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Polish Cooking Book

Polish Cuisine is very unique. It is based on very long traditions. However, it is very diverse and full of tastes.

Polish Cuisine We have recipes from the past but sometimes we add some new ingredients to innovate dishes. We have different regions in our country and different cuisine there. In Polish cuisine we have a lot of fat dishes with meat, dishes made from flour and many different kinds of bread. We also serve more and more vegetables

We use many spices: pepper, cinnamon,cloves,ginger,cardamon which were brought by merchants from all over the world.

Christmas and Easter are very important in Polish cuisine. We have long traditons connected with cooking. We can buy a lot of food in shops and we don`t have to cook. However, in Polish homes it is important to do everything by yourself, eg. fish, borsch or different cakes.

Polish bread

Leaven: 3 grams of dried yeast 150 ml warm water 150 g flour Mix the ingredients, cover with a cloth and leave in a warm place for about two hours. Then add: 50 g flour 1,5 spoon of salt 280 g zakwasu żytniego 50 g mąki żytniej 1 spoon of oil different seeds

Mix everything carefully. Put it into a cake tin (18 cm) which was oiled before. The top should be oiled. Cover it with a cloth and leave in a warm place. Bake in 250 Celsius degrees.

After one hour put some oil once again and then put it into the oven. Bake it for about 10 minutes and then change the temperature to 190 Celsius degrees and bake for about 45 minutes.

Polish festive honey-cake Here is the recipe for honey-cake which can be prepared four weeks before baking, and then baked three or four days before holiday because the unbaked dough has to mature for at least two weeks in a cool place.

ď Ž

You need:

500 grams of honey 2 glasses of suger 250 grammes of butter add: 1 kilogram of flour , 3 eggs 3 tea-spoons of baking soda dissolved in milk but not more then half of a glass half of a spoon of salt and two small bags of spicy condiments ( cinnamon, cloves,ginger,cardamon)

We mix all the ingredients by kneading the dough. After kneading carefully all ingredients make a ball and put it into a pot of stoneware, cover with clear linen cloth and place in a cool room , letting the dough mature slowly for about four weeks.

Then the mature dough should be divided into two or three parts. We roll out the dough and bake on baking-tins. Cool cakes can be interspersed with layers of plum jam, nut mass or even marchpane mass. Now we cover the cake with a sheet of paper and put a slate onto top of it. While keeping the honey- cake cool, it remains fresh for long.

CRACKNELS Ingredients: 200 grams of flour 3 yeals 3 spoons of cream 1 spoon of baking soda 1 spoon of alcohol (eg. spirit) salt oil icing sugar


Mix all ingredients together. Roll out the pastry and make stripes for about 1-2 centimetres. Cut holes in the middle and turn inside out it. Fry in the oil for about five minutes. Sprinkle them with some icing sugar.

Soups- borsch and sour soup Leaven: 250 grams of mÄ…ki Ĺźytniej, 2.5 l of cold water a half of a bulb of garlic spoon of marjoram, a slice of wholemeal bread salt Sour soup: 1 k white sausage 0.25 kg beacon an onion 6 potatoes a spoon of flour a stock cube some cream two eggs some persley, salt and pepper

What about other Polish delicacies? Polish people like clear soups, but rubbed and condensed soups are also very popular, as well as white borsch or sour soups, which have sourish and bracing taste. In particular they like sour soup cooked with vegetables including potatoes and some leaven rye flour. One of the most popular dihes is soup made of beef or veal stomaches named tri pe.

Sauerkraut stew „BIGOS” Ingredients:       

Sauerkraut Pork Veal Beef Bacon Sausage Ham

1050 g 90 g 40 g 60 g 50 g 280 g 35 g

       

Dried mushrooms 17 g Onion 105 g Grease 40 g Sugar 17 g Flour 17 g Red wine 60 g Tomato puree Spices: pepper, salt, a bay leaf, marjoram,

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książka kucharska  

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