understood at a basic level. For more information, please email Portuguese Conversation Advanced Tuesdays, 14:30. This group gets together to practice Portuguese and have interesting and varied discussions. Newcomers with a good basic knowledge of Portuguese are always welcome as no specific program is followed. At each meeting we all make a small donation and the money collected over the year is given to a local charity. For more information, please email Spanish Conversation Thursdays, 14:30 - 16:30. The time has arrived for us to speak in Spanish. If you would like to try this worldwide spoken language, come along and have some fun. The group is held at Visi's home in Cascais. For more information, please email

Mothers&Children Playgroup - Tuesday Tuesdays 10:00 - 12:00. We also organise other activities throughout the week such as softplay, walks, visits to the park or just a get together at each other's houses. It's a great way to build a network of other international mums and let your little ones have fun and play together. For more information, please email

Wining&Dining International Diners For all keen cooks and enthusiastic hosts, single or with a partner. We meet monthly, taking turns to host in our homes, sharing the cooking and costs, for a fun evening with good food. We are looking for a captain for this activity, so if you are interested or need more information, please email

For more information about any IWP Activity as well as to start or help out with any IWP Activity, please email our Activity Coordinator at Please see for information on our Associate Activities. Your Glimpse into the International Women in Portugal


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58 A Janela Autumn 2013

Your Glimpse into the International Women in Portugal


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A Janela Autumn 2013  

International Women in Portugal (IWP) Club Magazine - Your Glimpse into IWP

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