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Multilink® Automix Universal Adhesive Cement

Frequently Asked Questions How many applications with the contents of a single Multilink Automix double push syringe? Approximately 16-20 crowns. When should the excess cement be removed? Self-cure - About 60 seconds after the restoration has been seated. Light-cure – tack or wave the cement to achieve gel stage and then remove excess. What are the main advantages of adhesive cementation using Multilink Automix compared to conventional cementation with self-curing cements? Multilink Automix consistently produces excellent bond strengths with all types of indirect restorations. Multilink Automix is easy to apply, easy to clean up, and provides strong bonds and dentin sealing improving retention and resistance to fracture, while reducing marginal discoloration and occurrence of secondary caries. What are the advantages of the automix tip? Fast, consistent mixing and placement of the cement. What about the waste of material in the automix tip? Typically, less is left in the tip than is left on a mixing pad when not using a tip. Also, if waste is a concern, simply do not affix the tip and dispense desired amount on a mixing tip and hand mix. What is the advantage of using the Multilink A/B Primer? The Primer A/B achieves high bond strengths both immediately and in 24 hours. The primer incorporates clinically proven phosphonic acid technology used in AdheSE® and Excite®. This technology is characterized by high hydrolytic stability and a high level of durability. Application time for the primer is 15 seconds to generate 10x the bond strengths of cements in class. What restorations can be cemented with Multilink? Multilink is recommended for use in conjunction with the following types of restorations: – Metal – Metal-free (all-ceramic) – Strengthened core (Zirconia, Aluminum oxide) – Composite What types of restorations is Multilink indicated for? Multilink is indicated for inlays, onlays, bridges, crowns, and posts. We recommend Variolink® II and AppealTM Esthetic Resin Cements for veneers. Both Variolink II and Appeal offer a variety of shades and the control of light curing capabilities to secure the veneers in place ensuring optimum esthetics.

What is the film thickness of Multilink Automix? Multilink’s film thickness is 18 microns. What is the shelf life of Multilink Automix? Multilink’s shelf life is 2 years. What is the storage requirement for Multilink? 36-46 ° Celsius for Multilink and Multilink A/B Primer.

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Frequently Asked Questions What about the waste of material in the automix tip? Typically, less is left in the tip than is left on a mixing...