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Just Between Us…

volume 19 issue 7 PUBLISHERS

july 2018 Robin Johnson Bethke Jennifer Bryerton

CREATIVE DIRECTOR Robin Johnson Bethke

Dear Friends,


We have a shed in the backyard that was nicely tucked out of sight behind some trees until the windstorm blew through this spring. Suddenly, our poor

SENIOR EDITOR Sarah Pastorek ONLINE EDITOR Madison Stanley CALENDAR EDITOR Caroline Hirst

little shed, who works so hard for us storing tools, toys, pet stuff, decorations,


my gardening supplies and pretty much everything, was suddenly visible from

every angle. And, I’m embarrassed to admit the level of my neglect. It wasn’t


just the lack of aesthetics; the door took the strength of an adult to open, the clapboard siding was nearly bare of paint and it was seriously disorganized. Thus, began what may be my favorite curb appeal project ever! It has surely been a family endeavor. My husband took charge of building a

Barbara A. Tompkins Susan Powell

MARKETING CONSULTANTS Allison Muss, Carter Schotta,

Walter Scott, Jenny Stoltz HOME & GARDEN EDITOR Becky Calvert

very functional workbench and getting shelves, pegboards and organizing hooks


in place. Our oldest managed sorting and the subsequent Craigslist postings of


Becky Calvert, Jennifer Carroll, Rick

Epstein, Sarah Healy, Whitney Woollerton

Morrill, Paul Osorio, Katharine Paljug,

well as a great aptitude for leadership, as she “Tom Sawyered” her little brothers

Sarah Pastorek, Sarah Payne, Andrea

into helping paint the walls. Whether or not they realized it, a shed is a great

Roberts, Beth Seliga, Madison Stanley,

place for learning. And, it’s ok if everything is “not quite right.” The kids put in

Bob Taibbi

things we no longer used. Our second child showed off her skills from all those years of art classes, as

screws, painted, replaced window handles and did all sorts of odd tasks. We did, of course, get some professional help installing lights and double French doors that are oh so delightfully functional! The carpenter also built a


Christine DeLellis-Wheatley


pergola over the door for some climbing plants to meander. Shutters, a cupola

INTERN Avery Nunnally, Daniel Rocha

and a row of hydrangeas along the side completed the transformation.


The final touch is an idea we adapted from this year’s Historic Garden Week tour. In lieu of traditional door handles, we instead mounted some charming vintage garden tools to use as handles that look adorable. The shed now functions much better and has loads of curb appeal, and I’ve actually seen the kids stand a little bit taller when I’ve given them compliments on how much of the work they did themselves. Wishing you many fun home projects!

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July 2018

2004 Community Award Winner

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Food & Family H-4 Better Dining Out Experiences

Cool Stuff H-8 Products for the Home


Safe Outdoor Play H-16 Bugs Off & Poisonous Plants Better Organization H-21 Laundry Room Hacks

Editor’s Pick! This issue is filled with exciting home projects like enhancing your home’s curb appeal (pg H-18) and laundry room hacks (pg H-21) that will whip your home into a more attractive and efficient oasis.

Choosing A Realtor H-10 What to Ask & What to Consider When Making Your Decision A Grand Entrance H-18 Tips to Enhancing Your Home’s Curb Appeal

RESOURCES Summer Home Guide H-13 Local Resources for Families

H-8 So Love This! “Yard work and the exterior of our home are high on our to-do list for this summer, so I’m excited to read about the different ways we can enhance our home’s curb appeal (pg H-18).” — Madison, online editor



{living well food & family}

“Sow a thought, and you reap an act; Sow an act, and you reap a habit; Sow a habit, and you reap a character; Sow a character, and you reap destiny.” – Samuel Smiles

Gina Wood and Stuart Rifkin Share The Importance of Family Time

Gina Wood and Stuart “Stu” Rifkin, two of the three owners of The Nook, which has been the name of the restaurant since 1951, took ownership in 2007. The building, originally built in the late 1880s has been the home to a restaurant on the first floor since 1912. Nicknamed as “Charlottesville’s Original Downtown Diner,” The Nook continues to serve the community with its delicious comfort foods and welcoming atmosphere. What are your favorite recipes to make? Gina: I love making “comfort foods.” Dinners my mom used to make when I was growing up are still what I make at home and what we make for The Nook everyday. Almost everyone loves a little meatloaf, mashed potatoes and green beans, or some pork with caramelized onions and applesauce. Stuart: I love to make pasta from scratch and various sauces to accompany them. Do you have any current projects? What are they? Gina: I had a little bakery called The Yum Yum Shop. It was leased out for a while, but I am going to reopen something myself in that space here in Charlottesville. We’ll see if it is just baked goods or a little, intimate dinner spot soon. Stuart: We just finished a ten-week renovation of our entire kitchen. They excavated the kitchen flooring down to the original studs from the late 1800s. What was your favorite book as a child? Gina: It is not original, but I loved and still love The Wizard of Oz H-4

July 2018

… the books and the movie! Stuart: I would say The Naked and the Dead by Norman Mailer. I didn’t read much as a child, but as a young adult, all the time. What technology could you not live without? Gina: Any device that can play/stream music. I could not get by without my music. Stuart: All the technologies needed to operate a cruise ship so I can get on and leave my phone and other technologies at home. Whom do you admire? Gina: I admire my mother. She raised four girls, took care of the details of my father’s life, managed a crazy household, cooked and cleaned, etc. when that was what women did for the most part. She was and still is amazing. Stuart: All the teachers and staff at Murray High School. They made it possible for my daughter to thrive during her high school years. Where do you love to eat out? What do you order? Gina: I have to admit, I love a great steakhouse. I order medium rare steak or filet, with garlic mashed potatoes and a Caesar salad, and I’m all good. Stuart: I love to eat out while on vacation, trying new places, items, etc. Always looking for the best Sushi in town. Here, we’re fortunate to have the restaurant TEN.

Awesome Eats App This free app will help educate kids on the benefits of a colorful diet of fruits and vegetables. It also provides tips on recycling leftovers. With over 60 levels and 70 plus characters, this app will help put nutrition in a fun realm.


Food Hibiscus Reusable Lid


The Charles Viancin Hibiscus 10” Lid is a handy tool for managing leftovers and minimizing waste. The lid, made of FDA food grade silicone with suction, seals airtight and watertight on stainless steel, glass, plastic and melamine rims. It not only makes reheating and storing efficient, as it’s also oven and microwave safe, but also is dishwasher safe. Available at The Happy Cook for $11.50.

one y r Eve

Slice of the Pie a s e v r Dese Fresh s g Toppin

eMad der r to-O

SPCA SARA SOCA H.O.W.S. Live Arts Salvation Army Special Olympics Mosby Foundation UVA Cancer Center Caring for Creatures ARC of the Piedmont Habitat for Humanity Music Resource Center Ronald McDonald House Albemarle Fire & Rescue Make A Wish Foundation Wildlife Center of Virginia Blue Ridge Area Food Bank Thomas Jefferson Food Bank Shelter for Help in Emergency

Locally owned

CharlottesvilleFamily Favorite Award Winner 2017

R Mozzeal & Pro arella Cheevolone se

FreshNever Frozen Dough

FREE Kindness with Every Order! Ray Sellers,

owner of your local Domino’s


{living well food & family} Voted Best South of the Border Restaurant! CharlottesvilleFamily Favorite Award Winner 2017

Locally Family-Owned & Operated since 1988

Four Locations! 29 North 395 Greenbrier Dr | 434-978-4313 UVA Area 2206 Fontaine Ave | 434-979-2424 Downtown 806 East Market St | 434-977-2676 Pantops 108 Town Country Ln | 434-293-3538

What is the best advice your parents have ever given you? Gina: We were all girls in our family, and my parents taught all of us that we could be anything or do anything we wanted, and not to let being a woman keep us from our dreams. I have always taken that to be the best advice. Stuart: Order the prime rib. What is your favorite go-to snack? Gina: I love mixed nuts. Virginia salted peanuts are my favorite, but I also go for anything chocolate. Stuart: Sugar, in any form.

Find more places to shop and dine on .com

Can you share a recipe that is quick and easy to make with kids that they will love? Gina: My granddaughter, Isabel, and I started cooking together simply making versions of grilled cheese sandwiches. She has moved on now to making a great Beef Stroganoff. She’s 8! Stuart: Little kids always enjoy dirt and worm cups. They are not too hard to make but fun to eat. Make some chocolate pudding, smash up some Oreo cookies, buy some gummy worms, layer and serve. What traits do you find admirable in others? Gina: I just want people to be honest. Not in a hurtful way, of course, but just be truthful with others. Stuart: Being on time, returning calls and those who are calm amidst the chaos.


If you could have a super power what would it be? Gina: I’d love to be able to fly around. I


July 2018

am afraid of flying, so every plane trip is hard for me. I would love to be able to fly here or there without a care, and see the world. Stuart: I’d be Metabolism Man and have the fastest metabolism in the world so I could eat anything and everything. Why is it important to teach children about healthy eating? Gina: What you grow up eating as a child, you will likely keep eating as an adult. It is hard to control your weight, your blood pressure, etc. when you get older. Stuart: Good habits are best learned and adopted early in life. What advice do you have for parents eating out with kids? Gina: Go ahead and order something for your children. They will be so much happier if they have food. Remember, their attention span is so much shorter than ours. If the kids are eating, the parents will have a better time and all will be able to enjoy themselves. Stuart: Don’t feel like you have to finish everything on your children’s plates for them. The extra calories aren’t worth it.

Beth began as a sports photographer with her work appearing in Sports Illustrated, USA Today and Pro Cycling, among other publications. She has since switched to the quieter and subtler passion of capturing the look of love and the inner beauty of her subjects. See her work at

Vegan Cocoa Banana Muffins Recipe Courtesy of John Kokola with Bodo’s Bagels Yields: 6–8 mini muffins

INGREDIENTS • ¾ cup flour • ¼ cup white sugar • 2 tablespoons brown sugar • ½ teaspoon ground cinnamon • ½ teaspoon baking powder • ¼ teaspoon baking soda • *pinch* (less than 1/16 teaspoon) ground nutmeg • ¼ teaspoon salt • 2 medium bananas (The riper the better. Mash with fork.) • 3 oz coconut milk • 1 oz safflower/canola oil • 2 teaspoons orange juice • 1 teaspoon vanilla • 2 tablespoons maple syrup • ½ teaspoon cocoa powder (Optional – only use if high quality like Valrhona.) • Separately: ½–¾ oz cocoa

DIRECTIONS 1. In large bowl, mix together the flour, white sugar, brown sugar, ground cinnamon, baking powder, baking soda, ground nutmeg and salt. 2. In small bowl, mix bananas, coconut milk, safflower/canola oil, orange juice, vanilla, maple syrup and cocoa powder. 3. Preheat oven to 350 Fahrenheit. 4. Soften cocoa in small pan on very low heat. 5. Combine small bowl ingredients into large bowl ingredients, and mix well. 6. Add cocoa, and then mix until uniform. 7. Spoon the mixture into a mini-muffin pan, and bake for 20–24 minutes. No one will believe they are vegan!

Growing Up Gourmet

C H A R L O T T E S V I L L E G A S : T U R N YO U R H O U S E I N T O A H O M E . Spending time in the kitchen is a fun part of growing up. The even heating and exceptional temperature control of a natural gas appliance makes relaxing with your family at home easy. Make memories with your little ones in the comfort of your gourmet kitchen.

W W W. C H A R L O T T E S V I L L E . O R G / G A S



{living well cool stuff}

Make outdoor entertaining easy with these large Golden Rabbit enamelware trays! Available in a choice of colors, these 20� trays make carting things like cold drinks for a number of guests out to the deck a snap. They are also durable and able to withstand all sorts of weather and abuse. Oven, stove and dishwasher safe. Available for $65 at Caspari. Say goodbye to buggy nights and chemical-smelling bug repellents. The Patio Egg by Scent Shop uses essential oil based floral scents in this egg-shaped ceramic diffuser that naturally deters mosquitoes and other biting insects from your porches, patios and other outdoor living areas. It protects up to 200 square feet from its hanging netting or ceramic stand. Available for $17.95 at The Happy Cook.


STUFF Want a super easy new tool to help you grill


Add some color to your picnic table this

Companion Non-stick Mesh Grill Bag


vegetables? The

season with these brightly colored orange

allows you to throw your veggies onto the

and coral inspired plastic utensils. They

grill without worrying of the vegetables

are also dishwasher safe, so you can reuse

falling through. Simply wash and reuse.

them as many times as you wish. A set of

Available for $10.99 at The Happy Cook.

12 cutlery includes 4 knives, 4 forks and 4 spoons. For an even more coordinated table, get the matching salad serving set. Cutlery, set of 12, available for $8.50, and the Salad Serving Set for $15, both at Folly.


July 2018

The Women’s Legal Group Law from a Woman’s Point of View

FAMILY MATTERS • Separation Agreement • No-Fault & Contested Divorce • Child Support & Custody • Collaborative Divorce • Wills & Adoptions • Bankruptcy (7 and 13)

INJURY & DISABILITY • Personal Injury • Workers’ Compensation • Social Security Disability • Automobile Accident • Medical Malpractice • Brain Injury

ARREST & TRAFFIC • Felony Charges • UVA Sexual Misconduct • Expungement • DUI & Reckless Driving • Traffic Tickets • Juvenile Charges


Charlottesville 434.973.7474 | Lake Monticello 434.589.3636 |

Please contact us. We want to help.

CharlottesvilleFamily Favorite Award Winner 2017


DirtY Grout?

Put some style back in your tile! Formulated with exceptional quality & value!




{inspiration home}

No matter whether you are looking for an agent for renting, buying or selling, Charlottesville is filled with toprated real estate agents, brokers and companies. When it comes to picking a home, we all have our own preferences, likes and dislikes, requests and needs. It’s best to start with compiling all of these things before starting your search for the most compatible agent.


July 2018

by Sarah Pastorek

Choosing a Realtor What to Ask & What to Consider When Making Your Decision


{inspiration home}

When looking for the right real

Another important decision to make

estate agent, the best place to start

throughout this process is whether you

is with businesses who are recommended

will want to work with a real estate broker,

throughout the community. This could

a real estate agent or a realtor. Don’t


know what the difference is between the




area voting contests, online ratings, etc.

• A real estate agent has a real estate

to five agents, you’ll want to research

license, has met all state requirements to

each, comparing services that each agent

be an agent and works under a real estate

or business offers as well as the areas


around town where the majority of their listings are located. It’s also a good idea to see what others have said about them and how they have been rated online.

Shann Whited, CBR GRi (434) 962-4741






July 2018

three? Here’s a quick definition for each:

After compiling a list of your top three

When you are confident with your top three choices, the next step is interviews.

• A real estate broker is the manager of a real estate firm. • A Realtor® belongs to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), which requires agents to comply with a code of conduct.

This will give you an opportunity to ask

As recommended by local agents,

the important questions, such as what

an important characteristic you should

their experiences and licenses include,

weigh into your final decision is trust.

what’s important to them, what areas in

Your agent will be the safeguard of your

or around town they primarily work with

financial interests. As advises, it’s

and their knowledge of those areas. This

about finding the right balance between

will also give you the chance to see how

credentials and chemistry. It should be

compatible you’ll be, as you’ll be spending

clear that the agent cares about you.

a lot of time together. See a sample list of

They will not only be attentive but also

questions on page H-14.

ask you questions. It’s best to choose an

Summer Home GUIDE

At CharlottesvilleFamily, nothing with your home is taken lightly. Here are some local businesses to show we care about you and your family. For other businesses, check out our sister publication Charlottesville’s Ultimate Go-To Guide.



Blue Ridge Builders Supply See ad page Inside Home Cover

Cavalier Window Cleaning See ad page 49

Calvert, Becky / Sloan Manis Realty See ad page H-14

Charlottesville Gas See ad page H-7

Allied Concrete See ad page H-21

Craig Builders See ad page H-15

Charlottesville Water Conservation See ad page H-21

Ivy Corner Garden Center See ad page H-16

Durham, Trey / Keller Williams-Glenwood See ad page H-13

DesignSmart Blinds & Shutters See ad page H-14

Milmont Greenhouses See ad page H-23

Loring Woodriff Real Estate See ad page 11

Grout & Carpet Wizards See ad page H-9


Whited, Shann / Montague Miller

The Habitat Store See ad page H-23

See ad page H-12 Woodlands of Charlottesville See ad page 1

Percy J. Dillard Painting & Drywall See ad page 49

Vintage Swings See ad page H-9


Leffler, Greg — State Farm Insurance See ad page H-12 Tucker, Griffin & Barnes Law See ad page H-9

U-Fab See ad page H-1


{inspiration home} • How long have you been selling real estate? • What is your ratio of buyers to sellers? • What neighborhoods do you specialize in? • What price range do you usually work in? • What type of communication should we expect from you, and how can I reach you best? • May we have contact information for two–three references and/or previous clients? • Are there any under-the-radar red flags to buying in our sought-out area? • Are you a member of the National Association of

Interview Questions Here are some good starter questions to consider asking when

Realtors, and/or what is your license? • What is currently on the market in our price range? • How much do you think our home would sell for? • How will you market it?

interviewing agents:

Hi! Welcome to Charlottesville. Whether you’re new to the area or looking for a new neighborhood, I welcome helping you.

Becky calvert


415 Fourth Street NE, Charlottesville 434.220.5656 | H-14

July 2018

agent who is relatable and real rather

3. Another thing to caution towards

than choosing based on experience alone.

is hiring an agent who doesn’t normally

When interviewing agents, you should

work in your price range.

also be attentive to any “red flags.” These

Once you have decided on an agent,

can come in a variety of forms, so it

you’ll want to share what is important

is important to go into the interviews

to your family in their next home. For

remembering your goals and preferences

example, is well water a big concern,

as well as taking notes to compare the

is Wi-Fi a deal breaker, what are the

top agents later. Three recommended red

commute times like, staying within your

flags to be aware of when interviewing

price range, yard size for pets, etc.



1. An agent who doesn’t meet your expectations






agency agreement has been signed, all

communication. You

agents in Virginia technically work for

want someone who will update you along

the seller. Before signing a buyer-agency

the way using a method you prefer [text,

agreement, be sure you understand your

email or call], let you know when your

responsibility under the contract and how

house is shown or when new homes first

either you or the agent can cancel the

come on the market, share suggestions


on increasing traffic in your home being viewed, etc.

Buying and selling your dream home can be a lengthy process, but by being

2. If an agent doesn’t normally deal

prepared, you can avoid many headaches

with your type of property, such as a

and obstacles, as well as many financial

condominium or a townhome. Many

setbacks. For additional guidance and

agents have specialties, so you want to


make sure your home matches up with

Association of Realtors (, can

what they know.

help you through the process.




Home is Where Your Story Begins.

LET US HELP YOU WRITE YOURS. Visit the Newport Model in Oak Hill Farm at 404 Margrave Way, Charlottesville, VA. MODEL HOMES OPEN DAILY 12-5 | 434-973-3362 |


{inspiration home}

Safe Outdoor Play Bugs Off With the warm evenings of summer

sources for your pet, be sure to change

Welcoming them to your yard to feast

them out at least twice a week.

on mosquitoes, gnats, flies and more is a


also come those pesky mosquitoes. Try a few of these natural ways to repel the pesky insects. The most important thing you can do is to keep standing water—mosquitoes’ breeding ground—at a minimum. If you




Another trick is to throw some

among some of the aromatic plants that

rosemary or sage onto your grill to

mosquitoes don’t care for, so use them in

help repel mosquitoes. For you and the

plantings around your favorite exterior

kids, neem oil is a natural vegetable oil

seating area.

extracted from the Neem tree in India.

Installing a bat house is another way

have birdbaths, wading pools or water

helpful solution.

rosemary, citronella and lemon thyme are

to keep the number of mosquitoes at bay.

Adding a few drops to your favorite lotion will also help against bites.

N o w Av a i l a b l e Living



Mulch, Soil, Compost, Gravel–Delivery & Pickup Gravel Driveway Installations Bird Baths, Fountains, Urns, Statuary & More!




FA R M - T O - TA B L E









Book Six

at Barnes & Noble and local boutiques Open 7 Days a Week Monday - Saturday 9-6 Sunday 9-5 434-977-3999 Rt. 250 W & Ivy Depot charlottesvillewineandcountryliving .com


July 2018

We’re in Ivy, just 5 minutes down the road from Farmington

“Leaves of three, leave them be.”

Poisonous Plants With poison in its name, it’s easy to remember to steer clear of poison ivy, poison sumac and poison oak. These plants contain the sap oil urushiol that can cause an itchy rash when it touches the skin. The Poison Center has compiled a list of common poisonous plants found in Virginia, including azalea, May apple and rhododendron. See the complete list at Keep the Poison Center’s number handy in your mobile phone, 1-800-222-

1222, and call right away for free help and

urushiol, even once dead. You’ll also


want to avoid touching anything that

A brush with poison ivy, oak or sumac

may have this oil on it (gardening tools,

isn’t typically an emergency. Over-the-

sporting equipment and even a pet’s fur)


in addition to letting any of it into the




medications most,




medical attention may be required for severe



campfire where it can be inhaled. The





Dermatology recommends applying an

exposed to smoke from burning these

over-the-counter skin care product called


an ivy block barrier. This product (not for

If your family is in an area with lots

children under age 6) helps prevent the

of poison ivy, oak or sumac, it helps to

skin from absorbing the oil. Even when

be aware that all parts of these plants—

you apply an ivy block barrier, you need to

leaves, stems and even roots—contain

cover your skin with clothing.


You’ve picked a great place to live. Let us help you find a great doctor. We’ve called Charlottesville home for over 100 years, so we know a thing or two about the area. So as you settle in, please give us a call. With over 10 practices in and around Charlottesville, we’re sure to have a physician near you. We offer annual physicals, same-day appointments and convenient locations all combined with the backing of Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital’s state-of-the-art facility at Pantops.

To find a doctor near you, visit or call 1-800-SENTARA.

MJH-5573 PCP_Print_Ad_7x4.625_mech.indd 1

2/13/17 12:53 PM H-17

{inspiration home}


July 2018

by Becky Calvert

A Grand entrance Tips to Enhancing Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Having curb appeal is about more than selling a home; it’s about the impression your home makes as it welcomes your family and guests. The best place to start is with the view of your home from the street. If you have a longer driveway, it serves as the first official entrance. From cobblestone to brick, there are numerous ways to dress up your driveway and to make it memorable. Adding plantings is also a great touch that will feel welcoming and warm, but remember you’ll


{inspiration home} want it to be easy to maintain as well as maneuver in and out of, so don’t plant anything too large. Tall planters filled with blooming annuals offer a festive greeting at the street. Shrubs—either evergreen or something blooming like an azalea or rhododendron—make for a more formal appearance. Or, go with something like an ornamental grass

Even with no driveway, a dramatic entry point to your home from the street, such as a cottage-inspired fence, helps personalize the path towards your front door while also giving a landmark to direct guests to.

for a more dramatic statement. Even with no driveway, a dramatic entry point to your home from the street, such as a cottage-inspired fence, helps personalize the path towards your front door while also giving a landmark to direct guests to. Whether you choose to hang your house number on a porch post or add a pillar devoted solely to that purpose, or simply add it onto the mailbox, be sure it’s displayed clearly at the entrance for the convenience of visitors. Speaking of the mailbox, it needs to be easy to access, but it should also blend in with your surrounding landscape if on a post. Plantings around the base help soften it, particularly something with some height, but not tall enough to render a nuisance to use the box. If at all possible, whatever is planted around the mailbox should fit into your greater landscape plan but could also be as simple as having a few pots of blooming annuals at the base. A small hanging planter of trailing petunias, hung from underneath the mailbox, is another unexpected and charming way to soften the appearance of the post. As you move towards the house, it is important to keep pathways easy to navigate, while also making them inviting. They may be utilitarian in purpose, getting you from one place to another, but they also help set a tone for the entry into your home. A straight

Adding some plantings

path brings one’s attention straight to

around the foundation

the front door, while a more curving

will help soften the

path encourages one to slow down and

appearance of your home

take in the surroundings. Whether you

while also giving it a

choose poured concrete, pea gravel,

sense of belonging.

stone or brick pavers, there are a wide variety of materials to consider when creating pathways to your front door. Coordinating your walkway with the


July 2018

Laundry Room HACKS

No matter the size of your laundry room,

Enhance the beauty of your outdoors

there are numerous hacks that can help any size family streamline the laundry process. From creating space-saving folding stations and drying racks to utilizing door space, concealing dirty laundry and adding laundry guards to the tops of your machines, you’ll be able to put together a functional, organized and efficient space.

decorative Concrete pavers natural stone Manufactured stone

Don’t have enough room for a counter to fold clothes on? Consider creating a board that can span the tops of both the washer and dryer, giving you more space to fold and sort. You could even cover the board in a material that is iron-friendly. If you’re handy, you might even be able to create a solution that can fold down and back up on the wall or door when not in use to save a bit more space. If you have small spaces between the machines or against

Stop by one of our locations to learn about the many options.

Charlottesville 1000 Harris Street 434-296-7181

Culpeper 16299 Allied Way 540-829-7868

Zion Crossroads 9815 Three Notch Road 434-220-3209

a wall, consider storing a collapsible drying rack for bulky sweater seasons. Other ways to utilize the back of a door

Be Water Smart!

could include over-the-door shoe storage for small supplies or missing socks, simple hooks mounted on the door for additional space to hang laundry bags, or even for attaching an

CHECK for leaks from faucets & sprinklers

ironing board or retractable drying rack. Additional drying racks could be hung from the ceiling, such as a floating ladder-like

TWIST to tighten hose & pipe connections

rack, for drying and hanging clothing that have been pressed. If you hand-wash a lot of your clothing or have delicate items you prefer not to put in the dryer, a hanging rack is a smart investment. A built-in rack on the wall that you

REPLACE fixtures as necessary with WaterSense labeled products

can pull down when needed and retract when not in use could also be built-in.

Utilize City Rebates & Resources

For families whose laundry space is

$100 WaterSense Toilet Rebate $30 Rain Barrel Rebate Free Water Conservation Kits

frequently used or traveled through, concealing dirty laundry is a top priority. Something as simple as building shelves for storing sorting bins or bags for sports uniforms, towels, etc. can minimize the chaos. Placing the machines on pedestals can even provide space underneath for laundry baskets to slide into. No matter what you need to add to your laundry room, there is a way!

Check out the Charlottesville Water Conservation website for more information on saving water and money, fixing leaks, WaterWise landscapes, and more!




{inspiration home} color and style of your house is another

you can consider softening its appearance

idea many sometimes overlook. A stone,

or adding eye-catching focal points. Adding

brick or concrete paver walkway laid in a

some plantings around the foundation

stepping stone manner with groundcover

will help soften the appearance of your

planted in between is both informal and

home while also giving it a sense of

charming, and creates a lush appearance

belonging. These plantings are not limited

that is easy to maintain. A low creeping

to bushes; mixing together a variety of

perennial stays better than mulch or pea

plantings, such as shrubs, groundcovers

gravel, won’t need regular mowing and

and small trees, will undoubtedly make

can help crowd out weeds. When choosing

for a more interesting look. Care must

plants, keep in mind how much traffic and

be taken in planting close to the house,

sunlight they will get. Hardy ground cover

though. A good rule of thumb is to use

plants such as moss, creeping thyme,

half of the expected mature spread of

creeping jenny and a variety of creeping

the plant for determining the planting

sedums can all take a good bit of abuse.

distance. For example, a bush that could

These same ground cover plants can also be used to create definition to the

In addition to planting annuals near

softening the edges while blending them

the house, you should consider using them

into the surrounding landscape. If you

to add bright pops of color throughout the

prefer a more defined space, something

yard. Window boxes, hanging planters

taller like lambs ear, liriope, lavender

and other porch or front step container

or a perennial geranium are all hardy,

gardens give you an opportunity to add

attractive and easy to care for. Shrubs

color and charm that will appear lush and

could also be planted for a more formal

fresh. Geraniums, begonias and impatiens

appearance, but they will need to be

are hardy blooming annuals that can

maintained to avoid crowding the path

hold their own during a dry spell, tolerate

over time.

sun or some shade and will bloom from is



spring straight through to the first frost

consideration for your front paths and

of fall. While there is something classic

entries. Solar lanterns set along a path a

and welcoming about a single geranium

few inches above the ground are an easy

in a pot, the interest of several annuals

and inexpensive option without being

planted together cannot be beat. If

too obtrusive. If there are any steps or

interested in creating a container garden,

grade changes on your path, you’ll want

go for a variety of heights and colors.

to be sure you have some sort of light

Place a taller plant in the center like an

illuminating them at night for safety. Be

ornamental grass, coleus or tall blooming

sure to choose fixtures that shed their

plant like salvia and surround it with a

lights down and out, not up. Decorative

hardy blooming plant, such as a begonia,

lampposts at the end of a driveway


or at the meeting point between two

For a cascading effect, try tucking a

sidewalks are another way to stylishly tie

trailing plant or two, such as a sweet

in with light fixtures on your front porch.

potato vine or petunia, along the edge.

Downlights placed high in trees can be

Planting perennials requires even less

used to illuminate an entire area, giving

maintenance, and with a little planning,

a softer glow than a floodlight places on

a flower bed can bloom from the earliest

the side of a house or other buildings in

spring days straight through. A climbing

areas that might need a bit more lighting

rose is another beautiful touch, and if you

after dark. Although solar lighting is

train it to grow along a trellis or arbor,

inexpensive and eco-friendly, electrical

you’ll be left with a dramatic breathtaking

lighting provides brighter illumination,


is durable and allows you to be more creative with your curb appeal.


July 2018

from the house.

edges of your pathway and driveway,


As visitors make it to your front porch, also known as the public face of your home, you’ll want them to feel invited to stay a while.

grow 8 feet wide should be planted 4 feet

coleus, petunia



As visitors make it to your front porch, also known as the public face of your

When looking at your home and how

home, you’ll want them to feel invited

it blends into the surrounding landscape,

to stay a while. Adding a seating area

can create an outdoor room that will not only give your home a welcoming appearance but also give your family a spot to spend time together outdoors and engage with neighbors. A good idea is to approach furnishing your porch the way you would any other room on the inside of your house, selecting furnishings that are of scale with your space, that can also withstand the weather and that are comfortable to sit on. For larger porches,

an outdoor rug is a great way to define a more intimate space within the space. Even a small stoop is charmed by the addition of a potted plant and small chair or rocking chair in which to sit and enjoy a summer evening. All of this leads up to the primary focal point—the front door. A fresh coat of paint in a bright color can make it pop, especially something fun and unexpected like school bus yellow, orange, purple or bright blue. Contrasting it with the other colors in your exterior palate will set it apart and distinguish it from the street.

1221 Harris St 22903

A wreath or hanging swag on the front door adds a welcoming, homey touch, as does a cheerful welcome mat. Having the house numbers displayed clearly near

Come and see why we’re known for having the

the door is also helpful for visitors. There are any number of options available,

largest selection of plants in the Valley!

from traditional numbers, scripted font, address plaques or a clean, modern font in any manner of finishes. For a polished

your house numbers with the finish of details that will help pull your home’s exterior together. Finally, be sure to either pair the style of your house with the style of your

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appearance, coordinate the finish of the hardware on the front door; it’s the

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located on rt 340 about 3.5 miles south of i-64.

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landscaping or use the landscaping to soften the home’s features. However you wish to personalize the front entrance TM

of your home, consider it the red carpet of your house—both announcing and welcoming you and your guests to your little corner of the world.

Becky lives on an urban homestead with her husband, daughter and a gang of chickens. Follow their adventures at

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CharlottesvilleFamily's HOME July 2018  

Volume 19 Issue 7

CharlottesvilleFamily's HOME July 2018  

Volume 19 Issue 7