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HOT 50 COLLECTION Spring 18 – update 1

Original Art, Limited Editions, Photography and hand embellished canvasses and prints


Luminaire Arts Ltd is a leading arts consultancy company and gallery space, found in the heart of Belgravia, London. ‘At Luminaire Arts we represent over 300 extraordinary artists from every breadth of the UK and beyond. We help and assist designers and art lovers find artworks that are perfect for their needs and desires. We are thrilled to be sharing with you our HOT 50 Collection - SPRING 18, which features A highly curated selection of fabulous original artwork, across a full spectrum of prices, which can be commissioned in practically any size! The result is an unparalleled selection of contemporary artwork that can be delivered anywhere in the world, normally within 2-4 weeks!’ Paresha Raj Burnett, Chief Curator & Director 2

Price category’s (IA) to (F+) are listed below. Each artist's price category is shown in the bottom right hand corner of their pages. The sizes and prices shown below are to give an indication. Please ask for specific sizes to get a formal quotation. All prices shown are ex vat. Approx. sizes (cm)














SQUARE 60 X 60 70 x 70 90 x 90 100 x 100 120 x 120

£ 475 520 625 700 900

£ 600 650 795 875 1,125

£ 690 748 925 995 1,295

£ 795 860 1,100 1,150 1,500

£ 895 987 1,250 1,330 1,695

£ 1,050 1,137 1,450 1,530 1,975

£ 1,195 1,295 1,675 1,760 2,250

£ 1,395 1,495 1,925 1,995 2,595

£ 1,595 1,695 2,250 2,295 2,995

£ 1,825 1,985 2,500 2,675 3,450

£ 2,100 2,285 2,750 3,075 3,950

£ 2,395 2,595 3,375 3,495 4,550

£ 2,795 2,995 3,925 3,995 5,225

RECTANGULAR 40 X 50 46 X 60 60 X 90 70 X 100 90 X 120 100 X 126 120 X 150

360 420 540 600 800 900 1,000

450 525 675 750 1,000 1,050 1,250

525 595 777 862 1,150 1,200 1,450

595 695 892 992 1,322 1,395 1,650

685 795 995 1,140 1,495 1,595 1,900

795 895 1,180 1,312 1,750 1,825 2,195

895 1,050 1,350 1,495 1,995 2,095 2,500

1,050 1,195 1,560 1,735 2,295 2,450 2,895

1,195 1,395 1,795 1,995 2,650 2,750 3,295

1,375 1,595 2,050 2,295 3,050 3,250 3,795

1,575 1,850 2,375 2,635 3,495 3,650 4,395

1,795 2,125 2,695 2,995 3,995 4,125 4,995

2,095 2,450 3,150 3,495 4,650 4,750 5,795

For ‘Original Art’ you can choose to have the art you’ve selected created in the same colours, or simply specify the RAL colours you would like! Please note that Luminaire Arts reserves the right to alter price categories if necessary.


Our IN-HOUSE art collection  Made to your colour needs  Made in a range of sizes  normally delivered within 10 working days! (Larger sizes may take longer)

Consideration I

Consideration II

IA Original Art on canvas


Disordered I

Euphoric I

Cantankerous I

Cantankerous I

Mystify I

Mystify II

Disordered II

Euphoric II

IA Original Art on canvas


Turbulence I

Turbulence II

IA Original Art on canvas


Unpredictable I

Unpredictable II

Anticipation I

Anticipation II

IA Original Art on canvas


Perception II Perception I

IA Original Art on canvas


Violet Crush

Burgundy Crush

IA Original Art on canvas


JOS “You're never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream.” - C. S. Lewis A scientist by training, I decided I needed to exercise the right side of brain and fulfil my absolute joy of painting. I am an enthusiastic artist. Big, bright and bold is my style; I can’t seem to tone it down really, in fact I'm getting slightly too exuberant occasionally. I enjoy painting animals, landscapes and flowers. I strive to capture the luxuriance of blousy peonies and roses in a fresh and contemporary style. I constantly experiment with unconventional combinations and thick swathes of paint to create a semi-abstract swirly style of painting. I’m absolutely delighted when it works.



A 11


Birds Just Wanna Have Fun

Thinking Out Loud

Fat-bottomed birds

Hey Bird Don't Bother Me

Dancing In The Moonlight

There's A New Bird In Town

A 12


Forget Where We Were

Hunger Of The Pines

Moving On

New Rules

Something Good


A 13

LIZ “I am a self-taught artist born in the UK and now located in Warrington, having lived in Mauritius during my career. I am interested in the intangible, that which we feel but cannot translate. My paintings begin with feelings derived from alternative perspectives bordering on a spiritual level. Inspirations for me are found within the colours of nature; such as the iridescence of a paua shell or reflected light underwater. Working the contrasts of depth, texture & luminosity and a slightly obsessive edge, intricacy & layering. I choose to take you on a journey of the cosmos around me and the discovery of art being a spiritual experience.�



A Original Art on canvas


Amazonite Reflection

Extreme Lure

Amazonite Waters

Amazonite Waters

Iridescent Pearl

A Original Art on canvas


Crashing Force New Work 2

Dappled Iridescence Autumn Layers

New Work

Metallic Scales

Evasion 2

Dawn Flight

Rain on Red Hills Deep Purple Rain

In Yellow Unison

Evasion 1

A Original Art on canvas


VIVIENNE Vivienne works with a combination of hand drawn design and CAD, often incorporating processes such as screen prints in her work. “I have a BA (Hons) degree in ‘Contemporary Surface Design & Textiles' and I am a freelance artist-designer based in Halifax, West Yorkshire, England. I like to hand draw my designs, but I am also expert in the use of computer assisted design (CAD) technology. My portfolio of work incorporates the use of screen printing, luxury surface patterns, digital printing, hand / machine embroidery, hand / machine knit, and threedimensional constructed textiles. I specialise in bespoke art work and contemporary costume jewellery products. These include brooches, bracelets, necklaces, hand printed luxury silk scarves, framed artwork which can be made to order. I invite commercial and private commissions tailored to the clients specific requirements.�


A Pretty Delphinium A Single Stem

Twenty Butterflies

A Original Art – 3D Mixed Media


No. 11

No. 8

Fly Away

Blooming Flowers

Original Art – Mixed Media

A Papillion Dream

A 20

No. 9

No. 6

No. 14

No. 10

A Original Art – Mixed Media


GEORGINA “I was born in 1983 here in the UK and grew up in a medium sized town in Cheshire, a lovely place with old empty mill buildings, a gorgeous Victorian park and a rich visual history. I always loved looking at the buildings around me as I grew up, imagining how things were in the past - I still do in fact. With my paintings I aim to evoke thoughts of nature, gardens and skies in those viewing them, but simultaneously I like for the works to retain an element of ambiguity, of total abstraction, thus leaving them completely open to interpretation - I love hearing what people see in my work! Alongside for my passion for natures sits a deep-seated passion for spontaneity and expression , which finds its form in the brush marks and spiralling gestural lines which come to rest on top of the soft atmospheric veils of colour which make up the body of my paintings. My more abstract work focuses on just that, abstraction! But also colour and speed, simply enjoying the colours and the paint. I sometimes like to switch my processes around, allowing myself to work in a much freer, simpler abstract style.



A Original Art on canvas




Eleanor Maria 2




A Original Art on canvas










Hayley Caitlyn

Original Art on canvas



A 25

FREDERICK Frederick attended Salisbury Art College and studied Graphic Design and Foundation at Art. Leaving his studies he pursued a career as a commercial artist, muralist and interior designer. Over the past decade, he has produced commissions for Colfax and Fowler, Cabbages and Roses and Taylor Wimpey amongst many other reputable companies. Frederick creates art that has an all-absorbing quality, one that makes it hard to tear yourself away. ‘I want the viewer to feel like they are standing in front of a banquet and their eyes want to gorge themselves on everything in sight.’


Rising to the Surface


Shape Of Life

Voice Of Formation


Broken Boundary

Corallium Rubrum

A Limited Edition fine art prints on paper


Voice Of Formation

Voice Of Formation

Voice Of Formation

Voice Of Formation

Voice Of Formation

Voice Of Formation

Limited Edition fine art prints on paper

Voice Of Formation

Voice Of Formation

A 28

Lost Circumstance


Liquid Texture

Hopes Of Innocence

A Limited Edition fine art prints on paper


PAUL G Paul's work looks at Phenomenology... the structure of different forms of experience including perception, thought, memory, imagination, emotion and desire. Through the use of multiple exposures the work depicts the joining together, combination and amalgamation of many different images, the same way knowledge is built up through perceiving. This layering also allows him to capture all of the available light and shadow from the landscape, which merges together to create images that are both beautiful and mysterious.


Oculus 7 Oculus 8

Oculus 6

A Limited Edition fine art prints on paper or canvas


Oculus 1

Around the Landscape 6

Absorbtion 5

Around the Landscape 7

Around the Landscape 3

Shadow Light Prevails 3

Around the Landscape 2

Around the Landscape 4

Shadow Light Prevails 4

Occulus Series 1

Limited Edition fine art prints on paper or canvas

Shadow Light Prevails 6

Shadow Light Prevails 4

A 32


Absorption 3

Through the Landscape 8

Oculus Series 2 No 2

Oculus Series 3 No 3

Through the Landscape 10

Oculus Series 2 No 4

Through the Landscape 3

Through the Landscape 6

Oculus Series 1 No 2

Absorption 4

Absorption 2

A Limited Edition fine art prints on paper or canvas


MIREIA “Since my youth, I have been passionate about art which I found was a balance to my interests in more pragmatic subjects, such as maths and science. This very much reflects my personality which also explains my profession as an architect; a profession that is both regimented and boundless. Art gives me the control to break rules and paint by instinct. Painting is my chosen medium, but I am equally fascinated by sculpture and find inspiration in works by Rodin and Michelangelo. I especially admire the manner in which Rodin seemingly left some of his pieces unfinished or rough around the edges to better express movement and life. This is a style I also enjoy in paintings, best exemplified by Turner, an artist whose use of light and tone I feel has greatly affected me in my personal and artistic capacity.�


Frozen Landscape Frozen Landscape

Frozen 1

A Original Art on canvas


Shipwreck 1

Winter Thorns

Earth Series 8


Textured Landscape

Earth Series Landscape


Original Art on canvas

Shipwreck 2

Earth Series 3

Earth Series 2

Red Sunset

Earth Series 1

A 36

Seaside - as a tryptic

Turquoise Dream


Frozen Landscape

A Original Art on canvas


GLENN Glenn’s work is about marks in their simplest form. Using ink on paper, oils or soft pastel pigments, his art is elemental and unadorned. Inspiration comes from a variety of sources, both contemporary and ancient. While using a very contemporary visual language Glenn's work also conveys a sense of Oriental and Arabic arts, and a universal feeling of timelessness. Time suspended... moments out of time. It is an art with a deep, contemplative quality. References can be found in the patterns and decoration of ancient pottery or parchment fragments, or the unusual marks incised into ancient clay tablets. Pictures of landscapes and animals also appear, or traces of cities from long ago. There is movement and there is calm, and we sense a thread running throughout of the presence of the natural world: water, or light passing through leaves, or horizons of distant hillsides. Stories are suggested, but we can never be certain. Glenn was born in West Yorkshire, UK. He received a Degree in Painting from Central Saint Martins in London and his work has been exhibited and applied in the UK, Europe and the Middle East. He now lives in Bordeaux, France.



A Limited Edition fine art prints on paper




Limited Edition fine art prints on paper




A 40

Nineveh 1



A Limited Edition fine art prints on paper


MICHAEL H I studied A level art at Blackpool and the Fylde College where I learnt the basics of drawing and painting. I progressed my work further by studying at The Cumbria College of Art & Design where I achieved a degree in fine art. My style changed dramatically from a traditional style to a kind of semi abstract expressionist style of landscape painting to total abstraction which is where I feel most comfortable. I use a variety of techniques and applications which may include painting, airbrush, photography and digitally collage. I’m interested in the effect of shapes and forms and how they can be arranged together over interesting grounds to create space and movement.


Calmer Sense 1

Calmer Sense 2

Black Coffee

Calmer Sense 3

Sea Flower

A Limited Edition fine art prints on paper or canvas


Expressive Blue-Grey

B&W Circular 1

Expressive Blues

B&W Brush Strokes 2

Deep-Red-Beige Textures

B&W Brush Stroke 3

Expressive Browns-Pink

B&W Brush 4

A Limited Edition fine art prints on paper or canvas


Distant Horizon

Urban Dancer

Breaking Ties



Distant Mountains

Amp 1

Edition 11

In a Frenzy


Red Erosion

A Limited Edition fine art prints on paper or canvas



y embracing the infinite depths and textures of a non-objective and abstracted style, Richard delves deep into the human psyche where he captures and conveys stolen moments of the emotive experience. His work immerses the viewer in a conceptual yet soulful representation of the human condition, and subtly invokes whispers of vulnerability and fear. The canvases are formed through the dynamic layering of ink, aerosol, oil and emulsion, which traverse a labyrinthine expanse of projection and consciousness; and whilst hosting such an authentic and beguiling aesthetic, the viewer becomes engulfed within an assiduous approach to sacred geometry and visual composition. With an inspired acknowledgment of such pioneers as Boccioni and Lowry, Richard manifests both depth of movement and emotive expression whilst retaining a crafted economy of rich simplicity.



A 47

The Silence Between Us. Study 1

The Silence Between Us. Study 2

The Silence Between Us. Study 3

A Crushing Repose

All is still

Beyond the Unspoken

The Silence Between Us. Study 4


Break the Silence 48


Empty fury

Untitled 16217


Untitled 20217


It waits for no one

Through Auric Fields

A 49

LISA Lisa is a contemporary abstract artist. Sharing her time between North London and North Yorkshire. “Although I have A ‘levels in Art and History of Art, I am mostly self taught. My speciality is acrylic and mixed media and I take my influence from the patterns and textures of our amazing world. I love the feeling of freedom and energy that the use of different mediums allows. Often, something as simple as a variation in texture or direction can create something totally unexpected.” “Each of my paintings reflects the different layers and adventures in life that create our own unique individuality. It is for this reason that I leave it up to the owner of the painting to decide which way it should hang.” “We all see something different!”


Flowerworks III Flowerworks !!

Flowerworks IV

A+ Original Art on canvas


Turquoise Tranquility

Copper Eruption

Gold Eruption

A+ Original Art on canvas



A+ Original Art on canvas


BAGUEPS Born into a family of artists, Bagueps studied applied arts in Paris at Oliviers de Serre, specializing in interior design. After graduating, she worked for a French cabinetmaking firm for seven years, where she gained her experience in creating materials and finishes. In her paintings, she strives to translate the peaceful feeling she gets from the inspiration of nature, in particular the beauty of the sky. Having painted since childhood, Bagueps aims to capture the colourful vibrations of the everyday; the sky is a constantly changing canvas she wishes to replicate. Her principal subject is the inbetween; the flux between two states. She begins with an initial inspiration and then lets the painting guide her. Mixing different materials such as acrylic, oil, marble powder and silver powder, the colour and texture takes on its own form.





Passage Delicat

Original Art on canvas





Etre en Passe Deux

Green wave




A+ Original Art on canvas




Endre Deux



Blanc de Passage

Black Night

A+ Original Art on canvas



graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. I have been choosing …s i l e n c e… as the subject of my paintings for the last nine years in an attempt to grasp what is often a result of meditation or contemplation – the undisturbed inner peace… This silence helps me to find the balance with my inner soul. … get rid off the thoughts, information, noise which invade us constantly every day. It strengthens my concentration, helps to leave the useless matters from our mind and keep only the valuable and inspiring ones. Owing to this wonderful silence we are able to reach the great state of contemplation, the blissful state which soothes our soul, body and mind. The purpose of my performance is to make this state come closer .By use of the compositions and the harmony of colors I would like to create the state of softening and infect the spectator with it. My main source of inspiration lies in nature, however what I paint is rather a state of mind than the real world.


Light Whisper

B 59

Hope Rising

Untitled 5

Night Time Rest


Untitled 1

Untitled 2

Untitled 4

Warm Illusion

B 60

Red Illumination

Night Glowing


B 61

JANE W Jane's work references the ever changing outlines of the landscape. Her gestural paintings exude energy and movement, and are often on a large scale. Her abstract paintings contain a real sense of place, inspired in equal measure by the South Downs and London. The amalgamation of these contrasting environments is evident in her work. From this is an obvious process of deconstruction and reconstruction. For Jane the act of painting is a continuous process, always changing and taking away, to create something new.


In The Distance Global Landscape

Global Landscape 3

Urban Rhapsody

B Original Art on canvas


Colour in Motion

No. 1

Distant Shores Pink Summer Sky

Original Art on canvas

B 64

Happy Days

Walking the Neon 1 & 2

Original Art on canvas

Limelight 1 & 2

B 65

SUSAN W I have been an abstract expressionist painter since my early teens. The immediacy and freshness of this style as well as its complexity and boldness has always spoken to me. To this end I usually paint with acrylic paint in an alla prima style, in a spontaneous and physical way, moving back and forth across the canvas, making marks that dance across that surface. I start by introducing colour, shapes and line, then respond to their development. I move these elements around, adding and removing paint in multiple layers, having been described as an emotional painter. I've been described as an emotional painter, my abstract paintings are my first love as I am free to indulge and be spontaneous experimenting with colours and textures, creating multiple layers resulting in visceral unique painting with mood and depth. Over the years I have sold many paintings at Art & Craft Fairs and Exhibitions and, more recently, my paintings are in customers homes all over the world, Australia, Canada, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Spain, UK and the USA My inspiration comes whilst walking on the beach or in the many Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty that Wales has; a holiday I've taken, seasons, landscapes and my imagination. In my abstracts I try to represent my personal thoughts and emotions which I capture on canvas and express through bold colour, strong composition, textures and shapes


Deep Blue Sea


B Original Art on canvas



More Than

Original Art on canvas

Black Quartet

Energy of the Ocean



B 68

Californian Poppies

Bound for Glory

Original Art on canvas

Cosmopolitan Rainbow



Midas Touch

B 69

SOPHIE Sophie is a British artist & architect based in London. She finds inspiration from her environment both past and present; some of this draws from time living in Asia and Australia. Sophie's work seeks to interpret the essentiality beyond the purely visual. She has a curiosity in how memory can focus this; filter it, and how individuals with the same visual experience can come away with such different visual memories of it. The process of creating allows an idea to expand and distil again as a concept, with images often becoming abstract and calm in the process. Her figurative work is much quicker, it seeks to capture the substance of the pose, be that weight, tension, movement, form or emotion - the life within it.


Eucalyptus 1

Eucalyptus 5

Eucalyptus 15

Eucalyptus 9

Eucalyptus 10

Eucalyptus 15

Eucalyptus 4

B Limited Edition fine art prints on paper


Ocean 1

Ocean 3

Ocean 2

Acer 1

Acer 2

Ocean 7

Acer 5

Acer 7

Limited Edition fine art prints on paper

B 72

Seascape 2

B Limited Edition fine art prints on paper


Seascape 1

Seascape 4

Limited Edition fine art prints on paper

Seascape 3


Seascape 5 74

Leaves 1

Leaves 2

Leaves 4

Leaves 3

Autumn Leaves 1

Autumn Leaves 3

Autumn Series 4

Autumn Leaves 5

Autumn Leaves 8

Autumn Leaves 4

Autumn Leaves 9

Autumn Series 3

Limited Edition fine art prints on paper

B 75

LUCY P A painting is a series of marks which capture the moment. I bring everything about me that day. As I paint I get more and more brave and that’s often when the best marks are made, because my cognitive processes are stepping away. I’m bringing feelings and emotions to it, my history with art and the understanding I have with other artists. You need to start somewhere so I look at previous paintings around my studio. That first mark is something to bounce off, the opening line in a conversation, but doesn’t necessarily dictate where it goes afterwards. There’s the dynamics of marks against each other. I might make the first mark on two or three boards at one go and they react differently.


Walking Along Nicely

B Original Art on canvas




Original Art on canvas



Where 78

Starting To Think

B Original Art on canvas



ane Elizabeth was born near London, spent her teenage years on the Isle of Wight, and several subsequent years attending University in the UK and Canada. Following this, Jane had a long career in the NHS as a speech and language therapist, working primarily with children with communication disorders. She also followed her passion for dance through postgraduate study in Dance Movement Therapy at Roehampton Institute in London. During these years, Jane also painted and exhibited her work, as time and circumstance allowed, and then made the decision in 2015 to work as a full time painter. Jane’s painting is inspired by her dance background, and by her travels through the beautiful landscapes and coastlines of the UK, mainland Europe and New Zealand. She spends as much time as she can outdoors in nature, trying to capture the fleeting movement of light and shadow as the weather moves across hills, valleys and water; her photographs, sketches and notes are later used as inspiration for her paintings back in her small studio on the English/Welsh borderlands.


Rain over Moray

B 81

A Line in the Land

Falling Cloud II

The Gentleness of Air

Holy Island II

Mountain Falls in Winter


Lightspout Hollow


Stardust 82

The Haar Storm Clearing


B 83

LISA Lisa is a contemporary abstract artist. Sharing her time between North London and North Yorkshire. “Although I have A ‘levels in Art and History of Art, I am mostly self taught. My speciality is acrylic and mixed media and I take my influence from the patterns and textures of our amazing world.” “I love the feeling of freedom and energy that the use of different mediums allows. Often, something as simple as a variation in texture or direction can create something totally unexpected. Each of my paintings reflects the different layers and adventures in life that create our own unique individuality. It is for this reason that I leave it up to the owner of the painting to decide which way it should hang.” “We all see something different!”


Earth XIII

B+ Original Art on canvas


Earth VIII


Earth X

Earth XI

Close up

B+ Original Art on canvas


Earth I

B+ Original Art on canvas


Splash I Splash II


Splash III

Original Art on canvas


Splash III

Time & Space

Splash II

Splash XII

Splash V

Splash XIII

Splash VI

Splash IV

B+ Original Art on canvas


CORINNE Corinne is a contemporary abstract artist, based in London, specialising in acrylic and mixed media paintings. She is passionate about painting and is regularly creating new artworks. Her work is inspired by landscapes, nature, cities, travel, fashion, media and investigates colour, form, space and texture. She often works on seasons or nature based environments with colour, how colours work with one another and the colour relationship with the season or environment. Working with acrylic and mixed media, a blank white canvas takes on a new form through the expression of energy and begins to develop a life of it's own and a new entity, aiming to create vibrant and emotive works. Corinne has sold works in the UK and internationally, for homes, offices, hotels and restaurants; exhibited in solo and group shows, as well as at a London Hotel and leading Art Fairs.l


Dream Clouds

Do You Remember Me

Meet Me At The Bridge

C+ category for Resin finish

B+ Original Art on canvas




Sea Traces

Lilac Falls


The Meeting

Purple Winter



C+ category for Resin finish

Original Art on canvas



The Space Between Us

Flame Dance



Black Flower 1

The Meeting #3



C+ category for Resin finish

Original Art on canvas


Sea Tropics



Lagoon Idyll

Woodland Dance


Sea Waves



C+ category for Resin finish

Original Art on canvas




B+ B+

C+ category for Resin finish

Original Art on canvas


TERESA B Teresa graduated from Chelsea College of Art in 2015. Through her work she questions the fidelity and validity of our personal histories and our perceptions of them, which in turn challenge our concepts of personal identity and self. The act of remembering is an act of creation. I interpret the concept of memory construction in my paintings by exploring how materials react and interact with each other. The drying time between applications, the order of layering and choice of media all contribute to a continuously changing outcome. Each layer interacts with and changes those that precede and follow it whilst retaining its own properties. Teresa's paintings are drawn from memories and abstracted such that the elements collate to form an emotional response using colour, rather than a literal interpretation. Her work calls upon her own experiences and childhood memories from Malta as source material. The metallic inks within the paintings change their appearance as the viewer navigates around the room, and in doing so creates different viewing experiences from multiple angles.



Saffi 2

B+ Original Art on canvas



Melita Autumn


Melita Blue 1

Melita Blue 2

Melita Resurrection

Saffi Laguna

Red Reconstruction

Original Art on canvas

B+ 98

Melita Summer

Melita Red 1 Serenity

Melita Red 2


Serendipity Tempest

Original Art on canvas

B+ 99

RICHARD K “After an upbringing on the family farm on the coast of North Cornwall, I left my tractor behind to train in graphic design and illustration at Kingston University in the mid ‘80s. I've since spent thirty years in the creative industry in London, first as an illustrator and graphic designer, and now as a full time artist. Urban life inspires me, seeking to capture the perpetually evolving patterns and rhythms of architecture and people in my work. I paint this ‘dance to the music of time' by combining an observational drawing style with colour, marks, texture and pattern. My goal is to spark a recognition and dialogue with the viewer, asking them to discover in my paintings a visual expression of their own urban lives.”


Millennium Sunset

Sloane Square corvette

Sloane Square Crossing

B+ Original Art on canvas


Tower Bridge Dusk


City Colour

Westminster Heights Battersea

Original Art on canvas

Red Light

B+ 102

Albert Bridge 2

OXO Mall

South of the City

Battersea Cranes II London Eye to Parliament

Original Art on canvas

B+ 103

Albert Bridge


St Paul's to the City

Central Park Taxis From the Suburbs to the City

Original Art on canvas

West 34th Street New York

B+ 104

From the Suburbs

Sloane Square Christmas Lights

Original Art on canvas

Corvette in Sloane Square

Waterloo Clock

Spring in Sloane Square

Solo in Drury Lane

B+ 105

ARIADNA A riadna is an artist living and working in London, UK. Through her upbringing in Siberia and travelling, she has discovered a connection to nature, which has become a source of inspiration for her evolving art practice. Ariadna is currently developing two bodies of work: “Basal Elements” in black and white and “Organic Wreaths” in colored inks. The creative process involves experimentation with techniques to imitate and amplify nature. Ariadna creates forms and textures that have a natural aesthetic and quality, reminiscent of organic cells, celestial structures, basic life forms or fossils. Due to the nature of materials and techniques used, the process of making is fluid and alive. The resulting forms and textures are partially chance and partially calculation; the outcome of both ceding the artist's control over the process and being acutely aware of the development of forms and textures. Just like in nature, every resulting element is unique and cannot be repeated. To complete her compositions, Ariadna uses a combination of cut-out and collage techniques. While echoing shapes of the ink elements, the cutouts represent their stark contrast, highlighting disparity between natural and artificial, valuable and hollow, existence and extinction, having and losing.


Organic Wreath 1

Organic Wreath 7

Organic Wreath 8

Organic Wreath 3

B+ Mixed Media original art on paper


Basal Elements 1

Basal Elements 3

Basal Elements 2

Basal Elements 6

B+ Mixed Media original art on paper


Basal Elements 5

Basal Elements 4

Mixed Media original art on paper

Organic Wreath 6

Organic Wreath 2

Organic Wreath 5

Organic Wreath 4

B+ 109

COLIN Colin trained at the Reigate School of Art in Surrey, and now lives on the Sussex coast, soaking up the wonderful light and the beautiful, varied landscape. His work is inspired by the daily observation of his surroundings, combined with memories of past fleeting moments that are both personal and universal - perhaps a glimpse of the sea through woodland, a cloudburst, a howling gale or a cliff-top walk at sunset.‘Weather has fascinated me since childhood. It's the sensation, the feeling of being in the landscape that I aim for - the mysterious, elemental and ever-changing drama of light and shadow, of wind, water and sky transforming a landscape in a blink of an eye. I want to capture the feeling, memory and the essence of a place and time in my work. I'll sometimes complete a piece outside, but I'm happiest making thumbnail pencil sketches on site with colour, wind and light direction notes, then working up the final painting in the studio with memory and imagination engaged. It's an organic process where the original sketch and/or memory is reconceived using layers of paint and scraping back and then more layers and scraping until there is a finished piece'


Wild & Windy Sea IfsS

Last Light

Flooded Field

Across the Lake

B+ Original Art on canvas



Cloud Burst


Postcard from the Sea III

Nocturne III Land fall

Original Art on canvas

B+ 112


Evening Sun, Sand, Sea & Sky

Original Art on canvas

Days End

Gathering Storm


First Light

B+ 113

JENNIFER Jennifer is a mixed media artist whose is influenced by the mapping of the journeys and layering of memories, she has made both living and working in many countries abroad. She philosophically explains: ‘My work is based on the journey of life, its layers and strata. Through time and pressure beauty is created, we mine the soul to find the precious things. Life refines and polishes our history and the choices we have made. Our layers and compartments are filled with experiences and memories.'



Robben Island III

Robben Island IV

B+ Limited Edition mixed media prints, hand embellished in resin and gold leaf


Atlantic Island I

Robben Island II

Robben Island I

Atlantic Island III

Atlantic IV

B+ Limited Edition mixed media prints, hand embellished in resin and gold leaf


Earth from The Air - Series I + II


Earth from The Air III & IV

Image 2

Limited Edition mixed media prints, hand embellished in resin and gold leaf

B+ 117


No. 4

No. 3

Print 1

Print 2

B+ Limited Edition mixed media prints, hand embellished in resin and gold leaf


No. 6

No. 7

No. 8

B+ Limited Edition mixed media prints, hand embellished in resin and gold leaf



ick’s interest in nature and ecology, but mostly his obsession with colour is what drives his artistic passions and so inspired by the natural world he has forged an international reputation for his distinguished work.


Painting directly to canvas with a limited palette of six pigments that of course, aligning himself with the French Impressionists, does not include black. Much like a water colourist he uses the white of the support to give luminosity below numerous layers of translucent colour glazes, he achieves the secondary and tertiary colours by successive layering.


Bearded Iris



Mountain Lake

Plumose Formation 2

Coastal Erosion





Landscape Erosion




reativity requires the courage to let go of certainties." Erich Fromm

Allan paints in Cornwall, London and Wales. His work embraces abstract and figurative styles, painted in thick impasto oil, on large canvases with palette knives and squeegees. He says, "the power and texture of oil paint applied with a palette knife or squeegee, dictates I loosen up and chance plays a significant role"! Consistent with his postgraduate studies in psychology and surrealism, his consequent therapeutic work in the mental health and education professions, Allan’s working methodology is a faith in the artistic principle of creativity, as a fundamental coping device for healthy everyday living. The impasto palette knifed works of Sir Kyffin Williams and the squeegee paintings of Gerhard Richter influence Allan’s work. In particular Richter's polemic that "almost every work of art is an analogy" appeals to his sense of what it is to be human. "Art is making sense and giving shape to that sense. It is like the religious search for God." Gerhard Richter






To Begin at the Beginning


Midnight Velvet


Wise and Wonderful 126


Age To Age





Meaningful Coincidences


Traces of Memory 127


CHELSEA Chelsea uses materials and techniques associated with both disciplines: painting and sculpture. Starting with unusual bases like concrete, steel or copper, she pours or dribbles paint, layers plaster or delicate gold leaf, then scrapes, cracks or corrodes her medium to get the effect she is searching for.


Monmouth Shoreline

Winter Dawn 2

Winter Dawn

Original Art on canvas with gold leaf

C+ 129

Where East Meets West

Silent Gold Leaves

Silent Gold Leaves II

Original Art on canvas with gold leaf


C+ 130

Edge of Autumn 2016

Winter Moon

Rising Blood Moon

Original Art on canvas with gold leaf

Hunters Moon

C+ 131



ondon born Timothy has evolved into an abstract artist. A Specialist interior decorator for 25 years, completing studies at Vauxhall college and South Bank University. His early experience of High-end decorative finishing began at 5 star hotels such as Hyde Park and Grosvenor house. This creation themed "Nature" was conceived through his regular therapeutic walks across many of the National Trust's extensive woodlands, coastal and countryside trails. His intent is to express the energy, organic movement, reflections, shadows and textures seen and felt throughout our valuable natural environments.


Copper No. 2



Brass No 2

Red No 1

Copper No 2

Gold No 2 134


Silver No 9 Silver No 10

Brass No 1





ati was born in Hong Kong, China in 1983 to an English Father and Australian Mother. She spent her early childhood in Shouson Hill on Hong Kong Island’s steep slopes and palm trees of Deep Water Bay. Her family moved to the UK for the majority of her education, with trips to Australia to indulge in family, culture and art, the relationship between the earth, the elements and expression being engraved at an early age. Mark making and creative expression being vital to existence. Aged 19, Kati moved to New York City where she worked with legendry designer Diane Von Furstenburg. She received her BA (Hons) from Ravensbourne College of Design & Communication in 2005 and later continued her study with The University of The Arts London. Following a diverse career as a fashion designer, she has worked for some of the world’s top luxury labels and international brands in London, New York and Asia. Her love of colour, combinations and expression intuitively draws her creative outlay to abstract painting. Kati moved from Brixton to Surrey in 2016 where she is part of the Studio 42 Collective, with whom she has started to exhibit and grow her practise.


Komoribi Green






Awaken Esme


Lava River

Komorebi Sunrise 138


Ophelia Series Part One

Sea Spray

Ophelia Series Part Two

Summer Komorebi

Ophelia Series Part Three

Ophelia Series Part Four

Red Square 139


EMMA F Emma works from her bright and cheerful studio in south west London. She mainly paint still life paintings with a quirky twist. She says of her work ” I am drawn to beautiful forms whether they are manmade or natural. My aim is to show my appreciation of the simple beauty of such objects by their sensitive portrayal in my paintings. In my work I'll often draw and paint the forms many times, scratching and scraping through to previous layers to create a broadly descriptive, but beautiful image. My aim is not to ‘copy' the object in paint, but rather to describe and celebrate what I see with mark making skills that have developed into my personal style as an artist.”


Blue Orchids

Geishas & Cranes

Geishas & Tulips

Original Art on canvas

C+ 141

Swimming Upstream

Chinese Wine Jars

Original Art on canvas

One Fine Day in Richmond Park

Geishas & Parasols

Oriental Lilies

C+ 142



Original Art on canvas

Red Chilli Hidden Bird


C+ 143



love of landscape is central to my work. I am always drawn to the sea, lakes and rivers. Echoes, distortions and reflections create interesting effects to work with. Originally from Guernsey, the stunning and diverse landscape, inspired me to develop my method of working. I love drawing and photographing on location, in different times of day and various weather. I use a combination of the sketches and photos to start the paintings. I enjoy working with a variety of oils, pigments, varnishes and inks. I revel in the investigative process sanding back and revealing sections of the image. I tip my canvases to allow the paint to pool and drip. I enjoy finding new textures, and experimenting with oil and water based paint. Salt and thin areas of plaster change the character of the image. I've currently been focusing on London. The city is such a fascinating beautiful subject. Mist and smog cast a haunting veil over the landscape. I'm interested in the Victorian gothic architecture reflected in modern glass. I also work on Commission and have been fortunate enough to work in different areas of the country and abroad. During the last few years, I've done projects based on the Madagascan rainforest and Hungzhou in China.


Wren’s Place



Houses of Parliament

Silver River


Muswell Hill

Tooley Street



Canonbury Rooftops

St Pancras Hotel

Votive Cathedral

St Paul’s

Threadneedle Street



BETH Internationally exhibited artist Beth studied Textile Design at The University of the West of England and graduated in 2004.From Bristol she moved to London for a little under a decade, working in costume for film, television and theatre and teaching arts and craft workshops. In 2009, Beth was offered a post as an Artist in residence at Wycombe Abbey School for Girls. The residency helped her focus and build a strong foundation for her practise, exploring both femininity and textures and introducing her to the concept of Wabi-Sabi. Returning to London in 2011 Beth has been exhibiting in art fairs and exhibitions both nationally and internationally since. �The foundation of my current body of work lies in the Japanese aesthetic of Wabi-Sabi: exploring the beauty found within transience. From finding a rotting garment by a stream to a stream of consciousness, my current collection travels through ethereal, abstract landscape style paintings into figurative ink drawings that investigate the subconscious. My work is extremely cathartic. I spend hours slowly manipulating the ink to find the right composition and sometimes when its dry writing streams of consciousness on top of the work. The writing for me is an important element, as a dyslexic it can at times be a huge struggle, but at other times the thoughts flow and the time flies. My work therefore is about time and energy and expresses and exposes me as a person.�


Space to Breathe Always Thinking


The Anatomy of Culture 18

D Original Art on paper or board with gold leaf



Always Thinking

Light Breeze

Light 2 Calming Times

Original Art on paper or board with gold leaf

D 150



Seeing From a Distance Flight of the Dove

Calming Times

Original Art on paper or board with gold leaf

Flying High

D 151



Misreading My Words

Out To Sea

Rising Waves Landscape

Rain on my Windowpane

Original Art on paper or board with gold leaf


D 152

No. 1

No. 2


The Storm

Dreamlike State

Space to Breathe

D Original Art on paper or board with gold leaf



isa is a contemporary abstract artist. Sharing her time between North London and North Yorkshire. My speciality is acrylic and mixed media and I take my influence from the patterns and textures of our amazing world.” “I love the feeling of freedom and energy that the use of different mediums allows. Often, something as simple as a variation in texture or direction can create something totally unexpected. Each of my works reflects the different layers and adventures in life that create our own unique individuality. It is for this reason that I leave it up to the owner of the piece to decide which way it should hang.” “We all see something different!”


Follow the Leader


Close-up Synchronicity




Butterfly Que

The Pack



Butterfly Ring


Butterfly Circle


Odd One Out

Hokey Cokey



HENRIETTA Henrietta paints abstracts in oil on canvas in which she aims to evoke a time and a place, creating spaces full of light and memory. “It is not the appearance of a chosen motif but its own energies and mystery that form the heart of my paintings.“ Nature is the basis, the starting point, for the paintings, which rapidly take on a direction of their own where the dancing light or the feel of the wind becomes the main focus. They are compositions woven from images of the natural world. “It is the power and energy of nature that excites me. Light and movement allow the creation of the space in my work, often opening up huge vistas. The finished pieces range from almost totally abstract compositions evoking a sense of place to more easily recognisable landscape images: the natural world modulated by time and season, disclosed by visual texture and colour” Henrietta's works can be found in collections in New York, Houston, Sydney, Perth, Paris as well as the UK


Streams of Light

Tranquil Pools

To The Sea

D Original Art on canvas


Golden Summer Isles


Pathways to the Sea

Setting Seas

Red Sands

Coastal Calm

D Original Art on canvas


A Summers Day

Light Across the Water

Original Art on canvas

Soft Spring Skies


Silver Cloud Lights

D 163

Summer Cloud Light

Late Skies

Autumn Leaves

Tidal Light

Golden Skies

D Original Art on canvas


D Original Art on canvas


ADRIENNE Adrienne paints in oils on canvas or linen and sometimes on silk or wood. “My latest work is abstract paintings suggesting land and seascapes. “It is imagination, it comes from nowhere and is not worked out in advance and decided upon in terms of content or shape or colour - it forms itself, the colours merge and it is allowed to be. I like the image to form itself as I start to work and build up layers of colour and shade. I am interested in painting in a seamless way avoiding lines and edges and even brush strokes. Lines and edges define things and influence how we perceive them so I like to remove any lines and edges by merging colour and form and so make suggestions to the viewer that might trigger a memory or feeling of somewhere or something. This smooth, seamlessness I think suggests a transience and so fluid subjects like air or skies or memories can be caught and held for our gaze. The work is about potential expressed in a non verbal language and because it is not prescriptive it is more open to allowing our own creative and emotional interpretation�

D 166

Fine Sand

Ever Green


D Original Art on canvas


Dream Pool

Sea Air

Purple Sky

Light Haze

Original Art on canvas

Soft Land


D 168

River Mouth

Soft Light

Air of Intensity

Warm Lands

Velvet Land

Dream Light

D Original Art on canvas


RIKKE Beginning from research and intense conceptualising, Danish artist Rikke seeks the unknown mysteries in life. Considering all life forms and their basic similarities, she looks for balance in nature, and explores the light and the dark side of this organic process. In her artwork, Rikke invites the viewer for a journey through inner and outer spaces - to bring both worlds into balance and observe them. She transforms emotions into unpredictable forms in her abstract paintings. At the moment of painting, Rikke is not sure of what will finally happen on canvas, leaving it up to chance. This results in a spontaneous element of expression, going with the flow and exploring many possibilities of visualisation. Using a microscope to study cell structures, she is intrigued by the darker aspects of organic and cellular life.


Spinning 2 Heat Up


Spinning 1

D Original Art on canvas


New Beginning

Egg Stage

Deep Forest


D Original Art on canvas


Under Pressure

Fairy Infatuation

Taking Over

D Original Art on canvas


ELIZABETH P Elizabeth is a British ceramicist based in Manchester. Her distinctive style emerged as she was studying fine art, where she specialised in wall sculpture and installation. Whilst developing her unique range of stoneware and porcelain pottery, she pursued a successful career as an interior designer, dealing with contemporary living spaces in some of the North West's most prestigious residential addresses. Elizabeth has combined her love of retro, vintage and antique decoration with cutting edge modern design, to create a range that will stand the test of time. From small pottery bowls to larger scale porcelain artwork, her exclusive range is perfect for the style-conscious home.


Golden Graces Wall Flowers White with Gold Edge Golden Graces Wall Flowers in Gold

Golden Graces Wall Flowers White with Frayed Edge

D Porcelain sculpture - 3D wall art


Gold Swallows over Morocco

3 White Porcelain Flowers

Graphite Swallows

White Porcelain Flowers

One Gold Flower


D Porcelain sculpture - 3D wall art


Frayed Edge

White Swallows

Cut Edge

Three Swallows

Side View of Cut Edges

D Porcelain sculpture - 3D wall art


PAUL B Paul specialises in contemporary semi-abstract seascapes and landscapes. The two themes are very different in mood, style and perspective, but all endeavour to generate a sense of intimacy and isolation while leaving the subject open to interpretation. The intention is to create from memory to produce finished work that is abstracted and more expressional than representational. Paul’s main aim is to create work that is most definitely painted; an antidote to mass produced visuals we consume everyday. This is accomplished by using rich textures, multiple layers and brush/palette knife marks. Paul wants his paintings to tease out more than the eye can see, to draw people in and invite them to experience – not just consume – an image.


The Tempest Recedes

The Westward Seas

Under The Falling Sun 2

D Original Art on canvas


Before the Wilds

Fall Away

Restless Past

The Abandonded Day

The Forgotten Mile

The Heavens Wept

D Original Art on canvas


The Night is Now Behind Us I

The Night is Now Behind Us 2

The Plains

They Stole The Past


Yesterday Burns

D Original Art on canvas


Night Drops

Atlantis Breaks


The Sleeping Tides

Blazing Seas

The Tides Turn

D Original Art on canvas


Beneath The Heavens

After the Storm

Scorched Skies

The Ocean Breaks

The Shallows

Ghost of Yesterday

D Original Art on canvas


MARCUS Marcus is a contemporary artist and painter, living and working in London. ​Marcus’ paintings are a series of process led works. He uses a combination of layering, distressing and blending to build a multifaceted surface, adding a sense of depth and drama to the work. Marcus comes from a design background and has evolved his practice through mixed media, sculpture and jewellery design. He brings his experiences from previous practices to enrich his new works. The results are vibrant, energetic paintings with exciting sculptural elements. He has commissioned works for private homes, hotels and commercial spaces including being involved in a number of exhibitions.



D Original Art on canvas


Destination 01

Destination 02

Destination 03

Destination 04

D Original Art on canvas


Tilt 02

Destination 05

Destination 06

D Original Art on canvas


FINTAN Fintan's method of painting is characterised by an immediacy of process and an urgency of vision, which he has been developing over several years. Despite the appearance of serendipity, Fintan's technique involves constant assessment, measurement and exploration of pigments and their configurations, combined with varnishes, oils and a variety of materials. The challenge that Fintan's art constitutes his motivation - that is to create resonances between or among the senses by exploiting the ever-changing detail of light and texture. His abstracts are worlds eliciting a multitude of emotional and intellectual responses that we, as viewers, must resolve. Fintan was born in Dublin and has spent his adult life in Ireland, Spain and Germany (his current home). His work has been exhibited and acquired by numerous collectors across North America, Europe and Australia, and featured in prominent residential projects in UK and USA.


Alive II

Alive V



E Original Art on canvas or paper


E Original Art on canvas or paper


Down to Earth

Earth Skin

Original Art on canvas or paper


Land of Planty

E 191

Enlightment Series IV

E Original Art on canvas or paper



Floating Atmosphere

Original Art on canvas or paper



E 193

LAURA B Laura is a London based Italian artist. She studied painting in Venice at the Academy of Fine Art and sculpture at TAM Art Metal-Working School in Pietrarubbia (Pesaro-Urbino), Italy, supervised by sculptor Arnaldo Pomodoro. The tendency towards nothingness is inexorable and universal and even the things that have corporeity not have an illusion of stability. As things start to transform become more irregular and interesting. Nothing that exists is free of imperfections, and everything is in a constant state of becoming or dissolving. When things are close to non-existence become naturally more delicate and evocative. In my work, I am intrigued to see how science and art are connected; I try to strike a balance between painting, collage and installation. It revolves around the concept of Wabi-Sabi, transformation, time and connections. In my recent paintings I worked from a mix of papers and my own photographs, either transcribed intact or altered to create a new composition. Through the painting process I try gently to heighten the qualities in the picture that first caught my attention.


Blue Shikan Inside Part One


E Original Art on canvas




Inside Part 2

E Original Art on canvas


Blue Velvet


Cairn B


Original Art on canvas

E 197

ISOBEL I sobel has a passion for porcelain; she creates contemporary art, lighting and interior decorations. Working with porcelain paper clay has allowed Isobel to explore the boundaries of design. Her unique pieces are inspired by the world around us. They appear simple but, on closer inspection, reveal a stunning use of form, texture and depth.


Ruffles Rimmed Pool of Tranquility

Please note that due to the intricacies and technical nature of Isobel’s work, all larger sizes (over 80x80cm), will need to be priced separately and are usually priced outside the price matrix at the front of the brochure

In a Spin

E 199




E 200

E 201

Ruffles Twin


Loose porcelain shapes Yin and Yang Please note that due to the intricacies and technical nature of Isobel’s work, all larger sizes (over 80x80cm), will need to be priced separately and are usually priced outside the price matrix at the front of the brochure

Seascape close up

Ruffles rectangular

E 202

E 203

Murmerations Make a Wish


Loose porcelain leaves


Please note that due to the intricacies and technical nature of Isobel’s work, all larger sizes (over 80x80cm), will need to be priced separately and are usually priced outside the price matrix at the front of the brochure

E 204

E 205

DOVILE “Nature plays a particularly important role in my life. I am fascinated by its richness of colours and extraordinary diversity of shapes. As an artistic person, I take in everything I see and find around me. I am a horse rider and horse riding has always been my guide and prism through which I observed the nature around me. Whether I ride through the woods of England, the hills of France or the plains of Lithuania - I always find the same universal beauty of nature. It was this obsession that made me choose gold gilding in hopes that using one of the most expensive natural metals on earth, would help me express my idealized vision of nature.�


8 Fluffs of the Sow Thistle Cloud Number Nine

Birth of the Planet Earth

E+ Original Art on canvas with gold leaf



Abundance II

Abundance I

Mountains at Night

His Heart

Stolen Dreams

Original Art on canvas with gold leaf

E+ 208





E+ Original Art on canvas with gold leaf




ernando is a contemporary Spanish painter whose otherworldly canvases blur the boundaries between imagination and reality. The artist’s bold, ethereal compositions explore grand themes of time, light and the human condition. 'I believe that my paintings encapsulate life,' says Fernando. We love the artist’s swirling, mystical style and the way his subject matter moves in and out of distinction across the canvas. Fernando’s works are poetry in paint form. For a time Fernando worked from a studio in Hackney. The artist has since relocated to Dorset, where he paints in almost total seclusion. For Fernando, painting is more than technique and intention – it is an 'endless journey towards light'. The artist has enjoyed a long career and his work is held in collections across the world, from Spain and the UK to China and the US. In 2013, Fernando was the exhibition prize-winner at the Dorchester Open. The following year he was a finalist for both the Evolver Prize at the Atkinson Gallery in Somerset and the Tribe Prize at Bath’s Edgar Modern


Mundo Sailing


E+ 211




The Sleep of Reason

E+ E+

Moving 212


Light Behind Voices

E+ 213

Distant Light


Moving Shadows 214

Travelling Trees




Light Behind Voices 215

JOSEPH S oseph studied at Liverpool Art School and followed this with post-graduate study at St Martin's School of Art. He has over twelve years experience as a freelance illustrator for a wide variety of clients in advertising, publishing and design. “Inspiration for my recent work comes primarily from Nature and in particular butterflies, moths and the folklore and mythology surrounding these specific insects, to produce work with a narrative quality. I tend to work in series and draw inspiration from classical and popular music, fashion and graphic signs and symbols. I am also inspired by the Victorian obsession of collecting, preserving and presenting insects in boxes. My butterflies are created from collaged paper and each butterfly is individually hand cut. As well as their obvious natural beauty, I agree with the Eastern belief of butterflies as bringers of joy and being the essence of happiness.” “I like the school of thought that butterflies represent the soul.” - Joseph



Little Black Dress

E+ Hand cut paper 3D wall art



Map of the Heart

Hard Target

Hand cut paper 3D wall art


Butterfly Ball

E+ 218


E+ Hand cut paper 3D wall art


LAURA F Laura earned her BFA in Painting in her native United States from the State University of New York. It was here she studied with abstract expressionist Joop Sanders, friend and apprentice of Willem de Kooning, and with Hudson River Valley artist, Alex Martin. She continued her studies in textile design at the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York and earned her MA Fine Art at Middlesex University, London. She remains active with artist communities, exhibitions and associations in the United Kingdom, Europe and in the United States. Laura currently lives and works in London, is a GOLDEN Artist Educator and is art curator


Serenity Triptych

E+ Original Art on canvas


Before the Storm

Blush 2




Black Thunder

E+ Original Art on canvas


West Wind Current

White Shadows Indian Summer

E+ Original Art on canvas


Red Agate 1


Red Agate 2

E+ Original Art on canvas



Lost City

In Pursuit of Gold

The Rockery

Fire & Ice


E+ Original Art on canvas




arc was born in Neuilly sur Seine, France, in 1964. Growing up in Paris, he began playing the flute at a young age and went on to train as a concert musician at the Paris Conservatoire. However while music, with its foundation of tone and composition, provided him the means for expression, it would ultimately be in painting that he found his creative voice. Continuing to study and refine his craft, Marc first saw his work exhibited in Boston in 1987. The next year, he moved to New York City, where he began work on a series of figurative, large-format oil paintings on canvas. Born out of this exploration, his style began to evolve into looser and more abstracted narratives that often combined landscape with figuration. He also began to experiment with different materials and techniques. His resulting process of applying paint with trowels and knives onto wood panels marked the beginning of a new direction in the artist’s work. From 1990 until 2010, Marc remained in New York and exhibited extensively in galleries in Los Angeles, Boston, San Francisco, New York, and Paris, establishing a collector base. Marc currently lives is London where his primary studio is located and divides his time between New York City and the south of France. His works are in the private collections worldwide.


Au Dessus Des Colines Crepuscule Des Dieux

Crepuscule Des Dieux Suzo No. 2

E+ 227

Ear, Mer et Soleil

Vent Des Sables


Maree Haute

Soleil Du Desert

Gout Dete 01

Lueure Rose

E+ 228

Esprit Vague

Pleine Lune 01

Wherever The Light is


Spring 01 229

Blue Velvet


Cairn B





E+ 230

Une Montage Blanche with Layers

Pleine Lune Cathedrale


Mont Bouquet with Layer

Suzon 02 with Layers


Sentier Per Du 4 Colours

E+ 231

JENNIFER Jennifer is a mixed media artist whose is influenced by the mapping of the journeys and layering of memories, she has made both living and working in many countries abroad. She philosophically explains: ‘My work is based on the journey of life, its layers and strata. Through time and pressure beauty is created, we mine the soul to find the precious things. Life refines and polishes our history and the choices we have made. Our layers and compartments are filled with experiences and memories.’ The study of clay has influenced my art in the use of minerals, textures and formations. The resin creates the contrast between the dynamism of the elements of earth and water. The essential life forces!” Jennifer's paintings can only be truly appreciated when seen in person. In print, it is impossible to capture the spectacular and unique 3-dimensional effect of Jennifer's paintings integrated with earth pigments, oils, resin and gold leaf.



F Original Art on canvas – hand embellished in gold leaf and resin


Breathe 3

No. 9

No. 3

No. 6

Original Art on canvas – hand embellished in gold leaf and resin

No. 4

De Terre II

De Terre III

F 234

De Terre IV

De Terre V

De Terre I De Terre VI

Original Art on canvas – hand embellished in gold leaf and resin

De Terre VII

F 235

Earth From The Air I Storm II

Earth From The Air II

F Original Art on canvas – hand embellished in gold leaf and resin


North Sea II Quarry III

North Sea III

Quarry IV North Sea IV

F Original Art on canvas – hand embellished in gold leaf and resin


SARAH From Goldsmith of 16 years to designer of precision laser-cut wall panels; Sarah has transferred and developed her metalworking skills from miniature to large-scale. A Jewellery & Silversmithing graduate of The Cass, she has based her collections on the themes of repetition, geometry and how the tiniest, most insignificant parts can create complex and strong, balanced forms. Plant cells, microbiology and geometry all play a part in the development and design of her work, and her pieces are executed with precision, skill and attention to detail. Her jewellery collections have been exhibited in galleries in the US, Japan and across Europe. She now creates unique, bespoke fine jewellery and is expert in redesigning and remodelling unworn heirlooms. A commission in 2014 from renowned corporate art curator, Tom TempestRadford, saw Sarah's work transformed to an altogether new level, and brought her work into the realm of large-scale decorative architectural metalwork and installations. She utilises the skills of local engineering companies in combination with her own metalworking experiences and craftsmanship to create her new, vibrant collections of decorative panels, room partitions and lighting installations. Sarah has a long history of working closely with clients to create bespoke, considered and perfectly executed works.


Circulus LL Circulus I

Circulus II (close up)

F+ Metal sculpture - 3D wall art


Quadrant I

Quadrant I (detail)

Metal sculpture - 3D wall art

Circulus VI

Bronze Panel with Black Detail

F+ 240

Circulus I

F+ Metal sculpture - 3D wall art


MICHELLE M Michelle's art is work of elegant simplicity which, in itself, is the first of many seductions into an engagement with a complex network of tensions. The work is bedded in the clear space between opposites; the movement captured in stillness; the fragility and ephemerality of nature captured in the strength and permanence of industrial, man made materials; inexorable freedom within the clinically defined limitations of space. Whilst utilising symbols found in nature that have a timeless constancy, the methods and media used are innovative applications of contemporary industrial materials subtly handled, so that even the closest scrutiny give almost no intimation of their origins. This play between the timeless and the immediate is at the heart of Michelle's work. However tranquil the order of the instant may seem it cannot segregate itself from the underlying chaos of nature and it is into this engagement with chaos that we are lured, so unassumingly, by the captivating simplicity of order.


Ginkgo Circle Seed 1

Seed 2

POA Metal woven 3D wall sculpture


Seed 1

Seed 3

Metal woven 3D wall sculpture


Seed 4

The Consent Maple

POA 244

Love, Loss and Separation

Held - Still Life 2


POA Metal woven 3D wall sculpture


DRAGICA Dragica is a painter who lives and works in London. Dragica moved to London from Croatia to pursue a BA in painting from the Chelsea College of Art and Design, followed by a Master's degree. Since the early 2000, Dragica has been regularly exhibiting artwork, initiating and organising art events, workshops, artists' studios and residencies in the UK and abroad. By generating income through various forms of sponsorship Dragica has curated a number of art group shows such as: WIP, Filter, Blink, Mayday-Mayday, Zone of Urgency, Object-Objection-Objective, Tipping Point, Stopover and Navigating Dot. In 2009 she was awarded the Abbey Painting Award, which led to an artist residency and fellowship at the British School in Rome. Alongside her arts practice, Dragica is also leading painting workshops on ‘Connections between Master Paintings and Contemporary Art' at the Wallace Collection, judged the Camden School art competitions and, as visiting artist, lectured on painting practice across the UK universities.


Blue Swirl Series 1 Alchemicana

Blue Swirl

Black and White Swirls

POA Original Art on canvas


Blue Swirl on Purple Blue Swirl Series 1

Continuity 2

Original Art on canvas


Blue Swirl Series 2


POA 248


Four Light Swirls

Original Art on canvas


Four Blue Swirls

Lurking Circle


POA 249

Orange Figure

Silver Swirls 1

Original Art on canvas

Orange Swirls

Silver Swirls 2

Twinkle at Large

Silver Swirls 3

POA 250

Restructuring Swirls Series 1

Restructuring Swirls Series 5

Original Art on canvas

Restructuring Swirls Series 2

Restructuring Swirls Series 11

Restructuring Swirls Series 4

Rounded Swirls

POA 251



Spanish artist currently living in London, Beatriz is inspired by her surroundings and translates the energy and visual information of her dairy life into her work using colour as her personal language. The colour in Beatriz’s work seems a spontaneous emission, as if she had transmitted her emotions directly onto canvas through the mere act of breathing. The viewer, in turn, is drawn into the vortexes of movement in her images, yet they offer points of seductive languor along the way, in the presence of floral shapes opening outward, clouds that provide moments of rest, and other suggestive elements. At the same time, Beatriz’s paintings feature a strong sense of depth, which derives from her knowledge of architecture—the field in which she began her career—and the importance to her of the landscape of her hometown of Santander, Spain. While her work always references landscape or spatial depth, she avoids the presence of a horizon line. Thus departing from classical conceptions of space, she creates dialogues between different spatial planes, allowing viewers to find their own road maps. Her use of colour spots, drips, and splatters convey her fearless and intuitive process while making all of the elements in these imaginary worlds seem to be alive. Evoking Abstract Expressionism, Colour Field Painting, and Spanish painterly traditions, Beatriz’s canvases reference today’s sensory overload experienced with a rare unfiltered and raw openness.


De Luz Denue Frozen

Show Me

Original Art on canvas or paper

POA 253


Lo Inesperado

Luz Neon


Original Art on canvas or paper

POA 254

No. 1

No. 3

Original Art on canvas or paper

No. 2

Siglo XIX

POA 255

Waiting For You

Last Chance

Original Art on canvas or paper


Hello Mia

POA 256


Rojo Italia


POA Original Art on canvas or paper


JOHN F German artist John's conceptual work is an attempt to discern governing principles of the universe - art as a way of enquiring about the world. Artistic investigation, as a way of inquiring about the world, keeps asking the same perennial questions about origin of matter as science and religion. It bridges scientific and spiritual dimensions by conveying a message which is both: universal and deeply personal. His art transcends the dualism of objective and subjective, matter and spirit. It goes beyond the established framework of human knowledge and beliefs towards the state of ubiquitous oneness. He believes that every form of existence, from a thought, a feeling, matter to space and time is one and the same energy governed by the same principle and being a part of the Singular Universe. Dualism exists only as our perception and it is through their singularity that we can access the truth.


Destruction no6

Destruction no20

Destruction No14

POA Metal sculpture – 3D wall art


Creation is Destruction Gold Axe No. 1

Creation is Destruction New Gold 1

Metal sculpture – 3D wall art

Creation is Destruction Gold Axe No. 3

Creation is Destruction New Gold 2

Destruction no5

POA 260

Creation is Destruction

POA Metal sculpture – 3D wall art


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HOT 50 COLLECTION Spring 18 – update 1

Original Art, Limited Editions, Photography and hand embellished canvasses and prints


Top 50 art spring18 edition v1  

A fabulous range of art across all genres and price points, and normally produced within 2 – 4 weeks!

Top 50 art spring18 edition v1  

A fabulous range of art across all genres and price points, and normally produced within 2 – 4 weeks!