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Your Glimpse into the International Women in Portugal


4 A Janela Summer 2014

Your Glimpse into the International Women in Portugal


Letter from the

President Welcome, Once again we have enjoyed a diverse range of events and activities since our last magazine, and I hope you enjoy reading all about them as you browse through this edition of A Janela. Congratulations, and thanks to all of you who have been donating to our current charity, Aldeia de Crianças, SOS de Bicesse, either by attending coffee mornings or quiz nights. It was great to receive the news, from Rosemary Adams, our Coffee Morning Coordinator, that we had achieved our target of €2200. This funding will enable the children to attend a holiday camp near Setúbal. I met with Manuel Salvador, the Director of the Aldeia, to discuss how this funding will be used. I was very impressed with how they deal with the enormous logistical challenge of providing a programme for all the children and the house mothers during the long summer holidays. One of the main activities on the programme is the summer camp near Setubal. The camp is able to take a maximum of 27 children at any one time so you will be pleased to know that your donations will actually enable all 54 youngsters to enjoy the camp at some stage over the summer holidays. We look forward to hearing from them in September as to how they all enjoyed their summer. Look out for information about our next charity and target. On the subject of thanks, the Board very much appreciates the myriad of ways volunteers contribute to make IWP the organisation it is. To recognise this we hosted a special ‘Thank You Dinner’. Inevitably, not everyone was able to make the date, but whether you were able to join us or not, rest assured that all of your efforts are much appreciated by both the Board and all of our members. We are always on the lookout for new volunteers. Many of the existing roles have been filled by the same people for a long time, and some of them are now looking to step down. If anyone is interested in volunteering, please contact me on president@iwponline.org. It is a great way to get out and about in the community and meet people. We will also be electing a new Board in November and be seeking nominations, so put your thinking caps on to see how you can support IWP and ensure its continuity. The Spring Brunch and Easter Egg Hunt, held in the garden of Quinta de Fonte, was a popular event with our younger members and their families. The day was helped along by the fantastic weather. It is always a pleasure to watch a group of good natured children interacting and I had to admire the way that some of the slightly older children, in order to keep the fun going for the little ones, were willing to redistribute the eggs they had collected – good potential IWP members in the making!

6 A Janela Summer 2014

We have a number of events coming up this month, the first of which is the Garden Bazaar, also in the garden of Quinta de Fonte. This was a new event last year and proved popular, but quite a few people missed the event so mark your calendars for the 4th June and come see some of the artisan products that are available from both our very talented members and local vendors or just join us for a coffee and a chat. If you would like to participate as a vendor and require a table, contact me on president@iwponline.org. The second event is the Midsummer Charity Ball on the 28th June. This is a new event in so far as it is a combined effort by IWP, WRVS, RBC and RBL. The ball will be held in the beautiful setting of the Farol de Guia by courtesy of the Marinha Portuguesa. Please check out the newsletter to see how you can be part of this exciting new fundraiser. We are hoping that this event will be very successful and one that will become an ongoing feature of the social calendar. Summer has definitely arrived and many of you will be taking advantage of all of the opportunities Portugal and IWP has to offer. Consequently, diaries are often double booked, so please remember if you sign up for an activity or class and your plans change to let the coordinator know that you are unable to attend. This enables other members to take advantage of your space or prevents the volunteer coordinating the activity wasting time waiting for participants to turn up. Happy Holidays,

Barbara Flynn IWP President

Pedro Silva Co. We offer a wide range of technical assistance. We can resolve your electrical or plumbing problems, and repair domestic appliances and shutters.

Free estimates. Call us at 961021774 Your Glimpse into the International Women in Portugal


k G

Welcome New Members!


Andrea Rosser Hello, my name is Andrea. I am from Germany and we moved here to Cascais in May last year. We have a 7 year old daughter who attends the German school in Estoril. I have opened a goldsmith workshop and I am looking forward to making new contacts and meeting people in the local area.


Terri Ann Blakley Mark and I taught American English at ALI in both Lisbon and Porto in the 1980´s. We currently have two fur children (miúdos peludos) Buck and Chacha

Estoril Gunilla Hagenfeldt Interested in any form of culture, golf, painter.

Albanize Araujo Cirne I am from Brasil, I live here with my boyfriend. I enjoy travelling around the world and learning English.

Olgita Edmeades Third time back in lovely Portugal. I enjoy meeting people from around the world. I might go back to teaching part-time.

Ana Santos I have a lot of interests that I want to share with people- new ways of mobility


Constanza Camisani Ewa Radecka-Mundinger I came in the summer with my husband who is a Vice Consul in the German Embassy. We have two children. Natalie Hill I arrived in Cascais last December with my husband Ardian. I´m really looking forward to joining in with all the activities. Neus Escudero I arrived in Portugal with my family in August. We moved here due to my husband’s work. I have 3 daughters the oldest one stayed in Barcelona to finish her University studies. I still continue working for a publishing house like I did before. Sarah Louise Woollett I am a full time mum of 3 lovely children. I have lived in Portugal now for 20 years

Lynne Bishopp Looking forward to discovering Portugal. I´m a keystage 1 teacher with adult children and have a husband working in the gas industry.

Oeiras Rialeigh Yoder My family and I have recently moved to Portugal on orders of NATO. I have a son (5) and a daughter (6). I am an optician and this is the first time I have not been working so I am excited to meet new people and try new things.

Sao Pedro do Estoril Seila Maria Segato Arantes I´m Brazilian and have been living in Portugal for the past 8 years and would love to meet new people through IWP to share similar interests. I´m a Reiki master and massage therapist (shiatsu, acupuncture and jin shin jyutsu).

If you would like to contact one of our new members, please email Chris Rola, our IWP Co-ordinator, at newcomers@iwponline.org 8 Amiga A Janela Summer 2014

Your Glimpse into the International Women in Portugal


Farewell and

Thank You

After ten years overseas, I’ve decided it’s time to return to my own country before I forget how to speak English and become even more befuddled about how much things have changed! I’ve had a lovely time in Portugal and I have IWP and its members to thank for much of that experience. It would be unfair to single out individual friends so I’ll just say how much I’ve enjoyed the coffee mornings – both the ones held in members’ homes and the Amigas meetings in local cafés – the monthly lunches; the trips; the organised activities such as fitness and languages; talks and presentations; and meeting the participants in my English conversation group. I shall miss you all a great deal and anyone who is passing through the East Midlands is welcome to call in and see me at my home in Newark on Trent. As my husband’s job is continuing here for a while longer, I shall no doubt be back and look forward to seeing you all again before too long. In the meantime, it’s not goodbye, but ‘au revoir’. Sally Branston

10 A Janela Summer 2014

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Would you like to LEARN PORTUGUESE? Are you a GROUP OF 3 TO 5? or DO YOU PREFER LEARNING 1 TO 1? Contact me! teresa.katz@gmail.com 966 713 961 Teresa Almeida Katzenstein

She was deputy chairman of the WRVS 1992-1997 and a WRVS member way before and beyond these years. She was also a founder member of IWP. When she no longer had the time to devote to sewing, then unpicking, her large Arraiolos carpet, she donated it to the IWP Arraiolos group so that beginners could practise on it.

Mary Wall A Tribute by Brenda Martin Nothing was too much for Mary. She was everybody's friend, reliable, dedicated, and a real rock. If I have to sum up Mary in a few words, they would be 'caring, sharing and being there'. Mary arrived in Portugal in July 1980 and never looked back. A great team member in many organisations, Mary devoted herself to her various roles, making sure everyone was all right and everything worked well for them, plus enjoying life in Portugal to the full.

Mary was a pillar of the community and is fondly remembered for many things, including her determination to 'make it work' and her amusing and colourful descriptions of life in general. Mary was dedicated to whatever she was involved in, whether associations, events, or having a party. She often was the party. Mary passed away on 27th February after a long battle with cancer. Her care of others didn't stop when she became ill. Up to the end, she made sure that everyone would feel all right after their visit, phone call or text. She leaves a big void in many of our lives.

Your Glimpse into the International Women in Portugal


Outdoor fun and play! Summer is here and it is time to visit some of the parks, quintas and other outdoor, child-friendly places in the area. So, we continue with the list of places we started in the Spring Issue. Most of these are places we have mentioned in previous years, however, many new moms have arrived and many more grandkids will come to visit. Enjoy!

Animal magic

Play parks

Monte Salvagem: This large animal park, located in the Lavre, district of Montemor-oNovo, covers an area of 20 hectares. Here you will learn many things about animals and plants. You can take the walking tour and see various wild animals and pet animals in the little farm or take the Safari Tractor Ride which is half an hour and brings you close to the animals living in the Park. See www.monteselvagem.pt for more information.

Cascais Park: Many friendships have been formed in this park between mums while their children play. This is a great park for young children. There is a special area for toddlers as well, so no battling with older children for the swings. There is also a children’s library in the park.

Lisbon Zoo: This is a place for a whole day. Found in the centre of Lisbon, it is a place you and the kids can dare to be kissed by a Sea Lion and to feel a Snake’s skin. Be surprised by the cable car view and go on the Zoo’s train for a relaxing drive round. For more information go to www.zoo.pt. Lisbon Oceanarium: Young and old will take pleasure in this magical place located in the Parque das Nações, Expo. It has a large collection of marine species totalling about 16,000 individuals of 450 species. Explore the ocean, walk among the fish and enjoy the company of the two sea otters, Eusébio and Amália. Visit www.oceanario.pt for details.

12 A Janela Summer 2014

Garden Café, Parede: This is one of the better play parks on the Linha. There is an abundance of slides, lots of climbing frames and a fabulous café opposite. Turn off the marginal at the roundabout at the BP garage to get to this park.

Back to nature

Explore and discover

Tapada Nacional de Mafra: Visitors to this park, created during King João V’s reign and located just to the north of the Mafra National Palace, will find a natural reserve brimming with wildlife. The 800-hectacre reserve offers a 2-hour train ride through enclosed protected animal areas, falconry exhibits, a firearm museum and a coach museum. Nature lovers can also hike the trails that lead through forests of cork oak, sycamore and cottonwood trees. Carriage rides are also available, as are horse and donkey rides. The park is open to the public on the weekends; the train takes off at 10:30 a.m. and 3 p.m. Prices range from 9-13 euros for the train rides. For more information, check the website tapadademafra.pt.

Pavilhão do Conhecimento - Ciéncia Viva (The Knowledge Pavilion - Living Science): The Knowledge Pavilion is located next to the Oceanarium in the Parque das Nações, Expo. This museum has fun interactive displays and simulations that will appeal to both adults and children. With permanent and temporary exhibitions, there is always something new to explore and discover at this museum. To find out more, visit www.pavconhecimento.pt

Duna da Cresmina: The Cresmina Dune in the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park extends from the Estrada do Guincho to the back road which goes from Areia to the Guincho Beach. Wooden plank walkways have been built to enable nature lovers to walk across this extensive dune without causing damage to the fragile dune and the natural habitat of its rich fauna and flora. At the Núcleo de Interpretação off Rua da Areia (there is parking), one can find more information about the dune and the walkways. There is a small café in the Núcleo building with indoor and outdoor seating. After the walk one can rest, have something to eat and/or drink and enjoy the magnificent view of the ocean and the mountains!

Museu do Brinquedo (Toy Museum): Located in Sintra, this museum houses an excellent collection of toys. There are over 40,000 pieces, some dating back to the beginning of the 20th century. From games and books to space toys and Barbies, there is a bit of everything. Visit their website at www.museu-do-brinquedo.pt for more information and for details on upcoming events. Quinta da Alagoa: Hidden in Rebelva between Carcavelos and Parede is one of the oldest gardens/parks in the area. One end of the park is defined by a large lake full of wildlife and is surrounded by pine trees and a hilly area with a café. There is a network of modern waterways throughout the park as well as ample lawns, two wellequipped play areas, tennis courts, and a walking path all around the park. The path is suitable for children to safely ride their bicycles and play with their toys. Children also enjoy the bushes cut in the shape of dinosaurs as well as a carriage and horses. This topiary work makes the park worth a visit.

Your Glimpse into the International Women in Portugal


Matchmaker Saint and

Sardinhas If you don't like the smell of sardines being grilled, hold your noses in June as this is the month we celebrate St Anthony's Day! Alternatively, if you'd like typical Portuguese festivities, head towards Lisbon and the streets of Alfama, and join the locals as they celebrate St Anthony the "Matchmaker". The story goes that the 13th century saint from Rimini was fed up that no one would listen to his sermons. Standing by the shore one day and praying for inspiration, fish suddenly appeared in their thousands at the surface to listen to his words. The townsfolk of Rimini ran to the water’s edge to watch as the fish bowed and opened their mouths to the saint. Today, to honour and celebrate the life of St Anthony, an annual parade takes place in Lisbon along the Avenida de Liberdade. Balconies are often decorated with coloured lights, streamers and paper lanterns. Sardines are traditionally eaten to celebrate the Saint's Day, and you might also see basil plants containing love poems or pot plants and paper carnations containing messages

14 A Janela Summer 2014

of affection for St Anthony, (or the lucky recipient), being given. I was told that traditionally, girls who dreamt of being married prayed to St Anthony in the hope that the “Matchmaker” would help them find a husband. Some would even carry out quirky rituals filling their mouths with water until they heard a man’s name mentioned, or write the names of potential husbands on pieces of paper, roll them up and place them in a bowl of water under their beds. In the morning, the piece of paper that had unfolded most indicated who they should marry! I wouldn't like to comment as to whether these romantic practices worked but today, mass weddings, known as St Anthony’s Brides, do take place in his church. So, if tradition, costumes, colour, music and sardines are for you, look out for the parties and festivities in your neighbourhood and if you're looking for a man in your life, then perhaps St Anthony might just be the saint for you.

Your Glimpse into the International Women in Portugal


e r o M Drink Gin!

Rooting through a box of old cards, I recently came across one which stopped me in my tracks. Entitled “Drink More Gin”, it made me grin broadly from ear to ear as I remembered a fabulous two weeks in last summer´s sunshine, and thank my lucky stars that true friendship endures distance, time and all life has to throw at us. I thought I’d share it with you…

Dear Alex, Thank you for the loveliest holiday. It has been a blast – the sun, the pool, the culture but most of all spending time with my oldest and best friend (oldest by six months, best by a mile). Thought you should know it’s also been educational! Things I learnt in Portugal: ❉ Dragonflies can’t swim. ❉ You can cook lovely stuff……now! ❉ The Portuguese should really introduce compulsory driving tests. ❉ Cobbles don’t make good pavements. ❉ An unexpected talent for cleaning swimming pools. ❉ Lisbon is an amazing city I will come back to. ❉ How to say “Good Morning, Good Afternoon & Good Night” in Portuguese. ❉ Any country whose national dish is a custard tart is a winner in my book. ❉ There are sea views so beautiful, they can make me cry. ❉ Two weeks acting out “Thelma & Louise” is much more fun in real life, even without Brad Pitt! Diolch yn fawr! Cariad, Jayne And what did I learn? Well apart from the Welsh for “Thank you very much! Love, Jayne”, I learnt that sometimes it takes the eyes of someone else to open yours. Enjoy your visitors this summer!

16 A Janela Summer 2014

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! !

N!2)8!6./7)1!*%!:)5+2!*9)!64%7)''!%#!79/25)!?! *4/2'#%4(/*+%2!! Your Glimpse into the International Women in Portugal


atio r Inspir Summe


Perfect by Chris



Rosemary Adams must be a queen of meringue makers. At a WRVS quiz night, she made meringues to accompany strawberries and cream. There were 80 plus people dining and she made 210 meringues for the occasion. We all had at least 2 meringues each and some people a lot more! The quiz night raised more than 1,800 euros for the Cheshire Home, so all Rosemary’s hard work and meringues brought results! Light and elegant, meringues (suspiros in Portuguese) are the perfect addition to a summer meal (and fundraiser). The earliest documented recipe for a baked beaten-egg-white-andsugar confection is recorded in 1604 by Lady Elinor Fettiplace who lived near Oxford in the UK but for this article, I have tips from Sharon Wake, Rita Pereira, Sue Lyon and Avó Clara to ensure your summer meringues are a success every time. And, if all else fails, you can buy very good meringues here in Portugal.

The Eggs

The Sugar

Sue: “Three large whites will make a Pavlova and egg whites can be frozen. To make the best meringue, ensure the egg whites are at room temperature. Eggs are better if they are 3 to 4 days old.”

Sue: “The sugar should be good quality and caster, if possible. Use 50g of good quality sugar to each white of a large egg.”

Sue uses the yokes for homemade icecream. In fact, it might work the other way round, the ice-cream comes first and she freezes the egg whites until they are needed.

Rita: “You must start with a clean DRY bowl, as the egg whites will not whip if there is any water in the mixture. Wipe the bowl with lemon juice to remove any grease. Plastic bowls are not recommended. Make sure your mixing bowl has plenty of space to whip the egg whites. You need an electric whisk or a strong arm.”

Rita: “As for the egg yolks, I store them in a dish in the fridge covered with just cold water and cling film (stops them from drying out) and use them for scrambled eggs, mayonnaise, a topping for a flan (mixed with milk and cream) or arroz doce.”

18 A Janela Summer 2014

Rita: “You can also weigh your eggs whites and then use an equal weight of sugar.”

The equipment

The mixture

Rita: “Add the sugar bit by bit while the machine is still running. When it is ready, it should be glossy. If you are adding vinegar or corn flour, add these last and just give the

mixture a quick whizz with the machine. I never use vanilla in my meringue as it can be a really overpowering flavour. I use the litre packets of Gresso fresh cream with a 40% fat content that you can buy in Makro. It whips beautifully and holds its shape.” Sue: Does not add vinegar as she feels it doesn’t seem to make any difference.

Meringue Pavlova

Sharon´s recipe Pavlova is a meringue based dessert topped with cream and fruit. It was originally made for the Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova and is today an Australian and New Zealand national dish.


My husband remembers his Avó Clara, who used to put meringues on greaseproof paper on the windowsill under a net cover to dry in the sun. Rita: “Set the oven to 120℃ and turn it down to 100℃ when you put the meringue in. Leave the meringue for two hours and then feel if the edge is hard. It can be in for 4 hours, but just at very low heat as all you are doing is drying the meringue out.” Sharon: “Always leave the meringue to cool in the turned off oven for several hours or overnight.”

Swiss Meringue

Tip the egg whites and sugar in the usual proportions into a heatproof bowl and whisk with a hand electric whisk over a pan of simmering water until you get thick, glossy and pure white foam, this takes about 5 minutes. You don't even need to cook it in the oven, just spread it over the filling and give it a quick blowtorch or a flash under the grill. This meringue will not deflate for a long time and takes flavourings really well; throw in a few chopped pistachios, chunks of chocolate, frosted rose petals or whatever takes your fancy.

Ingredients: 3 egg whites 1 teaspoon of cornflour ½ teaspoon vanilla essence ½ teaspoon distilled malt vinegar 175grams/6 oz. caster sugar Method: Draw a 17.5 cm (7”) circle on greaseproof paper and place the paper on a baking tray. Beat the egg whites until very stiff then gradually beat in the sugar. Beat in the cornflour, vinegar and vanilla. Beat until very stiff and glossy. Spread 1/3 of mixture over the circle and use the remaining mixture to form sides either piping or spooning in to place. Bake at 140℃ fan assisted oven for about an hour or until firm. Leave to cool and then remove the paper. Fill the pavlova with whipped cream and arrange chosen fruit on top. Or you can spoon or pipe the mixture in small amounts on to greaseproof paper to make individual meringues.

Your Glimpse into the International Women in Portugal


20 A Janela Summer 2014

Your Glimpse into the International Women in Portugal


22 A Janela Summer 2014

Your Glimpse into the International Women in Portugal


Visit to the

Espaço Memória dos Exílios Jackie Kennard by

The Espaço Memória dos Exílios or Exiles Memorial Centre is located on the top floor of the post office in Estoril. The centre can be visited from Monday to Friday between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. The purpose of the centre is to provide an overview of the historical period during WWII, focusing on the experiences at that time in the municipality of Cascais, when the region was suddenly transformed into a refuge, waiting and passage area for thousands of refugees and travellers of all kinds, in the context of Portugal’s neutrality in this war. In addition to a permanent exhibition dedicated to this topic, the centre has a small auditorium, and a library specialising in contemporary history. On IWP´s visit to the centre, our guide Paula Almeida talked about António de Oliveira Salazar, who had been the Finance Minster before his nomination as the Prime Minster (read dictator!) in the manner of Francisco Franco and Benito Mussolini. Salazar founded and led the Estado Novo (New S t a t e ), the au thor it ari an , ri gh t-w in g government that presided over and controlled Portugal from 1932-1974. Being opposed to communism, socialism, anarchism and liberalism, Salazar’s rule was corporatist, conservative, and nationalistic in nature. Its policy envisaged the perpetuation of Portugal as a pluricontinental nation under the doctrine of lusotropicalism, with Angola, Mozambique and other Portuguese territories as extensions of Portugal itself, with Portugal being a source of civilization and stability to the overseas societies in the African and Asian possessions. At home, Salazar’s government and its secret police PIDE (Policia Internacional e de Defesa do Estado) repressed civil liberties and political freedoms in order to remain in control of Portugal. The PIDE can be traced 1933, 2014 the same year as the 24 A JanelatoSummer

inauguration of the Estado Novo. PIDE had infiltrated agents into almost every underground movement, including the Portuguese Communist Party as well as the independence movements in Angola and Mozambique. The PIDE encouraged citizens to denounce suspicious activities, through the use of monetary and prestige incentives. This resulted in an extremely effective espionage service which was able to fully control almost every aspect of Portuguese daily life. Thousands of Portuguese were arrested and tortured in PIDE’s prisons. Portugal’s nationalism was not grounded on race or biology. In 1934, Salazar made it clear that Portuguese nationalism did not include pagan anti-human ideals that glorified a race. In 1938, Salazar sent a telegram to the Portuguese Embassy in Berlin ordering that it should be made clear to the German Reich that Portuguese law did not allow any distinction based on race and, therefore, Portuguese Jewish citizens could not be discriminated against. Paula mentioned that during the war, Portuguese Jews living in Holland, had written to Salazar asking him to intervene in their extradition to the gas chambers. This request was turned down. The main reason for the neutrality of Portugal in WWII was strategic. Portugal still held overseas territories that, due to its own poor economic development, it could not adequately defend from military attack. Siding with the Axis (Germany, Japan and Italy) would have drawn Portugal into a conflict against Britain, whose result could have been the loss of its colonies. On the other hand, siding with the Allies (France, Poland, Great Britain, then joined by Canada, India, Australia New Zealand, South Africa, Newfoundland, and the USA which joined in 1941 after the Japanese attack on

Pearl Harbour) might have risked the mainland. Large numbers of political dissidents sought refuge in Portugal. Until late 1942, immigration was very restricted in those cases where there were fears that the refugees would not just be in transit but would settle in Portugal. Many refugees were sent to Caldas da Rainha and Figueira da Foz as the ever increasing number arriving in Lisbon were causing severe problems in accommodating, feeding, and transporting them to the US. In essence, Portugal remained neutral within the overall objectives of the AngloPortuguese Alliance and this modest but complex role, Portugal contributed to the rescue of a large number of refugees. After the war, Portugal kept on welcoming and supporting war refugees. Perhaps the most touching story is one from 1948, in an operation organised by Caritas Portugal, war refugees were transported by train from Vienna to Lisbon and were then sent to Portuguese families all over the country.

“Discussing Portugal's past, João Lourenço, the conservative politician and former mayor of Santa Comba Dão, the dictator's birthplace, a dusty agricultural town about 200 kilometers north of Lisbon, sums it up this way "Whatever you think of Salazar, he ran the country for nearly 40 years, during which we were treated like children. Now, we Portuguese have finally grown up and we need to confront our past” – Tricia Marques When we first came to Portugal in 1966, most of the friends we made were students and we spent a lot of time in cafes chatting and smoking. Sometimes some of the university students would have writings or poems which were revolutionary or relating to socialism or communism. These were passed around under the table with care not to be overheard by eavesdroppers who might be spies for the PIDE. To us it seemed like something out of James Bond. However, one day my husband arrived at work to see his Head of Department with his arm in a plaster. The previous day he had been to a clandestine meeting of socialists and had been beaten up on the way home. This made us realise that political activism could be dangerous and there were always rumours of people being sent to prison. – Jessie Young

At the end of the presentation, our d i s cu ss i ons touched on ho w public perception of political events or movements shift over time, even during periods of apparent peace. Here are some extracts from our discussions:

PIDE was very busy during the war as Portugal was a spy nest in that time and all the foreigners had to be controlled. In 1945, the PIDE was more based on a Scotland Yard model and because the foreigners were already controlled and not a problem anymore, this police had a new goal communism. Their fight against the communist party and other people with left ideas resulted in a lot of terrible things happening to a lot of Portuguese families.

“It was suggested that in the early days (1950s and early 1960s) that The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) in the UK was inextricably linked with political radicalism. However, by the 1980s, it had a much broader following and was more associated with the wider Peace Movement.” – Anonymous

Aristides de Sousa Mendes, the Consul of Portugal in Bordeaux gave entry visas to Portugal to all refugees who wanted to run away from France, in 1940 (approximately 10 000 Jews were included) - all totally against Salazar´s orders. This guy is a hero in Israel and also known in America. – João Loureiro

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!"#$%&&$'"(# )*+,#*%+-"*%& .""/$0(11&-,0

!"#$%&'(%))&%(*+ ,-.-/012"3456#-0"#"758-70 999-,./012"-12, :;"<6=5%=5/%>14?<6=5="/%@?217"65/A%('*%B &C*DE))'%>5/856/ 34 A Janela Summer 2014

Three leading health care facilities with International Patient Services in the Lisbon area. In Lisbon, Espírito Santo Saúde offers the largest and most advanced private hospital in the country, the Hospital da Luz, which works in close cooperation with two ambulatory clinics, Hospital da Luz – Clínica de Oeiras, and Hospital da Luz - Centro Clínico da Amadora. These healthcare facilities provide the full spectrum of care from wellness visits to complex surgeries, performed by highly experienced and reputable clinical personnel, in modern facilities containing the latest generation of medical equipment technology. Our communication support program is the most comprehensive in Portugal and includes physician matching for language*, websites in English, a dedicated multilingual team in the call center, and more, all incorporated into the regular service. Call the general line and press 6 for English or request an appointment online. * Depends on available languages, specialty and availability of physicians. Most common languages include English, French, and Spanish.

Avenida Lusíada, 100 1500-650 Lisbon, Portugal T (+351) 217 104 400 www.hospitaldaluz.pt

Praça Ernesto Melo Antunes, 1 2700-339 Amadora, Portugal T (+351) 211 209 900 www.hospitaldaluz.pt/amadora

Rua Coro de Santo Amaro de Oeiras, 12 2780-379 Oeiras, Portugal T (+351) 217 104 800 www.hospitaldaluz.pt/oeiras

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Mercado´s Handbook

on Navigating Évora by Leslie


some 5000 people,” says the Lonely Planet, on the cheerful premise that we all need a reminder of how we’ll end up.

“One of Portugal’s most beautifully preserved medieval towns, Évora is an enchanting place to delve into the past. Inside the 14th century walls, Évora’s narrow, winding lanes lead to striking architectural works: an elaborate medieval cathedral and cloisters; the cinematic columns of the Templo Romano (near the intriguing Roman baths); and a picturesque town square, once the site of some rather gruesome episodes courtesy of the Inquisition.” --- Lonely Planet, Portugal.

“For a lovely, tranquil stroll head to the lightdappled public gardens,” it states. Or head up to the museum at the Sé cathedral to see the revolving reliquary “encrusted with emeralds, diamonds, sapphires and rubies.” It must be said, however, that the reality of traveling with five children, who have been kindly described as “lively,” does not allow for tranquil strolls and, for caution’s sake, should probably not go within jumping distance of anything encrusted with jewels. And if you add to that two parents who foolishly sought to blow their children’s minds with a surprise getaway, you get something more like our weekend.

Medieval cathedrals, a Roman temple and torture. How could we possibly miss out on that, we asked ourselves, and promptly booked a suite at a quaint hotel on a farm outside Évora for the weekend.

Unwittingly, my husband Ruben described it best when he unfolded our tourist map of Évora and tried to get our eldest daughter, Caitlyn, to navigate our way to the restaurant we wanted to try for lunch.

“Let’s blow the kids’ minds and keep it a surprise,” some idiot added (probably me). An UNESCO World Heritage site, Évora is renowned for its beauty. This tiny town has at least three cathedrals, one with an altar of gold and hand-painted blue-and-white azulejo tiles all the way up the walls, and another with a Chapel of Bones, a small room whose “walls and columns are lined with carefully arranged bones and skulls of

“Okay,” he said, pointing to a spot on the map. “This is the plaza, near where we parked, where Alex climbed up the wall and fell and almost broke his pelvis.” “Got it,” Caitlyn nodded. “And this spot here is the bakery where you tipped over the baker’s vase of fake flowers.” “Got it,” Caitlyn said, eyes narrowing. “And this is where Ben walked right into that old man and Jay started crossing the street

36 A Janela Summer 2014

all on his own, right in front of the speeding car. Remember?” Ruben continued, drawing his finger down the Rua José Elias Garcia. “And this is where we chewed you all out and said if you kept misbehaving we would drive back to the hotel and send you all to your beds and never, ever travel anywhere with you again. Not even to the supermarket. Remember?” “I remember,” Caitlyn said tersely. “And then we turned left, up the Rua Menino Jesus – this street here -- where you pouted all the way to here, the Roman temple,” Ruben said. “Yeah, dad,” she said through clenched teeth. They went on in this way around the circuit of our morning’s travels. There was the Palacio dos Duques de Cadaval next to the cathedral, where Alex kept vaulting over the cordons around the priceless 18th century artifacts and we made him hold Ben’s hand but he kept trying to shake him off. So then we set Ben and Jay onto him, to escort him rather like prison guards, but that still didn’t work so I had to put him in timeout against the wall. He cried so loudly a museum employee trotted over to investigate. If I were to write a Mercado Handbook on Navigating Évora, I would also mention that strollers and cobblestone streets are mortal enemies. I spent most of my time at a diagonal behind the stroller, practically pushing it forward with my shoulders, while Camille jounced, jiggled and gripped the sidebars of the stroller with white knuckles. I would note that the museum near the Roman temple is worth seeing, particularly the marble statue of three naked boys who are either wrestling as boys will, or trying to murder each other. Your viewpoint depends on the kind of day you’re having. This is the perfect statue to line your children behind and take multiple snapshots, while your husband tells them, “Smile pretty! It’s like the sculptor caught your likeness in marble.” I would also recommend the museum for the nearly comical way two employees tailed us, pausing as if to marvel over the displays

nearest us and casting anxious glances in our direction. By the time we reached the Sé cathedral, Ruben’s spirits were clearly flagging. He suggested I head into the church with the three boys while he waited in the cool shade of the church steps for his turn with the two girls. When the boys and I got to the front of the line, a noisy tour group crowding in behind us, I realized to my horror that Ruben had pocketed his coin holder (it is not a coin purse, I have been told repeatedly, as that would be emasculating) with all of my money in it and I could not pay the paltry 1.50 Euro entrance fee. I scrambled through my purse a few minutes to no avail. “Well, I’ll have to cancel this ticket out, then, and oops! Now the computer has shut down for our lunch hour,” he said and rose to address the 46 retirees behind me. “Sorry, but this lady’s ticket took too long and now the cathedral is closed for lunch.” They muttered rather vicious imprecations about me under their breath. We beat a hasty retreat and scratched the cathedral off our list of sites to see. Our second morning in Evora, we made our way to the Cromoleque dos Almendres, the biggest of the many megaliths surrounding Évora. My “Got Too Many Crazy Kids” guidebook would put this at five stars. This site had every feature a child could love: confusing signs that point the way as being both to the left and behind you, a long dirt road leading to it with potholes so large some of the low-riding European cars dropped into them and did not reappear, a walking path that practically begged small

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feet to kick at it and swirl the dust up several meters and – glory be! – at the end of all this amusement, 95 granite stones just made for climbing. Unfortunately for my children, it also came with a plaque for tourists that their parents wanted them to read and a stern mother who kept insisting the stones were not meant for climbing. I would add a checklist of advice for wouldbe travelers saddled with “lively” children. DO wear earplugs in the car on the way there and back. Do NOT buy into the fantasy of a tranquil stroll in the public gardens there. They actually have a sinister playground outside the far walls, audible from the duck pond you are trying to relax next to, that will cause your children’s eyes to glaze over and pull them to it like zombies. You will then find yourself there, pushing your toddler in the swings with weary arms, while your husband drags the zip line back and forth for the older children.

When falling for the charms of outdoor dining on the main plaza, DO ask how much they charge for ketchup… and each slice of bread … and each pat of butter. You’d be amazed at how important this information becomes when the bill arrives. Do NOT allow your husband to take your four potty-trained children to the bathrooms before the waiter has cleared the table. Pigeons attacked the table, rolling themselves through Ben’s plate of spaghetti and splashing into my tureen of gazpacho. Camille screamed in horror. DO allow your husband, as he reviews the bill and gasps at the cost of each individual packet of ketchup, to hiss at your children, “Pack up all the ketchup and extra bread, kids! We bought it for a pretty penny. It’s ours now and we’re taking it.” And finally, do NOT feel bad after you return from the weekend getaway and you collapse spread-eagle on the foyer floor. This is to be expected.


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Mosteiro da Batalha by Commonly known as Mosteiro da Batalha (Batalha Monaster) its real name is Mosteiro de Santa Maria da Vitória. This marvel of architectural design was commissioned by King João I to give thanks to the Virgin Mary for his victory over the Spaniards and their French allies at a battle fought in Aljubarrota on August 15, 1385. With this victory, he became king and Portugal gained its independence from Castile. Architecturally, the monastery is considered one of the masterpieces of Gothic art. It was under the reign of King João that most of this monumental structure was built: the church, the royal cloister, the chapel-house, and the funeral chapel.

Flávia Soares

Over the next two centuries, the Portuguese monarchs continued the work begun by D. João I adding new spaces to the original building. This also explains the different styles represented: Gothic, Renaissance, and Manueline. During his reign, King Duarte added the funeral chapel for his family. At the center of this magnificent octagonal space can be found the first tomb made in Portugal for a husband and wife, D. João I and his wife Queen Philippa of Lancaster. In the bays of the chapel walls are the tombs of their sons, including Prince Henry the Navigator. The church is an impressive example of Gothic architecture with its massive dimensions. The windows are decorated with exquisite 16th century stained-glass panels representing various themes relevant to Catholicism. The Mosteiro da Batalha has been designated a World Heritage site by UNESCO and it is rich in history which has been barely touched in this brief article but one which is definitely worthy of a visit. For more information on The Mosteiro da Batalha, visit www.mosteirodabatalha.pt and whc.unesco.org.

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Learn Portuguese

Learn English

Communicative language courses for children and adults Support for dyslexic learners in English Director: Caroline Darling Rua da Palmeira 5, 2750-459 Cascais


! 21 483 0716 ! 91 6060 170

Floor caroline.darling@elc-cascais.com www.elc-cascais.com

Dr Louis B Fisher Complete Oral Care for All the Family Prevention is better than Cure www.cascais-dentist.com 214865946 lbfisher@sapo.pt 939529393

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Spotlights from the News compiled by

Leslie Mercado Minister Pedro Passos Coelho said the auction gave the country "strong confidence about the future", though the government was still "calmly" weighing its options concerning a possible precautionary credit line. (Reuters, 23/4/2014)

Portuguese train operator CP launched a tourism ticket for its urban services around Lisbon, which allows unlimited travel on its trains for 24 or 72 hours. These tickets are valid for the lines linking Lisbon and Sintra, Azambuja, Cascais and Sado. The 24-hour ticket costs 6 euros and the 3-day pass 13.50 euros. CP stated it designed the new ticket to â&#x20AC;&#x153;meet the specific needs of clients across diverse segments.â&#x20AC;? (Portugal News, 22/4/2014) Portugal sold its first bonds at auction in three years in late April, paying a record low yield that was seen as vote of market confidence and a boost to Lisbon's chances of making a clean break from its bailout next month. At just less than 3.6 percent and with demand easily outstripping the 750 million euros sold, the results suggested Portugal would enjoy strong investor support if it chooses to leave the rescue programme without the backstop of a standby European Union loan. Whether Portugal follows Ireland in making a clean exit without a backup is a focal point of discussions with its international lenders, which began their last evaluation of its compliance with the terms of the program a day before the auction. Prime

42 A Janela Summer 2014

Portugal officially withdrew its bid as host of the Euro 2020, which will be played in up to 13 countries. Lisbon Town Hall followed Porto in opting out of the bid. Neither city offered a reason for not pursuing a repeat of the Euro 2004 success. The Portuguese Football Federation said the decisions were understandable and that it was up to local councils to balance the cost of staging such an event against potential gains. (Portugal News, 23/4/2014) Amazon dropped free delivery to Portugal for items over ÂŁ25.00 GBP. For years, residents in Portugal enjoyed free delivery from Amazon.co.uk for items that were difficult or more expensive to purchase in Portugal. It is unclear how the new shipping costs will affect the internet retail giant. (Portugal News, 22/2/2014) The European Commission (EC) appointed Portuguese Fernando Frutuoso de Melo as director general of development and cooperation, the largest EC directorate, in late April. Frutuoso de Melo, 57, has worked for the EC since 1987 and will be the only Portuguese among the 38 EC director generals. He will head up the directorate responsible for formulating EC development policy and defining policies on foreign aid to reduce global poverty; ensure sustainable development; and promoting democracy and peace. The directorate is based in Brussels and operates in more than 120 countries. (Portugal Daily View, 23/4/2014)

Lisbon set its sights on becoming the first fully “Zero Waste” capital in the world after the council signed a protocol with the Gulbenkian Foundation and the Dar i Acordar association to ensure that good food that would otherwise be disposed of, reaches the city’s needy. The association launched the Zero Desperdício movement in 2012 with the idea of distributing excess prepared foods and leftovers that are still adequate for consumption to charitable groups that serve the capital’s hungry. It collects untouched leftover food from public and private entities – namely restaurants – to avoid food waste. It has the support of

President Anibal Cavaco Silva. The Zero Desperdício movement has expanded to cover Lisbon, Loures, Cascais and Sintra. It now calls upon around 100 donors and supplies some 60 recipient institutions who distribute the food to nearly 7,300 people. According to the association, between April 2012 and December 2013, 250 volunteers rescued close to 900,000 meals at no cost to any of the partners involved. Figures provided by the association indicate that around 360,000 Portuguese go hungry, while it is estimated that every day close to 50,000 meals are wasted in the country. (Portugal News, 16/4/2014) Sintra launched a 150,000 euro effort to recover and requalify its beaches before the summer season kicks off. Fierce weather hit the town’s beaches hard over the winter. Sintra officials expect the recovery to be completed by the end of May, just before the summer officially begins on June 1. The Grande, das Macas, da Adraga, Pequena, de Sao Juliao, do Magoito, da Vigia and da Samarra beaches are sceduled for clean up. (Sintra.pt, 15/4/2014)


Boa Ventura Montessori School Rua Nunes dos Santos, 5 S. PEDRO DO ESTORIL Tel./Fax: (351) 21 468 80 23 Tm. 93 631 91 60 info@boaventuramntessori.com

Montessori Education. Officially recognized, since 1995. Welcomes all nationalities. From 1 to 6 years old. Small groups Experienced, fully qualified teachers. Happy, caring environment.

Especially designed equipment which develops the senses, teaches reading, wrinting, maths, and introduces children to a variety of fun activities.

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The Things Kids Say... by Kay Peter, aged 3, spotted a small poster on a lamp post about picking up dog poo. He shrieked in his very loud voice "Poo poster, poo poster”. His brother Matthew, 5, said "Peter, don’t shout – the dogs will hear you and they’ll be offended". Agnes’s son told her "Mummy, you’re the coolest mummy in the world – but you’re not very pretty”. Lily stepped onto the weighing scales after her mum and sighed deeply. “Mummy, it’s so boring being 2 stones, I wish I was bigger”. (She won’t be saying that in a few years time!) Joe, aged 7, asked his granny “Gran, which would you rather be – a worm, a slug, a beetle or yourself?” Matthew, 5, said “Mummy, I wish you had a new head – I want you to get one that doesn’t say ‘No’”. When Harry’s dad came home from work one evening, he said “Harry, I’ve been thinking about you all day – I couldn’t stop thinking about you – all I wanted to do was come home and give you a big cuddle”. Harry replied “Well, dad, I was thinking about you too when I was sitting on the toilet”.

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Children in a Catholic elementary school were asked questions about the Old and New Testaments. Here are some of their statements (as written by the children): (from Carole Berenek)

☺ The seventh commandment is thou shalt not admit adultery.

☺ Moses died before he ever reached Canada then Joshua led the Hebrews in the Battle of Geritol.

☺ The greatest miracle in the bible is when Joshua told his son to stand still and he obeyed him.

☺ Solomon had 300 wives and 700 porcupines.

☺ When Mary heard she was the mother of Jesus, she sang the Magna Carta.

☺ One of the oppossums was St Matthew who was also a taximan.

☺ Christians have only one spouse. This is called monotony.

It’s good to remember the funny things that our kids say. If you want to see this page in further issues, please send your anecdotes to ajanela@iwponline.org for the next issue of A Janela

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Join us for

Portugués para Estrangeiros

by Chris


Over the past few years, a number of IWP members have attended Portuguese lessons provided by the Portuguese State at the Escola Secundária de Cascais. If there is enough demand, the school hopes to run another Basic Level A1/A2 and a follow on course B1/B2 starting in September 2014. At the moment, there is a group of 13 IWP members and associate members attending the basic course A1/ B1 two evenings a week from 7.00pm to 9.30pm. It is a big commitment but whenever possible everyone attends and if we are absent, notes and homework are shared. As a class, we have become a small international community who even shared presents at Christmas. We were also delighted by the birth of two babies to class members, celebrated with a collection for gifts and singing Parabens to the happy parents. I have also heard Professora Dina Botelho’s classes praised by other IWP members who have attended her classes in the past saying “She gets you speaking Portuguese and amazingly you find yourself committed to the course.” Professora Botelho is keen people should register for the classes as soon as possible to show the Ministry of Education that there is enough demand to run the classes in September 2014. We were delayed starting this year until November as we had to wait for approval. The sooner people register, the sooner approval can be given. There is only a small charge for the classes: 15 euros for the year to cover insurance and your student card which entitles you to use the student’s cafe. You will need the following to register: your passport or identity card, número de

46 A Janela Summer 2014

contribuinte, two photographs, and a certificate of residence either permanent or temporary. You register at the office (secretaria) just inside the school which is open both during the day and on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Yo u a l s o h a v e t o b u y t h e b o o k recommended and this year we are using Português sem Fronteiras which has 2 CD’s to help you. The cost was 20 euros per book when we bought in bulk as a class. For the A1/B1 course you need no knowledge of Portuguese but for the second course A2/B2 you have either to complete the first level or prove to Professora Botelho that you have reached the standard needed. The 2A/2B course is going to be an intensive course run over three evenings a week between September and December 2014. The Classes are called Portugués para Estrangeiros. They are provided at Escola Secundária de Cascais, Av. Pedro Álvares Cabral. Bairro do Rosário, 2754-513, Cascais. For more information, contact 214865435 or send an email to geral@escola-seccascais.net or secretaria@escola-seccascais.net

Special Discounts! NUPE – Nucleo de Psicologia e Educacao - offers a 20% discount for IWP members

and families on Psychological Counselling, Psychotherapy, Couples Therapy, and Child Psychology. Sessions are in English and Castellano. We have 2 practices: Estoril (Casino Avenue, by the Marginal Road) and Lisbon (near Marques do Pombal). Agreements are with Tricare and Compsych, which are international insurance companies: Tricare covers NATO staff and Compsych some private companies. Contact: 21 467 10 97 / 96 500 89 29 / geral@nupt.pt / www.nupe.pt

StressLess - Come and have a massage in Cascais, Lisbon or Paço d'Arcos and get €5 discount with your IWP membership card! Specialising in stress relief, sports, remedial and pre-and-post natal massage. Australian trained. Childcare available in Cascais. Gift vouchers and home visits. For more details http://stressless.weebly.com/ prices.html or call Fiona McGlynn on 91 977 1393.

If your business has a special savings offer that is exclusive to IWP members, advertise it in A Janela´s Special Discounts Listing for €10 an issue. Send your special offer, any applicable restrictions, applicable contact information or address, and how you would like your business name to appear to ajanela@iwponline.org. Your business will have space for 5 lines or 70 words.

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Fala Português? Following the positive feedback the A Janela Team received about this article in the Spring issue, with Summer on its way and the “visitor-season” approaching, we hope that this issue’s phrases help you should any minor emergencies occur…

At the Chemist/Pharmacy... Na Farmácia... Good Morning / Good Afternoon, I'd like to buy something for... Bom Dia / Boa Tarde. Queria comprar alguma coisa para... ● hay fever – febre dos fenos/alergia ● diarrhoea - diarreia ● an insect bite - uma picada de inseto ● mosquito bites - picadas de mosquitos ● a sting - uma picada ● jelly fish stings - picadas de medusa ● sunburn - queimadura do sol ● an ear infection - uma infeção nos ouvidos ● a migraine - uma enxaqueca ● a sprain - uma distenção/o entorse

Take once / twice / three times a day… Tome uma vez/ duas vezes/ três vezes ao dia/por dia… ● with water - com água ● after food - depois das refeições ● Do not drink alcohol! - Não beba álcool! ● Do not drive! - Não conduza! I think you should see a doctor / go to the hospital. Eu acho que devia consultar um médico / eu acho que devia ir para/ao hospital.

I'd like to buy some....- Queria comprar...

Are you allergic to anything? Tem alergia a alguma coisa? É alérgico a alguma coisa? I'm allergic to... - Sou alérgico a ... I'm pregnant - Estou grávida. I'm breast feeding - Estou a amamentar. Are you taking any other medicines at the moment? Está a tomar alguma coisa/algum medicamento neste momento?

48 A Janela Summer 2014

I'd like a flu jab/vaccine please. Queria uma vacina contra a gripe. I'd like to have my blood pressure taken. Queria medir a pressão arterial I'd like to have my cholesterol tested. Queria fazer um teste de colesterol / queria fazer uma análise do colesterol How much does it cost? Quanto custa, se faz favor? Thank you very much. Goodbye Muito Obrigada (Obrigado*). Adeus / Bom Dia / Boa Tarde *Obrigada – if the speaker is female Obrigado – if the speaker is male

● Antihistamine tablets - comprimidos antihistamínicos ● plasters/Band-Aids - pensos adesivos ● anticeptic cream - creme antisséptico ● a thermometer - um termómetro

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We have found that sharing co-ordination of an activity works very well by providing continuity for activities and sharing responsibility for organisation. The bridge and golf groups are currently seeking co-captains. Please contact the current captains or the activity co-ordinator if you are interested in being a captian/co-captain of these or other activities. Please note that IWP Members and their guests attending any event or activity do so entirely at their own risk. All participants should be aware of the safety issues.

Arts&Crafts Arraiolos Tuesdays, 10:00 - 12:00. The art of Arraiolos is unique to Portugal. Learn the craftsmanship of making handmade carpets. We meet in St. Paul's Church in Estoril every week. There is a small fee to cover the cost of the church hall and refreshments. For more information, please email our activity co-ordinator at activities@iwponline.org. Art for Enjoyment Thursdays, 14:00 - 17:00. The sessions are facilitated by Heather Taylor and held in her rooftop studio in Monte Estoril with room for five members. These afternoons are not for formal teaching but for everyone to experiment with ideas and painting materials. Books and other inspirational resources are available. Members are asked to bring their own materials. Please contact Heather to book your place and receive information about what to bring. A suggestion list can be emailed to you on request. There is a charge of â&#x201A;Ź5 for studio use and refreshments. For more information, please email our activity co-ordinator at activities@iwponline.org. Drawing Group As we have writer's and reader' groups, I thought a drawing group might be a welcome addition for those of us with itchy fingers. We could meet monthly at each other's homes to have an informal drawing session. It would not be a class, but an opportunity to draw in a relaxed atmosphere and support each other in our work. The sessions could include still life, landscape and life drawing if we are able to find willing models. If anyone is interested in drawing or modeling please email our activity co-ordinator at activities@iwponline.org. Patchwork and Crafts Thursdays, 11:00 - 15:00. Join a fun group of people who cut beautiful fabrics into little pieces and sew them back together again! Whether you do this already, or you want to learn how to make stunning quilts, you are invited to join us. Tea and cakes are served with tips from experienced quilters in our Quilt Bar. Cost is â&#x201A;Ź5 per session if working on own projects. Taught workshops are charged extra depending on the topic. For more information, please email our activity co-ordinator at activities@iwponline.org. More information and photos can be found at http://patchworkinportugal.blogspot.com/.

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Books&Writing A Janela Get more involved in IWP by joining the A Janela Team. All members of the A Janela Team are volunteers. We get together once a month at a member´s house to discuss and piece together our club magazine. It´s great fun and you can be sure to gain many new skills as well as discover some hidden talents. Email us at ajanela@iwponline.org if you want to join the team or just attend a meeting, write an article, give suggestions, or need more information. Cascais Book Enthusiasts Avid readers and new members are welcome to join us one evening a month for a stimulating discussion on a book chosen by the group. For Group 1 and Group 2: Please email our activity coordinator at activities@iwponline.org.

Lisbon Book Club Join us one weekday per month for an easy going afternoon of book chat and catching up. For more information, please email our activity co-ordinator at activities@iwponline.org. Library Wednesday, 11:00 - 13:00. There are over 8000 books: paper, hardback, large print, a good supply of audio tapes, videos and books for children of all ages. The library is at ‘Vila Olivia”, Rua de Areia 154, Birre. On Library mornings there is a large sign on the fence showing exactly where it is. For more information, please email our activity co-ordinator at activities@iwponline.org. Creative Writers Meetings are held once a month at a member's home on a Saturday afternoon. We have a theme for each meeting. Each member brings copies to share with the others. The group is supportive and encouraging. After the meeting we have refreshments and conversation. Normally at the end, we choose a theme for the next meeting but are not obliged to keep to it. You can bring something else to share with us if you wish. For more information, please email our activity co-ordinator at activities@iwponline.org. Lisbon Writers Group The Lisbon Writers Group meets every third Tuesday of the month at 10:30 alternating in members houses. All writerly contributions, great or small, are very welcome! For more information, please email our activity co-ordinator at activities@iwponline.org.

Business Business Owners' Network Are you a business owner? Are you thinking of starting a business here in Portugal? Would you like to meet with IWP members who are going through what you are going through? For more information, please email our activity co-ordinator at activities@iwponline.org.

Your Glimpse into the International Women in Portugal


Games&Card Games Bowling Night join us on the second Saturday evening of each month for a Bowling Night! This is a true friends and family event, so everyone is welcome. If you have some serious bowling skills, come show them off. If you do not really know how to bowl, come learn with the rest of us. For more information, please email our activity coordinator at activities@iwponline.org.

New! Come

Bridge Group We meet every Monday afternoon from 14:00 until 16:30 to play and improve our bridge. Several members of the group have recently learned to play the game but new members of all levels are welcome to join us. We meet in the homes of members of the group and the cost is €1 per session, except when we have a lesson when the cost is €5. For more information, please email our activity co-ordinator at activities@iwponline.org. If you have never played and are interested in learning bridge we can put you in touch with a teacher who runs reasonably priced and fun group lessons with a 50% discount exclusively for IWP members. Quiz Nights We are looking for Quizzers and Quizzes! A few IWP members and associate members (family members) have been taking part in organised quizzes (for charity and fun). It is great fun and a good way to meet new people! We would also be interested in anyone wanting to organise a Quiz for IWP and information about upcoming Quizzes. To join the group or to let us know of an upcoming quiz, email our activity co-ordinator at activities@iwponline.org.

Health&Fitness Enjoying Golf Mondays, 9:30 at Beloura Golf Club. If you want to play golf and have fun, this is your group. Our handicaps are between 36 and 28, but we are sure to improve! For more information, please email our activity co-ordinator at activities@iwponline.org. Golf - Beginners and Improvers Thursdays, 11:00 at Estoril Golf Club. If you are interested in learning golf or if you already play but want to improve your game then this friendly group is for you. Complete beginners are very welcome. We meet every week and work with a professional who teaches a group lesson for one hour. The fee is €100 for ten lessons and each week a bucket of golf balls costs €4. For more information, please email our activity co-ordinator at activities@iwponline.org. Mind Body Spirit We meet once a fortnight, Mondays at 15:00 at one of the members´ houses and inform everyone by email. We discuss issues regarding the mind, body and spirit. Each session will have a theme and we discover and rediscover old and new ways of dealing with life. These may include inspirations from a book, personal experiences, or the topic of the moment. For more information, please email our activity co-ordinator at activities@iwponline.org.

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New! The Lisbon Sailing Club offers sailing for members on the Tejo. For more information, please email our activity co-ordinator at activities@iwponline.org.

Sintra walks Friday, 10:30. Over hill, over dale, rain or shine we hit the trail! Come and join us for stimulating walks through the Sintra mountains and along the coast. Meet new friends and enjoy spectacular scenery while exercising. You should be fit enough to walk for 2-3 hours at a reasonable pace, mostly off road, along trails that can include steep slopes and slippery and uneven terrain. Suitable footwear and clothing is recommended. Walks are done at your own risk. For more information, please email our activity co-ordinator at activities@iwponline.org. Tennis Intermediate Wednesdays, 9:00 - 11:00. We play ladies doubles tennis at the Estoril tennis club every week for two hours. It is a friendly, welcoming group and new members are always welcome. The fee is €7 for two hours. For more information, please email our activity co-ordinator at activities@iwponline.org.

Language&Culture Lisbon Descobridoras (Discoverers) Join us for monthly excursions in the Lisbon area including museums, walks, and tours. For more information, please email our activity coordinator at activities@iwponline.org. São Carlos Opera Theatre Group If you are interested in promotional tickets for open rehearsals and other activities at São Carlos opera theatre, please register your interest with our activity coordinator at activities@iwponline.org. English Conversation - Advanced Mondays, 10:00 - 12:00. This lively conversation group will give you an opportunity to practice your English as well as involve you in some great discussions. For more information, please email our activity co-ordinator at activities@iwponline.org. English Conversation - Improvers (Group 1) Wednesdays, 10:30 - 12:15. An opportunity to improve your English through general and fun conversation and discussion with guidance on grammar and vocabulary. For more information, please email our activity co-ordinator at activities@iwponline.org. English Conversation - Improvers (Group 2) Tuesdays, 11:00 - 12:30. Meet new friends and have fun with Jackie for general conversation, new vocabulary, and a few grammar tips. For more information, please email our activity co-ordinator at activities@iwponline.org. French Conversation Wednesdays, 14:00 - 15:30. Come and join a friendly group trying to remember the French they once knew. You’ll get a medley of information (in French) on various topics, lots of media gossip, bits on current affairs, and occasional grammar tips. Come and meet the challenge! For more information, please email our activity co-ordinator at activities@iwponline.org. Your Glimpse into the International Women in Portugal


Beginner´s French Wednesdays, 11:30 - 13:00. If you had French classes a long time ago or if you never had any but would like to know the basics...this class is for you. Don´t worry, I will not cram grammar rules down your throat. I will teach you how to order in a restaurant (and know what you are ordering). I will help you make hotel reservation, find your way into a French city etc. Above all, we will do this with a lot of laughter and good humour. For more information, please email our activity co-ordinator at activities@iwponline.org. Italian Practice for Beginners Every Wednesday, 10:15 - 12:00 in São Pedro do Estoril. If you like Italy, the food, the language and culture but you never studied Italian before, come and practice Italian in an informal atmosphere and have some fun! You'll learn to use the language to communicate at a beginner and elementary level. Reading and conversation about various topics will be included! For more information, please email our activity co-ordinator at activities@iwponline.org. Portuguese Beginner Conversation in Cascais Tuesdays, 14:00 - 15:00. These are not lessons. The sessions will help you to understand basic conversational Portuguese and how to get by in common situations. For more information, please email our activity co-ordinator at activities@iwponline.org. Portuguese Conversation Intermediate Thursdays, 10:30 - 12:00 in Estoril. This is an Intermediate Portuguese conversation group for those who want to practice and improve their Portuguese. For more information, please email our activity co-ordinator at activities@iwponline.org. Portuguese Conversation in Lisbon Thursdays, 15:30. Informal sessions (not lessons) to help you understand Portuguese and make yourself understood at a basic level. For more information, please email our activity co-ordinator at activities@iwponline.org. Spanish Conversation Tuesdays, Thursdays or Fridays 14:30 - 16:30 (times and days are flexible). Spanish conversation in any subject from fashion, television and films to politics, current affairs and more, at any convenient location or Visi’s home in Lisbon. For more information, please email our activity co-ordinator at activities@iwponline.org.

Midsummer Charity Ball

International Hairdressers, Beautician and Manicurist

Saturday, 28 June 19:00 Farol da Guia €65 per person cascaisevents@gmail.com

54 A Janela Summer 2014

Open Monday - Saturday 9 am - 7 pm

Your Glimpse into the International Women in Portugal


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A Janela

• Advertising reservations for A Janela must be received by the 1st of the month preceding publication. Advertisements will not be accepted after this date. • Business advertisements may be placed by members and non members. • All adverts must be paid 30 days after the invoice is issued. Please include name, address and NIF number. • Receipts will be sent upon payment. All payments should be mailed registered to: IWP Advertising, Apartado 6 2751-901 Cascais or paid by bank transfer using the following: NIB 0019 0112 002000 13721 85. Please indicate your invoice number when transferring so payment can be identified. • All advertisements must be submitted ‘printer ready’, via email or on a CD-ROM. Requested formats are: Word, PowerPoint, pdf, jpeg, and bmp. • Advertising Inserted Flyers will only be accepted if they are printed on A5 or smaller normal (80 gram) weight paper. They can be printed on both sides and on coloured paper. Two or three fold brochures are fine, as long as the paper is A5 or smaller and 80 grms. or less. Inserts must be delivered to the IWP Office by the 15th of the month before publication. Reserve your flyer in advance as only 3 flyers will be mailed in any one issue. • For more information contact the IWP Office on 915 552 847 or ajanela@iwponline.org • IWP Business Hours: Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays from 09:00 - 14:00. • IWP does not necessarily endorse advertised goods and services.

A Janela Advertising Rates A5 Inserted Flyer


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www.iwponline.org Advertising Want to advertise online? Advertise on our online notice board on www.iwponline.org for €15 a month. To advertise online or for more information, contact us by emailing office@iwponline.org.

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IWP MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION/RENEWAL FORM Date: ____________________________

New Member ☐

Renewal ☐

New Members: please complete * Renewing Members: Please update contact information. Print clearly please. Name*_____________________________________________________________________ Address*___________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________ Postal Code*________________________ Email*_____________________________________________________________________ Telephone ____________________________ Mobile _______________________________ Contact information is only used to communicate with club members and will not be given to third parties. Nationality*___________________________ Birthday _______________________________ Age (please select) 20-35 ☐ 36-45 ☐ 46-55 ☐ 56-65 ☐ Over 65 ☐ Are you new to Portugal? Yes ☐ No ☐ Do you have pre-school Children in home? Yes ☐ No ☐ Please write a few lines introducing yourself. This will be published in A Janela, the IWP Club Magazine __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ How did you hear about IWP?* _________________________________________________ Is there any activity you would like to start in IWP or an area you would like to help? __________________________________________________________________________ Membership Fees The membership year begins 1 October and runs until 30 September. The annual renewal fee is €35. The membership fee decreases during the year so that new members who join after the start of the membership year will only pay for the remaining months in that membership year (see chart). We charge a one-off administration fee of €15 on joining. Please pay the initial administration fee of €15 plus the membership fee based on the month you join. If you were an IWP Member before and your membership has lapsed, you do not need to pay the administration fee, however, you do need to pay the full annual renewal fee of €35 regardless of the month in which you rejoin. Your Glimpse into the International Women in Portugal


Payment An electronic bank transfer of your membership fee can be done online through your bank´s internet banking system or any Multibanco machine. In either case, a receipt of the transfer will be offered to you. We ask that you please enclose it with this form. In addition, if you are paying by internet banking, please be sure to include your full name and phone number in the “reason for transfer” window. New memberships paid by electronic transfer will not be processed unless the completed form and transfer receipt have been received by IWP. The receipt is needed to verify the payment as many members’ names will not coincide exactly with the name on their bank account. If you have any questions please contact the IWP Office. IWP Membership Fees

Annual Renewal Fee is €35

September - February - €35.00 (+ €15 administration fee) March - June - €20.00 (+ €15 administration fee) July, August - €0 (only the €15 administration fee needs to be paid)

IWP Bank Transfer Number

NIB: 0019 0112 002000 13721 85

Please note that as an IWP Member, you agree that all IWP Members and their guests attending any event or activity do so entirely at their own risk. In addition, you agree that IWP can use your name/photograph/image/video recording/and likeness (your image) in all IWP related publications and communications. Even though IWP will only use your image for IWP related publications and communications, IWP cannot control unauthorised use of your image by persons not associated with IWP once your image has been published I would like to become a member of IWP/renew my membership and enclose a check ☐ cash ☐ a transfer receipt ☐ for the amount of €____________. (Cheques must be made payable to IWP.) If paying by transfer and the account holder´s name is different than your own, please indicate it here so we can recognise the payment: __________________________________________________________________________

Signature:________________________________________ Date:_____________________ Please send this completed form with fee or transfer receipt to: IWP MEMBERSHIP Apartado 6, 2751-901 Cascais Or by email to office@iwponline.org Now that you are a member of IWP, please enrol for events you wish to attend or contact the activity captain of any activity you would like to join. For help regarding IWP or settling in your new area, please contact newcomers@iwponline.org. Please contact the IWP Office for any further assistance at 915 552 847 or email us at office@iwponline.org on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 9:00 to 14:00.

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Your Glimpse into the International Women in Portugal


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Profile for International Women in Portugal

A Janela Summer 2014  

International Women in Portugal club magazine - Your glimpse into IWP!

A Janela Summer 2014  

International Women in Portugal club magazine - Your glimpse into IWP!