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Just Between Us…

volume 19 issue 7 PUBLISHERS

july 2018 Robin Johnson Bethke Jennifer Bryerton

CREATIVE DIRECTOR Robin Johnson Bethke EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Jennifer Bryerton

Dear Friends,


Earlier this summer while I recovered from the flu, the kids stepped up and did the chores and amused themselves. One afternoon, big sister ran into my


room in a panic, “The car window is shattered, and I didn’t do it. I don’t think I

did it! I didn’t do it, did I?” When I dragged myself out to inspect, it was indeed


in pieces.

Driving home from college the day before, she certainly would’ve noticed a hole in the window. Our sleuthing suggested a few other possible causes. The least interesting explanation was a rock kicked up from the mower that helpful

Barbara A. Tompkins Susan Powell

MARKETING CONSULTANTS Allison Muss, Carter Schotta,

Walter Scott, Jenny Stoltz HOME & GARDEN EDITOR Becky Calvert

teens had been pushing. So, we continued investigating. That week, in addition


to conducting a scientific study to demonstrate children can live on cereal and


Becky Calvert, Jennifer Carroll, Rick

Epstein, Sarah Healy, Whitney Woollerton

Morrill, Paul Osorio, Katharine Paljug,

Sarah Pastorek, Sarah Payne, Andrea

admitted that they often missed the target. Upon further discussion and eager

Roberts, Beth Seliga, Madison Stanley,

to solve the mystery, they even volunteered that it could have been when they

Bob Taibbi

were playing baseball near the car, too. (Cue giggling sisters.)

BOOKKEEPER Theresa Klopp

fruit for several days, the boys found the toy bow and arrow in the back of a closet and set it up themselves. I was happy they were outside—win! But, when interrogated by their two Nancy Drew–like sisters, the little brothers freely

While I would have much rather avoided the hassle and expense, no one was hurt. I made sure that our little Robin Hoods moved the target and promised to only play wiffle ball. So, I went back to bed, content that all had found a way to happily engage themselves in (mostly) innocent mischief that didn’t involve screens. Getting bored is one of the greatest things about summer I think. As our beloved Grammy Jam would say, “Kids need time to contemplate their navels!” They will invent games, build forts, think deeply, dust off neglected toys, paint masterpieces and generally make marvelous messes. Perhaps this is one of those “Se la vie” moments that also teach the kids some valuable lessons and, of course, make a great family story that will only get better with each retelling. Happy Summertime!


Christine DeLellis-Wheatley

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2004 Community Award Winner


July 2018

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New Mom 24 The Apgar Test

News 4

The Buzz Around Town 6  Do you feel paying your child an allowance for chores is effective?

Our Schools 8

Greer Students Learn a New Way to Harvest the Day’s Lessons

Out & About Calendar 10


Dear Bob 26 Your Parenting Questions Answered

Healthy Family 28 Supplemental Vitamins or Not?

Tips & Trends 30 Fabulous Finds and Fun

Welcome Your Little One Into the World with an English Garden Baby Shower

A Dozen Ways to Go Wild! 40

Celebrate Summer Together Amidst Our Great Outdoors

July Festivals & Events for Families

4th of July Fun! 18 Holiday Recipes & Events

Celebrate Baby! 32


Editor’s Pick!

2018 Baby Guide 34

As we celebrate our independence this July, what better additions than welcoming newborns into the world (pg 32) and taking advantage of all the wonderful outdoor daytrip options (pg 40).

Local Resources for Parents Alike

UNTIL NEXT TIME Daddy’s Lost Patrol 48  A Dad’s Humorous Tales

30 So Love This! “I am looking forward to celebrating this Independence Day with many local events and excited to try some of our recommended daytrip destinations (pg 40).” — Daniel, editorial intern



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local buzz

Ivy Publications proudly sponsors: Charlottesville Opera: Into the Woods

Celebration Independence Day! See page 18 for events, recipes & safety tips!

The Paramount Theater July 27 & 29, August 2, 4 & 5

Waldorf Students Contribute to Global Art Project Third and fourth grade students at Charlottesville Waldorf School used their class studies to create art pieces for the Global Art Project for Peace. While the fourth graders submitted a puzzle with animal imagery to encourage environmental appreciation, the third grade class opted to compile a book of watercolor paintings that visually represented their recording of “The Peace Round” by Jean Ritchie. Both compositions were sent to elementary schools in China as part of the project, an international movement born out of Tucson, Ariz., that has garnered participation from 93 countries across the world in an effort to foster global unity.


July 2018

Peabody Students Participate in World Peace Game Peabody School fifth grade students welcomed John Hunter, founder of the World Peace Game Foundation, to join in their own game. Culminating in Hunter’s arrival in May, the students began the game in April after months of preparation and collaboration with parents and staff. In the game, each student was designated as a leader of a country or international organization, and tasked with brainstorming solutions to global crises as they were introduced throughout the game. Hunter has been teaching the game to students since 1978, adding Peabody to a long list of schools that have encouraged their students to think critically in order to generate global solutions to pressing issues.

Arts Event Raises Thousands for County Schools The sixth annual “ArtFest in the West” event raised over $13,600 in support of the Albemarle County Public Schools arts education. The event served as both a fundraiser and a student arts showcase organized by nonprofit Arts in Western Education (AWE). Participants were able to see student concerts, theatrical productions and ceramic demonstrations, as well as a host of other engaging activities. As a result of the event’s success, AWE will fund 12 grants submitted by teachers from Western Albemarle High School, Henley Middle School, Brownsville Elementary, Crozet Elementary and Meriwether Lewis Elementary. The event provides area students with an opportunity not only to display their passion for the arts but also to share its necessity in local schools.

Nonprofit Helps Girls with Illnesses Meet Paw Patrol Thanks to Casey Cares, a nonprofit that provides recreational resources for children battling terminal or critical illnesses, two young girls met their favorite cartoon characters in person. Five-year-old Sophia Kozak, who has spent the majority of her life battling a lung disease known as bronchiectasis, and 4-year-old Bianca Do, who was diagnosed with leukemia at age 2, had their dreams come true when they were invited to go backstage after the performance of “Paw Patrol Live!” at John Paul Jones Arena. The two were treated to a private meet-and-greet with their favorite furry friends for a truly unforgettable experience.

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July 2018

“I think it helps teach responsibility and commitment to something outside of their comfort zone. If they complete the chore, they get something out of it besides a feeling of accomplishment. To be honest, isn’t that why we as adults work jobs—to be paid as well as feel accomplishment for our hard work? Why would we expect children to behave differently? My little one is too young to be paid money, but he gets to earn a reward if he completes his chores without too much fuss and whining. This makes him stay excited about doing chores and doing them correctly.” – Liz B. “We have conversations about the things he is doing to let him know how he is helping the family. We create chore charts as a family that change to keep our 5-yearold interested and to make sure they are things that won’t be overwhelming.” – Atticus’ Mom “Although intrinsic motivation is the ultimate goal, many children are able to clearly understand the value of objects, such as toys and money. Additionally, there is a lot of value in teaching earning/saving/ spending at a young age.” – Collette, mother of a toddler & 1st grade teacher

“Children need to learn that they are a part of the family and that their contribution is not cause for monetary reward. Of course, I always want to give affirmation, but I don’t think they should expect to be paid for something that simply is part of their responsibility.” – Kelly, mother of three “I feel that all children above the age of 4 or 5 should be responsible for certain chores. Everyone in a family should help share responsibility for the routine cleaning of the house, caring for the pets, etc. Parents should not pay a child for routine chores, but I think that paying for additional chores would be effective.” – Eileen M., mother of four “Chores in our family are just expected of everyone who lives there, including our small children. Allowance (or as we call it, ‘treat money’) is separate.” – Cate, Albemarle mother of two “I will pay them for chores that are ‘out of the ordinary’—things they come up with that are not typical daily chores.” – Melissa S., Lake Monticello

Visit to answer next month’s question:

Would you allow your son to play “dress up” with the girls?

Charlottesville Catholic School Surpasses Read-a-thon Goal Once again, Charlottesville Catholic School (CCS) students surpassed their goal in their annual, weeklong read-a-thon. This year, the students selected the Boys and Girls Club and the CCS Capital Campaign as their two charities for which they would raise money. At the end of the week, the students not only raised $4,500 for the two charities but also surpassed their reading goal of 100,001, ending with 150,000 pages. Additionally, at the school-wide assembly, the students doused Principal Michael Riley and Assistant Principal Vada Fallica with hamburger condiments as a part of the challenge proposed by the principal prior to the start of the read-a-thon. The event, organized by Librarian Michelle Banaszak, has become a new school tradition that provides students with the opportunity to engage with the community while also promoting literacy.

Local Dancers Perform at Disney World Charlottesville Dance Ambassadors from iDance Ministry performed at Disney’s “Dance the World Disney” event during the Magic Kingdom parade this summer. Aliyah, Valdon, Ananda and Aaliyah also danced in a special Epcot showcase to exhibit their unique style. Dance the World Disney is an annual performance festival that allows dancers to showcase their talent in front of the thousands of guests visiting the Walt Disney World Resort. The Dance Ambassadors, who recently received the High Gold award at the Maryland Starbound Competition, features young dancers from Charlottesville and Greene County. Their next event will be at Hershey Park, Pa., on July 29.

Spend your summer at acac!

Join to receive $0 enrollment and your first month free!

Learn more:

Amenities vary by club location. Must be redeemed by July 31, 2018. Some restrictions apply.

Albemarle Square | 434.978.3800 Crozet | 434.817.2055

Downtown | 434.984.3800 Pantops | 434.529.8136


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rah H by Sa

Buffalo Wild Wings, 431 Gander Dr. Dovetail Design & Cabinetry, opened new showroom in Staunton

Greer Students Learn a New Way to Harvest the 2nd Day’s Lessons Annual It isn’t often that a class of second graders gets to supply the ingredients for a visiting chef’s preparation of a gourmet salad, and on an elementary school’s menu no less. That’s just what happened as our school year wound down at Greer Elementary School. Second graders and students from Emily Bell’s class collaborated all year on the planting, nourishing, weeding, watering and harvesting of a fine crop of vegetables. They had help from Piedmont Master Gardeners, who generally mentor gardeners that are quite a bit older than 7 years old. In addition to their expertise and that of JABA volunteers, the Master Gardeners supplied two grants that were used to purchase all the necessary supplies to begin a projectbased learning lesson that extended throughout the entire school year. Elements of math, science, language arts and history were incorporated into the lessons, but even more important than the knowledge gained were the skills that were developed. Children learned about responsibility and the value of being focused on a goal, as well as health and nutrition. Since several of the students on the project were newcomers, either to our school or even our country, and their familiarity with our culture was new, students learned about caring and collaboration in a very understandable way.

Excitement around our garden “Play for Preemies”

became a universal language, expressed and understood by each student’s daily chores and in the plants that grew larger each week. A favorite part of the project was not the health of the plants themselves but the partnerships between students and their adult mentors. Community engagement is so fundamental to the success of our students at Greer, and it’s what makes our school community such a powerful learning environment for all. Each year, members of our community from all walks of life visit our school as guest readers to promote literacy and talk about their interests and careers. Our fifth graders hold a monthly panel discussion with men and women who discuss their life experiences and how their own education transitioned them from elementary school students to successful professionals. Our garden is located in beautiful planters sited just beyond the bus loop. It was the first sight that greeted the children every day of the just concluded school year. That was important. We wanted the children to begin every day by being reminded that learning is fun, that there are people in the community who care deeply about their learning, and that learning doesn’t stop at the classroom door. Oh, by the way, our students ate all their salad. Another valuable lesson learned.

Encore Kids Clothing & Resale, 5786B Three Notch’d Road Mod Pizza, 1200 Emmet St., Suite 130 The Pie Chest, second location 1518 East High St. Renewal, 1106 W. Main St.

RELOCATIONS Villa Diner will relocate to 1250 Emmet St.

CLOSINGS Carpe Cafe, 969 2nd St SE Restaurant Pomme, 115 S Main St

ANNOUNCEMENTS The Albemarle County School Board appointed five new elementary school principals: Jill Lee at Mary Carr Greer, Kimberly Candler at Hollymead, Nancy McCullen at Red Hill, Staci England at Scottsville and LaTishia Wilson at Stony Point. The American School Counselor Association (ASCA) announced Albemarle High School’s Student Services program is a Recognized ASCA Model Program (RAMP), the first school in central Virginia to be recognized. Buford Middle School’s Orchestra Director, Don Brubaker, will retire after 19 years. The Green County Public School division broke ground on a $28 million expansion project that includes William Monroe middle and high schools and Ruckersville Elementary.

Submit Biz Bits to: Sarah just completed her 12th year bringing innovative learning into Greer’s classrooms.


July 2018



Flag Football Game Supports Global Water Initiative

In an effort to support and raise money for the the country can support the Waterboys initiative by Waterboys Initiative, St. Anne’s-Belfield School (STAB) encouraging teammates, family and fans to donate to hosted a friendly flag football game between the boys the cause and support the construction of accessible Varsity and JV athletes and the Learning Village club drinking sites. Other area schools have also started students. The game allowed for a fun interaction up their own campaigns to support the cause. Howie between younger and older athletes in addition to kickLong, NFL Hall of Famer and father to Chris Long, starting student Isabella Frank’s #VarsityWater social attended the event to express support from the Long media campaign, which supports the initiative started family. Delighted by the turnout, Frank expressed a by NFL defensive end Chris Long. Long, an alum of STAB, willingness to continue the campaign in order to raise created the Waterboys campaign as a means of uniting further awareness for the cause as well as unite her local players and fans alike to provide clean drinking water community while making a global impact. to rural, East African communities. Players from across 1111 YMCA CF 1-3ad JULY_Layout 1 5/31/18 8:18 AM Page 1

Voted Charlottesville’s Favorite Chiropractor 2009 - 2018

Happy 1st Birthday to the

Brooks Family YMCA

Dr. Michelle Heppner 2 0 1 4

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{our town calendar}



FESTIVALS & FAIRS Green Valley Book Fair

Now through July 19 at 2192 Green Valley Ln, Mt. Crawford 500,000 new books at incredible bargain prices. 800-385-0099,

JULY 2018

Check out our online calendar for more local family events and fun!

July 18–21 at Madison County Fair Grounds Enjoy the carnival, home exhibits, livestock and animal shows, kids’ fun tent, contests, a magic show, aerialists, demolition derby and more. 540-948-7073,

Cool Community Benefit Square Dance

BLM Bull & Rodeo YOU CAN HELP!

Madison County Fair

Now through September 8, Second Saturdays, 5:30pm gates open, 6pm music, 7:15 bull riding at Oakland Heights Farm, Gordonsville Enjoy live music, mutton busting and ladies barrel racing with vendors and food concessions benefiting the Gordonsville Fire Department. 540-222-1824,

Orchard Jams

Now through September, Final Fridays, 6–9pm at Chiles Peach Orchard, Crozet Relax with live music and food in the Peach Tree Courtyard while playing corn hole and other lawn games. Music begins at 6pm. 434-823-1583,

Tuesday Tunes With Meadow Mountain July 10, 5:30–8:30pm at James Monroe’s Highland Bring the family with a blanket and chairs to enjoy local music, local food and beverages at this three-part concert series. 434-293-8000,

Red Wing Roots Music Festival

July 13–15 at Natural Chimneys Park, Mt. Solon Family-friendly celebration with national and regional bands, kids’ activities, bike rides in the scenic Shenandoah Valley and close access to great hiking and fishing. 540-245-5727,

Waynesboro Summer Extravaganza

July 14, 10am–10:30pm at Ridgeview Park, Waynesboro Arts & crafts vendors, cloggers, magicians, live music, amusement rides and food. A 5K & 10K race start at 8am with grand finale fireworks in the evening. 540-942-6735,

13th Annual Blue Ridge Mountain Music Fest

July 14, 12–6pm at Dunlop Pavilion, Wintergreen Resort Bring your fiddle, jam out and enjoy this daylong event filled with top Bluegrass artists. 434-325-8292,

July 20, 7:30–10pm at Rockfish Valley Volunteer Fire Department A night of country fun featuring a live square dance caller and refreshments. 434-361-2470,


Shenandoah Valley Music Festival

July 20–September 2 at Shrine Mont Camp & Conference Center, Orkney Springs One of the mid-Atlantic region’s longestrunning outdoor music events with world-class music by a stellar array of performers. 540-459-3396,

Blackberry Delight

July 21, 10am–5pm at Skyland Skyland chefs create special blackberry-infused dishes as part of a celebration with live music, dancing, local crafts, pony rides and kids’ activities. 877-847-1919,

CURED Bacon Festival

July 21, 1–5pm at Sprint Pavilion Sample bacon-themed dishes from Charlottesville’s finest locally owned restaurants. 434-245-4910,

4th Annual SK8 Nelson Festival

YOU CAN July 21, 4–9pm at Rockfish Valley HELP! Community Center, Afton Support SK8 Nelson at this event with live music, MinPin Memorial Skate Jam, Games of Skate and Best Trick Contest, and food and beverages. 434-361-0100,

5th Annual Super Peach Sunday

July 22, 11am–5pm at Drumheller’s Orchard, Lovingston An afternoon of peaches, peach ice cream, peach milk shakes, peach samples, peach product, live music, food and a designated kids’ zone. 434-263-5036,


CURED Bacon Festival

July 21, 1–5pm at Sprint Pavilion. See this page.


July 2018

July 25–29 in Floyd, Va A four-day celebration of music and art featuring more than 50 performers, artisans and crafters, food and more. 888-VA-FESTS,

Albemarle County Fair

July 26–28, 4–9pm Thursday, 10am–9pm Friday and Saturday at James Monroe’s Highland An agricultural celebration with farm animals, craft exhibits, live music, activities, children’s rides, contests and programs for the entire family. 434-293-2725,



4532 STONY POINT ROAD • $555,000 This elegant c. 1939 farmhouse is on 9+ acres just north of Stony Point and convenient to town. Classic four-over-four with spacious, light-filled rooms. Peaceful view of the lake and Southwest Mountains. Also offered with additional 23.67 acres. Dennis Woodriff (434) 531-0140. MLS# 576379

102 BAYLOR PLACE • $375,000 This Earthcraft Certified home in Carter’s View is brimming with upgrades. Hardwood floors, gas fireplace with granite surround, gourmet kitchen with breakfast bar. Rear patio with pergola facing the mountains. Shannon Thomas (434) 882-1761 or Sydney Robertson MLS# 577903

Louisa County Agricultural Fair

July 27 & 28 at Louisa Fireman Fairgrounds Come out for pure country fun with barbeques, live bands, 4-H projects and much more. 540-894-3275,

7th Annual Peach Day Festival

July 28, 9am–3pm at Graves Mountain Lodge, Syria Enjoy peach ice cream, peach preserves and fresh peaches along with live music, food, craft vendors, hayrides, pony rides and swimming at the pool. 540-923-4231,


Summer Fest

July 29, 10am–3pm at Liberty Mills Farm, Somerset Special flower pricing for buckets and bouquets, fresh fruit, a zucchini bake-off contest, watermelon seed spitting contest, tractor powered ice cream machine, farm market, grilled hot dogs, local vendors and more. 434-882-6293,

MARKETS & BAZAARS Featured Farmer Fridays

Now through September 8, 11am–5pm at Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards, North Garden A mini farmers market every Friday in the tasting room veranda. 434-202-8063,

2530 LAKE ALBEMARLE ROAD • $995,000

Truly unique opportunity on immaculate, private 10+ acre lot! Over 6,100 fin sq ft in main house, plus separate dependency above garage. Thoughtfully designed home with custom additions throughout; gorgeous workmanship on extensive built-ins and cabinetry. Terrace level with huge rec room, combo, and bonus room. Immaculate screened rear porch. Outdoor oasis with huge front & rear yards, basketball court, terraced garden beds, gazebo, expansive rear patio. Erin Garcia (434) 981-7245. MLS# 576699



575 MILFORD ROAD • $799,900 Extraordinary 6+ park-like acres on Rivanna Reservoir waterfront just mins to town. Idyllic private setting with stone and brick walkways, mature hardwoods and blooming perennials. Wellproportioned spaces and sweeping views. Kristin Cummings Streed (434) 409-5619. MLS# 576389

2740 WILLOW OAK CIRCLE • $549,500 Fantastic setting for this highly functional home. Several living spaces on 1st floor, plus bonus room (5th bed/ office/rec room). Enjoy the outdoor play zones, front yard tree swing, secret garden, expansive Deck, and firepit. Unfinished basement provides ample Storage. Tommy Brannock (434) 981-1486. MLS# 577324

Madison Farmers Market

Now through September 29, Saturdays, 8am–12pm at Madison County Volunteer Fire Company Come to the Farmers Market to shop, eat and browse. 540-948-6882,

Albemarle Farmers Market

Now through September, Saturdays, 8:30am– 1pm at Hollymead Town Center New farmers market at Hollymead Town Center. 434-531-2733,

Crozet Farmers Market

Now through October 13, Saturdays, 8am– 12pm at Crozet United Methodist parking lot Locally grown vegetables, plants, cut flowers, homemade baked goods, handcrafted jewelry, woodcraft and pottery. 434-823-1092


434.977.4005 W W W . L O R I N G W O O D R I F F . C O M


{our town calendar} Forest Lakes Farmers Market

Enjoy an all-you-can-eat pancake breakfast before strolling the farm market for delicious fruit and unique gift items. 434-823-1583,

Now through October, Tuesdays, 4–7pm at Forest Lakes South Local produce, plants, meats and eggs, home-baked goods, jams and more. 434-531-2733,


Farmers in the Park

Now through October, Wednesdays, 3–7pm at Meade Park Charlottesville’s first growers only market. Farm fresh veggies, fruit, baked goods, plants and much more. 434-970-3371,

City Market

Now through October, Saturdays, 7am–12pm, at Second and Water Street parking lots Visit for fresh local produce, plants, and plenty of homemade goodies and crafts. 434-970-3371,

Scottsville Community Farmers Market Now through November 3, Saturdays, 8am–12pm at Scottsville Pavilion Enjoy local produce, meat, eggs, baked goods, flowers, jams and hand-crafted items in historic Scottsville. 434-286-9267,


Summer Celebration Series

Now through September 1, Saturdays, 7pm at Boar’s Head Inn Outdoor screenings of family-friendly movies. Bring a blanket or lawn chair, and enjoy an array of food and beverage options. 434-979-7105,

Free Family Film Series

July 4–25, Wednesdays, 10:30am at Violet Crown Cinema Grab some popcorn and enjoy a free familyfriendly movie. Afterwards, redeem your ticket stub at the Virginia Discovery Museum for halfprice same-day admission. 434-529-3000,

Justin Roberts and the Not Ready for Naptime Players at Cville Family Jams

July 8, 4–7pm at Fry’s Spring Beach Club Relax at FSBC’s pools, grounds and cafe before seeing Justin Roberts and his band, with proceeds benefiting Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Blue Ridge. 434-296-4181,

Pancake Breakfasts at Chiles Peach Orchard

Now through November, Weekends, 10am– 12pm at Chiles Peach Orchard, Crozet

Field of Dreams at CHS Ballpark

July 13, 6pm game at Charlottesville High School Enjoy a free screening of Field of Dreams immediately following the Tom Sox baseball game. Rain date July 14. Arrive early for food trucks, beverages and a live DJ. 434-982-5277,

Knuffle Bunny: A Cautionary Musical

July 13–August 12 at The Children’s Theatre at Willow Lawn, Richmond A wacky, heart-warming tale of kerfuffle perfect for kids and adults alike. 804-282-2620,

Moana Movie Matinee

July 14, 2–4:30pm at Gordon Avenue Library Come watch Disney’s Moana, rated PG, and enjoy free popcorn and drinks. 434-296-5544,

Shakespeare in Scottsville: Love’s Labour’s Lost

July 14–15, 7pm Saturday, 3pm Sunday at Christ Church, Scottsville A performance of one of Shakespeare’s earliest comedies from a cast of youth aged 9–16. 434-286-3629,

BABIES IN ARTLAND: July 10 Art conversation, with baby coos and cries encouraged. PICTURES & PAGES: July 11 Story time with Children’s Librarian Glynis Welte. FAMILY ART JAMs: July 21 Age-appropriate tours with hands-on art activities. TODDLERS IN ARTLAND: July 24 Introduction to development theory. FUN FOR THE YOUNG: July 25 Explore artwork through observation, play and projects. or 434.243.2050

Be an InsIder Get the latest updates on area fun and news!

Visit us at and sign up for our weekly E-Newsletter packed with calendar highlights, daytrip ideas, and much more!


July 2018

Weekdays at 9:00 am & 2:30 pm Saturday & Sunday at 8:00 am


Mister G at Cville Family Jams YOU CAN HELP!

July 15, 4–7pm at Fry’s Spring Beach Club Relax at FSBC’s pools, grounds, and cafe before Mister G performs at 5pm to benefit International Neighbors. 434-296-4181,

Chicken Little: The Sky is Falling

July 3, 10:30–11:30am at Central Library Enjoy Bright Star Theatre’s modern twist on this classic story. 434-979-7151,

Tag Along, Sing Along (Young Audiences of VA)

Kids are Free

July 5–August 31 at James Madison’s Montpelier Free admission to all children (14 and under) who visit with a paying adult for any daily tour. 540-672-2728,

July 17, 10:30–11:30am at Central Library Join Einstein’s Monkey in a show full of dancing, clapping, and singing along to songs that celebrate joy and life through upbeat rock music. 434-979-7151,

The Cocoanuts

July 19–July 29 at Culbreth Theatre, UVA Enjoy a tour-de-farce romp with this deliciously silly musical that is perfect for the whole family. 434-924-3376,

Afternoon at the Movies

July 26, 2–4pm at Crozet Library An afternoon movie rated G or PG. Registration is required. 434-823-4050,

July 10 & 24, 3–3:30pm at Gordon Avenue Library Enjoy listening to stories, rhymes and songs in both Spanish and English. Recommended grades K–2. Registration required. 434-296-5544,

African Folktales

Charlottesville Opera: “Into the Woods” July 27–August 5 at The Paramount Theater Stephen Sondheim’s “Into the Woods” weaves together several fairy tales. A special one-hour family performance will take place August 5. Ivy Publications is a proud sponsor! 434-293-4500,

Bilingual Storytime: La hora de los cuentos

July 11, 10–11am at Crozet Library Bright Star Theatre introduces a variety of characters and stories from folktale traditions across Africa. 434-823-4050,

Pictures & Pages With Glynis Welte

docents invite the youngest art patrons to explore the Museum and share stories, music and movement. Ages 2–4. 434-243-2050,

African Folktales

July 11, 2–3pm at Gordon Avenue Library Bright Star Theatre introduces a variety of characters and stories from folktale traditions across Africa. 434-296-5544,

Dreamtime: Tales From Down Under

July 12, 4–5pm at Northside Library Experience the magic of stories from the Australian Dreamtime with the Barefoot Puppet Theatre. 434-973-7893,

Juggling With Jason LeBlanc

July 13, 4–5pm at Crozet Library Be amazed at Jason LeBlanc’s juggling feats before giving you a chance to learn some tricks of your own. 434-823-4050,

Dig It! Montpelier Archaeology Tour

July 14, August 18, September 15 & October 27, 1–2pm at James Madison’s Montpelier See sites that have been located by the archaeology department and explore the ongoing excavations and analysis being conducted. 540-672-2728,

July 11, 10–11:45am at The Fralin Museum of Art Start with a book and then go look as

Castle Hill Cider, a place to celebrate.

Sunset Music Series 5–9pm 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month

Friday Happy Hour 5–8pm Starts June 1st, every other Friday Music and Food Truck

Come visit. Drink our award-winning ciders. Wander the gorgeous grounds. Enjoy live music. We trust you’ll enjoy our rich history, and perhaps even create some of your own. We have daily tasting hours of 11-5, and host special events like weddings, corporate parties, and small gatherings —all sure to create beautiful memories. 434.296.0047 • • 6065 Turkey Sag Road, Keswick


{our town calendar} Charlottesville Ballet Academy’s Storybook Workshop

July 16, 4–5pm at Central Library A story-based workshop that teaches flexibility, cooperation and musicality. Discover classical ballets, ballet terms, and music and scenery. Ages 6–9. Registration required. 434-979-7151,

Movement, Music & Me (Young Audiences of VA)

July 24, 10:30–11:30am at Central Library Atumpan uses traditional African instruments to explore community while encouraging the audience to join in with rhythm, dance, and call and response. 434-979-7151,

Reptiles Alive

Rolling on the Rivanna

July 17, 3–4pm at Gordon Avenue Library Learn about the wildlife, ecology and importance of the Rivanna River, its tributaries, and watershed. Ages 6+, younger siblings welcome with an adult caregiver. Registration required. 434-296-5544,

The New Adventures of Tom Sawyer

July 18, 10–11am at Crozet Library Join Impressions Theatre as Tom and Huck set out on a grand adventure. 434-823-4050,

July 26, 4–5pm at Northside Library Learn snake secrets and laugh at lizard stories and turtle tales as you meet and learn about reptiles from all over the world. 434-973-7893,

Sensory Storytime

July 27, 10:30–11am at Gordon Avenue Library A program designed for preschool children who may be on the autism spectrum, have sensory processing issues, or feel overwhelmed by noises or crowds. Ages 3–4. Registration required. 434-296-5544,

Night at the Museum

July 19, 5–9pm at Kluge-Ruhe Aboriginal Art Museum Explore the exhibitions after hours and enjoy food, libations, live music and a kids’ zone with Australian-themed children’s activities. 434-244-0234,

ARTS & CRAFTS Pixel Perler Bead Art

July 14, 10:30–11:15am at Northside Library Create your own pixel art out of perler beads. Ages 7–11. Registration required. 434-973-7893,

MORE INFO (434) 293-4500 Celebrating our



July 16, 2–3pm at Crozet Library Cool off in the library and have a great time creating a piece of art to decorate your room. Ages 7–12. Registration required. 434-823-4050,

LEGO Block Party

July 16, 6–7:30pm at Northside Library Join fellow LEGO builders to construct legendary masterpieces and participate in an optional challenge for builders looking to test their skills. Ages 11–18. 434-973-7893,

Let’s Go Paint and Sketch

July 19, 9:30–11:30am at Monticello Flower gardener Debbie Donley provides tools and inspiration for budding artists and their grownups to paint and sketch amid Monticello gardens. 434-984-9800,

SPORTS & OUTDOORS Sunset Music Series July 5 & 19, 5–9pm at Castle Hill Cider Enjoy live music, local food trucks, bocce ball, cornhole, disk golf and other lawn games, all surrounding the outdoor tasting room. 434-296-0047,


Saturday, August 4 | 9am - 3pm East Rivanna Fire Hall 3501 Steamer Drive, Keswick (Off Richmond Rd, US 250 East at Glenmore) Over 70 vendor tables Operating train layouts Raffle Prizes Adult Admission $5.00 Children 12 and under FREE

Into the Woods

July 27, 29M and August 2, 4, 5M*

* A special, one hour long

student performance at 2:00 PM! Tickets are $12 for those 18 and under and $25 for adults.

Fun for the whole family! For more information, call 434.981.5924 14

July 2018


3rd Annual Fireball Dash and Splash

July 7, 10am–2pm at 4th Street, Elkton Begin with a one-mile DASH (or walk) to Riverside Park and then float one-mile down the Shenandoah River to the finish line. Proceeds benefit the Epilepsy Foundation of Virginia. 540-908-3400,

Sunday Sundowns

July 8 & August 5, 4–7pm at Washington Park Pool Join in an afternoon of fun with a cookout, music, games and free swimming at Washington Park Pool. 434-970-3260,

8th Annual Jefferson Sprint Triathlon & Duathlon

July 15, 7:30am–2pm adults, 11am–2pm kids dash at Crozet Park/YMCA This family-friendly, neighborhood event features a sprint Triathalon, Duathalon and a Youth USAT Splash and Dash. 434-205-4380,

After Hours: Library Mini Golf

July 20, 6–8pm at Central Library See the inside of the library transformed into 9 rounds of fun. Enjoy three rounds of golf on each floor ranging from easy to hard. Balls and clubs provided. 434-979-7151,

Mascots for a Cure Night YOU CAN HELP!

July 21, 7pm at TomSox field, Charlottesville High School Join several local mascots as they help fight childhood cancer. Proceeds will go to the Bradley W. Jackson Foundation fund at UVA Children’s Hospital.

All That You Imagine Boating To Be! Imagine the Joy of Boating...


NO Hassles NO Maintenance NO Cleaning

Dry Ice, Ice Cream

July 9, 6:30–8:30pm at Northside Library Escape the summer sizzle while learning the science of making ice cream. Ages 11–18. Registration required. 434-973-7893,

Over 160 locations across North America


July 11, 4–5pm at Northside Library Join instructor Kangyoon Bae to learn the history of break-dancing and enjoy the routines as you learn some basic dance moves. No experience required. Registration required. 434-973-7893,

A Lifetime of Affordable Memories!

Job Fair With Virginia Workforce Center July 13, 1–4pm at Northside Library Sit down and chat with representatives from a variety of local employers. Join one hour prior for a workshop on job interviewing techniques. Ages 16+. 434-973-7893,

3 LOCATIONS: Lake Anna –Woodbridge–Portsmouth JOIN THE CLUB | CALL 703.640.4451


{our town calendar}

Indigo Girls with The War and Treaty



Charlottesville Municipal Band Summer Concert July 17, 7:30pm at The Paramount Theater. See this page.

Tape Resist Paint Party

Zach Deputy

Stranger Things 80s Night

Albemarle CiderWorks 9th Anniversary

National Teen Lock-In 2018

Charlottesville Municipal Band Summer Concert

July 23, 6–8pm at Gordon Avenue Library Create fantastic geometric designs on canvas using a tape resist technique. Ages 14+. Registration required. 434-296-5544,



September 28

July 24, 6:30–8pm at Crozet Library Enjoy Eggos, life-sized Pac-Man, Dungeons & Dragons, and music, movies and snacks from the 1980s. Grades 7–12. Registration required. 434-823-4050,

July 27, 6–9pm at Central Library Interact with teens from other libraries while enjoying online visits with authors, contests, crafts, games, food and more. Grades 6–12. Registration required. 434-979-7151,

Musicals Sing-Along: A TAB-Hosted Hangout

July 28, 3:30–4:30pm at Crozet Library Share your love of Broadway and movie musicals. You choose the songs, everyone sings along together. Registration required. 434-823-4050,


July 7 & August 4, 5–6pm beer tasting at Devils Backbone Basecamp Brewpub & Meadows Enjoy amazing tunes, brews and views with pop-up beer tastings, too. You can even camp in the new Devils Backbone Camp. 434-361-1001,

Charlottesville Opera Presents The Marriage of Figaro

ALL SHOWS ON SALE NOW TICKETS:, Downtown Visitor Center, 877-CPAV-TIX

July 8, 12 & 14 The Paramount Theater A world-class cast performs one of Mozart’s best-loved operas. 434-979-1333,

Indigo Girls

July 11, 7pm at Sprint Pavilion The Indigo Girls return to Charlottesville. 877-272-8849,


July 2018

July 12, 9pm at The Southern Cafe & Music Hall Also feature South Hill Banks. 434-977-5590,

July 14, 2–6pm at Albemarle CiderWorks Celebrate good cider and good times at Albemarle CiderWorks. Live music from Small Town Rodeo, cider and games on the lawn. 434-297-2326,

July 17, 7:30pm at The Paramount Theater Enjoy a free performance by the Charlottesville Municipal Band. 434-295-9850,

Sauces 101 Cooking Class

July 18, 6–9pm at Pippin Hill Farm and Vineyards, North Garden Approximately one hour of hands-on cooking followed by a seated dinner with Chef Ian Rynecki. Reservations required. 434-202-8063,

Muse – Drone World Tour Broadcast

July 18, 8pm at The Paramount Theater The concert movie includes never-before-seen special effects along with exclusive insights from the band. 434-979-1333,

Junk Food Pairing at Horton

July 21, 12–4pm at Horton Vineyards Enjoy an afternoon of wine and junk food pairings. 540-832-7440,

The Mountaintop

July 26–August 5 at Ruth Caplin Theatre On the stormy evening before his assassination, Dr. Martin Luther King has a chance encounter with a mysterious maid at the Lorraine Motel. This play reimagines Dr. King’s final hours as he confronts his innermost thoughts and fears. 434-924-3376,


2018 Summer ConCertS

Our 96th Season!

Tuesday, July 3 | 7:30pm | Paramount Theater Wednesday, July 4 | 9am | Monticello Tuesday, July 17 | 7:30pm | Paramount Theater Tuesday, July 31 | 7:30pm | Paramount Theater Tuesday, August 14 | 7:30pm | MLKPAC

2018 Fall ConCert Stephen R. Layman, Music Director

Ninety-Second Summer Season Stephen R. Layman, Music Director

Sunday, October 14 | 3:30pm | PVCC Dickinson Auditorium

at the

of the Community since 1922 Paramount Theater Soundtrack Ninety-Second Summer Season Tues. 6/3 8:00 p.m.

atGreat the American Composers

Tues. 6/17 8:00 p.m.

Guest Artists: U.S Army Chorus

Paramount Theater

Tues. 7/1 8:00 p.m.

Tues. 6/3 8:00 p.m.

Bernstein, Copland & Gershwin

from Washington D.C.

From the Classical World Great American James Simmons and Composers

Photo: Rob Garland

Bernstein, Copland & Gershwin

Charles Torian, guest conductors

Tues. 7/15 8:00 p.m.

Music from Stage and Screen

7/29 8:00 p.m.Guest Artists: Family Tues. 6/17 8:00Tues.p.m. U.SNight Army Chorus Gary Fagan, guest conductor from Washington OPEND.C.

Want MoreCelebrate the Big Bands now Adventures? 8:00 p.m. From the Classical World

Books, gifts, and more at the

Tues. 8/12 8:00 p.m.

Tues. 7/1

All concerts are FREE and open to the public. Seating is General Admission. Doors open at 7:30 Ensemble Lobby Concerts at 7:15 prior to each performance.


flip for Home Guide



Tues. 7/15 8:00 p.m. GO-TO


Jamesthrough Simmons and TH Charles Torian, guest conductors

july 19

Music from Stage and Screen HOURS Mon. – Thurs. Fri. – Sat. 10amFamily 10 – 5pm am – 6pm Night

What you need to know for where you need to go!

Tues. 7/29 8:00 p.m.

Gary Fagan, guest conductor

ips Organizer Daytr Directory & More!

Sun. Noon – 5pm


Celebrate the Big Bands

Tues. 8/12 8:00 p.m.

Pick up a copy of our Ultimate Guide, All concertsGo-To are FREE and open to the public. filled with overis50 tried Admission. Seating General and true daytrip options Doors open at 7:30 around the area. Ensemble Lobby Concerts at 7:15 prior to each performance. CharlottesvilleFamily’s Ultimate Go-To Guide 2017-2018

.com Daytrips • Organizer • Directory & More!

Visit for a preview and other open dates. Only 1 hour from Charlottesville.

Celebration of America Saturday, July 7TH 10am – 1pm

Live music, family activities, and more!

2192 Green Valley Ln., Mt. Crawford, VA 22841


Something for everyone – all up to 90% off retail prices!


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CVFM18 *no cash value


{our town July 4th}


July 2018

Happy Independence Day!

CharlottesvilleFamily’s Summer Guide to Area Events and Recipes to Help You Start July with a Bang!

Picnics, sparklers, fresh juicy watermelon and Virginia bluegrass played live are just a few of the summer delights you may enjoy this 4th of July with your children. To make parenting a little bit easier, we’ve gathered here all the best 4th of July events, seasonal recipes and tips to make your summer holiday sizzle!


{our town July 4th}

celebratory recipes


July 2018

A White Chocolate Strawberry Tart

As I sat and stared at the berries we had gathered, I dreamt of all the possibilities that the little bushel held—homemade jam, butter, pie, ice cream, oh the list could go on and on. But, I knew I didn’t have a limitless supply, so I decided on a White Chocolate Strawberry Tart. It includes so many favorite flavors, from white chocolate, cream cheese and vanilla to strawberries! INGREDIENTS • 1 ready-to-bake pie crust • 24 strawberries, sliced (depending on size you may need a few more or less) • 1 8 oz. package cream cheese (softened) • 1 cup whipping cream • 1/2 cup white chocolate chips (add more or less depending on your desired sweetness) • 1 teaspoon vanilla INSTRUCTIONS 1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Very lightly grease your tart pan(s). I used two mini pans, but you could use one large pan if you prefer. If using two pans, unroll dough and divide dough in half. Place dough on the pans and bake for about 10 minutes or until lightly golden. Once cooked, set aside to cool. 2. Using a handheld mixer, blend the cream cheese and vanilla until smooth and well combined. Place white chocolate chips

Cranberry Green Tea Spritzer

in a bowl and microwave in 30-second intervals until melted, and be sure to stir before each heating. Once melted, combine with the cream cheese and vanilla, and then set aside. 3. With the whisk attachment of your mixer, whip the whipping cream until thick and creamy. This takes several minutes, but you’ll know you are done when you pull the whisk attachment out and it creates a small peak. Using a rubber spatula, fold in about half of the whipping cream to the cream cheese mixture. Once that is well combined, gently fold in the rest. Try not to over mix this, or you’ll lose all the air and fluff. 4. Spoon white chocolate cream mixture into cooled tart shell (you must make sure it’s cool, or the heat will mess up the consistency). Place sliced berries on top in a circular pattern and step back to admire your creation!

Brew this green tea recipe and keep it on hand in a mason jar in the fridge, as it keeps for several days. The recipe came in part from my cousin David, who is a professional chef. As a flourish, all you need is a sprig of rosemary stripped of most of the leaves (except for the top). Use a toothpick to make a tunnel through the cranberry, this makes it simple to thread it onto the rosemary sprig, and voila! INGREDIENTS • Water • 3 green tea bags • One inch (or so) ginger, sliced • 1 cinnamon stick • 2 sprigs of rosemary (take leaves off for brewing, reserve sprig for garnish) • 2 slices of oranges • A few mint leaves • Black cherry/cranberry juice blend • Sparkling red grape juice • 2 slices of lime • Fresh cranberries INSTRUCTIONS For Spiced Green Tea: 1. Bring a pot of water to a boil and turn off heat. Add green tea bags, ginger slices, a stick of cinnamon, rosemary leaves and

orange slices to water. Allow to steep for at least 20 minutes (or longer for more intense flavor). 2. During the last few minutes of steeping, add fresh mint leaves. 3. Strain tea into a glass mason jar. Allow to cool before continuing. For Spritzer: 1. Pour 1 part spiced green tea into glass (or pitcher). 2. Add 1 part Black Cherry/Cranberry juice blend. 3. Add 1 part Sparkling Red Grape juice. 4. Stir very gently to blend. 5. Add a slice of lime, a handful of fresh cranberries and a sprig of rosemarycranberry garnish!

Jennifer, a Southern gal with an unquenchable thirst for all things creative, wears many hats—a photographer, blogger, designer and home entertainer. From cooking to decorating, no matter what she is doing, she is committed to celebrating everyday life. Visit


{our town July 4th} Fourth of July Safety Tips

From the UVA Safe Kids Program Each year, thousands of children under the age of 19 are treated in U.S. emergency rooms for injuries involving fireworks. “Don’t let kids play with fireworks, period,” says a Safe Kids UVA coordinator. “They’re intended for use by adults in open spaces, with plenty of active supervision for every child present.” Fireworks, including sparklers and flares, can cause serious burns as well as blast injuries that can permanently impair vision and hearing. They advise to “Teach your children what to do if their clothing catches on fire—‘stop, drop and roll’—and how to call 911 in an emergency.” Where permitted by law, fireworks should be handled and used in strict accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and all warning labels. In addition, Safe Kids UVA recommends these precautions for adults using fireworks:

GRILL SAFELY Among all accidental injuries, fire and burns remain as one of the top causes of death for young children—in part because young children cannot recognize heat-related hazards quickly enough to react appropriately. A child will suffer a full-thickness burn (third-degree burn) after just three seconds of exposure to 140-degree water, and will need surgery and skin grafts. • Keep children away from the grill area while preheating and cooking and as the grill is cooling. • Keep matches, candles, gasoline, lighters and all other flammable materials locked away and out of children’s reach.


July 2018

• Light fireworks only on smooth, flat surfaces, and aim them away from buildings, dry leaves, flammable materials and spectators. • Do not try to relight fireworks that malfunction. • Do not carry fireworks in your pocket or hold them close to your face. • Visit to make sure the pyrotechnic devices you are using are not subject to any safety recalls. Do not modify fireworks or use homemade fireworks. • Keep a phone handy, and know first aid for burns. Also, keep a fire extinguisher handy and know how to use it. Finally, keep all children under active supervision— in sight and in reach at all times, with your undivided attention focused on them. “The safest way to enjoy fireworks is to watch them at a community event where professionals handle them,” Safe Kids UVA recommends.

Come Celebrate!

8th Annual Crozet Independence Day Parade & Celebration

June 30, 5–10pm, 9:30pm fireworks at Claudius Crozet Park The parade starts at Crozet Elementary and ends at Claudius Crozet Park, where there will be live music, free rides and games for kids, and traditional American fare, ending with a fireworks show. 434-823-5899,

Free Union Independence Day Parade

July 1, 4–4:30pm at Village of Free Union The parade starts at Church of the Brethren at 4152 Free Union Road and ends at Free Union Baptist Church at 4282 Millington Road. Walk with your kids or your dog or both; all are welcome!

July 4th Jubilee

July 2–4 at Wintergreen Resort Enjoy music, a block party, movie under the stars, chairlift rides, games for the entire family and, of course, fireworks on Tuesday, July 3. The craft fair will take place Tuesday and Wednesday. 434-325-2200,

Summer Jam

July 3, 5–10pm at Massanutten Resort Fireworks, food vendors, kid’s corner, live music and more. Rain or shine.

35th Annual Independence Day 5K Race July 4, 7:30–9:30am at Hollymead Elementary School A Charlottesville Holiday tradition since 1983. Award categories for all age groups, including the youngsters (10 & younger). Benefits Camp Holiday Trails, a camp for children with special health needs. 434-971-2094,

July 4th at Monticello

July 4, 9am–12pm at Monticello Experience the 56th annual Independence Day Celebration and Naturalization Ceremony at Monticello featuring Andrew Tisch, a businessman, civic leader and author, as the guest speaker. 434-984-9800,

Fourth of July Free Admission to Lewis Ginter

July 4, 9am–5pm at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, Richmond Free admission to the Garden and events including Butterflies LIVE!, Origami in the Garden, live music, a parade and more. 804-262-9887,

Old-Fashioned Fun Independence Day Celebration

July 4, 9am–5pm at Frontier Culture Museum Enjoy a traditional Independence Day celebration with readings of the Declaration of Independence, food, music and contests. 540-332-7850,

Happy Birthday, America!

July 4, 9am–9:30pm at Carter Mountain Orchard Enjoy food, family-friendly games, hayrides in the afternoon and live music from 2pm until dark. Then, enjoy local fireworks. 434-977-1833,

Independence Day at Colonial Williamsburg

July 4, 9am–10pm Public readings of the Declaration of Independence, musical performances, hands-on activities and a dazzling fireworks display to cap the evening. 888-965-7254,

Nelson County’s Fourth of July Parade

Independence Day Concert and Celebration

July 4, 11am–4pm activities, 2–4pm concert at James Monroe’s Highland All visitors can celebrate with free grounds admission, live music, and family games and activities. Picnics are encouraged and food will be available for purchase. 434-293-8000,

Independence Day Celebration at Red Hill

July 4, 3–9pm at Red Hill, Patrick Henry National Memorial Celebrate the fourth with Patrick Henry. Enjoy historical interpretations and tours, kids games, arts & craft vendors, live music, fireworks and more. 800-514-7463,

Independence Day at Graves Mountain July 4, 4–9pm at Graves Mountain Lodge, Syria Swimming, face painting, pony rides, live music, food and fireworks at dark. 540-923-4231,

July 4, 10am–12pm at Front Street, Lovingston Bring your church, organization, school, etc. and celebrate the birthday of our great nation on a float, with a marching group, in an antique car, plus more. Parade starts at 11am. 434-263-7130,

CBS19’s Patriotism in the Park

Independence Day Celebration at Poplar Forest

July 7, 5–9pm at Booster Park, Orange The Playin’ in the Park Independence Celebration features live music, a Touch-ATruck, kids’ activities, fireworks and more. 540-672-5435,

July 4, 10am–4pm at Thomas Jefferson’s Poplar Forest Enjoy colonial-style entertainment, archaeology displays, children’s activities, a dramatic reading of the Declaration of Independence and more. 434-525-1806,

July 4, 5–10pm at McIntire Park An evening of family fun with food, music and games for kids of all ages. Fireworks show begins at dark.

6th Annual Playin’ in the Park Independence Day Celebration

Greene County 4th of July Parade & Celebration

July 4, 10am–10pm at Downtown Stanardsville Enjoy a parade down historic Main Street, a community festival, live music, food, a dunking booth, games and entertainment, and a fireworks display at the end. 540-290-8344,


{living well new mom}

The Apgar Test Understanding Your Newborn’s First Assessment

New Mom

As they announce your new bundle of joy has taken his or her first breath, you immediately want to coddle and hold them and give them their forever name. But, pediatricians and doctors must first give your newborn their first well-child assessment—the Apgar Test. This quick, overall test is typically recorded between one and five minutes from the time of birth. Dr. Virginia Apgar, a pioneering obstetrical anesthesiologist, developed the test in the 1950s. Her passing in 1974 has not hindered her remembrance. On June 7, 2018, what would have been her 109th birthday, she was celebrated with a “Google Doodle.” She’s being remembered for this simple, yet groundbreaking, test that’s improved the health of countless babies in the United States and beyond. Upon their arrival, babies are assessed with the Apgar test’s five measurements of newborn health: Appearance (color), Pulse, Grimace (reflexes by Whitney Woollerton Morrill with stimuli), Activity (movement of limbs) and Respiration. As the doctors evaluate your little one, they assign a number between 0–2 for each of the five categories. At the conclusion of the checks, the numbers are then added for an overall Apgar score. The test enables medical teams to identify and prioritize quickly the vital areas that need the most support, if at all. It’s quite rare for a child to receive a perfect score of 10, and it is explained that the scores are not predictors of your wee one’s future behavior or intellect. A newborn’s Apgar score does provide a baseline metric to reference in the first months of life as new parents follow a regular drumbeat of wellchild appointments with their baby’s pediatrician. Typically, the first appointment is three to five days postpartum, followed by 9 more visits before baby’s second birthday. Medical issues that are identified during the initial Apgar test will be addressed and tracked to best support a newborn’s healthy development. A typical newborn checkup will include measuring For more medical insight on baby’s weight and body dimensions (head circumference, well-child check-ups and overall length), checking vitals, reflexes and developmental recommendations on baby’s milestones. It’s also a time for administering vaccines per overall health, visit the American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines and/or family preferences. Newborn doctor appointments are also a good time to check in on mothers. While pediatricians don’t provide medical care to moms, they do serve as an important hub of encouragement, information and provider recommendations. Pediatric practices offer referrals to a network of pediatric medical specialists, lactation consultants and counselors who support the health of both mother and baby. The Apgar Test offers a legacy gift to each family: the objective comfort of data. So much of parenting is amorphous and uncertain. We’ll wonder if baby feels our love, and if we are doing an ok job. Building upon baby’s first standardized test, parents come to see that their around-the-clock effort to support baby’s healthy development truly does pay off ... ounce by ounce, week by week.


Whitney is an architect who designs and writes for families. Her blog is


July 2018

DanCe Classes! Fall 2018 session starts aUGUst 27!

Build Confidence Gain Poise • Have Fun!


inspired by joy & Reverence for childhood Knowledge begins by nurturing a child’s desire to learn.


At the Charlottesville Waldorf School, the foundation for academics goes hand-in-hand with a genuine appreciation of the natural world. While learning the fundamentals, students immerse themselves in music, art, sports, as well as the wonders of our beautiful 13-acre campus, connecting the classroom experience to the world at large.

Children’s program with combo class in 2 styles of dance


ONLINE ANYTIME: IN PERSON: July 9 from 3:30–6:30pm

3114 Proffit Road (Next to Forest Lakes)

CharlottesvilleFamily Favorite Award Winner 2017



Age 2 — Grade 8  434-973-4946 x102



{living well dear bob}

Expert Advice

Dear Bob

Your Parenting Questions Answered

Our two-year-old is crying passionately whenever I leave her in the morning with our nanny now that I’ve returned to work. I am so upset all day that I cannot concentrate on work because I’m fearful her heart is breaking. Our nanny is wonderful, but I can’t help but feel this anxiety and upset may be damaging our daughter’s emotional health, now and in the long-term. What can I do? These tearful separations can be emotionally rattling for both of you, but this is a normal stage of separation anxiety at this age that your daughter is experiencing. While she is becoming more independent, she sees you as her rock, so the leavings are painful. She worries that you won’t come back and thus needs to discover through repeated experience that you do. You can help by letting her know ahead of time what to expect. For example, say, “We get to have breakfast together before I have to go to work, but I’ll be thinking about you all day while you play with your nanny.” Leave her with a picture of you so she can look at you whenever she wants. Let her know how much you miss her during the day and how you look forward to seeing her after work. Toddlers are very egocentric at this age, so it helps her to know that she’s by Bob Taibbi important to you even when you aren’t with her. When you say goodbye, try not to linger. If you prolong the moment, she will sense your own anxiety and get even more upset. Also, while you may be tempted to slip out when you think she won’t notice to avoid a scene, build trust by giving her the chance to say goodbye, even if it makes her sad. Give her a hug, keep it short and let her know when to expect you back. And, of course, come back when you say you will, so she can trust in your word. Comings and goings are part of life, and with your support, she’ll learn to be comfortable with goodbyes. How do we talk with our 4-year-old about our dog dying? She is elderly, was just diagnosed with a critical liver dysfunction and is expected to die within a few weeks. We may even need to have the vet put her to sleep. The death of a pet is often one of a child’s first experiences with loss, and for many children, the pet is more than just a pet; she is a best friend. The fact that you and your son have some time to adjust and talk about the dying process is fortunate. It’s usually Email your parenting more emotionally difficult when the loss is sudden. concerns and queries to That said, your son will struggle with understanding that his dog will be gone forever. This is a difficult concept for children Yours might be included in under age 5 to grasp. You can begin by letting your son know that an upcoming issue! your dog is sick and that sometimes when dogs are old and get sick they can’t get better and die. If he has had other experiences with death—a hamster or a friend’s pet that died—remind him of that. Let him know that it is okay to feel sad about this and that he can ask questions. Check in with him periodically and ask how he feels. You can also read some books on pet loss. One appropriate for his age is Goodbye Brecken by David Lupton. You also want to help him create some closure. When my daughter’s pet rabbit died, she and her mom sat down and wrote up a list of the good memories they had with her rabbit. Plan some ritual like scattering of ages or a burial. Your son may play out what is happening with his toys, and you can join in. He may ask questions one minute and then totally change his mood the next; that’s normal. Let him take the lead and let his teachers know so they, too, can be supportive.


Author of 11 books and more than 300 articles—including the regular “Ask Bob” column in this magazine—Bob has 44 years of experience in couple and family work and is in private practice in Charlottesville (


July 2018

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Book Six

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Supplemental Vitamins or Not?

Healthy Family

Weighing the Benefits of Vitamins for Your Child

You want your children to be as healthy as possible. But unless your child’s pediatrician has told you otherwise, save yourself a little money and skip the bottles of chewables and gummies. “We live in a country that fortifies much of our food with various vitamins and micro-nutrients,” says Dr. Carlos Armengol of Charlottesville’s Pediatric Associates. “Examples of fortified foods include vitamin D milk, iodized salt [and] iron-fortified cereals. True vitamin deficiency syndromes such as scurvy [lack of vitamin C] or rickets [lack of vitamin D] are rare in the US.” The most common reason children would need supplemental vitamins is a diet that doesn’t meet all the nutritional requirements. “Children need supplemental vitamins if they have unusual eating habits,” Armengol says. by Katharine Paljug Children may also need supplements if their family does not have regular access to whole foods and a variety of produce, or if they struggle financially. “These children are at risk of missing out on macronutrients [fat, protein, carbohydrates] as well as micronutrients [vitamins and minerals],” says Armengol. In these cases, supplements may provide nutrients they are missing. If your child eats a relatively healthy diet, however, they probably get plenty of nutrients from food. Vitamin D is one of the few nutrients that is hard to get from diet alone, but your body produces it in response to sunlight. If your child regularly plays outdoors, their vitamin D levels are likely sufficient. Newborns and infants are the only age group that doctors recommend every child take supplemental vitamins. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, babies are often times born with deficient levels of vitamin K. Vitamin K is necessary for blood clotting, so all newborns should receive a vitamin K shot at birth. Without it, babies are in danger of life-threatening bleeding. The American Academy of Pediatrics also recommends that infants who are exclusively breastfed should receive a vitamin D supplement. “Breastmilk does not contain sufficient vitamin D to meet daily needs and may have If you are seeking low levels of iron or zinc,” explains Armengol. Time in indirect professional insight for sunlight can help babies start to produce their own vitamin D. your child(ren), the Family Other than these instances, says Armengol, there are no Health Services section at specific recommendations for vitamin supplements at certain is a ages. If your children eat a balanced diet and are generally great place to start. healthy, they likely don’t need any supplemental vitamins. For older kids taking a multivitamin, be careful to give them an appropriate dose for their age. “If parents are giving non-standard doses of over-the-counter vitamins or are using prescription strength vitamin preparations without consulting a physician, there is a possibility of overdosing on certain vitamins,” says Armengol. “Four vitamins in particular can be harmful in large doses—A, D, E and K.” Talk to your family’s pediatrician if you are concerned about your child’s diet. A blood test will be able to determine if your child is deficient in any vitamins. Otherwise, your kids just need good habits. “Eat a variety of whole foods, fruits, vegetables and nuts to make sure you receive all the vitamins,” he recommends, “and encourage outdoor play.”


Katharine is a freelance writer, Bloom’s Family Health Editor and mother to one busy toddler. You can see more of her work at


July 2018

Christian Liberal Arts & Sciences | PreK-Grade 12

434.220.7330 |

A Classical Christian School Challenging Academics • Grades K-12 Biblical Worldview • Affordable Tuition Small Class Sizes • Team Sports

Half day and Full day Kindergarten (434) 293-0633


{living well tips & trends} Iris Apfel: Accidental Icon by Iris Apfel

The 96-year-old fashion icon, Iris Apfel Metz offers a unique look into her remarkable and bright life with shares, opinions on fashion and lifestyle, photos and illustrations, and more. Available for $22.48 at



TRENDS by Madison Stanley

Beat the Heat Looking Fabulous There are so many gatherings to look forward to in the summer, and we all want to look great without feeling as if our makeup is melting off. Here are some of my must-haves to look fresh all season long: 1. Facial Mist. Refresh, hydrate and cool your face with a facial mist. 2. Blotting Sheets. Blot away sweat and excess oils with blotting sheets. They are great to have in your bag year-round.

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3. Light moisturizing concealer. Enliven your face with a light concealer under your eyes. Look for moisturizing products so your makeup does not look caked on.

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Trainer always included no class Times | all FiTness levels HearT moniTored workouTs

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Practicing Mindfulness How can I manage stress this season with juggling new schedules, summer activities and travels? “One principle of mindfulness is that a scattered mind is an unhappy mind. In the midst of multi-tasking and the demands of our fastpaced world, one way to reduce stress is to practice doing one thing at a time,” says Lilly Bechtel, teacher at Common Ground Healing Arts and founder of Union Yoga. “Simply seeing one task through to the end with no interruptions and all of your attention can help you feel more calm, present and productive,” she adds.

“Summertime is always the best of what might be.” – Charles Bowden

EVERNOTE APP This app allows you to stay organized by making notes, to-do lists, sketches and more. You can even scan paper elements, incorporate photos and make audio notes.

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Celebrate Baby!

Welcome Your Little One Into the World with an English Garden Baby Shower 32

July 2018

When you share with your friends that you’ll be having a baby, hugs, tears and even some belly rubs are sure to go around. It’s a moment you won’t soon forget. Memories will be made and shared, and what better time to start making those memories than at your baby shower.

Inspired by the innocence and buds of a garden in springtime, this mom set her English Garden Baby Shower amongst lush greenery, and surrounded by beautiful shades of green, yellow, white and cream. Taking advantage of the natural wood textures and shade of the surrounding trees also added a sweet and welcoming touch to the décor.

photography by Paul Osorio


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Everything Baby

2018 baby guide

CharlottesvilleFamily is here to help new and expecting parents by giving you some local connections and resources to make the transition a little easier! Sign up for our weekly e-newsletter and be sure to look on our web to stay up-to-date. PHYSICIANS Albemarle Center for Family Medicine See ad page 39 Jefferson Obstetrics & Gynecology, Ltd. See ad page 37 Obstetrics and Gynecology Associates See ad page 38 Pediatric Associates See ad page 35 Piedmont Pediatrics See ad page 34 PEDIATRIC DENTISTS Charlottesville Pediatric Dentistry See ad page 36

Children’s Dentistry With a Mother’s Touch See ad page 30 Community Dental Center See ad page 39 Crozet Family Dental See ad page 49 Piedmont Pediatric Dentistry See ad page 38 HOLISTIC CARE Heppner Family Chiropractic See ad page 9

THE SUPPORT YOU NEED Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital See ad page H-17, Inside Bloom Cover PARENT-CHILD CLASSES ACAC See ad page 7 Amazement Square See ad page 47 Crozet YMCA, Piedmont Family YMCA See ad page 9 Virginia Discovery Museum See ad page 44

CHILDCARE Piedmont Family YMCA See ad page 9

Compassionate, intelligent and up-to-date pediatric care at two convenient locations! Schedule your school, sports and camp physicals today!

I am a counselor with 30+ years of experience. I have offices in Richmond and Charlottesville and work with tweens, teens, adults, couples and families.

in your relationship with yourself—if you change one thing— everything changes Join me for a life-altering journey into your emotional interior.

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July 2018


Continuing with the soft color palette that also remained gender neutral, this expecting mom incorporated white hydrangea, white O’Hara roses, yellow roses, white stock flower, green hellebore, Jasmine and peppergrass to the décor, drawing on the garden surrounding the guests. Complementing the colors of the palette were rustic wood table numbers and burlap table runners. And, adding a simple and sweet mix of crystal glasses with silver and gold heirloom pieces, and mix-andmatch vintage plates created a classic décor with character.

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Jennifer M. Dixon, DDS, MS

Diplomate of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry

As you dream about teeny tiny

Aaron J. Stump, DDS

clothes and adorable toys, you’ll

Diplomate of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry

want to think about your friend

Pediatric Dentistry Specialists

and her partner and what they’d

Nitrous Oxide, IV Sedation Services Compassionate and Nurturing Doctors and Staff Kid-friendly, State-of-the-Art Office Parental Participation Encouraged

appreciate as new parents. A great place to start is by looking at their baby registry and then use that as a jumping off point for what to buy (or DIY if you’re the crafty type!). Here are some timeless gifts that any new parent will need:

Charlottesville 29N 1620 Timberwood Blvd Suite 201 434-975-7336

Spring Creek Office 70 Jefferson Court Zion Crossroads 540-832-6657

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Clothes Items: Towels for Baby, Gender Neutral Shoes, Onesies & Bodysuits, Socks, Hat & Mitten Set, Sleepers Baby Care: Bath Thermometer, Bathtime Gift Set, Bibs & Burp Cloths, Swaddling Blankets, Bottles & Sippy Cups, Pacifiers, Nail Scissors, Diapers & Wipes, Crib Sheets, Nursing Cover Toys & Transporting: Teething Toys, A Baby Book, Rattle, A Growth Chart, Car Seat, Stroller, Baby Carrier, Baby Swing & Bouncer


July 2018

The three-tiered naked cake, which was set upon a large wooden cake stand, was accented with the same florals. For the menu, an hors d’oeuvres station was decorated with a cruditÊ and Persian board, a bruschetta board, a local honey and international cheese board, among others. It was a delicious spread of vegetables, meats, cheeses and chips with a variety of dips, and was accompanied

salads, finger

sandwiches and delicious desserts.

Offering a supportive structure for low intervention births, with medical expertise and a state-of-the-art facility for when medical assistance is necessary.

Jefferson Obstetrics & Gynecology, LTD 434.977.4488 | 600 Peter Jefferson Parkway, Suite 290 |


{resources parenting}

Other trending ideas that will help

can even have its own theme like “baby’s

attendance. Will it be a couple’s shower

make your baby shower unforgettable

library,” inviting guests to bring a new

or one that includes young children

can include having a wishing well, where

baby book along with their main baby

and babies? Popular ideas can include

you have guests bring a small trinket or

shower gift.

anything from “Baby Shower Bingo,”

two (think baby socks or diaper cream)

As for entertainment and games,

“Nursery Rhyme Trivia” and “DIY Onesies”

to toss into the “well.” The wishing well

hosts should consider who will be in

to “Don’t Say Baby” and a “Diaper Change

CharlottesvilleFamily Favorite Award Winner 2017

First Presbyterian Church Preschool

New Patients Welcome Most Insurance Accepted

Setting a Standard of Excellence in Women’s Health Care Siva Thiagarajah, MD Board Certified High-Risk Obstetrician

M. Michael Levit, MD M. Katherine Mays, MD Sasha Sabir, MD Peggy Willis, NP 1101 East Jefferson Street, Charlottesville 434.979.2121 • Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-4:30pm


July 2018

A Play-Based Christian Preschool 9AM to Noon Serving ages 20 months to 5 years old

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Relay Race.” Prizes for the games can be simple yet handy, such as travel sized hand sanitizer, kitchen dish clothes, a baby herb plant, etc. Before sending guests home, this expecting mom also shared small “Watch Me Grow” succulent favors that fit right into the English Garden theme. Other favor ideas could include a wide range of small keepsakes. For instance, baby food jar candles, onesie cookies, miniature nail kits, among other things are all clever and adaptable depending on your guest list. Baby showers are a great way to celebrate with loved ones, make memories for this new adventure and to help transition into the next stage of parenthood. Credits Rustic Signs: Simply Re-Loved Co. Food Preparation & Styling: Becky Geisel Florals: New York City Flower Project Event Production: Fell Stone Manor

Albemarle Center


Family Medicine

Full service dentistry for children with Medicaid

Win a free Regal movie ticket when you come 3 visits in a row with no cavities!

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Serving families in Central Virginia for over 20 years! Translation in multiple languages available

Emergency services for adults over 21 with Medicaid

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Our comprehensive approach to family medicine includes the following services: • Pediatrics • Adolescent Health • Women’s Health •

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{resources daytrips}

A Dozen Ways to

Go Wild! Celebrate Summer Together Amidst Our Great Outdoors by Sarah Payne

Amidst the Blue Ridge Mountains and Shenandoah Valley, there endless options for families to “go wild” this summer. Families have a seemingly infinite amount of options when choosing how to spend their perfect afternoon. Budding fishermen can enjoy a day out on Chris Greene Lake, daredevils can take their love for adventure to new heights with treetop zip lining, animal lovers can learn about new species, and camping enthusiasts can spend a weekend “glamping” in giant tipis. Wherever you wish to visit, the kids will surely have a blast discovering just how wild the great outdoors can be.


July 2018

Go Ape Zip Line & Treetop Adventure


{resources daytrips} Local Fishin’ Holes

Chris Greene Lake (Earlysville) 0–1 hour drive A popular spot for fishing, Chris Green Lake has a large beach and pier that is easy to fish from, ensuring you’ll catch at least one of the largemouth bass, bluegill, crappie or catfish that inhabit the lake. Boat rentals are also a fun option, or bring your own and take advantage of the boat dock. And if fishing isn’t enough, this fun venue also offers boating, swimming, canoe rentals, picnicking and a dog park. For those with small kids, there is a Go Ape Zip Line & Treetop Adventure

child safe section of shallow water with a lifeguard that is perfect for little ones to securely explore the lake. Children will also love getting soaked under the enormous mushroom fountain.

Mint Springs Valley Park (Crozet) 0–1 hour drive Mint Springs Valley Park stocks a wide variety of fish for a successful day on the water. Expect to find trout, Bear Mountain Ziplines

sunfish, channel catfish and largemouth bass. In addition to fishing, the 520-acre park offers swimming with lifeguard supervision from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day, a necessity in the hot summer months. After time spent fishing and swimming, there is a wheelchair accessible playground for kids to explore and enjoy. And when stomachs start grumbling, the many grills scattered around the park mean barbecued hot dogs and hamburgers are a must for lunch or dinner.

Ragged Mountain Natural Area (Charlottesville) 0–1 hour drive Ragged Mountain Natural Area is made up of 980 acres of forest, with two lakes totaling 50 acres and four miles of trails, so there is certainly no shortage of outdoor activities. Go on a family hike and let the kids discover the majestic forest filled with rich wildlife. After enjoying one of the many trails, head on down to one of the lakes, which includes four miles of uninterrupted shoreline— James River Reeling & Rafting


July 2018

ideal for fishing or setting up a scenic picnic lunch.

High Adventures & More


ACE Adventure Resort

the treetops of the Shenandoah Valley.

(West Virginia) 3–4 hour drive With 1,500 acres of forest adjacent to the New River Gorge National River, Ace Adventure Resort has an incredible array of activities for the whole family, including white water rafting, kayaking, ziplining and more. Engage your sense of adventure with rock climbing and rappelling, or enjoy the zipline canopy tour that will have you soaring through the trees on nine different ziplines. Fun for all ages can be had at the Wonderland Waterpark, which features a lake zip line, giant inflatable mountains and 200foot twin water slides that will satisfy any thrill seeker. To make it a weekend affair, consider looking into the cabin and tent rentals, giving families options for sleeping beneath the stars.

Bear Mountain Ziplines (Luray) 1–2 hour drive Bear Mountain Ziplines











With over 50 acres of scenic forest





families on an exciting excursion through There are two main zipline tours in addition to a climbing wall and ropes course. The Mama Bear Zipline excursion includes seven ziplines, spanning a total of 2,700 feet that will take adventurers up to 35 miles an hour! For smaller children who still want an adventure, the Baby Bear High Ropes course is designed for kids ages 5 and older and includes a catwalk, wobbly log and the “baby bear zipline.” Bear Mountain also features a three-story climbing wall.

Go Ape Treetop Adventure Course (Springfield) 2–3 hour drive The Freedom Park Go Ape Treetop Adventure course is more than your average zipline tour. Offering ziplining and treetop adventuring, the Treetop Adventure course for ages 10 and older is a two–three hour exhilarating journey through the forest canopy. It also includes unique suspended obstacles and Tarzan


Please call for Fountain Cave Adventure tour information!


{resources daytrips}

Luray Zoo

Virginia Aquariam Adventure Park

swings for those who want to take a walk

experience that features three courses.

and older, as well as the infamous Parrot

on the wild side. For younger adventure

For those 8 years and older, the Treetop

Plunge where those adventurous enough

seekers, the treetop junior course offers

Zoofari Course allows guests to go through

can rock climb a tree, traverse a sky bridge



48 challenges, with 15 zip lines and one

and then drop 30 feet to the ground.

Kids can tackle elevated multi-action

free fall option. Half of the two–three hour

obstacles that end with a zipline trip.

course takes place in the forest, while the



Treetop Zoofari Zipline and Adventure Park (Moseley) 1–2 hour drive

other half lets adventurers zip above the

Virginia Aquarium and Adventure Park

zoo for a unique view of animals, such

(Virginia Beach) 3–4 hour drive

as tapirs, toucans, kangaroos, monkeys,

Adventure awaits in the trees at the

orangutans and emus. Once guests climb

Virginia Aquarium’s Adventure

Animal and adventure lovers will go

up the first ladder at the beginning of the

This amazing aerial forest park includes


bananas over the Richmond Zoos new

course, they travel from tree to tree until

climbing and ziplining through the trees

Treetop Zoofari Zipline and Adventure

touching down at the final zip. There is

near the Virginia Aquarium and Marine

Park, which combines ziplining and

also a Junior Explorer course set over a

Science Center’s March Pavilion. The

animal sightseeing for an all-around

beautiful winding creek for kids ages 4

three-hour adventure course starts at

Quality Course Conditions 5 Minutes from Downtown

Affordable Rates: WEEKENDS

SELECT FRIDAYS 5:30-8:30 PM. AGES 3-10.*

July 13: Glow in the Dark July 27: Rocket Science Aug. 10: Messy Art Aug. 24: Engineer It!

$48 w/cart 18 holes

WEEKDAYS $43 w/cart 18 holes

PGA PROFESSIONAL AVAILABLE FOR GROUP AND PRIVATE INSTRUCTION Rent the Meadowcreek Grill space for your next event.

*Must Be Fully Indepent in the Bathroom. Pre-Registration Required. $25/Child. | (434) 977-1025 Thank You to CharlottesvilleFamily for Donating This Ad on Behalf of the Museum


July 2018

1400 Pen Park Road (434) 977-0615

James River Reeling & Rafting

James River Reeling & Rafting

the main platform, with 15 separate

Shark Week event. The series creates a

free to pet and feed farm animals such

trails that head off into the treetops.

magical experience, as the trees are lit up

as goats, sheep, llamas, pigs and bunnies.

For easy navigation, each trail is color-

by glow attire, colored lights, lasers and

After playing with the smaller animals,

coded according to difficulty. The largest

more, along with live music.

head to the exciting animal exhibits that

forest climbing park in the nation, the


Adventure Forest has 21 zip lines, 6

serval cats and more, where children

challenge levels and almost 200 bridges. For families with kids ages 5–10, there


is a special section of the park called

Leesburg Animal Park

The Labyrinth, which has a climbing

(Loudoun County) 2–3 hour drive







can learn about how these non-native animals live, grow and interact with each other. Other attractions include indoor and outdoor playgrounds, a toddler play


With pony rides, a petting zoo and

area, a discovery room and a theater for

children. This summer, the park will

exotic animal exhibits, Leesburg Animal

live animal shows. The zoo also offers

offer their Summer Glow Series, a set of

Park has no shortage of fun-filled activities

camel rides on select weekends.

themed evening events that range from

for the whole family to enjoy. Kids will

Sports Night, Time Machine and even a

love the “contact area” where they are


{resources daytrips} Luray Zoo (Luray) 1–2 hour drive Luray Rescue Zoo is home to over 250 animals, and is the only rescue zoo in Virginia. The zoo receives retired zoo





confiscations. Reptile lovers will enjoy the extensive venomous snake collection,

ride around the property as well. The park also includes a 10-acre walk-through area where guests can stretch their legs and explore one of the many animal habitats, such as the Giraffe Feeding Station, Tiger Territory, Budgie Adventure Aviary and the Kangaroo Walk-About.

one of the largest on the east coast.




Before hitting the road and beginning your summer adventures, be sure to check your vehicles fluids and essentials, or schedule a checkup for a second set of eyes. If you are heading to new places, be sure to update your GPS and maps. Car chargers will become your best friend, especially for directions and entertaining the little ones. Snacks and water are always a good idea too, no matter the ages.

The outdoor exhibits allow visitors to view the animals up close, and there is also a petting zoo for kids who want to interact with different species. During the summer, families can enjoy special educational shows or opt for a private discovery tour. The discovery tour is lead by one of the owners and offers in-depth learning about the animals. While on the tour, participants will get special handson interaction with several species picked the day of the tour, a special experience not offered with regular admission.

(Natural Bridge) 1–2 hour drive Want to get up close and personal wild





environment? The Virginia Safari Park offers a drive-through safari experience that lets visitors interact with animals from the comfort of their own cars. Animals such as bull, elk, deer, llamas and cows are free to roam and frolic around the 180-acre property. Guests

• Engine oil • Transmission and differential fluids • Engine coolant • Tire pressure and tread • Brake fluid

can feed animals through their windows with





Misty Mountain Camp Resort (Greenwood) 0–1 hour drive Located at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Misty Mountain Camp Resort offers a great setting for parents and their little adventure seekers. The resort is situated within a scenic 50-acre park and has accommodations ranging from tent sites and RV stations to single room cabins and multi-level cabin homes.

Virginia Safari Park with



observe them following their instincts, which creates a special interactive and educational experience. If visitors want to forgo driving their own car through the safari, they can take a public wagon

Guests can explore nature trails, take a dip in the community pool, relax by the creek, fish, play sports and even take a hayride. There are also several special events that take place year round at Misty Mountain.

Reeling and Rafting (Scottsville) 0–1 hour drive Enjoy a day on the water with James River Reeling and Rafting. From April to October, you can make a reservation for tubing, river trips and camping, seven days a week. Whether you’re looking for a lazy float down the river on a hot summer day or want to race friends in a kayak, there’s something for everybody. Tubing, kayaking and canoeing trips are self-guided and include a shuttle service

• Battery • Windshield wiper fluid • Windshield wipers • Emergency kit (flashlight, blanket, first aid kit, basic tools) • Test the car (listen for noises, feel for shakes, watch for trouble signs) Chris Greene Lake photo: Charlottesville Albemarle CVB


July 2018

More Camping When visiting ACE Adventure Resort (pg 43), consider turning it into an overnight trip. You can bring your own tent or rent gear for staying on the mountaintop camping site or rent one of the available cabins.

ACE Adventures

to the drop point. A riverfront tent camping location is 100 yards from the River and Rafting headquarters. Camping bundles




Package, which features a day of boating and a day of tubing, and the Boat-n-Boat Package, perfect for the all-day outdoor enthusiasts and fisherman. While on the river, boaters may go through a series of rapids, and are encouraged to stop and picnic at one of the many islands situated throughout their river journey.

Sandy River Outdoor Adventure (Rice) 1–2 hour drive There are a million ways to enjoy the great outdoors at Sandy River Outdoor Adventures. With activities such as ziplining at the adventure park, kayaking through rapids and mountain biking, kids will have a blast while discovering what nature has to offer. The park includes rustic yet luxurious accommodations for families who wish to prolong their visit for longer than an afternoon. Cottages and cabins are fun options for a weekend

stay, and include amenities such as fully equipped kitchens, a charcoal grill and access to the community garden where guests can get fresh eggs. Their “glamping” tipis offer a shower and bathroom, along with a queen-sized bed, so visitors can enjoy the outdoors without sacrificing comfort. Sarah enjoys learning and sharing all things Charlottesville. She recently interned with Ivy Publications and graduated from the University of Virginia.


{until next time humorous reflections} Daddy’s Lost Patrol

A Dad’s Humorous Tales by Rick Epstein

“A feather!” said 4-year-old Sally as she picked it up off the trail. We were visiting friends in Westport, Conn., and a minor crisis at their house had us out killing some time at the town’s nature center. My wife sat on a bench nursing the baby while I took the two older girls for a stroll along something called the Butterfly Trail. It was tame, even for us. The path was wide and paved with chipped bark. But the woods were hot and damp enough for mosquitoes to be taking a lively interest in us even at midday. Looking at Sally’s feather, her souvenir-oriented 7-year-old sister Marie asked, “What else are we going to find?” “I don’t know,” I said. “Maybe a piece of shell from a bird’s egg. But we’re not shopping; we’re here for the experience,” I said. “Close your eyes and listen.” “I hear birds chirping,” Sally said. “I hear a woodpecker pecking,” Marie said. This was perfect! We had almost completed the loop through the woods when I saw a slightly more rugged parallel trail just on the other side of a halfscattered stone fence. Figuring that the nature center offered a second trail, I led the girls onto it. They were getting tired when the trail narrowed to about the width of a bunny, with poison ivy on each side. Then it emptied onto a paved public road. Marie said, “I want to go back to Mommy. My legs itch.” “All right,” I said, “The quickest way back is to walk along this road.” By keeping to the left, I figured we’d eventually get back to the nature center. Sally was wearing out, so I put her up onto my sweaty shoulders, and we shuffled along. As me made our next left turn, Marie said, “This is the wrong way; the nature center is back that way,” pointing back the way we’d come.

Back in the woods, Sally found another feather and cheered up, reminding me that kids get happy as easily as they get unhappy.

“No, I’m sure it’s this way,” I said and promised her $5 if I was wrong. The road was narrow, winding its way through a tasteful and moneyed Westport neighborhood—lovely homes with curving driveways nestled among tall trees. There was no one around to give us directions. With no traffic or voices, the only sound was the far-off thwocking of a tennis ball. It was eerie, walking amid un-peopled opulence, but also hot and exhausting, leading my demoralized troops. The road ended unhelpfully in a cul-de-sac and I realized that my ever-leftward plan wasn’t working and that we might never find our way back. I told Marie, “This is a dead-end; we’ll go back the way we came,” and handed her a five. She smiled, but Sally said, “Give me $5, too!” “No way!” I said. She began crying and I lowered her onto the pavement so she wouldn’t drip onto my head. She could cry and walk at the same time. Back in the woods, Sally found another feather and cheered up, reminding me that kids get happy as easily as they get unhappy. Marie was already happy; if she got $5 every time I was wrong, she had one sweet franchise. Once back through the stone fence, it was easy to see we’d re-entered the tended grounds of the nature park. Betsy and the baby were sitting where we’d left them. “How was the Butterfly Trail?” she asked. Our season of hopeless wandering quickly shrank into the little 45-minute span it had actually occupied, and although the kids tattled with wide-eyed gusto, I made the official report: “It was fine.” That baby is almost 17 years old now, so I’m looking back at the “Incident of the Butterfly Trail” from a distance. Like the Westport Death March, our child-raising years seemed really long, but not in a bad way. That time was so crammed with emotion and adventure that it defied normal measurement. With the intense living involved with three childhoods all going on at once, it’s a wonder that time moved forward at all. Yet here I am, yearning for grandchildren and hoping my daughters will trust me to take them to the park.

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July 2018

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CharlottesvilleFamily's BLOOM July 2018  

Volume 19 Issue 7

CharlottesvilleFamily's BLOOM July 2018  

Volume 19 Issue 7