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Damjan, Seed Series

Dustin is a self taught modern metal artist. Now the founder and featured artist of Abstract Metal Design Gallery. Originally from Quincy Illinois in which he learned the basics of art, woodworking and metalworking with his father since he was 5 years old. Having experience in the automotive body and paint industry increased his interest with metal. Having always appreciated the latest and greatest that design and technology has had to offer, in which explains his consistent interest in modern design. With mainly keeping his focus in modern/contemporary sculptures that are fit for both indoor or outdoor environments. Working with various types of metal, creating dynamic shapes that are always appealing from various angles. He’s always keeping pieces colorful or deep in texture, and being sure not to astray from using a style that makes a statement. Today he currently displays work in various galleries, businesses and residences worldwide.





My works are a reflection of human feelings, in general, viewed from an angle of Zen philosophy, trying to express the maximum with a minimum of data. When I use the two elements is usually to create a fluid dialogue between them and try to translate the concept of sense of time, of human fragilty.



Dance for three

Pink concave eclipse

Simon designs and creates beautiful contemporary garden sculptures and garden art for gardens in the UK and around the world. His passion for long flowing curves and the influences of the `less is more` approach can be seen throughout his work. Originally coming from the `Steel City` of Sheffield its natural that his work is created from steel and stainless steel.


The Tulip



A Flight of Avocets Sculpture

MARK P My work combines the depth of thought provoking abstract with that of the understandable form, making it instantly tangible yet with deeper, perceptible undertones. I can capture a moment in time and make the viewer think and feel that feeling, whether it is a moment of energy or of pause. Currently I am working on reactionary processes with potential references to martial arts, dance and sport. Simple drawings have lead to complex sculptural forms, but without any reconciled plans but merely a feeling of reaction to my making and processes. My experience and knowledge of materials allow me to do this in an unconventional way creating work that identifies tension and harmony, calm and movement for the viewer to discover it is forging structure from apparent chaos......

Sculpture 4.1

Restraining Creativity

Understanding Individualism with Unity - Unity for short!

The Feminine is always at the core of my work, whether depicted in a female form or through the sensuous curves and lines of an object or flowing form. I am always inspired to create beauty, serenity and a sense of calm. This has always been my own personal journey and, even though I may be able to achieve this through my sculptures, the state of ‘Nirvana’ is always a step ahead of me! I have always searched for freedom and adventure, to experience life to the fullest. In my earlier years this led me to travel the globe and experience and number of amazing jobs including professional sports team trainer, art teacher and tutor, holistic therapist and yogalates instructor. I always pushed myself to the limit both with regard to my work as well as my own physical training in multi-sports, but I later came to realise that my strength needed to come from an inner place as opposed to my external desires and so returning to my art was the start of a journey of discovery. I found there was a strong urge for the feminine to start expressing herself, even if it felt really uncomfortable at times.






My favorite hobbies are dancing, taking walks and watching telly. And as you will probably have guessed I love getting caught up in the creative process one way or another, something I'm doing my best to turn into a career.

I didn't do much in the way of artistic training, but got interested in the possibilities of 3-d line drawing when I had a temporary job making frames for topiary, and things snowballed from there. I've been spending a lot of time on art since around 2008.


Improvisations I

Improvisations II

Improvisations III

Improvisations IV

Improvisations V

Improvisations VI

I took up sculpture in 1992 and it became so important to me that in 1994 I left my career in civil aviation engineering in order to concentrate on it full time.​ I create abstract sculptures in which I try to express the beauty that exists in simple shapes: flowing lines, subtly curved edges, negative spaces defined by surrounding forms. This is the opposite of conceptual art: there is no message, you do not have to 'understand' the piece. You either like what you see or you don't. Sometimes my pieces suggest forms in the real world, perhaps human or animal. Often they are based on things I come across that appeal to me. These are not necessarily conventionally beautiful things in themselves. They may, for example, be discarded items or pieces of machinery. It is a joy to create something worthwhile out of these apparently unpromising origins.





We Three


J&F are husband and wife, and share their studio in Gloucestershire. This gives rise to a fairly unique situation where both create their own individual sculptures as well as coming together to collaborate, creating pieces with a third distinct voice. “We both find this way of working very liberating and rewarding and it has been very positive for both of us, in all aspects of our work.” says J. They collaborate in the truest sense of the word, with the two of them having input at all stages of the making of a piece. Their individual views and ways of expressing themselves combine to bring a synergy to their collaborative artworks. F comments that the collaborative process is very organic. “We have never sat down and discussed roles. From the first drawings, which are usually done together, to the final stages of engraving, carving and colour application, the whole process just seems to flow.”


Contained Perspectives II

First Intention VIII

Midpoint Diffusion V

Two Views III

Forward Transition IV

Notational Movement

Notational Movement XXIII

Final Carrier Forgotten VIII

Mining For Time II

Plotting Dimensions I

To Which Infinities Do We Trust III

Eternal Exchange XII

Contained Perspectives II

Artist working with stone, wood, ice, snow, bronze, steel, land art, fire sculptures and ceramics. During the last 15 years she took part in 100 International sculpture symposiums in 30 countries. Winner of various prizes for sculpture and photography.








LN07 3 2







Sculpting is giving voice to one’s soul, sculpting is staying in time, sculpting is revealing, sculpting is entering and leaving, sculpting is giving life to inertia, sculpting is splitting, sculpting is coming alone and leaving in pairs, sculpting is transforming, metamorphosing, sculpting is freeing, sculpting is a gesture that embraces a movement, sculpting is standing. I only look for beauty, aesthetics and proportion for each of my sculptures. There is no chance, I don’t cut like "it comes", I see the image, I reproduce it in the stone trying to make sure that, because of my way of doing things better, it captures shadow and light. It can be organic, floral, evocative of a body or one of its curves... etc... But the important thing is the movement and emotion it provides for those who are watching. When a sculpture is finished I no longer exist, the work done either, only the work must appear, nothing else. It is no longer a stone or a material. It’s a sculpture.


Sans titre I

Sans titre II

Sans titre III

Sans titre IV

I studied Fine Art at Bristol Polytechnic in 198487 specialising in Sculpture. In 1989 I spent eighteen months at Berllanderi Sculpture Workshop in Raglan, South Wales creating new work. 1991-92 I took an Interdisciplinary MA in Art and Architecture at KIAD in Canterbury. I travelled to Israel in 1998 to take part in a six month Residency which provided a basis of a 34 year retrospective. In 2005 I formed Steinworks Sculpture which allowed me to develop new work. 2018 saw a renewed change in direction returning to figurative work with a contemporary feel. I have experimented with a range of styles and sculptural languages during my years as a sculptor. I found sanctuary in the realm of meditative environments where I was drawn to constructing both individual sculptures and sculptural spaces. My aim with this was to provoke a sense of calmness and serenity.








My work is often experimental. By melting glass with a blowtorch at room temperature there is always the 'shatter risk'. Adding metal into the equation results in unique shapes and patterns within the glass. For the larger outdoor pieces, I hand cut the glass into rectangular shards and permanently fix them into steel frames




Shattered Lens

Transient XII

I live a short walk to a very pebbly beach. My sculptures reflect the scenery found along the shoreline, inspired by the textures, patterns and plant life. This combined with the movement of the water and changes in the weather allow a rich resource for ideas. I like to work in clay as its wonderfully flexible and can combine simple smooth lines with an endless use of texture and pattern which I love. I have a fascination with creating curves and simple pleasing familiar shapes. I'm also obsessed with texture and pattern which I feel brings my sculptures to life. Once the sculptures have been finished its over to the moulding and casting stage. The process of cold cast metal sculpture is a skilled and labor intensive one. As with foundry bronze sculpture it begins with the artists sculpture. A mould is made and then cast. The outer layer is a metal powder such as bronze mixed with a small amount of resin. Depending on how large the sculpture is, the mould is then filled so that it is solid or has layers of fibre glass.



Small Abstract III



I was born on the Isle of Wight, but most of my life has been spent living in cities across the UK Birmingham, Manchester, London, Bristol and Norwich. Since moving to North Norfolk in 2015 I have relished the openness, timelessness and raw beauty of the Norfolk countryside, and the shift to a rural environment has influenced the development of my art practice.

My current practice focusses on small, almost unperceived elements and structures of everyday objects and creatures in the natural world. My starting point for a new piece is usually something I have picked up somewhere – a shell, a seed pod, a piece of dried plant material, a fragile wasp’s nest – frequently an object which previously served as a vessel for life of some kind. After a few initial sketches I start making the form in clay, scaling the object up into a rough form, using an armature if necessary. The process of paring back down then begins. As the piece develops the patterns of the object start to emerge - lines and spirals, flows and curves, crevices and hollows – and these become the focus of the work, lending it rhythm and movement. The process of refinement continues until I am satisfied that the piece is ready, at which point it is taken for casting in bronze, or cold cast in resin, Jesmonite or other composite finishes. By bringing individual aspects of natural objects to the foreground I hope to create something which as well as hopefully pleasing and intriguing to the eye – might also encourage others to look afresh at the everyday things which are everywhere around us, and value our precious and increasingly threatened environment all the more.


Contemplation I

Contemplation II

Contemplation III

Sea Vessel III

Swan Mussel

Nest Form

Sea Vessel II

Mark’s sculptures are a playful investigation into line, definition and geometry. Working with negative space, light and shadow, Mark gives each of his sculptures direction and flow. Lines direct the form, textures are contrasted and complemented, and shapes are contorted into new, enticing arrangements. Yet each design maintains a sense of Mark’s own, free hand carving, allowing his works to develop in an open and instinctive manner.


Side step



Elliptical play

Art reminds us what a wonderful and diverse world we live in. It opens the mind, nudges the imagination and lifts us from day-to-day thoughts and constraints. In his sculpture Tim seeks to evoke these responses. His work is to be touched, with the eyes and the fingers, but above all to be felt, at the root of our emotions. There is no more powerful statement of the interpretive role of the artist than Barbara Hepworth’s: “I, the sculptor, am the landscape, the hollow, the thrust and the form.” The ideas Tim expresses in his work have been developed through personal experience in different stages of his life. His skills were developed through study at London’s Art Academy, Central St Martins and elsewhere. Working largely in bronze and wood, he has his studio close to London’s South Bank, and has also written about the many sculptures to be found along the South Bank’s river walk. Among other projects is an ambition to create a London Sculpture Park, a linear park stretching from Westminster Bridge to Tate Modern.


Conception III

What I do is me

Philippe endeavors to create the slender link and bond for a greater vision of the UNITY. The understanding of the Universe is the best way to subdue the philosophical question of our very existence. "The realization of my thoughts into practical concrete shapes creates the deeplyneeded vacuum in my mind to accommodate numerous other new ideas. With the ripples emanating from my shapes and forms, I hollow out the stone and at the same time I brush away all the burden on my immature mind to return to the basic truth, this main thread in direct liaison with its origins of the shape of the stone, this immense beauty which radiates the heart and mind and gives an added creative meaning to my art. With the help of my engraving chisels, I square off the shapeless contours of my own being, hoping to find the brilliance of the diamond that is encrusted in my heart, like plunging ones’ hand into the heart of the comet to obtain the knowledge of it’s historical meaning, bringing with it each day a new discovery".




Silent communication

Usually Nando works inspired by elements of the nature, but always with elements without a defined shape, like the water, the clouds, the fire, etc... All these elements appear with an always changing form and he tries to represent this continuous metamorphosis on his works.


Cascades, I, II, III, IV


Shape 4

Shape 3


Rainbow 2


Sea Waves



Water Dance (Bronze)

Water Dance (Aluminium)

Jan‘s art is a unique synthesis between natural, organic forms and geometric abstraction. He pursues the desire for the almost unattainable ideal, and that is the creation of beauty in its most pure form”.







Filius Patri

Twisted Oval


Thomas is an international sculptor undertaking private, public and corporate commissions using an extensive range of materials. Following his passion for sculpture that responds to aesthetics and mathematics within nature, Thomas has developed a distinctive style of contemporary and mainly abstract work. His creations are based on an ethos that the simplest forms are often the most beautiful. From this idea, his belief grew that perfection within our environment has resulted from the simple and beautiful laws nature follows. The ratio 1.681 known as PHI or the Fibonacci sequence, offers a mathematical principle seen widely within natural aesthetics which are frequently applied within Thomas’s designs. By exploring such naturally occurring principles, he strives to create unique and inspirational objects.


Curvilinear Form 5

Curvilinear Form 1

Curvilinear Form 2

Crescent 1

Infinity 3

Infinity 4

Continiuum 1




Aurora Borealis 9




Apollo Twin, Commission 2019

Apollo Blue, Commission 2019

Aluminium & Bronze Amorphous Form

Born 31. 10. 1976 in Skopje Macedonia. Finished Art school in 1995and Academy for fine arts in 1999-Skopje. Best University student of the Academy of fine arts in 1999. Finished postgraduate studies in the same Academy.


Spiral III

Spiral IV

Spiral I

Spiral II

Emerging Form

Magical cube


More a performer than an artist, Yannick is passionate about raw materials and transforming material. Geometric abstractions, female busts and minimalist figures are all points of reference leading to the universe of this great technician. A creator in the making even as a child Born in 1968, Yannick has always been creative. Captivated by materials, he first trained as a boilermaker, a profession he held for many years before spontaneously deciding to become a sculptor in 2016. Transforming different materials like metal, wood and stone, and the different, sometimes complex works he had produced over the years led him to break into a new creative area. Playing with fullness and voids Self-taught artist Yannick, works primarily with steel. Occasionally he combines it with colour which, he says, brings feelings to life. He lets his imagination guide him, taking inspiration from the buzz of living things and material’s absence of movement. He prefers to call himself a performer rather than an artist. He recognises that each living being has a unique way of channelling expression, and for him this is quite simply through knowledge of his trade. Whether provoking emotion or reflection, his pieces evolve irreversibly over time…



Period t 127 ‘ 1457

Circular Route

Disciplinary Unit

Green Blood Cells

The Bursting

Golden Helicoid

Chaos I

Layout II

When I left school I travelled around Europe then the US, Canada, New Zealand, and India. In Australia, I got a job at a steel works factory. The highly skilled, self-assured character of the men who worked there and the strong sense of camaraderie really appealed to me. I loved the heat and the clatter of the place. This was the first time I learnt how to form steel, I took this experience back to the UK and went to an art school that specialised in blacksmithing. This was followed by an apprenticeship, and then I opened my own forge in London, which gave me the time to develop my art practice alongside the commissioned work I was producing for clients at the time. Travel remains an important source for my work, and if I can’t get away, there are so many great museums in London. A new series usually starts this way. Recently, a visit to Iceland led to a series of sculptures inspired by the coastal communities and the fishing boats in the harbours around the country. The initial idea became an abstract memory. Sculpture has its own language, and I aim to tell a story like a poem or a song but without word. This is how I want to reach the viewer.


Homeward Bound

Butterfly Swoosh



Pink Butterflies

Summer Plume

Working in bronze, copper, steel and stainless steel - Philip designs and creates unique and bespoke sculpture, furniture and artworks for home, garden and public or business environments. He designs, fabricates and installs public art pieces and runs workshops in schools and with community groups. Philip creates an eclectic range of sculpture and contemporary furniture. Highly aesthetic in nature, you will find much of his work curvaceous and tactile, but with a coarseness that is lent from working with bare steel or stainless steel. His style ranges from figurative to abstract and is always in context with its environment.


Time Capsule

Sivec White Marble Bronze Seed


Twins, commission 2018

Seed Blue


Seed 21





Verso Le Stelle Lipica

We Two Warriors

Visionary Seed 1

Working in bronze, copper, steel and stainless steel - Philip designs and creates unique and bespoke sculpture, furniture and artworks for home, garden and public or business environments. He designs, fabricates and installs public art pieces and runs workshops in schools and with community groups. Philip creates an eclectic range of sculpture and contemporary furniture. Highly aesthetic in nature, you will find much of his work curvaceous and tactile, but with a coarseness that is lent from working with bare steel or stainless steel. His style ranges from figurative to abstract and is always in context with its environment.



Unfolding Dish

Series of large and small ceramic sculptures – intricate, seemingly delicate, yet robust – initially began while Adele was a resident artist at Naturalia in Sevilla in 2012 (part of Beam's Orange and Green programme – Arts Across Borders). Here, she researched pollen grains at Cordorba University and developed a new understanding of a living landscape. Coupled with her re-discovery of pottery skills whilst researching the Mexborough and Dearne Valley Potteries later in South Yorkshire, this amalgamation influenced a new way of working in ceramics and pushing clay material to its’ technological boundaries. Ceramic Landscape links nature with imagination and abstraction in landscape formations, particularly influenced by the wild flowers of East Yorkshire. Adele’s work has long been associated with innovation in the public realm, and has a long history of experimentation with ceramic form, artwork which has been exhibited across Europe including, the Steninge Slott Cultural Centre Sweden, VI Biennal de Ceramica del Vendrell Barcelona Spain, Ceramica Multiplex at Kerameikon Croatia, and various RHS Gardens including Chelsea Flower Show. Adele began her career working in the public realm with roles as lead artist working in design teams for new public spaces. She has designed and produced architectural ceramics for hospitals, school playgrounds, churches, and, designed healing art schemes that have been incorporated into the fabric of new buildings during the architectural design process. Adele’s work explores patterns and cell forms in nature.


Fractal Blue



March Marigold 2



Landscape Platter

Wild Landscape

Evidence of Turbulence

Blue Hedgerow

Wild Landscape

Beth’s shapes are spontaneous, intuitive expressions of her emotions. I hope to evoke feelings left to the viewer’s own interpretation. She has been making shapes privately for over 20 years and currently run a teaching pottery studio.


Shape IV

Shape VI

Shape X



Coming up for air 2



Full circle





With a background in architecture, interior and furniture design Philip is a self-taught sculptor and specialises in sand casting to make pieces which engage the quality of bronze as a noble material in its own right. Sculptures are intimate in scale and intended for the interiors of home, office or hotel. Casting in sand moulds is a simple and ancient method far removed from the sophisticated lost wax operation used by most art foundries. The sand-casting process is relentless and unforgiving - the foundry is no place for a delicate original. It denies a complexity of form that imposes a disciplinary and enriching simplicity. He cuts, carves, grinds or welds the cast bronze to create unique forms before invariably exposing the natural bronze or oxidising to produce the unique surface finishes that have always been an essential dimension of his work.


Ancient Bowl


Turning Tide


Harlyn II

Let’s Go I

Wave Sign

Year by Year

Dance 6/9

Another Way 609A (series)

Beach Song 8

Beach Song 17

Beach Song 18

Autumn Equinox 4/7

Discovery X

Day by Day


Drift (F)

Dutch Resolution

Estuary II

Flow II

Latitude (C)

The Sun Hardly Rises


Looking Both Ways

Passing By

Over There II

Marking Time I


Month by Month


Reflection III

Shayno II (B)

Second Impression (5/9)


Skydancer II

Tomorrow’s World (6/7)


Joseph is a sculptor working in cast glass. He graduated with an MA in Ceramics and Glass from the Royal College of Art in 2006, and won a Crafts Council Development Award in 2007. Joseph has exhibited both nationally and internationally. In 2010 he was selected for the Jerwood Contemporary makers exhibition in Edinburgh and London, as well as the 2012 International Festival of Glass Biennale where he won the Craft & Design award. And in 2013 had a solo exhibition ‘Landscape Portraits' at Bullseye gallery, Portland USA and has recently exhibited at Design Miami/Basel 2016 with the Crafts Council and The New Craftsman Gallery. I interpret landscapes through exploration of material. I focus on rugged coastlines, looking at erosion as a spectacle of discovery and generation of form, revealing a sense of the history and movement of a place. The work is produced using my ‘Lost Ice Process.’ I use salt to sculpt ice as a one-off ephemeral model to take a direct cast from. The textures this provides and the transient nature of the creative process reflects the erosion and sense of time I want to represent in the landscape. There is a roughness from the initial cast that is ground polished and refined to its final finish, revealing the internal structures of the glass and creating facets and flat planes to redefine the essence of the made against the organic surface.’


Canyon Falls II

Buttress II



Chideock Falls IV

Whaligoe Point ii

St Helens II

Pacific Mist

Gonzalo is a self-taught artist who began his career as a sculptor in the early nineties. Initially experimenting with figurative sculpture linked to decorative arts, but then acquiring his maturity with a radical evolution towards abstract conceptualism. Gonzalo sees art as a way to release human concerns. His sculpture refuses a scientific conception of geometry for the sake of an idealistic abstraction closely linked to architecture, mathematics and scientific thinking. The development of abstraction and the use of geometry in his work are closely linked to a rational process based on the discovery of new shapes. This constant search that guides his work translates into a demonstration of endless variations in geometric shapes. Gonzalo sculptures refer to spaces inhabited by humans, sometimes invoking buildings, human or organic shapes or landscapes. He creates his sculptures guiding his artistic intuition through his memories. His shapes give us an insight view into his own experiences.


Relieve Circulos III

Relieve Evolucion

Relieve Fragmentacion

Relieve Abstracto

Relive Ojo Osiris


Abstract Architecture I


Escultura Antropomorfo III

” Beauty to me is simplicity, clarity, concentration and must extend beyond decorative prettiness. Beauty is to be able to hold contradictions, tensions and ambivalence – it is a balance kept despite conflict. I am fascinated by ”strong form”. With both figurative and abstract sculptures, I search for a sense of fullness contrasted with negative shapes; sharp angles between surfaces, juxtaposed with smoothness.”

Some of her ideas for sculptures derive from her other career as an arts educator and therapist, which makes her very aware of the psychological and expressive potential of sculptures: “I am influenced by C.G. Jungʼs ideas of archetypes and equally by childhood memories of Sunday visits to a catholic church filled with Baroque carvings . I reconnect with the tradition of sculptures seen in places of worship, and work towards a spiritually potent image used in a secular context.


Arum Lily

Rolling Wave

Abstract Wave

Ecstatic or Exasperated


Stretched Forward

Arum Lily

Rolling Wave

Ecstatic or Exasperated


Stretched Forward

Working in bronze, copper, steel and stainless steel - Philip designs and creates unique and bespoke sculpture, furniture and artworks for home, garden and public or business environments. He designs, fabricates and installs public art pieces and runs workshops in schools and with community groups. Philip creates an eclectic range of sculpture and contemporary furniture. Highly aesthetic in nature, you will find much of his work curvaceous and tactile, but with a coarseness that is lent from working with bare steel or stainless steel. His style ranges from figurative to abstract and is always in context with its environment.


Djinn Red

Pyre Gold



Loop Grey


Weldvessel Curling Cut

City of Angles III

Basilisk XV

Rose gold and other finishes available

Recent Commission

Nicola studied at Exeter and Wimbledon Colleges of Art and Design, focusing first on Painting and then going on to gain a degree in Sculpture. Her current work is concerned with light and the movement it creates through and around the differing textures and surfaces in both her paintings and her sculptures. Over the past 28 years Nicola’s work has been exhibited both abroad and throughout the UK; London exhibitions and galleries include: The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, The Mall Galleries, The Menier Gallery, Sotheby’s Art Gallery, Gallery 27 and the Gallery Cork Street. Alongside exhibiting, Nicola has completed a number of contemporary art commissions for both private and corporate clients in the UK, her work is also held in collections in Germany, Turkey, Poland, Hungary, Singapore, the Caribbean and Australia.



Ebb and Flow


Basin I

Furl - back

Basin II


Altarpiece I

Windblown - back


Altarpiece II

Meander - back






Two Birds


Archae Vessel



WENQIN Wenqin studied at the Art & Design School of Fuzhou University 1995-1999. In September 1999 he studied at the Academy of Art and Design, Tsinghua University in Beijing before going abroad for a MA degree at the Winchester School of Art, Southampton University in UK. Since 2007 he has been teaching in Xiamen University. He is one of the very few living sculptors to have had his work sold at auction by Sotheby`s. He bases his art and his pursuit of academia combining in ancient Chinese culture and contemporary western art with rare success.

Eternal Curve No.1

Eternal Curve

Throbbing No.1

Turning No.1

Hoping No.1

Singing No.1

Waiting No.1

Connecting No.1

Forward and Backward No.3

Expanding No.1

Forward and Backward No.1

My personal interest relates to the layers of life and experience that makes each of us who we are. We typically show the outside layer of our being which, although it may bear some of the physical signs of things we have experienced, will not reveal how we felt about the ways in which we have experienced ‘being’. The same thing can be experienced by different people in different ways. So it is the suggestion of what happens inside that interests me. I approach my work exploring the ways in which I can reflect these ideas. I have come to making most of my work in layers. I want my work to change as the angle of view changes, and as the context that they are placed in changes. I hope that my work also reflects aspects of the world that we occupy, so I typically use utilitarian materials – often used in large scale production, and as such taken for granted. Many of us would not give a second thought to Acrylic, but it has qualities and resonances that reflect the areas that I explore in my work (its transparency and its opacity), and those qualities become integral to my work.


Two Circles

Octave Circle II

Octave Flower

Drinking Horse

Octave Circle I

Richard creates his sculptures with balance and form in mind. They can be rotated by hand which enables a physical and emotional interaction with each piece. The sculptures offer new experiences when viewed from different perspectives. It is whilst Richard contemplates these varying viewpoints, curves, twists and lines that inspiration for new work often emerges- in this sense one piece will often feed into another which continues the feeling of flow and movement within Richards work. Richard lives and works in Oxford where he began to hone his form of sculpture in 2005 after being inspired by a visit to the Barbara Hepworth museum, St Ives. He works in bronze, stone and British native hardwoods, Sycamore being a favourite. Richards work has been exhibited and selling nationally and internationally since 2008.


Richard F

Richard F

Richard F

Richard F

Richard F

Richard F

Richard F

Richard F

After attending the High School of Art she moved onto European Institute of Design and graduated in illustration. She creates handmade home decor, decorative sculptures and wall art. Many of her pieces are available for custom sizes and colors to give you a 100% one-of-a-kind piece of artwork. Every sculpture in her collection is created from one hand-molded positive. A two-valve mold is then used to create the final positive which is made from a paste of resin and marble powder. Due to the combination of marble powder, sanding, and finish, you'll receive an affordable piece that mimics carved stone beautifully. Custom finishes are available for sculptures as well.


Gform 010

Gform 013

Gform 011

Gform 012

Gform 014

Gform 015

Gform 016

German artist John's conceptual work is an attempt to discern governing principles of the universe - art as a way of enquiring about the world. Artistic investigation, as a way of inquiring about the world, keeps asking the same perennial questions about origin of matter as science and religion. It bridges scientific and spiritual dimensions by conveying a message which is both: universal and deeply personal. His art transcends the dualism of objective and subjective, matter and spirit. It goes beyond the established framework of human knowledge and beliefs towards the state of ubiquitous oneness. He believes that every form of existence, from a thought, a feeling, matter to space and time is one and the same energy governed by the same principle and being a part of the Singular Universe. Dualism exists only as our perception and it is through their singularity that we can access the truth.


Destruction N° 6


Destruction N° 7

Destruction N° 8

Destruction N° 20

Copper II

Copper X

Copper engraving

Copper IV

From Goldsmith of 16 years to designer of precision laser-cut wall panels; Sarah has transferred and developed her metalworking skills from miniature to large-scale. A Jewellery & Silversmithing graduate of The Cass, she has based her collections on the themes of repetition, geometry and how the tiniest, most insignificant parts can create complex and strong, balanced forms. Plant cells, microbiology and geometry all play a part in the development and design of her work, and her pieces are executed with precision, skill and attention to detail. Her jewellery collections have been exhibited in galleries in the US, Japan and across Europe. She now creates unique, bespoke fine jewellery and is expert in redesigning and remodelling unworn heirlooms. A commission in 2014 from renowned corporate art curator, Tom Tempest-Radford, saw Sarah's work transformed to an altogether new level, and brought her work into the realm of largescale decorative architectural metalwork and installations. She utilises the skills of local engineering companies in combination with her own metalworking experiences and craftsmanship to create her new, vibrant collections of decorative panels, room partitions and lighting installations. Sarah has a long history of working closely with clients to create bespoke, considered and perfectly executed works.


Quadrant I

Quadrant I (detail)

Circulus VI

Bronze Panel with Black Detail


Ownership of Artist relationship

You agree that the business relationship between the Artist and Us is entirely owned by Us. You will not approach the Artist directly or correspond with the Artist in any way, except with express written authorisation from Us regarding their Artworks. Copyright All works are subject to availability. Copyright to all material and/or works of art comprising or contained within this brochure is held by Luminaire Arts and/or other copyright holders. It is prohibited to reproduce, modify, adjust or otherwise use any of the images or information in any manner or form without the express written permission of the copyright holder. For further information or details of any of the works listed please contact us.

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